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1 In ( il> of Sow Vork. .lirs-T? itv and llohoken,
V01 IAX1I N? 24,189. ,or ?SSr^SWr?"C2S: ^ NEW-YORK, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6; 1913. -SKTEEN PAGES.* * IM.K'K ONE GENT 'wn,>';,:iV,B,VKVTt??rt:>T..
Justice Hendrick Decides That Interests ol
City Demand Thorough Airing
of Contracts in Court.
Davis to Hear Argument To-day, and I hen Will
Reserve Decision?McCall Says He Will Fake
Office as .Soon as Stay Is Removed?Will
Take Time to Study Problem.
Hope that William R. Willcox, chairman of the Public Service
Commission, would be able to sign the subway contracts before
going out of office vanished yesterday, when Judge Edward E.
McCall announced he would take office as Chairman Willcox's suc?
cessor immediately upon the vacation of the court stay, if not before
This means further delay and uncertainty, as Judge McCall will
have to have some time to study the contiacts. It is thought he
will approve them, but he may desire some changes.
Supreme Court Justice Peter A. Hendrick denied an application
to vacate the injunction restraining the commission from executing
the contracts, issued by him Tuesday.
The city argued that the facts alleged in the Hopper suit were
the same as those decided by the Court of Appeals in favor of the
city last year
Justice Hendrick said he thought the allegations that the con?
tracts were opposed to the best interests of the city should be
thrashed out in open court. The return of the injunction order will,
therefore, come before Justice Vernon M. Davis at 10:30 o'clock
this morning, as originally set down.
Justice Davis, speaking privately, said he would probably re?
serve decision for a few days.
Pressure was brought to bear on Judge McCall to take the oath
of office immediately, but he will spend two or three clays cleaning
up present work, unless the stay is vacated before.
The Pu,blic Service Commission held four meetings yesterday. ;
hoping that the injunction would be vacated or some other develop?
ment arise that would enable them to act.
The contracts with the Interborough and the Brooklyn Rapid
Transit Company, as finally agreed upon, were delivered in printed
form. They would have been adopted by the commission had the i
injunction been vacated.
The contracts were made public by the commission. There ?
were some three hundred or more changes made since the draft;
forms presented at the hearings. Most of thirm were in phrasing,
however. Only a few were of vital importance. The Interborough
ha? agreed to pay the $535.000 taxes on the Steinway tunnel.
Provision permitting the taking by the city of present lines at |
ihe end of thirty-five years at estimate of the value at that time
was eliminated. Critics of the contracts declared this would cost
the city some $40.000,000, although, as a matter of fact, option would
never have been exercised in that way.
Coney Island five-cent fare provisions were so changed as to
leave no doubt of its going into effect as soon as trains could be
operated to the island from the Municipal Building, Manhattan, by |
way of the Fourth avenue subway.
K, v. M et'ai i and not William
Wiiirox. as chairman of the PllW
Service Ommiaeion will alun Um WS
?ra?.te tor the ?tua! transit uyttott ?h?
'hey are finally executed. That fa
was made plain yeaterday when M
Mr Cal] indicared thai he would tal
'he oath of office anci step into M
Wilkox's ,j)nce at tho moment t*
-*ia\ ?.f proceeding?* under th?j Injun?
non sf Justn- Hendrick watt vacsrH
by the court.
Roth rhe Public Service. <;?jminls??lii
ano th?? Board of Kstimale ? ?inalil?
that th?> court older obtnined by Joh
??. Hopper, acting In the ?nteres? ,
William Randolph Hear?t, in aplrlt I
least, hloi ka them from ?ven adoptm
'hi- pioposed form of contra?ts wit
This Morning's New*
X.OOAX.. ! .k
SuttWivyn Kac-e Weeks of I>ela> .
fou'e Mak? Klgl.? (Jamblln? Knute .
? aptaln Walsh Confesses All.
lx?\rnft ?'up for Mr-Comb.?.
Tenderloin' 1? ?'lean, Save I?\vyei...
Mehatr ?m ?'anal Toll Issu,- .
\orthweeterii Society I ?inner.
A??k?> Advict- AbQOt I'ollte. I
ilelen Kellfi Will Xow Lecture. '
I'lnd Skeleton in New Subway. !
*\ eath?i ?"humre on Two ?'ontinents. .11
Mi.? irii.iii.iiii win-? B-aparattoa.i;
**Vlsaer?lsla)-?rs Trial Near EsmI.li
'ar-Tell Retract* "ConfSSJSlon".1?
-p.. IssJ Caokt lor Animal linapitala. .11
lafaSt BSMttM ?if Drjcoods ?"ori\ entton II
I>im r?. T?aufy T?> tla\. 1
Reforms In Su? k Kx'haiiKH. ?
S-*a?e Cocaine Hill Faulty. 4
'??r- '? Pie? rroblim Settled. i
I Is f Talas OpeiatioiiH Hareii. t
LleVMMty Bill Attacked. I
Thrtx l'irk?-?l for Wilson Csblnal. t
Slllaia-I ? 'ira?*? to How wilh Mll'pll.V . . . . ?I
rurkS Kill IM HulKniiiin? . 3
I mi.? KuHMia's <'ittMiaw in ?liina. . . . 3
Bra-ll*] Maitm i'ead. S
\#" | f,,?- 'Women. 7
?.rial. ?
bot i.tv . S
Music . ?
.ary. ?
tipo* is .10 and 11
KTUtj nt<1 Xa\y. 11
. ? ii'-r . 11
rptssSJ .11
inelal end Market?. .. .19. 13 an?! 14
?.?..: i. at? . 14 an?! 16
i h?- ii)t<-ri)ii)?.ii^ii Rapid Transit Com
jwiny and tho teooklyn Itii|?i?l Transi
?Vimpun? . although It a|*eclflea only th?
'"execution'' of sucli contracts.
Mr. MoCall inade it clear thai h<? ?.vil
neither appraa/c nor sign su? h ? ontrsc-ti
until h?- ha?, had ttm?- t.? atudy ther
o?ii'?-fullv itnrl fully inform, himself Ol
all (he taota Am he baa alasolutaly m
knowifl?-?* of the Bebaktet yet, It BIB)
b*? i??r-v?-iel Btaaka, at l.-n.st. bofor?* hi
will I.?- In a poatttOn t" form a Judg*
TiK-n i is likely that thossj arho i <
bfipoaed to the contorts will appeal I
Mr. McGall for ch>n**es, the. i?-.Hiilt be*
in? that the entire nattei maj be de*
layad for ?ix or f*t\< )i araaks ev?ta nndei
the notai tavoiaiii-. clr(**8matancea
Sh?niid Mi. Mi?'ail Inslat upon any un
portant t-han-et*??! ?t w<?iirl throe ths en?
in?? eubjei t suit- <i|>?*n a#*aln
Mr. McCali, who is ?trorklnaj lo c'eei
nome- <.f iii? administrative detalla ??i
ins former ogice ai .1 Supreme ?'.uni
.insti? t?. ??.it'i v.-nt?-iii-iy afternoon thai
Im saw dayligat through the maaa of!
labor and wan prepared t.. take the
oath of ofBcs ?if chairman of the Pul
lit Service Commission ;?< once if oec?
"Ho?vf'\??)." he Mid, "there is n its,*
nf all action ?in (he pan of tin. com*
inisHioii on the h? 1.way contracta, bo
what ?h i!i<- liaste for me to step In?
Th?*r?? ai?- a Bumbt* ?,f minga thai 1
would lik** lo do anil I shall ink? s.?-. -
? rut da.?? to d?> tinm if tin- stay i? con?
tinued thai i?iiik. 1 have been m
cha*r**e of the atettstk-al bureau thai
whs Introduced in the court some thirty
.!.i f ;ik? . ?oil I wan to leave that m
Isuch ahaps thai mj anrrcsscst ?an t.ik*
n Bp i? un InteUlav* m mann? 1
May Not Be Sworn This We?K.
Mr M??'aii had promtaed 11 delegation
thai had called uB?oa htm ih.it be irould
tak?i the oath of ??ttl? ?- at onCS if JUS?
u.e- H'-ndruii granted the application
tu !.?? made in ths afternoon for a vaca*
tioti of the inj?m?'!i")i urn Juatlce
li.miriik denied the application ,\ii
MfCall aavtd alHo that i! JuStfc? Davla
before win.m (he- Injunction order la
Tfdirnnbl?- at 1?) ;'.?) o'clock this morn
ni?,' in l'an I speiai Tona, ravcated
til?? injuti'tioii he- wi'iilil at ?ni'?- talvi
the oath of oflee.
luatlee Davla, a>e/we*rar, said thai he
< e.nllnn?*?! on ?nil' I???'. Hilril ?e.lunin.
i ?;: mam i i. *.,. \ rj? i
Presiden, of Salvador Wounded
?Assailant Confesses Plot.
San s.i... ador, ?? An al..-mit
was i nigh) lo assassinate l h
P Idem nf K ! ?r Manu? l E. l
a ra . !.. The Pi ? ilenl >? hs v ottnd? ?J
? ? t none of 11..
?round' . un? nun
Seven . ? ? ?one w i r? In? ni? i d ii
? ; th? I'-?
rrei 11
iiuHt? ? riant?
r*d m
M11 la 1 n i
Pr? ? ? ? n ? on?
in < Iuaten ? . thai In
ont din . -
Cyanide i : Potassium in Water
Bottle Kills Philadelphias
nid? si
fatally ] on m h? n
? ? i. tali
ng ? ) anide of pota
fui ?i '' ool V
? ? . -
Watton rirai rom a bol -
Ile wl I for 11...' ; .
? ? ' ?
min it? ...
|iolK)in wax ml
< rim I nal in!
Theoi ? t are
cout?*?l 1
.. 11 mil: th?
? .1
Introduced by Mail, Army Olli
cer Weds Maryland Girl.
Risii i nil ? . . ?
Ihroui i wo moni
aso. Nicho ' ?
? . ni I . : .
ni Brnokl n ind ?1 lo ? the eon ?>f
n |.|. vician li i.'? Ille, arrived er?
on Baturdaj and m< ; for lh? Ri il lime
Miss Elsie lluntei daughter
??! .1 ??lit. Hunt? r Vi Bterda* the i ouple
mu' lo Eaal Downingtown, Penn.,
m h< re in '!'-- I ????>??? "f Mr mi Mm.
li. m . Ci married to?
il. m- ? 'oopei h friend of Tllford,
who brought a bou l Ihe introduction,
arrived here during the holidays frorn
Un- Philippin???, after an absence <.f
fourteen yenra, and married Mis*- Mary
Huntei sistei ' he hiide ?.!' lo?day,
Tllford r???nti* underwent an opera?
Hon and wai retired from I he arm;
?,?. iiii .i 11? nsion
\ - ?, i ,, v.? ddlns Join n< in ,!i? Bo iih
Mr and Mi i Tilfoi d a ill n side al 'he ?
home i f Mi Tllford's father a proa?
peroui farmei
Justice's Brother, an Art Deal?
er, Chokes Himself.
William I 'ng? ? r tliwd srl d? aler,
hrother of Hem y W linger, |uati< ? ?.r
?h,- Muni? Ipal Hourl - nmmltted sm. id?
yeuterdui al hi home No, 1270 Madl?
?on ?i enue, by el 11 u Ith s
,.,,,?,! ,i. ta? bed from ?< ht throbe.
just!? ? ' 'nger, II is said, originally
report? 'I the - ? to tht Coroner's of?
a-,. in the utii i i.i?- I '?? said then his
i,,-., ti,,-1. \. ho la reptitr <i to hare been
tvealthy. had <|i''1 wlthoui medical at?
tendance ''oroner Holtshausei and liis
[,!,-, pk i.m. 1" Ed-rar T Ray wenl to
tl,, house, where :'??'? tnel Juatlce
i-tll.,., Th? " ? '' told thgl Mrs,
Minnie I'ngei HI of th? d? ??.i man,
v,,.i,i oui nt about ! l ... !?.- h In tli-?
morning? bul thai r'nger said he would
?ta) ?u home and write i? it. ra He said
he did ti'-t f? '-; well? The two sons, l?l
urard and I lent*: . a I re not al home
Wh?-n Mrs ?'"-?'' returned she found
lh? i.? d) ' I bei husband She untied
,*,,..i n .-'n i n i" i i'. and called i>r. ?
Hochhelmer When the phyalclan ar?
rived ,"' found hi ' ,,i|!?i do nothini
ju?aftlce i nger said ti.ai Mnce Iii.*?
i.r.iiln-i retired from buaineaa down?
town *?'*?"? **,,;i' YBBTt ago h? lia.i It-fti
n,, lau? n?.l\. 11.- Said that w,iS .|,,. ,,|.|y
nintiv?- he i ould aaci I ?s f< r the suicide,
a? ho liad rm lu?an? lal taTOUblaa,
x pony staaa ol angostura bitters
hefori mea ? pi? ndld lonl? .\.ivi
Upper West Side Houses Visi
eel by Men Under Inspec?
tors Dwyer and
One of Places Where Axes c
Law Swing Is Old Canfield
Building? Parapher
nalia^Takon, but
No Arrests.
n tonishing a? tivlt) on I tu pan ?
1 he poll? ?. sided bj men from the P*ii
l '? i-.trtin.m. startled the ? -
n.n? rnrtj on the upper Wtot side an
iii ? Fitiii ?v. i, ,, district last nlgh
wh.-ii eight raids *. ere mad? mi .iii. ?_???
gambling housi s and several
of gambling para] hernalia were cart?
awaj in th.- West 17th str? el and E*a
??' tt ? ??? st.iti.ni ho
A i- ? allai fe iture ?,i th? raid n i
thai nut ?i siiij-i. an "?i aras made i
each ? ?' ?? Hi. . i. . ? ?: !>?.... i |i o? .,f i -.
? had !?'?? n ' i -iii?-.i ..!i " sg rih i;i
thai onlj .? ??il-.- n? gro but I?
or some ??*?i?t hin ling of thosv
? uii.li.. i the i lu.-, s s ;i? there lu -; ? ?
Un- polk ?? rabli ?
Inspe? ?" l ?v. - . i ? :,. -ni..i . op " ..
i-h : t ? .?: il.i- u et\ Bide disti I? t. wl'.l
of h ? men and at ? ? n I
i,, iltaneoui ra?da <?i dlffi i? n
h.s In th? ' |.|.i-t- I" ? ru,m fou
of th? s? ; , es gambling . >b< 11... .
were ;.?i ? ?? . Th? p|gl
? in i?-.i Inspe? '???: i ?
l.? adqus rters In tb? I :. u M l
se a h??, sided b) n l??ne flr?
man gained ace?
'. ! . i n ?, street form? rly ?
by It Id
Fuem??n Paved the Wa,
: ,.s l.e ? ri ?
i . . - m id? gi ti ' gambling
! n . .i. h m -il.?n. a ould
: i ?i and
?ut. mpt to k ? '' ? nt i sni ? un the pies
the m? if the ill
?. i.tie.n law a were bel ad with.
He WM usual! lowed la ? ntet.
followed i ? Ih? poll?.-? .: .r
?dmlttan? ?-...- r waa
? d ' rowbasrs.
11.. i. d. a? ? "i ding to I ?
f V '.?111 lilJ.?t. ? ll,
h V . -? t im ?ti. el Pet**i i ?? La? >. m
\\. ? 17th street; Ms ? Blum? nbum I
\\ ? ? ? . 1.1.u" I.lielli m :
IV( i*-' : treel Ji i i.
|| V. . i I.'.?:. ? i? . ??? i: Smith, in W.-st
.rthur RotbstHi ? \\ ? -i
H'.tii ??!!?? , I Cal ?Id's foi in- ?
? ? . . I. was no?
i un i.\ ' Ham ' Emoi :?
Inspectai l*wyei ? undu< :? I lila i .i?.i-?
In ., ; ? tau Him manner, mu? ha t he
admiral " ? mlghi i id out
, it;., line ol wa ? (is
made i?-? "i seven taxi? abi which
; i ted ss scout cm nd snooped
doe ?i ??n ih? ? . ? : plai ? .? .n m? d
\. ith ,i,." bar picks ces and battei ing
ram In spite uf th? swiftness of ins
mo? , n? ns, tii? police found nut*od; I ?
?m, ? i a hen the; enti n .1 th?* bo ?
Vppei piitlj Dwyer had p? inn? d his
ios| . ?" efull) .mil with ?lu?- al
: . ecrel Iven? The men
. placea wer? slated foi i Isil i had
evidently i.e-en informed throtogh un?
derground channel how? er, and in?
lima ? f life or gambling sctivil were
.. ?. , . ? . i . i. the door - ? ? re fore? d.
The Inspectoi i*mmon<**d his ataff of
twentj mon .mi? n the evening and
-?... i into ae? t?-i ??? !"ii with them In
the Weal ?7th ntr?.?*t station. While
?^tiil conferring with tin raiders
. ?n taxicabs <!)"\o ni? In fr?ini ?a
lb? i tlon !'? 'i i ? and ? alti d, m ?tora
? t h. n
Ovyer Divides Forces.
i ? i.i ? am? out, followed by
. , t, ,,ri,i fjh Ided i la force nto
Se?,. Il -UT . . 1S | ?.- ? .!? Il "f "? Il ' '? ? ut.-', d
laie? e.f tin? ii??e?t i.? lexical*? v
pla?*,-<l In - lo? ru?- nf e -i, li nutei
mobile and iras told to be -it a certain
fu.11 s.- at .i stated time, i >?.?.> ?m told in
mlntona th.it in front ?.f ? a? h i. ??
they would Und ?' unltortnt -d flrv-man,
and iii.it when this Hreman had gained
a<*cees tu the h?.i.i--?? th.. |i.i!i?T wtrt to
f.,llnw htm. if inlniinm. ? wai denied,
aaid Deryer, "ao t ? > n aith four axes
end (T?a b sra.*1
\ ...,i.i ..i command and the taxleaba
.- hlrted away, **aeb (akinn s different
dire? tlon, i.*--*?i?-.i by th? inapt ctor and
Captain IValah, efthe w.-st ITth tirbti
Tliorugh tii.?.?'i??! str.-.'is iin??i?.-,i
Dwy?sr*a flying aquadron. the In?
sp.?cti?i n cab halting la front of a house
tl, .,,- the Hot? i Rat tar, In Weal n?ii
Hir.-.-t. Th.- iMiif?irni?-?i fireman was In
n-aillne-ss al Ih? fool of tho stoop an!
Be In BOW th?. pi.li? '? ritielliiK- f..r... ?,,.
bopped nimbly up the steps and pugnad
tho button
Bototo the bell ato|i?ped ringing In*
spector Dwyer, Captain ?PTalah and two
detectives were al the top of th.. st.?.p.
and when a polite negro butler open? d
the pul?ais tin? poUcetmen sidled In and
start, il B most munit.? Inspe? lion of the
Place- After going fr'nn cellar to ?car
tit Dwyer left th.- boas* trtth a ?-.??
l*M*rgone expieaalon "? had n?n found a
single kt-ta of aambhng evidence, al?
though ho Bold hS had b?B8?l tipped that
rjasaasaad on ???????i.h p?*?'. hum inimnn.
June Crean-ery Butter, Fines!?38c. Lb.
Itioh flave-r uri.l ?''in s'aiiilar.l i|liall
tit* permanently niHlntainoil t.\ Acker.
Men-all ft Cotadlt ?v?Advt.
No Blood on It. He Thought.
but His Description of Blades
Breaks Down on Cross
Will Tell Jury Another Was As
Bailant of His V/i:'c, and She
Will Bonr Hin* Out
Judge Bars "Moor."
By Telegra
3 I ' '" ?? . ? '.
? ' k? land in hin o?n
? enett to-n
?m.i Mm-, and af* h- hat given
hie version of the huppeninge of the
nigh! ol Pi bruar* 2?J of las) ? ?? u. wh??n
hi- >? ?(?-. Cam - ' ....
i :. ? . ... ,., ,|i
? : -tm \ nf the . : Inv :.. 11 e
? ?
h li ........ i ., ni ,-, .
I ?
(i|->i wit 111 .,-.,, ,,,,,.
owed by
VI in ' ? tin. W hlM?P
. . nded nn by th?
U..I Mr? r. ,i. h.
-?? 1? ?J . ' ? | ?aniel
Mi B?
? ;
gum? ti
. .
? the Jin
An '?:? ?
tan? rg?*r
m thai
-? ?
? ? ...
\ ?
l:.... I
Mrs i ? | ? M
I!:..I R l|... In?
H I. ? :. ? ??? I ?
a M.? i
?r ?! Mm i:. acli Mir? rinllinf x
r Mr. Beach's
lilt, i ?
rtroom ein?-?
tr.ir to Itom '
>,. n h li nn ?
.1 M. iJo? ? 1*1. .. \- . ,
rupl? -.ii
P-ofessor Testifies 'or Dete.u??.
I 'l i ' D I' ';?:?? \ .' .
Parti or of patl ? |
? ? ? m March
' Has
rid M 8 U v '
'. 11 ? ? .* ? ? i a - r ? ?
August - - I
il in In Mayoi
I : It Pa rt I
spra n ? i
.-it thai titnr th ? f? ... I
:i larg? "i ?? and .-i ?ma II on? He
it tl
. . on? i lot -i ? thai it had I
. hlad? i anil no broken bli
l ?i- \\'t man had brought to \
..n ordinal % ml? m ?*opii elide, an
which waa s nubatance said bj the ???it
t.. be ?-. dai oil D Partii'l?-*?
riaid he a-as aaked t?. confirm Dr vYy
man'i dlagnoali ol the
a. raped fmi i the hlad? of l
that ti. ' '.i ? " nucir
i told him i cotildn'l do it." said the
witneea. "I i?.;.i liirn there aras noth?
iiiK on thai slide t.. indicate blood
i orpti ch s "
i m I'm irldgi did r? tain ihc knife,
hot ? ? ? ??-. snd uhj? ? t? ??? ? ? Imen
t,, .i teal a hi' h he ??> [Gained. I le
found he dtBclaral, i din? ol ?ration from
the gold handle of the knife, and ex?
plain? ?I how he |iri< i ? d hi on n flng? r,
?,, nit il .i drop of hi.i i"" ii "ii tho
point of s pin and m I? test to i how
his ? Isitnr the d
??! told i li ? * ? ?or! would
. i it," he add? d ? Ignlfl? i
"they didn't ? em I. al 1er ? n-*ga?
tlv? rtsporl "
Wanted to Arre-il BoitM One.
11.- Ph i ' ' -
Ihi ,:.-.? live had told him thai thej
por I
ranted <
i . -. Ins to 1 \.-u
fork ? ' '" ' " ''"' '! ' :" ' ' *
the d ' left aMken f>n
i ro-n.examlnntion I n ".. ? Idgi be
rame ner ou ??ftei hesitating he
..i. itt? .1 that he refus? tl to nul h i re
porl In " '"
? ? Yi.'i ' new If vois did the ntste v ould
? vi.ii n??i ii.-it ?v int us to have il
11- Partridge replied thai
,in .... >???! then," whereupon Air- Gunter I
-Wbei did ? --'i h om? b
i ?i- Partridge's testimon* regarding ?
th? number of blades In the i< nt f.* wkh
shattered. He bad been very positive,
i,?n when the proaeeutor saked: "l>.-n'r
\.iu knoa there was no small blade
m that knife arhen you saw It?" ha
replied, i ither unoertalnij "it strikes
m^ thai If there hail been i broken
blade i would have seen it."
"Exactly. \\'i\\ you swear th.-rej
?a-.t?. iv.o blades In thai knife?*'
??s?,,, i .-..nidii t do that."
"But," * ii?itltiii**'i the proeocutor, you
bur? sworn t?> ?' Tou told Mr. Han?
deraon jr?su w?sre mistaken. Kow, **ir,
? oui ?nurd on Ihlrd i?u?f??. Ililrtl a-a.lomn.
Accused Police Captain. Fearing Death, Bares
Inner Secrets of "System"?Implicates
Inspector Sweeney.
Declares 50 Per Cent o? Vice Tribute Went to Su*
rporior? Will Go Before Grand Jury and Bare
Corrupt Alliance Between Police and Tamman?
to Levy on Crime in Harlem.
Police Captain Thomas W. Walsh has dealt the "System*' the/
worst Mow it ever received. Before District Attorney Whitman
tld other witnesses he made full confession last night of all he knew
of police graft and its alliance with Tammany.
Inspector Dennis P. Sweenev received 50 per cent of all graft
collected by Patrolman Eugene F. Fox, according to the statement
le by Walsh. The police inspector's graft, Walsh said, was split
v ith one of the deputy commissioners, who was on close terms withv
Inspector Sweeney yesterday started suit for $100,000 damage?
for libel against the Prest Puhlishing Company ("The New Yorlt
World") for <:harges made several days ago that he was the recip?
ient of ??raft. Charles F. Kelley. of No. 203 Broadway, as coun?
sel, tiled the summons, which was served on J. Angus Shaw, treas?
urer of the company. There is no complaint yet in the action,
sector John F. Dwyer testified at the Curran inquiry yes-?
terday that there was not now a disorderly house in the Tenderloin
district. The Curran corrvmittee has sent a pamphlet to all living
ex-Mayors and ex-Police Commissioners, asking their advice as to
how the betterment of the Police Department may be brought abouu
Copies were also sent to Mayor Gaynor and Commissioner Waldo.
_.-? o ? ??
Th? i nnfi iwiol made bj Cap
Walsh was ?'? red In th?
,*r hitman,
? limi,. v lorne Fr? deri? k J. ' Iro
Dr. W Uli in? II ITplon, the ? ??Mtu
n and Un, Walsh,
nta of gi
n ? ...:. nd "i"
th? ESasl 12
. station.
Walsh i-i ofeas
morr -to go b< I
ji,i> th hit ' and sta
mente, and ins < ondltlon, though
one ? ? "i! ? nough,
hit do? ;?.i believes he ? an saf<
the grand |nry within s wet
\\ ?, ? ? itatei -.nan.
;. . . f witnesses embra?
: ? ni points
That Fox was his collector, and tli
Fox's statements as to the extent
his graft collections were true in eve
Tha. I>e. Walsh, paid over 50 per ce
of svery can! of graft th-it Fox gat
ered to his nspector, Dennis
Sweeney ;
T ? it ?i3. Walsh, and Sweeney toget'
er raised the $1,000 which was g?vi
to Fox to give to George A. Sipp.
?Vei-p the former hotolkoopor and gra
nayer from testifying as a witne
?gainai Fo ?. :
That he. Walsh, and Sweenev t<
???ether put up the $a,000 cash b;i
which was used te get Fox out of jai
That he and Sweeney raised the cas
b.til under p. direct threat fiom Fo
that if it wasn't raised in twenty-foi
hours, at the time Fex was in tli
Tombs, Fo* would go befo-'e Dis
true Attorney Whitman:
Tli it the inspector'?*, graft was spli
w.th one of tae Deputy Police commis
sinners who was on close terms wit
the inspecter.
w : h talk? d to Wl Itm u i i aitt Ini
n...m of in home al So IlKM-i Madisoi
..?. i nue, to a hi? h Whitman wen!
celpi "t U;i' h'n telephone mea
iage last nighl and on the i u*;? thai
Walnh mu < thai he ara* i?..t wel
. nough to m? rH th? i ?istricl At torn? )
outside of in.-- own home. The capteir
declared he did nol wan! a lawyer pres?
ent, and thai he u..-> willing t<> tru-i
him lelf ? ntirelj m Mr. Whitman.
Whltm n ..h- no promises "f any
kind to Walsh, but the Diatricl ,\tt..r
iit-y ii.??l pi? i/lous ?1 the opin*
Ion that Walah. If Indicted, ? ould prob?
ably fain cl menc] . > revealing what
he knew ol the police "sj stem."
Wal ii to d w Itraan thai his sehed
? ? i i ages to his "onll?Bctor"
and t.. hii inapector wan the custom In
the depai tment He d< elgr? .1 I is a sa
no Isolated case, it?.i aaaexted that h?>
w..ui?l produce other captalna who
would ?*?>rr?????.i:?t?? him on this phase
... th? graft matter, with ronfeasional
t - id? : ?'?
Will Trutt Whitman. ?
Whitman heard Walah's statement
firal with i'1-t Hi. two <>f them pneaent,
?!. th? n called m the wlf sesea, QroeJU,
i,(v ..\Mi aaalatant; i>r. Upton and Mrs.
Walsh. The captain itoclared he was
ready and erflltaf to sign an affidavit
Imme-ftately, but Whitman told him
that be wanted only the information,
arid WOtlld leave th.- aflidavit until to?
H.- will visit Walsh again this after
no?, n and tak?* his repropi?te *iirtt??in? nt
i? aograpblcally. Dr, Upton said th?*
captain would be ?i? ahape 'o ??? <-*> 101 ?a?
.1 m ,,ii.i Jurj a alun a w?ii.
Walah'a Indlctiaenl will be asked for
;' his ? ejiiff^suui. Whitman .-ain
?i i .?..-.. Hi?- Btateinaata will be of
. .1 ? in him aa a l.iil f<>r ' I? men? y
Indl? uii.-M. urn i,* f.ii.
Walsh himaelf daelared h? uiti tuf.
n- whether h- araa m?ii? t?-?i or not.
ii* aald h? bad luioara Whitman sip? ?*
ih.' .la., s uii* n iin |i*>?ii! Dlatrict Ai -
toraey ?rai ?< potiee Hn*r.**tratT. and
araa ?-tilias in t**uat liisa atoolute.y.
Walsh Sends for Whitman,
Wall ? fe* i m iin-t Attortaa**
.ti in t, .lu, k l.i?( t mht. with
? ? | Uli tlO ??:' ! .:?:,'???
8 in ? ?<? police i?raf( "***yateBB'' of
?a h;?h be had know I? ? .
Watt-I ha? !.ti In bla botn? So,
r? ? u.. i-,, .i\enue. i n alck i*.. ?
? i?, .i.t v i i ?. ? em bei whtra -a II -
? ?'urr.'in aldeimaaic
c ?!? mlttee name i him as the poll?a of?
Beer reaix-tu-ible for th'.? vice condittoai
in I [art? n
Hi ? do toi. W. H I Ipton, "us with
? W\ tman laarl night, tak?"?*
HI ? ' tee to it thai the rw rvotaa
excitement <?t" the Job Walab bad laid
0(1) l"l I IlllSell' U.IS llelt teM) miK'h fC>"
? ?iif it, in? physl? al < iiii.iKinii.
Walah sen! w?*?rd (?? Whitman "**aateT*>
.'iny afternoon thai l??' waa ready (a
"throw up hia banda.' T., save him?
trt?ti the poaaiMlIt) (*f apeodlnaj hia
last daya m priMon. for bla physician
t i?.? him he ootald >."t withatan? a prison,
Mntwnce al hia pew, Wnisii aatsj ha
v i.uhl teil the l?i.-tri<-t Atteirne \ and ft
ejT*ind Jurj everythlns h(> kaaoari of tho
i?.!i,-,. ??>*, Btent '
Wavlab'a atatectt-enl m Whitman ?-m
li.i.fel th.? pa-opoaltlon that h?? -AniiM
bold nothins back, and Whitman made
i. clear thai he arould a ? ? -1 ? ? n?>(hinrs>
than ? iverj thing that Walea ca?
fl* *? him.
in?ii? ; m? nt for bribery and ???uoriion.
ir t.. ih., Indictmi nt of ins poll? e
tllllll "reelle et,|| ." wllil h ?S .llniOSt S'J T?
i.? be Walah'a portion aeai Monday
???.i.? n the ? \tni"i?!niarv ?rand jury
raeeta t?i haar fox't t.stin-iony, will
make no dlffe-rence in Walsh's attitude.
Feared Death m Prison.
II-' told Whitman last night that he
nul m.i ??.ir. ?vhrin.r In- araa indicted or
BOt, hut h.? did care v?rv iniuh whether
he araa ??n*?*tcted ft araa fco avoid
that, with its tra**j? probability for
i ??n elf il" he was sont t.. m i.son, that
Walsh decided to make? a ciYan breast
of bla giaftlns aad bla ?aeoctataa in
The mtli?'tm??nt of Walsh will he de?
nial), led by Whitman aext Monday,
just as it Walsh had maintained hi?
previoua 841ett.ee, but the District At
t.un. y has promised t<? us?? his in
fluence with the >'<mrt t?> avert a prison
s. ntence f??r the Baccaasad -*apcala in re?
turn for Walsh s al?l in his g?ncra!
a*****U*l h for Hi?* polloe |-iafi. rs
Walah'a inmwiiiate Bupaaiori are tha
Brat in ih?- direct line ?if (ire from hi?
iii?. l..?ur? s. hut back of (he line of ?-*ak*?
1 ?fed ins|n?!tors wh.i shan?d the Walah
-rrafl nt v,iri?.'is timos are men ?till
hlsher ip at whom Whitman I? now
81 mine with lemllilfix'e.
Th?' u rafters a( Police Headquartera
th?' nui) wh?>, a? ? ordlng to the ?nortea
t.f both POS and Walsh, centralized th?<
gambling and saloon graft under the
present poli??? administration?and
above Umbjj the Tammany political
rini;" which has always been the back*
h..ti.? of and Hi?' dominant power In tha
police graft "system." can both ba
reached through the medium of this

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