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County Medical Society Out?
lines Only Possible Plans
for Demonstration.
Health Commissioner, After
Private Session with Ger?
man Physician, Approves
Turtle Serum.
I' Friedrich Franz T-'ri? .?in.'iiii can
?leirifii tt.ite his turtle, scrum lor con- j
sumpttve* only by sccurinR a state H? nse I
f.?i the practice of medicine or by ?sereins
on the staff of some duly Incorporated
hosi.ital without salary or fee.
This i? the oiiini??n ot the "Comitla
Minora'' of the Modkal .S?>.iei> ??:' thai
< ounty of New Torn, which net at tli?1
.\ -, demy of Medicine, No. it West ?0d
Mr. ? t last muht, to ?POnStrtfT ti.? case Of
J ??? !'ii??iimann and his eiT'-ut? t?> mahe
hli curs known here.
The masting, which arn* ahm attended
bj Dr. Ernest .). ?I^edarle or the i>?;'?i t
ment of Health, was held in part for the
? ??n.-. i'-ration of a i'???niiiiitii??ti"ii re?
celved from i?r. l*Ttedmann aaklng I *
-.'?-..- "f th?- body on his request.
\- .? result <?f its ?aellberatlons, the
? nm.i. i Issued an announcement m
which it expressed its unsnlmoui opinion
thai the laws of the State ?if New York
tesiilatlnK th? practi?*e of medicine should
net ?ha suspended f??r the i?en>'!it ?>f ?any
persan. This decision bears on the matter
??t* practica without a Itoonee.
The 'omit?a also voiced th* 0]
? the puhlk health laws Bbould ta ?
???i in ?egaid to all ?persons, a ?
? ? i ? rlmlnntlon.
Suggest Two Ways Out.
it t xpreased Itself, on th? othei
: tii? vi? iv that ? i erj opportunity j
should '?" sfforded to I" ?FYledmann t?>
demonstrate hi- cut", snd luggested that
tW* mlshl ?he don? in two ?vaj -
first i.? that ill' ' 'omi ilssion?
at ion, <?n :i <? r<
?Board ??i Resenta, slv? ?> prac
tli i.. ph: si? .;:!i?. from outaid? th? atat?.
. ,,;.,; those physician! o il ? ? ?
The v.-,,un comei ndei Hi? idloa- i
phj .i ?
? . . ? . re.
t . ph] -..iaii sn Incoi -
por ted liosi
oi ?-., _ ti . Co rn end? d
it .ii.thei - o u ?! b
. . ; -, ir i ... lo the ;<
I? . Krnsl .1 t?ed< fl? ;."l It It d lh
1 , do? t"i to ? . ren? ? at th? on.
"?? ih? Hoard or Heel! . ? ? ?? I h D
i lei mi ? .\. l:it
.. an? a Di WllUai Pi
? ? toi ol la.t? ? ? pi ?'
it .
? ?jii'"iN>; It Dr,
' ii aim convinced hii
tren! tl a! oitld b
?. 'i as a menaci to ?.? ?
-, . .. ? .
lh -.'.. o ? ? no obj?
? , ..
\ ? e to e hot th i
ret s
. dl I reel lv< ?'
' ?? .: itlon in confldei ?
.'?? ?i -. ding t?> 1 ?. i r I? dtnani h? 11.1
relj h? gin his treal t? tubct
to-daj " t <.- ; ? i..i roa si i ? Ii l
TI ' oui g, ti im-app? a? Ins g? i m ?i
- ? sklng '" i"'-"-- '?
lim? -;:,c" ii*? arrival, rea
ti t i . t ? i. ? ?
BX nt.
'I am heal I treat enl to-mor?
. or, at the latest d ?
. ??!...... .M?, e i cai not tell t?>-.
Besieged by Consumptives.
The ?n f..\ laed b it treal
men! a mid ??? gin caterd S
1 ?ftii av< nue, ?>- h? ? .-i i..,-. ;, . .
-?. the aortoi '- ppolnt
.' had t'l.t
earm d of the i-hang? ? l
Waldorf-Aatoria \\;i? also Invaded by
?..?in-, eooaumptlvi ? ? eho Bought
the ii"?"'it' to maki appi i?
- m
Tue usual number of promoteri and
-schemers called en the turtle sera
.? . ?? , and som? of thee? were enter?
tained, .lust inside the door Of the do? -
ior'i apartment another tfoctor, )'? F
IVoodln*;, M. i' of Denver, ?v;.? handing
..?it to visitors large yellow circulan ??
|?-gj of the merits of "Woodlng'8 Ant?.
niafir Train '?ntroi. the Greatest Inven?
tion ?.r th.- ar?" Wi.at ?Dr. Wooding oi
ins Invratlon bad t>? *i? ? ?sitii the ???n
? ?iimi loti ? ure .lid not appear
it wa* learned yesterdsy thnt Dr. Ar?
C, H. Crledmnnn ;s n?. long r con?
nects with the "American Hecce Com?
of which i.?? hai been hitherto the
\merican represan tall v? with ofllo
No ?.: Eschange ?Place. In fact, there la
no Americnn Ifecco Company. Dr. Fried?
Tiiann ion*?? months aso, ?yhile promo! ng
. ?'.;.i land pntoosltlon In [?ondon, became
Imcricun representative of the i?. ?? ??
lievrlopmanls, T.t.i . s responsible i-:tit;i >i?
cencerra that controla nlactrlcal patenta,
and ?has ttmii1mv whatever t?-. do with the
t ut lie ?-errn "cure."
Mvstery in Fate of Robert J.
Kelsey in Chicago House.
* hk-HK". March I A man believed to 1"
".??(?"it t iCehwy, ? nrintei ?and pub
l.'sher. of lloneoye Falls. N V . was found
dead last niirhf in a roasaing hesia* hen
?? I ? T< he hail lived for tivn weeks und? r
th< narn. of Josep|> Hrir.su The bod)
arm hjrltss on the floor, with a pillow
t'M'Sth the head an?l a wound on tie
His Identity was -?tabttahei from pagan
a his i><??kets. which ihowed thai be car?
i "I ?1.009 life Insulano-, William Dun?
north, of Dodo** City, i"?a, a cousin,
i'iiiR named as beneficiary.
rt'.eheeter. Mar'h o.- -Robert .1 Kl -
pubtiafaad "The Tim? s" in lbs village f.f
ll?.iieo\e Falls until {our BBOntha neu.
when ha went to Huffa!<? and subsequently
I?-. IJhloaso. H* wa- al???iit thirty y?-ars
old an?! ha?! no lotutive* in this vi'-mitc.
AltMBVy, MHi'h 3. sTflM llf?- "f th. Wuu>
ne?--rjmltii fa?-tor,\' lnve*tlg*stlng eommls?
?ion would tv continued i>> lbs piorisliwii
of a MM trilrodil -ed lo-iiw'hf. at the n
.tuest of Senatur Waajner, Tb? Uli ear
iits an apfBtOffSrsbtlaa Of ?.'<?.??<0 for ex
Three Victims Pinned Between1
Seats Taken Unconscious
from Wreckage.
Panic Among Passengers When
Northbound Car Jumps a
Switch and Rams One
Going South.
Jumping the track between Mth and
81th streets, a northbound Third avena?
Mirfa'-e ear crashed Into an oncoming
southbound ?ar about Id o'clock last
night When policemen and railroad
employes forced their way Into tha
twisted wreckage they found three peo?
ple wars ubcobscIous iwj or them ??
rlously Injured, and rut other? i.a?i been
| hin t.
Jarvia P. Carter, ? member ?>f the law
firm of Edward? ? Carter, al Mo.
Liberty street, and living at No v""
Park avenue, waa In the front s?-.;t of
the BOUthbound Car When taken OUt i
lie waa ?in?-'?ess \t Plower Hospital
.' was found he had i iffered severa cuts
and brulsei There was an eight-inch
j rin in the flesh of hi*? lefl arm, causing
| a hem,.11 hag?
Planed b? I n en t ? o ?eats n a i him
I waa .Mr?. Tetta Weinstein, of So
I Cberrj ?treet. She, too, was uncon
I when taken from th? car. She was tauen
I to Flower Hospital Her legs and body I
weis badly brulssd, hui im bones were
Linken. David Clifford, of So 111 Bsst
78th street, who hud been Bitting In the (
front seal of the nofthboBBd car, waa
found in aa bboobbcJobb condition, but
recovered H? refused to go to ? boa?
pltal, although hi? right knee wai
badly brulaed that be had to be carried
I to a taxicab, aii'i hit right and left
i hand? were both aeverel) cul bj flying
Patrolman Flanagan, of th? Eaal -Sth
street atat. "a- .?n fixed poet Bl **th
atreet. He called oui tin? reserves, who
rushed up about the lime lhal i n i
'.' g] and 1 a) ."i airli d :'iom lha
i 'los ? r 11 '-i ii.ii *\ Ith an,i. dances Th?
wrecl . |uat In froal ot thi ar
i ' ?J ?? bat n ? ?? nd ?i '
host of employe? ra ? I ? ? Id
eopie ??i Botl i had
iei ?? ?...? n.i ni- nioniuin
minuti ?. '. u in of tin north
bound car ''.,?1 . amar ed u
| tl i ? waa ' four fool aash In the aide of I
? . cat
Vmo ... i ?. -,-.. loi .. ??i? 'i
i '. ','?-: U W - 1-Hi
1er to th? i.? -'?:!. -.??:? John
SJ ? . ,?? a.? ..:: i:.i:-i iisl -
? - . ? iml I
of So Hi
i of the rig
? *... ? ? .-? md avenu?
i I? gs; Mrs, Bessie I.) nch,
m av? nue, conl on?
the ' beat; John R, Kahn, ol So 1T-T
Park avenue bruis? rit arm
ai ?! Rayfl? Id Bli k. o v.Kael - I
Most of tne material dan done
to the northbound cai, ? hi' h ? a? In
? Patrick ?\ o. ?'!'.. h motorman.
of X". IT?; i;.?-t Kth itreet, and P
| in, of So. IS Earl 031 Ireel wa?
ii.onductoi 1 thbound cai wai
-.. n bj Jsmea s illlvan, .>f So it Via I
??ii, atreet, Michael Lowensteln, <?l Vo
H f?asl ?'th street, waa the ?rond I i
A d< : -? rowd aurrounded the wi eked
.?i - and < 'aptaln Domini? )< Hem
the i:,-? t S7tn ?treei ?tatlon, had t" ita?
i on Un? i "i men to ke< p Ih? pe?
Alarming rumon ... : the ?
ncighborhoo ' ? is in 1 oth can
had gon? o ; ? i"i ??ii thai c< uld
<\a? I Htl n-:: Mi'.- - Wai in Ol ,??
ami rescuers
A wi ? eki ? ? bam?
opened up traffic In about 50 mln it<*s. At
tn? barn s man a-ho ?*?i?i he a-aa th?
g< n? ' endenl "i th? ay t? m n -
: ?.i maii"ii tn i ? ?
? m? n ' i .?tain Henry had ??? th
thai th? cai ?e waa due either t" ?? ro i?
, ?m the Irack or ? i">u thai ' ad fallen
: from ' ? elevated abroad Othen - lid
??: ? ol ii." as Itch? ? in froBl "I Hi
n,, i thro? . ;?!? ???'. ii"in thi tra? ?>
Giovanitti Says the Authorities
Are the Law Breakers.
Arturo Giovanitti, ?peaking la Ih1k.i1
before ? me? ting al So M Ba i ith
' ?o protest against th? trial ol
fourteen su-ik? sgltaton in Little Falls.
N. ?., aald thai the authoritlea and noi
?thi ?trikcra were thi real enemies "f th?
laa These atrikera, >.>ni Qlovanlttl, a? ?
guilt) "f nothing more than exercising
the righi ?if free spes h and ?<( pk ketl i|
if this waa violence, h? saasrtsd, then
II v:i< fulls Justifiable, becauae the au
thorltk ? were guilty or i?^ai violence In
preventing them from exercteini their
lawful rights. The men who were pro
cutlng th? fourteen atrikera, hi raid
ji-ii "owned" bj Ihe stlh manufacturera,
aad under the circumatancea it would h
i dlffl? nil f? ?? '" obtal i - hi r
acquittal. Bui h? appealed to th? work?
ing claaa to ? lan-i behind them with funda
and unite?! Bupport, Hi hoped ihst
eveataally the w?wk?wi would i?- sbl? lo
Ids sws) with court? in the ?ettlemenl <f
j la! or dlSpUtSi
? Elisabeth o. Pli un w .i. Ksrlla, i rs-ih
Fesse ami Professor Horowlta sil i a?ie
Btrong l'iea f'ii union aolidsiit) in desl?
lag ?\iiii the Mrik" altustloa at Uttle '
Palla, and ? lasaed as an outrage the Im
i priaonm? at of the ti Ikei ?
\ Charle? Hug? paid ? Hn? . ?f qh !n Bps?
I dal Biialem yesterdaj for exposing unill
i im ai for sal?-. Huge i.- Baleaman for
ffteera ft Menke In \\?si B/aahlngtoa
'Marker Th? csreaaaea of ten ptga which
Isrera ?polled a* foodstuff wars louod in
thi Kh"i> in Janaai ).
Justice John J. Delsny, of th<? Supreme
Court, preeidenl fnr the last tw., years
?.i th. Prlendl) Bom "t St Patrick, was I
ta? rsdpteni lasl sight at ih?? i-eghlai
gBartarl) meeting ef the organisation In I
the Hotei Astoi <?f a ehaal "f siiw-r as a
raosgaitli n "f his actlvltlea Tha aras
BBtatlon was nia'i?- bj Judgi Mofgaa i.
? i'Hri' ti.
TraatoB, N .1 . March ... Tha state Ba?
premc ? 'otirt t?i-?la\ afllrnied the convic?
tion nf lam?*? Km hnle. th?- poUtteal lead? r
nf Atlantic ?'ily. It \*as .-harfie?! that
while Winer Commissioner Mr. Knehnle
awarded t" himself ?< contract far |2Sa,SM
WOttb of municipal work. II?? vais s. n
liBBSd to one year s imprisonment*. I
No Liquor Graft Under H
"Ou?ward Dqcency" Plan.
He Boasts.
"Nasty Newspapers" Al
Come In for Attack at Real
Cold Water Dinner o?
Brooklyn Club.
fcfayoi ?;n? not ntreiid? <i a fr? bIi .1
dinn? i last night, given ?>? th? Toil
Mon'?* ?'lui? of the Sununervllle Melhod
Church, ol Brookl* n, ?? II ?? Hotel M
?hawk, ?ii thai borough H? '"?I the you
m< ' old in?- . and women pr< sent tin
wouiii rather attend thai "--old a-atei ?i
net- tarent* Mm? - ovei thai. ?*? hi
? i ?r firesater ?as ? er? ed
Although thui expressing hli i? ? f t. i
for the -..it,-: rietnent. the Mi oi ?
i ot sv< rae t" talking about th? ? p th
cheers, He Informed u>.? audience he '?;
done aomethlng in thii ?it- nhlch w
never dope before, .<n.? thai wsji to eta
all th? i at ?room on Bundaj II? ?
? prise t?. an) on? u-ho would t ? i. ? i t??r hi
e ?ban ???m open on an of tin tin ee i a*
Bui -luv -. Il? ?ven weiit s,, far ,?.?
. ;; th.it iie aouhi bestow t;.. ?.?..??
the lu? i>.. moi t.?l w Im .<=.?vs ai ?? . ?ir.:.
1 arroona ".i t " i 'i.i
1 ?' ? M,i\ or unblushing!) admit?? .1
i ..?i ? ? ie pretlj arell lo rtop Bund;
^ In Non Y"!k It wm be g
???i foreign ?-it\ in .;..- norid, '.i i ?
snd he i ?allsed, a? Mayor, that .:- pop
latios v.?? made up ?fall kind.? ?it peopl
who had t?. h. governed according!
Now. if ti,,- M?thodiste, he told Ida lie.?
era could get them to ?spend Bundayi i
ti:,. bencl ? - of their churches, that wi
! ??if.'.-tiy satlsfactorjr t.? him, hit it n.?
t?'i'i ; Im ii? ought t.. o.i\.' them ti., i
??-? Ith tin lubs ?'. policemen be I ? :
t?? i- n them that h? oughl not
"Leave Some for Cinldnn."
' *?'?'?' i ?ni ?.,,? h i. Hg..... or moialil
bj im ' ?. ' h ,.i ? nt Ma or; ": on must ?
ii by i-isua.-i.'ii And thai ?ill tshc
Ime . "'i ? .mi ?!" n ail *i ?? i wi
?hat ? t.. lest '? -?.in. ,,f n foi -.out hildrei
-??. thsl lh? ' ? ?in t la Ion? ?'ii.' '
thing lo ?i?'
'I'le Ma].?ntinued
nun, in,in -i: i .
Hunda .. h* aanti t.. ' fou ma) '??
,. ? ? i .: ? hi? heart and 'i..ii?i!'i, blm to
watei m??? ? than heel But you can't ?I
it bj ?"i ?
l" ii" natloi. in.- < -"i.t.u? i ? ? ?' Ki
rope did ? ??? ? i bes i "f au? h a thin
:.- nol drinking on Sunda "? ? t lh? I
;..' ?!.? ?. ' . i ?
:;.?. :? it Just lool up the 'is
|*ou will aee that our perc? nt ige ?.
churchgoer! Ill ? small
">.'u auch law* wi.
?.?.. ;.. in? i ?t nas pea . I ?? ? . i.
.. . ? that .i, l'agi ii"i H otland and 1.?
land th? Isa ? '???? thi I ?; Ing th
??hm? ii houi - But ovei bei e w? el
i.. . ? ? d .ill ??? ? ?>u bus
i: ii thai Bam? las permit? us t
ji.in th. i nlon i there a
. ,,|, ?,\ ? :; ..11 ?I.I' . i . i ? ? v '.
o ii-. ? .-'.? : ii..... i" j m tu- i iii"-i la BSU
.1 tie- Montauk oi tome almila ? luh :
Manhattan il.id asrli Sunda
;.n) mote ilian II.' " asi t
hu; hli .n ?? laloon
No Saloon Graft Nov..
.-'..?i,.- ..r .. . ?,i t... r? .? ?ii .i
th? .nt rior rooms ??r it. tl." room! arhlcl
pi ',?'1 ?.-ni m th. hotel- That t .?
.. ; k v. ii.- ?.?.?? don't stop that drinking
??'Hi? reason i- trecaua? the hit permit
,<i ink i :?? i< ed uith meal* ??i?<
?.W |, ?II? .1 d?i I II I" .' - ?ll'.W . ,
.r..? ? ,i -
'.\. .an tend the i".?.' ? ? tber?
clothes and av< them 1
and i hen prosecute th? pi opi ? i"
a- -., -: - ?. ??' that \ ?,'U at ?? gl aftinj
. . n \\'in n i i.? ?came Maj o
i...i - ? ' ?? ?;?>?.. i .: about *. ?. .
., graft. Sol P ia being paid lo
Then t;i" Mayo " ncl ? ?i "fi lo tail
,ii....n on. i.: | ,;. .nit. topics clers*
in? n All tli" e ? ;.;.' tin n in t;:.- eltj ??'?
? I him. he .? i - ??? apt ?.\
thought th? numb? r aras --?x II? i ???
: ;< ' :??'."' ? i?.i t hi ma In hod' "i t le
. I, ? g] . i.? proti ?i ' ' t not f.e. liras?
v in. ne. i. ?i o.n ? .n ami belli t.. mak<
i i , n, mou n leba iik i ? ? foi t hose v. lu
?.. ..?. a ...! ri.ii ... i ?i.i ) m lome " n :i H t >
i'.?! ? t ' und? r- their "w n pictures
Mosl clergymen didn'i think the] wer?
handsome enough t" do that, be Mid.
?| aondet t J? - i- would do it if it?
" ? i? her ? inu? ?i ii.? Ms* or "I'd |usi
in.? i?, pul m up to inn I think II*
would make << bettet ?election ol newi
? a m : -. anywa)
11, hud a ;--i eut i ? ?i"-' . !?" mosl <?i
them, tic Mayor repestod, but not foi
tii? ill no. -if.' The: |usl wsnted ti
hurl bii feelings t?> maki him feel bndl'
to add to his burden II? h'.p.d Rabbi
\v-?? wasn't .?-i had as thst, but be had
it.. . i niiii'i. h?- admitted
Tl ' : t ? Mai "?' loi I "r the trouble*
h? was having lo con? ace th? city that
rail in. i., i i graft iti'ie tun nta m and
around in? iraiice fot..' aere the logical
..mi..mi" of the rigid enforcement <>f lh?
,". which his latest two commis?
?.i? ? i ii. ej snd U'ai<l?>. were ?llii-ct
? . ?
Organization Plans to Start
v/ith $10.000 in Treasury.
?me hundred snd lift) weil known pro?
fessional men of thi?? city i,a e farmed 'a
next eountrj club that win have Iti loarn
home in Brooklyn snd ?is countn head?
quarter! eomewhere in Nassau County.
Jscob Brenner, tie Republican district
iea?ier. u president "f th?- temporary or?
?gnnlsstmn; loseph M. ?Scnapp is neas
urer an?l l/'nuanl DveyfUSa secretary.
Ralph In Jacobs is chairman of the ,,n>%
(.i..ii? committee: Melei gtata***rink, <?f
the memberahlp cmmlttee, and Osenr <
!.. \m?-. ??f th? I.?.laws ?omriilttee.
Mori than twi-nty-liw? or the tnembOTB
i,a??- I'l'iini-??i i?? subscrita tut each
toward the fuiiils ??* the "luh. besides their
annual ?lues of 00. The Club will not
starl activities until it !ias IK?.?**? and ?an
begla without imy linam-iai hardens.
Th* idea "f the member* in to form an
m gnnlsstlea in whlek their ?rives and
children ?-an join, an?! there will be ?ass>
rial arrangements made ror women ar?i
Juniors. TM piar, is to perfect a com?
munity "luh with features ?if the coun?
try club and the athletic association com?
bined. At first the chit) will hire both Ita
?ti> and country hotam it is alraadj*
BOgtBtlUtlng f'?i both. Th?- old home ?f
the ? recent Athletic ?'tub. in < 'Hilton I
slice!, hau I" en offered to tlje organisa- '
tii'ii j
Only Three May Accompar
Findlay Douglas Abroad.
Uncertainty as to Great Britai
Being Represented at the
U. S. Championship.
urn. regard ta the praposid foreii
iBvaslon of Aar-ertcan anaateur solfer
thi impression has BSBUBBed alnmst tl
proportions of a conviction, especially c
n.? "t!.?-t side, that comparatively fe
B ill make tbi joinn?->. In a rscSUl 'SB
? BStlSB Btth I'mdlay S Douglas, v i
originated the Mea of ha\im-r a r'?rty <
amateurs compati in the next champan
s'?i;i lourasmeat at *tt. Andrews Dobi
- admitted thai Ibera \?.-?s ? good dei
"f :?iuht BJ >?l as in the exact peiSOBB?
ol the m.-, ailed team n?- ?aid thai I
M. Byera might not i.?- abl? t" make th
; i i be bum nf Increased busineai respoj
liea In fact, Byera -n itat? >i only
foa da) - ago.
I ") the other hand, a report fioi
abroad ?.as i' thai 'he "big team' hi
dwindled sown t? a mere three w I
Pownes, Jr., Helarlch Bchmldl an
Byera This ?tatemen! doea not cola
??'.' with preiiooi declaration! ma?i
from Urn? lo time by ? number of we
i?'?? ?? n amateur? m thia 11? Inltj. bul th
- are i]-at In a mal Lei <?( thi? kin?
? ??'? 111 '?? nexl t" Impossible I.in
?? i a pis ? - intil h.- haa I.i.? ?i I
?,? .
'? irogoa '.:' International uncertainty, i
th? poaalbl? representation from Urea
Britain In th?- L'nlted States Golf .asocia
i."i? championship tournament to be h>?'
??t Qsrden City earl) In September. Th?
usual early rumora ara in the air. bu
there !? nothing positive it ma* hi wel
to remember, however, thai tl.? early fal
selection la bound t" !>? ? convenient tim?
for auch Britlshera who might a-lah t<
make the trip. Purthei.re, Garden Cttj
?> hand t?. Vea rork thia year'i
? ? ne ol a? tloi la bound to apis al moi ?
lo th. foi ? ? .. b than an extra '??) :?i"l ?
nlghl i i li ?? .' i" ,i n. v. sa sa? th? caa?
i : i annual report i.? . ? ;
? i ??' ih? Plalnfleld ? "ounti y Club
? ika em ouragingly uf the organ)!
rrea rti? m? mbei ihlp d u Ing thi
? . - ... ? .7 a? tlv? nii-tni" ? - ?
..I ' .. ??i.. .<- .1 talnsi .*?". ami
? :... ? ild i ? ?? agstnal M In Ml 'i bi
tluli i ? ? ?i ip n. II promlas lo ??[?? ?I*
i in urne "i ? a Itho H H al m
,i. bl ol i kind i It? bonded deb? ?? a?
t ???- ii ,i' i, ni nos atand al
s a
T i? - ??? i of li ngthenii k thi ? ??.
ahich Ij? -:..en In pro. foi the Iaa1
? ? ?I .?
? ? . . nils work "ti
rtsanth and foui leenth pul -
? >** greena will ? reaui : nd II s
Bald thai ? ? ? :ii be In idineaa
n . pena
? ,.r ti,. no f ? ommltte? ? ? 1?
? .., i.? th? fa? i thai i": lb? m*?!
t,,.. ? . . ? th? ? look pat ' "
? ? ,, m,, i- n with anothei clal ' "
? '. .m ..r i arel' ? d? feati o Ih?
? i ?;.,if Club ?-n ' ? '. ? ?
, ourse, ?' ??? . ? hila on ? ?? tobei ' ? thei ?
mal i. at Plalnfl? .-i ? hen
then ?? ? ? la anl pis; ? ? - on a ~ i .i e
Thia Um? Plalnfl? ?I also woi " lo '
lintii of n ? ?? ai weri fou i ?ball
sffalrs, lb? scoring being a cordial to
t h?- Naaaa i a) stem
Taft Sanctions Dismissal of Retued
Assistant Surgeon
\\ ashlngtoi M i i h Presid? .- T:?rt
ipptoved the sen
b) ?'"'it martial In t.m '?:' Captain
John J IX? ?. aaal tant suri. retired,
who was recentl; tried In Vea fork on
? !.; rg? ? ?.: duplli .itn i hi- p.?- a?. <? ml -
Reill) waa bom In ?**?'? >m >??!.. and ai>
p ,"t..i from thsl ?tat? aa a. asslstsnl
-m,.'?i, in tin- arm) In if*'1 n> was rs?
tired a Ith rsnk >>f ? aptain m IBM
Rua a?, ?Ht; ?nasal, 8:54; bmmb rtaaa ?"'.->:
moon'i BJp . -7
Hook .....
?I a i l nun Isiaii'i
Hi ? Uat? .
alitai iMav. rsBSTtad as Ml ral
ii??"k at noun ??alanlar. '" '
m ilo.-k B'ednesds) f. ?i ? tio??n
Tha Ko.;,:.,,,!,?:,'!, reported aa 300 mllea esst
? i Handy Hook a' noon re-rtetSar, "? >>*P,'*-J
; . H?llla "lav. raasrud as ???? artlei ?Ml ,
of sand Hook at noon -??tardar. I? otpm t-d
do'-k thi?? forenoon
? ????? r>ort' - . -w no|MM.i
?Kvndam.Hot'.-r.lam. P?b 3 . '.'. ?"
-Mlnneapolla.I.oii.lon. Fob ?????*"* vV,
?WesterWsId.Inagna, F?b ? Hamb-Am
?Kamtoga. Havana M?bl.?? 7 .. o,
imioga. in'??? ?"',:''.,- .- t.? Oe
.... ? .Klnsston, l-eh .? . ??'.., ,nV
Vli-gink? .Bordeas?. Pab H ? ? ' ' ?'? |
Quantsnsmo......TsntpKo, rep ?*?.-?"_ .'..'
HI Mundo.?iHiv-stni'. t-'ti ??? ?..'.; h
!;::?!:;:::r""".:!;:;?'^."---- ^-:,
N v Clt).B?*BBe?e. F?b IS.? ? Brtstai
?II lUg OU-. ..-hriMln'iRai.'l. ?.'? >' A* ?A"|
?Oceanic.Southsniataa, Fab a?' *>? ?5?'
?Prtna Joachim....Colon, F?b -2--? Hu'^..,"l
America.Naptea, r?b MK. ? *;?'"
Onnaylv.nla Hamburg PSb ?..Hamb Am
Mamie! fah ? , , llsvsna, March 1 ? spa'?"?"*
Kind .... oalsaataa, F?*b -? ...so ras
?Amerika ..Hsmharg. P?b ?-Haaib-Am
?Pan ...? Pars, i-vi? '-"-'?.- ?,.';',',.
?Philadelphia .' u-ra ao. Fab -"????-.??'? .'. ..
? \'niirsnt? ?anta Malta. Feb -? ? ' '
.\uia??..rlatobal. r>b?-- P???"
?lared ala... Itambsrg, P?h PJ. ...Cha?
Ex? later.H.,t?..i.lain. Feb IS ?
? Antillas.I-i?? Oitaena, M' ? ". ' ?
?Hi lag? mall
Mall leas?
? H.I i ,? i.in.?. clo?e? asile.
,. ,.,.,, ? X .; ,,. ?i..-,?, a.a 1.MIO .1 .11 ,
\l |a ,?. -? _ 0:90 a m 1- ???' '?'
.It. . I? BM8P?:0O.m ?o-aoBIS
.,. ,,.., \ III OBllij
? ' ?if ! 'lau n
' ! ::< m
inab, ?-.< ?
?Maui isnls. U% p'l. Cub i ,},',?,_??
?.,,,,?!,,?. Bermuda, Que. ?-Worn ?"
Mara albo. 1-sU'yra, K?-? ->???? m :.?
/.a caps. Jamale*, r P Co.. ?..loam - ?> "
. lemant, Paw. Booth .. "'*'';" '.; H0. ,,,
l'en prince, Bl? Jaa'ro, Pr la * "' : ?
iM"rMV",MvV,^n,N'?t"-.. SSIZ
Vaderlsnd, Antwarp, B Btar ?Si
Ollnda, ''?t knaa, Munaoa. ? rV,
Momus, Sam Orleans, s Pac tSmrn
Huron, Ja kaonvUte, 'V " "gj?
a .mo! Oalvcstoa, htalterr? - 1 "o p m
? litrg-SDAY, MARCH ?
,., i o ii,.;. (?i..,:.!. \?;r. ? .(?? a ra i??OJ.!
? ija?nlne\ttow. French T-oOam 1"???? ?< ???
I .,,. n , Havana B al I a'??? "? -.-?'" '" I
v.?'?.v..i. inaau. n ?*???? ' '"'"" :; !' ; I
Pi i- -.. Il ii iburs. H-A...
? ? ;??'?'? i" |:": 'lf,, '? ! "in . ...,,,,, ;
Hamo ?. m i ,: ?,;,
Huron .1 .?rill. ? I "' '. J '
. . -, pJav.n'h, Sa?
i. <?! Pa *
Mbu ttSBla doaea " H P ? '" 'u> ;
? loa?
Dtatlnattea sad bIbbbibt, in n y P.M.
?. in latan la Ni-*"-'1
um :?' la 'i.? asa naa
.M h "? n-M
'???i:i ':,:'\, , 1 v
. , .. ?cb lia
?i ' ' v; .. - . ,,
M . I -V
,,.. . ? - ' '
*- ' - '? ' ? ? ' m ? '.
. M I?. ?.?I
... . , . :.. .. ? mai
\|. M . Ni H . ??? " '?*? "???"I
? ? !-"n'
. ?
M h l ?
I? an hi *.'? ?? /? ilaad,
? malla ?\ia \ i? i? .?> S!*ai?
asila . ? ? m ? '* ? W
lams ' ? r?.. i n P lllpplnea
?vu M? lui la? - Bmprem f Japan McB M. '?.'??
M .-,?:?? ?? ' ? i"
? il.nd. Auatralii
Manuka ?'? ' -* ?
Port of N?* York. Monday. March 3,
- .. ? i .-? i Jaffereoa n sport K?a-| aad Sor
l ?? i... ? ?. ; Dominion s? Co with psi ? "
|era kd.i ? >. Pa.acd In <j'iaran<lne at :..0
. I
Iimrii Protiua, Ses ?'la-aji??. I'?!* '.''? ' -
-,,'??? tu- : - and m lac :
?? ??? i '?? li a in.
> .,1 ama i *?'"? i 'sr lensa F?
to th? W aal In Ils Sa ? 'o, ?? Ith augsi li -
- ? ?? . . '?? a :?..
- ? Isllan ? ? Nn--.i'i F.I : ?
Vori and Cub. Mali ia i -> . Ufa ?
nsrr* malla as I n la? I I ? i ?
I? mibi .i.. lists, BaltlBMrc ??? *??
and I tal l li ioi ?? I i an , artatloi (
n,a-, i-..-?? il m Quarantine ??' 14
? '!..., ? ,,]?.,? -.. . ..
in, will) n?- ?? -i *>? 1
? ?. . r at 6:14 a
i.mti pi i ?I..U.M- i ...
? ?,?'!: ' , .III I
? Ith -i II v Iva .i ? Bai ut i
3:12 p m.
-'??un.-' Mandevlll? iNorl, Hella?, t? thai
t'nlled Fi II ? 'o ':..| 10 mi!..?, |
i.. ..?i la al 1:46 p tu
Sleami iVeatera-.ld ?''??? CSrtMena Febra
"? II Porta r'olumbla " Sent. Mari. '.3 I
Klnfalon and Port Morani 25, Jeremle snd
1 i ? 1*1 ? I atil Inagua : t., tlie Hum- ?
.?>? ?*?? ' '??/ " t > il. i..,ittiiei,t ?i Af-Ti'ultun*
j Hl \iW^?S <TT?f?5*"? r"
?.???* -gw \_/ ??)*V*u*i y. '?> /C-A-&--J -?? a '. \ \ ^ ' -*"?
**? re r~-3E!?Jnw*o -v ?&
.?. ?"-.... _rr^ .o?-, -K?. i' s*.
\ up tu ?m >.N on,m v
WTIO*?. TIU?. AT 8 *taM
O'wUjCk LW M'-tT,
?. ?
2r ?
\. t\ ItW Y01CO...
' ! UAfJuh 4. IIP.
onii'ial Heeoni and Feseesst, a ish i non
Mar. I, S Hi? n:?l|. a'l".i? hi? thai III.? ?rather
at \t ?slilns'on en TUSSd*] *BI be fall in tbl
moralag rlead] in ?tie ifierseoa, and aaeosM
unsettled and ?'.?n, Aii.ii raider at nfarhl Cher?
is r.\ Hit I |. n,i ?ab un ..f ? ... rain n ?no*
i. m;- ral ira dorias th? ?ia? elll '? surferai*
?I..I I" 1- l.l I i... ''.I Il' ?
During lbs last went] fou beui ihers
wer* ?.> 'iii?r,.. in Northern ".??? Kngtantt,
in. rsalori m ii-.- ??"-nt Lskoa snd 11?* ?tlosourt
.'ul> '. .?I ?I rnln II. ?ne north I'n? 111 ? Mates
II , ? loud v .-i?i'i?T ..? ?i lbs Int. I..; dial ? i. i
... i . it... .. M...mi,.n.? i. hi eratur?
ha? n--n ura? ti- .hi- "\ei nil gtstricu fiom ?he
Mil laalppj '.?ii.- test ward, and ass fallen in
l. . iilah ? ?tnlr ?
I I , r-- v III bC .". Bl BBSe - I .' --la' in tli"
tout It portion of the t?k. legttM mu? the upper
Mi??i--u?pi ami Utoaoerl ?.allers, followed ta
fell ?.'??,!: f I---I- In lins? leslnns \\>.'ii.-?.|n? . if er
,.l . pSIla '.f tlM .?.III?! ll.e ???llliri -Alii he
Ki in r?. i fi r futadij m.i Wedaeoday, al
IhuUgtl IbOri "HI be i;eli?r,.l i I..il.Un. ?? o\?r
Mi? t-iaxetn ?lai.? snd tlM MMdla \'. tot
Temperature ?'in i?- ?.',i.?.?wiini i..?.i i u. ?..,,
la ?h.- middle Atlantic atattw, lbs ? ?i.i<> Valie>
?nd ?SWOT l.k?- i "Rioo. iiii'I II ?III n?. in?.I.,
and we,in,.MiH i. th? Northwestern 1st? sad
it.? upper tdlaetaa'ppl Valle- .?.'.| Wedaeoda] In
Iba upper la.-- ?eaion. Temperatura rhanget
. I -. >vll?ie ?Alii le iinilnl ?>. Ulli?
lie ulii.ls alona Hie New |.?un?an.I oast ?III
i m...i. rat.- wert; ini'i'i f Mtaailr eeest, i ..?.i
rial .-i.nlliw. .?? h.'-iinliiK ?hiis'iiI? -, south At
I mil' i oast, lui? In in., l?tale variable: east
''.,' esast, raedemte seat; west ??uif inssi.
i.lernte ssutboBit; en Us ka Michigan, modtn
au -?st
gtessMf* SSgartlsg iue*dB' r,,r lsii*|isaii
parti ?in h?-? i.ii-?. .???" visita Hn.i gssersll)
fair ?eatlier to il:>- Ol md Haul.'
Forecast for Mpeelal lorallHc?,? for hast
em New York. ? lon.lv and somewhat colder
tn-div? ; fair lo-inorr.iu. will, mod?rale weal
Wot Naetbsni Has gagtaed, fair tod?}:
st'fiiii ,'oi??,T. e\rppt in Northern Maine;
probat?Ij filr to iimrrii? ; inodsrStS wesj winds
For Soulh'rn New Kugln let. ?loud?, and
i somewhat ?-older to ?lay; prohabl?, fair to-mur
'row, moderate wrat alnds
i ... Eastern Penaaylvania ?ni?i New Jersey, ?
ni an i aome what colder to ? 1 ?i > . fair is
m. now. mod?rala weal ??.lints
i'i.i ?elauari and Man?an.i. etoudj lo day;
somewhat i.??.???t to-nlsbt; proba bl?, f.iir la
morrow; morir ra Hi ?artebli ?Ind. inosil?
w? ?I
I'm ihr- Dlatricl of ? '..liiiiihiii fall tins ninrn
in?;, cloud) 'ii- afternnoa mui unsettled and
?.?hat ...liier lo-nlghl |i..:..iiii fair t"
inerru? llgt.loderate aouihw? i Minds,
i. ??omina isrtabk
i'?.i- \ train 11, ?? i erallj I il t.? ?la? sa i t.,
morrow; llatil soulbweM winds
r.ir iVeatrrn Pennsylranls rioudj lo toy;
irobabl? snot iinni..? and roW?n In rslre.
nor i bem portion; rloudj lo mono?; modera ta
iioriiiea-1 ;.. . art a Inda
i-?n Western Ken Vorb anon Bui '? si??
colder i" Any; probebt) fair te morrow; mo.i ?
trsle mi table a Inda
Kor West Virginia, rlead- te-dsy; |.;oi?ai?iy
fail to BkWVeU
? la? ul ?111?, till lleronl. I ho foll?n l?g or
record from Dm Wenlbei iiurean ?Ih>.?,k the
? taagss la th.? temporal its for ?ti? la.? ????nt?
f.?ur botara in ?mmparisos with the corraoaond
lui; tall <?f laM ?ear:
I*>1S 1*13 inrj ttia
.", ... m.I? -.':;i ? p. m , -.?s i.t
i n n m. . i:; -.-i t> p m . M 4i
: '?? i? m. . II H| n p m '.'?': 40
113 m.-.'4 M II p. m . M
I lia... --'s ?.".
lllK'i'St t? mi" rann. MSteNsy, *1 degrees;
low? ?i J|; Hiera??. g3; Beenge for Mm
I spondlng ??at?? ij?t rear, II; sreraga r.?r charra
?ponding dste laat thlrt) Hire? n-ms, ;;i
i.o'ni f'.ri.a?-?; Cloud) ?m.i somewhat colder
I to ..? . fair Wednesday; BMdorati *e?i ?inds.
| | I in -IS I p. m. . . . U | p ni . . .'<!>
I? ilt: iil staaraatlaa* of I'nlle.l BtettS urather
huieans lakn at I p '"? 'e?lHii;i\ foil?'?:
I ?V* Temp?rature. \\ ?at lier.
Alben:. At Ane*
i Atlantic CU) . 4'J < I. ar
I Host?. M cloudy
liiirrni., . . :m su,,?
Chicago . M ? Ii.h.i?.
i v.... talasns . Wt < lend)
l I.in i, .,. .*sl ?'loud)
'.'.'.'..*.*".'.'.*? " ? m
v\a?liiii|ton .I? ?'?d ?*!sar
burg-Aaieriean t.ine. ?Ith '-'i fwaataBBra, ??bbS
and nadae, Arrived a' Ih? Ha" at y:30 a m
Steamar Btotaeatela litar), Calcatta Jsaaan
? i'.Tt Sai?i :n? and Malta Pahraary >? \ia
Philadelphia Marett ?.'. to Paach. Bdy? & OS,
with bmsc. Arrived at tlie Hur at 10 a rr..
Btaanxr Ca??ronla iBrt. Utagaow Pttaaarr
22 and Morilla 21 to Henderson Brothers. ?Uli
paaeeUf-era und iu?".ne. Iteported 12 Balles eust
Of l-'lre Mand at 1:11 p rn. !
Steamer Keriiitidlan (Br), Bermuda March I? i
to a i: ?niterhrldge &? >'o. with -'H passenger* I
malla and mdse. Arrl\?*d at the liar at las
P m. _ I
Steamer Lapland fB?lg)i Antwerp and Dover
Fehruarv 22, to the Rad Star Line, vtth al
fit it. ??i ?aooni eaMa and 1,742 uteeran? pas?
senger? and mdie. Arrived at the I'.ar ui I.SB
p m.
.-U??amer Ve'trii iBr), Rue?os Avres Fabruar)
1. Montevideo K. Santo? 11. Rio 'le .lanelin 13.
Rabia Hl. Trinidad ?t and Barbados 0, to Hu-:.
S iMiiieis. with i::.'i first rabin, M aecoad cabla
and IH steerage pa??enger?. malls and Bids*
Arrired at the liar at ?:19 p m 2d.
Steamer Hyron ?Hri. Santo? February 13 nnd
riarh.idos 24. to Husk & Daniel", with ?i y-?
aengerB, malls and m?l?>?. Arrived at the l.ar
at 7:'I0 p in -d.
?taamar Marengo fBr), Hull February I?, toi
Binderaon A- Son, with mda?. Arrlv?d at the'
liar Bl 7 4.' a m
Steamer I,e ? V?n ?Po, Rouen Yak* iar s ">
I? " Warden. In ballai-t. Arrived at the I!?'?: Bl ?
?**M B m.
BtSBBMr Graf Walderse? (?Oar), Philadelphia :
March I. to the lUmhurg-Amerlcati Une, with |
II eaMa aad 77 ?tecraga paaoeogera aad mda? j
In transit. Will finish Ioh.??hk and embark ,
pa??ng?r? for Hamburg. 1^-ft Quaiantlr.?. at |
7: IS a m.
Steamer Ironuoi?. ASUB and ?Wn D??:.
? 'li-- Febmarv L'<>, Macorls ?12, San'hez and
Sftiuana 24, Puett.? Plata -?J. Monte Crtstl im
Turks Inland 21. to th? <'lvi<> t? OB, Brltb ? >..
; aaeaagMS, mail? an?t naSaa. Arrived at tbi i
liar at tit? a in
S!?amer ?Pria? Willem V ID il hi. ParamaiU?'?
Februar t, i.rara S ?Trinidad 11, ttnipaBo
12, rumana Bad Ouaata 14, La <;ua*.ra 1"?.
Puerto ''al" Ho IS, Curacao IS, Ja'-m-*! go, Aus
i'a y ?a SI, Jerem?a 23 Port un Prises -??. ?"-'
Marl? an?i Ooaalvea ?j.*', to the RsySl Dul
.Vest India Kail, ?ith .*> passenger?, malls and
indae. Arrived at lha Bar at 2:11 a m
Baniv Hi.ok. \ .), March '?*, ?HO p ? S/h ?
Miuthweet, moderaba bre?/e, clear aaodarati
Itcamws Madtooa, Norfolk and Nswpart
Xewa; oiiai ?Non. Battimoii B'ra Cast I?
? Mi, n?.nE Keagi Pahotaa. (''??i'" Maslco
? Mar? h i Meal ?ti?" ?B? I Sam 1
7.1 land (Beta) X?B Vo: I. ' la I" el
M ,. | onta (Br), San ton ?ta
- Mir. h S l.aeonla (Br) New lark I !a
Fun 'iial, ''adi/ t ,
?insaporc March 3 Bamga 'Hi?. Ms** vor<
!.i,. Franc?, Maul? :: vmoria Luisa filer),
Sen v.'ik -.1? Havana, ate "j" eruto?)
Bum, Mar. U 2 -Hoheiifela ?cieri, Calcutta and
? .,.,,,i.o for Philadelphia a?d New Fork
Hull, Mar ii I Pranctao? 'Bn. New York ,
Oran. Feb 21. boob Koma fPr), N?w York an?'
Providence ,la Bt Michaela and Lhasa for
x iplea
Dunkirk, Feb 2* Florid? ?Fri. Sew Yoik for
Hsvn .
Bramen Marri ? l ? m ? r,?orge Washington
(Get-), Saw v.ik via Pijn.o.th ani Cbcr
>"Urg .. ,- ,
Gibraltar, ?March t?PBragta <Bn. New lork
for Naplea
Glasgow. Msrch 1* ?"?ledonla fBr), Saw Tork.
Southampton, Msrch ?? Trcat (Br), ?Xsb York
\in Kingston, Colon, ata.
Bermuda, Mat. h g ?M a m Arcadlaa <Br>.
Sam tork
Timara F?b -?'? ?'ape Flnletarr? fBr), w?w
v. r: ?. :h si Vincent, C V, 'ape Town, ?te.
i!? re Feb -*? Prina ?Vlltoaa i iDutch). Saw
Tork rta w?-st ladle? and Vaaasoata for Aaa
?terdara. -. _ _
Brlabaac. Ma??h 1 Chenfala tOor), N?-? \or*
? la ' ?i- Tos n si
Havana, Mur I, i Moltka lO?*r), "<?? York for
i 'olon, ' I ' fon i uii? ?i
, ti?. Ma 2 Kssenibe (Br) New York
\. and ' ?!"? '?own
S .- w m ,j. .. - Katui a (B i, N.-w
?i. ?? a Si l'In ?ni ? ' v'. TaW? B? ? FW
? ,..ii.. \ Halde and M?lboura?
)??-i na ?,| n ?? M.ir- 3 apajoa I ?? ? ? P ???
?* orV ? ia Barba lo?
Mar .: Wild? nf?!a IGert. Cal? utta an'.
...... -,, B -'?? and Vea Tor* ,
Colombo Marcl 2 Keatuck) IBr). B?a ton
... iigiera \ k : and Boi
H v 11.1:0
!.. ? ; ? '... : iBli fl ,*:'*??* Vo:
fu Slngai
UmIiiu F?b'"*?Auairlai ",n"
tos and ' ' '?** ? '
i .? M, h ? ' -in"?
and Hal li (Bl >. frOBI
i , ?
,~... ?? fton ?l.i'i iBi ? X? a Y "?'
M . Psrti ? (B fro??
i.. ? , . ? ? -i.
, . .. Feb 21. 1 a !? tant" Anna fPr) fr Bl \
non M?h I p n ?. - ?urfuret
,, ;..? , ; .,?., ?. ? ? '.?..;. ?
i ? Ion.' . : ? i. ?. :? . iBl I, l:??--..'? ?" I
Bienien. M?h I -Hm ?? '
II.. llogl M I
( .. ?:
II -l.'t'
.-? M. M li. - ? ;.? tel
\e loi .1 I ; ?
hunr.ei i?. m m. iHuaa v-w rork
for N- ? ?? l.ltau
Usai ?? turno ?llrt. Xesr Ysrk fot
Rotten) '
Parr? i Mrh S a?ntu ... ??;?? i, Sem s rl
,.i p..- Sal?l Itoml ay, rutl ? i ! Cat*
? n
Mi -.r. \: S ? ? ? it . N w ii?:.iin?
. l.i. IBt.'IlT U "I IB rMt-.X r, OFFICE OF
-.-.--., A '. ? ? \'. i?,i.naton. I> ' ' .
ii- 22. H'l ? -? . . .
? ??.-?? . . :?., . ?? in ? n
21 " '. ind thea open? 1,
?ti i.
: ? . ? - . ? ? ? .... lac,
'i ork N' Y.. In Bct-ordsnce wl th? ap?--|
i , - ? ? ? . op|?*a
? In? i f:"in lha -in.? ? . ,-n,
rhl?f ?ngiu ?r, N? ii???. S v. . m ai thia of
Bl the dl?, ration ol the H ip< ? lalng \r, il
ted OSC IB v? ? M'i:i:?'i II. .- iix?r\lalng
?, >
t ri. t oi ' 'oiinni...,. B'aaiilngtoii I? ? :>i,
21 im.". Healed propoaala ?-il he re
? intl 2 o'clock r M
V . 2.. 10111 for : ..ik'iig ie|..-iir
? . ., iall ? fof t?0 | ear perio'l
rmllng Jun? ?:?? IBIS Blank forma of pro
? ? ? lafoi
i may be ol at th? n0\ ?? .?f tl a
c|?rk Kngli ? ?r I n :?.? inv Bt, K? ra N?
'.-7 I'.- rl n ll I IB CL'NO II RUDOLPH
I? ill v a JOHM-TOX, W II.1.1 AM \ Jlli
-' i\. ? 'ummlaalom r?, I ?. < '
i. "'i ? H iled propoaala In tripl?cala
Hill i?. receive?! her? until 10 v M. April i.
I HI" foi printing and n?at?rial, e\,ep: papar,
r?4)ulr?d ai Headquartera Eaatarn D?pa
i ?-i ?lui ni y?ar ?nSlna June SS, li'li. s ..
i- >*.f'ii i.??? i III !?? r? quired to furnlal
? i??- B'ork '?' b? dsn? on (lovernor'a Nliimi
m bulldln?, furnlahe.1 i. ?!?.? i s. ran) ii ?
Information on upplleatlon Envelopea coi
talnlas proposal? ah? i.o i?>? marked "Pro
^- Iddi aa t? ''iii"f Qsar?
'. i ... .?1er.
I-RKABI'KY T.I-.I'* i: i \l|-.\ r. Oi|-|i-K OV
Hi? Kuprrvlaln? Arehltaci, Waahtngtoa, D.
?-, Februao' IS l'":; B?al?d propoaala wi'l
he rreelved at thia ? ft; ??? until ?1 o'clock p na.
on tha 23th !>? of Msrch, IBIS, and than
onenrd, for r,,in pli U uj. tal I?? ?n the new
I'nlti-d Btstea i'.-i .m.- building, M?a Y?>-,?
N t . in ?eco ? ?? ipocl li .?tl n
i-oplea of ahloh ma bi.;ame: m this of
i. ? .a the 'i1-? ?tlou o:' ih? riupervlelng Arehl
i? ? " v. r.Ni ?nt'.ii:-Ti super? lalna Au-hitect
ii m i? Mill' r
? \ ii: OF XI \\ YORK.
liban: F? bruai | -7 IS1I
\ petition e..^ lug I. i ., i?nt?d n? tin?
' m, ml ilon !?? rh? X?s Vork Ceatral aa
ii.nis.oii ri ?r n illroad I oinpa ?. Rom?
B'st?rtosn and Ogderiahurg ltaii...?a?i Compan)
II - in..? .iii.i Hla? k it, ?? Railroad forai an)
<>?u? go and it"?. ? Hal road ?-..lany. . Sr
">ii^. \S;ii.i ...??i r,., Satketa Harhrti Railroad
'?ou,|.;,,n. Th? N'li gara I , ? Bran -h Railroad
'.""pain. hikI Mill? l-'aliK ami Holgcvlll? Rail
??"??u .ipany, und?i K?(iloa in? and folio?
mg *?- tlooa of th? Railroad i-ii. ter permta
atan and approval of tins l'ommlaaion ta the
conaollttatlon of raid ?t^ampsnlea and railroad?
Into .? -in-.:ie rompanj n-?i rallroa?!. ta ait,
Tn.- Xev Fork Cenital and Hudson Rl ?r Rail?
road ? '" pan) ?t",i railroad
Noll?-?! Il l'?i.h> given thai .? public hearing
on .I petition ?.in be i.i.i hj thia t'ommla
-'"" al it.' 211.a-?ri Metropolitan Build
iiik. N.? I Madlaon Ivenu?, Vea Tork Clti on
Sntuiday, March Mb, IBIS, al 10 o'clock A M
II; i ?? ? ommlaalon,
_ i - '? i:\Nr.i?Y. 3?cr?tar;
com ktrrrr koohm, rm-.s.
BEA LED BIDS will h.? rrcalved by the
Ho.ml ,?f \\ ,? i Supply, ai lia offk-ai e??w
ut'? Boor, 1ST? Broadway, \.? v.,rk uatll
ii * M. >m faaaday, March i*>. IBli r,.,
Contrael i ;?t. foi r??ofinK with r<?lnterc??d
? ? n rat? tn.??. n??- auperatruc.a for Break?
""k raging ? lamber and Foundo Brook
and Indian Brook alphon chambcra Th-a
building? "?* m the I'ataklll aquaduct .mi
? ?? being onatrucUd under anntlirr eon
tract, The worli ia located In ih? towna
of Flahklll, Dutih?Ha County, and Phillip?.
i i? ?. Putnam ? oont). New Vork
It the ui,.,,.. place and tint? tha hid? will
i- publicly one,,, ,i and read, Pamphlcta
containing ?nfornatton for bidden and coa?
tra.-i drawings ?.m u.? ablaliMd al lb? above
aSdreaa by ??poeltlna tl" ?aaa of ten ?loih'ra
'?)" ? tel each i?aniphl?t. For further p.u
tlculara sea Inf.at Ion f,.i Bidder*
i'HARI.Kh sri-.AtsM. Pr?sidant
l'HARLEh N 1*11 IDW1CK,
JOHN I*, i; \i.Y|\
Commi?alon?ra nf tin Bui t., ,.r B'atai Buppli
JQHEPH P. M? ?icni.-si : v. Beoreisn
VICTOR VISIBLE. 7U Naaaa? ai t ni.TT??.u?
fre.^, ?ii mak? a lakes ? , t payment; i?arsaii.?
In Liiderw-noilM. I!, nungtoim. Olivara, Sinitlia.
A.? I'li-CKS- Keooiii-, n,...,, fiiriiuui? bottant.
... ^ o2u t-r?*'--?r. Mi ?th av.. 'Phon?
and Health Resorts.
A registry containing informt
tton regarding class of cases treated
at the best American institution.
Working along the most scientific
lines, the interests and comfort? of
patients are thoroughly ?{,
guarded under the most approved
methods and sanitary conditions
Booklets or eireutar., .
sanitariums snd health r. ?on
obtained by ealllng. wrttinr n. ??';,. w
lne t?> Tribuna Informai?, , i :,.,-. ? .P 2*?
**? tilt
.",(?00 B
Building, New Yor'.c
IK I till. MOBBM niivn N ,'n
Sal itari?
beautifully I?
care and treetrr....
Drag snd Liquor hablf.i. ;.i,? \?\ ?7J**
fl". ,'",v -"???*?; ><*;"!.?" bulldlnj. S
?round? for proper sear? gallon, th n
uncousenlal aseoclatlona Ideal f,,r ", *
recuperation, limousin? will ',
?en? f,,r |..itl nrs ' ' ?
I Sni lum :.- 21 r. ;t| .
M-.UA UK III -III 'F. IIUI MI.V?. ?s, ,.?
'' ?*???.
:: l.
"f'TTTll? |l
without th" us" or in? a ?
planter of p;.ru; but with on- ?f pri." '''
Rotti'a sclentlAoally construct??! i. nna- ',
Proved m many eaaas la-^tlaatt-aassa
BgKD r?'P. vnr.v. B'KiKr.KT
16.' West 7.-it:i Birrart
New rorb r*ltj
The fjleena Sanitarium at Stam.
fun!. Conn., for th?> treatment of
Nervous and Mild Menu,! I);8?aiea
and alcobollc and drug patienta la 60
minutes frnni Near York, and ovar
flftv trains each tvaj daily
Address Pr. c?vzns, o: phoni 71
Stamford, ?'onn *
ami drag addictions, Addr<??,a
K.erett .?smith. Telephone ?360 go
On the lireen.
l-*or tr>-aftne!it of nervous patienta?alcohsi?.
? %St
or Or. .1. E, KHBleaon, 131 K. S7th St^in,
Te'.rpimne ?Hl? Plaza,_ ' *?
Tor lbs treatment Of ?*1*?a?ea o?* th?
s'..!iim h. Tr? atment la condneteo. under th?
mont modern methods of n.e<uoai ectenM
R?sidant physician and trained nureee ta
'?onsiaiif atte'ndane?. Il'.uetrated txxkl.t
maltest KH-I.-kark sanitgruvm. 2T w
I... it, 'l'hone 410'J Brvant.
on Delaware &. Lackawanna Railway
If ?eekinic a placa for Health or Bon
de not fail to \M-lte or ask Trtbaju
Bureau for literature an?! a tin?. Urn
picture showing tlie wonderful acesia
location._ _
Io the l'In?s of l.onc Nlmd.
? Off era th? cjiiifort? and convenient* ?f ?
Inn. ruder car? of physicians mi
nuis. .?. 1 or Booklet and Ratea a .?ir??,?
V? . II. RO8H, M. I?.
?1 e only Institution in Ko rica I - ab
?- treatment of Asthma, Iiroachita
? ? ? \ .i|.oi Inhalait..n.
I I.ate benloi Physician t.. the New York
\.'Se and Lung I!Mpltal, V:aitir.|
I - t St Mark's I ,
.1..?. ?. '1 I'
Ven *ie,.!iHn Mall. ? tr. im st
I',.- Peiieit? ?.'ompany has
aol? rlgl to 1 ih? ?.I to M \\ m u.v
TIKH ?IsTK.M for 1 du '
arltho it ths us? of <\m.z rou ??
\ ?? s?sreise ha? ..:.?..
t, ? :. ? treal ment ev? ? lied
Till. thl.II III OBESITY Itiottlliiv
_ It! \\ :isi M.. N. v
\N ABHOI I Ti: I I KK I'tig
at Or. \ iinlians *aiinlorjiitn,
?'?I?? I'ark I'li.e. Hri.nklvn. \ Y
His Booklet tel a th?
It's Pre? ?S? nd
SI K I K t. S MORN K 1. IN "f.
., n 1 1 , r i n m n 1? sverj - ??rssB*
? , medical *? Ion? s for ths ?
11 .?-? ..,.,? :..: ?' - ?? .- K .
NURSING HOME "\,';?lfi?X?'1
1 am.-. : loasant room fer in\ a ... ? :.??>?
, ceot, :?! hom? o t'a : .??'? 1
l-,g t! m< 0 nforj ; Addr ?? Miss -
If, ? ?. a nervous dlseasea; baths ntataaa?!
? . DANIEL T Mil 8PA .11 M ft
j, \ ? ?:r ? ', T'? w T? at v.'" * s .: . 11 a. a.
I7v' I ?L. I I C. Iw 1tai ig ?comba ??
1 yjict reflned surroundlnga 1 a
IJ...S ,,|| .,?,. '...'..!.. P..0 \
I tartum-bou.e Moders: grepreof ?:'-itrr.
i:.?- rv? is breakdown, gout, rheaau
a rite, 1>- \\ M.swuRTH
OK. i. O. S?HLEB f.\Mr\KIIM,
lilM.-TON-ON-IH D'UN, ?. Y.
y p . sanli .rinn for non ?us *r.d ano
I aord rs. Bstbi maasage, e>ctrl<Mty
1 ? .:"'l _ *_
? OK. STRONG'?.'* .___
Open continuously for fifty-sev?- ytonyf
[der san management. I-"'1' H-alfi?
: ?: ?1 and Recreation. Write for Rooklet g.
l'ItIMIII.II sVNtrOKIl M. rislanekLXT
, . roi ' l'uses <?f vari..'.?s k'n.t?. l-.^lOiUI
liierioii? cas*?. ?Stosmel ?saw l.jua?; ?O aeu
? la Iswa, Booklet Pbeae M
,lii?t?i? H. Cooley, M. B._
OK. sgt IKI-s sAMT\KIfM
Open to all ph'sieiana and lurg****P
med?? ?1. rargteal and n-at?r:.i?v c.ises. Witt
? ? 'phetM i" AMOS o. pgvir.B, ?. P?
Oaainlns-on Hudson, N. Y_.
: I rest ^ ir? Sanatorium, lireenirlrh. C?*J?
? 'hronle i:h?iimatisni Ai-'n* r..?ut. V**?K?
and Osstroslntastlnal disorders suor-ssa**
?IM Hltcheock M P. El*<*t'.'
t erapy. T*l 106 Greenwich: V et <* -HM'
eock, m. D.. ?.oneuitttitr Pbystctsa. fU??
.??". \ T. C. Tel I4T0 Plasa_
-A.S "Y*o-iarr?ar
>o,i nrlll he K!ad to kn?? of ths SB?****??
BOU siiii;i.al ?\s: ni of t r.'.it ment. ?B ?*?
x ray, radium or ??.rum
"I am a clergyman an?' r. *. Tt. ?"-??fi
h rjed taat 1 woai ??"n istta* tntw
Blnghxiiitnii ?'.llli'ertoi n.I S.,nlUf,'l?,
I. ?f '?
? h id ;'. cemreri mi cheeh s?-d lip
lears' dur?t Inn Other cancer doctors IJ^
M? f..?'' is well, Heari h.. r?i 1 ?. n .ti?-*-tN* J
wonderful cur? althout knlf. or lusa of s*g
\nrii ,1 Kilmers !>???' ?t '
Mi ss? ess ?*.:. 1 ????? '???'"*? b".,
f..r csncei 1 ss larn? . ? Mucet? ?
loictn?. --ei'.i for i" ? v"..
pi.tuie r*
Kiln?, r's Red R.-?', -i.l ?.
repon ?'.r.itiiint?- and ?? >-?**?
fl: ??' suffer? r?, lnii>e, me
Rev. I?
10 state tt"? '<*?'tw
IdORBIBON, Dan? lile, V't'??*
? oui?, sea for treatment sr gfHiaJ*
IIiiikIimiiiIoii I uni erinrium mnl '*?nl
tmiiitn. llinsliiiiuion. M. V.
I???:1 .1
S.mi.I t r Iree Krd Rook ftttl "' r'""'.'
approvals IB t>'?;e?. .?< muai siSaesss*
1. at reports ?.f mar?, lou? r ????<? rl ? '*? ;-'
thellom .. ? >"',.mu.
New York Office
Tel '.??17 ||;,,-?pi? >
1999 Madi.on
Sanitariums and
Health Resorts
T?> rill-: ? RKDl r?'!;.
Uie of the Tewn
? -.?un?? . Nevs Vori?, de.
of lion. Hamuel H. l'offln. t<urro?rsi
trth, a*}
Mu i-onntv, N. V. ,tutel Im I?i Ua rj ?????? y
?<?u are |?.|,h\ n.'iiii.-.l that Heerj ?' ?
f??r?l of ?he TuiAii
County, tt, V . intend
A liiiinlMintion upon il
,np.?ri. <???i
appl) f?" le*??*!'
?I ?-*** \yR
?if the l?nnd to 1>? r..,niii.'.| of hi???. ';"r*7T??tt
?. 'lion '.'??r? ,.f itas N iu
I'in,,-dure, an.i
. Inn.i? t , Hi.
tumble < 'uuniy,
, are nuillle.1 "' P'**?"1. ,>
-, .,, n? ,.n... I",!h'^a"
ll?iii>e m |h,. in, of llti.Snt?. ?J ' '
I'.i.'i- Has -."?Hi .l.,v oi Mar. !.. W*\
tratad, r.i.ini,.? 17th, l?i;i , ?^?a \
S\M I, H .??KI-IN ""^?P'
? OU.IKR A KROWNINO, At?<?rn?>s w
tioim. lliidaon. N. I,

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