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V?L L\\1?..N? 24,187.
To-d*T. fair und ?older.
To-morrow, fair, with moderate ninil?
John W. Eighmy. of Geneva.
Accused by a Fellow Attor?
ney of Having Been
Twice in Prison.
Judge Declares if Charge Is
True He Cannot Practise Be?
fore Him, and Allows a
Week for an In?
-,--arh tn Th? Ttih.: ?
C*anandaiarua, N. Y.. Fob, 8.?-K. a.
OlitBth, mi attorney of C,e-w\ a.
startk-'i Hi? three hundred men Who
sere assemble?! in Bupreme <'.>urt here
..y by making a Benamttonal a.^i,
?ation againal John W. Kichmy. al.?o
Oenev? lawyer, who, h? d?9Clared,
*aa an ' x-.otivi. t.
-;?? \. Bentoa nl Roch?
' ? ?-i.ioii ?n court, aahed
Eighmy "hat lie had to ?say in defence
of hil
? I urn not th?- man.' declared
Eighmy. "if i were, the ta t that I
had been f-onvicted of felonies would
not disbar me from y.ractisini; in this
court until dish arment proct-din-;.
had been lu Id." ?
! I thought you were t!,r man. yo;t
<! not prattles before me." ise-clarr i
the Judge, irho Badjotarnod the matt.-r
r.ir one werk to give Griffith opportun?
;?? t | r..?if of his charge.
" II develops that you are the
?i Juattce Benton, addressing
? . my, "U will he my duty to at once
report your ?a*?-? to ti?<-- Appellate Dhr
Etghmy i< attornej f-.r the defend
,'int in the action of George I* Buttrey,
of Gcnevo, against Ah??- Buttrey. Grif?
fith appears for the plaintiff. Th?
is on the . alendar for tin- tern, and
nov??d that it i?.- stri- en <?:.
Griffith o'.,ie? t.-.i to th?> court enter?
taining Ehjhmj 's motion, '?n th.- ground
that a man who has been convlct?Bd of
i no right to practise law
l.efore a eourt in this state, ?.riffith
read from alleged eertlth'd ro?,,-,? s of
'..t,\ition that .lohn W. Kichmy was
convicted of a felony in Saratoga In
1878, and Bonten<*ee] t?. *-i\ years In
Dannernora prison, in Syracuse, in
\i.ri!. i!??*?; a .John \v. BIghmy ptan?*?ed
?? in the United Btntea Cer#rt to j
falsifying prison affidavits, an?i arm
-. ?, ed t' si ' ?? three : ?v?rs in .\'i
burn r?ris..'i.
Aft?i th< court ha.) adjourned Out
? r Eighmy made a speedy exil
?r..;ti i be room.
rrspl to
? ram, N. v., Peb. 3.?John W,
I . my w;? for aev??ra,l years a prac?
tising attorney In Ihla city. His wife
llv??s her.-. Eighmy ram? t<> %m?
sterdam following hia llh**r*ratlon iron
nsmora Prison, after he had Men
psrdoned by 0?svernor Tilden. It ?vas
laresumed thai hit r-ardon restored hlra
t.. the rlgbl of practice, but his fur
Iflculty, in I!?41'*?, in regard to
? -, ?'..- Ill .OUT,.
With ; ? nslon ri.attn-.-. of whir 1? hs RM ?
s specialty, resulted In hia being con?
victed m the United States Court an?i
senten ed to the federal prison at At?
t olkrwing hit n I? ise be located
in Near V"rk. where h<- wa.^ rastored t?j
h - : ight t?? practise in the ? ourts.
Ajnsterdam friends ?.f Eighmy were
But aware that he had located at '??:
Beva During hia residen-o In this
cit..' h. msuls many friends and was
irominently identified with the loral
Hell Bgfon t'lnland, Feb. 2-M. lOhot,
the Boelal Deasscrat ?i.u has just heen
tatj Tn i-id? nt of tii?- Diet, was r?.r
Tu?r ttian t?-n fOOt* s miner In the frute?!
This Morning's News
local. Page
I ? i R? reala Poli? a Orafl. l
Mc?Cal| for Mayor, Tamaaan) Plan..?, 2
Naming of McCadl .? Burprias. 3
Gamblers i?n?-. Baya \Vai?io. 3
.ti Denlea Bryaa Btory. 4
Think Bomb i-'onn?! Wrong Victim..., 4
itViloon Nanrass Tumult) Bee re tarry... 4
< .,i ?.i.i.iti-.ns li'iilit Wilson Billa. 4
- Rosis" Herts Convicted. 4
Gallagher, .May?.; s Assailant. Im.-.<... 4
Crsatro Baya U 8 Peraecuted Him.*, 5
i..-i!i. ? i'. ? Curran Prob?is. 5
Btaardard ?m Distributes |4S,S?*H),et9#, 6
Churchill Heads Etftarattoa Board.. . 7
6"1? D - foi B iffrags Half Men. 7
Columbia Honors. Dr. Dsrgsan. 9
sear Cost Sheriff a Boating.11
Held for Attach on Conroy.18
MBlg Tlm'a' Property List nie.i.i6
?'.'.io\i?. ' Tragedy Una voidable....... It
Clear, Cold tVeothei Pramlaed.16
no Tas Loa a Certalnt). 1
J.. ?? >. -1 Called ex-<v,nvi( t. 1
luatk-i Mt'aii Buccaada \viii<?>\. 1
Ai.-.'aii m Hugbea Inveatlgatloa. 2
.;.i aat?se ?it Bans Dspoolts. 6
Government Losss Is Trust ?'ase. 6
Puje J'i ? '...? Mii: Report. 6
,.,.i. lauiil.ai.l.-.l . 3
Paria Bandits on Ti lal . 3
BulTragettei Burn Mall. 7
.*>??-? 1 f>>r Woaaen. 7
!:<Jit'.r?Hl. 8
Boctotj* . 8
Taeatrical . 9
Mtsale . 9
.. ry. 9
Bportl .10
-*** r ri 1 % ;,il(| Navy.11
v>?-.'?tti< 1.11
Supping .11
Plnaaclal and Markets.... 11? 12 and 13
Res) BBBttatS .14
Denies He Urged Appointment,
but Smiles Happily.
Charl?-?i F. Murphy, leader af 'run
many Hall, was In high aptrlta lust '
nlghl when he die? tuaeed the appoint?
ment of Juatlce McCall to raooeed I
?.hairman Wlllcox. Muri'hy waa found
ai 11 o'clock in his i.i.x in the B***t**ond
bsJcony in Terra..- <.ani<n. where hla
famous Anawitnila Club wa? holding a
Tammany liaii men ,.r pi-omln? i ?
were on han.l. Tha leader quit th?? bog
to have a few words with various As
Bambly dtatrti ( leadera in a lobby ofi
the bal onv when a reimrter got to
"liav.- v..n anything to sa) regarding
tha appointment ol Juatlce SdcCall io
Succeed Chairman Will, ox in th? Pub
ll< Service Commission'"
"i bave im .l'innuiit to make," th-?
lf.ide-- said.
'i made no recoramendatlona arhat?
ever to Oovernor Bulaer for anybody,''
?said ?Mr. Mtorphy, amlllng. I told
them ail to make their own gppllcg?
t:ons to tin? Governor.'1
? what do you think of Juatlce Ifc
Call'a Qugllflcations as Commlaalonei V\
i do ii"t belteva them is any ??
t?on regarding his ability to till the ? 0
siti.?n." como from .Mr Murphy In big
moat i oiiki nig] manner.
'I hav? nothing to do with it. Itj
n/ga Oovernor Bulaer who appointed
him. mi.! he la the man to be aatlsil**d
- nol i.''
"What is un;i si..ml in the subway
matter, Mr. Murphy?"
The Tammany leader's eye awepl th?.*
big dance floor and he replied quickly:
i ha\ ?? no ' ommenl to make."
"Do you look "ii the appolntmenl ig
indicative of a break between Qov? rnor
Bulaer end Mr. Hearst?''
The Tammany leader started ba? k to
his scat in th.? box, shaking his bead
and smiling, but refusing to answer.
Miss Dorothy Fish Loses Mesh
Bag Valued at $500.
Miss Dorothy Flak, daughter of li.tr
VgJ" B. l-'isk, th? banker, of ?N'o. 11 Baal
[40th afreet, reported to the police yea?
Iterday morning thai .? -to1?! mesh bag,
valued at .*c><n?. was taken from hee
muff in .1 pew "f St. Bartholomew
Proteatant Bplaropal Church, No. '.'<"?>>
Madison avenue, Sunday, while aha
waa partaking of communion.
sh?? dni not diacover the theft until
rant time afterward, when she thrust
her hands into the muff as sl?< irai
k ai Ing the church.
The bag. Miss Fish explained, wot ?
'gift, and contained only ? small .??iim
?.r moaaey and a f?*w Irlnkets. She \yx.?
not abb* to furnitvh the police with ?
iption "f the prisons Bitting near
her during the service
? a
Injected Into Bodv of Woman,
But Docs Not Save Life.
? . Telegra bt-ae l
i r< mont, Nob . Pi b ?"* Bl.i from
Igevgn Uve rabi.it.? injected Into the
body of Mrs. Fri'd-ri? k I.ruhn. of Bent? I
?ti*?, failed to Bave her life and Bhe died
h'i'- yeaterday at the hoapltal where
j tii?-? operation vas performed
Mrs. Bruhn was seised with iiaWioai
hemorrhage arhile on i train and trat
removed from the cara here, sie aras
'rush? il to the hoapltal, and the lot
blOOd I"-ame so great 1ll.il surgi ?
determined to Injeel animal blood. Pev
, en rabbits were secured and their blood
was drawn and Injected Into the ?.eins
r.f the woman, but in \ain.
Convict and "Male Imbecile"
Halted on Their Way.
N'yaek, N. T., Feb. ."..- Hearing
that the suffragists at Washington
wanted a baby, a beautiful woman, *i
convict and a male Imbecile to occupy
a flogt in their ''Inauguration*' parade
to show the only p? rson;- tehO have no (
vote, two former Jailbirds, William
j. Hartnett, whit?-, and Hoben Goold,
eolored. started from Spa'.kill this
morning for the CgpttaL
They gol as far aa Van Solver*a
Hotel, four mil's from Bpgrklll, and ;
w.re ?-?."n -ii 'be ragged edge of go**
torlety. They ".iiiiii??i to th.- habituesI
lof th<- place thai they were bad men
and soon started trouble. Not long |
| afterward they aretre a*rreated.
Juatlce i/vi?-on ...mmitted Hartnett
tu th.- county Jail pending hla r*rturn
t.i Auimrn prison, from which be was i
paroled with eighteen years of his j
sentence to Bervee. OooM was com
mltted to the pemtenUaiy for Big i
month* Hi bad served two terma of
Bve yean each In the Trenton prison. ;
Brooklyn Subway Delegation '
Appeals to Sulzer.
] Albany, .?'???.. I a ?i.-i? nation tron
I Brooklyn, e?*impo**ed <>f v.. T. 0'toaghltii,
\v. T Atterbury, David Klr**chfl*rid, Judge
John Hylggd -'an-J -1 I? W, Hanni-M, ap
p-eal?*d I" < b.v. i nor Sul/'r te.-ela>- t.. m.iii
I pal tbe Publie Service Commlaalon, let
| liistin't t.. "make publlt " th? i- mis .?f
I the ptopoaed eontracti 1er subway con?
ati ..'i>n ni Sew v.irk and Brooklyn.
I They aeked for a publie Iwat-tng, at
? will. Ii the tenus of til?' |.I?lM.--.-el . ontia' t?t
could be iI?m:iis??-'I. and ri'.iu. st. ,i tiiat
the Public s. rvi<. Coma*Ja>><*loa be n.
stiuete-.j not t" BBgn them until the people
..f grggter New York h;nl ggd Ofpot*
tunity to read train
Han labaMg, l*<gnn *'?-1 *. '?'?? Tie pre*
poised ?ne muni lit t" th- federal Constitua
t ion prortdlng tot the ?iip.t . ?leetioa ?*f
United .stat"? flenatora was paaaed i y the
Pennsylvania House of R^p*?eeentatlvea
to-night. Tbe iii?asuiv n?eu nui ? to the
Amendment to the Constitutio
Having Been Ratified, Demo?
crats Will Promptly
Enact a Measure.
WILL PROVIDE $100.000.001
Ways and Means Committe
Will Make Deep Cuts in Tariff
Duties, Counting- on the
Income Tax to Fill
? "?, '. r dim ti n
Washington, Peb. ?'.. An Incoms t?
law which win raise annually at leai
1100,000,000 in revenue became a psi
of t: ? :??ino.-r,t,, tariff revision pis
to-ds* . following the a? lion of Wyont
ing, Delaware and New Mexico in ran
fying iii?- Income las amendment I
tin- ? '?.n rtitut Ion.
The Democratic members of th
"Sj md Meant Committee hesr
with satisfaction that s thirl
thirty?aeventh and a thirty-eighth stat
had ratified this amendment, thus mak
Ing a v.< nuine Income tax bill posslbi?
Ri i resentatlvo Hull, who is slated I
draft an Income tax bill for th.in
mittee, estimate thai tiir- mi ai u
-i ighl t" produ? ?? $100,000,000.
it Is the int? ntlon of the Houo
loaders to pass an Income tax bill dur
Ing the extra *<- loa The ratlfi? attot
of th.- amendmr nl lit la a\ ? otMtderabli
burden from the shoulder* of the tarif
tinkera and will probably r? ull h
.n ?n the tariff ratei which could no
have be< ii made Without a gioat rave
t II produ? ? r BUCh as an in. ?.in?: la?
A full-fledged Income tax law wll
supplant tin- existing corporation tu>
..?!'l the Underwood bill t.. extend Iti
!?;??. \ Islom . 'iii- lat '? r m< ssur. ; ?
'in- Senate .-'ii ami wai pro?
posed as a rompanlon '?'il t.. it,?- ir??
sugar schedule, enactment <.f whlcl
would have resulted n an annual t"
nur loss of approximately ?li? ?,??*',.
000 'n.. corporation tax Isw will b?
? -?.nibiri? .1 a iMi ? ?,, t.. i...,) Incomi
'av law.
Means Heavy Tariff Cuts.
I;.. ? ?..t; under th? prestan! corpora?
tion las rang? from K ?.OOO>?000 II
*?;??.??mi??? and II Mi Hull*i ? i thnaM
is roiTecl the Incomr tax i'l". wtlfcl.
i* now made .. certainty, will ralas
about s?'M>"<?.< ??> additional.
Tiii. pru-ji' '? a til ? nablr Ihr Demr
? rata of tin \\ ? up?) Meant ?*om?
milt?- ? !'? pi?.! '? Ithoul ? "i !" to
t?i" slashing ?.t man) rxistlng t.?r-rt
rali i and to the i port ol sooth? r free
i ugar Mil 'I'll. |r present plat tfl
combine in a blanket . tatut? th-'
: ub.stanth ?? provl Ion of th? - I rtf
rori oration snd additional
legli lat Ion . ttii .t?. "i" ral Ion ??
. I mon pure In? omit I
Mr. i lull ha." mad? an ? xhaustl' e
study "i tl?. Income tax lawa of for?
. Ign ' ountri? s ati.i ! at made .. ? "hobby*'
h li flslal Ion it" ? entr i ing ? 'on
gross. .Mr- i nderwood gax. ihr Tei
t,. - ,, .m . r? 'lit (..i the bill to cxt? nd
tin- ? ??rporatioti tas ?\hl.h Lor? the
former's name.
Mr Hull i tentatit el? i on mltted, it
Ii under tood, t-. .. tax of 1 per ?enl
on all earned Income? ol ?55,000 or
more, a 'ax ?.f i1.- per csnl on un
r-nrnr-ii Incomea above that iiR'a.- and
? still hlph^r but graduated tax on
incomea from swollen fortunes and
large real estate holdings.
Collection of the tax si the "souros
of in'oui?-" is expected to bs a feature
of the i" in'"ran. bill. Thla would
obviate In many esses the nscosslty ?.f
the Individual taxpayer from makini
To Escape Inquisitions.
"The government, corporations, t >
partnership- and persons paying annual
earnings to employes," explained Mr,
Hull, "would withhold and deduirt the
iax and pay II lo Ihe fovernraent
Tins method would likewise apply to
mortgagors and leasaea ?>f real or per
aonal property, and the taxpayers
would noi come In contaci with ti?o in?
quli ' ions "t a rsvi nue official."
Ratification of the Ineotna tax
amendment was snnounced In tha
aj?nate bj Senator Brown, author ?it
Ihe origins' resolution, arho made a
si>,..-t statement congratulating the
people "i. "s sdoptlon
The pr.'po-?''! amenttmeni wai Intro?
duced "" June 17, 1900, and referred
i,, the c.mm'"" ,,h finance. H?-n-i
t?or Aldrleh reimrted it i.? the S'-n.ate
on .Inn? 28 With a Blight am? nflm-nt.
it was passed by the Senate <.n July
5 i'.ar?r. by B rote "f 77 to <>. llfteen
<.-n;itors not Voting
in the H""1-' ,l1'' Mil ero? reported
i.v Rspt*ssentatlve Payne, ait.-r it bad
i,.,.M botort >!l" ?Vsya ami M?esns
CommlttM for three days, on July 12,
it was psuaaed on the asme day by a
vote "f .''.i"- to l). snd a copy was
deposited win? the Secretar; of StoU
on July 21? -009.
'I'd,, adoption >f ihr amendm? ni
mark- the Ural change In the ?.insti?
tution Blnoe ls7'? The Fifteenth
Amendment was prop...-. ?Von Psbrtwry
27 1800, ratih-'d b) tw.-iity-riiiu' out
,,f tbhrty?ssven stat?-,-ami want Into
,,1,.,-t by i:x?-uti\? pt.rlaniatii.n on
March 30, 1870
Text of the Amendment.
'111. tSXl ft the iiic.'in. tax ani'-n?!
m..?,t is u- (follows:
\tti?-i?- XVI?The Congress shall bars
power to la-, and collect taxes on Incom?**,
t,. >m ?rhatsvei source derived, arithoul
(unlinuril im lilrli nur,?- third < oIuiiid.
Harlem Vice Tribute Coilec
Shocks "System" by Pie
of Guilty?Will Aid
District Attorney.
Trail He Shows Whitman Lei
to Civilian High on Force, Ii
spectors and Captains, On<
of Whom Is Likely to
"Squeal" on Others.
Eugene P. P..?. the polic?*-mgn
\?ii">" .1. !? i, . Qeorge .\ Blpp was
??? '"i !?? order? from Police He
quarters, pleaded guilt] to an Ind
m? nt for brlber) and extortion bel
Justice i'.r.n' ?.si.nia- afternoon a
he had igTeed with Diatrl? I Mtoi
Whitman lhal hi a ould i-'1- ba i ??
he ' ould ..i tii? police grafl Ii n
I? m
Juatlce GoB i- i ... ?? .1 Fog to
. ? le iaed on his old ball of $5,000 u
tbe l?i trlcl Atf.'n,- moi ? d for
Imposition of sentence. ?Co barg
had been cemented arlth Pog. but
u..? tacitlj underatood that lie aro
not be bentenced for Ihe crime
?hi. h ii? ' "H!" -' i tateiday If
delivered Into il e hands of
i datricl Attoi nej the police ? apt
and itisf.e. tor ? ?ill whom he had h
his grnfi relatioi ,
i'..\ till not :-w.? up th?? flghl m
Mr. Whitman disclosed to him thai
hop leas. The i ollceman' la
? ' ni so far aa to proce? ?1 a
lion of a Jurj. and Mr, Wli
man ?\.i- ready and ?rilling to go
?,*. itii tii? n i.ii ?a ben Loula J, ? In
asked for an adjournmenl from t
morning until 2 o'clock In 4h? afti
Doon, a hen Fot chai red plea
Fklwan .i Newell, the las
cently Indicted foi
the att? i.ipt t" K- ?, Sipp
Ing .i a wlti in t Pog, and I
?pector Dennla Bw?*ene* conunand
of Ihe Harlem district, the
grafl .. ?th Itle . teere among I
? In ?ei'irt when Fox wh?* a
Trail Leads "Higher Up."
i ? ? ici At! urn? W hitman
fltft . .' th?- ?I- ' ! ?? ?! Mltl.-f t' fl.U. *A I
th? r i nit.- ?it hla pn ? ut. n ? r }?*'
nnil i? r*Ot**fld?*?nl that th?? Kraft til
op? i.? ?! up by t ? pit g of f itlt) fro
the poll ? nun COII.. t..r will lead '
t., al leaal oni aptaln *?nd i
spector, and probablj t?? "everal "th
??-.?-.* rid former in . ? u
t., on? ? .'? iii-'ti high In th? d< partmei
Summ? rl up, il a -I ? 'a evenl
I |n ub tan< e the follow.!
?t in of th? icceai ful 'i' i ? loi
m? n? "?' a hl? h Dietrt I Ml m m
Wl 'm.?n i ' -nfldent:
T'ijt Fox v. ill present evidence th;
will war-ant the indictment of a poli?
captai*? to whom he personally hande
over hi? collections:
That he voll bring forward witness*
?/?ho wi'l corroborate his evidrnr.
against *he peli-.e captain;
That Themas J. Dorian, the missm
aes.sl irtt manager of the Avanei Hote
who appeared as a people's witness I
the Fox trial yesterday, will preser
evidence ?\hich will warrant the in
d?ciment of one of the men concerne
in the ownership and management c
the hotel for booing a proapective wit
That the man implicated by Doria
had paid money direct to a police in
spector, and when facing aentence wil
"deliver" that inspector to Whitmai
to save himself;
That the trail leading up from tha
inroector ?/"ill almost certainly lead t
the indictment of a commanding civil
ian offxial of the Police Department, oi
the ground that he participated in ,
conspiracy in connection with the de.?
perate effort of the police "system" t<
prevent Sipp's disclosures from gettim
to the er.-ind jury.
n. pector Dennta Sweeney, who wa
named In Sipp' awora testlmon; be
for.' the aldermanlc committee, bai
been tbe commander "f the Harlem die
trlcl arhlcfa embraced Pog'i actlrlttea
an.l was the lirst high police ofllcial t?
spring to tbe support of the policeman
arben Sipp's acc**aaU<**na became pub*
Hi-. Mr. Whitman now has evidenc?
that Sweeney, almoal Immediately after
Sipp named Poa as a grafl collector,
aenl out Moni.? Qruaaman, hla plain*
. lothea tnan, to "get Bontwthlng on
Blpp." Qroesman'a attempt along thai
line result?'! in Bipp'fl arrest ni Atlaii
tl. City, *?t*t fail' 'I |0 st.m.| the f Bl of
being preaonted t.. the grand iury.
Captain Walah Still III.
Captain Tlton.as \V. Walsh, the OtNU?
mander of the pr?i*ctoct In which Pog
op-i.tt. ii gg a i on.-.-toi-, u:ts rtamed In
?worn ?.?union, before tbe aJtl?erraanie
.ommlttee as tha man t*eaponalb?e for
Ihe Will?' Open ' "IlllitlOlls liml'T u h|i h
\?r.' ?ii- btHnf flaunted In Harlem.
The evening of the ?lay that WaJafa
was so named bg Mai y PtlJBaTlBII ami
Other witnesses h*- wa-, taken si? k at
Ins il.sk in the Baal QBth street sta?
tion and has bean on afc k legra aver
Ur. W. 11. l'ptoii. Of NO. tomA L?iglng*
ton avenue, who has hoon attending
Captain Thomas Walsh for the last
two months, ggld last night that th?
polk eman ?as in a serious condition
and that his fun r-covi-rv. even arlth
all the chancea in in?- favor, was hope.
I'aj.tain Walsh knows nothinp gboUt
the disrlosui'is minie by 1'atrolman
? ont i nu-.l on Ii ft li BBBja. flfl h ruluniii.
(Photograph taken reaterday by a Tribune staff photographer.?
Infant Waits Out in Cold and
Nearly Freezes.
IB- T?l?BTaph tn Tl ? Trlfcesc l
< 'n 3 \ cruaadr aga
parent a ho h ave Ihr ir children na?
matnini ?.i?rsi<i.. the picture ahows
whii- tho] Bai Mi? mevtss wan begun
lo da) b the Ohio Humane S?csaty.
This plan waa decided on following ths
Unding of a hol riotni i ondttton
fi..m the ?????? . ? exi ?ire to er Id.
The babe was found In a earrlsga out?
side a moving picture theatre, it had
ft there stone for sn hour.
?n." moth? u n?'.i that if sh.*
i the offence she would be
Dotpondent Over His Separa-;
tion from Girl Wife.
,'-;?: Be
W'a: hllilzfon. PVb. .'.-William C.
Blick, 10 ? "- old, .?"itimit'rii BulcldeI
t.. nlgl i wallowing carbolic acid
w hll In a Hi of .;- spondency duo to
his being enarated H"in his 18-yeei
old wife, who i.* In a kicsl hospital mi ,
it Boon to baje?me a mother,
VoirriaT Blick lefl .? party ?.f r-slatlvea
;.? tin borne ..f ils father, E. A. Puck,
a retired Ice dealer, and wont upatslrs
t?. hi- room. Shortly afterward his
family was attracted t'y his inlets, and
rushing to th?' room found hhn crlasplngl
tha photograph of his pirl-wife and ?
moanim,- Incohsrently. Hs ?as plar-'d
|n an automobile, but died ht-for?
rt-.i. hing th?> hospital.
His young wit'", who was Josophltio
Evelyn Franklin, came to this country
from Ireland about sixteen months apo.
Hli.-k m- t h- r m a physi. ian's oiti.-,..
and a feu weeks later married her.
They bsve been mpsuratsd three
months, a brother of Mrs. Bltek is
h'iti^r m the home of th.- Secretary of
Barber Talks of Cutting Throat
While Shaving Man?Arrested!
Chicago V?b. S.?John Hohn, a
newspaper man, had one of tin* ?los- ?
eat Bhaves of lus iif<- to-day. He was
shaved bj Perry EC. Hall, a l.arher,
wh.n-laniiy diacuaaed tha ?-as?-with
which be might cut Holm's throat.
Hohn, believing the man oitht^r was
Insane or under ths effect ?>f draga, |
j..!.d with him until tho shaving
procesa "-a;-, ovsr ami th?.-n rsjuaod?his
"It'.- a lim day," Hall rtTnark^d, a."
h?- lath?:<-.l Holm.
"I'h' rii!'' anawared Holm, out of
oiip eornrsr ?if hi.? month.
'Ami ii's a tin? edge I havo on my
razor t.-da*. " I In II . <>ntiriu?'d. "In i
fa. t"
H?- rested the ardga ?.f the rssor on
Holm s A.I..m'.s applt-, and then wont '
"' ? I
"In t'.?? t, I cuirl.l .-tit your throat1
without any trotit-?!?-. I don't hpllevo a I
drop Of blOOd would show OH tho Maade, '
it'-a. SU k?'?'?!."
"Maybe not," Hoini repisad: "but
think h.?*jv it would muss t.p th?> tOW?
.-Is" *
"Yes, yes,"' Hall lauKlu-d. "Sure!
Nolxuly would blante BAS, thouKh, If I I
did '""t your throat, would tiVy?"
"?Oh, nu!" Holm Bgiserd, "hut we'rt:
old in? mis. s.. put it off a t'?-w days."
\\'h?-n the sliav.- was linish.-d, Holm
burrled oui and ?got a polleentan. Ths
barber arlll have a Itearing to-morrow, j
a pony Bless af angostura bitters
befors retiring for insomnia.?AUvt.
German Professor Goes to St.
Petersburg to Watch Case.
WUrzburgi <.erman>, fob. 8, -Th?*
"General Mtaela***?***1 aa s that Dr.
Eugen Knd-?rlen. r?*"0' * Ban* "f surgir.
at the I'niveisity of Witrzburg, hag
I.. . n e'.i?rr] to St. T'etr-rsl'urg at the
request of the Kmperor. upon tho ad
tice "f the phyalrtana attending Crown
I'rinco .\lexis.
i>r. Bnderlen win spend three or four
?,?,eeki obaenIng the ? ->
Bay State Kind Alone Worthy
of His Support. Hearst Says.
I.ubtuii, Feb. ?'.. ?WIHIgm Kandolph
Hearst, sfwakillf at a dinner tendered
t?. htm to-day by Mayor Pltggerald,
said regardful* t!io relations of his
:? K'spapers with th. political situation
in the I'nite '1 Btavt? ?
"Boaton la th'- only ?it:, in the cnun
Irj where ! have a newspaper ".?.here I
feel Juatlfled m aupporting the Demo
' ratlc party by in> paper.
'ii.' Democratic party in Boaton and
bue? tta occupies an unique place
In tii? I>e nio.ia??y of the country.
Democracy here Is to he looked on as a
great example, it is in the lianda of
men thoroughly eapahlo of keeping It
on a high. Clean plan?'. It Is cettalnly
an example of clean polities.''
Jersey City Police Inform Lega?
tees of Their Good Fortune.
That li.'.iiiists of 1*10,000 ea.h were
awaiting them waa th.. information
conreyed t?? two peraona in Jeraey city
yesterday by Detective Thomas Moran.
Rotiert .1. Coetello, of So, 288 2d street.
employ? .1 us a carpenter at the stock
yardfl In Jersey City, was Informed
that an ?state \aluiil at |4O,O?0 was
left to him by mi uncle who died some
time agro, The? administratrix of the.
estate is Mrs. I. R, Adams, of No, olT
Pelaron,ia street, Alglera, La?
The other fortunate i? raon is Mrs.
John Finncrly. of No. 248 8d street,
Jeraay City. An nncto, Pntrlch Ryan,
who died in Kettle Kails, Wash., had
left h.r SlO.iHa?. Th.? JVrsey City po?
li..- had been asked to find Cost?>llo and
Mrs. Finnerty.
Escape in San Francisco Office
and Stir Things Up.
I By T.le-t-raph to Th- Trlb-jiie.)
Fan Francisco, Fed. ."'.? A diminutiv??
hive of bees, consigned to Joseph Al
lit-rigl. of Inverness, was lifted from
the mall p.?m h by Fred O'Toule, chief
clerk at the local pogtofltog, to-da>. The
insects began to emerge from a corner
of the box which had been broken In
transit. O'Toole says there were a mill?
ion of them, and that they were as
busy for a few moments as It was pos?
sible f..r beea to be.
After the bees had aacapad O To?lo
.'xamititd the little hive and found It
enntained a ?jueen bee, Inclosed In a
private compartment. He liberated her
and her subjects collected about tur.
Then It was an easy matt??r for O'Toole
to entice the swarm back into cap?
Balmy Air?
Dazzling Sun?hln?j?Golf
Vt Vile ii. Augusta an?I ??"lorida. Readied!
via BOl'THERN RAILWAY. Southeast- '
et-n Limited- Lv. New Yolk ?huly 13:441
I? M Unexcelled ?lining and sleeping car
mtrriot. S. Y Offlee, 2?J4 Filth Ave.. I
cor. HJj* Si.-Advt.
f CALL suras
Tammany Senate Quickly Rati?
fies Nomination of Supreme
Court Justice After
Hints of Scandal.
Governor Made His Choice Fol*
lowing a Hasty Trip to
New York, and Says
the State Is
Senator Br?wn Leads Attack on Jam
raing Appointment Through, and
Vote Is 25 to 10--Devoe P.
Hodson Named for Up?
state Commission.
'l'y T?M??-;i.?ph to rii?; Tribun?- |
All.any. Feh. .*,.?Following a hasty
trip to New York, Governor Sulzer
sent to ths Senate to-night the nomi?
nation of justice Edward B. McGall is
??hairman Of Um KSW York City Public
Servie?? Commission to succeed William
Et Willcox.
He siso sent in the nomination of
Devoe 1'. Ho.lson. ?.f Puffalo, to suo
ceed john B, Ohnsted on the upstate
Public St\ i. e rommlanlou. and of Mll
ton I!. Grlbba, f.f RochWter, to succeed
William Cary Banrfsr m a member of
the state H<wpita] Commission.
Th.- iiomiiiati?.n of JuSataOS MeCall
Is pcrf.rtiy Bt? - ptable to Charles V,
Murphy and the Tammany organiz.t
Uon. Thla Was prove,! by th?? fact that
it was ro-cdbllMd by the Senate to
?ilgiit. i y a voi?- of 2."? to lO, Justice
HcCBaW? n sign?t Ian iront the Supreme
?'oiirt having been filed by the Gov?
ernor with the pprrsHrj of Sta.te ear
li?-r in the evening.
Senator Kmerson, of Warren County,
was ?ho only K<*publl<*an to vote for
Justice IfeCalL, The others were all
Tammany men, and In the h*iated de
b.ite which preceded hin confirmation
tlio i?raJ8a.rt of Tammany were ?jung?
<>r, rather, shoutod?ag they have not
been Ml the Seriale floor in a der^ide.
Stnator Palmer, Progressive and Re?
publican, voted against him, and Sooa
tor Sahnt, Progressive, refused to vote.
Though Governor Sulzer said that
Murphy ha?l made no recomm? ndattons
H t" ?'hairman Will.'ox's successor. It
Vias .I.. larcd here t?.?night that he told
people very recently that Murphy had
submitted live names to him, and that
he was considering making the list pub?
lic. One of tho men named occupied a
high position under the Gaynor ad
niin?stra?..n. It could not bo learned
whether MeCail's name was on tha list.
Ho'iwn Fitzpatrick's Man,
The Ho?l~oii ri-.inin.ulon was ma.de
On the recommen?ai!..n of William 11.
Plttpatrlck, Murphy's chief upstate
Uetstenen, snd i>-a?ier in the Demo?
cratic organization of Erie County.
The Gibbs nomination waa made by
the < iovi.*ni>i- In pursuance of an un?
derstanding h" had with cert'iln up?
state anti-Murphy Democrat? that he
would re.oRtilze them In certain pavt
ronago matters if they would work
with him.
Gibbs Is one cf the nnU-Ftnurauu*?,
or anti-Tammany, faction of the De?
mocracy in Monroe County. The Gov?
ernor's first attempt to carry out this
understanding failed whtn lie was till?
able to land ChartSS F. Rattigan. the
protege of Thon.as Mott Osborne, as
warden Of Auburn prison.
Covern..r Sulzer was highly elate?!
o\?r obtaining IBS consent of Justi?is
IfcCall to serve. He admits that no
otlur man In the state eotild have don
"is Justice IfcCall a bsllsvsr la mu
nici? al ownership nnd operation of .sub?
ways'.'" the QovsrnOT wai asked after
he had snnounosd his selection.
'I but know; are you.'" he count?
er. ?1. after in? .litating, and then walked
The appointment of Justice McCnll
was tii" final verdict on the demands
Of W. R. Hearst for recognition on the
Now York City commission. It was a
dlrSrCt slap In the fa. e tor Mr. Heaist.
erhaterer it may be considered as to
Murphy. And th?re la only one opin?
ion on that score here, regardless of
the Governor's announcement that
Murphy made no recommendatione to
him. The view is that Murphy would
bs no better pleased If he had selected
Justice Metall himself.
"r herefore, there is littl? or no un
a.i.-iiuss manifest? .1 here about the
signing of tlie SUbsray contracts. It la
taken for granted by most of the leg?
islators who have followed the situa?
tion that Mr. McCall will aillx his name
to those ?locuments just as Mr. Will?
COS srovM ha\e don?-.
GovBrnor Raps Willcox.
In announcing the appointment of
Justice MeCal) the Governor took one
last Bins' at Mr. Willcox, though it was
mild compared to some of his previous
expressions of opinion. Governor S?l?
zer nid:
The facts regarding the Public Servie*
Commission In th- 1st I?istri.-t and t!.-?
propcrsed aubway operating contraets have*
been pre***nted to in?- I y many distln
guislu-d citizen.? In various ways and many
Shapes Ths matter has given me much |
conceni. However, there was nothing be- i
fore me officially in oonnectlon with the
matter itpon which I could consistently
act until the i.riu of Mr. Wilicoa ea? 1

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