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Republican Caucus Votes to Ad
vocate Repeal of the Levy
Act, Riddled by Court.
Upstate Democrats Confer on
Suggested Amendments to
Patch Up Statute Without
Radical Changes.
I Bj Te>a?ar.>, -n T..e? Trih.n.r
Mr.e-.ny. Feh 1. Republicans of *>oi?"
ttt of the Legislature? ?ieid a eaacua
IO->alght or primary and election law leg
'"?lation. They voted to advr.cate the re?
peal of the itory eleetloa taw, which the
? "'il of Appeals riddled and which Tam?
many dob purpaaea to patch up without
li*-*tatl* changing its body. The??, d added
i.. urge legtBlatten maklna Btaw easy lbs
nHni of petiUona for Ib4i t m < i ?* ? i i t.omina
by leasasjlni tn. i, Huh. r ??' - pajaa*
1111?.?. r<ouir?il f..i Midi i- !.iioi:?. and .i?l
V'MHtnl a .m ?Mi-.it. t allot for Judicial
r-BBdtaatea and tin? . liaetmeiit of a con
-' iti.titnal amendment ?OT the so-calltd
fJTt ballot
As to primary Iaaflalalion, the oaucaa
t?."k i stand asalnnl committee destgna
? lor i:OiMiii,iti..n. d*****t<*llns, that ali
candldatea tor nomination ahpuM haes
iinir iiani.s pi?--. .1 on iba primar} ballot
>?y petition I ttl ? r ?!? taila Int to per
f.-i t ill?- existing primary i-egulatloi
i -? ! lut the ? r ? ?li?> hoi adv??
.at? the eattmakm ?? f the dlied primary
>>vta>m to in' iiui.' -t?te- otpaeera, thaa ahol
? ?> tna ti i -.?f- rone? ntion.
The CBUCU8 iv-nt ? >n r. c.<i-l .. - fa.orinc
the principle of norhmen's compensation,
and appotated ??? rob-commHt?**e t<? atudy
i'i? letrtalatlon n m pendlni on I at bub*
,c< t and to repori t?> the rawns lat-r.
Democrats Also Confer.
\ p?tate Democratic chairmen o*f Asaem*
eomn tteea also dtecussed In confer
ence to-*aaj ameadSMata tosMtotoi to
, lire deC-ct?. m the Tammany ??!??'?tion law.
Sen York City ?nen t'.ok M ?'art in trie
. ..ni. 1.1... Aaron .i Le*ry, the Tam
inaiiv I ad-r. said the dt) ? OBld fOt BlOIkg !
u.tli any kind of an ??!< ? t?<?n Ian arid it
was ||p t<. tit? iip-stat. BBBB to CbaBI
nil? oik ii the) didn't like II Levy had
nis bU of liakeriag ait? the ele*ctlon law
tVM. years 8afl0
The conf?ir.-?s asj**eed that there should
. .>!ii> tv?.?i r?**8*l**tratlon -?.ivs in cota*
m Unities otli. i than dtlea an?! vi. luges e.t
more tti.i-., ''.'??' Inhabitants Theae are to
he- the fourth and third Baturdaya priai
to ei'itie.]. day. They ?\i?? i also that
in the communities outetde of theae dtlea
,?nd tfllagea then ?-!:?*?uM ' ? B0 r?<r"te
ment for the -denature i f ? le-**toi as par*,
?.f an ??i ? n t !?;? ;.ti.':i anh? me, and that
Mi.-i- shoald ' :" r*r: 111 i iiv: Of 'lie 8B
?nlment and registry lists in this terri?
A? to patrona*-? matters, the **onfe**i***ea
rigiere' that the eleetlon inspe.-t<?rs In
? .t,,.; .ii?tri?-t? si.i.ui.i be appointed on
the recommendation "f the district oom
ttsemea The Assembly conftrrssa iig
ir?- these changea win cul the ex]
? .t t!i<- election machinery aloiit In half
f without losing f..r the pi.iiti :?at?*< all Of
in* patronage they bob
In Line with the Senate
\ ?.ii.-e otnmittee, eonsistlag >?( Masara.
Prewstsr Butt?. Mi*f*antele. Cole ami
Kvans. w?s aweagnatad to consult with
the Senat? loiiiuiiti. ? WhtCB BBS <?!??( tion
? i,i printer) las amei Imenta in charge.]
i r> to riatt- the thlaga agt*eed on h< tii??
isasnbly gathrru.g are rout la line
with what the Bsaiate minks? ? r doiag.
in addition to these suggest? u changei
ther?* wi!l be srorhed oui a aystam of In*
dependant nominations rSQUlriag, laati >-.
? if a tlxvi? num.?-: ..." a*g*P******?. a per
?ntage of the number <.f rotara lii th?>
political uall for nhlch the r-omlBaUon
bj to b?? mad". Tti:?--, 11 is ?u-ure?!. Will
meet a deCtStOB Bf thl COUrl 01 A;;,. ,,.
? ;.- daring a certain aec i-i the el?
'av> oBconstltutlonal.
Changea In the primar) regulation!
t:a\r nut bot u discussed yet < x? ? r?t by th*?
rr?.gressiv?-?. State Cbalrman Robinson
?>f the BooeeraH oartv was here to-day
t".lth propoeed legislation t?. permit the
?*nrolm?nt of all the good Roosevelt fol?
lowers HS a regular party, 8o they may
hold primaries next Srplomber fuel a?
the Rep'?Mieatis BBd L?tmocrat-- will. Ha
talked with th** Governor about the mat?
ter, and the Governor said he favored
m, and hop*.; the Isglslatloa weuM reach
the i;-fecutlve ?"hamber iu.?-t as thr I'ro
sreeslve? want.-?. It Toe bill, which will
It?, introduced very 8?.??n. WOUld permit
the Progresaivei? to make a postal enrol?
ment of their i,ien?.liei i bStnsBB Apr1! ?
and June 1. and hav?- enrolment fists
l?r??i ared f.efore th?> primariea fBBt BJ
those for the regular politha par t?-s
i? I! be.
Cuvillier Suggests List for
Prospective Militia Corps.
Albany. Feb. 4.-Louis ?'uvllHer. < halr
u-irtn of the Assembly Committee on Mil
iiaiy Affairs. Who has a hill before the
l.?*gislatuie to provide for an aviation
i-oips Of the national guard, has picked
a tentative list of oBassaa fat Um aatpa?
-lnoild tin bill become a law. The list
Mater. Mortimer l>??laiio, secreta))' of
ti." Aero Club of America; Quartermas?
ter. Walter L? Suydam. ?r. : Hdjutunt,
t?eorge P. Montgomri-, . captain pilots,
Beckwitli Havens, l.iovei ?' I.eonlnif
and K. Harrison Hif-glns; lieutenant
pilots. XV Irving Trombley, liank T
Coffyn and W Kitilnigh Whitehouse. and
otflcer student. }*rarn !:? i>. (Jallatin
The cost of the proposed corps is es
i ?mated at $76.000. of which t?O.Ouo
would be expended for equipment and
$-3.000 for a movable hangar at Hemp
stead Plains aviation field
St. Joseph, Mo., Declines Maine
Relic Asked by Mayor.
St. .Toseph. Mo., Feb. 4.-The City ("own
?II refused to-day to appropriate money
for bringing Admiral SlRsbee's bathtub,
relic of the battleship Maine, from Crban
),a, Ohio, to St. Joseph ?everal w??ks
?go th? Navy [?epartrnpnt at Washington
*"***ff****f'*? that the bathtub, nhlch bad
),een rejected by 1'tbaniia. woulel be |>re
tvented to the first city applying for it.
Mayor Pfeiffer Immediately asked that
the tub be awarded to St. Joseph and
was advlivd that St. Joseph could have
If. But When th?? Mayor asked the Coun
? H to prov Irte funds for bringing the bath?
tub to thi?? city his rennest was refused
on the tr.'ir.il that his Sdka. BlrSBil.
hsd brought the ?Ity into undesirable no
Huntington Pastor Gives Lesson in Pronunciation to
Ohio Young Woman Who Sang "Ihe
Holy City" at Entertainment.
Thf singing of the word ''Jerusalem''
m ' The Hol) ?'?'' ? ' Innocent i
apfjear, la capable of glvli - ? ?
dition of Bffeira erhlch roey fuae op ?
whole church.
Miss Glsdyi Dean, ol i ?
to the Rev. ?'liarles e, Crsgg. lector of
st. John's CiSeropel Chnrcli of Hunting
ton, sang, ? i rath?*? Intorted, the
"Je m ss iTffl" In euch ? manner ai te
?make h, r "an ohjeet of rWleole to mai
! aot*oMlni i" ti"' clergymas Misa Desii
. all.*?l the City ".I.'-ru-sei-luti
so shocked eras th? ""?actor that b?
; stralghtwny sat down .nd vviot- the
; following ?"ti?!' t.? Mis*- Dean:
Although naturall) unknown to you. 1
i take the llbert) of celling your ??tention
! to a def.ci In your entertalni lent or laei
; evening lhal perhapa you mey be able "?
r- ni.'dv befor? it Ir Blv? n to-nlgn
I r. fer to the pronuneistl.?f "" '?'?" ??
1 "Jerusalem" by lh? led) who sang. ?"
rather. Intoned, The Hols ' l] ? '
I pronoun.-, ?i th word 'Jcr-U ?
when, of eourse, se yon know, i sh
he "Jer-u h lern ^ Th? ayllabl?
should be pronounced a? 'f ?? u'
" it seems onlv a little thins I "? I**"*1!?
the whole i timh? r en objeel of nfllcuie
to many, which is partlculsrl-, unfortu
nate with u thli ft lhal should have an
stmoepbere of n ver? nef,
The Huntington Historical 8
;u- .- nt? rtainmi ni on Frills) n
! which Miss I >.an was the prim I
ir la .-...i ii." rector did not know when he
n..- letter that it was Wat Denn
I who lang Thi Holy City." hut]
he stood by hla gum nemthsleeo. s""v'
, ' members ol th? eoefc i> r*?-1*?' hhn
;,t (the) bsII It '?ewiggllng*')
? rusalem" waa ?ntsttevnoutsee 4, M
? s and he la Bald si " to have
mad? i-emarka .? all le te those neei by In
. a?, ucut of tin allesetl mlapronun
Wir., Miss Dean received tl"' Istter lier
les'es became so blurred that ?he bad ?lif
??Acuity in reading it the eetrond and third
tunea, According to the etery? "hon h*r
t . ? da hnrn.-.i of the crtthlsm they took
?Idea ?ith h. r Immediately, inaltrtalnlng
i., ? rendition of ' The Holy City" sould
well be unproved upon. Her way of
pronouncing ''Jerusalem.'' they Insist, ?s
; i...-,? approa? b.
w ben ?> k. ?? ..i'"':' ? ..uii-?ii"ii with
matter, .Mr Ci <? u sal I It ?*?-?? almost
. ? ,,, ...!k abo .t M" w.'s Inter
. ii? Bald, orilv in liavinp. a I? autiful
mu ce.' of mus?? retssered in a
ter which should h. wey .letr... I
Imm it.s dignity and i ? v. r? nee.
miss i i? n, declined t.? dlscusfl the mat?
n. ? lipa ?.r. s. t in rath? ;? BtrmUhl
lii . \vh. :i the alfa:: was mentioned, I Ut
. .... ,a A eusplcion "f teais I", h?
'RUE lOSS lit UEO '
| Unbridled Display nf Pictures
Daily Endangers 15.000,000
People. Says Ahcarn.
Detectives to Catch Incendi?
aries and "Direct Lighting for
Moral Safety" Recommend?
ed by the State Marshal.
Alba:).. Fob ' Tu es ..f Incei
uriRin an . In number thr?
..ut th.- s?,-,.,. Th?- IS.Of.00 p?
throughoul tbe country who dally attt-nd
moving picture exhibltiona ere ca ??
to danger from Urea and unbridled die?
playa" Bo declares Thomaa J. Ahearn,
Btatc Fir* Marshal, in hie bi
port recommending legislation lo rem?
cdy these < ..ml:',
T'n- Fitre .Marshal Ruggeeta thai the
eetabllehmenl of an "araoti I ireau, com?
poned of competen! men in the nature of
Beeret service d?tectives, quellfled in Hie
work (?'.' discovery of crime," would go
fur toward decreasing the nnmbei oi i?
eenglary fires', although he recomn
more rigid end systematl? Inspection ?.f
I property end contents by Insurance com?
I ponies and the n..r- ng of tue edjust
; era bj the Insurance i >? .1 te
I a close end searching scrutins Into theii
character. He claims that ? ? 1nsur?
ar.ee anil dishonest adjust? - ? pro?
lific raus? 1 of ..!'-??
I 'or the : urther pi oteel on
?crowds attending moving picture the?
atro?; f-'jro Marshal .\heain would ore
Iacribe s set ,,f rules ?<> govern the ?
tion ?>f sueh theatres, end would '?Je?
mand tbat the proprietor should DC com*
| pel led to take a,ut a license foi the pla ???
I not its rnanager, so that the la** could
not be ei s?se I I > a mere tren ?
name to name
''Lighting for Moral Safety."
"There should i?e direct llr-htiii; foi
moral safety, he continu?e, and h?- ais..
recommends ordinances t.> govern the
storage and handling of fllmi it has
keen shown thai moving pictures have
frequently been the occasion of pyro?
mania l i e Fin .!
citing a number of Instances where
"pyromenisci were started on their .;.
rei?r by moving pictures To remedy
this and other condition? le favora a
? -?rshir. of filma
Fire Marshal Ahenrn states that rhe
large lire waste In tins .st.it?-. which leal
year, outside of b?-?*.it<t New fork, erne
rc?--j.otisinle foi a loss of |lf,SIS,S|4, i?.
dne to poor construction, carelessness,
lack of public education in tir<> preven?
tion and attention to fire lighting rather
than to its prevention. He points oui
that M i1?"' '?-nt ??f all fires are th<- re?
sult of carelessness, negligence .?> Ig?
ince," end urges the organization of
Are prevention und protection clubs In
every community composed >.? repre-,
eentatlves ?..'' all .lasses. "a( the month?
1 v riv-i tuif.s of which th? ould
be dlscusBod by competent men."
No Living Quarters Above Garages,
lire .Marshal Aheaiu paya I tribut? to
the valet end Belf-sacrlfloe of volunteer
fiiemen, but favora the organisation ?if
paid tire departments when ei po tibia
He advises stringent regolatlona of gar?
HK*'?- und me! ti?.?i-** of supplying gasolene
to ?-ais. sad uig< - that there I??
living ?juaitets or enj 1.usines:, ah..ve a
The Fu?* Marshal suggests amendments
to the present Ian Impoeiiig -. Une on
ispihiants not performing their dut) and
reporting Mithin ? epodnod time; making
more ?.tfingent the r?'ijulreiiieiits for in?
drills and Inspection: leUttlrlng Ore chlorte
to make seini-annual reports to the de?
partment showing ?).? condition ..f the
water supply and service, fire fighting ap
1 ,tutus sad 1.ie hasarda In theli locali?
ties; giving too otate Fire ?alsrshal power
in proper 'ase.- t.. permit smoking In cer?
tain factor?as; compelling Insurance com?
panies t.. cancel poll? lei on buildings
where the orders ?>f the I'ne Marshal '??
coned vleiaUona ... law are nol compUed
with; gtvitiK the Fire Marshal power to
search ruina sftai 1 Ore ami making th?
? ost a Hen on the property whenever there
hi reason t?. believe thsl .. human liife
was sa.rifi.ed. and requiring Incorporated
Hllages m the atate te provide for sa
sdoonets Ore department an! f.>r a - t.< ? -1 r? 1
building code
I'Ihiis for raisinii mon? | for ?t huildmi;
were mad. at a meeting of t1 ?? Boeiety
of the Jewish in-titi.i.'. hold Mohday
evening at No, IN Berond svenue. The
Inatitute 1- t.> ... ? ri.ii.iish.-i In th
nelghtMrbood ..f |ew?rr ?ocond svenue, and
?s lo osiT) mi <<Ji:eattonal work among
tii?' ?routh of the distil, t.
josi'i'h s. Marcus n.entiy started the
fund with a contribution <>f fl,???' Other
Important contributions erlli soon be an
IKllllll ? .1.
The institute will aim t<> m< .-i 1.d I
fora ri.I i? ? i? all.?ii ,iff..i?.iHK/ida. .?
liouul facilita? b. ?
Maritime Association Wants
Politics Kept Out.
?ttM'-nl Of :i
tti ? ? make re? -
latlona for th? maintenance and op
ition sf lhe h?rai canal, with a view
political fi atures
. ? l | flU? '???? :?!??,I 10 ? biv
-? i--..?!? *o da: '? tetlon rep*
" v- . ? \- -.,. i..ti,.?i of I he
? of Kew ?T? ?????: lia m mb i? were
paled to f mil their i |**wa in afrit*
? ? thai the ?:.nor could t ??
iht m with Btat? ngii ? i!? net i and In
ml P??? k i.. th? De| srtmeot of
? Works
Th? ommlttes
? ; t > i- ? * Btatli.f tha
,. Blata st
Vee -, ? k Seo Voii. Board ).f Trade
i ralo i 'bsmber of
. e Ell hang?..
?.?... i ociatiori ?ei .. ? . 'o? i af New
i York end t?.thei repressntlni ?'anal
1 iranspoi tatlon Intei -
BBBBBg ? ?? ? ?i ?
A Democrat Elected in Place of
The following new rere elect?
ed to til?- Board of Aldermen restsrday
Philip i. Bchmtdt. of Ko ? ? Bas) Eath
street, t?. su. i ? ? d John W llagenmlller,
of No 19 fSasi
128th -ti? ? t. t" ici ?-? d Per i Pavi??,
n coarl ted
e.f attempted extortion ??? a leuryer, and
: i :? kst.-t.it. : of No M Weal
.-tr* ? i. to ?i,,.. ! Bryant .Wlllard, who
' died - ' dd?
lion ma
- ..? th? i***..r ?! ol Aldei m<
membe* Hagenmlller ano Waa a fu
? i Bchiatdt, a i ?eaBa*
, ral The I ? ?r ire Repab*
? ?. ? dial i:? publicans
Body of Missing Man Found at
Foot of High Cliff.
<'I'veia*.d. Feb. t Th.ly sf s
Horn? i i v. ?? t?. .. promit tot i oubi I
n, who mystei isly disappeared
?,;i Baturda** night, wa found this after*
no?.)) on th? lake- shore !n LalMWOOd, at
th.- f(?,t of a Vile,-!, cliff it is believed that
Everetl when taken Btes. al a hauee
warming, wandered oui In i ?i.-ir.e and fell
, ? iff
The ' "? wai found b foui clerks, who
,d ave of absen? ?? from worii
to search for Bverett, and who protoablj
; W||] div d? th? I ??? ? ard off? i ?-?l bj
ajyiveatei I reretl lb? de-ad mafl'a fath?r
- - -
Nine ?x Presidents >f Brooklyn
Democratic Club at Dinner.
x , of the former proal dea ti of th<
? t;ir?.k li I), mo'-rali?' ?'Inn w?-re present
I at the tvvi-Mv-iift.: annual ?iiimer Of the
Idab n 'h- l'on? h albr? i'lmt'.n an?l
' l.afayett'- BVeaUCI last uiKhl. Tli?-s? in
[Cl.I David \ Boody, A Augustus
i?.. i '..... .? Paster Pesbody, Juattea
Harrington Patuam. William <*. Radehad,
i ? ,. | ? r.t IL.tatio C Kll g, A H t...- ?
? m??)??! ruiiiiasaiiian sir?l Hermas a.
Meta and Daniel Moynabari Tha presa?
deal ?? !I - eh h, Aloaao i ' MCeLaoghlla,
\ portrait ?.f tha ?-???? Bdward M Shep.
ard. iii? found as sf tha ? iui>. waa m>
\.-i!.->i 8 i i - M?-? Patnam i? la ?he work
nt B*amU< : .1 W'e'olfe
Bpeechsa were made bj farmer Praal?
dents Beady, iiesiy and Meta: ?.purge M.
I'(Curtis, Assistant Corporation ObbbbsI,
and Andrea MeLa?n edttee af The
, Brooklyn CMsen."
Rector Writes Mrs. Holley Is Not Her
Husband's Aunt, as Reported.
i i '..i,.-, i nil.;, ti.? nmrrisge ?.f i-'rai.. is
I Newman Holley and Hi Jenale Se-oviiie
; Wh?--?;? i lai i ThUtaaa* in Torrlngtoti,
{i e.i.n . n iM.it? d in Tha TrlhttM t?> he
,.,,?,.1 niatives. j. chaunoey i.insiey, i?
mi of Trinity ?'lunch, of Tnrrim-ton, Who
performed tha marriage, fa? written to
Tha Tribu?,. ;i letter, lr* whlbfe h,> na???
Reterring to the sea Item in the Run
day Tin-un* ?tatlng tiiut in marrying
rands Newman Holle) to Mn Jennie
gcovllle Wheelei I had married a man to
hi? aunt, which ratatlonaatp. under the
?t.ttut.-s of t'oniMcticut, made- the mar?
riage ?old, permit in?- to state that no
blood i'lationniiip whatever (?slated be?
tween these contractlni parties ainl that
i the B.etut?*a e|Uf)t?-d applied In no way to
this marriage.
: New Mexico and West Virginia In?
dorse Amendment.
Santa I'V. N. M . Wtjb 1 M> 8 rats ?if
M to ?? the la.wir lions?.- of th?- ?.ejrihla
turt toda) adopt?-.! the le.olution ap
provlttg th?- i*>**onoeed amendminl t?i the
Pederal ?-'onstltution. [Hovtdiiig for the
dir?-, t ?d? ?tion 0i ! nltt d Btatsa ??-nators.
Its ud??|?tioii bv the 8. nate tu conceded.
Chariasaea W ?n.. ret? i-tii* Rennt??
t?. d.i?. aaaptsd the H?a**ae r?s?>iutie,n ratJ-l
fj-tag lh? air??iielm-ut to the federal ?on
Iit, i ut n. ii in?.-, idii!*; f'*r th?- ?lection of
I'aited t?iatctj t-tuutorb by fOiiuiar vote.
? The Conservation Commission
Wants to Use Stored Water
on the Ontario System.
Legislature Asked to Authorize
the Scheme for Albany and
Nearby Cities?Favored
by Consumers.
I R? "l>l??i-raph in The Tribune. |
A.hany. Feb. 4 Ullis will l>e introduced
to-niort ow auriiorizlng the <'onservatiou
Commission t>> embark on a aystom of
developmenl and gfstrlhntloii ?>f electric!
ty from Btored ?rater, along ibe line ..r
I the work of the Ontario Hy<lro-K|ectri.*
?'ommi-iiion. The ? onaervatlnn ?'.Immis?
sion considers this work not only a treat
ben? (ti t?. the cossntaaers "f slsetrletty fee
light aii'l power, since It *aves them
much money, but a financial sucsssa in
lhal it <loeH not lose rn.mi'y for tbe prov
in.e. A leglBlStlVe ...mnilttee tranklv
..;.po??ed t?. government oernorship lias p
potrted, on iiKurer? which ibe Ontario sod]
-ays Hre. in>..n?"'t, tliai it loses money
toi tin provlnoe eaeh year.
Th?* ?'..user, atlon Commission has tried
for a COUPlC of years to have enacted :i
g?nerai statut.' permitting H lo apply ths
.'ntarlo ai'hi'tiie to the sovelspsnent of
lb?, state's w.it?r poWSTS. Now It want?
to try ..ut the system In a limited com
a : dlsttiet. suran?taliiik tbin ?It?..
? iperlmeni would be made under unusu?
ally favorable circumstances as t?. slight
exp?ense and limited .?rea r.f distribution
for the electric current, it is favored
b] authorities of al! f Me* municipalities
which would be alf.i-tej. local lighting
and elertrt? concerns and the t'luK' i < ''"
tii. interesta, teclu-Ung the ?ten?'.??! ?Stec
trie Compan] end the tntnenj N. Brad;
. ..i.?eins, win Mtterl) oppose 'be project,
rnder ibe Conservation CoBStslssloa's
hill? the waters of th?- Hudson now BtofOd
. u Mar.? dam at Ylsscher's Ferry hii?1
ti,?' surplus Waters Of th" l.arrxe canal al
. '....nt win be transformed Into si?
t.a energy, Tiu.s will i??- seid to the mu?
BldpalltlM in tbe capital territory st eost
they '?>> s'*l tt.? ??.??.-n l.'ltv. In tun. t"
. ..r lURDrn at a slllS'ilt advance, ni.tugh
to .over ?i.st incurred by these, .i
lernst charg?e on the dtetritmtlng -, > I
.?.Mi the ;.ke. n is estlinated that the
?untavra <>f thla city, Troy, Bchenec
lady, Cohoee, Wstervtlel and neighbor -
;? c smaller communities would receive
? ? 'M. Itjr f..f light and pow.?r fot ? I
?nan one-half of what the) BOS pS
Powers of Proposed Bureau
The eommlaslon's billa vvin create ?
i.-, .'i.?-? I? tti burean In the c?MnmlSBton
authorized to develop S?d diSttrihUte ' ??
trl?' energy iron. <t..re<i watei (.,:
,tt . ..?t t.. muni? Ipatltias It is i? have
?...wer <>f rendsntnetloa, and mai bulM
st?.ing?' dams, pow?r plant?, a'.u transmis
??ton lines The .*t.tt? f..r this purpose is
.milled int?, developsvsni districts, an?l
tl. -. mus (?-??lit?' th?- first. ..[ capital die
to be BerVSd bj tbe powt-r coming
r.'.m the Crescent ?nd ITiescher'fl Perry
I dams
I? -, pi.. i.lnl thai tlie ir.itui COS! -
' v melt it i.?- -*a*timeted wHl nut i.? msti
than aboul $?>..'....".' on planta t.. develop
? | ? . .v power .s.iuil ba- p.tal !? ?
itr t. sad th" cool "f ta? powei developed
to consumers shall be enough t.. i>.t:. th?
nterest "ti tins ntoney, the uphesp sf tho
plans and transmission line? and Wipe o ?'
th" initial expanse In fifty veai.
engineers ..f the eommtsston Bet?nate
lh.it 12,00g liorsepower would be the mini?
mum ion water power devolopssoni KOr
.,i least half th?* year, tli'-v ugu'c, ? .:.
aould n?- S5,0<t*0 borsepowei and at times
.th !:.i,i. sa t1*."ii" borsepowei it la
planned llrst to bond power plun' a I
transmission lines t.. handle IS,*rM hni-ae
I pOWOI and Inter to eriliiiRe them t"
, i ...;?iie tne ir....nrt horsopowei it i ?
i nn.ii-.i ti.it? this co..Id le ?Jona an?! an
I auxiliar] steam ptam Installed to keep tlw
.. itpUl "f ekM ti I? Itj Up to that stand i .
? v... n h>e v...i? i |..-ii?..is. fin aboul t'
lh? dfj tan- ?. f..t distribution
? ?t ihe ? '? ? i-i. it*, frort ?.? n..'
u Uni? U Bill ? s rai f: .n ?:?? t" tic.te. n
miles ??. n^' unisiiai ihm? uit*. or expones
v ..lid ba encraemtered in building .nd
maintaining the distribution lines
Consumers Favor Trial.
LaOoal authorities and cooaStunors of BlOC
iriclty and commerclsl Imdlei ..f tin? com
n,unities to he bsntflted ui' heartllv m
favor of this trial of kov ,-minent develop?
ment of i?s water powsrs? Severa! .small
? ?immunities adjclriipi* thos, to he hone
lit??!, hut not In. lude.l in these schemes,
ate beaultiH to get In, so their htasjMM
m. n may iia.e tiie cheap powei sad lisi.t
Before anj community eonld lake nd*
rsntage of the schsme it would have p.
v..te at a SSOSlSl ele, tion to adopt it .ml
in i.uiid us transmission ima? within the
Cttj limits, as the stets WOUM tratisiiut
11.le. trpitv only to tbe ??ty line. It Is
eatimat??! that the expense to the .
tot lines plant, Upkeep and the like would
average |i per ?apira .? ?/ear, which, en
glneere sa>, i.? less exitenetve rh.m w.ii
i n :i gad . ; eaply tun water typtt n i
Member of Alleged Band of Burglars
Cries "Frame-Up,"
Narr) K...... one .>i a hand ?>f six
XiUths. ar tested ai.out a month ago for
a series of burgtsrles conimltted In The
llxorix, waa ? Onrieted of burglarv in th.*
third degree yesterday, i.efore .tiquee
?Joff In the ?"rimlna! Hrnnrh of th* Pu?
peen.. Court Patrolman Meyer testified
that six Bticka Of dynamite with fulmi?
nating raps and fuses were found In a
Militase in the resort when RoOS vvas ??>
ROM said that in- bad hea-n 'franrvd
up Ic til?- police lie used ?o.alne, h?
sal?!, and was full of the dru? when the
detectives qutSSOd him. While he wa? in
the Tombs, he declared. Meyer hnd said
to itiin: "TOO might as well take n plaa;
nobody ijers away from Gf.ff." Meyer de?
nied Wring anything of the kim,
Iteprv Albrecbt, another alleged mambei
of the gang, followed Hno? to triai He
.ipi?-ared tuucli surpriH?*Hl when tne Hist
witness railed proved to be rleorge ?JUlep,
anotVer memlier of the gang, who Is under
indictment. Qltten said that Albrrrht had
stiowed him money and gold met?ais, sav?
ing that 'hev w'-te the proceeds ot hurg
Krank Sp.aight. tbe Kngllsh Inter?
pr?ter of the novel? of ?hailes Dickens,
gavt- th- tlrst of hla two dramatic I ?lik?
ens rwitals yesterday afternoon at the
lludaon Theatre. "Alfred Jingle, l>,j."
was th.- tttip of the recital, the s?jhject
matter ixing drawn from the novel of
?'Pi'kwKk Papers ' At his next 'ending.
t"-nioiiov\ ,tftt i noon. Mr Ipealfhl w'll
pieeeni A Tale of Two ? "Ules."
Revocation of Chauffeur's Per?
mit by Secretary of State
Only Change Favored.
Two Hundred Representatives
of Industry Uphold Callan
Law at Albany Con?
i v.-, Tetesrapti u, tha Trl* i
Albany, Feb. L?The Seeretnrv of Siflt?.
Mitchell May, this after Bonn rronduetsd a.
f-onference of two hundred representative?)
?if automoMh and chsutfeurs' assoe.a
tlona and manufa?**turers, and f und that
fen of th? proposed anaendments to the
motoi vehicle law Wtrt favo?e?|. The
majority of ihose presenl expressed the
iViief thai lit*i? - improvement couM be
made iti i!;?- Callan lav-,
?>n!y one m tendmcnl met wltli general
approval That would Rive th" Se?r.'t>?rv
of State the right to r?-v?ike a rliauffe-ur'x
licenaa at an* lime. The chauffeur, how?
ever, is to hnv?' a COUri review. Thl?*
amendment, ii waa beUeved, would ma*
tertally issseB automobile crimes and dis
coura**e chauffeurs from operatlaa cara
?hile intoxicated
Th.- proposition t?> lleeBsa owner?, of
ear.? aroused ii'.?* iieataal oppaslUinia
Charles Thaddsua Tarry, represenl -
several automobile end manufacturers'
??? latlens. declared thai lha trouble lav
? t?,-. mii'-ii |t**gts1atlon "Wii.it la need?
ed," he ?ai?!, "la ii?- *mf*a*rt*emen( of th?
preaenl lawa Seo Toric Clt* ahouldhave
two 11 "i aii'! meit'.reyele policemen, In*
?.?.-.i.i .,f ?;:(-. ,-t* at pr?sent Aiieident*
? OU Id th. it .lee-t ?a'p.
s..-retar. M.? explained tiint the
son lor the pr?.|.eiMt|.?n to iliense owners
?\;(? ?tie appallini Increase in auton*?ol*ile
Ray i: Bmlth, of Syr?.',.s*, f'.rtner
?'lerk of the \.?enih|v, and ope ?if the
?irafteis or tin? Callan law, laststed that it
was l.ot BeadBBSTS, but -?.pert*?. WBO WOTS
?liim-eron-? lie l.elleveel that Utilising "f
owners would do little so -i Maat of the
ti-ouMe Ii 'tin aitb drivera "f aorsss.'' he
?.,.,. in Nob Toril trafile condll
tnlKh? require era ? ? bb? ; bui they
aie not needed upstate "
Licenses Would Reduce Sales.
a repr?sentative .?f ?> dealera' associa"
tion said that owners' Ueanssa would re
.!-.,. ?? -?'?' at '1 that nO morO than ?". per
,,.,,! ..r tn?' a-, Id? nta ? ould b? avoided
Women aed new o*s*nera en the aaf?
? hiver?, a? ? ??rdin?* to a r?-pi ??"??-titatlv e of
LUtontoMla lUbfhtjr* uBderwrtt?tra ?>f s?.r
BCOSO Many ?itliei?. rspl ?-s??BtlBg ?utonn?
.Mla ?wt.ers. opposad tha owaera
I i.rop. ' t ?? "talegation ?-i -iiajf
j feurs. Wblcb a--i?-ai??' at ti,?- > .inf. ronOO
favored It
i fsmti T ii'ii'. ?e, r"i.ir.- ..f tha Cha >(
i ferus' fin.. -., ? -rtatJattca ahotsrlBi thai
llcanaad ehauffaura wera i^sponslble for
I. omparatlvelv f. w n?-. Ments Most >?f the
killlt.c... h?? held VM'ie tlue |0 own? 1*8 an?!
their son? Bad BS tOOOtiOttO? ??-veral well
taw-en rouna Baos of w**hltta ??- reehlssa
*ahi Benl repi sentlni saothet chauf?
r, ,t ? ? .-...i,, believed that owaera
i ?.. to run 1 ..??:! ? ,?r? oi.iv
? ? ffeui ma?ie ti .- .i-, isratlon
that on a wei da in St* 1 ??ik he iw Id
U?le up and down Fifth avenue :.t the rate
of (Ifij un'.-? .m hoir .nul not l?* ai
reeled Ha ??!?' thla waa secs usa iiie
tu,.t.,i ? ? ??? ' '?- . ? ? ??? ? ?> il'l not
maha over s ? i pavements
? i,?.-.?-. .-'i. i.a.? Been lumping "" '??'*
chattaTeurs,'' aatd Joseph Floch, ?>f t is
Chauffeurs' Protectlvi tasoetaUoB, i> ?t
tMB tt.- ' are ?tr.?ng enough to gel be? k
i i know a mar iIkIii here in Albany, tun
hing his own car, Wim is nsai* sighted
in? faut s.-.- hla radiator another is so
deaf be < ??uid aai hoar ? str? ?? iti ai i "tn
i'i.i thsl these phj al? .ii ?i? -
;.,t :u owneri were the .an??? >.f many
a. cldenta H? auggei ted 11 at ?w n?-rs
ihould ha it to pasa a phj ?1 al ei a nina*
tinn before the* could be allswad to run
.a .ai Lb rol i' Mai tot uned to think
favorabl) ??f tin? in*opoaltien
Alb? r? CsllBB, the lntrodn??i of the Cal?
lan law. read a dreulai ;? tte-i fffaaa a
lotiditig company, atatlBj thai the law
waa to i.- . hanged and new i*eotri<***i(**ia
made, reealtlng la "mor. aeedleaa nrre.ts
Therefoffo taha out bou?la ?? fiafirsury
Maj protested that he was not nMating
the nutomol.ll?> I...I .Hi g huslrie "??
Urged Bonds for Driver?.
ft V.. HI! ?it, an snglBeer, who ?aid
I he -*epreasBted five orssmlsatloBa. .!??
e,.ire?d that a" per??.ill' Will. I ini u'ltonio
' bBsa aught t.. h. farosd t-> t.?k?- out bonds,
j as that they would ba responsible iti case
of Injurtng .ui>i?'iiv s.. r*t.n\- hla* .lid
not believe an? h a !.iv. would ba coBstltu.
tlonal Senator Walters aald that all ttto
ami tinto fui- automobile law riolaihaia
should i?e turned aver i?> the Beamlniy of
?tata, itr*teai! >.r tha locsJlUsa, la <n?i??i tu
preveai aneouraglaa si??-eei trait.?
Amonn tin- amendmeats favored '"\ ihs
H.'i.'taiv .,: Slat.- is on,- providing for
th?- astehttahmsnt of a asmi*stat? cats?
?tiiiiiiinry to lavoatlgate chnaffsura and
to .??-. th.it Hi- autoni.tl.il.? law is ?n
foread. Ha baHevaa thai the Neeataaa ?>t
chauffeura should bo ????i?!<???<i ?., $j and
that th? !??? ? irltOUld 1'?- al! ret? lined 111
eus?- Ihej ?i" not pasa tha t-ftamlnaflon
Th?- eiiHuffeiir? themaslves s?', k tiie rala?
lug ?if the htan.lar.l ?if the ??xamlnatloi?
Itcrstsry May also su??Ke?<teti ,( ,h?ni?*
ill tin- ?aw b] -Vhlrh the li!(,h-|i,.w.M-e.|
inaehtnes wtitild bo tax.?.! .<t the gTSetSSt
late? im Ihs u'routi'l that thoy do the
Kieatest dB maga to roads and In casa <>r
in'? ldents.
11.? suggested the following late of tmt
ftti??n: PortP ?enta n hors?- pow.-r for ma
Chlnaa under tw.?nt> -flv.* horsi'-power; M
cents from t*aoa?*T-4rvo to Ifty boraa
Power; 11'?? f?u over tlfty. Tills was
stroiiKlv 88MSeaad by Mr. Terrv and oth?
ers, wliu held that the taxation provide?!
in t lie pr?s, nt Law was em a sclentlrle
hasls. Mr. Terry said that the automo?
bile tax in New York State Is now hitch
er than In neat of tha state?! In th.? (*OUt*H
try. He also opposad anggaatlnn l??r In?
creasing the tax on th?i larger commer?
cial motor true-ks l)us?>d e?n their eapacltv
and for reKiilAtions in referen?'?? to the
width of their wheels. Me ?a,,i that the
maitiifH??turiiiK ,,f motor tnn-ks was still
in its eapertaasatal sta?e and ihould he
eureiurag?*?) ratluu than strunxl??!.
Secretary May intended to baas several
aine-fidmeiitH to the ?'alian law on Infor?
mation obtained tin?m??h the ? ?.nferencc
and have them la-tradaeed In (he I.?*k!s
Albany. Feb. 4 -Ex-Assemblyman 0<iii
verneui M ? 'amo? han, of New City.
Ttoekland County, was nominated to-dav
by l?oveinor Silla-er an n memlier of the
board r.f managera ?if laetchworth \'?i
?are to succeed Promit \ Vaadsrlip, of
Alleged Distortion of State Constitutions, Class?
ing Women with Criminals and Idiots,
Denounced by Alice Hill Chittenden.
By Allee HUI ( hitlenden.
I President ?if Ihe New York .--t?te As?n. |al
<)npos?*?j ?n Woman Suffrage 1
At a recent ineetlrg at which both si?:
of tlie woman suffrage question wa? pi
. sented, the sufriage speaker made the t
lowing statenient, a? her Introducto
"The f'onstitiitloti of New York rttn
Bays that every person over twsaty?0t
?ears old who shall have been a ?Iti/.i
for nlrety days and an Inhabitant of th
state for* one year shall be allowed
vote, except criminals, idiots and women
Isn't it about time for both men ar
women to eurer a Vigorous protest Bgaini
the deliberate utterance on a public pla
form if BOdll a ?listlnetly fnlse statetMl
as thin" Women ate not mention?'?! i
Section I, Artl lo -. of the ? 'onstitutlon I
Neu Yoik, whi'h article defines th" gUgl!
tlc.itloti of voters, and neither arc cri.nl
nais or idiot- mentioned No one has ev<
I classed women with these other classes i
i a community, exrepr suffraKists.
If tiiov choose to place their ?ex in th
tanks with th.- unfortunate and umleslra
!.'?? citizens of the state, let them ?lo -?. 01
thetT own authority and not fall had
upon the Constitution lo support tltotl
?ontention. Th?* legislature Of New Yorl
has the powei to enact laws excluding al
[? ?one convicted of bribery or crlm?' front
tl,?? .'?.er Ise of stiffrai-e. Such person?
lere, in othei wo-ri?,. ?iistraMhlsed bv the
tare Mere again, lh?. .>uffraKlst? make
.m error m leferitug to women as a ?us?
franehlsed clam since they have n^ver
lio ii enfrau. hlsed ttie.v <*annot l>e rlis?
frsnchls? 'i
This same assertion, classing women
with idiots and erln?nut? wa? made In
'?(,.. last spring, and I was told by an
lenthuetestk suffrsglel that while {few
(fork's Constitution posetMj ? i * -1 nol dsss
them together, Ohio's Constitution ?ll?l.
but when i i.-k<*.i her to nad that seetloa
.-r ti.- Constitution f"*- me, **he could not
do it.
.gain, i repeat, it is time a salt was
, Sited to making a .statement so utterlv
I misleading sad false an?l uaiiig it as
propaganda for winning thoughtless girl?
ami vv.men to the -Mtrrage canse, bat, bc*
cordlnf to ?VasbtUagton disySatchoB one of
the features of the pSTSadS there Is to be
a tioat containing the Irjurss of an ??Hot.
a criminal, a woman and a baby, and ih
originator of this idea naya that -it win
drtv boSM a forceful argument." tbott
h) n?-? argument here at all. but a d?liter?
at? attempt to niisicpns. nt the statu- of
Anotrter statement freejuently msdi
which is als?, misleading is that "no tag>
ation srlthOUt repr?sentation is tyranny,"
Snd that, therefore women wl ?. pa) I
should vote. This sounds reasonable nntf
we ?top to analyze |t; then w? iinl ihat
thla phrase vva.- Itrsl used st the titn?* of
the Revolution?r) (far, when theColonlm
vere bsavtly taxed by Bngjand an?; were
denied representation in tin- British Par?
liament It had no individual apiilica
lion in Ihos?- .lays, and would not
In tins country anyway at th?' pmsesrt
time, since suffrage dorn not depend upon
the paynvnt of taxes There ts r.o prop
??rty qualification required f<T suffrage
In our stat'-s. as there is in En|
Minors own propert) for which it'?-' are
taxed, out thie? may not rote till the ? ?
twenty-one rears old. There i = i ;.h
property owned In this country I
ers, but slthongh they are taxed they may
not vote unless naturallssd Me : ..?n
property in two nr I i?-.
do not travel sbOOl from on? state !
other and vo?e when r? -iree
n New York ?t?te worn?
towns and rillsges In thl ?I class cities
mav vote for certain appropriations m -h*
issuance of honda on exactl; the
terms as men taxpsyc I Women LVB
Bchrool suffrage In New ! -? ?? ex
cept In the large ? ir>. k, but few Of
them ever ns?- It, despite th?* i,,,. ? ? ,
large proportion of the taxes g? te ?.
the school exp? nsea
it is high time thai the thoughtfiil pee.
pie In rhe .'omirri: It: begun to understand
h?.w stterly misleading are ?;..?!.f th?
suffrage slogans srhlcfa the) are ?:.???% in
their tiiopagand-'i Of "''.tes Hot W?
Tammany Man Intimates Th;
Film Trust Paid Alderman.
Mayor's Letter, Asking Imm<
diate Action to Safeguard
"Movies," Is of No Avail.
In spile of I special ?ett?! frOlD htUyl
Qaynor urging them to paei ihe strati
ordinance regulating moving picture th?
arres, the Boatd ot Aldermen ?esterda
refused lo take up it* conslrteratlren. Th
ordlnan t ? ip? lellj
to prevent i fatallti
the Houston Street Hippodrome <>n Sn
l..: | ,.- had the united oppos
tion ?>f Tammany members <>( the boon
Hayoi Oaynor sraa obliged <" veto it i
first passe,! in December becai m ?i
Tanunany men taefced on ?n nnwOrhabl
amendment rognirlng th?* Board of Bdi
cation t.. .enior al tnorii | piel ire Rim
Veeterday the commutes on l?wi an
.ion retntrodu? ? -d th? original ordl
nance The] bad made s few changes I
ph*raseology but to vital amen?
Tammany need tins an .?:? srgumen<
aowever, In opposing the resolution o
Alderman Colks tha? immediate i ens..i
eratton be given t.. the ordinance, Undo
the ; ules a i ommlttee report g? t* ovi
for on.? ereeh unl?MB Imm?diat.naWet
atJon la sshed bj . majority vote Th
motion foi that yesterdaj ?as lost by i
v..t?> of . ' to ?'-' some of the it.-o'ihli?*an
lumping ..v ? the l ea rihosrlng mucl
bitternem against ?Vlderman Polks ant
uniting ? u th? Tammany men t.. ii<>??
up the ordinance?
No? conten? u*lth thus rJIstaylag action
the Tammany men paased ? raettlutrtei
esltlng for s publie bearing ?m not onl]
the i\)iks ordlnan? a but also the Morns...
ordinance, which contains the censorslili
provision. It was Intx.-du? ?nI !>y Alder
man John I White, who frajikly gefenoui
ediles that he la Interacted in the the
atrlcal b*uslnesa The hearing la set (ot
a vveek from Ka? urda \
White Makas Charges.
\iuermaii White opposes the rosOlUtiOS
beaauee i? pr?vidas for moving plctun
sli,,* lleonOSS f..i theatres seutlpK a maxi?
mum ?if sis bunttrad pmsona, insrea.i ..'
only three huiCdred, sa now- He at?
la? ked Alderman Folks as being a rep
reaentattve of th?* "turn trust" ne . \
plained that Mi Pblhs whs a member ?if
tt.e National Hoard ?.r COneorBhlp. an.I
that il hail been charged that this body
?.a,I ra-.clved tt,bH or $9.?>?>o from the
? mm trust" to carry su Its work
Alderman Folks indlgnantlv denied that
he lie! ever represented the ' lllm trust" Of
had ever received \ dollar* from It or held
a dollar of ?tock In any IhsUtllinl enter?
prise. "Hut as for Alderman Whir?-.'' he
added, "lie admits tils personal interesr in
theatres and u.?k.?l that it be prit?v*ted hy
ns. it ought to be enough to disqualify
htm from voting on the subject. TIMOS
opposfsl to my ordinance are willing to
sacrifice lives to keep up their profits."
Th.' letter of the Mayor ??as. in part, as
The Mayor's Letter.
This proposed ordinance puts the said
thoatr?'? under ample control and inspec?
tion In respect of their construction and
safety, a* well as of their morality, in?
cluding th? morality of th.* pictures ex?
hibited As near as I could see at the
time, or us I inn sue now on tereadniK
this ordinance, It safeguards these u'aces
of amusement tn all reepocta
Of ?-ourse no one can entire!v safeguard
such places against panto, but 1 thins the
result of S renie in a moving picture the?
atre constructed and covcrned in BCOOrd?
an.e with this propose?! ordinance, would
be much less serious In its results than
that whi.h occurred in one of these places
last Sunday evening.
It seem? to me that this ordinance
should be promptly passed for the safety
anil the moral government of these phi. es.
Ot all things I do not think that the in?
fluence of other- classes of theatres and
stierere should be permttte.i te obstrue! or
delay the pansage of this ordinance.
Replying to remarks made by Alder?
man Folks in regard to the moving pict?
ure ordinances. Canon Chase said yeater
"I cannot helleve that Mr Folks is
quoted correctly when he is reported to
have said that Canon ?'hase and such
men were Indlrectlv responsible for the
loss o* life on Sunday night. Mr. Folks
knonra thai |he Folks ordlnnnea <i??es not
lUgUlrS SO) improvement against the dau
per <.f fir?' SB to Oaltl | Im
Or lire- ??.??.ll?.-.? 11. the . ? -*J | -Jge?
picture show? Fie knows thai th? Mot
rlaan ordlnanri. whteh ba ; ?i
and 1 favoreu i**p*|ul**od
shows, after proper unie?, to ? ,;.f?.rin
to tbi ? tande***da - Mel, I >r<ii
naaco re-QBlred onl] of **-?otl m piet ?re?
houses vvt ??-ii may he bu it in the futura.'
Special Sessions Adjourns Early and
Bench and Bar Unite in Tribute.
The tn? moil of the lat. If. r- -? -.
ert. justi?-.? ?if Bp*K?ial BeasiOBa a is hon
oreei yotltot?oy by Ma a -? ti
, was adjourned Hti hour earlier than
?and the just!? ???-, Dstn.t \tfoi:--;. U'htt
i man and attorneys spoke hn?-f!v ,,f I-.?
ti?-?' Btrineri aa a bbbi and i
Th*.urt was .r??w.J.*d TlBlgO H
*H Foster, of ?or..- il BeBBBBBB, 8 ?
?the baaed?, with itaattcea Rua ? I
? flalnvm aad Colllaa. s ?me of th?
.-.?nit we-?-.. Magistrate Chart? " I
i ton, fonner Magistrate Chart?
? W?hle, K.iwaiu R Carroll, i
I I'.tiirt of iWiu-r,.: S? ;s!..t??=. Af'i .han; ??e? >
; ??.d lames W Os) 04 ??-. M
Oreei ? ich, ' *o"" ' I I ?'
I rial to his srife, Bdmund C. Conv? *
i New York h.irV - La havircr ttt? I I '
! i i ris? Chnreb raised an?! anlari
' t- r. bells, whi, -i v* m t.. eyed I
1 first tir.i.; Ea itei Th?
' hav?? n rii i ng d vlea similar
! Trinity Chun h, Mew York City.
Sold In first-class stores everywhere
at $1 50 to 13.00 In Cotton, and at $5."'
upward In Silk. (Ail fashionable
Writs for Stylo Book de Luxe ta
l'ublii-ity Dept
208 Fifth Ave., - - New York

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