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i.? urina ft'"ni til?n batter] ?rai bices*
??int. Ai'par? r.tly it bad littl?- tttot I so
?,?r a* disabling ;inv "f th.- garr?a n ol
?lif- Citadel WUt < om ?-rn?-?!. Thlfl 'xa
dM tn th?- ui "f shrapnel mut?-.??? -.;
.-.??id ?hot.
Standing ?.i the coro? ol Calle Loa?
dree tai ?'.?ii- Geneva, two aquarea
from th* i :n mtUf, belli OUld '"?? f-0?''11
b_r Tin- Tribune < ?>n ?>?.??i?i??-iit bunting
ovar ii.? Citadel from th? find fea
?hoti Th.- federali then depressed the
muzzle!? of tIi?- in?? et t?>?? much, a'lth
the rusult that len ? ? dorn d i ?
?bad tbrouab <h?- sralli of ti??' haad
_ome residence? i sn i: distance from
the Oore Court apartment house, wblcb
...is str.?' k eeveral time* yeaterdsy,
?.r? mir the .\ui'-i?'can tenants to lies
?Vfterward the federal gunners fol the
range better, and whik the battery ra?
ma sed ?'t v ??Ik almost every abell ex?
lod? ?i ..;..-?? on . i the Citadel.
Try to Snipe Artillerymen.
I'his had been -? : | * for hall ?'?!
hour, when between fifty and one hun?
dred Pell? latas auddenly appeared In
??ail? Hamtw rtju, half ? daaen actuare?
fron ti) battery, climbed <>n roof! and
.. ?i to try to ralpe tin- federal ?gun?
? i I. ? ? In* \x..,s |,?n?r ;?ii?l the bat
lerj" craahed on undteturbed. The bat
? i < ommand? r m i,t t metsenger t"
ih? captain of ;? force ??f two hundred
i nuil?? who were amona th?- soldiers
:!?'i t?> i*atrol ail ?roada leadtng ?>v.i
..i the - . a the expei ;:"? thai I Has
might maki an attempt to escape if
things grew i?-' hoi for blm tn the
Citadel The rurales, 130 strong, trame
down ti.?- Pas? ?? i!'"in Chapultepe . <i?
ployed In open order ?and baited i" the
L-h? ?if ih.- Paseo, in th?- open fields, on
.. line with ?Calk Oenevs, n-blcb leads
r? ?tij i,. th.- embaeay. They opened
:? ?. ihe FeUclata?, who s;?i?.-l their
ground well, bul ti., rurales were th?
?? tier markamt a.
Prom n troni ?>t' the embaas, bu
,?ni?l i., i.- .n? whlsatng m '?it din
lions ???"i ibe progresi of the fight waa
watched until .t cm too warm for the
Pellctataa, \-i,?- gave it up and a? it
tered in the dire? tlon <>f the Clti
i h? ti ump? is blew and the ? ommand? i
? t the rurales got bis men together i?
hind ?? htgb ?ill a square north "f the
embassy. BcveraJ were ?rounded, but
TI ? h ilted whiln
Americans ?i'h?j_; near by s.-nt servant!
oui u. them with erater and f""?i
Wbea th?\v h.??j rested th?-.-.- marched
past the embassy. The captain talked
i.i Ambaassdor Wilson, t'ilinR him
what bad happened and saying ho had
been sent to Intercept Dias m < as?- of
hi.?- niant
Nn .-?hells landed "i th?-? direction ?"?f
the American olony during the worst
of the bombardment in th?- forenoon.
v> h? ii the Tribu?.rr^spondant
???ok i ?i al lag? of .i lull in the ?ir:n_r
lost ;??.f. n noon t>> iiei front th?* Amer
Tecla Pearls
Tecla Rubies
Tecla Emeralds
Tecla Sapphires
are conceded t?y experts
and the pre.? to be per?
fect reproduction* of the
gems formed by Nature.
Tecla have not succeeded in
producing diamonds, therefore
only genuine diamonds are
used in setting their jeweli
398 Fifth Avenue 10 Rue de la Pan
7 Old Bond Street 13 Unter den L?rj_n
Ptr__rv.it>:>,. \t .-...- th tl If/-,
Waal_-***aa I Uta! llilx. N. W
Si. 1 ? l.oruit a i I Olli
AiUon. Cry l?M3 Boirdwalk
Huj'on 416 Beyla">a S?re?t
N-.c? 16 A***???* M*__._ai
Vi-nna 2 K_irn!Kn*r*lta*a>f
Roar 144 C*cr*_ L'mbrri.
Mad? Editor et ?Ut? Wbtt?
i ilaa .igua aa ****_rt***.l I ata
? f auil
In the issue
of the White Plains ARGUS of
May 12. 1911. as well as in the
other issues of this paper, we
stated that Edward Hatch, Jr..
Chairman of the Water Pollution
Committee of the Merchants' As?
sociation of New York, was in?
terested in sewage disposal plants,
and that such interest was the
basis of his activities in opposing
the Bronx Valley Sewer. Those
articles were not intended to
mean that Mr. Hatch was finan?
cially interested in such plants,
nor were they intended to mean
that moneys expended by Mr.
Hatch in this connection were
improperly obtained by him from
the corporation of Lord & Taylor.
We were in error in making state?
ments and insinuations from
which such inference might be
drawn, and we therefore take
this occasion of making a public
retraction of the same.
On the contrary, we believe
that Mr. Hatch's activities in the
direction indicated were sincere
and honest from every viewpoint,
and he is to be congratulated on
the fact that his efforts as Chair?
man of the Committee, and the
efforts of the Committee itself,
have proved successful in his
as Managing Editor.
lean cokmy t,. the centre of the d
m an autosBobUa ha found ?passage
?ill ?lin-? t routes barred by troopa,
ion?** detour through th? outskirts of t
city ?-ut ol the /.?.?.??? of Bre ?'1"hk
iiim to the i able off!? ?? There cs I
meaaages were filed '.or the qmbaaaad
.m?) many Amerl? ans ?rbo were ansio
t'? in?tif\ their tu? ml- ti tin* luit?
Btatea of their aafety.
Two squares from the cable office,
iin r .if San Juan de Letran ai
? '.i.1:'- Victoria, two federal guns
? ? ?? |li ?i away m tli" dit", tlon < f ti
'"n,ni? I .-.s steady aa clockwork. B?
eral machine sin?- , n nearby roo
were a?putterlng away, while tin i?
? i - behind heat ? parapets on ??
Mexican lions?-* were doing n i"t
rill?' Bring, whi? h seemeal lai gelj Ii
eftectrt '?.
Start a Lively Bombardment.
1 ']? i" this time th.' defenders ? i t?
-. ii.ii had paid Uttl? attention t- ii
lif- from this dir? etlon. They hail .--. i
?m occasional shell In the direction
the Pala? -?. most i rojectiles failli
short, but ?it 1 o'clock ih.-y sudd?an
woke up, .m?! for '?n minutes fair
filled th-- ?air a ?th shrapnel. fVhetht
b) accident "t- dealgn, they had an a.
curate range for two squares i>?t\\''<
.v'.in Juan ?I?- Letran, ?'all,. Vi.-tori
Calle Ganta and Calle We? j S?is ?
Septiembre, m which air- the cable o
lii'-. the American Club, the Hoi
Jardin and many Am. ii. a:: businci
Ai least :?!! shells landed on buildlw
adjoining ih.' cable office, although t?
latter building \>.is unhurt, exce]
from fragments of masonry, shell cai
inga, 111? : alls ami shrapnel. Th
street was clouded with great column
of ?lust. Tin- door of the cable offlt
was hastily closed, and nearly aver
one Inside retreated t?? th." r?ear "f ti
building. Th?- Mexican operators al
though ih.- building was ro< kins an
trembling with th- concuaaiona, whll
flying missiles play?Bd a deaf? rtlti
tattoo mi the steel shutters, stayed o
i at their instruments and never stopp?
receiving ami ?sending messages,
win.-:: th.- bombardment ceaaed aa
II was safe t" venture !'r?.m t1*" build
. 11n. a hundred evidences of the resul
Bring were seen it was imposai
i.!-, i?, cross from th- cable "fli? ?? t<
p. rter's Hotel '.?- Ithoul treading <?;
debris thai littered the pavement. Ha:
a dosen i opings had been knocked ??fi
windows were shattertsd. and big an.
little holes pierced the walls. S'iir,",
a huii.iiiic In ti.?? area escaped, bu
when it waa all ovei ' l>r fc?)er??
guiiiu-rs at Calle Victoria were Stil
plugging -.' I :i"' rebela ha.
gained nothing.
Just bef-ore the bombardment ende?
Bftj or -" fasdcral Infantrymen in aup
port "l" ih<? guns In th" ?'al'.- Vlctorl
wi n- sudd? nly - ? n to drop t n theii
bellies and '"?Kin t" ?re as rapidly a
they ? "'???i pull th" ?trtggera up the < '.?'.:'
Victoria in the direction ol the itrscnai
They were still Anns when th?- shrapne
bogan to fly. Th?- watchers retreate?
insifh- the ?able Offioe. The rebels h.ii
essayed some sort of an advance Undei
(over of the heavy lire from the Citadel
hut had evidently been unauccessfuL
: tt-. Asso' iatfl rre?a |
Mexico city. Fel?. 18.?At ?"? o'clocl
thl?? eveniiiK it was reported that Felll
I.iaz bad damaajdad th.? surrender ol
th.- National Pali?'?-. All through th?
day tbe rabal ba?tteries of heavy gum
were throwing a flan ?? Bra of shrapnel
around the pala?.?-. Many of Mi??-?
dropped Into the /.?.'alo, which front -
th?- bullding, and fed? ral Soldiers wer..
compelled to move to ??over.
IPfore dark the lire on both Bid?
was intermittent, but apparent!) i?
vigorous from the fed?rala Tin- gov?
eramenl troops ?rara receiving ammu?
nition in small consignments, and !t
was pa?? that they ?were running short
Tiuu Diaz had prepared for the
ttltaotaned ??verwh'-lining movement by
the government which Maden? prom?
ised would be carried through to-day
?.. i shown by -h? fad thai he had
stationed aharpahootara on the roots of
adjoining buildings, had dispatched a
force outside his- lines to the w?est of
the city. and hud placed his acavHst
(-uns in positions c-ommandtng all Ilia
appi?pachte to bis stronghold.
Oeneral Huerta. commanMng th< f?ad?
erais had promised to rush the f<->rfit)
rations ?*.f th rebela, but he elected,
Instead, to employ hi.*? artillery? Only
once during the earl] part of the ?Jay
did the Infantry come into action
Durum the heavy shelling ol th?
palace ]>\::7. ?apparently moved some of
his forces to the southeast of the city,
and shortly after 1- o'clock *he palaia
waa made tin? ';?r?*et of both shells and
rifle lire from that district. Colncl?
dentally, the rebela succeeded In ex?
tending their z?.n* of activity in oth?r
The rebel fire toward ?the Pala? ?? was
intended not only to bring a?bout its
surrender hut had for Its purpose g]go
the clearing of th?- intervening I *trti
bulkllngs of machine guns nn?l i-uiemen
and "f ailendng the federal battery
operating In Ban Juan l.etran street, at
a '"'int midway between th.- arsenal
and th?- palace. Thi? shelling ?wrought
havoc among the buildings in that -e -
tion of th?- city.
The American Club was riddled. The
lnt??rior of this building on the second
and third floors was completely
wreck??!, of forty American-- within it
at the tiiii- several had almost mtrocu-l
ions escapea in all, seven shells tor?!
through the walls Th? Oral tw?,
crashed through the reading io, m
across the greater length ?>f the front
?>n the second story. Th.- others en?
tered above the tiecond st?,ry on :?"
aldea; which are not protected bi
Shrapnel was hurled m ?,n directlona
cutting tii- furiiitur.- t?, ribbons, ripping
the floors and walla, and puncturing ;
m g soie ?if places the portraits n-hlch !
buns about th" room. Th.- portrall !
ni'.st ??nous,, damaged va?, ib-,? 0f I
I'Ksidt-nt Madiio.
Prssddent McKlnley's face is now get
;n a circle '.f holea, ahile the portrait
of President Taft, bangtail next, ?as*
eapad with a gbigle mark.
I'resld?-iit el?< t Wilson's features w.-i.?
riddled, winie m u,?- other end of th?*
line ??i portraits bails found lodgwnont
in plenty in th?- picture of ?)? ff-eraon.
T?? th?' rear ol this room la a large
tape, used f?w billiards and pool. Then ?
many Americana were gathered, s the]
manager ?;??i forbidden the members to ;
_ 4
Believes Root. Eliot or Butler
Could Restore Order.
Besides Costing- a, Million a Day
for Three Years, Its Suc?
cess Is Doubtful.
n imilton Ho,t. - ditoi ol 1 a
oer.dent" snd ebslrmsn of Ihe esecutlv?
oommittee of th? Merit in rfciciety, frame
,.-? ye lerda) f"i a peso? rommlsslon '?
rettli lh? Mexican dllTi r< ? ? lie sun*
gelled *harl<**i W. raiot. president
Itua, ..i Harvard; XI? h<?'.? Mt ?
i; itl? r or Benatoi Elili i Rool ;?? !.. ??'
men t.? have ..???.oiii!?"1 bj ihr !??-??
Intervention, he said, mus? ? ??? the ia^:
-? l r:
Interventior would r? iulr< *w).?*d
?oldiers, would require mayb? ihre?
years and srouM coat |t,MO,S0O da
which w-.mi'i make II coal tw?i to Ihre-?
limea a? mucl i ihi Psi ma i '..ua'
\ irdlng to Mr. Holt, who - one <.f the
ofh? ? ra "t the Intel tioi I Peac?
PVirum n i ihe * m< rl :. Int???rests In
M< ni' o togethe? aren'l worth one ?lay ?f
int.'i vrntl'.n. If th? MesiCani -In ti"t
-,, nl '" '? ? api '? ea< i
t! ' t':'it' ?1 stat. a, th? :',.?? O
a com? Isi on from Qraa \ |
ha raid.
Mr. Ji'.M m 'i .'?"?' ? thai be ".a-?
in favor of the gov? n .- In ??? i
tak.tic hold of iii? outgoing lilwaj lln ??
it,.m M,-xii-o ?'it\' ?', <lah- ston, in ordei '
t.? Insure the withdra? il ol Antei
< Itlsem In saf? ty.
PVederlc it. ? loud? ? t el I ?? Brn <>t
Coudert Brothers, who Ii an autherit
oi Internatlofial law, said yesterda
dreaded Intervention
"From tii? I .!'?? I,at : i. ,.,',,? \ rv '
aid, "it -4*. ?.-....i | .? ? ?t, ; fraugl t a I
much conae<|uence. I am not prepared to
; ? ?: With finallt* "ti tii" tnatt. :
cau*K il is matter o? r*oni lera ?
p"! plexlt: ; b ,t so fsi .,i i < ai. aee J
there sis two post ti :? kinds ?.; Intel .
\? ? ? on <.f whi?'!, one ?- tbe mo l
i\, tin? o:.?- almost certain to be em-l
ployed If we try an] Intervention ai ?.ii ?
? Tl.?' iirst ?.r these meai ?? r' ? ?.- j
ti' n would i?, ihe poll? in-- of n? rtitln '
areas <?: unrest, wheie foreign i<r-?- and
proi erty were uni? if? 'i lila or? ?>i Ii -
tervmtlon, often pra? Used n dlff? n
parta "f lh? world, d?oea not neccssar
constitute tbe taking over of the go
ernmenl of the disturbed country, it
simply entalla pouring certain rastrict?
ed srasa "
Se?or Dehesa Says Mexico
Would Oppose Plan.
Guerilla Warfare Would Follow
Any Attempt by United States
to Interfere. He Asserts.
-, lor Teodoi o A l htni to th? icll
itenanl whom Porfirio Dies mad? fJov
ernor of Vera Crus, said ladt night at the I
Hotel B? rllle, where hi ?waited the pa? I
?i. ?,I...I, :,;' ; . - , ...ii.ti ?. iiefore i ??! imlng lo
It, that M .I ns? r ? l te a
Itlement ol ' ibl? it Ihe
banda ol ? i" ac ? omn Issl?
>, . ? , : ? ? i .-?,?., I
? ild he ' i ' plomati ?lid :
bes) t.. . u .1 trouble bj Int? I
Ti. ski? nl Madero In i leneral in. I ? i
But dad? ? would at ti t Di ???
oata "
-? "i J ?? i ? sa ?? ? ask? .1 :f the
? .t li . ate th? ?advantage ol Presi?
den! Mad? r,, ov t General l " ?
Madero hm milita rani
? leneral I '?.. 1 I ? ."?al have ? oint ?
him i" bui two ' 1 ?
ha 1 detnonatrat?,. thai h?
the r? ? ???
la happening Had I ? ? ?
? ' - .
city Is on the verge 1 , ? 1 ?
t-... bad, i"
1 >? ! ? *a :. ? ' , ' :
? ? . , kith I to gu
of foreign?
such a? '?"n was ? nara? lerial nl ti
! ? Id? nt. i low? \. t. he said I ? lid 1
1,:.?::., Mad? than th?
lie said liter?
- ... m In M?
?? 1 "i ? : he
.. .1. ?.'.. re 1 .-' ...? 1
? , . .'......
ti.. m..-n tains, ? "t .1
f. ..1 ,, Lelng ? '."i " : ? ? iptured.
'i i . ?: 1 ? ?loi that th? r- roll again 1 !
, ; ? , ? fomented I
Int? ' B? r liehe? 1
sras I "las. he
intrymei 1 ? ? Ina. n hi? h ?
th<\ 1. . |ll 11 . .1 "? : . for
? . nu.1 nt, bul Dlai growi ? ? .,ti\ ?
throui n ? ? ? : ? ? "i pow? ? ....1 ? ?
an ?? the ]>? ople thi kind "i ?,?"? en n
to n t the del ,1 ?? hd ii he bad ? fi ?
at? I
The Mexl? si - - or :.ear
I ? ? 1er 'i ? ? nd would ?
their laal drop of blood In an almosl In
i- rmli '? guerilla srerl in 10 pr?t ? ni II
assemble In the fr?.nt room when al
second series ??i shells craelKsd through :
th? wall. These tur? .1 way through
th? story aboi e
, .r 1? rebel revers? terminated I ?
wiping ??'!? -?t savent, rebel* and th.
renecupatlon of s position ?which the)
bad taken on th? previous daj That
was >?v"mi blocks south ol lb? er*
'1 he 1 ? -h? ! had wn sted 11 om l ?
federal; the poll? ? ? hsi ra? ks s uth
ii? 1. it- Priaon The federals to-da*
from advantageous buildings swept
this wi;h mach?n? gun - in ti' . .?
.-.i ?.f ?!i?- occupants had been killed
s<> litt;- in! the i'-'i? 1 i ihn h ol this
position ss .-? strategic point thai thej
did n??t bold it.
The ?Cuban ami Belgian legation!
were rendered untenable, th?* occu?
pants seeking refuge elaewhere. The
PYench Consulate suffered ;? fat? ilml .
lar t?? thai ol th- American Consulate
aeveral dava .1?;". the coiural Iran
ferring his office i?i hi-- country's le?
gation. ?
Th.- < 'uh.'ii Minister to* night ni
hi- government for autbortsatlon t??,
charter special trains t,. remove from
th?- capital to-morrow auch < ui.ans -_?
Wish t?, go. Il'- propos, s t., lam? them'
.?t Vsra Crut ??ml there place ?Ii-mh*
- a 1 ?< ?.* Trri 0 ship flying thi- Bosnia?, flag,
if one Is ?r port. others toe on f\ m 11 ?
san warthtps <iim to*morro?
It wat ^-liii to-night that the action
.,! the ?cuten Mini:?!?"- maj be foil.-i
i,\ oth . diplomats.
Preparations Suggest Madero
Might Quit Capital.
?ii- Ans? su 1 Prtta.)
If? .v " City, Weh 13 Preparations
intu??- t?? ?'?-t a train i??? I) at the Mexican
Central station tins afteraoon caused
noms ? ?ii.iin?m.
it waa suggested that it was barelj pos
?fbl? Pratidenl Madero -.xa? preparing t?> !
dee the elty,
Kanaas CHjr, M?< Weh It, Mr.?.. .1 k. j
Hu?i???.!i ?'i hu? <-it.\. received ? telegram
to-day from her son, Paul Hudson, adli?or !
Of "1 !.. Met?? nu Herald," MayliiK th..t
his wife and two children were barricaded
m Th ? ll?-tii!'!" ??'H.- It? .11 lbs Am- ?
,.,i Consulats
Th, estt ?f Hi? bombardment. Mr Had* '
??in oust, wot not In sight All foreigners
h.'i?i lal I hi ammunition and provistoat
lufBclenl for theli i?r? tent needs '
Bayonet.; Used in Mexico City.
Laredo Hears.
i..,r. do, T< >it . Feb I-':. I'? d? - ii tele?
graph offlclala m communication wltb
the toe n ?.f Victoria, Tamaullpaa, to
night were inforned thai fighting now
i? going in then
Communication with Mexl o fit)
brought n?-v. thai lighting
progressing In thai i >t\ nt clos? - ng
ami that bayonets are being used.
Mont? i ' ? i ? ported qufc i i" nigh)
According to ??? passenger who rriv**d
here, fleneral Trevino, federal militar?
commander, has caused Ihe Imprleon
iii'-nt of ? very known agitator snd
i riini'iai in thai i |tj to pn V4??' the poa
sii.iiit\ ..r .m uprising. These tactics
wen pursued frequentli during lh?
i ?gime "f lYesldenl Dies
Mrs. Griffith's Husband Hal
Written of Danger.
? .n bet Ine ? !i IfHth. ??? ho ws kille?
i n i.,,., nog ? ? i; in the ? ,i ? a H? i
\\."'i.lay, ?ras the moth?* "t lh? ..::
?.?! Phillip II Pre ruas, sa electrical eon?
Ira? t? r ol ibis II srh? ffki i al M
i '?'? N i street
i 'm'. ?? i?.. i\, ,i n,, dira? i ?dvt? es "
nioiliei In-hra ' .i. it!; " Mi !'!.!
:al.I last nl;;:.i. 'd |.it" the fact tli.it
'?' to varioui "ii, la
s.,in-. ? ?- ai Wasldngtoi
"Mr ariffltfa ii?? i.. ? n ?wa ?? i
dangei Uuerican citisens were subje l ti
in Mexico," be ? ontlnued, "snd lu?.i beei
:? sdy in lea r? et a ? lam? nt'? notice sm
th" downfall .i '!'.. I'laa sdministrstioi
w i n the troul le bn ke out ? f? ?\ moni
;'???? i e hn iighi i ' ? famll] lo Si ? '? orl
?n'l remained ?? ? mtl] affali seem?
??tiled ?-'I'll, i? tit" to warrant Ms retun
i ;, .s i un . , "i',- ,'i in the - inploy of i!i
Mexican Light and Power Company
?i i ??. been told i", I? Ittei se? eral ilmi
ti. -h?* in*t :'", months that II -,\.?- inaai
for an Im? rl sn a ??? ::'. '? ?? ?broad I
the itn.'""? Mi OrHBtk bad i
i i. ,i r? \, irers i onstantl? for two ? ??*'
h i prot? etloi a Inat th? out break u.
Ian i?. .-n ? \[.?-. i".; T ?? for Ign i?-*,.,. 11
In the citi always ii?'i th? feritng its
??-?i' living on ihe brink <<( .-. r?o
. .m., thai mi liai la i" break Into ?, m
?:. i ., ? .,. ? motnenl
.!:? Pel irai i a Tk h as
\ aneouvi i Barns ks, IVasb., F? t.. t*;.
Brlgadl r .;.... - ,i at P. ?I in I? tl bei
to-day for Ne* ? ork under ..ni, i ?
iak. command <?f the lal Brigade ..f tl
tiiiv. which baa been clioee? for ?<? ?. ?? |
in Mexh*o In >.?>'? troop? ?ra *'nt there
Director of Pan-American
Union Suggests to Taft an
International Commission.
Army-Navy Board Discusses
Plans for Possible Invasion
of Mexico by Sea and
Land if Need Arises.
Ma Ti.r Tribuna Bor? an 1
Washington, Keh, lt.- A lenas sttua?on
preval?a in administration circles over the
Mexican problem, ?aggravated alniosl
hour!) by repoi is <?' tb" flgl i'?"" "
Mexico i It) and numeroua outrage by
lie lawle? aiemeni in nan) sacttons of
'.:.- I.-|.ul.li?', Lui l'i.'-l'i-nt 'l'ait I ?till
determinad t" atavs "ft draatlc aotloa ?
long as f-T-'-i .1 posalblllty ?at preventing
Intei rentioi
a lai,,.- force |a aroi king ol t;"* It's '
i>' l'-utiii' i.t. .nal rumors ar tita lhai
orders f??i the mobilisation of troopa,
either al Nearpor Nears "i ? ? t? tran port?
o? tbe m.ai, m coast; arlll be Issued with?
m the next twenty-four hours W i De?
partmeal olBdala ara all ?acting under
?trie! Injunction of - - recy. Tel? trap ilc
orders have been ?em In every direction,
and t ? ofl tl wires ? ere bu mshg al a
. ?te I ."n
M? diation aa a m? aa ol !?:????? Ina the
rdtuation waa luggeat-sd lo-nighl by the
directoi general of lbs Pan?Amerkran
I'nlon, John Barret! la s peraonal capa?
? t?? .n .i communication aaldresacd to
I'iishI?m Tall an dthe balrman ol the
Houae and Senate Commltt?*?ss on Foreign
Affairs His Idea I to have an "Intel
national ?commlaeion," consisting of an
American sta'teaman, .? Latln-Amei
diploma) and .?n Influential Mexican, In*
reatlgate th? situation and make recom
mendationj to Mexico, "which shall rs
IJust th? tual In favor of pel <
: ? i ? pi ? anal tabllit] '
?St n.it..t Root ind tt ii lam J B a i
? , ?? dbllitk i to epreaeni the
i i.i Bta?tes
Director B*.rr???.t'8 Pl?in.
Aftei ? splalnlni thai oU I :?i .
? ??.?. n reapon
Ity, aitboul InvoUing In any ?way tbe
i . imerlcan i'nlon ?.r ti.?- members of
ii - govei tilni ? oard, W?n I >i Barrett
"in a word that,
i . in It I itlve of the United Btal -
? .... Int?. tai .'
tat? men "i
ni | .-' h ai Kllbu Rex ?
nent Latin?
I .- igton,
, | ? : ? : ' ? : I
in.,!, from the i nited Btat??a in i Mexl ?
licea and yei
: i"?tii, ?and al th?
lime aroue? no ?- -.* i ? : the othei
i ..,' i . \a , I ? i ?
Igna ? ' .:.|, I'm. Minister of Bolivia oi
Dr. ' arle Maria de Pens M
I t'i?,"..!?.. aii'i <?? :?? rorreapondlngl? dla?
tlngulahed and ln(l ?? ritlal M? si ai . ?k
i '., . i':ran? : > de la i:.?rr.i -.it.
I'rovl i ? lent ol Ma i o and ???? -
mer \ ? t?i tii" l nit? d States, ui
! '-.r I.l.e D. I'M
\ .i '.!.?: r, ? ... Itati a bo
i., i i. ?? a bole tiltuation in
;. ' ?- d?.??. or to
i and make rcrommendatlon to
,|, ? I read t the ail latlon
? ? anei pea d Ii
on, th< ? Pre??
lent o| tb? i : '? 81 ? mi dl
???i ' trt t i ? I'nlted Stale tinl laee?
? in Mesl? o to leni plan l
? ? and ti., ret o utlon
ary leader* complet? ? i atlon
hoetllltl? .. Ihe action and re?
of th? ' "inn ? ? t"n. and thai it shall
.<:? known t?i the Mexican got ? ?
mi "' and ??> ?pli th it th? > arlll ,
? ?? i. \ a' ? he in- .ii - ..? ?port and i
\. ieilea, to < ? ? it the
? on? in ?? ' ni ... at. i national . om?
?Vi- Mr Rool ,. M
I la tory to tin peopl?
?,r it ? Iti Btal ind ? mm? II itelj
the ? onfld? a? ? "i M? k.nd i..?tin
Am? i i".i m Hie plan ri,- ? '? ctlon of
? " i . , ,? i.,,]?-.|a ,,, th?
Mlnii tei ??1 l"r tgu ? both "f ? ha?m .?i
lui-n of abl l anal atrong cl uracter,
? ..m l a o i .einti I? .? In .. ;t; ? ? n S.citli
\iii-11<... ? hi? i. . -. Io? at ion and rvl ?
to th? -i vi,-.' ? - .io count 11- ? ?,.i\ a a i
?? ? -i m the . I tua tlon, and \?. boa?
? ? Ipal on could not ii oui ?? an. ?? al?
? |. ? .a Bras i and \? i ntla ?
- i Peru, v.i'1 lnaur< the m.,r >i
??" ?il ill I ?at In Vieri, ., . i . .um,.i
... ,t. -, .. The -? I? ? tlon ?I
a r? pi-. ? ntallv? M? sic in will prot?
U? ?lean ntei sts ?and '??? ? atial ,, :.ii ?
,'iiiK?. to m. ?.i n tb? i nit? 'i Stab - and
Latin Am? 11? a
lnv.af.ion Plans Coi'side.-ed.
? ? ii ?* -. : ? ? ?? i. 11 i ? i -1 Inciden)
"i 'i:i . ?'...; In. .1. i?,( -Sri;;?.
x.iv Boa ?i i.. ? i? ?.it' ? ... tdmlral
i ', ? ??-. Plan - '"i i i"int Inv laion of
Mcxli ob? i h? militar) ind i?a?. ai ?"i ? ?
,a the i'iiit"! St.it?:' aere conaklerod ai
:.,, 11 length, ,iii. .nub th ? InUmaUoa ama
?jivi n oui h\ lie- < ?mi', i ? ? ont]
routine matten were discussed.
Imm?diat? ly aftei tin ? unfi ren?*c, ?.
?. ..I VV.i ??i ii a.? ? i to hia ofllc and areni
iiiin conference with "til era of the k??h
. ?.,! i.m ind ? I V t ?'t the rarioua
oftlce i'i' pat atlon ol ord? ra i" cai ?
int.. , n., i tin- plam outlln?ed bj tio
j,..tit board a'hen tii" word la given arai
the imrpoee ?if thli.iferen? dem ral
v.i bas worlMd unttrtngi) since Bua
daj. and '? ?? ? gone ovei every detail of
.i bra ad plan ;??'" the "? < upa tlon of Mexico
or Ihe mobil satl.f troops along lha
bord? r II? ? pli ?? ?? d with i he milita
. ondilIon*.
II .. mot.naiileri <\ b) ti' ? admlnls?
t rat Ion la tii" moMlls lion ??! Araertean
troops "n Man-,?"ii In cloee proximll
t., M? m, .?n watet - The landing u'
troopa "i. Mexl an sol] would, ? t oourae,
in? an a? ' "I * ai
Troops OrJercd to Norfolk.
The plans r..i entraining th? Ural Urtg- j
;,,j.. ei the Brat rltvlakm ?" the army. I
,,. i.. the ii'-??- organbratlon to i?team ? i
, tii,;,\, on Ralurday, have itaea i"r? ,
fected, and orders were given to-da? far
a" advatxre nuai?I t?? ivroeoe? t-i Kewporl
?v ... ;,, make pcepara?tl<oaa
l?. partii'.? m "i ?State otti?-Uiis were so?
gaged ta daj In compiling Information
?i.nii tin- Mexican -.it nation foi ;? pooslbte
M...U1I miaaags bs the Preeldent Rough
?haft.-? <?r ?porthms of the aiaaaacs bava ai
ready been prepared, lbs aim of the ad?
mlicstration li-lni; to StthtBll all lha to*
h-nti.ii fa? in t?? Cotvproao, so tii?t that
body >\t!i i??- able t?? act Intelligently if
tu?- necea alt) aii-"s A meaaags to Can?
?greea it arma pointed out, would oantaln
IIIUCll illl'ol lllutl'HI 111") It tull'lltiOlia I).|?j\V
Mexican President Tells The Tribune His
Problem Is Not to Subdue Diaz, but
to Avoid Sacrificing Life.
? Bj ' able to Tb? Trlboae. '<
Mexico City, rls Oalveston, Fob. IS,
President Madera raeelved the Tribune
correspondent lit t* thlt efternoon In
the National Palace. Although the
effect of Hi?- strain of the laet Bve day*
during bleb '???? bat had utti- sleep or|
r.-st. was plainly apparent to hbi ap*
peorancc, the it? aident was In ??""<! :
spirits and, outwardly at least, showed
n? fear of the outcome "f the struggl?
n t pen ih? government and Dlax.
Madero'*? chief concern seemed to i>
t., core th.- apparent Insblltt* <>f the
, i toetants t<? < onflne their tir?- to tl ?
?toi ?? Immediately about the Citadel. He
ould not Bdmit that the government's
o ttou, because of Its Inability to dis?
lodge Dlaa fi ??:n the trsenal after thtw
lighting, had been eeakew '?? ',"f
declared vehement!, tiiat. on the
mtrnry, the government had demon?
strated Its strength and stai.iiity h;
bringing i ? Ote ?-ify nearly six thousand
loyal troops, while Diet had n?u gained]
.... dh? r? ;it.
i? la i ,,i Lh-- qu< -ti". "i subduing ?
th t i?- i orrj Ing us,- mid Pi. - '
? I? : t Madero. "y" much as it Is to de- j
rise means for taking thi arsenal with* .
..tit sacrificing too many lives "r sub?
jecting non?combatanta, especially for?
? iu' : ? ? i . lo dsnger from bombardmer.l .
Th it ? the illfll? ulty.
? UI reporta i I? h ha*.m? I.i
;,,.,,..- ?my thai ?:..in.?i:-- to propert; by
shells lu ihe lighting which began thtoj
mornti .. h .- '?? n i ompsratlv? Ij slight, ?
m, ? thiti m on ? oml* tanta 1
ih?.ir li-. been Injured The fed?
erals, ? ' sti.rders I ?? boen
? .nip. ii. ,i -.. avoid flrlng artillen un?
it tin tl it the shells " ould li i d
??i th ... r In the air abov? It j
i n, ihe 'ontrarj, the reb ? Bred. !
I am t??l?i. With? ul '? gard to where |
-.h.-ir shell ? 'i Ight land, o id It li i -
ported that onaiderabl? dam i|
?been ?!,.t... especially I the dlatrl? t
,,..ix-.. n ?'.? ' itadel and the Pala? e.
?This Is ti ?? principal reas n for tl
?..' ?a tiding, itess
., i,,. u .-. er a * hite flag, f?. l >?
ding him thnl his co duel serl
,..; , thr? it? ? d ti ? honor ol the rc
. off? ring ?? . ? ? " ? fee
?. i ? i_,u powers landing troops to-r>- ?n 1 j
the Rio Grande which has not yel been
mads pubUc.
Pre ildent Taft ? ontlnu? i to hop? that :
t: ? t riit.-.i Btat? s a UI nol be plunged tots
? ?rar x,.th M?-xi?-?? although he Is I
;,!.-. t.. the uraxitx ol ti?-- situation Th?-1
?ami view Is taken by conservative ofll* j
? i ils Including experienced armi ofltoera, I
who ray thai s long struggle costing]
billions of dollars and probably thou* i
?ands ??t' lives, srould folios Interventloi
Aiding American Refugees.
As demands of ihe diplomat? ? i Ms?
?, -,.| i da -. to ? eaae the battle to th? ?
have boon unavailing, Ambassador wii-i
non has been Instructed lo urge Amort-1
rant t?i leave the danger son? and, m
ifir ss possible, quit lh? country, Tbel
.?um of 110,080 has ' ?ten - able
for the us?- ?if Mi \vu-?n a. ?ui ? . ?
-i .?-ai,-.
i daeui ilnt ' .- Mexican sltuatl m h ? ?
House to-day, Representative i. Hampt?
'!?>..r> of Pennsylvania, mid II would be
deplorable, "if la order t?i maintain the
ii??ri<?r mat dignity <?i th? L'nlted Btat?
we ?h?.ni?' ,,?? obliged t' ? end '*.: Inl
ai< \i-... but If ? ?van oui w? || latent
diplomat!? negotiation?? are t? b? trlfl?ed
x\ lib ?hen, i f ? oui a . the n stter ssi
i 'llff.-i i ill .?: ??> :
Approximate!) :. \
? ? i .m- elthei tem? i > ? ? i ??
> tiding tn Mexl? ??. i ? ordlng t..
ures baaed - n eetlmatei : idi .--. tl ? .-?
Department M? ? I ?'..? Am?
rana h tve be? i fr,-.-.. : t. mpoi I to 't. ? -
Although the la? - ol II? xl? o d i
require passports from Amei n III ?
r ,,r them aah foi certificates s
thi .? ?tape? it?:, main .? long tlm?
s ?? ?
Four Hundred Men Sign Ar?
ticles Here.
When the Amix Building closed restes
da) i'?? men h.i?i I ?sen hin ?i by the War
i '? i ..i tm. : t f..i <m. x i.-, ,,!, i ... four armj
transporta now coaling al Norfolk , t.
With tl..- nxpe Mitl.-n ?if taking troop? to
V.-in i i IS, MeSlOO,
The men who signed sit?eles with
got - rnmenl ?rere ? aslneeri Dr m? n,
trimmer?, stokers, ollers and water tend
ers Th? met ?. \x.i;? . .?: rled on ui it i ? .
1 don ?? Ueut nai i Colonel Moa? -
? ;. /.allnnkl, of lb? Quartermaster ? orps ?
.-':??'ial arrangements were made ye ?
il , i.. i.,i<. the t??? i,... m on tt?. nteamshlp
Monroe, which sill leav? New v,,n_ this
afterno t. foi ,Vo? folk.
N" oenflnnatl.f n? i, ported burning
of tt>- Colonia station ol the National I
'?all*. iys ?it Mexico had been received I
isterday at th? .?m ?es of the company
s'iii.n.oning bim t,, ?urmader ?.n
government'? promise that h? and
followers s'ould be fairly dealt with
This shows th.? ?.ttitude of th?
ministration wltb mOctent cJearn?
i think, to remov? beyond ail que i
our iiuf.il faith ;ifl(| ,i,.sir?? t<? r>r..t
foreigners, Bui It Bust be undetgt?
that the administration does n?>t re?,
from its deteraakaaUofl t?> fo?cs n
t?i subject blmastf ti. the federal ;
thoritiea, nr.r Will it shirk its ..l,||,
lions in tiiis ?.?.inn- ti.iii. Si. t?t M
ply baa been receiv?ad frona Mas."
Prssldeat Madero said that m t
r.'*.iili ..f to-day's Bghttog and mano?
?/ring, id?' government troop? gain
positioni nearer the Citadel than th
had been this morning, an?) that t
plan to invest ihe araaaal rloaely ?
being carried out roccesafully.
"Not ?*? quickly ss ?*??? sronM m?.
perhaps," sai.i be. "hu? suit!? ietuiy m
to ?atlaiy us that w? bave fshwd si
not lost an-, ?.'round.
'That is SbOUl all there is to I
situation, i 4>> not >???? how D?as o
hold ..m much longer, for he ha.s r<
little food and our lines are b?? tight
drawn that son? can b? k? ttea i" hh
Th? moral? of bis m? n must bo be
too, for manlf<ratl] his failur? to ?
tr:i. t ?dherents from ontsM? tl
Citadel ii)'i*;t exercise s depressing ?
feet upon the spirits f blm and h
"Oui liMMee to-d?) have i"-?'ti ,-,
slight, scarcely any dead or wound
being report? d."
Tin Prestd? m said n? ? ommunl? ?
tlons bad passed to-day between tl
government snd th? diplosnati repn
.-. ?ut?? es ?>; foreign i ountrlee.
?'?his being so," said Madero, ! si
sume thai the foeelgn ministers ?
- Ltistied thel - ?? aie doing all m o
power i.- conserve the lie?? and proi
City Of th"if nationals. At lenst, th. ?
have been no more pretests
When th.- rebels wer? leading o i
.??a.nal shots In the .In? UoSI "'' th
last night l?verai fh? ils land?
?n the fSacade "f the i?uii?ling opposl
th? offices of th?- PlaaaM Mlnhrtei
They gouged big boles m t'a- aralU
v. hi. h ar? n? art) Bv? feet thick, bul ok
no other damage. During th? : ring t-..
? ?? p..I.i". WSJ not sti IS i.
\. j. Broad stteel Advices awr? i
-.".?..ii li-iiiiif: tii?- forenoon Irdlcatini
thai th?- situation ? mlng, t?ut tow
?.;. iwed i at nothing d* clalv? bad
i . ,,i The "Mi. lal ?aid they l'-ok-.i f.
further dispatch?* this m**rntng to .?'a
?Arm ige loss "f th? costi* 4??....-,!.. sui 1
Route from Laredo to Mexico
City Closed To-day.
1.1 . do T? 1 Feb. 1 II ??' 1
.... ??..? n.1 ?
lo Mea
1 it> from 1 ira la would . ? dim -
? ? .. 11 .,-.:i- wo ;1,| ..
u* ' <? ?
Tem? i- "
nto the Mealed
. apltal
Tii-- - - ; -- ompan |
Mexico I that 1
? lu? destin? a foi M? aleo ? 1
would be i" rived f. rtal
The ? reabouta s
p ,*-. ng? .Mexl ? ? t w ..
left then Tuesdaj night il II
, ..it. d, .?lal t'"-:?' 1 . I . ?
? ? - ng?
I : .it.- 1. w.- ma Is ?
m ? n Kai 1 ? -
left bei
Chauffeur Confesses He Bai
Down Patrolman in Park
r Both? twenty ?six year? <i
, f \.. ?.;. |; ,. . ? : ,.
? ?? 1 ? I ,, ? ;.,? : ...
it detect pa early thla
? h ,\, tii" automobil? thai ??
; ,.;? -i i'.i'i. mai "? I? 1 '< l - <?'
traena static l 1
v. mbei I, ?? ' . i ,.,? street a
Irai P 1 ft. u . *t
\ , ordlng '... th? ' ..
on Roth? on 1 trail fo - ?? ?? '
w hen ihe] ? oni rooted I aril
.- * iik? n from in?
wh|ch '? iii.-i tl.?troiutai
?!..\' n and ? onteas? ,1. Aft? r tilling
\ ? r -1. ?11 of the killii g Roth
up ..n a charge "t henal? I?
Last Tueoda) night Js. H a*s?l?
,\ i, worits In a -..' age .,? No . .. !
Hoed, The Bronx, t..i.i i-\. ,
?i .pi. ? ? . Polk 11 ,e 1 ? I
there waa a ma n wo - ?
? ' " '..?.,.-w ?.etb ag "t il ?? killing f
Psi raiman Fifsaimmona Rot helm ?M
ii" waa formerl) employed aa a ' r
bj Pella laman, .t thaatrtcal sad real 9>
late promoter, and while driving hia -ar
..- ti"- night .?i N?.v.'?n',)?i 1 ran ??? n
Pltsslmmona He *.u?i the petrohaes
? aa ekaslng anota? ; machine ?i the titn?,
and stepped dlret-tly In front of hla ra#?
y!. ?BssssagBBaggai
J Slobe^roieke I
Office Et_juipment I
You rent the office, we I
do the rest. Our super- I
FN^jifer ,-^~r^-^f"**4 >or facilities for delivering From IK
| ^_ ' ' ~~^':r fi j3 Stock complete outfits of office ml
=^TZaY'C^-z~-^'^!. furniture in uniform design at j||
~___T ____1 '*?--? prices which appeal aredeserv- ||
k ___T ^*V w*"\ ing of your attention. D
? ?? | 9 Efficient salesmen are at your H
y I service if unable to call for per- B
sonal inspection. I
t 'eye no more Man <?//?* ordinary kind. Ill
The Globe-Wernicke Co., 380 Broadway H
Old Furniture Taken in Exchange JM
Desks, Chairs, Tables and Filing Cabinets in Wood and Steel 5fl
Also Sectional Bookcases Q

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