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VOL LXXII..N0 24,211
rodav ^ir,^0^0:^^ 'nd NEW-YORK, MONDAY. MAI? II
4\'T InCltTof >'ew*iork. .Ii-raeytlty and Hehokes,
Utterances of the "Peerless
Leader" Significant in
View of Likely Cab?
inet Post.
Should Set a Shining Example
to the Powers of the
World of Reducing
Anna meats. He
iS C. March 2. William
Jennings i.rv;,t?, th? 8* rctarj of Btat<
m Mr Wilson's Cabinet,.rding to
- at? ni rer-orta, spol ? r- to.
ir ?-iRiit thousand ? - ? .. r ,
ring .. ~i ? lal gi e? ? ,.;? the \ .
Carolina Psa<*e Conference. ?vh.ch tuts
m aalon in this ? ., two da ?
Mr- n.is Introduced i.? Governor Cxa g.
a-ho refarred to Mr Bryan aa itu
?greatest apoatle ?.f the ?Prince of i'- a
"ti earth t?*Hday, thi a*orld's foremen
? n ?sis*] the highest > x. mpk of n
Mr Bryan de lar? d thai
imperative dtHy of the l'i ted -
Mil] t?? ? e-"i <?! at? in ' ? ? ry way
ble with tl ?? i?, '?r'.l poweri ?
.. ti. a of th? a orld ??.??mi aig-r for
? to ?set ?hinlna ? ? amph oi
rHssi'iaam?gBt He fl< r d ih Cnit? ?i
?States ?was ?peculiai Ucd in local ion
? d ^taniiim; among i i ion* of i h
? ?:: lo boMI) take this itand
The speaker ? n inn rated s the g
?'i t?-.r?- tl
?al ??. ? ? h? teresl ? ?.,-.-. ?
? . . x . . ? ...
had advanced I rom ?? ?
? luipment to that point ? hi :? ..
e of <?,]? r-annon a
.- man and natlona arere running
debt i" bi .''. monai r gun? incr? - : .
?;.?? i ? .... i. . er-gi "v\ n B
, on ": th? i ? herhoi
Latest Guess it Interior Post
Pip.cos Single Taxer.
- ihlnffton, Mal il -' !'r;,;.i lit Is
Lana, of California, for ?*;-' ?retarj of
? ? inV'fior la the it test ides a-bifh
; ii-?mf?iini? in Consresi ha ?
I'ffet regarding the Wilson cal
Mi i.nr.f ?is a i." n ocrai and
Taxer, and waa ap* n\i Intei
Mate ?""omiriT'" C<onimiesion. of - w h
ha is i'"4v rhali man I Prealdem
Ti oosr \ ?". ! I. Rl :, I
ougblv ?sound ot oni n stion .i i i
? !??-. tie radl a oitw bul he will
meet the approval ? f th? Pro) m ??
porter of Betiator I?a I cdlctt? at on?
time. It Is suggested that, ha ing been
< omre?-'d to drop Brand?is, Mr. Wil
?...n turned lo Lane as a ?Progreaslve.
;' la also saaerted that, ?? pred
In The Tribuns, Colonel tleorgt W,
<:hais baa declinad the portfolio ol
Wnr. and nothing definite aaam? to >
Vnr.nn re arding thi man rhoaen in h.?
Tbs Bryanites are d?sclaring to-night
*iw Mi. Bryan has protested bo I
? rousl;? against the selection ol Mr.
M?"Adon for Bacrstary ?f Ih? Treaaur:
that th?? Piasldant-slecl I.??n-'i
?r^ij his d'-rision, but the cotiser^
titres M) thai gfustsneiit must be tak? n
?erirh s larg?- ?grata of allowance.
The nalejctton m* Jamas MeRaynolda
U AUormy ?renrral instead ft Chan?
??lor Walker is regarded M pra? ittebUy
asp tiro?;'. Xotiiini- ?infinit?- is known
ah "?t the s?-' ret.irv of Aa*rieulture, bul
there are rumors tlint \\"nlt??i II Page
Is rie.-ig (onsi?i?'r?'?l for th?? piad . Dali
ru v Btoek haiirif- suffersd a slump hi
tbs i-Tst tew hours.
it is Intimated that the i ansas ai the
fun r'abinet will be made public to
Morro**-, unless there is a hit? h ret; ird
? ng one or more piares.
This Morning's News.
local. ?Page
1 . ataa Studaata Osard VWilaon.. , -
?fifty in Grin of T'.'-mil?- Otis 2
Taaaaaas-y ?Off for sfashlagtoa.??
?*?uffraKi*-??i ?iff to Washington. 3
Dr. I"ri?sdrnan?i I UK ouimgud. *
'\'hitmnn Aftei Tba? ?Briber?. *?
inturhoro ???B-nres <'?,ni?j ?sasprsmlas. 4
^'?gn?-r Committee ?Opposes Oaynoi 5
ffar-hiT ruts Vi< ?? t'y? to Mayar.? 5
?Vhitir.nn \*?? 'i';,..' Bribers. ?*
(Cardinal r;* ? -j ? r: - from Porto Rica.... 7
Town?pasple Invita Wltosn ?Bach. 7
RsfJUbllcan LOSS?? Small. 7
RspuMfcr-au Loaass Baaall. 8
tsayta t?, I'nci? Trial. 8
"ne Dead ;?n?l ?Five Hurt 111 lir?- 14
-.sjsadmaal to ?Salllvaa i-a?..14
Tro iirui m Jawsl Robbery.14
r"tn RrlctS ?H l'.imlli?-M.14
itryan foi Diaarmamsal. 1
1 I Troop? Kill Maalteatas. 1
?v'ufTrftKltts ?Pias Frost. 1
Inauguration st???'- Bad. 2
H'.usc Thr?-.nk--?'i .-?t Sight Besoton.... a
?.OH Buffragbita t?> Marek To-day...? 3
May Bad Sunday Katertnlning. 3
^?'"M-an l?\iriR ?irid %t'',.'i?(> fJKMM. 4
1 I (:??..is linrraatsr Maths?la. *
Ton Kxtol? BIS <*reed. 7
Nassau's MB r.'iH?"??!? Senate. 14
1 o ! iif Oarbaaa Army? Increase ? 5
i^ndon H?jffrag??tt?ra Injurad.I
.Ventral Shir'*? Klri-'l Or,. 5
I ?litorial . 6
Obituary . 7
>iu?j? .7
v?-wk ii,i \\ ?men. . 8
???lions .S and 10
'.?-..l KKt.it?.10
I inancUl and MaiaSJlB.IS and 13
^??tr-ir .13
i>iiipplng .m9
Guaro of 600 Undergraduates
Readv to Escort Him to
Washington on Special
Train To-day.
President-Elect Still Silent on
, Cabine, Make-Up. but May
Make Announcement Be?
fore Hi? Departure
for Capital.
? is Tribun?
it m ? ton, x. j, March ?.'. Great
? ; i< na rat ions ha? ? bren m<ade by the
'?! f? ? Pr< id? .?:? ? '?? i WJh-on'i
: lure from h? i ??? not row men n?
' I H? a III be ?? . . guest until ?
pc ol und? rgra lust? a formally
t h, ., ... ,. , r .., ,_,,. , om.
"'',' VVi ihington at ::.t.". .? ? lex k
' '" morr?n Bftcr ? md Ihej ' n- ??
plann? ?i to ma ? .. hi Is in ,; ? Ir
d ? ' ? for him i they
? ) ??.'?Mill' . -1
^ ' 10:311 ....... ;, o?tnoi ?roe .t ning
one tho isand undcrgra'luutes
?HI Bsa? m -i- in front . f the Wilson
? " ? !lei eland ?Lane, tu act ma an
? r for th? i'i? rittent-el? ? ? an?; his
partj to the train. The part-, will r d?
?'? ' ? ?? itom.I? t, nd i rompt'] ai
I": Kl ? o ?. '.?. Il .-,'..: - for th? tr.-ii i,
\\ ?ih the stud? nts as ? - urt, Paul K
i omroii ;.m
r*. ?'. Hall IV. M ? !.. at? r, \VI1 ci Pon?
? ? Rol i. '.' er v. ill : .. . ?
Mr. V n and I pai SV'it
dei ? ? i will ? M '? ,.,i Hi.
Marga] ? >. Jes?.? and '
on, ?'i-.... -s?-: Stockt? \ . ...
i ... r \i, ?i
roa Bon? a. th? ?president?? I? I s ??
Car Wir.dov. Pe.-'ipps.
Th? siudei :-'...: ?nil? lepurt
m v Ith t?.- Ir i ; g?, and i oik .-??
and .-?s the train j I out f ti ?tatto
??. i i ! - : , I tong deal
i'i ?it -i -n m< :.. ' :. dby. i ?l?l Nas
; a ??! ... r H ? ' ?? riroiig'i
?.'. .? dot .. ? Mr ?'? llanti
roi uni ?
. tradition that when ?i
st '.? ? '??. pi here with hi
| hi? ? ? tlier nl t:." its
i m : i - ?It? a a (h the ? ar ?* n
?i"?\ and ii"isi hfin through the
, ? .. " ??. vinjgnifc an IPI roprlat? ?? .. .
It HiaJli ?".. of the mo t iti
s i ? ? : ? ooimi m ? .-.i nl a ? Than
it le llke.ll. ? ? ' ? ?
which W?*?odnen Wilson rec-elved ?
1 ? v. ? di f"i ii at ?gradual? ? f
"SJ ? . ? rep? .i" d is ther
" . nf his remiden n
l ?
"v oble fcix H:in:?reti.
? . ?. ? | - ates will >v
?? - ( . ?- ' ' ?? II,
to Washlni
\ stop v ill be mad? at v. en i'i, a?
tak? on M - Annie Howe,
? ? i? i ??, ? he It sident el? i ' ,,ii?i ht i
daughter, Mrs, Perin Cothran. with her
foui t??>-ii-iii,?tiTiis'-.?i.j daughter, Sont'
phine Cot bran, who is i great far
. with tii?' Prealdent-el? I ind a III ?] ?? 11
. onskh raW? ol : .. : m? at th? I
Hou '.
? '?Mon? : Th??mai H. Bird .'.i? ,1 i'
ton'a personal ??a., will also lioartl i lie
train at W eel Phil id? Iphl M? a ill
.barge ol Mi Wlson ?and hfr
frit i ? ??'it ir.-j the Inauguration cere?
n?..t,j?r-?- Th?; train will alee stop ai
! Baltlmo ? long ?.-n?? j?;?i to drop off th?
I Princeton nrwtHng team which Is go?
?mil' to meet the "middies at Annapolis.
The ?Presl?flentlal train la due la
?Washington at ?'?.i"? ?'clock. Mr. Wil?
will go at on? ? i ' th? Pi esidentlei
room in th? a tat Ion. where the commit?
tee of ? denti will formally relinquish
,,n tu Tilomas Kelson ?Peg, .-?n?J the
irai . ommittee.
rormalitlea over, i?<* will motoi i?, the
Hotel Siioichi.m. where he aril] stay
until i"" ?foai to ii" Pii"1 eton ;?? .nm?
?m ker In th? evening. Before ?going
i,, th. miokei h*. ail] be Iba guaal of
coualn, .i??iin Wilion, at i reunion
,i the Preel.Bent?el?*ct'i r-r-iM t i vet al iho
?Shoreham Hotel, In addition lo lb?
live memberi of th?- ?Pre-idsnt?al?wit'i
family, there will be twenty-five r?ia
tlvei by marriage or otherwlae at this
dinner. Th? - a ill Includ?**.
.?. im Wilr-on. Franklin. iVnn: Stook
t.,u Axson. Mrs. Wlteon'i brother; Mr?.
Annie Howe, ?Philadelphia; J. R. Wil?
si.ii. Nashville; Mm J. R. WU?on and
daughter -.nil Wilson Howe. Wanning?
ton; Q-aOrgg ?Bow?*, CohitaMa, ?**?? C.;
Mra TVrrtn Cothran. RaMgh, N. ?".;
?Mrs Tli'.maH WeodrOW, Dornet", Mr?.
I j-,.,-,;"?-' W-oodrow, Columbia, ?8. C:
IJamef Woodr?** and ntgerilliag? Me?
I Masten Wo dron*. Columbia, B. C, ?and
1 Mis-. Helen \vo*o<in?w ?Bonaa, Rome. ??a.
Mra. Wilsoo's Inaugural Gown.
Mis. Wllaon'a IrMiiBttrnl gown, which,
I of ?sovraa, iha nrill not ?need on Tuee?
\ony, becauaa Mr. Wllaon cut onl the
Iinaugural ball, ,v?**, deacrtbad by Um
future tii?>-trosH ?,f ?the White Houac to?
?tiiKltl a* "artis-ii? ;?n?l Kimpl?'. Ria.?:?fii!
without w^iiiK -*lnhorate." II is mad?
..t ?.ilk <?f ? bennthTnl i>ro?n?i?' ?rtwe pat
lern, the prcdoniiniititia,' ?olor nf light
?reen- II I* U>w In th?- neck, which if
trimmed "ith lace. The IM ?'1 ^?" b*A
small appllQUe hf-adw.irk a? irimminr.
The K?^" ^a?, ? ,C"'K train' ,V|,h *
ittatgeatlon of la?:?- down the ?ht&ofc. '. hi
fronl of the ?foam is tiinuiH?! -vith lar?.
Butterfllei '" ttrtwn i*oaea are on eaicn
aleeva a' th* .-?iiouid??!'. and are elec
utttd to good ctfft on th? trlmmlni
atxmnd th.? nnok.
Th? Mlh for m? g??t\ n ?in 1 N?"'''
(uniiniird en Kioad PM*? ?hlrtl toluma,
i ; vu: ri \.\
Philadelphia Clergyman Gets
Varying Opinions.
??ii lad? Iphla Man h 2. The Be' \
B i rnett, of the Epi? opal ? "hureh of
!:??.? ? m? r, took ?aa bl text I -
th?- th? in. What ? ould hap ? i
rial rasa member ol ?Pr?rsld?anl Wil
i abinel ' The dtergyman had
*4 . .it.. tit?v- |.i oral?
nenl i .'?'
ng the repl
? ree?
pre l
B ; ; It would not
tl .. .
I ? . ... ; .... , ? . ??.
He i? on the tin
I don't I "? ? '
? ? ? 'hrist in i he all ? nit? I
,-i .' . if ii?. President t ouM '??
l .? ?. .n all that ;? do? ? i 'hi let's
principle! ?omething would happen."
Jacob 4. Bil? There ?vould >>?
, ? hqtiahe If i'hrlat wai in thai i ?
.. , .
; .1 -, Bun ? kgh 1 the lug
-. .????? I mm? dial ??? ould '??
, ..n hin.
' . org? 4?i? I Itjktl I.
Moore Musi Make Good if He j
Wants Cabinet Place
IB? Bu
Waahington, March '_' 'Fall with
i lying t< mpei a un
Su? h ia the l'i edli i ion of the prog?
nosticatora at the W??ai .. . y. reau In
regard i<> climatic conditions In Wash
Ington > i. Tu? sdaj rp t.. to-nigh i
Willie I. Moon ? ;,.. ( ol the W ? athei ;
Bur? a ? lin. aibei ing ihe "fall and !
somewhat .1er" prssjnoaticration ?>tM
'mir year? agu win. h went bo wofull) '
aatraj*, has Issai decldedl) allant, hull
4\itii(i?i an; 'probably" or "maybs" It]
la announced thai thi weather "will bel
?.m ? for ih- inaugurathm ol Oovnnior
\\ IIm.'Ii.
Mr. Moore baa i>een mentioned sa a I
possibjlit) fcr s.e. retar] of Agrii ulture
under thr ne? administration, ami it
has been facetious}! ?suggested lo imu ?
thai he Had bettei produce rtia '????,'
brand ol s eath? r He loot the ?tuf?
I rag? vote through the chilling brasses!
in- mi , vd up thia afternoon, i
The foreeasi far lo->m*irrow is f.ur I
S&d ? ?-lili? r i:i the forcii'.on. with rising]
tamperatura la the afternopn and niirht. I
The mer?ury 4viii drop to 20 degrees '
aoortttng i" lb? ?prediction, and win I
then gri'iiiinb rist
Findlay, Ohio, to Place Maine;
Relic in Square.
i: 1 ?:? c . o 1.?? Ti In is*
i iti'iii?:.. Ohio, .Min? I. l. admiral.
siisf?4i">'?'s bathtub, ?? v\'\r ui the brittle-1
ship Maine, baa Juinpod (toan the try?-]
ins? r1'?'' Into ti"1 lira, :?-? it ware.
To '" in":*' exact, the ablutionar ?
utensil which the ??.?><i sdmlrsl formai? i
ly ii??"ii in tin privat-j ?if Ms Mint.? mi
thi? Maine has b? ? n hustled ?from obllv? i
ion In ?"" ITrbans chicken coop t?> equ I
oblivion m the <'it? Hull hare And,
\4hai Is mora, n<? mortal eye shall reist
on th?- ?relic until Memorial ?Day, when?
by order <>?' tin Mayor, it shall osass
iSatlng ??? etnte :" ?he municipal build?
ing to be unveiled on rti*- public ?square
v, |th Rttlng car? iiiotit?.-?.
Jusl now th?*- tub Is ?? r.ii'i't i in i I
mantle of burl'" and ?Is occupying ?anl
honored place In ?the ?City ?Hall Moth? |
room. ?
Thr ?cp'n.1 steel highway o? th? South.
Makea all ..i the important Southern '*.in
??-t resorts cv-\ ll* own ralla N v.
Offer. N4 Kittii Ave-Ad4t.
VU ' !''.'|"-i!?? vr V1AR5 M.I.. RS. UARS'f?A?.L \N'l-> '<'..??> Kl ?.h .1 I I.I I \ I !<i
\ iiw'i.vi; tut*: rri.vKK < \?)F.t?? \t Washington.
Get Cold Feet at Open Air Rehearsal in
Greek Costumes and Retreat
to a Hotel.
r Bum
?> labingtoti M.?r? h '-' A ??
?la? k l'i mi i th? ? i"? ing ??"n.m?! ?,f tin
fuir ?uffragi ? ? l ? mdertook to r?
? their tablei on th?
" | ; ? mile | il?
thli .'?fif-rnoon in Greek costume. Thi
Irreverent .T." k ?PYoet i a? ?k? d ihr tiny
loot si? even i. fore tii?'ir fair oa n? ra
???mill itep oui '?? ih? taxis and "nlghl
linera"- which alao run by da\ during
n augur?t ion I Im? - In a hi- h th? had
? .in,, to ti" i? ndetvous, ati?i ?< ? m.l
ingi*, th? : ? h< i I wi tranif? rred to
Ra is h**T*i and ? "i'.'iii' '-i li door .
?Had women i.?-^ini earlier i?< assert
the!i right* and ecured ;? woman to
preside ,,'.ei the ???i'i and frost thia
never * "iii?i hav? happe-ned th* wf?
fragette* 'a>.
Th? n?'<s.-n' of "Ulme the dree*
rehenraal Indoors, th? ongnllant ?-??n
?ni'i of the rtf'.nsniii Jack Kroat, the
r*ont?**mptlble eonduet <i th ?weather
o.m ind the general dlsappolntmen'
1,-ii to an anlinatad debate i ?indu? io<i
with aM that rtmpeci f??: parliamentary j
-,,..d'lr.- which always eharaeterlaeaI
ii meeting of excited women, aver the
???fteaalvtd That natural n*ool nni'?n
suit! .-.t. nu?.? gppiuprlati - ?pient of
? ? . ; ? ???;. oatum? han goosefli
?lu?( is th? d?li?t? ? ?? gan to assume
erent | oport n a mere i ion \v ? r?
barred rom th? i oooi and in- female
d w?ie ... rmitted
??> depart only after they ha?d been In?
i trul roll? ? t?\ sly ?worn to
Aa a i ?'ii?' im m ? of th.?? ui.is
? t.- a 11 ? ? i ? .m interested public will be
compelled to ;i\?..(ir the Ubl?gux bsfora
it? lirsathlesa suspense Is relieved,
The weather man lit omises to .ibate
to-morro* the chUHhg broesei n-hlch
???? rnted the ??i? n all r^hi n.-.ii lo
ti;i\. but he crtjell* intimat,*ta lhat the
mercur) arfll he Just as Ion ?and that
th. re nia> hi even dUTTlea ?it BMOW in
the mi". The dauntless suffragettes de
clare iIimi Ihey ulii not bs dsterrfd
from ?posing In Greek ?ostuni? y even
bj ii snowstorm, and ??n '.ia?i popu?
lace !? loolclng fontard to the oppor?
Inn ii ' of In pectins some of th??- pink?
, s i. i'ii !?t.H'?fi .m public ?szhibi?
p, s l.ii.' this t'.enirm ??frltial ;?n
nounoemi nl was from iulTr.aHT?itte head*
quartern apropos of th?? tableau! that?
"M, the ? hara<*t**ra ??vill bs draaaad In
cUsai' costume, bdt their (ir;i->e :?
will be w.itni " I
Rumbling Heard, but Eruptioi
Unlikely lor Many Years.
rTaplie. March 2.??The rumbling <?i
Mount v?-sii\ ?us. which haa bean per
?latent for Mtne time paat, hai cwnnti
? onsid? laid? alarm. Man cracks .?ml
Baaurci aro to be Men and i up^at maaa
"f baaall haa rolled doam, us ?lark ?mt
iii..- cootraating agalnet the arhlt* i?<i
of now
P**oCeaaor Hallada, aaalatant dir?? tor
?if the ?<l?s?-r\ atorj. mad?' an n??i"ni ?>t
the mountain and dtMctuitrled into Hi"
crater, which has been totally inactiva
ntn? ?? the ?uu|?ti??n of \90b\ II?? found it
fill??! with enow ami ?the lower strati?
ihowed nf> kikii-s f?f BMlting.
"Thb" Indica tea,'1 ??ii?i ?Proiingor Mar?
call!, dii'"t??r of tin' obaefvatdty, "that
C.c r.on' ?if fire ih null a v< r> i ?.tistd, r
able dtatance from the i??jtt??m ??r ?the
crater, it in loevltabl* Us?t 11..- a?-1
tivity of th? \oKaim will lir r?siini?-<J.
hot Hint ?5 not piobal-l" toi from ft\, |
to twenty >?;?!
Man Hysterical When Terrier
Plays Part of St. Bernard.
i H T ?.j.-upr '.. Th.- Tri!
Berwick, Penn., March - -Be aua? 4
ahlvering little t?lack-and?tan terrier
w:is ?iubatltuted and snsj fur the ?part
of ?1 llfesartng si. Bernard In s meio
iirani.'i hers Isst ?night, ?'?(?or-??' Crons,
of iTUkas?Barre, Patin., laughed sol
inns and heartily thai both audienceI
gQd BCtOTi united in efforts to qulptl
hlni. and when lie persisted In hij? in? 1
rlmenl he araa arrested. ?fJrone tras ar- '
r.iitjTi?--?! In the police court, and, -?till 1
M?lia*hlng, paM S lifnw tin*-, de lantii"
between -"i-?sles that >t was the fun- !
nlest show he ever saw.
Tin- St. Bernard which was cast to
?TSSOttS the hero from the -mow-dad
Alps sraa ?ndif-po?.?-!!. and at the last
moment til?- property man ?rubstltutsd
th?> t.ny bint k-ainl-tan. Crone laiiidii 1
through that set and another which
followsd, Bhowmg th?- hero basklag tn
Florida sunshine.
\- a I??-? crag?* or for medicinal purposes
nothing puier. Luytics Bros., N. Y.?Advt.
Used Wire. Instead of String,
and Got Electric Shock.
I' : -? it March !. While
flying . kit? to? day, Sidney Bright, ilx?
ic.-ti ? eat ? ol? ?* M |ni tantlj killed bj
? '?'? trii.it'
The bo; atta I ? d i thin s Ire t.? tit*
tite, inatead ?t .-??ma. and whan the
dte lu H.-n.ss an electric arlra, llMS
roll* paased through hi* body.
Puts Signal Torpedo on Tra?:*
and Washington Train
Escapes Disaster.
. ? t..?i> i . '?? Tribuna ?
?Princeton Junction? N. J, Maren 2.?
: By i'i?"1 narrowest <<f margins ?the P??ntv
lytrvanta night limited from If?w York
|to Washington, while running at sev?
enty mile* an hour, m-night egcMpad
rrasbing Into ? freight wre? k inn he
, i<.?v here. The praaaoce <?f mind dis
played bj John Schr?nk ? flagman,
i-.mi bj the limited'* engineer aided ma?
i teriall) In av**rttng dleagter
f iii?' freight train was running al a
ii^ciii ipeed when, with a jar thai ti.rew
Bchrenk froni th?- cupola <>f th?- ?snhoggg,
th?> !<?nK strin;- of cara hroko in the
middle an?! the head ? ar arga thrown
across the outeld* track. us?>d i>> ?south?
ii..uti'i peaaengrer traille.
Prom his iaa.1 In the cupola Bchrenk
!i...i :. .n the h? adllght ol the limited
hardl) a mile In the ?rear coming on nt
full apead ?>i? the outside track. As ho
ateggered to ins foot, half ?tUMMta. m
sliti? t told him that \vhatov?M had hap?
pened it was almost otlftaln t?> have
sffected the path <>f the onc?taning
limited. He thf-ioiipon ran ?i?.?? ti tho
tra??!; toward the a|tp*****a>**iiing egpieen,
?rhlcti waa i??;i'i''i wlfji ?pgaaangan
bound for the knsMigratntlon.
?Bchrenk ha?l simia! torpedoes In his
p.?, ket. ifter running I hundred yards
ii.? planted one ?>n the rail and thon
rushed on. ?Finally he stepped in the
.centre of the tra ?'.. and waved hta arma
?n the hope tii.it the e-nginoer of ?the
axpraga would ?wa him in the alar? of
th?' headlight. He ha?l no tima to plant
a second torpedo liofore he had to leap
Tho engliteer ?>f the itmiio?! \?.is .tru?
ing at top ipoed, with no stop .?<li??i
nird before North ?Philadelphia. H?"- ?H'l
not s?'?.- thr- gagman, nor was be s?i|i
?pogad to .step ??t. the signal ?>f otM tor?
pedo, vin? h ordinarily maruta to slow
(?own. Buttheenginearr had a 'hunch,"
and that on?' lorpcd?? was enough. Ho
shut down tho hrak? s hard and halted
his train h haro H?.? feat from the
freight oar across his tra? k.
... a
,|\. -\ \\>;'t. Mal?li .' - <'i|?t ?ano ?"-.atio.
onIIo?! I?.in.? : I'i -Klont of Vfiioy. lolu. ai -
rivtid h>?o last ,?\ .'nin=r ?>n the steamer
fjovernov CObb from Havana. i.'?.iba. and
l.-ft at one* f??r Washington, ?here b*
wiil remain ?luiinii the inauguration fen
Sharp Fight Along Arizona
Boundary Between 9th Negro
Cavalry and Huerta's
Regular Patrol.
Arm Themselves to Resist "In?
vasion'"?Diaz Hero of Day
at Bull Fight in Mexico
City--Rebels Kill
?50 Regulars.
B| l.i?.? iVx, Mardi % - In ? rnnntng
tight .?n the border near ?Douglas, Ar:?;..
early to-day, tsrturees Mex??-an ?oldiera
and troopers of th?- itth t'mt?-d ?-t?te?
Cavaln. four Mexicans wire killed.
None of the American iroopg wat
killed or wounded,
f't'iir .\m? tu.m army ediosrg walking
"ii the Amaticaa line three mile? from
Douglas are rsporbed to ha4? as?-1
fired on b: forty regular Mss*fcoa ol?
db>rs patrolling the border out of Agu*
Prista, opposite Douglas.
BfXtSStl of the Mgro trooper? of th?*
9th rushed to ths place of the firing
sud a spirited skirmish ensued. Tba
American soldiers were holding thun
position at the international line when
relnforcisd bj taro troops at the i)th.
The Mexicans wer., routed, leaving
four killed on the field and others
-traggling through the brush wounded.
Tt is said that th* American troops bf
. ame ?o excitad that they oversteppsd
the ?boundary ?n.? purauad the m.-ai
i ans for aoess distance
The tight causad great excitement ?gj
?Douglas, to which ths telegiaph :lu?;*
at- not open t<.-da>. The townspuu
pls arm<*d themselves and tssnt to lbs
boundary, bebo* inn th?- Mexican a?i?
diera urere attempting to invade th*
! United ?--tat? s. Within a ?tew minut??
hundrsdg "t dtlaens wets a? the poauo,
Isrmed and ?randy, Ctowboys ata> rushed
| in from searb) ranches,
Mexico City, March -.??Usneral Ke..x.
r>ia/ recstvsd .. ?grant o\auon tins ,:t
ternoon ?it the bullring, th?: ?trat psi
forma ?nee of the matador? sport Maas
?h. bombsrdinanl of the r-ipltal T?n
thousand apt ?tators stood and ehssrsjd
lustily a/hea M?nerai Lilas ??Uarsd a
box in th? arena, attended only b> hla
Secretary. bis chief of staff and a fast
IflaSnds, and he wsa orr??d to rise time
anj again to a< knowledge the demc'?
Several groups 01 prlBOOSfB who ??
leaped from Batan Prison ?during taps
i recent bombardment and wore being
1 retornad to ptrtasn to-day made a 4,?
lfnt^attempt to resist their guard. The
police fired a volley, killing thrSS an I
wounding BVS of ihem. None g| -ii
'prisoners 4\as prominent political!*?.
Paace Parada Rsviswad.
At noon Fre?idfnt Huerta, Genet ai
1'iaz. Osnsml Mondragon and ?M?nerai
Plsnqtta stood on the balcony of the
Nutlonal I'alace and reviewed the pc
rads organized by the Felix IM.it: Ciu?
, in honor of the m- n who were mos'.
closely identified 4\ith the recent r-#
[volt. Several thousand persons, rer,
ireHentmg the ditYcnnt branches of th?
Imilltarj service, civic soeietieh and
fraternal organizations, afoot, mountwd
and ?n carriages, paraded through tliu
principal streets. Thousand? of spoS?
tators lined the stre.-ts surrounding lb*
[ pals If. but 4?. ere not markedly dem.?:.
.?.tratlv?-;. although the ? \Y-.-hs ' -a ?: ;
In front of ?he Palace women in a
carriage heading a delegation of fae(
tory employes IsiSOOSd four dOTtg of
peser Among the transparencies wehe
sosas bsartag such inscrlption.?4 *.-,,
'Honor and Glory to the Restorers o?
react" and "Our Country Is Saved."
Press Appeals for Pesca.
The Metropolitan Pies?? Asso? i.iuoii
has joined in th? patriotic endeavor-? to
reatore- complete ptMdftontloO ?it the
countr> and ha? sent ta Goveiuor
Vonostlono carranza of Coanu.ia ?
te-legram imploring him to detist in ilia
opposition to the ne?' f-ixernment and
give hit? support to Prealdspt Hua.ta
The ne wapaper s of th.- country, with
out notable uxct-ption, am PI*?TS|p|***g
from criticism ?>f the ne*A' adinliii?tr.i
tion and are lending their active sup
poll t?. th? pa.ni ati.n prsgrssassa
??aSQtatval Obrsgon, M In let nr o? Wie
nance, sent a m? .?-.sag., to ?'ongi ? sa Uta
yesterday asking an authorization to
tloat ?tars loans, one for 1im>,0Oi),?jui?
I pesos to be placed abroad and the othei
for 'JIM-00,0(10 pesos to b? floated ai
home. The larger loan would be used
for general purposes, including ?the ev
p.nse of tin- army. The other would
ha eSBPSSysd in the payment of ind? nv
?niticH arising from the revolution 01
? ll'lo, including the Chinese claim of
j.J.Ot'0,01-0 pesos.
Fifty soldiers have Icen killed in an
attack on a militan' ttt?U by the Zapa?
tistas south of AJOS? o. on the line of
i the Mexican ?'entrai *" Cuemava?a
! Tlie train was stopped ii? a cut. the.
i rebels tiring from nil Sides Th?* en
gSgemsnt lasted appi"Xlmately an
hour. The regulars BU<*ceed?*d in driv?
ing the attaching party to the hill?.
There lb much interest in a long con?
ference whi? h Se?or de la Barra, Min?
istor of Foreign Relations, had last,
night with Ambassador Wilson, and
the subaequenl Cabinet meeting, which
hurtad till nearly morning. All partie?
are reticent ?n the subjects under dis?
PhsaMtX, Ariz., March ?1??A force ol
Maderista?? captured the custom house oB
th?- Msgteoa side of th<* line at Naco to?
day, after S brief Bght, according to a
tH-M'lio"" aaSBSag? from Bi?!x?e to-nlclit.
No one was killed or soriously Injured.
The victory gives the Sonora rebel?
their first port of entry and controls all
shipments to Cananea

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