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(?opv Vtght, 1913. by The Tribune A??Oclat|i*n.*
V?L- LXXH-V 24.199.
To-dar. clear and colder.
To-inorroiT, fair; oorlhweut win?;?.
IB ?oil
Firemen's Head Makes Charge
After Men Reject Plan for
Arbitration by Board
of Six Men.
Federal Mediators Still Hope to
Avert Tie-Up-Managcrs Silent
on Rejection of Move for
Peace Except Under
Erdman Act.
?? ' in S, Carter, president e?f : he
Broth? hood of firemen and Engin.?
mrn. practically save up hope yeskT- j
(lav of p. ,-.-? i..ellng the fifty-four Rast
railroad? to a?*-oept arbitration '
ander the Erdman act He .11,1 no? i?.- '
.*-. e hi I ?? order last night, bul h
let i ? tnti ;it the iUvlskm 1t*.?.?
quarter? knon his opinion, and warned
th'tn r. ready to rel?ame the sinke'
arder which has tico-i printed and -ii*. '
tribut? d it? them.
"The - r,.:..ls need u sinke in their
basin? - 'i ti?. "They t;?ed ?t t.. !
etch"'.' \" ??r.fln.vv Wllaon .nid foi
?th? ' I ? afra i i tl
p.ii; th? Bituatlon still remain? in the
bund.* u the two f? .lej-ai mediates**.
Martin A. Knapp, presiding j * ? ? i c*; -. q
tha r ed States ? omm< ree < 'out t. and
U. W, Hangar, acting Cotnmla
o? Lai"' The mediators <h'i i.e.?
icr nil thei Bide ye terday. Judge
Knapp went to Washington, bul Mr
Han. u .h h? would i"" bach on Mon?
'Tli'M' 'II bC DO str'ke." ta Id Mr. ?'.ir-'
1er, ntl th? dm rUatora throw up
Firemen Reject Plan.
A- Mi Carter's remarha on Friday !
gtghi flowed, th<* Bremen re- !
je'ti-ei with finality th?? railroad pro-1
? the Brdtnan aid ta modified
for tbe . .rixiscs i.f the preaeul contro
rei -' provide an arbitration bouud
ae.t of three meinliers. hut of si\. iv...
to i? selected by ?ueh Bids and Um r< -
main:,-!^ two l\v UWM four. A vom- :
mum? atiua to this effe?.t was Mat to
Um ?conference committee of managen I
when the . oinmitt. ?men representing j
the union em?T**v?J at noon from a con- j
fsrenii \*lii? h bad last?'?l the entire!
\? ? n .isk'-d to explain the attitnac of '
ttit- r ailroads in refusing to accept '.he ,
??rnlitioru- oMhe federal law Mr. Carter
propounded this counter r-ueation:
"If you had prepared a bushel bask?-'
or. rather, s oarload of statisti? s for
presentation which you couldn't swear
to in a court e.f law. would you invoke
it.e El dman a?, t !
Let me- t?-ii you something*," be coa?
ita .?? Tin- railroads for yggffl nave
been appealing to the ESrdmad act to
Bettle differ ?neos v. its their employee.
They did so in 1!?1<? in the ease of the
we.', tn Bremen. Thai wasjusi .?s big
-? as this, just ai many railroads
and a i.?rf*er territory. They eiiei so In
I90? .n the- cane of the engineers, and
again ?hfn th?- i ondU'.t>>rs and train?
men made their demand?*. It, hotli la
stances tii" interest?? Involved were
lust us, great *? In this < on trover? y. It
is only In the last year ??r two that the]
< ontinued oo third pace. Ilfih , ol'iii.u.
This Morning's News
PI am? :. '? -i.?: t" Btiii.,-. i
Whitman Gets New VI. e EvMeace.... 3
Ward fieeision ?irlmitfl ?'a.-mo.4
Phi ley Sails for Porto Rloo."1
t'Un to rtev'ointioiii/e Cablea. ?|
New Subway Finan. ?? pi,,.,. 4j
i:.-, I;<.?*.- at "Movie" Hearing. 5 j
Sih-nt ToaHt and Tans fOI Icott. 1 I
vh? Sajloi Found ! '?a?!.7|
Valentine Mail Ltghtei. 8 ,
'??) ?ritir!sed a' Dlnnei. 9 ,
,.i ' Mich < 'osi". 9 (
Juanee Calls ?'ourt- "dwindles".t|
?iilveiM in Metiliijonial MlZ-up. Ig
Ne? Anti-Snbwa) scheme.lg
.Min. o Defies da ate te Oual Hlm...< i
H.i'.ii Off, Tait s Mexico Stand. 1
Bai ritt Defends Medlatie.ii Scheme. 3
Tart Psya Tribute te. Sherman. 6 !
Farewell BanQWH to ?'aiition. fl
131 "un .ifir, pork Barrel*'. 6
?a'htul Trust ?'"ii'-l'iralors I'ineiJ.... 7|
loffrsge Army ?Cuptures solid?is. g,
Dbjggrse Ovei Werklngnma's ?Oompon'
lion . ... .18 j
Ok I ?hi ke?r in Bui ")?.9\
1 n?ejs in Constantinople Part 4 ? ??!
Mr? vr?e! ;.s \\ ?tn. m Pigrl 4 . .. a
ta (aondon Society Pai t 4. a ?
in th? Londos Tbeatrea ran #.... a
AlrshbjM Stir England Part 4 a
Don't? In Min.? Dreao IPsrt 4 . a
Tr, Del? ?? v\ ord "Ota .-? -Pai I 4 . a :
St.h\r British Soclallets -l'art 4. 3 !
' t Morgan's Keweot Hook Par! 4 3,
Italian Km; to Vote Part 4. 3
Vrem h President's Inaugural.
l'ail 4 . 3 ,
i'e.'iiir\ \i,ir Fashions Part 4.f)\
Music .%. d I
i:?li".ria1 .10 j
An EthlMtlons .1?
OMtuary .10
Theatrical .1
tjr.10 and 11
S|??i?. . .18. 13. 14 and 15
W'llliie, . Id
. n|.!?:
financial ?mi Marbel .
I'ort 4. . . 4, 8 and 9 i
l.e.,1 K-tate I'art 4.?. 7, ? Bad 9 !
a? itf* ?net M?f-*j ? Pert 4. ?
Sunday Morning Meeting of
Cabinet Backs Up President's
Idea of Non-Intervention
in Reply to Madero.
Mexican President To Be Told
in Diplomatic Language That
the United States Insists
on Safety of Its
Washington. Fob. 16.-'Hands off
Mexico for the preaent was the decision
of President Taft and the Cabinet
reach-d at a conference which lasted
until the early hours of this morning.
Mr. Tafi ?and ? ? en ol in. ad* ?_.-.,-,
ret In tbe White House. After re
lea Ing ?ii- situai. from . . r si?
tie, and particularly the proposai ol
srmlatl? t in Mexico Clt:. dui Inn ?? I h h
?"?ii-1 ombatants are to b? ?removed,
with lite rreatlon of a neutral one r<
the .nier I? sn En bass?. the; d< i i
: t" reaffirm the non-int? i. ? ntlon
of th? uniti ?l Ktat? -
? v. h?i?. keeping Ihe srmj snd i
for Instant ..? tloi
The repl? t.? President Madero pie i
for non-intervention, received i?\ ?? i?
graph to-day, ?is framed i.? Hecretsi
Knox, \?.?s in diplomatic Ierras i r. ?
affirm?t Ion <.f ti?<? altitud,- ,,r n,..
I'tnl"?! States ,i? . \|.|-. MM ,1 |n ,-, . ? ,
? orrei pond? nee, Then * .. an mpre
slon si tbe Wh it Ito - ? that th<
pi) might nol ?be .r,; t-- light. If nl
Tiic* ? !abin< i m. eting brok? up i . t
ufter 12-90 a. m., and s -. i Knos
announced that Be r??tar. Hill? s wo ?.
ni.-.ko public fii? only statement to : ?
?given out Other metal* rs ol tb( Ca
nel ?referred all Inquirers to Mr, 11
whose statement was ss follobw:
At s meeting of th? Cabinet to-night
\ ..i ious dlspat? hei from If? ? I? o ??
dered, and it s i do Id? ?) thai
Information ao far ?gained efforded n??
baals f??r h change In use policy.of thi
government ?if tbe United States .>i
read. Indicated many times In tht
:'*n ;rars."
' . ? , 'ihr. 11U ' ?
\\n.?liiiigt?iii. Fob. If.? -|'i? ild? m T.?ft
held 8 ?*ontrr?"nc< with the ? .ibu.-.-t to- |
nlghl to discuss the Mexican xituatlon
and PrenifSeni Madero's telegram <?f t?<
?lay saklng thai Intervention b< liH?i
?ff. The meeting i?rok? up sftei s half
hour's talk to permit lbs ?Presldenl lo
Htti*n?) the Cannon dinner, but the
membi rs ?joaaaembled before iniiiniahi
lb ??oittinij" th?- ? nnliiei;. .
The I*r??i?lf*iii mid be hoped the ?? -
?.uietin?. dispatches from Mexico would
not arouH?- the American people and
thai th?* preaaure ??ti Congre? would j
not become so great that a majority
would feel taii.^d on to respond t?? ??
demand f??r Intervention. According to
his latest Information, there is little
vi tlnseni in Congress i??i Intervention.
The ? arly Cabinet meeting follow? d
? onference between President Taft,
Bacretary BUaoaon ami Brigadier Gen?
eral CrogfeTt presldenl "i" the Army
\\_i Collage, who were called to ko
ovei th?- plans on?' na.nu thai would
be put into efffi t in oais?- Intervention
be? ame. nocOOnury. If tbe army is to
be sent into Mexico the transports will
be _Us_"Otc-bed from Qalveston Instead
of Newport News.
No new orders reaultod from th?- con?
ference, '?'it Mr. Btbnaoa and General
Crosier were told to li? ready for an>
smargency. Th*- Plaident ?was still of
th*- opinion that Intervention would be
imnsrsaeaty He reltarmtad that he
would dire.t Intervention only la tae?
of a wbe|eaalemnrdei of American ?wi?
if Congreat cbooaes to iin?i a caaus
?belli in the casualties Incident to street
lighting in Mexico City the Presldenl
??.?mid HOI oppose it.
The Pr?sidant ami the Becretary <>f
?.tat?- believe the retirement of 1'nsi
danl Maden? wouM pacify a certain
element ht the revolutionists and <>b
iriatc occaaion for further attacks by
r*_**,i ti.. status ?if Dias would
proinptiN he changed i>y the resigna*
t?oit ???: Madaro, as francisco de Is
Barra, oa**Ambw*ae"or to the United
State*, would BUOCeod a? l'!0\ ?si<-nal
President and tli?-rehy re?-i?.i?' th.- < oii
Bdeace of the better daas oi Mexicans
and of the foreign POWera
Communication Interrupted.
Tbe Department of Btate*i lateat re?
port troto Amboamdor \vii*"ii t?-?iay
wa - sent last midnight and the admin*
Istration h?* *?'*?''? fe*****- *? ?' '" Mrgoly
on pree? dispatch?--- for Information.
The Betel In telegrams Is attributed to
th? interruption Of telegraphic ?ornmu
olcation by the rebels.
By Mr. Wilson's tiKiires Ihe i,,i?,| i ,i .
unity llel ?"eetardaj was ?!? killed and
forty-eight wounded.
In the thick o? the Bgbtlng th< pn st*
dattt of the local lied ?Toss wai killed
bv biiiiei- from some unknown souros
while at work in the Plaza. ;<iul both
the It? ?1 Cross ami the Whit?' ..'loss
?bave been obliged l?. disband.
while President lafl Is anxious to
d. lay action as long m posaible, It is
et-rtain that the mobilization of troops
at Oalveaton will be beBt-n ?ooh, if the
i.,1.-st turn of the situation In Mexico
City Boas not ?develop prospects <?r the
Immediate restoration <?' order In tha
capital Tbe mllltarj forces are In
r***udtness to move, and bad not the
?I tuet Ion In Mexico Olty taken lbs new
turn the Bret brigade "f tin rust ?h
vislon of th?' army ?wold have atarlad
to-daj f?n Newport N?w- to .mbark
for ti?l veston.
A deputation from the Mexican Senate called at the Palace yesterday to ask the President
to resign?
President Ma'iero. through an interview with the Tribune conespondent
just before the Rovetnmcnt censor ttistd the cable late yesterday, told all the
world that he intended to keep the Presidency of the Mexican KepuHlu. He
I said:
* Wli.it noiiMMisc! Why should I ?resign.1 Will it help
?conditions ?permanentlyi Not ?\ ?*d|. What I ha\c ?jotu
'through within the past year and a ?half would Ik- the experi?
ence of any one who mighl succeed ?me. I ?have fought thus
i far, and I ?mighl ?is well ?continue.
"It is my duty tt? stay at tip ?head of the government,
where ihe ?people h.i\?' elected me. I am witling to arbitrate
?or to do ?anything thai a man may ?do ?honestly and properly
to bring peace t<> my country, ImiI I shall not act th?? part of a
Pack. Wolf-Like. Almost Tea:
Him from Tree Before Arriva
of Mounted Patrolman.
?Voll, ih wild dog ? hleh pros : I
v ..mis and lonel; re essea "t Pores! bi
Highland pi i ka lust ??? ? i the Que< i
Borough line from Brooktyi
WH is n 8? btmpel, "i ? ?Id Bouth roa
Wood ha ven, yesterday, -?.hite il, .?
ng n : "i ? sh Bond road
Th.- dogs, maddi ned b? bungei can
si i Im from sil ildet Bchlmpel d<
fended himself with ?? heavy *ti>
knocking down and maiming en
of th" animalB, bul ta was bitten tin
and again In the hand .?mi lag
Finally be fled, taking refuge ?n .1 i?>
tro ind although rahauated .ir.!.?:???
hitiis.-n up into ??? crotch In * limb, s?
tool from the ground
The ?i ogs, howling .?'i?i inapptni
I m 1. .1 to drag linn 11"vu. bul with bio**
I of hla stdch he managed t?. keep th
I boldest .if tin m off, until the srriva] ?
Mounted Pstrolman Brown, who he.ir
i.is ? rlea '"i i" it' ?""! tin- v. Ipina i<r tii
The policeman charged the '?ok* .m.
? -h..i and killed t ??<> of Hum Tin 1
I miiip<'?l ,ii lii.- hut's?? and then turn??
and nod s- Mini" I bad been trod i"
the doga for two hours, and ta wai
'. luih-.i with ? ?.i.i snd weak from Um
' effect of his v?, ounds.
?If you had n?.1 .??in? soon ??1 ,.iii??i
help bad nol 1 ? s? bed me these ?lev ih
would have gol me eventually." ta bbM
to Brown, who took bun to BI lfary*i
Hospital "They'd hav. eaten me up,
, sur?."
?Memorial Services at American
Club, Havana.
Havana, r"?tb. 13 Memortal servlcm
ominen orativc ??i th" i?!??? in? up . f
the Mam?' fifteen years :iK" were held
to-night <>t tii?- American ?'lui. t.v the
Havana ?'.imp "f Bpantah-Amertean
War v? t? ran*
?Senernl Nun?/, ?in-1 ?>f ?he Cuban
veterans, end manj comrades, as wgO
as many American visitors, attended
Ihi BCT" id
Washington Thought They Had
Started for Mexico.
?Waehingtoi ?Teh. r..-?'?impunie.?? 0;
1 inaihu's and bluejaeheta marchtag
through the street? "t Washington late
t.>-?iav threw t? . capital ?nt?) exeiteaaent,
snd aprsed sbroad the repon that the
toi. < s were about to i??- entrained .or;
Mesh "
The oompanlea net? marching hack
from the Main, memorial servtcea in .\r
1 linn ion National lanieterv.
Amundsen Tells of Decision at
Last Moment to Take Oil
from South Pole.
1 hlcaco r. !.. 13. ?Captain Roald
Amundsen barely misled leaving ? a
u.i!i??Ii -? "f ?nl .it the South Po'e. |t
I? .i?ii.-'i i?., i? ?,,>-.i., . Tii- fuel i-.' bt
have aavsd the live.-? ot ?Captain S'rtt
and bifl ?coanpanlons. ''.-.i>t,?m Aaron?*}?
? ti i">ke ot My "ii !?? cban? ?.
Th.- ?day WSJ t'iiqiit and n?.? . ,ty
, ?.iii." asid Csptsln Amund-Bsn; "Thais
aras ?? isneral Inspection ?sf the '.unit
befors we started lui' k. Slid :?'i BOOM
tiros ? flsbatsd with myself whether <>r
n-.i t?. leave l- lnn.1 two th.*-galInn COM
of <?ii I did not ?sspeot ?to ?a-esd. in las
eini i did not lent i t ti?- ..ii."
Captain Amundsan ?-ai.i bs had no
r'-.i*".ii f> aupposa ihm ?Um oll uruuid
bat ' i" ? n ol any ?uss ?to ?My mm nl ih?
Si.'iih ?Pols, but Unit li<" liii'l tt??t ?left ?i
w M ?? ni' I?m? bolj refl.-. ti?<n.
Sources of Collection in Eng?
land Too Multitudinous.
i..,i,fi..t. i.i. i", ?Tha alawnaaa of thi
BrltUh pubM '-? auhacrlbins to tl.? fund
? . ralaad f? -. roaroortal to Captain
Robert r Bcott snd bla ?eooaradaa who
died <'ii th? ? .? i" ditii.ii t., tha S'-utii Pole
i- . ,1'inini; ranch ?snsfrin, ?Only ?shoot
^l?i.. I.a? thus far bSSB '.ill'-.-teii in ?M'ite
?of tha urgent sppepla af tha antlra presa
The dllatortnesa of tha public respsose la
attribut? ?t t? th?? multiplicity ?<r thi
aaurCBa of collection. whl?h In man?, ?cssaa
,, , rlap
Prisoner Tells Court He Want?
ed "Just One Spree."
I ?By TelasrasS to Thi Mbuaa. i
M.i!"--illnn. Ohio Feb. IS.??A pie.? thai
he ??.a?? sowing h?H "wild oats'' ga'iit 1
liberty for Jacob Schneider, sevf-nly
?tWO y.ars old, of ?Offi 111?, Ohio. snast-l
i-d lure on ;? rhargc of Intoxication.
Schneider t??td Mayor A. ft, Kaley.
before win un he wits juraif-ned. thr.t
he alwa>s hail l?"d a sob?r life, l>?it
wished for ?OSOS before ho die.i to know
what pliisaiirn their -was in tin? cui?
that rlfssra II?1 .?aid that ie dc?*lded
he had hotter not wait until ht* ?raa
older ??r ho might miss tho ?SSptritM o.
Th?- usual lecture to youthful first of
fendera was dsHvsred 'o ?8c?hnsldsr i>y
Mi?? ?Mayor.
. a
l.i'liH'n e(| |.? luxurious equipment of
?8*11 THF.RN RAILWAY limits trains
su.l .lrrtrl' lighted trains frwn New
V?>tk to principal eitlea ?nd re?urts S?*utli.
N. ?. Office?im Klftb Are.?Advt,
Who commanda ?M th? Mailau iortcs in the capital.
Hostilities Suspended at Night
Pending Decision on Dcclar
ing an Armistice.
' i ; ? l '.? .Moeleti I
Mexico City, Feh 13, The proposl
lion is under consideration by Mader
and hi* ministers to-nidht to declsre
truce of ?from twel\*e to twenty*foii
i our.??. The matter has been referre?
!.. Qeneral Huerta, who has suspende?
hostilities until 11 o'< lot k, a hen hi
.ni??-1 v will be ?i? -n
in the u.t?!. n for igriei ? e III be re
mov? ?< from the dangei son ;
ilsc pi..;- ? i i- di fine ri ?/.- m
shout the ? mi : let n Srafbs i j a hi? i
,. ,-i i,. : npected l?i ? : I SS ..?ir-" .i
pro?,... i i h? r. demis i? ??? ??t this p
? osaL
? s
Man Asks $20,000 for Assaull
by Admirals Pup.
w.i.?ii i m; i ??ti. Feb. IB. -? Admira
t?.-v ? ? : dog on William T. Johnson
last July, and Johnson wed the ;t-l
mirai to-da* for B20LOO?I
Tbe pup was in chargS Of the ad?
miral'.? coachman, and Johnson mad?!
i.im a defendant ?also.
'???? 0
Cerebro Spinal Meningitis
Forces Texans to Suspend.
Austin, T?*x.. i-Yii. 1&?Prevalent ?-?
cerebro eplnsl pssnlngltls among t-v.?.?
legislators reused ?? ball m the ?wort
of both houses to-day.
hi the last tin?-?- <la\s two members
of the House have Bled from the BIs*
Saae, -?nd tO*day, when it was reported
that Representative John C. Hunt ?as
stricken, proceedings ?>f the two houses
?rere stopped by the presiding officers.
The Senat?' will not meet until Feb?
ruary _!l and tii. House not until
March ?>?
???s ' ? -
Last Month's Cases Less than a
Third of Those in Jan., 1912.
An abnormal decrease Is the number
of typhoid fever CSSM for the first .?ix
,? o-ks of tin- present year, as < oinpared
with the Same time mat year, was indi?
cated in reports tmule yesterday to the
offl? e of the Health Commissioner of
tii? Department of Health.
From January 1 to February II there
ware reported lit? ?asea m _n por*
? ughs, a.s against 308 for the corrc
spondlng time in lltl'J, or i'?w.r than
??ne-third the cases ?n the latter year.
Manhattan showed I marked filling off
m January, as di?i all the boroughs.
There were W cases in January of this
;, ar, as against 2BB in January? 15*1 ?
Cwbii Florida. Savanna*?, Augusts.
? Ltd. Trains nai'v. Electric lighted I'till
mans. Atlantic Coast LJne, irjl. B'way.
Refuses Even to Receive Demand for His
Resignation; Saying He Will Not
Act the Coward.
! _
Ambassador Wilson Narrowly Escapes Bullet Which
Pierces Embassy Building?Diaz Refuses Consent
Ii Armistice?More Sharp Fighting in City
Streets Without Decisive Results.
While the following dis
? patch from The Tribune eof
respondent was being written
in the cm file office in .Mexico
City a rebel machine gun on
itlic roof of the Young Men's
Christian Association Build?
ing, a third of a mile away,
| opened tire on a federal ma?
chine gun on top of a building
in the rear of the office.
Several bullets entered a
?third floor window of Porter*!
IHotel, across the street from
the cible oflice. killing R. X.
Meredith, representative here
of the National Cash Register
Company. A bullet pierced
his brain. Meredith was on his
honeymoon. Sidney Souther
lland. a correspondent, was
j wounded in the leg at the
'same time.
.As The Tribune's dispatch was being sent, at S :15 o'clock
i in the afternoon, ??? government censor appeared pt the cable
(?Mice and took control of all messages.
Six of the correspondents of foreign newspapers ita?
1 lioned in Mexico City entered a formal protest against the
) cstablshiiient <>i th? censorship.
Mexico City, via Galveston, Feb. 15.?President Madero made
it very plain to-day that if his resignation is the price required to
purchase peace between the government and the Diaz rebels and
to avert possible American intervention, he is not prepared to pay
it now or in the immediate future, unless the tide turns against him
j much stronger than it has thus far.
The President resisted to-day the pressure brought to bear on
him to quit office to the extent of dedining to receive up to a late
hour this afternoon the committee from the Senate appointed to
! convey to him the information that it was the sense of the upper
body of Congress that he should resign.
Madero is still firmly of the opinion, according to persons who
' talked with him to-day, that he can wage a winning warfare against
the turbulent and irreconcilable elements of the country which
threaten to overwhelm him. His determination has been strength?
ened by accession to the government forces of General Blanquet
and eleven hundred men from Toulica, in Mexico State. Blanquet
arrived at Tacuba, a suburb, last night, and marched his troops into
the city this morning.
This brings the government forces to nearly eight thousand.
Although it has been rumored that important defections occurred
during the week, the fact is that not more than a hundred or so
federals, all irregulars, have deserted or gone over to Diaz.
The importance of the action of the Senate to-day can be largely
discounted because of the well known political affiliations of most
of the Senators who tpok part in the special session at which it
was decided to ask for Madero's resignation. These men played
politics. How much of actual good faith underlies their action is
a question.
There is no doubt of the sincerity, honesty and patriotism of
ex-Provisional President de la Barra, on whose initiative of yes?
terday in trying to bring Madero and Diaz together the Senate's
act hinges principally. De la Barra's name was use*d by the Sen?
ators who are radically opposed to the administration with greater
freedom, doubtless, than meets with de la Barra's approval. De la
Barra wants peace, regardless of his personal ambitions or fortunes,
political or otherwise. Some of the politicians who are howling
for Madero to get out cannot be credited with any higher motive
or aim than personal politics and expediency.
The sequence of events which culminated in the Senate's action
to-day began on Monday night, when de la Barra sent a message
to Madero, offering to do what he could to promote some sort of an
understanding or agreement with Diaz. Madero replied, thanking
him, but saying that the government would be satisfied with nothing
excepting Diaz's unconditional surrender. Afterward de la Barra
talked with General Angeles, to bring whom and his troops to the
city Madero went to Cuernavaca in an automobile on Sunday.
The President, through General Angeles, requested de la Barra
to confer with him yesterday in the National Palace. Several hours'
talk culminated in de la Barra being authorized to confer wit* Diaz
and his principal aid. General Mondragon, on the basis of a propo?
sition to suspend hostilities and appoint a joint commission St ?rbi

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