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Htm'1 irr!
Vo' LXXII. Xo 24,19(5.
Im- lii-.lnx. hoi: t,.r In iihiii.mx
(Mir und warmer.
liOr/'l," AVi; / ?l.'VT BtOAytt VewVnrk. JSOSarl it.* and HobokeM
Food Served to Sick Police
Captain Guarded by Doctor
to Foil Poison Plot by
"System's" Agents.
District Attorney Whitman And
His Assistant Arc Armed us
Result of Death Threats
nom Graft Heads Now
in Desperate Mood.
Dr. ?Villiam H. Upton, phyeician
le Thomas W. Wslsh, the police
oaplain whose confession to District
Attorney WMman -?nd testimony
he'o-e the- grand r.ii-v will be the
bSSifl fsr a demand for the 'n
dictm?nt of Inspector Denn s F.
S-.- een?v and other?, said last n gM
*?-> -1 Wai<-,h's food was bemri ca-e
? examinad before he m,?s nrr
?T'tted tc eat it.
Do yon nttAn you .ire afraid thai
Walah'a enemies mig??t attempt to
pe OSfl h.s fosdf he was aske:'.
"I den'l say that. I can ontv Bay
thai his food -s examined. W<- are
r-ot takin?i any chances." waa Dr.
UptOn'o reply.
mad ??..
? ? - ? . , |? .
v\ 'linn,?!! h
??..in Thorn W
' thai waa W\
ihi Har*
? ?'!;?:.
i m? ' ne high In
?tartinent took advantage of the
Waldo in Waahl igton lo
Wslsh, la not
' i ' . William n i : ?
-? r' nlghi
pstlenl ?xii?- m
mind, snd
? " ? i r- Ing a
that bo xx,i?; an In?
.,.!<-...,- tmenl - ir
itt? mpted to drive Walsh into en
t not to tret if.v i I linea
harrylns bits with
nal Pon I ha! hi- v ?mi?! b_ railed
\ 11 " i n 01
.... ?I u| | i.i ?pei mltti ti to ? ?
i formed of
- \i?it unless th? '
.- ?
Dr. 1 'pton Ii
Hints at Poison Danger.
pton ?
i ".-m lot A
,., ? eyed ilia ph;
? ? si' k
gent ? ?
md th
led thi every bit of
I i en i.. Wsli
"i?. ? .
pi to
ia i ked.
? i , that. 1 can onl
? atnlned, We sre noi tsk
: eplled tii'- 'i--' tor.
Mrs. Wslsh snd teso trained norsei
? tendan? e up n Cap
i?r. Upton M - the
to |
? . , .. ta to hi- own
I . ? tac. ,i grand Jury
? oiilinneil mi jltah pn?e. Hill? i-olnmii.
This Mornings News
inlay. ?
. I
' ? ? i v .3
Housi ? - ? - ** I
? vx u.?
. indent of '??'? ' G l
Lett? Q nor Written In i'-i.' ? 6
I uslsai. 6 ;
?'??i nui., Uumnl Mak? lie r. f\
Htus .? miniecenoee ?
? ? ; aduatea* < "lub. ?
?1? ? 9;
10 i
r.B'i.. ... Heel ..M
Dai Hot to "" Sou t -.i Good* ...111
.. Man Girl '? ? aei U
Bo '??? y Again.*6 j
ttk Galax* ". v,-x- ' 'itlsena... ig
Sispiei i ; - .its? k Bill 16
? ? ?. ? ?. *
Maleo i ? Bi dljf Bstl.?i 2 i
: | ? i . ,,.|- ?.. Go to Mexl? ?? . 2 !
Bill 1 ;.. ? a mibui lei. 4 I
T"'l i:- peal Bill Lag! 4 I
, .,. UKyan.... *|
itwoi b fsi Women Mopp? d 5
...... t j *. i. Proposed ? 5
,;.? ,i su?-.? the si?i.:.- Ti ual ie
i . | r. |bate i" ?-''i' "i" a
; fu,, lalmed Pr-wldeat. *
i i dei i ?is. ipllne i.
hing Hex ico . "O
: ~ .,u Pai t ?- Neai I isa in . ?
.?. eki ii -. ? ? UM..!. i
-in i .u moi 3
x . f??i \\ ?jin'.n. 7
loria 1. 8
aty . 8
. 9
.IX . 9
.., .11
Whipping .ll
., .is snd "3
?lei keta . ,4
Call Will Be Issued To-morrow
Night Unless Railroads Make
Ccncesstons. Says Head
of Union.
Judge Knapp Holds Out Little
Hope?. Alie?- Ml?Day Confer?
? nces, but Delays Strike
Order for Day?Will
Affect 54 Railroads.
?These ere ?he railraadi which wii!
be involved m the strike of firemen,
with t'*e strike vote in e.?rl* cine.
Be I mare * Ohio , 620
Bait, ,% Oi*.^ ?Southwestern .
Beeeemer A Lake Erie IM
6r Ion ?S A'ban) ' I
Beaton ? Maine 1.523
Buffalo. Ree'n. A Pitt? ?
C et *. I New Engli nd
Coni i-l Railroad of ?N. J
Chicago. Indiana A Southern
Chi.. Terr?? Haute ASE
Cu*.. H-ifTi'lton A Dayton
Cm.. Lebanon A Northorn
Cincinnati Northern
CI . Ctn.. Chi, A St. L
Dr ?ton A Union .
Dela-n n - ft Hudson
Del.. Lack, ?ft Western...
Detro t, Tclrrio <* trrnion
Dctrcit. To'edo A Milwaukee
Gr-->nn Raoids & Indiana
Hooking V,i':ey
I ndianapolii U n i o n. S1
Kanawha ft Michigan 'ji
Lai Erie. Alliance A Wh 13
Lake Ei is A ?Western 197
Lake Shore 6 Mich. So . 1,402
L? I g h Val'ey . 1.288
Loor. Island 198
.vi si ne Central 233
Michigan Centra! . 1,141
Monongahela . 37
New Jersev A New York B
N. Y. Centr-.l & H. R. R. R 2.682
N. Y.. Chica-yo A St. Louis ?MO
N. Y.. New Haven A Hartford 1,551
N. Y.. Philadelphia ft Norfolk. 54
N. Y.. Stisci.iehanna ft West . 113
Pennsylvanie? Lines ?East' .. 6.1*<8
Pennsylvania Lines ?West? . 2.901
Philadduhia A Reading. 971
Rutland ...... 112
Toledo A Ohio Central . iO"*
Toledo? Peo--'.-? A Western.. , 45
Toledo, St. L. A Western 112
Vandalia . 347
W?satem Mar, ?and . 463
Wheeling A Laks Ene. 258
Zaneaville A Western .... ?o
C-anH total 33.916
Only 1,198 o( these firemen vot<*H
against sinking. Tie votes of the
men on "five smaller roads, making
54 m all. are Irmped with the larger
?The for! thou? end firemen tm?p
on th? th ?east of the MImIi |
? ; |a riven, ill aban
? i,, ? looomotli es al midnight ?Sun?
day. William E Carter, President ol
th? Brotherhood of ?liooomotive Flre
and Bngim men, a ill issue Ihn
unloi ? strike call to-m?i>rroa? night
lh? iaUroada tin? ? uatomary
<-,,, t .,,/, i | oars' notli e, unless some
,,.!,,, |y unexpected ? onceenlon b) the
?-ail-rxg-.d?- Intervenes to alter the pr?s?
ent programme.
The n ? mbers of the commltte?.
, '. reprea? ling tin- union In the
Uation* her? with the railroad
,,,.., .,i.-, rs, made up th?Hr minds to this
couru Ii t night.
y, git rds . a -i-i; ol atU mpta d m? dis -
... hope ??: ?' ? omproml -?
..ir. Cart? i e?W
"The oonferenaea have developed
i ,,ij,,i . The managen? won'l
;, ti ? -.im.?M.?n i-- hopeless."
m. ,,. idn'l say anything more He
.,,,,, ,? i?i the managi is Tu?esd ty
?,, i ".j,: i s nremen, i nginem? n and
, , including M7S i ho ?did no
h?>loni to the union, had voted o
,.iM of a total ??i 33.911. He was
, . |,, ?reach m Ith .i ballol some?
thing bet ?? n ? ?.' 01 md I,. moi?
,,..., v. ),,, a ill \\ol\t "Ut with thus?' wh?,
Two Days for Mediation.
Th? ? id ?? ? i ? ol i he iiiiiam h ill pro?
long ihe .. 11 ?m i -i -?i mediation two
days i?? convince the public thai they
have doi e eketl thing to avert a strlk?
i,, ?pe that ,i single ? ??? i.? tie-up
,,i. line traffic will convince the
railroad managers ol their roll) In nul
.?freeing to arbitrate under the Erd
man ;,, t and awmken th ? public la a
?Yeallxatloi ??i the |ueti?.t the lira -
men's ,!? manda.
...}|i j ,,, ,,,, ?pared, hoa? ver, fot a
more prolonged light, baring 1538,.
|n ,,?. treasury and the right to si ? sa
.,... nremen employed on the railroads
h, me ?Veal ?nd *>uth.
I,.i|.ii,iik?' tarltb tii- telegraph!? ;
pi)lll., 0| the loc-omotlve llremen. I
(udg) Martin a. Knapp, ol the United j
?taten rommcrce Court, and H. W.
Hangar. A?U?i l'"",<l ***** ''":"
(ne, of Labor, errived In town
,.,,.. Tueadas night and earl* yeater
da? thei plunged Into Ihe work ol at?
tempting to mediate the dllteccncea bo?
L .,|- m ?'.ir.i tama, ?ttk eesssas
rtRAR \l-\l 11: . . p, ' i. ? RKATl ADMI RA ??? > Ft 1 '8HEH,
Michigan Bill affecta Defec
tives and Criminals.
?..ni- - . M i ? i-'. |i> f.
Mil M"- i-iini; for n ? ?? i lllsatioti ??!
del lives and
loali .
? d the H" vol
T-' in If,
Ta,, . ,| n .
ii.. ? ?- ,1 ?...
but It Is . ? i. ?. i i
branch (hi ? . .
Threaten to Kill Weal Vir
finia'a Crovernot and Militia,
i'hai ion. It - : r*oi
',? ' .
? ? i. ? i . i , i. ? ?ver?
-? ird?
The livra of < !d
,,' , . r , . ...
nOS in .the fini.
All are on i lie u 11.
Batter? Brewery and Armory
Cold Kills Oamel
w ? rj Pi ;
? n.-d I,. . i .
ing through ?i. ?., ' ???
the ' ir in
i?i New v.,' ;
i !.. 11,. .1. Il '.
In?. ill
ki per? this ?ft? rno?
The ? I? i'han? ,;"- dooi
the i ?":.?!,m. r ! . v. In** ' '?'ini'
:- !, i 1 '. . i ? i ? ? ' . !
.a i ollision ,,.'.-?
s? ared men and ? hopgli md ended in '
;? v? ii.i tramplins of militia ?.m.
menta In ti-,' kit room ni tb? ?: it? sr*
Ell? s ho i? forl - ? old i
weigl s 5,700 ' ' ? ? .1
t : i r? ??ifr Ii Hi' four? i" h dooi ? <-f th?
mory snd smash? d ? ? a.?*n . nil :
partition aepai a : lug th?. di III Bhed fr? m
Mu kit ri.'.ni.
, . ,? . " i
Boston, f? b. 12 Tb? easl aind i ol
Mew England proved <i< "i ? to one >>t g
?l'T?i 'd flV? Cam? I S 'l' n a],|a i|, i| ;it ;i
theatre to-day. Whil? lb? ram? were
beim led frotta the tabl? doe n Tr? -
mont streel for lb? afternoon perform?
ance "ii- ol ihem km ? led. as if i?. allow I
i p? non to .-.' ' "" !l ? snd then ?
?tret? bed oui '!''
Th? Biajiagemenl ol tit? tb? ati I? al
, .mil..m., lias offered thi u sss to ih..
Museum of Natural Hlator* it Har
two beYzime users afire
Clothes Burst Into Flame Near
Furnace Door.
I ? l.'.-r ,,.|, .
gomei >'?"'?? N J.i Pi b. 12 i nrnln?]?
j-,,1 of their ' lothing I elni Bai irat? rl
w ?ii) in nslne and '? ndinj n? ai n fur*
1,?,, e .I., i.l -tO U't v..I 111 Pi. d< " , !. I.aw-'
rene? snd Howard Jaquiari wer?
badl) burned In tii?- n W Jo m \i m
\ ?ii?- asb? ?tos plant si i ' dei ? I ??la**
that thi > cannot II? e
(.>nIi, men had been I? anli r a nil
bensin? new machiner) recentl) in?
-Railed i" th? plant. Their clothing b?
? ame soaked sltH I be liquid and th?
?to? ?i s 'i'11" MN u'' ' " ''"' ttrna? ?
door, which waa ?uddenl .ned by h
fireman. The l*ensin< In tanM* ignited
_lli(i th? ) weie enveloped In Marnes.
???I,,., ran I.IiihII' aboul the plant,
, ausiiiK ?? i'.""i'' among their felloe
workmen, but wer? finally caught by
.,,,.,, u ?,,, smother? I the Ramea bj
a rapping tii?-ni In she? Is of ssbe Un
The) w? re i ? ? * i -1 led lo the Bom?
Hospital. Both men an sllve to-night,
but It ls bellet ''?' ' n*l m ??- *??*
- ? -?
i,,,,, ion r ?? '; A P? klai il pateta to
?The l'.'?? Telegraph' announc? i
; h? pre?* ' at.- fot i- I? srama la lw< i n
China and Rurope has i ??? n i du? ? d to
m . pe? ?? 111 ? ? nta) a a o? d
ANGOSTURA BITTERS len?l? delicious
fiai .a i" i?''1!"- -'' "!| and '-i1" " Advl
THE vu:?'!*- i \ i :
?Flagfhip Goes to V?''M Cm".
with Landing Party.
i . '
? ?
The ?
Will Represenl Prisoner in
Washington Suffrage Parade.
? ?. , : M ?? Urd?
? ?
n .n h in ?hail
In Wa hii r'"n on Inaugui I I ? . Th?
innoun?**? m?*n1 waa made lo-day -?i .1 ?
meeting of th? Puaan B, Anthonj Club,
? r.-ii in the parade
i . -r leth ' '? nturj Club ol
i ? i ? '.
M las Hall a Colima
letter read it tl rlub
"I ah"11 repn ?-< nl prii ???? r a i ? ih? -I '
down with b ball and chain, be?
thai la th? era) ? >h_o won ? n
; i,,i ay the Inadi .na?, ol ?
a in.-ii do n'?i permll v?. om< n to
Wedded in Gown She Wore to
Mother's Funeral.
|l;,,l . HI? . IVtltl . F?'?- 12. IllHIl. d
i after h< i moth? r, Mr Bllxa
hurl? <i here, Miss Roi
? r limit v. ? led to 1 ink E -I
Arn,ii. . ' ' !l" br,de "
,. ,, ..i i .,. hsd be? n
. ? , | .n and thai ? h? did
. , ?i,-.- to ? hang? "-? ??
... .,,. .i - n
i.i. :. .
Xh? rr-r? '??-. ' ' ' ; ' " : '"' ' "' '
,. ? .,.,,. ah? i- a f? " '?
?..?, ??-i.., . .:???? Ith ih? mother'a
?; he : ; -nu. ni the i rid? e/orf a1 the
eral hei ereddlng gown.
Old Fsmil. Servant R-.ncmber.s Early
Charges in Will.
. , ,-. i, i. \f;-.
. .'.
tiio.i. anna Dullai
? Btate to \.' n R ? IH*
,,. end ihe Ret Fra
.-???? of H?i Fran? ? 11?
... ,.. | robot? ????':<
jol n F K? itli VUt ? H Hai ti
,,! ,\...| for yeei ?
.,,,. ramlly. Vfht to m
m: niton M Stamford. Th? till -
,,,? o?a i ? manageii "? ????? n
, | .- r In'hei rllnli
w i. n - ?? J- ?
boarded with a.alntan ee. Bhu ?tied In
1-e ember, lesvlng :?. i:,-":"'
-,il?..l in ii?. bn thi-ra In ?
In u ?? will the '?' " ,;
\\ ill Ml 1 v .,- |.It'll. 'I ?<
_ a??
l fitelectcd 11??? toniatu?*i '"?' ' BP'? ' ?"? AH
1 :..,. - .x,., ,. m. rrall S ' "'""' ' " Ai vi
thousand men <~>? the
?i.. v anri marina corps in
to ci ish to Mexico.
hips rushing under full
'or Mpvican ports?four on
? i n? twe on the Pacific
? . ' - t?. snd officers and
- -
?Two me " n-; at Quanta?
, 'inn order?;, and
bed ? e'eri 1,000 marines
ed {A start.
F'\i ?mallei arar vessels in Con?
tr.->i American waters within wire?
nil for Hi ty in Mexican ?avaterS.
The Georgia, 10.000 ton battleehip,
C-ip'.'in M irbury Johnson, due at
V?. i Crus ?"> morrow.
The Ver.-ont. 1fc.C00-ton battle
? -, hip '?f Roar Admiral
Fl?tri,er. commandinq the second
division of the Atlantic fleet, Cap
to i H i-i/ Mr| . P. Has-, due at
V-ra Cruz Saturday.
The Nebraska, 1'i.OOO-ton battle?
ship. Captain Spencer S. Wood, due
at Vera Cru? Saturday.
Thr ?Virginia, l5.C00-ton battleehift
1 ip of Rear Admiral Usher,
commanding the third division, Cap?
tain J?~-bn D. McDonald, clue at Tarn
,.? o 8 iturd 'v.
The Colorado. 14.000-ton armored
i Rsgship of Rear Admit ?-I
Southatrland, commander m chief of
Pacific fieet C.-.ptain ?William L.
Gilmer. due at Mezetlan to-morrow.
The South Dakota. ?4.0C0 ton ,v
vtored cruiser, Captain Charles P.
Plunkett, Jue st ?Aeapulee Sunday.
Within call to supplement this
forre are ihr cruiser Denver, on the
way to Aoajutla, Salvador: tho
trun port Buffalo, at Connto, N.c
I * cruiser Des Monies, on
the wry to uiuefields. Nicaragua,
snd due tliero S ?turday. the gunboat
Nashville, o.* the way to Puerto
Cor?cz. Honduras, and the gunboal
knnapolis, or, the way to Amapala,
. Ion lui sa?
Boj Dies from Heart Failure in
Hurrying to School.
n fk< ? ack, i eb IS. Robert, the
ten- ? ar-old -?? ol F. A. Bchults, -t
i ,iv im ni.l Hi.- Mi.ul'-vni.l,
11 ?i uck Heights, near her?. died
1 i ii failure nhile on his >, i* t<?
,i,,,i i,,i ill- morning session to-day.
il.- ;ii"i in . '? r, Bertha, ?ren late
urrj Ini i" the ?school build?
'. ? ' reara ago .i daughter of Mr.
. II while pla* ing tag and di. <l
from .i broken neck, a short time after
? ' -, ht?et ?ii- bitten by -i
snd ?li.''1 ?< f v ?I... a later
fi r in
\\\. ;-. - i?.. ;- muiiag? i <>i ?h?1
m : i?,,n Rubber i 'umpunj. ol Worn
i Ii. ? m Bermuda for
??th, ac? "mi anied by bi.a a Ifo.
\ lournri to the South via BOUT ill.HN
i? * il.\\ A V. i " 'I revelation .>i the iron*
???riii'l uri.'M'i ol .? ii."-i wonderful region.
i x. , v feat ; ? ' o,?? n adopte*] t., pro
?nota* the arme "i ?"iiu.ni in rullroed
, ,:l,.,.i \ v i ?Hi' ? SCI i''l!tii Ave.) cor.
; .'M Ht- Advt.
Ambassador Wilson Rents Houses in Suburbs
to Harbor Hundreds Who Fear Madero s
Attack on Diaz To-day.
Day's Hot Fighting Ends Without Decisive Gains for
Either Side? Two American Women Victims
?United Stales Government Ready for
Action ii Forced to Intervene.
Another ciav of sharp fighting in the heart of the City of Mexico
ended last night with no material gains made by either the federal
troops or the rebels under General Diaz. More and heavier guns
were brought into use than on Tuesday, end much damage was
cic-n. to buildings in the centre of the city, but last night the oppos?
ing forces occupied practically the same positions as in the morn?
ing and as on Monday.
Two American women were victims of yesterday's firing. The
women were at work in their home, when ?i shell crashed into the
building and burst, killing one instantly, and the other dying a few
hours later
Protests against the indiscriminate sheHing of quarters occu?
pied by foreigners were mr.de to President Madero and General
Diaz by the American Ambassador and the German and Spanish
ministen, but the result was unsatisfactory. Each side sought to
shirt the blame to the other.
Madero has promised to make a combined assault on the rebel
positions to-day, but yesterday's operations indicate that Diaz has
much in reserve.
The British Legation was under the rebel fire for a time, but the
American Embassy is considered to be comparatively safe, and
women and children are being taken ther..
Although determined not to intervene in Mexico unless it be?
comes absolutely necessary, the administration is rushing battle-1
ships to Mexican waters to protect American lives and interests.
It has also made full preparations 10 throw troops into the republic
on the shortest notice. Thirty-five thousand men of the army, navy*
and marine corps are ready to start.
?n heotoAettt rr*M ?
Mexico City. Feb. 12.?Anticipating an early resumption of
hostilities to-morrow more than 600 Americans fled to-night from
their homes to temporary abodes in the outskirts of the city whero
the danger from the fire will be minimized.
Ambassador Wilson, on information from the National Palace,]
knew that the government planned a crushing blow, and, deter
mined to save the Americans if possible, he rented numerous
houses, to which, under flags of truce, agents of the embassy hur?
ried in automobiles as many women and children as would agree
to be transported.
The capital was quiet to-night, hut the fugitive foreigners. 4
Riled with horror by the Frightful bombardment of the last two days. ,
needed little urging.
About 10 o'clock to-night there was sharp action for a few
minutes by a federal battery against the .ebcl position, but at 11
o'clock the city was tranquil, with all the street lights out.
r. C _Ma ??> "i. Tribuna. I
Mexico City, via Galveston, Feb. 12.?The bombardment of the
Citadel, occupied by General Diaz, the rebel leader, which began
in the heart of the city this morning, lasted nearly two hours, ceas?
ing at 11 o'clock.
The federals stationed a battery in Pasejo de la Reforma, about
midway between the American F.mbassy and the British Legation,
and shelled the Citadel vigorously for an hour. The rebels replied
with small arms fire, the bullets raining about both buildings and
forcing the diplomats to keep inside.
Ex-President De la Barra went to the British Embassy with
his family last night, and is still there with Manuel Calero, formerly
Ambassador to Washington.
The heavy fire prevented access to the centre of the city from ?
the American colony surrounding the embassy until nearly noon.
A report received at noon said that General De la O and a large ,
force of rebels were entering the city from .he south by way of ?he
Piedad Causeway, but this was not confirmed.
Federal troops and artillery in the afternoon concentrated on
every side of the Citadel Judging from the movements of the
federals, as watched from the top of the cable building by the Trib?
une correspondent, this concentration was in pursuance of the plan
announced in the morning by the government to make a complete
investment of the arsenal preparatory to delivering one final, decisive
From noon until 5:30 o'clock there was no firing on either side,
ex?:ept an occasional splutter of rifles as federal or rebel sharp?
shooters essayed to snipe one another
Indications are there will be no further action before daylight
Additional government troops numbering a thousand or more
reached the capital to-day. The federal forces are now estimated at
7.000. Unless Diaz gains assistance from outside, either from
Zapatistas or through defections to his standard of troops now loyal,
he cannot win. but the result is still doubtful. Any one of half a
dozen contingencies, if it occurs, may throw the victory to one side
or the other._
I |;> I la- \-3C> aal.'il PNSB I
M?'\hi? 'City, F?lb. ll'.-AiiH-ri.aiiH
ggalB snftVmi tu-ilay ?iiirifi?; the height
,.t the battle. Mrs. H. W, Hohaaa, wife
?,i .111 einpl???- of Dun's AgSSTCy, wad
killed, iin.i Mrs. Pwey ?nifmh*?. wife of
an employ? of the street railway ooas
pgny, was raortsUly#wo*aRded, both, of
bar leg* being shot .?it. sii?- died s few
b?anrs later. AUle Bland, a printer, was
sind through the arm.
Mrs?. ll??l*n?R ?md Mrs. Griffiths were

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