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Says Suffragists Blew Up House
To Be Occupied by Chan?
cellor of Exchequer.
Leader Says Hundred Arc
Ready to Take Her Place
Few Clews to Actual
r. '*: ?. to The T
. fl Wales. ivi.. j*1 'We have
blown ni? the Chancellor of the Ex?
chequer's bouse." sai.l Mrs. Emmellne
I'.u.kh ;-.st. addressing sn enthus
meeting of s iffraget.ea hen last night.
"The authorities tseeO nol look for the
women who actually did it. I :??
sonal aooepl Cull responsibllit* for
It, and if to-morrow I am am
snd sent to ?? penal servitude, i shall
prove thai that punishment cannot be
. at ri? ?1 Out.
? if they send me up for five, ten or
iwent?^ -. ??ir*. 1 shall not stay. I shall
?tart a hunger strike. If they torture
m?* with ton it?i?' feeding, that cannot
last very long. Thej rannot keep m?'
alive ?v?jjry long, snd the] will have ;??
i.'t m?-' ?ii.* or let me v.o. .m an] rate
i hex ' annoi cv. ?m me agsinsi ray win.
.?-ni if ? drop out "f the ficht a hun?
dred more will take my place."
"The ?lift"' r? n? ? betwi en . i\ il a ar and
ih<- Insurrection In this country ami
that being waged in Mexico." Mrs.
I'a*ikliurst sdded. 'Aas thai In thi?
fountr) women showed moderation
compared with the men. All the mem?
hers of *h? Mexican governmenl es
cent the Prime Minister, who ha?i run
sway, were In prisi?n." she said I
added: "We have not K"t any mln
Isters in j.ri??."n yet, bul we hnv?? blowi
up the Chancellor of the K>. hequer'i
A se? "Mon of 11 a audien? a hooted \ Ig
orousl) ami there weri : ? ?
sh.-me"' and a call of cheers for Mr.
Lloyd O?B0rge These were heartily i
"Wh; ?ii?i you b ow him up? ' ? i led a
"T.. v t?k? him up." i? plied Mis.
Pankhurst, amid laughtei and erica of
"h "h""
|U.?r C-bl? to 1
laondon, Peh, _'". 'The most daring
..'.tiaR.? yel planned by the women !n
? . fight .for i "tes took pla.ee In th?
? ?-?.?. rlllage ?.f Walton-on-the-Hill in
? ? arlj ?morning : esterday. A ho
win. - being bulll for David Lloyd
Ueorg? ' 'i.aia ellor of the Es h? i
i.... t.. thi famous Walton HMtfa golf
ii'.k?- -A as shortly after ?'? o'clock
?? i. ? keii by a bomb ahlch had
i.iH'x>vi in one "f thi servants' bedrooms,
..ii th.- upper H""i of the north wing ot
Hie le*l(i? n.e.
Ti.omi., w hlch ? onsisti d of ..
? ???-... *. ? ? n-poUnd t'ii ??.'
sting i owder, waa fired
?. as ..f raga s?d shavings, ?>
. i- gnlti I by a i audio left llg i
>.n thi Boor bj a woman, who sei
It ??? ti ? empty be tse through .
saaall b: '?nn?i fi""i v. indoa.
The ?plosion ??n.k.-il four i'fd
looms and a bathroom in that wing,
and a similar bomb was found unex?
ii?. da l m .? eupboard In the .i ... .1
room. a lighted candle let! there
however, had been <;'i.'r Mown out t..
the foiV'i "f the Are! explosion ??: was
Ighted In'sucn haste thai II fllckr*****]
ont. Ua.i ?t i...? been t ?r this lu<ky
mischance the whole house, which cost
$10,(000 to build ami was in have been
completed nsxl \>.eek a*ould have been
m ruins, if th?- ?explosion had taken
place half an hour later twelve work?
men would have heeii in the h<>
House Owned by Journalist.
.\ii Lloyd Qeorge if- nol the u
? ?r the pxoinioet, hat intended t?> rent
them as a \\?>ek-<'ii?.i golfing residence
from Sir George Rlddell, ?? newspaper
proprietor, who aaa having the hou.se
built. As tli?- ?'huii''li?".- ..f Hie Ba?
be? la ?? ' l'i? neir, taking a holi
lav f.n the Riviera h. bad no! .. el
Friedmann Says Remedy Precludes Develop?
ment of Disease in Young?Would
Sell Cure to Government.
!???...? 1ft* Tri
London, PVb, 11' It. r l'i 1? dmi
of Berlin, th? tuberculosa specialist.
?il?? la on i!"? Kronprtnse-asln Cccille,
sail??.) from uthampton this morning
for Sem York. i?r Friedmann, ? In a
talk wiiii a Tribune corresponden! be
fore the steamer left ?Southampton,
"I am determined lo place m luber
i ulosis r. medy ? Ithin rea? h of the
American people. Things moved so
? i lerman; ihai I ?rani t" silr
tlniifis up in Ani'iii a. Th? rented*
, onalats >?t' injections .?f serum. In I
? ?a>,'s <?f , hildren <>f tuberculous par?
ents the m.i' ' i Ion lia- preclud? .1 de?
velopment <?r the disesse in a*ny form.
l have inj?ected t\\>> hundred children in
Berlin ami wish t?. Inject il\?? thousand
American children free of ? barge.
"1 expect absolute cures ;n caaes :.?!
f..r advanced, say, "f eight or ten
montha1 duration. I ? "H>?.<|. t the dis?
covery' ;| tremendous thing for human
ir.. in i:< riin i effected il"- moot
- tonishing ? ires
"< >n my arrival m \?-u York ? alii
,?-. .. M.i" "t r?ooms m the Waldorl
Astoria Hotel Physicians ?ill be In?
t'lted t.? ?ratch the application of th?
m? .-'tin. nt. also to propose und ? > '? nd
th? treatment to hospital? -""i oth? r In?
stitutions and to ?.pie affect? ?) ? It h
tuberculosis "f the bom ? ????- tboae
:?.. ? more demonatratlv?
w hile admitting going oui al the In?
? ? ? o? ' 'harles Finia*. I *i Fried?
mann d? i i ? '1 t.nfirm th? f? t m< i 't
financial Indu, em? nt H< ? Ited -> ? ?. ???
?here la? had cured ?< German girl of
tuberculosis ?>i 1he kne. :. live -are? ks
He saj a i!,..i all hi ask* for m Am. rl ..
is .1 fair ? ham ? Later li?- ? ill "i" r?
negotiations a th? governmenl or
s itii 1st >:? Instil ?; ont foi th. pul? ha ??
ut the remedy, ?-?<' thsi It -v??. ?*11 be avail
a?,i,- to ?-\ ei | on? ? i ?' Intends to re?
H,,??m m \mer!..: for at leaal i\-><?
i>r. Fri? dmsnn said that hla Inje? -
i lona ? aus? ?i a hard lump (?? form,
v.ii.' li gradually subsided \ P. Maas,
s physical ? ulture si i lall it on I ?
I "I brought an Am?eri. ,<:i patienl t??
i.un in Bt r.'.n s lio had Itecn compl?
signed the lease, and the ? ?oat of i
?pairing the damage done ?rill th
? Ithet be borne by ti e ;??. fund
'I"? dlati : ? the outrage can
?i i- I ave Ix .-ii an a? t of rio?t,
: by il:.ntra? i"? ~ emi loyed by ;?
Q? -?? Riddell.
Til-- i ??; ? ? a? arch foi the suffrageti
who are 1 > ed to be reaponsible I
the outrage ia still in progress. Tl
''??' i are two ?omen's hatpii
? Is, 01 ? hatrj In und ? i
gal? ah found beside the footj at h b
tsreen the ?.???', - ,i:i,| \\
U ?? d ? :? ? g< - ! .. is. . The apt I
branch <>f s. otisnd Yard. ? hi. h
. ? safeguarding iwllticlana, wi
al once Informed of the outrage by il
i ,i" i intendenl of the I? al poll ? a
detectives ?-ere ?sent t. make full it
quit les
a >, arch ia being mad? for th? ?
and driver of a motoi cat a hi? i? ti
villagera heard paasing rapldl; throug
Walton at 1 UU a m., and again short
??? i ? ?', lo k. Workmi n
ready on their a a.. I the houi
' ? heard the explosion, and ?*he
they got t'i!.? ? m on
? nd ? ?? ? ? lown fi om tbel
? : am? -. the ?? -alia b ilglng Bnd th
uppi ; part ol ? ! ? noi th ? ing h ? i ? ??
Ho.v Bomb? Were Planted.
The l>omba had b< en pla. ? ? In fla
, .,i ; hi.. ? are dishes nil? d ???. Ith a ..? ng
?oaked in oil, and ?ith fuae? of ;
! twisted rag running t" the candles
? andles, II probably hsd bt ei
' ?estim?t? d bj the perp? It alors ol th?
o t age, would bum three hours befor?
tii<- drat exploalon, ?'hlch would thui
give them ample time to mak? lbell
? a? ui??- b) t'>?'? m.itoi car.
Th? t wo broken hat] i
pin were found by the police In a lo I
. att. ropi had tx en
force open. A ke) from one ol th?
bedroom doot a hsd been bio? n
the l<" k bj the for? e of expl?oslon and
waa p ? k- .i up m ti,?- gat den. Sign
of the ? kaga i auaed bj the explo
?ion are vi* ? ? nough from the out
lid. i oth Iiack and front Everj amall
, ? e n the wlndowg ?.f the servants'
? rooma upatairs had been blov n o ?'
! ..niv gaping frat ? ? l?eft. The g\u
from th? ?indosra is scattered over the
garden, The walla bulge with larR"
? ra< k.- and m-.o root lia-* alita in lt.
? f, , an aee s littl? a indo? ? ? et I
with sacking tiii"iiKli which the con?
spirators climbed and then ascended
the atalrcaae a ith the tlm I - inpow?
d? r and ? andl?aa It la only -a hen? In
- da the houae, however, thst the full
force of tli" exploalon become?! ap<
?parent. Th? f?bm in ?hlch th? i?'>m?>
i u,im placed la absolutely wrecked, Th.
I1 plaster Is torn from the celling and tlm
??alia are n ashed t.? rubbl? . The dam
ag? ii < stlmated at ?"*? I.OUO,
'General" Flora Drummond, when
! told of ti. iragi. < tt lalm< d enth tap
' BSticall.? :
"l think ll i- grand, ll ?'-:" ?' Un?
-,. : su? ?jssfully csrrl??d oui and shows
i the determination of ihe women, i sa
? \:i power t" sll klnda nf mllltsn? In
\ the dire? lion <?f harassing i 'abini I min?
isters short of taking human life.'"
This is the s?t? ?.nd time s Ithln a
. thai ? a.t.-nt m. tboda ha ? ?
? _? the t? aid? ncei of ( 'u hin? l min
l?t? i ?, the flrsl lieing Bn att? mpi to
. -j.,. ouae "i' ?.. e - II. : ourt,
i s? retar: foi th? ? 'olonl* s, si S n?
I ham.
? - - ?
Four Months' Work o? Re?
modelling Costs $1.250.000.
B ' a' I? to : ?
London, Feb. -'".? liter f? m n i I
I In -J". h ai I?, Ifssi the glterati??na
partial r?', onati m i Ion f the \K h ??? Si u
?in?'!- i ?lympic ha? ?? i.n pra? :.
, ompleted. The ce?
tos ?'?1 oui to a d< it? i ?? inn t, i her?
work of pis? ing ubosi d
ird funnel. ed been
to fa ite th?
prl? r to her depart m
Vlghi and ?ia- shifts ? ?'. I*??' m< :
.a rontlnU
the ? ? ntrs : repreaei ln| *1 .'- ? " ??
Foiircadc. of L'Anarchie. '
Sentenced in Connection with
Paris Bandits' Trial
Pai -. Feb. I?. ?Th< flfte? i th
the Itsnditi ' trial s*aa ... ?, ?ruh
the s.. ond i .,n of th? i rg im? i ?
i'i's.-, utlng Attorne: Fsl
a . ,.ii Ise and . leai demonstratlm
the ? ilpal#| :" ,,r the pi
msnded of Ihe ry ?leal
i ' ? donn?, ? 'ail.?m:i!. s..' dj. II?
< 'si o i and Moni? i .':.?-. tot ??
plead?.; extern nting ? In umsl ?
1 auae of his |?r? ?ioua g.i
and standing. Aa stnnl ?I
eral Largo, ? Hegan in his arg i
for ih? pros? ? ? .. ? .
??i i, stated thai undei . of ?
tisini.' ti,.. -j.. irin? of ..i. ir< hy they
I? al!.. csn ? 'I "ll ? Btion "f ',;. ri -
dits snd ., ? when upon KM
bstchli he sho ited, a ?th h th? si
gesture i am heart and ou Uli
snsi ? i id :? nol '.? Ith i iss? Ini,"
M. r. ?. editoi . f the "Joui nal
I' a nsrehl? ' ha lieen eenten? ed i ?
fauli '?? Ove yeai ' un?a i- ..ini.. ni f??i
I th? J irj of lh< bandits' ti I il.
General Prime Says Presbyte
?rians Don't Want New Grounds.
Montreal, Fel 19 Dlff? reneei o? o n
(OH as to til?' BttltUd? ll." \\ ?? t. ? , \m ,
lean) ." ? ti":. of in?' Aillai.i Reform? ?I
Churches, holding the ?Presbyterian faith,
nhoiild saaum? with renard to rnan ,??
?nd divorce to da? : i mitad In a h? at? I
argument si Ihe convention her? b?M?r??ei
General Ralph I I'rlm? ,,f ?/onkers,
N. \.. ano the Rev. Ilenrj ?' Minton, of
Trenton, v. J,
Mi- Minton want? I th? i ? sbytei Ian
churches to .?.??ik t??? .-, general Protestant
espreselon ol opinion thai desertion wsa
one good ? aui ?? foi <ir o ? ? ? ; nersl
pi ime d< rial ed t1 .,t t-. pteab* t< liana ..f
th? i 'nlt< i st.ii, . snd rial ll, ilsi :
Sett York stat. .ii,i nol a anl n< i
grounds for divorce lo b? made l??gal snd
did not want an? uniform las regarding
divorce Bueh aa Ii nos un?lei considera
lion in Canada
The Rev. I?a\ i'i .1 B i ? II oi Phlla
d? Iphla prealdeni of the alllanc?. bill 11
, ondemn? d prttt ni ?la ?? fl school
syBtema, uaing the i .pre lor. "thli
,,r tomfoollshn? tt" In d? lining the ca
f..i ia- K of att? i dan? ? al Bun la ? clssaci
j,,i the studj ol Ih? BIM?.
Cold After Warm Spell Causes
Agricultural Disaster.
cm i-. Feb, if? Frsnee la In I ? ?jrip ol
,,,, ,\,. ptlonall; cold snap, which com?
Ing on i.i the re**? ni a ai m - at I baa
.. .1 s ld<*8pi end .. i ?....! dtsa ter
.. i- ?u bort a tlm? ago ? Kebi uai | ?;.
ll,.- warai w ?-:. ll... rToUghl the I,loom t<>
plants In the auburb? .?r Paris, wlill? hud?
? ,i, bursting on th? frull trees In Ih?
orchard? ??' Norfnnnd) and Bi Ittan
The south of i-Vn. ?? la no? i uftVring
from heavj gale? and Bnowat?M*m? The
iteamei Oleron l.aa been wrecked off
Cette, ? i &; n ? parsons being drowned.
? e
?A'ssMntton, Feb, II The ?Senate int-i
.t it. ' 'omi i< n ? f*on tnlttee voted i.?
i., |. ?,n f s vori ? i F? ? ? v'i
i . : ,t ..a ..i rsllroada and all
..,.. | .... ,1. , ,; a, ? ?. ? . ..I I i? i Th? '?'?'
piiblli an csui;. a id di ? ide I o? push Iba i
For Men, Women and Children
\ large percentage of people afflicted with weak arches
ignorant of their condition. A still larger percentage
doing nothing to prevent an existing tendency t<>
painful deformity.
The ?mir rational way of corn ?ting a falling arcli ?S by
mechanical assistance. This it perfectly applied by the
iteel bridge god extension heel of tli?- Coward ArchSup
port Shoe and th?" BEST. Highly Endorsed by ortho?
pedist-, snrg?oni rm?! physicians:
JAMES S. COWARD, 264274 Greenwich St.. N. Y.
IM! ?' ? I? I I ' -, I . I I
frlt.ll *)ro?r? I illtS SOLD NQWHfltfl ELM kind Im C999tO?t
! Governor Cleans Up Work by
Handing Out Plums to the
Will Resign Next Week?Law
Making Guilt Personal Not
Effective Until Inde?
pendence Day.
i ? i ?, we I
i renton, \ .r. Fob It. -?Presld? nt-derl
i u llaon prai ti. allj i k an?ed up ins w?ork
ia Qovernor Se? Jersey tin evening
?hen ?? signed till ??even sntl-cw-rporatlon
".ii-. thus making lb? m pari of lb? Isa -
?f .\? a Jer* ?. and later aent to the kt n
-, ,, names "! tsoscore ??i bo ol th?
? ; .1 ror "ii"?? a, t?he terma ..f whl? h
will expire In In? neai i itui ?
N'exl ?are? '. the Pr? ild? nt? I? t sill aei ?1
i ia resignation a i ;???? 11 or t?> the t.
tai ? of Htat?. i" take ? (fe< I on Mar? h I.
Ti., s.?-, ni sntl-coi ? o? ?ii"ii bUla a tal? h
< ;..?.., i oi I. Ilson aigiM ?! this .iJt??in?">ii are
i, fai the in??vt drastic ?anti-trust legis?
lation ens? ted by any stst?. II.ni d -
Hniiu . i? ri making K'iiit i-1 amal
that i'.- directors of any rorporation rlo?
!.. ? nu- it-: provisions in-? liable to ?< Jail
.-. i fi, ? . f : i '. ? yeara and a Rue of
\-> ith oi ?? ? ?-.?-. ptioi the billa be. ome ef?
f< live :.t on? ?? Th? main Mil, ?!< I I
ts and pr. i . ? ??? ? ?? and
.?" ta ?1? -m.:. >i n? dire? ti) oi adlrt tl
? ? trad. v. ,n ;?,, into eff? 11 on July I.
Cut in Revenue Likely.
.i ? a hat .????? ihia .,? t will ha ?
? ? ?revenu? of | ,gOO,.lerb ? d bj lb?
? '.i i,- f ??!" t!,, big roi pot atloi
i? ?' i" - to be teen, but it feared I
will i? null in ?< big i. ductlon.
new ?ii'-n <?f
not ?..???
interpret I o
l?oven I not make
pointm? nt*. however, intl n bill
? on the v..?. to hli ofll. ?? In the list
t to th? e thii
? : .??
? ? nee he ha ? crnoi he
.?i ?point?**! .. Ilepubli. an to a
filled a
???:..?.I Of l,V . 1
? ' ?? ?? of I
Ah i: ?? I, hOW
? ? ? - ?-eights that ? lo? ? ? ? W
ild little else t
III \'
pointed Repu ms ? i
? Bensi< afternoon pa the
? ... .
titut ? ? ?
Nev York Central and New
H? ven Appeal I torn Older.
Albany. F< > 1'ork Cen?
tral ami the NV? laven ?I
f the ? ? ? |
- ?
pn rat?
? | :
Hot ?i
? nstltut
ars th? ? .. ? ?
? mile,
TI..- that the orders
? |,?.
. ? . !
? . . . ? ?
... ? . ? ? ': ?;. ?
?. , . . that the ?**
from point
Hon. i
? . ? .i
! ?
.'. ? ? .,;. I fl
that tl it ? ? ? erred
No Hostilities at Gal'ripoli or
i.',i... ? i.i? .?? Tli? and
? . tlea both In < lalllpoll and ??'
? d i
according tu Consta nopl? ?Jl , ?
le f"i the il? pai l . ?
nd f. im Adrla
ni'i'l.. but no agreement baa \-i been
i-"?- ? ?in bombard mi nt ol Adi :
aiiopl? " ?: i ? 'I ye i. rda >.
\ Bofla dispat. h i" The I >.???? X? ? i
? ? t hat in-- die] '.!? "? t" -i Bulgai...
a "?I Itumania I aver as?
?pe. ' Itumania la open I j
.? . . .?i,., a :.,i i: una niait artlller; and
raval in ssaen bl< ?! ??:: 'in- laianda In
the i ?.?i " i " lin; tl"- Uulga Ian ten
toi .? ?und Billa h la
v 11 ? han -i ?it-i-. i? " la Tfa Dali;
\i , -.? tha? a ii"t' has been dis
pat? . i?? Bolla "? tli? limn?!",.i? _<,,?
? ? ? ? i ?i i th? last i?. opoes :."
made bj Bulgai Is sa unaatl -t i? tot
Pending Intervention i il" powers the
note adds, Rumania abstains provisional!
fi ?i.i. ..,.?? -..? , a trema measures
v\ ashlngton, Tek II The lmei l? an
Red Cross to da i ? W? d to I li? lireek Ked
t'roa s . onti Ibutlon '?i H,4B6 for Balkan
relief work, Th? mon? sat raised b)
th? y-\ ? :. R? ,i > '?roos rommltt? ? of \. ?
Stats Brought ?AftiMt Two Banks ?
Mor?: than S8.000 Involved.
T?'o - m.- again I banks for lha pal -
men I "i mon? i on alleg? l lorg 'l check
??ere Bled in lb? Supreme Court fester?
lu cne aull Herbert L iJruffe is aulng
th? Beeond National Baal t?> .\>-,
td.cn um, i, it i? alleged was paid ?out b)
ii.? bank on forged cheeks T?ha anawar
? ?i Hi?- bank i* that Hie plalntIR should
bar? exercised reasonable care, tli?
charg? i" in? mad? thai he kren checks
The other s lit i- brought bj the Bank
ol the Metropolis against th? Klrst Sn
Honal B ink Th? all? gallon li that the
defendant bank held .. f??iK??l cheek pur
?"*'t,.,w- i, be ilmwii ?? Frederick Lud?
wig i?? .1 ?;.. .|..ii f?>, KAM ..i,,i ; i,-.-. m, .i
i; t?. Hi?- plaintiff bnnk, by whom li un i
i .ii.i. it ii Mllfged the pay?-, wan .? tir
tloua person and thai the cheek teas ?!??
. ted in a tl? lltlvu - ih.uk.
i _
I Nebraskan's Activity Believed
to Solve Mystery of Visit
to Colonel House.
i But He Wants to Pick the Oth
I ers, Too, It Is Understood?
Texan May Get "Tama
Jim's" Job.
? n T ' ?rapl ? ri < Tribu? -
Ti? 1.1..h. \. .1.. Feb. If. So ?.tt.'ini't srsa
( .. by Presld? m ?i?-' ? Wilson tills sven*
Inf i?? lift ill" vail of mystery which sur
round?*?/] hi? hurried trip to Sen fork
yenterds) for a i*onfer*Bce with Colono!
I B, M. Hotiae, of Texas, who Is on? of the
Iexceedingly i.\?. Dem?crata thai have the
entire confidence of the Presld?nt-<i-i?- '
Mr. Wilson .?.?l?! he had had ;? bull] talk
?nu Colonel House, sod he spoke ?:i
Slowing terms of the wisdom of the
Texan, i .' ... .i. lined to tell s bal II waa
, il shout or the ressons which i.?r?->mi?t^-.i
him t-> keep his visit s secret There la
ii.ii mi?' h doubl sround here, however,
that tii?- s< tivltle? "f William J. Bryan
nrsa the real reason for the President?
. !?-. fa hast) ?i- Ire t" confer ?arlth the
T? san.
i'i-.iiii ?m n ithoiitstlvc source It was
learned to-daj thai Bryan Is on Mr. un?
ion's .-:;it'? for 8? retar) of Mata, bul
: ?i,,, "peerleas < >ne." ?tol conten? '?' Itti
: i ?cognition, I ? endi si oring t.. pk k
the othei memo? rs of th? ? -t?.:n?*t sa ??? ?
Bryan Wo.ild Dictate Cabinet.
Tbl ? i ? ! - dolni b ui ging the samei
m ,, ii im . of his friends for places in
tin- Cabinet, at the same time putting in
- tellll.r; blOWS '.n III?" r?i,.li.||i \ of
?....-.. ?iiu?. ^. . tlon hi :?? trj Ins to pre?
vi : 11.
TI - .iii ;..... . ?lent d! lb? So*
1.1 aska tat? n sn, Il la believed? ?
;..>!-:,:?? oi Mi '?'? Hi oi i du ny ? onfer?
encea with Colonel House.
olunel H? ? ? se of th?
? -, i ever Kn- w, said th? President?
. - ? ? ..?..; ing ii.? . sn bold :i ? ng
,,(t .... i leng l ,;' ?'? " '?'' " '?
K< iting mixed up In It"
Thai the Pri dd? I ? ? lull to
. o un? Houm I sppsrently '.-? ? n pro?
durllve of definite reaults became known
t?-da< . v. ii. :, Mi. v? il*"!. ? i< sn? ?i '-l' uio?-t
-..'. lalneas he baa bad hanging
aroui . ... .1 .?i. ... ui..-.i thai he waa ?
to IfN'k him elf In the office to-morroa
..?. -?? ? ipondirnce.
\VII mind free from ? area of XeW
t-elect ? .?:i ii"?' '!?'
: |i ? '.. v.... k ..-. ? ? 'ih| ? 1 r?fr.
,.f I - ? .. ? ? . ? .:. I : i nol Im?
that h? - think
? I | ? ? ' . ||| ?! t ?? ? '?? lloOl
..f . ' moi row.
I? .. ; ? ? * admiration
el House a Ihi id thai di wi
.... , ? i .-??:. f., r run ::
i i foi leall eport l
thai wo 9 stary ol
V: ? . ? ' . ?? Is ?taten I II
He I 1
? i. . ? .?ii-.. *
offlii Presl
. ? ? ? I to-day. "ai ilu
House !o' Agr-icultuie Post.
' ;it t a
? ? : has f? ind ? 'olon? ; :
....',? ?? ? ,
' ? ? e lOM ! V'nslili.i
. ike hli
that I
.1 ... Oil?! I
if.. Austin. T ??? ind bl i
>???.? ? kgi iltur?*
to the aspli
. it? ??? ? ? tstlv? ?I ' ' H Burl?
? . ? tali ? ? ? ? ? ind thai
the ambition < n
f tin si ? '? ? i."
? ? \".
i ? . . ? w Uli .-n .; _c \
?fitch? 11 Palmi i
.,; i ? .:... : 11 o ?? .. . ind .. ?
i la? ? - n th? \\ ii-"M ?late foi ?
?rtfol. ri,. Inlerloi Is
?. ? ivallabi? nfoi mailon
in thl? conn? ? ittlm*
f..- i ? i, . . ;...-. of M'.i.t.iii.. ??',!
of th? of his su
v n .'? '? ?. ' .?!?:.
i "on :? ?
' as not yet fom
the .. .. ?? i ?? sss looking !??! li?
\ tt??i ? '.??: eral, snd II i i
i... i.. : ??? !?. .?... r ail i.-1 n
pa t .?it.-' ..li , ? ? ;?? en ? J? li W.
of 511 leoui i v. ?i i present? l t.. th?
. I ? ? i .... for tkttorne: Hen*
Coroner Finds No Sign of Foul
Play in Case of Dr. Oualano.
Thi bod of l " ' ?? ? ildio ? ! nais :..> ,. ph?
slclsn, vi.. -\a: found dead "i Februar)
his rooms, No. no Washing! in Place,
?uppoeedl* from gas poisoning, was ? ??
? med reaterdsj la Calvar) Cometer) bj
1 oronei Pelnberg and Tboron it Bti
an Aeaistanl Dlstrici Attorney, to Investi
gate allegation? made by Ceoaldio Qua
lano. of ?iii..iK?'. i? nephea <.f the dead
phj ?Irian.
? lualano told the i ?Istrii i Attt ? .<*> snd
thoCoronel thai he **?.??? n?>t aatlsfled with
the finding ..r accidental ?i?*;?.t?i in bli
uncle'a . lae, .?s there iras a certain person
who wss Intimate .?.itii him snd whom in
pueperted ?f murdering ins uncle.
Coronet Pelnberg ssM sfter sn autops)
thai nothing suspicious had boon round
i.-n parts .?f the brain and lunga had
been kepi foi furthei esamlnatlon. A
thorough Inveatigatlon .>r th? whole ease
?.<.. iid be mad . he a Id
i 'i i in ilano ??? ss wldol) known for his
i" levob nee snd trot tieatmen . : :,...
Case Against Sheldon and Ackhoff
Dismissed by Judge Martin.
ti??' btdlctmenl agalnal ???*??re?? W, ?-.he!
?ii.ii and n?nr> W. Ackhoff, members <?f
the frelghl forwardlns Drrn "f Bbeldon <v
? ...' ..f Chicago, charging thorn with ac?
cepting rebates from Hi? Lehlgh Valley
Railroad, ?????* dismissed yesterdsy b)
Judge Martin In the United Btatso Dlstrici
The ini)ii"n for dismissal was mini.* I?
Jobs n BtanohOoM on the tronad th n
the government ha?i fallod t?> establish Its
? ;?>?' Mr. stau. im. id argued thai bio
clients ha.i boon m the ssaptoy ??r the
railroad as frelghl sgsats for many ?var?..
snd tli?' the i" pot oenl allowed thorn by
the road asa not -? r?bate, bul s commis?
; "n for ' .un services perforated. Judge
Martin then took the case from tho Jury,
Chart ihow'ng the increasing mortality rate in rani diatricta wd Iba de?
-reasins death rate In ?itics ;",J ?"w"s o? ovcr S',K,U l'?pulation. The
solid line IS the city rate; the dotted line the rural rate.
Cat VS RUSAL *???> VllLACt
?? im rr r ? ?w?^?w
_ piJRAl, VtlV.?V?T ano URBAN
uMKR ?woo. - am eooo
ftfUtK BEfORE lOlO
WO *ND Witt A^rSM
?Urban Death Rate Is Declin
and That of the Country
Slowly Rising.
! Sends Recommendations
Special Commission to the
Legislature and Asks
Prompt Legislation.
Albany, ''?*!) I ''? "ClUes srs shown
j i..- more heslthful tfia-: rural '!?:.>",? t
.1 s;... i.,i maassgi ,,f fjovern ?i Bolter s
t.. th.- [.??gtsisture to-.ia-. m transmit?
th?? repon ,,f th? ?,j,<*. lai tv-aitn corns
..;,,.i appointed by htrri Ktatlstica pn
that the rural .n:d villas? death rate
gros Ing, and thsl the m bsn dratl rate
... ? I <? ? : -
i ? .? in I,.-?:, desl Ii : ate, I eginnii a
l.771 |,?r l""..i in 1*02, fell t?? I.4S8
11812 Th" :'.it.,i and rillage desth ra
I t 1,401 in U1"-'. has slowly t
;?n. in itei it ?s?*??>d<sd the urbsfl dea
Irate foi th? :.r:-i time, snd Bine? t'
1.1..;.' the ?i. erge between the two
: fsvor of th?- urban desth rst? bsi isa
Incresssd. Th-? urban rsmputatd
based .?n communltloa of more thsn M
I inhabitant?, and the rural computati?
: la? ? -i i ?? Ing ?? ' op ilatlon ot I? ?'? tin
; s....?".
Th- .:i olitlon ..f ?? v. tnd i .::..2. ?>. n
j "f heslth .?t I II ? -'I'.-t.: ?t...:. "1 t ??:?
- -t-r of ..-.: , t sanitary aupervlsio?
'???? omm? : '?"?. t the <*omn - ?. sco
? ?t ? ' < : ?? on . ?ndstlona n..?., made, ai
'.;'* n.? ?sap?' :', ? - I
? . .'. ? -.... m;?i ??? to carrj trs
h to .::? t be na? ;-"i promptl? ' Tin c*?b
a ??:. ra? otnmei .*
t term of ofhee of i \ 91 it.' ? ton
?. r of II? ?ith !.?? sis - nd I
,:. lio, lead of $.",.""". h
?? pr?s :.t tl al tie sh ild be eltlw r -i i bj
?i !?? ogi i led ? ' .n puMI
arork ..: I shoul nol ?
to practise mi : ? ive .'i?> otbe
0 ?:; if..': ?s !?;. h mighl I itei :????.; !
..ill :..: .. n ..
Stat?. Haa:t',i Council Aaked.
? there I ? ? ?-?..:? i i -:.<?? publl
council f seven i
: ^ '. ?? .-tat?- < 'oil ' .,.'' th?
? 'ommissioner of l ??
I,.f r-!4uestlon, on . nl..?: othei
B f s health d? irtmenl ?.f
? ',-? ih *-...%.. :. . ..,?,.' h ... .
.?.,,..? ihre? i
? > ? ? !?' ?'..? ' ;..\ crnnr. This i
1 :. i ' . ? ? ser to sdopt publii
?>gulationa, 1 .: ?i uld not havi executive,
kdmli rtratlYe ??? ai polntl? ?? ? os ai s
?| ...... s'a?.- ' '..:..:: aalonei 11-' iit'.i
r it tl atal of Neu Ytsrtt
i ?? ,ii- Id? ?! '?: to al !".'.."t twenl
tl?! ?? ? ' || ll '?-. V. !,. II | ." t - ,' t3'
:?.?! \ is-..| m ? ... ?i !.-??' ' ,. t ???, a
? ? I
Thai ilth ofllcera sna and ? II?
.. ?? ' .,','?,I ?a it!: the follOWl s dutb s :
,.? , .? : : : ? IrV? ., I ? ?? mtltlUOUS BU
psrvision of tbelr dial - est imliis
lion of sil i.'? ? Midi ? ? ? ?? tlon
of all a ?'. ????! building? an.i ?,?;,,.? of ?
h,- aesemblsge; idi populsi rducstlen as
? , ihli? ii?-.?it, , .'?, securing full ?otis
(ration of oommunlcaM? dlsaaaai arid of
. blrtha and daatha; if) ?foreetasnl et pss?
iir h<?Hi?ii Issra and regulstlaaa.
AutlK.rlty for sack ?il'. ?? .tinfy. villa?-.
an.l t'.wn t?. employ trained nur??*, *s
Infant tvslflsrs niOTSS, BChool tnirnen. tu
bereuloals auraes; ahd to liail Un ?-irk.
That the tulxT.-'ili.hi.-? law be .'.?ii'-nd??!
> SO ..- to pr?i\ !<]?*: 'ai : - : .... ?COfStPlSta
I reporting of esses; fbi for aupervlslos of
[reported esaea by trained ? ? ? for
I compulsory removal and ?detention of par?
II sons c:fTeiing from dangerous dl -???
Additional state ;
,.,?.? ,,f polmons ? tub? ? ulosis.
I Thai ;? bureau of < ? t *
burssu o< public hea tl ? rsini e adda
to the Bute i?< psrtm? nt of if- i
County hospitals for tub? ?? h?r*
not already estai ?:-; ? ?)
Regulation "r mid? if?
Mrs. c^eTr?lFthat
of eve. says defendant
Ketcham Denies Alienating the
? Affections of Wife of Real
Estate Man?Admits He
]>lw.ir.l IV. Ketcham, .. '????? f. ? m -
nfaeiiirsr living I East Oi -? to is
d? fendsnt in ?? i ill fo I ?? da igt
: brought by Bugi ne ? Crat a fo bm
: .ink?-!- ?and rest ? ta ? peratoi "f Sear
I ark, f"i ti,? alleged ill? it the af?
I fectiona of hli adf? t-llllai A
? t'"?K th? stand in ins ,.?*!. : ;.i?,
Dungan's co rl in ??ewsrk ??-? a] H?
? ?admitted ? hat he ad be? ? '? arUfc
! Urs ? "rane for ?severa
. bsd glvet ??*_??, ? wpt
cart ng to '? ? ., nu i I? u ist
\\ i, ? ? ? atopped thee? menu
Ket. ; ti the
reaao ?...?.?.? t< ? to g itew
to her form? . ? ??:
for all? Ketchan
foi nig ma le b Mrs. Cn lanlal
, he .?? t< d onl as a aymi ithet
I'd: it Mi- ' 'ran? ? ad no
_ h? : busband K? t? hsi i ? y
| d-yj trout tot t that
i told iiini that if her husband dk ?
of ????? . i would \\ ? ..i the rlghuat
ad she . ould Und, evi 3h?*
; i.a?i al??) told him, he asid. ? - al
f ethlni n to
ber I I so that a
? ??? ? ??; ? .ti? tila left
i ? . .... \ ? .
I : ad I al Mrs i ? ,-.. had I ?? .<?- . ? 1 ta
si ??? them t.? Mr? K I
Mr- K< tcham had t,,; I h. ?not
car? to see th. enta
Me admitted h? had i .u I Mrs Ml
for ti.' '. !??!'.:: n, bllt M . !"
get thei He a It a>
' dl. ?? ? ?? ? ? aid Ml
I . ? : ?.' e that wer. I ?
; del ? ? ater La |.
\ art I :. fort - *
drivei - help? i a ho lived at ' ?
Hotel, in T? nth ?? renue bel
esterda? i
i hetwei n ?.i and ?'? I ?tr< ei
the Presbj terlan Hosi i
-..,, | ia ig, ?
? mol Ile, whk
path of another. _^^^
I Catching up with Summer
First you have a May day, then a rare day
in June and finally the glorious, golden sun?
shine of early summer as you travel westward
through the most entrancing lands on the
Sunset Route
The Great Scenic Highway between
New Orleans Los Angeles San Francisco
Southern Pacific
Electric Block Signals. Oil Burning
Locomotives. Rock Ballast Roadbed
Route of the Famous Sunset Limited
Ira.n de Luxe ? Tao ?Littler (iood Trains Da I y
$55.03 lo Pacific Coas!, March 14 to Aori* 14
For Liisraturt. Rata, Information, Tickets and M_MM_SM Addrtu Phont at Call
308 Broadway 1168 Broadway 1 Broadway
At boiTlIng t.rrcn
L'or. Franklin st.
?Vor. ?Tlti St.

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