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nil- ii. v. h ? ?! waa "i. last Prl
'ii. la ?- lalatiii e WMJ i "t then In ??? >s
.1 ri?i ?Riii not ?" o ? til to-nlg
?-?. i roukl tai.? no a? tlon regardlna
matt? ?? until tii? Senat? con .i neal
The c,,,v, ,-?,,!? sai'l he was d?"']
11 nenn?'?! fOT th<- welfare of the peo*
and anxio.is to i?<> i virytliin? lo \>:
mote their happiness and proaperl
He had, he said Inveatlgated evi
phase of th. subwa, problem H? w<
?ervant ays rel
tant to criticise publl? officials ami i
nu* do so now. although I must ?;i> t?
I an. not in aympath*. with the Interna
able delays which have mark?*-*] the pn
t ibwaj altuatlon In gr< a
Non York Th- people want tl
op, nl ? . and quickly a
Know Ins whal i do mj mln?1
?in to appoint a ?n. .-??-..r t.. Mr Wllk*?
1|. tO tills lirii.- I ha v.- , ii?le.i\?.' ? .i not
mil ?n\ ?? . ; ii: i !.-? r ..'?? i
Indlr?. tl?. s 1 believed thi Ooveri
should live up to the prlnclpl? ol ho
i uli arid nol ? with matt? '.? In t
? 'iiy of N"* w .
rial and tangible ?va? presented to n
" \v!i!? n to 'i' t
"Thons?? nd? of Applications."
The Governor declared he had tho
?-.n:.is of applications for thla poeitK
but believed 11 should seek the naa
H< ontlnued:
'I'.e ae\ I - mitt man wet
In the < ..util, t of opinion I <
?d to name i ma n of auch b?
ic ter. of such i
..i u ?. ? atablisl . d i eputation ?"i '
partiality, that the peopl? would s
"Well (i... ?? Oovernor. end commend t
? ? ig th?* acutei ? as of the al tu
ti(.n In the broadesl way i' possiti
rould ;? ... ? for the general welfare
. ? ? m author! t j
' ? .- ? cling Justice Me< 'all foi the ?
? i want to tell th< p
-. h. i it.- ??election was made. 1 ha
? 'i him since * ?? * ere la *t si idei
nnd oui p? rsonal : ? Hoi for t hlr
o.lel . ., . intim?t''. 1 le Is
min for whom I have tin area tent i
? s ml the- highest regard. Xo o
tlon his abllltj us a lawyei. I
worth and impartiality an a Justice
? 'oiirt "t nu ? ?
ii'-t' i minai Ion alwa*. s to do whal
,i? \??s t.. .... lunt ni a i itrht for the pul
Kood 11? i- my lifelong friend In hi
I line the mo? I Implied confidence. I
Ig e nough for any offi? ?
i oui I
\ short Ime aso he aras our gue
when ? .? Ka\ <? the of
rial dinner t.. the Judges of the ?'on
of Ai<p< als ! th? n hri? My talk? .1 ma
i*-rs over with him, bul he then t.-iei n
eld nol thlnli ?>f resigning from tl
bench and accepting tin? ,.?11.-e Th
ended l ind I look? ?! foi some one el*
but .eniiii not convince myself
an} othei candidat? so much as 1 h;
about .'u -? ? ??? Mi ?'all.
The blatter wom ol such grave impo
tance to the people that i concluded la
Bat urda) afternoon t?> ?-?" to See Toi
and ?iiak? a fii :?? al to Jud|
M.-l'ail t.? accept for the public R.I, ?
last Saturday night, without saying
* -.pi to ai on? iieo'i? it. i ??<?? ? ? ti
ise m New i >i k < "ity and for aevei
hours -I?sens-?, ,i th" whole question wl1
the lltdge from erery standpoint. Aa tl
Oovernor ? late. I appeal? <? to hli
to resign from the bench and take tl
Public Servlci t'ommlsslonershlp, i
. rlflce, and he did not want to tak.- i
but h? flnall*. and reluctantly conclud?
to ?i ' 11 ?? ?? ' personal appeal In tl
e of th? people <.f the state and as
patriot'? duty t.. the cltlsena of Great?
Sew fork .!n?it-'<- MeV'all is to be con
mended for thla sacrifice, i feel confldei
t th? peop ? gi 11? rally will siv? hli
the credit to whl ' he la truly entitled
ki BW hOW fair arid how just and how at.
and how impartial he la I know he wi
carefully Investigate every phase of tl
whole proposition and decide it finali
aa 'i<- would ora? greal question of Hi
or liberty <>r property, if it were !rougl
- ire him as a supreme court judg.
No One Else Knew, He Says.
"No Ont knew of .Iiisti? e IfcCail
Intended appointment by me egcei
him and myself, when we finally pet
tied th? mattet at ins house in th
City of New York last BaAurda
-??it." d?*-clared the Qovtmor. "I ar
hopeful of thla appolntmenl hopel
for th?- besl Interesta of al! the' *x
.\t afl eventi 0 di knows, i have don
my duty aa I have the light, i wan
to thank Judge Mi i 'all publicl for hi
self?-a !?? ?? and I Is patrtotlBm In th
?natter. ;.nd i confidently believe tha
whatever he doea In the premlae
hereafter will i>.- for the general wei
Regarding Charlea P. Murphj am
?tVHiiam F. Sheehan oovernor Bulae
Let n > t Mr. Murp
no recommendation t.? me di**ectly or In
direct!} ol ?a: applicant oi any candi
dat? f?.r ?ms Office
it i ? pi) t-. an edltoi lal i iblished Sai
urday nlghl In one of th?? Sew fork even
ing pai>'-i ?. ? want to s.tv In |ual ?
William F. .-.n.-. h.,n that he nev? apok?
to rea .i rectly oi Indirectly about th?
Public -
\. U 1*|
ti i hav . <'.o\'.
r- once since the tlrst of th?
year and then hi eall.-d t.. ?.. n.*- her?
? the. executive i imber, lust .t? lie hUr
ried by, t?) pa) his ? ta and he a .
In such i' i u i.- ? a.?i not eve i i
.??pond to my Invitation to ?it eiown.
in conclusion, i say ;<> the people ol
Sew York ?'it: : i have don* m* duty r
this matter t.? all I ? people Of ?reate
Nee York and i al ere ope what I
l.a\>- done srlll meet with ti;.- approval
of mv fellow e:t:zens generally ..nd ulti?
mately redound to their ??'dit and t)i??ir
welfare an?! their prosperity.'
In connection with the appointment
a Hodson to the ? pgtgt? . ommissinn.
?? is inT?T' st i : ?,* '. lote that he was
hosen Largely on the- itulot y. m? lit of
i.dward il. Butler, a Republican, and
. uiwr of "Th* Buffalo V ? B." ?>n th*-*
mm^ntlatior of the prenant upstate
? oinmission Butler la ??eing sued fer g
ong standing el-- trie light bill of Igrge
Htidaon - . ... i er and former
municipal ?-on! ; i .dx<- of Buffalo,
Milton II. Glbbe, named as a Mos
pitai Commission, r. .it an annual
salary Oi J6J?0Q ? lawyer, and for*
?))?riy v?as chairman of tiie Monroe
Count) Democratic ?'..mmiitee.
Republicans Fiqht Apoointment.
As soon as the U ana te oon*a*aa*?Bd lo*
i.ight Mr. Wagner. Tammany l?>ader.
t.. m.Hided a rolleall. to amo how many
oi his ni?*ii w??r?' present. That having
iicen determined, the Senate at his re
qttegt toiik a long ;??' ? s.? whih? the
I'l-mwiata m i .inferen? ? planned th?.:
fight Which Ii? knew was COgBlng. At
!?:.,'<> they Bled <?ut to their aeata, and
after a few minutes Of routine I usin-ss
the Qovafgt?ar*a nomination of Juatlce
M'< all was r?ad. Sin.itoi Jack"
nupatrtck, "Big Tim" Bulllvan'a si. -
?essor, ask'il for immediaU- contirma
tton "f the appointment. He ?aid the
people of th<- slate should be ? ongratn
latcd that Juatlce -M'Call had ae? ?pt'?1
the plgcej,
S.-tiatoi Eton li Blown, K'pulU.eaii
leader, protested againet thla baste, lie
said it was making the Senat?- "menly
a rarmlform appentlhi of the govern?
ment, utterly uaalaaa," Blnce ii gave
that bod) no ? bance to exercise its
poweea of della?eratlon on Important
appomtmi nts II?- gdd***d:
Wh>, the printed Interviewe In which
the Governor espressos bia opinion of thla
uppohitmeni hav? nol even >?t r?**ach?*d
the newepspers, and we ba\. to get what
infoianatlot! we <??n regarding him ?Ahile
the l'?ni'" 'tits ar. m caucua it wai aald
th. Public gervlce L'oinnilnslon would be
.iei?ia?i< i tutu a pertleaii sod) end i? need
?ventually lo ei ve ap< cfatl In) rest**,
'iiiia is not in. tn?i appolntmenl t i the
Public ?Sen Ice I'ommlealon under a l>emo
oriatlc sdmlnlstratlon \V? have een ??!
e.ther Oovernee .?|.i**.nit in? l>ei?wra*.?c
utat' chairman to :.u thla high ? ?ti?< -. or
rather to draw tha ??uluij. for it was w'll
Politilians Believe Tammany's Inducement to
Jurist to Leave Bench Included Promise
of Nomination Next Fall.
What Inducement waa ?.tiered t.. Ed?
v .ri Everett IfcCall sutiii'b-uiiy coin?
pelting to Induce him to leave the
Supreme Court bench lo accept the
chairmanship of the Public Service
Commission? This was the live ??iics
tlon thai was agitating the minds of
mi 'iv' la*.; nicht.
,\ nomination for Mayor on the Tain
v ticket this tail. That v. s an
rer given by en organization man
i t night.
Mr. M.?'all. for he ceased t?> i>
stlce when his reelajnatton was plactMl
In ?he hands of Govern? r Bulssr last
night, snd ii?- does not beconte Public
S?-r\ i. e Commissioner until his oath of
office la Hied, scknowledged yesterday
that his work on the bench was most
Satreesble t.. htm. He decUwsd when
t:.e sppolntmem to the Public Service
Commission was Ural broached to him
that be would not consider it for a mo
; ment, and that he wanted to spend the
! remainder of his SCtlve 1 if?-? as a judg...
His salary on ths bench was $17,300
Is year. As a Public 8ervlce Commla?
sioner it will be onlj 115,000 a year.
His terra of office as Justice of the Su?
preme Court had four mor? yesrs t..
run and a rencsnlnation and re-election
-ir- practically ensured t.. Democrat)
Judges of ability in this district.
Why, tbsn, did Mr. McCsIl consenti
to irive up ins comfortable berth and
sccept a position with which h?> has n >
familiarity snd which means an In?
finite amount of hard work and the
greatest responsibility, sfter he had
once refused point blank to consider
an appointment t?> the Public ?tenice
?? ?f course, I do tier pretend t.> seyl
just what IS in the mind of Mr. Mnr-'
phy." said the politician, -peaking of
the leader of Tammany Hall. "Nor do
I know just what arguments were us? 1
by Governor Bulser In talking with
judge IfcCall. Howtsvsr, J believe thai
the plan is t.. enter th?- latter in the
r;.. i for the Mayoralty.
"This year the situation demands a
candidat?- who has been prominent la
some live issue. It is likely thai tin
fusion forci\s will nominal?* District
Attomsy Whitman or Horough Presi?
dent M.Aneny on the beri'h .linlg?
McCall ?ras In ol.MU.Hy To l-iini
hirn ..at and pul him In SI .hairman
Of ths Public S?rviie Commission at
a time when the important contracts
for the dual trati-it systSSfl ar?- sbottl
to bS slgni-d. to m.. mind, is a shrew?!
pie. e <>f polities. No doubt ail effort
all] be made to plsce htm In the po?
sition of being rssponslble for push?
Ing the contracts through after th.
long period of nogotlstfcm, which made
the public impatient. Othsrnrtse, wh)
did not Governor Bulser permit <'
man Wlllco* to hold ov?er long enough
to sign the contracts?
",\s head of the commission Mr. Mr -
?all will have an opportunity Of si OW?
Ing ins strength with the people. If hi
should pro\e ? popular man there he
v..old probably prove the strongest j
candidate Tammany could name for
Ma or"
it ? ;., suggi at? i last night that
Ma ? r i las noi would probably nol be :
? : ? too ereil pi.-a~.-d a1th tin eppoint? i
menl of Mr. McCsli it is understood I
thai in- would not be si all averse
toward a renomlnstioi himself. Hoe
i>. p.-.. men e ill pull togeth?er ?n ;
irai ail matt, rs ?? III be n*atched
. Bid rabie inter? si
ki rwa iii-r?* that the commission ??a*- been
n tour-man h?d; since that appointment
e as made
Tells of Scandal Rumors.
Benator Brown seid the nomination
of the state Archltsct ?as railrosded
to confirmation, as the Democrstswer?
I ... do with this appointmr nt,
though at thai time charges wen pend?
ing against him with the Governor, ol
which th?- state hsd received no Infor?
mation. Benator Brown continued:
.ire not taking an) chances of id?
? ..r groun? ol obj? rtlon to this
tmei t. t . ..nii.it say on mj ?i-.th
?.f office tiiat objections exist, but l can
sa;.- that the air i- full &t rumors of his
lion with Tammany Hall and other
: unors of s ?candi.1 roncernlng h
Ination to th? Supreme Court, i csn'l
! say how |usl these rumors ;.i<*. and ire
have no opnortunltj to And out, for the
matter lias been d. ere ?l m eau us before
a Benator lias s i nanee even t?> rlsM ..
department in the Capitol t.. *-.-:irrn foi
it.ff'mutton. Hut the |.ho-,1p will know
where to piece tie- responsibility.
Bel itor Wagner retorted, with great
ahow of indignation that there ?rea no
undue haste in the confirmation, is
McCall was .? ?-t.it. ofllcer "filling hia
-.-. ith honor and dlst1n**tion I!
? --nt.-d the insinuations of scsndsl
onoernlng him In sny i spscit
Senator Wagnei ssserted he ever
had heard s w?.r?i ?if it before He ,]e
< ]ar*-d the recent oonfkwetrrces of the
Publl? Servi??- ?'..mmisslon. the ttan
s-.t and flnanclsl Interests ha?! been
held In the homes of r 'hairman Will
?>x snd .1 Plsrponl Morgan and there?
by a greet suspicion that everything
ua.-- not rifaiht had been fostered in
? minds of th?- people He contln?
We alas.? ?? i?, i ?. .-n eu ay that sirspl
? v- ... v..:k ar? not satisfied
licit Mi. \\'iil.o\ ;. j.i???? ents th?*ii r? *
ti ill; Th? ?i? mand ..f us ?.. |nt?*rf< ? ?
w. could n?! before, becau ? :t srotild
t Lac b. .-n p. -. lolatioti ..* the gn .<' prlii?
ripie o! home r .1? but non ihr 11 apon
:.- on oa
Frawley Glorifies Tammany.
Senator PYawle* stamped McCall
with the brand of Tammany and at th*
-..in- time glorified that organisation
He said be was a in? mi.? r of the com?
ijii.tt?-e which selected McCall tot the
judicial nomination and he resented
any imputations of s?andal tn .-??nn?-. -
tion therewith. Frawley went on:
if there had been an] scandal Justice
McCall would not nave been ?Je. t * ? i. and
my memory Is thai he headed Ihr ludlelal
ticket n?- luis proved by his ten years'
service i:.at he possesses ;.l? t.lualifl?
catlona for the critical position Now, i
urn :i Tammum man. ami there la :i lot of
'?', . Bhnesa talked hare abuut Tammany.
i.as governed the City ol X- v.
v..ik for probabl) vo ..ur ?>i ih. i. ? -, ears
o? a.?- existen?*? That city un-Jei Tain
ha? progressed ..- ;... other in ?h?
world 'i.?*1 RvsW four yeore .? loi r.f enn
dldates on the anti-Tammany ticket get
..." and <->iout thai tie,.' Will s<-nd ?>,??
Tammsny l?-ad?is and followei i to j>rl?on
bv acores, but they hsvs never <i??n.- it
When Mr Mi Cell lakes otAco."
promised senator Wsgner, "these con?
ferences won'l be held in Mr. Morgan'?
back room, bu? in public, wtur?* they
should I.?- held. These attempts to d< -
lay confirmation sre merely so thai the
contracts maj be jammed through in
this sanie ha? k room, ami w?- will not
give an*, body a chines to call up sny?
body in that room to determine If con?
flrmation shall be ma?i>- io-iiir*in >>t to?
Thereupon ihe rote wsa taken wd
Mr. M? Cab fit formally plaosd in the
seat of Chairman Wfltocrx.
.lohn <'. McCall, rice-president ol 'he
V. w York Life lnsnran?-e Company,
w ,.s here to sf 8 the ( b.vernor this ,\ en- j
ing and .?.?-eme?) anxious Sbout the . on?
flrmation. Justice McCall'a sscrstsry
was in ih. Benati chamber during th"1
debate. ' j
Tin Hodson and Qlbbs appointments j
irere reftwred to ihe Benste Flnancs
Committ? ?<?.
People's Institute Would Delay
Contracts Till Election.
lii-iJ'-ii.- ''. Howe, managing dire? tor
af* the People's Institute, s. nt s totter
saterdaj to*Dsatrsllsr William A. Pren?
dergsnt, pointing sut how the Instituts
had "" at'-h?-?! every step In the subwrsi
negotiations)." Tv?.?. years ?go the insti?
tu?? proteeted egslnsi the Intsrborougk
pian ..n.I declared In f.?v??r of the modified
trfboroug? plan.
Continuing, tas totter sh>s talst in
April laal the leglalatlve commltte? ol
th. Inatitute prepared an exhauattve
bit of ib" contra i - noa i" i
for execution, containing twent) i
e- loeel: ?? rlttei met? ? lal K cop
. i ni. ??m ?.?..,- dell*ered to i..
member of tin- Boatd of i limat? und
.????:?..!tlonmei I ?? . test waa
? In person si
.: . . -.lli.'.l fOI the' put DOS? ??'
lalning publie sem
The letter continu? ?
The suggestion made b) you I lai pu ?
It officials ran ..???.*' I? I ??
programme upon e hlch the; wer? ? ?
??i seems to me t.. atrtk? al n.: ?
lir'e of repr? entatlie government Tl "
? ? ? ; : ? ? ..,.;..?
ni".' ?? definite pr.?.?1 understood ??'
on? ' ; mi -iii-i ? M
nube tiling
the last ? I?. t Ion. There
?Ion ni th? - nun.i. no ?
th?' issue b.i ? m dldal A refer? ndum
v, - had and the publli definite!) de
els red againsl such a partnership aa is
? ? .i ,-.? i be pending ? onti ??? '.-. in
"ti, privat? int? ?
.\ municipal *-i* et Ion i? ? >nth*
away. In which th? eh??.? iexue Involv? i
In thla i onti "?? ? i -' ? ould und ahoti .
submitt? ?. o. t'.-- ? '.?. toi ate r... >i . Ii ? ?
t.-i initiation. I '<?: Ii I ? .
? ? rigid i- ? .????' i
? hildien will pa; I prie? I?.
;.'. ..i ? to . ..tu?-. !t .?
..... L: ,.,- ;? ? of till
these ? ontrs l ? sppi.. ?.!
? i . poa ? '.. dei Id? tha i Question
?'...?,: tin i?? ? : opiiiion ..i the
n.-vt muni< Ipal . ?. ctlon, and thl.
.I?.in- withe.m .,ii\- dels] m i(- >nu?l<
| lion of th- .-'- st. in.
? a
Buff alo Man Long Sought the
Upstate Commissionership.
,,..,..'. .
Buffalo, Feb. . I '??..? r Hod
new member oi ti.- I i let? )'?.?? I< Bei ?.
. ? . to H ? - ? ?
ti?. ?;.v.' In ID eful to thi
Democrat! s s campaign oratoi "ii lot ?i
Hi s., ured no n ward hoe -
until ?'"?'. when b< raa nominated and
. i? ted ' ?'!)??? of th? Mam. ipal
: p] .- he held a Lk n tha
court waa abollah? d II? ??? aa ilso al
. ; .- time b m? mi'* i of the Board ??f ,
ajehool (examinera at IM ? year
Mr. Hoils'it. Waa l,.,.n )n It!.,?, i in IBM,
?am? graduated from Cornell and ad*
mittet) tO tbe nu i in 1ST7. II.- pra tis.? d
law In itha ? toi t'-n years h'.i then,
with un..ii.. i m..!, weal to s.u. Mego,
?ai. tu publiai, a newspaper. After ??
i'.-w montha, however, Mr. Ilodson re*
turned to Buffalo an?! i ? '.in. d the pra !
tiee of i.w.
Ill. Ifodson are ati i ui g? d !??: I
post he baa won when t'omrolaslofier
<tin ?t*-.i i toras ? -.'.in.1 .n Qov<**rnoi
Dix'a iidii.ii.istr.it!..n a Buffalo legal
representative of the New fork Central
and .i .oil.?.', elassmat? of Dix nearl)
landed it f..i Hodaon, bui Fitspatrtck
the western New fork bo Interfered
Decides 1,750 Cases Just Be?
fore Resigning from Bench.
One ?'f tie last offi. ?*\ it of .In-tlee.
Moe'aii befora his restgaatlon from t s
Bupreme Courl wa? to -inn a tlemurrer
esterday to .1 defence o? Moya? .?? I ??.
cotton i't"i?. is. m the s'iit tuo.?Kin againsl
t!,? m b: Moni 11 Roth? blld The BUlt
is for an accounting In the .sal?- of eoi
ton bales weighing 1B0B.BBO pounds which
weiSj siid to have been Intrusted to Hoys?
m Co, as agents.
in their answer "tJoyse 1 Co, .,.i**k? <?
Hot' s luid h.id . ut* 1 * d into an agreement
w nd th? m which waa in reatralnt of trade.
and therefore Illegal. Juatlce MeCall to
clded, i..w>'.. . tint thla ?us not a raild
ijefiui-??. in addition th" haatlce "dgited
ordera m th? cours? "f tl.. day in 1...""
rases which wen awaiting bia signature.
The) w?rre all aulta 1 rought by employes
ot th. city undei ti? prevalUng rat? ..f
wages law. claiming th? platatlSB were
entitled to higher saiH.i*-?* than thus.- they
recel rad
i m* of the cases, decided adversely s? 1 ? ?
?rai rnontlu hi?'?., covered all th.- oth? rs ]
anil th? justi. e Spl lit m?.s| of th.- lia) dlb
1 Hissing them wnh a fee sti..k?s ..1 i,:s
Tin' IIth Aaaerabl) Dlatrtct organisa*
tioii of th?' wenn.m suffrage party will
h.,'.1 a meeting on Thursday evening
at ?. O'clock at ?'eiO|.. r Union, at whnh
the relatlonahip of man to woman suf?|
fritjc. will be discussed from a new
point of view, 'rio speakers and sub?
.h. will be sa fellows Man.? Prog?
re? ," Marie Jenney Howe; "From Mas?
cullnit) <" Manh.I." Charlea ?Cueblln:
??.Man's Rights." Tola I.;. Follette, and
"Man and the I ami!. Max l.astin.in
Friends of Dual System Fei
Only That Companies May
Cause Delay by Starting
New Controversies.
Willcox Congratulates Succ?s
sor. as He and Other P. S. C.
Members Consider Amount
B. R. T. Ought to Pay
in Queens.
Word tint Governor gols?sr had .-?i
pointed Justice Bdwstd B. IfcCall, of t?
Supreme Court, to sutareed Chairtns
Willcox ?*? a member ol the Public Bei
vice Commission apparently rams sa
Brest surprise to all srho bad been tt
lereeted in framing ths ?**ontraets for tfi
dual transit system. The news thai th
appoJntmenl had i.e. n confirmtad by tii
s?nats last night without the formality i
sending it to theFtnfnc? Committee can
i- ,m even gr? ater surprise.
Moel of th? (itv oflkdals working o
i b i ontracta were <<t the bell? : that tii
< ..neu matu.fi would t.e held up .i reason
i ble length <.f tin,.' in ordei t?. p- ; m
the imp..11.,m conti a? 11 lo v hieb < 'hell
in V ? devoted ->. much Isbo
to h. signed by him. The action of th
Go ??-...!- in supplanting Chairman Will
oi .?' o untimely a mom* nl ws
n ? : r- .i ...i ;,- most unfair end unreason
able. t?. my ihr least Mr |f< Call i* t
be de Ignated as chairman by the Oov
rrnoi and "i!i suciseed Mr Willcox a
soon ?> '? e csn flle his ??.itii ..f ?
Th? r. |i no I? lling when th? ontracl
will i- Ign? I i on Just!? i Mi
.n.i w ith evr ry n s on, that h
shall have all the time secei sry to ac
quaint lilm ? If with th? entln
before hs acte. A*- he conf? bsx ah?
? ? ..- about ri .?? question
hs a at pi ohablj i.i s? me time
Com-ianies" Attitude Feared.
Priendi of the dual system do ?i-- es
:? but that ? ? nd Ju
M ? McCall s ill ||gn the ? ..nt. i
? . dual rstem However, th? ?? ai i
af-.i .i th? i "?:.!' ? ' - take ad*.an
tage ??- the dels?>* to tart tw ? en
erales i bop that I
pened and they, po r
M? mb? : - of tl.nmlsral
fra ..... i.. ing ? i
of Chalrma
??hi wh< n the} '??..??! . f ?
..... They wen
? ? | . ?. w i : ? 1
nerve m order to get tl
...,?? st the i srllr b|
possible inoni-'tit
?' ? . ? ? ' ?
i..: it?- work th r- . SI I tlM
iroui were '?.?. | ant
t., me ? ?:!??? n- ? si tbi homs ? I Chair?
man VI s sheet by sheel
lalrnui ' ' ?' '
to Just M
? .
.?? ? ??
? ?
ii, . ..t t.? -t ?.r th?
M.d fron
in i i ? ? il '
, on !'.. --;?.:. : ??!?? ?? tO ||?V? 1 ?
...... ..
..!?.. iign t ? ; ? ? p went out
.,! ofll? But be added I ?io riot ? \
,< t that tl la um i. i> go ng to
n ?. ? ?? ? I go out ii^iii
? alona i? v\. . be i
Ir .ni laoni ? ? king
:, ent w. bli ofll? ?
?mm? nt to m ki
< ?th? r memb i of the
te took th? ? attltud?
. .
. .linn, r.t-i Pi. aident Mit? ? ? ..f the
' ? irdof \ d? nen : am a llllni
? ??? v '<> m .-i ... n ,i ?,?. i ?????
op? I.
McAnen/ Promises Co-operation.
B?ro igh Pi? lid? m M '?i Mid Ih?
ne? chairman could < omit on t-.?- heartl
operstlos ??t the transit committee
of the Board ?>f Estimate
. 'ommti low r <? V s Willlama laid
? >.11.?-1? t? of nay friend u llces i kttow
of no othei mHa whom i would rather .????
In this ofll? ?? than lu dice If? i .
m mind is entln ly op? n on this < -,
iii proposition." A ciar? d Justice McCall
in iii?- -?ft. moon. "Indi ed, Ii la . ?
than that, ?t is a blank i
?lightest ki os ledge <-f Ih? -roll ta In?
volved in th ?se contracts other than what
have ? sli -?I by a ?msusl rending ?t
a h.t the pepm hare i>i Inted "
in g. ??? .? Justs s M? Call -.n.i be had
net ei v. i Ighed tn his mind en) of I
.ad .| ?? -1...I. ? <.f municipal operation,
ai well as ownership, or ?>r munir Ipal ?
lion entirely ?*? opposed t.? taking
in some prtvsts ? spitsl f.insti uctlon.
There had nevei been ? case before hits
involving ihr Publl? gervice law and he
bad never read it until la- looked Into
certain features at the Bxecutlve Mansion
in A.I...I.V a week ano Sund;.
Ju II? ?? Mi Call --.it.i his ... "i?i -1..
was that Governor Rulaei wanted hlni to
ink.- up his duties ;it t'. ..itii.-.t posai
i... minute. Howev??r( hs expressed the
hop?, thai Ihe contracts might be signed
before be toss ? ? rti? ? But be did not
know how loni; it would lake to have the
appointment Mmflrrned Insomuch sa be
has i,ci-ii h state elhcer, bs thought possl
blj senatorial courtesy would lead the
Benste lo confirm the sppotntmenl arith
out s ndtng ir ro the l-'nuti.-. Committee
nr-t .is i- eurjtomarj.
"i hop. ths i ip will pssa tu.m nt)
ii wsa the way bs ssprosssd II
"However, if h i,, i omea my duty to con*
stder Ibisse i ontracta, i shell do it . on
?????? nttouel) if i? beconiea necessary i?r
m?- to sign the t**ontracta i shall not do It
until aft? i I hav<- tkaOroughl) dig sated snd
analysed them and am -;?usn..i that the
ai>- m t n. beet Intens?is of th? i
Haste Would Mean lncap..city.
"An\ man who sIl:ii<<1 suh eontrSCtJ
without due consideration would bj thai
a t si...? bli in? ass? it.v lo lid Ih?- ?.Hi. ??
if i w.r> Governoi i ahsuld remOva suck
a man at DUOS."
Ask'Vl i( he would a?k tot sny put!? ular
PSrtsd for <?nn-l'lpralion of thS DOOtJnets.
Jtsstlee Mr Call replled:
"I'll not ask say tiros I'll toko time.
i will sind) then snd when i bats iin
Ished with that st.i.jv win report m? ..iii
tuds to n?\ rollaegiiBS"
lu.-ll.-e M.fiill aald h. was nol looking
for any crsdH that slight come from
signing tha esntraeta '*Consltlering th|
as ...u. to man. he sdded, I bsps l mi
insurance Inquiry Revealed Transactions with
His Brother and "Andy" Hamilton
in N. Y. Life Suit.
:,,. Edward Bveretl McCall la ?j
J brother of lohn A UeCott, who was preal*
dent of the New York Ufe Insurance
Company, and who died In' Mas. a fee
montha after the Investigatiou of tha life
Insurance nMthode that pravaltod prior
to Igggv, The name of Bdwerd Everett
Mi Call w.is m. RtJoned often la the i oui -
of tbe Hugh? s lnr**a*tigatlon.
In IMI a law was paSBied taxing ?'I life
Inaurance ?*ompanlea for the irat tune on
'? ? premium n ci Ipl -?. John A. McCall
believed thai the gtat? ol New Tort had
? no i Lghl to tas a i ontracl made prie* to
I th, passage ol the act and II was decided
t.. bring -'?u
in his te tlmony before the l?gislative
immltt? ?? lo n a m Call
i dldn'l ? are to a? I aa the for the
V w lork falf? dldn I ? sr< to ?> t us the
part) In the sur and eo the Provld? nt
BavlngB, of thla city, was made the com
? Plalnani i*ai l ? "nie case ws cai : led to
the Courl of Appeals of New Tork and
?d.?ni.ii in October, IBM, and Judge
? 'And. '. Hamilton won th? sun it mam
1 a dilYerenc? of on? mill?n dollai i to th?
ihr? ? great compenles of N? w i ork In
11 ? matl. taxation. W? agreed with
him th.- New Vork l.lfi d ?I al I? ast
"..it we Bhould give him on< third of the
? ' "?? er) made from th? d. in ti e
?"?"hi the e|... ?-am was favorable; and
h? should have no fee whatever in case
he lost his suit
Same Arranciem-iiit with McCall.
Tl ? ?.'-*-ee-....,| hi: ... || ?;?;, .1
? ? (by Hugh s) The lltlgatlo
\. I think tl al
'.? in .n ? '.? proceeding! a ? ???
?-."in in i'**ij f.ir the |.'.r|...?. ..* allowing
thai ? ??.um ? mad? In or? I ?? passage ol
Hi. set .'. ri r ol subj? ? ' t?. this tax ' '?
v. -
' ? W .. v. i? the attoi ney .-?t the b -
.t proceeding? \. 1 tl nk hi
HIwi rd i. McCall.
. > i. j m havi , contingeni a
? i-.-'-.-r t itii him? \ > ? ?
Q Th? .n.ntlngenl an..ngemi : I
\ it waa the name thing ?.fter he
nt oi the bei .?;. ? i lumllton I
? .. . -
'.? thai th? ?? final ?? ment
made uli lu ig, m .... ?...
Il il';.'. . ?? logel
? . .
U?And I i ? ? \p.
whl.ii .-... flrtn?
1,1 L*p to that tlm< Ifamill
? ? with il of
nee In thi
? d a i thing not.
i- i'". gumenl
va n" A v ? ' . i r? id I ??
? . . a?. - ?
?i i.-.i
?.? I nd th? ecord one
a . ? long. I thii
' ' ? ? . . ?? Olll.l
t h e Ne s
ranee i ploy
? '. tat ti
the proc? make the I
kckai ? r to get an)
. -??.i for aim) . ?? ? ? ???
wo ,? ? ? ,. ira to
i repsr? ill < . -i go t.. |
who oi -,.
? ?
? :
- to
? '
?d to Justice McCall II
led |
i rim -l ..n.i iv . end
remati : I end
? .' ? i pressed to 1
that he *
md had ? ?? t wa
? ?
.1 latl ? m m? ti ? ??
? ?
? ?
1 r? 'i d? n.uni t!...t i ... ?? epl I
the appointm? nl In su.?h i wa? thai l
? M
lie ?aid
to 11 ? ' -, le 1
? ?
(O B ? '
'? : .:,. . ..i
i M ? t? asked ?
Governor Alone Responsible.
? i. t .. '.. : quest or. t-? ash a h?
.. , . .??>. .- t- ti you accept the ip*
pointmeni i ame from am .? ???-? exc? l
the i lovernoi ' '
Tu. 1111 ? ?? all - no! . ame the repl) ?
"Thla is an affali betweea th? Uoven
and myself la ?? matter of fa t, tha
f? a friends with srhom i have con
?-. .| .,., n,, '.ni..)*-, t strong!) adi aed me
from t iklna i P" '?'?' ?' ? ?.'?' '
After ; irthi i ?? itlon Jui tice ?le?
a d aired b) th? Hove.r,
and earl ' fternoo
natloi from th? B ipi n
t,, vitan- M wai ... ..nu anl ?i bj the
fo ii ? Ina ??;'' '
11,.i. lA'll. H i ? ? ' 'apltol, ?Iban)
\\ , ., i . ;,.. .1 !..,1 I il.I '- B de-te I -
,, .: ,.,i . ..-i my . hat w i th > on and i ?
it, tins upon whal you urged, thai I
,, ,. i ?.,, i m..- ..11 personal i on ?Id? rs
u..a- .md i ? i pond m your i equest, In oh
.?.t s dut) l owe il.ople
?? ho have lionoi ? d me to I.isldei my
refusal t" accept, and will do whal you
I am lea ? InB I ?? " ] ?hnt I urn devoted
to. .md m w ho ii l hope, I tin?. ?? ni"t. In
-.on. ?in.nl .i -i.i . . Ihul II il h ?'?.'S ,.\.
.,.. -i.-.i ,,: m. i am se? erlng compa n
,,,,. m.- .u ii..- iiiosi .i. i ol ?I . olleagues,
. ...,.' and unselilsh . u?l?-.i \ ? ?? and
i., ...i i..i theii '..ii? und ounl rj will
undoubtedl) meel the mil appreciation
..r" th. i.pie, '.?i whom the) an striv?
ing, and m I? i* Ing Ihem It tears al ths
h? m i ?n u,e. i, bul i am lei t no alt? i n
live, and l hall send b> th.- mesaenger
w ho I..-.I- - i it i lei 1er mj ? ? itgn itlon as
Supreme Couri ustlce end will ink*- up
the eintie-s of u v ne* assignment with
tiio promise i" you i?i devote ill that I
am poHsessed of in the wat of energy
and sbilit) i" the accomplishment of
nit oi th. dutlei that may devolve
upon me
\\ ?ti: Hi' wa.? it i, gards to ,on pel
Bonall) Ver) t? ul) youi a,
Beijned to Recall His Action.
Aftei he had i" warded hla t*eelgnatlon
.lusti".' McCall lold in- friend among the
I tatti ?? ol the I u"- n.m i w hat he
had don. Thej begged him to recall hla
,. i..m Then the) sent word to 11?.?
Oovernoi ? ? klna him nol t.. send the ap*
? ae nt t" the Benate until thej ha i i
chance of sending a delegation to Albany
to beg iiim m peraon nol t" take Juatlce
M. ? 'all from u.? hoot h.
When Juatlce McCall returned to hla
h.?m?' at No Bjj \\. st v.ih street, after the j
theatre last night, he found the following
telegram from Oovernor sut/., r awaiting]
The Benate has just ranflr-rned youi an*
polntmenl sa chairman ?>f the Public Ber?
trice Commission <?f tin i>i i n-?tt i? t. Con?
gratulations Letter follow?.
I . lice McCall said he Was |.|. a.s.-.l to
know the ?*euate aequleeeed so quickl
in th? appolntmenl and hoped everybod)
?a- ..s plea aed as be,
The Justice said be araated io BBgke II
argument ror reasonable compenwtion.
A Well, frankly, Mr Hughes, the^New
Voik Life did not ?are n. sppesr ss m*
plaintiff in im- transaction
i. \ov. did the Provident l;11"'"'
for the services rendered to it r? ?n.n:
1q?-Xo*"?om the .-?-Md. ol the wlnnlng|
ofthat ca?? there was a rebate, to which
the ? ompan) >?? ia entitled, ot *-?-.?"?? ?
\, I.And under thU ?raement lodg?
Hamilton vas entitled t., one-thlrd. or
nomethlng Ilk W>.C007 A Yea, thai Is s
summary of it t
,, |,;,i rou i ?? sny Inquir? ?' '"
what thai ? ' could '"? ,">"1'1 '"'
"?'. j id..- Hamllt? n el thai time ws
?Her th? regular i- miner 01
S10.000 n v- m ' A V? ., .
.. Judge M?--'..n waa undei .1 similar
r? tainer? \ r? - H< wai Ii ; harg? o
real ? ?t?te ami mort:-.,;:. 1 and had a "re?
tainer, too, Mr. ilugl ?
ii ;.:,.?. on Sov? niter 1.:. Il-M. there ep
: its to be 1.tr mad- for I ???? by
Rrlward K M? Call, i" vour order ai a
Indoi ?ed b) you a hal war thai for a.
Kdtvanl K. McCall made hi- n ?t< an II in?
dorsed it. or ? ? ? ??: ? ot? - tl i.--, I thins
' ? ?bout 11 "-?"' .
.. . n,,,- an two with the < ? ntral Ba k
,?... 1 , ?-. :,l th? 1 th.-t fof i'A'<
made hj Edward R M? Call t.. vour ord? r
you Who gOl th?
,?.,.,. \ ? \ *>.? .n. a 1 Iamilton.
i? \\ hat did he gel It for? A. ?me 1
? ??.'-? I
>1 Win t g< n< ral ?? ,-"', ,
t.r .1 |.'i:*?...-. - - ; his legislation ana i
taxntlo . ? ? ? 1 - - ' ' ,. , .
? _? 1 ?,.? .. 1 . plain why Mi
: ? ' ?? . . id . 1 not? 'A.
I ?Ion t kn .\?.
?? \\ hen did Mr M? Call b? com? ?? 8u
prem? ' otiii Jut tl? ?. ' ihlnk he waa
ri, .t.,1 in :'??'
< * 1 aske<] ? o-i m. : \?. . on tn?
? t?.. r..-.- ? t- ihei the N- et York
? b it? ?' dir? 1 tlj or Indirectl) t.. th?
, - M ill'i ml -.t'1 .
ah t on? 1 t'penn* I
did m-, ri If personally
,, n I preat ot
ng "f thai kind? A Vo.
Wanted to Hide Payment.
it was also ahowi at th? Inveatigstlon
thai v.. ; .1 P. Morgan A Co
out ..f ? 1 .fits of ? ? ? tlon In
I'nlted States Steel wai to taki up notes
? ? .r ..' _?- ' ifai .- ton and ft irstl? e E K
M . a If ol ?? ? Judg? 'and
1 waa taken t?> keep
. 1- ;-.i ? ??> the
Bti t- 8u| ? ? of 1 incr
! April, '??'??? .1 istlee Mr ? 'all .,;
natlo I'h. nls
?- to William If.
1 the Albai late?
? ? a B ndentI
lard K McCal it \: ...
rhi McCal fai
1 fr..in the
New \ orl Life in I
salai I? s the family -?.a more than I
i?-1 fron ' ? time that Jol . A M-1 ...
was < ? Sent up t?
lusl M ?? the 8
t expire until 1 ? b
:?'.. 11. ?
11 ) l ? mm
plain i-. ? ?. that, re,
momenfoua pro ? ??> ? ?? - on In
ofl ? ntend t.. make \
that was bet
him when Governor fl ... ??, ? . ?
lie ?1? lar? d he won
' ? ? ras die?
m until 1
: ? ? - ...
?? r T 01 ? ..'. ... k. and
?.! t.. ? to !?? -?-.?
B ? ' . mm Is? ,
? lischarge r
duty Ii with the
ki...u how .. ...
Ill not .let.
. . 1 >re taking u|
new work. I h? . . :
.; ulil 1 to tn?
Th? re a
Pu -? i ?
Commission and 1 ?? Board ol :. I
? ..minute, of mount to
.1 ....
i1 ? oint ? f the elevated ...
whl are to i>?* built
ii tei borough and tt.. . |i t wx
klyn Rapid Traasil
i""k ri s ?? ild noi pa! an:
thing lo the Interbon ug p
si...nrs balked al this. Tl ?? clt) 1
ties hold th? Bra ik ; R pi? Transit
should pa) r? ntal to the Interboro
the Ion mlleug? basl The Brooklyn
Kapid 1 lull Ins that if it has
to . 1
t i ?? .. m ? ..^-. :.. \f .1- its subway
to be h? a\ I? 1 than t
U*h th? Interboi ? ?- .-? 1 ' run In
?.' 1 ? . plan of the om
prohablj a-lll ; ? ?- ..
BROADWAY. Park Place to Barclay Street
Distinctive in Character
and Tone
Has International Reputation
At Reaaonable Ratea
Tenants subject to strictest
Corporations, Lawyer? nnrl
all Office Tenant? investigate
before renewing your present
leg eg,
Repr?sentative on Premises
3 Park Row, opp. Aator House
I ??!.'..Il'ill"' .V;79 I ..I I I.111.?I
Murphy and Other Prominent
Tammany Men Attend.
T ? Anawanda ?'lui., of the : tth Aan a>
!.!;. l>i-tri. t. Ii. Id it?, annual I ?!!
.-. ption last night m ti.*- Lexington Opera
Hi -? .v.. MS i:.i t Sftti -tt.-. ?. ''hart??
! Murph) appeared aooul I.lock tad
.... upled a bos In the i ext u.\ aal J
>e-r:.,.-mt Cram, "f th? Public 8e****iea
? 'eimmission. pi a? 11? ail' e\. ? Taaanaaj
!? id? i In Sew York and a : ?? / ,,?;,?
politi? ana a ? re pre?
Amoni; those preeenl teere: lodge B4>
ward I.' McCall, the tie* I
? 'omml loner; Supreme< I I ????;.
rard, Cohalan, H?Midrl ter ?n?l
Tetla Ccmi
have built up their clientele
through advanced ideas in the
.a*.hioning and mounting of
jewels, and by strict integrity.
1 ecla deigns have just that
quality which givr? them
great charm and ndiviauuly.
308 hfl!-, Avenu- 10 Rue de I? Pa?
7 Old Bond Street 1 51 r?-tdeoLiodea
PtSila-lilal ? Wak ,t 5? .
\t ??htin'oo I M ?ill i. S \V
St Lam Leesai ?t lOtK
At!?n?. Ctf l*i! ? Boartlv,?!??
Mc? 16 A***-?.? Maaaeaa
\ .?nru J Km' an ????
NO OTIirK r,!'.\\ai! S O1" -\ GE NTS
Lasts longer than ? buttonh?j??
collar and is easier to put on and
to take off. 15c, 2 for 25c
Cluett. Peabody ft Co. MiLere^
The Scenic
Highway \l
North Pacific
?a*Four daily through electric
lighted trains each way.
??No change of trains between
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis,
Kansas City, St. Paul, Minne?
apolis and Spokane. Puget Sound and
Portland. "North Coast Limited" leaves
Chicago every night; "Northern Pacific
Express" leaves Chicago every morning.
.#T.ie li ic that has made the "Great Big
Baked Potato" famous on its dining cars.
?-?May we 3?*rve you for that trip to or
through Minnesota, North Dakota. Mon?
tana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, BntiiJ.
Columbia or California points i
1244 Broadway, New York.
'Phone Madison Square 4040.
Northern Pacific Ry

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