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lYrtu?jork ?ribunr.
? . . ?
I . | . ,.|. 1I-I..II- < ????n-i.
R? o r
-m i;, -. ?? ?. | ??? AdOreas.Ti
i \- 1 -rk.
V ?
? ? ' s
i ?ally h- I ?? '
? . h? .... ? "
i . . , ?? 00
. - ?' ?
? -a Pont ng ??*'-?
? , ' . . D SLNDAT
? $ i ? in
| -, ? ..????.
|3 ..: On? ear $?'? 11
i. ? : . m . v
li.o'j lon? ? a li: ,;
D ?...V wi> ?HJHD ?1
11.1.? ?!" M
I.VTT Y ?Ni !
?. ..... .,?.. *>-. ?" ;
-.?in, v .,., one yes M MI
. ??
... ? ?. . . nd ?iran?
:? aip unar.> lu procure m cop
? Depai irelent.
i, ? .?.|. .H-'iii* ..r Hi.? dual lyateui
?ubwaj contr?tela bave laid their card*?
? n the table and the public may nom
see what u?'.ik banda Ihej t j * * - * *
dessra Mitcbel uni Maltble'a practl
,ii propooal ??r s substitute ta all "1ft '
i be i'ity in:i\ bulk] linea pre? tleal
equal i<? the linea propoaod ai pa?t*
of the dual system) they shv. ?f the
? ,! V O ill go Witll'iUi RU "lln.T Il?'?'(l?"l
Improvements foi several years and
devote all ?s funda i<? subways, or ?'"
an .?*.?.' a n?'" kiinl of honda? for
which bankers say Hut?' would be no
market, or, again, 1/ ?t can got a con?
stitutional amendment adopted Increas?
ing ita borrowing capacity foe aubtray
And ?' ,t gets ni?- Mltcbel-Maltbl?*
- built, behoki wha! becomes ?>r
i ho preferential payment which has
.?. n -o niti.-h ?ifini'in? ".i' it may leas
Ihe lines. Messrs Mitcbel and Malt
. s.-iy. to the Brooklyn Rapid Tran?
? n Companj In accordance with a raso
?t'en on?re adopted lu the Board ol
?? ami Apportlonmenl This
plan calla foi n preferential paymenl
< ir it may lease tbem t?> an Indepeti
den! operator, say Messrs Mitcbel and
? like Mi M? v."". giving Dim
. preferential paymenl Mesara. Mitch
el and Maltbli ?lon't t all ? iha' bu<
thai is what Ihelr words mean, and H
? '.. be r?- ailed Iba! Mr. McAdoo ai?
rs .?si.ihI for a preferential pay
ment. ?Or, they say ii may pay some]
?nie id operate the lines- again g pref
""??nil:?! paymenl In ?'ft'?1?*! ?Or, ;f 11
m rais?' ilie money to ??quip the lines,
iitiiit them ?' can operate them
Only in tins alternative <i'?
ili?*ssi> Mitcbel and Maltbie avoid lh?
; eferential.
li ?? ..t dispatch the op] onenta
? r i be dual system propose delay, ? "
.? '.i certainty they propone na
eriiilnty. and in tlio r.|?i. <? ..f the vin
sie fare they propone Mi?* double f?>.re.
\n?i ?'Ven the practicability of what
hey propose rests tipmi the ??pinion Of
n whose Judgment 11 ?? pnbll?
urn " eonlidence
|jg ?ticinna ba 11 ilie *.'? i Lag
? n?. "t humor whoa I! ciimes i?? ap
! raising their own pri tenalons. '?'lins H
n?ipfions iliai one of the tondant n^iiH
for "'?'??iioitiy'' in the House nri
lority is ti-' n ?. Isaac R Bberwood
ii?-- is sir.iii?; for retren bmenl a! tliis
-..?-s,?,n gut} wants to aae u.e appro
rlations for the navy cul down bj
|20,OOQ??000 or $80,000;000 il?? la ralor
?ualy demanding thai the Democratic
|.arty liv?- up i<? Ht pramlMI to reduce
federal expenditure. Y"t ha more than
iny <'tii??r Damoernl Is reapoaeible for
repudiating those promises and giving
free play t?> the Impulse to axtrava
uance which bai beoa running riot in
ine Hotiae
fienemi Bberwood i?roke down the
good rsaolvea with which the Demo
? i tic party aaaumad power In ih"
? wer hrnn?*h of Congress i?y forcing
Ihe paasage i year or mote a?n of
his |TS,OOQ,OOrj penskm bill. n<- pot
the majority on rocatd in fhvor of an
???as?* in national expenditure whfc !i
iflempls to eeononiij'.r' In ol!j?t dir???
h.tis could never b?.pe io offaet. He
.\as g bigger spender thaa any of the
?ponder* whom he now censuren. They
? ?illy took their eue fron htm, Having
-?ot what he wanted ha lias tamed
??rtuon- Tel everybody bul MagaU
ees iii.it lie belongs to the ?las?? or
eoonomlgta' <?f whom Mr. Fitagwnld
onM the other day llial after f-at Is?
t'inc their own wants they are per
????lly trilling i?' ivrri'iicli hi ihe ex
? se of anj bodj e ac
\ - an adv?cate o? faeting who baa
? ? dy oaten hla abare of the pnd*
General Bberwood comes very
ging grotesque
\ bill presented to the Leglelature
? lily hj AaaeeaMyman wiiimntt. <?r
- < onnty, provldea thai a member
? ?? police force ?if tins city arrested
?ii?' couiuiisMion "f a crime shall
be .li^inisv?. i ,,i, ?i romplatn! t>a**?*?i
?ii?? rliiiliiHl eharge until final ?!<?
iiiati?-!, of the criminal proceed
in ??iiii-r worda, Becker, n???- in
Mng. .?>ii\i?t?'.i ?.f murdering Ro
bal, the gambler, would prnlbrce
?liain i member ?>f the polka f??!-??'
it 11 after the-i <n;n of Appeals bad
?i on hi* rose
Doubtless iii?? Beckers and I'oxeo "f
Police Depnrtmant would ba gnat
? pleased by ih?- enactment of such i
aw, h would pi'it???'! their Interests,
vrbai if ih<? pniiih's lateresta angered?
IVhat's ill?- pulili? g.I for, anyhow.
'?ni to paj tax?-* au'i be grafted on!
This la dlntinctlj and decidedl* a
measure v?iii?'h no! <?ni\ should noi
i - inn -iioui?! n?ii have la'.'ii Intro?
iiu<*eii. Tit?- ?'iiiriiii coaunlttee. In?
reotigation haa abowa that it la saaj
enough for per eons <>f ?!ia?iy. even ?rim
t paati to become inenibera of the
police force. Barely, du oes bent eh\
iir?'v?-ni their dismissal sl?mil?l In'
erected, it Is plain that the very nature
?.mi gplrll "f departmental workings
assure any member of th* forra thai |
when under tir?? be "?'? nol s?'i tbe
worst "i" ih?- deal from bis fellows ami
superiors, The records "f 'ii" courts in ?
snj number of rases sbon it*j*t unjusi
dismissal la not a thing any policemen I
fears f"i ?f l?<- has a fair ess? he ?an
h?- reinstated ami ^?'i his bock psy. A
la? \'.\," tin- .m., proposed bj Mr. M ??!
motl could soi v.- im good purpose: ?'
could servi many bad ineu.
io?' railroads bave non do reason
ah," excuse for declining I? arbitral
under the Brdmsa ?< t.
Thej bsve iio?*n objecting ?hat lb?
PUbliC WOllld l?"l ho sufficient I) um
gented apon a i oiunii-si.ui in -, ni? it
tin- neutral member* were do! In ;i ?
majority, and tin? thej alleged i" bo
tlio chief ground i"!- their unwilling
oes? i" bave Ihe dispute with theirI
firemen arbitrated bv an Erdman com
mission of Hire?- Uni non thej bare]
proposed to have the ?lispm?- grb
hated bj a commission ?instituted it
ih?- Erdman gel commission would ho,
with ?'??uni rept.ni:iti?m ol Iheni
selves an?) oi iii- Bremen and ??f lb?
An Brdntsn a? i commission would
onslsl of ..nc representative "f tho
railroads, one of (he Bremen gnd ont
noutr.ii. 'rin* commission lusl pro?
posed by ibe railroads would conaisi
<?f two representatives of tu- railroads.
two representstives ??f tin- Bremen und
two neutrals.
Tim proportions would he Ihe ?sine
'i ?a nentrsla would be In g minority,
i?, spite of all that th?' railroads have
said ghoul the defeel of the Brdman
gel Is doI recognising the paramount
iv of the public's Iniereats bj means
of ? msjorlty <>f commissioners repre
I senting 'he j>ni>i?. and the changes
which the railroads propose, witbou
meeting the objections which they
i, -. - been alleging against the Erdmsu
n<t would reeuH In a commission thsl
uiitjiii easily become deadlocked.
Ron much pstlence do thej suppo*?
the public ?rill bave with thein It
thej cans?- g sU'inf by.their unwilling?
ness to arb?trate according 10 th?- legal
msthsd wbes tbe method which they
themselve? propose is resllj Inferior
to sad esa prevticsblc tbsn the legsl
01 -'' \ certain f.e attached i" Ibeii
position ?o long ss they stood out foi
arbitration by a bosrd composed ?'hie
?y of neutrals, though 11**r- public ?li'i
not s-*? enough force In it to lustift
bringing on i businesi cataclysm for
the pako of it. Km there is not lb?
allgbtest force lefl it. their f.-.-:11-? :.
wbes thej ? oncede Ihe principle of Ihe
Erdman act, equal representation for
employers, workers and publi? and
ypt t Mt'ii^.- io submit i" I bat a l
They are not holding <"it for anj
I principle oow, Tbsy sr? oot boldiug
oui for snythlng worth while to tbe
? pniiii?' or if? themselves unless Ibeir
purposf Is as the Bremen allege, to
avoid a proceeding in which evidence
is iak?'!i under oath, ii Is a strong
po n' n favor ?>r arbitration under
; ih?- Kidman id that proceedings lin?
dar i* have s public and legal i bsrac
t. Th?- people ai>* Interested In hsv?
lag j' controversy of iln kind settled
in a way thai Is ibove-bosrd upon in
disputable evident i
l.et th<- railroads obej the aw or he
be,?i responsible by ihe public for the
strike thai will follow
i be Mexican imbroglio ongbi to have
I at !?-ast one prompt ami decisive result
I of turad pertinence t?> ?mericea Inter
! esis- namely? the killing <>f the foolish
and mischievous bill now before ?'on
gri'ss which provides for our scuttling
??ni of the Philippines at a iixe?i da1 ?
in the near futur?' The most bitter
'and buRtil?' .satirist of American affairs
I could surely w?b n?> mpra effective
[theme than that which was supplied In
tho spectacle of Congress simnltsne
onsiy coutsmplathig Independence for
the Philippines and Intarveutioii In
Mexico, though if be wished ? pendsni
to H he ceaM raadlt] lad II la the rec?
ord of sot ictual Intervention in Cubs
and ih?- i-o??-nt prospect thai thai nn*
weloome ad would have to be repent?
ed. What i performnnce it would be
for the United States with one band io
! smtt, h Independence ewsy from H
' country which li?"i i ossessed if for n
humlre?i yean <m th?' ground that In
om- opinion ii wn<? Incapable of exei
? Ising Independence seconding to our
, standards tad ?it the Mme moment
with tbe other baud i" thrust lade
pendones upon another country whlcit
i never bad possessed it sad which by
i ih" universal testimony and ludgmeni
; ??f mankind was immeagumbly lesi
I qualified to exeroiM it than the other:
Vit n o bad, before tbe European ii!
i rasi?n sad conquest, .? far higher dvil
I i/.ation llian the Philippines, end
therefore was i?n?i is eadowsd with ?
? richer legscj of ahorigtaal tradition-.
! ii u.?s occupied bj Enropenaa ni an
? esrller ?late tbsn tbe Philippines, and
? ihn? bas been for a longer time nndei
i their Influence. Its population con
lains a rastlj larger admixture ?f
; Europ?en stocks, snd si tbe same time
? is much nmra homogeneous sad naltajl
. in race, language religion ami all the
i elements of national unity. I'm- ?i cen
I tnry its has bran schoollni its?-?j n
self-government, and it has been for
'hat period in ?lit?'? i contad and Intl?
| mate mtercourae with the United
I Mates, with nil the benefits ol Influ
jeace which that fa? t may imply, in
I every respect, therefore, Mexico is :??
be rot honed better Btted foi <,,]f t?**
ernment tban the Phlllpptoes. I'd i
nan, 0f us regards it as psrticulsrly
we\\ Btted. while ?nan; who ?""' '"' i
well Informed and sympathetic esnn'd
help regsnlinj It as sadlj Incapable uf.
srif-gownmcnt ai anything '''*" "" '
own standard, ami some sre even de
riai'iii- thai it- in apadt.i l?< so marke?! I
tbsl we mus? Intel rene and lake uwni
from ii Ihe power ?vbl? 1. II ranuot uiw
aright if so. what a bitter travest?
upon reason it would tie t? elmmlon
the Philippines to "stea In their owti
|,?,,.." ?|S thiS II I "!l'?'l\?"l I"""' ,,;i1
it is ueceasarj I ? bear In miud. fut
tbermore. Ihe great ami essential dif
ference between the tu.unirles tu .
reepeel t" our relstions with them. W >%
have m? responsiWlitj whatsoever for
Mesl.xeeidlng to tbe slight rtegre?t
implied in the maintenance of the
Monroe I?.? trine n never was s o
onj ?"? a protectorate of ours, or nndev
our Instruction and guidance We ili?l
. Intervene t?. take i! swaj from
Spain. We have no authority over t.
\o mutter a bal excesses might occur
In Ihe course of a revolution, nohodj
could ssj I bat we wen.tntahlc
either through hevlng Interfered in
Mexican affairs or through having
withdrawn therefrom If we should
Intervene there we should be ?mini!
Ing an at i of war <?ii th" other haul
we are in everj r?sped dlredlj re
sponslble foi tbe Philippines by i Irina
of our having forclblj remove?! iheiii
from Spanish control and having tor
nearly fifteen years held them ander
our own government, Instrurtion i""1
discipline, We are responsible for
what thej Btw and for wbsl they msj
nos ?I?', ami we should lie dlredlj re
sponslble for whstever Imppened In
them or to them after their abandon
N? rational American could contem?
plate the Idea of Intervention In v''''
i o - whl? h would In ill prolwtbllil ?
mesa i war of conquest without tbe
utmost rrpugnauct and as tbe ven
las! resort In an extremity which
should ho all inn unthinkable But!
I neither should any one mor.mpls
centlj regurd a proposition to put our
selves under unescapable obligation?
thus to Intervene, again und again, In
definitely, in still more formidable
troubles, not ?us! m ross our borde
mi at tbe other ?We of the world
i h?'!?- ?s no paradox, bul simple and
pradical truth In saying tbsl ???
consideration which restrains us from
meddling In Mexico also in ges us to re
frais from creating something Imn ?a*
urabl.tr worse than Mexb'o In tbe Philip?
pines, in fortifying Itself for prndt
dealing with Ihe Mexican crisis ron
gi est can t erfoi di do hettei ad ??f
preparation Iban tbsl uf putting it final
quietus upon tbe Philippine lutndon
meni bill
i bei ? raaj be ground t ?r differ? u w
"f opinion ? oncendug ? ?? ? ? ? i and
?ocal details of the * berne foi i stab
tff^lifxig .' powei plan! a! VVIudsoi !.??
. n ' be I ohii'Mi' ut Rivet I bough we
have aeon do ron iiiciug arguments
aguiusi ?h" plan as .? ?bole Bui cei
tflinlj there Is logical fori-e in Scuabu
i'.oi'i - plea for ti;. rlgbl ol tbe fed
eral go ernment thus lu utilize I ? ?
: of sa ' igah ? riTeni. al leu -
hat we migbl cul a hj prodtid ??'
? ii- putuble .mm .. ??:' im| :??
I" improve ..'? Igstiou ?I. not l?j
si j means mean mei ? ??
land widening and straightening ol
cbamn ! ? There are manj rl? - '- u
tiiis country which need lo be i anal
Ized ?i' ras to the extt nl of ? onstrui i
ing damn and locks si certain points
Without 'r b works thej 111 iselest
for Davigatiou, while with Ibeui thej
ore capable of bearing mu b commer? c.
Sow. the federal goverumeul ? relj
as competen! to build s dam as to
dredge ?ui a bai. and ?? on?
loch a- i?? bias! a ret f
hu? when the dam i- ? oust i m led
.eater power msj be developed, What
is to be done with 11 S ii would be
folly to le! i run ro waste, it would
be unfair to Id some one person or
corporation seize a monopolj of it
'ih?- economical, equitable and rational
course is for the government making H
g reliable i" continue i?? control it for
tbe feneral welfare bj renting i; Impsr
(?ally to all comers There is reason
for believing tbst if such a pollcj were
Intelligently ami enterprising!) pur
gued, espedsllj mi the stream? which
ih.?? from the Appalachians :-i tbe At
lantlc. Inland transportation facilities
?mould o?- enormously Increase?! and
there would i?- a \n<i development "r
power for Industrie! purposes al a low
COSt and at a SSving ??f fuel and avoid
Sbce of smoke and.t Italy's "white
????iii" system swslts extensive develop
men! all along tbe Atlantic sesbosrd.
a revolution in Mexico, ontinued
I hostilities m the Palkans, more go
ernment suits against corporations, a
reported v\v. .m Albon) to Incorporate
[the New York Stock Exchange and
forced liquidation were sufficient tu
cause dally declines In tbe Sea fork
stock math-' .n:" bring about a ges
eral!) lower level of prices a! th? eloet
of the week Following a cours?
ampped ou! i- publh demond ??ml b
the threatened legislative Interference,
Um board ol governora of the Mea
fork Stock Es bang? passed some rigid
rules of regulation t?> prevent repet?
uoiiH of Irregularities In trading which
wen responslbli for much of lb?*agtts
tlon against I ? ?. .? bang? Proi Ided s
s.m. i..?. eptloi if tbe business on th?
sto. i. Bxchangi ht allowsd to rule the
hi imn of leglslal ires the agitation t -
^..ii iirig stock market abuses will soon
become a thing of the pas'. Tho .v..
the governora of ihs Stock Exchang?
allowed th<- time i?> ;..?*>< until publl?
eentlmenl forced them to act, the) bavi
non met the laaue, and doubtlesa win
b? lar.iil! ill till ful ill tO avoid jmhll ?
< ritioism. As BOOS as the pUbN? !?
allsea that there will be s strict en
forcement of the rules regarding Ule
gttlmats aaethoda ??! tradl?g, i onfldence
will ba estabUal sd, The clearing awa
of political agitation agalasl Woi\
Btrast will cessa when the new order
?,f things ahsll become effective, and
tbsn the volume of buelnesa will bs
larger and more representative <?f na?
tional i ai ti> Ipotion.
The s ????]? in buoineea represented b)
. ..nun-i ?? arm Indoatr* preserved ?
steady t .|.?'. ac ordlng to the irado re
porta "? Hi.mmerclal agencies. Lib?
eral buying at equipment b) the rell
i..ails ?.?.is til- loading feature In the
Iron and steel trade. II >????* reported
thai premiums were still being offered
for specified deliver ami that In man)
respecta the steel business maintains
favorable aspects The drygoods trade
vas said to be ota sons hi] active in ?Mi
Its leading departments^uid the bool
and shoe business displayed ape< ial ac
tlvlty, with a considerable volume of
i.-v, orders in other lines som? Irreg?
nl:<iit > existed bul the week In general
exiiii.:'?.i .. k.'.iiI tone, exeepl in men's
wear, where there was i hilling off,
???.?. m?; i?. the strlk?,
The money altuatlun was sUgbtl) I?sss
favorable ?In the local Beld, as .all
lil.'li- i al-s Were lit "i t ami lilil
iiii'.'i". showed n decldedl) hardening
. 11.i. i,. | . Th. :.? W< re fUl h'-i ??\|?"l ta
Hone ??: l; . ?. ? i gnd ihe ?v?i?! statcmenl
<.i the Bank of England, o'hlch ap?
; ? .?i.; Tiltil ids' red? ted Hi'
stral "ii mono? In Europe ?i i? lo the
?. ntinuani ?? of the Balkan wat I'ntll
tic disturbing elements which hang
over both mone* .uni buaineas a! bom?
and s broad have I.g r. mo? 'ed th
trend ?.f buaineas cannol be d? lined
bul baa! a ? ?? i? a more onfld? nl on
pre oiled among the Industries In th
Last than ii.??i heel repoi t< d sin? ?? ihe
. losing s -?? ka of 1911!
i ?i ? hai ,???? \\ . l?i'ji a u? n.? of i be
remarks attributed to him la ?? dla
recentl) senl oui b; The As
.i ted Pre -s ai'.i a idel* published
will be beartil] wel omod b) all who
look 'o the presiden! oi th? National
?'i\.i .-?. i ' i. ? Reform League for con?
sisten! and wise leadership In furthei
Ing the nw rit h^ at< m. la Ita ? ommenta
? ?n the dispatch The Tribune exprei ?
surplis? ai finding Dr. Ellol quoted in
? i ?ti ".-m ?.:" i'i. rident Taft's order
? ".-??if ,!.?,' fourth plaas postmaatera
w?' are glad to I? *?rii thai he ? a * ? i nol
rill :?-' the President's extension of
tii- m-1 t s.aten He mefrel ? spr. i ?ed
s tab lha I In extending I * item
som? ?> .i ? mlghl be found lo mak
I'umbenta pass examinations befon
?,? ? ing them the status ? t emploj es In
omp? 'ni - ? 1 issiti' atlon Th
?i ? Prai tica ' ? " lid
[extension In thi fedei
lh? i" ? Idenl a! on ? I he i ?
moi ing pow? n.-i lb? head ol Ivll ser?
? idmlnlstratlon li mlghl be le
11 ? ?. tb? Sew V"i;. Btate
i ? v !. ? i ? ?. ? ?.. h claasl
: - no authorll o i r? mo? ils I!
.,??)'?: - . r ;'.? ..f Olid I '
neai pe? tuatioti I i ? m.*'
...... ? temption l*he obj? ? lion i"
'??. ? i .?;?,' in' i v imin? : ? n
i mot * I ? ? ' ? ?? than
? ? ? polltlctai a*ho want to >;? ??,' ti?<*
opei I : ? potli ! hi Indlgn l ?
: rhk'b would b? iti ? ??! b)
irai ? ? ? n .' ??.
h? dl? ? : ? -n. . ? ? ? ? i step toi
? ? . ? n.? i.'
- ' ?.(? ?n .n i op liai esteem oui ??' pro
Ihe gall ? ? were nol
I -in.-- ? ' ??,:?.'?? tit
hci . . would no competu
and practican 11 of them Id b ?
hot .? ps ; . ' ' i - ? foi
? . ? ' -??? read
: performlna
i.. ath! ? true! m? a
i ; ., . it th? il wild no! t" deluded
? to In ilng thai th ps menl ?1 I ?
a '..I ?-> l ? ? thl :n ?? ? an .nun '. '
. ? ure
? I ... .1
i -? ? m ' ?
I 'II.o I .?I 1 I
: i,. ? ibout the rawest poi it
? h? foee thi vioii ?
'.. .|. . ? ?... |K*!t<. m. n >? ho 'Hn ?".
Dlstrli t At toi n-- v. 1 liman s ben he
.?..i? in ? dig ting ? ondllIons n Harl? m
?.?.. r. -? ;,' i., pi ..t. ? him
ii, . '' . i.i eaters who sai
plunge tins country Into a >v.?i >?itn
Mexico because ??" Um sufferings uf
\ n.-1,.?an i Itlaena hi i ?unted up
hou inure, more \in-iii*ana would au!
fer ? orse hardships hi the ton m
ranchea and mines scattered ?????i thai
, as" tl ! i it.il". t.. foi?* an ai in Dl ...
patlon could *? en ? ume t?. the re cui "t
iii.-ir ? umpatrlots Ihre ?tened b I ??
? lush "i anus m th? ?'."? of Mexl? ??
r.lepartm? nts all "???' tb? noi Id
hi. sins, in- Bngei prlnl lystoi ol
IdenUfl? atlon. Tobth prints inaj b?
a?? h supplement?r; aid .f lbs following
star) from Paris in "The London Bi
press la to la belli ed \ <>?'i^i i ??-.i ?
i r real? i end i.i ?'? I be? i?'.*' ut
his fonda? ss fot bum r. it ? brofc? Into a
house m Ihe Rue Danton, and befo s : ???
lag t i iti, ., .toi?.. bl ele and ??1 i?
property, at?- soma i.i Ils had bitten
Into a large pal of buttei ? n ? hi? h hit
nnger prints end lh? pi bit of ? Igli i ?ft
teeth une of which I brok.ui .?..i. ?...
?l-avi marked thai when ti.? man was
arre t??i a deteetlv? mails blai bits lato
o? other pal of buttei and pi. bis
' Is he ,. .... ? ....a
s.. .|u--i i,n .,f ji n. . .m gel
redil I?, troll Kree l?r< *
a : ?in
The gentil men ..??? i-? ??? led t.??
oh - " ''Vnw; ?,?. iit. i ?,ii ??ni 11
can i i.".i ;? ?!? i n ,.i: ntei resort, ?> ha!
??? o li ? ou do if ? ...i roa Ived sn m\ it..
' ?:. ' ?? ? .?i I i .n I) ??t lh- hoi. ?, i.i. ,
lan.ih >\ hero ? " i ad I sen Introdu? sd
Ligl ' >our clgai ?n pip? ??? hen ?. . rea? h
I . no ; ? '?' ?. ? .?:??'. it.. roald op? id
the door? Btthei aould be wrona fo the
? loklns refers to the coal ou aro ? v
i- etod i" ?'ear It'll ?t wo call i ?Hi nei
coat' i- I. no ? n here as a 'smoking ' This
? inds .?i queei !?? ttnerli an* as Boh
bans ' Thai in what the) call the dab
bom. th- bobsleigh club ?.f which thi
o ing Duke ? ( ?'oburg <?<?ti!:i i-? the pa
trou win. i, ?,,,s .ii'.t been er ci .| ai
Oborbof ???.r use these Oerman? mak?
of ?> ir language
(?mV n ?.-tit me ;. brt? ??? b) p
i 'it i got , ,?,.,, ?arlth him."
' >? I.at .lat you <h, ."'
'Pi sed th.? word along to ?? tiuq.be* of
.?.???iits that he was figuring on ukln?* out
moro lif- Insurance." DetroM Kr-r Press
Tha parents ?.f rinidr?"!? i>hu attend tbel
dancing class ??>??! ?.?.huh a dd':glit?*i ?,f I
th- pool Quetas Kiiikr- praaMea la Baa*?]
borg n<Md nut' prorMe ?-xperiHiv?* gur*
menu i,?i the little ??im-.* or h*ta ??*"??*
t: ,? th?*rl ? l:!l,lr?-i: ?> ill bd?MM abAYOM
t., iton* ps t'.n-y O" In aotna ot ihn
faahtonable dan? n g - boola, The lernt ?her
.,t,r, bei pupila nil drena allhe. i'' uhl'
the) weai mai b? ? illed drew.' <'*': ? |
thin ?..".'?n ?iii'.'.ii mit, a M h boa no i
ateevea nuii legs onl) ? ?*?"? |ncb*M ten?.
t?.?- glrla ?.-???jr ? ?hur? whMe imnrtl? troeh, ,
loonel! belt???*), and nothing m.? N ? |
?tockinga and im -?-??>???. airl th.- ha?r
hanga looael), "?u.?'it ?i fartentng ??'' ;i" .
ornnraent. The children dance '?? thd |
muMc "t one \ loltti a hi? i, ' he le? '??? '?'
?p?a) ?.
ii, i !.'.,!,ii',,. March i ?'?'??
n. i .,.?? a brave ho i! Ha ?
oui in tu tif iii i-/. ?/., i?, i and ata have not
Man linn sin.-?-." < aptain Hcotl on tbf
deatli uf <'aptain O?te?,
\rnl then h< left the? never mxm linn
i. ? km ? i.? ? on?J - ?,, idaata th it. i,, e to
Hli ?? ,?!'?, ? j m?ri ??t"i without ira, *?
l'-..'.i, griml) waited ruler of thai ahore,
I mpl . i , ble! I'fiUKfl : '.- : ? ."I ?i'i ?
That ? l.hi i>- ? .un?!? i.-? kee?a the glob?
li I
li -i,?"? dreud I'olni lur? i onl) th- ?
i~ |i .. -, ii?. i am? the) proudl) I "t??i
The ultimut? of ??;?' th a? lileved in t uln '
So. y :?' hli ,i th? -?? a- ? Identa ol ? trlfe
Ti lunipl ml in .i tneaauged fi om the
h! I? '
'i i let l urn . t ui tii- h? rol? ?train!
Thi ? In?, and I ? -??', - who would aa ?
- li ? neai - ' '"?:liei ?i
I l.i, ? ? . to \\ -,
i'Ul.l !.??<
Phlladelp in
- i'iIne? -???- i: .,,..,., and N id? ??-' the
daughter* ol King l-'erdlnund of Bulga i
?*.???? ai ? aged fifteen ai -J fn ? ? en i a
Iettei to ' The ililldren*? Mag i?ln?
. ? . -, ou, ..? ai edil
j ..ii m ho ? an ? rlti m ? autlfull; , t? a :
>our reader* ? ho are enjoying a ha| p
om? -?' h -if oui ;.: <?! pbana \* ?
d like t,, ? s. ?? .,- . locnl ??tpbti ?
? ? ? foi i'i?-?- i,, ? i iirt n. ind w*nl to
i.? k., t?. thi -n W ? will aenk oui t? m
ti to -ill thone tend*) ; who help ua "
in an rdai e with t h? ; ?? itieel <>f tli?" '
it m, ??;.'.? ? ri,.- t*hlldren'a MngaMna"
? , .,|,< m,, ? fund .'?-r tbe benefit "f the
orphana ?f the im'?-, i.I|? i - ma ?
ha ? fall, n n the
[t'a reniarkabl, I II ry
: taale change !.. Ihia ? uunti .
? ?i..,? s o i don i hellere I've
., i .-?;.:., -i f? ,i ??;.. for a ? M
i..,?'. ?'lev? l?nd i i..; i. i ',.i ?
Every MtlJfM Owes Loyal Support
to Madero. Says Correspondent.
r?? tin ?.:?????? 1 ? Tribun?
??,,,,. ? . .. ? ? of th?
? ? u ? . ... - \ .
? ?? ? Ill ??:,.'
rtera oi oru tltul i government l?,
? ? ? i Ideni M id? ' o To
? . : ? ? Ma !?. ?? v?. , inti ifted the con*
tioi .. t,-? ? >i nmi nt ? f Meat, ?? b;
? on him ?;?:?..' i ?..- who
? ? ii leapt t? I - ?.. ' tr<
...r t onatltullona | ?
, , . - i ? .- to . I? n ?? '??
mil ?-. tu ni ?i r than ma
i ? . ;;, ...i. ; . :.. ? Prealdi ni Ma
? ? ? r .. ? d?fi nd the
? ? ? il |.,.. ? .\?, \. ,,
, ... .?. n ?M] ?? ? ?
.-,... r?f?ren?a ???? M t
i i Mad ? In t lia preaenl
I .
, : tain ?? ?? ?
M, x. tria to ?-.. ? tel t?he
jatruggl? i turnen I ITaahlant ht Iho
Mexican 11 revolting Oeri
i ? ....
i? ? ? ?
: ? ? the part ai M -
i .... , tly
" a ? ...-??
. lib?
,..-??? .i ?. .
? ?n, ?? ?/f thi ? t'
i i , Km '? '
: ? ? , ? , ?? ?
?...-, . ??
? ? ? |) Amel i
? power 1
., .
!. ? ? : ? ?
i- ? I
? . ? rotent
? r| . o ? ??
,i . . .. ni it il ?
- ? . , ! lit ,.| ? ??
led to tl '-? ? ?? and that tlu
ter i ? ' " n th?
.voll taklni Im ;?
? . ?in. , ? - . ? ? ? ? ?
n the au ppoi t ,-f th
\ v Id e given? Would I
-? . ? ? ?
?. ? ? for the itruggle? W hat? ?
?1 . ? '? I !
(?? id? ? ? , ? Mexico and undei
t ?nil He* ha - - ? ?
. Mexico Tl ,t h< wad
? e| la own by
i hi leni? ? ??? ? m? ? ?'?? h Re i i
' ? . ii, i. ? - ? ..,.-???
i ? ? .,*i,.l . i km s
ih? i'.i'l faith a ? ? to whom lie
ntniated ? i offl, ?? i ??
? " ? ?
lilm in . ii, ? ? ? lath '?- a honi
!'?? In ea ! .? outd Irual
'i ' '?'. ?..? -, In? fui blood ? -*? ? on .
' * " il ? th?i 11 ? ? d? p, ? y Madero from
i the i'i- , len Jtd th? Met lean pi ? -
i -"i llml ne? ? ? ai i \" ? I lllaution n il
? oi emn ' method i ..-...?. to by i.'? :
< - ? i ? t wa reggrdleM
of tin . i ol toi iiinhul ,':(??. ,,f ?.. oi
i a, -i ? ? u ? :i\ ?? of prop? ?i
i and -.' th? ?beautl ul ?*apltnl dtj
' ' i mu? ??i il al left no choli ?? i"
' MfMli '?? i m to ?Tight Thla
ii ? ii '' ? ?.'?,?? ,.i bouaan
Innl? i?. tire? ?? ? ,|.?ttj
And o ?tit Hon in Um ? ? ea ,,r
? la-ill? .I,?.- '?il T KBILKY
..Ven ?Toril I - ?? 14 Win
A Lark ot Retinement. Ignorance of
Air Ciuients. Cause the Trouble
To tl) Kdltoi ol 'I'M? Trll ::
Hli It la a gi ? ? fortui to I
wlto ai i '??ni!- lied to ? ?-?n bai '"?? ahpp
ti. .t iii bai i?? ra are nol pi i? 11) ,-.-i.-,i
vuii ;, noua of refinement H-erhapa even
if Mi i) v..|. ,t mlghl t,"t be poiilbla to
am i ii dloag? ? able ?.. i .- re?
?\.i\ barher'a cuatom ? hot experienced ?
it i*-- ti tie ii i ? t.- -s.,, j for n a bar? i
i" i t" hold hli ha d -?.ri?.-v\i,, re ni?,ve '
thai of hla , ?t.,,,. t.m it tot an'l tot m '
neoaaaarj thai l?ho v?krtlm ahoilM be com-1
i elled i?? tolorat? Ihe ??n?-,i!<iv.- breath ?if
ti,?- barber Mown In hli tuet throughotH
tl,?- >!ui\ ttiic op?i atlon
Kv.-ry man ?,'.?, rlalta tmrbet hopa haa
ni.-t with tills Infliction Forhealth'aMk?
alone aomethlng mIi.iiiIiI ba ?doaa In the
am) ?,i teaching tha barber property t?>
?in-", ? hla breath. Certatol] t?ha barber
owea n as h cottrteoy t,? Ma euatomera
t?i avui'i auch ?ui rmpleatanl ?oceunroBco,
urn bo harbor thai the writer in* t/ret
kkatotai ad baa I.n flroe from erltldaan
in thi? ?oonnectton
i tiiiniKttt thin perbafM b] -?.rniiiK tin.?
letter iron might be noo?i suiagh to P"h
Usfa it in you- columns and BOSSStbing I
might be found which would avert the
nuisance. Perbapa aoms dsvlca wald be
found which th?- harbei eeald wear AI
any rate, ssoh devteea era ?'om is pane
of Japan sad Corea bj barbers, and it
aould seem that wt arc not lesa civilised j
than tbey, or lasa alert to tbe Importance
of spreading contagion m this aasaner.
so large :l percentage of the mala p P ,
ulatioo of this rity is affected by thlaj
nutaaac? til.,? i fee I justiti-d in attempt? j
ing to soli-it youi aaatstsnce i'i this mat- J
t-i .lu.SKl'll (IRIKg,
Nea fork, Keb. IS, tfll
Mrs. Blatch Says Straw Vote of Anti
Siiffragist3 Will Prove Nothing.
'I'., th- Kdltoi "V The Tribune
sii Tbi nt - i'i -i lists, ? ? undei ?
? i ,'nl. are takli K a -u.V. ?.,.? ., -i .it
terina broadcast in .N-'? ^ fork .< replr I
i. a ta I card asking boa man? women m
,... a household are favorable opposed "i
Indifferent t-> -mit..'-;- if .. return, full
and |,.,['.' t ? "Mai h- obtained, ai ihould
th. n Uta? what proportion ".' aromen
graspi th- meaning -t the uexl develop? |
m- tit ia tin . vol?til a "i modern I' HI"'- !
r;.. j We should be enabled also to ? laki
?, ... igh comparison betwe? n th" number
..f wom? n ? ho stand ?"t tbi.' on n < man
i ' atlotl ind in- number ??) men who bave '.
.:,? ,i :..: u,. i u? a llbert) In the itrug- ;
icles of the past fhcre has always been
.i large body "i doubters, of th- Indtffe
, : ? ,,i t,, ... lived: oppoai u In everj tigtit
for human progress
i..-'. imp ' a - i- d Its traitoi ?. Bverj ,
urmi battling 1?" ItS l gtlta I'.?-' had it?
rtcm \,i.-ri. an Independ? aee was '
? I ; . ? ."1. Ih- 'I'"' ' - '
.; , ? .. ? in th? Igi ti- Vorth aras
weabt -I'd b Its ? 'oppi rh? ida In ? verj
?ti I'.ii ? i..; lib? I tbe fea not ont} bave
t.nq i? ; tbe real foe, bul liai ? to ca? ''
..'. theii shoulders th.Iden masa of In?
difference in their own rar'.- and suffer
th? sting?? of tbe vlpei who sritl pront In
the end d tb< hard won rlctorj The
.., i -, ,,t the emai loi ?an Is
not | Its Tories and ',J
? 'opperh?. la
Bui In ?? ? ? i??' ? ?*e In u
... Tortea and Copperheads? ira they.
? ........ .. -?-,.. int? . ata 'i and active,
t. r than In men' political battles <d
th? past? i?" th? R'emwi erho are Indlf
'. tent ??? ?' pos? d to i uffrage outnumb? r
the negi . n . -a- ??? Indtffen ni and
un? os ?1 to their enl men1 i'i Oto
reconstruction p? rlod? I ?" the Indlfferenl
women surpaas th? number of Bngllsh
... laborers a*ho w*re opposed to th?*
tern? ni of thglr ; i-s In IM '
Wtal 'a ti ? proportion of men active
and aggressive n th? mo?.nt fot th**
.ol the I;.'' . aas In
,-,.! |n ISST of the common - In iv'.'J.
"f those without landed properl In the
re State In IIS So ex u I data are
obtatnabli [:?;?. are do knofc t! at never
in hlstor] . ? ctaaa rlsei \t one man
for It tlcal llbert
if v. could knoa th- prepon on ot the
f.,.,?? : ? i to th? sboit
Igbted ..-. ?? ? owardl) In even Bght bu?
manlt] has m ?o- for ?!??:: ocracj. the
.-i ? ?'? . . : ? . last eel fu-'. woul 1
out ageo :- learslghted
- ? \> ? ardlj ami traitoroos, aa
In history. ,: ?'
a.. ? ? - ' ? . to make the
\; : stopp? o to count
trail i. We si all not
to keep. 1
i satls?ei is to knoa i ?rsve
e.in the ii.'ti-. ?.' .1 tbe r.-., - .
? I .i :.. - ? pill ^ ? on
? . ? :?.?? >mpl t? undo 1 ? ? '-o j
traitors, our Co\ ? rl ? ? ? ???.??.
little In th- ir . ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? rotes f->r
en sill be th? indo I ome , t*? i
haa i" en
won In Wyoming ? . ?.?" Idaho,
Arlsons, Oregon Kansas Washington
. : ? not a hai
? ? .: t i be Inaci *? of tbe
gist .: thi sufl .i^- it a tea
? ? : hei I. i-- ? Ii
in--!- ma at ? i ? .:. in nln?
? ? ithi th? ant .. propoa
n on? ? ? But. alas! el!
Ira? i| : ?
worthless" thlw ? ?bio
Partei - up m th? verdict ??
atraw : ? ? ?? ? i : ?...
? . ? ., ? ? ? i ron the ? ote
In the ? ? to uni
? ? h lion Day. Sept?
the i men went down t.I it
It Illustrates t ? sblllt) -f su. h
tifonii ' ii testa that s t.. n some ??: e
t ? .. stras vote on the snti-euffl ige
i" ital ' ..??' a. t wsi found thai "f tbe
nine wot resent st a i ommlttee : eel
Ing onlj :i' ?? t. d re eh ed the card.
\. ?rlj hall tbe s ?men, then, for arhom
the ca . ? re Int? nded did no! ?.?? t them.
a vet ? I ad foundation foi evei .. iti ?
land on! ? it the ??? ? ? ? Ivlng
three repHed. The .<? -
tion uf tl *?.. .? ho had not replied was
not ti. i tu | of i an I? si ? -- \*\ ey de?
i :.. vot? i- ei use the; bel ? ed at
iti ? voti i futile thing and n,?. anas
the; held thai thi \ igue opinion
) -i .-??? ? on itltuei wh ther affli matt
ne ??t. ?? . annol be takei aa In an]
aaj affecting Ihe nesl step In the evolu?
tion "t democi ? ??
Woman suffis n o niiii u hen u
om? ? it will be b .?. i epta i i ai tltutiooa]
tbanmit When it comes it sritl be b)
the ipprsi 'i of the majorlt) "f men
'i In voters alii de? Id?
II VKKli'T STAN lu\ l!!.\ TCH
\ a r? rk, f. h '
Unfit lor Only Duty Cailed On to Per
fora, Says "Taxpayer."
To i? Edito of 'i ?.. Trlbi ?
Mr: If, ?' - la so often Inl mal d lb?
Val on ! Uuard "? the State "? N'ea "i ork
.- .. social rathei than s .I ? body,
aould it i ol b? srell t" ? i nskl ir ?> h? Un r
ot ti"t tiu millloi . in ?..' j ;?" '
bou '.i t ami ? anee might ? - saved '
? ? mployed to b? It? i purpope* 'i be onlj
a. Uve sei ? Ice the guard b i ailed !
ii'H.ii to perform In Bftj yeara a*aa during
? : ?? L'ub n wa.-. ?^h. n ni":, thai half uf !
tbe enlist? d m n were n ' th?
i "it-1 Rtati i -is- unlH and th? Ir idac? ?
' II? d by v ..h nteen Ital ; ontha
? ?!' (raining b ?foi - an) regiment a i
lid; i". tivlci
I'h- guard ai?., haa .n ?.. . I <n
, ull? ?? dut) at strtkea s m n i ? ? til? i I
vet) ? \|i.nsiv. for which ? it.... n otdlet) ;
. ? ntirel} unfit and the rutiiit.. ..f which
woe demonstrated nol long ago in 1',-nn
aylvanla, araen the strtkera took .? ?..> tbe
im iio.it the soldiers, but B? d In pan! i
? m the arrival of s f? ?\ ol the s:.iu- con- i
?tabular) Again, there are regiments In
this a- grail .,> otbet states which hue?
uevei been ceibal to strike dul and nevei
?rill be.
rh? i-i "i ta of the r?gulai .?i m? of?tet vu
!"!'..o\'ii^ auch affairs as tbs recent mm
no uvraa la Conneettcul are not ten com?
forting t" th- people nrho furnish the
money, whll? the new proposition to pa)
all tits guardsmen, combined ??ith the '
mis-i.ihi. squabble ju-t ended at Albany,
Is not calculated to arouss muck aathaal*
Hsin in ti,,. breast of el icist
Ken \<".r. Web, it, r?u.
First President Since Marshal
MacMahon to Possess One.
?.CopyrigM ISIS, h. -ii.- Breatwool Ossspaaj
Raymond Potncard is the "ist ?'hiei
Magistrate of the ??Vouch Republic Mnce
Marshal MacMahon who is i ntttled t?. ..
uniform, namely, the dark green uniform
?>f the members of th- academy, adorned
v ?th groen stth smbroldery and Rnli ??
off hy h cocked ba! and sword
??r. attractive uniform which ?^ ?:?
rlSSd b) the lirsf Wag Ol OOP, and h.v WOBI
lag it Raymond Potacard will bo gnnn i
th? obliga Hon of donning evening .ir->*
f.ir iii.i-t ?.ill? tai ammonias ami ataU
functions thai take placo in the aaorntni
or afternoon.
i:- tnlng dress ra vei looks well b) ?:?? -
'iKiit. To Cnglish speaking poonta v.l??-n
?"in In t! - morning Ir .arrias th?* s'i',
g-jetlen "f having koon ??ut the night be
?. :? and of not hat Lag roi ratai
lome S? ? i did II look to loos ad? ? i
tlmn when IT. sid. rit ramo w^s ?.ti?r?^,?
t?i ?ion it on arriving si M Peteras
aftei an extremely i"iiai; reyogo sp tin?
Haiti". In order to ba wolromod on land
tf?s? by th?- Csar, the grand ?hike? and ait
M.' greal dignitaries of lh? .Mug.."..'.
-mi il? .Il .!" I? .. in
'r ' m o.in, ..? i" ... ? - i'oit; inuaoi
' . ?.. !?? ?...? ?'.". ?? dignified ?nd ap
proprlate. Uoreo ami ? mob?
truslve charactei -devoid of all goht ? ?
and euggeottve imh" of emmen?e in th?
aft - a' .1 -. i-1 . ? r ' ' il - g II ' .' dlO
til tion ti.Jt ??? peculiar.) in beeping wit:
th? r?.'. ..r chief Usgtot :.tr* of a lepabU?
ia Pra
? ?? .. - ae. the Proto? ele. Hi ii is te M
tbs bureau of the Department of Foreign
I .us which has hitherto ruled supreme
In matter*) of Prooldentlal and offl"1a
etiquette in I "r-.: ti ? >-. :na" argil?? that th<: ?
?> n. pre? e?l?rit for the W'*arlnK of si. 1? ;,
uniform ;''-- tbo Chief Magistrat?? of th?
republic, and ma) further ?ir??-? that I! Is
? ??? ?---n that the '.ai.'-:- should b?
gai i m in .'i? .?'i ally the sain?- aalfiona aa
that worn i.v all ti ? other membsri
th.? Academy, Bui PoincaN iv not i
r.. allow himself to !?? stayed by any *
repreoentaUona, and appreciating th?
i ?.:i*;r superiority of t ? green Bidform to
a dreadful even! - m by 'la.? ma
..i upon to weoi it on all atato ?
i .-ions.
Ii may i ? : .' ???'? I ??' BO? ?"ai O r
predecessors a* Chief Magistrate o*
Franca were aoxlous '.. have a uni! ra
Indicative of their r.?r.?. Tblera wai
1 suaded onl) aith c? ? dlfl
1 from .lonniua ti ? gold-embrolderad, :
iepauletted uniform of a hold marshal, a*
, nipr. ;,'?? blef ?I ti ? arm]. b; the i ; ?
tatlon of eloet M - ?? s ? ? ah> ?
t.. th? eXtl t 10 ? I h I It* I a '.?' '
1 wo lid I?I e en ?? ?
? ? - .u dlml
stature President Gravy wa- Indtffe
1 r?. uniforma and aferrad ? ?
But Prai went 1
? uni foi cootum?
for hhn. and wos deterred 'ram aviag
tu? mi ????.. . ? i oi do otate
gt. Peters - ? . the fad
' knon n and beim ' " i
? pi - an p eoi n
, that ? ? ? ? : .....
? ropant of thai -
f the Prend ?.cademy
A Tall Plenipotentiary.
. ....... Bo ?;' '?' s ?:?>-? ???
i .-; r ?. . t : : . ? i for i
years, with hla stature ' feet 7
the : ???>..? i.f c. ?? ? i | ii
mat! ? ? ? ? ?? from ?
polled to retire through d ? o'?
? slth ?? kilo Biting r!.?? pot t of Mil
Plenipotentiary t?> Chill He U
i- bis ancient baronetcy, doting froi ??
relgi t C. ?? loo i b? Ma seal I
1 ' liarles, and as tl - lattei Is m
?>.... i : . . |.. ert Boothb! ???
? f Of ? ? * . ' ! ' - ' ' '
and Canad is a I banco
?o the tit!.
Herbert Boothb) . it oa
? | ,. ?j tura
i ? , ? ? : . - - ? ? ? lera
f the C ? f E nd ?
mast? r ii CJih i I '?'? pai ;'
? - ? ind aft? rward P the
?? -? of all Ti appiol .???ii
CaaadS Leaving the latter hi drifttrd ta
Kern fork wl en sorts of
..t.;?. ? - . ationa
'? ng shipped back Uv ftienda ??' i fast
? . ;?? England in i stab ? f et? dea
til ? m ar"i broken bealtl When evei
!.? sa? 0 thi ??.-....!. ? t I ? ?- ?
; roi y ?rift-.i b u erratic ?? ib
, distinguished, ?ii??* his broth? all sx?
. ? pilona! height
Th? famil) of Bootl Ity * ? I tmnhdi
origin and ??.i> settled In Llncolnahln
t.-ff- the (?forman Conoueot Theol i
de Boothb] whs governor of Poi ?"
Castle, which h? led foi the Laa
h . i dm ng e Wars of
. i [em | Boothb) was cr? ted a I rond
b) ? '. arles T :r. '?'??? Tin neo
is the twelfth of hla lin?*, the Bool
ivina been as- .. ^, ?, ral i ale long I
' .*? ?? tvtlllam, Ihe nlntj barm ri i
Farm) !*IesM<tt, i famous actrei f hV
early decades of the nineteenth enw/y
and on? of the ancoetora of the Boothhyi
of fo-.i:.; vv i ? Lord Mayor of Loadoi
King Es?:apes Awkward Contretemps
?vi; ?? ?.lfonao norrowl) ?*.ir','i abal
rould have boon aa unfortunati on un?
temps on the occaelou ??f hla ro?penl ' U
."? the Kreuch ir?..:.tici t.? Pan Th*
la arrival then b) bkm i
? uv ii.? i .lin -is ,.t )ia aulla '?,;
al Un local t boa tro the performana a
The Kr. m. er nonata i>? o Preach l
? ii . . ..:ii|i.iii> Ki er) bod) presen! *'si
i eatl i linpr? sai ?i "?? tlu acttui ?
woman who played tbo principal roll
i etween ti s acts the King aem "? ? ,,f n *
i.-.ii'i-in? n-i" waRing with ?
I ii<ii..,'...i ..: fiogrorg to lbs artiste still ?'
expreaalon nf the pleasure :.?.'.
men! ? hi? b be and all thorn ? Ith bli
derivi-d from her moving Interpretation of
the i ai i of the heroine
Tbo Side.do camp on ds wo) is ,n>'
a. tf. .*- di ? ? ilng i ?.ii. I. ippet i ?
. i i r.?.i! 1BHM u h? t, i.? beard n
ho heal ?? mis!, retreal Tor I ?? 1
la private life was no otbei than M!!a
i*- h errer, dauahtei of the aaarchSM
lander in dpnin ^^'...' had boon sentenced
t.. death a court-martial al B?rrateos
j? the dim i?'isi>n .. 11.? 11 \ laspinolhli ?
ihe mnuulnai*) an.i terrtbt* deotru v?
aaarchisi Inajrreetloa tlssn ?? few s
prcvlnuoly. Parrar al his ?i??atii left s
cansMeraMs amounl 0! progecty. nut it
v. nt to ? ?? woman who bad boon hb
camponion and not t.i his two dang^t??^.
srtM were obliged i" *v.?rk for their U"
1 , hi ' h?rtesten n??-.s and Oswla
<?nl? iJl.i-??0,?J?JO paaadS ?>f mall w?r- aaoS
our undei Uir ?making prUllrge It?t >?**
Boma of th. . ..nu-..-?nil:i m?ri In.? SeclSsd
to Ioavs ii? ? loraitars st hum?.

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