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Vou LXXII..K* 24,186. ^teiaB&?,,,Nl' NEW-YORK, MONDAY, PEBR1 ARY
1913.?14 PAGES.
f \>u York. JrnwjrC Itrand H o bohr?.
CostlY Fires in New York.
Sacramento. Aiken. S. C.
and Savannah Cause
Damage to Property.
Autos Worth Half Million Dc- {
strovcc' in Garage Burned in
We^t 56 th Street?Rocke
feller's Valuable Horses
and Cars Saved.
Automobiles owned by W. A. Clark. <
'ormf Senator ?'om Montan?: Danie1 :
G. R?id. C. Oliver Iselm and other rich
men were destroyed in a fire in a
garage ill West "<6th street yesterday
afternoon. One hundred cars, valued
at S500.00C. ?-ere destroyed. The stables
of John D. Rockefeller, in the rear o'
the burnmg garaoe. were endangered. '.
.md hu costly horses and automobiles (
were taken to places of safety.
Four persons Aere killed and many
hurt ?It an apartment house fire in ;
Sacramento. Cal.
The Hotel Park-in-the-Pmes at
Aiken. S. C. was burned, with a los? ;
of $250.000 Forty-four guests, several i
of them from New Yor'.. fled for their
A MrtfttrfroiH blast at Savannah did
dam? ? - ated at $1.500.000.
-? nine the fifth.
. ftOTy bfick I i |
the VI ?toi \ I ?
No. 118 to 122
? -,, i in4 . ? - | cm
automobiles belonging :o
. tho fir? l
? two honra '""h ? i
ed It was ui
- n He estimated tb< ;
? ^.;.Miix?it. but one of i
ft 11 ? | ? i ' ? ? ?
? , |5?O.O00i, The
"t known.
i kepi \\ Ithin j
? ? . ? .......
fUuni s would sw t???
r ar of tl
to tbi
J i ? Ro< kef? lier, at !
In i
1 on nrd ?
\^!i>> itsO
-.- ?' Hi r .i itomobilea
%( x of ?r*-.
tl!! ? Of thl tl!' U.t.S
? \ bj the Arc
I the the
o? Main- sers thai argi gat
: it i | ? | rovld
? Chi i Kenlon.
men man igf-d to ,
?>. the) had ? ?
? ? |
Played as Flames Raged.
-.-?? ? \,
T.'T Eaat loStl ?'?'
standing i
? Qreal Noi thei n
n a f Indow on
rag-. Hfl
\ at 55th
street fi ? ? and then ran
to the burning building, where he f ?. i
am Hend? raon ano
ieaeph K Irkpatrick, Chauffeure, pis
a:d~ '; ??. > ran? ? of the
fire t a- I | above their hpads.
? Bierman gave the alarm th<-y
?oat no tinip in rini?iiip the elevator h? H
jeeetili Zigmann th?- elevator <>poia
ed ?' i o thi big freight el?
(uDtiiHiril on ?*?rnth |>?gr. trroml <olumu.
This Morning s Newt
LOCAL l'age
Two I f'snic.1 I
. 1 I
More l?ela;, on - eta..... 1 !
I ?, .11
; .a W .2
Uirl gt 3
on sfen .... a |
olman Pox's Trial To-da]. 3 j
In Mm? i . 3 i
? < -i itlcism foi Schools. 4 !
Steel Strike ..... S
John I '?" i ?epai tax tu.... s ;
??' W llson. 5 !
-??y? I.ov ..6
? . PoliCI . 6
t. aal B ,. i ' . ? satloa. 7
1 lo Lectu ... n
: .\i. 81 -t
... 9
. ? Si n Tel mlnal.14
i llghway Refoi m. 4
stagk i i - i ? moi r,u.-. a
!.)\ es . . . . 1
Hla? ? Suspended.. a
? iraah. 3
Ifa uch'k .\' ? iut i eded. 3
Report 4
Ri form Si ?? )? d 4
. 5
??? Waj . 6
. . Rill Vote. 7
to Stop Wal. 1
''? mai do ? ? ? -x''<?i kai.13
' ondit Ion.13
. ?
. 7
?iris .7
i:<in..i . 8
. ?j
. I
. io
... is and 13
Real j. ? ?? .131
Dredging Operations at Pan- ;
anua Before End of Year.
Pana .,. PN ?. '.'. The ? mal offi?
are no! pert irbed bj the
landalldi i ?.. hl< h hav< red ntlj ?>. - '
! h '?? i !..i.. out, and lhat '
ilifv ex| pot to '' " ?
the appointed time. This will ?.?
bly i"- ? . ??. th< i i'i "i I he yi ai.
Dredging operations will th< .1 ? ?'>?
(ha plaoe <>f s;--;-im ?hovel exoavat!?
Gouty Symptoms and Condition,
of Heart Unsatisfactory.
iblc to '
London, V\ b. 3. Rom? 1 d> I rn ?tut*
? the i cal Pop? lx agiiln ;
? ausing ?????in?- Vatican
The rei ? nt damp a ? athor hui
?out; Bj mi torn? 1 d the
the hoar) is n< *
Such Is the Beiief of Miners of
? r < 'harle
? 1 /? I , 1 ? 1,1 , r 111 ? ?. ?? 1 ? ? ?
:in- a Tl ?
to bollov< 1 .)?
? . i] 1 ?
Prussian and Saxon Distinc?
tions Made Among Porters.
In. !*? !.. 2. The ne? rail?
? ted t.. be the
Ruropi .?...,. h it urda:
? ;? Lelp Ig, ? hloh is in :
1.? , g ear ihn b-jrdei ol Pi
sin, and >'.it< ? ?til! < \ 1
d< nt In the ni lal < >nly Prus
; and "iit;.
Each British Rural Laborer to
Own His Own Cottage.
Ijondoi !?'? b. ::. Th< 1 ?all: n
erstands that the Intention la, ;n
the land - rted by <
ii Lloyd ? '>? "i gi ' ? ropoee the
statutory establishment "f a minimum
wage for agricultural laboren o? at
leaai -.1 '>??> a weak, and provision for
.. ? ? and a plot
of ?and t.. be h Id Indi pi ndentl <?f
farmer 01 landl >i d.
Announces Birth of Four by Re?
fusing to Enter Pit.
11 ?
i: star, F< b 2 -All recordi for
? ohu n m this i"
callt) thii ntng s hen 1 large
? innamon beat
Itlon Park. Efforti
employes were unavailini
1 n 1.: is made of the
retreat. ifl much difficulty the In- '
terloi ' ? ti Ik d hut wi 1 had
and one of the females was found 1
The Superintendent of Parka san 1
mother arm cuba thi^ afternoon ind
tbJnki ? t. wen km a h -da but
he : - not s .i ?-. At .,.; . ??. 1 m v ti.
refused to ra-entei until the
park otteials saw what had happened
Amendment Likely To Be Rati?
fied This Week.
\y.. ? ; ? Feb. 2 Ratification of
th* income tax amendment bj the nec?j
- irths of thi states prob- ?
ably will be a< oompllahed this s ?
? ., ;.- ... tloti b] ?lj ??'?? more
being aeoaaaarjr to niai<> poaaible the
amendment, which will become th?
Blxteentb Artii ]<? ..f the Constitution ot
the United States.
Either Nen Jerse) <>> Nan m
probabb a ill Join the ratifia -i".
.mil before the end <>f the week, the
x..v j ?.. ? Assembly snd the Sew
HeS having already ?
f.i\orable ctton on th< propo
;,,i.,i agi esi. Whl hever tat
. ;. ?. n- ratlfli an?.a :jrst will -a?
,,,, 1. be Ihirty-slxth 1 oramo -
; wealth to appro ? the amendment
I rnber required to 1 italiae this , i,
I in th- fundami ntal law <>f the natl
The thirty-five statt whl< ii all ?
! h:i%? ratified th? ami adment at 1
A \ Ml-,
1 ? .
N"? hra-iiH
? >U.
' ? nloi ? Sew Toi
- 1 I Noi Mi raro ?
> ikoti
. ? ?ii.1
., 1 con.
? ardUna
'i ? nm '
Btatei Conni otli ut. New
II R ??? 1 i?n?i and L'tal
':.? amendment
g 1, ; \ M 1 ? ? T? eat N?
. |. . . 01 ? ?->? ink the tlilr;: ?
t ? '' ? IfX ..tl). ? IT
\. .. v.- 11? oh
pr? .,, , ? lann? 'I Imm?diat aetlo
? 1.roa
A poll ?f th? House sito? .m
Vih. >? rarotabli t.. thi
1. edition of r ' ' ?'
- . ? ? 1 ? 1 ind 1 I? purj.'
1 j,,,- 1 ii? - and rush th? n
i'. , r? i-i?, und ? ?i"'t. i*#l I?' t
vhould.I n ? '?"'"? ? Luyties Bros ,N.I ,
- AdU.
Intended for Garment Sti
Breakers in Bronx House
It Wreaks Death and
Injury to Others.
Tor Families Stampede
Panic as Terrific Explosic
Rocks Building from
Cellar to Roof Amid
Shrieks of Victims.
?'? i ear at ng ? da]. fi
th?- (?ati Helen Taj lor, a ? Ido? .
'i'1, d by .-m infi mal m lehine sen!
oirn?, \.i. MCI \\ mu 77th
. wh;. i, the i oil? ?? think maj '
? ? ? n int. ndi J t..i ? mi - in?- break
sarment maki ts' ir..;t ntrj-,
111 i '? their home at No. ! 175 Ful
avenue. The Broi ed tin bod)
??i" v.i.,n ii and sent tu?? other ?" n,
to ' ? ' dh im Ho pital ii h ser oils ?
| ,?.),..
f Hen . ? m ri ' ? Ii ? nd< n
doubl Bpartmi n< I ?
? ! .1 ... i ? ? 1 ... : night.
id w ornan i thi wit.
? !? i inti ndi nt Mi . Madeline H
fortj flvi ? ? ??> ..'.i ' i. ri
himself has a i i. ? rati i ii ad I
i : blow h again*! thi wall bj I ? I
? ?i tl ? nd a piere of
steel . ? . ,
the t.iNi.' M ? < l
hi r i.ri .-..-i. th ? in her left arm, Ih
In hi r right and a hall -In? h i ?
ti hi r skMil The third I
ft ' ; .wi "ff.
? ? . 11 w.i m :
? Ing tabl< hi tii hoj pHs i
nivi ind thi |oet<
? ?ut hope of ii. i- n ?? ? it an ea
h.inr this morning.
??t lousl) Injun ?i ol I he two.
Miss ? '
? : ? r . \? .. :l.i r . :? ?
Shi .lii! not p-> out -.i thi n inn.
?a nri<< n ' . trik-, and
ng t< bomb v
m< an< for her and wai ent h angi r
strikers oi tb< lr
I ' -put; Police ' ''?:?? ' ? ' DoUg
gatinc said that t
bomb wi evidently similar to the o
?eni to .I'idpr Reas stj
of ' ;? it i ai 8< ? lonaj laal ununtr.
Ten Families Stampede
Th* i (plosion i auai d oi temHti?
th? spartment bouse ind ? ? t tl
ten families whli b <>? t m II o rt In
? ' t on th? run. Tbeii alarm wi
communicated to the crowd? In Cn
? ? i P ?. : thi ynd foi
i ri. to r.
..i,]. r Thi flat s hi re the e:
plosion occurred ? ompl< U
wrecked and the family < erhead wii
In thi midst of upn ? ?
? '
li? i re? a, who i- a ? 'ubs ?
I ' making besidi
being --'n erinti ndenl ?1 thi
fi und the bomb In the ?? lib .i. ??' th
apartmenl house on bis return from
mot ?ut; pi< i ure sboa last ? ? en tag i
waa wrapped n In no enl ooking whli
.?? i and tied a ith ? string
?i mble a boa of and; Thi igb 't ws
unaddi eased hi pl< k? d It up and car
ried It into his flat. ..ii the first fiooi
with the Idea of aaking the Janitoi
.Tnhn Parrell, wh< r< ;f ame :r.irn
e packa ge aroused tl rlosH ? o
h .:?? and a ben Mia Puchsm i:
iti ,i thai h might be a pti ? ?
? .. admit ? : he t aa foi opei
Ing It oi tl ? i pol H? r< n i
. m ? .i ovei ? uled b; it.
? ?.men, ? bo pooh-poohed his feari
,.i,v? i.'u.-ii...... ; pi ocured i pair of i hi
i nd Mrs. Il< rrers eu1 the i trlng
Havoc Wrought by Blast.
Instantlj a terrific < icplosion
the flat Thi dining room ta ?
ii,. i >mb ".is placed, *
ii. half a? cli anl) as though a ? Igantl
axe had fallen on II The side boar*
? as ?'i'iv ii ti-? atomi Pk I ires fli a
through th. a Indos and the
fell in showers from the a*alls when
of thi st<eel i em tr,tt?-?i
Patrolman Ollhert of the Bathgau
Mat)..Ii. ' . '.11 post at
Wendover and Pulton avenues, heard
the explosion and rushed to the seen
Giving v.lia; aid he could to the In
i in d, he sent m an amb ilam - call to
?e\ "ral responded. I *r. Muth, of
Pordhab Hospital, arrived Brsi an.]
pronoun? i ?i Mra H< rrers dead, h- re?
mo , d the others to the hospital.
Hi rrers ?? m< mbi red thai a numl ?.'
,,-, non-union work? In the garment
fax tories made then homes In his
house, wbe questioned by the police.
With this clew Captain Samuel l'n a
,.,,,,] detectives started oui la.st nigiu to
run down th< m ndi r.
Bhortl] after the arrival of Comml -
?loner Dougherty, however, Herrera
? ni.;<?. a pi i on< i" and was taki n lo
thi M ni; "tan El ? and Ear Hospll
No. 210 Baal 84th street, In the ? u
tl?|V ,,f detectives, for an lmm< dl, '??
operation, Conuhlaskmer Dougbertj
, | ,.^,,1 t?. maki a statement following
H . arm > ">" Hi rn ra
?ih. bomb that killed Helen Taylor
, ,, i , bruan ?"? l.'l-. araa Im losed In s
small wooden box thai arai ? arr nged
ii?,a a hen opt n< d bj th*- re eh er it
? s plod? d. in the room .?; the time was
diaries at Wcketttwii, son of Ihe post?
ter .?f Champlaln, N. v.. \*h-> was
arrested and -r exonerated by tho
Coronel Hi was bul i sh-.r* distance
from the woman when It was opened.
\ steel "1"? a h ?> ' '''' d" itself la
ih, woman'a cheat kiii^.f hrr. The
. ,,...? itui is one of tii?- many unsolved
murders <?f the city.
of the theatre at Vos. lil and 143 Easl Houston - r
where two pt rson - wort' killed.
Makos Urgent Representations
to King Ferdinand That
Latest Proposals of the
Porte Be Accepted.
French Government Said to
Hrtvo Advised Bulgaria to Re
open Negotiations, but
Diplomats Still Think
War Inevitable.
London Pea .".. Thi ?-?
world expect fui to 1 ? oraing ? I
Adiianopli to-night the Oetman Bm
nterfered I elevi nth
i oui ?a .1 Anal ? Iforl to keep pi
? ? i:.? kam
il. has m--ruoti ?i thi i ;? : m n Min- :
'?i ? Bolls to mal rgenl : ? pre
i . | dinaad i
a?lkiaaliilit .??,..?? g [ pro- i
Dl ??;? I i U !.'?>
'I in. dramal ntei entlon baa its '
origin In the remarkable diplomatii |
?? hiol aroi at th. morning :
coi ? r< n< ? uf iia ambasi idors. it was
thi ii agi. t.. ? t..' :
at rther lmm< dlate rol
I? tt\ ? action The amba - ladoi s of I ?
Tt iple Alliati.lb Geni de
i '.-i? ii that the Turl
recent oote ol thi powers, left the way
open for furtbei negotiations ?> ew
which the di legati of th? I
Pi :' ???! to i i Th? t' \r> ?
i ?f tl Entente i x- i
11, ed th< ras? ivi , igree to
an? ,t ?ilitiiin
tponment <<( the re umptlon "f boa- ?
tllitii ? '.?i It w?ai llnalrj di dded that '
i?'! -hould telegr iph to
bis got ? i inn- at point) ig ?'?i that the I
onl ' ? - ibtlit ?f ' ont .in" dp
It, j.i - i lUJ i" fht lo i" ir <?n
the alll ? to r. sum? <?? A latlona,
n ?aras tati ?i lael night thi : the
i'i . i, :: ir?a. ernmen 'i"?i Ins i i ted 11
mini it? r m S'.ii.i i?' a?i\ Ise the B i
?.. i ?i, ;;??? i rnmi nt to reop? n ne| i
t lom but in diplomatic i In h -. both In
London and Paria, little hoi ? is enter? i
talned of .< fa\ orabte n suit.
Th? Co ;??!!? poi ?'? '.t of
Tl..- TI i that the Tur' I I
. ? . iusIj ? ? king ta .if
(j;,l ; ? . but the manager ??? the .
i ,; ays 'i'-'1 o advaiu ? '
v. jii he made b< fore th.i< lualon of j
'" ' ?
Thi Nal ional i lefew ! < lommitte .
adds the correspondent, ci nt? i iplate
;1 i,.v y ol !? i cen? on Ihe capital pa -
., , ,i b ?? ? ilth pltlaena.
IxMBdon. Peb. -? The Port? has
,,. red the Turklah pientpoti ntlarlei no \
to leave London nntll hootllltl? i are n i
turned, and h?M toatrocted the srm? to
M , ,)-,. atuch before Bring s shot
Thui Ihe ? nt..mans who, with
. %l. rjtion of the htontaoegrtaa, are I >
onij delegat? i left In la-mi.??. remarked '
,. ,,.,. that nobodj could ao ium them
,.f not ii-f Ing done all that s hu-1
man i "? '<-'"" '" lenn* v,"i
mate 1 I? a humanitarian spirit, I
added, Turkey wished to avoid ueeb*sl
oarnage and wtahed ahm to show d? rar. :
,,?,., t?, the a'l^1 ? ,,f ?(,"? Ponrara, al?
though Burope iia?i i" <? unfair toward
Turk' f.
Dr. Dana?, head <-? ?*? Bulgarian
delegation. l^f'T-- living the capital
i-, ailed what he had ???aid m his tirsi
< ?intnniril OB If? "ll?l pnf<". I??imtli column.
more delay for
subway contract;
Final Action Not Likely Unti
Late on Wednesday?All Dav
Conference Devoted En?
tirely to Details.
Prospect of a Successor t<
Chairman Wiik-ox Being
Named Acts as a Spur to
Hurry Work ?McAncny
Denounced in Letter.
It did not look ;.,??? night as if th?
? ontra? ? s for I ! ? ? instt lysten
for api r?
8 r . ? ?mml Ion much be?
fore Vfednes lay. Thei e a s s i on?
i n ? of the off* lals of the tranail
mp inl? i and of I ? eit: j sat? rda;
afternoon and i ening but they de?
ll ill? Ir tu.,. ?. dering de
and the
??upplemental i ontracts for Joint M
ghta on the Jerom? a-.enue < x
:. and the lines. The int.,boi
contracts ?rere not taken
up i- ? .use the ? en i rtgagad In
I i i th? ??? raseo ogj did
? mplete th? Ir a "ii< in t Im to
h.i- e the < ontra? t.s printed, it Is hopi ?I
i. for .? final de*
' oth sides to?
day or .it thi latest t?. morroa
Ai th term of i 'hairmni \ ? . . ? | -?
? ?: ami tt ar bas been ? ?? ? -
thai ' lovei noi Bula? r i ? < appol t his
icoei nfirm the
appointnt ??.? befoi e the mi
tracts < signed. K
la ther? ?? ? beini ? I rth to < om
plete ' ? ' possible
ha ?? . om?
; en r is like
to a id ii the name of t h? u ceeaor
t.. < 'halrman v. |||i .?? ? arlj thi
?t Is believed that 1 lerlous in?
- nti? i of ha*. Ing tit pr?s nt pi ins up?
, ? ? ? ? ? 'ommisaloner
i . . mtracts are sign? ?l
F*?"- Action by Sulzer.
not unlikely that the Qove?rnor
., . ? ? indoi ? . thai h? is
about t i ?end in the appointment of
, ,i- \vni. n\ ? -m i pesor in i d?w
t" spur the eitj officials t<? closing up
th? ' ont racts In a it irrj.
Tho ?? pn ' nt al Ihe onferen? ? ?
i rda? ware President fthonts and Frank
ii:. u' n r il manager of the Int. r
l.'.ron':1'. K'.i" ' ' Reld Rogei ? count? 1
for the resnpany; President Williams
and ? leorge i ?. Teomans count H .":"
th? Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company;
ii.,. members of the Public Servi e
Commission, except Commlestorcr
?'r.itn. I.. ru. T. Harknesa, of counsel
for the Public Service Commission, ind
Controller Premlergest, Borough Pre -
dent Mi Aw nj and Borough Presld<MH
Cromwell, renreaenting the Board of
l\*hen Chairman Wlllcoa aas naked
v. hat w< re the prospacts for gettii g
; ;i , ontra? t* i*adjr f"r adoption to?
,.; jjoa iir' repilod:
'There Is s im of '.v"ik in whipping
ih,^,. things im" shape, i cannot pre?
diet just when thai ??ii i?-- ready. Snf
Bcienl to the daj is the evil thereof.
Steady piogreas Is being made, how
ln a long l'-t'T t?> ?Charlee IT. f"n
i-eraagt "i No. I0B Park avenue, who
in,i sccuaed h?n <>( breach <>t faith m
m\\( ? atina; th?1 proponed contracta,
I-reaktent alcAneny yesterday eg?
< .nilnu.il on aeroad pas?*, fourth ralumn. |
Women Fatally Crushed in Mad Rush to
Safety After Boy Raises Cry of Fire
in East Houston Street Theatre.
Operator of Picture Machine in Theatre Arrested on
Charge of Criminal Negligence?Firemen Jump
Into Maddened Crowd and Check Panic
Before Victims Can Be Taken Out.
Two women were crushed to death and thirty-two persons were
iniursd. five of them fatally, in a panic in a moving picture theatre at
Nos. !4l and )43 East Houston street last night. A boy in the bal?
cony raised the cry of "Fire!" when a small section of a film caught
fire, and in an instant a nv.d. headlong rush for the exits began.
S "nrs similar to those that attended the great Iroquois Theatre
fire in Chicago some years ago were enacted. The five hundred
persons in the theatre all- tried to leave by the narrow exits at the
same tine. The result was that these exits became jammed with
humanity, the pile of persons being wedged fifteen feet high.
Fire Commissioner jchnsor., who made an examination of the
premises soon after the dead and injured had been carried away,
said *.he theatre had complied with all the building laws and that
trie fire did practically no damage. He places the entire blame for
the fata?tirs and injuries on the panic which was started by the
audience, the great majority of which was made up Italians, Rus?
sians and other excitable persons.
Outride the main entrance, where the greatest crush occurred,
the firemen picked up bits of torn clothing, hats, jewelry, watches
and other articles of wearing apparel which had been torn from the
bodies of the victims of the panic. Some persons had their cloth?
ing ripped ^almost entirety from their bodies.
Coroner Israel L. Feinberg and Ass'stant District Attorney
John Minton held a preliminary examination in the 5th street police
station last night. After the hearing the Coroner held Irving
Steiner, the operator, in bonds of $100. The proprietors of the
theatre, Abraham Minsky and Charles Steiner, were paroled in the
custody of their counFel for a hearing this morning at the Coroners'
Deck Officers of the Canada
Quit at Marseilles.
Marseilles, Pen. 2, -Th? decs officers
of tin steamer Canada quit in a body
to-day, Just before li* v? atel was due
to sat] for Ni w IT< r
The Canada b? long to 1 C ?riei .
Pabre Line
M. La Peyre ? \ - .
. lation of i 'i?';' 81 i Cap
m ipanli had agn i d to ft
Imj rot. ?i > onditiona and i... for ?1 k
officers, ? Ith the ? si ? pi l? n of the F*l r
i 'ompan: owners i < '? nada, m I
the Campagnie G?n?rale Transatlan-1
tiqui. The .?tii. ? ra of th< -?? ?" o Um -
... ? ided to quit as soon as their respec?
tive ships returned t>> Ma
? m pa ni< eded to thi lr de?
-? ?
California Would Begin with
25 Ideal Couples.
s.. ramento, CaL, Feb. 2.?The Cali?
fornia League oi Justice has sont to!
Benatoi Hans, of Alameda, a bill on ?
which he U conferring with Dr. W. P.
Snow, secretar}' of the state Health
Board, which provide? s plan for *
human ato u fai ta.
It la | used to put ta nty-fi ? -c
lei t couple on ?? state farm, win??
Hi... and tu- ir i ??' pi ng an 11%*? under '
Id) lllc > oniiiu.it, ? and ind r thi luper?
ilon "i experta,
Tin League of Juatfc e bill aaki >'"??.
000 for thi purchase and equipment of
a l.OOO-acre fat m,
Judge Latshaw Says Editor
Shall Never Be Locked Up.
Kansas City, Mo., Peb. '_'. ?"William
R Nelson never \\iii spend one minute
in the ? ounty lall." declared Judg<
Ralph B. Latshaw, of the Criminal
? '?nirt here, Thla was bis answer to :
the ruling of Judge Guthrie, of the Cir?
cuit Court, sentencing Mr. Nelson to
one day's Imprlsonmenl for contempt I
oi court in criticising thi Judge In "The
Kansas Cltj star." of which Mr. Nelson
Is owner and editor.
Judge Latshaa has JurisdJ lion over)
the county marshal and the Jail, ami hfl j
ordered the mara?al never to enter Mr.
Nelson's name on the recording booh
nt the jail If he should sver ho brought
there In obedience tn the sentence nn
j,.is,.d upon him reeterdaj.
it would be s reproach to the com?
monwealth foe a in.in who bas dono us
much for Kansas Cltj as Mr. Nelson
i,.- done t.> i.art? ii away to Jail ?:ko
a common thug;" exclaimed Judge Let?
thaw. "1 ??" not allow such a pro?
IH- T.lrsraiih In Ti" Tribun ]
Philadelphia, Ptb. I?The Brst nickels |
,,t the new dasiga "ill be eotaed at the
mint hen thi- nammlng. The ruins t,....
;i representation of a Mson's bead,
used for .'-i1 '.cars by people Of r?Hnom??nt.
Adamson's Botanic Cough Balaam.?Advt.
Besides Cotamiaeiouer Johnepn an^
Chief Kenion. As?istattt Dhitrict Attar?
?a- v sfmturn, of the Homicide Bureau
??? nt to tii i ta ai the diaaater ana
condti ted a peteonal Inveatlgatioa
with *t \-ieu t? placing the blame
rrving st' li er, op? rator <?? the tum
machine, ? to the Ea ; tl
?tra i tatk ? barged with rriminai
negllg . ?
Investigation Will Follow.
Ti h physicians and
? ? ? - nmoned
and were b isy for more than u i
i ii'.' ' ji bnsoi
there were many othei moving picture
tres ti ?? cltj t unnlng under
? i rae conditions than those that ob?
it the- Hou ?ton Stw I Hippo?
drom? . It i< ex.t< .1 that a se m hin?
igation will ii" made by different
irtmei .. result of hurt
A wild ? roa d of 1 ? ! : I Sidi 11
! thi po'.lci station f?or '... n i
. g for .1 > ban ? to Id? at Ifj hs
.?I v omi n
Lie Dead.
> '< ?I..- v '.;? - thirty-1? ?
Hi? Iks In If . . la
? I
... a?. Initia
S risa*. J .ri
? ? . . ured
?qua .
I . II.
No. *?'.
nd alp;
it. ?
?lOB ?J:l f. i
So. 78 X? ? on? ?Ml i
1 . .ii--.
- ' - i - Old, No.
B So :->
i :, i i n arm and
oi aad c> n
! Ho
- .No. as
k int
M i :i.! .:?'.?' ' ' S%\ M
nui mUTo? stloa,
. .?,- HelleviM it? ipUml
u-j .. .i ,\,,
ona njrrit ana;
.Mil i.::i:. Morrli rar? old. No. T
i ,. :, ... luffocatton sa '? oatastaas;
Itrlievuo HoaplUl.
Mlt.1,1 ?: -?. -i ? ? 11 - . ihli ? No.
Mali no; BoJIoi u?? Has
LEHMAN, Hraaie, aeveete?ea ><"*r?. old. No.
! ,-, ge oboes an?l ? >>ntu.?Ion?..
i ?. ? , u.il
MKltHXTO, N'eturio oars oM, NS v:?
, ,, tiocturod rtb, btp atid .????
I . |:. ||i ii. |ii BplUU.
tided woman,
i at) i Ifh' - ? i- ????? Ne. IM
Korfulh -' .?..lion ai.-l .-onluslono.
? ? ii HoeptteJ.
PEM'EilOWRK I.??a twenty-two y-ara
i so -.11 5th ' ? ' niffo itloo and
< ;.,u\ ,?? r.".r lln- intnl
v \i.'..v K. Rubin, ?."n >? <>a o?a. No. .1
i. . , ouffocatlooi ?.uuvorticur
I? |i .
VlttioiiKll tii.-" pSjSjk lain?' abOBt as a
direct result uf a Ik* oatrhlng Art, no
dsunage wast done by the flames, the
burning film i? imk extinguished within
two minutea. Thoaa who wire killed
.n,.1 iajm?ii ware caught In the fright?
ful jam ?.f humanity which suugi.t th?
. mi, attar ? bay in the baJoony of the
theatre had yeBad 'Fire:"
The main exit and entrance to the

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