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Was "Rudely Hustled" from the
Executive Chamber by the
Governor, He Declares.
Wanted to Protest Against the
pollution of State Streams,
but the "People's Man*'
Wouldn't Listen.
| By T?rrai.!i t* Thr Tr,b,,: .
Albany. Teh. IS. ? Denoumdug .;,,,,_
.rr.or Fui" r : a "faker." K.lvvard
Hatch. )r. of N.w York, declared to?
nigbt thfit th- Governor, who has aid
hf ?rss silling 10 so.- anybod) about
gg/aablh matter, had refused i,,
torta, and had rudely hustled him
?f the B?*ecutive chamber Mr. Hatch
<aid hf wanted the public :.> kuos bos
iteQewernor kepi his w?-*rd.
fV,r se"^ral yeara -Mr. Hau h baa
engaged in a . rusad< 10 prevent the
r<.l!ution of the ??treams of this atete.
(ta thai business he ?lied t.. see th<
?.pvernor to-day. H. waited ror an
hour after the. timo for which he had
;n appointment, .uni Snail) managed
? -??? thi itate'a Bxe? utlve.
?Oh. go snd aee Homer F..n<- ai...,a
that." he aaya the Qovernm t ?Id him
?torn ho broached the aubject of his
Mr. Folks is secretar: of ths <*om?
-as?!, n which the Qovernor recently
natiM to considei matters r. carding
basth administration foe th. state,
Mr. Ha? - .Id he ?i d nod ? are to talk
',. M; Folk? hecauae he cisnakiered
Hi opposed 'n th? v i?\?. - he wished ;??
\y< go ,,n.i ees Di Biggs then."
Iisaya th?? Governor replied. I'.ip^s la
ha'.rm. n f the commission.
Preveus Governors Courteous.
1 don't vv.ini t?. s ???? I ?1. I'.ici-s ' Mi
Hatoh ?ays he told the Qovernor. 'l
?nnt tn talk to the Governoi of th<
Sate on this very Importsnl matter. 1
hair been rec?atve4 by pro', ions gov?
ernors with ?very courtes)', snd th?
havo listened to whatever 1 have had
tosa.?. I dont s? o wh) 1 ant 'alk to
:iio present ? lovemot.
?"hereupon Mr, Hatch at ra h< ?. -
"h'i?ti"i rudely" awa) b* the Gov
.;. ? nor Butans* la a f.?k' 1," he ai ?
ta-sight "He lias told th< people ol
thr state anybody had a r.?-*ht i<. com?
hoto and talk to him. He ? alia hhrnseii
the people's Governor, : ? t this is the
km?! of tr-Htment 1 gel wlsffB 1 try to
gscoss r very" important matter, ln
.? health ..!' the stale. With
Lars ' ce b i esuli of a 01 * don? ?
Ur n.'i"i. - ' bo lates sn ord? 1
; :.? 1 ?r. Porter, State Health
r.rn i?sioner, to-day, revoking permits
? ' .; " lo tile Village of Port
to dl -? rage Into the
rtivei and the Attorney Ooneral
. , to obtain an injutrctlon
? 1 the village, reetralnlng it from
r?ttin: rid ?-,f if1- BSWSuge in that mai
h, v ,, i?. 11. |,"i 11.it-- w er?- Issued
g, t<. - , te Dai artnvmi ol Health to
fnrt ?i. utei to dlachajpge affluent from
te* ge disposai works of the vU
age lni katefa of iv,rt Ctaaatur
? Jit.on that sewage die
l?08al works should be COtWttllOted and
??ut m .a 'ration by Novombes t. lilt.
Th, sewage dtaposal plant has nevei
tietrx built, and the village is tfsSJnttng
'ti* pr.'-. Istona of th?- permit and ?>f th?
taWh health law against th?- dttscharge
' sewac?. Into any water? ?>f the atete.
Says State Should Act.
;, sston, th? Cummlaalonar ol
Health points '? u that man) atraami
?'?h'iriE B^oasly polluted and that the
aagjr of the department 1ms fof aotne
>*tn been to r? str it t and limit pollu
uon wherever possible He ?saya
While 1 dcpi'vate th.- fact that it
Baktjil be Bsoeaaary 101 the atete t?>
"?gin an action againm an) munUipal
t>. the time has surely corns when the
*ta<* must UaSBBd that inanv Of Ule
muiiioipaiitieis shall rea?*.- te ttasakasaja
iSW BSWagS into .he water? Of the state
M f,,mp!y v it h the provisions of the
rub?n health law relating thereto. A
?.'finite policy for the Htai?- has t.een
""tlltari, and if legal sVCtJOn by the
'??te ?j. noceasar) to snf?i*rce it then
?u?h action should be taken.
Tie-I that time has tx-eri given t?, sil
BBsnlcipahtlee t.. arrange their affaira
as a* t.. n.-et till-? n?"oaaary chandpsj
repeated waruinga have been given by
?a utate and ample opportunity of
?targed, a"t;on sh ?iiltl be taken to Com?
M the d?linquante property to dlapose
?t their sewsge
The Commissioner aKn points oui
At since ti <? passag? of the Ian of
Ifll st?*ps have been taken i<. remove
jba pollution from the Chemung River
?>>' the cities ol Hornsli and Dmira and
? ?Ulagf ..f Csnlsteo, and an knveatl?
telion ol the pollution of the waters of
' M,... ,. i.een carried on. Def
Washington's Birthday
1 .'?1.. a,,,i BYteau rebisaij aa aad n
I*? ?>!l*>"?*sylvajilB station. >, ,.._ ?
I HaStM?. Terminal . i ? - ' ' M
<?Ub far Parler 'ai?, Dtnlnr. l'ir,
Ktaul?? ?ram* from t't t.navlvania
elation at |n 11 \ M . ;v?,4 p, m.
????. ?lava 1 <(, p vt 8a: 111 da v s,
I 12 A M. Sunday?
Spccisl Train Returning
BOSdar. Fabiust'
>>???. Mianti? City. . 4 is? r M.
rl0b f at. DtstaVj <?r Va,, n Cars.
r*?ul;".;r?? 'i ?a-'f AtUntie < llv at
M with fluir, <ar. I?.run/ Car,
I'srioi <a?s. and Coach???
Pennsylvania R. R.
"?'??" ??rilan, h?. -?aya, ahoaild he ta
??ainsi every city and village on
? '? "n which has not taken atop?
in?; pr..p?.r dlspoaal ol its sewage.
STATE $800.000 IN 1.
Supplemental Highway Agr
ments Denonnced by Ma
Murphy Ousted?Inquiry
Brings Surprise.
Bj Tslsaiaph ta Th? l ? I .?>? ,
Albany, Feb. Il.-gtephen Kvan.
Cheaango County, who aras thrown
??r tin Democratic state Committee
i cause of hla hoatlllt) to Charlea F >
|phy, Burptiaed thoaa who attended
hearing of the Bulser Investigating c
mittee to-day by aiin.uni.ini.' thai he
made an investigation Into the High?
Departaneni a! the request ..r the G
ernor and Chairman Carlisle Appeal
aa a " iin.?s. be mad.? chargea of exti
sgance through supplemental bight
(*ontra< ta on the par; of the departm
''? Gordon Reel, Superintendent
liighwaj -. ? ho m nt, obje? i?.
R) an maklna it appeal that an) one i
was responsible '..i th? condition
ritlcloeda In telllni of the Buppl? n
11,1 ?"-'"? nenta Ryan spoke of "the ? ??
, n Is lionei ' ;.s being behind them
should ?ay commission. .?.* ii whs ;. ,,
??ii matt?!," said Ret ' The Hi
a .i Superlntendem will have a cop)
Ryan leatli ?".-. an? ? III be allows
?nswei 11 1st? i in the ?r?
Ryai lid thai th? supplemental agi
menta wer? ma?t b) th? Hbjhv
n with contrat t< i - o? th? wik
ce and i ? paii ,.n.i on i ? w?
and he d? (?ared thai n Her? the) chani
Ib* original ? har?? le? ? ' ib?
? i ^ ???1;?11.i" th? la? T " ?
i said thai a contra? tor, ? ould
?. "..?! , - ? . |ew< ?? 1er, In se
? ?.?"- bidding loa on a
work \n. ? ? tal ag?
i m? nt. the i'.'i i of the arork on ? hi? h
bid wa?! lo? ?? ould r" ? banged to s pi
\ .i tuall) dict?t? d b] lb? rent! i? lui
in tins wn ., had act ire?
Mr ':.' ;m "it ?.? .- roi demned
I for? legit ? ? ommitt? e aro ? 11
? ; continued In " I ?
!70 su| ? contra md the n
V .1 . ?! ' . I .1
i??-nil of them s h? $????. ?*?
V'?;i ?tate?*) l bal a coi ra loi mighl
tipped off nn biddii - m thai profita
might be m;i
; aft? r ? contra had ra en
? ? m know of an apecll
?? miy tw.. mi '? ki o? thai ? tl I
R .? "ih.- man ? - and th? nn
\? bo la tipped. '
a -
Intercedes for His Assailant ai
Obtains His Freedom
, Were u ; ot foi Maglat it? Bam i?
Levy's Inter ? I Blwood fa ? '? i ???
w o attacked the Magistrate aft? ' i
i i"ft the Men's Sight Court ???<? rat?
??a?, moi nine. ? "'"?1 i"
'. month ' ?? sten ?? s th? penit? ntiai
? : ate ? ?'? 'oi.nor. w ho heard ?. eei
In the W? ai Blda Coun
morning, p it hii indei I! ????
the i ? A' i? foi six months
Magistrat? Lei with .i?.s. h s> n."
- -. t;i 111 COUl I ? I"' !.. w ,i> pa?a :
};. Us T.w.h.-i s . rff? ?i,... i sftei ? ?. .:?"
Tuesday morning ab? <'.!?? si ackii
him from behind, smashed h - *iik h
over hi? e) ia; be aa? ?bout :>? folio? w|
aaothei l.iov. whes dene? grau ?
him. Th ? -H igi I? a?? end? -i ? ?? thi a
rlvsl of tha pollc?
la the night court 'ii??:. asid b? ???.
twenty-seven rears old ,-. c ad iat< of tt
UnlversH) ot I*? ni-.- - n n.cu
..f the lrl?h-Amertc?n Athlet
Leagi ? H< spologise I profus?
Inciden! saying be bad not been respoi
alb!?- for his ictiOtU at tha Um? M.i?
Intrate L?V) ffUSSd hi first t.. a C?pl .tl
apology, bul retentad sftei th? casi ba
been haard and ?Sked Magistrate O 'o
i ..i to be lenient.
Aft--: upbraiding Green foi being a ?ti?
gra ??? to ins '.a--.' Magistrate OXona?
accept?-?! ;? ?*?>'" cash bond. p?iovlded b
Hugh H Ditader, sn trtlst, ol f3 Wsshlni
ton Sriuai?- SoUtMj v bo ?'?8 with Ore?
at the time ?>f the a?*?;. It
9 -
Case Against Edwards Dis
missed in West Virginia.
i'harlestor.. W Va Keh l*-<'harge
acairi*t ?oloriei William Ses mom FM
wards of offering bilbaa to farther hi
eandldaey ior Ciritod Btatea senator fe
flat IP day, ?shen Delegate fthod? s v. h
mad? the chargea fail?-d to appe;.i ;.i
preliminary h*>aring Justhe of the |'e<i,
Marion OilcbrtM ttaaanoomt th?? tato? ?ft?
iieieiciite .1 M Smith named by Hhr.de
gg i ..- man Bdwarde tried to brib
tifl?-d that h.- had ne\ei discnsmd th
Senat'.Ha! situation with EMwsrde.
The epsetal grand ,iur> tavsstJgatiai
briber) ha the L?gislature conthnasd II
Inquiry t?.-da>. bul failed to Und any fur
tbc: Indi'lments Among the wilne-.se
heard w?btb Mat? Beaatoi ?? A Moc
I'orkh. a formel Governor; gaaatoi Ora*
Silver, DesBOcratlc ti""i leader, ;?n.i Pros
idsal WfOOS- Sf th? State S'nat?.
With only thi??? dsya moi" ?..I ih" ie?u
;hi aesslon of th? Legislatura then b
lit lie hop?- lo-nighi of choosing a sU'Ce."
sor !" Senator <'lar? nee W WstSOn Hot!
i.iai.'h'S an devoting ihe closing dsya "
ib.. aesslon to woman suffrage, thi Vir?
giala-Weel Virginia deb?, taslngcoOatsrs
inheritances and a state wat-i power bill
Sulzer for Increase of Stock
Transfer and Auto Levies.
i Albany. Fain. II Uoubliag Um praeeni
tax on transf?ra of ato'k ami on automo
jBUee is proposed in billa drafted by <:<iv
ernor Bulser- .-omiiiiiie?' of Inquiry. II
i? estimated 'hat the atate'a annual rov
,mu? ?in i... laorooaed about *?..<"iu".?**<?o if
ta? eommlttoe'a recommen?ilati<tma me en?
The ?olllinltt*'.' prOpOS<M tb?t I tie ihx M
transf?ra ?.f stock b" increased from V'
to it en ?racrh ti??" of mc? value <>r si?? k
transfbrrod, which should doubla ihr M.?
Mrft.?HM) now received fron t'.ii*' mx ii la
ai*.? proposer! ir> tuerons? Um minimum
registration tet tor sutooaobilea from $?'.
lo tl'J. and the maximum fee from $2.. I o
f.?i. vinel: w< uld give Hi" Mat?- about
$_? ?OO.0N additional reveaoe. ii la reo
pos?-, i to tax ? oniniercu'l r?hlcfea !?? for
tart* i?.n ?>r Itaetton thereof.
?ii i? ubelouQ-" ?sy? the csanmitta?,
";hai the motor veld? lei ??peiailiiK u|i??n
i i' highways huJH and maintain? d by the
si ver> large expense, stO B enn
ataal asurea et aansnaa t<? the ?tat?', in
?.???v. of th? wear upon llM blgbwsy?
?rhlch i hey oaesslsn."
Governor Bulser asid h? arouM have th?
?oinrrilti.e i. l.l'ln prsSSPtlg lntrn'ln, e.l.
"The ?iat? n isi hav? more rovrmt? to
t.... t Its iMfoaudng ?akligstswi***'.*' h? rkUd.1
, "_uu _,_) is ? g<>?-'<i nai ?o K?l BOgM til " " I
Bill Creates Deputy Superin?
tendent of Schools, with Large
Measure of Authority.
Measures, Result of Churchill
Gaynor-Maxwell Dispute, In?
crease Powers of City
School Board.
1 Telegraph ; Tl < Trltaas i
Albany, Feb. la?Bllli Introduced by
Aaeemblymaa McKcc, o? Richmond.
wo,',] strip Bunerlntend-ml Maxwall of
, the Ni a rock Cit. schools of much o?
Mi ?power. TiH-.-f mi-asm.-?c arc the ? ?-?
"t the ?Ch?urchlll-Oa>-aor?Maxwell
d ?l ut-ci ni the ?Board of ?Education.
A bill nm yet Introduced, but expo t
? " ai ?pari of tins scries, will ?create >
Deputj Buparintandent of ?School* the
deputj to . sen la? a large pan of Ihe
?tloni \'.iii.-ti thi ?Chun hlll-Ga* aoi
Uavi nol takes fr?.ni ?Superinti ?ad?
?in Maxwi !i. it is on tin- schedule thi I
' M??**- Ors ? ?? Btrai ?ban. who lobbii .1
, *he ''?? ? bl :s equal ?psj l.iH t,, SUCCMS,
or ?Sdward i-,. shall?.u. irho is bkjh "
th? educational ro'stem, ?rill be ?chosen
, ?>" Hi? ?Board ..t im J( ;,.t;,,n t0 n\\ lU,.
, nem place.
Miss Btrai ?ban. during bel flghi foi
! the ?equal pay bill, mads many conndb?
lions m l?gislative rirclea, ami hei po
,1'1 *' Influ? n. ? i a ?thing t.. i., icot)
.v' "h: in in. i, v-i, haa retained ? on?
?Idcra tie whl? h she ii?.?l a hen she ??? as
? > tea? liar in Buffalo where, .??. ordlng
! t?? oldtlmcrs. si ? wot ? ouati ?i an ef?
t fli - m aid ia? Hin. i: ...i Billy"
18b?eehao, when >,*? was ?,.... s ?,; Buffalo,
;-i"i did iii.i stop ai .n. gglng the
schools un?' i oliti? - Tii? i ??' n ihi . ??
?alp thai she Is Interested In thes-j bills
i ritiii |a likel* '-. ?_?? ; a Job oui ??i ??:.? .-!
the s. .?. .. i,,,. ?,,,,.,; ,:,, , otiaidei ?' .??
Ive support foi them a-hl? h
II)IK 1 ? t |i,.' | ...??.
at, four u? K? ?.:: i no
f- :? i he i.- i,-;.-'..?; ire. i in? ?? ould
the ? ??i.t.: ?the ? ?? m - ? I - ? d) an i
changing ?of grad? - at from the
i ta ..i rai ..f Superintendent!. a
ch? s? n " ?8 .i ? rim? nd-mi alai ? i :
lodge it a itii th? ?Board '?.' ? ??
;, might ,. t witho : i?.n
? from Mi. Maxwell.
A BC? "'nl bill >'? " ' ? '
Cit) Buperintend<?ni snd bla Htm i
Buperlnt?cndents tn< ?power to nam? Ua
' '.rats superint? giving th - ??? i?
thi>ni> to the Hoard of ?Education. ?.I
, tb? sam? time ?' in ? ? ?? -?
: ,,f 'iistti't aupertntendenta ft m ?-en?
tj ?sis i" ts ent) -nil ?
, ,v third ?III m- ?M th? Board ?? Kd
..- ?i i. ? 11 ti ? rlghl to ? I sng? thi
a? h.-'iui- - and condltltma attached
thereto s proved Hay IT ,.r-.'i -?? Ittll
i?nt ?nol to ?i?? i? .'-? 'i ? - ?'??'
f?.r in those .s'li' dub s
Thi foui th ' ill pro I lea I ha? th< r<
Id? nl of ?the Board of ?Sdu? ai on
designate ?any member of the teaching
or supervising staff m, Investigate and
report ?on an; sul ? - of n hli 'i
board hap 'control This ?would li
tin ?board ti ?> i'"-i?ia.n ta all o? othi i *
than Mr. Maxwell for r?-t
Aasembl) man M< Ket uyn tbeet
an deaign? d ;?? c ? '?? ?the board it*- if
?powers now exercised bj an ? mplo? ? ???*
that ?body
Democratic Bill Makes Indepen?
dent Nominations Difficult.
B "? ??Ki^r1 ? - r-' I
i Iban] ft )? II iii-t-ii'i of ???') " i >?>
Ihr- :ii?tnl.'-r a,f ? | !', pt Utr- -
Independent nomlnatlona ?a- Ua Introd i
en s..t<i u ?arouM ?i?>. 'ha- Blaur?Ht?Pstri?
i.ili. ?amending th? ?jwhnarj s?nd election
?regulation! gensnall) ?would Inersass ?lb
number in man InstatM-as, pa-i I I arlv in
Ne? rorli ?Cltj This bin, presentad t"
t.-t'ia.r BOOM Sf ?thi ?I-HII1HK- 'lut!? I ''?
Taauaany's Unkering ?with t?bs ?ariman
aiai elsctlM lysteass is ?fathered bj th
I>erno.rrnt',' ortfanlviata.ii At tha- f?lutlm? M
of platform pl-aliia-s _r,.l a n,?-.isui- a?f
Siamilm srtmarj an?i ela?**UsH tan reform
Yet !t failM t?. ?i?, ii. tbta Inateae? ?arte?!
it ?porporta ta. do. aii'l it ??oa-s not me.-t
se\'ial a.f tha- most ssrioui ?Bce-ds f r re
foim. lach at. radl-cally shorte?nlai the
prlmar> l.alloi bv a ?change in th- basis
of ?leiti.m to part? COasmlttOSS, iHk.ti'^
th<> ?party ?-mhi-m '?ut of prtoasB-j ?Sahts
ami th?- ?MrtaaaioB ??r ?the d?3r?sei prttaary
system to stats otkoert
The l.laU?.a-lt-l'Btlla- hill II. US |?ro
|?a4stona regai*dl?ng signature- ?aaf <ie
sIkii?! ?to 'hang- th?- law \o tn?-?'i tha- al.
<isl?>n ?.f th? Court "f ?ippsali d?eclartiig
chang?aa made by Tairnnhny In ?Mil uneon?
?tltutloaal n v'h- tltutsa foi the tix?-<i
Dumbera of ai?gnatur?es stt?pulatad b) the
existing la-?*- a ?*SQulremsnl ?of ?"? pe? cant
,,f th? last ?rats f??r fhreetno* a ?tha po?
litical nun i" N? w ?',,,k ''ll this would
work mit "o thai a ?grsatoi aumbet <?*
rignatuTM ?weald ?be requlrad ?foi same
officials, ?and ?the ?aams ?would be th? r?
?ull in ?oui' upstate ?Astricta
Tho ?iasfjortaacs of this ?protrlalea in
New Yoik in ris? of the ramlag nuint??
i>ai ?siactlon. ?was tinphsslsad ?to>?alght by
I ti Uiimiiiitt iscretarj of ih? cmza-ns
I 'Dion, ?hii said:
The ptmmual ia,v ?reaulrss ?','"" algaature?
,? nominate a candidate foi MaV?*. Con?
troller l*r?sid?-nt ot the ?Board ?<f Ald'?i
ni.i. ?Borough ?PMfrtdent. Diatritrl Attor
ii.' or any eounu ofti'?*r in th- ?city "f
No? fork, it Ik fair?-r to reoulre a ?psr?
cantage than a ?J??Unite numb? -f atg?
naturea, but th?- ?psre??ntag< requi?red ??>
the ?'it? of New York In unfair, ?because it
?i? too large Thi? is i?'"piii?-<i in ?Um
hill lt"?*lf bj a provision that not mor
limn *.!**) HiKIIiatlires shall 1). raa|Hira?il HI
snj event Tin- ?aff-sct ?>f th?- bill, haw?
f\,r will be to Incrsssa hy IS pet ihi!
that i? from 4/ft' to ?..OUV-th. num?ber a.f
signatures ra<iiilr?d for the Independent
nom nation <>f randldati ."- ?sitj. ?soonty
and borough offic-ea m tH?- ?boroughs of
Manhattan ami ?Brooklyn, ami t., tncwN
slightly the number of signature?! r<'iulr?-<i
?<. nominate candidates for such ?.nw??, in
the ?Borough of Th. Hron\
Th?* steam*!' Pastoras, a.f the United
Fruit ?'ompany lin?, arrived in thi-* pail
jesta-iday aft? i ?lippinR four hoiim fra.m
the rer.-onl mu of a StaaaSST ln?\s.-.ii 1
Kingston, Jamalaa, ?aad N*->v Tork. The
l'astori-s. ?a hi-li 's illa- na-w.-.st of the |
United I'rmt ?Oampaay's tktet, ?had ?Talrj
weather on tha ?bomeward tun. and nwiv
th" tri|a in ihre?- ?ia>s and twent) ?honra !
H.i'- broiisht a nuinher of UiuriKt?. ?hol
ma"?? ths hibi round tiip ou il.a- 3"..ini?:.|
(HI ?UN Tl
?Former Drug User Ident
Two Bottles He Says Le^
Sold to Him.
IDefendant Had $1,000 W<
of Forbidden ?Articles i
His Safe When
i'i Abraham a. Lsvy, <>f No. ??7
I 'd Btrest, whs put On trial before .)
I Poster, in General Beaakms, yest?
I charged with selling COCStoe ill?'
I ? '"c-un?. valued at ll.ttg was found il
bysieian'a aafc when th?- detectivei
rested Mm The ease asainst in.
Waa develop?.i by James A I?el<h??nty
? sisi.tn District Attorn?.?.-, abo dre?
the new cocaine bill, anil ia consider?
the District Attorn?) s nrti.? to b* a
f"t case under th?? pi? sent law
\t the reojuesi <->f Judge Birans the
apbei transcribed Ma notes lost n
?u that Mi DMshaaty? who is gals
[Alben) to-day, could show them to
i ? ommlttee ami? h baa Mi MO Is chart
"Barnej Callaran, a former ??
Band." "ais ().? onl) witness .ailed > e
da) ii?. has twice been convicted o
St tempi ?" .??u cocalae, oaMe before .1
Bwann, In |9lt, and anee befar? .1
Roaalsky, last May. Il ??.?s aft?-?- bla
?conviction thai h? asm to Mr. Deleh
1."id offered t.. do srhsl he lould to a
i iii? Dtstrtet ?Itorne) ::i trapping ?? ret
Witness Set Trap for Doctor.
lana i satd ? ??? rda: thai h?
? ? .m?-, and 11? bearing ?
! ? ted thai h? s;...ke the ti ?in it
? ' ? ? ???; ? |.t his a n ..I "'it inm a
I undei cross cross-examination bj J? ? i.
? ? > . "unsi'd fol I ??. I.? > ? ? W
I the im. bottles <>f ?? aloe purchased
I him ?. re . ? od ed li r? Idem e hh??
i on the ?t< na m h? ? a stable ??t hi?? el
? ? ' ?.? atrayed l? w.?:?i ? I
. li."id.'I th?* bot
lent thei - ?....?? i.? ha..
\ " . a ? : ' I .
I?. 1.1 .i i ..:.i.... b. *al i snd i .ill.'.l
' i ?i i.. ? ? the lelephom Mi D
ha l y was 1 ? nogi aph<
i ? ; Csllai
.i fr:
.., -, ? .,,, .
' ? ? ? I |d hi' '
all ? ' "le :i '
? |o 'Ua< :i(\, i noon "
11 >?, ? m
? te. i " i ? ?. tt'itl him w
,ind I e .. i asan!, an
-i ? tor n m th? it?, rd of Heal!
. . |n .??>? ... | . i ? ?
? eei n
.. ? nell :.' r 11. .li-- v
n had thei < n ham
.. -,
? -
? Lass
. ? ? him '
-, I ! mili
sins. Me g?v?
lair? to tl
Thei be gav?
i. ?? ,,.. . ontalnl
Bake . o ,i,i,. ? '?
I . ?! ? . ent ?eh and I ga
Itle to ?... -..? i ? ? ?rent <
... i ? i ? . lives cat
? . .< .; ? railed ? coca
: . . i . ,i John r M lnt? re on i ??
? Kamm i
\,. si? i,, moi ? ? ' s? ' ? ? d t'a
I'd ' .. , !..i m. 11 aell ? " .
fea si? i ?H?i
y,, ?. o ... ?. i m to children dldi
\.. ei ?lid
i loa ..n??:. ?i o a ? ?
\ often aa i bo ighi H from i
.?..i?. in-- ci.i t ;esponae
., . ? ,|. nled thai i bei ? '??..?* si
i -.. n betweei him and Mi Del? ??
I regarding tl.sldei. ? should r
.??iv? f..i his sssl-isa? s He had i
la? ??? ?getting off, he ?aid. t ...
. ited aithoul "bai Ing hopes I
. i a i*'" ii.i?"? m m? i" ? from Judi
I: . l?k<J
n?. |. ru ? -?i i., r? apond to the ?uggc
Uoau ni.i'ie t.?. Mi Mclnt>*ra thai ne ba
boiittwd i.' from i?: I*? and had la
th. ? ... am? w it!, bu., for M I ?'?: 11
had n-" ?i borrowed moaaej from D
Laa Callaran h.ii.i and lbs encala
, tien aras Blmpl) ?? mattet ?>f nan?
and ?nie.
Court Criticises Tobacco Con
cerns for Issuing Them.
Justice? i ?. -in-!, gala.iiid Herrnaai
m Bpecia! S'?-??ions. yeeteeOas ? i iti? is?
th.- it aterir?n Tobsnce C?aapaaj an
unc? tob.".oocerna srhlcb -;i\. bo
coupana entitling Um besrei is admit
t... . i., moa in.; pictura abo? *
"li is rjothliig moi' oi issa than sn Is
.Hanoi, and .i sediietiv. to chtidrei
t.. aanoke rigarettaa mM Jrati? ? Deuel
Joseph Roess ?ad Mh bs?! Tocio, ?-m
ployas m a moving picture theatre u
Catberim street, bad been convicted <>
allow mi; ehlldrss t?. satei unsccompsnlsi
by gusrdlsna John M.??? acting super
Intendenl M Ike ? hUdren * Society, *ai<
this iln-Htr. was ??ii? ?Which ailnutt?"
rhikiren on coupons loetooed m dganstt?
l?.\??s i.f rh?- Ame? ban TobaCOO CsmpSS)
Incidentally Names a 'Sulzei
Democrat" for Bench.
Albaaj . Feb. l* Aftl '' Man I, I gi|.
pressa ?'".in .insu... .loim ?Woodward, "i
Buffalo, a Republican, i"?-' hh assoctata
m i,-- ..r the Appellate rjtviskm, gecead
department, srill Ml an a member of th<
Ai.;..-H .-?i?? I ?vision. Third Deportmeat,
while Bupreme ?'??utt Jjjstlce lark? I?
Btapl ton, "? Brooklyn a D?mo?crat, win
be a membei ol tin Am?llate I i?-isi?.i,.
B-wond ?Department. This arrangement
? - ... .r a?cided upon .'?> ?Governor Bui?
r.er i<> mi the vaeane) in the Third l>e
i m inieni .?.in rauaed b) the .bain ..f
Just!?** James w Houghtim, of gauatuga.
Justice Woo.lwarii now receives an an
lllial s.ilaiy of $17...??". bul Under the n? w
mngement iiua sajan ?fill be roduebd to
li.'.?*?. Governor gulaer said ihe justice
ha.) r?'?. leeted the change.
The ???"???rni'i appointed lo-day Henri
V Bnrst, oi Amaterdam, .? Demotrst, io
? .?.I I hi la'- Justi(*e Hough!.n as ??
Bupreme Court Justice in the etb District
Hi* nomination was e<onflrmeu mmcdi
?tel I 11.? Berate.
?'i.'-i'.' Borat," ?aid the O? enuM 'is- -,
Bsi!x< ?? 1 ?enii.crai "
? What i? \. m definition of a 'Bulaer
I >?ni... i,n " i,. urea ssk? d.
"A Democrai who aloo?t ;.' the pativ
n 999, ' i? ii!led the Qovi ;.Flo? -
rv?8r." le added, "all Demo? rat* look alike i
to rm. in.?*,." I
( on??nurd from Hr?i pttgr.
I ? lan. while contending that a lull
?vaai more rigid limitations on
\ traffic ?-.ould be preferable, gav.
approval to the Walker measure ,|
? ed by Mr. Delehantv.
"Mr. Delehanf.v and I look at
j matter from the .standpoint of
who have .seen all the misfortune
, misery of the traffic." he said,
j most hideous aspect. 1 believe, is
| .seen in a prison, where the un
? u?ates who have become slaves t<
? drug go almost crazy when they
deprived of it. In many cases It
physical impossibility to deprive i
ot it entirely, and the only pos
treatment Is to gradually reduce
a Mow an? es."
Dr. McOuire believes that e.n
sitiet limitations should be put inic
lawa with regard t?> the sale and
Bcaalon of morphine and heroin.
Judges Interested in Bill.
Both Judgl Kdvvard S wann
Judge Otto A. Kosal?kv. of Ool
i .
peaslons, are much interested in
! Delehanty'a cocaine bin and in
I campaign againal the u.-e of the ?
conducted bj The Tribune. Jt
Swann BUggeated the drawing oi
i i.iii to Mi. Delehanty, and judg?
is laky looked it over for possible i
BtitUtiOttSJ defects, Some changes v
made in the original draft at .It
I Rosatakj a suggestion
.indue Bwann yesterday arrot? to
emblyman Jamaa ?Tallter Imprea
pon him the necessit] <?f such a
and . aiiii.s his attention to the
that a physician la asrw on trial
? leiieial Session- loi 8M Hing the d
Illegally. Judge Bwann Bald ii*' saw
reason sh) physicians should objec
the scrutin) of their re?corda by rst
.-? nl,.tr ? - .,' t,i" I..' al b?.ar?ls of he;
i any more than be himself should
' i? ? t t., having a repr?sentent ? >?!'
??a?, companj r. ad In.- met!1
The Ti Ibune did an ex? eilen! ?
o exposing no growing use and as!?
cocaine." said Judge S".rinn and ;
tonelatent In advancing the t, ? u ?ira
Mi Delehantj i underatend t
onlj opposition i" tin bill i .?i
: i "in i> '. itelsns 11 a? ? ma si range
? ? a enlight? ned ttm thai i ? iwes
es ol one of the high? al and tn
humane profesiona, should oppost
; ?III designed to obliterate ?? gros
? , ?
\.. '? lainesa 01 pi of? aal ;
. rnonopol ? "i the ? ,11 ties. Cnscrupul?
? men creep into every walk >>f life 1
! law is not ,r?" from them nor th in
- no .i., u,e ? me of the <i
?-1 problems >?f philosophy is that
I moulding th? dlverae elementa oil
1 man a',tris so that th".v work f.setl
foi the i??? ii'-iii of the people sa a wh<
The im putting itandarda or fa
. pride 'i' one person or arr, ??j? of pars?
u illowed to Interfere a
1 m; m" ? ment 1 11 I be benefit of I
1.. ?
.1 idge Be ann 1 .???.? ;.. As- mb
ma??<? w aIkir aa) b, In 1 art:
I mi Inl 1 "sied in at eing a le?
pul upon lii" distribution a
? Ol .Ine W i:|. h holds us ?.??:?
ni b v |. .--like grasp und, b] dentro; 1
the win power, the restraining tnfl
? 1, ?? i !,.. 1 enablei 1 p? rson lo real
an Impulse t.. commit crime is wll
drawn and the victim more "iten th.
BOl I.tie s a 1 riminfl!.
"You v? ill Und that man?. <?i the D
lorioufl crimea ol th.? last y?eai wt
< oromlt ted b) persona who are ?/!
tima "i the 1 ?? ein?' babil fou a ou
... - irpri ed al th( strides it has ma.
4?m<.t?e, ihe colored population m th
Cit) and in th? Mouth
"There ate some unecrupuUvja m<
.? h,. unfo: 1 iinat? I) hat a ? ntersd ti
ranks ,?'? thai honorable [medi<*al] pr.
fes on and a ho retail ?.? aine froi
: off}? ' t, and viio sell pies, rlptiOl
1..1 su.aii sums to lictlrai of the drui
and some "i the 1 have been Indicte?
Dr, Abraham Levj is now on trial 1
another pan of this 1 .?urt, and the el
.l.-n-" in that .-a.-" would interest you,
Th? Bgl? BBd is?- Of ....?.in" arc 111
1 reaelng." aaid indu? Roaslaky, "1
mv Judgment the i.iii as dras a is a
. \. ? ."in ..ti" snd is dealgned t,, ?t..
tile ?!;. .;h? sal.- of ? ?> :itn?-. The*
si,..?; d be little difficulty In obtaining
favorable 1 ??t- on if -?> far as its fom
and nui pu e are 1 on? ei ned. it covet
mattera arhhrh the present law doe
not tOUCh Inder the ptfoposod lav
the court 1- allowed greater diacre
lion, an?l il il is tUtOOtt it will be ?08
.-?hie for judges nut oniv to puntal
tltose guilty of s.'iiing the drug, bu
also to help thos?- who ar?' I..und vit!
it in their poses salon and who an
users not \ endei's "
Heroin Believed Greater Peril.
\\ bile tii" u?'iierai sentimeni Bssraed U
fsvor tii. Uaikei inn. sev.-rai of the ?? 1
tiit.rities .?.mi reaterday exprtassed th
,iiiiii'ii"!i thai Us provisions ?oi,. hv 1?.
means draafJc eaangh. ?'liarles 1; Towns
anther of .mother i??u to oantrol the dis?
tribution Of nar.otl.ii. now befbra the
Lsgislature, asM that the sain?- ?.r strlctei
regulations si).>ui.1 he aaaeted 1?. ..o.;
th?' traille in h? r?.in
"The eeaalng evil i? not tanalne." bsM
.Mr. TOWas: "It is heroin WtOSS now there
is niera heroia '.s?>d b) '?tape fiends in
th.s , itv than there is co.aln.-. Il?-roir, ?s
a derivative of opium. It is much cheaper
than coealna and its . ffect \g niu.'h raora
laaUng. Cecslne producaa exetteraent,
w hi. li vi ,'?.i s off in lialf an hour or 80
and leav?s the victim in a state of utter
d?'Sn?indency Heroin, on the other hand,
produces a BOeShing effeel la-tln?; several
hours, a.n.l the reaction is not Boarl) so
m Wait?-? Dansei, sanitar.v superin?
t?i.|.-n*. ?f the Hoard of Health, attai k?d
the new measure on the.-., sani" grounds
ii.- .oiit.n.h.i thai any law arbsOh p?-i
initt'd laviii.n to handle cocaine was de?
fective. There was no asoeaalty for them
to bare it in their possession, he said, and
be thought that by aaslrtng it Imtwaoibli
for tin-in t?? obtain it the spread of the
trug habit might be effectually checked.
?Practn a!l> tin* only time v. heivco. uln ?
is ne.?I'd.'' ih" doctor explained, "is for!
oieiations. The siuk?oii applies ?t then.
in eases a hers it is n.-?-. *sai -..- to apply ?t j
t'. ri.Kll'all.v ov.r a length of unir to re?
lave pain the patient ?BSUkj t> ISSBSV Aj
to .? hospital ''
litd,lt? Comniiasionei L-ederle said that. I
jidgin??' from th*- Urst draft of the bill.
ha bsWsysd it could be made much moro
drastic with profit. No law, the <7om
? missioner declared, coul?! be too drastic
1 In regalattaf the sale of cocaine. He un?
derstood that the Walker bill had been
I strengthensd ?Maes Im had ssea it. and
he was g?>ing up to Albany to-itay to at
!-r.d tii- hearing SB It. he said,
it is i'la-islM.? that the percentage of
I '-oraine which doctors will be allowed to
I ?prescribe fs* their patients ?andar the new
I ?measure ?ail be reduced from 4 to 1 per
I rent, according to C. U. Bigelow, head of
I the Maw York State Boar.! of Pharmacy.
I who assisted in the drafting of the bill.
: Mr. BIgelou said yesterday that he had
j discussed this ?hariR?- with Mr. Delehanty
'?n ?Saturday and that they were both In
favor of reducing the percentaje to a
Girls Never Give Up Cocaine.
Miss Maude K. Miner, of the New York
Probation Association, said that aha was
?heartily in favor of any measure thai
might tend to diminish the lamentable
east,- with which the young girl? uf the
city obtained the ?"?a-adening drug. She
had seen girls recover from the morphine
?u opium habits, hut she could not re?
member a single case of one ?Who had
?given up rorslse
"It means rum.' she said; 'insanity.
I 1 think of one little gui, not more than
I seventeen, wham wef found in a flat
I whet* ?they dispensed it. Nothing we
; ?could do would persuade her to testify
? ?against tha ne>;ro who kept tha flat, al?
though iiis woman was in jail for felling
I tha stuff The negt of s are the worst in
| this ?terrible tiaffl? They get it for the
' s bite girls."
.lames c. Crapsey. District Attorney of
I Kings, w h?? ?had just mailed a letter to
Albany approving the a-ooaine bill, wan I
emphatic In his ?rlewi when spoken t?> I
last night.
"1 taror the hill in Sil its provisions."
be -aid The effects "f the use ^of
?COCalnS ate so fearful that I believe
evsry reasonable means shoula be taken
to prevent It! Indiscriminate or general
rah ?u use In my investigation la^st fall
i eras Informad that ths ousiest drug
Mot? ir. Brooklyn did not use two ounces
Of the durg In a ya-.it. I itv of the larger
I'liaiina'i-- Which has four o? 0TS
iranch?ea in this bacaugh. ?I'd not an
ii.?,-i- than four oun??as a ?rear in -ill ?the]
??torea romMiMd. This la only another
Way "t sh'^wing that even th?3 ousiest
ilr :k StOri in a leglthnate way does not
dispose of mor. tlian one ?ounce a war."
.\ counterpart of ?the Walkei antl?
'"?aiii?' hill has ha en introduc.'i within
(the last ten day? in tl'.e legislature of
Nebraeks bj vivin lohnaon, a -awyer. of
?Omaha, ?ho scrjir*d a oof** "f ?the ?pre?
possd measure from Edward Hwann.
jtMlgi of ?general ?SesskHM Judge ?Bweaa
raid yaatsrday that Mi. Jehnaon. having
h?ard oi The Tiibun.'s campaign against
? DcalBS selling in this aommunit v. anal
:?arnlnf* ?through !>r?--s?* dispatch, s of
.imise iwann's efforts to secara legisla?
tion COrtaUing the trafila, had requested
thai ? opias of The Tribune containing co
? ? ?t,.t i.-s i,a ?ml to him.
Judg? Swaim th-ia-up'iii sa-nt him not
?'Ill\ The TribUBe ' lippitiSs Whi'il he had
? ?n the subject of cocal-ae. nut also sent
! him severa! ot the uflVially printed
???pies of the Delehanty hill, winch, he
has learned, lias be? n USSd witlvaiit ma
ta-ila! modification as a modsl laar legisla?
tion in Mr. Ja.hnson I state.
| The Rev. ?Dr. ChariM F \k?-al ?orm-r
?pa-tor of the Fifth Avenue BapfNt
M*hurcli ?ill vhUl Mea York Friday for
the iiist Urns tknet be left the Fifth
?aven-,.hurcb. On Saturda> morning at
II ?? "? K i>? Aked ???? j'i lecture at the
' ?l'i"if or: 'Thi ?BomaUM of ?he ?iolden
Don't lose the
income from
your money
while awaiting an oppor
tunity for investment.
You can open an account
with us which will draw in?
terest and still be subject to
cheque, or you can exchange
your funds for one of our Cer?
tificates of Deposit, bearing
a larger rate of interest and
payable at some date in future
to suit your convenience.
Individuals, civic, social and
religious organizations, firms
or corporations holding money
for specific purposes, will find
these Certificates of Deposit
especially advantageous.
We shell be pleased to have you
confer ?-with our officers in regard
to banking or trust bueiness.
Trustee for Personal Trusts
Mtmitt Seu Vet?) Cltmrtng Hauat A?tiatian
Fifth Av?. and 36th St.. New York
We-t. ? and on Sunday he will pfea? h
twice at the Madison Avenue Dutch Ke
t'ormed ?''hurch.
Oar Inspector Had Threatened
to Quit After Dispute.
\r>.-. T?l??rr?p!i 'a Tha Trlhur.f |
New Britain, i'onn., T?h. 18.-Davi?l
(Jodfrey, twenty-six years old. a ratlro.i?l
? ar inspector, was ground to death be
neath the wheels of ,i locomotive tayri
tnls morning.
At the close of a dispute about hi? wo k
yesterday. Godfrey announ?e.| he would
quit for good at ? o'clock. After consid?
erable argument he was indured to con
tinue by Inspector M. J. Klynn. and thi*
morniiiK. before he had worked two hoins,
lie loet his life.
G?tKifiey wag hi work Baj?erasath ??
standing train when ? SWttdMT humped
the car? out of the way and run ovei
him. The a rew of the -?it'-h.r ?were held
by the police, but were released when
Coroner Calhoaa dsclansd he could ?tni
o evideni S o? criminal negligence
Introducing Grandpap Moreland
10 OCR
Sunday flagazine Readers
A new series starts in our next Magazine Section of
the Sunday Tribune. whi?dh will also contain other
notable features.
Tales of
By Hapsburg Liebe
"Grandpap Moreland" ?ft
the name <>i the quaint char?
acter in whose words these
stories ?. ill be told
The Fiddling; Governor
tin ! i r -1 oiic. ig ?bou! the late Senator ami one-time <iOverii?>r o?
Tennessee. "Bob" Taylor. Humor and path??*, tragedy and com?
edy, arc l?lriulc<i in tiii*. ?nid just when you think the story is all
t??'d there com?..? the biggest surprise of all
The Horns of the Shooshok
one o? those interest-gripping tales of life in India which t'aptain
White?he was a captain in the British army in India?know* so
\\.?1! how t?> write An American hero'?? daring exploit, which won
the admit anon o? a British official's daughter, is the theme.
The Adventure of the Lost Baby
\ delightful little satire ?>n Nherlock Holme?*. ?\r*,cne l.upin. the
Thinking Machine, and other fanion? detectives of fiction, b> a
noted bninoroui v\ riter
When Big Winds Blow By rene bache
????ve? th( scientific reasons for the luvoc wrought by tornadoes
ami cyclone*! based on discoveries by the Weather Bureau.
Who Has the Biscuit Now By ethel colson
\ rJigCUSsiou oi the latest phases ?>! the woman ?itiestion by one
?rboge ?vmp.ithies are broad.
Professors and Politics By james hay, jr.
\n article which shows thai President-elect Wilson is not the only
leather who has succeeded in politic*.
Betides there will be an instalment of that clever serial, "Seven
Keys to Baldpate." and a lot oi Washington anecdote??, entitled
"National Topliners,"
Magazine Section

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