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Simple Ceremony Marks Tra
fer of Power from M. Fal
lieres to His Successor.
Flowers Strewn in Path of N
Head of State?Moment
of Gravity in French
11 : \ ?
?-.?i i?-. Feb. iv ?Raymond Poin? i
who ton> ?-i? rtttmi Ptamkuoni of
1 ReptibHc by ?the National .
?aembly oi Versailles ??n January
i.ist. took up th?- dtitlcs of liis offlc?
<la.\ .
r?.r th? ceremony ?if "transit-Ion
i-i-? Mdontlal ?power." as tli*? 1'i?-mi!
li.'il inauguration is ?ailed her??,
protocol was M f<?!.<?ws: At i.n I1
ais''l> Antonin I hi host, presid? til ?of
S??n;ita-. and Paul l)?"S?h:?i]al. presi?!'
? ?f the ? hamher ?>f Deputies, acao
panted 1y all the qtlMton and ot!l>i
?af Parliament ?and ?MOOrted by t
squadrons <?f cuirassiers, drov?- in st
'?a? he* to tii?? residential Palace
ihe F.liffo. Th* members of the <'?
inet, with the exception of If, Kria
'the Primo Minister, went to tho Klv
/Palace nnai placed themvrl-. a..<? hehl
the presidents of th* Senat?? and of 1
('hunNr In the grand hall ?>f the a
; bausadors.
In this hal! M. Fallieres took up
station, standing, with all the oflc
' t?f his household behind him. M. P
I and. President of the t'oum-il. who I
?proeec-ded to the residen? e of lUyma
*Poincar6 in the Une du Command?
I Marchand to conduct him to the Pr?
; dentist Palace, then arrived with t
new President of tho Republic, atte?.
' ed by the aafllcers and officials of 1
? lattex'a household and private t'abit
? "and escorted by a squadron of ? Mr
! niera.
Salut? of Twenty-one Guns.
MM. Brinnd and Poincar? had dm
in a four-horse open stat'? coach to t
F.lyitfc. At th?- instant that tlie et
liage containing the new President ?
tared the jrate of tha-a courtyard of t
pala' e. escorted by ? regiment
, MirasslTB. | salute of twenty-one gu
ivas ?8r?d from th?- In\ahiles. At t
?MUM moment i? battalion of infant:
.lr..wn Up in the courtyard, pres'tit
?Altai and lowered the < (.'lor? ta. ;
n? tax lia-a,l oi the state.
|-ia-i?l?nt I'i'iiicara alighted from 1
u- upon ?i rb-h ? rimson earr
hi,! ni'.'.iiicl the step-1 a.f the palac
I?, th.' w?tibula> ha- was mal by '
I'.M^i.s. \ilin ?u?compatiled his sueca;
. : i., ib? hall a,f the ambassndo
\\i,j,|! i\ the M*T, irai ?MM upon
. i i r<- ?< ptia?n room "f t li*- Mi
Pompadour. M??n- M. Pa
?is matte ? ?brief address ?welCQCBll
PreaMeni Poincar* and transmitting
I . m th( ?PrMtdeoUal powers that wee,
\mrne\ai to m. ?Fallt?rcc by M. Leah
? ??,?>, .. m .-IL'??.
\s m fr-alll?ras u?ttared ?the words. '
? f? r to V"U the powers of t'
State.' Prcsid'-nt Poimari- laecame v?-i
cab- and then in a clear, solemn voi?
repHed. "i ceacecratc myself t?. u
servi? e of the Republic." He .ht;
kissed M. Fallieres on both cheeks, tli
fraternal gestnr?- closing the ? ?smnoo;
At the Hotel de V.lle.
The President. nccompani-d by ??>
Presidents ?Taillerai an?l ?Loubet, an
follow*-?! by the entire ?official cort?g
wan then driven to tha- H??te1 d?- VIU
where l*resldent P"inear?'- wa.s receive
hy the Prefe? t o! tha- Seine and th
"Municipal Council "f Paris.
The seen.? in th?- ??raiio?? Salla- ?,
F?tes at the Hot? I de Ville was ir
tensely impr-es.-dve. when a hand ?,f in
republican guard played "I.;i Mars'-i
lalae." aa?? ompariied by a full male in
female ?.horns ?if the Academy
M'-si? ?tha Op?ra <'omi<4U?' and th
?'onsetvaiai|> of Music altogether fui,
hundred trained v??lci?e. At the tin
bar of th?- national anthem ?Prcetd?m
i'Cin?'!'- raiS" t.. l,s f??et ;i? ||d ..\
Preehlouts Faillies and |y<i:b?-t and .?.
??r???*aent, Th??n followed tin? ' Mar h
Lorraine." whl' h i? M Poiiu ai
Minn- .iir. la th?. time ??f which be uaai
?a. stap for manv a mib- when ?ha i?i
formed h's military servi, a, as I:? ? ,,
an' f ?'has^eurs :t Piad
Mm'-. ?Polscar*, %\ha>?e ?bcau?l ?, ,
brriwti eve?, beaming with l&tHltcance
and whose ?aptivatlng smile and high
p dietinguisin-d ?bear-tag won the herm.
a.f .ill F'ansians lo-da:. u.i?- eSthtU
aatlcally > hea-r?-(? wherever she .i)>
|.a ne.i as w.is also M. I'uinaata's ?en
? ta'le inaitlu r.
Bombarded with Flowers.
\ftai- th?? ?machaos wh?< h ?had bea
pta-pare<i for th. city coun? lllors in
honor of the o? ? asioi! President ?foto?
,?r?'> n -entei.d his state ?arriage ami.
. ?i?ipanlad ?bj a x-Presiu?-nt PUU?raa,
?\h<? uo*t*kr bims.-If <>n the President's
l.ft. dra?v?? M. Fallieres to his new r?-si
? leiue. in tha- ?Hoe ?FraacaM Premier.
The st i a.ts wen- thickly lined with
? ??ip!?- who had ajom?- ta? Mg anai cheer
iba- n?*w i'resident A school holi?lay
Pail b???n pro? laiiiii'd ami most of the
hildia-n wen Hn.-al up al??ng the route,
ami waved taps, handken hlefs and
?m.ill Hags and loudh < heered as the
I'ra-sidential praicesnion baSBCtf.
Many thousand? of littl?- bouquets ?or
single flowers were thr??wn at tlie Presi?
dent and ??x-Pnsida-nt a-piite spontane
??usly bv work girls, who took off th?ir
ti'sega? s and tossed th.>m Into the , ar?
riage. Othvrs ?threw armfuis ??f tta'W'ers,
minios.. Ughaurmpos and vlobtta bafa.r.'
the Presidential a?>rt?ge. The new
President, ?ery pale, but with a plea?,
,'i.t smile, ralseal his hat and ba?wed his
?*choowlt?-dgmenta of the patrloti? or*r
At the sarna' nine an ?CfOplcil'lat
dropped flowers fr??m a great height
along the raiut?- and at the Hotel <|.
\ tile
I'pOii hia rrtur.1 to the Klys^e Pal
H< ?*-. Pr'-aident P'?lncara? re?eu.-d ';?,.
Eloping British Vicar Found with Miss
Grimes?Admits Using False Name and
Says He Has $1,500 Saved.
? r.? ? a?.e 'o ti i t II ans
London, Feb. IIL ?There waa great
excitement at ?spe Town yesterday on
ih? arriva] <>i the liner Porl Lincoln,
with th?- missing vicar, Alberl Knight.
ai.il Mis? ?.linns. wii.. an? ?m their waj
t?. Australia. Khighl WOT? a sti??w li?t
and gra) cloth?sa of quit? unclerical
.nt a; fir.?? h.- waa extremely re?
luctanl i" apoak, and said he had al?
ready stated hi a wlrelesa message all
in- bad to say. H" finally consented,
ho?' \ er, i" c?is? usa th? facts.
He said tiiat the$1,500a! present ?de?
posited with the Victoria state ? ? t ? i ? * ? in
London represented ins own savings.
Hitherto, he sai?), .\i?>?> Grimes and
himself had in I regarded each other as
man anil wife, Prged c give details
<>!' his movement? alter ii is disappear?
ance from the cliffs .?t namborougti
Ht-ad. Knighl refused to do aa He de?
clued they were "i no ?nteres! i" ?mv
?me i>.11 liims? ?i
Re admitted having given .. false
nsne bul was unaware thai tins waa
an) v lolatlon <.f the la?, ??."> ????? '" '
antici) ate snj dhUcultlea on the sub?
? m Australia. Mis future S< tlon >"'
said, waa entlrelj un? ertaln?
Knight would nllou no Journal????
r ., than the on? ta n-h? m he i"?'1
spoken, to spproa? b either him or Mi?
Grime?, angril) declaring thai '?" !'''
attempted to Intrude on hla i" i
be would tnke .fonlbl? "V:,v
Bimilarl' Miga Grimes Inter? ?Dte.l
photographers, snd Knight threatened
t.. thr..\\ (heir com? rsa o? 11;" ??"*?? ,l''
looked extremely pnle ?nd ?nxious.
Mis? Grime? appeared ?ell bul dtotlnct*
I? disturbed Both left for th? ahora
fui a f? ? hours' sieht*''? ing in Cape
To? n during Ihe ship's brief atsy.
Passenger? d.-s.-ni? ihem sa Ihe life
and soul of th? ahlp. The* were a mosl
affection!.-oupl? snd travelled sa an
ordin?r) newly wedded psir :?'"'"'' '??"
iiain?'s ..f Mr. and Mrs King,
Knighl v * chairman of the Bporta
committee and presided si ?11 "'"
emoklng . ?ni' erts.
eral Florentin. Grand ?Chancello! of
Legion "t" Honor, \\h?> invested
President ?nth th? insignia of
Gran?-! Collar, ihe Grand Cordon s
the Grand ?'r.ss if th.? order, an?!
knowledged bin as the Grand Mas
of the Legion ol Honoi Thla is
Poinca?r?'a tirst decoration Presld?
IV.incai.? ilu-ii t?>?.k p'.s.s.'ssinii of
pala'e and Bhortly a ft it?? aid veturi
?without escort) to hi?? privat'- liou
in the Bue ?in Commandant Marcbs
to rejoin Mme. Folncar?, where I
Presidonl snd hla ?rife ?rill continue
r??side until the beginning <>f April
The Presidential couple Intend pa
in*f the Kasirr holldaya at their i oi
trv j.ia???-? at Glos s! Bsmpigny. Di
Ing Lent the archlteci of th?* Blyi
Palace will make .?xtensi.e altiratl?
and improvements in th?' palace, tfi s
the ideas and taste of it- OCW BSV8
y?aar tonanta. M. Graai who was
Poincau-e'i private aecretary a\ i
Ministry of Poroign Affairs, ?rill co
tlnuc the ?ame dutlea a! i'1" Elya
?Palace, ?arhere the grand i..'iii
rooma and the cabine! de travail
which "?il not be altered by the arel
tecta will acrve for any ofltelal eei
monies ths! may tske plajee durii | I
next few weeks,
Presidonl Foinca?? meanwhile ?r
p-roceod to the Elys?e Pulsee even ti?
fo transact official businesa there, Jti
.is sny ' iii/.' ti might go t.. his ? 0
Vibrant with Enthusiasm.
Psrla to-??aj fairly ribrstea with ?
thualasm for th? new Presiden! Id?
??linter weathei prevailed, cold ? ??
??ti?p. with bright sunshine, snd tl
crowd? were aboul half comp?Bt?ed i
mei and girls shouting "Vit ?? Poll
cari!" The warmth of hla i*eceptl<
? i ....i...i that i"?corded i
any prevloua head of#the atate sin.
the ' atsb Ishnu nl ol the Third !'??
The reeling - everywhere gainin
gr?t?nd 'hat the national ?(latence ?
Prance requlrea a new and Buprerti
??ffort In the increase of her srmy, an
this ail pervading Idea gives unpri ?
dented -?' vit; and ?Incerity to th
wave of | ?at riot lam thai marta Presl
den! Pi in? ar? a Inauguration.
lu fact, at the fit ?! < 'ou cil ..f Mil
Ister? a! rhlch Preeldenl Polncart wl
tr.sj.ii.. and which la fixed for Thura
day, thla burning problem <>' n. ? ti* ?:i
defence must Inevltablj come up fu
aolutlon, and lh< almoal unanimou
opinion ol statesmen, as wall aa of th
highest militan authorities "f ?Franc?
is trim i return t.. tin-?.- years' compul
? ? ?rvli ?? wiili tin* colora instead o
esra as ad present, is imperativ?
Prosecutor Begins Summing U]
1 ?Prisoners Become Nervous,
B Cable l TI i 1rib ;? ?
Paris, i?h Is The fourteentl ?la
?.f iho bandits' .rial waa occupied witl
bearing the testlmon) of the h'-n batel
?.f srltncssea after winch the Procursui
G?n?ral, M Fabrs, began bis srgumen
ff.r m?? pfooecution, making hla r?>
mark* ii. a quiet, ?businesslike, method!,
cal way. and svolding anything re?
Hemi.iiiiK passion.!!?- sop?ala i" Ih?
lie dwelt Impressively, however, upoi
: ? onvlficing array <.f facts, and tb?
prisoners listened with occaelonal faim
anille? and gesture? <?f derision, Dieu?
donn?, <'H?'-ini?i and Gsusy, neverthe?
less, seamed exhausted und extremely
Jane Addams, F. 0. Bourne and
J. H. Schiff on Board.
Mi??- .lane Ailihuns. ?f the Hull ROSOS?
Chicago, waa a paasanger on the White
Star liner Adriatic, which Bailed yesterdsy
saendng ?-ri sn extended ?mus.- .,f the
Mediterranean. Mi*?- Iddanaa said sin
would remain In Egypt ?miu lata spring,
later attending some meetings of aroman
si:ffr!il?ists in Buropc MM SU .,? - orri
paatod i.. Mlaa Man '? smith, ?.f ?Chi?
? age
Th?- Adriatic aalled with i? record cabin
irfiM*?'tiger list, extra accsmsBodationa bar?
in?* bOSB installed |o pinvid. for all :.',:,
i^rsons sa the erulsa
Among the tourists ?r?n <;.? eral ami
Mis .1. M. Mnilh. 1'. S A . i omniod.n?'
Prederl k ?; Douraa of the New Y??rk
facht ?'lui?. Mrs Bourne, Howaurd, Marion
and MarJ'.rii- Bourne, whu are golni; to
pink?? n t..?ir of Egypt; Lieutenant Colon**!
?I? P? Cook, ' .-* \ and Mrs <'<><.k. Mr.
.'.rut Mrs. W II Day, MiiJ'.i .1. p Plnlsf,
V. ? A ; Dr. ?nd Mis. A. \. ooddard,
Mrs .1 P. ii.ill.. Miss Carolin? k Hart?
land. Mr and Mrs. A. T. M.rt. Ur. and
Mrs fedward Sluir .In.1.1, .Miss Sophie
laoga i.o?'h. Blear Admiral Thsaaau ?'. Me
'.????i. i'. A n . sn i Mi.- McLean, General
and Mi? i;'iv..ir?i t. M?eaay, t\ s. a.;
Man M?aa- and Ihannoa Load Menu..
_< "'", ktn Trnttk Marrltun and Ml?
Men-tarn, Mi and Mrs. Jacob n s. hirr.
i>? i". w. baaus, Mr, snd Mrs Haaury
Beltgman, Mr and Mn Douglaa ?WaUauM
?III?! Ml*. Malt?. ]^>f Wktt
Lecture in London on Result c
. Canal Opening.
London, Feb. la. Al a meeting ol th
RO) I Statist!" 1 S... I? t; ? .st.rda
Profe ?or Lincoln Hutchlnson n id
i a;..! on "The Panama I 'anal and t 'on
petItitra for Tr ide. Hi said thai ;
,,ii trtea a hi? h a oiiid be sen ed I
the canal trade I as been mon ea
more concentrated In Ih? hand- I
Oreat Britain, Ihe L*niled SI '?
?;. rman)!
Th? s Idespread knos I? dg?r oi lb? ea
.ihn." of British goods tl"- repute
lion of British traders f< r squar? deal
Ing, the Bupremacy of the British m? r
cantlle marino and oth? i fa? ' i
pointed ont, had operated strongly i
favor of ' Srea lit its ni Th
strength, howui er, had led to ? ei tal
weaknesaes, to ?> <*onsei .attain c
to. : hod an.i t.. ..v erconfid? no? In th
m.'Vltabillta ol continu?pd i? eat
On the whole, hi remark".!, lie Ger
man and American attach "ti the mdi
beta which nould b< served "
. anal had dm I a lin on i lucce Th
fact thai the United Btatea m aplte
Bciioufl handicaps, had mon than hel?
its ?.-.vu in competition pointed to ??!
Important advance, When tl.??
is in full operation it was .-.eit..
that Ameilea ?? '" unquestionsl .,?
i. .? greater benefits therefrom li ;'"
:. ,i- ,i . ? libUil ??: t , marke;
than any Burop? an ? ounti.
I ? a Thomas, the a "ii know n V ?
coal oa ner, a im rel ii n? ?i lo i !srd
da) after S v isii t" the I'nit? ,
States, stated m an Inten les that th?
possibilities "t the A m? t nan cos
already great, would i"- i noi mou ? ? ?
tended bj tin- "i? nlng ?>f the Pai .
canal. He found II din.? uli io at) ho <
fsi \io. t lean i oal <>?? ne is ould pro-,.
really serious competlton with Qreal
Britain for South Amsrican trade, but
the big odustimi ne n a? rosa -ii" ?.i
lantic were, with charactertstl ?
already taking atepa to deal with th?
They had airead). lie n mai k? d il
Qreal Britain <>ut In 'he West India
- a
Cries of "Censor! Censor!" on
, First Performance Answered
with Cries of "Hypocrites! '
'. Cable I I ?? 1 rib
?London Feb. if? \ scene of great
,,, ',i th i gm '? ,i ti,.- final fail ..f the
curtain ..ft?" th" production "f Moh,
Oh, Delphine," ai the Bhafteabury The?
atre, ij"t night The galler) raised
cri.s of Censor! Censor!" and when
Robert Courtneidge attempted t" spesH
the audlen? ?? * ould sol listen
Rsrely has ?. first Bight -??? n ?.
uoisterous a reception of a new play.
The outeii?*a Issted for slrnosi ten min?
?tes, and th" . ..m, m- ami th,- malcon?
tenta fought foi rictory? Cries <<f
"H pocritos!" mixed ?.hi, those i i
"Censor!" ami it seemed f.u a m<Mnoni
as though werse might happen.
Btrangel) enough, in th?' circuir* ?
ataraces, until the final fall of th.? cur?
talti ih" audience gav? the pig) a rapt?
uroua weh orne \ triumph ..f person?
slity was ve.m h> Misa Doroth) Jordon,
wi., ?stahiish.?i herself ai once as s
great fsarotit? ?i?r Vtsnua ?ratta s..hk
.volved thundera ..r spplause, and an?
other memorable numher was the
quarr?ning ???.ni;, between iris H?o?o
and Nan Stum, with the r. f'rnin 'You
oat! Here the benefit <?i bat hag a
semais sctresa like .Miss Hoay, who fj
Delphine herself, undoubtedly t..i.i. Nan
Stuart, to.?, looking ev?nrythlng that is
blithe and bonny, put splendid spiiii
Into her part '
Indeed the whole pie. e is brightened
up quite notii aabl) aIta bei .?nival in
the second a? ;
?-. o
Abuse of Cab Whistles in Lon
don Leads to Protest.
!B> ?-aiiie to ti,., irisase i
London. IM, |<i An anaUSfaag
'agonv " advertisement SPpesiSd POS?
t.rday win. li i? aresillimllly s forerun?
ner <?f B novel kind of protest against
the ear-M.luting abusa ??f the cab whss
tl?\ ahoui Which complainte have I.e. ii
very fretiuent sin... the l.eglpning of
UM taxi, al? strike. The adv. ills. m. nt
Is as follows:
"Invalid wishes i., ?aggsjaja ?sun i" > of
man to keep on blowing whistle all
da> lonn m St. laines st re? t. BoOd
lungs <;.,..d|av N.i , ..niinissioii.iii,
need apply." (
Panic on St. Petersburg Bour
Caused by Rumania's De?
mands on Bulgaria.
Press in Czar's Capital Seei
To Be Preparing Public
Mind for Clash with
at, Petersburg, Peb. 18. ?Late repc
I from Vienna ?reveal further act Kit)
' the pan .r the ?arar ? ?eterte ?again?! I
i:mi"!'.: ami ih>- ?government 'i
' li?e s is ?pro?? oklng an almost uiipi
cedented outburst ,,f warlike feeling
i bo "Not "? Premj a." "/?< rm him
'8* ? i" ami other ?pat?rlotli pape
Even the li?beral ''Retch" end the (
toberlal ?preai appear to i" preperl
! the public for ? clash Im ?aroen Auati
and Ruada over the ?Balkan klngdon
?The Armenlana in Turk? are .ik?
' repr? seated to ?be clamoring te i?, r?
' under Russian ?rule.
Tii?- dispute betwe. i, Bulgaria a
Rumania -?? er the cession ?>i a strip
i? rritorj l?j Bulgaria t" Rumania
Ihe Bla? k ?Sea i ?oasi brought abouf
? panic on ib? ?Bourse here to day.
The Russian government, howevi
continues optimistic, declaring Its '??
' fid? le e thai ti"- ?Joint .o '?'?n ?-i t
?powers, r?esulting possibl: m ?medlatl
bj Russia ami Italy, "di ?assure a ?*
11- m? ut and at ?-it the armed ?** up
tion "? Bulgai .ni fil lt?orj ' ?? R
i: un m It i- bah. \.-,) hi '??. b.is d
? id? 'i to foil' t? Hi. example ot i ?Se
man Austi Is Hungai ?j and ?Prani
and t.? in' i? am ih? p. " . fool In| of h
?London, P< b It Th? teiisio
' Rumania ?'????' Bulgaria In ? . ? I
: : ?Bai , ?at ?tion a be? orne s? ul
to oiti.mi t'.' ?crama ret ?el?
? ?. tro i The
',,>?.\>-r- hqwrver, iav? nom takvi ite
! ?both ?' H ?' i ?""! Bucharest t?> l<ess<
| the frtctloi .?? ?i ?'? "ii ? "'' m< dlatl?
i beta. - ding
Ftumai la ? lat< rt pn?poaal ?la thai B?
I ? ,- ih) ceki to I - ?? ? Bla? N s.
eoMt i ? ? ? -ap- Kail Kk ?
I Mx i town of Ball ? I ?
;.i Would
i ! ? i- ?!. .,- ?? ? tria, whl?
? ,. i . ??
1 -\o Ip
, Bull irla objects to i
e declare* I
? Kail \kr,i ?.oui ' ' ?
? . ? ? . ? ?
t ?ill i?. brou ? can
I.- thi leal ;
Tli. a.
Is ' ' '
.,?????:. ?? ? n ? latei
la ? ?
1st thai ti T rklsh tot
... r< r to M
-..:?-?? \ .???-?
?card t? tlie othi pu
:?? ; St ' ? ?
? . ? ? able proi
ttsm at t
ted tenl n to ?pen
: . forti ?-..-. ai
? ?? ny'a propo ? ???
!.'.???? la i ??-.?? .. ? I
TI ? '.???-. iK
pointln| sut how the h i en
? ? ? ?
leaving th< intsi.latl? el
the) sen with r? ip? ? i ??? atreturtl
a'hlle a Uni iatly to ihe burd? na ol th
appeal to | lie i en to ? ??
,.;? ?rat' ? ' ? Kngland fro
?t. i ontlnental mlllUi ? omi i tl
I i...|. ,|. . . ? a ? ,- ? ("OS
? ; . . i , ? .i it the Por(
negotl ?ting foi th? ? ? ???? .-: Rl
iia;> for i - ?deration of 1 ? ?'
i? Peb U Fran? ipp? ?>?? to
facing ?.Hi ,i aptiil of determination th?
mm? B??? i -?i Itnan? lal and ?par
unal ahtoh th? government's militar;
??,.-.,?- || .- . !.,,?? i, ? ? ? | .. ? l tl' II .,1 ? l:k> , ? II
demand. Thai la the ?asa stlal ? ? U oi
Interviears wnii prominent men, ??f ptem
,ommeni si 'I ?>f talk among 8? natoi i ?.- ?
i" ? ni.- i i all pain, exet pi the e*
tt. in? ?So? lalli 1
it li urmMelsll) retlmated to da) tb.ai
Pranc? .-:ii i- caltod upon i" ?protld?
shout ti"".?,'?" ai ;,'i.ii!? foe (he addition*
to iia-r am besides tb? Initial expend!!
.?? o i.tvinit i.- s tb.in im,m.nou
The roung raen of the r,.*.t :? >?. srttl Ix
obllg?ed, if thi pr. v.-nt plasm sie cortiei
thncMigh, o, Km- another six ?montJu ?and
?perhaps another full year to servtei v.-nii
the ? olori
E N V ER "B ?71?Ot"d E A D
Young Turk Leader Reassures
German Friends.
i? -in Peb II ?Xavet Boy, ?the Touni
Turk i? aib-i wb" was re?ported re lerda)
to ?have been sev?ere|j grounded b) i ould
i< ?assassin telegraphed to aome frlendi
hen t?)-'la\ ?la-nvliij- th? t ? | ? ? ? T r .,,..1 ,|,
daring thai n.- ?araa ?.ata- in the l *? - ? ?. ? i ,i,,
ol 0-allipoll
i.i.ii'ioii Peb, is Nevra ??f th? op?rations
m th?- Balkan .-.ai la extremely meagre,
as iispatehss ?from Ctrnstaatinopta are
subjected to ?long delay awing ?to the mi pi
censorship ?established ?On? ??i t?he cable
coarponles *a\s ?"?ommtmlcation by it-?
?rauta kot bean laterruptod noai ?Pen, for
,i reason thai h la unable t" aecertaln.
Three Slayers of Salvadorean
President Shot.
san ?Bah ador, Pah i ? ?'i an ? of | ., as?
aasslna ?>f the l.rideaf ?>f ?laivador, ?Dr
Manuel i: Araujo, -neie shot i>? plat?aona
of soldiers yestords] ?morning on tb?
Campo de Marts race.mum., m tin- ?pr?s?
?-t ? ? of a large ?coacoorse,
A ? ?uni? II of vvi.r l?a-Id on ?SCtUrde* a-ven
?iik* ?"'vi.-iiin??ii to aifatb aevaa ?parsona
who Iih?I taken an a -live |>art in tin
otinaa Poor ??r ?then had been taken
prlaoaei . ?artille tho ?athcr tbrs? are ?tin
at large, ?in? of ths ?prisoners was
r-esplted si it was sspeetad thai he would
?divulga f irther particular? ..f ?ms plot.
w 'aahtagUMi, ?Pah 11?The rtrhocnsrl
Moi,iros. \\ Houch, Tampa b? Haltli,,,..,..
wem aahor? ..rr ?Paul ?Oamlel mu? uto]
SaxiilK Slatloli. N. C. t. ? - ? 1. * > . u , ||..UvN
? ?? ?Ufesavsvs took off h*r rear ..f
mm mm
White Goods Workers' Victory
Starts Break in Em?
ployers' Ranks.
! Strikers Win from 10 to 20 Per
\ Cent More Pay, but Yield
on Closed Shop
Th? Rrsi break in tb? ranks of the man
ufaeturers sssodated ?ith the New fork
Clothing Trad" Association, which has
?I'd the group ?>!' employera arho have
hitherto atoad standfast in th?tlr refuaal
to treat with the garment unions. w?aa
' ar no'iii???I yeatenday, when it was aadd
: .-i.i these employera had ssked for h
? on fen nee.
ah aloag ihe line In the striking gar?
.nl tradea there was a aotlc?abla mov?
' tneni toward a peaceful settlement of the
, troubla In addition to tha general settl?'
i n"' m broughl sboul by a victory of th"
i abite goods workers, the aumber of Bat?
tlements through individual sgresmsnta
i with employera went up with a bound. It
: a*?a announced by th? union that forty
. si\ store employera i ;??! siisii'.i the agree?
ment?, taking lull.'. t''ii thousand more
| wi i kei - ban i? t" ti.'i' shops,
'i h- basta of agreement Krams pra? tl?
call) all thi striken have deiuanded.
This M'i.ns .i forty-eight-hour ?rorhing
[week in plaee .f the fifty-four boura or
more la vogue before th" sir'.ke began, it
..is.? provide? ihat wi;.'.? shall ba In?
crossed from io to M per cent. according
t.. th. iat. obtaining In tha particular
i shop Involved before the trouble bogan.
Minimum Wage $16 a Weak.
a minimum ?rege "f IM .? trotk is <? -
i talillr?!)?-?! In plai-e ot* th" forturr ??"??I?.?,
.?i?. n ranged snywhsrs from M to ta>.
luii .nil?n recognition, aiij'i^ttncnt <>f
arievaneea through union eommltteen sari
I improved sanit?r) eondltlsiia are among
the other ?innlnga of the atrikei
i -'..i ih. abite t""'?s workera th? pr f? :
? ..i union shop is ?etabllsbed, irlth i ro>
visions f"r ih.- appointmsal "f ?rbltratlon
and grtavsac? toards, a >?..?.rd <?f ?aaltary
control and a general Increase si wages
to ? ?rorksd oui h detail, for which
?? tiin?' win h<* eonaum???!. oaring to ihe
n ana differing aealea paM in :he various
p.,i ?s of the work. The ?7?nerni lacrease
? ;. ?? ?.. ".?. .-n i" .n,?i .?. p. i um! ? Ith a
our ?reel Those are tha original
? I? i .n..Is. v .ti the ? s.'?pt'?'.i of tho ? los?-.!
which ?? a?. ??; !?i<d foe the pr feren?
i? a . ? i d?; ol i".' ooa ? '.? ?? .i ???
staple, the 'hlef headt]uart?ra foi
atrlkera in? ?iris took u;> a collsc
.n : sa? .? Mis. Maud Tounger, tb?
from Mai Prenda... m. bIK er
et, Rhti" In the height -?f lh<rlr ? n
is'u ,i the ?uccessful a?ttl?m?nt
?jrabbed up Mise Fei? La t'oli-t*.'
carried her sboul .?n th-ir shoulders
Children'? Dressmakers Next.
? . ?Ugh th? pn '"nt ?tr'.k. ? ?* ? - ' ..
I .i; ? .? r.i settlement ytesterday, t
i,n..i.ii< el :.' '. ??er* of til'
in? .'.iii?.i ,: i.. iilea' Garm?ai Worker
, ? ? ?: ?? .i . thai thi board ????
eared tl Hv? ?mmitte? aouM
;. i ? ?.?: .< ? ? of the ' hlldren'
mlw dn . ? .?r ?'. pr..!...!-!-.
, i.ui uni? ss ?atli f?? toi
.. ild ? obtain? d
ou d Invol ? ? "' '-" gcorket ? Al?
though Il aras sold their demanda bsd ?'.'?t
been definite!) formulated, II vms though!
?... i .i i ? is ?? net si th? sam? ??s the
, ..:.?. ...i ? ? ;' ?? ..t..?-- brai
i-i. m ir .'?
Philadelphia r? i> II Alleging
. ? .r here are ?tiling orders for
N'.w York limi "!..'*? .irplo;.- ? : ? 01
strike, th" United Garnaen! Workers'
i nion celled s general ?ink?, to-day in
thm . ii a ? erdlng lo Btrlk? tea l<
.... ?.. ? ? , ha*a r? apooded a;.d .'??
? ,,..|'S ," ?""1
Finder of Alleged Tuberculosis
Cure en Route for New York.
B) ? sM? ; ? 1 '??? I rit ai - '
laondoi . i 'oh. It. in Friedrich
hYirdmann, of Berlin, who rlalma to
have discovered a certain rcmciiv for
tuber? ui...?..-, sailed ? aotsrdaj In : te
Kr nprinseesln Cecilia for Ron Tork,
having accepted tin- offer bj Charles
Plnlay "f I1.000,?9?M II he can euro
tuti't'.Mv.n of on? hundred Amer?
ican Buffer? t ?
it ?ras on!?, a few days ago thai Dr.
Prtedmann accepted the Plnlaj offer,
having tirsi aatlsflsd hims? n on th?
suiij". ' ..f ; i? home patients, and ha? ?
Ing ?!??? nie?! t" leave them in th?? hands
? i a German coUssgua, win? is entirely
ramtllarlaod with hi? ? ? 11 r ? a ui method
..t administering it.
\ < nrrespondont of The ?all] Ka?
press*1 ?.'ii* iiier?- have boon sevei il
patienta moaUy fr??:.i th? United Btati .
h< ?' caso?, when thoj srriv?td In Ber?
lin, appeared hopeless. Throe wecka
later the same peoj.i?. won not recog
iilssbl? Th? ?i ".""i had changad t?? .?
health) freshness, their wdghl had In?
? r.-.is.'.i remarkably. an?i so ha?i their
BppOtlte. Mso, thoy were free from
pain and Insomnia,
Those in Central Part of City
Discuss District's Needs.
The fii.st feetalghtly meeting" of Ihe
Central Mercantile 8?oolstlon. an or?
K.ii.izati'.ii eotapesed sf the merehanta hi
the district botmdsd i>y lath and M
Klr??etM. fourth avenue an?l foe (forth
River, arsa held at th.? Ht iienis Hotel
rastarday afternoon, plsrkson Cowl,
pnasldan! of ih?* aasocialion. i>r??-.ldod.
Prssidaal ?'owl explained tha fortnight.
|y aeeslona w?.i?- to be me the purpose of
short ?11?. upslniin h>- the mcitilxrs who
might otY-r any auggasttoM which would
Impesve ?the busbassa and gensrsl ? ui?
. ?mdltloiis in the central ni? icaiitlle sec
.1 It. Ilutler expressed the hope that the
association woul?! eventually bSSOtaaS an
Inttuenlliil body In the city, and outlined
what be thought would he improvements
for the better In the entrai district.
Mr Mutier said If manufacturers coulil
I??* persuaded to move to very desltabl?
locations in Seventh avenue the result
wniild bo a lesaenln? of the congestion in
I'ifih avenue. I
It. H. Apphton >?p<?ke of improving the
Imini'iK of the street? und avenuea lu the
district, ?.special!} Sixth avenue and Hth
street. |
Miss Harraden Praises He
Fighting Sisters Abroad.
Declares Suffragettes Mus
Start Civil War to Get
Votes for Women.
Miss Beatrice Harr.-itie;t. novcli.it, n.ili
tant suffragist and B tOW other things
arrived here from London yesterday lo
i. f?'W months' "rest." ami instantly spot
her reaching the Hotel Irrhsg. li
Oraaserey ganare, where sin will staj
vhiie in n'.-w fork, was interviewed bj
seventeen repoi tere.
At least they tried te l.,t irvhrS. I.er. hu'
.\?is?. llarrsden would rather bear ?.tii^,
pt-opl? tai!<. Ami after one persistent re?
i-orfsr, tn a deterratasM effort to gel th?
Bngllsh troroan'a opinion sa s/bethei
fighting for the vote is altering woman's
attitude toward love and marriage, lied
uttered s,,me eJOgBSBl remarks on the
BUbJeCt to draw her OUt, Miss Harrad")
gaaed nt that reporter and said:
"Dear mel t wish i could knock off a
s|,,, eh lik? you!"
nut sh?',n a most Bncompromlsing mill
tant. Is Miss- Harradeii.
"I have belonged to fti? \".'., neU't BOClal
and i.illlloal I'nlon .'..-: in", it v.'a
Bterted," abe -aid. "No, I nev.r wa.- ar
risted. 1 never was In tall, but I'm with
tbsm, heart and soul. There's absolutely
no way bul to force the Introduction of
,i governmenl measure for woman sut
frage. Why. Mrs. I'awcett's organization,
the National t'nion of Woman Suffrage
Societies, admits now that we nuiat try
for a government measure. The consti?
tutional suffragists all admit now we
have been so befooled that it was wrong,
a mistake, t?> accept Mr Asquith's pi.-dge
of woman BUffrBgB through the tnanhifai
hiirTra-?.' bill.
"All the various suffrage societies in
l?igland at" working hard, each in its
own way. but un<pies?tlonably it Is mili?
tancy that has made the arorld recognlta
our cause. Ve??, and it has don" other
things. .Since the militant safflragtets be?
gan their activities aonts exeetleni laws,
such aa the criminal law amendment ?It
lOCtedj at the 'whit" slave' truth". he/lS
beea'pahsse?i laws we ha.i been agltsttag
tor vainly, and whi?h were th.- certain re?
fait of our suffrage agitation.
"Ves. and it ha.s waked woin.i: Op \,,
can*! understand how the) needed It
?oniiitionr. Burroimding sromea is .\nier
lea are so different from conditions i r
roundins women m ?Tfinglaad. There a
Cr??t, a very cr??t, awskeniog amoBfl the
svorags women hi itagtand. I call ?
- ,11 rage movement tiiere th^ sorna -
movement ; it means so BsSO) things be
? idea the trait."
"is it true." .'?? ? ? .1 ,..,;. ? i ,? ura
]'ankhui?t baa little ",!.tr?.i .,?. ? ht san
o? gajtiaattsn.1
?? tbsojtttel) noi true," said m,?s hlsr
radon, "rih?- controbi it. sad it i? ? big
organization. tSon'i believe those who a.i\
it is not. But mttltsney, ttsasgh it is the
only side |TOU bear abOUt, bl but one side.
It carrie.-- ..n a I'SSt edu. atioiial work, pi...
Hut i put great faith in the mlhtaat aase.
1 is war. a chfil war, t., gain our rights."
Ttj-.iav M!:s Harraden lecntres at
lairkeley Theat: I <m "The \\*oman bfsve
rnent In Bngtsn?a.M Bm what she reall
Is most Interested n, erbat lights an he;
tuce and MBloosss her tona . a
in. ntiofl i'. la her trade ol arrttlng
baa Just llntobed a book, a no-.-.i. and
thai la way ahe santa to r* it Bhe d It
rneaa to lectur? a ben -;i" came.
She Looks
the Part
A tailored-woman the type mrP
who must pay very ?careful at- ***-*?>
tention to the unseen parts of
dress- she recognizes the ne?
cessity -when sIk* persists in
tailored clothes -elegant sim?
plicity however the type that
shows ?every ?figure deficiency.
// you ask, you -will find
that she always wears the saint
type of corset n<> figure
ragarfes. She ?may have half*
a-ilo/cn pairs, but tliey are all
of one make tin. ?best ?model
for lier figure.
Women whose dress incli?
nation is strongly individual will ?do well to ?consider
S Hedfern foundation- tin- standard of corset
Whatever your type whatever your si/c. your
figure can be perfected in a ?ledfern.
Varying models suiting individual ?figures found
at all stores where ?good corset service is ?rendered.
Hcdfcrn an extraor?
dinary corset 'd the
price of an ordinary.
$3.50 to
The Warn* Bi ? ? , n
tw "i o'k ?Chtcag? 9a t'ruo- i .
Earths eldest itees in
Qidatii sequoias, e^es old
California has several big-tree
groves. Mariposa Grove,
near Yosemite Valley, is
widely known. On the up?
ward way to Kings River
Canyon, in the high Sierras,
is another notable group.
One of many scenic marvels
in this wonderland.
A Santa Fe train will take
you there.
The California Limited ? king ot tue limited-,
? exclusively for hrst-clas?. travel ? run?.
e\ ery day ? .-deeper fair Grand Canyon.
Santa Fe de-Luxe ? the only extra-fare flyer,
Chicago and KaOMI City to ?Loti Angele-.?
?'tice a weck this winter ? America's finest
California Fast Mail ? also the Los Angeles
Express and San Francisco Express ?three
Other daily trains ? they carry -tand.'.rd Pull?
mans, touri-t sleepers and chair cars ? all
els-ses of tickets honored.
Fred Harv?ey meals.
Visit Grand Canyon of Arizona en route.
Sav which train you prefer.
Will mail booklets.
Oto. C. Dillard. Cen. Cittern PaM Aft
1.7 ?nal 1?|? Hroaalw?jv. New yor:; city
Phoaa?, Kranllin 2310 and 8801.

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