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Favor Republican National
Gathering Next Year to
Fix Representation.
Southern Disproportion Should
Be Remedied and Eules
for Electing: Delegates
Amended. Assert
Waahlngton re'... lt.?Th? prospeoi tot
? R''pi'b!.?*-!n nationa! ./or.' er.r:on next
fall to revise the rules governing the s -
1?. ?ici ol rational d'-)e?giitei. ..- I
? .:j?nge t s '?'a*.s c.f louthern repreaenta
. a*, rejr-i Is:- Republican conventions
**< rtr?:.'-th'"..(n to-c.-iv through expies?
> o? s favoring the prbpsaed nat;or.,.l
?-.'. Tir.sT hi 8?*r'ator Root. of New fork.
;?-*.<j isci.ato.- Ctatte, of Massachusetts
L?emard for a Republican convention
as been baaed oi the ??f.*ii? to make
welt changes that states **..: have thn
opport .r.;t ? to >-!?*-t lhali delegates
through primarias ai others Ise, ar..i to
l*u| oot*.n thi aumbei of delegates pom
tatas i-.a'Ir.*; _ light Republican vote.
? l am ii) favor of holding .? Republican
? oi.verti?,-: at s>i.;ne convenient Ums neu
fall or winter," -a ?i taiu?or Rao!, ?? io
\\a*> ?hairnia:i of lha Chlcaigo convention
'?st .June, 'tor the purpose o doing lw
'T'irst- To :..a..e ie*..?-.-??'.'at?. ? In :??
?t.oi.?il con* e:.tio:.s proportional 'o the Re?
??ublfcaa vote, thai is can***ctlng the ?>'????
proportton In what '.% spoken of as ihe
?o'ithfiii rei reaantaticn
**e?joi.(i--To permit the Re? iblics i
each* state to ol? .? delegates to national
onventions In theh own way. so '?'
-. ?? gholcs la ea? h state will ?? reg ib i
.? XWiing te UM lav,-? of the state
In ord'r that these changes shall be
age Uve :; .? convs tlon to nominate a
rreaident. they must be mad? before that
? onver:tior:. . r.d thai can be done or-.'.
by a sp?"-.i?! convention Tb< national
o mm it. tee is still ro.ir.ii by t?" Old rules,
which ware sdopted by ti.e conventJi
***>. The) will have to call fhe nexl
? onventior. just as ihe* did the last oar,
under tbeae rules, inless a special ?ton?
vantitn Is railed to make the chs jei
? r?e i oortalnly o?.i-iit io no mad?
?er.aior Crane laid: ' i sa n fs
f balding ? Repul ... national cor.-1
?;.t?oi. foi the piar?.-. "? chi ging the
basis of representation lu proportion to
?ne Republican vo ind also to amend
the rnles foi th? sl?l ' of delegates
. i ici man*.'.- ,.s ma) bo deemed wie?
"iUstery has shown that ?? change !n
lbs tasiH o.' rogfessntation ?s noi likely
to be made at s Dominating convention.!
and tl.is ?mpha.-.i?'.' ;..<* necessity of a
?tifiini con vent I or.
No ts?atte steps have >ei been taken
toward isK.ire a can i?1? lbs conven!
BaprgMlong by morr.tei? or" \sriO..-< fa< -
Ilaag af the party iridie-.?;.* that effci r<
<vlll ta mad?? to bring Republicans from
al! atatca together within the pi sei
e?i fcr th? revision plans
__? ,
Senate Committee Indorses In?
corporation Bill.
Washing!? ?Tab If.?Th? proposed]
4M"Xio.txrj rt?->:;iefe..." Poaadattan f<
,-u?ne?*otent r?-:rpoi?es OSrMtltUtOS ? h I safes'
rHsposltloa that ran b? made of that pai'
of John P. Roi.ltefeller's immense for
taao. Is the ron-*':ston expressed in s mi?
orlty report from the Kenat? .Tndkiary
Committee, presented to-day, re-o-.nmend
1ns the passage of the Rockefeller Foun?
dation bill.
"This mo: ev j* r.ow In the *on tro! of a
private incivid'ia'. who DOOM, If he chose,
?liroct Its uee to purely private ends for a
rOMMwaMe peri?-??, after bis own death'
.??a?? the report. ' ir.??t..a.. of thi?. he peo* i
pose? to plS'e, It, rr:'.i)c t to ?"r.ngTf-ss. In
? ontrol of h bod*, of men not*.' a t-._'..\
administering well known charities Of ge?
knowledged '?be?nlne*?..
in an opposing rep-ort geaator Cultarson
?na?-!;s the proposed in..<*'rp"ratiori of the]
Rockefeller fortum- an th?* ground thai
it might give federal protection for fifty
.ir one hundred years to in fat emoint? of
??ecuritlea of th?* ?Standard Ol Company or
?.tl.er monopolio?.
The majority report sa; a the. hill l.a?
he??n ? hanged eo that all danger of an un
rottrictod perpetuation of fhe F-'a-sckeffMe*
Foundation is don?' asrav With
For 1913
of Valuable Information
Each and every page contains one
or m?*>rc timely and interesting sub?
jects of gen?t*ral interest. The vol?
ume contains tens of tho_ssnds of
facts, figures and reliable statistics.
There are wer 13,000 separate
items of useful information, select?
ed, verified, brought up to date and
tabulated so they can be found and
consulted in an inatant.
The Businesg Man's
Reference Book
In this us-eful book, which hag
been handily indexed for ready ref?
erence, the boty man will find
everything he wants to know about
Industry, Commerce. Imports. Ex?
ports, Vital Statistics. Immigra?
tion, Population, Mines, Art, Arbi
I tratiorv Woman Suffrage, Tariffs,
I Taxes. Votes Cast, Politics, Plat
I forms and thousand of other equally
i valuable and interesting subjects
presented accurately and concisely.
The Tribune Almanac
is reliable snd ?-authoritative and
can be depended on in settling any
question that may come up for dis?
Price par Copy, 25c
By Mail, 35c
:n library Binding, by Mail, ?0c
: ?- oa T ' '. - r . ? Bores ,
Repuhhcans Getting TogetH??.
Washington Februan II.
Kve**j ua\ ?'?on something to the eel
dcnce that th? Republicans of both fa<
tion.? of the part; are getting together
The liidor.?*"r,?.it of the La PeUette '..:..
b>* the B?sate ?steering commlttae, ? ms
Jortty of arhlch consista af r?*?-.' ? '??>. wai
related In thi.M <o!---r-i r?,.~i<> ?daya af>
Tf.'to.-d-?r tr.* more ; regra ;-i\r, Irtepubll
t.?n.-. began ac-airi to discuss tl? advti
abiiitv of a nattonnl convention catl?ad t<
enntocier th? q '?-stton?" o* limiting Booth?
erii renr?M?-'Mati<Mi m national COOVOntlOni
ar.'i of providing foi ad ?squats reoogmitior
of pop1'1*'' prima-rt??a in selecting dele
gatag to ihr national ?Convention o? tow
year? hence. ?Some of the ??.?'?rtir*-.
r.otab'.v the few Bull MOOsefl ifi Con
sre?** ?aid v.hcti tt\e\ he-Hrd of Uli?: "Jugt
watt till The r?*f ;!?r Republic?, n-? hear Oi
this ?nd nee hOW t!.' J Will ??tHtnp OP ||H
movfnifr.t. ' Bui th.* rfiriUr ?'.fp ibllcani
have done ::othin?< of the hind. Th*
bats learTi^'i thai M.'e subject was being
asitHt'-d and th?*- ha?ra ail dlacusaed thi
n.attc: with iriter^t ar.d even ?optimism,
stator? Pantos? and crane, for instance,
admit that soma such atip is an eaaentlal
to in?;?re I>p':ljl](ar. a ?<-er m four >'?3??i
hencf and o??lartt they are r?*a??: to re
crave tir- ?.?H,''st>in looking to the *'?1?
fm?e ?of the party, Inespeetlve of the fort?
unes of ar,> particular faction Eve?
William linii,?j>a. jr., who has been la the
< Ity ;?' *eatly, ha? basa brenght -'?*?' *, -
-gradation ?thai party loy^it.-; demandi
thai thoaa who n?and fot th?? principle
eapoused i y ih* Qraad old l'art- most
! >?-:boKiir!ut?- personal Intel ?.*'?? and prefer?
encea to the g**i.<-ri?i ?x,:far? and moat
nwlc? -material ? on? ?sSSloos In method*. If
' the? r<r- to promote the auccoas o* the
r<i:ty ?t a whoU Thlg situation li hau
. nd wormwood to the Bull Mou?"-.?.*;. who.
following the ?dlaintegration of thrti purt?.
In Michigan, are for"-<1 to realige t:-.at if
the Republicana --hoiv aa m i. h good nense
in. thus sueeaed in bringing about Re
-, ;' .:? a-., un?ti lh?y -Ai. i theii here will
be left ouMde th? brpaatworks. Ho.t.??
of t.i?? mote ?rampaal Mooaa Insist that
t'..*? discussion of i ??organisation ?lot t? the
lln? ??? i ,"t?;?os. 'i t.-' merely ? ;?? hems of Pen
row. Crane, Qaltinger, Cannon ?no t:.?:
rea. >t.:-.v'i.K to hoodwink Lie i>uiu of th??
party The fla-c In th- lain-,.- ' o-.r-,-'? of
the tecla tr.^t the iAnnt> fo.- r?organis?t " i
have been put forward h- tv h meat a*
jeo*f-r* 'A- f*ellette, Borah, Cummins
ana others who.???) i rogr??<SS|-?*eneas ranuol
be Queationed sad that th? ?regulars are
mere!? ?yielding to their views.
Grave Problama Preaentae.
l; i? i.o' ?denied that th? proposed ??
mini pi-eeents gi ?ve prohiba.i Foi In?
stance, there la some i ueottoa a? to
wheth?e '.??? Republican Xat.or.M Com
mitte ? ha* ti-.r powei to -ail a nstion?!
convention on ? : M?-i??'*ri. go to apeak.
Sorrif of tue sitMe-t authorttiea bellet >? Il
'hu, bit still there Is tUflerance of o-?..? -
:',..?. Then there :??< a question ?whether
So lth?rn repiea'nta.tio-1 in SIM h ? ? '-'" en?
tlor. COUld b? ''irtiiilfd m *1?W of tli?
fH.t that the national contention, af
vrhlch rhe national committ??-?? l? t ??
? r^atiirv. ):?<? flx??'i th- bagll '>t ?"??"?*?
-??MAtio'i Opinion aeomi to i?.o;- the
-a;h!:?r ci* a ionv?ntio:; with tii? same
repr?sentation as the last nati->r,ai con
ve*?'\of\ and thet) ha-.-lr p s.-h . oriT?^n*to:i
tSk? ?tope to ' irtail Ho'ith^-n *??;)-?
????r.Taticr: Th? popilar pnmftr?' ??chc-re
Also pr?sent? s?rto?.a dtiBoU|tt?aa b?-<a>ir**
in ti?? Boutbern stata?, abaalutely con
troii^ri by the f ?? i.v-j-ra'!? th?? R??p iMIegni
ire vr:tr.o?jt even a.-: -*ff?"ti^.' minority.
'r-opr-?- are many who Iml-tw e the Dea ???
< r-ju- In those >:.yet would n?t)t hesitate
t^> ta." any step neeeggar] ir t.wke
nugator; ail f '. ?> ,??? ? i h ; i r ^ n prlmsrics, and
that r>"r;?o, rata mi?rhf ?'.f:! ?et? m tb?
n*n.?ibij'-i?T: prtmarlee to effect th? ri-?m
in-ition of th- ?n*til.af*t R*B*NlMICan < ar.e.,
dnte Ti..* Wrotjrtttiyot, tayworet. beUjra
\thete liflkultle, csn be
If It Bhould pnrre w ? "*> l0 r"?r . ?
the -hi.ci.f -' gttsxsariet only In gute.
In which the lUpubliesna cm? ? R '.
, . ? ? ? ai? ii otn? .
per.. nias* ?I th? '?? ?? 7 .
S? tlon which la csrtsln U be botl < "
'.... ?d ?? whether deiegateo to I ?
11.. : i' ? on ? itio Bhall I - ? "" "
tri?.lorge. 1 ? r- ,,J' ?' ...
hai ..?a:- stood 1 -" ?' r" -;b C
nWonofthadUrtrtct-u.- unit. ?*?'"
LM?.n! who contend that it nkanJJ
L, back on that rn.'.'vi- ??. ??
tradition, of the psrt> to observed. eU
(i..... ; ?elf^stes would r?|>resent M
S. Ditto their ^rtjcourdlstrt^whl
the four,!- legate; '^'; . '/ J ,, ti?..
wo ;id he cboaen : ?? V*V* ?'
? ent'.!'1" state
Prsaidenl Ttft'd Altitud?.
I Wh!!- President Taft ia hesi-til* In
LTl? wHh the tnovcrnen?^ ??"?
?the part- and to Uke ??eh steps * ?
.... ... tske an extremely modeal ??
perty, and for thsi reason la ?rongi.
until nol be ale?e bul h ? ??*?" Ca
,n< bav? ? tired to prisate Ufe. 1 '?? ?
L, brti?^ th. mon wk.- b ? ?"? ?
U?h their **?9fi???? J-?*?
1,.,-, sra bsmpered bj f? '-'f- ,..,ri/.r.
to htm er qu^tono of Personal eon- -
>,?.., which might roniuto sguinet their
..,,e freedom H .s i:. a-o,h?t.- ?tth
?a* ?new thai no definite Bteps MM
to the estsbllshment of Republ
iu.rter.in this city will to Uke? ,
?aW March 4. when.? iDconftd
Ijieved. th? ?ors- of the Pemv.T-1.. -1
ImlnlstratlD? will |1v? nbuntoni.m*m
\X0 ever* ,?omcit looking t.- Re?.-"
'; iiKcesa two and fo -:' ? urs '?' ?'' '
Senator O'Gorman Confident.
' The ?mb^onunlttee or the ?Senate Com?
mittee on ?"i 1? ? BuHcUngs r?*commended
. to the f?ll committee lo-da? an ippt
i prtstton of ?A?!?.?--**' fo? '?>-'??! '" ' ' " ''
?for noourthouse foi the I? 11 m ? '?"
of N'ow rork sM th.- .'. ??n.'.it Ben?
stor tyoormsn is resfldanl I I
! which ? ?- Btatufd In a bill offer? I
I him. will be adopte? ?nd l ' ' ?'? ??
I sdopt! u half th fight for a ? ???? I ??*'
: ,.rr ?riU have 1 ei ?? ?1 Tha OClormH
? ni rarri -1 an appreprl itlon "f s /?????"
ro? a alte fot .? pos?,.m - and b a 1 i?
house, bul th? - ib-? ?nimiitee red ? ? ?
?moui I to 13 '?"?/"? ?nd ?tru? k o 11 al ??
?stein . ? "tof?ce ?? ? tsai
ho..?ed in ti. pn -"vi tort.ee
,? ould nol - torn d ?" n mili - ??
, i.r.n e w?- found for thai
?In 1" remito. .eg-Ml. ' ; Prosrej,
made 'oda: ?a , instertsl ? '?l? I ? ?
direction of a ne* poetoftl I . ?
that Ihe sit- for ?le ne? ." ??'?>? ?'
*-. in r,,e proposed ?sew ??*v"' ? en r?
The Practical Remedy.
\t 1 w< ll?n*i fhsli man ol ???
., mfort ? omtj-iitiee sf lb? ??? 1 U ?ra
n.itt??*. is rt-.-f tncerned ov< 1
*iai r?iporl- were >?-?' bros?Jcs?t thi
out u.e eountn that the proprtet? ra of
Washington tot? 1 daring I * ?nd
bosrtlng ?tousei - - t r-p-riT.sr
"so'ig'- t!? strange within thrii r*< ?
during iimugurstlon w?m H< ssy.pi
ri.-.W be lowei than avei I efore, snd ? ?
.,1! viM'ors , -it. aecun *
Ins; to Ms committee Mi 0, ? ?r m t? -??
te -? opposed to *v" pe-"'-'- ? ' th? John?
1 ?01. measure ? hi? h Id : ike H h
den sanor for an: pro tor of ?
0. imudatloti? to ? karg? lirlni lrtaug?irs
? , ?. week .? :. '? hlgl '????' ? erage
<ii-rg?<i for the jest end?*? 1 ? rum
It Ii 1? marked, apr?i 1 '
t |1 that 11 ?? ouM BlTc ?..,???? ? ?? ?'?
esa'mt le 'o oth? 1 ? lti< 1 < . . ? ? ,
ent? rtain :?tge nun t?en ? '
bl Bsn :.? ?'?''? "? ?' ? ? r*'
mgton la aiwsya ?.'.ad to pursu?
House Refuses to Override th
President's Veto.
?Fr?': II-e TrtSOII? V-.re?
UtjhingTnn. ~?b. i*-The House d<
<*.l.-.ed to-day to fol'o*? the ?er,at?* I
o<*errding the PreMdenl's VOtO Of rr
Purnett immigration bill, and thai mea.
y.? with its olijoctionable Utars y tau
war killed, to t?r as tMs gOSaion Is ?.or
??em???*). Th* vote seas IU to 114, with tw
Toting "pr-_*>r.t " This was ?even vote
fewer i han th" remilred two-thiroe Wh*
the bill ?va* fir? under on??slderatlon I
the Io?er body it? oppon??ntB we*? rere
ahle to mri'?rt?rr m'?re. fban abo.it ?"ight
Repriiser.Tatires ?Thirle.. o? VSi*a:i'-h.?
setts: Saba-b, t? III mots; OrddfOgte, I
New York, and ?th*? Demron-a*? defenom
the Presidenta action. R?npr??sentiif!\
Moore, of INmnr^'trantr?. led The f*ght o;
the Republi? an tide again?! the Burner,
motion to override the veto The Burner
bill t.'sii *Jtf?f*p**oT?el bv President Taf
booausa of the lit-frat.-.- test, ?-inch pr?*>
?nfted that over?.' immigrant should tie re
quired to real!! h's own or eome othe:
laxi^atr*. ?.r diater-t "-?-for*, sdnvr-s'ori t*
Arrnrroui ahorea.
With many provlaiona of the bill to re
strict immigr?t!?: smd to perfect th'
handling of immigrants Prundent Taf
war In accord, but, agreeing with Sec
retai-y Nagel, he heJfl thai fhe liter-v*
rest ***5ig nni'i?t and ?so'ild d?*t?rtve o
American realdenco nmr,?- immigrant!
who rn'on!? make g<>oe ?*1tt*?en?.
While the debate wao In progr?s? ggjet
? member waa flitsodetl with telegram? ask?
ing the House to sustain th? PT'?ldent'i
veto These telegrams ?-ere ?tg*?***? bT
Lou!? N. Hammerllng of New York
president of the Am<irt.**n Aataxlation ol
Foreign Language Newspspeni ThoflSai
P. Reilly, chairman of the Mats?. hue?*tti
. State Democratic Commute??, lelAgt-??^."?
to all IVmocrats that Domotmtlr? su ce?i
In Mawaachiisvtta w?r.i!?Vb? imperilled "un?
less you sustain the veto. '
Will Attend "Lighthouse Open?
ing and Din?er Here Saturday.
Washington. Feb I'?? Plant for Presi?
dent Teft'a Ia.it trip as Chief Bxocottvg
were made to-dar. The President will
l?a\e Washington on Friday nlglit for
New York to attend the beginning of
work on the National American Indian
Memorial at Fort Wadsworth. lie a\so
?ill st-terid the of-*nii c of tl.e new
"lighthouse" of flie New York Associa?
tion for the Blind ?nd will be a guest at
the diner of the American Peg ? ?i,d Ai
lltration 1/eagi.t All :he>-e ggalrg ??111
take place on Haturda".
On St.rida" the. Pr?-sid'nt will aiie.'.d
Shareh. and le^ve V??' Turk in time to
resOi Washington about ? p, m. ?r*-.
Talt and Mrs. Thomas Latlghlln, her gis
ter, will ?ooangaa) ll.e Pritstden? Tie ,
will lie g JistK in N'esr York of t..e p.?. a*. '
dent's bJ-other, Henry 9) Jofi
U. S. Judge Fin's No Moral
Turpitude in Editor's Record.
Edooofd F, tfyllua ? m .let i by ???
K: g,:*h i outi ?.f having i rimlnally libe ad
King Oeorge V at,o erd?r?d d< ?rt?ed by
th? local Immigration officiais si ??
.. .- .,- e alien.' ?? now at lib. -?? His
I release fr?.:.'. Bllli iH'ar-.n wh?ri ? ?'?
been detained for <? *?..< week? ??.?- effect
, en festeren: afternooi folio? ? * -? i
?-daten rendered In 'he morning In the
United States District Court b-j i'ircrrtt
.to,dy toal'ei ? . Moj as,
?t'.?gn Koyaa's decision i itsia?ed the
writ of babean oorpus m cored by Bhnon
O, Pou* k. attorney f"; M' Mua aryi >?i
der?-ri the latter*a lmm?edlate releaa? from
datention. What gCtlM will h?* t;?.ken '??
the fovarnaaani in the matter ???} appeal Is
still 'it.'ertaln
"In n.'- opinion.'' Judge Kdyes'e de
| r.aion said, in port, ?rh?en if has been
| ?liiTti itiai an ImnilKia nt hj?i be? n eon?
-rielad of g trim- Iba enly dut) of the
I admlntetrative ?attolola Is ta letcrmlne
whether the ? riir," ah*? ?hi he < lassffied 11?
o'l?- Ineolvtag moral turpitude, ??oeoraing
[to us nature, and tiot ?acoording to ??.
paiBoulai faeta and clroumstances ac?
' ? ornpanrit/S a ? ornmisMon ,.f it
' i.'pon the whole, I am < ompei'e.i t?, the
concl iBion that the Olfonoe of ? rimla '
libel ?joe? not In ita Inherent nature li
solve moral tu***Htode, aim rii.?' classify?
ms M onB-n 'h>* immigration ia'v. li mus?
he da.?1irnntad as one whr h ?oet not pol
. ?ess that eleiTi? nt."
j .t.rige Nn???n further sla"s ihnt the
<:on'-l'js)on reached }?>? him do??" not In
[gay wa-- miritmtr.e the gerloui character
Of the p??t!Uon?*r> get! Hl al-o las th?
followlrw ?r> ?a- .
If or.lv the persons who publish fslse
anu dfiHrnAtoi v libela ui?n int?ut to In?
.frr" ware criminall) Habla f,.. them there
would be no ?difficulty in finding moral
| turpitude in the offen, e Bui th< ?la? ".'
' ill?*; f'?r the protection of society ?a.,?"' f..
beyond this Editors and publishers Iih\.?
m tho past been liHri criminall) responsi?
ble for the publication of libels whoU;
without their kr.owlerlire it, auch <??s<*s b
firdtng of ?guilt doei not establish moral
?depravity The offence i? really on'- of
negligence and does not tn Itself .-h?,\,
moral hd-~fii<>- Corporations ?are con?
victed of lihfl, b'it th'ii guill hsrdly Im?
pit's fhc-lr ir.or.il obliquity.
Void of his rHeas? Has received bj
MyHvg al tin* laland ghortly after :
o'clock, anu ?I I'M O'clock n? left the
tsisn?.! b) tic ferryboat
"Vor th<* present my plana aie u:..set?
tled." Mr llyiius explained "1 hope to
do Jooraalletlc work hen- In New Yuri?.
and affr / bava ma.J' enough money i
bop? to go bach 10 Hngiand anrj establish
a paper to ba'tle ?usiiiH th..- principles
of m ?anarchy, i anea written ?-e\erai ar
tides -i?aiing ?ith my Ufe bt Bggland's
pruone. and with the treatment given me
?aa a?"jijtit of un stui;. end these i begs
t.o ha1.?- published."
w*-,. ini n l ??'?. II Be? reta age
????hu ord-re.j the deportation of bldouard
F. M " ???. ?le*- -r.-..? rliei
?l'idp' Coxe'i lecisloti that ha prebabl)
v ? ? !?? i ;??"?:?. the ? a*", ?? tli. !nclud?sd il'.e
question mi.'-'ii" ilhellit ; s kins va.? r?.
rrirr.e hivotvlng r orsl turellud? Like
t??* .'ss'ro tuAf. tli? sppeol probahl: ?111
?? dire ' : thi I ultra 8ia'?v Supr?me
? U. P. Chairman Opposes Open?
ing Terminals and Through
Tracks to All Roads.
$1.500.000 NOW AT STAKE
California Commission Hears
Western Pacific Objections to
Granting of Application in
Dissolution Plan.
Ban Franeisco, Fob It-?"1 tails ? ?'
would be bes! for the public to opt :? thest
through tracks n> ail lines .?n'1 give ail
linos equal um- ?>?: ???.-mir..?, facllitiea." de
dared Hoher?, s. Lovett, chairman ol the
! Untan Pacifl? Railroad, t.. the itate r..?..
rn-rt'i Commission to~dey, relative t" the
Bacram<*nto snd Ban Francisco llnss foi
t?.e ;.,?T,t use ?'f ?rhleh for ?? terra ?-f MB
I years the Union Pacific, the Central Pn?
- and the Southern Pai lllc companl?M
! .. mad? applteatio** Th? granting of
tl.e ?,?.].??. .tu.i, v..s opposed bj it tor?
r ???. ? fot the West? r n Pactfl
Mi Lovett's statemenl eras in reply to
. 'i',.-?t'.or arhetbei the publii would be
I more ben Bled b] granting the appU ??
tlon oi throwing Ih? i? term nal inca open
lo all lines.
i "Bul i believe." sdded Judge Lovett,
"thai SU? h ..n "i.lei " ?j lid a mount to I on?
? * it loi ??? ? tor. it-- "
ti . a. !?... atlon hi In ? mneeti : " "?
\.^ dissolution plan of the Union Pacific
and the Bo ith? rn Pa? '.? undei the re snt
or'!.-! ..f th? Bupr? me Co -rt of the United
star,-. Mr. taovtsti said lbs Unton Pn?
? iflc planned to b i tl ? Central PncM
-re- . foi .t:-".Ce?,' a? umlng its hoi ?i
,, indebt? In ss of IJW.tWO.aod, because it
1 .'.?.- thought tl..' th- ?hoi i haul |ln s
would prov? mon profitable.
Could Buy It for a Third.
if it were simp ? o if d< ?Ire '" rea? b
thi Ps III? Ocean from Ogden. when our
lfm r,..v\ ends, a? co dd pui ? ?<???? th''
Western !'.? d? loi .? ti lid o? RO? " "'* ? *
I ? 'ball i sn Lovetl - ild
.-.. ? on '.' t ... 11;.- Hat t;*. sn exe iltves
? thai Iheli |>lan? would be sfpravod,
\i: Lovetl told ti;.- commission that they
had staked tiMb,tm on the haue A ? n?
j di. its of tank? rt bad ?been i rmed lo un
| oerwrlti the p n ?se bt fore Mar h II
..r ihe Central Pa Ifti h the L'nlan Ph?
tifie l : v. ?: ?<-.????. tl ? Uni ? ?V-.-i?' i to
forfeit lo the syndicate : pet cent uf the
amount Involved plui one a '??<!'?? i ?">? !
pet ?.?-.? ?. ,, ?...,...-.. s ibouM the agree?
? ? ?. fall of ratld? atlon elthet bar? oi
? - I*| IH gtateS l'.-'i- ? ? t Hi
Th? ?.. e tioi ? . :.!- *? I vestsrd ? by tba
Gould intereats to ti.e final approval <??'
! the t*r lon-8outt.cn P aivsoluti? ?v'-a.
wore inexpected. The Western Facia
i:-:in..?; ?rhl din ' i impatltoi of
.: ??..' | illfornlg h igt?
noss snd which Rlsd protesti ggalnei cor?
tain details of th. arrangemenl thi lbs
iii ? ?? . ? .?-..I Pa? Ifit lo the !*r.-.on
Pa :? .- maintained ? passive a?"
<- n II g th? i ' | ?tlStiOt s
\t tr.e ttma of ths official announce?
?mont of thi p ??. i be 1 rtbuas p.r.n*?ii out
it friction might < ?r In California,
. ? '-a- .. - tarn - osiflrmed as
???tions i mm tafors the
m as m ??'? 'h^t state
?Home: ' > era!? bowevei ex?
it the op loa that ths >'? set* m Pa?
? Ilong are ol.mparts u s
s nform? ths allfomla < inn i
von thai thi prots led Items .<;?? no! ???
e. ntlal to lhi dl lutton | n sad es i
-i ? ii if
'i he -" ?-?ii? rn Pg I! Is ? ntrc \tt\ : the
Denvei *. .". ? Orando, a*hl? h owns V-v*.?
r.., , ,- ? ?? f.,i,. n, ,i,? :. f . ??. ?...,.. a
?ti?. ?'?r.inrl. .? 1p > ?.v. r.. the Western Pa?
? He's tk\b9,9fti aeeond mortgage ? i si
LT.t bat ?.?
- a>
Unable to Draft Law to Curo
Stock Exchanges
'a aahingtofi I ? I II Thi 11? use
.... im?! Invegtigatlng i-omi ties
;.-i ?. i oi -:'i. ration of t ie finan?
eta! leglslatlan abl ? will ta recommend?
"i m Its report The committee diseusesd
' n ?>!' ?i ?? dis? lai ires of the i sarlngs
H-.'i r-- - remedial laa*i So a?-t;oa
w is ?.ii:. -,. and ths report mil noi he
tina ft itswd until Bam .-: Untermyer,
of Xee- fork, ?'?::.si, :'o- l'e committee,
a.*".'es in Washington si the end of ths
?reek The eosnmlttae expects to sabmit
?,e report bj Tburaday, Pebruar) 27.
f?ega. dUBcultles canfrontlng the cam?
miitee in fr^ri.inK* regulations for ?t<>, b
exchanges .?no cleaftafi bauges wore dis?
'?;'S?-U tO-day Th?- Opinion. WSS general
tint th- federal government would hav?
sie.?? difficulty in prescribing rules ?n i
regutatlani far ?uvk exchanges thio.ith
\ " it the eoontn pnrtt? ilai . ths Sew
s., i Btocb i:>.-?' ..i. :.?
Several "f tin- committee held thai these
institutions wore entirely under tr.? jurts
dlCtiM of the States 'Ihe rom:ni|tee mai ?
I? air? the rsgulatton of ?.io. v. sxchangeg
,'.?rr??i to the ?ntnie- R'lth this |n ?: Ind
tii?? (?ommlttos i ;?? sent t<>r ?op!?? of ths
bilis [?ropo?...? i.- davorn?r Bulsai -rf Kow
,'orl regulating the Neu York oschange
Ti.e ?chema <?f prohibiting ti"? listing of
intanrtat? commerce tm'poialiens on *x
changes which f_:?.?d io campt? ?nil
''Urin rnle.s ? :?*i suKg^ste'i
I similar suggestion exist? ?* ??. clear?
log houses. BltbOUgh II ?vas ?iiigx??.?Ad
ti..?i the eommlttae could *?"?<;?/. ,n*i pr^.
Iposued refwms I?' prohibiting nntio.-..i
banks from |olalng clearing bouse -*.-?
dattons whleh either ti.n. ? to Ineorpar?
?it.- ..r fall?*': to Obaerve . ertaln pre*.. rl'.e<i
ruloa Pratstleallj all of th? eommlttoo'a
roMameadatlons ??n r.e..esiiari?.\' pg
baaed on the Jurtodi? tion .-.f i ong???..?, over
national v>4nk? and Internate eorpora?
i nw" tcMiid-iing directors ?-.r* national
hanks frf.ni accepting a bom... front hor
r'^wrrs for granting han? and forbidding
Interlocking of ?Jlr^cio.-. m national banks
n i?.) ?rare dtsmaitd
P. S. C. AdjoiiruB Hearing for Peti?
tioners to Get Releases.
Ti.e ?,r.?p?-i?it??>ti ta ' ?nstru? t .,:, v\..
.mis railroad stat*'n g| ?viTh ?tiret and
?'ol'itnl.us avenue s.-' asids last ??ai- h?
cause ..dioiiiiris i>ior"?rt;. owners would
not grant r?leases. asa brought Up ??..
?.'?roa' \ lo-i Public H*rv?. ? Comtals
donoi ;:;?t;e. Martin i:??urk.? re^reaent' d
tin- property owner?, who petitioned ti;.,t
g new Htanon It orcted while A. Q
!??*.?.? (,??-. appeared ?*"i the interborough
? ompaaj ?
Commissioner Bustls suggested <i> Mr.
r?..urk? that ii? ?jecuta t!;r uooassaii i-. ? |
'? ?.siylng 'lint tuen it would .c great.
. :ifie,i m?. Bonrke said thai be
txpitctod ?iiffi?-uit.? In Pitt-.;,,, . ..?.Herns.
iii?. hearing wag adjourned to Match l
Pictures from Balkan 8tru|
Aid Peace, Straus Says.
AftgUS Hamilton. V. R. O. 3.. until
StrntiatlC? -arir o<-<rr*.->ponde n' ior
| 1/Or.don Ce.itrn: Now pave Igst nigh
m arn.'gi? Hall ht- l<-t-;r.> or. th? *a
??Um v.a!?ta-s.
Many of the pictures were tbdec n
[dueed 'n th" dallj pre.-is all Over
j-eorid. Othon showed str?ei soon?
< -bnetantlnople daring the e-?-Hinir *
after the df.larition of ????*? sr.d a r.
j-,-.- o c'f derated to depleting the i
letpal personagog In the cnfli? t. tie?
?he ?co-pitals of the vano,;.? ?countrlgg
(groupa of war rorreepe "'?: ?-a
The motion plcturr.-i siouo^i the tl
h^r.,,-1 o? Turks, who WOT? token !
oners by t:ie armies of the ?111??.
th? march With their ?gUSrdO! a few ?V
tiona of Turkial ?:.-.air- and the moi
r-t crooMs through the crowded streeti
\fr. l?a;.. I ton nnl it? ?? In - ?
.marks b- oi.d th? -cop? of hla pic?
? n.s ? ?. mpathlea seemed to :?.- ????'??
i .>:t.i i irkey, nh< a d?ateot he attribt
? ? ? '.?.'.e. unreadiness for war -,n wi
the irmy hsd t--*n surprised
Oscar B. Blto'ia liitraduced the
f.rer lo a Urge a?iflt?>nc'\ expfOM
ll * h.- that the ho-ror?' af war w'1
itc be sbowi mlfht strenytiien Mntlin
against warfare. ?Mr. Hamilton is to
t-eut i.n lectuM to-iu?:tt at M-e Brook
' a, -i lemy of Music.
Serious Split Reported Amo
Democrats of Committee.
fro:: V ? "lr.o.:e l:.ireau.
Washington, Tob lt.? standing pat
t .ose -c!.edul**N Which tb?T altomptcd
| re\is? during th* la.-tt leaaMtt, the I'er
, r-th rn'Tiil.eiM of the *A'ay* and Me.
Committee completed to-aa- h rat
draft of a bill re brtng the Payne t.,
la-?-, ry.-i decided to hold t:0 f.rttier me
1 r.jca until a ?'Hin ; h on March ? aale
thief n?ew majority memben oi the aa
? mlttM.
ir ?ras -eprrtej t..a: th? pom? rn
members af th? i-ommttte? are split a?
lar.ir revision: that the low tanff m
hgve >*.?'.-ai times avavridden In <ot\.rr
(?*? the n or- ?con ervattve tl?awe of ?Chs
man L'-nderwood, and that the d?acisl
'to lioiu no f .-the ; teeth g until the pt.
I ? t ? ? rtrloa ? !??i- ??? s - '1 .-' t? this state
| The k II. ?* hi? ta ? II ?wall final a? ti
; at the hands of l ie ne? -Woye and M?**
|c?i mitt?*, will ?embody subotontlall! :
rate-? of the ir?n, ?hernia!, cotton, tti
?and * .tu*- ?c-hadoles approved by t
D?mocratie ihi.se last ?..?sion.
K< "ther free s :jr.ii bill II re?**ardcd
In? ?Hable and the l* .orata of the ?cm
n tttee ?..we the t1ew thai they c;.nr,
, bal ge t:.e r;.t'-s of the ot'ier bl.ls \e-to
by the Prealdent beraum af their h,
hjkM ban *
White Goods Workers, 7.00
Strong. Return to Work Un?
der Protocol To-day.
'. e 7*r*0 wi.ite gJOJdl vo;k'-rs, Wh0 <??'
been on atril.? in the shop? of the Ne
Verfc Coftor. Manufa'tur?is' Associ?t**?
fut se-er.? i ?-??ka, will return to w0!
toda? >;r,der ?. ? ?err:.,? of a pro'o
s.?r,e<j by re{reier,:a;t^e? rf the ?aa
and '? e .i-ts.j, a'ior.
The -tr.;::>; /!r!? S ce furnished ? I
"protocol1 working cards yesterday, Th
vm decided upon by (?he ?'riU' ]?aci?
t?) a ?. OH i ?' nfUsl Ml
with the exception al s-?-.ke? in nd
? : .. --hop.? tills '-rule the str.l.es of a
the wemra werken ir the garment ::
'.-. i
no pan-americanTrimac
Xnoz Disclaims Dictatorial Am
bitions by the U. S.
*^ ss'.ir.irto . Fob I -Resolutions eon
mending N-"re??? Knoa s.s chairman ?j
th<- ?governing board af th- P.n-Amerka
T'nion for the ?last foir yean wer? alo;,!
e<i unammously at today's meeting <
' '?-''At'. In hla ^a'.?1l lory io the L*1
ir imerican diptomati in VTaehlngtoi
v*>o eompoae the board litnttr; Kno
?Semettmea I bave heard apprehensi?
? rgea that n countrj la aaaertlng an.
abusing a claim of in-..a ? ?>. oui ?est
en council! ari arrogating to itself gam
m ? v.ed ?dictatorial prerogative to th
?nd of ultimate abaorptlon af -.'s neun
hors 11 > ta b?/n the ConataAl effort o
Ihe Pnratdettl H;.,| hla ? ?->.-..?tlrutt-ifial ad
rissn to omet n: . m. h gaalevolen
imp- sssioni
Grief Kills Mother as Mourneri
Arrive for Funeral.
Mis A", rusta Smith, Rfty-thns yetfl
?Id of So It Walnut -t-e.t, i.'orona
\Morg Istand, ?died yesterday aft??rooei
lust before the funenl of he?- dn,.?;htot
T.e. j a p-hysletan aolg thai the moth?er'i
?i-ii'h. bad noultetl from ? pa-aht1 istrolu
pr?.hahl" superinduced br worr. ?nd rne!
orar the le.ith of her daughttr, Un,
Smith ?feUapsed whan the meurnen ai
Tha daughter ?..ed m the Poat-dra??l?ati
iio.Hpit.li. m Manhattan, on Bun-day with
her mother at her fce-lvda TIM mother ?
?:????? th did r.ot intemipt the funeral of the
daughter, a-.d the bad) *m tiij.e:, to the
Luthenn Cemeten^ la Middle \ iiiHr*.-.
New Hampshire Senat? Vot??d 20 to
2 for Amendment.
Concord, N it. Feb. :?? rbe Beoat? to
?fay aompl?t?d th? lagudotir? mttfleatlen
?f the nin-Tdment to the f.yter-jl ?.'onstl
tutior, providing for the ?fln?t eiertiop of
rntt?*?fl States Benotaca. The rote was
-?) '0 '.'.
v denial that the Amsriran Toh? - ?
Cempgn* has encoura?r?nJ the use ?of to
boceo h> < h'.hiren by offering coupons o-*
.?'.mission to mot ng piotUN "howo ?wit!,
en' h porcha*e was lasted | agtOSdny y~>y
'i?w;?*?' W, T * ill. %1cc?prraident ?t th?. , on
c*rn Th? det.iai foil.?-? s.? L.-itni-iii mad?
1 : .tusti?es i'e'jei. Salmon ai;?i Ucrrm.ni
ir. Spetltl Zession? T'je.?ila\.
'There tins teen a g'-riersl ina by to
baeco ?cnmponlea of vgrloua ad**srtlaing
BeheOMS tO heoeflt th?-tr prod IM Is," Mr.
Hill's stateaeenl aaaarta -The?? bnvs m
? liid?*d tin. ?lsii.g of cash \alue ?coupooa,
wht'-h ).a\--.- I?e?n sc'tipfi h. n."' \:ig pn i
urn houses in jorr.c ias. :i Tn?' pl-.n a ,?>
not, however. gUOCSSPfUl in any ii?-.:eri?l I
ami and the praiticu?. h.<.s been aboa-l
??loiicd. t.lttle chilatui have stood abo ir
tue entraacea to ? Igar at'-r.-s ond n>ks?.i
for tli^se ..oupor.t, hut to aaSUme that a
ter.-.vear-oid girl smo-lwg eiggrottes b -
tai.ie she enters a iho\?:i.t pletun ho:is,t
through tha use of th?ef cottpou is de?
ci<te?ll?? fat fetch*?."
I Murtaugh Measure, Denounc
as Monstrous. Adopted by
the Tammany Senate.
?Engineer or Superintendent
Public Works Would Have
No Voice in the Spend?
ing of $50,000,000.
I . ? n T?I?sjrspk ts 'i'i" Tribus?.!
Albany, ?Teh. lt.?-By n trots of 87 t?
tie Benati passed tn-daj the Murta-,
Mil reorgi nlslng the ?tat?- Highway i
pa.rt-r.'-iit. The meSSUfB WSS viiiorou
Opposed ?n the fc-rouri?! that it would
I troduce eren greate- extravaganc? :?.
i goo?! road* wor'c than ha?J result' ? I fn
th<? 'reorganlBOtlon'' of the ?Highway '
I p?riment by TMBtnsn* tsrs >"e*rs auto.
j Of those who roted for Um Mil tin
! were U.?p;ihli'..tnR-i:n:er8ori, Wlt-OSO W
; !?. Tsmntsny's whenever d^rad, gn?i w
|obUln?*d a $?.'Xm,'*j0 road trom the I>err
< rstie d< p*rt*n?mt for hi? district ?i ?*a?si
I of y.-at.? '?tfo ?P/ltsOS ?nd 'Vhltn
' Pain,-.-. RepuMl? an and Progr? .-sive. a'
ta- ore?! th.e ?masuro.
The Uunailgfa I ill ii the De-mof.ra
answer tu tl.o tWO ) cars of lncotnpitei
Bf.d entra vaga nee. if not of ?rraft. whi
followed tt.e :ihar.ci?:>nment of the Hugh
hlghwa) lyetem. It ?-ejte? .? super!
tondent of Highway., in ?bars?? ot' go
rosda ?stark, ?nd ellmlnstsa from an] pi
ticipation m road MUMlng the Btste E
gineei ar.i 'he Buperintendent of Wori
who now sre r rabera of the Highw
' M?'nht?..r Klon It. Braarn, lUpubtlo
l?a??er. attacked tii<- bill bitterly, sayi:
?it would lesd to woesa t*os*Utt?>na thi
bad ? 'int-?'! undei the )rfurphy?Dix His
Iwsj Commission, wMch was notorio
for waste and ettrsvsarsnee Wi th
commission, he ssid, bad dlv?arted MM
???? of the original t",iv.t,".?; appi*?**ariatl
for ? ids to favored persona -?'.'i n??t:?-.
400 Foremen, 200 Laborera.
? ' .f th" H.lr.er d?M artr..ei,t Investida!?
reslly investigated sriythlng." he ?al
"you wo'iid be overwhelm?*?! v. ith e%
dente of how this department aquai-der.
mone; In my cour.ty ft*tt ??a? ape
'.ast yeau in rsfjsirtaf a road, snd th
'?ai there is a ,ontra?'. lot t!. ..?Tr/e.-Kj
tute of >i').?>*j for repairs fn the ?an
load. 1'ndei the Hughes comriusaton t'.
department employed eight ??..torera ai
::o foremen, 'ihe present department en
plS) e/j '<?o foremen and M labore.?. T.
ommlaoton has let as siany contrai ts 4
possible without ?.ompetltlve '.-.dir.
Tftey have permitted unbsJstt? ed Mds ar
NB?piemental agreement.?.. erhl< : meat
?great cost to th" ?ta'e.
"NOW the ?tate. I? to expend BATjABi
more on road h'.Haiti?;. 1;? Oslt bill >?.
r,e.-.T.:t tht? ei.o'ri..,':? fcjn. to fc>- expand?
' a ??Ingle ??ffl.ilal, ?.? hocked BVen r
II e St tie Krsii.eer und the H'penr.t. :.?
? rt of Public V urks. Th" letting oi' en
tracts niTf-iy ought not to be intrusted ?
one rr...t.. ???r everything by this bin
left o the d'.icr? Mon of the ?-?rnmissione
Heretofore Importsnl r*ontracta huve he<
left f? - ?? lion by the boards, csrefull
subletted t,-> checke and bals ne es. Fe
?re r.o?** Mdiiins frr another "at.i.-foph
',*o lesvs .?i mu<*h power to o:.e ttl?tl I
monstro 1 -
Senator Murtsugii ?* : o fathered ti.
1 .?:-?.!?.fpii' MU Ol ta 0 ? *?:'*< ttJO ?r.
hss 10 h '-.die Pu i?J??**sssor, dsfsn?ad t!i
preaenl ? >nun aslon and the new propool
. 0. 'i. .vi ths ?saw commIsMoa?tjr cesil
h" ft -.o? t fore fi-<" were apprc
prtated end .11 ontracta for -epatr un
.. ntenai a '...ist '.??? by ? ompctitn
b.'idlr.K He 1 ?f ? : r .??-i U these ro.n'n a
ks on the ? emmtselsnar. He nsserte
lli.it the pn.ier.t Hiffhwa;. ? 'omm>?i'?
hsd been OU? CirSSfl I
tJeftntor ?fsgra Intarruptsd to *av mat 1
the present ? ?'?m:n:?,.':lo:i were ? ; ,e>>f :
it wan dlfflfilt 10 PCS *? h?' the l.emorat
d"?'.-?"i to ? hangs it
s*? ?4?ot Palmer advised the Logialstui
t ? ? f,?t?et po'.lt.cii lr. the H.lin.rilstrat:on 0
t'.:<- Hlghwa? !> ;?at tn.-rt
Tn?? Mil *'?'." ?Jetiour., e,, ?? Senator Wal
tere, who o.ld that ?Senator Murtsugh i.a.
describes r?o r. ^1 .-he.lt: on the < ,?ni;r.l?
In II ?? ?\ssembl the ??vsna Mil, idenr?
eal til!, the t.? lust pssaed by the Sen
,-,te WlU be OTt the ? .ilen.lar for ?econ?
reading on Mondsy nlitht
Ooff to Put Rubin's Fate in It!
Hands To-day.
Justice tV.rT ?* .'.1 to-, lav . hurge tue jut?
sirt'.ns m th.e ?"ritnmdl Hran? h of the Pu
prern?.' ?'oirt on the ?..*?* of Robert .1
RajbtS a fire lns?rar.(e ft?iniS''er. ? hargej
with urson in trie ?cron?! dasjrSS
leider ?Stein, ??has ' ISS*/ the Pair.ter.
the ?.?If-. f,nfef.^efl "flrcihUg." who ram?
<!o?*n from Slni*. Btng prison was the
rrtncip-il ?itr-'ss yettOt?Ag against Ilubin
The SCCUSOd man tSWll th? Ntand ',.st l?e
for-; court ?illo'irr.??! for the dsy.
it. replj t,. haatetsnl Dmtn ; Ittorno)
W*< 11?- r. Uubin BStd he was thlrty-.-iglit
???ant old end had b*en ?u adjuster of
tiro !o??e?i for sixteen yfHrs. it w.\h in
?'iinuaiy, ItU, thad he wtnl to g fir?? at
No. M HaKt nth street tWS flights up
and mot "iBSy the Painter "
' I gA\e Mm PSy tote, stated rn? hn? -
it??, and w?m t"l?l that if I ?as fovin.1
to be on the level 1 eould hsndle the ad?
justment." said Rubin Th?? next da?.
he testified. "ISSJ ' ranie to hi? sfttoe ar.l
signed a contract after erbte the ?sit?
h.'s-s h?anin adlustina
Rubin admitted that ho wsa the extent
of ??.jos<?pii j. Rubin A ? o " n?. ad?
mlttsd that his books wsrs not ?sell kept
urn th.at he tlettr??? e?! all '"pies of COO?
tra? t.? nftor 1. tj'istr.?enta ^?ere ISSdBi
Tells How Hawthorne Capital?
ized His $950 Mino
r?r. VV iillani .1. Morton, the nerve >r...
clsllat. who la on trial \?.iti? Albert rt? ?
man, i..-.?Mil Quine; and Jullsn Haw?
ihome, charged nith using the rnsilfl .0
<i?f.;ii?. Investipra i'i in?1>slng ?tck--. to>..
t:.- ^tar.,1 '?? ?1er?lH> in Ms o?n defen-e.
I?r. ?Morton '??.'I .ii?>ltt'' Mh.ut and the lury
In the Unttto State. li'.Mtil." ?ourt JgtW
he IU-' beoanv mtsrested in th.- prop.r
tJsg wbleh wore later promotef! si th?
\ariou-i Hswthorne minea
Th?? ?aitneaa, a eon of In Mortot?. who
dlscovorad ether, tald that h? ?rss elsty.
fin?- y.-ari? old. He wsa a graduate of
Harvard, t\her. JuHan Hawthorne hsd
h?*en hi?, riaaemate. I?r. Mon.m .?il.U'.l |
thai he bad practised mtototne for ton?
two y?ata and that lila hoo|,s ?if riccouut
showed tliat he earned .,* much a? 13 ,?>J0
a y.-ar fr,v\ Ms praotl? ?
Ills first visit to th? district which a .
late.- ?xpl ?!!. .1 bj Ini'i and hi? aw.s..?.iat-s
?.?a? n.ade 11 ItOJ, fr Mort??i? said I...
??.?ni tlur.- for ?1 va.'Mt'oii, an I, r?'turn
itiK in the following ? ear. bought the t.r?.*
<?<!!..h for ?K'i. v iiii h were later tran?
firr.d to th.? T?,ma??.itrl L'ohall Mlnlnc
?mira'.? and he.vllj cspltallMd, forming
the haai? of all th?: other Hanthurtie niln?:
Senators No Longer Pear L
publicans Will Get Jol),
w.-isluni-ton. Teh. II.?Ko lonsse i
? ing that the ?Senate will e,ite, vp(m , n
eral confirmation ?f the nomination,**
President Taft. ?Democratic uiembrtHlv
ld?cM?d to move an executive eeaaie?
j tli^ lirat opportunity. ?
| "We -?111 confirm the arm) navv
: diplomatic appointment ? ai ? ' '' ""?'
aome othen." raid H*,,ator lloktTS
of Orargl. to-day. "Wmuv,^
I Ing from the Bra? to ?go that r -
**? deten. , not t?, ;., f.,' ut ?
I oonsM?eratlo? ?of the . itira n. t
It is believed pragKtk>na m h .. r
, .utter servie, the marl: ? ,-oT m
?Iblrafewmlacellanct nomin.,^*
; ??? ,?1 ?" ?confira**!, hut < ven ?>,.
i f,?",! ? ,!' ? and noml..,; M . "
igrorefi. ? '?
and Health Resorts.
A registry containing inform,. I
tion regarding class of cagggSS
at the best American institua
Working along the m?gt gcS
lines, the interests and comfortZ
patients are thoroughly ?i
&*** under the most hkS
methods and sanitary conditions '
Mo?,'-,e?a o- <lr ?i ill || ,. .
MBltsrlunu eni health rtii7L_r1'1
o!.-.n?r...,| i.- caltlns ? ritin,-Ll .,*'?' **[
in, to Tribun. Inform??. % j
Tribune Butldtnr, N--? York t ? ?
S0O0 Beak-man. ?""Mm
-^s You Fear
>o.i vu: te glad to know of lh< ti?,V.?,
I n<)r:-s?irj-i' al ?j?.m rf treatmant \? i .
I s-ray, ?adiun. at ??rum. * ' ?**-?
? J .110 ? C'r t<; m., u - ft i ? ,
1 thank (ted thai t went POn ??.,., ,'?'*?'
Binghamtun ?-aii?>r? ,m j:,, ?r.d 's.nltlr..
; I had 3 oar.cers on , he? .rt-d lip i-iVi
: ? ??-??' duration. Oih-r ? dr .- dor-tan ?,
My I*'"'* IB WS?. Sor? ?...-.,?,.. :-,rt.K|.
w?nd?mi eura without . ? ?,(,V
under l?r. .? in-iral ;.:?-. . ,,.'., J ?*?
avat.rn My aR? v. a, 67. 1 ,,? ;<,.... . ?
ti isted for ? .?. ts ... a.--' ..,. aau^-r, ..*
? ? '?' aw.: i - so..,, -, - f,. s '.
Kllmer'a P.*-d B ?: find ?. my piet'un*!.
re-peri Gratit'-de .i-.l -\ .... :-. '.,,'?.. flj J"
f.t to auffereri Impel m? to lut? t!itaf?M.
PUt :!r ?(''?- ; ? S
P.-. r< MOBBtBOK. D.krtUt, ji'ir.ci
<?-,.t,* n?. for treattneni ar Writs ?n
Blnfh.mit'in ( ant ertnrinm and"ssal
t:irluni. Ringliitimon. N \
Tel?pho?a tcti-j
S<--. : f,,t Kree l:?d Root hill ?M ?MI? ,
approval? ??? yag? ill; .??-,?:-?,-. .
I-.l report! of mat -?'.--.? . - ,. rt^^
theliom., UKoma, ?areinai . n aa?a?i
New York Office: 1999 Madiion Au
I 7* .'?IT Hm >. , ?? ? ,.*. ,.. ? ,,.,
; an? a:i i- ? '???:? ?> ' it? ??- ... ?. ^-^ ?
' ?"tthuat to-.'- um of . . iur?? n'i >- ?? ',
| plaatar of pana; but ?? ?! ni.a .?: ?So'-V
Relh'p s lent.flcll: , ? ; ?r-pi-.ti.H
Prev?? i:, ir.an'.- cat?*. In -fijare-i i
K.-:.sn POB T RBI BoOKLg-I
KOTH ?iKIMot'Mil. |\*tlTin
I?52 Wot r5tti Stl at.
IIITIK.lt, MIIKIil- <IM>TV \. ".
? be.utitu I at?*d t? i
I ? i ?? ?? tr?Mitment ?? ? ? '??,.,
I ?? lg A-.n I.iq'ior
as cakl - ?. . ,r.ji ??
? uro indi for o- \>-t ?* - - ? . .
i uneonsaolsl ???? t- ? - ?. f.>r t.-%t ??/
; t? cuperstlol I ? . .? ? .i?'?n :
I sent f'T pat
i NKWABKOl III r. I IKIMIN- 'N* till?
Tiie Oil e.iM S.initarrj::?) a', ft**
tord, Conn. for the treatment it
ICervoua i ?i Mild .M..:.* I ???*}??
and alcohol!? and drug patientsBM
minutes t'r?,r!i New Tori? ?aal o-,??;
Bftj trains ?aa. !? '? ay
W'lro-s Dr. CiTEMS. :.,?:.- '??.
?Stamford, i on..
On Ilie i.r'en.
NOKM AI K < I?\n
Per treatri'.ei.? 1 nit . ? ? ? \ ?>*; .
?r.d <. ?? .a lot lona l?r. Mat?
l.terert Mmltb, ? 'ph< ? - ? Strata
? t?r. V t.. Kncle-iiii. Ml t ;.:tb m X.1
: ?:? -..'i ?-., '??': v a-/-.,
viiMiiNk. h'estcnebtbb rormra*.!
K,,r tha treatment of - last ? I "
a-,-,:?..,fh Tre.fm.nl ? -?! nadar i
meal mod.ru m. hed? f ij wlias
H.atdant physicien -. aatwa
. matant att.n?U:.? ? I latrated Mwg
mailed Klt.l.-KARK ?AMTORIVIl ?tl
i "Phon? tl<S3 r i _
Mluated \n\ici |'i. ?urr.<i?r s, eiief?.
i?\>svii.ii. SEm *?mK.
la ? real limit li > ' . ?
thk. snrt a roal Ke.t re. '- ? ???'?**?
,.?.,- ' \r?. ?-. .? "? ? ' - ? ?
?T-iipn-d with ?v. >? t'P't? '""
rn.rap? art? ?. Catoln? i - ??- Bsni ?i
-A'- S -...t '? ? ' ' I.'-- _
In the Tine? of l*..| 1?land,
c?*r* th. oomferts snd ?-??? ? ? ?- ?? *? '
:, d ra irn endsr c.ra af ? '?? ''?''J" *"
r.-.rtt, Por T? ",;,!-: d Rat ? ?"-???"??,
\?. H. llO-?>. M. I?
? .. .,-. i- instltuiton ?? -.:? fica <*\
.i '.:?? ? earn-at of v? ums?
an?. " itarrl ' ? V.por Ii ? ??
IOsKPII Ml IB. to I? . _.
l.at- s-mioi Phyelc an ? tin v-**
Throat. Sem and Lun? lloaptial; \J"
PhystcU. ???> il - gi Bai - i H m ? ? ? *
J? ??'? 'a Hospital _?
New Aro?.in H.iU ?" IV 4 .d -*l .
: . FellCt? ' ..-?n.vj:;? h ? ;';l;"':'rie\
, . right to uae te Cl UIHAN -<!''
Till? RTimCM for ?red.
v i?-.o i : Ih? ?..??- of '1 '???*? " '?' ., ..
. , .? ^N?r I'M has ?< ' i ? ' '"? ? ?
TilV: Yitn?ll OnEWTv'BKDCCtlW
_ ll;t H. ;t?i N . N'. V.
al 1?r. \ mullan'? Sanatori'i'?
IU10 Park Pla.e. Bfueltij ? N? ?
ll'a Bookl.i ta - tl ? i*?!
i-.,, ?end for II
II?] *o. I iillrrloa y
hints nwmt
Larw, >'.
cent, 'u hen a or nr.
?UK tfi " ?* "O'lif^t'e ?? _.
... ? !...??> ?..-??i. ;? and t't I"
B ?at <>f c.r< ?i; *n to * ?
Mima tSmai.tAo m?at T.m? ?tie. "? ? **>?
v v ' ?fill ?. ' ?"'? "' TJ ?' We*l. I '
STtUBtN otfe. ' haraPr^
l*.|.etrett-i*r?P! and t ??? ' ? * r.
Parfert hyslen1?i aurroundlnm B??eraim
, . ,,..r^. [,- . i: w \>.ki:i?. ??'
?pr. .srito>?.>?"' .?.??g
THE S % HATO? i % HI'KIN?.*- ?***>,T,*?:.,,
?.?pen rontlnuoual> for ?ftv?**''?? .. ;.r
de s. n?e f.mll? inan.??*?!??*"1 ' ' .'. s
i:>#i ,.n.i Reeraellon, Write ?? '??> ?.
PT IIMIF.MI SAMTORIl to. PlaiiifleW ?,;, .
i'lnoi.i, raaea of \ ai i? \t ?? ?' _
. .. oiw ?a?"?- Klag.nl ne? '? ** . -
in |?w? Booklet 1 ' ? ? "*' . ?
.ln?tn? II. ?'?Kile.?. M. 1?
Op-?i tn all phM<?.-Uii? *'??'? aorgt <?
?:>e-ii<:.: Bumtcal and m.te?*ni?j ',;;*." M c
?ir -rh"!-. '." kUOA O. WJllBB. M
Qaalntnf?on lludaon, N, T -^
treat Vl?? Sau.tnrtum. ?.re-uwi?-b. ?|r,;1
?'hronK- Rhaum.tiam. Aeut? oou? ? w?
and ?l.?atro.lr.'ri?tlnal il!ao:?1'i J *\?. ? ? ?? (
?r??ted It. to ltlte^ro.?.^ to V.\- mU*
tharapy. i>l. ios orMuwleh: T. >< '.,. ti4;
??o,'i<. v T?.. i*on?uititi? phraici??. '-'0
BV... N. v. C. Tel I4T0 l'laaa
NURSING HOME u^..irvi%
i?lrp^^^^^^tgg^gapBpMnpBB??ip?i>?-p?*-?><^?l^*-t*>*t' '^
Sanitariums and
. Health Resorts
Appears Sundays. Tuesdaytand Thu'?'
* day?< in t!ie New -York Tnbune OfllM
| ?-ai^M-->>t?^?^MMM?V?V^^-t>*?MMN*?>^MMB*??'l^^^^?*l^^tlS^

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