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Vo1 LXXIL.N* 21,18a
?""??dn? and tomorrow, fair.
M rut u in.I?.
Ex-Ambassador Tells Pilgrims
That Is How Maintenance
of Peace Can Be
M. Inn?!, Representing Bryce,
Says There Is Nothing So
rutile as a Diplomatic Vic?
tory?Silver Urn for
TtV subject uppermost in the mint.?
llf *j \ oerlCRB an?! Knpllsh POgaiOM
wj , 1 together last night at the
i, celebration of the soeiety'r
. ?nivirsary. was that of the Fan
IP nal toHB. Without referring to
jt in bald teroa**, but speaking of it
.s "the little riiffi. ult>." or as
? ;.n .* '.f opinion which has
? ??? the two governments."
-r : -.. 111 t i- i- of after-dinner orators
DOt i?. shock the genial at
? re of th?* feast, Joseph H.
lb? i>re.?'i.l. nt of the Pilgrims,
irho presided; Mit.-heii Innea, **-oun
r of tii" British Emtbonoy at Wash?
ing ?n, vim represented Arnl>assa?ior
. a-ul the other BPOak?BfB, among
HSJT) K. V Brittain, secretary
English Pilgrims, and Bisln-p
. ? i pant? r, Canon of Westmin
- >> d it.
??v. ? beb now antering tti?' celebration
of ot' hundred years of penca between
the two nations." said Mr. Chonta,
*H< " I as the maintenan?e of psace
l?r< ti B?? ?i-niplished. notwithstanding the
Otltroveralea that has arisen
tiro? to time? By tiie praearvn
tien on b.ith sid?'.? of absolute good
and of fidelity n? the promlaaa
M.? v?? made one another.
"Difference" Not Very Serious.
The drfi'-'i't'ine which has arisen just
..? not half an serious as* the ?lif
1-i. ruts Which have arisen in the past.
,'ioihiiig in it which cannot be
lly settled i?> ailhtramrc <>n both
? t?. abeoluta boneat dealing and
. faith in the keeping of compacts.
? i bad something to do with the
? ing up of that treaty, the terms of
b are now in dispute. I came in
i i.nta.t with l.oth those two great
? .-.men. John Hay and i.ord T'aunce
t'.i? And if aver there w< r? two men
deserved the iratitude and reapact
. their respective Mttona and each of
otter nation those two Basil ?ii'l for
their pirlectly plain and perfectl]
l.niiest d-eullng with sach ?.tiu-r in th? ir
I : t?. express in perfectly plain Eng?
i whal ? h had in his own m:nd.
When they s.ild in the treaty that
I.rf ?ill nations should use
ih" canal on equal termfl they meant
I that. .\n?i i ;.n? convinced lh?ay
? u and <ii?'d without believing ti.os.
pt'ble of any other
meaning than thai which they bore on
their ta??". Bul diff?rent meanings bav?
boom disi?.\?r?.i for thoas vary plain
wo!.is. Hon are are going to sattle it '
vviiy. refer the qtn itton in dispute to
her i;? ntlenv a for settlement.
\nd m.- Brei BUggestlon i*. t?> r?-fer >t
? ? th?- Pllarims "h both sities ol lbs
? to vote upon. i
The pei.pl.- .,f tin? . 0 ,,Hr-i .-,,,. ,,.,,
- to alloa anybody, any <<.ngie?\
Preeldcnl to bte?fe their g?ood
which they have pledged. How
they going to preaorve panes toe
? xt hundred y erara? There Is un!v
asa way, by Iweping their word, by
?<??; ing their -food faith. This little
roat.ir will be adjuated, ant, r hope
?Mr. Bryca will ramnln with ua long
??BoiiKh to see it don?. '
Mr. Innen, the next -rrakar. picked
Bp the tiii me almosl .?t once, saying:
"Th? Bubjed ?. aresi t., ail our
t ' ? relation between th? rw0
?'i.irlrnir.l on (Ulli i?-,*?. foiirih ?olumn.
This Morning's News
LOCAL lag**
Oarnor D?nouno?u Justice liendritk.. i
m n?.n Delaya .\<w gubwnrs. i
* .1 Will at Gattoa Men-hunt..... 1
Pialan Hay?Faan?fi?sfote Treaty i
Ticket Ma? '.lue I'npopular. 2
Bualaesrs Men Honor <;. .\. Htsrn 3
?II Admits Thr.-.' Morn!. OuttaKe.s 3
??.o?r for I"i?><' Trail? . ^
?liaos III Oarmeal Strike.4
Cotton Lading Bills In Test Suit. 4
Polks and ?Whits ?lash sa "MotIss"!! e
Profi gaoa Bplsina Pre* Will 6
I lah .Mai di <;ias l?os tes?. ....... 9
Tlffaai I 1 ? 1. ropatra Foto. 9
Bteamat Aahor? ?iff Long Beach.16
m del 81 :m ?.f ("?ran.is
.1 R? glroenl Bxtolled.16
Iiemocrata f'i\i<i<.i Over Navy. 4
Dis< iss (lection Law Changas.*. s
in ?Will A"i?pt Cabinet naos ....It
II . ds !.\to) Alii'all . 2
>'?< 1 00 Trial at a\ik?n. 3
National Defence I tsgiin. 4
Ar.>-..,1 ?mat rtirn.*- Blamed for I'lr?*. ... 6
Sari's r?late to Ball Kb? tibity. 6
Oeiwrs' Auto Licenses Opposed. 6
?taVtanople B^mbardstl . 6
?hgtragetta-i \voi?i?i Bee King. 5
AfBiy and tVavj. 4
?N?w? fa,r Women. 7
T.1|t,?,;,|. 8
- . 1 y . 8
. 9
father .11
-halppini .11
?"'...i. Ml and M.ukets._11. IB and 13
-?aal v. tats .I*
Small Apparatus Disturbs Air.
Causing Aeroplanes to Fall.
Paris. Feb. \ An apparatus lia*
brr.n devised which, )f all that I.?*
' 'aimer' for it is substantiated, ni.ty
have an important hearing on th?' acfo
plan?? us an engine of war.
Oenernl Hirschaner. of the Hying
rorps, hm, received ;? communi'iit ion
from the? Inventor of the apparatus, Dr.
Cousin, a t-rientist. who has recently
been experimenting on this device with
Jules Vidrines the aviator. He In?
forms General tlirs? haucr that the ap?
paratus, whi'h is sinHll ami simple
and can bo carried In a soldiers knap?
sack, by provoking disttiri.am?tm <>f the
air will cause any type (,f aeroplane to
capsize, even if it has aao tul. ,1 to .1
height of nx.re than S>.?1I00 foot
Two More Cabinet Ministers
Will Quit if His Non-Elec?
tion Is Not Rescinded.
ipv cabin m Trie- Trtbtai I 1
laondon. Feb. JV The rcsiKimt ion of
David Lloyd George and Winston
Churchill from membership of the Re?
form Club aras followed yesterday by
another sensational development. Tw o
more Cabinet ministers. Sir Fdward
drey and Lewis Har-ourt. als-i Inti?
mated thev would resign unless a gen
eral meeting of th? dab win- called
nnd a decision involving the ROR*atec*
tion of Karon de Forfst. m. p, for w>?t
Ham ?North), were rescinded.
This de? ision ran be reversed b) 8
two-thirds majority of 'he whole club,
and mil?\?s su. h action Is t;ike?n 'ill th"
promine'tit Liberals not? ?m-mbcrs may
withdraw Baron de Forest was nom
inate.l b* a prominent I.ib'Tal. Be? -
onded by Winston Churchill, and hi?
il'?tion had btWfl anticipated as s mat?
ter of course. The result of the ballot
was a great surprise, lie was adopted
as 8 son by th?' lut? Baron ?le Hirsch.
Jewish philanthropist, and has been de
BCTlted aa ii keen democral ?n fash?
ionable attire. He owns large tracta
of land In Austria and Is taking an ac?
tive par! in Mr. Lloyd George's land
? ampalgn in Basjland.
Two New Yorkers Say They
Lost Gems Last Summer.
Cornwall. <?nt.. Feb, 1 Claimants for
the valuable diamonds found i*ecentlj
in .i ).un.lie of old rags by Kir!? In the
gotrtlng loom of ?, paper mdi here are
beginning to be heard from, one j
Claimant te>-dav was Mr?. W, B. I.aw- J
son. of Central Tark West, N?BW Vork |
City, who wrote that last summer sh?-1
lost n pink bag containing jewelry from ;
her summer Cottage at Sea Cliff, Long
Island. Another is Lieutenant .1. T. j
Abbott, of the New Vork <"ity in? De?
partment, who says tli.it his siste'-ui
law lost jewels to the value of .?'_',.",???,
while houeecU aning last June.
In the mean time the Kill.? who fc ?: i
the jewels refuse t" hand them otrer to
tile police, holding thai a? finder
Lait ? lltltleej t(l pi.-.?? .?Milt,.
? ?;?
John D.'s Bootblack Offers Oil
Stock to Bail Friend.
Si \. n shares of stock of the Standard
? ?ii < 'ompan* f ere offered t" Mai
trate Corrigan for bail laal night
th?- m? ii '?-? night '"in ' i ;? i. unard
' ??.. tbl ? of S? ' loi
? ? ? < -?,.., i ? s stand 1 ? ' Standard
? n building, nt No -'?? Broadv .. II.? I
f t ??? i n? t ii i\ shined Ihe shoes n John
i ?. Rockefeller, ii ? said
The agock waa offt*r?Bd .?s s**curit]
t.. appearam ?? In court of Oaetano li"
apma, who had been held on a charge <>'
pettj lai "ir- b) Magistrat? App1< Ion
in the Tomb?' Court featerday. Baira
wa= iix'd at $500, and Bolpe offered an
equltj of I1.S06 In proper!) al Sts ?le?
t?n, Btaten Island, ai aacurlty. Magis?
trat-* Corrigan Neeined doubtful sboul
the security, and It was then t\iy boot?
black offered the <ui company stock He
said: i hare s few share?. ..f Standard
Oil ?tor': in my pocket, your honor, ii
you rare to a< eept that for ball. Seven
gharea, north ?t?H."
Bolpe produc? d hta cartlp? it? ??'
?,, i, n sraa Mo. 11.111 'i ???v? a
bootblack stand 'i No. !? Broadway,
.,?,.) l frequently shine the ?h?.??- of Mr
t:,.,-itef? Ik i so i knoa the value <<f ins
irtock " he went on.
Magistrate Corriga?? wlaaaed Bocina
with.,ut any further ?luestioi.. taking
the n n! estate a ? security.
| Husband Dead When She Re- !
turns from Hospital with Babe.
Mrs. Milflr'd Frederick twenty-three
years old, ? b**ttts of a jlmr, was dis
Chai*ged, with her elevcn-days-old baby
girl, from the Roekaway iieaeh Hoapl*
I int ?/?aterday rn-osnlng. Planning to|
surprise her huaband, Bmll, when be
returned from work at noon she wen!
t.. h?-r home', ?it No. ."i?i Keane avenue,
Rockawag Beach. When she arrived
?die learned bet husband sras dead
When Mr. Fr??dcrl<k, who vas a
baker, did not report for work yester
I ?lay niornin?? his employe^ sent n man
I to the bouae It* got if he waa III The
1)1"SM')IK? T I'C.eiveel I|l| lllpOIISe |.. ||'
knocks, aii'i. finally, with th?' aid of
iMlghbora, for?**ed big way In, l>Yad*
Srlck Iii> "ii Ihe bed in hi? ro?un, While
fumes filiad the room from an open
gHs Jet It is believed he accldcntall;.
left the jet open wl)?'t) h?- retired.
The young niother be. um?- so hvsteri
ejii that it was necseoary t?> call ??
Atiiinii.- Coast Iain? -Sea Level i???ui<-.
:? k, a M., i:'?.*> la?"?. ?? M, ?:M P. .\; All
Ht?el electrk lighted PuUinaas. Itll B'waj
- Advt.
No Approval of Contracts Ui
Court Acts on Hearst Pet
tion. Which Ties Up Ex?
ecution of Agreements.
Public Service Commission /
peals to Appellate Division t
Vacate Writ Obtained by
Editor, but Court Re?
fuses to Interfere.
Action on th* eontractr- for th??. d
I'.'insit system were held up vester?
by an injun. lion served at 111?* instai
"f William Randolph Hearst Althoi.
Hie membera of the Public Bert
( '..mnilssion are enjoined BUnpl) fi
executing the contracts, Chalnn
Willcox said lar-t night the] did i
wish to violate the spirit of the coi
order. The Inference vas that nothl
would be ?lone toward approving t
contrarta until after the court h
.i'tfd upon the retain of the order
10:30 o'clock to-motToe morning.
Edward ES. McCall, who had ba
confitm? ?l b) the Senate ?? chalrm
of the commission to succeed Chalrm
\\'iii.<>\-. permitted the Impression to
jiiiin?'.! thai be was not anxious to ba
?ii.d tracts come to him if? sa
,'esterda) be could nol possibly arran
to take his oath of off!? ? ? before t
morro? However, should the Injun
non be vacated to morr?n morning t
? ontracts ? ould not well be sitrn? .1 befo
Friday. Bo, unless Mr, McCall 11 ? 01 *? ?
until after that, ii.ntra? la a ill
up t.. linn i. 1 aignal ure.
Fepr for Dual Plan.
Mr. M. i ?ill ha.) stated thai I rou
nol sign Ibera without due conslde
tion. That rne?in.. a considerable deli
ui th?' execution of the contracts \
though it I? generally believed bj tho
interested thai Mr. McCall would
? ? nd artiv tus signature t.. the coi
ira? te, there Is the 1 ?-.?.r thai while l
la studying thsm aomething ma ai
pen to overthrow the entire
To ?i? la) the final binding ol a ati.;.
me (hat has been built up with 1
mtieh trouble with rni*h |?att ci'.? I I
opportun I ty^for Borne vital pan to all
thus bringing th? entlr? atructui
down ,
< ;??? .i ^ - i'olems -?
rommlsi I? mad? sp ?rial ; il
la . ?i- 1 noon foi 1 ?.? Lmm< dial
? a? ai ton ui th? in 1?.te lion before tii
Appellate 1 ?ii Isior ..r Ihe
Court. Thai bod} howe< ? 1 1 ?-fuse
to interfere Th? t. m] irarj Injun?
tion, a iii. h ws I 1? d b Justlc
Hendri? 1.. of the Supreme * 'ourl
ition of Clarence .1 Bhean
tunael for John .1 Hopp?w, 1
...- . a part 1 sp?-. in
Term, to-morroa morning B*
strange coincidence M ? McCall bs
?JgfX i| t0 ill 111 - -1". - t.i-moi i?.\
pp ., Justice of the Supreme ?'?.uri
Hit pia? e hss '?? ? n taken b?
Membci - ..1 1 hi P l-Jei vice ? 'um
.,, .1 . nol doubl ihe InJ n lloi
at thai i'""
baaed on Ihe ?am?- argument
tbe sun i.r ughl soiiM Ihn?
Mr. Hopper and aoveral nth? r. Ths
? ? M .p., ided m fa\ 01 of Ih? b
ths Courl of Appe 1
Hopper Acted for Hearst.
ii j? well .!? rato ?d thai Mr. Hop
p,.i m brtagi] " h - taspay? s sul
yeater?n,} was acting in the ?nteres
Of Mr Mr,-,? ? ? That Ihe pa ; ? r I.a'
been read; ?m some time for execu
lion ?ras shown by the fad that the;
had bren dated In January. Th?
! t iary" was crossed out and "Fab
ruary" insen?-,1.
Had ?i ii"i ht < h f?.r t!:e irijun? Mon th<
contracta, which had finally i.e<-r
whipped mi" ahape would have bear
'approved by the Public Brervica <'<>m
mission ) ? sierday. The] would have
i., ?n transmitted t?. a sp?cial meeting
Of th" Hoard of Estimate last nicht
and the latter would have sel them
down fof adaption to-day. Ths quss?
1 mu of signing them after thai would
ha\e bean a matter of onl) a fan
it had been hoped tl.ntrscta arould
have l.een recelred from the printer
when th" commission mei si ?". o'cloch
visier.ia> afternoon The Brooklyn
Rapid Transll Company ??.ntra.ts irere
,,, hand, bul the prlntrer had u,.t
finished taith the Interhorough con?
tracta s.veiai routine mattiere wen
,,,it through and an adjournment was
taken until I ?"?" o'< lock, wh?**n ? was
ii?ip?ii the Interhorough ??ontracts would
be readj
Injunction Is Served.
The momeal that adjottronienl was
taken things bsgaa t<> happen A man
who did nol look as though he came
from a lawyer's office, although he
mi'i'iiii b big pe-rtfoUo und.r bis arm,
started f"1 ""' Platform from which
the rromralssioneri a/ere al.t to <le
... , ,,,|. II? got mixed up in a crowd <?f
people going out, and fought hla way
through as if 00 had Ottlj two BBCondf
,,,. po to make a touchdown if*
hlamnie.l a paper ?.n Ihe desk in front
,.f r'halrtnan Will? ??%. w hone hand
tretablsd BS he picked il up, "The
KOOtractS at last," remark? d OSM O?
Un.se interested. 'N'... an injuinl ion : "
i Mini' t'?*' try. and ? was paaaad hur?
ricdl] sround the room. The other
enniiiu*4-'*'"'?' I ? new .served, and after
? tiniinii"! on ?... tnnl i??s?*. fourth rolumn.
The rtraphuigers Ik- damned!
Knocks Em Off Ladder They
Climb to Steal Her Freshman.
\? ? Bi n is lei N .1 Feb I Tht
R ? i ?- e -, ,i . |. . .,].| , .m.,,. i i..f i here ?
dis tppuftit*- part! ?.i ?en.)- men '??
night? "n tl -i .?' i" Trent***! t" bt?ld
their ctaaa b?nq i?''. iHthoai having in
tlieir posses.-ie.ii <'artet P. Magens, of
Landadof i ?. Penn, president of th-'
11?slim.m ? lass
The freahman leadei wot captured
laal Pi Ida) snd plai ed foi aafeke? .;
in the home of .1 sophomoi e, In I "i ? ? -
bold, hut he' is?raped Sophomores k>
I ? .itI'd him in ? second storj room of an*
other bouse In Freehold The] ralead
a ladder to the wlridoa rind cllmr-ed II
[Intending to take him again b) fore?
'Hut a heroine unknown io them 1:
a pots from tbe window, and aven
time a sophoinora nrrive.i nt the alii he
Was proil'le d from the ladder. Thus ?-li *
sa? fii her freshman beau.
Mrs. Louise Hicks Run Down by
Express at Massapequa.
Mrs. I,??uise Hl-Cfca, a ri? h widow ?,f
??nat Nook, I-'i'ig Island, was run
down and kill* ?1 bj an gapreOB train of
tiw Long Island Railroad ftMtoT?OJ nt
tirnooii iti Massa|iet|ua.
Mrs. Ml'ks. who Is gllgbtl* deaf, was
walking to the postiiffii e and 'lid not
s?e the express on aCCOUnfN f an e?sl
bound train. Which p.-?ss?il Just In front
of lier. As she slarti-d to cross tlie SOC?
"itii track she aaa th?? weetb-ound ex?
press. Bbe tri'd I" dodn., hut it was
to., late, Ihr ?i?"1' ?*??? fra.tureil. her?
left shoulder dlalocated and right am)
Mis. lli?hss liusbnnd was 1 ?eorge,
Embree Hicks. They ?ame from Bhef?
Held, Kngland. some years ag". and Mi.
Hicks basllt a home at Oraal Nock, if<
died t"i\.- \<iti's ago. A sister of Mrs.
m? ks, lira, lohn Firth, of No, M New
street, New Vork, was Informed, and
went at on--e t.. Massapi qua. CoTOdon
Norton, til?1 ?'??loiiei, rin>?'?rd the body
10 Bouthard*s inorgue, at Beaford.
In a chamois hag m Mrs. Ilnrks'8 <-or
gage Wei** found a nuinhi'r "f valuable
aril'-lcs ??f Jewelry. Iinluding a rough
gui?! pendant studded with large pearls,
platinum earrings s?'t ***- irI? dlanrnnde,
;t diamond Bttidded eraocssit, an Orient*
al pendant and bla-k ?nourning pm.
with a diiiiiioiid al e.u II nul. In her
l?? ketliook was 9X2 m ?ash. Mrs.
Hi, ka was fifi y-live >ears old.
._- ??
Krle. I'enn . l-'eh. 4.?Firo prartlcaily de
stroyed the plsnt ot "The Krle Planing
Herald" this niornliDi. with a loss e.f (M..
ft.?. The (Ire Is the third In Krle within
tW**ntJ -four hOUtn, hrlngini- the total
damage t.. approximately VJ>i.<*t<
?- ?
Hsrvsrd or Oxford the latest gold or
shell ?., e?lasses, st gpencsr'a, 7 Maiden La.
EACH OTHER Sl.000,00
George W. Crossman Testamei
Reveals Novel Bequest to
Business Associate.
'Legacy of $25,000 to Housi
keeper?Son and Daughter
Receive Part of Million?
aire's Estate in Trust.
I Mutual wills by husin^ss partner
each m f;i\or ?.f til.- other, were ?in
?Tosed hy the Blind YBBttMwMP Of tt
will of Qeorga W, Crossnmn, sank
member of th?' tina <>f Crossnann .
Bleichen, one >.r the larges) hnportei
of ?*off?'e m this country. Il dispos
apeclfl<eally of about |1.?S0O,?000, whi?
is only part of the ?state. i if thl
! amount fl,000,000 was lefl t?. Hr rma
!Bleichen, partner >>{ the taatator, b
Bgraenenl made bj tin- iwo men, wh*
|ma?ie inuiuiii wills, wherein each laf
the other 11.060,000. Mr <?TOesmau
who died ?m Januar) 13, ais.? hit .*?'_'...
000 t.. ins Rousehseper ami an sggre
Kate ,,r 180,000 t? employes of his nrrn
1 Mr. Crossman mentioned in his wii
I that on the same day he exei'iited Hi?
?Instrument he entered Into an agree
'ment with Mr- llelcken which aras t?
end with the death of either partner
This agreement provided for <h?' liqui?
dation ?>f the buslneaa >.r the Brtn
within three years after the death ?d
one of th" partners, and that the mir
?Vtvtug member <>f the* firm wan not tu
be held a??countable for losses thrOUrfh
failure 0T mistakes of Jinlgni? rut
When the liquidation was completed
th?- sgreemcnl further prorMsd that
the surviving partner should divide the
not pronnndi ?lue the dead partner
BBBOng the lieirs of the ?had member
of ths lirm a.'i-ordinr; to their InteresU
Ila. h Of lha mutual wills of the part
nrrn contained the provision whereby
?ai h tr:.tat?>r made over to the other
$*,??xi.?ini, fre,- from nil consideni
tiiui ' However, the will of Mr. Croan?
man contained a provision relative to
the legac] nhlch BnjrS that It was to be
paid, "in ?use Ihe seid Mini should be
in existen e and engaged in business
at the time of the death of the testator
and in ease ita affair? should be set?
tled and liquidated under the te rma Of
the sal?! ngri'eiiient by the surMviiiK
p-artnar." The testator ad?l?*d the
ClnUBS that any benalieiary under the
I will p.ho iont??Hts It should forfeit hid
or her bequest.
I Mr. Crossman left in trust $2<JO,0U0
for his daughter, Mrs, Georgia C. Milla,
of No. :*' takrpen l-Udgt avenue, White
Etalas, end tllOlX-flOO In mist for his
son. Herman 8. Cro sman, ol No 214
Wool iDth treet. Manhattan. He gave
Mr?-. Mills | erml talon to ?iispos-- of
S'iO.-JOO of il" trust m hei will, tin- r -
malader t" -?<> :?? helra-at-law. The son
is to have $Tj?,000 of the principal whan
he- reaches the .>k>- <?;' twenty-five, $80,
iHKi at the age ?-r thirty and $."i<?.<Ka) at
thirl \ -t'r. ?' ' ems.
Bequests to Employes.
i.. of snhitMin .?.t. h wet? lefl
to ta*u itatei "i th? test?t? Mra, .lane
C. Jackson, of No. _<? Kasi Mth street,
snd Mra. Harriet A. Hartman, of Mo
?_-..i w.st 113th -ti.'.i. Caroline SUeh*
1er, ??* No. -11 West T'.'tii street, is the
"housekeepei and faithful friend'1 wh?i
rae? red the 125,000 bequeat, Fourem?
ployas "f th- t. st.it.>r roc-slved 110,000
each, two t?.ei\.d $3,000each and font
others f2,?fi00 each.
Bequeats to several other employee
hl|>S?'d hi ?ill?*' the legalet'S wore? not
in the employ "f Mr. I'rossmun at tho
time of his .Lath, as provided In the
Mr. Crossanaa mad?? no provision for
th" ilisirihution of hi? residuary esttate
axeepi i?> s.i> that if it waa In ttxotm
.?t tin bequests ?nade by htm it should
be distributed among the legatee*!. .\
ceptlng ihe employes already men*
tloned, in piopoiiion to their H*ajaciVea,
Recent Progressive Candidate
i Has Bought Horton Farm.
I Oocar s. Btraus, the Progreeetve tmn?
, iiniate for Gov-senor at the laal electtas,
lias purohaaed the Horton farm in
Briarellff and nill bec?ome s oelghb >r
of John D. Rockefeller. The Horton
farm eonsists of eight?, acres aiiel the
purchase price Is said to be *?r?."?,?Nn?.
Mr Strau- bag livid at Tarrytown
for several .minim? is and likes the Hud?
son Hiver He-lion. The Horton farm
la one of the oldeet ami chok*eat piscas
of land m that get 'tion. Mr. Straus, it
If said, intends in a year or ag lO build
a fine home on ti"' p**of*-arty,
Born in Same Flat and Pledged
When Five Days Old.
I'ast St. l??"iis. 111., Feb. 4. -Miss
t'lara Carter Mallctt and ?Mullet! Car?
?er, 'ii?rn in the same Hat here last
?Thuraday, are engaged to many Bnch
child hi live days ?>ld. and th?? wedding
is .?.??hedttled to take place many years
it seemed en remarkable to the par?
ents tsf the ?hlldren that the stork
should visit both homes within four
boms that ttaOf agreed t?> bring up the
children Ul UM knowledge that they
were lo wed culi other.
Ariamson's Botanic Cough Balsam eures
roughs, colds and grippe. ?*.t ail druggists.
- Ada.
Mayor, in Bitter Speech, Assaiisi
Justice Hendrick, Pulitzers
and Hearst at South
Brooklyn Dinner.
Vents Spleen at Injunction by
Attack on "Lying and Filthy"
Newspapers and Memory
of Dead Owner of "The
New York World."
Mayor Oaynor referred last night tn\
'he injunrtiiin restraining the oxeen- '
tion of the subway contracta as "that)
< ontemptible trickery" of William Ran?
dolph Hearst, and predicted that th?l
courts would see that the injunction!
would not last long.
Mr. Qreynor, who was himself for?1
merlv a member of the Supreme r'ourt, I
ref.rred to Justice Peter H. Hendriel<?
Bs "aoeae judge." nhon "s.amp edi-j
tors" had got to sign the injunction. ,
and ?ent ?m to ppy; "Mnyhe the judas I
who signed it would by to-morrow i
night Rive fourteen vears of hts lit*??, j
nhloh is hla term of office. n?it r?. hava,
signed it."
The Mayor spoke at (ho ?.ixtoisnth j
annual dinner of rhe South Brooklyn]
?3oard ?>f Trade, ar the Imperial Res?
taurant, Pulton street and Red Hook
Lane. Brooklyn. He not only .b-voted
a large part of his speech to denounc-l
in? Mr. Hearst most bitterly, hut went
out of his (ray l?> assail ths late J.tpeph
Speaking <?! the two sons .,r Mr,
PUlltset*. who are now taking an BCttvn
part in the management of 'The Nhs**
Y?.rk World." the Mayor said:
"They have an inheritance of Hog)
and are iinabls to g?'t ov.r it. Th?i
people i f this city and the decent
men and women shouWl have no hesl?
tatiort in sp?*aking against sirch .?coun?
tirria as thes.."
His Respects to Hearst.
The Mayor the?i further paid hi? re??sj
spects to Mr. Hearst b\ Baying: .
"This p.ip-r's i.roprietor could n?.bl
tell the truth if he wanted to. '
Apropos of his attack on the editors??*!
he mentioned, the Mayor said:
"I have often thought that, begin-*j
ning with the Chamber of Commerce ofl
this city and ext?'ndlng out to a H th**.!
boards of trade and neighborhood or?]
gnaiaattona, ???'! should have co-?sseed 1
In Boma a/ay, and,'with touot osntrali
commitree of 1?m? BBSn. should have of?*]
fered t?. bring these scoundreta to book,'
and see thar th?'\ were indicted, if wo\
ha.i :\ i>istri?t Attorney arao would try.
them and i OUVtct them."
Thasa i*eaaarha arere llberall: ap->?
"Saiorfr or later thai will bava to
hai pen here I lie Maj or add' .1.
The Mayor arrived al ihe din ?1 * .
?few minutes nit? r I o'clock, .11.1 had,
hardi*. s,.,ire<l himself beside thai
toasunaster. William .1. Maxwell, pr?s?
ltlenr of the organization, -vh.-n forinerj
Police Commissioner Cropee) rent up
and sh... k handa a Ith him. 'i hla i?
I .-.ii.| :,, be the '?i I tlm?* ihe a? i bad
thrii i rt-iik,
; ii.,.,. than i ? eai ai .1 a ball
Subways Irk Him.
1? appears that Mr. Qaynoi had not
i.e.-n Invited to speah before the r.rook-'
Ijrn Democratic Club, ih<* Kings party
organisation, and he atarted sp.-aklng;
by reference t.. th?* Hull Moose element.
befor?* bin in the Booth H; ?iklyn
Hoard of Trade.
"Soring Governor Woodruff hers al?
most induces me 1,, triII?. about Bull
Hull Mooslsm. ?Mr. Woodruff, you ara
a pretty go??! one yourself.) I do noL
know vvh.th.r 1 am a good Hull Moosar
or not. but I ?I., think 1 ?oui.! say a
few things about Hull MOOOBI1** that
would l.? quits . iitertiiininu'. It has its
good pointa lik?* averythlng eta
Continuing, the Mayor said he hard?
ly knout what topics to touch upon? '?-it
th?j chairman h..?i suggested Bubtrayhj
It is such an ?.Li subject with me."
he said, "that i' la Irhsona to sayanlf?
thing about It."
How.', el, he plunged al MtCS LOtO Hit:
BUbwa) |.roce??dings with various di?
version.': at editora who had dlsphaseJ.
him. H?- BBld m part.
Ah l left my otbet to-alghl l ?aw ?mi th?
pile of newapapera by lb? bridge ? ?ri-ar
heading en .i them, "An Injunction
Stops the s?-, let Subway Deal." the pro
pi i. r?.r "f ih.ii papal -<?r the two proprle
iora now. because tbeir father dted ? font
ago, I think are pr.-u- to n?'t tell the
truth, t.? as) th?* t?saal rhsy have
emaaeed a great fortuiM bj lying. 'I'liey
have tddreaaed themaelvee t<> the uuttai?
world and criminal ?lasses ao i??ng that
thei are unable to turn ?>\?i a ne? I. .if
ami address themtarlvea t?> reap? ?table
people and tell lb?- irtitli. .lust bsren to
li ?Hi.- .-..i.i subway rfeal." i thought
are had been discussing It at every board
of trade and on every rostrum In the
?.? titile elty for two yars and a halt, but
?h? Pulltsera think it la a aaeret affair,
those tWO WOlthl'S WhO BUl <e? lb .1 .III
un worth) father,
it th.p is anything rhat has been ?Its
cUBBCd in this eonimuuity sn.l laid bar?
before th? publie It Is this subway mat?
ter Ev?rrj phase >.f n baa been stated.
They have lied about it from day to ?lay.
The) have .in inherit.?i.e.- of lying and
riicv are Incapable of g?tting ov.r n. I
think ih. publi. ..HI?iats <>t this eit) ???ni
tu.* decent men "f this <*i?v should have
no hesitation t?? speak plainly about such
scoundrels SB these.
T! e nth?! papat of the same ilk lying
there la ? pila also by tin- newabo? had
anorlier heading In red letters, and that
was. "An Injunction Halts the Subway
stteHl." This scoundrel could not t? II ths
truth It he wantc.l to
The other ..nr having crome hire .?n?|
started a newspaper tilled wirb ev,rv tn
decenl advertwement, every filthy thing,
?v? i y rilrliv picture, and hav inn ?on** <m
in thai e.iuiS' and until he hs?l ani?med
a fortune ?if $;,...i.?mi..mi.i bv Mackmall and
iiitli-et??! .. this other felloa came to try
to rival bun, and are n?.w have the re
suit in these two headlines that I teil
yo?i I saw as 1 < ame tlr?d from the City
Hall to-night, struggling over the mat?

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