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Both Prove Welcome to the
Valiant but Weary "Army"
on the Washington March.
Miss Freeman, of England,
Startles Its Citizens by In?
dorsing the Blowing Up of
Lloyd George's House.
H ??_.'? Thi 1 rltrai ?
??ton Del-, Feb. it, ... neral '
? a .?? ilardlm i Joneg and hi r ... s I
I ol Sea Vork-to-Waahlngton luffra
ted their weary limbs and a? h?
licet .:! the Hotel Jti Pont.
That Is the?! did so when thai were not
i.. tings The) hav? taken
? i,,, dt?. storm. Thi rest will end to
-, ? :??! nlng, wl ? n the worn? n will
. ige i" i Im national
s1 - Kreema n n n Kng -
suffi,?-?-"' ?hu ha? conducted several
Hi? it Britain ;i*.i la n
-? . man h, stait?.-?l the
- .?' Wilmington to-day by
,,[? ?.. . act .m of h? r Eng?
? 1I3 namltlng th? ? ounti j
h,?,!-,- ? ;?;?.; ge, neai L.OI.
i . - ? ? ?
r lioiii?. N.' one was In?
.:?-1, i -, ? ame thti - s 111 probabl]
perl; i. .-? d ? '?
??.a* i - ?', '" the gran ?till? some of
?< ?? - in? _ out
?he open i fought ua 1 .mi In ???'? -
?iciiif - act? as the s iffi sgett?
in Kngland. Mrs. Pankhui'sl has
. ??? g?
truci \- ;
? .i. "
W > - ,--.i .! ill? i ?
ed In this country, ?he . ;i?? I
i not nless all other means to win
? ? foi worn? ? ill. "This *
i led. "r*
I -. politi? i in ; he
'.'-?esses to Workmen.
\ led h. ??rvi l ilatei march
m. Mis I r.i.?' arenl to Ihe plan! of
th- pullm i ?
.niplo; ?; She had ipoken
Ihe a hietle bh w
? i hm?-f I? ft her with .? i beer
' ? ni i-.- i 'iceman and s? v?
. i. ? ?? d ? "" m o km? n a hen
the Hai Ian ?v lioi
? 'ospoi atlon ?*?i ?'? o'? loi k
?? ? ....M. Thi ? i ok? lo ? ? me foi
taon tl an half ah bout
In ,??i.'iit?.>- io the? eel uneroua
rlt gs a'ort ? ?*? ?I by Mis -
freeman snd othe -. and to-night the
?i. ii.i. .i tii? ? lan Ich Th?..' ?
h-.u.-.. ? hei?? shot ? sddi ? ? ?
. . made bj the leaders between the
The "glad hand? was givei to them
i.: _.?? audlesv ??.
i reply to WUliag W i?,.,..-,?,:. . w I
atb a and !.? acu? ' ?? peral"'
. Aii- a.l\". .?'? 'i vot< .? t..: negi"
?omen "If a ?.---r?. Ii gpable of citing."
ired, "his wifi should I?;?- ?
Cl ??? ' -. wir? IS a I
? -.? ith liei
? ?a ng i?, bad roads, ti..- . I ? ..-."?? ..i i ht
?a as ? hang? i to-da j TIm
'a -.11 l?ea* ? i n sr I o'clw .. to -ik?i -
?ring, stopping Ht .\? wark, Del.,'
i? ? ?!. diatai i 1 ? - - The
sromen will then pr.?d t? Blkton, Md.,
. ? ? -.-. ill I...
night thi "army" ?ill be
st H e Ors e, Md Belair, Md., will
? i.pitic pla? ?? on Saturday ? Igh!
;?? ?l Toa son, M?i. will lertah
- ? - ? .. ' ?
all ... Ball :ui"i t ?'ii
"Thi n." '?? '?? ??? ?? ?Tot ? i de?
of ? ? :? .1 - - '.'. .11 h.
. | . m get? som? '?'
\ before Halt
The fir stop to-morrow will he ? t Sew
sort i ??. three mili i i" loa hi i
en! of the woman suf
\ <?? anaton, pi ealdenl of I ? ?? i "l i
Wotnt - ? . -.?ill entel -
it - ? .' .m earl) lun? on
I with the
; . : strength ?ill pn
Welcome from College Boy?.
lent i ?? las i re
txUtge ?. \??,\.i : i. are looking forward
' ? ? . its with en
- i m r? the tuni o: "The Camp -
1rs C< - ? ? ing all ?
ii? v ? ? ? - ?.. i - Th? *>? ffi igettei %i ??
Th.- .r
rade ta t .- ers f<>r s.? ithern chlv?
obtain Th?- stud- m* brass
??s ,0 ? ni ?....i, ? . ? oui and escort
lbs -, i,.?*, n. The college bo) s
give thf-ni the ooBoge rail Ii?ittl? snd
i as ? .Mir?- student bod mel
-?.) plans r>?' the enter?
.ih? ai nc The stoOnta
t street ... boa, and me. alll prob?
"? a? ? omirtodat? d, b ? I. s II be
Report Is Cruel. Declares Helen
Bergmarck, Angry.
?s ilngton, Del Pota . I B< fo ?
?ni; New York we all promised 'General'
?< leaspoonful canthroa In ? cbp hot watei
snd : en win have an t?l?-ai shampoo for
? th? m..st s?-nsit|v'- scalp This
? ? i ami in? moi ..t. - and Is s tonic .?*
*-eii a? ,.|, a ..,., \n?-i ?i earrthros sham
See in?, acalp la Immaculate and the hair
fl 'lean, fluffy ai.?I kIohsv and greatly
si . hod in coloi Tin? m? thod of sham?
pooing requires little Urn? and Is devoid
of moaelneas Th<? r?gulai use >?f can?
'hrox f?,r ahampoolng is sure to encour
sgj ;. healthy k > ? > v\ i i ? ?if beautiful hair,
".-<?.* blemishes and unattractive skm
All v. ho try i i-:n,|il? ?purifias lotion find
thai II removea mK?u diecoloratlons, freck?
''??*.. tat., aunburn and whitens, smoothes
*nd ?.'.ft?-?!* the akin on face, necta snd
snqa, beatdea h.-iin; a delightful aubatltute
???r i'owdf r. It is. cheaply ami easily made
by mixing 4 ounces spurmas erith '_ pin!
?*ltch haael (?at i"t water) and adding
?wo teaapoonfula ?<i glycerine.'
'__" tut |)eo|i|?. generally suffei from slug?
cIslineMs as w.??I as the feeling that they
look unattractiv? The fatty tissue? can
w thrown off and the ??ntii?- ?vyatem bone
Wad an?! old-time energy reanlned with?
" H ??iiiiM ni Utaconifortlng aletlng if
?hi? liotii. -mail? i-.-i? i.-.i% is used persls
***??_! J i Mix fu.mtccs parnotl? ?miIi i'_
wnt. : ot .?.?i. i An. ' ii ir s '?."?.??!.
Strain au?i lak? a la*.?'!? I". >iii <>l ivi?.?'
'geh ir.?xU.
? enea nn w> ->??| marrie ! during th? ;n..i
'" W ishington."
iiiis declsrstlos wss m.ni? to?nlghi
f''"i"i?': ' i.u Craft i?f i i? suffrag? ,,i n
Iwgardlng an slleged ?.?man..- betw?
Ruy Troteen, ? Brooklyn boy, and Ml
Helen Borsntarck. ol Philadelphia, s
continued: "We dont want Ih? . ,.,,
epolle>d by roman? es and therefore we .
gave our promis? aerlouslj t.. the 'ge
eral" before our depsrture n?.t t.ntei
piste mstrimony at least, no! until t
msi, h is ov? i,"
??I thii .inn. tun Miss l'."i gmai ck
! oung woman ? ith ? a? ?Ii f? al uret ai
who looks not unlike Ethel Barrymoi
walke?! up.
'Oh. i Uiiow ?viiat you want lo ? ak me
she broke In, before s reporter cou
speak. "X... i ?m ,?lt going to net ma
'i0'1 I "I" not know Roy Trolsen \\'h,
? x et stat t".i su? ii ? re oi t was ? ? uel;
la a h..;.x."
"Vou Ii ?? . .vid. ntl> heard ol ti - r
:?,m : ?
?V? 11, i ?ho M sa) i have The li
? ? ? pl< ;i"' ? until this thing came >
Then stamping hei f....t. sh? Ml h?
in? and exclaimed: "And i would g.
aftet the newspapers thai published su?
B BtOI ? if W? ft noI i gOOd'IMtUI
x'- ..in:, n
A parting Nu Ii la nol ti e." , an
forth as ^h. ?R. in ;,?., j 'n,. .,..-, t
??n this i? i tin han. i a aa .?t dinnei In
hotel. Sh. ?topped lust long enough l
give vent to her f-1 llnga
' .' n.'ial Jon. - said I.? - it
Trolsen bo* followed the mai t-her? 'or
day. sh. ,i,. s ,,,,, think he is ?? Ith lliei
Thomas Ti ,>i-- n engl. ol ll.e liai
over i' ink Building, nd fath? ? ol Ro
Ti la ; ???? he - with th? Buffragett
? ? - avj thai ! ? ton la ? Ight?
? ' ? I, .. he repre.? nta him?
1. big -? ' ..,,: sti dent The bo
? : i a? an oil? i i
i'- ken Ti lai Building II? k I
hoi ? u? i . ,i,d on .. pre! lo - ovcaaloi
? prltnund?.. him
i? Trois? n a,.i h? .-? ..i a t? I?
gram ?I ;t;- , thai fai ? t.. "Gem
and implj Ing i liai u \\,,u!>l lie b? t
to drop him out of the arm?. II?
. - n gets stranded bul -?? 111 Uk
him bark f h return? Tb? bo - |o
In th? - ? ken 'i ruai Buildli g ia
for hit b ??,.??'
Lederle Tolls McAneny Avail
able Waters Arc Polluted.
1 ? H mi ?Ion? i.. ,.? ?ii bai wrii
ten to Borough i': - dei t McAnei
t ? _ thai the ? hoi? que tlo
batha ix tak? n up ai on? ? sith a viei
to r< ei hing ? nlte method of pro
efore the tlm
public waters arrive. Th? llwlth Com
,| ? !.??? - thai In tin kx slitl?
th? batha ??.? ild do most :.<>...! th?
it? i ii.o-t ?polluted The lett? i i on
the , lommleslon? ?? folios -
i have bi en eery n,'j' h i on? et n? d .?
to ?rhal action we should isk?
? ih ? to th? !?-. ste an.i publli bat?
coming sum? ? ?? TI ? probli m >.i findlni
?uitabl? ',";.';?,' i i,,i the ',Ht!,^
,-: th? Borough of Manhattan
.lifflcull each ? ? at on sc< ml ol ?
i a pollution ..i publli ?... era
'At a rt? ? oiiferenc? a-Jth the m? ni'
i" is of th? Ifetropol tat Sewcfrage Com
? chairman, i ?i Bop? i
-?? t? o 11... i ai .ipa at, ??! i mall ? i
in n?e put . aratei could ?. ?? ppll? d t
? :. a Lath? If ihis Bhoul?! pro? ?
:..?... ..ni.- :t ralnht i- advisable to -?>
batha thai iar.ni ol lw :,,.,??
;<? : ? a ?'?? ibl ' I? an placra."
Tl ? ? ? le. s ?>-? . lasi ?umniei
I !? alth ' 'ommls! Ion? . ifter ? ???
l :..;. ,i i ? eriigatlon, for p Mi? ?al -
Th? we?e coi -.: to !?? so situated a?
to b a.- ?i, ? from i> llutte as an)
?1 tan I sli nd Th? \ w< r.
n Hudson Rlvei front, on? at I34tti
sir, et, snot I : at ?Tth srtt et and a ti.ii I
I trt- t
puts blameTon business
Justice Howard Holds It Cause
of "White Slavery."
Ti0) N 1 i'? b II -A ? ? I? bi .tioti to?
night ol the fiftieth Ri.ni versar* ..f ih?
emancipation ol th? negro ?lave? gav?
.i . i? . v, ' si.- ? ? Fiowatd, of ii.?- \ii" I?
?? i 'a Blon of the s tpi. me l'ouit. .ii
opiiortunity t,, express some et? Ikina
views on S'hlte Blsvery." in an addresi
In tb? am .? an Ifethodisl (?plscoi il
? 'nm, n. Justiere Hou aid d? ? lar. d:
.mi. . ,i careful ini e?itigatioti I b ?on
ol the 11? h< ?I man ni th? ?\ "i ;,| mak a
the statem? nt ?? ?Utemenl humilli I .
to civilisation that ovet '* i>. i 'ent ul
? i.. 'white sin e? ?? ?? ?ome s i? h be? a tsc
among othei things, ol 'novel l and low
i ig i
BUslnesa produi-es proflts 11 .Isa pro?
., ;, es '* hit? lia veo' Ou b? pi odu? ir- ,?f
buriness. Tlie Burasu of Bocial Hygiene
??.ill undoubted!) do mui-h ?""J bj wsy
..i i. ? iHimmt a.I th)- bj -prodiK i ???
the ras? o? ?ti"- dragged <n>??n Into th?
mir? be .? i. ;??" ?*.?-< ??' M ls nut
,.... ?asar) lo ??an ;.iit?i liecenibei t.. dis?
a . for Ihei ? i- now, :.t i bis
minute, a positive well knos n ? ur< Olve
them dw ent wsgei 1 ' ere la no othet
. ' 11.
??(ii,i g, i,, ii,. ,,r . Iviiisation haul d< tl?
oped ?tupendoua Industries, but it ha? not
trail h< ?I th? ?pai ro? fall ll ha? .n
solicitous for th<- protection ol Ih? ste*l
ll list. I 111 ii.?'li. - " 'I, ?'?? Ifai ? "f tturtS
srrelched girl? Il h-? desll gentl ?sith
th? st?" k ?Exchange bul ruthlessl* by
th? ?\ hite ?-hu,???.' "
i- o
Imitate Jeanne d'Arc and St.
Teresa, Says Father McMahon.
?ir \.,!i would Ik a femlnlatfMmlUt? Ihe
ireal f? mlnlata ??i ihe past, Bt. Teresa,
St. . -;>thai m?- oi Bi? '?"?i ;""' J.n ?
Thl? v?;?1- the advl? ?? gi%-en b) fat! ? r
loseph H McMahon t" .. roomful "f
women, Including Mrs. 0. II P. Belmoi *
and I ?i. Anna Howard Sha??, wst'tda.v
afternoon at Delmonlc-e'e, The oocsb1<mi
v,?,~ me fout th In a aeries of le? tures on
u,, catholic ''hu?' h and the woman qu< -
l'atii'-i McMahon tnak?s H ver* pis i
, at h? has so us? foi militant m? iho I -
,,,,,. gi, h? 'i'"-' bellev? In vote? for
a/omen He hold up Ihe llvea ..f Ih?
i.imo - women to show th? foil) ol say?
Ins that women wer? Inferior. Al! mtngl?*-d
? ?n ?public affaira, h? point? i out, snd all
j Wl r. gut cessful In theh ? ?Torts i?. help
i th? \?<>il'l
I., bet HcMshon reu? rst? d hia ?Ute?
.... , i. that the Cstholl ? Church. f..i from
being iipposad i" tin womss m<rnrsnMnt
took "?? atUtud? Uwtard 11 abolso er,
? a\.- aa i" i??'?? bot ?i? ?i wotlong of ethical
,,' moral tan Then the Church ..t d
all irartSgraSBlbna Ol th??-' law?, .neu
. , a-ell bj .'??; wt men.
s -
i r-.ir. 1 ?? i" irait F ? f -
n ? ill . <???i *1*> ?' ""' ? ' nl'",?' :i ???
., , K . , |. , i .-? ? What ., ??.??n
l? l'.mn.uu'J ll uaatt bt U t -." ? ???
ai ? spssaiva
Women Will Get Along Without His Help
When They Win the Ballot, Says
Suffragist Leader.
Bv Ida Husted Harper.
Sal nan..i,- i" Assemblyinai l'usinier!
He ha.* Introduc? d an amendm? nl lo the
atati constitution proi kling thai "the
laeglalatur? shall ?mss no laa making
.?n. distinct!..i diacrimination between
?exea In relation t.. personal, civil or piop?
ertj lights Tu? prem* reporta glv? a?
Ihe reason for this Mil lhal "In thi * ?'
frage debates II wai shown that the lawi
..f N.-w \'..ik .11 main .a*, s favored '?? "in
? n. and, aine? the) demand an equal nicht
to rote, Ihej should no! be allowed an?
of iii. privilege? ihej now enjoj ovoi
men under th? pi esent laws
Mr ? it ilii'-i's legislativ? i.-. ord as al?
>'..'* vehementl] opposing ?? ?man ?uf?
I rage and \.itinr? again?! II at evei ??"
portunlt) . then la -i month, obedl? nil)
1 otlng f"i ?i bj ? ni. i ..i the pai tj
bo s?rs," and no*n wringing n .? i ? - ? ? l ? j -
i.m to deprive women <?' whatever prlvl?
l??i** s th''.? ma .-?i...' i. cause the* wanl
the suffragi proves him to !??? capable "f
anything that ??- inything which requir?
real ata teama naht p Bui i" the Illogical
feminine mind it seem? thai in- bill, In
urder to hat ? ai ?. a? lual \.?I;.? as a pun?
ishment to n*otneii for daring t.. won, foi
ihe suffrage, should provide lhal Ihe ;.:?
ahli ii m?*?, favoi . ? omi n ihould i" re*
?....!' ii sin? ". ' th?-- ?-?? i Ihe \?.t'. they
a ill attend to all i rture legislation i ?.n
? - - :..i _ , ; ? m.-, ivi s ? Ithoul a nj help oi
lil i m an? ? fron A tat mbl ) ma n Cut Ulli >
Thi bl Is morel ah ?-.?l foi m of th?
iggi i .i ..I .tii-. n ten acare? ? ??? ? hi? h
the . i'|."n. m ? ..( . qua : uffi ag< hat < i" ?? i
king .?( tin -.?iii? n evw -.?... n ? days
? ? Il T ' ? '..'...-. ..n,III?.|| 1,1?,?. ..! Kllg.
land pn railed in mi* state it alloc ? ?!
tin- husband i" beal hla ?rife |>rovided he
? mi n?.i Kill her; i. r.. ?? him the absolute
? ?>?. -I'-i ?hip ..i bei i.? mon? i?-i mltted him
!.. . hooM ?<? I MMoctate? t?. tl > . -.. |US|l Ii
? i hei relativ? *. t.. lake absolut? I? .
property; ?.Ile? t hei ?.?...c? s "...
f and th? in i?u y
- ? ulghl :? ? ? iv? Thi? i ?? gai ? the
isban.mplele rdla |p ol Ihe
? ?? .-? . a Uli poa i t.. pprentt? e -,,. ..,
al m. ag? ?.i a?ven earn ano II the .\i??
< btain? u -..-? foi '.'- m Idelit . | .
laa pi : mltt? d hli i ?till lo ? et? n th?
children and hl nil? pniperi aa well
V'?.| .i m? kston? quoi il
h?nglli statutes ail i ?? ? ment,
Si. gr?a! i ?? ?
?n iii.i the Lan !
Suffragists Not Scared.
|>ione< iTragl?! > egaii
tlieh ?orb s.s' i??r? ?-?? Ii i ?? .\. ?v
Vorta laegislal ?? ; ? ?
mans ami i ? it da It? mpted
t.? i-1.n'. th? ? ??? . a n ? de
?:..-? I ?ii ? ;. ? ! ||
.-...i,!.I ;?.-. theli
und? r this < - o i...v?, ' it did
i ?? i it. . . i i lien an?
e threat does I .
Ind? .i .???? . ? ; - ? . ?
-,\ Un Mils ?i fi? ri -... t at I ? . .
I ..- - ,i .-.. I ... .v ? I ? .1 I
i.- .... the ' ? ?? '
it? .i '.. ti.. numb? i s ..r n.. ..: ? .i
11. ?
?r n,..-.. aai. ? da tl ? ?
?.. ild la tak? na-.,
-,-, ;| th? oi i .. ? a*hi< h n a< 11? i
? ....?-;??,.
thi? ia th? pi In? ipal one ? ? i Hi? ml
?uffrag? m< n ir* o ? i it? i?c to de
.? |h?.I an?l " ? ? ' - " - -
iron en sr? shi k klug to b? allow? d to
.keep., Bo ifterl Inad? it? d unfair
I? tii - la? thai II ?< - '." repea
.1 half of th? tales ... repl.i ?
? .? - Tl ; "? .'i s in..?
if the huabaml die without i< will the
a i.l.,:. .; ..n llf? ? of on? Ihlrd
of the re? ? state an I, aft? i all ??? Ms
are paid one-l rd of th? i - estai?
al goi iti : or If there are no i hlldren
?_(:.. ma on? half the remalndei
. ., ? . estate going to th?
,, latlv? * \ivi thi is n ? gn al privtl? g?
%% j. i i. h II t" i- tab ' sas if women gel
t?... suffrage, H.- v Idoa api?.Hj t.. t..
left entirel ; ? nnll? sc!
A ... land * i'i"|.? n ?. ol
? ... ,,i his d< H et? n.- llf?
i i .-? ni one-thlnl ? it is ? bal I hej ha'
s?-?**Jtnulat?*d together during theli sntl
;iiani<-?l life til? ?fholc "t it l?eloii|{ii
'?> him :i>- long a- he live?, and ti
??i,,w. i ' la? allowing her enl) the ii
t*?? ,.i one-third of H aftei ha hi
loos? i.'i in gi.,,' ii'it even bel. si
gets tli- ?uffrag? this p.?".. little right
to ... taken sws) if ?Senator Walter i
il. i ?. i, , .n ?-.-. t ?.I? ??ill No. ' through ri
pi-.--, m I. ?islature m pr? aen1 all ret
estate owned i" th.- husband during ms
? l?ge :- rubje? I t?. th' will?" > mit? Hi.
, t?, ?ta:. the wi'iow i "dower" iinlei
. ?. leas? - H. l"it this !,? ? bill ,?:"!"-'?
thai sh? -I'hH n.i'. this "dower" rigl
..i,] ?n v hut he pee? sees at the tun? ?
in- death, li he choose t?? dlspew ??! a
-, i...it> ?she .s without redress, no mai
ter hon !iiii??ii sin ma> hnve contribute
toward earning it N" ?ueh ?Idous u?
ever lia? been passed m enj state, an
there should be ?? protoa! from < v. ry ?-i
ganiaation <?f ?*om?Hi la .Ve? v??ik. ?r?
i,., anti-suffragista
Property Laws Called Bad,
w , h il" . "in-1' pref? t" ? - th? bell
. . ri. im?- oi any lawa the L* gial itui
chooa i !?? ? n " I. "' le i.a\?- s vota i
?aeii. ting m.nl m*s ol thai body, an?
be? sus? ??f this volee, the pow? r I.n
irul theli a< tl?on ' it m ? ms .?- if ?? moni
.n a it h .i i ? ?> -i ot com mon sons? s oui
,,,, ;,;. in f.?>...: i,i i be rot? m ;. fractlo
,,i ., minute, Bu bad are th? propert:
,,-. . ?.,, .|ves m Ne? v..i k thai th
null.tin of the id ?n.-.- and Real Eatai
Owners' Association a ahort time nfi?
!? . .ii-i,, ,i them ? ith ? ?ford ?<f a ???' nlm
i,? Tu.- v.,?m.-n X?? r?orh m-.. ,.n- ver]
fond ??f boasting "f ih?- great advantag?
?.un. ii poeacea arm men m t?o? biw, am
wh? n < hallt-ng? ?i ?'"' an ? xampl? In
variahl] point i" th? one which allowi
th. wife i" dl?i?ose of ),?-t separat? prop
.-i11? ?,, ?., Ill i?, ti..- es? lusion ol lb< bin
hi. i.'i
, ?, ,|,,.,. 11 ? ? ,
,v .,' -i,.- |Kjssi ? o ,?i u?.u i ia?;,- inhei It?
aft? rward.ai i" ?. bj laboi oui - Ig ?
i orne. Tb? i asi ois i". 11 ? oi ? ivea i" i ? i
have ai ? pai ?t? prop? i l The i-r??
. ? i . i . ?
?,.,!?i even that o I Linie li -? -.*? ing, wwsh
:? i: ??? ?>,.: .?. . - ?? ? l.,| . ., ? ?
ind l .? ?!- -?f , ? theli i. ???. .-'t
?y-, r?niil ling and managini
lui a ??? m, I? ? ?...-? '-? th?s?
g? f th< -?i i- ?
rat? ???;??-. ta
i ? ? . . , V UHiattltl? ??-. I h?? as
-? t itoi ?;...! ti .-?, .? dis. rtmlnalion
- ? . !.-.-? ?
? l'ilr. ?l by law to mi ' ? i <j
(? , i,- - ms ? itrein? l-> ? on
leniiitibl? .- ? ? ' i ??nl n,? this
I. .:.,...
??. . .il li I li- ? -
liu law tu
,?.,;???' ? ..
?? ? lhon ' rasea .<? nually
? ?i fathers who sbandon the fainll ?ho?
? , aven th? cannot fer? th? m . o
i . ? ... ,, ?
\\ \ ? . mall ? '. i I
' ? I .
?? \- -. will hi klndl inge 1
? ? ? ? ? ...
servi? a? ol
? ? ? ? ?ht !?? recov? ?? . .,,.. . |n
to or de.) ??'
*?'-?? Ih? one ,i.nakea tin ? .
Ir t? ?? ? :? ??: ? 'i ,.
dig also
?? f- i., n,.- inl ? ? . ... ,ftei
' dlvor? ? n ?i ?? i h i., , me act
?"' lmm?r?lli i- by thi moi . ? . ..
'? '??? elt ? ? ? rlahl tu bet . ? ,. . .
"??'? ?1 ??? : - ? ? ? fat .!?? no) |m.
??? ? ? - rigl t? Will h? .
I?* u '?!' L Ill ' .?:?? of ? oil. | ...
.rt i.? >? tu mal? - .,:. ilong i . i,.. ?
ire a ? ? . if other suggestioi
?111 '? li.ii.li to .\lt ,
? ' ? ? ?'. IK lined .. .....
' dm? - . rlousl) . .,,, : ? ,. ,
' HI drop ?i v hen b? finds thai the
?' ? ' ?? --1 at .- | .-, ... .
?-.'.i|?l, laughing .ii it ami al him
Factory Proprietors Affidavits
Borne Out by Chief Guerin.
i ire Commlaskm? Joseph Jo nson mad?
public reaterdaj ?? ? port " '"???*?'>
William Guerin sbtlns I.? of Ihe Klre
Prevention Bi reati relativ? lo .. um*
plaint charging i ? rtaln man ifs i irai -
aitb beaping 'actor- .1.- hwlsed during
working hours, conti 11 i? !??? kiloa
I- ra.* I'.'M.u? se? '"??l ' ": '.i"
,,, ,,.?? on safet? of Ihe ' ItJ of Sen fork,
,??,?,. (ha oomplslnl Com? salon? 1.1
- , gld
? , ,?.,, . hlel ??n. nu - Insiru? lion? Ihe
building? enumerated bj Miss Perkins
vs.,. 11.1 ted bj sn Insi.1 ol ??.? Bu
,.; yire l?rev. m""' Tl ? pro|?rli low
.,.' manufacturim ?Ubi ?bmenti who
v..,.- named denied rmpbatlcallj the alle
gatlonsof Mis? Perkins They. 9Stttootor.
embodied thelt denials In afildavlls. which
.,,.. ,,???. in m) possesalon Borne of them
J,.?j n...? Mis? I'erklns w mi olhei rep?
rrtentatlv? ol the committee on safrtj
V).?.,i Ihell 1.I? (<" '.?"-'
?n ,. affidavit? a ileh lite i.?"??""'
?loner refers to sr. rig.I Btanl-?
R,,? man..'-'., ol !h? IVoll .I'"
i..n-/ii?(r \.i H4 Broadway;
?hiiii. s Danxiger, .**
L??a, Roacb Sot I? and Ml ? anal street.
.??i* Busman. So HI ??'.I~ay; Henry
Berxsteln. So ? ?'ooatei street; Samuel
Marker. Sot -? snd ? Orcani street;
',,..?. .u Strauss, of Birkenfeld. Btrauss
- ,,, so 113 Bracene rtrcet; 1.
?lmon.ofQrossd Simon. No H WMi
.,,.., Simon Hams. f?.. 1..- An,.n...1,
.;, ?n .-.pany. No ?'? RTnontci street
Bedford D Schwartsenberg, ol lay* ?
,.,. N? ui u.'.-st ...11. street, snd Loul
Mitchell. ,,! Mitchell Brothers, No Ml
T.i, ???? affidavits '.eat rilx d th.iltloni
,, the? factor!?? when rlsltod by ths
p-lre Departmenl Ins.?or. Chief Oocrlg
: 1 port? ?i
Miso Perkins was found las! nlgbl ??' ths
Tcn Eycb Hotel, In Albanj Over the
tetepbone abt insisted thai the places
mentioned In her report to Pire Commis,
rioaei Johnnon were ilffitod bj Inspectors
,,f u,. rommlttn on attety.
?A-?, received twelve anonynMHis torn?
plaints." ?he said, "and of theee we found
tout wert M reprecented bj n.e ,?.,.?
plaints t?,- w? reported to tbt ?'.
ml Bkmer."
.\,jS.a p. rklns *.?i?i thai When si in
m etor was senl oui i" Insp? 1 ? ?? pi m ? be
v,.1.1,1 asb tl? propri?t?? lo boa him
through, and hi sdded that be InvariaW
?Id so ? -?- ?
Find They Must Settle with City
for Hospital Care.
T i Dal?, Bit Insp? ? 1.f the Depart?
nu 1 1 of < 'haritle? of Ses ^ ??? k tltj I?
1 ?? loi met free path I f it John's
I lOHpital, ill I."I 1 I -' Ild ' ll '. . I a \ ,..,
th? Ii Irealtv?1" H?* ts ar?
?Tell I ? ? ? ' ' O ,1: ' II. .. lOl ill ..| , -, -
. . ' 1 ...,.'..? ? -ci,,,
m... . ' be . ..,'?? i? la tm ned ? >?, ei 1 be ? 1 .
to 1 . 11,ii,. ? -?? it foi uppi .?!?: ia. 1,,1, |., 1 he
hospital fot 1 he ? ire at 1 bat it ?? patient
The names ol Ihe patient? are obtalusd
front ihe publl r?K*orda <\ Ihe hospital,
hihI u,... Inapectot I?.,1? make? hi? ? ills
and urge? payment In v" eral ? 1 ? -, u
I? ss?< rted Ihsl 1.? peopl? 1.., re - en
, ,,i,,i,.!!??.. t" -;'? ?? up m.,i..- 1 hat 1 ? ...
i-oiild hard Pare
n |? ?sie ' ha? this plan ,.i the ? It ?
oiltcrlala 1- ?-. prevent persona sble to pa?
from taking advantage ,,1 th? bount) >-x
lended bj ti" ell; t" thuss a ho ba 1 - no
n. i<? 1 ? fot treatment
Lenox Club, Second Republican
Organization in 29th A. D.
The l..i,.?\ it? publicsn i ini?. a in. h hu
h..n ..i?.im/..?i as .i brabcfa of tin Ra?
pnMI? .-?n <'hi!, of the LtMh Aasembly i?i?.
tii. t. ??ill ..rtl'iall;. ?.|??'ii its ,-Int.h.?us. . ,t
N.. i??.? Park svenue, r..-r?.mi.t it will be
i r?guler oid-fashioti?.i houwWnrmlng,
uilh an ent.-i t.inin? -i.i. music ami n
fresbments, t>, ?rblch ever] on? is in?
Tb? district is one ??f the largeal Bepub?
lican su.?uphold- in the eft* although
tii>- Piogreslve movement .-..?- strong in
tu. diStritri, the fa. I thai a ?.-.(.lid Rs
publican . lui' could be opened there
showed that Hi- RepuMltras orgsnlsstkKi,
srhlch i- imdsi the l<ss^dersblp ??i ?VUliam
?hiiv.-is. is sun srowlM rigurouBly,
Th?? h-Hii'iua, t? is of Hi? old elub have
ii-.'ii at \o. ?j'.'T M.niison avenue, In the
southern end ??i the dlstriel The ne?d of
an ori-'ai,i/.atloli I'll,In.is.- in the uppel
<-n,i ..t the Mil hii t" ih. orgsAissttoe*
ot the Lenox Club, which has an antlre
hows.- in I'ark asenue, betwoea ?mil and
??Mi, Mtie.-is Th?- Piogreeslre dub m tiie
dlStrlCl is |USt 08*8 bio? k below.
The "i?i ' hit? ha?i aiinust ?eii?i.t hundred
ni.-ml?? rs. whll? the IISW ?80 has ali.ad'.
more than tWS hund?"?1 .nd lift? a|?i?li.u
ti.,i:s. Ani??iii? the sfbeera of th.? Isttsr
are Ua't-i i:i.??*ii i?f< sid.-nt ; JOSBph \.
Quilty, nisi \ i, .-i?r. -i.i? m : losstth i:
I'ui'.-h. BscreUry: f?ilgsr Bromhsrgar,
ti-fa-ui?-r and B IVsltei ?Xsufnsan, chair?
n,4U l ihe BSeCUttVa committee. I
no lady mm
Miss Harraden Laments Eft
of "Cause" on Literature
Miss Atherton, However, Is
Worried?Calls Members
of Her Sex Oysters.
By Beatrice Harraden:
Til. pollth ian is ;. s'.', i gglltlg. -'
list) human being, trj in? t<? lurilt
iii-- own Pnds bj a ?scheme in will?
the welfare of afomep has verj ??
tie Importance.
By Gertrude Atherton:
Women are o) gtet s,
a woman politician is no differ? i
from :? male .?ne.
Women ai?- i??? '?? onomk al f?
l-olill' P.
Votes ii" Women is death t.. literati
? Thai lofty detachment "t tout, that
tens seclusion m ?'hlch great tboug
I germinate, is Impossible for a suffrag
Hence, we may expect no woman Shal
i.. ire? >?i i.s ?i ilaeoM '
'This i?, the ?autoMographica laineni
Ifli . n. .trice llarrad? n, of London oi
writer, now ?suffragette, ? in? talked t.
i..i of worn? n :<t ii,? Bei k- i ?j Th?.?
? Bt l'la\ moi unit;
"Women a rltera ha ?? ? be? n .... . red ?
. aun the) has?- be? ?, so alo? :? en
lui?, Ih- at, na ol lir - ill a. ? > 1"
?hi -a , i " must i". ~'.\ ? '.--? ,
i .luctant to lurrendei uui
renlt: it roesat th.- ewJ ???' Imaginatl
, R'OI I.
Ci. t n.- how .i are* ks i o i Jusl ht
things going comfortably, yout li< :?? net
m i,i. red |n an Alpine ? alle?. or j ?<
In i ..in?- eloping !n sn airship yom t
?urns bright, t!" candle light is relleel
?l-'lfloiJBh 111 Ih? ? ' ? of OUI ?la? K . ..
\ mi ar? , i catino lit. al ?n< *-" i ? * ? gr?
.-?,. a hen the t? lephooe ii-n.?- "Go
,,i,, ? to tin ? ?" ;?? i ??i i.- itreel ?
m ,i ,- ., --i? .?? h.' your ? ?|'1 ill mi nais
.. telegram ?rrlve?* 'Bend tin ? tho
und words bj nlghl mall on ? at? ? ia
the li" a* of Commons.'
\.. i didn't .n th? lesst wanl '?> h<
th. cal i?? suffrage I ?ms ? ?? ' pea.
fui u ,i comparait' el) liai mle - |k aon.
?aw, ii,,v...,-i. thai Mrs I'ankhurai had
., ... that w. ill must ? dos
ind folio? h Hin ?? ? ? vol
foi a ??m n a mattei ol practi? al polltl?
s,., tui ' Ihr ?'n."m li ?!??? \ ? rom h? hea.
, . ,,,,.. -s,,, ahoi ? ip 1
? 'n, , - ., m? r? . \k ? uth?
n.. auut i i"i ? - ? ?tun . but i -
~. Itiali human taring, ti ? in? to i t lier li
..? u ,?.,.? a acht me I whl?
... ,,? v om< ? had va ) III '? ?
Th? r? ??>aa a ?*?< oi d -.?? a .??? M ' ??
n ude Athei ton, ? ho elated um? ?? "
expei i? m a - with w< men In polkti? i
I'allfoi i.i.i. Bhe, b) tin "fa . ???,' ' "'"'?
.: | .,i?, i> luffrag? ind leratun the
uleut. ?i llm? '??i the Uteri I
... ..,, lu .i ., ! ? ? lallst one tira
shs said, it. r? ?.?ni i" s fearful notion si
had n. ?? u ' ?ia.? ? " Id ' otne when si
.... i i not i"i.K?i a. i ite. To? do? toi -i
d her fears
? -i'h",, .- no ? ? ?aon ?hy on? In.
mi .?'?: .It! ??' nlnel
i . Mtld. 'I he '?! 'i d?
, h.itik.-. II remains vlgoron? ao long ?
..;,. i i,, .It h i - res sonst ! -.?
\v fut worn? : i polltt? Mi?- I "
,,'. ..i .i man Ihlngi an na them auc
?Womei ire oyat?rra
\ v.u |iolitli Ian ,? i. dlff. ?? ?
: .. t on?,"
v\', ni, ti ?re i.?onoml. .?i ?"i polil
i . ... - ...? i ?i.i ,.i living a
:,.,: I.- I?. ?I ?' I.ni an. ? '
??urn? ?? li l.Iltl? ??' If? foi th?.
. . ( airea?! ?dl i?< IH ? at in th? ...
,-i ?|M ? ding mon? ?
\\ omen must g? ?? that ?? en
? - ' '.?. ?in a Iii? ?i In bn 'i I
? . HI tl ' If?
?,, -|.,aii monej ? here It "< Il b
.-...,. in i..,v tog? lea i ?.?.?.- to hoi
., |>i| me? tu g Th? ' ? m.ngageil
,,,,i; r,,, ??-..- thousand p. ople, bul the
?ed t<> siiend mon. v to sdvei te \
a rea lit then -???? i ?? .?!.I Ihre? i, indi? i
im . pi? then 'I'll.'' ) ?? : te, wa
, ., 11 ? ? 111 >
The aom< n ??' fornla are Intel
I., mall las; The have i?. en i.?i.i tai
..u a pedestal loi m l"i.K thai thej thinl
ai| the) have !?? d?? is to smile and b.
,| i,. n- The) didii ' ? no* o it t?> regia
i,, w . ?i i , ?lied th? in o: ctei i Th
i ,.-,i !,.,,. : . t? Ihoui nid i n ious a :u
wen regist i - '
?|-ii. women also look th? ms? Ive? ??"
- i ?u . ??-- ? per? t i i ?* >
failed i" > a ?- i ? ? s i'??' i.erloui
i. :,i funn) ?toi ? - ????., ..- the bored
A polltli Ian l? a ,?"liii> ian, ??>? n mal?
oi feinst. Then la no-distinction In ?es
w ..m, it politician?" ?ill be Jusl ?a bad si
i.? i.it? ia? worn
Million School Children Furnish
Health Board Data.
The Department of Health, in ih?
Ihre.era. lias mad? i ??; -.:v .
examination* ??f ?ciiool children, i.I?
Inn " ?i? ? ??-i I) i? illetln In I) 5.?17 In?
def? tlv? . Islon s ..s found to ?a?
let in ?-.??m?- ilegre?. ? 'oi re tton n ?lefs t
,?i \ -i.nd "ih-i physical defe !- In
. hlldi en i urged bf Ih? bulletin, a hi? ti
; .iii
? n |a a ha -. ) ?nd il -tialuni ?-'i i on. lu?
?ion i.? infei that anylhing less than
?pTOper ,.it??.iti'.i i" all the physical de
fa i~ ami deficiencies .?f the rhlldren.
v. mi the :???!? ?I a?i lustim : i "i h une sud
....i ,..idttlons, ?a well as propel mcdl
.;ii attention, will give thai mental and
phyalcal heall i which Is l???ntlal t?? wii
roundnl ? hll I ?'?'? The neceaslt) ?>f ar?
and ?djuatn.' ,h" man) fe l n en,
rvhich ma) hs ? an ?*ff?acl upon tli** health
of th? child during the nineteen houta of
? i , ,; , ] .\ hen II la not In aehool, sr? ; ia
ilamentsll) ol iusl ? rnrat, and In many
In.).:ei "f fai ;:.??.:?! important, than
lluiae ?eondltlona ?-hlch ,.it? ? t l| during t'1?*
He. i. ? M l> ii: -*1 fhool."
?| h^ greatest ethcacj in asaurtng le the
i hild the normal health t" ?'lu. h II I? ? li?
nt'.. .1. it is poii'.t^il ont. ??ill com? w ii'-n
school ? tu? ?ai?, th? medical profesaion and
th? i..it> ??..-.u? ? ,-(?? with th?. departmenl
in the efforts being m?de In it.s system ?>f
medical aaaaslnatlon.
a locomotive in th? yards of the Mew
liH?.eti a- Hartford Railroad, at gt Ann'a
?.venue .i i > < t the Harlem River, yeaterday
BKirnlng struck and killed ?on? workraaa
and i.ijtiri-.i snother si they wera cross
me ti?* tmcks m th? l'on Morris station.
join W'?halen. ?' sufltchman, fort)^flva
veal?1 old. Of N.? !'?H At Ann's avenue,
was killed, while John lveiin.ll. g fireman.
twenty-etffhl y?mrs old, of No :.ii Bast
I ,'.i <|i,,.i. v.,- taken t?> the Lincoln Hoe?
pita] with lerlous '?i'iU'-a on his boadi
?<???* m>*%.
Fail to Apply in Their Homes Principles ofc
Beauty They Publicly Admire,
Says Artist.
j "V\ bal does u mo.'ii a v., m .m if ib
I-ain adraissien t.. picture g-ttertes, gnebl
tectural exhibits, mus?ums nlled with th
ji"---t and most beautiful furniture. ??"'
and tapestrie?, if ah? u?s.- not I?-*? ha?
I taste after riewij.-g them? Of a*hel valu?
| her admiration of ? ??loi lento, ?bill In or
I uamentatlon, delk-ac) In handwork. If si.?
<i"?s not earrj i!..;i revelation of bar
Imonj aad beauty bs h -Aitn tar io tai
own home!" The-., exclamations wet.
Imade bj a young Interior decorator at i
I i-'j m gathi ring <.r srilstp.
''ih? ?iiy bpaats exhibitions of-bandl?
?rafl -"..i hi* ..f. every kiw.t. ". be con?
Itiuued, "Th.- vvonian ?ooking ?ultur?
makes i a point to poo...ti .?<' them. Bhi
|was in. ??m ?i th. opoidng >.r the Margab
I collection t.. ihe public She hastened to
view the archlte tural glories ??r th.? new
Grand Central station. She Is on hand
earl) to ^??t a blimps? of beautiful historic
! fabrica collected b} an enterprising ait
dealer, Bui m aine times out of ten tin?
exhibition is a hu?ih ?.f ?rkdonlng, plan?
ning .?n.; triumphant achievement .-?-? tar
aa .i'. 'Hi? ?i iutli?n'i- on her laate ?*
i., i..- . ..i akiered,
"She is inclined l< regnsd ??an,ting and
-culptute an.i muai? Ike the Icing on ??
. ake ,? ilatal le, bul ...t necjessar). The
.m- , i-- iirett) stufl to sprinkle oaer tin?
to,, of dalh) ii- h.?s. '. ? ' as one oi the v..i
? lient? ol ? im? eststeocs oh?
? i ? - i .? rare pei son w ho follow * l he
plan oi putting t<? practical personal use
the '"< sutil ii eii? cts ihe publicly admin *
r?.i Instance, i recentl bad occasion i?>
? all ni ?.n a woman who was a atrangoi
i.: i,,,, i was ushered Into the drawing
n?.m to await ii'-i appearance, and i
gasped at tbe sight "f II Some ancestor
i.nisii have Inherited Joai ph's ? o.?t of
man) .?'i<.:-. and ou! of its remnants sha'
'evidently had the furniture upholstered.
Three chaifg were of Bosserai red -atin.
! three of brown plush, tOtgt, othejs and a
?sofa wert hlue; for fear of mlSSfng *?
shad?? or two ?h?- had Hung gegtklts ??!
, hrowi? with a . I'.Msh-jn h-ir.lci I omit
mention <?f the bia?'k smbratdorod ?'.?sii
i?.?ns. Naturally I ' e\r????--te?J to *e. ..
woman of unrtiltineil ta.-te. When ?Uip
enfored, however, i was sasaaad to tmd
?JangHng from tar i.cit the insignia of a
fraternity t<? which only the ?iuvoroet
students,hi college arc eligible doubt?
lesa she kn??w all sboul the laws of har?
mony, and could a'c a gotJd definition of
ail. Hut it had never o?? tilted to h"'
that the uae of ait is t.. beautify one's
?prioiindlngs and to have a d?Hi?lr?l ? t
i>..-i on habita of dally living,
'Another aroman ?>f mj acauatntauc?
with the reputation "i i>?ing Intellectual
and cultured is ?squall) in. ?insistent Bh?
v ill go t?< a .one. it and drink In th?
metody poured she tbtnki she le g
de**otee ??f beauty, bereinig the n
aa*akos ah echo in bet', but her appear?
anca violateo ever) law of 'lie hoaiitlful
She ?s so badly dreaded that 'net- ctothea
give no iiKiication of tar fiaeheea The
:?-?i leather r*n hoi bal and the soil?-.) ?-oi
lar on her coat are obtrusive
'Tins sain.- vv?.mai, ??otloCtS SXCep?tlonai?
ly va'liable china. I'm it la more of ?
pleasure to dine where the plateg are less
beautiful and the aervice nearer |i?-n.-. -
tion. sh- ma) talk interestingly on th*
latera ceraral? exhibition. Sh<? may have
travelled far end wide, noting the nsto
and the One ret ?t h.-?v nevi r entered In?
t.. hei dall) 'u'?' What le IM use ?>f a,
public ? ??ii?'? lion of ptcturea, raaeaJ china
or furniture, if they educate the publi?*
onl) to a kiio ?ledge of their money nr
hiatoric worth? It is like!) i?i result, as n
the Vase of this woman. In m? lv ciida of,
ownerphlp, m superficial appreciation!"
? Postal Card Departments
Al' communication, (and they are welcome) should be made by postal sa fast
as it is possible.
Recipes 1 esteci and
Found Good
ill r? imb appearing m th??* toliaaaa ti???
le > n --??;> .
i ? ??: ... A-.- iretncata an aaad ia ts? other??
? ? ?tatcd.
.- ? ?parti ?al alii '?<? ?la.I ta muse- ar>"
,,?!? tiut.s submitted b] rrsUns ?nJ
? recipe?
KdArttt Cullnari Bdltae. N**.-Totk .ilt-un?.
Sft IM KssbbU une, t.
i.'l am 'ii? ?v. i?i:i: r? ene ousri ef
?opened i un? lars? onioe one pint
of a ?! | otatoei idh-edl ? qusriei ol 8
I ?i ? ,| ..f sah ' ? content of .< an
of toma'.. - apd twi quarts o? i ol ? att i
Hlice the onion snd frj it fn the gra> : ol
Ihe fried -ah ?.oik. add to this the ??rater,
;..,t ,???? - ?nd tomato? s and hrl bull foi
'.,. h'.'it - M., t half a. hour b?f?*r?
add Ihe ? '?? i. che ?ped, and, laai
of all. th? II? ? "i : '""i -11< ? Isms' ?>n
..... S. !. ' '.
Mont? Islr, S J
w Ai'i'i.:> i ??.gg oi >? tsble?
. . on? ial,i?-?, '"?ni'il of
butter, on? i. .si'ooai'.i ,.i ?alt. t???> tes?
ooi lula "f .king powU? r, two ci pfula
of mill and two cupful, of Itou. ?Bent
.. . ,,,. . . , . to a ream; idd i..-.?t-i.
. gg, -..it. milk, n ' .?i " taking ?jowiler
:-. |n we'll? ?<>!..- M H
Jem? sbtiry. N I
I-, ?TAT? ? BRKA1 ? IB* reo irai? I ?-?? ??
.,.,.1 ol a-srmed .nd Bitted ft? r, t???? ?>o
? ,to - masbed and three i upfula of the
? .,'..? the) wer?."???'' In Tk? i?otat?>
. ihould be blood warm. Beat to
K(,ih<. md tii.i. sud on? eupful of luki
\?..tiii ??.im in Which had a ??-'ist csko
,.,. ,.., n dlaaolved !'?? al the ?? hole ihor?
und pul d Into a lila breed bowl.
s ? ? ? ough Boui ovet tlu lop i" ,,,., .
,, ,,, the depth of hair an Irish l?el It
,,, i?.i hoi i- Ihen ?-in the whole
add ? ?? teas|*oonful <-f salt apd
, tableai.nful ol ?usai When well
., ,....,i knead the I resd lb?*(m*>tchlr. if
?me prefers it.Id-fashioned hand knead?
ing i,, ?node n m.???? ani? al irdx? is It w"ll
take twent* n .'??- and if lit? twenty
.. i,;.,,, i,..,., ng la d,.ii?- u.. ??? ?- ?!
b) ml? ' lie a III ?? delitthtfullj ligbl .nd
In every a'a'j lual like the km?l <?f breed
thai grandmothei used t?> make. ?Vftsr
, . iding, the I ? "i shou ?? be ?el t?? ris?
s aal ,. overnight this tinas, snd In the
, ornlng II ?houtd i?.- ptacird is tbs pans
ill,, . ,i ...... . i, boar kii'I ti.. .. baked.
Soft h .11": ShOUM be I ll?ln-?i uu 1 th?'
top .,? ihe loa e? before bskkag. sud it I?
?, u i., a.1.1 .. tableai.tful of .softened
lutttei or Isrd t?> n,.- design s'hen ku?isd?
Ing it if ..u. im> not snosgk i??>tat?>
vvr,. > -1 i? nil ihrej cups, ?.J.'.u aster,
, '.t ??.,? ir. ma) he sal ?tmited.
Useful Household Tips
; ? links ?Kit pos la? kaassaasitd ?iss
if found svsllabl? .m us purpo??. Kddttmt
'?* ? ? I louse I ?Id rips DepBTttaeatl'' New
v ' . Ibuae, Bo, t.v Mamau attest.
? VIW \\ \\ T?? BTfcW ? i:\NKi"J*>
BIKB?. v- . . ompiomisf between old?
i i??iioi.e.i crsnbeir) sauce ?with its skins
and v,..,,,, ,-,,,,, crai|berrj j.-n?. r. \ pas.)?
lut: the .ran..ii.?-? through the fo.nl
rhoppM beforf ?tewing Hi, m in this
wai all th? ItavtM of Ihe skin and s. sda
retained, whll? a? the same time the
chopping i'i??,,-? break? the berr* and
, its the altlg rnoat ? ttet tusll) ll .i it
Ken York ? it>
ri:i;i'i;?"i- Bl'TTBR BXLlat It ?.
Quires coosiderabl? def?nese t.. make but
li bnUS eXSCtl flghl as to size and
.sha;..? and the praetUt is in;iti>ri.-i||? alelad
?rhen i? I? ?..?iii/,-,1 that plant* oi ..?id
? iter i? all th u la required fot tJbeti
<?? .i.i.n Keep a howl of ..??1,1 water at
hand an?! dip th? uaddle?; into it I ?.-. |.. ? - n t
i and the ball? can i??- per/ectlj moni-i?.!,
ev? n m Hi- hottest ?v.-ath.-i M. Y .
Koine. X ?/,
Daily Bill of Fare.
BRBAKjPAfT -o.itmeal. poa.hat .ggs
Ml toast on? nee mar ma lad? . roifee
l.f\?'HKON Hake,! .?-an.,, ratsie<1 b|l.
cult, quince jam. tog
IJINNKR -Onion soup, baked Spanish
ma k ??-. i. eresmred bsrsnlps, he.-t??, m
tuce, suet pisiMlng. coffee.
BAKBD BPANIIH .\1Ai'KKI11'i..-r?.
nove the hesd, lina ani tsll fr..m .-. three.,
'ooii.l Sianisl, m.?k.'rei Split i, ,??.?
nd ?yter washing take out the sjilne
tSeaaon II altb sail an-i pepper and spread
? with i tetted "' it?-i Ml. t-?.. ... thrv*
tin) spring onions and spread them over
[the ft? Sprinkle with lemon I'll?-?-. Hake
ith?? itsfi for .? itiarter <?' an notti Th??n
? sh it with half ? cupful of rich tomato
?aauce ami lei ft bake far shawl tan or
lfift?.-ri minutes longer, a<r*co**?*llng t.? tiie
[heal "f the oven it win then i?- ready
lor sei ' i?i
Seen in the Shops
i ??. ?.??? ..f ?bopa w! ere art?- ka FM
t..m?-.i ? thla vas- were aaaa ro? be eMatsad
is wading a ?tamped an-i addresaed ??nv.i-.p??
to "U??n m lb? Shape," Nos fork Tribun?.
... . . :??-? a ptiinip: reply, the dale ut yibll-.a
' tii.n sh'-'iia be kiv?a.
I.inene. or soft Madia*, shirtwaist* iri
the Strictly tailor??! gt**ts, mav I??- b?->u_hi
for '??". rents each The majority arc all
.? hu?-, ?v.tii perhaps a silk line, but some
ate white with a narrow ? olote.I stri|?
blue, lavender <?t Mach Some of the <??.!
hits ar.- "f Ih?- rafiot) that may hs w.un
. high or low, by f.iNteuin*; eloselv at the
I ?I
i?? i ? i ? 111 r i ?_ ?low n the i ornen
\ sheer white vil* collar, with tineiv
pleated frilly ravers, Is priced ai IS cent*.
11,. . oHai Is of medium shut perfectly
s't.iish' a. kiss the hark, ami both ?"liar
.??;..! revers sre hemstitched *n?i gnlsbod
??ith a tiny ?.not **dg<
German "Ivory" mantel ?'?>? ks. v?i?u
sv\ ?a movement, ma) be bought for $1 ?'S.
i .\ greal man) shape? and style. .im
show*) some witn Ion sstnJ^iCulnr tor?
[resting OC a broad fin? fase and othero
[ with high pointed or rounding top? ..n %
|?mallei base aii are v.-ry attractive and
the figures on the fa.?-s- arc laise enough
I to i.? wen without the ?hi ?.f a micro.
a ope
, ? -
Ths las! of the season's ?to? k ?*?f chll?
dt.-ns Winter hat* i* being -old in ?>n<|
Shop at greatly i adatad flrtfce soft sill".?
Austrian retour hat?-, Simply tHmasad
unit a wide stlb band snd a itttic* tu <*s
feathei arrangement, have Been redacta hg
II ?, great man) talara ?re ahowa?
| hm. of course, th.* si?i?-k. is very Iti.-om?
plots Pratt) htiie fur bata gggj h.j
j bo igbt from 11 ??.". up
x woman slwsys welcomes s petticosf
which rtts .-tuooiiilv. wltboyl having t i
n ata alteratlona hereelf A ?Ilk ??ne. with
tl??? sofi einging jarse] top and tlneiy
pleated mesoallhi? Bounce, though with t"?
dual rutile, mav I.?* Loiii;l.l rfor | I IS,' Th:?-:
pattiOOal Is aiijusied l>' means "f tap-*?*
?and is suppoecd to fit without ? wrinkle
line white ? ?>t t ??n crepe, i ?'? Inches wide,
with small Bowers dmbrbidcrcd In ?ilk. Is
s?-iiins for 5i SB a yard The color? n?.."t
al. verv efleiliv.- ?T? |?ie(. lias bright
ro.se colored flowers, with just e fou.-ii <>i
Oaten ?.aother Bhjsws a. Un) bunch of
i!i.cii foliage, with ? pitle pink i??-???
l?i;.|. while a third ? umhin?'* Ipvendei sad
green In the lower
An eagJUMta la??no\ waie chocolate -. t
ecnoMtlag ef tta iiml? i?<-?t at.?i iin.:c inch
. ii|.s and s.iu. .-is, is iiiii.d at f'!-> It I?
ttnted a delicate oreaasy tan?. gnd each
piece is nia.le on the simplest line.?
a large white of smoked pi-ail forms
the head of so attractive hatpin ?
mav be bunghl Per >i Th.- pearl Is in
. high setting, win. h is Btadded with I
thiti.'stot!. a.
N??t in rant tar S?ntl?m?n A S ?s!l?a?s?? a
Brsakfaat. tauncheon. Afternoon T??,
Dinner. Supper, '"lub or a 1? Carta;
Smoklrif Pefnipt??!'. Southon* borra
rooV'.ng bv Southern colored eoek?,
Prlv?te dining room for luncheon?
and eari part?.?? BtBJ Madiaon Si
etaAjs r. cAnnoix. ?4 tv. ttt q,

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