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Struck in Vain for 25, Bee
It Meant Overtime Wor
He Tells Whitman.
Captains Brother To Be
amined as to Relations v.
Newell?Sweeney's Ban
Accounts Under Probe.
Im?n Btiajaa? (?' Vox, tit?
M tor, WI . Halt? to a l?i
Indictment ?m Monday, ipenl di" k
on and et
'with Matarle* Attorney Whitman, t
I ii iitor m detail ??t h .- ??
?.'.ti: ' r. j. t ? 111 Thomsa V, w steh,
of th? . ,.,.-t i:?,!!. sti ? ?
\\ in ma ?
found evld? . r.iniiir
tivltj by former Insj ? ctoi til
km. ? oiling Dick," ? i'1'otiii
th.- captain. Insptx tor'i
livlty within tt?? Utsl forty-eight li
? ? tus brother's nun.? has becon
?twined in Pox's grafl story, wa
Ion of tii"
t A t to but t h<
he had i \ in imis ?
I ? ? r ever since B
)?? in \ . -\ !.. t.- V .
Frotn ni.- : ml ?? hat - sen in < lose i
h I .n II.-.
. ..! ? SClng i ':.?
t kod dur) ' Tom" w s
iptaln of the th street sta
.Mr. Whltl ?l W 'hen W
? ? nt there ai -i iptaln, h ? ma le an
ni?.ii - ? ?ids which '
? - i. s up" his preclni t. Ac? ordtng ta
story tins apasm "i activity continue?-]
?r?verai weeks, until his brother, thai
Insp? ? sil at Oto ata
ho i (. The broth? confer?
which lasted until after midnight,
Hartem noted thai Captsln Walsh"?
i not so not! thereaftei
To Examina E*?-lnspectoi.
former Inspector Walsh will i.e as
,? is Bold, i?? ? aplata to th< I Mat
Attorney w hat ateps, i? ?.
ii,? asatt? i of conf? rrlng with Kiiwai?
Nawetl Just previous tu tint lawyer'a
l.-.ii activity i- ? ?mu? i tii'n ? itii t-i"f(
t.. pan rent Qooottt -v. Bipp'a ? ??
i?. .\e w torb us a witness against i
Ths ioim.r Inspectca may also be as
wh.-tlier lie BCtSd SS S
NeweU m connectl-m aitli th? moi
wtiirii was aal I to hat en givt n
s.|.|. t?.r travelling expenses t.. Tam
Pox's eonfeaalona t.. l?i?tii?-i Att
ne) Whitman yesterday will be redu
i affldat it f.,:as to-daj
lie port? publlshi i In
p?B|>sn sitastr thaa Tht Trl
that Fox paras : never p-rofl
by hi* graft collections proved to ''?? n
ititdini? when (in* patroUnan admitted
Mr, tv htti au yesl at I ? bad
i s la? .-ivm.i tii" 19 pot cent ? iii? ii
?i ??? ?.ii? ctor'a
in the "system's" gi ? 11 schedule
la sddltlon td . ?:-.ordi
hotels, of which Whitman had ?i
without Vox.'? confessakma Pm admit?
that up to February I, 1 ?
a collector of "es?*** ft ? well
of vi? a i?-'aft On 1 nft. r
had ting from salooi
, he a
Suddenly ord? red to con Ine h
t<?;.i that from that tli
on ths saloon r'-ct was not t?t be ;
los s .i fo stay in th? pi ? ein? I
i at n m insfenrisd to Hesv iuai tere, wb<
it Wh.- to ba bandli
10 in?? ? "I
i o*8 told Whlti - lay lie m,?!?
I that his e.?ll.
and !?? had learned in I ?
v ho woik**d fiopi dlstilet hea
that tli- Ii m? i' ? olle<*t-*d sti i
depend ant ti Ibute :
i ?.\ < red
?ti- ? ild m?? ti""
?01 th, '- ? . v .is spill 'fifty-lift" " : ? ' ?
< ii'tMM and Inspector," i <?:< aakl, "the Ii
?f.|,e-, tor s man mad? ep? ndent ? oil?
?-..?i of |20 ?i month In sdditloi , s hl?
'vent dir? i t to the napectoi.'
!.. r-Vhrii-ny, lui
1 ? sa ?? ted 8pt*a*os?nstely 11,1V
an ; from b?tela si
rred to "Hea<
quarter? ' ft loi hot?
? ,? throuf I ? 1912, at a
a**et*aa*8 <.f from II I 100 a montl
il?? sxplalned that i ?? ? >>f u.is h
?rs? dus to higher rates ?.i t" so ??
|| ? ' ? ! .I I
Told to "See" Hotelkeepers.
Kos told Mr. Whitman particulars o
the beginning ?>f hh employment sa
? Il wa
? appai ? il ippolntmenl Th
? ; ?. : n ailed in several pan olmi n, h
t*4 WOUld like? t.
fir? plainclotbss dutj In keeping th
streets clear of won.? n and slmiiar work
i'..\ mid ha trolonttaered, ,?n<i vus stalte?
out in clitan up ths streeta After a f< i
? o! thai work, be *-;?)?(. the eaptah
called him m aK*?in aad told him In
wanted ? aaaa i?> ?.?> around to the ho
tels of ti?e pji'in-t end '.?-t?" ths man
Iba captain explain. .1 to bins, he san!
thai Hi?, licit?. 1.?. ?a.-le- a i ? e-ssary evil, an,
ao long a? Ibey ottrt ? ?ondts ited qtdstlj
and with "outward ?oCOmey*' th? y ahoul?:
not be bothered, provided (hey ".ami:
a?ro?s." He re? el ved a list of llfte?n ho
tel? ai.il a riuif)! i r o? BBloOBS, ami ?tari?-.!
his work as a collector. Ii?- ?ai<l ht* navet
bad any hoth?*r with Ms (Ollaxitiiaia. an?l
that tli?) inonr.- Bras alwsya waiting for
When ho was iTsaafasisd (o (he Wtsst
l?2d Btreet statlu-n. Foi sa id, I)?- hiul an?
other talk with the captain, and a? the
captain ??aid he inigh( as w.-Il continue on
?u,<- i olleottng jeii) be strtioh for ?t? i?e r ce nt
instead of the < ii.stoni.iiy 10 pur cent f'?r
hiB work, on tli?; 8J**Otaad ttiat he? woul'l
b??ve to <io It outside of his rexular hours
of dttty. Hs wa? tOld (hat (lie captain
1 ? '
. vou Are Building; l,uy "Miller"
"'il.l.tlt" M ALI IV H TllK VKKY BK8T.
"It Pars to Bur the Best."
>? S rnak*? all styles?a great varlstr.
Many heantl. ' d??s!gris.
"^?TConie and See the Goods.
Make not? of till? so you won't f >-?**t
Edward Millar ft Co., 'L^iH
I s' ?b!lsh.:?1 1814. r actor I?.? In MtriUin, Cudji.
Crew Blinded by Snowstorm as the Nicholas Cuneo Is
Lifted High on Long Beach by Tremendous Seas
?Wreckers Stand by Helpless.
Which rvenl ashor* off Long B?cacli and 1- still hard and fast,
Lona B? lelai ?!. Feb. I. In a
blindlns anowstorm, and with Hi?? tide on
of the Acred, to-day the Nor?
%\ ? ?;-,:? ri ?teamah p Nicholas i untra, bound
fur New York from Jamaica, i...-i.i?i nith
fruit, ran aground taro ntl1?sa ??ant i>f tha
?.r;.K' Beach Hotel. Her nose la within
walkii | lance of the beach at low tide,
a tremendous s.a. whipped up by ;? Bale,
? hme th< ? i_'hi r ?m id.- beach
i ... ii ? ateamshtp haa ever been before
?... . %e Brad) , suri man of the Polnl
Lookout lifeaaving crow, saa the ahlp*s
Hthts almoal on ihr beach, burned a
Coaton Hghl ,1- a warning and ran for
.im . a ? re ? 'aptaln >? a man I ooa
had the cr< w out with the aurl My
the lime they reach? ? I e th? Khlp
A ft? r aura?. ? ii sttempti whl h proi ? .1
? ? ? th? aavea dashing the lif. boal
back, tli?- crew ahol a ii?"'' over the
er'e bow ami then ha iled thr
t.n ? chaa buoy out
It waa hi Ihr reaael ??i high
ri?:. i.. night, bui old nail ? ?? t'1"
opinion thai - ? a ould add one more lo
the ocea -?? . * n a Itn \? reck>
from here to Amltyvtlle. AU da) i1?"
wrecking tug Ifcrritl and the revenu?
t? r Mo a a '* ',, v ?? b ? n on i be - em
li i feared ?hat bcfon the veaael can
. -1 ?t !.. .. load
her. Thle a ill cauae the tree
un'lmlt? d Joy, . tin have been gather
iii| all ?lav .? . ? ??. in ing
boot) of tin- kin.l. Borne even coins la
wagoi a hieb th? ? ?peel t" take back
]....ii?i with th? grapefruit bananas and
. .mu .? a hid ? - ship to th? value
.- ; oosl
The viii- I a hen
she ran into s blinding snourstortn and
ground? d If th? ? ? of Iba a rachat
i hi| watei there
o lil i - -????? until sh? Is lighter? d |
Hei ' . .? ? .i an?!
ten f? el "t a .i i? i
) ?...i . ??? ? Id? ? ? i >.i much nn|..?i ?
could gel plenty of men who would be
glad to ?in the Job al th? reg liai W pot
cent, and he liav?* In.
Fox told W'hlrtn that hi
over hla money to th? In th?? oap?
ofilc? the ? i. riera! man usually
ent oui room The patrol
gavi th? Diatricl attorn? ..un.? .
..' the bot? i i? .1 the managere who
paN i ? i .,? it la poaalble thai thla I
of tin' mattet \>iii i??- aired through
tho aldermanlc committee Instead of the
uch as tl ? extraordinary
term ol tl ? Supreme Court is engaged
? ?n the ;.? of I he graft ??t
pat rol ma i ? to throw
light on the method of handling ?tie !
ling graft, elnce t*ommlaaloner
... baa pul the gambling situation
"up t-? ' the Inap? i lora ai d i entrai *.iii?-?e
and taken it out ol the hand* < f
When that or.l.-r
v. .-ii! out, l'"n\ i ... ,,m.' |
?? avllj !.. i : ? re, but ?>i? - i
captalna had one m
bourea in '
? numbers atlll d Ift? d In to Ihe pre**
clncl captai lia aome of them from cltl I
i ilalnta iii good faith.
ired by tin captalna, ?
Tim?? thn ?"Hptaine were enabled to tur?i
over to Police Heailquartars these gam?
bling romplaints which would aend a
central ofllce squad ?tit?? the diatricl with
? raid over the inspector's bead
The nel retrait, P\>a ssptalnad, ??u* thai I
the in*-r? ? turs were foroed to turn ovar a
j.. reel tage ol their graft to the ? apta
in return for which the captalna saw thai
complainte weal Ural '? the In?
??in ?tor inst?'ail of to Police IT? a?l?,narten?
i'..\ ?-?-?ported t" the DlBtTtcl Attorney
yeaterday I ?? friend? of hte bad brought{
him Informattoa that Captain Walsh wagi
n?it naarl) m> *i< k n*i hail hen r.-j,. * t ??
and Mr. Whitman plan-- t?. kareatlgate bel
matti r.
The bank aceonnts of i 'aptaln Wal ta
and lhapa tor Dennis iweeney, and tln-ir
. tatd and lletdd security holdings ara
under Invtaatigation. WJlllaan i Burne, it j
waa Bald, bad started ?work Ihroagk thai
Amertean Banken' Protective Aae?ela?
ti.ui, ?if whlcb he la the ar??nt. Bteeeigt/
a i i< nt ?o th?? i-eport by the fact that
Burns held a half hoar conferenos with
iii' District a\iiorri?'y y? uvordny.
Another Lad Hurt While Coast?
ing on Holliswood Hill.
Cllntoa WIIooj fifteen roars old, of
HutUton street, Hellte, Queens Boro igb,
was Instantl) killed last night while a
companion, Adolph Dlebl, received a bro?
k.'ti ano whUe coaetlng on Hollawood Mill
u'a.ii th'lr el.??! stria k an aotOmoblla
Dlebl was thrown t?? one aid?-, while
>niiriK WU?50al'8 skul! was crtlMh'-il l.v B
r< ir wheel
The i.-'.?'s. with a numb? r >?! other a ehoiil
tln-ir asc were fnjo>lt!K 'ho ion?- allda
?lnv.n Hosllawttod mil. mer MiiieM? av?
nil?- end then "H to Hollii Boulevard. Al
Hillside avenue .lohn Kolilhas. Of No. |SJ
Nf.rth Maiti siri.'t, llampeteed. wan ?inv.
big a gray touting rar. belonging to the
Standard BUhultthk Company, ?if He "r
Church Mr? et, Manhattan
Tli?? two lads wer?. |,l;i?'??l in the auto
un.] taken to !>i V. II. .Ir.v.siij> at HoUtS.
WUeos wan dead on arrival. aYeooetUng
te wltBeaaea the rhaafftntr was n??t t.i
Mamo for the accirii ?it and was allowed
tu preceed. Ho ?rill appear In .lamai? a
Police <:<?lirt thl? morriina;
?loecph ''tlaiii. an???! K. of No. :'JI West
?7'th Ktrtit. .Manhattan, Ik in the stakes?
fell H?iB|.ilal In a ?lltlral i-oiiditlon. and
JatncH Kirii\. | youst old, of No. tt West
?Vith Street, Wag airsn hailly hint when
tlH-lr Sled Hlnii-k an BtUtfl ..wri?-?! I?y the
American Meter ?'omiiany. ?if Ko, '>?>1
"West 17th a-tr?ct. lato y??nt?*r?lay evening.
Delays Answer Till Stilzer Gets
Robill Bunk Complaint.
s.ii ,-.????? tren 1 ! of ins
Rent . ' ? nt will wsll un? cot?
... i f.,r ths d? : - ?: Ihe Northern
Bans charges In ????rnti.?, with
i ;,, ,t io ajgiei.- befora rsi Ing to th? m,
Before Joseph Q R**Mn *.?? ??? nt.-n?-?*?l
Mr Van Tuyl ar-ate to Mi V\ i tmss op
. | r.. . ! ? ? i. - and
:,,-,..| c. bin of st? 1 "'"??
from the North? i n Rani,
({..Inn replied !,-?? .?:. .-. ? '? I i
Tuj I, ? ? him wlih having bed
ii? aa relation?, ? *? t of the AI
l,ai v Ti uat ' .on pan] s :th the ?'un.mil,-.
group m ths Carmgt? Trust C?stnpeny.
Tin- Buperintendenl made a stat?-ui?-ni aa
plaining Ihese transartloaa, which wars
trivial and perfunctor* He lias i
leid bars the ? (?orthern
i . end Wa ington 8a Bank in I
. splsnstion ??r ill?- inabillt it ? time
at Ii '. t" pa) the d? '?ill
i u'iiii ..i Innoc? it? ?. ..?nie* from
!)!.?< pies ??r guilty, turna on whether hi
knew ni the transfer of B?7a4JM from the
Washington savings Bank to th? Title
and Guaranty Company, of Rocheater
His cont? ntioa ii thai h? pleaded ? till i
wiiii...,i resJlsIng the nature of th? spe?
cific charge a^aiiiMt him.
It.Tlians Next in Population from
14th to 62d Street, West.
The Population Research Bureau of
tli?- New fork federation st Chutease
Anda that m the secttoa boundtsd by H'? ?i
I2d Mtrii-I. Sl-.lh SVenue, Wtsl l * r H street
and the North River St,182 Immigrants
bava i? en sdded since 1881 t.. a popula?
tion oi 111,961, besed on the mbbus ol
1910. Tin- lush OUtaUmbai an\' other
foreign bora "tattoasllty, ?iiii |2,21t; the
1 lerman, ll.lt! . Itallsn, 11 i". . Bngllsh,
1,242; Russian, 1,442; Planish, lit; Ana*
tro Hungarian, < ?Si . Bwedteh, 1,24)2;
Koi-wssjlaa 141, and ail othsi -. i???.>?21
'ih?- <ii~tritt Bhowed a pe-i*eeata?*ni of IS.II
wint.? ..m e.f 81,222 fure-iKii Batst
The district bounded by tSoot 14th etreet,
Plfth avenue, Bssl liih Bfiaet and the
Bast River has a ? ? nsua poimletiim of
129.220, of which I1?|| arere ImmlsTraata
since 1 ???>:.. The iri??h led the inie-ls-n
bora, with .Ic.siSS; Italian. 2MS4 ? C.-r
nian. 18,461; Aiislro-I luiiKarlan. 12,224;
Itns.siai . 8,814; llniiish. 171; Kii?-lish, ?..
17!.. Swedish, 4,841; Norw-cKiaii. ?!:?:'. and
all other?. 12,294. Th?. whites BBOWed a
perantage "f II ?.'t OBI e,f 109,294 foreign
'ill?- p. r?-??nia-?.- ?if nativas hon of for
rinn paraateets bi th?? west side ???ction
wa? 21 IS, ajpalnsl 22.21 fe,r the Bast Side
Delegates from Te? States to Meet
Here To-day to Discuss It.
Suit.? n-Kulatioi of the? milk supply and
a uniform systeBB le be adopted hy tBM
legislature? of ?tales from whlVh It I?
drawn will he* .] *? i?,..| this morning at
8 < i.iif. i en.??? if gov?*rnors< del? uat??s,
callee) hy tli" New York Milk I 'oiiunltte,*,
at th'- (few "fork \i ademv of Medicine.
Nn it Wsal Sid Btreet, Three ?ie*i?*gate?
appointed hj the Qoveriior of each of
t.ii of lie Rastern and Middle ?tate?i will
he present.
Tie in.. Hi,i* SrtH h. op. ii l.i Ihe puhli'
These win i,. another saasiaa In (he af
lernpao sad un toamotrow, The New
York Milk Committee has In t?reparation
a bill w!i|. h i( Intend? to have ps*aa8Btad
to tin- p**?*-afht Le**! Bis ture, aiming to
brin? atioiit BtatS runt rol of the milk In?
dustry and to ?(amp oui bovine (ubercu
General's Report Also Points
Out Shortcomings of Na?
tional Guard Troops.
Seventh Regiment of New York
Receives Highest Praise?
Battery A Men Without
Food for Several Days.
Washington. Feb. I -The famous
battle of Wwtown. Conn?, fought by
the Blue army ??f ilefence against tho
Hod army ?if invasion on August i"
last, ;in?i in which .-i grand total nf IT,?
."?;ti otbeort god bmb troat the army
;irni national r<ii;ir?i took part, baa been
niii. tally declared .-i dream battle by
Brigadier General Tanker II. Bliss, the
? iiniiiiiiiiii?-;- nf th?- manoeuvre can?
Ilia report, just r-'..-;\.?i here, ki\os
In mfnut? detail the conduct >?; th?'
campaign in the report Qetoersl Bltsa
end ..iliiiis under him make plstfl UM |
shortcomings nf u.."M<mi..) guard tn>o|>nj
m the matter <>f providing .?? sutiu i?nt i
i? i mi i >?-r ?.f sntaials for nragons and I
rompetenl .h-imts, ;in?l alao deola win?
unn?. ? ?*-' -'-'i ?? baggage carried and ov?er?
i..mie.i wagons
ir baa been ?i" unoni? i.il opinion that !
tin- Red arm) <.f invasion, which had I
i li.ni-.ti. .ill*, kiriili'tl on the Maaaa-1
chueetta coasl and ares a'orklng south.
had !? ron the \i tor, ? ";' General Wiss* .
r? lative i?> thi*? sa)s.
in the l.i-t eombel aaerelae In th? riclB?
i' ..i \< ? town, mi August 17, h may i"
? i|d iit.it th. conta? t etwe? n IH? fore? ?
took place subatantlall) .is planned The
: ., ?? .m oppoi t iiint\ f..i uractl?
? ,iii\ .ill of the i]ii<>|is in both dlvtafoni ??'
take (..ut m the rombal ??*? relee, and th*'
ground ?*..?- miftVlentl) open t?. permit he
urnplr? s and etafl offteei ? t.. observe fulls
the ?!? ' lopm? nl ... th? a? lion it s.??-m? .1
i.. tii. chief umpire th.it the ruling? given
i.\ ti..- umpln s ?ith the \-i'loui oiganl
? itlon ? a-ere rea lonable, and, u Ith f? u
? \. .-i tlona, prop? r ao f-n i I h? i ame
undei lu-- obaen .ill.m
ii,.1,1 the control "f th? various urn?
plr? ?. ?.i.?- -;.i th? ?.?h. i gain? ?I local
idvantagei bul -.i far as the Anal result
RHI . ..!.? ? in-.1 II whs Impoaslbl? I" tell
ir?-?!-? lv what wie.l.l have been th.li?
corne i.;.?i th.- rtflea i??-? ?i l??.?.l??! with b.i.l
cartridge*. Tbe ?action laJited between
t- r< ?? and f?>nr hour* it had -?? far de?
veloped -i t?. show clearlj t!;. itrateglcal
problems thai each .tuisi-n commander
attempted tu sorra, and ahm to give ' ' !
opportunity for tactical development*.
'ii. situation as developed did i -t war?
rant i stateinent fr?.tn the chief umpire
ti.it . ith? r aide ha.i gain? da ri ry d? I loo
advantage otot the rjth? i
v?t> few orgsnbtmtlons nr?- praised
individually in the report, bill b tnim
ber nr?> ?rltlciseil.
in speSaklni <>f th?- vsarious troops on
dut} 'li*- 7th Iteaflnient. ?if 1-f-fW Turk
city. Colonel Appleton, re?oives the
hlgheal praise for Us work on the
march C?ptala?C.D Huberts, I'. i. a.,
on ?inty with H .-m an observer, de?
?'.until.m.I w?i kept ?'???. closed .', No
g oui ? Itboul permieaion i. ??? ?
militar, discipline N" unneoeaean i
>.r ronfualon m ranks Regiment alwaye
? . .i i ivouac ?n excellent ordei and
? ondltlon.
The comments on other New York
orgsnlsstkms b) Inepectora as noted in
? ?. 11 pon uto ??.i f? ? 11?.v?.'?
12th Regiment
i '.ij.t., :. .1 I!. ? ;.iv <n r. B. A.. SB) ?*??
\: life ?? meala w?*re Irregular and "^ -
. proceeded to drill andexerciei a th
11,. ? .Mi?-! ..i supper anil in? akfai ?
marching and manoeuvring until i n m
before getting a good meal Three
. .- w? r. aaatgned to each battalion.
v. i" ii was ?h" < au?.? ?.f del?) in arrange
Mint and loading Boma attempt araa
i'; le t?? t airy out BOtne nf the pr!ii' Ipli i i
i.f combat bv th?- use of combat pair?le,
bul in Uns ill.I not linn- Hti\ ti ill I ... j
?i. rlpllne wae poor. Men did t. i take
< 'otiili.it ont? th were not . - . :
nor Information convej ? ?? to s ibordli
1st Battalion, 22d Engineers.N.O.N.V.
Captain Kleke, i s. \ tehio araa mil
duty v ith this organisation, b,i>h.
The tn...!onr\ ? >! the offleara and enlisted
men ..?>? una-rcuatoin<*d to engineering
work and theli dutlea m connection thon ]
with They seem to i.?ve iitri.? apti?
tude ?... thlM . I..: ? ol ?-?? ? ? In their .la I
III . apparently, the) ?n?! net have t?< ?>r
ganlse and supervise dlractl) tbe work
mu? guidance of men. anil for thin ?are I
son fail t?i organise and auperlntend prop. <
? ii\ tie military engineering operations,
23d Regiment, N. G. N. Y.
Captain A i Hausherr, U. s. a.,
Owing to the fact that the regimental
commlaaan and quartermaster could not
tin.i ?.ut th.* location of tin- ijfff"*na stay
lion, ?i.?? issue? of inn.ms Knit forage
were generally delayed, and on several
o. ...sieus. .11.1 not arrive until after tnev
wen- ihm to tie ?-onsumsd
Battery A, 1?t Field Artillery, N. G. N. Y.
Lleutenani i: i< King; U. y. a., ?crye:
In marching making an?! breaking
. .uni', harncaxlng a a unharnessing ami
?imilla-, a ?plendld organisation, battery
owns hoists Rallona were amide anil
Slltlll'lellt when ?hay Could hit ollaitlei]
Regimental iM>mmlaaary ?ll.l not give tbla
battery rations at tlrsr, ami for ?.vital
?lavH the nun a/ere practically artthout
69th Regiment, N. G. N. Y.
Captain ?'. ii. Morrow, r. s. a., m
nia rej'?'rt, nay?.
?'lvll?an cooke were used by all orK.ui
kaationa TUu??? men were ?u>r .subj?'ot to
? li-.'l'illiii- and In eeveral canes serv?ad
meaia at u. late hour, delaying ?'?invaxil?'*
most Berloualy, No recourse save tho dis
i-hiitK?? of th?- cook was posslhle, and tills
wouta tiave i, rt tl.?- eomp-uiy without a
???Hjk. Thla l? oonaSd-sred t<? t.ne <?f ti??
Kravent weakneaa.;e of the regiment, ami
should, u possible, ho otsrr-seted by hav
liit,' well lnstnrel?!d enlist.,1 ?sooka Tho
prlni-lpleM of combat an* riot wall umler
BtOOd, Tho ge.nt.-ral hlea of an Infantrv
attSveb ?till tends toward tho old nor
?nai attutk. The regiment, iiowBv?r,
'imilft ?.'orinMerabl* |irtinre-m in thla re
The following extracta, showing tho
dlltl null tea of tr?Ani?por?atlt,ii. th? Ineaf?
?H-lenry nf teaii)f?t??rfi ?xikI the uvet load?
ing ?if wuriiiih, are taken from the re?
ports of Irs-speotota ami staff orneare:
,\s a rule, the draft an?mala provided foi
tin* militia oinanlzatioii!, were either in?
sufficient in number or of poor quality.
In many Inatanns only two borsttt pel
Wagon wen inovl<l?'.l Th?**a trains were
Blmoat Invariably lu!?- In arriving ?t
?amp, ?Ivie In many lnxtances to oaagea
noted above and In others to iBesperl?
enced ofBcera In charge it wa?, ?.tti^.d
that the city hore?is iis?d by eoni?? of tho
troops were not a? eftlclt-nt for draft ptn -
poaca as those aceuatomed to r-ountry
i a.ls The Superiority ?if mule? over
hornee for army transportation ?ahm moat
nolle? able.
Th? t-*?g8*?g-* eariied by oflliers nyup far
m I'vr-Mi of riie field allowan?'? Most all
officers had suitcases, trunks ami bedding
tolls. In ?.orne < aaee officers earrleal in
addition to the above, large w.^'den
cheats One three arid a half ton truck
wan not large enough to carry th??
e'i?1page of the officers of the field and
Belief Grows in Trenton That
Nebraskan Will Be Named
as Premier.
Politicians Eliminate Chairman
McCombs from List of Next
President's Official
; n>- re?|e<raph m Th.- Tribus?, I
Trent?.n. Feb. I. I'm aid ant-? '???'! ??'?'
BOB stood pat Hits evening <>p hi." ?I????lar.i
(loti of \estrrdny that lie WOUld glV? ?Hit
the naiBtra of th? inambera of ii i ?-* Cal Inai
whsn li? wot good and ready. .i<? par?
ried with his usual iieit.i..--.? .ni queatlong
eonoernlng '!.- personnel of hi?* advisers
?uni showed si?tn? .?f trrllalion When his
lute?. rn?,'iiii'i - \ Ig-orously preased tlulr
questlona He absolutely refused to ?**?>'
whether th? Muaea of certain itTomloent
11, mocra 11 aera i nder ? onsld ration, i ??
marking thai if Its gs?v? thai Infornaalion
it would not be I'iiil- befor? a pio-css <>f
eini-iiii.itioi! would bring the- name?- of t?o?
men h*. had in mind tor the trartoui i" *?
Desalts uofernoi Wilson's attitude.
however, II i th? opinion her? thai on?
?electimi Will b? W IlllSm -I Hi ' all .1 '
???..-r.-t.h??. of State, Mr. w ils.hi baa n??t
h ml s... , in there Isn't a frh ltd of the
l'resi'i. m?? -i.-1 ? ho do**? ool i old that
opinion and that Mi Bryan will sccepl
The \ lew thai I ? I'? ? 'less ? rt\t ' Will
become ths premier ?if the Wilson ad*
miiii?ii-.'i(i??n with gladnesa in based laiu.?
|y on what in?- Wssblngton friends bavs
T-?l!<s wit!? Bryan's Friend?.
Will comparatively fea ? \ ? ?>tl??n?. the
Democrat!? leaders whom \lr Wilson
aummoned from Washington for confer*
encea hen I iv? been ?aim friend? <.f ths
Nehrasaan, snd In addition to aanoun? Ing
(heir support of Bryan for th? highest
place in the Wilson Cabinet tii??y have
said thai I ?? Nebra ika i I ansio ta for
the |.'ii ?
While it la Bppsrentl) ??Main that
Bryan wll ? th? I? ..une member of ths
Wilson ? ? ? . ? ? ? ? ?? is much specula?
tion aa to whst peri WIlHsm f M<*Comba
will have In tit? neu sdrolnistratlim, bot
the belief I genera thai when tha Cabi?
net ala le 1 ad the num.. of Mr
IfcCombs wil 1 -i be on It The ? halrman
of t ?? i'.-'ii.. 1. i. Kations ' ommlttes 'n
ttmatod thai ch on hi enl visit
Thi?* ejeies not me.-m. bowevsr, thai Hi
M Comba ?? III 1 "t he connected with (he
Wilson sdmlnl?tration ?m the conteary,
he aill have an Important part, bul otto
win h ****?? 11 1 ..t , tsi fi i? with ills duties
sa chalnnan "i th? national committee, a
?? Intends t<? o-ceupy witi? mo? !i
rigor during th? Wilson administration
A? t?? the present Kt.it-.?? ..f ths ?SK n
Cabinet, many ususlli wsll Informed i?i-r
??,r,.? believe the Pn lent-? ? i baa Knall)
MtiSflSd | uns. If a., to the person? I of
in? o?riotrt and will make them known
hefore a tortnlgl I hae paai ?
Hat M.T-'e His Selections.
in ta. t. It Is reported I ilrsad
?et t invitation- in ? numbei of men to
i-in hjg CaMaet, and onlj awaits thsit
answer befnrs making th? announcement
it 1? .*?<;.?.. 1... 1 tint when Mr Wtleon
hear? from tha men b< has cbassn is big
a?l\ u?e|a hi mi.I the ?.1 10 this
1 itj fur conf< en? ? 01 thi Lai tea
?ton 1 : '?
1 ? ?. admltti .1 to-da) that h?
liud received a note fn i i ;
sin? a the lattei ? Miami,
wiuie ,\ii Bryen l? siso ata Ina hut, >>f
se wo? Id net t? n what it contained.
When asked thla evening II ba had ?; ?,
thing t'> aa) regarding the ijik la Wash?
ington aboul hank guarantees, hi ssld lie
had not scd 1 .i--1 '?'? :tti Rep?
ental lia 01 t hen
He wo ii'i o-?' i ? ?.,.,,-ii.iii 01 ?
subje 1
II.* ssld 1 ?? eartlly In fa?o? o? a
second choice ballot and would iok?* di?*
paaaags of ? bill 11 ovtdlag foi c la r**hfo*rm
I? the pr?>eenl Sea Jersej !.. glalat?ata,
Mi Wilson parentlj ? ? ?.?? - I 11..?
Bmlth-Nugeiii men will ti> to nominate
tli? 1 i.?n ? Ildnti foi 1 ;.??.. rnor
tins fell mi itlon
io h. 1.1 them on.
'i be acond ? 1.'a ba lot a product of
Benato La follette und 1? In use In It
consul it Ki??' the roter a fi rat ?and as
ond choi ?? at the primai 1 hat If his
Bret choice do?a 11 ? ? t have a majorlt) ..i
ths ?.ote? in- second cholea la <.ited
Grants Reformatory Lad 'a Ret-ucst to
Make a Silhouette of Her.
I II- T?!",-:.,|>l, ?,. I i ,,,,. ]
IMalnlield. S. J . IVh. I Tha N?-?a Jel -
sey Conference ?-i ? barltlea and Con c?
nun heiei Its elosing aeesion in.> sftei
noun At thla inotmiiK's aesalon Mrs
Wood row Wilson permitted ?"i?- f th.?
rstonnaten boya lo make a illbouette of
her a( in? raqiwst These olBcera w.r...
sleeted for tin coming year:
Praatdeat, the Row, Walter i:?.?i iiunt,
? Manne, aecretary, Bi n?-.-t i? Bast?n,
Newark, tr?anur?,, [SSM i Ogdon; vice-,
pn ??id? nis. Woodrow Wilson, lbs Kit-htl
K..V. Kdwin H i.ints, Newark i .I. Frank?
lin fort, i..i.?t Ort m?-?.. Bdward C. Btotua, I
Miiivin?, and Franklin Murphy, Ifsarark.
executive ,.imiti.-c Mrs Caroline a?*
aaaadsr, Hobokaa; Hugh i' io\, riam
11.1.1, Mr?. 1'. C, .!m oh-on. Newark, i'io
fe-ss.tr 1:. R lohaaton, Vlnetland; E-T-sfcs*
?..r Royal Meeker, Prim?? iton? Di Prank
Moore, Uahway, Arthur McDoUgall, New?
ark; I'lee-e-ket van Wswgsnen, Oraags;
Heymour 1, <'i tun w. ;l. It, rn.i rdsvtllo;
iieruy L Da Forest nalnflald; K.ipbi
Solomon Fost.-r. Newark; Mi?. Sidney ?f.
<;?.lKH?e, Or.nin>, end Mrs. Jam.?? g}.
ChaasHiasj, Oranga.
Holder of Skating Concession Gets.
Permit to Run Them.
With lu tu proniee-t foi BtuUlng (his
winter. Augaat Brotan, holds? of Um
skating concession in Central I'ark. lias
ohlalneel (tet inlsnion froin I'aik ?"omtnta
?toner stover to place B*wsti boats OB th??
middle Ink.. There lias besa DO ?katii-.g
0)1 (he lakei, tl:|? Winter
?"ommUsloner Stover, in granting the
rc'.ueHt, revoke-'! a fot met mil. r removing
the swan >j*oata troto Ihe laites after a
ChIM wa- ilr-itA *n ?i fioin on?? of tlutii
"Tln??e are to I ?? nf* ths most itnprove'l
??vie, nnd ore ?afe. ' aald tie Commis?
Creditors File Petition Against
Well Known Contractor.
A petition in bankruptcy hi?, been lied
acainst Charlee H. P?K"kworth, a builder,
of No. ?31 Hudson street, by William R.
Mill, attorney for these .-reditors: ? ?ft
.1. Warrin ?.'ompany, $2.110; Kmployeis'
Iaiahllity Assurance ?'orporatton. Ltd., of
Jaondon. 12,'?39, and the. T. N??w ("onsti uc
tion Company, ?J02.
It is alleged that ^hile Insolvent he
transferr??!. on.October 4, the New York
County National Bank asetrfnTients cf
bnlldlnc L'on tracts with the city of N". sj
York, on which there were larga amount?
Peckarortk has bean in buataeas mote
than fifteen years and has had mnny large
? orrtraits for construclon work. He was
also interrpteil in several realty and con?
struction ooiBpantse His ?tannetal state?
ment of May 1, 1911. ?howed ass? ts of
$.v?2,fil9, and liabilities ?.f M&Q\ttt, surplus
He was the lowest hidder in Wl for
a section of UM lai-xington nvenin? sub?
way from 4?>th to M streets. bit bid Of
^.7rV>,ivio being n.ino.in? Mus* the nest
bid, but he aftorwanl withdrew his lad.
giving delay in awarding the contrait
as a reason.
Parsons Collection, Lent to Public
Library, of Unusual Interest.
An exhibition of ?*arlv prints and books
relative to railroads has been opened at
the I'uhl!?' laibrary. The mutt-rial WBS
bailed bv William Barclay I'arsons. It
ahoars the devetopsaent from Tr?relUtick -
inst loriiinotlvc. made in lfe.'l. to the ?oui
! menci atn al of th- m.??i. rn railroad lin?-,
i between llancbeeter and Liverpool, in
1 UN,
i ti,. i?- are ssani Intereatlng American
pramphlets, Including the rare one oa the
Concord meeting in USS, reports .n pre
pooed linea between Btseton, Albany and
IT?, video? ?? and tie f ? [?? rt il?:7i leading
?o the (??.tintruetioii ot tin Baltimore *
Ohio 1'aiiniad. There ar?? Itedhurat's btrtd
euggeetioB, m ISU? to blow ears Utfougta
a mi.. .... fe?t in diameter, ami a little
book Worth several times its weight in
?.old the se.ond Bradshaw, of is.;?.
1 ' "COHANS Th
i; i id s? Eva 8:15.
i ??;? m ii Frida}
in Ills bai -t Plaj
IH(<?\II\\ IVM?IM>
GRAND,,,:,;,,,...; OIC?TI ,;;?,;
p Um
re .4111?
belasco: :; ..:,';:.?" ?;;,'?
[?AVID BKI.Af*? ? ' PRESEN? ?
- BTK t N
l.yn Harding, Bruce McRa Herbert Kel?
ce> y. M !!..!!nnd. Ente Sbannoa. Robart
McWad? .t -. aal Mitchell, all?e Pat
? im, N' ? ? Run) ?? i
DCDIIRI If- ?V? ? ?d'il Evea et 8 10
nCrUDLIli Meta. Tues \v.-d. * ?"?.i? MB
I? lilil?
A KAiitv rt.w BOR OROWK-?PBL
h? Rosamond liTiir?) a Maurice Rostand
"Okt ?KttSiVU^?rtJS rtf CCrtu >nj
.? ga t
..I.I \ A - ? ,
I"??!". MiriM I
in ?ti se.
nnAV i? *?< KETTI I'M htin
?UHl HOI'NE ai ? nil Hltf\'??
._ - I.TRE.
Il T n i 82nd Bi 8 Ith \
"? ? I' *>?. ?. Prlc-sll.l
'?' ? McKlnnel ? ? ?? - ,? Sensation of I ?? ? ?<1<
Wallick's j:;.:r,V^- "Men. Feb. 10
?VII I J -|V? .. M> lleirr."
ci Tiyric i ?
LL i inut t.. at S:IS
"JfuL 1Ha*sivvtn?*ijtL' a cotudo
I ,> itiK ii ? i? N lionne ? iirim.??. Parrar,
. trtaulaourai Ml ttl 8eg?
I i. Pint-? 'oral ? '.i 1 ?? rninl
I loir?, al : ?'? Wealkuere. (ladskl ??'????meted
Mu?? > . flrli >..i i'ond Herti
?lliiir?. il I rule-, nf llelTniKiiii. 1|.tiii>..1
It.ni Dur h i U n ? ulk Rot I 1er, i
.a i I
I rt ? Manon, i um i . Cameo i ;
Bol i ila, B< is? i ?. nd Toecaalnl
gat. M il .it I ?:. Trl?.tun nuil U,title. Had?
Homer L'rlua rdebat), Braun (del it)
I Well Hlnshaw, Muri.hr Cond Toe .?: Inl
Nat, . 8:IS (p v prie si llnlifin?-. Mda
\;i .. Martin *-??"? Il Bol I 1er ? 'ond
\r\l Moll, at I IS la* l?onne I.
In?', nt 8 Chile >ChgO < M> ?'.> Ill
< ..n. Int.i. Tariittlnl Btaal? r. Beral Quill
|..i mores Dadul Gen'I Mus Dir., Campanlni.
Weil. Mai. Si 1 80 Siratrletl. Oadekl,
Hotnei tlten; Urlm Rales, Qiiewold Qortta
' ond . ll-rti
H*<rda ?'' I IS losra. Parrar .'um?"
I Coral ?'ond Toecenlnl
lllt????M Y\ \? \I?IMV OF Ml'BIC.
Tue?.. I. I !l el 8 Itilf? of I laafTilltt II i>.
II? hi- I, i!..i li Duchi m- Ma ' ? ? Ollly. I?l
?lui l;..-i ? K-?i ola. R< Is? Cond P
" \r.n\! \ \ PIANO i BED
M. II. Il\\s?|\'< I ?IM KHTH.
Vft.iinii Hull. \t\i Bata Eve., m StSB,
Bong !:? rltal llel?iri ? . \ . Baa il
MpiWai the Piano? Knabe)
EYN -:'i%rz?
li MM TOI |t2 N'o? at Hall
Afullitn Hull. Thtire. Aft., I'rh I Hit. nt .1
Beata 80cioS3.QO.noa st Mail Bteln way Plane
? iirnt-itif Hall. OUtft Aft.. Yob. I.Mh, ni ?:S0.
Slrd PIANO RECTITAla ?ERNEST ^asg-gta.
Tt.k'ts ','??' . $1 08 |1 B0, |}.ee, i...? m Hall
Mut Wolfs..Im iinr.*Hu BTBINWAT Plane
UNIflM **0 Kdward-a* KM Kaberet, Oraee
B"way A Ulli t-l ai^e.Madaa Mallland.oihcra.
?flLONIII HKlaLK STORV.Taylo, Uran
vkwniHb , , ,,. K i^uc, pi, .,?,.,, i,,,,,
th Ai *; v.? -t Maggie CUne, I othere
RRimV MS St. Lulu <;ias??t. Mu- Tully ?Co.,
BnVNA ma?. ? Kiatons. K'lh A Pollock.
Pall) Mut? He, i? n pu- i "m. I) i others
CARNEGIE IM ft M. ?Ith Mreet. 1th Ave.
IN KINKMaV "i.iu:
,*n..ill. Mai '-'.'. I ?irlHii? IPX Mhurp.
BI f fp f I 11?? iv A :;oth st Eve el j ::n
1 Sj ?Lf U MAT. EVERT DAT AT 1:30
OARDEN. Sltb st. MCI I CRtl?U?\b%i FT
Ev. 8:16. Mat.Todar. ??fcfci.?.nii nss^KI
We might <jnr? you a thou*
salid and ont* reasons for buy?
ing an overcoat to-day.
For many more than 1001
overcoats are still on Sale at
handsome savings.
With the cold weither
prophets singing so loud, it's
good that we've such a v.u :< ty.
All sizes; 82 to 52 chest.
(15, *-.<) and $25.
Other Bargains!
?". .*..! t 1 I , ?
f.'. Ill) to ?7 ?.0 ;;-**hr-, -
*:; 18
818 80 ?' oteh ?? nd .<?.-? naet -
t.""'i ?cot li plaid ??<>!>m?r nst
Rotem IY.r.T Company,
Three Broadway Stores
at a? at
Watrcn St. 13th St. 3<th St.
mu liOKK-. i i \iiis?. mi \ r ick-*.
cmrinc Mai r ? ?
? -*?? \ \ ( \l, A \ H ?LE is i' ?I?!
\ 1 ? \lt IS I.OSIION
KKW YORK, HE Vf* To ?I Mt< II 1.1.
Will ACTED."
K|kteiiiiink?'r'? T um** i - "l.i Ftamha*?.**
? ?
; I OC?! M \r. ID n\, 'I
. II ) ?:l.K.-' m? ?Il M v N ?'
Ml?-!? \I. ?'? ?MKi'V
The Sun? hine G rl
JOMKPH < \\\ rilORN,
EV \ I? U'l'? PORT, TOM '
>|.,ll 1IIIIH, ?I
i vn-T\. ?'
I? ila-I.Li'l : ,
Cherry Doro
the new secretary
~Vi| . M rHEATKK Tl IS.. II i: | ,r 3
-(I) I \l'\l IT. M?)S I II
' \ I I! Kit I IS?, Ml I ?)l)|( \M \ ??I SEW
?PI s? I BUI ?. ?EA'
m iixis i in. \ i Kl ?I?. .., -
? mi si M ? Thsstr? A 1 ?t*yt.
HARRIS \ ??}
lit?* I n?t W.ii.i in Maalcel ? ? in**?!?.
M'l't'O \CIIIS?; .'.null |*| i;l til,?I ?iSl K
6IIET? "
? 1 ?"
l_or_ I aiaSliiiii; I'm p.,-. ?, ?in!?
? r.
"Jrit ?HaStVl/fHtHiC ? trrnitaf^
.-'.,.. ni - ? .- .
WllrHl II VMI't)?*? Il ron.ltie-?"?"
ftem ??-.?limi Hill. :i \\ ? i ?i.
s?*i? ?*iiiiiIhv Aft., feb'y t, ?? ?
Ton.'? (Ths**s l Kr.. ?:!! Soot fti. \' ? w'
\I..i?rl. ?.rie?. Hsi !(?>?? r. -? lull"?
? \i(si?,ii ii vi i. 01"?
A?-oll?n Mull. IbwtO, Aft., I>'? *'; "" **
I'tiisT \'RW YORK SOXil HM I '
mi**- ES^flPSV -.1-R.wa
MINNIE _ _ ^_
B>ati MtoS.7 " ??"W h
l EOLIA*. HALL. **?? Ad.. I*"1' '? "Li
;.et r?s M . i.
LIAN HALL. Mat. AH.. I< ""-i'
lo 12 M aoe?i n ? it i...? l*?<? ? ??ff?S'
and Tt'RKKl rRoT ?_*oN1
ASIIKI- ?i. i t'l ui him:- i
M\l?"*ON SQK. I I 1 I -. I ??? ||, .
(?ARDEN, i n?
n & ?3
It El-KI ? i.l? HEAT*
In. Iii.lm^ A?ll ' isloti
Box?-s .. ntl >? .?i - now un -s ? i
, .flic'
HaMMEftBTElK'N I'l IITON ( ?* ??? H)fJ?
Bv. BO,76c.81. U i>- Truly si. .in. ?< -*????
?Matinees ZOO iOc !* Moore ?ml 1" '"?""*

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