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V LXXH..N* 24,1231. Ss-ta-t?^ VEW-YORK, THURSDAY, MARCH 20. 1913. ?SIXTEEN PAGES.* * VIUiT, ONE CEM
? In ritTO?* \ew York. .temer fltr and Hehekea.
Two of Sweeney's Predeces?
sors in Har?em Cal! at Whit?
man's Home and Have
Long Talk.
District Attorney Goes to Al?
bany To-day to Give the
Governor Review of
Actual Conditions ?
Hartigan Finn.
t?y" men, who have been ?:i?-|< I -
, f j. nl rred v. ?ii?. i Hatri? t \ -
leraey Whitman laai night ai hla him* .
Th?\? wtBM th? re al dlflfereni tlroea and
lamaltr I tor aboul an hour and . a
? in,- of 1 ? one of tii? three In?
??pec'-'i- arl ed 8w??ene? In com
?-fgajfj ? ? Harll in ?Islri t.
mai, i? i v. It h t!;? Dlstricl At
i.i. i?,. ( not ??
' -l???nl 111,n hc - ? :
?ata?ed ai ound al gr?ai leng?ti lo
,-,??? exact), wher? i ? would In
event of full ? onfe -
.?? "n.
Mr. Whitman lia?- atated prt vio -
that I ? ? -' up? proa? -
roth r ? ?gave up all ihc Informa
:n hi- ? - ?i aboul 111? i?? i ? ? m is? ?
th? It i: k?m .?.-? ? ? !??: ? " -I'llf"
?nh r ? ?? rful clvl ' - Puli-e
Head?) ? u tor* ?; I* noi expectvsd, or
aafded. thai thia lnapi*ctor shall "give
m?" hla i i ? !i'- ? itveaaora in
th* H ? d, l?ul th? ?Dlati I At
IgfMj la ? onfld? nt I ? -
eeaferencc that the man who talk?.?!
him for ??ti hour Is ..n ih? erg
? . on ? onfeealon, ..ml he ?bell? es
that ??: h a confeaaion \? ? cpoae the
?jrafi i. til from Hm ;? m !" Polie? Head?
I era.
identity Not ReveahMi.
I ?? inai ? ' lor, oi f ?r ? : Inap? rtoi
rath'' for all the offl ial who ha i
l'-n named In 11m Harlem ?t:rr?ft . v
j.gnrt - ?? ? ?'? ? n d< m? I ?d to ?cap?
<? - na te?? upo? fl e polnl
Ma identity ?h??iM i,"t ?'?? i*ev?*al .1 m
ia made up hla mind ...
ah?il r h? .?.'' e acrosi ? not,
lo lhal end 11 la probable U il
ntiReeftht fit?-"? M??li tn???nr?* v lu h
lent againal Ja met ' ' T1 ???
.inmr K Huaaej and .1 ? ?? *. t ? J. Mu?
-? . ? | ?. Harli "i. will
ti up until ? ? ...
Whitman lr\.?t nlgW ??'?> to a ?!
?[>? other Inape-ctor who talked to the
Vttorn? -' - ighl w? nl a1
Mr rt . i? He i?- one
ie ?had not be? n In olv? ?i In
? ? ? graft expoaurea lo date, ??ik?
- ? h that it is not !?'?
?i h" will 1" involve! ;it any ttaf?
i Inquiry,
H?> v?it?-?i the I > i s t r : ' t Attorney a?
hla rK'.'Tv last ni^ht, ami for aa h.?'jr
.' ml a half went over ?.v.th him a mays
of information which Whitman's In?
gatora had ti rne<l In. Hla name
?ill he kepi sf< ret by the Dlatiicl At
i< rna-y. and it Is not like! thai he ?.?ill
?-?er te ?called ??i'?.n to test : in frand
; rj ?Off ? o'irt. Iwans?' ?.f 1,;.? i.j.iir,
tion for i onest. . coupled with Irr.? hltrh
mnk on the for? e, he waa able to throw
mor'. ' mside*' enlifchte-nment upon varr
BOa phni.es of the police ???raft in in
??p ?*??<? torn' and captains' ?gradea rhan Mr.
Whitman eonld have Kr?t fr?.m poaalbly
9ttf other ao?ir?-e In the depart mr-nt.
The information ?gained list nif?ht,
???-?mMned with the ??most ?certain CMI
f.t.ir.n <? ?.perted f-nm the form, r Rar*
teta Inapae4?**<r, has ?ctotad th?. doon to
?oit, if not ail. of the poUca fraft?*n
"f nigh rank who art? either now in the
?Ml M erhe may ha involve?! lau-r.
I'i?trlrt Attorney Whitman is ?e<?inj?T
t" Albany thi.s aft<rn?'on, nt tha? requeo!
at GovernOf Stilza-r, to give, th?"- Qov?
( ontimi.il en keroiid pag??. foairth rnltimn.
This Mornings News.
Mtvphy Pleas??!. Wet T:.!k Goes on 1 I
Ifx-Irr ?pec tor B?Ma Whitman. 1 j
Antl-Tammanv I'm'- Planned .... I
rrttedmann Detractoi Denounced..., 2
Ceacaal Marrtat-fe Seven Montha. a
ArtiTi. fin? I ?roi. ? I nt ? I <?.. n. 3
I ?; ' mtraeta Blgn? ?>. 4
Daal T:nn?it S \ .?- ? ? 111 ?Route?. 4.
? ??;?..-. ? . . 6
KaUiaad Plreaaen Plnlah Caae. ...*... 6i
?t>\o;ijiioj,j?T u, Inaan? Ward . 6;
Aim? ftt "Quack" I"" tora.9
Ompeei Defenda Btweh Cacna?ea.13
r">at Tear foi ' T? i and Tel.' . 13
I ec.sf l"r,'l??- l" l.'roai Hik1m.ii.. 16
??alhrgtae'a Son? leoet ?Batata .16
d? Caughl n Sea ? >i leana. i
('?.n?i ?Deadltoch Broken. 41
Hairing ot i BUI. 4
t \kten G iMtM 1. in R? lelon . 5
^?'in t't?;e \n? v Peraonnel Law. 5
? iMItloiia Bad at Little Kalla. 5
?Uaela ?tta? k Uoi 1er? . 6
?aa? la? ..i?. .i ,., ?,?. i. eking of Bank 6
'? aag? Motive of King'? I aaeein 3
Turkr. ?Claim I'<?? lai a '? l( toi . .3
htm Maeterlinck Play (?i?en. 9
Waatua, .., 6
Arm? fx n<1 Na ?.'y. 6
Kearg f,,r Women. 7
'??':'"Hal .,,,, s
??oelety . g
?M'j?-,?- . o\
' luary .9
Tli'-atrl? bl . ?>*,
^,r""?" .10 and 11
? manrlal nn?1 Mai I.-?????.I|, If and 13
?"hipping . |4 j
?'?al l?tate.14 '
Diners Start Quarrel in Rec?
tor's? Victim Dying.
Men i ml worn? :? diner* In I:?-. ior'?
al Kroadxx..-. and I It h ?l ?? ? '. a ho 'ifid
Ihcir ?il tent Ion distracted bj a loud
ron trox rn* bet* ? ? n two men at a i*?r
n?t ;? ta i?le ii?. am?? ex? iled \> h? n on?? of
' "' disputant? i? ;?; ? ?i up from hi? .- ? il
and su,i, k his opponent in the ?<? ?
'I'll-' assaulted mini Instantly Ihre? -i
heai ? ? araf?. \? Y h miss? ?l it? m ?;'*
ind ?ii'u? k i waiter on th" head. Tii
waller fell unconscious and was "lur?
ried ?" I'hiwer Hospital in a d? in 7
? ondll Ion.
Patrolman .\T> ?;.?-. on fixed posl in
Bi ? ad wax. opposlt? the hotel, heard iha
- ? uns ??f th?- women, and ran Inside,
where he Found the um1? r, Kug? ne
Hoziinizzl, Ij ing <>i? ihc floor, i?!. ? lir.g
profti ? j ir ?m ..',. rai ,?, ,.?, , ,,is , ,
ihe ?scalp, McGi ? called up lb? hospi?
lal. and then notified th? Weal 47th
' l"?ll? ?? si.ill.m. I?.?(.?. tiv. s l.r'i
11111 and i", t.-1 -i i r i?-k were sent ?over,
bj th? tin ?? thej ;?rnv?.i the two
men x<.h,> had figured in th? quarrel
?mil ihelr women companions escapei. I
'l i? : oil? ? '? am? ?i. th? ? .<? . th.it ','..?
man who ihre? ''i" araf? ?us known
m the hot? 1 and that he was the Nan ;
?ork .t-? ni of .1 ?London cigarette Ann. j
h ?rrest Is expected at an) uni?*.
Hi ??'?? ????I n.it ?regain conscious?
t< r he ?rea? h? .1 the hospital M?- i
ha? ? ? don of th? bra 1
Station's Springlike Calm Shat?
tered by Woman's Fran?
tic Calls for Help.
I. . ? \ ? 1 . ? it at hia
? W ? ?'?*?? - -? - -.n house ?
ni?- j
fully !
?vitl ? '? on? 1 atrolman in th ?
.111 pla Ing solitaire <i??m ?
'ii,, tenant 1
ami v v .ut.-.] h?? r ? r.
But, hark? n*. ?...>? ?at! The
: one i?? P t Ink!? d plaint Iv? ? 1
n ahrill feminine i olee ? am? ox ei
?xirei I
?is ? ? the police oil Wi
,? Mi? ? .11 ? l. K? Hog*, of N'" 2?"
\\, -1 With ?t- ? ? t. Pom? ?"I
aent m? s bomb by express Please
???-? ? 1 ?jhl p and tell 1
th? horr ??? 1 .? ?va I'm
afi .i"i It**? e Ing '?? ?" i? ?d? H ?sv n.
]?!? .,?
int Athersot Patr?
man Nlgg rsmith'a d? minoa .<n.i ?<-nt
him 1 ? ? ? ha ' lo Ih? ht si? ged 1 ? ??
.Mr.?. Kellogg ihowed Him ?? small b v
:?i tilla paper and addr? -
1,, her. N !?-??-?. 1 smith, handling the |
thing -?.-?: ? ' ' ? - i- -
? . ? he dumped it In a
?pall ol watei Aftei and ?Vthei
had v atched it In feai and tn milling
fot ??i? ho ir, an Insp? toi fr? m I ? Bu
of ? '..m? - 1 ? ? ?I nn?l
open? d the pa kag?
?.. all : yellon masa, a th a strange,
? .. : r was disclosed t<? i lew. 1
-, . tor -i,:if. ?I .?? it ? a ttlousl . 1 hen
an expression of diagual spread over
lu.? f? al in .?.
"It's Turklali cand; . ?some guy's try?
ing to p)gy a bomb Jok? " m d be.
Ex-President Still Feels Kindly
Toward the Colonel.
\\ ashington, Mar? h 19. In ?pit? nt
the happenings of the lasl yew tt
. . kr.??,?, n to-day that Wrilliam
11. Tafl axtill has a s<?fi ?place In h
ho.'irt for 'ri?? odore ?Rooaevalt. This
fe? n:>4- was demonstrated ti>-daj In n
letter received t?y Major Rboadi el iha
v -, Houee. in which th?- former
it< Mdent s^i?. thai for scene reaaoa or
other the picture of colon'*] Roosev?:lt
which hangs in Ih? ?President- attic*
hail not bton aanl to him. Major
Rhonda ra naked to forward it lo
Mr. Taft ;?t hla hotel In New Haven
Th? picture ot' Colonel Itooaerelt, in?
cloaed m ? heavy gold frame. h;?s been
hanginc In th? Prealdent'i oHlce ever
slnoa Mr. RooaeveH wan the occupant
N?. on.- knowa how many tlm?ea ?it.
Taft lins looked al ?tx penalvelj m the
!.i?t *-ix months.
Mr. Tumulty, the President'"" secre?
tar . will have th?- picture taken ?lovx-n
ami shipped to Mr. Tafl ?to-morrow, 0
?hat the former ?Preaidonl ?na-, still
have the colonel with him m Image, if
not in spirit.
Police Call Off Students' Brick
Pushing Contest.
Tram? at ih<- congested .?in? r ??f*
149th atreei and Third avenue m Th.
I'ronx, wRH blocked last night about ?S ?
o'clock, .'?nil two ?policemen, Patrolmen
Mac Drier and ?Stephens, were called loi
disperse what threatened i>, be 1 mob
,?t ?several hundred personi The
in.w.l which hooted, Jeered snd threw
?tones and othet missiles, uns a body
of .?? h? "M?" s vai. inn,' ii i.. ,,{ their
companions being Initiated mi?? a hiuh :
school fr?terait) bj pushing five bricks
ti ??n? Th? Brona i?, 1 he si uj . esanl
High ?School, 15th atreet .uni First a\?
Th? ?'?it a ?? 1 v.' m 1 !'ii 1, ?treet j
a nd Third ??? ' enue, a hen ii> 1 treetear
ii),, s croas and ." Iranafei . mad? from ;
lubwa lo aurfa? 1 lin? - Th? not iti
. i? ?gol off with ?? crawling ?lart, and j
made raj?i?i progresa until th?-. reached
\x mis avenue. The?**? the crowd ?great ;
PO ?lens?- that th? foil?" mi. 1 ?. ?, ,| ;n,,? j
aft.-r several nnauct eaaful at?, mpti tu
?make th? ?real "?" Ihe Journey, balancing
ni).- i.ri? k on top "f another held al
aims length, th?- demonatratton bad i??
b? st??i?ii? ?1 bj the ??"I,? - 1., ail?.? the
paasag? <?f ordinal ! trefile
m. 9
Baltlmoi ?? \ ? ?' "? Mar? i, m i,, api il 11.
1 particulars at Ticket nnt,?-. ?\dvi
I Tammany Chief Feels Sure the
Governor Will Stick to Res?
ervation in Spite of
"War" Rumors.
___ - _
?Leaders Friends Hint That
Consideration for Organiza?
tion Applications Was
Demanded at Se?
cret Confab.
in apite <?f ?h? fad thai Governor
'. both here ami In Alban;. con?
tinue I hi? denlala thai he had held ??
?conference with charlea I*. Murphj on
Tuesday ;ift??tn?.?,ii und thai tin- leader
of Tammany Hall followed the cu< ? t
i he ?Governor, further detail of th? Ir
up 'Mm- were learn? >i jreet? rdaj.
ii ?? ;-.? learned thai Mr Murphj r? -
n \???l hla r? queal thai .lam?.?- i: Qaff?
11" ? i"- made ;< ?State Bupeiint? nd? m
?it Highway? it?'l thai "The" McManua
i" made Commiaaloner of laabor The
< :? ? i l" r i. ; ; ?'..? m? ?
r ? .-? ' ? ?? . ?i appoini i ?i'ii? r
l' ii".'.. i ?t. ? ? i. ? Tamn
man had no Id? :? ih ?i hi? fr;? nd - H nulo
?'? ap|M?inte?l, bul ' mih; ? r? nea ed
?. i ., h ???i roi ?. ? ?
'?".' !.. .. m ? V ,
? : . bl thai he ??'..l ^-1 -? rea?
. mounl of ? hal h? ? ant? fi<?in
? ? ?;.,?.? noi \ i a matt? r ?.?" p ?
? ? 11 ? ; ? ? ? - ' ?
i. . ? .. , ? .,...
t ? In? l
Th? ? ?"?? ernor pi? Bdi 'i i hal 11 x d
h .ii ?? ? organ i ? lion 11 he ahould
? Mi ?Jalfn and Mi M? M i
Mi Murpl replied (hal Ih? a? m? n
\? ? i?- nd ?? up lo th? ?Mandard
.????? Ii ????',.??: r ? ,r ? '? . r ... I H|
? ? r, i ? 1:1 -. I ! ? gi ? !,. ' f ? i... ! 1 ? ?
? . ? ? i I lie W? : ? . ? i
???i th? organisation i ?
ng all t !??? talk <>f ' ?? i
'?.rilltlL fl ?111 Am
The ? ??'? ? i i.?'i ?a red him h? -?'1 no
?!? ?ii?? lo fort?? ?? n .n flght and ?? ?
glad i.naidet the tt ? omm ?
I.<?ll? ?TI < 'III Ii.? ? ' ? ' l.X ' ."II
i?, ...?i?.? ?aid -\ Tammany man I
?.?.? ? rii"i ind Ihe i
'I ?.?? ' ha ? trig ..? i?i ' h? ,i ' onf? ?rene? in I
a? i. i. ? ?. , i. i . i ? ? i.... ?,??'-? l ha
ii. j :?..'? that Ml. v?' ! ' ?
nd ? .
. : ? t?te li ihe op? n and f? i
? , ?. . 111 ? I . 11 : - - ? ?,?. '? i ? '
oi ? ?. in II Now that th?
found oui Hi? r-rni'l i. i be n? ?
i?..i?. ra. i ' ?? av< th? .i ;
i ? \ M.?' Ing w il . "
i . ? i ? o? i : ? Governor tarted foi
Alban? ? ? i la mo ning h? ? -
asked 11 h? had een Mr Mut i h
IK .h,.: | or any othei plan ?>n
'i ?.? daj aften.:
"I positiv? did not, !.. declared '
.,.,....? .-? . . . .
?.hii? i ? i town ? '? ? i ? ' ' ? i
Murp ? ? ner ol
th? Friend Sons n -' ' Pati
\t ... . ? ? .i : I?, ?111 t||l '
ernor x progi III (ur|
amiled and ? ?Id
W'.u " VVh i m noi il ?ai ailh
SI man.
it was ?said laai night thai although
th?-? (???-??.??rt'it- f>n?i Mr Murphy undar
Btood one another prett; '?veil nn??,, th??
i.?;.(i??r of Tammany Hall m -^h? ??.. to
liban) nefnte l'.nsr 10 have t ? i r t h ?- r
I..I;. with the ateta ?Sx? ?? ut I ve.
The Governor ins no appointment
in thi? 'ity hafora April 13, when he I
\tx attend the Jefferson ?Da* dlnnet of
the National ?Democratic ?'lui'
Governor Denies Himself to
Correspondents and Now
Doubts That He Is a
I B) '!?? 'graph lo xm ? ?
Albany, March 19 Wai ? ? h ? ni? .
i? il i ii.? i ? San? ral Bl.i m ??ailed ll
. opt. tally the kind thai ? io? ernor Bui
/, r ;in?i one oi hii ? pp?u nte? insist
they hav? b< ? n waging i gaim i Tarn
m.m Hall and ? hat I? P. Murphj.
The Iwrrlble i ti?-' is ?,; ihi engui?an ?
encounter between Bulser and Mur pi.
m N? ?? ? ??rk w< ?re m.m.f. -i. .i .,. ,,,,
smazlni" fashion b? re to da* ,.i, y..
i .??,. ? ii"i 's arrival
I'm four whole houra Governor Bulser
i, fused t?? talk '" i" ?? ?l ??)'? ? men Por
the ?same i" i ?'"I i? d? ' lin? d ? ? n i"
o,, m m, far ..? Un"?'? i. Hi- history "i
Bula? r r< ? urda no oth? r like ev? nt. ivi- i
,:,.?:. i na and leglalatora are dastd even
yet, although lhl* ruel ? mbargo on the
Sni.? i Ian flow "i Ii ngua ? was lifted a
Irlfle lat? thla aft? ?rnoo ?.
N.v .i theleas, th? p? a? ? ful routine of
i, gialatP ' life has ht en i liatt? ?. -i ;,n.i
,1 ?? ni ?tak? man: new i.un? ? m? i
,,; ,., i, lead? ; -dip and oi glorluu ? ?? -
loriei i?? uovei nor Bui.? r lo ? al i? up
?a-itli ih?';?? foui qulel houra and mak?
, ,. i thing Si am natural again
ir thla ?!? adlj war aboul ?-? hi h il??? ?
Governor ?"r?i one of in.? ap?polnte<ta
,:;i,, ,i .,, i itthel ??ii'-n tb?ey ?I? part? ?4
to oct Mnii'h?, and aboul which th? -
Mld ?nothlni aft? ? Ing Murphy, ?still
peralata. U Is a i.I ?bel thai the <;..?
. i noi lan'1 sun Im la ? otaquai ?lag. it.?
v as ?i aad and ?sors ?*?? wii'-n. havlag
i?r,.< i?imi' ?i himself state ?teauter, he was
? I'lilinu?-?! ?in ?r. ???i., p.i?r. ?Ulli ii.l?iinn.
MI'RPI?Y New. then, I.?Il, Be m*? ant?-Tammauy a** yon like, but <1<>itt irr'nkc\
xxitli |?>l?s fir l?gislation ?contracts.
Was ;i Pantryman In the Old
Fifth avenue Hotel, .ind Con?
stan! Iv Denounced Rulers.
- ,>.;ine \
<;., t.?.. Mar? h 19 "Aleko s? bi?
ll m. ?i King Oe?org ?
. . n p. rsonal friend of mine when
?.,??. intry cf
i i- ? i? venu? Hotel In Ne?
,, ., il Kr at? ? ' ' ' ' i?1? ?'?
n?. ;-.??..-. to nlghl
than h ?>?? sr s - worl ?
.. . . ta? i me main of
? ontlnui 'i
. "'? ' !
: ..f ih? King i s ?'
,.. . aiti him ? ? ??' li
.... . ? ides - i ?ne "'
hia r., ?.. .1 ? ? * ? r? alona a hi? h ca I
. . : .n ihr pat ?? wa 'T..
hell m itti Kin? '?? orge!'
Kchinaa a ? the beat ? du? ated em?
ploy? in th?- hotel H? ce lid s- I ?
(?reek ?English, Italian and r'r.-n.-h Bu?
. Dtl
?M?, old friend h ??i no use for kinn*?
.. ,| rm in'v t of arlato* rae? . He waa
alws ? ???' Ing lhai ih? p?ooi ungu?
eal? ?i man waa ???- .I aa th* wealths
and learn? d arit to? ral H? was i i" i
Hv?. ni readei i nd there was nothing,
,; teemed, on Iha aabj-ecl of sociallam
thai he did nol read
..(1,. H? .,, h, 1, ;, in Bights ?m the j
i;-i,i aide making frh nds a th radl? '.1,
u ,? |. , ,| think? i - ?ti?? fairly
warme?! there. He was nevei so
happ? as wh< n seated in ont ?of the ?*of?
t,... ho i??- among ? number of hi*< as?
aoclat? ? and ?Jenounctoi kings and <?>*'
l riiiiif IMS.
? He stat? ?i s number ol tlm? s lhal It '
,, ,, ?ham, thai 3.OOUO00 0f his en
lighten? : ? untrym? " :" ,:r" ' ' '
|he ?,,,,.. .,?(| L. ,,r,,.n hlstorj that ihe
,.,,*.?,? ?I. I ould i.? ?'" ??selves '??
he ruled b: ? kln| Ht alao said thai
?.a,,, hi . he would '.?turn t?> hl.? -i alii
,,,:,.,,? ' uni convert the people to b.i
Majority Nearly Doubled in
Election at Kciidal.
?London I " ? -' ?? Tl" ?*'" l;" ?***?
,?,,? ,. tu i-.i.i- resulted in .? triumph
,,,, u . poll? "* n ?.?"' d sen t? ?? and
no food tases advocated I?! th? imol
n. |a| 1'nlonl I candidate, Colonel Woa
? ,, ,, i,.,.. majorlt) was TM m nearly
iv |,,. the L'nioni I rn*J ??' ??' lhi '??I
. ?. etlon.
|? a .,??,.. !i ?!?!'? ' ' i -'I"'? '' "" ' " ?
,,.,,, mi Wes. ?Id to Lord Robert i
|ha( ,h,, ,.., ,h would hrlni .? mes age
? his h? art's dealre, and that it would
(i, , _?,, ?, ,.,,i? n and ? ?great ?help ?o
I llll._ |
?n,. ?West >?'?' 1 ??*????' fen *> .laUeo i
, ,,i,ia' afternoon Indorsed the A?-?iii
Wj ni providing for th?- opening 1.1 a?
loons between I and 11 P. '" "?* Sundays.
?ii,. association ?voted i" ?send a commit?I
toe i" Albanj i?? laderas the t?iii
\ pongariass?at angostura bitters
>,. i. re m? ala la s spl? ndid tonic. Advt
?Committee o? Twenty Picked
at Fusion Meeting to Com?
plete Organization.
Representatives of All Parties
Take Preliminary Step** to
Prosent a United Front
to the Wigwam.
A , ? u . ftio?al ? omtnitt? ?? -f la enl ?
m:t ? i.-, i--.i laet night .-?i m conf? n a?
??t cltlnni m th? ?Fifth Avenue Build?
mg, t?? f.?nu .1 nil? i? u? i.:' h citiaens'
municipal committee to carry ??n h ?ylg
? n campaign for -?.??i government
:iin) again l i ? mman) In thi ? ?
mu?.i> Ipal ? :? ? ; Ion
.\i hum ?v? etlng ??: s iiv" ' ? ? ? ? in
.li .-?I men, manj ol m lion ha? ?? i?>?-?-1*.
prominentl) ? unne? t? ?i with ? ? ? ? ??
d?savors, a struns ??< ntim?-ut ?was d
\? ii?|i.-.i for tii?' formation of
i m? t muni? ipal pal ? ? ? holly Ind? t?en?
denl f?"in national oi state <
thai arould develop ?? |n*rmanen1 or?
ganisation lo a'hlcl Its t undid ties
would v. i ???? i.Bible after i i ? ?? - t t ? ? r ? Cor
th?- fulfllmeni ol ? nmpaign pledg ? M
hou Id also ?? ?' ? aa s peiins nenl opi ??
aitlon l? Tami tan? Hall In Iti ? bar
mi. i ol ? rea II j munii Ipal pai t ) dis
-in?. ,? ;.. hind ihe pr?t? i ? forming
,i part nl ??? ?7'?'.i ? un t lona i i>.? i
I'll, it.ii'l for SUl ll ;i I" im ili'tit
organization ?'as ??? tirona thai Kred
I ? 11. k ? ' ll??\v ?? mi rnduced a resoli tn?n
i.? appoint .? commil:.>f in ?- h h?? It
'\??ui?l Immediately determine b *
I of organisation and report its r? ?
I n?. ndal ions t?> the i.i Ins 11 a ? ? -
| ? Ided, iK'iv ?-\ <-r. lo at oh ? i plntf?*rm
l tut and i..i, ? the m tttet of .? i-"
man? nl organiza tiott to t h< lar.-? ? ?
mittee i i o| ???? ?I m p re <olul Ion by
Hamilton il?"
Aims Are Onti ii"c)
'l'l ? confer? n? . v '?'? ii ?as h? Id In r< ?
?i'..,???' to s call i.v. .| h) men n all
i,,i'i n nl part i.-- v an , .hi ,i i,.d r i,\
I If I I. 'Ill '. M.i I,..-.? ?? " ' .. , \ ? ,
' II ? i.n for ihe In? Hatten ? ? I
. r those v ho issu '
! la pi.i mi rodn? .-?i v resolution oui
lining tii?> fundamental Ideas underlying
iti?? proposed campaign, and the reeolu?
ti. n aras carried unanimously .-is fol?
"In rles of i ii?- n?-? '?- sit) of united
??.linn I" secure ami main) in B l?"'i
ni<i progressive sdmlnlstratlon In this
"Raeoh ?ed, Thai ? committee of citl
Eens ba organised t?? be known aa the
Clttoens' Municipal Committee.
?_%_ n further reao|ved ?aa the ?senas
..r this conference that the Cltlsena*
( unltnur.l on ?e, on?! imae. Hilnl . .iliiinn.
Tinea tens to Withdraw Fair
Support if Hostile Bills Pass.
ncouvei Ft. <*., Man h 19 A dis?
o-dfl aaya 11 la
learned through oflVial bchutcm t fir* ( In
1 ? ? ? t I ilia no? ?before the
rnla i ? ?-? - it ire hostile t>> Jap?
"n?s?<- pasa Jai in ?? ni withdraw bar
aupport from the Panama Pacific Ba?
ng in exhibit and ?pro?
? ?- Japan? ? ? ?'/? nt from ha? Ing
?ai I hatever with the fair
Ridiculei Storv of Mntri*nonial
Union with Maxine Elliott.
laondon, M 20 The reported
mat ? lag? of Misa Maxine ?Slltotl and
A P Wilding, the l?fr;li?;i lriwn lennr.?
, ' hampion, al Nice i? conaidered by Mr
I Wilding as th?? n? : ii joke he hag
i in a long time When told yea?
terda, that Mew fork ??.a?* taking the
? ' ? ' ??.?.' m hi? ma trlmonlal
? ? ? ? the istonlahed w tiding ?said.
?.i ? lod, a tin thtnga th? j do K'X
1 old ??f in Ani'Ti. ,i ' Then la noi ?
rmblance of t r ?. ? h In in auch ?tate?
[ in? m i have Jusl returned from the
III vier . v. i..T.- i hex.? t.. en plaj ing
[ tennis Miss ESHiotl waa In Nitre when
; ?vr?- th? re i knsn her, of ? ourse, but
read) la too funny, i aasure ? <?u
im still enjo? ing tingle bli isedness."
'if i here i n Ilk? !iii""?i of ? our
marrying Mlaa Klllott," Wilding waa
? Not h the ?slightest," he repll? .1.
I "Good i..?i d! Thla is ne? ? i" me
Wilding laughed unmtratnedl) in
.. i.,i. lulu.h ?>? \? hat he regarded aa ;?
Qarmenl Workers Badiv Fright
?^ned by Mishap ir. ?Shaft.
; ?jii '? v ? nt into h.. ite?rl ? laal
; nielli ? ? ,i n an elevator In ih?- tweh??
lo r ,. at No MSI W?.?i
? || ? i r, et, "? ' upied by Urn? i i ngai il
;i. thi K irm "i ? r.- ?'?? The ca? w ?l?-'.'?.
. t ?? ?. n i ii, eighth and ninth Bo ?r ??
I it v at i" a lj an ?hour bef? '?
I .., up m tu ? ould I?? ' ? I? i ?Jt?d it r ac
try 1 ? ? ?' i.??id' r and i ul ??
in ih?- lop of th? . ag?
Wh? n the oi i rator Bamu i Mauer, ?f
.- :_ i.n-i !'."li Htreet. i
.lt!i ll"?'i net ? n r;ii || and ?
in .' M i(i ' ? fd ' 'i ?"'
i. , l? ator, but, ?min ?..,!'.? hin
i n off tit? roll? . ?Between
, |h?< i?i ;? tl ? !""
;ruiilng d??oi ? ?? ighl the side of Ih??
-'ir.i'i and a Igi '!'i' ' ar The gl 11
: ,.. m? 111 thtene?! and i"??.?,riii ???
.', ? Th? ?? ? ?'* i he bulldlnt
id? avor-*d to ? tl ? let ator. I u'
i .ii.,!:?. Patrolm? n St? t en on and
Kindt, ' i the W i il I .*i! ?stn ? | t:?ti"i .
on ,?,. ..,!;.?,i Th? | a enl to the ninth I
ii?...!- ?i id? ' '. lo the .f of the
, ?, . atoi bj ?i ladder. ?\ ?th .-? t?roa bar
the* ?> ?? m i" 'i i at I of i he Iron ?scre?sii
a m u . ? n? - " i'h? :. waa i nough ?-?i ac(
for eh? gil la to aa ? nd lite la-thler.
Father, Sons and Daughters
Captured on Ship at New Or?
leans and Large Sum Re?
covered in Cash.
Others in Party Carried $79,-.
000 in Currency?Travel Un
der Assumed Names, but
Insist They Are Innocent
?All Held in Cells.
IBj Ta agrapk to Thai Triton? |
v Orleans. March It. Th.* long?
?'""> ?' '"" laa ?reached t.* tti<? i*mi?-ii
I ? ' ?'ompany's steamship Herodia,
lust fl ?? n a ?s almiit tO sail for Colon.
and took from the ?ship ?the ?entire
Musics family, N'ew r<M*b hump,, h_\r*
dealers wanted for an alleged million
dollar rraud.
Th, ? at reated a ere Antonio Muaica,
' id of the firm; ?Philip Arthur and
Genrge, "? ?of Antonio, and associated
- nlni In biislneaK, and Grace and
: hi da ighters.
United Sfai. ?? Cui rencj In t"..?.????
ll.-XW ami smaller denominations
imountlng to more than Itt.oeo, and
(Sngllshand Italian bank not?e amount?
'?ur '" over llO.t. ind ,,,, tn?
t?? raons of the father and thr? ? sons
??n Mi??- Grace M?sica u.-is round
II - DOO, ?. n ?. ,| |n ?,, ,? , ,,, ?.,,.
The it gttives ?. d i ??t .? ppcar to ?,?
perturbed over their arrest. The) to..i<
the situation calmly, and .?-?id they had
pxpeeted to i ? an-? ?--t d Thai ??.??
why, they ?added, the? left Ken York.
The) denied any criminality, however,
and declared their willingness to re?
?urn to >'??? Y<>rk nr once, without ?n
formant) of extradition lapi-r?. An?
tonio M?sica admitted that hi? firm
had ?been ir: financial str;: it ?
Held Wthout Bail.
The pi 191 ? : - i '-: ?? arraigned this
afternoon and pleaded not guilty. Al?
though the1 declared they a-ould n?.?t
fight extradition, bail \*?is refined in
thf case of i.te men. Ihe two girls
???ere unaMs te furnish i.on?).-- of ?*-,'????>
??a? h. and they, to., w.-re tent back t?J
tii? ir cells.
On ?their wop to th.- polies ?Mating
?Phllip Musics trad t?7> ?kill himself.
???'hipping oui a ?revolver ji^st as h*
leaped from th.? ?ar between twodetec?
? ?. ?Phillip, arho had ? moment i??*f??re
t??!?J his father In Italian i..mt h? won I
commit suicide before he would b<* im
priaoB?t*d, lifted the weapon ?to lu? In u
b ;t ?the dete? tlvi s grabl ? ?i his ?--in tnd
wreated the re*, otver ?fron h!m
"The embarrassment in which are
now ?find ourselves," said the -ao?. i
suicide, "was due to the failure of tl ??
large h ?man hair e\|?tuni~7 and im?
?porting Buna, two <>f which ar? in
?France and on? in England, i don't n -
member the names of the firm? at this
time, When theee dims faii??l *.?..- wet
presaed for the Indebtedness, as ?? .r
firm did b large bustneas a 1th then?
Wi ?-''?<) them ?probably ?fSOO.OOU, not
"The reason ue ?Jefi Sew Fork aas
, tae a ?? knee s ? <*ould nol g?" I
? ? ligatlon at once, and ??? ?Intended it -
maining away until such time aa mat
t.-ts could be adjusted and we would
find ourselves In n financial way to
meet our obligations, v?- f? r receiving
monc) ou fraudulent Involoea an?i I
ling, wears certalnl) n??t guilty."
?*We n.in' t.? k. ? i<a.-k t.? Near f ? i
??? aa quickly as poeslbla and ?*
what i? wrong," said th?* elder Musk*.
Philip explained tin* fact that -..i
famll ill del arted ,?t th?* ?same ? m ?
b) saying ih<-> "wanted an excursion"
and decided to 'eee Central America."
The baggage of two of the Muaicaa,
?Philip and Arthur, left Sou n oxh on
March 12, and ',' ??t ??f the father fol
,, v ed ti? aexl day, according t?? the
che? i*?.
Prcrr.pt Chase of Fugitives.
The American ?Banken' Aaaociatton
was interested becaime ?several of the
large banks which ?'ere heav) ioeen
were membere, The Burns Detective
A?, n? was pul ?'ii the caee, and ?;ii
March I"- "Dan" ?Lehon, the ?agen? y'a
Southern representative, ri eived a
telegram from William Bunt-?, telling
him u? be on the lookoul foe ?the
II 'isii as.
i.? hon ?learned fro? Atlanta thai i" i
Rom answering the ?deecrlptlon "t" lh?
Muaicaa. bul ?folni under other names.
ha.I pas-???I ?through A'lauta, an?! wrr,*
probably beaded f'?r Mobile. ?Lehon
went t?> Mobile OH Monday, and f"'Jnd
thai they bad *H_n lett Tha Muescas
reached Kew ?Orleans yesterday ?moni?
As tli.-y ?had done all along the rout,
?-?..m Ken York, thf family separated
on arrival here, ail ?securing rooma in
,. hotel, ?"it ?' different times Tii*
rath? r i ?ylateri <i as a Martin and
daughti i -, from Hawrtford, C?o_n Tha
daughters sgerely naed initials f?.r ?their
(1ml nani'S. ?LoulM usiiik "I..'' ;in?i
Grace "l". '
The throe sons ?registered later, ander
the iia'ii's of William. Roger and M
w . ? k? ?Becauae of ?the i""?r penman
;.'l?ip. it was imp.i sil.lv to tigur?' ??ut
whether Ott) reg?atered fr??m Chicago
,,; ??Illl'C??. HI
\\ nil tin* arrival of the Muaicaa and
their baggage Mr ?Lehon and his as
Biatanti ?gol buay. The baccaKe was
irueei to the bbtet, which ?as kept
under strl? I sun ? ?Han? ?-.
Police Aid Detective?.
Superintendent Reynolds ?of tt?* r?
n,.? Department placed aeveral men at

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