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ter that I ?lid not think was
Bt-cret. or a steal. ?>r a deal
Neither do they. Neither tl" the?.
Dot say neither d,i you. because
not wish to Insult your Intelllgenci
ar?' a certain numher of people
city who ?Jo not ?a ant hottest gover
nor do they stand up tor honeet oil
Praises Department Heads
I do ti t want to say anything '
.?.elf personally, except this, that ?.
beeatne Mayor of the city i bad
two appoint m? tits lo think of. li?
departments, and I undeitake to SS
no more honest or competent hot
departments ever vers appointed <j
were doing service in any city I
WOrld than thOM m? n ai? doing th
and tins night The l>?"k Commlai
Tomklns. the Water Commlai
T hon i p.? o i., the Corporation CO
?..?,, the ' 'Itarltlea i '? mmlsaloner,
m?">nd; the Police Commlaaloner, i
and .??- througl the whole list an
abov?' an) political consideration i
government of this city, and lion
tu? com? and sbooluteh competent
And then my associates In the Bot
Bathnate ntti i enumerate them t?
Not a dishonest man among thou,
man ?aial'l? of a dishonest a<'t. no
The Controller, th- Borough Presid?
Brooklyn, the Borough Piestdei
Manhattan, the Other borough pus
?which one is capable of a dlsl
deal, much leas a atshij-rtest steal o
dollar- of ih- city's money?
And yet those Infamous sooundreli
run their newspapers In tins was '?
hesitate to say BO. I am beyond <
what thev s,.y abOUt nr*. 1 am s..i
gay it because a man should not hi
so call?n?, no matter how long hi
hern In public office, not to feel to
ext-nt aggrieved at what nswspapei
others sav of Mm, I do not sav t
am awfully sensitive if im\ dl ? ' '
son Of decent newspaper savs ?oui??
of m- which is not complimentary
these aroundrela huh?no. no!
"Infamous Among You."
Th? BC nun are Infame i
They address themselves t?0 the u
woriti and the criminal classes ol
citv. Tiny are of that class thems?
and they oouM >i"t separate themi
from it if they tried. What grieve
though, was to take s ca? a1 th? bi
being rate, and to se? soin? of the ?*
that seemed to b< respectable with
papers with their head lines In their I
reading eboul me as a tiii.'f .1 ?m1 my
ciat. s tin the Board of Estimate
Cannot d?Jw*enl people drop thes?
i>e)s? 1 know, of course, you do rtot !
them home- to your families, thai '
ereil aware of. You would not a? |
of bringing them to your
One of the chief tasks of the P
Claanlag Cctmmlaslcsaer Istoclesu the
tern of them twice a day. Th?
now 1 suggestion to pass sn ordln
thai anyboay who throws a r*aper li
str???it shai! he guilty ol an offence,
1 bave thought it over very carefully
1 have some douMs about the ordln*
because it is i great deal better that
throw the papera of tl ?se a snips in
Kutter than that y.eii should hnng t
I do not fear thes- people. T
them. Ami s., ?lo my ass?), lates who
with BBS in the government.
The ?Mayor then deviated fmm
newspapers for g moment to speal
the work of himself and his confr
in preparing the subway routes
"Long hav- we worked over this 11
ter,'' he said. "It has been a ma
of night and day work. Il is th- ll
est naatter that any R,??. eminent In
world has handled during the time
have been at it. It is a matter InVi
Ing the public expenditure of 0
?300.immi,?nni. a has ai; be? n done
the open."
Tell of Tri-Bo.-ough Route.
Continuing on the same line.
Mayor said:
When J t.ecame liayot I waa not
i'amiliar with ti.i.? subject of rapid tr
sit. 'I hey hau rigged OB "ti the m
what they ?.ailed the tri-borough roi
and certain newspapers were puffins
Especially some ot your purple-lipped ?
blear-eyed papers over tme. that vou I
buy any tune, ami which have I.
bought foi forty years right here aim
That rout?, mapped as it was. i
Queens entirely out it gave Brooklyn
one-fifth ot what Brooklyn Is getting i,
by the present sch?me i use thut wi
scheme In a good sense, but. Jx?rd bl
us, let's see what ISM may be n.a.i.- ol
The Brons w*s given not one-third
what it IS giv.n now. Manhattan v
given just one-third of what It Is g? tti
Dow by the pr?sent ?.naiigement.
I coiifess that I went to it with
open mind. I looked it all ovei
looked it over. Wt went h
conference n*itn the Pui.lic Bervtu Co
mission and we us?d to tramj. OV? r th
twice ;? aeek atid look over the maps
the wall ana com? lack Finally I f
that th>- trlhorougn scheme was not wl
the city wanted. QlMens wanted mi
tliroughout the Belmonl tunnel, and fr,
thence out tnrough that great boroui
And all the boroughs waat-d more-. T
Borough of Richmond was entitled
something, and I thought that all f
horoughs should b ? 'aken Into w hate?.
plan wi- made.
This trlt"*01*0Ugri syst?>m was bei
hoped for by these sain?- people It '
vojved an expenditure .>! i2?),w0,000. ??
put It up to advertisement Just to t<
It, and while, of cours.-, the contracte
came forward and hid to nuild all t
sections?you will always nave bl
enough for that?we didn't g? t a sinf
bid for operation. All the nuanciere sa
that it was impracticable; that it WOU
never pay
Belmont Tunnel History.
But what struck BBS al.?iut it waa thi
We had a subway her- already. It r?
from over here in Brooklyn 0VSS iti
Manhattan, up the east side of Manna
tan, and then swung 'way over to tl
west side and continued off up into Tl
Bronx. We built that ourselves. 1 sa
the time when an audience like this ai
sembled, nine-tenths of it would thin
that Belmont built it. The newspape:
wrote editorials that they built It. The
said, why should not they make on
when they risked their capital and bui
it? Your .?xi-called leading newspap*
here had an editorial Just like that.
read It and other papers. But not M
dollar of private capital ?ver went Int
that subway?not OM dollar. You bui
it. The city's funds built it absolutelj
The less??* of It did saaip it and put th
cars into it, but we built it. and it is our
from the very day that It was opened.
aVnd yet they rigged the trl-boroug
system up for the city to hulld with n
connection with the present system a
all. and to rival it, if you please, a
though the ' Ity wanted to rival itsell
Just think Of a great business man Ilk
?Woodruff building a rallroaxl with hi
own mon-v, and the-n going and hulld in
another one to rival l,t. T)ld you avs
hear of such a thin,;? And yet that i
Just what they were going to do.
It was then that 1 wrote my article ll
"The Outlook." which some of you r,
member?maybe non- of you 1 do n?>
knoa-. It was reproduced In some o
the Brooklyn papers. In this article
mildly expressed a doubt about the whoh
thing, and Boon after that arose tlie con
flict on the whole subje? t and 1 was deal
with pretty roughly. But I have beet
dealt with roughly ever since I began ti
Slough. I w.is going to say. on the farm
o It didn't f?ase me much. A ma:
that Is used to roughness all his life can
stand s good deal.
Extend Subway, His Plan.
My own notion was tliat the present
subway that w- built should be extend??1
and that there should be otic fare ovet
It and over all its extensions all ovei
the ?ity. That Is what 1 thought should
be done And. finally, that view wu?
adopte<1 by a majority of the Board ?.(
????t?mate. And, finally, to the credit ol
the Board of Estimate, we became a unit
on the .?ubj*?t that it was better "i ex*
tend ??ur present Bub way; that is to Bay,
on the East Side we take the whig
of it and extend it I?? yond ?IM
street way up through The Bronx,
pronging out Into three prongs eovwlng
that great borough, and then ?.n the ft
Side from ltd street we run It down and
under the Hirer and over Into Brooklyn,
and we were going t<i prong it out here
Into three prongs at least.
That la what I thought we were going
to do, but it turns out that we ran it up
Platbush avenue and the Rastern Park?
way and ofT In that direction. The other
route (what do you call It, the Lafayette
avenue route?) was abandoned, and what
I shall always regret, and what the people
or South Brooklyn will regret, and I told
you so at the time, the Fourth avenue
subway was left out of that connection.
You take the Fourth avenue subwav now
afttr this plan is all hnllt and go over to
New Vork. You can n.n up Broadway It
is true, by the Broa-lwa* subway but If
you want to go up th? Hast Side'to The
Withdrawn Because Public Distrusted It and Company
Objected to Giving Rides to Jersey for Beer
Checks and Counterfeits.
The bin nickel-ln-the-slot ticket rend?
> tnp machine which has been menacing the
?jobs of the tlchet asllera in the Hudson
?Terminal Hulldliik' has (USBOpsaued. The
machine was placed in the concours.'
about two weeks ago as an experiment,
but th?- public regarded it arltb as much
disfavor is the amployn Notwlthstand
Ini the machine, which resembled a
"grandfather's" clock, appeared t.. render
up s ticket readily after It swallowed a
nickel, end had also the iiecomnviatins,
fatsalty, not common to the ordinary Blot
I machine, of returning on?''* money if it
failed to dr Ihrei a ii kct, th? public pre?
fer?? d dealing with human bcinga ras
aengen not .n a burr) would walk up to
the machine, lOoK it over, and then walk
to the repmlar booth for ticket?.
a representatlTa of ti a company said
yesterday that while the ticket vending
machine bad been withdrawn, the di?
rectors had not abandoned the idea of in?
stalling ?ome machines later. He admitted ?
the experiment had not been highly suc?
?There haf* ?seemed to be a disposition
on the part of the public." he said, "to shy
at the Innovation, but we will try It ?.?am,
When we have perfected ir Tht= machine
Wa tried out not only as a means of
learning how the psss?ng?frfl would feel
abOUt It, but to reveal its Imperfection.??."
i", of the main ob|c'tion* to the me?
c?.-.meal v.nder was its falb.re to reject
. ...intorfelt coins, beer checks and similar
disks, ownera of which seem to have bSSfl
Willing to part with In considerable quan?
tities In exchanKe for a trip to Jersey
Ths ?-ompanv's representative aaM he did
not know whether it would be able to
gel a machine that could discriminate b?
tw.en beer checks and bad ?-oins and
I coined In a pr.vcrnmeir. mint, but
Until that feature BOUM be overcome It
would probably be some time before ma?
ch!? es. to any considerable extent, did the
W<irk of the tegular ticket afieids.
Brom oi th? W-ssl Bide to the unlven
or anywher? there you have no' to tra
i pa) another fare.
Thai never should have been r?o. an<
onU i .h ?? about b) certain i" ople ?
here il il apparently spoke disinterest
lly, but. aw I km? very well al the ti
spoke t i a price. I did not ?ay a
th ng al OUI it, nor will l call their nai
i ? i ?,? ' now s. (til ?1 The I 0U
av< i a. - ibway is not ?o Le a pari ?>f
present subway system, bul neverthel
It Is to b. ? \t? ; id? .1 In the way the
I t.ll v.. i. Aiai then n xo.-s through
? ? tunnel ov? r Into Queens, tbei
? rigs off In Qui-ens for three lour; pro
over n utes that arc familiar to you; ?
, then som da). a we Bay for a Joke,
i this Is no Joke, there will he a funnel
'.i,? (hi Narrows here. ? llrrle below, o
lo oui fri< nds In Richmond.
"Scamps" and Finsnce.
After telling further of his Ihaot
in und?Brgrouni transit. Mr. Qayi
turned to th? ?lucstiori of subw
| financing:
"How did we finance it?" he ask
j "Why these ??camps with their MS
! papers with six-inch headlines think
. ..? il be done as you would eat
"This Hearst is worth J CO,000,000.
newspaper to him is a toy. it matt?
not to him whether his newspapers p
or not. His in.omc is such that he c,
publish newspapers for the fun of it.
! t?i land him in the White House, as
thinks. ? ?f course. I am no match f
such a man. 1 have p.. newspaper n
i have ?ti?' city "O'e inls. and except I
be upheld by people like you. whs
; would we be or what could we do?
"It is only When 1 Coma before bod!
? like this that 1 r? Rain some con fid? n
i in the (.immunity. And these eorru
Iscoundrela try t" debase us and mal
LU OUI as thieves and as at Baling tl
I ?ity's funds."
??peakinr? further on the Question
j financing the Mayor said:
? There were values t.... low ail ov.r t
city. Why, then was a corporation ?>v
in Queens asaesaed at $5(10,000 thai
raised t.. **5.0O0,?'N0 thai year and we ?i
nut raise it a dollar too much no! i i
dollar And Bucb Instanc? ,.: that we
lull over this city. Undervaluations
'the gtoeaeal character, someUmes rui
j Hint; through a arbole neighborhood, b
i cause y u know if they leavi
down al ?.'?'.1"'?'. tbey have t. th? Ban
with me n.xt <h...r. and BO it will n;
through a whole block it one man
the block bribes the axaeseiora to pul h
property down it meana that the wie
block has got to be put on tb< aai
Hut even with that WS di i nol ha\
rh?- money te do it. Three hui dr?
lions cannol be done win. tjg?.OUO.OOO. Wei
:?>ur great anxiety therefore was to -?
! if we could re? these operettas compank
!.. put In '.ait the money, And then can
I th? denunciation again Wby it was aal
if they put money In they were ??"in,; i
own the subways What f?>ily.
[ la that the subways cas onl) be bull! '
? tiie eity arai the ?Public Service Commli
, sion. And ths money is expend? 1 b
them, Anu if the operating company pul
! in any money they ?am. .t ??-t the Blight
, est advantage thei eby.
Vou would think from the talk thai i
going on that the city is selling tbe bond
, or these companies and guaranteed
i them. We do not guarantee on. dollar ?
?their bonds. The <!tv will hav?- to Be
its bonds to get Its part of the none]
?Th.- Interhorough company, this >;?????.
I system, Is puitintr. In dollar i..r ,i?.iia
with the ?city. They do not pick tha
. money up out of the atreets i auppoa
from reading some of thssa newspaper
you would think they .should have bm
rowed the money from cobblers in plae
of hank?rs, or from pawnbrokers over 1
Atlantic avenue lei. .
Explains How to Borrow.
Bill when you want to borrow money o
sell bonds for tl.'- purpose you have to g
to th? people who lend mon? y When yol
buy anees you ko to a shoe store, an?
wh?n vou bay money you ?o to the bank
irs wh?. have money. Mon?-;, is not CB1
Had around In tha clothes of people. I
Is d? posited with the bankers, and W?
have nothing to do with their bonda ?.?.
the sale of their bonds. We do nnt guar
ante?' them. They put m ball the money
an?! the contract which we mak- is tha
out of the net Mi-ningS the Interest of '.
per cent on their bonda and the sirikln?.
fund of 3 per cent snail be paid, and in
And yet you bear this talk of ths dt)
sellin?; ita bonds, as one of ?bes?' pape.,
has said from day to ?lav, at 'nj in th?
market, and pay a discount to th- bank?
ers In addition. Why, we have not begur
to sell our bonda yet. Th. y ara parpar?
inp to sell theirs to put in their money,
And tbe city will s?-ll its bonds for it
half. Now. that is the Whole financial
There Is th" whole marter Stated, and
yei it is a secret deal and a steal, i
think you all wink very hard with your
left eye whea you hear anything- like that,
1 do not know where It is all oomlni
from. This I do know of my associates
in tha board, thai not one of them is
capable Of taking a dishonest dollar from
any source. Hut in this ?.ase there are
no dollars for anybody. All th. bonds
Fold Po right into the work.
Peopls Ars Impatisnt.
You aHk ine now the company puts its
dollars in th? work Why, tha contracts
ar?' made by the Publie Service ?'nmrnls
slon, and the Clt) puts in a million, and
then the company hr.s to pa) a million
?h?r to th.* public Bervtce Oommlaalon
and the Public Service Commission BO-Hlda
it. Tbe companies do not sp? ltd it at glL
It Is all Spent by the Public K,i vice Com?
mission and the city. All the contracta
are under the Publie S?rvlce ?'olnm?suioii
and the ?ity. And In that way the work
is dona
N'iiw, we l.ave been over two year? dS?
a??atinjf this thing out, Some people have
been impatient I do not mind sayin??
that I have been Impatient myself more
than on.e. ?m the 14th ?i last May this
whole thinjr was paused in the Public
Psrvice Hoard, and also by resolution of
r?a Moar.i of Estimate and Apportion?
ment, it was all accomplished then.
Nothing lias been done since except t?>
di i? the contracts And some wise fel?
low .?ays: "oh, i.ow easy these lawyers
have been drawing the?? eon trac ta now
for t ? ti mentis'" Mav 1 sav to vou that
m Is ..ne oi the greatest engineering en?
terprises in the world.
Says Contracts Are Complete.
After referring t.? the length of time
the lawyers bad to tal.e t?*draw up the
contract-?, the Mayor said:
Now. I am free to sav that I ihink tea
monrhs wa? too lonK, an?l yet I aOpppoe
I am not long SUOtlgh atHMit it. That
merely arises from mv impatience and
?he delusion that 1 am under tha? I could
have don.- it quicker if I could have done
It all by myself. Hut I know that I am
wionK about it I know (hat eV?**e*ybod)
has worked bard and faithfully ami 'hat
row- it has imali?.- com? tei a consumma*
n. n
All three eontracts are complete t"
nignt. and non we ha'.. :hat trickery,
thai contemptible trickery thai Hearst
and those two other scamps are caps
ble "f.
I rea.l th- headlines <??? th?' injunction
that l rie y gol some judge to siga toda?
1 hop- \,,u will .ill read the name of
that jtidg-- to-morr-w snd remember his
name, as well as remember the names of
these scarapa But th?*ee .-?amp:' l am
talking ,ii out, some political party next
fall win i. seeking *r? slliance with them
robiiNy |uai for a temporary advantage
Here lathe Board of Est?mete brought
pow? i ti\- .m alliance with these
scoundrels I knew Ihej were scoundrels,
I i ?H.. ?i them then and l spoke plain*
l\ ?luring ti,. car pa gn about them. 1
asked no ?"his .,| I hem, and I tol?l them
' aske.i n,. .?rids, that if they could
i?.it m.? befor? the people of this ?ity 1
w.t? perfectly willing to go down.
Aid here they ere now fur months ?de?
nouncing as thieves and dishonest persons
lie ?..Tv Board ol Estimate, excepting
myself, which their alliance is said to
have brought Into p wtr. That ought
? , beg i.ssmi to evetry honest politician
i" tins- city, for. mind yon, I am or. ol
those who know that there are many
?t politicians.
it was at this point the Mayor pre?
dicted that Justice Hendrick would re?
pent signing the injunction. He then
went on:
They have had ave? since th? Nth sf
May last, when are passed i re?solutlon on
i !,, I'...aril -f Estimate, they have had all
that tun" t" get their Injunction. But. no.
ties, triekv littfi ?camps the) cannot act
like men, .They cannot do a thing as a?
?i t nun do it. When yea go to law you
eh. It decent!?. ?Toll m? ? I your ad'.eis.nv.
Ven give htm time. V??u seek no snap
ludannenl on him
l?'it they kii'.v,' tli-v are- not , ai'.'ihl- of
doing things that way They ??r-- crimi?
nals by instinct. They address them
?. .. s to th.' criminal ? lasses Th? tV sn
? ?iimlnals wie. read the-it papers
. in onl-r to tit themselves for ? rime
They wait until tin last moment, and
wi.e n th- thing is about t,, t.- dons and
to !..? .m accomplished fact, then they
erne in with their trt? ky litt!.' InJuncUol
That is th?- Sise ?if su.h m*n as t: ?
'Die May. r closed by bcseei'hing his
hi i r is not to malign th,? city.
"Dr. Johnaon said." be ratnarked,
'ahont the Scotchman, thai th- bapp*
and beat day of his lit- was th- ?lay'
he turned and walked toward England,
and so I say to you that the happv ?
and best day "f your life WtU the day j
when von got int.i th.' city e.i Mea I
York. In. n?.I cry oat agalnsi BOT I
gainsay it, no matter what the- newa**
i> ip' i ? say about it."
From Th? New York Herald
Qovsrnor Bulser yesterdaj broke his
promise made t,. th? bu Inesa men "f this
clt* last i-'M'tay. srhlcb waa thai be would
Lav?- til?- subway question m the banda
oi th- local authorities. His form sf
breaking his promis- i.? .< most astound?
ing one He appointed Justice Edward
1. Mc'"all < half-man of the Public Servie
1 ommlsslon, to Bucce-ed Mr -A'tlleoa The
nomination was Bent to the g?nate last
night i.n.i was confirmed Immediately
'im- m? ans that th?* execution of the
Bubwal contracts will he delayed lndefl-1
From The New Yoik World.
This I- a Tammany appointment, and
Tammany should never have been allowed
to get it? clutches upon the Public ?*?'?'?' i
??unmlssloii. One ot th- heaviest hnr
?lens that Governor Bulser whs obliged to
carry through the campaign wag ths
charge that In tbe event of hi? election he
would turn this office over to the boas <>t ,
Tammani Hail. In selecting Mi .\b?-,,ii
to Bucco-d Mr. win? ox the utovsrnor ha??
don?- the very thing that his worst po*
llti? al en.-my would hav wlsheel him to
do. At a time When li?' should ha.v
BhoWn his strength and his leadership h?>
has surrendered to Fourteenth Street.
Itl m Th- .\?'W Vork ??lobe.
Th?- fact remains that the Public Service
Commission lias teen antifxed lo politics
In the three years that ha?.e elapseel since
the departure of Charles E. Hughes from
Albany. I'lrst ?'ram. then Williams, and
now Mci'all all of whom have relations
t'. poUUcal organisations that the publie
was assure'd would be avoided
From The New York ? Veiling Post.
Granting all that is claimed for th?'
abilities of Judge M'H'a.11, it Is as plain
as th?' nose on ones fa? ? that his ap?
pointment is purel) partlaan and was re?
solved on as a hit of political strategy,
lie weailil never have- been thought of for
tlie commission ha/1 h?' ii'.t been a promi?
nent ***e-**MCrat and a man of long and
close Tammany atniiatlons.
From Th? New York Times.
C.eivernor Sulzer had a grave duty to
perform, and a ;;reat opportunity was
open to him. We regret u, have to say
that he has negb-cted both. F.vt*ry man
In New York who Is informed anil has
no selfish Interest would say that Mr.
Wlllcx was the best possible choice for
his present position. Very few would
venture to say It ..f Justice Mci'all
From The New York Sun.
The Hon. Edward Everett Mci'all. Jus
ti??? e,f the. Supreme Court Of this state,
has served on th- bench for about eleven
yaera He possasesa tie- respect and eon
fldene- of th?? community. His Intel?
lectual '|ii?ill!>. his business capacity und
his ability t.. ?bal with large ?nil Compll?
?ate.I problems tit him, In an iincomnii.n
degree, to mke up ami carry on aa
chairman ?>r the Public Service i'ommis
slon, the work of supervision of the new
subway system's construe tion and opera?
From The Brooklyn T!m?*e.
The sel.?-tien of Justice F.dward I Mc?
i'all for Public S.i vie. I'oinmissloner will
??sure th?- public that no departure from
the rational and comprebens?vs dual suh
way system is contemplated or will I?s
effected. The result of Oovernor Sulrer's
at tion practically makes no difference in
the commission, as Justice McCall will
Continue along th. lines laid down by
Commissioner willeox. his predecessor.
From The Brooklyn gfggla
It Ig an appointment fit to be made and
Involves a sacrltlce ,,f judicial incllnstlon
to needed party and publie service OoT
emor ?Sulier and Commissioner Mct'iil
will continue th?*" Oldered policy of transit
action, and in letting Mr. VVtlleos go the
...\, ni-r ha? assur-.l the* maintenance of
the course the people have prescribed.
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the excitement had subsided they went
upstairs to their private rooms.
I'pstairs w.re I'resident William*.
Oeorge D. Teotnans, counsel, and nther
raprassntaUves of the Braoklyn --ap?!
Transit ?ompany; Hi? hard Reld ******
and J. I?. Quackenbush, of the Inter
bOTOUgh's legal staff, ?nd Borough
President McAneny. counsel for the
Public Service Commission, was ?ailed
in and a ?'finf?*rence began.
Soon a report was spread that appli?
cation would be made to Justice lien?
drak to vacate his own injunction Im?
mediately. Mr. ibaara. Iba Hearst
lawyer, hen rim,- the rumor, went at
once 10 the chambers ?.f the Justi-e,
who awaited to receive any motion that
might bo made by representatives for
the city.
But till** Is what happened: Learn?
ing thai the Appellate Division was ill
session, counsel to the commission
Ji rnpe.l Into B motor car and wero car?
ried swiftly to th.? ?'ourt, Just ?iff Madi?
son Square With Mr. enlaman ttiorj
vv re I.eroy T. Harknes?, and <>. G
Bsaple, of the commission's staff, and
Louis II Hablo. Assistant Corporation
Counsel in < harge of the subway work.
Kepi? sen Ui lives of the transit compa?
nies also found th'ir way to the COUTt?
room. The subway case had to wait
for ahout an hour while other oaUBSfl
were heard by (he court.
Reviewa Subway Progress.
It was ii o'cluck when Mr. Colenian
ar<ise in response to the ?inery of th.*
?brk BS to whether there WOTS any
special motions. After briefly outlining
the Mute of affair.s he asked that the
Injunction he va<ate?I by the court. 11?
' The i'tiblii Service Commission ex?
pected to approve the contracts U>-day
if they wer?* ready. This Injunction,
providing as it does for a stay until
Thursday, will prevent any action to?
day. Judging from ?tat.-menta in the
public prints that is (he last day 00
which Chairman V?7lllooa will be la
office. He has worked for th? ?*-? con?
tracts f..r live yeara uml the transit
comrriltte,? ,,f the Bourd ?f Estimate
has worked on them for three years.
,\ir coi.-man reviewed tha atruggla for
better transit facilities "After all the
Botella v.. i.- naiena i.|...n, ? he .?.,.!. ? t-;.
Legislature ?...-. a.?k?d te a-revlda relief
? ?n doubtful point t a a* tion bj lbs
l?egJ latura nai but. rfy opposed n. ,.r
Inga w.re h.M Mr .Sh.-arn .?
thsr? sa i auaaal fei Mr. Mopp? i Bot i
Books, i ?an say thai they tool- a
tima than any ?.r..- . i?.-, ior i aras |
"Aft? i tha leglalaUon had been . I
II Wa Btt .? ?-"1 B He ? o irrs as uncor;
titutlonsl ?: tl ? ground that th* city
be lending it- ? ?. rtii to a privais
corporation m going late the propoead
i artnerahlp with tha i ampsnlaa The
t oi 4pi ? sli ?!? ? atsd la favor <>t the
"gome twenty oavsw peinte in tha area
ant ? mi atata era taki-n verbatini from
the complaints thai wen aubi tted In tha
BUlt, in win. h Um ?> n t ..r Aj ;.. ils dr
. :.i. .t agalaat tas litigante "
Mr .?.;.innn stated tiiar rhe Beard "f
Estima tu bad n"i beca aniolned The
court "i ' imed and areni into conferen?.
i',v. mtautea later the elerh reoetvtad ??
communjcatloa from lush ? Ingraham,
and i aid to Mi ' ' I? i
Tl ? eourt i ? rl ??? ? to Interfere '
After ?.'hair n.an Willi ox bad learned of
tha fa lure to ha ire th? u ? i on ra< atad
he was a.?k? ?I at hi
? W lint do |res latl nd IS BO row ? '
W i ico* Maket Up Sleep.
i am golri?; t" h?.|" he d..iar??l. "and
am aolng te iry t?> get tw.-lve hours' ?deep.
We ur?? going to do nothing tO-Bsght."
ii,- Beamed to feel that possibly sum?'
WSJ OUl of the ?lllth'iilty Rdghl ba found
I y tha law vet-. !.? f TB tha ? ??:.
meet?, ai n '."?>'? I? '-k ihi? mornioi
Although, of coursa It would be :< bit?
ter disappointment t.. Chairman Willem
to ?o ?.ui i.f oanOa without having algned
the contracts, which h<- Iihh looked upon
us tbe great work of hin lit*"?-, he ?lid not
want the impression created ?hat anv
attempt WOUld ba made to railroad tha
"1 have worked on these thlnits for Rea
years." he ?aid, "and *rou all know thai
I have never favored a BMP ludginent on
snyttung, ? r*>n afford to wait. It is tha
peopl?} of New York who cannot afford
to wait?and the peOBlS of New York
who will give their verdict upon this
Will Obey Court Strictly.
It was pointed out to Chairman Will
cox that ths court's order enjoined bin
and his collearfu?? only from Dually ese
?"Bung the contracts and Unit there WSI
nothiiiK t<> prevent their being adopted b]
the commission and the Hoard of Bstl?
'it Is not our wish to d<? anything
arraln-U even the spirit of the court'i"
order," he replied.
Roroiigh President McAneny wai
opposed to doing anything that
seem to savor of evading the court
He did not want the public to g
impression that tho contracts
Jammed through at the last momen
said that when tho b?>ard took the
tracts up for approval there would
public hearing, at which any c
would bo at liberty to express his
on the subject.
At tho I o'clock meeting yestorda
teriioon the commission passed a
lution providing for a connection bet
tho Lexington avenue subway anc
Praganl line at the Grand Central T
nal. The plan ia to build a station
anally from latxlngton avenue to
avepu?', passing andar the former
pltal at Lexington avenue and lid s
Commissioner Maltblo opposed the
because it would probably cost $5,C
for damages to private property, he
An extension ?>f the Queens line o
dual system from Corona to Bay
through Flushing, was also formally
Contract Copy Mystsry.
Tlie Publie Service i'e.mmlssion w
like to know how a private an?l c
'hntlal ?draft of the Intcrborough
tract, as revise?!, but not finally, f'
Its way into the hands of counsel
Mr. Hearst. There wero only seven
t> pew ritten ?oplts, and they conta
written Interlineations by Mr. Harki
\pp. ueled to the Injunction papers
i?'i.l.'iy was a copy of tills copy, '
the. interlineations Incorporated in t
Mr. SI,earn called upon ?JoinmiNsi?
Miltble, who Is oppose?! to the contri
about noon and ashed for copies of
contracts. The Rrooklyn Rapid Tra
contracts wcie printed, and the se
tary of the commission gav?. Mr. Bat
a eopy of them, but the Interborough ?
tracts had not been recelve?l fh t
Anal form.
Doasmlsasoner Mattete indignantly
Bled lu' had had any hand In bringing
in1uncti..ii suit.
"I did not know it was lo he brougl
he eleelared. "except that a statement '
made t?i m-* some days ag*i that It ?
being consider?'! 1 then declined to t
ease it or i" Indlrate in any way whet
la my opinion such a suit would lit i
what effect It would have on the subv
situation ,
"About a week ago the suggestion *.
made to me that an affidavit from
mlfs-ht be mad.? tlie basis f??r a suit.
stated that I could not make ths afflda
I Btiggeatsd.*'
"HOW about the visit made to you t
I noon by Mr, gbearnt"
"ii" um!" to see if he could g<t g k
it the contracts in their final form, 1
he did not discuss any Injunction s
with me, nor dM hs mention It In a
Interborough Also Enjoined.
Not only are tlie members of the Pub
s Commission made defendants
It, bttl also ?he irit*rb..r.iuKh Ka?
? Company and the Municipal Ra
wajTS ? '"tpoiatl"ii. formed by the Hroo
, lvti Rapid Transit Company for the pu
?..s.- ,,f aataWrlag late the subway c>
Irai te, Tbey ara restrained from "tl
e ommlssion Of any act which during tl
I ? nd? n ?? of this suit would produce I
he plaintiff '
I' was Sllsged that they "are about
? h. ..r Bttffei Of procure or suffer to I
done an act la viotetloa of th" plaintiff
rights respecting the subtlest of the a*
tion and t'-nding to render th? Judgmei
In? ff.e tuai."
Borougti Passliteat M in? .sterda
:? tt? r to Mi M< g**etubv
n ..n bis apt"'intm? : ' ' 'iirma
Wlllcox, who dlsfMtehed s teiegvaai o
Mondai -?nt th.* follow.m* le'.ter yeatei
KaW *i ?>t k. Keii | 1913
M? Desi Justice McCall Supplement
Ins mj t? lecram t.. you, I wish ta con
grat?late you upon your appointment a
e- or and lo aas re you ;hat if a
.I , nn i.t ???rvl.e (g you I wis
rould 'i nr.'.i.in.i ine
. Hi ) Ou, I would hi??? to hav
? isloners und the heads o
??? ? departmenta on band to KT.-et yot
DSU i?, tik?- youi p.a?-e her?'
and n you win i?-t ?a* know i?**mewhs>t h
advance ihell he glad to arrange tin
feature, with kind regarda, I am,
w. u wil.i.mx.
Mr McCafl a? knowiedgid It at once anc
tion n led Chairman WUloos on the lala
phone- and saked if ii?- OOUld n?.t K"t time
t,. run over te his old chambsrg in tin
Emigrant Bavlngs Hank Bulldlag for s
talk Hit Hi" ' haun.an Bigg ilg lo nil
ears In business at that nwm.-nt
The entire da* was spaat by Mr. MeCell
at his old desk lb said lu? had a mass
Of personal business to clear up, as Well
as ths handing down of eiecision.s in a
number "I cases pending before hlin
The dank wiiH piled high with b'tters of
otmgratulatton, unit many called to da*
Irrer them In person. Mr. MeCal] said
only on?? pers"ii h a? I written anything
about the subway. It Wag from a man
aanssd Moore, in Drooklyn, who started
out with ooagratulatleag and then en
te'ittl Into ?i long argument on the sub?
way nuestlon.
Evades Mayoralty Talk.
Mi M.i'illl said he would receive his
commission as chairman of ths Public
Is mice ' 'ommlssion from Albany last
night, but li.' did not intend to take his
Oath ?if office at once.
"Will you tak?? It lo-morrow?" he waa
"?al.iry he: ' he replied, looking at the
mass of work on his desk. "It la Impos?
"Will you be able to qualify on Thurs?
"I don't see any chance of reaching
daylight before Thursday." was hla re?
ply, evading a direct answer.
Reiterating- his dense Ignorance of all
subway matters yesterday, Mr. McCall
'It is much more desirable that the
people obtain relief from the present eh?
horrent transit conditions than it Is that
a money making bargain for the city be
made on the contracts. But, notwith?
standing that that I? my opinion, I am
astonished by all the talk of my signing
offhanil what ha? taken five years to ac?
complish?the signing of ?.11080 contracts
a* If th? y were a three-line letter.
He was a straphanger, Mr. McCall
said. Transit eondlttona in the city were
unspeakable, he added. Speaking about
tho possibility that he might be named
by Tammany for Mayor this sail, no eal?l:
"I want to say that In no way have I
sought political preferment. 1 was con?
tented and happy here and did not want
to change. I had no thought of the may?
oralty or of any other political office. I
pledgo you my word that 1 have not
spoken to a single living soul about polit?
ical a?lvan?'ement."
II? did not say, however, that no "sin?
gle living- soul" had spoken to him about
the mayoralty.
In regard to the possibility that now
the commission was controlled by Demo?
crats there might be an upheaval In the
personnel of the staff, Mr. McCall said:
"1 do not know anything about the
present system of patronage In tho com?
mission and I care less. All that I shall
consider In a subordinate Is that whether
or not he gives sdiTQUatB ?rervlce for the
I compensation he receives."
Head of Borough League Pro?
tests Subway Delay.
jAmns la. Wells, president of The Bronx
Taeague and a member of many civic or?
ganizations in Tbe Hronx. expressed in?
dignation last night at the holding up of
the subway contracts It was at a matt?
Ing of the North Side Hoard of Trsde,
end a motion was made to hold a ma**
meeting to proieet a??1nM the dilatory
tactics of the men mho have the subway
situation in hand.
Mr. Walla saiil that the board and
practically every civic organl?.ati<.n In the
borough w?re disgusted und wished IS
place themselTea on record us being
1 greatly disappointed at the actions of
tu?.se responsible
"We have worked for this system of
subways for years," said Mr. Wells, "and
have been to Albany to see the ?Jovernor,
besides attending every meeting call??! to
rjaieuaa the question w?' firmly beiiev?-..
up to the pr?'f?e!it that the ?leal was going
to be put through, as liad been promise?!.
Now we are Intensely Indignant and feel
that we have a Just grievance"
Ex-Mexican Ambassador Ad?
mits He Deceived Americans.
Mexi-o City, Feb. 1- "I '.led to the
! American irovernment for t?-n month**.
?telling it that the Mexican revolution'
would be over In six weeks. I was fOreod
to Invest my diplomatic ::il?slon with a
domino and mask.''
TbOBS were the words uttered by
Manuel ?'alero, formerlv Mexican Ambas?
sador to the I'nite'l States, during the
discussion of the loan measure In the
lansta last night. He continued:
"The truth Is that the Department of
Finance has not palntnl tlu- situation as
U rsally Is. We utiould speak the truth.
though it ilaetroya Da The truth Is that
the situation Is desperate."
Sefior Caleros speech QBBBSd a Sanaa?
?rnestS Madero, Minister of Finance,
rep'.te?!, calling Manuel ?.'alero an in?1!s
OfOet ambassador and a bad tlnancler
I From Tha* Trlb'ir.? I'-ir?**.: I
Washington, Feb. 4.-Officials of the De?
partment of Btat?? and the ehargi d'af?
faires al the Megkan Badmaay decline i.?
discuss ths so-cal!?'.! "confession" Of
.Sefmr !>on Manuel Calero, forin.-rly M>-x
Ictiii Ambassador ?.> the 1'nlted States,
that the Madero government had decelvtd
the 1'nlted States and deliberately s p
prcssed tbe true condition Of affairs In
The utterances of Se?or Calero OBHBSd
no surprise here, as it was generally un?
derstood that he returned to Mexico an?
tagonistic t.? tas Madero government |
officials think he Is slmplv aaehtng to em?
barrass Pr?sage?t Madero
Se?or ?'alero left Washington several
days before th.? arrival of Se?or Pedro
l-.se .rain, the Mexican Minister of For?
eign Affairs, who held long conferences
with the President and tb?> Secretary of
State ir ib veb.ped at that time that
?alero and l.asciiraln were apparently at
toggei lieeda
State Department officials assert that
this government ha? not been deceived in
regard to tbe Mexican situation, and point
out that the embassy at Mexico City and
the consular agents have kept tho depart?
ment well Informed about the revolution
and the possibility of danger to Ameri?
can interests.
No oflai'lal report of ?'aleros speech has
yet reached the State Department or tho
Mexican Kmlaassy.
Show Animal Suffocated and
Adams Express Must Pay.
Philadelphia, Feb. 4.-A Jury held
here to-day that the Adams Express
Company was liable for the death of B
show dog which was being shipped
from Hraintree, Mass., to Us owner in
thiH city, and awarded $l,,r*00 darn
Tho dog, a blue rib? on bull, known
as Prince Regent, wa? ?hown in Brain
tree. Its owner allege 1 that tho ani?
mal waa suffocated b ' the piling of
trunk? und other baggage nbout the
crate in which it was travelling.
The express company claimed the
dog's death was due to other cuus?.s
and that in any event its liability was
limited to $7."?. Experts testified that
the dog was worth $.?,000.
Dacide? Filma Are Not a Public Util?
ity in Conspiracy Oase.
Justice McCall decided yesterday that
moving picture films are not a public util?
This decision was rendered In the suit
of the C.reater New York Film Rental
Company to compel the Motion Picture
Patents Company to admit It to member?
ship for the dlatrlbutloK of film?, the
Plaintiff alleging that the defendants was
conspiring in restraint of trade.
Justice McCall ?aid In his decision: "In
matters closely touching tho public inter?
est a monopoly of trade to the exclusion
of one whose service might further the
public good may be regulated or re?
strained, but the subject matter of this
action, a distribution of motion picture
lllni-, is not within this Olafs of public
If you are paying
more than we ask for
card and filing equipment,
you are being charged for
things you don't want or
which do not exist.
There is no possible point of
operation or ? construction or
design that would justify higher
prices than ours.
And we have CUT OUT
Telephone, Franklin 2261.
371 Broadway
Accurate Work
Prompt, Polite Service
Moderate Charge?
Fifth Avenue at 27th
Formerly at 104 Ea? 23d St.
Other Stores
125 WEST 4a.nd S1. 'Nr. B'way)
650 MADISON AVE. (Cr. 60th St.)
255 LIVINGSTON ST. (Brooklyn)
New York
a ^s,lftmion Part?
Ml OM Bond If, 3 Rne* ?>>rlhe
Sulzer Gets Only Praise for
Public Service Choice.
mv Tele**"*apl, te ?fee Tribune?.)
Albany, l**eh. i.-ie.,v.-ni.>: luisst an
noune-fd tn-nfarht that he hud tecelved
about ijst te*ea*reius and nrnssatss of
'?on^ratulatlun ?m tti***? ap-mintim r,t ,.*
Tu!*ti<?e Bo^rard B UoCtH as ?-.lairm-m
of the New Vork ? "ity i'ul ilu Semes
' nmmissloti.
"Any of the other kiii<1. ?"-ivrr:?.o??" ho
w"s asked.
"Not ?m*-. ii? replied.
He Bald he had many < on?raMlatory
messa*?* ?!ni on th*- . pt'??irittnrnt o<"
DoMis- P, lle,<l?eon, of i'uffalo. to the n?.
?tate? ?'.ihiiniHfloii. ?liiv.'iiiiir lii\ oaos -...
joota? Hoaaen's oaadMaey. Uoaasn's
nomination wi'.! lo cintlrfi)i"l ii.
0)Vfrnnr S'il)!i?r Is ?tu!'vh ?o have? Mr.
Mo?'all ansuni-? l.li? new diitl.'t ut one-.-.
The iJovernor, th??refor??. BSSIt a s: 1
SBsaaaaaar to New York to-?iay eitn Mr.
Mci'all's . oT)iml.?si>iii.
The nomination ?if Milton i-.. Olbbs n?
a nieinher of t!n> Bl (te Hoapltal ?''.mmiii
?*ion will h?? h??ld US), t.?r awhile St SSat,
t?y the Tammany ??tenate, r;!!?1 a ?."long??
to tho antl-Kinnane. or a-iti-M'irphy,
rartl??n of th?.- I)'nio?racy In M'.nri/*.
County, it i?? poastata tii.? s. ?., may
rt-fiin?' to eonrtrni him, thus r?l iertn*r
Qoreraor Baiser aa impotent in hub -b>
gp.'< t HH I'OVt'ril'.r I II \ V.l.? \V t . th??
Senat?.? last fOtV Tttut ?1 to COnflrtfl hli
nomination of HerfMrt P. IMsscll. of Bat*
fulo, for the place whirl) .Mr. Hod?,..a will
The ?lovernor Rave c-ut to-tilwht s ?"opy
of a letter n?'nt a eoetpis ot ysars i**'> ay
Plnucane to C<mtrollar B?hmer lit-ftonsssj
ejibbs ror a piuco as ijorurolle*!-'.?. eoaaMl
in Mutir??c i"ounty. in.-? latent ?-v.Beat**/
aras to maki it appear that I In si ?? hiu?
(jibhB tears fitendl**. They aen U thai
time. Blnos then Oibba ami n.? ?action
HaTS fou?*ht Lnnooahe and ?.?
and Qlhha !e no longer in fa
Klnucan^'s friend*, arho ara ths to '? eeri
8f Murphy.
There Is rtanehlsrahls ape? ilatioi
?Alien . tOTS" :.??: I 118*4 r Will
two re? ani !??? on ths
Service- i '..nuiilss'.ot: It i?
Is ptsTsaitting Chairman st?-> n i
over at the rennest ?f the lo. >i
tie? until th.- taagts iavot*rtasi ?
BftlaakM'a lavsatiaatlon ot tl
im* Bttuation can Pa sttaltTtai
It mlKlit he add? ?1 thit th?
sopportod t? Kltspal . k
Democratic bose. Th? Oov?
U98J ao ?M'lanatlon of a*hj ? ?
In that aaas ??as .l!;f?r??nt fio:..
.lu. t ?n ruiui?- Chalnaan WV vox'?
in ??pit? of Um psridlng ?--..A?..?' .. .
invoivtati .?.ii ox-tei'i.uno
it is generell) l" lloved that when he
,!,..?- HU ?).? ?? | '.'-..;. ?lea .1 ? ?I? it K. I
will be niune.i ??:..iiui.au of ths spi Stl
seranrieWAon a* .?. reward tor ? the
Qoeernor'a d^**a*?rtnseiil IneasUfatani
Btate ? i.^i: m.i.-i Painter tu *xi*?**ct?
..uni th?> othi r j-'ti aa a rsward ? - bsj
been Murphy's oaaapaisa dtrs i r, and if
appointed tissas atea would, ao dooM, t?o
nalckly confirmad.
Files 1,750 Orders and De*
cisions in Supreme Cour?.
?OttiO* McCauTa ?lay OB Uta B ,'ftne
?*ourt bSSSCh was a iiusy one '? ????rday.
li?? 11. voted the? *****aater part of tl .r.Rht
before to windim? up *?'s wora, ? I ye>
tetilay filed more than 1.7.'?? tarder* and
?!??? rlstoaa in canea pend?a** bsfors h
Aat?es*8j tli" eie.'ision?) wa? one s?,tt)ri**'
aside* a ""ardil t that both part;.? !" ? SS?
"*OT08 suit were Ballty and \::il:. nun?: tile
wif?*, and another wax that RloeinC I1???*
ui" tUma are not a public utility.
Most of th.? orders were til-??! In SUtta
broiiKtit against ?M <"lty by smptoyss for
seaspaaawtkHfl that they claimed mx?-" thai
prevallln?- rate of wages law.
Justice Decides Accounting Un?
necessary in Crosstown Suit.
Justice M,-i';il!. who In a ?lay I 88 B*B1
be acting; as chairman of the I' iblic 0*?"*
vli-e rommlsslon. deetds 1 >.ster.is>'
aaaateat Jeaeph B. Mayer, racetear ef Ihi
list li and ?9th atrrets Cieaatliwn B
I'ompnny. for an accounting- fot I '"
worth of honels issued hy tIi*?* railway
??oinpany !n IKS?. The suit SSI BBiSaal
Thomas F Ryan. P. A. H Wt.lener. H.
II. Vreeland, Almcrlc H. Vug.'. H .--otil?
?is Hays, Thomas Dolan an?l the Klkin*
??state. _
Made from
absolutely pure
"highest quality Lucca
Italian Olive Oil" ( not cheap
domestic oil )?undiluted and
unmixed with any ingredient.
Purity maintained by the Italian
maker for 100 years;
?* vi i?t**t**!r*53 j *?
Naturels food
made by us in soft gelatine
capsules for IS years.
Tm..rn euljr and terteleuly without the
olive oil coming in contact with the palate.
Try them. Juat this once.
a ox of 94? 25c. 100?fl.00.
Liberal Sample aad Llteratars (or
18c., to cover cost of postage
108 Fl'l.TON ST.. NEW YORK.

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