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ob. i. n. mu tura
Head of Orach Chaim Congre?
gation. New York. Support?
ed by Lord Rothschild.
Position in London Is One of
Lifelong Tenure and Carries
with It a Salary of
S10.000 a Year.
i.oini'.n. Feb. 17. Dr. .1 >><^ I' ll.
? j. ?' . rebbl "f tii?- ? ?in ii ? 'hann ? .,;i
_,;i"n Sen forlc, un? s oterday
elected Ch ? ? Rabbi "f the Jen s of ?'.i ?
i;riti>li Empire .?i .< m eting ..i ih?
i;;.lil.itiat- Electoral Committee h.lil Ut
tjtt Wharnollffe Rooms, London, undei
Igo rhairmanoti.r Lord Rothschild.
Th? poeltion is one of llf? long tenur?\
and i onteol "\ i i ; !?? ele? lion
of a i o Mi? late 1 ?r vit
ended arii' ? ! When (he reeull of
th' votini ??.is announ? ? ?I there . ?*
ng foi i he neo ? 'h ? i
Hoiii ihoee who openly ?.|.|h..s..,i i he
? ., tmi, ..i' i m . (I'M fa*, oiing i 'i.
'?i> I'll HKRTZ
; ..' t ? lews o th?
i.i ? I'mpir? b) a lair:?- rnajorlt) over
ll; |
ii on, ?'. ho lias for some tin ?
'!? ? "f ? 'h of
lid Ih? ' -.?.' ?? ' .-.'..i ;,? ?1 h? '
- in a mi -
I ? - *'.|ni i..ii in -? i ? ? u ..ll;. und? r
ih? it - l< ?" ? i - hip. 'f ii.-i. u. re unlv
I'l "P??i I i?.ii;i! Voting 't "" Hi'
lontrlbul ?oiii? ol
H" ? 'lii.t Rabbi ? fund, v. ho v. it? ?? p*
'-?"?' ? ? ?.;? ? ^..'- .
?? ?I ,i? folio? - i ..i Joseph H? n/.
.-.i'? for Hyamaon '?'.'.* The Individual
K . ' ? delegate! ?ai .-!? for
H? and _T !"i llyumoon.
::? nlutions ?
to ih? ... imitti e for th?
if?-**.i ne>? ' .'iidi?)..:"s and foi
i nenj ol lin ? le lion foi t a. i- ?
? ?? i ': Hi ' ??? lo a
i..#.i Roth hlld who
'.rv ? _-. ? and again lh< uni dt) <>f
. pool . '? Un cal
? loin? nl Dr. Ilerts't salar.?
be E"_.?mm? ,i
out ?i which he will have to provide the
expect-, i'h an 1 in- pa) -
met i f .. .. n '.n Hit i ' sldon? ?
m : ? (> near Ih? I !a?l End II?* n 111 be
, r. id? m ?.f r.< tii I ?m Hi?- White lin?..|
alien rlvll ami eccl? i
? ni . Itllng J?'V\ I .i r ?
i. Herta, who has I.
i lu? ? i:.i.t tii" J? we of the
-, ptri? '.? hen ? ? n b) i t? poi lei
...... So ?? Kasl l?th
?? ? ? to 'ii.ik. an) Blateim nt a1
I -? ii how? vi i. Rabbi f-lei i/. v-a??
?.. ms king th? fol loa Im re
ihl? i : ? i "nui ' on?
n b) tii?' r;i? 'toiai ? ??
snd the . Ibllit) of the <?l!i ??."
1" Hi rt/ ?ivi oii'l ll'ior of a
? ..i Tilth avenue with hii
??' ind ihre? . hlldren, three, Hi i ei d
.. .i re n? ' tin ;- His fol i?' i
sad mother live In The Bronx, ami he
broi ? 11 and five sisters, n ho
Ml. in. ii home ? i?h i.i: porenli
1 -i erhol his poikn ?will be regarding
i?r n?Tt/. refused lo sa)
?i? "? :? ,.t"i thai be would settle i.is
?Attfiu in tin? rountrj within th?* non!
'v.. ?veeha, and ?would leave here foi
Kngland with h"-< family som? time next
..n s.-i.i. mtN i ti i*:
Consult the
Column of the Pest
Vr Rea?trri an Invited ?<> write
|.'i?. ?* nt rail loi booklet* I?? OUI
i ni?" n hi,'..n ,.ii..in. ;.?? Tribune
?Woii'lin^ i ? 11 o ; ? - :;?'"'? L>r?*Kinaii
Head Like a Crocodile, Paws Like a Cat?
Mr. "Ichthyologist" What Think I
You of That?
"Joe" Stil m ha? bean ? boatman
along th? ?ratera of umi Island Bound.
tnun mid boy. for forty years, and dur?
in* that stretch of lime he has aeeti
man) fish Rah of s hundred <in? ren1
colon, shapes and sisea Bteen ', is
even seen the time when "sllmj iiiiiu.'.s
oi?J crawl "i:ii lega upon s slimy ?ea."
bul never before has he seen su?.n .?
ti-li ;.- he yanked from th? depths -.1
tin- s. :i v .-si- rdaj.
"Joe." accordlni i" ios own sin...
Ihad been "ul on one of his da 11) lishing
I trip 1 ? sni daj and a a-* rel urnini
! horn? m in-- roa boni a'hen it happened,
About mm' hundred yards off shore,
neai Barretto Point, In The Bronx,
"J?' si? a violent twitching of hit
m- . w in. h was trolling behind, Dl 1
ping iii> ?.?u- he yanked on the > o-.
ii 11 was almost pulled overboard, rhea
th? thing at the other 1 nd ?" gan to l? ill
1 h? boat '"it i" s? a
Bteen made the line '"-1 around
,..11 in. 1 .uni h. gar .i" roa furlo ?? 1
ton ard slum. He k- pi yelling it ihi
top .?: in- i m- ? Iwta ? '?" et ei ) sti "..???
rousing tii- no 1 ?luis "i the Ban
Bathii >? who mak? theii '.lead*
rtera 1 loe'a" boathouse. D?iv. a
they ruetted. to th?- ?shore, foui ;.I
men and true "Bill" Cunningham,
.lue' Martin. "Mat" O'Brien r.nl
Mhi i. ' Colllna.
win n si????i? linallj brought the boat
.'. tn>- shore hla friends lent ? hand In
yanking on thi flahllne. au?-, a r?gu?
lai tug-of-wai out ih, ,. v ? , n
managed 10 land the "thine*?" ?WhlH II
la? !??-iii'i?.. al.' ivith ., spiked lail
Collins kilted >' with s b?eav) tioatbwok.
'i'li. n . \. -1 > : ? ?,. i - -.?.ni lu? ,,? around, and
??l- ? a? " I al t ?" ? -., ?
\ fish about i"in f< el long and
i eighlng iboul i ?" pounds. !? had ih ?
i ? rl ,-i .Ill? and ., a I, k? d spll ?? I
i ill, i'i..m it? i>, ||) |,iotruded Iwo < i
surdlj small pa .< s, Ilk? a kilt? b's, ar.'l
ii i,.-.i ,' hid? a? tough ii* ? ii".i
'?., thei
Th? lish ci.lile-cai uni buns ??
hook in the i,",it i"ii i. i here pilgrim*
Iron*. ?I'll) li land, "**ei Buch? lie, Hun -
? i ? l-'. Pell am Bs , By? Beach
a "?i "I onkei ?? ?,, in? i<? urn a it
Nul?, .? I; hiul ardil.I e.igh lo
hasard ? ?ue?? ? - i?? >?? ii.ii the ? rea i uie
might i???. i" ??? i' will ,emain tin
ir.mu-il until ?*o?lle eminent ii-li,,|,,-. -
gas? ui?"ii i b? ' "i ?pee.
; i '? Herti mlgi at? d to Nea Vork ail
his pai eut? when hi nai I at ?< ? eat ?
okl ?i. ..? ..h,. ,.!? i-, in in. publl? !
a ""is !.. and lat? i " - ht t" the i o ?
!' ge of the < ' ?? New York, fi "a. a
h? was g ...i ..,;. a Latei i" studli ?: ..'
Columbia i nlverslt! and I h? Ji " i ih
Th? ni"-.. ...i s. mina i ? receiving h rab
i Wnli al au ."ma i '.un 11- it? nstll t"
HI? 'i -? ongr? gallon mini, diatel
!"? in- -? .,??, latlon " .1- i- Byrai -?
i'1 "ai there lie went ?." i" .. n< b
v 11,,, a hen I ? emalned
twelvi years. !!? w..- eap? II? i ron
j Trana ?aal by il Boer gov? l fot
ad? ocating lh< ? mo? at of rellgio
! abilltt? - in BeptomlM r. 1911. he was m ide
| i a'nl.i ni i?, i lebrea ' m - ? gal i". 'i ?
; ' halm, i.? singlo i av< u< .nut I
!?? ii. rta - v%. || !... ?. ? .i a - ???
' t iiis counti j ..nil his appointment ?
ded .,-.., i,,-..
in tin spi Ing ? r ??: ? I- it-' ta ob*
d a lea ve? o ? Nea
I Yol k "":;; egation .".'i went to .
?ai I h- iiv ?.i ???, ..' i . leading i ; mi i o?
ti"- i Byii) -??? ? ?? G rea i Britain
??? ipei eral month? pi ea< hing 11?
wga i hen ' ? Hardi d hs a ? andldat? fo
i i iii'f Rab? i t" n ... .1 Dr. tdlei
salar) of the Chief Rabbi la 110.009 a yeai
A in h ?"i. "?' ? ' "'" a eat s pro? Id? <i '"i
his a Ifc and . hiklren
I" H? ti - ? i . s itli.I The J? ?\ m
i s..',ti. ifrlca ' ? Ti ? P.? th? i n
' !?? . i. ? and - ? ? .?. "t? ? i
know n woi i.s
Saloons. Saloons Everywhere.
Not a Drop to Drink.
v.. mot ? do :'??<-, - " it ? :i m a ?? i i ?
< ? hoes in Hat I? m ? qu et street no i
? merry tinkle "f the Ice fill? J glas?
th? lusciou? -"urvi .?: popping
? d a s,i .ia< morning make sweet music
i im i he ? .n of tin i>r- t) inapt cm (
J1?' 'i i ad put the ' lid" doa n on
1 Innoci 'it doings, and I la o? v
t.. gel .i it- iik. a ft?-' out ?i . .. ntlng
. n dentlflcatton card nod .. yard long i
i.giet t" th? man st ti" Bid? ?!""?
Dwv? r in a tM ? n Butomobil?
?in I lar lei. Baturdaj night, *t mid-1
I ?. .mi.i started a whirlwind lour ol
district, followed b? lift? ? it ol
i ' itlil? i I? .t i Bv? i
11 . i did not boast an all-night lie? n -
was rloeed prompt!; ??' the legsl hour.]
K en thi restaurante, wher? .? boc could
wash down his food with cheering b?
eracea were forced to ? l"s<- theli bar?
In case? where the Inspector suspect?^
?n- place ,d trying t.. evad? the lau h
[left ;i man outside the door, and no one j
? oui.j pees n* n" mattet ??"" plauilble
th? ex? i^#
Harlem was dry and choking when it
went t" bed inst night, and it la likely
that the saloons will do s land-ofHc? ? I
i ? *?-- when the legal buns are lifted at :.
o'clock thls'tnornlng.
Hotclkeeper Who Said Inspec-?
tor "Oppressed" Him Held.
Ernest Tribelborn, presidenl or the
Trlbelborn ReeJty Company, was ar?
raigned before Magletrate O'Connor In!
tin- West Snif court yesterday morning]
charged arlth keeping and maiataiaing ?<
disorderly hous.;. Hi was held m $:.'???
hail for furlh.'i ?xHinination tO-mOITOW I
afternoon, at which time ins- ?har^r of
oppression against Inspector Dwyet will
alee i? tried
'I'll- Trlbelborn Realt) Compan) owns
the apartment houae at No. :sjo West Htb
atreet knowi as the Robespierre, end
formerl) known as th.. Majestic, ami for
a few weeks Inspectoi Dwyer has had I
uniformed policemen stationed in front of
the building. The srrest of Trlbelborn,
which was fhads by Dwyer on -., warrant
Issued by Chief Magletrate McAdoo, comes
.< ;i sequel to tin- attempt of Trlbelborn
in have tin- Inspectoi srrested on -.,
charge of opj'ro?slon.
Directly in th- real of the apartment
i... is. is St. Malschy's Catholic Church,
mu? the inspectoi said that in addition
to the |iollie afli.lavJlH in tin CaS? he "X
pected M iiiivi th- teatimony of the castor
of th.- chureh, th- Rev, 1. W. Delany, and
also ni members of the Da Witt ?Union
Neighborhood A osoc letton.
Snow Predicted for Middle of
the Week.
Washington, Fab. lt.* Temperatun
throiigiioiji th?" oouatrj luring the coming
\\,e\i will he near tin- ssasotial average,
gad rains or SHOWS will ho lielow Un- in
mil ever moat of th- ?tatos, i? tb?
weathei bureau'? weekly forecaat Over
ih- soi.thorn half of lbs country the
week will be on- of geherall) fair
w< athOT
a disturbance <?f mod?r?t? Intensity win
appeal In th? i"?r Wist i>isadsyi advance
I eastward ov-r tin- Middle West Wodnen
day or Thursday, ^nd ?in- eastern sts?tns
about Friday; this disturbance ?th n
preceded i" moderate lemperai tree, .uni
i- attended by local -nous in th? North
? in tatea east of the Rocky Mountain.-.
t\g*t n, followed ')) ?ofllor weather.
Will Not Be Cut Down in Coi
mittce. Says Member.
Proposal io Segregate T\
Battleships Item from Bill
Is Rejected.
M ? .t ? i ? :? !.; Th, -f
S. a \ :Y.i ? Committee to I n .?: 1
the inci.
?? ?i ii??- reiimlnd? ,.f i In sum
? ? ?"." ? 1. . . , :,. I-,
-, in, ???i" i ,'!" t.Rimttti ? sdmlti
?it in.,! th? nilbuat? i niai
d? rt? ' i , man I'adg, ti i . I
-?? alai ?? ? " ?? ihe situation thai
bill .<:? ? ? 'i .n , ommitt? ? ? ? i end
v. ling nt,'?, : th? pui of 11,? ' ? ? "?>??in
I ?? n,'" rat i, s u ? ? gone ?? f ?? ., ?
demand Ih, r< all ol lb? iwo-batl
?hip l?< n.?" .,' - m, t.i it? I
I'adg? it ? ,?? ., epeated .tin? ?
an attempl '" ,???. i? ? ihe total r.
I ?? m,,, ratl? ,,i.',i . -, liobeon Tblbo
i: ????I ,n. Ma? "ii .,, ?i i .? -
?>,ii f?. ? a " he 11 i
Tii- - igg? -i?"" ol ?? gri ga? - the Itei
m i ;,. Mil and putting n d ? i .? .,
ci ovldlng " Ihi . ? ?,?
WS ? III .....
Behind I hi? ??' !?? m< a., thi d< li ? "f I
? ,, 11,, i : i : - ? ?, i. , ? t h rout i ??'? I h,
?-ill?.n th.,- .,?... bill pi
...... ,, i ? raiaintenan t I i
> nai .i 'i t" defeat o throw ,, ?
extra *" - "i, Ih? . ? I loi ol
ti,< building Programm? ? to the <
t. ? i ? ? ....m., tins ' s " n- a
l ,,,ii llemoci.,, . ?,??'? -i
?-..? ? .:?? ? ? (genii? ,?. i i ,i- -? '??
i ? ? ?? m. n,'?? ? togeth? i a ni' H" I:
., ? . >,
"'. ^? m pha at
Bepre i nt.,t.-. ? Ti Ibbl? . ball
n.? mi,? ? ? Bid lo nigh) 11 ,,t .ill ? ? ?
i,<, i, ;,bondon? d m . nmmllI? ? of ? ? i".?
?ni; ??nt ;i ?mailer rial., ? ,.i e*
Thi re ma ) ? si n ? t. I
? ?n ---.y gsl R| Ihe ? .,\;,l Bpp ?
I. II I,'It I f.,1. I , . ? .
I nut. 'i v ,i battit dp .,? ? t .
i ?. ",,?,,!/.< ,, bs th? I >,,,,", i .,t .,i. ,|,\ id? ?
ai ,i v iii n?,i i on lid? i ? i" i" "i'"-iti"i, t
?? ? i.,: ?In Mil ,?s aere? ?t ?an i;i rt ??? ? ? h
. \l? , t t., ?ice .' nilbui lei ??*. h? n lh< m ! i
irooghl m Ihe 11" tee
n m probaMe that Mi Trlbhle ^ I1 si
m ii,? Hllbuste
Tl,.. "economj t.eral n in hold an
othei ? .inf..i? n? ?? Tu? -'in? nlghl II Mi
?Padgett im:- had Ih? ten* iIt) ,,, ,.-t "i
,.\ then in* ji'i".,???"?'?" tun. ti,..f. ren,
w ill tiik?. t??i mil :o II"', "I, Mi, t,r?,!?..??:
Uon t,, 'recall" the tw?o-battleshlp Demo
?i,it? nil the '"tninltl'? .
"The New Freedom," Made Ui
of Campaign Speeches.
?Th?. Neu Kreedom," ?which i? ihm Ib
?wed, 's ""' Ural booh puM?ished bj
ri?sl,i?*ni-?i"?i w ?oodroW -Wilson itn?rehli
i,,iiii,ti.itl,,n f"! 'li? IT?-F'd? t,'\ Tl,?- j'l.i
?pose oi this book ?and tin nature <"* it:
contents ere best mods plain bj the au
thor's prefac?
"l iiiv?- n?,, written ?? booh lince it,?
campeign. I did t1"1 write 1Mb booh ?i
?iii m Ih ti,<- result >>f tin- editorial lit?
erar) skill ??t Mi Willem Baysrd Hale
who luiH r?"i logetlurr here m their rlgbl
?,. ,i,i< nr?. s tin m ore suggestiv? portion]
iif my campaign speeches
"And v' it is not n booh "t ?campaign
tpeeches it ?c ? discuMon of a numbei
,,f \,\\ vital subjects in the ft?-? form al
eatemporaiMO'Usly spoken arorda l have
irfi the sent?tnc?a In ii?? form In wbleh
tin' were aleiiographii'silly reported I
iiav, ,i,,i tried to altei tl.ssy-gMni and
?,fi< n <<ilio,|iilni phraeeolog) In which they
were littered from the platform, In ths
hope thai they would seem 11 ? ? - more frMh
and ?spontansous becadse ol thtdi rery
luck ?if ?pruning ami reebstlng. The) have
i,. ?-n ?Buffered to run their >mpr<emedltat?sd
coures seen at lbs cool of such iwpstltion
iiiui redundanc] at tue ?eatsaaperaneeug
ipeakei apparently Ine-ritably fails lato.
? Tl-?? hook i* riot a discussion Of moa*
mes or of programm?e it la an att?empt
to ss?p?reei lbs new spltil at our polities
hikI i" -^??| forth, in l?iR?? terma which
maj stich In "' ImaHnstleo, ??tint n i?,
thai muet be dans if ?>*? .,,?? to restore
0,,r poHtlei i" iheh lull spirituel \ ir?>.
again and our notional life, wbethei In
trade, In Induatry, at la what ceaograa
ns only a* faiinlns ,m?l iinlivi.liial.?*. t,, t.
pirit>. ns self-rtspect, ami Its pristine
?strength and ft aedorn, The Ifsa Frei
iiiiin i? onlj Ihe '?!<i revived and ?*setbsd
in the ."ii? <?n<i'if i able strength ?>f modtrn
?g ,i ?dttc i,', ,i i"?i>k compiled t ? '?m
campaign speechss, Th? Mea Freedom'1
I Im Illustrait?-! <>f ilinse "lars?- t?fin? that
touy ?lick in the i magi nation.'
WE all hope to pay off our
mortgage "some day."
If you borrow on our Ten Year
Mortgage you must pay off a
little every interest day- you
may pay off as much as you
please. It Is the most eco?
nomical way to borrow no
renewal fees for 10 years.
Made to Home O.vn-rs in
Greater New York in amounts
of $ 10.OOtxor less. Our book?
let will be sent on request.
TiTlE guarantee
Capital ? $ 5,000,000
Surplus*all earned) 11,000,000
176 B'vvsv. N. V. 175 Reitisen SU B'klyn.
.'.?JO Fulton St.. Jsmsii.s.
Young Man Victim of "Gang"
Dying in Hospital.
\ 'im. ? Bunda) dan? ? .?: Bmoin He i
? i v. So Weol litt h ?I reel era? broken
up i.' .. ' mi ,ind ;. ilio! las) nigh! snd
when the polkee er rived the?, found l?-i
i ? i- t'urran, el Xo 9 Bradhursl eve
? ue - - '? ? m" es? .?!'? with a b ' ??'
?.. nd in ..i* abdom n TI ? liundred
? lupli ho hod bee.?-'?? shortlj before
' "i lean .1 oui \t Hat I? m Hospital II
? 10 ? \. ? ? ', .1 I ii,11 ' m ; ,i ii WOllld li?. <?
til! mi,
'i i ? m. ? i.nun., m ars ? ' ? ? |.iioii
ila " ? g\ "ii bj tin fa Williams A--"
i n. dance hall I on Hie *??? ?? I
i m i.. n a h" i* uni) ' a ? m ) -on?
? ? .i i nd a i'.... layei b trade, i ami
la 11 na m . . .n i\ ? ii i. ,i fi i. p.: . ,i m? .1
A i m?li ona. > he poll?-? said ?."! ?in-? >?t
hau ot bei v nuns H ' '
\ lili? later an l?,-.i ,.n ? ; . i ed ami
? bowed hi" ws? througl ilie ? ? owil until i
?mi ; i ? t.. i.i'-e with Ai m>irone
who ?lui . fail bai r. .i- others I ad
dot ? The police ? ? uld noi I? at n a hethei
t ? ?? ?i. i wen .? uualnti ?I tut tin
si.i . > 11. v . ,i ' >.i ..? i im i room? ??!
,M '? . .i fea ?-? ..! li i ttii ?.?... .; ? a . ?. . \ -
I ? . .i n o M :?!?? .i i . .1 ..| .i
I ?
IVhen he ?am?
htm ... if i inn ???" ? ?? ?'< il ' ? I ?
. i.i 'i ? TI pi? a? ? on ..i
the linn .uni Hi? ? 01 ? Ido and a lui i
.m a filled wll.h
i v ? . I . . ...
? ? ..ppai? n' aho n i" -.i
\ i
? , ... Hie stall ?" 'i
???? ..?.? ?: \ *.iot ? .m.; ?? .'
.1: I..I- t. ? . .1 '
nal Pal rol ma i i ?
,? . ? . |, . ? ?? ,? ? found
???.I when he cam? a fes
? , ?skins ?? oui h?
round ? ari ? ?? . ? ? h? had
? . ? . nt fot .." ? v.? I '"li II ?
i. - . had ??? ? ?
., ' ?m ? n. ' la
. . ..nliiiii? ?I il?- "
.na . ? tic?
i ? .:? . ? i) ' lehan al i h? i -i." ? a' en? -
I ,. i . F the ai.
? . . in th< hal niai also taro d
? ? . i.. .? i \1 ?, .
. ., ? ?? ?.. ? ..;, i . ?.?... ?..? .
? ? ?
? ? ..,.! add? .i ? ? ama?
...... i. ?
iig him In a
n ? v . I -1-. ?. ((
? tine ?es giv? n
! m.m ?.ni ?? .?? " ? dan? ?
. i, ' ? ? . ? a? lalklni
?'.r th< ?la ? hall,
i without
i ?v??r?l ? bol ' ..i
i........i n ?
.i- " ? |
m- n. ? i ai Ing da i i? ''i"i hi ? nnd
? . .
Ina ' i" dan? ? hall,
lohn Hrown, th. managpi ??i ihp dan?
ild tha? .? landing In fr??ni of the
i.iil .. ' ? ? ... ?? i h ??' . ,
? "m i.. ?. ...? n- n. l'i.i ... ed
I .,| |)| I II. Ill p -. ., H !..
Had Been 111 with Neurasthenia for
Several Years.
1 Mi i ' ??" ? Hi- h? i ill ram old,
?v ho lh .-.i i?, un i ei I i- ' Mi i ; w
Urlffcn, ai lh? i... ?. ? i ?, ?_ tftftrtmenl . N?.
II \\- t i:;,h ?-tt.? ? ?>... found dead
? , ;? ; eater? i.i ? mornlna in her room Bin
a ...a '? Ilia un i.I an.I ,i gg ,. ' a i
?urood "
Ml RI h.|| i.- ,.
nnd ? a? -."'i i" be suffi i ,uu nom
irasthenia. She hail been living with
Mi end Mrs ? ?i Iff? n '"i sev? ral months
pa i I n \ A Sun i m'if. "f No ?;i.| H , :
177th -n.-i. said he though! death v..s
?in? t.. gas poisoning, bul arhen Mi Grif?
aras aaked about this he si Id in
Ihouahl Hie flou of gas arai nol ?trong
? nouffh i" kill Mrs Rl< h< , He said he
Ihouahl ii- ?as seised ?hi an attach
..r weakness during the muht which re*
lit? .1 in h. i .1. ath II? Ihouahl she ;<??
Identell) 11? ? ??? ?l an lh? u;r- when trying
n. '?.?! .mi ni ii" bed The raae ?a? re?
ported '" the ? ut. ? office n-< one of
'accidental su!? klr
Victim ol Heart Disease May Have
Been Louis W. Ranks.
A man. h.|.-v.<l I. laOU H Rank .
died suddenh last nigh! In ihi suhwai
Motion at !??!h street, on lh? tVesi Farms
division, i?i Bchoor, of the Fordham
H?pital who responded lo an ambulanc?
call, riiini ?i.ath probaM] was due ??>
lu?n dleeaeo. Papers found bore the
name of Ranks, with the address "i H*
Ti?? i :i_in i avenue
\i the Eighth svenu? address Charles
Doooenboch, who runs s furnished room
hon?- there, said thai sboul four weeks
ano Louis vv Ranks rented s room from
him ii. Kid i:.?nK- de< tared he came
from Bottle ? "r? ok. Ml? h . and ??a? ..
iii.iv manufacture!
"Efficient City ?Government" Theme
of Next Economic Club Dinner.
Mayor Paynor will dellv? an addr? s
on "Kill, n m ? It) <;?".? rnni? n?* ,n ii.,. ?
Bi onotmlc Club i third dtffo? r .n i ., ,,
son. it the Hotel totoi nos! Monda:
evening. Othei speakers will b* Rudolph
Blankenburg, .via.I i'hiia<i?'i?,hii?. and
Henr? 'r Hum ?'?" "' "' ' ?nMnnall.
lames Bpeyer, presklenl "i ihe club, will
?'"'iiit .im.umi \on Bernatorlf. German I
Smttaaaadoi i" ihe I'nlted Btatea, and
WhI'-i i. Fisher, Becretar) of Hie Inte- i
11.?? wlm far mer I? on* inveldenl ,,i me!
Municipal Votera' Uea?KU? of Chicago, ?rill '
Ut the *,'u?sts of booor.
i iiiiiiiiiird tram th-i gage,
represented that great sums tlf money
have been paid to the engineers be
. aus- ..f their award.
Engms?r? Keot Their Wore'.
'The whole thing la laughable." ht
wem on ih,ih ih- railroad men ami
tti.mpanlea were amused b] it. Bui
Hi- engineers were good sports They
agreed t" abld? b) th?- award of thai
Kind of an arbitration commission und
they kepi their word, if they had
Known what ii was j$"iiin to be like.
however, the) would never hav< gone
? min n. We arc non profiting b) their
mista ki
He Bald iim members of the arbitra*
lmii board in the engineers' dispute had
relied largel) upon the records of the
Interstate Commerce Commission for
theli Undings Theae records Mr. C?r?
ter deacrlbcd as "notorlousl) fault:.'
'rin railroads he said, had a *i>" iai
bureau buaj collecting statistics to
bolstei un tin it wage contentions, "al
. gr? al . \?i. us'
The) might come before a voluntar]
lommiaelon v\ith these stattatlcs." he
remarked, "but thej ? ouldn'l submit
them to a commission of arbitration
constituted according to the provision?
loi th- Kiiiman ait becauae then thej
would have to sweat to their accu?
Tii- liremen, therefote, ret is- to sr
i bitrate ? s? epl und? r ih? sin, i \ -.o
vislona of ihr i:Miman act. which give?
I to .ti at bitration board of Ihree ail Ihs
; . redness "t a court ?>f laa and gafa*
guards Ihe teatlmonj presented be*
I fore it accordingly. The railroads have
I agreed t" arbitrate th- dispute before'
a board of six, ?"it 11 - liremen i on?
lend 'liai ihis would to-: b? arbitra?
tion undei tin Erdman act, ami in tins
opinion the) are ?upported b? i ntl?*
Knapp rin' have efused this last
proposition "f the railroads, ami there
ih- it uation rest s.
The Railroad's Side.
Filiaba i.o-, chairman of ih? i-onfer
? n - commit tei "?' manag? rs, " i nt
briefl? into the hiatorj of Ihe negotia
t ions i? ? ?tarda | sa? ing :
? Th. railroad i ontr?n ? ? i? a Ith ihe
I firemen dates hi ? k ti, July, I01??, when
the managetj ? omi Ittc? lit I mi t \he
? mi,". -- Th? liremen fit ?l asked for
an Increase ol W0.800.ll0i), or about 77
per ' ? nt The) latet modlfk -i their
i.?on. ' so as to ask foi an In Tease of
i about $15, I?M.O0O. oi "'?? per ? i nt.
ri,.i. ? he; made othei ? hangca In their
demands, wl ich, as lubmitted t., ihr
! men "ti the sti Ik? ballot, i all foi an
ncrease in the Bremen's payroll on
lift y-four Eastern railroads of SI 2.000.
??? ?? ..i sbout I- ? er i ent
Tin railroads havi taken the post
ti"ii that su? ii .in h i'ii ??? Is neither
v ,. ranted
? min i
\\ ?thin
11hell abllit) to pay, having regard to
all rd their obllgatons The raHroads
?iffor to sppl) the sward of the recent
engineers' arbitration commlaaion to
the Bremen's rule? and working ?on
n ? i.? i * ? ? nia ;%. certain In? ea
, n wagea
"The firemen rel ised In accept this,
I Tin railroads then offered to arbitrate
i ?..iani of --' en m? n ap
imlnted i" some disinterested autho
iiv. .,- \< i- done m Ihe engineers' as?
"The Bremen s gain rejected the rail
? ? ? ? t. r ?nit ..uni
proposition lo arbll ra I -
in ? ? ."' S ;. h O] '. ? ?
beet a ith a
und? i the Brd
ure. th? rail*
; mmli mai agi rs po nted oui gt thejlme
?.. 1.1 not protecl the interests of the
public, the railroads or the employee,
' and . on Id not be si i epted "
m ?in.- point Hi?' strike vote Intel?
? m ii < n, ih in Imlng a ntlmenl In the
rank? ??f the fort) thousand Bremen
,ii"l enginemen Involved pledged 'heir
organ atinn to strike unless the ofllce ??
, of the union .Id effe? I an ad eptahle
ompromise or an a? i eptable agr?ent ni
regarding arbitration Since tlm strike
the demand of tho Bremen thai
I arbitration shall conform strict!) to
the provisions of the Rrdman act has
[stiffened, and the onlj new proposition
mude has been that ?t tit- railroad
m?nagera regarding the '?institution of
' a oluntai \ board,
Queer Tanqle on the L I. R R.
?in Mi- i,om; Island Railroad repr -
senta ? - of the Bremen held sever.il
i-onferenc? yesterday to try :?> 'onto
to some .i- iiion regarding .? ver) m
I tcrcsting situation thai has ariaen,
ii has been the habit ?if the Long '*'
[and, as of other roads, to recruit Its
force pf engineers and trainmen from
the ranks of ih<* Bremen. The men so
recruited would tirst u> piv?-n tempo*
rarj work In their new capacities, ami '
i ? hen va? ancles occurred th?' men would ;
, n. t permanent positions.
i ? m mi- in i he likelihood that they ?
? might be returned to their work .?s Bre?
men theae men did not give up ;hoir
membership in the firemen's union \n
effort has been made during the la al
I week '" i-'?'' these promoted men to
[agree '" walh ?an proi Ided g strike la
ordered; bul so far the) have abeohito-l
i\ refueed. What lodo with these men
in case s strike ia called is ih- pus- !
sling question.
N.. word has come from the officials
as to what tln-ir course will In- in ?? SO I
oi a -ink?-, imt during the last 'en
days all the watchmen in the employ
of ih- road have been sworn ag deputy
railroad police ami have received spa
cial Instructions as to the coto thai is
io be glees m guard the company's
j property,
Knapp Returns Hopeful.
i Trow i Im i rlbuaa -m,..
Washington Feh. 16. Hopeful that a j
aettlemenl of the controversy between I
tin aft?-tour Bastera rsllronda and i
their locomotive Bremen moy yel bt
brought shout by m?diation, under th?
provisions of the Brdmsn set, .imiKi
Martin A. Knapp, of the Uplted Btstei
Commerce Court, left Washington ai
midnight for Men Fork, ami will r
Bume negotlsttons with the representa?
tives "t the disputants to*morrow
jndge Knapp ranMsee thai the shun?
Mon has reached an acute stage ami
that the breaking point in the negotia
lions is I? rilouslv mar With the rail
mads Mandlng stubhornly pat on their
proposal that tho Brdman act pro- i
visions bi modified to provide ior an'
."i'hit rat ??>ii i,,i.ini "i siv membere?
rether than three, .-in<i with the Ire? j
men (Misting on arbitration under tbe
Brdman act as H ht, Judge Knapp roc?
OghlM thai it aill I"' I Mg task I?'
reconcile the two s-Jd? ?
'i am disinclined to make an) com?
ments on the prospecte f"i ? settle?
ment, owing to the i??? ullar posiiio.i I
occup) In the controveray, i?nt i gave
hope that a strike m;i.\ be averted,**
??aid .IuiIk?* Knapp just before leaving
-WaBhtngton. "The situation is tens,-,
i,m there are Indications thai each side
? w ill iiiak?? ,.on,essions and that | ,om
pioiiiise plan may be adopted."
Th? r-1 are intimations here from.tho.""?
in close touch with the situation that
the alis?ii,?- of Pr. ?'harles P. Neil.
[Whdas nomination as Commissioner of
Labor has not been confirmed by ih*
Senate for politual reasons, from ?tie
negotiations Is a serious obeteclg t?-?
the efforts to settle tin? dispute, a> the
railroad men ha\" the utmost confi?
dence in him. and he has a!?.a>.? been
[able t?? effect s eeaapraoMps m scats
islas?** of labor controversy.
^ American Art Galleries
INJadison Square South, New York.
Concluding Sessions of |hc
M. C. D. Borden Collection
This Monday Afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
Greek and Roman Glass, Antique Jewelry?
Gems, Rare and Fine Greek and Roman
Coins, Antiquities, Art Furniture, Fine
Silk Rugs, and other valuable property
This Monday Evening and To-morrow, Tuesday and
Wednesday Afternoons and Evenings
at 2:15 and 8:15 o'clock
The Rare and Beautiful Books
Tree View To-day *> A. M. to 1 P. M.
Th? Sale aill be conducted 1>> MR THOMAS \. KIRRY ot
i mu? ? (-.aat IM Sir??!. M ail,?on *?ipiare Soulli. >ei? York.
\t M. Knoedler & Co/s
Art Galleries
5j<> Fifth Avenue, New Yorl
The Private Collection
High Quality Pictures
of the Early English, Barbizon and Dutch Schools
Collected by
John F. Talmage, Esq.
of New York.
To be sold at unrestricted Public Sale
I ndcr the Management of
The American Art Association
In the (irand Ball Room of The Plaza
Fifth Avenue 58th to 59th Street.
Thursday Evening of this week, l:eb. 20,
beginning at 8:45 o'clock
'." I Hint rated Catalogue mailed on receipt of One Dollar.
Ihe sale will be conducted by
?i -md 6 Eaat 23d Strett, kUdlaon ??- South, Sew Tor*.
From announcements in Sunday and Monday's
mil Ihi? li?< a"'1 ,1,rrT m w"h ?*,M'- " *,", ***** "?" n,mny **-*?*fT ?tep?.
I ur?. ??nil Wtoek nun??. ????????? gii?*?ll?in? Mill be ?luillj Hii?".rr??J If >jddre?.e?i to
??in...-, De*. 1?'??? !,,?- f--!1""" B??dln?. _
?i Mi? H O tit ?"' aw anl :? !? ?< MI.IHHON ft lO.. No 0 Wem ttttk
A,",..V*.m.!????*?' ??>'?* I" ""P"?"'1 m.?*f
,".,' k.,?, decorativa la." i-l?*e? ?'* al
,,Uw .,('-? Me? tatet ot black crepe
'barroauw. w<."""?'? ??"?"? npehap
iit\ii?r?i\ ??HOI'*. '?' tni :'??'? *"> -' ?"?'-''?
" . Kn?n?" furnltur? of the ?eventMMh
p'ntury Reproductlona In IVIIIIani hihi
Man and '."?-'? x"'?- ?"-'Ki"-'1
u?j irniKON. JAMB?. * ro.. Ml ..,.? and
-in, -, >,??? ..,i ?al? In men ? furnlah
\nt, inclurilnr- plain and ?pleated nefllfM
? ?ir?a .,?,1 i'1 "??-> i "n,h '."
pttmg mod.l? in <*nri??t? in Keilfern
? M and Bien Satte make?. al,<> tota
plata Im?* of hrassier.H. Y<-n?tiaii Ii,:
.?lusse, lainprirk un.I r*ai*WDHCmi
;?,??* introduced into Int. si Mytea In
MMSBM I'KKi ro.. ihre? iraadwa: it?
..i Warren, lit h un.i 14th ata. Bargain
Mil? In Mita rni.l nser.nji? S',,1,;. ,<>
maaaiira fro* hwpmnei phi ?\mtneat ??
AllllAIIAM ? ?"THAI-*?. ' ''. "" ^',
BIZVANT. I.AM-.. No K U,.i ?Ut h -i
Materait] ape?**! uf all kind?
?.HUHN?.. .1. M., o to.. ;.ti, rf'.- ii-.il, ??,1
I7lh *ta.??iff.-r i.\ ??nine HfH nrnpr
aft. 1 iiiinn .ir>??es tailored ?|ro?j?e?. ?ui*
blonaea ud maleta. Thor.? will ,ii-,?i b?
? t,a1?* of 5|)iiiiB milline-*,.
?ui??!'^ni'ii,??*?' '?it n? and Mnitnerbleiwaa. 1 HK\KV 14th ?1 VV ?-???? .?f "iii? ?" Takt i
?" ???- ?????"-? -rv ,,.,i.,, ?-i i'-< ? m? lu?).- merchandlac <?-*
mmaammumamm^^^^^^^_ ii ?11(1? ?'?.i ,?? |,,,t
tl< at bargain pi an tilla .-.>?? k. lluro
? iii aim i" "inot -i>?-''i->i salo*
AI IMAV II.. ?t TO.. :.th ;?\o. 34?h and 1Mb
,.,1.? 1 offering? i
n'n ,-.-ii? Hn.l ?
.1? Him,' ?i ?"? .?1.??.?*?- *????
a,,,-? ?-.?ii i??* i" ?o, ,? '? - coat? and
? raps t"< ?prias, mUmaat tailor mad?
Kom'en'i underwear and boya* iraahabl?
?KNOll?. io>-?iahik ft CO.. Breodwa)
,,., null ?1. imiH'i tan? Ml?? or io-moi
,., ?? iitiil Ti|,??t:<* ?ill i?i?*lu?l?* pi' I '?I
foula 'l? ?hado? lac**? 1 ranch railn?*?, j >|.\<t. R. II., t ?To.. il<*ialfl Squar
.i.r.s??, and lallor aulta, rur? and ?<?>i
?v\ ?atara.
Hl.ooMIM.OAIi:->?'. -i av? and UN h "
mi m. ui"- 1 ? u','1- i,?'"t "ik?ri'I "i aaiaa
lariou? klmla al rclu.-.-.l |iri?*??ii ?)tl>??
?ttractlaoa tbla ?.?.-u an Mia K?n?<ia far
?prlna;, laca cttrtaJM*, poriiri??, |.o,i ?et-,.
tabla ?ov.'ia. blankaia and art linens.
Dire, 1
attention m ?pe? lai valu?.-? m fur canta,
li I imana, rabea p.-ui.-oat? an.i ?a?M>an'a
?w?atara Otbor i,??-<.,if? may i>,- dad
_ ,-i n?*niwo?>d fiirnltiire, aprlnK ?Ir?-!,?
far to-morrow and Tu??ada>. Aim ?*m '??? rtea, moioriii?- and ??t?ame,- nogaj,
.ui..,,, - furniture, v,?!.? and iramen'a I ?uit?. .-?irtaiiiM and cnrpaU
",.i no -y lallorcd aulta for aprlai on *r,.n\ BKOTMKR-??. ?W? H ?ad and CM
'.'iii?- ol H.ikm ortmrlmga ... \,r nom offarinc ?araaaan't ?prm?
RKKO ?t IIAIIIO-V Ml.. .".I'i ave ami ,;.?,| ?I ? a'1,1 ?rv? w.iin. n ? tallot,.? ?Mil
M ?11 hold Ihe ?naval redaction ,,io ,,, I bova" tvaahnMa ?nil?. n?i\eiiy and dr??
-'.???lin,: y,i\<-r plaie ?ai-? ?uni i|. .-iir.itl?. i- I illka, li?.ii!?rli.i|,| linen?, ,in?| an ???ou
nten i i" morrow. I men) ??f ,,ik? ?<? ? *.tr.?ord,n.u> ?prleea
\ .miiinar? of ?In? ?p?? iul ?,(TrriiiK<. ?if.llic l^wlinc ?lorr? Mill lie publMied e?ery
??iiiidi-. t?i??l Motuliiv In H?e Kaw-l'a**** Tribunr under Hie .iImm?- lieadiu?._

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