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tSent to Jail for 3 Months Await?
ing Trial, She Starts Her
Protest at Once.
Public Resentment Against Suf?
fragettes Reaches Point of
Trying to Duck Them in
Drinking Troughs.
? 'Me to Tho rrib'li?' |
! ??nd.?n. Ft b ?1 Mrs r.mnielii'.
9} I ui.-i into started the m??-1 deflanl
h g? r strike in histoi >. Thi suffi*
?_ lender vas conrfmttti ?I at ?h.
_ ?tn |?ollce ?-"tirt yenterday f.u trial
?s< the GtilMford summer assises on .1
.ei-.rfi? ?i inciting -..ni.? persons un?
known t" blow up \ir. Lloyd Georges
I i at W ?it.?n on ...? .Hill, on Ft b
18 \ o?, i-, i,,?,-,) to a? <?? !'i bail
In otvlng ***an undertaking t.? refrain
i In? Uli ? to arts .?i v lolenci f..r an?
dad period and as Ihe trial cannot
t. :'??.. t..r ?hr? ? months, she an
it nii'-e?! b. >? intention of going to
v ?? ? tari '*>*_ h ii'ii?:. r irik<
?1rs. i' i. i.m -i ? ? i \ ? ,; .,, n,,i|,, ? ,.
i?? Ih?? north i-f 1 ??n Ion i tan
Pi ? ? ' I lie i . ? ? .noter va i
?If i ? ?i enine llet -._-*?:--? Sylvia |
'.-ii? there un a m Irikc, bul I ?
.-.!? not ?.? be a I lo**? ? -i tog? th? ?
A Final Proclamation.
? ' tod fr ?in the 't" -
I ?ml ' ;?? prl -.?". ilcvlar? -, Mm.
T' bud
l?ef??r?? tho* catea ot liolloway ?
tl ?!) ? lOS? "I "U ll'T.
i repudiate the rtghi o! the legal
rltl? '?v. r ? hos? appointment,
i." anas l am a woman, 1 have no con?
ten? to try me. 1 r? fun? to con enl to
I legal far??? belns enacted, and I shall
bet-in hy rafualng t" conform to the
tu dlseiplin? v bile on remand.
i ..n? still In prison and alive
vi n the time i"t thi.? so-called trial
:>i ? * i ? ludge, . eunsel and im ?> ?.f
?c will i.i\? the shameful Inak ?>f
pr. eliding to :iv. ? fair trial t" ;? sick
.air und? fend? -I v.omai . The men ??f
ill? country, both in nid oui ??i Parlla
iiii t, will share the shame. Individ?
ual may perish, bul thi i B?se lives and
A Final Meal.
thli bold i ot? ol Mm.
Pa . 'nit; i. (?-rtiii'-ii i i lunch ol cut?
io! ? ? ? ind ? glass of a?ne
i?er.. ? un m was ;il?i<- to refuse
without anj hesitation ihe n??t too in
viiinc prison supper. As s prJaoner
?n remand she could have her meahi
'.? ; m from i restaurant if she wished,
bai Mi i'. :? ? iid she would
Stai v ? lirst.
Thi question noa arisea: How l??n?,
? ??? Mrs. Pankhurst, who has recently
l- m 111 health, keep up be** hunger
?-n ?? " The prison authorities can. If
ii i? ? think fit, order her to he forcibly j
fed, and with n woman ..? .Mrs. Pank
burst's detern*?nation ti-.-.s order may
bave t.. '.??? ? ' ry sternly enforced If her
Ufe is to be s.-iv? d.
v itiffragette rai?! on the pillar boxes
oa moa! extenalve scale was mad?? at
Nottingham last ? v. nm?-, practically
.?\ ry boa ?>n the route, six miles, being
m .<i Thin tes! ti bas Ailed with
],i .horns w? re dropped in the boxes.
.n ib?.?'- broke when the peatmen
dr? vv out the u?tt??r.- One wocnaneven
isked a postman to v- .,it while she
?ropped a ?tube ?ut" ins bac, which aha
?p.i. and then bolted Two poetmen had
their banda burtied. A motor mail van
driver had a thrilling experience when
h h of letters burst into flames?, and
ti.? firs brigada aras ? aii*-?i.
Mora Arson Intended.
r. arom? n nen sir? I? t '???- night
?? ti.? Ail-Kngland tennis grounds, al
Wimbledon, vvith baga contabiini in?
? ammabl? mati i iala II la auppooed
. al the-, int-ttded to barn the pavilion.
rw?i others arere surprised under aba
tar ?ircuinslan.-. ? at the 1'f.ehainptnn
??''..?-t grounds, bul managed to as
Tin \ left behind a note reading':
??"This was done because ball was r? -
1 .i to Mrs. Paakborsl "
Another raid on tiio telephone ami
i? rp**rapb vvires im* bean perpetrated.
?>f the provincial linea w?sre cut
and commnnicaiinti with the North j
yt ti rdai ws rendered dllBcult.
I-, various parts Of the country there:
lliis rs Clearance Month
( nderwear Reduced
ll ill.rig-cm?. v|?rl??.i ii ml
Aii.triilmn \V????I.
*.-.? I n?l?r?enr at :'.:??
li :.*, " " Ote
Il -o " " Ms
Silk Socks . . . 2?c
Silk Knit lies 35c
Sweater coats. $l.98iV
Now is the time to
buy Shirts
$1.50 Stiff Bosom Shirts, 79c
$1.00 Soft Bosom Shirts, 59c
$2.00 Negligee Shirts, $1.19
14.00 Silk & Linen Shirts, $2.19
18 ou., 2 for 25 ota*
_ .. Onset, Paabody A Co., Makers
\*" \ ii
Asks English Divorce Court to Issue Order
for Restitution of Conjugal Rights?First
Step to Dissolve Marriage.
IR> i al.le lo Th? TtllWM I
l.on.lun. t?m,. Z7.?Ac?oordlni to ??i
?iai papers flted In the divorce and i?r
?bate division of the High c-?lirl of Ju
ii'?- ??ml hi Um K'Ristry Office
s.micrsct House, Jennie ('ornwalll
West, f..nn?rl\ Lad] Randolph rim
hill, presented s petltiofl ?on Januai
?_'-. 1918, pra?j inP tor an ?order <?f H
curt to sr;int reetltutloti of conjug
rights .?K.iiii-i u-rorge Free*?i-i-i?. My?
di Iton < torowullis-Wesi
Following th? osual court prorcdur
?a in? h alloa a ;i stal ulorj ?period I
fourteen days to ela?pee, Mr C?ori
i ?wallls- w rat, through his lolh it?>i
Charlea Russell \ Bon, entered Bn ?m
11" ara no? lo th? aull on Januar* ?'?
i doet nol n< ? esaaiilj mi an lhal 11
! husband a in d< fend lb? action, it la
I furnia I court pr??? ??im?-. ;<.rdini i
i.n-iili law, to allow the reapondanl I
d< f? mi the null it' ht ?so ?l??In - Up I
date no answer to the petition has ?bee
filed, U'l .?s Kebruarj ?M a-aa <it?-.l o
j i he i .??" i- a? ' i" dati pel ion n for ill
I hearing no d< f? ih-? ?ran noa '?? enti rei
Th? II Kins "' ' dalt fin s ?...-? ? I ?don
for l"..? i . ns 'ii. i-'.vi daj o
; w in? h either .?in i can add lo lin su I
|i ? . mattet ..n ihr records bef?ore tl?
'??int. This, lliercfore, ?prevents Mi
I.'?riiw ,-iiii?.-\\ ??-1 from entering an] <!??
If? n e, and ti"? at tlon muai non foin
befor? Hi? .??iirt m ,?n undefended hi.?
Cue May be Expedited.
As iiif mu: was nol entered bef?or
the banning <?r the ?preaenl seaskn
.Mrs Cornwallla-Weat's petition can
not, -iti the ?ordinary ?course, be hear?
before, at Hi o earli??st. the beginn log <>
the nexl atttlnga of the law courts, bu
legal routine permits of an applicatioi
being ?made to the presldt nl ??f th<
divorce ?court, Bit Bamue] Evans, for -,
i ?i.?-?- ti? be expedited, ami, ?it tin? court'?
pleaaura, an order nut) follow f.?r th?
action t?> m placed al the bead of tin
! list, in tiu> evenl lh?are will be no pub
lie Intimation until the appearance <>i
the case In the list on th?-? morning ol
I tin ?da] of Mit hearitiR
a petition for restitution <?f conjuga
rights is generally underatood ii??r?- t'
i.?- preliminary to s petition for divor?a
A' ? ording to Eaagllsh law divorce i*
granted only if he petitioner prove?
ta.ul Of three counts, adultery, de?
sertion and -cruelty, and adultery muni
?always he proved In addition to one ol
tiir ramalnmg two charges, a dtviarca
? .imiot i>e granted on provins the iiret
Imentioned count only. W?on?*c<wnpllanc<
I with the Justice's order for restitu?'?, i
I of ?conjugal rights i? Ipao facto d?**-aer?
i tlon.
Details of Procedure.
In ihi preaenl cms, assuming -hat
Mrs. i'ornwallis-Weit Is SUCOS aiful
With her restitution petition, the court
will order her husband to resume l>
habitation within a given period, s?ti
? rally fourteen days. At the expira?
tion of this time, if the order has not
; 1.itn complied with, Mrs. Watt tan at
um e file s |>etltlon for divor??-. giving
i.nn-compliunrc ?>f the restitution o:
d?r as proof of the desertion ?harge
Then, on the granting of the divorce
IX'tition. six months must elapse, befor
th? decree nisi is made absolut*-.
it is understood that the ?divos-cepro?
ceedings .ire the result of the desire of
the t'ninwallis-West family to ?have a
direct line of succession to th?- familv
?estates, the chief of ?whtah is luithin
l'asti?-, a beautiful residence in Wale,.
Thi-- la now in the possession ?if t'olonel
William ("ornwallis-West, father of
Qeorgs Cornwallis*W?e**t, who has not
disguised bis intf-nsfi ?l?.-sirc to hove a
?gran-dson ?to aucceed to the property.
In the evenl of there being no dnect
heir a distant memoir of the familv,
who is behoved to be resMeni m Syd?
ney, Australia, would succeed to the
?states, a contingency which the fnm
Hy strongly desires to avoid, as this
man la stated not ti?,l?e ;?n ornament to
English M>.i.t>.
Ruthin Offered for Sale.
Kntli.ii ?Castle S/as offered for sale
?"?in?- months in*??, but was not a?!d.
and though ii i- underatood i<? be inert?
gagi ?I tin < ..rnwaiiis-u est family is
now |>.?riicul,irl\ kc? n ?>n keeping It ?n
its posse ralini Prior t?? the Instltn?
lion of proceed i in*.'-? there tras much
famll] talk and argument comerning
the question of an heir, ??ml it i?- ?on
Ihlently state?! that Mrs. Cnrnw:illis
West, with weet reasons bienes?, ??awl
the n?BcessUy for ?an bnlr i" the ?states
ami raised no further objections to tin?
prosecution of the suit, ?.?specially ?after
the- pubii? announcement m the papers
that l'uthin Castle was for sal?.
It is midi r.stoo.l that the ?'ornwnllis
Wests ?eased t<> ?ive together in Sep- i
lember last, following a \isit to Boot? j
land. Their town house, No. 2 Norfolk
street. I'ark Lane, has been I OS rod am:
occupied through th?- winter by John
Churchill, younger son of Mrs. cnrn
wallls-W? si, his wife and two children.
Mrs. Cornwallis-Wcst occasionally
Stayed With them when in London but
her husband lived ai hotels ?mil other
Mr?. ?'oniwallis-WeM > now ?top?
ping at Cannes, where In r husband ha.*,
also been visiting his sister, the Prin?
cess of 1'less. He return, d to London
two days ago, bis hasty departure from
Cannes b? log larecly dm- to the pres>
?nee then- of his wife. She had apart?
ments ai hotel ne..! the J'rlneess of
Pless*s residence Mr. Cornwaiii,
YVcst found mull? is doubl.? embar?
rassing When Ins wife on?- morning ap?
peared on Hit golf links- just u ht was
about to start round.
it is generally believed thai Mr.
ICornwallis-West will do nothing to i,
Itard C??- pmgn-ss of ill,- pro. ceilings,
and It is understood that th" .-.?re
si? onden? will be B woman who?:?, ins
band is in a lunati. asylum.
lira ?QeorgO Cornwallls-West Mf<*re her
se. ond ma! riage was l.ady Hai.d'.lph
?Churchill, ?ni'i ah? ? 'lie molher of Win?
ston ?'liurchill, I'1t m I>,rd of the Admi?
rait- She was on? of the daughter? of
Leonard .I'-rom. id New York, and for
mor.' than lliiri?. yenra she has bSSU a
leadar In the socinl life of LiiKland Het
first husband Loi.I fiando.ph Spencer
Churchill, was th?? third son of the Duke
of Marlborom-h ami the uncle of the pies
?ni duke. i? ho married ? onsuelo Vajidtr
bllt ?Leid Itandolpli ?'hurr-hlll died in
lagt, He had married Miss Jerome In
was evidence > estcrday of the growing
hostility to th<? suffragettes. A demon?
stration organised bj "Genera.** Mrs.
Flora Drummond and Mrs. Israel /?ang
Wlll in Worthing l?r'?k?.- up in confusion,
and afttrwar?) th? woman wore at
tacked by a ?i??w(j. Two of them weru
hurried t<? a . attle drinking trough out
-id. th?- town hail, where an attempt
waa made io duck them, bul they were
reacoed bj the police and taken to the
police station for aafety.
Miss Annie Kenney was imaMc to
obtain a bearing at a meeting in Booth?
amidon, and had to nial-.s fin ?.scape
from the building by the back door.
Pour auffragettea were roughly han?
dled at Leigh-oa-Sea, Basez, when thiay
attempted lo hold a Bandwlcfa hoard
liarade. Two were struck and injured, i
A stall in Wulf-all market place hired
by the Women'? Social and Political
Union v.as wracked i>> an angry crowd,
Epsom, Kel?, :'?;. Mrs. Emmellna
pankhurst was ?onimltted f'?i trial by
the police maglatrate her?- t??-day on
the charge ol inciting petSMM i" com?
mit inulic.ious damage to property. The
courthouse was ablaze with at_Iragatte
eolors, ami almost every seat wal oc
? upi? ?1 by militant suffragists, when thi
magistrate took hla seal to resume the
hearing adjourn?*?! fr??m yeaterday.
ArchlhaJd il- Bodkin, oonnsal fox th?
Treasury Depart?sant, appeared t<?
prosecute He demamled the commit
lai oflfra. Pankburat for trial at the
Count] Astilztii'. saying that Mic as a
:-?lf-O?,i?'es.sed a<:?-c?sory to th? explo?
sion which virtually destroyed the
chaucillor "f the _xch??-iuer's country
house, than which, he declared, "a more
abominable and ?.ruei outrage probably
had never been conceived."
Mr Hodkin then read ooptOUS cx
ttacts from Mm. I'ankhurst's speeches
delivereii at public meetings on Janu?
ary 27, January ."?II, l-Ybruarv ;; ;Jnd
F?hruary 1.? as evidence that hhe had
been seditiously plotting and co-tmir?
I Ing t.? commit outrages on property
and persons "with the av?swgd object
lof overawelng the public and render
I lag the lr.es ot piominent mon intol?
erable and IberSby coening the gov
? "inmtnt.'
Among the extracts ?an one in
i which .Mrs. Pnnkhursl called for the
! names and addresses 'of thoae who
, wero prepared to take part in a gal?
lant onslaught with me." Another
said: "Short ?if taking Uves, we uro
warranted In using all the methods
?employed In times of war." A third
j said the militant suffragettes intended
"to carry on the fight with Increasing?
ly effective methods until the vote wan
grant??! to women. They were oblige?!
to strike the enemy, the government,
through other people and that that
was always necessary in revolutionary
warfare." At another meeting she an?
nounced that the suffragettes were
planning an "exciting civil war." while
at Cardiff she made the declaration:
"We have blown up the ?.'hancellor of
the Lxchequer'H houae."
Mrs. Pankhurst did not offer any de?
fence tu-day, declaring that she re?
served it for trial at the Assizes.
Notes and Bonds for $137,
500,000 To Be Issued.
Berlin. Teh. 'J-? The Prussian King?
dom has decided upon a loan operation
aggregating ,*?l.'.7.r**l?Mi*0<?. Of this sum
$hKi.?XM>,m?> will b(t ot Prussian short
term 4 per cent treasury notes, payable
in 1D17. and f'Xi.tVXl.ttin ot Prussian 4a
and JI^.VKMKHl of imperial 4's, not re?
deemable before |?88S.
The* loans are to be issued on March
7. The short term notes will be Issued
at Oil and the others at PH.fl or at 98.4 If
the subscribers a, ee not to transfer
them. The holders of short term notes
maturing ??n April 1 are privileged to
exchange? them for tho new notes at
psr. | . ^-? ?
Jury Finds Eighteen of the
Twenty-two Guilty in Vary?
ing Degrees.
?Judges Consider Sentences?J
' One Prisoner Yells His Anar
chistic Beliefs and Falls
in Faint to Floor.
1 !? ? .'.I'l'' m I I .- Tril'iln?' !
Parla Oh. -'.. The trial ?of th- p\on
t' -t-.<i> bandits has ended ir? all .?f them
bring found guilt] save Rodrigu-es and
th? three women prisoners, Maltrejean,
Behoofs and Leclerc.
'i'h hiry sr.ints extenuating ? Ircum?
stances m r?sped ??i man) of th??
?rin??.-' bul tend? ion:' .?i them i?i?-ii
donne, CUllemin, Bond) ami Monier t??
th?? ?guillotine.
The \?rdi?t. n Inch is ,i ?? ritten one,
' ' i long, confused document The
Judges at first had the greatest dilli
eultj In making It out. After some ?x
planatlona fr?m the prealdeni ol tha
Jnr.\, it waa read eventuall] ni .'? ?,?
a. in.
The in le?-.?? un h r?etired i" delib? rati
??-. ??i i ii?' ?sentencca a tas?, a-hlch is ex?
pected i?? t??ka? th'?iii ?? ?giood two b-oui?a.
The hi!** retire.I to delibent. shortly |
after three p m Just before tWO a. m i
i e alter more than sloven hour?-' Ae- '
liberation, the jury Signified Its desire j
t.? put a series of questions i'> the Judaje,
When these were niwwered th?- Jnrj re?
BUmed deliberations.
The trial was highly Urania tic. Among
the spectators were promteenl authots,
(ictors und h* 1res- ei. including Henri
Hernstein, l'an I HcrvlcUb Maurice
Hnrr^K. Lucien t.uitry. Alfred Capus.
Henrv Bataille, Wcsdsmra H^jane,
Sorel. Berthe Bady and Bergine i>???
teri?-. a bniiiani ?gaUi-tring, resembling
a s'iiart lirst night audieiiie a' B fash?
ionable boulevard theatre.
Prisoners Called Upon.
?i j?ir?** Couinaud. at th?- close ><t th??
arguments of the various counsel for
the ?deCenee, asked each prisoner if he
hud nnylhing to say. When < all? d
upon, IMrudonn?*- raised hi?? hc.'.l ami
?Ith a harsh, snappr ?rota shouted:
" \nd you. Montai
? 'Nothing."
And you. <;au7.\
i?h, i have confident % \n >oui )ua?
tiee. but i dont vmint ?any of ?rour com?
passion. I am Innocent
"And you, <'arronv .'"
i lived a straight boni si hf?- until
the age of twenty-seven. After that
I went off the tra.k I'.? ?<? in?- what?
ever fOU like."
" \nd you, S'.inly ?
'I ran a.id nothing i?. 'I??- convincing
logic ?if my counsel that annihil?t? s tha
avalanche of lies ngainst m? I am
Innocent bul an a-narohlat I am ami
an ii ..ii? tu?-' i remain tin the last
Soud) celled lh?**sa words a lib a
wild paroxysm <?f frensy and mi m ?*
tainting fit on th?t Boot ol th< prisoners'
"And you, Ifetg?
"l .m Innocent, bul i luiploi ? the
jury t?? ncqult m- rnlstrssa who i
buffering from two mcurai?:? 'i s.-.i->
and who is also inn.ui nt."
Poyer, De?hoe and Dettireller re?pH?ed
in sullen tones that th?) had nothing j
to say. iio.ii?Rue/. ones read:
1 hav?? been convl? ted <?f various
?rimes In Belgium and ?England, bttl In
England no ? ourt of Justh e would e\,-i
have proceeded against ni?- on such
flimsy evidence as has been produced
in this trial
Protest? Hi? Innocence.
Kiboltehlihe said
"The prosecution has tried to PTOVS
that I am the nrcf>mpliee of assassin?-'.
I liad nothing whatever to do with all
these crimes."
Whereupon i'allemin protested, sav?
'I am no assassin You make nie
tired with your stupid nonsense. Speak
for ? Otmelf and lei th?? reel of us
?Floury ????id
? 1 have been imprudent. bUI will try
to lead a respectable life in future."
B-'ionie. Beanrd and Robert had
nothing to say.
Mme. Mattrejean. who was pale and
trembling, having lost all her assurance
and lnaolent vivacity, exclaimed: "1
have been eleven months in prison. I
have two little children. Have pity for
me. Thank goodness th? trial is over."
Then bIh* fell in a swoon.
The young women. Sehoofs and Le?
dere, both said: 'I atti not guilty."
The .iury then retired to ?:onsi?ler the
88H written questions that they must
answer In order to find their verdict.
Wonderful Dresses of Oriental
and Spanish Types Worn.
|H>- Ceble lo Tli* Tribun? I
London, Feb. 27.??l.'helsea Arts Club
ball, now a well established and very
popular annual event, was held in thn
Albert Hall last night, some -MM? rev?
eller? taking part. The general scheme
of decoration waa Spanish, th?- MSM
being laid in Madrid in aniiinn-rtlm?.
A very clever effect of shimmering heat
was obtained by means of ?unningly
concealed electric lights overhead. The
boxes were decorated with red and
yellow awning?, and blossoming al?
mond trees formed an eff?.tlve feature.
In the centre of the darning Moor,
which covered an area of Iti.tlOO sonare
feet, there was placed a luminous
atatue of V'entu, standing on a flower?
deek?ed pedestal.
The dresses wete in almost e\;cry
ra*?' magnificent and remarkable, a
quaint, bizarre. Ka.it ern type predom?
inating, and frankly Spanish ?costumes
being numerous.
An American woman hailin?* from
Philadelphia rame In a crimson silk
brocade tunic and trousers embroid?
ered in gold leaves and pink rose-,
with a gold sash around her waist.
splendid Jew?-ls on her arms, nooh and
anklea and a diamond and pearl ai?
grstto in hsr turban.
P. S. C. SEES 9? OUT
Plans to Transfer Third Track
Certificate to Interborough,
Not to Manhattan.
Wall Street Regards It Likely
That Gould Will Seek Injunc?
tion Unless His Terms
Arc Complied With.
Making the ? etui. -,ies tor the tinrd
trseklng <?f the elevated Unas t?> the In?
ieihor?.iu,-ii Hai?i.i Transll CiMnpany In?
loot ot to the Manhattan Railway i'om
l?;iu> la the solullon of tue ?llflleulty
phi.e.i jn the way "t" th>- contracts for
the dnsl transit system that has been
de? i?l?i| ipon by the Public Service loin
mlSSiOO ;it,.| the lut? i ?borough.
At ??east, that WSS the solution in mind
la--? night, ?pending the receipt of a for?
mal .?pinion on it*? legality which la ox?
poeiet from Qeorge s. f'oltimsn. counsel
?o the commission, to-day. The question
was discussed ??y muy lawyoia who
expressed ?Informal opinions that auch a
course irould i>? legal
it remains t?? be bmb whether su. h ac
ii"i.. h taken, >\?i? .!.?ai ail ?tat ?lou?!*)
Swa) from the t?aii?ni horizon It was
r.poiie.i yesterday thai Qeorgs i Qould,
pi. ltd??n? ?4it?! one of Hie principal BtOCfc?
liol.lers of th.? Manhattan, had raised bis
? teventh-bonr oUftsettout to the ????rtiti.-ates
because be believed the Manhattan stock?
boM? ra should share m some of the in
? r.ase.I profits that wool?! come t., the
elevated linea 99 a ?resal? of the third
tracks and the extension??.
it mat acknowlsdgad that if i?e held to
thla itand ba satght make considerable
trouble, end wottld be bkeiy to au?? out
an nij?in?-tion lo prevent the cert Acates
N-inx put into for..? guoh sn injunction
might i?'- ot'taiin.1. as was the Hopper
??rit to rostrata tin- ls?tarbofough ?'oin
paii? fr..ni entering into such an Htire?:
meiit, or the Injunction might !??? ?lela.v???!
until alter lb? Sgrotsnent hail li??en en?
te...I int., and the contr.i??fs signed, and
th. n brought t?? restrain the company
irom <enrr>lng out it* agtasnwnt
McCsll Oemand? Change.
? iiau man MeGall lei drop ?e?t?ida. tht
fact that there wna one thitn- at leapt
winch mast be changed m th. BUbway
??onlla.ls l.eloie he WOUld SIKH Iheill.
'Thai ?*haii(*?' ".'?ill baVfl (?i be mneie.
he Bald, '*becausa 1 think : ?hall be pr?t??
?Int.I...in ?,n the matte
The chairman would ri ?? lndi?eata what
in? change trss, bin Bald it sho'ii?! not
be rtmsMered sa vital in any ssnss it
nfficts both Contracta ,m?l be lias already
?taken H up ?rith repris, ntatlvas of the
Interborough nn?i u?.? ?Brooklyn l'apnl
Transit ? ompat.y. Mr. M?? 'all Bald he
<ji?i n<. 1 think the change would ?delay
action .?11 th.? contracts for .-my length
of time n wa.? ?assumed from what the
?hail man ?al?l that b.? Bras reti'ly to sign
the contract? If au? h a change was
?'huit man M???'al? said that when he rtr
rel\c.? an ??pinion from Mr. I'oienian tha'
the transfer of th?- third Iraaktng ?ertiti
eute treta the Manhattan company to the
Intel I...ich was legal ne would first
couviii. ?? himself thai the opurJon mut
?oiinii. Th? n be would notify the Inter -
borough. That 1 orporatton is prepared
then sa be understanda it immediate???
t?. mak? .? formal a|. .?I. :i'l??Ii to the i-oin
misston for such a certhVats In us name.
Tic- commlssiofl would then hare i?j past
on til .,.,. ?tioi: an.I ord.-r ? ??iinsel f<)
drau up Buch a certificate. Bueb n tank
woiiln not i' ?leal as ?' WOUld simply
mean ?. ,..?tiiulioii of Ihi? wor'ls "fntor
1 "i ??ne h llapl.l Transit '.?nipan;. ' for
?'Manhattan Rallsray Company'' whep.
. \ ?i th? latter appeal ti
Neve Hearing Not Likely.
? bainnan MeCaU ?-ai?! be did not be-,
liara it w?ouM be Mcossary f?> hold an
< ther publie hearing on the form of ih?,
. .1 III.? ,lte.?
Neither Ml ?O-SuM SOT I '?? ?'had?
bourne i'. Ins personal ounsel. mud??
public j???-?teriiiiv anything that would clear
lip their attitude 011 the ?-l?vate?) c?r
titlest? IV. m|i|,.fit Shouts of the Inter
I.onmuh >fiit out word from his OSBCO that
h<- ?InI ri"t ?are to I !k ahoiil the di-mani?
of the Manhattan
There was plenty si disetisasoa among
.it? i.fhcial.s and down in Wall Stre??t yea
terlav as to ISO real reasons behind the
r?Jei?ti?>ii ??f the certificate. The dix-timent
had b.eii under ill.?? usslon for more than
a year and ihe rapid transit act was spe?
cially amended at the suggestion of ?oun?
sel for thS ?.??ipan? tO permit the tracks
in the Bowery to be . banged from the
?ule t<> ihe centre of th?* at root, Then
The sttrsctiveness of pure,
choice tobaccos has led
particular smokers to
W^ TWW5H BLEND ^"**?1
Tha "distinctively indi?
vidual" amoks quality of
these splendid Turkish -
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ed in an unprecedented
demand in this country.
s^tr\*^Mt.^mma\ 20 for 15c
Mr. ??mil'l w?nt before the directors n
the .Manhattan with an opinion from his
personal counsel, upon tue strength o
Which bs ?ot them t?? reject the ????rtitlcate
Mr. ?'hadhourne gave this opinion or
Fi'bruary 7, the day on which William R
Wllleos retired as chairman of the Pub?
lic Service Commission.
According to the story In circulation
yesterday a representative of Mr. Oould
went to President gbOHtS, telling him that
the Manhattan Railway ?"??tnpany did not
favor the proposed extensions and third
tracking of Its elevated lines heeause they
would get nothng out of It. It was point?
ed out that the lease Palled for a rent?
al of only 7 per cent, that they realized
that the lines were alrea?ly earning 9
per cent, and that, with the additional
tracks and extensions, they would earn
much more.
The reply was that the Interborough
winiM furnish the money tor the addlti??n
al tracks and extensions, and therefor??
was entitled to the prollts To this the
reply wa? made that perhaps the Manhat?
tan would not be unwdlllng to furnish
the money Itself
Then, it was said, theie wat? a sug?
gestion on the part of the Interborough
that It might can? el th? l?'as?\ to which
the reply ?as made that the Manhattan
would be glad to have this done. As a
mutter of fact, the Manhattan would con?
sider that the lease was broken by the
Interborough If It carried out Its plan
for adding third tracks to the present
At this poir.t. it was sai?), a suiigestton
was made that if the Interborough did
not want to change the lease so as to pro?
vide additional compensation for the
Manhattan, perhaps It would like to buy
"the Gould stock. The figure at which that
stock was held, according to report, oran
The vital ?lause in the lea.se in regard
to changing the property is as fotlows.
"The lessee may from time to time? 1*i
its discretion, change, rebuild or dupW
cate the location of or character of the
whole or any part of the pf?***?ent or fut?
ure line of the railroad of the lessor 09
change the motivo power now u??-d, 09
hereafter use, upon s'ich line, or IhS
roadbed or structure of any such line,
the consyit of the lessor having flr?*
been obtained, which consent the lessor
hereby afirees to give, provided tha pro?
posed action of the lessee be reasonable
and lawful."
There were differences; of opinion leat
nlght as to whether the courts ?-rotiM
construe the proposed changes by the In?..'
Icruorough as 'reasonable." t
"I sh'iuld say-that under the termi ?if
that clause.'' said one man, "the Man?
hattan would be perfe.itly juHtliled In
withholding its consent, ft lea.s?'d th?
property with a certain earning capacity
for a rental of 7 per cent. Now tho le??-#e
comes along an?t proposes 1o add to that*
property in auch a way as to bring a
much Increased revenue, it ???ems rea?
sonable 'Ji.it the Manhattan should de?
mand 6ome pHit of that burease."
it was reported in Wall BtTSOt yester?
day that the holdings of Manhattan Uail
w_y sto?-k controlled by Jolm I). Hocke
felUr aggregate som? i?V?.-ji?0 shares, of
which tOJttt are in the hands ?if trustees
of the ??eneral IMucatlon Hoard The
holdings of the ?"rould estate are not more
than tb\9b shares, but Mr. OeuM ha* -i
working control of tho beard of dire.-tors.
It waa reported yesterday th.it ths BocfcO?
feller interests were m fever Of l1'" '???r
tlfteate. _
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