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Women Bar Men from Their
Meeting and Latter Retaliate
by Blockading Building.
His Speech Interrupted, He
Orders All Women in Audi?
ence to Withdraw,
and Is Obeyed.
By I nl'le to Tli? Tribune 1
l?ondon, March I, one of the ent
ling Incidenta in roiun?i*tion with
? h? suffragette movement yesterday
the draatle steps taken by John
? ?? .???-, Preeldsnl of the ?Local ?lovern
f'-nt Board, When interrupted nt Rat
?????< last Bight ?Honest John" aras
patient at dm with the Interruptora,
'"il after several had ??eon eje.-teii
" Ithoal appreciably dimlnlahlng the din
IM peremptorily ordered every woman
out of the building.
The meeting addressed by Mr. Burns
was in flirt of the Progressive candi?
date?, fit the forthcoming London
I'oiinty Council election, and In view
Of Interruption??, at a similar meeting
addressed by hltn laxt wer-k, women
were admitted only to gppdnlly re?
served seats near the back of the hall.
"Oee-Mte this, Mr. Burns hnd scarcely
tittered six wordH when a woman
ehrMy rried "Votes for women!"
An Ugly Spirit Abroad.
Amid numerous Indignant protects
directed against the interrupter she
wan ejected, and Mr. Burn?? resumed
hla upomcfi. but another interruption oc?
curred, folio-wed by further excitement.
After consulting the chairman Mr.
Bums then requested all th?? women In
ithe audience to leave the building.
There was an ugly spirit abroad In the
country, lie said, and a heavy responsl
Mllty was laid upon thns?- who con?
ducted public meeting? to take steps to
prevent something gertoua from o?-cur
rtng. All the women present gradually
left the building, Mr. Burns remarkiti'.*
meanwhile, "It Is the only way."
Kxtraordlnary s? ?enes, too. were wit?
nessed outside til?* Load ob Pavilion In
the afternoon la COBBSCtlOfl with the
weekly meeting of stiffragett? s. Re?
mettiberlnK last Monday's disorder, the
?uffragett's decided 10 refuse adtnis
? "ii to men, but the crowd which
thronged the doorways declined to
ma he a ganguev for the women. "No
men, no women!'"' whs the cry. The no?
li ere powerleag, and the huge crowd
iis impeded traffic
Threats und taunts wars unavailing,
.?ml tli? din at linns wh.s terrific. Koni?'
Huffragette postera were ?lestroyed and
many women fought their way out of
ili- crowd in dsspnir. Arguni?*nts and
exchanges of compllmants with irate
men were general, and there was limit?
? on fusion.
Flanking Movement Fails.
Presently a -Tanking movement was
made in tirent Windmill street to the
?tags door of 'h?- Pavilion, but the men
. re there Brsl an<l effectively blocked
iiiis entry also. The theatre officials
were afraid to open any of the other
?nitslde on?? entrance was a suffra?
gette m an Invalid's chair. Her plight
was respected, but nhe had no more
chance of gelling In than any of the
men. Good humor prevailed among the
j^Bv obstructionist!?, in the main, but they
?1 were grimly determined. F*-very minute
Eg they raised deflajit shouts and cheers,
** anil, on the whole, appeared to be en?
joying themselves immensely.
Two men forced their way through
the entrame without permits nnd they
w?sre forcibly ejected by attendants.
The crush was so great that women
screamed as thr*y became wedged In
ths oorners of the entran? e. and It was
only by the help of the police that the
meeting could be held at all. Large
bodies of police were hurried to Picca?
dilly Ctrrm, and they cleared a way for
the women to reach the doors.
Mr?. Pankhurst Spsaka.
tl*ndaunted by the riotous scenes,
Mrs. Kmmeline Pankhurst delivered a
spirited speech In ?-tide the Pavilion.
?She said that although she had under?
taken not to incite she could talk about
Incitement. She proceeded to declare
that the Unionist leaders, who recently
Incited the Ulster revolt, and news?
paper writers, who had advocated
various modes of revengo on the suf?
fragettes, ought to stand In the dock
with her. She averred that she would
r.?-\er cease her agitation as long as
Fhe had her liberty.
"?Jenernl ' Mrs. Flora Drummond,
?\liom the police had to rescue on Sun
In > from the hands of an Irate mob in
Hyde Park, d?clar?e she ha? no fear
?i the threats thai have been made to
tal and feather her. She describes tin
Mild scenes which occurred yesterday
ifiernoon as "merely an Instance of
ih playfuln?"?s " She asserts that
..m fresh outbreak of militancy on
i ? p.irt of tli?? aromen "brings enthu
? istlc recruits.*' and Ii still of opinion
that "the vast majority of men ad
dre us."
0.stentation or Display Not in Keeping with Learning and
Offensive to Good Manners, Wrote E. \V. Sparrow
in Disposing of His Fortuno.
A word of advice to hi* Bon la contain ?i |
In th? ?in nf Kdwai'l IV. Sparrow, which
u h fiif'd yesterday In the Surrogate'*
Court. Mr. sparrow, nho ?.is prealdent
of the Lansing Lumber Company; died on
lV'l.niHiy B In liis homo. No. tl K;.st ttttl
utrort. Tho son, Edward ?Irant BpiUTOW,
an?! his slstrt, Margaret A. Sparrow, at?*
th?- rrsiduary legatee?. The s,.n will re- '
e-olvo tli?. tirst itm'i.niiO from tho ?stat?' ol i
tii.?-- father when he ranchea the ??p. ,,f
twenty-one Mr. Bpaurow'a adrle? r?endi
"I ?'harge upon my BOO, Edward ?liant
.-'pai row, tho practice "f eroiionr . SSd
that ho refrain from ostentation or ?11s
play, as such pr?cticos are not In keep?
ing ?Uli tiio pursuit of learning and are
Slwsys offopslvo t<? Rood mannois and
gentlemanly donvanor. and I wish to Im- I
pross upon both of my sbttdren, and espe
r-tally anestany son, the a?ivi??ahiiit.T of a?
ftiiirinc as thorouch a knowledRe of husi
neaa aa prsrUrshlr
"i sepeeJally advis?? my son to make ?
BtUdV of for??*try. t?> qualify himself to a?t
with knowledge and Intelligence in mat
tors which will arise In tho conrea <>f Ih?
administration of my oatate deeply affoct
inK him and others Interested in the es?
"In the disposition I have mado hy my
will for the heneflt of my son I have en?
daaeered t?> so arrange my property that
ho will always havo a liberal Itii-oinn. arid
if , ni led Into um pu ?ir station hla n< ? da
?ill be amply provided for bj ins own
The vain?' ?>: Mr. Bpai ron 'a eatal :
not known, t?'it that it amount* to mor?
than n.tStJASA Is indicated by the proviaton?
thai he makes, .-p..;.r,;y the .boni
the -uii chase ?>i n al estate a ith the fund?
of the estate t le directs hla ex? cutoi a
that they shall pot l?i|\ any iii.itnpi" ' ''
or unproductive protierty, excepl where M
jidioins hla propert] In Oregon, Florida
an?! Minnesota, m a In I ?e m |ght*orlH*od
of sii'-h land, and ti-.?-n ii??t more than
.t.,....?hi \o t?? be expended foi thai putrpose?
Mm Marcar.? It BpSITOW, Wlf? of lb?
testator, t'ci-iv.s an annuity ol at least
M0.Q0I for life. Th,? ?un ?di recele? three
fifthfl and the daughter two fifths uf the
residue. The ex?cutera si?|*?**"nted are the
s??n of tho testator, Charle* .1 McBurney,
.lohn Monroe Lengyenr and the N?m fork
Ufa Inournnoa ?and Trust Compnny.
Mr. Sparrow Street? that hi* ?if?* n aln
lain arad educate their children oui of
ber tiK-otn? ander the ?rill tmlll the) ar?
twonty-ono yean old; also Uta! mill
tii?- son is of age ins mother 1.?tv? " '
quarter of all Income eseeodlng |ll?a.000
from the residuary eatale.
The testator leave* MJRS '" St ''' ;
i:pis?'onai Church of l?ni*atng, Mich f"r
wliulows tn iii.-m?>i> of his mother and a!
hla first wife M,? al " leaves atinoltlea lo
tlireo slst.'s and inaUos |..-.|ii? :-ls to two
nieces, a eoualn and a ?l"k l" hi* emploj
Members of Congress Promise
Inquiry Into Parade Rioting.
?Washington. March 8, The foUowlng
statement was Issued from the head?
quarters of the National Woman Suf
frage Association to-night:
"While police by the score stood by
and laughed, hoodlums, drunken men
and toughs this afternoon did all but ,
break up the great suffrage profession,
lb which more than ten thousand
women took part.
"Only the timely arrival of a BQUad
Of the 18th I'nlted States Cavalry, who
r.'di? to the rescue on (he ?fall?n, Ihe
manliness of several score of United
States soldiers and marines recruited j
from the Streets and a band of Boy I
Scouts kept th<> great suffragist army I
from being routed.
Participating in the procession ?a ere
more than a s??>rc of I'nlted Stales
s?-nators and Repr?sentatives, who to?
night promised .? thorough Investiga?
tion <>f tin? dlasjraceful affair. The
marchers in the procession literallv had
to push their way through huge crowds
which the police made only weak at?
tempts to push back.
"The indignation of the women tta"
expressed after the peocCBSlOB during a
giant mass meeting ai Memorial Con
tlnental Hall, at which resolution! ?ail?
ing for a CoilgriBSlunsl investigation
and asking President Wilson to look
into th<? disgraceful affair wars unani?
mously pass?'d amid resounding cheers
"Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, president
of the National American Woman Suf
! frage Association, stirred the giant
! mass meeting, in which several thou?
sand men and women were gathered,
to bursts of applause when she ?x
prOBBtnl her shame and indignation over
the win- women had b??en treated in
the national capital.
The procession did not gel mor, '
than a block befor?? it was stopped.!
The crowds gathered around Mr?. Hur
leson and her aids. Several drunken j
men attempted to climb upon float*-'. '
| Insults and gibes were shouted at the j
! women, For more than an hour COB?
fusion n-igned. while ? large MJUad of !
mounted and foot police did practical IV !
nothing. Finally, about forty soldi, rs I
and marines from the streets, indig?
nant, formed a volunteer escort of
honor and started to clear a way.
"Mrs. Genevi?ve Stone, wife of Rep?
resentative Stone, of Illinois, who was
marching with the Illinois contingent,
was one of the many women who said
policemen had insulted her. She de
dared that one policeman had shouted
to her, 'If my wife was where you are |
I would break her head.' "
Mother Believes Charley Lyons
Was Kidnapped.
Fearing that their three-year-old boy,
i'harley, had been kidnapped, Mr. and
Mrs. Michael Lyons, of No. S03 Kast 13.",th
street, The Bronx, asked the police ?o
send out a general alarm for him. It !m
his mother's Idea that he has been spir?
ited away by a ragman, who had on one
occiuslon given a pair of skat?*? and a
nickel to the lad, and had at various
times invited him for a "nice long rid?-,
as Charley told hlH mother.
The last time Mrs. Lyons saw h?*r hoy
was Saturday morning. It was a stormy
day. and when she buttoned his little gray
ov? rcoat up to his chin she told him not
to go Into the stre? t. but to stand in the
doorway for a while and get the air At
lunch time he was missing, and when he
did not appear at dinner she notified the
polle?? of the Alexander avenue station
The police thought for a time that the
boy had fallen into the Kast River from
the dump at l&'.th street, where he had I
been accustomed to Slay, His mother
doe? riot believe IIiIf. Ills father is a fore?
man of a ?ewer conBtruction gang
Territorial Legislature Can Give*
Them Franchise.
lunea i. Alaska. March .1 The lirsl ter
ritortel Lagtalature mei to-day la inks
Hail The Legislature has no poarar Is
permit lottsrtsi er gambling, to ralas th?
!.d?--ai Hejttof law?, to cieate a territorial I
il? ht or to Itcensi oseporsttoBS to de nusi
asaa autatda <>f tin? territory.
l-t\ eXPrSM provision of ('oncress. the
LegtalatBfB may ?rant th?? ri?,-ht tS vni
Mortimer i?. Schiffs BBtameblle was'
irrechsd yesterday morning when it
bumped ata tlie rear "f a aragcet l-edeni
tng to th? Merchants Rapraai CompanyI
in Whit?-ton?-. Lang island. The auto- I
mobil? was ?n i harge of the chaalfeur, Phi !
Barrai and was occupied by William Cl
ManadbM, of No, IM Lexington araana. 1
Manhattan. (?m of the horsi-s was li'i.t,
BBt the srSBgaSjhl of Um auto and arsfsu I
e ?uped. .
Crowd Indiana State House and
Convert One Senator.
IndianapoltP. Msreh I Woman ?tiffrage
In inillana won B vl'-t??rT to-dsy, arlten
sttor moro than MB '?"toon merehed t"
tho Rtato lions?. Bwarmed on ihe il'?'?'
Ol the Konato and aiiniod tluir ?-.??i?-"' With
oornered Itf-gtslators, Senator Orube intr?i
dnesd i ???int resolution to am? nd i i
stato , 'institution to grant women full
?'rom tho Sonnte th? woman went Into
th? iioiiso. ini'i there ?topped the i"??
? ? odinxn while they made then pleas
lion?, however, they were lern ?ueressful
than in the upper house, for llttl? atten
lion was paid to them.
Th? women, who ssk that the c-at?
constitution be amended by striking out
the word "malo" tti it,, .-la . ? p?jreeeribina
?tiiaiin-'ations of votera, Aral found Oof
ernor llalalon in the State House. A fe?
intti?it?'S la'or the Btate'g ex?*CUtlv? ? ?
BdOTIted witli a large badge "ti win Ii w.i?
printed "vote* for women
Affer enlisting th? Governor In thoir
oanso, the women, who acornrsd Ih?
vstora, rushed up the ?taira t" ? t > * - Senat?
chamber, tiiot r-rowded I
?buttonholed ih- trapped Brmatori and
presented theli argumenta i<> the men
v. ho arers unable t?? leave, it look ?Sen?
ator t?rul'O only a low minutos to I?. 0
t Inced of tiio Justice ol th? i ? ?? ?he
women who eurroui ded him *ad " ?
i .ti?in wai Introdu? ed
May Castleman, Age 6, Indus?
trial Exhibition Feature.
Th<- "A'oman'i Industrial ?exhibition bai
?a masco! nulo Mlaa Mm- Caatleman, ??
six-Toar i.i.i This youngest woman in
Induatry ??hi Eaater carda ? ; eat?
afternoon, with onlj ocra lonal r? i
to visit tha aartnga In th* playground d<
Miss Caatleman who la aaalatlng her
mother In one ol the women Ittauran ?
hootlis. is i grai ddsughtei ol
.lohn it Csstlemsn, "f [?oulevHle, and of
Colonel Charlea \. Railey, of ?laexlngton
Mr?- .1. Plerpon! Morgan vlalted tha aa
i Mtii'ti ..-?t.i.ia. Mi? ?Sdwsrd i?
Mf-witt was aatei taint ?i 't Inn heoa In
tin? model gaa kitchen Mra William Colt,
Mi.-s Mary A Parker, Misa Msrj ? ban
ion.-im un?) Mlaa.Pauline Goldmark ipoke
on the w?lk ol tn" ? onaumera' Lea I
it ib sanaetad thai Dr. Priedricta Prana
Krii-dmanii win i?-, ture at oo* ol ihe
aventng maelliigi tir.? weak.
f>n Thursday Jaaper, a trained d"*.
win receive at the booth of the Men *i??rk
Woiii'-ns Laogna for An?mala Jaaper la
a phininif axompl* >.f ihe *u? cem <>i kind
negs. Ha has n?-\?-i been whit?i".i
Senhor Buarque to Found
School for Countrymen.
Btrahor CyrMlao Buarque prealdenl ol
the normal school of ?Sao Paulo, ?Brasil,
areompanied b> tan fOUag men. the son*
of rii-h Bmslllsns, arrived here y?Mtsrday
on thf? l?am[i??rt A- ii.it liner V'astrifl tu
?-stiitiiish a aehool in th'- ' !; In In
party also *,-:<? I,:s irlfc and two deUgfa
Sennor B largua, who Ii one ol the lead
Ing educator* of South America, baa writ?
ten two ?looks on "The New ltd icattoo,
one deallag with ni" i., i method* ? m
ploysd la Brasil and the other on the
method* of Bngldnd. While p ?aiding
over his school fot Brasilien* 'n thli clti
ho will write unothsr look on "th* now
??(imatlon" ar ho llnds It in this COUntf]
"i am a ??ront believer In pu i Ic ed ica
tion ris it :? Bsptottad In thi United
Blatas." hs sai?i yraterday. "Brasil and
ih?- United Blatas BhouU have better ?and
?-loser relations, and In my email WS) I
hope to hoi|> l'iini" this about b) tb* es?
tabUsbmant ?>f a se???ooi for BraslUana in
this ein. i bare brought ten voung nun
with mo ns m. advance guard, and others
win follow within a few weeki after t
ha\e aeloctcd a place foi the a hool it is
a ri'"?\ Idea. an?l I ,1111 conflden! wi . dS
much to bring about ? better unterstand?
in?: between the two rep?blica."
Basso Happy After Message
Setting Wedding Day.
?'arl ?Braun, tho ii.-w bans of tiio Mot
ropriittan Opera Company, la happy Ha
to'-i-tvod a toh-Krani yesterday fiom hla
fian'?'"-, m Wfleshaden, Qermnay, In re?
ply to his ?rabie message asking hat to j
i "in" at once t" Amarles so thai they
might i?- married hare. In hoi- reptj aha
said bet engagement .it tho theatre in
Wi'-shad? n Would not p? i mit hor to romo
t?. Amertaa al thli Ume, but that tho
mairlaKo would tak'- [?la? ?- When llr.tun
return* la th* late aprlag, and thai aha
w??)!?! return with him lo Amerites n???.t
Si B -"ii
Mr llra'in sail"" W'ntati l.i t night, in?!
(or iho.tirBt ?time In almost a seek bfa
li> ail ?as lit;ht
Thomas ?Stevens n?? asad KngHahman,
?.?ho was tak? i? to i.ih- latand Bundaj
/io n tt??- whit' Stat line Celtic becauae
i? aras tboogbl in would become ? i"H'
??u churn*, was relee-sed yesterday. He
rt^r-s'} ?on San I i.iim?M'o, when he ha?!
iiv? ?' Tor thlrt} two jejira.
WOUNDED 111 10
Mrs. Mills Disappears from
Evanston Hospital: Breaks
Her Promise with Police.
Chief. Disputing Doctors, Says
Blow on the Head Could Not
Have Stunned Her?-En?
velope Adds to Puzzle.
? 'hlcaso, M.?i h t, lira Mabe Milla,
? ". :, nil estate <i. --1er "i Ban An?
tonio, I'? i? ?I oaa m? i- lions lorn of mor?
ti .m Ite.oOB, pi.imaU) either i?> robbsrj
m accl i. m mi Saturday night stirred the
?"Ollre nl Kvanston, a s'lluirl?, to an OS?
tended Investigation to-dnj lefl the bom
i'iiai t., v ni. ii sin? bad taran taken arhen
loin.I ?la/.. ?I and injured, and her present
whereabouts is as much of ., mystery -is
thai ?.i the large sum of monej which so
.- trailg? Ij disappeared.
Mrs. Mills i.ft early in lb? afternoofl
WithOUl glvlnf* the |.o!|.-.? untie?, although
; sin- had |.r.j?led I lii.-f Shal'f? ; si??- WOUM
i. mu ai. with him aben ahe decided
'" .1. -?art. Th? -hief did ii"l Lam that
i" had i' n 'mill nightfall ?*? hoB he t' ?? -
phoned t" Inqulr? sboul her oondlUoa.
ii.? ?rai men t?>i?i ah? had '??*en gone ees?
eral hoiira. The bell? f ,?t ; resent Is that
Mi . Milts lefl Chlcagn t" nigh for St.
I ?? .1.-. where ah? had in-. -. ioUl I' 1"1.| Hi.
i "li'. >!?? rigd business t?i transact
The ho pi la I Biithorltlei loM Chlel
' Bhsff? ? Mr--. Mills had .m apfjointmenl
j Wllh her ', inkers in iThicaso, and tl'-'t
? he had bob? to t.??-. t Ihem. The chief
I? .'i"i .? in, th. m, bin ihej ?i?
n Ihej ..?I ? . i or h? ??id fr-'tn lor
Cab and Auto There.
Th? ni m_- m oman I? ? aid t" ha. ? lefl
ti?'- i m pita i ?,t i;,,, ..,..,,. , ntrance. a
taxieali and a large limousine were drawn
up Id?- i" rride, sisl Mrs Mili? la -?ah? t..
entered II ? limousine ear and then
to Ms re a I lab ted on the .?tio-r ?td? and
taken ii?. taxlcab. it .? reported that her
? i ? nd, Mrs, il i. si. rena had ptrevlooar
m.? le r? -i at.on? lor her on a train
\ niuld ?it tl" .'t??\?n:< home said Mr
Mill had pa? ? I Tburadaj iii--.it th.-r?-,
two days i ?fore her mishap, bimJ thsl si?.
? ??.niplali ed <>f b?iiu- ill.
T ? police aedrched lb? ground aber?
Mi? Mill? sh\s she at niggled for more
" "i an i""n and ? d.iif in the ? now, and
uiMler porches, ?hoo it was hoped the
y, all In 11,600 t.i11>=. might have r.e.?n
o hj the gal? 'I hen. after int. rvl. ?
th? ? oman .it a hospital, th? y as
nounced Ihej had dl covered facts which
txled them I he more
M Ml I? asid abe h?osme eonacioua
? i? ? ?>.? i ?hi ?as being picked up on in*
i.h of Mr? I .1 ' " ipei. to whlcl
had rrawled aheresa Chief of Police
Sh.-iff.-r nf BtbbMSB, BSM hi lind ??ro?"l
i ii !? *'?r itating lhal th?* brutea on
?I ?..?? of th? woman's head was not
aufltrlenl to have rendered her aneon
srtoua and the physkiana Ht the hospital
?aid Mrs Milla could not bar? loot con?
fl ????i an? ottM : , an??
? ?i?. m Which Mrs Milla n.il?l
? i th? money on the ntreet and
arhlrl -'??nil empty bad not been
aealed, although it win? ?me of the regular
aafet? depo it envelopea taken fron a
hotel sh?re ?b? had been Mopping and
?.?I h'- had a<*et, the
? ? iled
Doe* Net Insist She Was Robbed.
?*l told Mi Mill thai ring ? pra? tlcal
'. isli ? tccual ..'??! to handling
large ?umi of ii.- !?? '. a? ?I ? i 'd si:.- had
late i illnga In Baa Antonio.
ii api"?.i" <i t'. m? unusual thai ?h? ahould
? rentured to walk along a ?lark ?ub
n street witn w "" h. ? aah m n? i
pocketbook." *-??'J Chief Shaft? r. "dhsj
repeated i pi ?eloua Btoi | that aha
liad been lo dlnnei al lha hoBM "f Mis
Btevena, h friend lhal aba ?h? on tier
??. i railway station arhea, discover?
Ing Bhi h? I left lier ticket and some
monej al Mis Btereas'a bouse, -he re?
turned to K> t what ?die ha'l lefl It wai
on her waj ba? k that ?h? s.itii she :o?.i tin
money Th? woman does not insist aha
wai robbed -**1''* mj ? aha aecaiua an-1
loua, and shea resfved the noBsy
BBl K"n"
in the fa? ? of lha clreiimitaneea, i w.-i?
told Bl Ib? i ??I'.'.?'? thai the lil.,w on the
s-omaa'i head, whether from ? fail or
fioiii a Hat, was not severe ?nOUgh IS
bare mort than stunned her. A curiosa
thlni-' It thai "ne hour and thirty BllBBtSB
elapsed between the thai ?hi ?tarted to
walk bach i" Mrs BtseeBa*? aad the ttmi
h? BS? fOUBd on Mrs <'ooper** pOffBU, B
block sws) from Mrs ?teveas'a home
? in an ??nveiope which Mrs. Mllli lefl al
lira Bterena'a bom? and for which abo
vis returning I found H,Mt Th.* envelop.*
wa? aealed and was m.irked ft <? Hail.
Ban Antonio, Tea i>" not op??n until
Wed needs) ' Thai opened ng aaotaer line I
Of Inquiry. Mrs Mllll "aid she n*BI volfiK
to St I/iuis and than I" KaBBBi City, and
Bhc Intended i" send the none* to Mr I
i.aii. ii.-r banker, from Kaassa City Why :
sin- instructed thai the earelop? should j
i ot hi op'-ned until Wednesday wa.? not i
i le.-irl explained, for If she ??eut the ??n
v. lope from Kansas City II would not
have reached San Antonio before Wedasa?
day, unlem ?hi Bteaal Wednesday of next
week. She said ?he had Bel ash!?? that
much money te pay ?i MU."
in spite nf th.- pusaling feature? "f the
?as.. Chief Shaffer said hi was continu- |
bag m work oa the thaery that footpaas
??:m Mrs Mills handle the money on an
elevated train, and. following her.
kno'k'd lor down wlu-n she walked up a
?lark Uteet.
American Bankers Taking Subscrip?
tions for $137,000.000.
Wall Street wa? surprls?-.l te learn yes
terda] thai tbi American ItneHtln?? pub*
llc h t" hare the opportunity of BUbeullb
Ing i" ti?- new Oermaa loans aM'?MBttag
in all ?5?.MMM maritg Sf iir>pr<>xlmat?-ly
Mn.BMtMO n was mppoaad that the en?
tire amount woaM ba taken abroad. The
hanl.ers here who are offerlnii the seeurl
ti.i ,,, Hirsch, I.lll.-nthal * <'?'. and
Domtniek a. DoBBla?ek, i>oth of Ne, IM
Broadwa) The former kotaea haa BSB?
neetkBis In Barita and the latter In iiam
Hirsch, l.llleiithal A <o. annouiH-ed that
iii?\- would reeMvi aubaerlptloBe until
March ?; tot lbs new Oermaa loans a??
follona; ?MlfJMM marks <;?rrnan Imperial
i due In Apni IMa\ gl Mat; Ml.JM
mark? nuariaa *v das in April, IBM, at
gg#; .??i iKVi.mri marks 1'nis-iaii | p? r cent
Treason MIM, dtM In Ma?. IM7, at m% and
?5*0,000,01)0 marks Prussian I per ?eut
TiaaBUI] MIN, ?hie In ABfUSt, 1MT. The
allotin?-nt of tbi BSBda and the not? s ?ill
take plae,. un Mareta -?. A fair amount of
both has already been subs? rlbed for hera.
Boiler on P. R. R. Inaugur
Special Explodes.
The locomotive of a Washington hou
Rpo? ial train over th? Pennsylvania Ha
road exploded ai" It drow Into RobWfl
M. .1, :reatardray forenoon, fatally Injurl
the engineer and Oronian and hhn'kl
tiio rush of passenger trafrh- to the Inag
' ration for nearly an hour.
| i. A. Monnh-kor, the engineer, died al
: o'i-iork ysteniay altern?os In tho Bits
hoth Hospital. The tlroman, IdWOld Mo
I ley, of So. ?'A'? V??rk street, Jersey ?'Ity,
! suffering from shock, ?raids and hruis.
; hut will probably recover.
| Tho train had BlOWed up to pass throui
j th? town and tho locomotive was opposl
g fa. tory v\ h?n th?? boiler hurst. It sh
upward from the tra??ks and landed si*
feel ahead of tho train. P'-brls w
strewn errar tho thine westbound tra<
and B long string Ut Washington houi
| trains woro halt'd.
Walter D. Scott, a onil engineer et
ployed by tho railroad, was brtttsed si
out ?by flying mlssilos. Ha was staiidu
j bestdfl tho tracks When tho explosion o
'?iirrcl A company of troops from Balel
Mass , who compris?-?! tlie majority of tl
I psssansar*, wero stiak??n up, but not hu?
The Ifaraj? York otBea <?f ?tha Pannsylvi
; nla rood report??! that all wlrea were t??1
i ?lown bf tho locomotivo explosion. Shor
: It hoforo ii o'clock, however, tho rsllroi
i reported that th? trains had h.-en Clsan
and that truffle for Washington would? I
? resumed nt once. Tho locomotivo su
taino.l all the damat-o, and although
baggage car ira* arraeked the train pr
ceedsd with a now loemnollva
But It Took Him Ten Years t
Do It, Wife Tells Court.
Test intent t WOg lizard by .lustlr? Arth!
s Tompkln* In Ih* Supr?me Court >
. Whit? I'latn? yesterday in the aepnrntle
I suit ot Mrs i-;i |?j i \ T??u-?.ilnt ?SgOllM
I h?>r husband, Alfred i" Tuiinanhit. Bol
i w ? ro at on? time prominent residents ?
: Ardsl? t-'.ii tl,o Hu,Is.?n The principal a?
| ? imathm of th.? nife ?Tas that hor huibon
; had ti"t supported hor ?.??..|..-|I> Sh?< I
a ni?. o r?f Colonel Aaa Bird Uardlner, foi
mer Dlatriet Ait?>ine ,?t ?Mes York, an
?? daughter of Ueorge N Oardhter, ?it
whom Ibe Is now II-. Inc.
Tiio couple haw b^.-n mairicd ten yean
i .\ir Tour-saint is ? r. ?i osiato broker i
; Manha?I.in and bad testtlled thai h<- ha
slwaya provided for ids sifa. Mrs Ton?
1 mini deelared that during 11.*? tea year
i ??f their married life her husband ha
i old?- hotlghl hor "tio suit, t W o paos n
?shoo? and a gown reading 17... which ah
a. w ; n ah? attended her ?Utter*? wad
All ihe ros? ,,f h?r personal apparel, ab
| maintained, had bran purehaeed by he
: father. Mr? Toussaint aatd ?her husbsn?
, Im lit?.i hor and raged at tins a, and tha
; mi,'.' r?e declarad he would ihoot himaeli
; W hon th. n Child h?'am? ill Mrs. Tous
I Mint asserted thai her husband went t?
? the thud l!??"i- of their h"ino. so tha
. he nouid not be disturbed.
'Dr. Crafts Would Teach It t<
Boys pnd Girls Under 12.
Wuhmgton, March " The teaching <?
s'x hygiene lo boys and girl* under th
age of twelv? in Bunds) schools was ad
reeated by th* Rae. t?r. wnimr v. Crafta
superintendent <?f the Intoinatlona. ?Be
form Burean, In an loldross heforo tin
Trost.-tortan ministerial BMSltag to-?1a>
Al the requeit of ? ?r ?raits th? meet
' .nt: lent to Representanvo t'iidorwood i
I maaaaga urging Caograai t?> done th?
I **e**t**gated district ?>f Waahlagtoa ?lur
I inr tho Inaugural en monis*
l?r ?'raft? opposed tho nhollahment ??
legregatlon and asserted that tii?- caum
of temp?rance had not sdvonaad in thli
country In the last forty :?'oars
'Wit h the al'l of tha law wo hav,
?'?.^o<i saloons all "??-i tha country, bin
th? per capita consumption "f ll<|uora re
; . n? a-. It waa ten d?cadas ago." h?
added "The law la InsufBclent it muat
i? aupplemented wltk education ?viuci
?hows the pttople tii?- true moaning "I
? :. lia and thi : al method ??f Bgbt
till" them
New York Central Accused in
$100,000 Damage Suit.
] Stephen C Baldwin mad? ehargea '?:'
1 "chicanery and corrupt practice" again?!
iba Ven Fork Centra! Rallraod Companj
in tha Supreme Court yratsrdsy In th*
suit brought agalnal tha company i?y
Ellas A?l?l!i to recover ?"MM*! for the lorn
of his lega tin ?< yean ago ?>t Ptatiklll
Baldwin charged thsl through a ?lete.
11\.- agancy the railroad smnuni had
??or..- to UUUSUal t *? : : K11 -. *? to break ?loun
tlie story ?if lbs t'l.iiiitiif and that th.?
plalntilTi father as i re* .t waa itraadetl
.n London, a liera he had bean **nt by
an* ??f tin company* detactlraa tt ??is??
was alleged that an agent ??f the N n
fork Central had taken Addis out, and
[after giving him "drugg*d" beer, made
him sign a itatcment that the .%'??? jfo t
Central expected to usa In Its def?mce.
wii.-n Baldwin neat ?Ssolorad a datecttrg
had wormed hla wa> into the friendahtp
Of A?l?lls nial hud taken him to Bocka***Bf
Beacb and tried t?> Indues htm ta g?? la
?wlmmlng whsra the currents were
strom". conns -i for the railroad company
protested ta Justlra Amend that th*
plslntUTa attornsy was trying to mahn
the .jurors bell?tV* thai the repre entattv.?
of tue company iu??i attamptsd to droarn
?Baldwin aUII insisted, however, thai for
two \cars detective* liad hren working oa
I Ad'lls and members af his family In ,,
?effort to break down ins ,-aso. One date*
Uvs, it ?mim unt?, bod taken the young -?is
tera <?' Addis on an automohlle rhle an?l
?Ivon t ti e ii i i?> cent* for candy In tiie hope
<?f getting some Information that nouhl
damage th?ir broth??! 's suit.
Justice Amend r?s?rve<! decision on the
motion of th? at torne?, ?for tli?* railroad to
withdraw a Juror and or?l?r a now trial.
Shoots Self in Bronx Park
Botanical Gardens.
Fredorh-k Ptlslcr, a real ?-stat? Oper?
ator, living at No. 7*4 Mast IT?th sireet,
committed suicido yesterday aftornaoa In
ths cons? rval??ry at tin? Mron\ Park
botanical gardens l?y shooting hmiaolf in
tho right side, of th? head Mr?. "?"??.mile
Adiar, of No 719 lOast ItM str.-ot. liiar?!
the shot ?nd inforined patrolman ?lal
lagher, <?f the Brans park stati??n.
I'flstor U.1M d?.'??l when 1 ?r Mutli aiilv?!
with Hi?- ainhiilani'i- from th? P.iidhain
The bod] am* ramevsd to tht K?'t?i
! ham Morgue, whore lottara aii?ir?s.??i! 10
l'r.d?r'?k PBstcr an?! a check on the tab?
erty National Hank furnished a clue
to th? vlctlm'a identity, .loim PBstsr,
son of th? dead man, appeared lat?r an?!
'Claimed the body, Pfl.-'ter was alsint sixty
I year? old. . I
A Great Many Women Make Their Families
Victims of Their "Unselfish
"Tas, I'm llrlng alone tins year. I've
tin* eiltest llttli Hal and a canary"??
"Well, Moll] iaboaidlBg. Oh, bs? Indeed!
\\'?--re perfectly good fri? nde ham dinner
together BlmOSt every night We j?if t
thOBght wed try living apart. Ahsent
treatment fot the heart, you know."
Thi* I? the kind of story one beam ovr
und over again told with SB BBOOBvlB?iBg
ISUgh BBd I shadow In the e> '?*. OoSBBJ
? hlapera thai Susan and Mod) hava
quarrelled after all tbeae ysara?Jaat ha
cause tiny tried living together aad it
didn't work
Every woman want?? a home of her own
se.oner or later, if she lau't wealthy, Bha
has to share it with another bomtaaeker.
They ?i?? happy for th?- first year. The
ascend year they are uneasy. The third
they five it up.
Whj ?
Why Is it thai the bsat of friends web
brad, ' p.rfe.tiy ni.?? ?? people, ?ant be
happy in the same house?
"ft la the curs?? of BBBBllBhBBBB." ?*?
Plained the young WIMBBfl who und?-r
ata?da other people "Molly waa alaraya
having le r eoBBtr) couMni down to visit
h.-r and thinking sh.- had to in? it.? Basan
to ?,-o out with them. Susan didn't want
to po. Molly didn't want her. The
??oijHlns didn't want her Everybody In?
sisted ?in helm?- onselBBk and BC-BOd) was
"Susan, for her part, would never po
down to dinner tin Molly came home from
achool Result: fluaaii x"t dyapepaWu
1 lie dinner gat COfcl. Mollv get rni?s.
knoaring she had t<> hurry home an
Susan's aiscount wii.?n she could otherartM
have eaten doWntSWB when ?he ?;is lat?'.
"I never kn?'t? hut one c?inph? of Wom?
en who were *h|. t? i,..,, together hap?
pily for an) length ?t tune The way
-hey did it was b] agreeing to be Briflsh.
if Ann?- wanted to k<> anywhere ??he went.
whether Jane was Invited or not tf .inn?
wanted n.llH for break fust, BhS had IhflB. ,
and let Anne eat toast if she want?*' tin*.
The BJBBbOl Of their happiness was BjBb
Sunday paper. It wasn't a paper. I ?it two
papers. Voll know h"w it is with ?-*??
unselfish' people. A insista that B tak??
the seetlon she tBBBB't want, hut BeeajBj
because she thinks A dSSBB't want It
either. ThSaS two friends of mine K,.
two ciipies of the sam?- paper, it ans i?.
silly und extravagant, hut it ?avea nv-r-.
than live cents' worth "f petit? fn.t|,)n.
This 'After you. my issr Alphoase1 heal?
inss is not only silly?II Is wim- I ?aj
selfishly unselfish. Alphonse nosM really
he much happier to ?o second if ??aaton
would onl' keep still Bad l? t Mas.
".Mothers of families ?r? vary oft?n
K'lllty of this sin of unsMti-hin ?s. Th?>
aave nl?-e bit- Of toBBBSSB tot l.r, tired
Alice to eat when she Ret* home at ni^ht
1 Alice doesn't want tin? hit. Bh? ktmws it
i- BOBBtlthlBg Ii?r mother is particularly
fon?l of, hut mother has BBMlBsBl) sum??;
It. jo Alice makis a martyr of li.-raelf
and ?wallows it ResBlt: TWO paapto ar?
"Mother sa>s: 'Ali?e. ?par. ? ; . * -0
busy. Ill tuend your alcecklaga tlii- w-^k.'
Next Wash Ali?"e expects her t.. ni?*nd
them, and BO n gaea Mother seta lltm
thanks BBCBBBe she |,m e-Mgbtef g.t
int?, the habit of dapaadtag ??" bar.
People BBJoj i-rniK ansriaab. Thoy
enjoy it t?i tbi point of Briltoknaa*. Th?i
unsriltoh OHbb to da la to let other peo-,1?
h.? happv in their own way. The mart;r
! insists that they be hnpr-, in her way,
| und evo? y body is oBhappy
?it I? 'unaafftBtttt-aaa without riMoa,' sj
BOBSi "lie else haB called i? Th?? r?-al y
I grenl maytyrn and samt?? have known
whan not to be BBSsHtah. Tn?\ eaMI
l see IntO Other people's BOB!? and knew
what would really make th. m ?api?;-,
Christ ii?-'i thai kind "f unarisShBBB
\Vh?-n the woman wanted 1" give Ihn th?
,.r??? ions ointment It?? let her fast think
how- grieved she would have pees Is hito
I had It refused "
Postal Card Departments
Al! communication? fand thay ar? wel come) ahouM be made by peats! tUXtS
nt it it posubl?.
Recipes I ested and
Found Good
All i?. p'-i appearing m ibeaa eelutnn?
I I ? I ....il t.- s?. ,1
' ? ? i -?i.-ms'i i menli ?i ? iibci] inleaa et
. |?, ???l!?.ri
i la depart men? trill !??? = : :? -1 la ans\??-r
?nt rutina qi itl a submitted I readsia
, -t '?i bu reelp i
?Vdrireia f'ullnan FM I tor, f i ?? VeTb Trlb
,"? - ?? ' '? i N'asaau at
Thi? ?!?t.?r' n? nt -t" sot '"?? reap naible
for mai us ript whi? - en pa nli ?! I?j
?tamp? f??r r ii rn K adl? I.?? alampa
with question? requirlnfj ?i tnswei hj letter
Writ?? on "Hi' ?HI? S'-h' '?f ?lie p? p, - ?,-.| tee
?ha? name ?n* ;,?:.!-.??? irtrompan ?ach it< :.i
A BPRtXG DELICACY. Veal tongue is
a aprlng delleni f thai is nol ?-'-en on th?
laMe as often ns It might be. I'o hr.n/
Ing, a ash a One, fresh tongue, cover it
with water or Block. Cook it alowly f??r
an hour, or until the skin can t.- ensU)
removed. Theo tai<? th.- tot gu>- out of
tha stock ami null off the skin. Pyt the.
mtat tnt?> a bruising kettle and iiour the
stock aroutui it. Add i small Bltced ear*
rot, a boii'iiiit of herb? and a illced
onion. Set the mixtura In the oven an?i
let the itock around It Blmmer until It Ii
i?-?ii?-.d t.? .? thick gravy ?;n?l the meat
lts.-if t? ver) tender Care must !>?? taken
that n ?i?"? not boil, aa that tmii toughen
ihe tongue \ow remove the ment, pince
t upon i prett) platter, thicken the
gravy With a litt.?- s:rif?l flour, cook It for
a momenl and then p"ur it <?vei the
tongue Cot s rariatton add some moca?
i'iiil m a cupful ??f stewed or canned u?
matoe?, or, if preferred, a. little of paeh.
lled Mai tOUgVH t?.irbo:l a tin-' tongu? un
tti the ski'i is loosened Th? n r? move the
skin and cut the tOOgUS Into ?liOes, COVOI
them TMth ?tock that win. when <?>.<i.
form a jelly The Block formed from th?
water in *??? t ? t ?-1? a '-air? head was cooked
- exiiii'tit for tilis purpOSt Season the
lellj with two or three tesspoonfula of ?to?
mato catsup, a cluve, B tin)' onion, a big
pinch of thyme and i??ui or flve [topper?
corni i??t it ?immer eery gontlj In tins
gravy for about an hour, oi until the
m?at is tem?,: and the Block around it
rich ?and ?l??rk 'lake ?t from tha Ira and
put ii into a mould [?et il COOl and then
place ;t "a Ice, so thai u will become
perfect I) stiff ?before sii?-,ng a.id serving.
i.ng before th? apple ?ea?on la past 't
is a good ;'..?n to preaerve boob* apple*
now, <?n?' ???n iiii-n hav? good apple
?auca Is June and July, Cut some ?inc.
?it in apple* into thin allcea sfter peeling
sod ''"hug them ?Stew them verj senti)
in uaier until they are tender, but not
until they break. Remove them careful!)
from the li'iui.i.-so that their ?hap?? will
be preserved Bet them aside in a cool
plora to stand until a syrup to can thorn
in has been prepared. i"or this s>rup use
the liquid In which tht y were rooked, and
add to every pint of it one pound ?scant*
of Ufciar and one good sized lemon. Ite
fore adding the lemon* prei are thctn us
tollowa: ?'hip off the yellow outer rind,
rejecting all white Inner skin and tissue.
Stew these yellow chips till tender in a
little water- about half a cupful of iviii.-i
to even lemon. Then ??d?l them to the
syrup. Add als.? tiio juice of the lemona.
if preferred, the pulp of the lemona, with?
out BQUoaalng, maj b?. asad. After peel?
ing and removing the whit?- inner skiii
simply altee the lemona and a?ld them,
with th?? appi.-s. to tbe syrup. Before
?d'Hng tho fruit cook the syrup long
enough to ?llssolvo |h* sugar, ami aftST
adding it boll It up once, letting it come I
?lowly to tho boiling point. Seal while
hot, I?oss sugar may be uued If pre- i
"erred. To have these apples perfect OBg
al.ould b< ?erved with cream Th? ? maka
? rhange fi"tn l?. rries on the autnmer t?t
table and an wel?*ome, If for ?? otbw
reason than that they are out of Basas
Useful Household 1 ips
Mil.? depart men! s II v r tot * ? UN
i* found avallsM? fi Its l l?M Bi
??rn?fii! Ilous? hold ; ii. Deparo ? ? N?B>
1 orh i rlbiine. So UM N'seaau
DI8H.?>When preparing ii"- homely ?MM
?-if commeal "mush" a? it la called m
Sew KiiKland. a famous chef add I Mas
lemon peri to enhance it?? Bavot th? rkd
.if lemon to a pint of hnuld and thr? ?
quartan of a cupful of meal
-Net curtains or any eurtalBi of ibSV
tiiat'iifl! will keep their -hap' b It? '?'
sewed with doui-le h? ms, I'"' ?lO'lhl?
hem" fohl th>* mat.-'ial BVCT B? fST th
us'iai hem, tbeB turn t'" a? ? tbua
ov? r to the sane f| ptk again. Th? mo*l
can-less laaadreea ?rill Bat b< Hkeh f>
pull them But of shape
memher thai th real coat A un it? muit
p.- rnekoned mlnua the bon? x coot
meat wltboal none is often i *?'
though it msy aall at a hbj ? prkai
pound than ? ring per eut wl
Daily Bill o? Fare
BREAKFAST.?Stewed i iBBsl
with nutmeg; lamb hash brio? ?. c?*a7?a
French bread, toll) ? ooklea,
ItINM.lt -Tomato M
inaahed potatoea ?prinkled - Ml
I eeae, ai rlag mtod, w.,i at ?... ati bbb
*\ hipp.d cream, nuta. raiaii
BPRING SALAD s. :??? ??? tab i
la.Ke attr.uiiv. ;. ,.| ,,{ |*ttUci YtMPaJt?
tha torga leave? for -. in t<*~rs-arre**a
soup. Drew th<- heart lea' ei s-lth Krem.?
dreeaiag and aprinkla them ?rith atoad
spilnic ?mions arid OBi 01 t?'?? aren !M'P'
i" i s atoo Bslaced.
1 ni Frida). Februai i '?? it th? HUM
I'he.itie. LuBdon, a 1MB II ?. ??*?>
Queabur) " wai produ?*ed P7mM
OroasaMth and costumed b) Paqala, IM
Mis? Thimm were iwu gowm duriagato
play which caused comment, on? of whici
waa of ? ihampagae colored mi BitdeaS
la.e: a hioad scarf of pal? tUTSBBBl
bengalina ?silk to arraaged ibov? ihakaaB
and over a deep flounce of th? lace: thl
bodice has transparent .???;?? and on?* sidi
is drspsd w.th la?, th? "tiT all
mouaaellaedi not? of th? ^ji.;? tlat ^"?'
this dress Miss Thintm Brean a. BB?
wrap of :nai:-e colon?! rstin?, With BW
lar an?! r.s.is Ifl satin si lh? ?BBM BMP
Of the two costBSStB which Mtaa Ctbbb
woie. IBS BBS In the lOCOnd .'?"' """'
a' ts was of pal?* salmon ptah ckitk aw
hrolUei.-d m a bold, effective atyl?'?
wool of thS sain.? pink and ?Hks ?f ?'
deeper abade. The hodii ? I -?- ? '"lir
of enihroldereil bat?ate '"'1 hBlg ' ^
ntflng ?leeres, and if ?pparentl! m _z?.
with the skirt, though there ia ' J '
fold?-?! ?..It of pink and ara) U'*'11?'
i .<?* HI?"
Ti,.- skirt is a nharmlBi i mtwp" ' l
n? west draptag*. ?
HPHE most perfect fitting, hygien
-*? ic, fashionable and highest
grade corsets in the world. Over
MO New York and Brooklyn stores
sell the BON TON. Ask your dealer.

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