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Constitutionality of Feature
Calling for Records of Pur?
chase and Distribu?
tion Feared.
Measure Will Surely Go to As?
sembly by Next Wednesday
with Slight Amendments
Speaker and Senator
Wagner For It.
r.. Teteorapti <?, ; , ?? .
/ ?any. P< b. ?_?<>.-The Aasembly
?Oodra Committee ?li.i not report oui the
Walker cocaine bill to-day becaaae of
a ronatltutlonal point which ?may ro?
qu?n further consideration. Th? 1
fument araa advanced thai In criminal
ciis.s it might prove to he unconstitu?
tlonal tu i nil on ? phyaician or druc*
ci.-t to produce ins records of the pur?
chase and disposition "t" the dru**, and
then use those i*ec?orda as evidence ?on
" hieh tu ?convict him.
A?asiatan1 District Attorney Jsmes A,
i ?? lehanty, ?of New v??rk in presentlnc
thi arcumenl for the bill yeaterda)
rted that the point araa untenable
mat the re?cords provided for In the
i'ili ?were not to be prepared solely for
-? as ?evidence, bul were to be s pan
of the regular records required of
: ?ans and drucciata, and, he ?said,
their use as evldesjce "as purely Inci?
in any event, the hill will be reported
? I m m Wednesday, s/h? n it may be
amended in s?im<- minor particulars.
Both Speaker Alfred K. Smith of the
Assembly and S??nat??r Robert F Wag*
mr. majority lendiT of the Senate, ex?
led themaelvea to-day a- unquali?
J in favor of any bill that would
aim ai t?-,*- restriction of th? cocaine
traffic The phyaiciana m i!" ?Senat?
tin" Assembly likewise expressed
themselves in favor of such a bill, and
even though some smendments may be
tacked on to the bill ,n it- present form
Il la apparem that nom? ??t tin- leciala
tors "..'??lies to bo put in the position of
blocking l'sislation which aims in re
dues the ?crowlnc evil of this dtus
Th?- expoaurea of ti-.< flagrantly open
sales of ?cocaine m New York City
made by The Tribune last December
??ne comns nted ?m by members <?;'
i-oth houses as presentlni a true pict?
ure <'f the danger of permlttlnc f :
unlicensed -po-se-ssion of the druc. and
oven the physicians e*ho are member
of the Legislatur? while claimlnc tbit
il"- Wall?' r ?.i" -? ould ? 'it il
-mall ?aaaount of miditionni ?and both
?SIMM detail in the tvay ?if reionl ki'M?
?n?; to their profbaaten. admitted thai
the ?raaditlons ex-posed b* The Tribun?
Should be remedied by In ;-?? ^ I
'at ion.
Arreidmeiit May Be Added.
From other source?? it developed thai
!<?> of the ??remedies used by the vie?
? ma of asthma contain a peroentace
if , oralne sllchtly in . \?f.--s of the per
entagea to be allowed i-i solution- and
' lntments un?ler ilv Walker hill, and
' investigation warrants the allowed
in? rease it is bellovsd that an aim mi?
ment to cover this point ma" be added
to the bin.
-enator Beetey arho i' a i?l:.'.-'--!'ian In
Ltvincaton County and ehairmar: of the
Public Health Committee of the Sen?
ate, expressed hlitiaelf as stroncly in
favor of any bill which Wi uld remedy
auch f.mitions ss Tl.. Tribune ax?
; osed.
"Roth as a i? ; and aa a Sena?
tor.' sad Senator ?Seeley, "I am iitrong?
!y in favor of a bill regulating and re?
?<iri?-t1ng the handllnc of -cocaine, it is
a ?lancerons drug, and if disposition
Id in ?-?' surround? 'I b; Ii cal re
not,? that its Indiscriminate ban?
dhnc should be stopp? d."
The Senator BBOke of th?" Boyll n
Kemgnn lull, alao ata?ed at the ??
?aine train?, which provMea that a
physician shall be required to rail in a
coasuHlnC i'hysi'ian if he Bada it
n<eesBar> t?? prescribe medicine eon
taintnc cocalae for a period tamccr'
thsn throe week . Buch a ?requirement,
he said, he WOUld OPPOM "ti th'- groti! <l
that phyaiciana would not stand for
any auch attempt to dictate their treat?
ment nf a patient
? No careful phy-sjetad naeda to have
any each raatricthm placad upon him."
he said, "but as to the IttapOCtlOfl feat?
lire of the Walker bill. 1 do m.t believe
thnt any phyaiciana will raise any seri?
ous objection to that. ?Boma doctora
have -aid. I have heard, that the ciaUM
as to the keeping of ?detailed records
win require them to keep an additional
rlerk. but in genual, ? am mire, doctors
You can't
taste "the
purest best
quality" castor
oil in
Atnokrcl?- pure. l.jgf?ru qu?li'v
Castor Oil
in curly sw?Uowed. dcliotfly iwteteiied.
atr lifht ptlataya ctfiulei. winch keep ?ht
a.', ?ctrve and etacwee tniafra'tW
MS * Ihe per boi at ?our drog
?Ut or dlr??rt by mr.it.
Orape Capsale Co., 198 Fulton St.. ft Y.
M?i??'?fClrv?Oil0r?i*e.. ' N?iur? ? Food. '
will find that the reCOfdg of pun
?md disposition ?>f cocaine will n<
?a large as lo require iwlditional ?*
"I feel that we doctors **houl
glad to un t?> th?' .small liteoQVea
called for und? r this proposed lav
the *?ak' of getting at the men it
profesi?n who have been miaban?
this dradly drug."
Senator Peckham, of < "nenia, wl
ateo a physician, said that he w
fa vor any law which would restriC
aale of cocaine. Hi did not believe
th?? Inspection features of the w?
liiii would bt i burden i?> physl?
generally, betmuse, he raid, the ordi
doctor's practk.slled for sin h a s
amount of th?? drug that It was ah
Bpci ker Smith of the Assembly,
fathered previous cocaine legisla
was emphatl? in expressing his sup
??f legislation to minimise the train
"I favor any lull mat .?,ill net]
stop the ?vii." ir* Mii.i to-day. "I
thered previous .... aim- legislation,
i no? s...- th, wcak'neas of Ihe pre
law, as explained bj Assistant Dis
Vttorney Delehanty at th. hearing
t?-r?)!i\. ami i believe this bill, in
striding th.- ?ate and possession of
drug, will supplemeni tin presen!
; r. perly."
Senator Robert F. Wagner, man
! leader ?>t the Benate^is strongly in
| tor of the Walker lui. an,I will lend
aid i" its paasage when it rea?
-.ii. upper house.
'our present .".aine legislation.'
? said tO-day, "falls short of the \
point in the problem, be? auae it let
? a large i lass untotu hed i?- iis pr
alona No ..ne will queatlon tl?.
i that th. vaal majority "?' our doc
? and druggists do not mishandle
dangt :? m- .i: ,c. n.it m ither i an
| one question the fa? i that th?ose ?
, t,?rs an?i drggists who do mtehandl
ar?* a teirihl? menac? t.. the youtt
"?n- - Itlea,
"I have heard "t" the ? m :?.?? t:v e
position to the Walker hill from ph;
. Lit - '.' h . do not bt . SVC 'hell I'? ?'
should be open t..'th.* examination
' th.- authorities, bul I believe that th
doctors who are honestly opposed
thi? Inspection feature should with?ir
ih? ir opposition for the sake of
"?r? .u. ! good which ?an be a. . (
pllshed only by su h scrutiny.
"No one would believe thst eltl
health authorities ?_,r police or pro
cutlng ??iii? iais will use this law si
! m? ans -n botte ring reputal le phy
Clans, and that se. ms to 1.?. the O!
possibility in the law <>f which the m<
i Ual societies have an* fear."
Senator Wagner said thai he h
se.n something "f th?' terrible effa
Which ih?- cocaine habll works ??n
vit tints, and he though; that any 1;
which would restrict th? sal- of met
| drug was Justlfled.
? 1 fail tvith int. res; The Tribun
< \) ..sue.- uf the op? n sale <?f co ...
recently." he said, "and 1 know fn
what I hat ? m ? n myself thai t
stories were :i?'i t xaggeratcd. This i
will be of great assistanci to tte heal
an?; prosecuting officers in reducing
the smallest possible limit the tram,
this d'-.-olIy <]r rg, and I believe that t
. - ;<-.]?* who have Indicated oppo?
'mu to it will see tit t" ? mil? around
iis support when thej realise ihe nece
*itj for mim diet? at i:"ii along the
*! h? s. natoi 11 oke of t!.- hill in t:
H? ? ..: R? pr? ? ? * es, U huh i?* '
! ?utgrowth of ti., international hyglei
; : ? :,. e at 'l" ? Hague i.-..*-1 summ
. the heat ty fupport
Presid ? Tail
? Th; ! bill, v h? i: i". I"'1 "Hi' - las :
ertal thai it *?*? ; 11 shortl
irb ?le .:.i' ? -'?at.- traue -i . ?
calm '".i othei drugs, ?aid Be at?
Wagner, "and we ?night t" supplemei
;t in ?air own state with the mos! ri**
restriction? that we csn pm apon ti
statUte booki
" rie :: spec! Ion fcaturi wl Ich Is it
, luiied in A' s? mblj man w alker's in
... ?aril) appl) t" .th doi t'.i
druggists, dentists snd veterinarian? I
.. ? if.. live, a' ?i th...-. "a.item| lal
,.| ;...-:ti..ii .n tie ground that in?.st ?
ih. nrt< n'" rs of ttw se profi ssion? si
;iiii.\i. suspicion m thi.- regard shoul
consider that ?nl* by applying the bv
t0 nil i an the state ? nforee Its pro
visions against th?- ?rook?.I doctors an
druggists -?i:?. at' no.' th? backbone ?
th irafllc.
Should Overicok Inconvenience.
? Til? - should, ami I beUeve thej -.?. il
overlook the ln?conven|enc< i" them
? . 1 . , . for 'h' sal-., ?.?t ?Irr. Ing out th
hlai k sheep m their p* n ranks snd lo
th. sake <?f redu? Ing th?- sal" of tin:
degeneract working drug t" the sbso
lut" minimum."
Another measure m the ?in" of tin
snti-cocalne and anti-morphine hi".
now before the Legislature wai Intro
duced to-day bj Senator Whitney, whi
i?- a druggist ?'f Saratoga It pr??*. id' ?
that no pharina? ist or druggist shal
refill men than once, except <>n ordi i
i.f a physician, a prescription contain?
ing an) preparations or derivatives ol
opium or morphine in which th?- dos?
of heroin exceeda ??ne twenty fourth ?>i
n grain or <<i codeine one-eighth of o
grain The verbal order of a phy?i<iaii
i-* made sufftcienl t?. Auttorise the re?
filling oi' aw h prascrtpUona Ucensed
pharmaclats or druggists may s<n par?
egoric and such oth? r preparations ol
opium as contain less than two grains
of opium to th?- ounce. It is mude un?
lawful for any p<-rs?>ii t.. sell or offer
tor sate at retail strychnine <>r its Malt:?
uncomblned in th?- form <.f tablets,
disks or pills eoati'il with any Other
sulistaii? e than uin'olnrcd gelatin?- ?out?
ing, unless ordered otherwise ?<>ated i>/
a physician. Unhcensed person? may
not prepare ??r dispense a medteal pr?*
?cripUon or physician's prescription ar
dispense or s<U at retail im.?soiih OT
iiH'di? Iik's in a pliarinai-y or ?ling st?u '.
Dr. Levy Breaks Down as His
Counsel Pleads.
Dr Ahrahaiii Levy, the Bast Side phy?
sician who was caught in the IMstrh-t At?
torney's cocaine net, shed tears pester?
?lay. whan lohn F. Melntyre, his counsel.
told the Jury befare JudgS l'?>?t<r in <Jen
BTSl SeSSlenS that his client's whole
eare? r, th? honor ?>l his tritt and ehll
dren and ins standing m lbs hospitals <>f
ihe Esst Hi?!?- depended ea his "??in-'
cleered ed th?- eharg? ?>f sellthg the drug
to rletlms who retailed it on the streeta
' Dr. Levy's dcf?.'iit?j yeftvrday wat that I
Pretty New Haven Manicure's Romance Shat?
tered by Wire from "Millionaire" That
Wife Is Taking Him Away.
[H T? ipiith m 'n , Trli ont t
New Haven, Feb. 30.?lfiaa
] Smith, the blond manlcurlal <
, Hotel Tait, il ?-?arching New Y'i
jf'-r Frank I:. Hall, the retir.-d bt
i man a ho promised to ?marry he
I ?week ami take her t?i his orangi
? m (southern California tor their t
^ moon. Bhe r?. ??\i-(i the followini
' ?. ram this m? p. .
"Am .lust lea* Ing for ?'hi ?ago
m> wife. Am heartbroken. Cat
?ori:l\.. m? V '
Mias smith I sd sp. nt the mc
picking out the material tor her
dine gown am! in doing othi r -^ti..
( in anticipation tor tin? event Bh?
-? mporarll) overcon|e by the tel? ?
but revived, ami. calling a taxi, >???
the l o'clock train for Neu York
; to Rnd ? Ither Hall or his n latlv?es.
? frame of mind "as ?.? lli|*.r?-iit. aii<
meeUng a Ith the relatl? ??s oi
promised anything but barmonioui
: logue ami action Until she n ??<
, ti"' telegram sin- had i.?so
doubt tli? ?iin, ? tity of Hall in off?
: bet ins band.
lb r mother, Ml S Hiram Stint I
I Whalley avenue, and her brother,
ton Smith, s.ini to-nipht that Hall
it?d her home laal wi eu ami annoui
his engagement to her, n> gat
formal dinner Monda) evening,
which ail oi her family ami sever
his friends amone: New Haven bus!
men were present On this mea
I the ?engagement a*as formally
nounced, and Hall recelv?ed the ?
gratulatloni ??! the '~ i?eita
Bought Things for Weddinq.
Hall remained b? r? till j eat? n
morning. He spenl Tusada) buy
things t'?r the appros hing ?>M?'iiii
and i .?itlal .itran,-, menu had i>
, m.nl? fot the ccremon) to be perfora
at ib?- home "f the i;- v. Frederick s
; ton, rector of the Episcopal Church
West? ill'. He then ? ent to Sew v?
to settle his buslncae affairs snd i
range i??r the proposed honoym?non i
t?) his (Southern California i range fai
While Mias ?Smith was shopping ;:
morning her broth?cr Milton says ti
he ? all' d up Hail at the Elke1 ?'lui'.
???ew .fork, smith says "i this int?
"Hall baa ? ailed up tr??in the Ell
?? ub I ? fore, and l knt w that I ? ma<
his N? w ?fork h- adquart? rs th? r<
! asked him about the a-cddlni piar
?and h' .-.nd tbal be \-1 ? dub? .-? Ulli
details, but the ceremony might b< ?i
Cerrad ?several days, bwaus? "t th? im
that be was making ? laborst? prepi i
tlons for th trip Wesi H? ? d
would know more delinit? I; to mot
row '
M?.--- Smith i- ? ivi 'i his t? h gram ?
houi lit-1 Hall has i?? .? wi II a?
i quaint? d a Itb proninenl tnt m
?;.. i |k ? lub here d n Ini bia r?
' visite. An "iii, isl "i th? ? ? ssld '?
night ?
??I ha? e knos n Hall b it s >< sir. I!
; sal a tir ml" r Of th? N- S Von. ' I I
and ? slit ?i ir> quentl] at lh< local ? lull
He was s compan??lonable fell??**-, ? lb
?ral . ?it'itam? r, and Wat oil.' OUI
! club. He alwa) s m? i ble linsn la
obligations and aras s generous .i
I papi?n. When i h.i ??n Monds)
1 that h? was - ngaged to Mbs ?Smith .i
,? un. ?i to me that I hsd beert Hsll
spesk "i his having ?? wife, i mi I bin
on Tuesda) snd n fire h? d hli mind In
this matt? t He repli? d that lie had
? hsd s a lie, but had been divon ? ?! foi
-. eral years
? i spologised for ha-? ins m.I? i
;.t.i him. as i thought Lai i ? ' nlng.
i howe11 r, aftt r the annouw ? m? nl ol thi
engagement had been mad? In th?
t ? nlng n? wapapers and aft< r h? bad
?given his engagement feaat, is.r
three of us metnbi ri ot th? ? lui.i
l?ar. d not? s .nid W? all l-ecollecti ?l thai
?ire had definitely hesrd Hail spesk of
his wife m New Tort City. We called
up Becretan Carroll of the New rork |
I The 1 t r: " Se* IfSVei It I : ?? Kill
?? ho rind? < ' ipW sn eiusl? ? ?i?t'Its.
??'it? Elks' Club gnd ,isk>?l linn :.b..'it
the in.i11.-r. ? - stated that ???? wr?
irisiu ?nul thai Hall hail ?i grife living
THeir Warning T*o Lat?.
\\ ? atsrted i?? not if] Misa Smith i<?
i ?ia ?. . i.i :> .n n? ?I thai sh< had Btsrted
I f,.t N. \? V?.i k ?';t- ?? Ith i.1 m Ii' r
? Vi the Elkt ' ".ni? " ? ?I" ??? a railed
n .n .m ol m tel i ? ?sannt
understand him, but I"- had many .??!
m 1rs hie traita i think, hoar? ? it, thai
,t for the all? nil I - to investi?
?gat?. I tin. !? i"!i? ?. ill il Hall, m hia
i cculiai m? ? tal ?tat? ??f the las! lev
vetl '.:??',' single .?ti?l be?
? ? i-ngag? i'? Misa Smith in good
i.i. . .? ? ihsl he hsd ?< rud ?
; " l ? n h? n ." bed in- ii"',i'
ii. .v. n? Yc ? m.] that he s ?il
wind up I loi i'i'ii '
A tllOro .'Il ?? : it :,.|i : .i Ii".',.
? ? ? members the Elk ? 'tub
i n,- ..f the ...? i ? ; tati thai
? lh.it Hall'i
? .?! m? tnb? ??? ; ? :l- - "
llnll-M -. i ? ? ?.f. -,
m? i - but ; hal Hall m? t ll luiicisl i ??
,.,'., |... ?
I hr?u| . Ing
III ? ,t, ? I,, liev? .. ? ?
i ?-band to I 'Ii. ? -
: .- ? . intter ol
... ? ? , i,
San-e N.?fne ?n Bankruptcy,
a i : :,,:. i:. n.ill " ?_?.,?, ?,> home
.'?'". lOi Weal ?. -i? ? ? ?: en un?
? mploj ? d, i. ? ?i .i i ? Ition in b inkr ipt?
h? re on April ?** i:?l". . nd rot elv? d a
-li ' lia: y.- ??!! No ?:..?. ! I. l'.il??
Liabllitl? ? >. ?.'.". mot t for
!".-iii|. li'iU'T.?-. in?.n.' ?...ipm...i from
? ,;.i.. ? i, i : and sutu hire contract? ,1
!?? t???. i. Bepti tnbor lisuo, snd April,
1010, Assets ?'?? !?? *?_' .1 .n the ?Ch? Is?.?
Exchsng? Ilsnh
ThstA s ere ? ? i nt? i ti i rs litoi . In?
. i idini the ? ?ski 11? lei i ompsn: . AI?
ban $47; Jol n IV. Wh? atoa 11 Mi
PnlMt ? 'ii ? I? and r. igene s. hl? lp, $75
N'athan ?Lo A Bon. $150 William
Ito . >-'?">. .l"ini ?telnmetx, $50 Joseph
;..ii.i. >_'".. l'on Olshn A tvaye, M ?>?"?.
Philip Brod?. $1 15 l'..t Duff? , *-?"??'.
.-mu snd 'Ab? Mi- rs $800; r.i.i '
Morris "??"-" Chsrlea Hohmldl, $14."?, gnd i
.Mi?, n El hl? i -. $15. ii?".-ii ?' for loans;
It.il,an-Am? il' 00 A it" < -? ?nil..? ny. S."?.".J;
? 'liai i. s K stai r 7*>. B ito hire, snd ? '.
M. s-ini'i'?.-" ht?i, $130, taslcab ser?
.. |,....
I ||s SttOI n? y t'ui! ?' a. I ; M'ii ray '
llsll ' rt.
"Barney" ''allanan, -us oae?tlme pal
I? ft the itMi si ' -juin > i"itt' s ni ? ".
?rt?th i un ai sureti for nume) ioane
him nu "i-'it p*mn tickets, ?coverii
tlnf*. S mwir. a searfpln ?ii'l "'li'i
k? ts. H? wai ai i .st. il. h.- ssM, when
la?an paid Mm Ihr? ?? '?'? Mils f?u the
,.? . r? '?f th. ill ? The a? ? used
mltted tuai 'h i?'"i u"t oft'('?i tii.
plaiistlon ot ti,r deal with < allanan t>
if had talk?ed the caae ?ver ?hi? ins
and -?vitii Mr Melntyre.
Sleriff Harh'irK.i, win Uves in
?am? district ?with Hi Levy, wai "in
tu? eharscter witnesses who testified
behalf of Levy yeet?erda) sfteinoon.
Hiii'l In? liad know ti tin- doctor 1*0 >?
ami ?dented having heard that Dr. I.'
uni.) ?cocaine to be rstslled on the sir?-'
The <us?- win ii?. m the Jury to-night
Witness Heart Disease Victi
After Testifying.
Just as be araa excused from a seve
rroKs-ixamlnati'in in Bpedsl S< ssl??i
yesterday ?afternoon, Abraham Fox,
poultry d?ealer, of No 20 Waahlngt?
Mark? t. sank to the floor and died I"
fore I>r. ('ran.., of t?hc Hudson Hoop
tai, could sdminlster relief. F?.x wi
the lonii'lainitiK witness ?against Jam?
millions, wiio whs ?charged with steal
iiiK two chickens from his stand
Just bafbre he collapsed Fot was see
to swallow- a whit'" pill. Dr ?'ran
found three vial? in the dead man'
pockets. One ??h marked "Laxative.'
The ?-?intents of the others wire ssnt t.
th.? Hoard of Health for analysis
Boma one telephoned to Mrs. Fox, si
No. i.i Wist iiith street, that Rom?-.
thing i?ad happened to bar husband.
she reached the courtroom with Mr.
Fun's sister an hour later and falnti <1
when .-h' learned her baaband araa
dead Bhe said In Bllffersd frmn lieart
troubla and frequently resurtid to
triturai? .-: Inn-Jaiits
Rich Wcstchester Men Object
to Them on Post Road.
[II T? " graph I : b? I rlbua? I
Albsny, Feb. Sa?Opposlng delegations
from Westchester Count) cams te AI?
I.ai,'. IhlS aft' iiioon .iikI 'PI" ?If 'I at II ?
i s? nat? and Aeeembly Internal Affairs
j I'oiniiuit". s hearing <?n the Mil of ??'. nator
llealy to allow troll?.v '?us to i un on
paits .?t the AH-.in'- ?'" t Road In il_st
Ings, iiviiu.-t.iii. i?.t?h Kerry and Tarry
town The w aithv reaideatfl alona the
; post read objecl to the trolley line, while
ini'-t of .ii-- ctter people '.hroughout th? ??-?
t rllteges want it
I The latter ?JUgUed thSt, as th? ui.iJ.?t U'
i "f tin in csnnol afford ?intoiinii.il? m. they
[were great!) l<jt*?onvenlenced without tie
I iroih-v- cara Dr. ?cKenale, ?>f Dobbs
Perry, snnoui.I thai M per cent of the
! pr.?i'<i iv ownera along the road were op?
1 posed t.. the trotlejr Une. iluf-h A. Tl?<?r?i
? ion, of Ihe same village, who headed th?
; idvocates of ti"' ''in. replied thai th?
residents along the i"?st read, lepreaenled
onl) one-hall ?u I i"! ? ???? "?' l!l' p???i?i?
i sfftBcted
In. rhail's \ ?n FotOgn, of Hastings
and i" i>- Peanson, preeldenl ?u ih" vii
lag? "f Tat t vtoe u siso spoke for the bill
telling "f iif in'"itv tu-'i'?'-' which tie
people of those villages ar.. now sub?
jected t"
Mrs Roswell Bkeel attd -Contend Smith
.f Dobbj Perry a ko ' W ,,s'''1 ?*'?? MIL do?
t-lared thai ? Irolles Mae on the post road
would detract from th? vain. ..f th?
property, sad thsl snotlntr righl "f wsj
.oiii.i mail) !"? found, ?*ivitig the same
trolley iin? ?aril'tlaa The oommlttes took
no a.-tlon on the MIL
August Frostier, s toborer, of Whits?
stone. Queew Borough? mcrived IMM
from the Long Wand Railroad la Ihe
Queens Count) Supreme ?Court reatardoy
in ?.in. m? i,t of s suit !"? had agalaet the
railroad l'?r PMM
PresUer was run ?down while at v...rk la
the railroad yards al Lang latead city
and in.* left f"?it 9na ''''' i,n T,u-' aed?
dent happened on Januai) _\ ?tu. (
"Harbor Hill" Property at R
lyn, Valued at $1,500.000
Placed in Trust Deed.
Husband in North Carolina a
His Wife Is at the Plaza
?Secrecy Causes
Mine?la, ?L-ong Island, Peb. J). TI
is much sp.-dilation .,??;? a ,|,-. .1 ..I' tt
til?-.I this tii'iniiii;; m th? Count) ? 'I''
Hi? ?. algned by ? *isr? m e H. Mac
and his- aife, Katherine Markay. m srl
tin? entire property st Ftoslyn, known
flarhoi Mill. is. piai'.'d in trust t,.
Mscksy an?! William A. ?'..nk, of N".
West T.-.tii str.'.'t. Manhattan.
Bj Hi? terras of tin* nut deed a
Markay ?-ractteally rellnqulahea her di
?i rights to the property, which sill
by Hi?? English ?yysteni of prlmogenit
t?? th" -<??i. joba w?ii .m ifsckay.
Mrs llackay? however, will retain
right to the r-nts ti .m ii,,ii,.,, inn
iho erent II is leased. The deed also
rUed ;? apeeisl trusi m ,;,<. the pr
erty i??- sold oatrlglit Mrs. Macks)
? t in.' ii.,t i Plsss, n. Sea York, ?tod
on? ?t ii,.r'i...i Mill could asiIgn a re-si
for th? property bring ,li-|? ed of In
ti'i-t steed Mr. Mu, k.iv i? in lam
los n, N. ? '., ??i er? i?, ?, m two ?...
a;.-,, ',, -t. .. fss ni" '
Term? of the Trust Deed.
The terms of tbe trust deed, which
dated Pebrusry Ig i? a? ti.iio??s: ?
Ma. k-A\ in t.? have the tres usa "f t
premises aa a homo and pis???? of re
dence ><> long ta he may lire, snd, if
?Alsh?"-. t.? lease tbe promises, or any ps
for a prri??l not BSC?*edlng Ms lit?', ,.t
after p-aylng ail axtwnses, pay over t
i'iiati. -? to his wife, Ksthertne lia k.
.m?i m the event ??f her death, t.? her si
.lohn William llackay, and In the ev?
of his death, to be ,.?i?l ?... t to his i
leva Kstberlna snd Kllln In equsl shan
?rn tii?? s..ti rcsching Ids irisjority t
i roperty i- t?? Im trsnsf? rr? d, ?? ith
earnings, sbaolutely, and la the event
' - ?i. sth and thai ??i iii- fitii? it..
tat? oca to tb? two da i rht? ; it t
f ust? es <? x.r.'i-. th? t dls-cr< lions
:?"?? ?r snd sell th? est?t? the) must a
minister the pr?. ..-?i-. the mm?
tin ' i rarbor Hill trust fund, s
'l o ol .< '?' ?? ihI receive the Ii come, at
to '??' "?? er th? n? t annual i ? t i. na In i
-t.iltii? \t- to ' larence 11 Mackaj durii
'ms ufe, and ??ii hut desth, or the arris
? on al ma i"i Itj. the net ? u nlni
and i nt, Ipa! it" to no to him, and in t
? ? .nt of biadeath, an t? be divid? d ? -i".?
amoni any laaua he muy leave; ahou
? no ' t< i.
i... Ell? n. .. ? t?? t? i ,'i?r tbe pi op? -rt>
equal han o In i of theit deal
to ti,. Ir ia ,.??.. :? s."
Tin truste? an ei.a ? ed to ?
,,:' t In entire <>t any pot ii"ii of I ? 11 ?
i.oi H?: i ?tat? ?? tu h lh? ?? n a d< ?
? "i ? : . ??>. un est thi ... m an
. ? ? ? ill? ? n. eh?? ? ' ?
. > - Klin 11. ., - i I.ii I or Hill be aob
the ir late? .i ? authorls? d to
eal est?t? ch In the |ud?m< i
of Ciar? i ?? II. Ma? Kay ma) Itab
for ., count ? tat? for ins famil). an
th? ti '? ? . ? also given ti???
I do t ol llv? on r"" na?
? -.- ..,?.,. ?.. g .
? Ight ft given Mr. M . ka). if h
to II ?Ira? BB 1 -'? ? i" appoin
..:.<i ii? also ii.i the -pi i? i
.. appointing the ?ui i ? ?sor ol Mi
Cook i?. ' .-?? i.? b?io .1,1 al-)> s'lthdraa
In cas? i bei ? ?ho-?..I !>?? n,? , lass of p- ;
s ., ,.\ Id,.I f..i m the tl n t d? ' ,i, ail
no Isaua of an) class "'.' ;,'is??iis who ai
.., point? . t" take it. . ? n the ?am? -.. ?
^,. to t:.'- i" Ii s at las ??f ' '!.?!. n> ? n
Ma? say.
The i?? i Banal propert] on the ? itsti i
.n no way considered In th?.?! of trust
i ,,i some tup, p.i-t ?? orb ha - basi
suspended on th? Italian gardena, whlcl
. . . ..i,siiui t.-,, on th? wi st Btdi
?f th? . " ?. and tha fores ol labor? re
?, i ii n .mi., i. ?i inore than h bundn d
iavi duced until .it th?
time there are only enough m?n on th?
,'.,,. t... m necea ?si | upk? ? p
I1JMUMM) C?tate for Sale.
,\,i (i,. h?,' -. - !...?? also i" ? n <ii"i>"->'"
..?*, rii.?nu-h belna. retained for the is?? - ???
gory ??"ib "n ' i< pla? ???. The propt i ty(
g i,|. i, |? '..ihn d .?t $1 '."",'?i", mid cm
inanda ;? msgnlne-tnl view ,.f Roalyn
I {arbor and i,<?mk Island ?Sound, hsi beet
pis?*? d OS th? mai k??t.
At in, Hotel Pisas, where Mrs, Mscksy
has been staying for the Issl two weeks,
ii.-i- in.ud said last nl^iit that Mr? M.t. -
ka? ??as ).,niiti'-?l t?. her b?*d und wsa un?
sole to give an? Interview, ? 'i.-.r-'iK??? it.
llacksy'B attorney, UTIlliam W. < ,...i.. left
word ??ith ids set-rotary thai in did rtat
?ai)' t?? say snything.
Added Interest has been manifested by
in.- nelghbora <?f Mr. and Mrs Marks] on
Long Island, owing to th? Beer? y main
talned tu regard t.. tin? trust <i...i. The)
recall the tact thai Mrs Mscksy has
sp. nt oni> two weeks st the ilaii?"r Hill
. stat?? sin.??? .ui? bast rammer, and thst
lit. i aba ?mis In Paris Bbe returned
from 1'urin about two weeks ago.
Sportsmen Oppose Long Island
Spring Shooting Bill.
Illy T?l??*iap*l ... II,. Tril.un. 1
Albany. Peb. H.?The i>iiik Island Basing
ahootlng i>in bad a hearing ?hi? afternoon
bsforo the s.-nate Conservation Com?
mitt????. The i?a>m?'ii this year ?Mint the
duck at*-OOtlllg BiSBSSa on 1.,,'u,' Island r?
t,?isJad from Oetobsr M t?> l*sbrusry i".
which is provided In the Mil ?>f Penstor
Thoinas n ?iK-.f??, ?>f iivki.t Bay. They
at tirst amatad it from October i to
Msrotl It hut concluded that t1?'?' WSTO
asking t?>" mu? h Th>- presrut duck BbOOt?
lag sesmon sn Lorng lu?an?! is from Octo?
ber i t.? Jsnaary et,
Rspn et utativ? s ..f n.-ariy every sportlni
and gatas prot?''-tl? .? association in the
?state, esespt from L-ong islsnd, sppssrod
agi mist th.? <i'Kf.fr i.iit. 'iii.'v decUrod
that il the I.oiiK Island BBSSOH were BE?
t.-ii.|.-d th- r. would I?, f. w ducks left for
th? upstate sportMUD n. Th?- sdvocstas <?f
th?? hill W? ra mostly im>ml???rs of the
Long island Qunnera and Pish?i man's
Protective Association.
Danwigst. n J-. ??'????? *t\ Th" dlroetors
?>f the Parnagat lavlngs Bank bava sa?
tioian'.'il that ? v? ry hahy horn in BsrBSgSt
?.in neslva a haskbauk and b seat agg
d'-posil of 11.
It won't make any differ, in .. a? ? ?ndinis
to th?- O?ur, wlntlni IhStS It? OSS hah?.?,
twins Of triphts; the off. r will hold yooj
for aach ituJiviUual newcoiikt.
Inaugural Committee Also Ex?
cludes Hounds from Pageant.
(!-"r<M'i Tin- Trlburu Baisse I
Washington, Feb. I'M.?The Wilson in?
augural ?committee to-day adopted a
r? solution ex'-lmiitig donkeys from the
Inaugural parade. This action was
taken after information had COBM to
the committee that a Deasocratk dub
[of Columbus, ohm, ?arsa planning to
I have a donkey in the parade.
It was also decided to ex? lude a pack
?of Virginia foxhounds which some Vlr
jKinia huntsmen and 'cross-country
Irldem had resolved to bring in the
, pageant.
The inaugural ?COmmltte. takes the
I view that an inaugural ceremony
! should he conducted in a dignilled way
and that donkeys and dogs have no
place in it.
, Taft Selects New Haven Man for
Connecticut District Bench.
Washington, Teh Ml?The President to?
da*/ nominated Samuel il. Planer, of Con
n< ?ti' ut. to I?- T'nited States district -Judge
1 foi ( o:m?ctlcut.
Mew Haven, Feb. M.??Samuel H nsher.
whose nomination to be Fnlted States
distriet judge was sent to the Senate hy
President Taft this afternoon, in a resi
i dent of this city, a graduais of Yale with
i the das? of \&0 and Judge advocate g'*n
I eral on the staff of Governor Raid win.
I He in named to succeed the late Judge
| James Platt, of Merlden.
U. S. and Russia Arrange Ser?
vice Across Bering Sea.
Washington. Feb. ?jo?Arrangements are
?Mag made for the establishment of regu?
lar wireless service across Hering Sea.
between the American and Russian gov?
ernments, which will insure telearaphic
communication between America and
Asia at all times, even tn the event of
the Interruption of th*? cable service. This
service, with the existing transatlantic
radio lin s. will complete the- circuit of
the globe by wireless.
No n"W construction is required for the
institution of this service. The Russian
government already has a wireless tower
at Anadir. In Kamchatka, and the Amar
lean government a similar htation "at
? 'ape Nome. There has been some limit?
ed exchange of signals Across Hering Hea
between thesn towers. Probably the assi
service will be conducted under the sani?
regulations as the general commercial
?service of the government wlrtiess sys?
with the instrument itself, takes it? place
pre-eminently in the world of Player Piano?.
Most ini*etii?'ii*. yet simple, it makes po?
*ib!e for ni?*n and women to express their
inmost feelings in the rendering of those
-otilful compositions by masters who'-e
works are immortal. Th? Estejr new Player
Pianos, $S9S up. Liberal Terms.
ggm nni-niMt
I l.K.li'K I.OI.SKR S CO.. Brooklrn DlMrlhntor?.
ft Altmatt $c (So.
are displaying, in the
Women's Sweaters in Silk, Ancona and
Australian Wool ; also Women's, Misses'
and Children's Shetland Wool Sweaters and
Jackett in single and reversible styles.
Among the Spring novelties shown in this
department is the Knicker Skirt of Jersey
Silk, designed especially to conform to the
present style of dress.
ft Altem $c fflo.
sisrect attention to the Departments for
Misses, Children and Boys.
Spring Garments for Misses and Children
are now being shown, expressing the newest
and most practical ideas In fashions for the
younger set. Included are smart Washable
Dresses, Dresses for Street or Afternoon
y/ear, Suits and Coats. Also Mats, Neck?
wear, Gloves, Shoes, etc.
now ready with Washable Suits and Straw
and Washable Hats.
JF?ftfi Atina?, >4tij uxttt 35th Strn-fe, N?n fork.
Office Ecjuipment
Why not stand?
ardize your office?
Its costs no more to have your
desks, chairs, tables and filing
cabinets uniform in design ?and
color. Let us estimate on your
equipment. Our salesroom and
salesmen are at your service
without obligation.
Cost no more than the ordinary kind.
The Globe-Wernicke Co., 380 Broadway
Old Furniture Taken in Exchanga
Desks, Chairs, Tables and Filing Cabinets in Wood and Statt
Also Sectional Bookcases

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