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trate the questions at variance between *he government and
De la Barra found the rebel chiefs in an uncompromising m
Diaz said: "You may tell the President that the only terms t
which we will cease fighting; or agree to an armistice of any le:
are the immediate resignations of him and Vice-Pr?sident Su
and the entire Cabinet."
De la Barra argued with Diaz a iong time, trying to alter
determination. He urged the imminence of international con
cations, to the injury of the republic, and other adverse consid
lions threatened if civil warfare continued in its present ph
Diaz continued obdurate, and in the end de la Barra was compe
to report lo Madero the failure of his mission.
In the mean time, the opposition members of the Senate
busy. They decided to meet in special session in the Chambe
Deputies this morning, access to the Senate Chamber in the
tiona? Palace being difficult on account of the Palace being in <
trol of the military.
The session was secret, but it is understood that from twei
five to thirty members were present of the total of fifty. Tl
was a long debate, the purport cf which was not known until
'ioors were opened.
One of the first peisons to whom the determination of the S
ate was communicated was Minister Cologan, at the Spanish Le
?orC ^hx> was about to start for the Palace to interview Madi
The minrster told the President what the Senate had done, an
ing at the Pala'e in advance of the Senatorial committee.
Madero's comment was brief and to the point:
"What nonsense! Why should I resign5 Will it help cor
tions permanently? Not at all. What I have gone through w
in the last year and a half would be the experience of any one v-,
might succeed me. I have fought thus far, and I might as 1
continue. It is my duty to stay at the head of the governme
where the people have elected me. I am willing to arbitrate
to do anything that a man may do honestly and properly to bri
peace to -my country, but I shall not act the part of a coward."
Soon afterward the committee presented itself at the Pah
and requested an audience with the President. Although thi
was good reason for believing Madero was in the Palace, the co
mittee was unable to gain access to him, an aid saying he v.
making a tour of the federal lines General Huerta and the co:
mittee started to look for him, but were unsuccessful.
On the way from the Palace some of the committee membe
headed by Sebastian Camacho. Vice-President of the Senate, stopp
at the cable office. Camacho, who is more than ninety years o
but remarkably vigorous, addressed a small crowd of Mexicans ai
foreigncis on what the Senate had done and why. He vehement
insisted that the retirement of President Madero was the only fea
ible pence measure. He urged Mexicans to work for peace.
"We know that orders have been issued in Washington," sa
Camacho, "foi the marines on the way to Vera Cruz not to ha
there, but to come directly to the capital. We are telling you th
so that you may be prepared for their arrival and understand i
Their ostensible mission will be to protect foreigners. While tl
errand of the Americans is one of amity, still the Mexican goveri
ment cannot regard their presence here as otherwise than an ui
friendly act"
Wnat legal warrant the Senate has, and what power is veste
in it to declare the office of President vacant, it is difficult to ascei
tain, but several authorities on the Mexican constitution assure
the Tribune correspondent that the Senate was not able to do mot
than it has done. If this is true, the Senate's action is devoid <
any importance, except for what sentimental effect it may hav
on the people.
President Madero intimated earlier in the week +hat the civ
functions of the authorities, legislative and otherwise, were sus
pended for the time being, the country being virtually under th
rule of military necessity. This being the case, Madero probabl'
considers any action by the Senate or Chamber of Deputies with
out effect, and properly to be ignored.
No information is obtainable at either the American Embass1
or elsewhere as to the authenticity of the statement made bi
Camacho that American marines have been ordered to proceec
directly to the capital. Little credence is given to it.
A panic was caused this forenoon in that portion of the Amer
kan colony of which the embassy is the centre, by the appearanct
of a battery of field pieces in the square near the embassy. Th<
guns were unlimbered apparently in readiness to open fire on th<
The battery was in line with the Hotel de Geneve, filled bv
Americans, English, French and Germans. Shells from the Citadel,
replying to this battery, would have devastated scores of American
residences, besides making the embassy untenable.
Ambassador Wilson promptly sent a personal demand to the
commander of the battery to move his guns further away. He
followed this by a message to General Huerta to the same effect
Residents in the section began to pack their valuables in readiness
to flee if the guns opened fire.
General Huerta dispatched an aid to order the guns to their
former station in the Paseo de la Reforma, and told the am?
bassador no artillery would be allowed in that section of the Amer?
ican colony.
r n, \.^r-r?a,?'1 Tro?? 1
Maxien City. Fob. 15.?While the fed?
eral guns poutuiod tii?* Diaz Cortlilea
tion.s in tho arson.-il and th?' r.'hols Bant
Sack i-IdII for shell UM Staate sat to?
day andsdlaftftSefl the ousting of lia?
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im K-?;iat?,,s *?i,..:.r,u yoBji.
Confident Of ultimately defeating i
1'i.iz, Mad'-ro ?Jelled the Bsnab and
; ignored the counsel of Francisco de In
Barra and other friends. H?- abso?
lutely refused to re.-n.-n, but did not
| take the trouble lo make known this
decision personally to the Senate.
Fighting in the Mreots of the Mexi?
can capital at times to-day was as
savage as on any other day of the
week's battle. The American BmhUSOy
again ?ame directly within the line of
tire, anrl the American Ambassador.
Hcnr? l.anc Wilson, had g narrow es?
cape from a rifle bullet which whistled
? lose to ?his head within the ?mbassy.
Not long before 6 o'clock the German
Legation was Struck by h shell.
Another American Killed.
Th?'ie were lumeTous casualties
among non-oombntnnts. A strange In*
tality seems to have followed k. N.
Meredith, of Tr<?v. * ???!*?_ He ?was
sliffhtlv wounded two days ago while
passing through the streets. To-day a
?hell ?-rash?d into Porter's Botel and
killed him. Sidney Bouthorland, eor
raepondanl of a Salt Lake city news?
paper, b i :i resident <>f MasJoo city,
was wounded by th? same sh?-n.
Th" situation in Mexico city is ps*
?sarkable. Frieses "f President Ma
?I'-ro fully expected bh resignation, but
;, . the daj wore along he bacame finid
itn bis determination to retain tin- r'ir.?
I??! pow?r To the Spanish Minister,
flsBflt Cologan y Cologun. he aal?*"*,
| will not resign. I ws? eiec?d by
the people. I am the constitu?
dort. I will die before I resif
Amid ??il th? confusion? sn
,.i .". ?,'? l.-rk u.. Mexl ? n go
applied th?? i*enalo?rshlp t.. all ??
nn?l . .?I.I*- meoaegea. Thla W
incr? .?.*? th" l?iii. ultles of i
ti.utside world o? oparatioi
the Mexican capital end wOl '?>
*itil>j)re?s incoming dispatches r
??<?nditioii?- in uth? r parta of
During I ?? nighi meow tig?
about tht dtj locating Senat
taking thom t.. attend a ?peels
t.. dlscuat the Bltuatlon .?n?i a!
solution of ?hat la i. ognise?
.? "-1 ?all Mexicana ?<>< criticaL
.?lor- than a quorate "l Sena
present ?u the neatlng, n*bl
pla? " In th? < 'haiiii??r of Dapu
steed of in th. Bannte Chatnbe
national Palace. Th.- discussio
a long Unte and a great ero
round?.! the building.
Rurales Disperse Cro?'?ci
Ti)?? BOtna a*aa almoal Idantli
thai of a roar a?,'??. n*han Congr
to ?jonatdsr the advlsabilit] of I
ahout Um raalgnation ?>f Porflrl
In on?' material rsopect it ?
There were no mounted nollec
?lier* drawn .-?eros? the streets,
i aa only after a considerable tit
i .ii't.K'iinioii' of ruralea span
tii?- lighting Una appeared ? ?>
? ei aed the curteua
Tin*- required Stile effort ?>v
already by the Incidente ?>f ti
week, the hundreds moved quick]
from the bttUdlag, behind th?
doorp of which Um Bens tara
frankly attmltUng the Immin? ? :
of Intervention it the conflici
ont ital were continued.
\ resolution eras passed that -,
milt???* oi the whole wait on the
dent at the palace. Twenty Se
proceeded thor?'. mctudtng the pr*
of the Senat??. Then they arete
little satisfaction. The?, ?rere inf
thai Maiiero was not in. ?if.ii it w
nutated thai he aras <>n the lirin
?\ ith ?leneral Huerta.
?Only a few min.nes before, in??
Madero had been in c?t*nferasice
the Spanish Minister, to whom he
his de, laraiion of daSanes to the r
Mexican attorney? say the Banal
go power to force the President
sign. Joint aetion of the two hot.
practically impossible, i.e.'aus.?
are prohnbly not enough DtpuU
th?- rlty to mak? a quorum It i?
considered Questionable whether
aCtlOfl Of the Renate would 1"
in view of ths jvoctettatim of m
Tc Issue a Manifesto.
it is expected thai the Senate's t
feato will he Issued in a few h
The Imminent danger of iBterve
will be referred to and tin? peopi?
be urped to exercise their patri?
to the fullest extent In order to .
pneh action.
News of the Senate's Intentions
th?? failure of Mader?. to receive
eoaunKtee was Riven t?. the publl
Senator flchesflsh Cfimach?), n rl?*r
..ged Mexican ?.f the ??Id rep Im?.
Mood on a street corner and told
people whut had heen done. |{,.
scribed the preparations mad?- by
United states tor tii.. prncectloi
Amerieans and other foreigner
view of which the Senate had de
to depend on th<? patrtoUstn of the
Taking advantaiie of tbe tttlllgl
; tr.', ta Dias ?stende?! I I Um - Be?
blocks m BOnte dlrei tl'.ns iliirn ??
night, und before dayllghl engaged
federal tr'?<?ps from nls new position
.luar.z Colony, which is tbltdili pop i?
eith for?*i>-'iiers.
Oroupa <.f rei??is deployed along ^
saillep .?-tr.?t and from (h? roeffl
buildings on T'strin bits? i snd Bsrcel
str??t maintained f>" a time .< ?'?
in??ssant tin? and ma? hin? Bin lire
tii?- federal o?itpo?t* stationed far oui
what had been (bought n*aa lb? ?'.? n
ii..m time to time rebel cannes ti i
proyectiles in all ?lir? ?*ti(>riM. trying
?ira?- the federal Bra They Bucee?
between I and 4 e'eloeh i" esrakenlng t
federal hatt.Ties inte brleS ?" I. ?"'<
sharp artiliery <lu?l. lasting half Bfl ha
Bave ih" dty its ftrsi esperiencs of
night bombardaient.
From 4 o'clock until dawn Iher? a
praetieal .sil?ne,* throughout ?he dty, i
then the flash'??? of rebel .'annnr. efe
lerisT.ii a reply from the government 11'
and th?* battle teas again In full swir.i
Ti.?? exec' is <>r the populace fr?*in I
?hstrtrts under llr<- mi even greater th
that of '??sterday. There was a aaneti
proeesslon of people hurrying through t
?tr?"-'ts to th?- suburbs long I afora <i.v
and this lasted until after daylight
Tho oftie.s of the "Itn,.:utlul" w?
commandeered by the federal troops 1
use In their operation?
Numerous Sharp Engagements.
The rebel artillery occasionally thr?
shells at lbs National 1'alaeo. and t!
K'-neml bombardment of the federal P<>'
tior.a esattnued steadily throughout ti
morning Thera trere numerous ahm
engagement* at various points, all tl
federal force?- e-.ming into aetion at tlm?
with machine gun and Inrantry dring
The goretiuasat batteries lu Alain?*?!
Park ? ame Into a?*Uon, as w. 11 M SI
other mar the (Jolojila railroad statiOi
and still another in Han lUM da LstTS
Ktreet. to the eaat <?f the rebel positions.
The federals ?gradually w?>rked into
much csbSSf position along the easter
nido of the rebeln b??i?a\?-en the arsenn
and th?' palaee early in ihe aflermion, hu
at :i o'clock there was a maxke?! ?llniinu
USB in H.e flrllifc ull al.,i,,.' th?) line.
A ;arge force of rSbSlS cominanue<i b]
?^??lietivl (r??nev?\o ?J,. la O Is en. amp.-.
a few miles oiitn|.l<- the capital in reiuil
ness to Obey ?he orders of l'?li\ I ii,, ?
The latter ay-nt se\?r;il oftlcrs to-dav 1?
BSSlSt In drilllm* the reeruttl under Di'
la ?. He oidered them to mafeifsls their
poaltions, a* be did not v.ant ?any more
men lnsi?le 1.1s lines than h< oetdi ? ?>n
venlently feed, and he did sol re-car.! re
bifereements aa aesentiaL
'Hie Msnican Minister ,,i Havana tale
graphed ??> the goreretnoni t<n-day &>kn.g
pertnissiiiii for Cuban marine? repm tin
cruiser Cuba, ?t the port or Vera ?'niz.
to land taid go to Mexico ? 'It y as i guard
for Ihe ?' hun lavKa'it.n.
Federal Soldiers at Nuevo La?
redo Declare for Rebel.
Larsda, Tex, r.i,. lo.-The redera!
treegS M Nuevo Laieda, across the m<>
?'.r.iii.l?' from n? r^. revolted in favu <.f
l'.llx Diaz this afternoon
The iroops numb? red about 70 cavalry |
and IS infantry. No shots w.r* tired.
About tv.ent; American? In Nue.o I.?-1
C. W. Kraushaar
The Great Spanish Artist
Johannes h. jirr??s
260 FIFTH Avi-:.2el?h?,,.h
redo aougbl ..u of the United ?Ststea
?Cons-.il and aaOOoi in .?.if? t. t<> Hi? Atir i
can -i,,,. t:,- ?bridge area eloeed end
trail!'? sf.pp.-l.
'I'll,- ?-Nuweasei train ?report?*?*] "lost'
after its departure front Mexico ? lu "!1
Tuesday ntghl for ?Laredo ot i th? Ss?
ti.in.i Mallwa) lin? ?? sirleed a< Monterey i
aoteiy i;i.**t nicht. Il "?r* ilelsy?*d ?? ?
roanl of bun ?ad ?hrtd^SB,
, s
The Georgia Arrives at Vera
Washington, F?'?. 15.?Tb? bsttteshtp
Virginia, with ?UMt Admirai ?aher
.il'.ianJ. arrive?! ai Tampi? o. MsxteO,'
?to-day fr??m I ?uuntanani". Th? Vir?
ginia has sbnosl it ?thousand "tr? ? its,
seamen snd marines.
Ths ?Drsadnottfhl ?Etoorgta ?baa re?
potted her ?arrival at -Vers Croa ?st
uo.ui to-.iav. luit has s?nt no luith^r
?msesage. The ?Ctoof-gta nas sboul on*
thousand ifflcsrs, ?mm snd marii ??
i i*allable tot ?Sand .?-??rvi.?.?
? ...
American Killed in Mexico City
a Young Bridegroom.
i. :. ;? frame. ??<? 1 "?? Trtl un?
Troy. OMs, a*m\\ I *?? - ?"* >?"?"* ?"? M":'
?nth. ->f thin city, tr?ho irai ?killed la th.
uprising in M.'Xi'O Cit>. WSB ? ?JSpMSSBjU?
tl?.. of th?- National fash Reglstei ?Com?
pany, ?f ?Dayton, < >tn?j. to Iba ??strlri ot
MexlCO. M? l. ?lilli l.a'l t?<" !? In >i?x'<*" I
??ereral araeka ?befees ills ?i? aii.
M.-riditli was In S"'it!i Amen? ? BBVe?TSl
yeota ?ago ?aa l ?ispieaentotl? a of t ? ? *- ?United |
Truti i'..miiiT. and ?? ?<; ?? ? Jui
?-?-rer'Sl ?aiwsttnlBfa srith nstlves. ?Ha
ilaa m sped injury in the ?Paaasaa aart*a?
quake, v.l.??: ?he ?a*- i-e-pfei? nthig ti.? Ms?
tlonsl Cssh Register Company in Ihnt
?-runtrv |f?rS4Hll thtt thirty year-? "Id.
Bnd hail ?lived here ?ill In- life, II" li'?'l
;. .:,?', ?married, ?sad ?Ma brida ?ama with
hlni hi Mexico city on their honeymoon.
Th? n.??th?*r ?>f ?Msradttfc, Mn Wl?
Meredith, ?h in a dassjarsos ?asndltlnn foi
loarlng lha ?sswi ?si he? ??on'* ?dssth.
Bait Lske <"?tv, r?*b II Wkkmoi ?South? I
! v h" amg wound??! ?by ?? ahaU In
a <?.f. is a .?-"n i.f .in American
Bl .? ?,|...] , u rgj ?o?an n? iraa Itom It
Meal ?> < Ity, and With ll??? WCSptlOB ?Si ?
?bort lima ?-pent in Son Tor* aa ???? em
ploys ?of Um Wird Una '? ? Ibrei th? re
II in*? hlf- life
London Hears Seattle Man Fell
in Mexico City.
9t itMo, Teh ?;-. Ilsm ? It ? _?? i ? tl
i!.rii?u?T of ih. Mexican ?Pa-tide Company,
, gt.,?i .. eorpoi Btlon i ? upp.? ?-? ?! to ?? ?
?killed in ?the fighting In tl
M< (I ?'
' i?? ? ? ???).? ? ??.? i ?
hy ?--ahi. terda* i report of th? deatl
of \v??..-?? ta Mont* Tbsnssn, of thta rtti
pr?sident of the ?.?'.?u.v imita ?ador
tvtleou ??I.!?"?? thnt ?he is unaMa io rerlf
thi report
?.?Vetea la i naturelU-cd Amoriesn rttlaen
boni In Qennany H? ?haa two ?da igbu
St f>?*h'.(il In N? B I'.r'? an
Two Shot in Attack on Tiro
Mine. Which Is Looted.
BBS I.?ils I'otovi. Mesles, r?*.. ' ?- Tl ?
Tin. gansaal ?jnln?. a a ?of ths i ,?**-*<?-.? prop?
??i-tlr?, of th<* Anlettt an Sn?? Mini; end ?Re?
lining <r'?iriipiin.\, t-aertty-taro mllaa from
fhareaa bsi been rompletelv loot? I b
bru u?
An Bttseh -i? is made on tha mine last
Tuesday Tha maraudera srert drlv?tt sfl
?emrx-'rarll-. Ir. Am? ri? a ??? Maple ? I ?I ?t tl?
minas. Tero of the bandit wr;.- kin->?i.
An Am?-r1<-?in nam?il 1,'nk war, BSrl-SUSly
Th? Americana esrartad u.<? w.'in??ii In
th?* ?Tiinp to ?Chareafl snd ?took lha la-it
train <>?if of that ?-ity t" Sa-. I.nis ?Potos?
Engineer Says Mines Arc Forti
?cd Against Bandits.
L tt, \\ aik-r. n ?mining ?anglaeer, ?if
N'w.irU, \. .1. who l?ft Wra. ? ruz.
Mf-vi.ri. on Ir?'!.niarv t nrTlv???! h.r. ????:?
t??r?la> on the Ward lirai Monter.?. H,
Bald thS downfall of Kaders was peri??r
Slly look??! for ]n Mexico. "When I 'va?
In M?xl'*o c\ty ec\?>ral ?araska airo" li.
eal'l. '1 fr?"rpi??ntly h? ar<l ?ftfsSjCMa ?ay
th.?t th'-r?. would ?ha a ?nan man in thi
Pr**?aldantlal ?-hair wllhln t??ri ?lay? '
Mr. Walk??r, mho Is bltsrestsd In Hi'
i'on?*rpr|on ?le? Oro Mine, nhoiit HO mllas
aouth of M?*xi?o ?'ity. ?declared ?that mssy
mln** ?Innern ha?J .?i'ilppr.l tli*?lr proasr?
tl?*s with machine (Uns, fort!? and SaSJCh
"We ?imply hiul to do It to protect our
B?lveH and our prup?TttfF," ho Haul "Thf
Kov??rtinient gave ub little pCStScU'Sn. Th??
*>arloiiH arm???! hands of lilnrrant ?lighting
in? n mould swoop unexpectedly upon us
and are had to ?Sght th.'in ofT with ma
?ehlna nuns anu ersteh for them at niiriit
?with tho sfarfhllKht?."
\i . Walker Bald -Madera ?made ths ml?- ?
tlk?? of M?, lit?-> In i,i int-mi- K?.||x i)|az
from Vsni ''ruz to M'-xho <'ltv, whf-re h?
would be close to th?* Imprisoned ???-neral
Oirl, Deserted and Robbed by,
Man, Dies from Oas.
Juha Kovai. a pretty ?girl, of n<> ?
Jon-J stret-l, Xewiirk. N'. J., was found
'lead In a furnished room at No, K.I ?Bast
Houston Htr????t yesterday momln-*. only u
few h?, it?? after slie hail lirrn tri thf r.th
mr?-?-t poll?"e station to rornplu.ui that u
man who had t.rought her la this city on
a ?prssalsa to marry' her had ?nsbhsd her
of tM. It vu 4 a. m ?VhSO nlic told h?-r
t-lorv t,, Captain KohriK at tha ?tutlon.
Sho.-th h??fore 10 ?.'clock odor of ?Hs atOM
dlssoeeted in lier room. sh>- ?lied ?shortly i
?Sftsr tl??? airlval of an amhulan?" from '
?Bsllsvna Hospital. ^ank Kut./,, wtth '
whom fhe had Rone to th.* Houston street |
house, had disappeared. The pol?n- |?-. j
lleve r? morse led Ihe Kill to end her Ufe,
?HB CHAMBER OF DBPCTO? WHBRB Tin: SENATE MBT TO DBA* ^ ^ _eated |n ,h? Amerif?an Krn.
?,,,,; ,.,.;,? i:st WOH MAD?BHO-B RESIGNATION. baaey when a bullet whizzed past his
head. _
j Departs for Newport News t<
Make Ships Ready for
3,000 Troops.
Radie, rios?>if:ii and eomtulasary m
left Governor's Island last sight to com
?i?iete th?* e?iuii>iii"nt of the transports not
lying in reedineei al Newport Kea i
I receive thras thousand American i.
! when the o?d. - ? ?,t.ir-? for then? t?. mot
OS M"X?eo. i nil. "rs on the J?^1-? t.r| -._
pressed tii** belief that the tranepori
would not in- used, bul sdntlttoi that the
bad received orden trou "Washington t
i? m readiness t.? move si i nom? nt'
notii ??
"Pereonally, i ?lo nol thit.k tha? thei.
will he sn_ seed "i Intervention," sal<
? oloni Hlmpeon, ? -1 ? ? ?* r" edjutanl oiBcei ?
the Department ol the Beat "bul if th?
"??ri cornes v?, util be ready before th?
i iiiroad* ? ;?) nippl] the sps? .?. trains t.
move il?- troops ii takes .1 rather coin
pllcat? i railroad tQutpmenl to transfer i
regiment snd ?1 requires tune for th?
i tllroade to ?-<?ii*??-1 th? ears necessary
It :.u I- to iM-nn that they oatMOl k"-t
enough can tied up in sny one pin'-?- t?
-,..?.- . i'ir ."
M ? or Oen? ral Barr? ? omreaadar of lb?
newly firm-'?! 1st Division of ths srm*
i.:..i ?>een planning .? trip t.? porto Rico
| ?>:;t bad given it up within th?- lust fee
?Jays, The general refused to discuss bti
reason f?w not leaving tic country ai
this time, "i"..t. ' .i?- <?-.? ?'!!'.? "r put it
,\.r- on? ?>- ?free to draw his own ?<>r.
elusion- "
The pi-nera! s.ii?l !a?t night I Si n<
prd, t. i i.: . ? ? ?... i t-, mot e '?i ? ?>;
the troops in ils command, though dis?
patches from BTaahbigton itated that ihi
i-? Brigs V id bis divisi?n under t:.?
command ??.' Brlgadtoc Oeneval Marion P
I M;. .". u.i* under orden t?> ?:?? t?> Cal
veston The ?organisation, which wenl
Into effect ? iterte] s1 noon, called f??i
practl ally no cl sngos si i lovern?i
.,? v\i ept "on paper." tolonel I
son ?,?i?i hows*or, that .? .i ..
srai monei forthcoming *'?%t- the purpose
?he ? . ?? ? ?- m ouid i" n.o'.-i d
around to correspond mor? '. ?-?'?' with
? . s? '??' division'
.\ i ii. ? nl regtrtM ? I ? belonging to ?< i
vertone brlgad? sr? ovei
, - ml ? tut u tu. i-.' oi'j". to th?
ne? ?? ? to to i olla I the dlff? i ? I
regiments constituting s brigade .:it?>
t . ? ?? ? i ,,?,. ,i othei. ? o that I n
get '. ?i to Workli g togethi tnd 11 i I "
may !"' em< profi< leal In Is ndllng iti
? .an?!.
Tl ? .-:t ? ? - ? raterda
ol th? order to "?an the transports with
; ? ? b?tant soldlei ' it mean
moi e thai ltd be ord< r?'?J t.. s? nd
? ? ? i.i " operatora to a nea srlri '.? i ?
station," said Malm Heber, li t signal
officer ol ' '* Dei artmenl si the tie I
Non? wo id admit, : owi \ er, thai I ? ???
confident ??f being in New *i ori< tMi lime
sext Wtt
"Xobod; in snj idea whai Washing
Ion Is going to 'I?? " was th? waj < 'olom .
Maus ? hi? f surseon ??' the department,
expressed II "I ?)": . believe i .'?en Oen?
eral Ban. h nos
; Lord Cowdray's Beryl Hastily
Ordered to Tampico.
pon Arthur, Tex?, Pen U Orden wen
to . i? et i ? i? i.-?.-1 nlghl for Ihe jrachi
Beryl, "??? ned bj Lord < lowdra). .? rm m*
ber of Hi? i'? arson - ? ndl? ste In If? ni? o
t?> ?proceed c> Tampico with all poaslble
Tbe Bet 11 cams h?en several dayi ago
oetenslbly tor repairs, but it is believed
her ?1? paru.i- from MeslCS was to SVOld
i" lag ommaadeered t?,r u ? In the revo?
Answers Critics of His Scheme
for Mediation in Mexico.
St.ite Department's Clash with
Him Divides Interest with
the Mexican Situation.
Washington, Web IS -The dash be?
tween John Barrett, Director of II s Pan?
American I'nton, and the Btate Di art?
nient over Barrett's proposai for a "medi?
ation commission" to bring a:??-??:? peace
in Mexico, Is hardly l? i ? ? nsatlon In
official drcleo here than the Mexican Im?
broglio Itself The iwa attain dteMed
attention to-day.
The Btate Department's memorandum,
given oui laal night, characterising Di?
rector Bamtt'i proposal as "mischievous
activity, sentimentality and amateur
politics," dropped Into official circles Ilk''
a bomb. Coupled with the protest of the
American colon} h Mexico Pity, for*
warded by Ambassador Wilson. H ito
dtl ? I ' . i"": -'.i' B| *" .-ay the
,. sal
The Pui v . supported
? ? th? i alt? i Bl '?? ? i the republics of
Central and Booth A inert? i Snd each na
?.. ? lias i ne vot? th? el? ??? Ion of s di?
rector The t'nit.-i States pays tbe lar?
. ?,i par) ol ihe expenses ,in<i while Di?
rector Barrett hat ? odaCial connection
with tbe i.?ft: A"' i-a!-, relations of th?
i I ? ,i. <i Btati - hi ?? natumllj m ?ios.? m?
aith ti,,- But? Department in Its
lealings -?-11n th?- repul lin ?1 th- touts
Dtreetoi Barrett gsve oui to-day s
statero? :t defendlni bis mediation pro*
posai. He -.till he honeetty believed in*
,,, ti?". would strengthen th?* sttRude ol
i administration against Intervention.
"T?> brand ss .? tuteur politics tin- sug*
I gntlon of mediation, a great at 'l accept*
' ? d, broad ami practii i igencj of Int? r
. itlonal friendship and to call a?
cblevo is sctlvtty and sentlmentallt) the
application "i International co-operation
to ?-1 ? ? t ? Immediately actual lighting and
pr?t ? llvi teentt t?? be tbe raeuH of
misunderstanding ??f what I actually bad
in miad." tbe director s.?i?i
what i really ami greatly *>ar and
deplora !? that asms peraan or pur sons,
either ?:i tbe Halted Btatss <?r in Msstee?
<>r in both places, working together, anx
lous 10 bring about forcible intervention
ami permanent occupation ?if Mexico by
i nlted States tr"ois, and consequently
angry with me for presenting a perfectly
feasible plan tor Imm?diats cessation of
I hostilities by international msdUMon,
have s?iz?'?l upon me and mj simple, In*!
formal and psTBOBSl ?uggeation as Instru
tneatS to for??' Intervention, and to have
worked np Sentiment In the A mearan
colony to this end.
"In view of the severity of the com?
plaint ai the American colony and th?
attituola of ths Stags Department I am
forced In self-defence to make public g
fact tahat I would infinitely prefer never
to mgation were I not the subject of 8u<*b
( -.' CO
??jtrt>' last .night, an?l before I had been
inform?-.! of th?- r?'Port from Mexico city.
I received an anonymou? letter. Aa bast
I cm quote and recall it was a? follow.*:
"A - a friemi of yotwuelf and your
Southern republics I want to warn you.
you are hi dmuier >.f attack from t*o
opposite sources on account of the state?
ment yon hnv.? mean ."it in regaid t?.
?the aettlemenl ?>f th? Meslcal ill ..?ti??:.
On? "t ibes? is a certain Influen?** that
?rant? Intervention and militar?. ?.??< ;pa
tlor. and is bttter against th" I'r. -i.l-nt
and State Department for then- hol-Heg
out against Intervention. Having so tar
failed In that dlr.'.'tlou. it l*> no? ? *?-.
,,i 'our suggestion and may turn on y?#u
both here and in Mesaos.
"The Other infliit'ii..' is n ii.i- n i
?*r??ut department wo., cordially ,li?llk<V?
you ?and everything South Americai it?
's plainly jealous ><t y out work f??i Psa
Auii'fi. an K??od fueling an?l tr-?.i?- Bnd ?V
'he growth of the. Pat,-Am. i " ail' i i?o?
l^.ok out fot him, a-? he mai ndeavor 6
do you and your ""SUBS harm."
i cannot believe thai thii ano *
I statement is aorthy of actual credence.
1 have tbe tiios. profound reaped and '-?
gard foi ths bead sf the depart?*-.?-:-.! 'o
which th.s letter may have referred ..nJ I
do not believe for a moment tha? H re
fera to hint it must refer to some jub
ordlnate, but who be la f ?'annot imagte?
"With these observstlond, unites? i am
! further unjustly .i*ta?*k?**d. I aball ' ,???
notbb b more ahatever to say on th?
Mexican situation, lest ?b?.? rnisaanstranl
.,:,,! ?io harm."
Hundreds of Visitors Witness Con
test on Lake George.
;n. Telegraph t<> ti*.,? tantea*)
Lake ?J?*?>rge X. V.. Feb. l?.-An tc?*fc?t
. ?'? on l.a'K.' Ueorga this afternoott for?
silver r?.p donated by the A Hingt,. Ilot??
aras arttneseed by many hundred visit n
KM? ant Halllgari. with thi (p-*;.. wet
Hla Unie ?vas ? mhinina -? S D* Bensn,
of New York, representing Port tVUliaal
II,'iny Hotel,, with the Horion ? aa sec?
ond. Mis tini?' nas ?G minutes ,'. ... co:..l.?
Edward I. Worden, with the '/ero. wat
third. The contest wu three tiro?"1
around 3 triangular tluv?'-mil? trash
The following New York per-ops .i'.'?*'"
ed a bail to-night .?t th-? Port William
Henry Hotel: Senator Lew W. Bmerssa
Mr ;ui?l Mrs John S. IMckcrson. A t>
Palmer. Mr and Mr*. K. (?. ?'?"P'*'"
Charles <?. King. J. T, Owathmf J A'^
Qwathmey, Jr.. s s BeaMsler. ?
Mitchell. Miss H taWmore, Mr ?:,!',.?**rJ!
\V ?' Heins.'Porter Bearer. Major ".
Bheary, Miss With M. Aldndi. Mle?**
Hia.v and Mildred ?'htld and BdWVf -**?
, Kennedy. __.
Silversmiths ^ffR)^ and Jewelers
Announce Their
Annual Reduction Sale
Beginning Monday. February 17th
Sterling Silver Table Ware and
Decorative Pieces
Sterling Novelties and Toilet Goods
Silver Plated Ware, Stationery, etc.
Fifth Ave. at 32d St. 4 Maiden Lane

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