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V*+ LXXII? N* 24,198. ^tUiV^::;'^ NEW-YORK, SATURDAY, IT.mUAKY 15, 1913.?18 PAGES.
* * a
liDI/ ?i? /?iv P / IL'VT In ? lt> of \?-w York. .1er?** fit? and Hobuke?a.
rxtJA h 1 ty\Vj l K?Fl I ki skivhkkf two certs.
Trial o? Inspector Accused by
Captain Walsh Will Be
Pushed Rapidly by
Mr. Whitman.
Accused Lawyer Narrowly Es?
caped Death in Hospital?
Police Surgeons Denied
They Injured Walsh by
Professional Calls.
Inspecter Dennis F. iweensy,
ag-iirst whom two i-iciictments will
be H?ndjfl lift eiriy next ?*.ee'<. >?ent
>o the E*st 125th st-eet police sta
t'O'. acc3??inc? t? CoOtam Thorn,,?,
VV. Wo?su. within ai?, hour of tiie
time that Fc .. the cp?ector. turne-i
ever h?3 grafl p.iymj -its to Walsh,
wh'c'* Walsh Myg he gplil "fifty
' ftft/" with Sweeney.
Me never ever? ?eft the money
rarfth me overnight." was Walsh's
?Awsriptien el the extent of the trust
which the inspector -eposed ,n hia
Charles P, Kelle>. Sweeney's law
ytr, in the course o?" a state rent in
?hich he aga;n pro'laimeH the in?
spector's irroctrce. o^ered this ex
plartat'Oi*- ef th* inst actor's frequent
visits to his captain's station houses
'Sweeney, as ^n inspector, was
?specify active in lookmq .?fter hia
district, and made almost daily visits
to the different station houses and
Two indictments, reported to oe
aoamst Inspector Dennis F. Sweeney.
?ve-e voted by the extraordinary grand
?'j-1 yesterday. District Attorney Whit
wer, plans speedy trial for the accuser!
ga ica ?"?'?f'.cial, whose counsel asserts
his innocence of the graft charges and
???clarea he will make no overtures for
'?* eney,
The trial ef Ed-z/ard J. Newell. the
Fswver indicted ?n connection with the
*??? ?**se. WSi-?---??-i indefinitely.
Newe'l t ?enoualy ill in St. Luke's
''-- ? ta!, ard was ne??- dea h Thursday
- ?
??moM P?-??--?'i the --/'-?i ..- ? ??, ?-.
* testified a wseV ??- befa**** i-1*
?-n r:r>rn mitte? ln ht?\ ? ~j
. nfic? -r-ft. ghet **?s Iwel ?
v?---old -Jr. .-h ter Is death ve?4??-'
and ?ried uns?'*??-*? "v %0 ?",i! ' " "
His lawyer said P-:?--*11 had -? ? '
p-ec- --s to-nt the poi*"-' nl
Captai- Walsh and H?4 - - .
?lud-?- ' - -r - ?' ?'-- "
County Cou't. a?-?--' '????'?*-?? the a ?
??erman'c '?rriri" - .?'- ?
inged the ?.??* of * *- r> ? ? ...
check to the "third i*?-" M?
recommended '??t
in crime, an?-! ??-n? - .--' .. ?? ;.-.
then in solvm-j e? ? ? ??? -? .*'-'-??.
The extraord' ? ?
. a .. Iri'li'-tm-? .-.
I s hand? d up on *??
n4mPmk v li?i arere I | |
?;r.?n#| jur\ wen m
A. sij.p. Thomas T t? - n.?.-. ?
Ewp ' !". !'"\. -.. ?. ,.? -
porting evidence In th?
? ' . ltd I ' 4, , ? ?
?.?..u,,?,. j. *t'ni'.nv "f Thn
Su?--? n- - t? la] ?aill b*? i ? ?
um ?!,!? ? aftei -M-'iii?v
fnnliniinl ?>n fruir?h i-h-i , aermmtf
This Morning's Afapj
K?--iiort sn?iiiv i?. "natlcted. l
Horn ?Raili-aed 4rbttratlon Plaa. 3
lia?.?,*;, s.-.,.:,) pa?, ot Boh. ?t
Polir* VlrWS I'V Indi-r- T'lk?-. 4
i>oa*t?,r a? ?-i Pel J >"g Found Dead. 4
Pur?-?-!! Insane; Killt? Daughter. 4
('astro Prsleea rnit?-?i Hint?:-. 4
tmrpton Pinned I'nder Ambulance.... 5
M?dirai Stu?l?-i:t I>laapp?-ar . B
?^????-?11* Alumni Honor Presiden!. o
Dattajr Divorce Trial Mystery. 7
l>r Butler Honor?* Jainea Bryoe. 7
Theatr* Rivalry Checked. 9
0?n*ral \\ o?,dford Dead. 9
hmyor Joke? with White Wings.18
Man Subway H?*aritiK Ends.18
ha?iero Refaaea to Kr.siKn. l
Taft V?to?s IminlKratloti Hill. 1
E*ye flghtlait Wltboul Resuii. 1
?-toftrlo Dias Ready to Kighl Americana 3
Troop? or<ia-real to Oalveaton. 3
Hou*?? Rebels Cendems Waste 5
Bathtub TruKt Mea C-onvlcted. 5
<'onr.?;.-tirijt Probas <;niJ*t. 6
Klein 1'hHtgen Serfl to \\al<Jo. 6
A.rny RaiiaiSlllSSllllll IH^W To-'lay -16
???ay Plot to n?w y.nk Polltlclana....11
Ksplorer Kvans Angry. 1
B?lgara Beat tnver H?-y. S
BritiHh i.abor Menace. 8
h'ew? for V\ omen. 7
P-eitorial . 8
Haclety . 8
Theatri? al . 9
MuhIc . 9
Obituary . 9
i,u?-rary New* and Criticism. 10 and 11
Church and Religious Nsws.n
sportf, .is and 13
W*ath?r .13
financial and Markets.14 ?and 18
Army and Navy.lm
Reni Estate.-*?
I Tells Congress the Measure
Violates -\ Principle Which
Should Be Upheld by
Tail Indorses Objections Set
Forth bv Secretary Nagel?
Legislators Hope to
Pass the Bill Over
the Veto.
v. Bshlngton. I'.-i? 1 i Pre. Idem Taft
. ''? t h iiftl I he Immigration bill i<> Con?
gt* d .lh :i \ ?i?. meat age, in
; ? l.i? i h? lui ? - . v option lo Hie lit?
? i ? ? ' ? : - principle i iiii ought
' not it? I?, uph? ??! m dealing o itli our
? ? ? Accompan. ing 11??- mea*
? ? ? i from tli? Si-rr?-t;iry
of Com i .i i..i I ?a bor, approt ed by
Hi?. ! id -a ?lving the reasons for
I the i--.-- 11,m? it? the literal y provi?
Bten ? . pi umpl Is i..ix? h In I he
? ate to,trj i- pass th.- measure over
the ? ? :? ? . ?? m \??t.- ?-hen Hi?- bill
x\., id? ration onlj nine
Sri..-- tor : ? ?>t ?i? ?i m opposition
lo tin t-tiiu at lona! p ??> slon, and H ta
., - ar>
led l'i.'i m", th.m il.? i? ? . - .ir.
nil) be
BCCOnd 1 ?in?
s? hui?n Lodge, chairman of the Corn
mil '??? ? i; Immigration, gave i lice
. .i , nil ni? th.- voto mea*
. -?? ii> m Mon? ?? hen 1 h? ? 'onn< 11*
| etit III? i h.un bill h ??i i" ? n dit -
i .??-?i i,f
House leaders wer? onfldent that
j the bill will pa i thai ?bod!
?D'sapproves Literacy Teat.
President Taft's meaaage was is?
t-ri-.,fi |usl before the expiration ??f lbs
i ten-da. limit, after which the bill
would have become a las without Ex*
lion, in it he ^aid:
i Th 'bill . ?? lab te man] ral ,,,. |< asm n?i
! ?n? nt.? :., the present Immigration lux-,
-till Im ure gres 1er certalntj In
ex? tiding ind?sirable Immigrante 'i t
Mil received strong aupporl in both
I?"']-?.- and a-as -?? '?'>.iiiii'-i?'i?'?ri l'- an able
con ilsslon after an extended Inve tlga*
t;.", and i-arefnll? drawn conclusions
Hut -, ' mnk? ?ip iry mind le ?'-en
:? .ill xx-i,i..|i n, it . I? , r pioviKlon violates
i. . ? nHrilnti, lo
i ? apheM des II .- ?i* 111. oui Immlgl < ?
i on i ? ? ? : . liter? ? -? 1 ??I
t ?.. s ? . ? t.?i ? ?. .- .?-. ??]-. lary Sag? i ?
er t. l . " n?.t anprot e that I? I
??Kin- Nii.f] -i.-i-rs his objections
the bill almost entirely on the in
? ra? x t? : ll? said ?n iii letter t?. the
lent tl ? ihe pro* lalon would re?
ii ? s-,. nditur? ??( ., million <i?>i
i' \x??nid h. m eeeaarj,
i? nui ?-.i-e t he force of In*
? ? -.ri hire im-11, ?i. ra, and th?
mild en? ount? r great ob*
... . . ? . ? ? ? th?- i.-txx He i
? )?_.< ?! ;ti? "it ? glong ; ie
'? .i lat?, ti? 10
-.- ? ?? -? n tul?? r ?if un*
1 I; i'? i. ' r- l i: ti tu Hi? it OWn
ihet n main
? ' ?' ???? t : ? ,,'. ,] th.- l'nl ? ?!
?'?? ? .-? ,,..,,,; --.,;,.
' i" ear. ail
icei I !' '* ? ? ' k, th.- r? . -, i
? '. | ' i i . r
''"'''"' ' lern I at,..] .. r
' ' --. |i. - ? ? - ? -. . i : !. -? ;,.- r
? 'x -Il 1 i'.- I nil -'I Si ' ? .
I. M
? 1 ? .
'm H ??? i
:.-'? : gttll
. .
rh? ni :?? ' - ? ? ? n r?f Hi? nt?*r*i
ris use s ?? ? ? ? ? n
i ?
: , resl? ? ' ? tii?- Nati
|_J1 r,. ' :?ti?)ii i rai u? trul? _, nver?
t ? ?ii t
The ..!!? ihe |, ., , , i ,,i
i .1 I .' T. ft '.- ' li r?f thl i.l'i.
! Detroit Business Man Posed as
P-* ' 'ent-P .et.
' i-> 'i ? ; rrrai '<? , i a 1 rtl sa? i
I ??tn.il. i t " ie d?.i ?.I
r\ "<uii??w 11 itaon %v ? 11 f ha k? hands with
liini ?m ii n ?inti y. H,- |g
jThocnas .\. Downs, of Detroit. Though
his hair la a trii!'- :n?n-r- gray, h?,- la
eight yetara y? Iban the n-ewj
"1 linx?- l?r-eii accoated as Woodros
! Wilson limes r*Jtbou1 number since h?a
[nominatloa In Baltimore laat July," be
gald t'l-'la; '? ?ii? i " a ?? Introd'n ? 'I
, to an eudlen? ? of ? it hi hundred In De
troll aa Woodroa W'T-ti. ? ?i r?-. \.-?i
?i tremendous ova! Ion. '
Mr. I'oxmis is the ?'i - repre*
aentatl* e of a ? hlcago --:i.iaa-,
Whii?: he admltg that he t*oted for hia
Illustrious double last fall, be makes ?no
claim ?to being an original Wltawn man.
Damaged Battleship Can Come ?in to
New York if Ordered.
?-.Hinan?-!.?, ?''ihn. Weh II- The I Still -
?hip Arkansas, which ran ashor? m
Ceibo reef yesterdaj mondas bul iat?r
floated heraelf, arrive) In Ouantanamo
Hay ?<?f? ly Issl night The warship Is
awaiting order? from Washington and es?
pects i" proced at an] mewenl foi New
York, Where r? pairs will I?'- nia'le
ANGOSTURA BITTERS. w??rl?l S famous
tonic, delicious Bavofing, all ?lesserta.??
FR \\< IS! ? I DE L \ R VKK ?
Draftsmen Arrested in Phil
pines -Plans Bound for Japai
.Manila, Fei. |Q .\ draftsman
Hi- ?iiKin'er ctoTOg ami .1 ?Ir.i? i-n
of Hi?- H'T?-.''i of i. ndi ha? '
! foi rllsrlnslns militai |
!>' ' ? ifo?| pftitfs ?,i ' "i i. -??l'.r f..riili?
i Ions a en found In th? ; ?? ? ?-? '"ii ?
l 'iliplno s ho s .?? abonni n ?t? ?an
bound f?w Jai ..n.
Further Incomph't? plans s ? i?? .1
covered among th? prlsonr?** pff?*ct?i
Works for Hour Over Lit?
One. Stricken \vi?h Croup
Mother Refuses Description.
1 "? Anar? k Fob 11 \ hnrflar \r
???"i.t to rob Mi*. i?'r? 'i Morris remain
to save ii? r bab? '.- Ufa, .-?? ?? ordtng '0
I ?i ort - h ? made to-da* to the poll? a
Mrs. M"i 1 la |ald I* 1 babj a
stricken v?. 1 in -1-" n- She -darted
i m fot ?' ; lo M' Lsn. Jusl a- -ll'- WS
mit ni'i front door ?hie mcl ,. mask,
man, ?? ho ordei ? ?' i>? r t" kl ep ?,ill???
II rink "i 1?' 1 lit- Sh< .?? r. .un? .1 m
bal?? 1. dying; 1 .?m gui?e t?.i .. ?1..
?. 1 "
1 ? ? m.- http \..n ,iei 1 he robbe
<!?< |.| |n*j s r- oh ? '? Into hb po? '? ? l
..: 1 . >i"i 1 I ?. frighten? ?I. i?-?i linn '..i
m:., the house. H< ,1 ked for . Itlesjn
? ? m and wot? r and ? on? oc(? .1 .. t?\x
? ?? ??, \,\ h n< t"" ' o doa n th? Infanl
thru i. Then he rubl 1 d oil? ? i>l| on t|
ihl'da chest .ii'l worked f'-r an hm
1 , i'.,r, I,. |Q|d Hi- moth? r lh? IihI.v ?\>i
? 1.1 ?.r ? aimer,
? 'Y-ii must havi .1 1,a'.s \..iirM?if,
n m rk?*d Mr*. .Morris..
'I l.ii ,?? {ll ?? " 1? 1 Mf ?I Hi?- mi
'That's >???> 1 CNN?? '"'? ?<? ?iiKiit '
Then h?' lift, ati?l Mm, Morris r?
fused ?to glv? t1"' police ? (',!4, rtpti?
<.f him.
Minnesota Senate Puts R?solu
tion to Sleep.
,-t Paul, !?!> ?t The Minnesota Pen
ai. to-nlgbi a?i'.|.t?'.i s resolution putUtii
lu death in? ?woninn'a Mifir.-.K.- bill, whirl
wot ?im."'] M lh? House laal ?*.??? k.
Thr v?'t..'. nhi'li ?as M 10 11, ???un? un
,.M,,, i. iiiy and ?'? '? time ?Than man*
Benatora were absent.
Broadway Theatre Crowds Also
Pursue Man with Beard.
There *'aa a wlM ehae? along Broadway
...ni-, ?iiis mornloR after Jamca Feather?
stone who ?'ear? n flowing beard, In
which a rrowd ol aftei lh<aatr< earn. *
'men and ?(?men. h?*aded b| Van Dorn s
Arnold, a lumbei mer?*hant, of No "i..
Broadway, who aceused the man ,"* ?teal?
in? :? riiaiii"ii?i s**arf stickpin, salue*] at
*.????, from hla acarf while In front erf ?h
Hotel M.-Alpin.
Keath? r.? tone lumped aboard a aurfasw
car. and then several tasleabs Joined In
t??. chase. AI Bth ?ftveal ?n?i Broadway
Feath? ' t?.n< was caught In tb? Biatlon
house, the i"'i><??? nay, the pin was found
?n hun. snd he was Locked up charged
,?,.? , grand larceny._
11??. T? legrapk "? Tb? Trlboo? i
DM*er, K?l>. It. -Early returns Indi?
r.?,t,. tli?* a?lo|>tl<iii by this ?ity of Hic .oui
nil ?? sovirnii^nt clan l?y MX?? plural?
ity, of the non-partisan SJVtsaN of votlne;
by 11.000 and of las proposed telephone
ordinance for lower rates by 20,000.
H. P. Tcnnani. Third Secretar;
Ston-vi In Mexico Citv.
Ml kJ< I'M I ? :. 11 Th? II
r? ? |l \ ?? ' < . ?I I, ;1,1 i
FTenrj , ' T? ipaui? . bj
ins?...;. ; m VI ? ? 1? ? .1.1- ?*??! 1- lO-fllgl
.. |,?,. ,; |n ? ;.. . 11. ,|, ,i,i .,.,'.,
Am basso dor Wilson ?SftTI Mcd1
ation Tii 11; Is Harmful.
? ? ? ?? y
w sshlngtoi . r? i? i ? Th? t?rpart
ir? i > ,.! SI.-,!- -.-v , .. .: |tj? '.,'1., In
' niei i late i< nighi
?Vi lalni \. ?I i ?? '??-.?!. (ilis t
?i nuire h i" th'*r an? ihing ran
i?. r? lr ? n J? I i I'v.'?i , ?-it ?ni-. ',' ft?
u-tlvltj II i a. tii..? Mr i: ? i- i?
i it? i %n< ' - si ? being imbll ?? ?i
i ? " i*||| .n .i .u?. prrxlui i'iK a i ??
? ? . ; . 11" -n ,i iilaiii, m hi? Ii rail fe
anything; i sth? i than ? ntlm? lalil
i ii .n i. ?. m polltl<
'The ambassadoi <?i?j Hi : lb
\ nu M' Mil ? ?lot ?? lit I? K.lit] I'
?? nt? Mi ii.iir- ti ? :> ? ? ' ii ?i'l pro
?i . I ii... i i ? I Ik-Mi
Man Who Said Ho Was a Ne?
Yorker Goes Over Falls.
IB ?? ? ? ? ' le r ? tsfbui
Wafers Kails, * r., Feb. H A mai
hIiohi Is ? m ? ti . - .-.ir old ? ?mttnlti ?
will? ii!,' di plunging Into ihe >??>i.-i
|r?pida from iii<* ahor? ol th? Third si?
t? r [slsnal il ??"? H "'clock Ibis ai 1er?
n.ii-ii. m. had talk? d a lth the i sr?
tula??! -?i lha i ?sen ?'i"n toree a??]
ashed bin ge*eral qiieetlons sbonl thi
KfiiiN, inclds?tally ?stating he a/ss fron
I Now fork City.
The m?t? v*?in niniKiiii faced and wfell
dressed. His body arag swept over tin?
? Horssahoe ?Pairs, and owing to the ke
[?conditions Ig nol likely t" be t ? ?.. \ ?t.-, j
Bronx Man Says He Has Plan
to Buy Subway Bonds at Par.
There is s modest man in The Bronx.
wim beltrees he can euccessfull) bach
the financial power of J. p. Morgan ?t
"I il?-H?r?* to make an nffrr." be srrote
yeeterds) to Chair wan MoChll of the
I'ni'iii- Bagrvke Commlsglon. "to take all
the IITO.OOOtOHO of bend? nocesss>y t..
ronstrual and ?operah this kern gun
raya snd sill give oar rulue for them
. $|iMi fur ? flOU bond louring Interaal
m .". j,. i i ? nl. ...il.|? t I" fXgCtlj Hi??
? a i ,i. conditions u J, P. Morgan I Co.
?ira* V llllliK to l>?> '??"
II. .1 11? .in? . Of fib. '-' ItSl W.?|,st? r SVe
n?i?.. he i.s the modesl man wii?? srfote
tii.- letter, "di?<'tared thai hin wan a
in.n.i Ode offer, snd ii?? ?as willing to
submit a plan Which n?> financial in?
stitution ?dares t<> sven noel berenga
tin tln.iix iiil |???w?-r of J. P. Morgan &
? c. would ruin amy pmcb r?r?i|io!?er.''
Mi. limn.- gayg he m nut s Ihfanch r.
i am n"t a Ananclal s*4f>ert, whatever
that m'?.'* mean." he erro?*? "thai i.-?, i
do nol ???n ni"!"?' iii-i" SI,,.'M,i? in avail?
.-iiii?- ? ?i?-h. and i il" ""' v-!sl? >" ?"?' ome
eroalths ?i the e?i*ense of ?a) fellow
Absolutely Fresh Eggs Special at 35c Dez.
IHreci from Maplehu-rsl Farm ?-v?t-v nern?
Inj* A'-k.r, M.-rrall ?v ?oiidlt ?'o.'s ?torea.
- A?!vi. ?
Ik .XCISCO l. M *.DER< ?
"LIES" AS 10 scon
Declines to Discuss "Wicked
Rumors and Conjectures."
and Declares ?o Dis?
sensions Existed.
Explorers Announce That Ant*
Pictic Was Once Temperate
?no* Was Connected with
South America und
ihv ? ..hi?, ?n ? ?.? ri .- ? 1 I
I ? ? don, I ' h. I.". It |g r\ irli-tit th.it
i i. . r1?. r of , xtra ordinary stories sw
: luid i N? ?? '?t ??.m.I about the
s?..it . \| ditlon. Commander E. It. O.
n I - ? In an Inter? les published al
? itrl i. :, refers to dastardly lie?
n?, ? m. i t ii'ii'.r which certainly have
n??t been circulate?! here Commander
'*.-. n ? says
, **I dccllin i..... i officer to he
riiaa into ???. discus? Ion of th?*
|r ?-I rumor and conjectur?e n'hlch
? . ? ?? '.c. n m .11.'i.i.in?.n i don'1 xx.?i t
t.. giv? _ defence m h? r.- no defence la
n< ? ? I? . A to ihe allegation i ??f dies? a*
th? pal ly, i "t ut sgalnsl Ihe
i adt :? ? In the Antarctic t?> see
.-'. it tin ?ugh Do? ? that look like ?h- -
. i ..n ?"
K? gal - i* shoi tag? of furl Com
morder tvint stated that the depots
we e untouched by the supporting par
tie* en their return northward after
accomnanyinq the southern party part
of the way to th? pole. Th? r- srassora?
evaporatl m of <'ii '?x-in^ tr. th. lesth**i
ashers '?!" tins, and its r!>? ? jt? *,* I? -
? ? re rut ??? tint, this made : ? oni Idei -
. I?> -h.ri i?;
i -..t..- i...|.|. r i; . n - I ii ra.-tr-ri/t ?I 111?
i u ?"? thai Petl ? ? i" >? Ryans .? ? ni
mad h - i uel, ?? indsloua .??.? l \? Ithuul
i..iiii.l..ti..i l'? ii-. ? ?Mi. it i:? ?I'M. he
?Id, hi-ix I admirably. Captain Scott,
he elsclsrsd? 'eft instructions that no
??earrh parties should le?>/e their bate
to lock for him, ridding ?hat it was
Impoaalble for th? I.a?? part)
; . i\. .?-', .ii and ?ils comrades
mi h? i?" ??|"r "i the exp?dition
... rib? thi rumors oi dtasenslona and
.f th. tapping ?if the depots as das*
lardly Itea, ?unsnetlng from irresponsi?
ble i" '!?!' Sum?- members .?f u.g?
pedltlon stale th??t In conseejuence of
the v ill and baseless stories which
have l'.-.-n ?-i'-i-niat? ?i. the) quite expect
iii it .-? searching inquiry Into the whole
. ? :? ?ditlon xx m be ord? red bj th.- home
When the relief pa-ty reached the
? ent in which lay the bodies of Scott,
Wilson anj Bowers, Dr. Hdward L. At?
kinson alone made the examination and
pirformed the last rites. The other!
h?d to withdraw.
The d?.?. driver, Demetrio, who, with
Cherry ??tul Qarrard, ma?i?- th?- first re?
lief J'Hini'v (??VMirrI Hi?- south, wanted
t.? miik?- >? solitary ?lash louth from
Ohe Ton camp which he '?-ft on March
Ml, t.nt <ii?i not persist. The 'Laths, as
airead) stated, loo* pla?*e eleven miles
fr.ipi ' ?n?- Ton '-aiiiii. Go . r?i and De*
metrie xx re ten HI ivhen they returned
to their base.
Farewell Letters Written.
H?-<?it ?in?! the other members >?f the
party Irft fan-well lett?-rs to their
wlve.? Potty ?HtWr Kvans had to be
practically carried l>y his companions
for a great many miles betels his
Cofmnander Evans sgyg that the last
entry In Beott'g diary wan math- on
March -?' 'i ta aaaosned thai the three
m? n died "" M:"'h 39
lo a long dispatch from Chrlstchurch
Commsndcr Bvsna narratee the ed*
ventures of the northern and weMtern
parties <>f the Bcotl expedition, allow?
ing that they underwent many perils
and hardships. He ?uya that Lleu
tenllaneel ea third page. fourth rolun??.
Elected Legally, Government Head Asserts
and No Reason Exists for Quitting?
Let Cabinet Go.
? Attendants Say Madero Has Joined Wife at Chapultepec
?Fighting Ceases in Afternoon, Leading to Belief
Government Head Has Quit, but Late Artillery
Duel May Presage Night Attack on Citadel.
: n- caM? ?o i'..- Til??. ?
Mexico City (via Galveston). Feb. 14.?According to informa
; tien from inner government circles late to-night, suggestions have
| been advanced to Madero as diplomatically as possible by several
prominent Mexicans and friends that his resignation would appear
to be the best solution of the present problem.
Madero, it is raid, refused absolutely to resign. He said that
the Mexican people had legally elected him . i President, that he
had dealt with them honestly and fairly and ! .at at all events there
?vas nothing so acute in the situation thus far as to render his resig?
nation necessary or desirable.
It is believed that if Madero does not succeed in defeating Diaz
within a very few hours strong diplomatic pressure may be brought
to bear to induce him to turn the government over to De la Barra.
There are rumars that Madero is willing to eliminate certain
members from his Cabinet in the interest of peace, notably Vice
President Suarez, who always has been the most serious dead weight
c-r the administration.
That President Madero had his resignation ready to present to
the Senate as soon as it could be convened, de la Barra assuming
i the provisional Presidency, was the rumor to-night, impossible of
The complete and inexplicable cessation of hostilities since the
early afternoon gives some color to the story
The United States Embassy, however, has only the report,
' which at 8 p. m. it had been unable to verify.
Neither Madero nor any of his Cabinet could be found at the
j National Palace at 8 o'clock. Attendants said the President had left
! a few minutes before, but probably would return as soon as he had
4 gone to Chapultepec Castle, where his wife had been all this week.
i Those in the Palace would give no information or express any
opinion about the resignation rumor. There were no indications of
j undue excitement in the Palace.
There was a brief resumption of the artillery fire to and from
?the Citadel between 8 and 9 o'clock for an hour. Numerous bodies
of soldiers, fully equipped, are filling streets in the direction of the
Citadel, and this may presage a night attack.
? r. rite Aaaectal I tarn.]
Mexico City, Feb. 14.?The resignation of Fran;; I. Madero
from the Presidency is believed to be in the hands ci ..he Mexican
Congress. It was authoritatively stated that Madero agreed to
resign if the Senate so wished. The Senate was called into session
? about 8 o'clock to-night to take action on this important phase of
I the situation.
At the British Legation, where Se?or de la Barra took refuge
: yesterday, it was stated that Madero's resignation had practically
j been arranged for and that de la Barra would likely succeed him as
j President.
Se?or de la Barra, while proceeding through the streets in an
automobile later, stopped and made a short address, assuring the
?crowds that a peace settlement was certain and probably would be
reached before morning, De la Barra had been in consultation with
both Madero and Diaz regarding a quick settlement in order to avoid
At b o'clock to-night General Huerta, the federal commander,
?iave the order to cease firing. Soon detachments of federals were.
' seen marching from their positions to the government base near
j the Palace, their guns slung on their back?*
The laws of Mexico make it necessary for the resignation of the
| Piesidcnt to be submitted to the Congress, and for this reason of
i ficial announcement of the resignation of Madero would be con
! siderably delayed, even if already decided upon.
Another development of the early evening was the resignation.
of Rafael Hernandez as Minister of the Interior.
Whether hostilities will be resumed in the morning naturally
depends on the action of the President and Congress, or upon the
aggression of the rebels.
Another interchange of notes took place to-day between Gen?
et al Huerta and the rebel commander. That of Huerta was of a
? conciliatorv character. It offered Diaz permission to retire in peace
with his men. Diaz replied that he would continue to fight.
The government has not been whipped, nor have the rebels.
Diaz is not trying to whip the government at present, but merely to
! resist it. During the day the rebels had not been reinforced, but
'. the federals had been, and the claim was made by the government
! that it had no fewer than six thousand men available.
Francisco de la Barra, formerly Provisional President, who may
become President, was accompanied to the arsenal and to the
Palace by the Spanish Minister. He did not divulge the nature of
his conversation, but expressed the lively hope that hostilities were
The resignation of President Madero is announced on the
! authority of the British Legation, where De la Barra took refuge
i yesterday after having urged President Maderc tC compromise with
the rebels.
Arrangements :or the succession of De Barra to the Presi?
dency are now being made at the British Legation.
Rafael Hernande?, Minister of the Interior, has also resigned.
I it) ?casta es Th.- THbaaa I
?Menino City, via Onlvaetea, Peh. 14.1
-The situation nt the ciul ?>f the Bfth
day of the n-?htln-? between the Diaz
rebelH and the government left condi?
tion!? virtually unchanged.
Without succeeding in driving Diaz
L,,:t oi thi citadel oe compelling him to
gurrender, the government ?dent?n"
gtrated that it wtm tJkkt t<> keen if
anything, the matarte! ?advantage ?ver
Diaz by lltOISlltlag him from gaining
saMmrenU outside the amsasJ. romng
back every ossni Mas m.;d?> tu puah

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