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^?B?^c^?^^^--^: K&l -VV 4*1 I^V
V? ?LXXII..N* 21,220. ^^^^rz^^in^ SEW-YORK, TUESDAY. MARCH 18. 1013.?SIXTEEN PAGES.
* ?
?PVT la City of New York. .Irr??"y( ity ?nit llobokea.
Secretary of State's St. Pat?
rick's Day Speech Consid?
ered Almost an Affront
to Great Britain.
Many Important Negotiations
Open and Corps in Wash?
ington Is Watching
Public Utterances
Tribu? mu
Washington, .Mar? h it T at the
Wilson administration, so i mg .is Wlll
.. m Jennings Bryan retain? the port?
folio of State, will i?- charai terlsed by
shirtsleeve diplomacy nf the most ex?
Irama character la t li <-** rapidly forming
convi? tien of the diplomatic corps, who
en noting even utterance of the
weu ?Secretary to ?gain ?rIu on hta
pretal ? ' ' f for? Ign affali -
That ?Secretary Bryan, on whom a?
devolved the somewhat delicate task of
? ,'h ? ireal Britain the ? on?
trerersy over the ?Panama ?canal toils,
and ?who will be confronted so,m v.ith
aafotiatlona with the British Ambaaaa
?jor for the extension of tin* general
?uMtration treaty soon to expire,
should take occaaion In practically his
finit publl? speech s.nre he bt ome Be -
rotary of St,it? to refer to "the deg?
radation of the House of r?da" and
le take d Id? d stand In favor of
? ; Ireland is, to ?
mildly. ? ?source of amasemenl to the
?jipkanatiats In Washington
Indifferent to Effect of Utterances.
H-ardly less lurpi sing waa Secretan
declaration that within loss
than two year? "the Irish all over tho
vorid ran ceiebrate freedom for Ire?
land." in view of the fact that the
Hotn?-- R on la ? m of u.?"- llvest
issues in Grei * Brits n at the present
tkee That the Secretar; of State has
failed to distinguish bt -
tac-en the innocuous character of Brit?
ish ?baiting by the editor of "The Com
monir and sentiments and language
ttered bj the ?Seen -
?-?ry of state at the United tat?
ne members
liplomatk* ? 01 pa. Bui there ar<
Mhera who adhere to the ?view that
"Th< Commoner" is ?holly Indifferent
|s any affront which m-*j- be ?give? bj
bis t*t. ?Patrick's ?Oaj otteranc?
pAp ; serve to ?promote his on n
papula r:t> with pro-irlsh voters In the
United Stati
\?i . the Seci lary "r State i onl i ?
bp tgp ? ? ? of Sat day night to ta
:ng the tall of the ?British lion Car
tain of hia utterances are construed a?
? | atholic i-- onstlt ite t n
affront to everj diplomatic repreaenl i?
Hie of a monsrchy, among these being
?the fo oa Ing:
"The fchters for Home Rule are
fighte-s of a world-wide battle, and
those whe or.oose it Have sounded the
death knell of hereditary rjovernment.
Thus Hoes truth a?d trut?-?: thus does
wrong destroy wrong. '
Affront to British Attach?.
it has been suggested thsl ?probably
Mr. i i rlooked the fsci that i
..' th? att ch?a of the Britiah ?Smba
?ti w who in tii-"- natural I
asarse ol event? ?ma: have ?to transact
? - ? ?tii th' Ht -' im ) of St.it? .
is T,"*?i Eustac? ?Percy, -t member of
mttt Parliamentary body to th?- "dag?
radation" of which Mr. Bryan referred
so eiorji ntiy. The occasl?on fr,r -'? -
rttary Bryan's tail-twisting extraordt
nary vas the St. ?Patrick** Day ban
am glYen "-i Baturda. night by the
"Irish-.\m?-ri? ,?ns of Washington."
Almost tii-- drat public ?act of Mr.
l?ryan ? administration waa the publi
ttsUlentei "ti ?r<-.>n?i i?.c? peenwA eatUwtw.
This Morning's News.
local. Page
Pawr Bho? Burglar? ?Ool |&eO,0?e.... 1
15 Auto ?Bandits la Big ?Round-up. l
? '? ??? Importer? Vanish. 1
"gj-atem" Keeking Terma. 5
Bil?iird Hill Vrouaea Oppoaltlon. 5
?fifteen ?Uovernora to Aid Prledmann.. 5
!.'..'?i,n m..,, v, ?or Bt. Pati Ick. 0
?Qaflncy .'.:n-t ?;.i. Baya guisar. ?
Many j,t Irish Dinners. 6
Man-.- ?Daathi L?ue to Influensa. 6
???Torli Hlffh ?Schools Crltldssd-7
r'l*] ?Ballglon Unpopular. ?
tratest* n Kr,<i <???*?.- to Arbitrators.?8
ft Clinch ?Subway Deal To-morrow. . 16
P?stkeiic Blgns ?Remain.?6
Trust Crushed by Suits.16
??? ?Railway Dlaaolutlon r?an. 16
'''"Van Amazpd Diplomat?. 1
"0*jl?i?n Rula" Chief Dismissed. ?
???knlral ?Katon'a i..-;?ti) Inquiry. a
pit-hf.ri Battl? In Nuevo Laredo. ?
''?mrrrs?. to ? lonvene April ~. *
Army r??--.-r ti.?n Reform Urged. ?
tratet stirs Up Banste. *
z_**?**ot? ?Clamor ?fei ?PestofBess. *
wllaaa n.;?rs Buffrag? ?Plea. 1
O* leott'a su.-. ? ss..r Under Pire.... 9
** Sea sa Dissolu tloa ?Plan.16
tanca? Laall? Idsntlfled. 3
NtragatUa right Bach Other. 3
???? for Women. 7
?Mortal. 8
Society . 8
TVatrlr;?.! . 9
?Muni.; . 9
Obltijary . g
**">"? ."..'...'.'.'.'..'.'.10 and 11
Army and Navy.11
^'?fcther ., \ .\\
fcdpptrtg .!.. il
nasaciai and Ifsrkeu.il, la and 13
????il Lbuia
Garrison Asks for Honors of
War, Which Bulgars Refuse.
IBj Cab!? te ti i Tribal ? |
Leoodon, March 18.?A telegram from
?Sofia ?reports tM.-it the garrison ;.t Adrl?
anoplc ?has offered t?> surrender on con
dltlon of hfing allowed iho Inn,,is , ;
^;ir ?and parmltted to keep th.'.r arms.
The Bulgarians, however, have r.ot
;;??'r-i?tc?i these ?conditions.
Lad Left Crippled Rowboat in
Sound to Fetch Aid
for Chum.
Frederick Btruve, a seventeen-y? i
"!?l atudenl ;?t the Stuyvesnnt High
?School was (]?-, v n, ,? ? , st, ?,\... n
?*? noon in tire? Sound, near Da? ? n
port Set k. when li?- dived from
? ?row.'? n and tri? ?] ;,. ?make ahor? in
??'ii eflforl t?> bring h? !?? to .1 chum, Earl
Land, whom he left trying ?" navigate
th;-? frail ?i.i;t with Hi.ic oar which
n passing gale had lefl th? m. Po r
houra later n southbound lightei res?
? u< ?i 1.. 1... - r ..ui ih.? drifting rowboat
pul him ashore ..1 City island
1 '??? '- whei ?? the ?bo* told th? poll? ?? <?r
hi? friend'? ?death
stnr\ o and Lund x 1... had Ix en lif? -
long companions, wen! ye?terda : r?
'?"? n '?? 1 ludsota Pni K n< ??i Sen Ro?
? ? to ?pend tli?' .hi?. 'I- ?
ball ii.?- .1 win:, and then ?trolled over
f?? .' '"?rrh'ius?- .?n Hudson Pai f- Road
and hir '\ a rowboat. l>
warning of one of th?- attendants, the
3 outha i? it ?'?;? Into ; I ? s???:t?.i
? ? ? ?some 500 f? ? ; off ?hoi ?? a hen
n ati ggling again it ih? I 11 ?
? f .1 ?udd? 11 v .ii'! '-?i.;.? I!. lost .in?- of
th o oar
Th?? wind ? ontlnu? ?l 1?. it.? reaa?
the boy, fearing thai he m:?! i. - friend
?? be driven further ;iii?> ?
wat? r, bI - Ipp? ?i .?'." hi? 1 lotht 1 ?
leaped overboard, with the Intention of
swimming nahore and bringing help.
a doi ' yard? fr?>m the ?boat a flurry
of ?snow ? '.t him off from view. ??-i ?
Land, lefl alon? ?a ???? :. moi ?? ol him.
Whin th?- light? i- si--: ?? ?: row?
?at? ' v ;?-? drifting be?
tween ? lien and ?Da 11 . By th?
; un?? City Island Park ? a? rea.
Lund ha?i r? '" ? red from th Id 1 n
exposure ??ml waa able to give the po
1 ?.? 1 . oh? r? nl atorj "r the trag? ?r .
The harbor ?police began dragging the
near Da ? nport Me K la ?1 msrhi
for Btruve'? bod .
London and Paris Discuss Point
of Street Etiquette.
1 n* ?Cablet ' ? ? ?
London? March 17a?-Whether men
ati?. ?-"inrn devoted In K??"<i form 1 ?
walk arm-in-arm I? the newest ll
??? discussion m ?Paris and London. It
oppeara that the ?custom la dyinft oui
in both ? a pi tais, ? x? ?-i?i during th?
even Ing, The Par I I?
f|iioi-ii in-ii.'i'. aa saying thai or
fath? r ?tali 1 -- I da ight? r lo 1
s! ould adopt th? arm In arm faa Ion j
'Excelsior" says, however, thai self-re- ]
B?pe***tlng ?people on ??? holiday in the
? ? 1 r .iti'i m hour? of ?peaceful re- ?
v?-?ri'-. when all thing In nature "a em
to I "'?i hand ' m;?- i""rmll ih? m ?
o. walk arm-in-arm In an attitude de
ai 1 ii.? .1 aa going w? n n Ith h "< ? rlain
gentleness of gall and ?cont-nmplatl ?
I ? - of llil'tl."
Kngll h Btutlent? of g.> '???' "? ]"](]
?that a woman should place h? r hi ? 1
timidly on th'' arm of htr ? * ort,
whenaaa the British young mnn ha
we: of ?seising :? ?giri*a arm with ? I 1
Jltau ?grip, forcing her t<> walk ? it h one
BhoultSer hun? hed up.
Veteran Canadian Liberal Will
Remain as Leader.
' i!. T? '? ftT-"***-> ta Th? Trlbua :
?Ottawa, March 17. "1 gueaa I'll lead
the hove a while Itmger," said ?Sir Wil?
frid Laurier to-day, Ihua "killing" ti.*
r. pr.r* tr-.rii ?London thai if he falls to
f?.r''<- ;.n el-cctlon ?hi.?- year he ?.?.ill ?re
tire from the Uberal l?eadershlp.
Such icniiK ?iK "mttlesnakes"* ?m<l
Russian mob role" are flj Ing across
the House in 1 ? continuous nival ?de?
bate. The closure Is threatened by the
?govermnen! In order to ensure an ad?
journment by ?Saater. Th?? partlea have
been talking "navy blllH almosl con?
tinuously since i-fi-mi'T ?'?.
Gave Her Life Trying to Save
Building from Fire.
I iiv Telegraph la The Trlbua? 1
Hariford, Conn?, March 17.??Sister
Mary ?Sdnoa, s pretty nun, who was
t...rn ?Edna??? Vaches, In lfran?re, ?twenty
three years ??k", died to-day as a r<?
ault of hum? received on Sunday, when
hrr clothing ?caught lire from an ?Ml
heater as sh?-? kn??it in ?prayer In ?the
1 ntiM'til In West Hartford.
The woodwork <?r the convent caught
tiro from h?r clothing, and, moro Intent
on aavlng the building than ?earing f<>.
ber own fate, aha collapsed. sh<- ?Aas
found unconsckms by ?other nuns who
came t?. bar reacue, Her fun? ral will
?be )i?-i?i ???-morrow morning, and Bishop
j?ihii J. Milan, ?f th?- ?'athoiii- ?Dtocase
of Hartfonl, will sin? h? r ponttllcal
r. (?ul?-in masa.
Pittsburgh Contractors Need
More Laborers at Once.
Pittsburgh, March IT. T.-n thoiisan?!
?,v,,rkm?-n, ? ?majority ??r the number
lahonTs. un- MOded at ?otfta .- ?1, this
,-ity. atroordlag to ?ooatrnt?tors, 1?? ?carry
?n huildiiiK op'Tatloiis, ?, ? 111 ], local
gleal ''??mpanb-s ?nd look after th?>
?Aurk of the numerous railroadi?.
Those Who Had Placed Valu?
ables in Hester Street Es?
tablishment Gather
in Street.
Fact That All Wire. Which
Might Sound Alarm Were
Avoided Leads Police
to Believe It an
"Inside Job."
1 '' ?'i "' ang men anil
'"???-?'???? ting mood,
? : :n? d about iv ? ? hoi f m. i
"" s ' ": i ?- v. IE dt ? ? ami
Heal i m ? ? . all i . . ?.. and
'<"'' 'I '" fight tin .. v .,- Hu
? ordon ... police who iurr?
-1 ; ? .
'rl1" ;,?;'1 ?g. ? - m d ? ntlr? ly of He
,'" w 11 n gl h rl.I
";?'i >'? It? di nun? iation ?>? ? i ?
who had a hand or was i
.? ing had r? ? :
,.,- a.*vti????? ?
diamond! and pr< t? n?
Borne of th? i' .?m- n In th.wda
were ? ? ? ping. Man* of the Ign?
one? ? ? d to ? that vaul
Une v oman refit ?ed to
- y dit the stor; - n. ei ng ?
Ne Justice Her- Cry.
i;?. ?? ? . ' Then
Aft? : ' ' ,. i .
' d? ? id? i Hi.i' on I
one with ai Intimati kn?
? tit.- d and
? ? ro iiery.
Til'- !" Il? ;
of th?
a ? re .. i.? ?i l.. ? -
111??; ? ? -. ??
? ' . . . .j
? ? d ?. . ?
?h e non?. 'I h ? ? ?
iwenty-on? . He?
, . ? ? . ? ;
nephew and m ?
othei w<
? end of tl ' ?? .
i ookk? ? ?.
In a.?
?>. ithout
t of the r Rut <
? i nd< t ti?? i. i
?. i ? ?
? ? rglat
in;.- 1
? ? ? im .- ?
bt en doing 1 I
i,1 i- i ?.
II?? also
?? Ir !i (fie- had ;
Th? Silivn, i
Hi? umoui t of i
on th? ? ?
, ... ;
it |
. pini by other I I
: li<>;. ? ??? i It i I
Pi |en?lt "! 1h< ? ??' ' ?" :.? ?
.. i. I .?:.*; ?
ron ? ? I Ion of the burglai
; i 11 '... i ! 11 ?? 11 I? ' i
But no light eoulil I h? H mo ? thr? ' ?
..h th? robhei j. and tf the i"?ii' ? h ?
anj l? ad that ma ?y ri suit In the a
of th<- culpt ? th are ? t " Hing any
on? about It.
?Ms ?7 Simoni. the Junior n - mbcr ol
tii" i'hni, waa sum? oned from hi? ton
almost <?* '?' ?? hour bj elthei I ?? : I
Pollei Comml low r i ?? ui In ?ty. who j
ui . . i irge of the ?aw, or In- I
lor i ? .i"' ho : dli. the
,,. ii... v. orl ? I ilf hund? ? ?i d?te? lives ;
,.,, the ?.? '?? v. hat '??? as at k? ?! vim or
., 11., t he aid Mo t n fused to -, a
.. ..!i of the mam t ?minai Ions' tl at he
irai ubje? l? d to
Two Children Examined.
Two ?small girls, of eight and len
. ,,,... and H" :'' i"";!?' ra, who Uva In
the nelghl orhood, were also exainin? d |
at length bj the ?poll? ?? Who the? w? re
,,, \? hat Information lh< y n-y->- the ?po?
lice would not say. i:<m.?11> non-com- |
municativ? wer? ihe poll? aa to lb?
nevera! other wltni i?.??-.*- In the caat bat
they examined.
ti,.- exact ?position <?t every burglar
alarm wir?- In th?- pawnabop was known
to ?the m"" ???'" i i""""1 the robb v.
When the robb? n <iriii??i s hole through
the .-""ii? wall Ibey kept onl) iwo
Inches awai """" "" wlreU* *h,, '? '*
tney had been touched, would have
brought ti"' i"'""' "' ""' *"'""? Ti" '
.,,..,, k,? w whew Hi- iwo aecrel alarms
were ?n th'- basement, and these tl ? ?
?,\,,i?i??i by cutting ?? hole In the ft.-,
which wai not wired, ?and bj avoiding
the ?trapdoor i"?i etalrs lending from
tii?? basement to the store proper.
Once in the -dore, th? y ?steered ? ? ?r
?,r the front of th< v? it. which was
wired, ?'""1 trtgon tearing ? ?raj at the
,,,,, ,,f the fault, ?''iiy to abondon this
work when they ?truck some heavy
Iran bare. Then they n m? mht red it
appears, that Ihe aides of ?the vault
w< .-,. .,! only I-*m? h in;t.-?rii>. ?and ?that
It WOUld i?' s,"?^, vv"rk ''"'' """* '""K
chisels ;ui?i y\'<)K>- bammars to open *i
,. larg? enough for !>"'" to take
what ?the) wanti ?1
Again the ?amaslni knos ledge <?f the
robber? ":IS ?ibown, for thej avoided
the packafe-i ??ontalnlng watch?** and
lewelrj ?nol ?set wWh ?tones, and took
iontl"-*4 an ?Ulli Sag*. AHA ..?luiiin.
????-?..,., i --/a] into office through trapdoor and then into i?????? ??? l"in: "i(l":''"' '?> arrow.
M? ME;
$13-1687 y?
Father and Son Disappear When
Drafts Paid b\ Anglo-South
Amontan B II: Hp?'e Arc
Protested in London.
Attoi,,r or Bank Ask Wai
rant, but Mt ithi r Can Be
Pound Bfii'i in Trouble
v. iili Goir ; oniei I ?"
Oh? i Ii ?rtation
Pi .
? ?
i i ? '
?A ||. IH .
,..,,.? , . n i
rnvorcal. and It I
I? i' ih rlty
ii. n ?I??Kci ' itlvc here
nf ih.? Anglo- ?South Vnn rk'an I: i
? ? ! Hi.? Sup:', ni"
.. ? ii ih? Ihn
M?: '. y ":>.. foi ? i:;i ?>-r. ?
mi i .,[ don lhal i ? ?
. ' . nid which
?,-,. ,-, i, ? h?moi t ? . h. ? i.i? ??. 'l'ii"
affld? M Il led ??'.:' "' ..M'ii'V
,i.,,t ? ' ?. . n ni -?? '? y Ih itate,
;,,,,,,.,: |. ? , ???. Hntii h? i n i" Ini
Vntonln and Phllli Mu I? a v ? i?- In
trouble w ni; ti.? l'nlt? i Htatea cuatoma
authorll ? In 11* '?' ? ' ol
fraudlng il '. ' i nm? ni on - hceae lm?
; ... I ,l|.,11- Th? ' ' ?""' '?' ''l'-'-'l ?< v
.[?.,! . mplo; ? ' : Ihe ? iiatont .??? r?. i re.
The eld? r Mu ? ' " lulttcd ri
i,i?; ?on |.i.-a.i.'ii ullt) ?'" oi.unt
Judge Holt -' nt? n ? 'i hlai '" on ? year
in l?iii.r.i i:? ."?.?-iii.ii-r? and n.?i oaed s
tin" of f^?.OUf*. i"H Pi ' "!' ni Taft ? m
mut? ?i hl? " nt? n? ?? ?? ; : '?? had aerved
.i i. w month?
F.-il!ier and Son Disr.ppc.ir.
-n,,. drafts h mahl by the Anglo?
,-r.|, Atn? ri? mi Bank from lh< Mu lea
Iini, for . olle? lion am??unW*d lo aboul
; ?. r,? ?? ? pound ? each. Th? re arere ?
of th.- papei a, four draa n on I hi ?Lon
,|,.,, i ?,,.mis an.I Wet ?iiiin-t"i- Hank
.,,?1 four "H the Londi n and Bouth?
?,?,.,t? rn Banh The '?? ndon bank i re
la | th? draft 'i hat ira i n
March 11, i"'1, ,!l : ' ' ' ?1;iu' '"' " ,,r''"
., ?ted t?. the I?? ni ?ag? nl of the Anglo
g luth Am? rl in Banh on Februar) 118,
The Infonnatlon thai the drafti had
i?, ,, dlahonotred ??? me bj ? ibk . IVhen
notified ??ii Mar h Ii! th Musi.-a?
promlaed t?? ?'?>?' the matt? r ?their at?
tention, bul ??i" nesl dey, Il ?sas ai
i.-:?.-.I, father ami eon had dlaapf*?eared
Tniii their place of buaineaa and from
?their h""11 ? A,;: ?' ?? tdu ?lea lived in
7"th * treet, Ba) Kidg?, and hi i ??on ?. -
, ..,,? ,i b i""in al th? H"i? i Knl? ker
bm her.
.him? i B. Downing, the fii ?I d? : etlv?
put ..n ih" lob, ? "uiii get no Informa?
tion ? ,""?t the Musi? ? ?: al th? lr ofll? ??
I .?nl'iitinl on fniirtli pttje, iuiinli ?"Iniuii,
Bi ii tin to Co-operate with Navj
m Berg Signals.
? m .
Mari'h '7 Ri m< mber
trag? ? ommercla
und st? am hip Inti i ? of ? 1res
Hritaln will co-operate this spring wltl
the ii drographlc office <?t" the Nav;
i ?? pa. im? ni In dl - ? minatlng warn
of let bergs along the northei i
i?, the maritime world!. Ifntl
ter to the Titanic and i ubse
?I n i m di vi I? pm? vi it?? : er ? i? a ??'' iii
11 ? dru ? ?.'im m". ? nul fully ap
! I
The Navj ?Department waa advlao?
lo-da that the ?London B ard of Trad?
had ' "in ?i ? abl? m? ?aoge to the Inter?
n ' i lonal M? renntlle ? 'ompany osmen
..r the Titanic, that arrangements ha.
?been made by the Ice ?patrol steamei
Scotia i?? .-'ii'l nil Its n e messai ? t?
the Hydrographie Office .it Washing
i, a. Tii" ? messages will th? d i><
i in ad bi ? ?.i deaaL
Specialist in Heart Disease So
Tells Family.
Troy, S. v.. March 17. The condl?
ti.'M of former ?Governor ?Frank h\
i ,;? !.. a ho Is ill ai bis home in this
L-lty, romains unchanged to-night, and
.?ii hope of his recoves*] ha.-, ?bean aban?
\ specialist from ?Boston who was
called here by Mr. Black's son exam?
Ined Hi? patient, and ?could offer no
encouragement. Mr. Black is suffering
from valvular disease ?>t tin? heart.
Railroad Man Hurt in Fall Con?
fined to His Bed.
Palm Bea< h, March 17. Th,- Injury
n. n M. ?Plagler, principal owner et
the Florida ?Baal Coaat Railroad, who
fell ??n s ?marble stair ?two weeks ago,
continuo? ?alarming. The injury t?> his
hip Is so serious that h?- is ?conflaed to
his bed
Mr. Plagier is under the ran? ?of ?Dr,
tiv?,.-,i K. ?ti.in. who recently ?sailed Into
consultation ?Dr. ?Newton Mutifar, s
joint sporiallat of n,w v,,rk. au In?
quiriea are mel with the statement that
Mr. ?Plagier Is Improving as rapidly a.*)
can be expected of a man eighty-four
yean old
Nashville Judge Frees Prisoners
in Honor of St. Patrick.
\ in ilk?, T< nn Man h 17. Poli".?
Judge Killen, foil? -a-lns hia annual u:;
;.?iu, to-day vlalted Ihe l??? al potloa ?ta?
tlon and announced to the prisoneri
thai In honor of Bt. Patrick he would
releaae all the Irish.
Every Inmate of the ?prison, Inclutllng
negroes, claimed to be aona of ?Brin, so
Judge Killen releaaed th?*m all.
i Pope Publishes Apostolic Letter
?Indulgences Promised.
Rome, Mat 'n i?". Pope Pius to?day
published an apostolic letter, which be
?revised yesterdsy, decreeing a imlv. r
?a| Jubilee from ?Low Sunday, March
::??. to i>? m ?ember 8, the Peast ??f the Im?
maculate (Conception, In t*omn*a**nuira?
tlon of th?? ?rellgioua toleration edict Is?
suiil by ?Smperor Constantlne In tho
fourth century.
The faithful mu?t ."ni.? t?? ?Rome and
\isit twii.' ?the church?-* of .-5t. J.?lm
Lateran, .^t. Peter*a and Bt Paul*?,
>praying, ?confessing, ?taking communion
and ?giving aim-*, or they must visit s'x
limes churches chosen by ih?ir own
bishops and carry ,,|Jt the same devo?
Those thus attending the jubiles will
enjoy plenary Indulg? nee ?of ?all their
Buys His Discharge and Will
Speak for the Army.
|Hy T< '? HT ?pli ?t? Tt:<s Trlhuri-?. )
N'.\v|i.irt, R. I , March 17. A walk
from this City to San Fran? iseo is
planned by Archibald Moor??, formerly
a sergeant In the ii-'th Ctnnpany, ?.'oar-tl
Artllla-ry, station? ?1 at Fort Qrebla Hal
will start in a abort Una, and as far I
aa known ho has >?t ?no specified timo
la which to make tho trip.
Moore, a nativo of Oil ?'ity. Ponn., re?
cently purchaaed his dlaehaifja fr.?m
tlu? army nft?-r having PUred ono -n
listmont ami a Piirt of a soi'ond. It il
?raid that ho will s|>ond his evonliiBs on
th?- way a? ross th?? osntJnant nuklng
addresses on ?ho advaatagaa of army
Angostura Bitten praranta ill ofTocts
from over?indulgen?ee in food or drink.?
Eleven Captured by Police in
Dragnet, After All-Day
Search of the
Startles Even Detectives by
Revelations cf Desperate
Hold-Ups and Robberies
by Band During
Six Months.
Eleven -xieoners i"-?u?\e.| ?,, he th?
ring-leader? of the ?auto hold-up and
burglar ?fang, which has been defying
Milico capture for six . i With . v., re
rounded p last night and brought i?>
?Police Headquarti ra as th.- result <?f
.1 long day's drag-Mi work, begun i>
?Deputy Conrtmlaatooer ?Dougherty un?i
Captain ?Price ?su riae resterday.
The flniablng ?touch t?. the day's work
was completed when, a little before
midnight, ??no ?i?' tii? prisoners, v hu is
charged with having been the brami
??i' th?- ;;?ii:. admitted freely his peri
m a ?series ??f robberies and hold-ups
which astounded even the police.
Tiii*- prisoner I? Jooeph Taylor, ?who
was captured after a lively ?Ugh! at
125th street and Thl ?. avenue. Taylor,
or "Joe" Young," as ho ares som?
times known, assumed all responst?
iii.it: for th.? ?series of crime? with
a hlch his ?gang Is chai -? ?i
\\'itii?.?i prompt tig, ho am win? ?
that he i? ?: i the men a bo robbed t lie
?Douglas - ' .i? 11t h street and
Broadway, ?f t.;'y>. and the man uiio
i ? ??! up John Pop? ??;. .i proapero i
prodt ' ? m : bant, a ;'. a ? :, ?ago end
and !""K **!'_'?., from his pocket*
He ?leo admitted he ho?.i ?ip
robbed Edmund Wiii? r and
? 'harl v* ? !ii" r, two m? ssengcrs
? H il _? ? '..m- any, at No,
?3ethun< ?ti ? i. n I? Ing them of
i $1.1 *. ?*- in ? ash In n? arlj evet
Tayloi furnlrhi I evidence to corrobo?
rate I tale.
Three Arrests Stcirt Rour.d-uo.
The Hi I srr? L ? ? ? d ? terds
| morning when three men, who de?
scribed themselves ?a? Max Goldstein.
? mad Inl I of No. 771 Bt Ann
nu? . Prank IV*. Vlver, s chauffeur,
of N?. ':?",.' Eas I-Kith street, and Ed
a-ard W. P_rd, of No. 1038 s,rn!?.-<?n
stio.?!. The Bronx, ?rere srrestcd bj
? un I'rii e, of the Bronx Deti etlt i
h. ?an, and ??? numl-jar of hi.-* nun.
Commissioner Dougherty was la?
form? ?I <??' the ?i i d hen thi
men were an ? the ?Harlem
? four! i" ?? i<? ?i Mi ?jl ; ratt Koua? to
hold ih? m. T l'Mv ?and tl
three i.i? n v pre taken to Po
quart? rs and questioned for
iif.tir ! lougherty FoU??v Ing thi?
t.-i'k ? ? foil ?a? 't '
Lieutenant Wynagi accompanied ?by
!? cctlve Hergeant O'Manr, Quick, eu
llvan, Bruckman and ?Plynn, i? it ro
l?< o Headquarters hurriedly, boarded i
Third avenue elevated tram end al -
r.i ?it I23th street. There thej took up
positions on the four corners and ?? ?
?*?']. /?ft? r ,i ???n of two hour? or m s
their vigilan e ?at rewarded, when
?Taylor, ? ho lives il No. 220 WTeet Vl'*x\\
?street, came along. He was arreet- ;
after ??? struggle. Inside his coat, In ?
holster, the detectives ?i>. the found a
revolver fully loaded.
Dougherty ?saya he questioned hi?n
closely, and flnall) Taylor admitted bt?
?hare In the hold-up? Hnd proudly
boaated that he was the brain? of evir.
ono of them.
\\o told Dougherty, to the ?Commis?
: i'itT*r says, that his s i <i < ? ?partner in
ail of th?- hold-ups wa? ?Charle? ?Tranci?
Lorber, a chauffeur, of No. ?'''?7 ?Baat
158th street. datara Taylor hud <*om
pleted his confession, ?Lorber a i? in an
outside ?toot- where he had been
i'i-?'UKht following hi? arreet in hi?
Got Tip Threa Weeks Ago.
Thr?*>* week? iP". ?the police ?relate,
they ?got a tii? ?that a largo fewefry
st??rc. at s.*>th street and Hroad
iray, v, ;is ?soling to be ' 'touched
off* i>> a taxi ?gang. ?Detective? i
signed t?> ?Um j??'? ivatched ?the store
night and day for ?more than s week
after they received till? information
and wore finally rewarded with a clew
which led t.. a ?.-??tain part of the city
and protntecd success.
The continued bight vigils at th.*
Jewelry ?tore ?had -hoir reeuM a we?k
ago, arhen tho detective? <?u guard saw
a touring oar come down Braedurap,
circle ti"' btock la arhieh th?* stun? hi
Ilocated, and draw up mar by. levara]
mon ssnerged from tlia machine, but
[evidently suspecthig danger leaped In
?again and ?drove Off down Broadway
at high speed. In making ?the getaway
the chauffeur ?swung his car around in
such fashion as to ? \p??sc a UceMC
number bearing the letter m and th?>
number 1.3.N5.
The number was .s??nt to every sta?
tion house in the city and patrolman
were ordered to watch for the. <ar.
Sunday night Commissioner Dougherty
got information to the effect that the
automobile used In the hohl-up of Bert
Newman, a cafe proprietor, at 1-Md
street and Eighth avenue, early
Saturday morning, bore the num?
ber "M 1385?/' and within a few hour?
Captain Pri?e, acting on the Commis?
sioner's order?, had located the car in
a garage at Jackson avenue and I88d
?street, Th?- Bronx. Captain Price then
fraud three men to this garage early
yesterday morning and arrested them.
Last night Detectives Cazazza, Wmmm\
Murphy and Forbes went to a fur?

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