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y<" LXMi'V 24,20-1
To-ilai. i IoikI.t ; ?onie? hat rot.1er.
In-morro??. rain or ?no??.
iilta/?!?- /?X'l* /TVT 1" I ??.? ??? BtU ?ork. .l?-r?'.v< il? and Hobo?-??.
nil Va \)y\'j i l'?> I I l-KWIII HI 1?\<? ? INT-_
John D. Buys Fifth Avenue Home
of Mrs. W. Seward Webb.
Next to His Own. to
Keep Trade Away.
Oil Man's Real Estate Holdings!
in West 53d Street Now '
Saul To Be Worth
More than Two
Million Dollars.
John D. ft?-* kefsll? r bouglii from airs.
W. Reward Webb : -st.ni;i;, th. tour
r4or end ?asemenl dwelling house No.
i.??? Fifth svemue, nt, the west aide of
the Ibotnwchfgre, between .".."..i and Mi
Btreets which i?r. snd Mis Webb have
?4-<*ua4ed for many ytpars. ti,,. asking
pries foe the fin?-? ?property, which has a
front.-.-, of S2.1?, feel and a depth of
r.-j.*'? feel wsa si.j:.??..i.n. -|-?? ...
PJK4 ??.-.s somewhat less then thai
tj re This tnnggt lion wa nego
ate! by Ptaot ??? Elllman and William
A. White Se ?nn*.
I?! and Mrs. W< i?'' liv? th larg
r.t ? " lh ? .1 ?ut ol
ras thai fa? t. H Is said e?l th? m
ssri s ? ' ka ago I.r th? > ??? mises
Hi 1' -? ' Sii'l.lSH'? ??), ; g j r;;l || -
la iinnr?.?- the propert) for retail but
t,r?-j? use ..' his >i\\ u exp inae
incidental csrrying charges. I!
? afterward lesrried thai oven m
i?, purchase the ho
I by ,tl ?? os n r
t ate William ii V'underbilt.
(gl f id Mrs. Webb, bo '-.- t the prop
art; about thirty year? ago, snd ga ?
lo Mrs Webb as i s-eddlnt*
fi'- sent, lus! north of the pi em_ -
the home of .ira, H. M*?K. Twombiy,
si?, tt nt Mrs. Wi '.
Mr. Rockefeller ?bought the property
to prot?. t the iiciit snd sir of
.? sad that of his son In the
i?- r ol the Webb house TI ? Webb
proper!* ' as sn outlet to ?4th street
bets'oen the garage si th? easterl
si rue Rockefeller ground? nd the
T* ombly house, at.ti ilia* st'ii? la M--.?
ludtfd It th? pure! ase.
It wss nnn?,un, c?i !..-t nigh! thai Mr.
Ro kefeller ??ill gel ?,...?*?-!--.??i; ??! the
Webb property on May i, and that 11
h- ?1" ? n?.i chgl ge his I'tfsf'H plans.
i..- kntenda aoon alteraran] to replace
the Webb house ? ,t:. s i--?? mercantile
r-ti !? tut?-, li this?1.?? Mi R.feller
Sill ?be ai?!1" '.?? ronserv? i- ?? largi '" ?
&<?? th?-- air ind lis lit "!1 tht ?. ??
.???Je ol his pr< mise? sn?
bei tiomi sit, ??i his -
i. -i Tuesday h? ? ? i< his daugh?
ter, Mrs. !.. Pat male? PrenlI? ? ' ho
r. r-t \... '. \\". b1 ?3d street, the
I - .-. \-,, . \v., st 13d street
, ? ?. ? iigh ''" air 'im -
:?- gi,' ,.. So. ? to a ra? ant
? v., '? Wesi ltd -treet. Mrs.
1 ????'. - HI hi -?? ? ?? t? o i.. ?o?
i : ma'!?* Into a. modsrn dwelling.
?? : ? .ti; .? more
? ;... i Ro. k< fellei bo tg i
\. . ... i :? Weal : Id ?tre?
I |n g ral y? ara ggo
.... ?. i i-a? ate ! he tor?
.... source ?>l
, ? n. ion .- ;.- bout??
and to ?11*11 ' e to i>'H ? Indow i
caterlj vsl ol ***o. .
i m se* ersl sra Mr. Ro kefeller
been ?'stchlna i bai ilnesa i
ppsr i iff i svi ntis, ai d work
Igen.tly fo kt??-!? trade from in?
11.- ? n -too anil ?'tli Btreets, ? -
eigirj tht lattst street, i ot the Francia
B, Unggy ?rata,? hoUSS, So. )'? W< I
M ? ?great he ?psld i??-i year at>ou1
? ?ii.?.. and f.,[ l no Ii.?lis?-s or. th
southerly ?id?- e?4 Mth street, covering
. n\>.tot i;? f??t. h?- ??as reported
te gave paid about $C,t>94) s franl i?????
i, rss said to hai8 go) th? Bt? i i
> . th. tarne front fool rat?
? ,.n in?? total realty inv? si
n .1.,?- Mtl. l'?1'-! I'l??? h If r?8C4 ill
? ? about 12 <>'? i
?his Morning s Sens
Duffy Arrested Bweenej Weakens. i
nock?f?nai Buya ?v?-i>i? Horn?. i
? II? ?Call May Bigs To-dnj. 1
i las? M Pelgsdn In Hospital. ?
?'? l? Bsrrs Insftarsa ConMence. 3
Mscks] Estate al ?ftsalys ia Trust ... f
Msslsnrs'g Rittssance ?Shatt? rsd. 3
flrsasiilien Raalgns from Assembly... 4
?-?< hoo: Ifa'ara Bara Ki<: McCoj. 8
Ussse si Wrestlitsg ?Bout. 5
?Hepart on ?/?acatlsosl ?Jehsola. n
(aasaMtng RaM ea Place da Luse ....is
?'?.t sho?? i?? ? tiStofl Rsveraed .16
- . ? ? Bound b) Tamn ? u?. *
Ifilson Defends "Seven Sisters . 8
Hadere Assured ol His Life . ?V
Whs In-A/. l'i.'i?nt .??i'i> in. 3
Hem .Malier?? Wsa Dapoeed. 2
Vi-ai. Meslcs Paces Mot?- Troubla 2
Oelaj fat ? <->? ..m? Bill. 3
j><-i i?r? ?-s investigators. *
V'i. Visisimiii Bterta Trust Bull. *
?Sulser i>ror?a WsMs CSbsrgi ?. 5
TWg Battleship Bill Kfportc). fi
f?hl? t.ns- Afg-MiTiMi r ?ni 11 itiK ?Phllipplnea 6
t-uffrHK?? Army ?t Blkton, Md. . I
McKelws* i:i", t?'i < hau, ?ii??, . *>
1.??n? ..ii Huffrrig? tt?*? Trj Ar SOS. 9
'?'< a a f??i Worn? n f . .'7
Rdltot tal. 8
s?., i? ?? .,.!.. 8
. 9
ia i > . s
hpwrts. . 104.ni?-l 11
Vi ??- ithsi .ii
?-?n ilir.j n t- . 11
A i niy and Na\ ? . 11
> isatn? ial .-?i I Mgi ??lets, n. 13 and 13
f:?;?l i'.S'gl?' .it
SEN?10 tomb:
Duffy Charged with Extortio
on Testimony of Wilktns
?Goff to Fix Bail
Indicted Official Sends Mor
Emissaries to Whitman ?
Rosie Hertz Offers to Tell
All?Then Her Lips
Are Sealed.
These were the big developments i
District Attorney Whitman's pohc
graft probe yesterday:
Se.ge.int Peter J. Duffy. In?pe;tc
Sweenev's rinht hand man, who i
worth about $60.000. was indicted as
rira't colector fer Sweeney. He w,i
arrested and locked up in the Tomb?.
Patrolman Thomas J. Robinson, ar
other of Sweeney'-* aliened collector
already onder indictment for briber)
was indicted on a supplementary coun
charging extortion.
Ot'-er evidence has piled m on th
District Attorn*/ making imperativ
further ndictments against Insoectc
Sweeney. There are now twenty-ei'jl'
charges beirg investigated agamst hin
Sweeney again sent an emissary v
'he D'itnct Attorney's office.
Leroy Willems, who testified befor
the .'iran.H ?i;ry against DuHy o
Wedne'day night, has already ?fail th
;.veng?nfi hand of the police. Four po
! cinifi m uniform entered his ?aloo
?i . hoirs after he testified before ti?
gra-id jury and. ordering all hands oui
olosd the place.
Ot^er witnesses v. hose names hav
been published have also been hounde
by oolicrimen in uniform. Wilkins. i
i fear o'- his life, was escorted fro-n hi
'hone to the Dinner Attorney's offic
by Detective Thomas, ov Whitman"
A'l ?he threatened men live i
Sweeney's district. ?Ahich is ruled b
Nicholas J. Hayes and Pe-cy Nagl
Taimsny leaders, both friends of til
indicted inrp"ictor.
Rosi* H?rt:. convict?d of keeping I
disorderly h mi??, and one of the wealth
?est women ?f her kind, running eigh
?och establishments in the lower Eac
Side, and O'wnma four of the houaai
was on th? point of implicating po'ici
heads and politicians when her mo?t1
was clusod bv a Tammany agent wl-<
visited h?r in the Tombr.
Anothei -? * 11. ara? tl?ed to i ?
Attornej Whitman'? i"?lt yeaterda
whan the John l?"?? ciami Jurj rel
?; Mil char***inc briber; a?**aini
- ??.. m Peter J. ?Duff; . loni kno-a i ai
fnepectoi Dennia Bw?eeney'a wardmen
i ? ifl v. a? .n reatad late lam ? ? nini
m th? Libert; avenu? iBrooklyni pj
Ic? station, where he was dolnf , ..:
duty, i>. Detective Thomai of Dtatrl l
Attornej Whitman'? ?taiY, und locke?
? hi in tlie Tumba fot the nicht Hi
: .il be arralcned before .)ustice Ool
the 8 iprenie Co irt thi? mo nin?j when
..ill Will '?"'? !i\<Hl.
Th? indi? uii'-iii a ;?? found ?i th?
testimon* of ?Lero) Wllkin? .1 negrc
onkeeper ??i l?*ith atreei and i-'i.ti
avenue, aupplemented by that ??r Patrol?
m.m Bucen? FV? Captain Walsh'? ?col?
Wilkms Feels Police Vengeance.
B fore ihr indiftnioni waa ritirn?d?
in la? t. within six hours ?after -Wllkini
lafl the District Att?orney'a olflct
\\. .?n.Min? aftanaaon thi nacra fell
the venceance of the police. Pour i'??
trotinen all in uniform, with drawn
duba, rushed Into bfa aaloon drove bii
I cuatomeri oui and ordered Wilklna tc
loae ut'.
Wllkin? ??i?. .'.? ?i. althouch th? ihw al?
lowed linn t" -'?'. open 1?" hour?
lone 1
? Wilkin? was f?aarful oi hi? life yea?
lerda) morninc? and had to be ?eacorted
b one of the i>i-i?*i?t Attorney'? staff
i?, the Criminal Court?- JiuiUiinK i<? ap
peai before th<? grand jury, ii? teati?
fled be paid 100 ?? month aince July 1
last i?? DufTy, yho at*s introduced to
him bj Fox as "Inspector Sweeney'?
I ?collector." Thi- ?a.- corroborated hy
a supplement?r] indi tun m acalnal
' Pa'.i olma n II, -nias .1. RobiOSOn Was
hns^if un ?practically Ihi aam? iisti
[mony on which be was orlcinally m
iiii?ir.-i for briber)*! trltb tba ?additional
I element of ? threat, which made the
i ? rime este? I km.
Tony Taacredi, proprietor pi o i*ea
Itaurant, teetifled ?hut be paid Robinson
ISCO a month ?ift* 1 Robinaon threatened
t.. s?n?i him i? the worl?totiae ?m a
??framed-up charca. Thla did not aound
?it ?,n ?di. to Tancredl, who told the
iiisiii?! Attorn? .-?? Mom core before
?when he refuaed to P*l tribute h<? w-is
railroaded to the workhou??? for thirty
1 da> s.
??Robinaon saM to m Tancredl
?swore, "thai he would aend me i" the
i Island if I tMiiui pay. ?Bo 1 paid "
Another witneaa before the grand
?ut yeeterda* waaOMeon L. founc a
n.iii... who owns ? satoon al No, 120
Weal 138th atreat, and who bull!
Toun?|*a Caain?; ?'?< N-o. MK* ''?'rl; ;<v?
nue-, laal July, Ulsottary threw further
? Illumination on ""' 'l,:,r?--" ??*?- ' v<'"
respectable bou-sea had to pay tiihutr
?to ?Sweeney, who enrned the title "f
? .inliini'il ??" ?fit? Patte, ?rninil roliiiiin.
? Tliat'a mlplitv goort ???'?' y ????? ?* ,1,
sfte, ?.',?? ?i,, n ord? rim Lu>'tl< iBros.N Y
Francisco I. Madero, the deposed PreskJenl of .Mexico, and hi** wife, who all yesterday
tras loin betiveen hope and despair as she waited the word thai would <.??<.?.<.<? the
fatc ??I her husband.
Photo \i . ?? ? . ?? - ..?,'?'?
in of nu
Dr. Delgado, of Immigra
Service. Feels Effects
o? Cruelty.
After Recovery Wanted
Fight, for U. S.?Traces ?
Exp?rience in Present
Serions Condition.
' " Jll ? I. 1?. . .?:?? . ' III?.
lit -1 > ? I? : i . ? '?. I.. . .,
. .... ,,: ' ;..- ... i \\ , ?
if ''t?1!., m i**'?; .??? .? iii? i old ?
; ... . i I in* .I'M!, -i f?pali 1- :
i n ? 11 < 11 tl.?....i dot la i - ? i ?.
at PI l. ik? - i!"*r.'t.'?' While
health has ne*vet been ???"?'l ii?'
vas left for dead In a#?canefleld "t
Cuban s'il-.n plantation, .- ? r ? * - ? he I
\. ?ho! v itli ' srblne snd i. ??
?-. mi machet?! ?-. l?t Delgado'i condil
"..>- r...i conaldered aerlous until -i r
He ? ?.fin." ted It.si :.
after he retui ned to lb? i * -11 * ? i st.-.:
Tra? es "t the 'ii ease itlll remain
nuil forced iir i i" tniet HI I. ? ? H<
i ,?;.!. ' it? t e *? ? ere i da) s ago
mitt? ?i to .m "?" ratloi :?" bi.; trau
fusion i? " .'?- *? '"l v. -,. i. .. n.
t'n. re tv.i-, hope ?"i his reeoverj
i',,i Hi.- i.i-i t? i. ? ears i?t Delgg
has been on ih? stafl of th? Mari
Hospital service, assigned '" tl" mi?
cr.'ti"ii bureau at Kills Island
Shot for Aiding Insurgents.
Hi.-, t'.iiii? r v at the ownei ?? . ??
tugai ?lui. n. ?'util railed ih?- Dolor?
plant ition ?Sari; In th< . ?>?. i <%'.
,i band ??!' hall f? ?i end t ? ?? ? i i ?ui
?r. iii? stopp?ed a! the l?"i?'.' do horn? an
asked t?.i food .'?in! '?? ??" i I?
sympathy. Ihe famll? - ? lb? m
,, - latai .?'. and ihe In urgent contin
u. ,? on th? if way. Within ?> ten houi
n fragment of Spanish cavalrj halte
m the plantation and asked Mr. Del
**.-i?j?i wliv.i? had harbored ? lurgeni
The soldiers, undei Cap!. Melgulz?
would a??? ? i?i n?' explanation, bul oi
.]? |. <i i he ? nt 'i e famll) out of lh<
house, end round**d up r*me thirl) aer
The famll? kn? ? at ? nee n hal aai
eomlng, .-? h'I " i?, i i he - old!? ? w ? ?.
aboul i" tie Ihe n Mil logt II pi In ?
group t.> ahoot Ihi m, I >r i ?? Igado ssk?
thai iii ? '-' d parent? be t ?u? ?i Mi
frtiiv?, ..iii^.i.i..i t.. i1.!- bul -i ? deter
mini ?l t" kill the othi re.
Meanwhile i>r Delgado h id obi iln ?
hi'* papers <?f American eltlxeunhip nml
his pasaporta, bul befori showing them
iiiiortii? <i Melgulao thai he a*g in
American cltlsen. The Bpanlsh Iroop
. is laughed ??t his ?i? ? laratton snd de?
m.Mil?.I proof, When the sun.; of
i,..-. .i hi? ? a] i. 'i ? ? wen snat i . ?.
frot i i Is hands and sfiei i i imli
i ?niinn. i ?>n sniii gage, iMrd estarna,
i,'- |?n ia:ii)i I glass stoppered iimiles.
Due to Increased assessment.!
and to Economics ot City
in .? ..il?. i-.l sti ?
. . ? ... i ?
?.?-.., tes in the va
??i : -.a '.<i\'
Neav Yor'*. .Manhattan aid Tie
Bi-ony i |181
King? (Brooklyn) . i Sj
Queens . | Hi
Richmond . 182
i ? . : are two pointi low?
Manhattan. Th? B ;
i ? . h it i: r.. Que?
polnl llghei ' n?J
ul th? ? that this y? . i .*
?, ; ?. . ? t than In
| r . . ' '
I ..... it that
I. ? : nd yeui .. < ? ?
? : . '..i li .1 -;
Th? In i' ??-? i' th? general Iund
t... i. broughl ab tut tbi ough avli ?
tl?. amount? sppi opt lat? ?! i"i admini
Itrntl . expenaci ?. II1S sad previous!
? ..ni ihrough iii'- iIgid .? "in ". j
bills in : 1 i ? .?ul. ..II? r I ..ll?' ? , W III' h
ii i* resulted m ?i aving ??! 15,300,.I
\ a Rita I] sji "i i he ,t ? ..m.i:-- i?f foi mi i
? ? m . ? Ipalltl? ? i ? ..i*.-;. -? ?i full) $-.
.-I'll' m.I ;i ? ? I.*. Which ?'?' '?'?' ' "V' t" ? .1
? i . .1 int.. i!,. genei il fund. The
i ? ? ? ' . Iruni watei ratesar? -' ?.
i., . % ? > ; ? fol I !? i :
Safety Pin Found Imbedded in
Hani Boiled Egg.
? ?,.:. Ohio Feb n Ishlan?!
''".'.: ..".i i ,i i., i iii' glvei ? pi?
.m in i tilt h? i lui akfusl food. Until ?
i i hi goose that laid il ? i old
i ho ever. Ih? h ?i. : :
-. i. .?? n'hi'.'li ?
in.i ? tife would .'et" ? 'i te
Krank C? ep ai.?l Ulla Hoi ; burg' -
? ? : i. ? ' ? . ? , 11 i " ., ,
i Re? ?- em op? ? h ird bolli ?? '????? i i
? Id?, fit . ' dd? i through both
ami whit ?'?? ? ' ti., i luir ?>i
th. ? -'^. ii'ii: pii till In plan wji
I i ? ?.-' .i ii. m., i open t.. hi i?, ?-i Ion i?:
II alo iblers.
Cr.c Dra'i and AnoMior Fatally Hurl
at D-t?a.s, Tex.
: ?nlln?, T? .. Kel i !>?> <???.,. .
ettct "v ? ? .. i.i .?i.! re >l ? itat? de il m
.m ..t?,. . iHitidli a !?? : ? lo da Jan ? I.
v hite ti' .1*111-1 of Ib? Republic Trust
? 'm,ii...n- . of i' ' ; ?? ' ' ?? ? '
killed and .'? Silt ??? ? ? -pre? i lenl ? i th?
?:. ?.iiiiii.- ? . ... ind .? ; ?. I
Silv. i .v. ? . a? i fatal!) ahot.
.1 A ' I.Ipt?.ii. ..i gall Aul..ni .. T? s . lil?
il? ni n?.m I? th? ? "m? '?? ii' ? charge?!
with H?, crime?
i." .i. :-.i Spring X. ? ? Pel.
Mrs. Margan t Van R< naeelaer tbi old
? - .'m.iti in N'i.i I i?' ' " Si S 1 '" r, ?II. 'I ?
to-ila: N yearn oM Hlw teas the ol?
.. dIm i of Hi. II? i" sh Uran? h of the j
Odd !?'? ii-." .?.
W ! an Arl?m?on'? Botanic Conqii B.V
?an ap| i1 ? <-? d or ? ?ugh dl ?i : ? ?:
- Advt.
irai ii m
His Approval of Dual Systei
Becomes Known at North
Side Dinner.
Gaynor Enthusiastic in Com
mc-ntlm? Chairman of the
Public Service Com
1*1 .1 on ire eta w I
II :? .. . . ..?[...; ;?, .
rly next hut - the dee la i .
: i.?n m id? la?st nigh i b? Ms ? 01 i ;.'? n?
i ml < 'halrman M? < 'all of th? p ibl
s. ? . ? ' 'ommia-""?-. amid deafi nin
? ? ? - li'.'i, the ?.I'lni" i ni tin N'.'il
sin. Board ??' Trad? ai ti,?-ii snnu
, ? at th? Burl ? id i 'aaino, m Th
r,i, t.
Chairman Mt-Call did not bimaelf a
a hen h'- would sien, bul nona th?? if.??
:t ?rai lehrned on 'hr beat of autboril
thai he would eflls hi- slcnature t
Hi.,n.i. i i he ii at part <>i nos
wet k.
Ma .-i i :.i nor ??? "!?.'? ni' m a ? a it;?.
oui warning and ?.? eni .it It ?>. itii .
? .ii..i \ iK' i rarelj displa-j ?'?i ??
loin ?.n i ublii "'?? asioti . H? d?clin? ?
:.. i?. . .. ? thi subwaj q
ulntlnc '" ' 'halrman Mi ? 'all, rah
.i.?. :ii. n had i.??? n iiKi'i'-iti? hidden a
inbli i ? ? hat the fudc< ? oui?
.i- '"i- Hun?; Int? restlnc about ?ub
v .,? he ? "iiiii ??? ' n ssy that i... \?..
?going i" -iK" 'h* se ? on tracto to-ds
.\i"l t I ? i I 'Ik. i tu.m M ? '.ill m :is m
i i ,,.! . I ;ilnl ? .Uii'- I?? ihr )il.HI i, ;u
?,. \ nor i>.?? and, a it Itic bit
I, *ii?l tu ;l" ihn- is t.. follOS hi- i \
?imp!'*, " gun i?? ? ii'-'i'. When th?
. . i Ii man r.I bis pla? ?? the Mayoi
... i "i linn ell ? f**nerous portioi
and ?Irani to Judg? McCalL
? i? i ?.' n M< i'.nl did un? contradi? i
il,. Ai ? ?. "! " 'ill 'ii thai he a at
r.. ii i ? -/.n Hi ? entrai ta, He said;
M i., n i sank ? > 11 ? my min? ?and it
la nut lone ?" be defi rred i i hall ex
:,i opinion end mj Judgment.
and i ? ill ash no man on ?earth t' share
m i? i ?m liblllty.
I , .if ? ? ?.ni ...i ?utiiospb? : ? ? here
i ,,,. id? 'i i i judementa as my con?
told i.?? i ilamor and viciou i
?? ni '?;'\i no more Intluenc
? ii. ,r ',. h thi? matter than water on
i ii. :,:i- i. ... the proverbial duck ?
i m ? n ? ht n'l "ii the pulae ol the ;?? o
I i, und I believe I knot* what the sen?
i. in this ?matter.1
M.?: ,i ? la* nor asid ihm he i ould
tak? lita ; M?s v\ iii? me " ha continued,
i.use he a as ?> friend of mine. We
have been friends for thirty yean, ,ni<i
i hav? never been prouder "f this
friendship than now, w<h?n tin' Mayor
j., ,fi the heroie fulfllmenl or his duties
? ?aliased ?a loggth poto, ??asad niimiin.
i , penn? ''? R ?nnomice? that ?ev?
rral N. v.ai'!. Rapid Tranall tialn- will i??
??nnulled on ?Saturday, Feb I?, '*I.**v".?-?l-.iti^^
ion ?? Rlrthday Bvenlnc ?ri\icr m? reton ?l
- Advt *
New President Assures The Tribune His Only
Consideration Is to Prevent His Prede?
cessor Becoming a Menace.
Diaz, Hailed as Conquere.' as He Marches at the Head
of His Troops from the Citadel, an Avowed Can?
didate for Permanent President?Min?
isters Take Oilice.
n ' ,
Mexico City, via Galveston, Feb. 20.? Presiden* Huerta gave to
the Tribune correspondent this evening in ?he National Palace the
same assurances as have been given to the American Ambassador
thai the life of Francisco Madero is safe and that lie will not be
"The only consideration,*' <,d',d Huerta, "is to prevent Madero
becoming a menace to the future pc.'ce of the ?country. There is ro
?lesire by the provisional government to ?shed Mood uselessly. We
shall earnestly try to dispose of Matfcro justly ?and in the best in?
terests of Mexico. If it rcems wisest to cx'ic him, that we will 'lo.
We would have allowed him to 'cave here ?Satt night had the public
welfare not dictated his remaining here for the present.
"The organization cf the new government is complete and suc?
cessful. I shad now set myself to the tssk of pacifying the country."
It is estimated by the provisional government thai at least two
years will be required to restore the republic to normal conditions.
Mexico City. Feb. 20?That Francisco Madero will get out of
Mexico without having to face official investigations for one thin?
or another now appears improbable. He has aircadv been charged
with responsibility for the death of Colone' Riverol?. whom he is
alleged to have shot at the time of his arrest in the Palace.
A committee of Deputies has asked thrt Madero be forced to
account for moneys expended by the administration. This com
mittec called on President Huerta this afternoon and urged that
Madero be held accountable for the dep'eted condition of the
Felix Diaz came into his own late this afternoon, so far as i
manifestation of popular approval was concerned. Riding at the
head of his troops, which for nine days withstood the attacks of the
government. Diaz received such an ovation as had not been wit?
nessed here since the triumphal entry of Madero at the close of his
Crowds Idled the streets to witness the march of the troops from
the arsenal, and the big square in front of the National Palace, where
the soldiers passed in review before the new President, was one
great mass of humanity. In the line were the guns which had bat?
. tereci the Palace, and squads of men withoi.'. uniforms bore witnes
to the fact that Diaz had the support of others than mutinous sol
! diet s.
?ia?. true to his standing as a retired army officer, was dressed
in civilian clothes. He was on horseback. A detachment of troops
followed, and then a line of carriages containing the new members
of the Cabinet At the Palace Diaz and his stall were received by
President Huerta in I most cordial manner, and felicitations were
Flags floated everywhere along the line of march and the ap
? pearance of Diaz was the signal for a great demonstration. Confetti
! and flowers were thrown from the balconies and "vivas" sounded in
! a vast chorus in which the foreigners joined
At the close of the review the troops were sent to the diff?rent
barracks. The crowds continued their jollification. Thousand??
marched through the downtown district, carrying banners and di?
viding the "vivas" between the popular idols?Huerta, the Presi?
dent, and Diaz, the conqueror.
All political prisonets throughout the country have been ordered
released bv President Huerta. One hundred and fifty prisoner! in
the penitentiary here, hitherto overlooked, were discovered thi?=
afternoon and set free.
The last details of the organization of Mexico's new government
were completed at 4 o'clock this afternoon, when the members c(
President Huerta's official family took th:: oath of office in th?
Yellow Room in the Paiacc. immediately above tnat occupied by the
deposed President and Vice-Preiident.
Unable to witness the scenes fro., tici; room. Madeio and
Suaitl were able to hear the plauditi of the crowds in the streets
and in the big square in front and the bugle ralll of the united army.
Significant of the birth in battle of the new administration was the
frank display of soldiers, and the effect on the crowds was not lost,
it served as a reminder that, even if it wos not a military dicta?
torship that had been established, the present administration was of
much sterner quality than that which had just fallen.
Felix Diaz was among those in the Yellow Room when the min?
isters took the oath, and heard Huerta pronounce the formal, time
honored phras?: "If you keep this oath, the country will reward
you: if you do not. it will call you to an accounting."
Felix Diaz was present ostensibly in ro official capacity, but
merely as a private citizen, which he became many months ago on
resigning his commission as a general in the regular army.
Madero and Pino Suarez betrayed in their faces the chagrin and
humiliation which they must have ?felt, according to officers of the
guard. Neither deigned to ask questions as to what was happening
in the room above, but the conversation of the guards served to
acquaint them with the proceedings. A sneer showed on the face of
Madero, but the dejection of the deposed Vice-President was too
great, apparently, to permit a play ot other emotions.
Federico Gonzalez Garza, ex-Governor of the federal district, is
the third prisoner occupying the room. There is no partition. Each
man is furnished with a bed, and meals are brought periodically and

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