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Vo1 LX\II. .V* 2 ! .21 <>. ^^;.fft5& aam^Mkaweob? to?? ^ | ;\\-Y< >|{ K, WI ]| )N ESl >A X. IM A U( 11 g, I.H.i.?18 PAC-KS.
?V'rl'1 In < il? of \rn \ nrK. .tr.-<,rr( ?t.. and HohoV?n
Kl NKM HKRK TWO i* f. NT*.
The oath was administered by Chief Justice White, of the Suprenu Court. The Kibl? was held bv James \\. .Malier, deputy elerk of the Supreme Court. Kx-President Taft, standing to the right, watched
tin ?ceremony intentl\.
Massed Thousands Forget In?
augural Parade to Rear a
Farewell to Retiring Pres?
ident on Way to Station.
Waves His Hand and Beams on
Crowd from Platform of
Receding Train Bound lor
the South ? Tears ai
Friends Are Parted.
Washington. March 1 William If
Tuft, public servan' since he
twenty-oii'. said farewell to
io-da? and htsTBiTir ;i plain citizen of
the republic that ha has sei ed ?' f?mi
Rnd r.vrr Hi?- seas. His K.Iby was ?
"nu!? A haadthahf for the mem-ben
of hi.? Cabinet, a couttls boa to th?
women friends arho ?bravad th
ration dlscrimforts to bM him and Mrs.
Taft jr.?cNp<?fd in the Union Station, n
wave of the hand, and another smile
f<tr the people who .??'?'?d in the train
shed and -v?at?h?-d hit; tiain ?pull slowly
out for the ?South.
The last that Washington .?-aw of the
twenty-sixth President was the dim
?outline of a bis;, smilin? fl*fUt*a In ?
frock coat. with hrur a little awry,
standing on the r??ar platform of a pri?
vate car a.? it was swallow??! in tin
purlins; ?smoke of the trauma] thai leads
"nder the city to Idxie. His last
glimpse o! th' ?it/ what** four y?ai.?
??Bo he bet ame, Chief BxtMUtlV* and to- ?
day a private citizen i.v tii?; ?pooplo'a
will wan from th? platform of his car
aereas the broad Potomu? to whora Um
wfMllagloa Monument lift??l in iraj
i "noted beak to th? KTay Skf.
To-morrow he experts to be m fJoor?
This Mornings News.
??sic'*, r a i)?r?n end \ ? I i- ?
Marshall tak* offi? e. ami ?1rs? ii|?tion
?f tba oaromonia* and scene* .-it
Bfaahlngtoa reatara**.] ..Fagas i to 7
lavard tVabt) Carriad Oui of ?"H*** ... i
?Vagraa Tolli of Prom la Poetrj. 9
Haby Born n. Burnina House.... 10
'??dtrie Turns Down t'i-Mhnann 10
??aid?, ?DaU-sataaaaa Arbltai. 10
. B l?oa to Ball Boatock Bhon. 13
?aba--- i ont-racta Approved bj r- s < \a
?*?\l?t?,r IsUtUlt i?i i'li-on. 18
??noth?r inxpf ?o? In Oraft N'ai. 18
Tait Chaaivd aa Ho ?Quita Capital i
MoCaoab* Ma* Got Amba-MOdorohlp.. 4
?C|iffraKi'-tv Inrsnasd at.Traatraient... 7
I'rob? ?for \\-H?.|.lnjif?>ii Police.7
?tous* \i?if. ?aim s.oiiv Leas-a Oflteo.. T
'"'osinic Bconaa In Costares*. 7
TBft Veto?-- Sundiv Civil ?Bill. 7
' S ? avsh y Ha tiles AI, n .in? .10
Nktar Kaean Plabl by Beotl.il
''ourt Act!??*- Drsjad la Capitol Or*ft..II
??oadasj Pralao foi IViliMm Speech. 4
' lltorlal . 8
ntoSottS . 8
Must?- . 9
1 '?"?itnsry . 9
KotVfl for Women.10
?asila._12 ?mi i3
*"?ny BSSl Naiv. 11
B *ath?i . .... 13
dipping . .13
r' nsneisl and Market*.13, 14 and 1ft
rent and I it a
of A
lb? ?
i 'i ;?<?? to | of I
ii. ..--. ?i ? .
\\ ill. ?? ... - . (?art. h< told
? n -ni' ' d? ?i l.i
Abi ? ? lie Inaii|
Washingto d I no foi - ;
I Pr? .'??tit.
Alth? ugh hi
White ii?? ' ?
Win;? li? igh th< Mall
and over back ii i ? eta, h indr**4a of
?i,.,.?? on tl ? ? ?? i? ? ??-?
nized him i hi en ?l lustl ?i?
? ' ? i ? n ??ni. h the line of
mai - ? ront ? ? o get to
the * " 11 ?? ?ii Btatl? .? ;. ? i
ii,. ikand i ?? ? ? ,???-,. or a
momenl to pa - le
.vt the -'.?'.??i '..? ? :
| of the Tafl Cahh i d I ?
? and ?? ? ? ? ? i lenda "i m i ifl
: w ci. m alting. M I?? Hel? n o ? pi g< i
as thi farew? " ? i ? laid Bnd > he
. . of ome i?l .i hei g wer? fai
With all ?i.' ' ' i ' mon l hal ha tl
?? ..(j.-d hla depai ? ure r?n oth? i <?"?? a -
11,, i .?i ? ?l 'a id? p.? ?tgewa-, I
acroa the bn ad con? nur>?e, th< w on
! of atatlon poll? ?-. the Se? re? B? i ?
men ?-?nil bia former aid, Major Thomaa
i Rhoad ? -Hi hla apui a i Itcklni on
j the atone, Mr. Tafl marched through
; ,?, ? he? ring throng to hla train
ii?. vi""i for a few minutea by the
?side of Hi- car, -????"ik banda once more
[with hia friend? an?l Ihen atepped
1 aboai <i.
?| am now r< I rim lo a pedeiui.hi
I lit"?'." In- s;u.l.
1 Tin?, had been -? bus) da-, f"i Mr.
Taft Although he ?waa up until ?".
I o'clock Ihia m? .m i UK. he Map! only four
houra and vm al hia study dash ?ir;i.:i
i i?? vsinU up ill?? bueineas "l" iii; admlula? !
?ration, n? work?*d, with only ? faw
imlnutea for breakfast, until Mi Wilson
| atai i? .1 from hla ii"'* i to the Whit? '
li,, i.-... He apenl r?n hour in the Preal? '
dent'i room aid? "t the ?Capitol signing]
?lull*-, vetoing others) and la between
Itimes talking with Mr. Wilson au-i!
with Benatoi i and Represantatlvea who
1 paid tholr laal i alia
ai the White Houss luncheon the?
1 Presid? m ?????, .' ' hatt? ?l for ten ?n d?|
n ?Hi .Mrn. Wilson, ii" i. ft by the
south door, and hli iHft view "f tn?
mansion i une aa hla automobile ii"'
! do? n through tin- Mall, I
,\ii. Tafl waa accompanied ??? bia in, i
South bj his former secretan ;*n,j Mi**.!
i I,.n|. .?- D. Jlill?s.
Many Burned by Fireworks, but,
Few Severely Injured.
Washington, March 1. Although the
known casualties i"i ii?< da) ni") night
I reached t total of .* t?< > ? ? t four hundred,
' too *?. ere eertoiia.
Many of Uk- Injured, eapecially thoaa
who h ''iv? ?i hiirns during ?the display
,,i in..i.? to-night, went f"i treat?
, un m in hospital t* Ithout ii.? nid "f
! -? mbulfl ii'?-*-'.
,\j, ? ico 'ii March i Prt. ??????m I i
lorian? HuerUj to*?ia) telegraphed relict?!
_t____y? to SgapUoot Wotjdn**** Wllsoa?
Photographed on the porch ol the White llousi when the ihen Preaident-elecl arrived.
Columbia, S. C. Pays Prett'
Tribute to President.
<'olumbla, B ?'., Mar h 4, a- b ?rib
ute to Presiden! Woodroa Wilson th?
grave, ??f i la fathei and mother In ?<
? ?'ineii r h?re went r-overed arlth
Oowcr* t" da) bj th? l?adt***a' ?'hut?!
S.i n 1
Dr. Joa? ii. Wii'-.-ii. l-n i ?dent u .1
sun's father, taught In .1 theologlral
s? un m? 1 - 'i'i< from WTO !?? isii El?
?Ih'iI at ?Pi \nct '"ii and hi 1 bodj * ai
broughl h? 10 for burial. Mrs B/ilaon'i
?iiatii pro?"?I? ?1 that ??i i.? 1 1.usi.,m.1
si.\ eral ? rara
Wilson's First Evening as Pres?
ident with "Princeton '79."
w.i ihlngton, Mai ch A in t he 1 1 en
ing I'l??!?!?!!' Wilson drove to ;) nearby
?notai to attend th? <imnor ??f his claaa?
matea, i'i in? ? ?ton, '78 s Ithoul his akla,
?and ait'inii'i onlj by Sr.-ni Ser\i?-<.
men. H?' a*aa uab?*"*ed quietly Into tho
iiut??i and disappeared ?n a ?private din?
mu? room.
{founds "f laughtei and ?? ng 10M of
I he delightful Informant* of the ?gath?
erilng Th? I'mildenl made a spejeeh
1,ut vint he sa"! i" hi* olaaatnatea araa
noj for the outald? world.
I'T'iinniiiii formar ?Prlhtr-eton man at?
tending the dinner lnclud?*d ih?? it?-v. a.
Woodruff llals.\. RODflli Hi id)...?.
Cleveland 11. Dodga and William it.
v\ lldc-r < f Sen York; Cj rns 11. Mc?
I ornii? 1. .m?! Jana 1 ? ? Wall<Br, of Chl
. ogo; no- Fb * J?-un ? '?? '?" t" ' ?ll"1
Thomaa N. H?**nry, of Phllaudelphla.
Th'- Proaidenl aakl good nii?*hi to h'a
claasmatei ?( 11 !?"? ??'? i<>? '? and
II rind I.. ?In \CInt.* lloufce.
Hastily Removed from Burning Fifth Avenue1
Home?Costly Art Works Damaged
?Excited Crowd in Street.
f-'ii?* which started In mine tapeatriei
in .1 i.?.h the Mcond d""i "f tin
home of W. Beward Webb, al P?o, Ml
lilil? avenue, jreeterda*. afternoon di<
damage astlmated ??t |M MO, and fore? d
Dr Webb, who was i* i?k helper from
rheumatiatn to be hastll? removedfrom
?ii? ; partmtml ?Servant* rarried him
i,, i ii?- ttrei i door, ? apped ?iim In
,.iaiiK?'ts and hurried him swaj from
the burning houaa In an autopaoblle t"
the hoina of hla aon. W. 8 Webb r .?i
No. "L"> Park avenue
smoki* drifting <mii "t .'m upper ah -
djow attiactad the attention uf ?Patrol
man spi?", ;? train? officer on dut) In
Fifth ;??fniir near the \\.-1>t. home. He
I tin ned In sn a i.?nn and ran t>? the
house, Informing ihe servants and i i?
listing in getting in. Webb through the
amoks to tii. lower floors
Whan the HreniM arrived they found
thai tii" Ma/.'*, which had started In
.Mrs. Webb's apartment, next to thai bt
her husband, had gained such headway
? thai the room n ?? .? mai ?if flam? i
? \M.,i the rich i?intinga statoarj and
I furnishings with a*htch Hi?? upper
[rooms were filled the firemen ?tr-im:. .i
I linea of boas and began pouring vol?
??-* ? '* -???-?? :?W Um burning apart
ment a big ? r?.?Ari collected In ?Fifth
avenue and ?Wh str.-'t ?irni mirged
igalnal ihe police linea, a rumor th;it
?Dr. Webb had been trapped la the
burning house end thai tin* flames were
leaning from his bedroom was passed
along and ?.'??.?-M?'...! great excitement
i,, roro i' " na -it icradlted.
ii v, ? ;?..i .?i the Webb home la ?'
nighi ih,h i?t Webb suffered ne 111
eg .is tr.'in tin? excitement und Ins
enforced sutomobile i ni?*. The damage
t.? the house and it- ?contents ?a??
neari) aa wr?Mt ?from water and smoke
.is f!"ni tin? flames, which were con
?h,"ii tu the spartmenta <<( Mrs Webb.
\ br?ese which W??w the tapeetries
int?? :in iip^n fireplace li aiipposed if>
i'!<\?? caused all ih< troubl?
Remarkable Flight by Guillaux,
French Aviator.
Paria, March l Th?j Pirencti aviator
tluillaui to?*la] mail" .? fitghl from
Havignj sur?Bra)'c '<> Paris in one
hour. The diatanca Is 190 kQometraa
(118 iniirp). tii?> speed maintained thus
falling aal) a ihm.- sboci of '?*?" mil?*?,
u nuuuu I
Hundreds of Thousands Attend Inauguratior
or See Parade in Washington as Demo?
crats Take Full Control of Government.
Marshal! ?Sworn in as Vice-President Half Hour Aftc,
Scheduled 1 mir Owing to ?Senate* filibuster?
"Uncle Joe ' Cannon Main Picure
in Closing House Session.
Washington. Match 4.?Woodrow Wilson, of New Jersey, vei?
inaugurated as the twenty-feventh President of the United State?
at ! :35 p. m. to-day. Slightly overcast skies inspired the nervou?
with a fear of rain, but the sun promised to break through from tim?
to time and no rain fell.
fust before Mr. Wilson took the oath of office Thomas Marshall
ot Indiana, had taken the oath as Vice-President in the Senate Cham?
ber and had called the Senate, which is a continuous body, to order
Pr?sident Wilson took the oath surrounded by his entire Cabi?
net-to-be and before a mighty concourse of spectators, who fille?!
every available, inch of the great plaza before the Capitol, covered
every ledge and projection of the great building and stretched out
in the distance further than could be estimated with accuracy.
It was a quiet and singularly undemonstrative crowd. The ap?
pearance of President Taft and President-elect Wilson was the occa?
sion of a restrained cheer; Speaker Clark received a greater cheer,
and William J. Bryan received the greatest ovation of all. Many o?
those in the audience were there by favor of the Speaker, but the
demonstration for Mr. Bryan can be explained only by the popu?
larity of "the Commoner" with his party. He shared the honors
with the new President throughout the day.
President Wilson delivered his inaugural address clearly, but his
voice did not carry far. Almost none of those on the stand could
hear him. and while those who stood in front, in the plaza, could, he
had spoken for twelve minutes before he was interrupted by applause.
Among the comparatively few who heard the address some
measure of disappointment was expressed. It was pronounced "an
excellent preamble." but it left the auditors waiting for something
more to indicate the plans and policies of the new Executive, which
presumably will be outlined in his first message to Congress, a month'
hence. There was, however, a broad intimation that he would urge
financial legislation at the first opportunity.
Throughout the proceedings the Taft smile was constantly in
evidence. Mr. Wilson looked grave, and only occasionally was there
a suggestion of a smile about the corners of his mouth, but his eyes
lit up frequently.
As Mr. Wilson concluded his address his predecessor stepped to
his side.
"Mr. President," said Mr. Taft, his face beaming with a broaden
1 ing smile, "I wish you a successful administration and the carrying
j out of your aims. We will all be behind you."
"Thank you." said President Wilson, and he turned to shake the
hand of his Secretary of State. William J. Bryan.
Mr. Taft, in accordance with the time-honored custom, accom?
panied his successor from the White House to the Capitol and back
again, taking his leave as soon as the Executive Mansion was reached
on the return trip. The ex-President, Mrs. Taft and a party of
friends left Washington for Augusta at 3:50 p. m.
The inauguration parade was splendid and impressive, well
! organized and well handled. But it was too long, as are all inaugural
parades, and it was after dark before the last section had passed tht>
reviewing ?stand in the brilliantly illuminated Court of Honor.
I Rarely, if ever, has Washington been more crowded, but th*

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