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y?MLXXII. N? :M,20t.
To-?l.?v, fair: ttt-niorr??. rleodj
warmer i nnrtii ??Imi-,.
* o
1>r>f/-?|7 nvi; _r*I!rWrr laCMgel ?w Vork. Jeraer City and Hobekeet
IVlV.lJ 1_/?.>Ij tJj.l i t.ISKWHKRK TWO CKNTS.
William Delancv Savage Takes
Former Back, but Tells
Latter He Is Done with
Her Forever.
_ i
Charged with Stealing Car. He j
Says He Took It by Order
of Mrs. Savage?Pair
Overtaken at
\ dy war in ihe presence of j
;?., squads ot poHoomen and ;i groj.i '
ai newapapef reportera, Mr. and Mra.
\\i!i:;.'ir. ?elencj Savgge parted "for*
,.-., i?" lasl night. Mra, Savage v.?;:. I
awaj ?'1""-1 ',"' Waal 08th street st*
;.,.-; , 1 !. i mm! ? h. 1: P
' i a hom *.. ? hi d ??-? n I
i - h ?? ? Saturda; nlghl Mr.
.-. thc'op oait? ,,ii-'. lion,
gltl Johl I T.: lum, i ,. .,' ton ..? .. ? .'
"onm 11; si -, .,, Mrs.
?a ? i rol i?' :?. Il r. Sa1 age, u h ?
' - ?? If? h? > ?? live?
s? ? .i: : ' ara ai >?"??. Il?l Lincoln Ri
):-?" ?
Thi Iring ,.? i. mil; i n ubli ?,. .i
M - l" Ihr ii.'i?.: ? : : oui bj the
poli-. . ?'. Saturda) night fora l?.OOvi
? . . ? : Si v\agi.
lad i ? - ? ??' lumii' ch, i- ho ? houi
aui '? - Xu. 103 W ? ? i 103?
? been heard ot the ? i r u ''i'1
?fbt, v in m. .-t about 8 o'cloi k, M
il: t .?iu.-1 in to Patr?
K- u? n. al ?'...:: ?!?:? and '
Si;; ire '. and called I : ? polie? man's (
6tl n ?> t rar ; i':ot. ? ? th? Uut. l ;
End ??'.' Knoblauch entered the hotel
to iiiv? il - te. 'nut ha had i ?>? i rosaed
h? n .. m .?? and i ?
ca:n : entering the ma?
Mm hen Connellj Identified them 6 i
ind .Mr.?. Savage, and Knob?
iai.'h ;? .>h them .?> the station house.
Si-As Site Ordered Him to Go.
a few momessts ?a er Savage. v.)\i,i
hd<i ,<? m summoned, arrived nith Mr.
n The husband had hardly en- ?
leteti the station house before th^ gtnr- J
rd began The Aral peraon to whesa a.
laextion was H?drc-wed was tmmlaeh.
"What did yon steal my (ar for.
Parr) .'" asked Mr. Savage.
"1 ijiiln'i steal any <ar. 1 onlj diri
aha I Mrs. >'a\ %'<? told me tu da I
she) ber order? ?'??u pay me my sal?
ar . but i have to do a hat" ?
"Well tha 0*1*6 r.une. anyway." broke
la Mi3. Savage. "Ton ga- e it to nu-."
Mr. Ravage ashed what had iieoomo j
of the silver and cul glaas at No. 104
Lincoln Ro?d
"i bought tiia. with ?, own p>u
inoii': ' Mrs. Savage snapped out "i |
ra :.' >? i ?,.- ? the right to tuu-. it:
Deme? He Ran Away with Her.
DMregarding the crowd of Muoeoata
?nd others, Mr Savage aaked the
chauffeur why h? ran away" with
Mr?. Bgvage. Immisi'h denied that he .
hail r-in awaj with anybody; he "only
did wha? she asked." he said. The i on
rwaatkm end*>d t-y Mr. Sa\age laying
to hie wif? .
"Well, you i ant come horn,.: a iv
mere. This m the end.
?ran'i 1 get my things'/' asked Mrs.
'That m : our affair, not mine. It
don t matter to me." answered her hus?
band He signed a receipt tor the cur, \
relic, in? the police of resp06lbility. and
iin.tii.nril on third pr.??. ?eienlb lulumn.
This Mornings Newt
LOCAL- '?'?<"
toeeno) I eeted; Oal on Bad. l
giremen I?ela; Strike Rftlct. I
S?fA,: i Loot Auto, Finds Wire. 1
?*meri(Kn a Moi o Ambaaaadoi. 3
Hypnotism fo?- Aphasia Victim.. ? 3
?agragiats itaise $?; ooo. z
i.tttie \'n e ,n Chicago. Soya Mayor.-. 4
''urran frohe to Wirst Mgrefc >?. 4
Llfs an Effort, Bays Bergaon.4
ftaealeton r.anris Admiral Wllkaa... 4
U i- ''d < ?a? mt-i,I Strikers. 5
atyet Ouest el Clergymen. 5
Art Exhibit ?i>en?? at Armory. 6
High Schools ?'ailed To V.ig . ? 7
Qa)lK>] S;i'-aks uV lient Show.11
Orsnd Jur) .May ?'all tiuynoi.M
Flat? i Utftched.te
William Klegler's Batate tlMSMtf. .M
McCail Said to Pavor Dual S> stem. . 16
Wilson'? Srven Bills on Last Lap.... 16
i Repi< >ii Mexico Pleases I
lighting in Mexico without itesu?.. i
harinee Ordered to Ouantanamo. 2
'??h Realster Men Oet Jail Ternse. ? &
' f'??rl Barrel" l'as^e? ?louHti. 6
Ham Bin Rejected bj D?mocrate. s
Bulsei Aseamlog Legislatlvs Datier.. 6
?UftraK'- Aim.'. Peltetl.7
'eaquis MUles i"-;."). ?
1 * Morgai Mot 111.&
*wo w si r,.-,; Off BriMsb Tui ; . 5
HijIk?iiv I'm'nt in \alli. 5
New? foi Women. 7
editorial . 8
.*o'lety . g
Theatrical . 9
Mast?. ?
0 ? . 9
*[",'??.10 iififl 11
Arm) snd Navy. .11
shlpplnK .11
1 "lanclal ?rtt ||grkot6.Hi i9 :,<>" 13
B*M Rotate."
Fac-similes ol stubs of checks which a saloonkeeper says he paid to the indicted men a^ graft money and which were pan oi the
evidence before the grand juiy.
i in: ?ni i K -ii n.H !.-:
r? ?i:
\? i ; i i
? Li? i;:
Judge Knapp Quits Manac
at Midnight and Will Mcc
the Firemen This
Federal Officials Work H:
for Peace in Conference;
with Representatives of
Both Parties to the
Ju'i?. Martin W, Knap
Unlt?**d Statea Coromorci Cour
<;. W. v\'. Hanger, acting Com?
?if I.ahur, flniehed 'i>.- rloeli ?
? : ? ? ?of a day of confr? - ? ??.-? ?a itti
manager* ol fifty-four (vaeten
:r>a<i??< short 1> b?fOT?* midnight I
nighi Tii.- f?deral mo? la tora the
upon informed the general adjuatm
? ?>niTT!itt*-c <>f the tir? m? n thai the) i
?matten ol naomoait t?? rf|"->) t. but,
;h<? plea of axhauatlon. requoated ll
ilia- ?Sremen defer rewlvlng them in
thll morning.
There w?aa nothing definite to In
?"?at." that the' Bromen and ti ? dm
agon ?were anj nearer an agreem?
laal rilght tiirti? fo*c?ihe laet fe-a ?r?
bul tbe modlatora' roQUoai f?or furtl
discuaalon ?waa lnter|?ret?td aa aignll
in? ?that thtare ?till remained hope
peaceful eettlemenl The firemen ?
!ist*-n to th'? mediator? al the Hr-.n
?ray Contrai hotel a1 ft*30 o*< loe* tl
? morning.
Ti., t. d? ral m?edlatora returned fr?
Waahingten yeeterdaj end f?ound t
?situation unchang'ed between the o
poalng forc-ea. Judge Knapp ami I
I Hanger met the r-aijroad managera I
a < oni'< i ?-?ii? ?? al th? Hotel Manh tta
.tnd ?fterwarid ? onfei red a Ith the i pr
?tentative* of th? Brotherhood "i L
! ?comotlve Firemen and Enginemen
: tha- Broadway ?Central Hot? I. A it
ond lOiil'-iaii1 *? With tin- railroad mai
igera followed inti in the ?aft?*irnoon.
Hltaha Lee, chairman <?i th? confe
ence ? ??miniTi?-?- of ?the rnuna--.
\ ?n?-(j i atatemehl at th.* end ?>f II
second conference with the medlatoi
iu which I"- declared that -William :
?Carter, hooA ??t th?? fl-romen' brothei
?hood, had giren oui mlaiteadlng itat?
menta ??houl tii?* Mtuatlon. Mr. i.?
?indicated thai the railroad! would 'ml
i to thedr determination nut to arbltn I
I under the Braman act unleaa ita fare
laloni ?wer? modified ao aa lo inci .1
I the ariiitiation board from thro? i" al
Strike Order Still Withheld.
1 appeared from Mr. Le? - atat? 1 ? ..
that (hen wa? i.e..? bope ol a i*ora
1promiop on an\ arbitration plai
lain h\ Cortee, head of the Brotherbooi
I ?if Locomotive Firemen and K*n?gln<
men, declared aftei the da; L*oiifer
l?rncei that th? Oremen would remaii
1 fitrai in their demand foi arbltttitioi
under th<- itiicl ?provlalona ol the FJrd
man at. Ht^auid, however, thai then
" ,?11 ?I ;.? no atiike ord?*"-red until thi
t. deral m?a?*llatora hau ?-. h. ated ? . ? 1
na .uis ?of ?affocUnf an agr? 1 mi nt.
Th. railroad manager udjourne-d
1. ,,n their ? onfei n< e will m< dli
1 toi? ai the Hotel Manhattan late m
i the afternoon to the -Waldorf, when
they ???imihlnil again In aecrei esaloii
! last night The ra>ii..:.i men return?ed
?to the Hoiri Manhattan late In tha
< ?mli nun? an third |in?<-, I hint ??111111111.
Kryptck Tone Eyecjl-iaaes i?el In n
? '-?i-nce'-'? ? Mai* f 1
1 Ad I
Prisoners Bearing as He Stands Before Judge
Is That o? a Man Whose Spirit Is Broken
?Robinson and Hartigan Also Held
?Check Stubs as Evidence.
i " nnii .- .?!." . ;i | actor ol i ? i. '
ndi? l< ?:. an i ted and ai ralgi ? ?!
1"1" i'l .!- i J ;ni.! ' ?tor! i"! ? ? ?!? til..;
firat ; oil? ? u ver br?
:?' i he l?ai to a?'< n .*?'.; r m ? 11
? \ 's
Vvl K. Hit n. >1 v. Ill . ; .-.' ,,ii
?Hi' ii ? :? '.''? -i- ' [an ii :*?.
'?'ii ma i i' Rob .? on, ,( patrolman, i
? ?i? ?.h f?o ? ? ., i.,.? ..? ? ;
? "iii' m.. Mood ? ? ? : In i ? ? toi
ii ' ?? ' not guiii ? ? an .
and extol lion '
i... again I i
.i "!ui .1 Hartigai
..? .i .h-., on of Swccn? met
;ir* .i?k?-1''' at til? une til
ii'iiii- rr. for |.<-n ?: .
Will Pl-^d Tomorrow.
.- ? n< | and i i..? ' '- ? !? ?,??;? ?-1 ? r -
led !?: Mi " ?! ?' Talk ? . ? ho had
theii pleading? postponed until lo?
morrot morning, ?lobins?n, lb? only
..h? ..(' iii.- i rio a : o ,r..i" i red in uni?
f./nu. ?.??.. i p thoul coun?el and
entered hi? os n pi? a oi not gull! ? a i
.- ...ii a ? Ik- \ ,. fOSniall} I ralgned
s.r-, took lu? disgrace a'ltb s
, ?tonily ael fa? ??. ii" ?J'.i no! uttai s
word, but in- attitude ??.??*? <.n?- . f ex*
ri. H,, dejection ? !? in pared ?? iih the
..???.?.. ,. v ho ruled th? ilarlem dii tr! I
i s? it ti .-ni ii'ni iiarni til? Bwaeney i o
faced ?fustic? Gofl yeaterda* teemed
! like ? broken man.
All three of the |.i iaonoi - "ad had
' their slu.-Ids tSkSB fr??ni tli'-in Si Rollci
Readquartfra lesa than .t hall hour
? before tt.?y e'er* irraigned ?ri croan
and ;<ii tin-" ?'?"?'" '? loessd ? n ball in
iidiir alter m ralgnm? nt.
Two Indictment? were handed up
I ugainst s.\* -.ii?> resterdaj on whioh
., | .... ..: th? masi "f in
formation as tn hia irafUng In lUrl? m
? thai la i "'-MT- i'? ";1 Dlstrb I Attorns*/
i Whitman no* msk?s? it prsctl? all) i i
. ,,,, that Curt? 11 nd tmenti covering
other sj.?' ii.? Instan? ? of graftt?f. will
a.i be ? <->i??i aifalnal Bw?seiioy.
'II,.. nnii' tin? III charging BWiSOfl
K\t? briber? ;in?i extortion is based on
.??. ,.- Men?. glv? n and corroborated
, bj Ueag*? \. Blpp, Bugene F i"r>\ and
Capta? Thomas W. Walsh, it la eon?
. , :,, ,| ...1? 1? v ith th? MOO 1>." BMDt
.?u,,'. ,,y *?'i|??. to i'"\ OB A|>iil ."?. Ulli
?regard ii a ? hlch iTo> teatlfl? d Ihi I h?
,.i,j , ,ni.?>! oi er all but IS par cant to
jwalah, an?) IValsb t?tstlfl?Bd hi gave ?">??
l i cen? of h? bare t<? Bweeney.
A? .?.rding I" U" iiifoiiiiatii.il itrOW In
iii-- hand? of EMstrl? Attorney tVhlt
man. Ibis $100 oi ?r.iii which ii
.?. r? .'.?<*ii in. careen of lhr?e? i olio ".
:.. > i a patrolman, .? captain and un
Bspedtor, and, In an incidental ?vay
.'?..s iuiiiii??;it? il two other captain? who
I were i??rni?M' Inapipctoro, anothei in?
lor and a deput* |.?>ii< .? ?. onpmi -
alonar with arbonr? Bweene? apltt, >.,i.
,. ,, follows:
. V i ' . ?"? 4uaa aad ? ?.?. -
loi foi w.i'... i . ..?,..??.
1 .1- DO P :' . fO ? . i. . ? .? i?i ., (s,
1 To 'I nun U W, W| :,. ., . ?:
To P? ? IP? ...r.
Contribution to Fox Funri.
- oeney r*i-<. was Indicted nader Be?
iiun _. in?, of tin Penal lav?, which also
Implb i ?' t?i"ii'. That Indlctna nt was
1 L.a.?*'ti "ti tin- evidence given by Captain
and Mi-- Walsh, K<>\ ?tu?! Bips to tii??
I effect thai Bweenej had contributed
98SU of a funri of *i._ia?. wblsh was
Ran ? ill? m n it! ? ?"! v.. ?ioillar
i ,i ? .ii. ? approach? ? It. Luj tie? tiro?., .\. y.
The records no*- in t^e hand6 of
Dietriel Attome\ Whitman 6hew
that the small aurr of ot>e hundred
dollars?qraft miniy paid for police
nrotaetion ef hit diserder'y hotise
by Georoe A. Sipp. then of the
Baltic Hotal. on Apnl S, 1911?has
?r( Lfl tht care?is of three police
officers and incidentally implicated
fou>- ?there, including two captain-;,
formerly inspectors; one inspecte
and one Deputy Police Commis?
sioner, with whom Denms S veenev
is jaid to have split hi? qraft.
This one hundred dollars which
has been so potent in strikinq .it the
oohce "system" the worst blow it
has ever had -.?.as divided .->s fol?
To Euqene F. Fox. patrolman
and collector for W.ilsh 11000
To E-.iqene F. Fox. for collec?
tion expenses . . . j 00
To Thomas W. Walsh, ccp
? ain P30
To Denms Sweeney, inspec
bit 41.50
given to Fot t" uss for the purpoos of
' bribing Sipp t? keep out oi the state.
Mis drei trial s di begin last . , -???.-.
."? Mr. Whitman Is 6atlefled thai Cap
r\\n Waleh ;s m proper physical con
dltion to take the nrltneas stand. Dr.
(James B. Kelly, Juatlce Ooff*i own
, ph) -?i' mn. 16 with Dr. William ii Up
I mn. ii, i onetanl att? ndan e pon
Walsh ?nul the doctors ar? makini
reports !<> Mr. Whitman th?
! Diatrtct Attorne] believes thai within
the nexl week Walsh \ ill be r.<>;
suffi? lentlj to t? '
s-* ?-, n<. e in com? up befo ? J lati 6
Oofl for pleading to*morroi norning.
? and if the reports of Walsh's improve?
ment continue Mr. Whitman aill on
, thai day 661 \ 6 OOtlce i n Bl n, . I
lawyer thai he will move for trial and
i,,i the tailing of e ipedal panel on
I Friday. Two daya* notta ,>f such a
motion is required bj la? and Bve
I days, exclusive of Sundays and holi?
day? must ' lapi ? aft? r th? motion is
grant? d beton the trial begins.
Thai would bring Sweeney^ trial
date on FYld?y, Februar: 28, bul II \t
lik? ly thai Ju?tl? i Goff would rul ? thai
' ?t wouM be belt? i to ;" -''? on thi fol
' ,,\\ ing Monda?. Man h '?'??
vi,, graft md,, tmeni on n hlch
jgween ? *.??> arrested yeeterday coven
. :. ,,!.. specific ?nstanos of graftini
?vidence of other equally strong caaes
j || ? ourillg n on ?Ii- bi-'ii- i Attorn,?>
and i' is practically certain thai Mr.
Whitman will build farther precautions
around the bod: blow,!?? d?.di the
n mi yesterday by aalctiig for for?
th? r Indictments ?galant Bw? ne: ?
Mr. Whitman lui* .stat?-?l tliai no mat
? i ? hai move iweenej makes ha will
?,,; | ce| , immunity, if bt d< id? '??>
[aid Whitman in touting and convict?
ing other grafting police ofBclals, how
'. yer, Bweene: m??:. -t?' I ?' Ihe ben? Bl
oi a recommendation for ciernen y.
Duffy Not Indicted.
Sergeant Potar J. Unity, the nephew
,,: Sweeney, ? ho moved about Um city
: v. ?th Sweep? win-never the IngpfCtOT
' ? ontinued on fourll? C?as*. ?e<?>n?l rolmnn.
I 3CC. DO?. In,->i ailed Maple,un m lam?
Iproduol iB,t apring rhleks -laying new
?\cker, Merrall & Condll Co.?Amt.
i *..-'!?;.' TOII DENN ? M Ll.
Machine Gun Fired by Mixture
of Explosive Gases.
i: i i - Mb* ?
r.ni . ?? i.i, \ n,>\ el n
gun, ,ii a Ich the nixi ??; ? \t loalve
t| flrlni rorce, haa b?nen In
.,?..;; . null rhemlal n la ? lalmed
f,,r tin proja-rtile thai ll ?* ill at t on
,i. ? .,11} thin?.: I in? ?i It 'uit. tu a d
... of ii ? mil? i
Yale President Will Take Trip
to Southern California.
LR telegraph
\, w ii, ,-i iii? 17. Prealdenl Had
?,.y ,,, *,..?. ?iii go lo "?'?? ;,,,"t n ' 'all?
forni? for a real of - \' ral w?seka k a
... - in .a ., :????? m 111 m. aa n-- und ?r
wen! an operation fot abaceae of Ih?
face, and it ara? deemed ?wlae for him
i to lea* ?? i he mil en M ? rout Ine and
take an ? reet.
H,- v ,: ; .-i. in w aa ington on ??. ?
p -, i) -,\ ??.-; .n .*'ii irda> night. Mo i t*
Ing prealdenl liaa been formally ap?
iM.lliti i?. bul BfHTetar) SI??'k.?-h will .un?
irai the routln? of the executive ?r
Rcea. Mr- I ladle) arlll accompany h?*r
Itu bai ?J.
Severest Winter in Twenty
Years in Southern Italy.
j Rome, Feb. IT. The exceptionally
i ? ?id it? II -??? aill?i throughout Italy
reached Ita climax to*nighl m a ?now
itorm aftei th? temperature had fallen
? ? ? eral degree* ?betoe aero.
??i Mesalna th? winter baa been the
?,? al m i ? '.' ? ira. Mount Etna
i entire! white with mow, which pre?
.-??ni. a magnifie? ni apectacle al nu; it.
Th? i? ih much anon and Ice In Sicily
ind ' alabrla.
London Police Take Suffragette
Three Times in 17 Days,
l.uii.l.,1?. r- !.. 17 I'.,' Hi, flur.i i
In ti.nth of F?*bruary, Mlai Sylvia
Pankhurst ia under arrest. Sli
t;i '.-ii lij the police with engaged with
! othi i it?Trng?Ut< i in wtndo brcakln
1 in ii ? l'a t ?i-ai of London.
Tells Elks He Will Form Own
?Judgment c.i Subways.
Kdward E. McCall, balraian of ;.?
?Public lier Ice Commission, waa on ? of
the apeaken al a dinner given ?'. N?e-n
Vori Lodge No I ol the Blkalael night
at th? ?Waldorf
"i ha?.?? I? d ih- iurbul? m pola] life
of the ben h o long ' laid, "i nd
now i am "i th? calm ahattowi ?of the
Public 8? rvlce < 'ommisi Ion. I ran*!
talk t.. you about the i ontracts i
can'I saj wb-ather Ihej are good or bed.
i can't say what stand i will take.
? Hut tbla much I can boj to you, thai
i m form mj u n ludgm? nt, tha
W .:;<? OU - I iflU? U ?- "! ! la ? t ] (if -lla'.l
I move n ? oi ** j?" ?<? tittle \t ?I when I
! finish -n Inborn j shrill nak no man t?>
share my ??wponelbillty. \p?-i when lh<
timo ??i?? i ?come, ll I have the approval
,,t thai little prompter that beata
?rtthtft the heart of every man, n?> power
on earth will deter me for the fWtb '<?
a s? -i ii".
Ko ? Dtinoi-aBeiir ?omita angostura BIT?
TERS m puncneaa?d flaacydrinks?A?ivt.
Mexican President Scatters Message Throughou
the Country and Is Optimistic About
Its Effect.
Police on Duty in Business Section of the Capital fo
First lime Since Fighting Began?Non-Combatants
Recovering Their Nerves and Playing
? Golf at the Country Club.
B ?. ritten?
Mexico City (via Galveston). Feb. 17.?Shouting messenger;
aie running gbout the city to-night distributing hastily printe(
copies of President Tail's reply lo President Madero's message ask
mg thai no marine? or troops he sent here,-while other men an
posting broadsides bearing translations of the message on dead wall?
and sides of buildings.
President Maden? this afternoon handed to The Tribune corre?
spondent the original cable message to read. He accompanied thi.?
act with the moM enthusiastic expressions of his appreciation of th<
attitude of President Tab and the United States in the present crisis
The fact did not escape him that embodied in the message was a
mog( clear and direct statement of the attitude of the United States
Foreign Minister Lascurain was with the President and de?
murred a* the whole text of the message being given out for publi?
cation. President Madero insisted, saying that, regardless of the
diplomatic procedure which Lascuraiti quoted, inasmuch as Ma?
deros incssagc to Taft had been given to the press entire, it would
be an act ol discourtesy to give only a portion of the reply or with?
hold one word.
Lascurain yielded, and the message was made public.
After Madero had ordered that copies of the message be dis?
tributed to all parts ot the city and telegraphed to the Governors
of the states and to all cities and towns the President said:
'"[ want the Mexican people to know quickly and as fully as
possible exactly what the attitude ot the United States is. Much
excitement has been caused by the circulation of reports that ma?
rines were ordered to land and proceed to the capital immediately.
Mr. Taft s message will allay the agitatioii and go far to convince
the people that the United States is a sincere and worthy friend of
"President Taft did exactly what I thought he would. He will
find that we will have matters well in hand soon and that the chances
i are very remote for further injury to lives or property of foreigners."
Here a me?-senger entered with a proof of the government's
proclamation containing the Taft message, together with the proof
i ot another message with a telegram from General Trevino, who was
1 said to have pronounced for Diaz, protesting his allegiance to the
i government and denying anv affiliation with Diaz.
President Madero ran over the proofs hastily, and when he
had finished he gave The Tribune correspondent an account of the
situation from the government's viewpoint.
"Everything is much quieter in all part3 of the country except?
ing the capital." said he. "than it has been in some time. By that
? mean that activity of the rebels in the rural districts has almost
entirely ceased now. Here and there there have been defections to
the Felicista cause.
"Remember that this is all in face of the fact that several thou?
sand troops have been withdrawn from the centres of trouble, al?
though enough arc still there to hold local rebels in check.
"Governor Guerrero telegraphed me to-day that several rebel
! chiefs and their men laid down their arms in the last week and the
! state is quieter than it has been for months.
"In the capital conditions are much more satisfactory. There
has been less artillery fire to-day than before, owing to the govern?
ment's policy, if possible, to starve out Diaz and compel him to
leave the Citadel and fight in the open. The hot fire early in the
forenoon was due to an attempt by Felicista gunners to drop shells
pea! the British cemetery, where Blanquet's eleven hundred men
are camped."
President Madero gave this explanation of the report that a
large number of Blanquet's men had deserted Diaz :
"What happened was this. One captain of a company of Blan?
quet's forces has a brother in the Citadel with Diaz. He coaxed
several subordinate officers to lead the company into the Citadel.
"When they had been on the way a short time Blanquet heard
of it. and sent men in pursuit. The men in the deserting company
did not know what their officers were trying to do with them. The
pursuers caught up with them and ordered them back. A good
deal of confusion resulted, but the outcome was that ten soldier?
were killed ten or a dozen more ran on and got into the Citadel and
the rest remained loyal.
"Of five officers o* the company, two were killed and two are
Aliasing. One is known to have gone to Diaz.
"There is no question of the loyalty of Blanquet's men. All
are coming to the palace to-night, where they will be held in reserve,
as we cannot use them at present."
President Madero said that the feder?is moved in toward the
Citadel a considerable distance to-day. Much of their effort wag
concentrated toward regaining possession of the Young Men's Chris?
tian Association Building, which the Felicistas seized a week ago.
He said it would probably be taken by then, as during the day the
lebels had been driven down from the roof to the ground floor. The
building was almost completely ruined.
The government has several big coast defence mortars here,
bul probably will not use them, as the President explained that it
had been proved that to try to kill the rebels by dropping shells in
the interior of the Citadel was futile, because the rebels were able to
! take refuge beneath the very thick Mexican roofs. So the tactics
! in future wiil be to starve them out and to make direct attacks with
"The government has evidence," said Madero, "that Diaz sent

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