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Professional and College Baseball ** Racing ** Golf
Automobiling ??* Lawn Tennis ** Boxing J Chess
Fills Merkle's Shoes at First
Base for the Giants Like
a Veteran.
Fletcher Covers Vast Amount
of Ground at Short und
Drives out Three
Safe Hits.
[Fi ? - ?
"h-., T< i . ?Man ?. Urn Thorpe
ram?' n. 1 i ? .!.i/ [ling form to-da* li??
jumped i'.t ? Merkle'a altoea n? Ural b -??
for tiif regulara and ata???**- Iba i it
if? sa? nothing <?' hla trammat-ra Th?
?Haut? ?cam? here t" m ?? the Waco t-r.rii
In an exhib lion tram.? I hla afternoon, and
la orttar to afford ta? fai a" an ?
?unit? i?? eee th? Indian m ;?? tlon
th?? regalar Aral baaeman waa i r
Mai lia 'i 'i i- ?-? i/.--.i th? oppoi lunli
?i.> ,i litt!?? il.:! Ubaee work around Aral
li*???-. digging -'?in? ii.i.-t? ilium?- .> ?
th?? ground ??ml hand! u al a ? I
without an erroi I?? i.i
with tii?- st.? ?x, i"". making ;
on?- a triple and ? t ?? hich h<
to first m rm attempted McrlUce ??iiii two
*n?"n <?ti th- baga Th?- Qlanta won tha
?.'amo ?.? ? -?.??. .?: ::?; t?. 1,
Qeotgi Wl '.-? ' --..??'1 ih?- task ??:' ? ?
In* th.- New Y?.rk team t" ?ritrtor*
?first five Innlnga, and before he gol under
*n.-. ? i.-- h *>ine t? i -ii all, ;?? d a run a
th?- plate Thla waa t?i fruli of a ?
*??? Mcliahon an.l a alngte by .Vohleben.
Thereafter the retaran ?southpaw wi -
Mncihi?-. a:; ?wing onlj '?? ? mo e hits for
the rest <.f hla reign and atrlklng out fit
in?n. *.? in!?- only one walk?
Crandi - : ? < ? ? i t?? the th- ?ne rn the
pixth fit,;!,?; and i..i?i hla alow
lui' in ;tr? pristine ?ttraut) He uaed II a
t: , ?t .:? .?i. t..... much to 1
Hi?? local playera, erho were continually
i ng to Knock it ?"it of the l"f * 11
?. ttlng tha ball from the i i ? r : ? : ? * The
1 : r. :.;. :,.-???- \? ,.s not -?..:? ?! U ?Ol
though h< ??;?s found for are hlti
gav? one baa. b
It waa tl - th r for a ?-rani' l
th? Giant?- bar? ? ?
Veen in th?? ?Smith, and th?
?>f th?- ?:<a>"n turn? ?1 OUI t" -??? the -
Th" nun played 'M' t?. 'hi? top "! ih?
mi Mr. FletcheT ?and ?Do: ?
t .far!?- "aweeL 1" ? ?
?gaged rn a bitter battle with 8h fei i n a
regular berth on tii" t? ? vaal
quanti! tea of territory, without ..?
and handled aome dlfllcull < i ?.? ? i ? * - Sot
Mtlafled v.nh thla, he ?hamnMred oui thi ??
hits <.f a timely natur? al 1 ..r. a .?
m hails Bhafer*a bad ankla ma] coat
lui.-i ?mora than i?" wota of now
ttcheT Is pre?ca(Mllng to mak?> hay
while tha sun ahlnaa aad nerer leta an
a opportunity i?a,-s to abow hi?-- ?a rth.
w The team can orar here under the inan?
ia.? M?rnt "f IVill -t Roblnaon, M-eGraw re?
maining behind In Ifarlln t-? work with
the youngatera Th? base-ateallng <am
palga of th? team therefore waa nol car
r . on with the Banal i met aa, ?aa only
th<- ??.i? leader can plch the proper m?>
ment t?? start anything Coop? r and Her?
e.nii auccecded li | n baa? apl?
Irai other atten I I itlle.
Joel and Papake w? I pitch? foi
th? Waco tirana, ami although they
?-?-ein"! lo hare plenty of atufl oa the
ball, th.? Giants alammed their off?
hard and ?colle?te.i ? bundle ?>f fifteen hita.
Three of the.?-?- went t?? Thorpe and I
??. Fletcher Doyle, Heraog ?and M<
made two api. ?? one
bit. but i.? *??t t?? Aral four llmea and
?eotad two runs.
Barca ? rrora helped the ,\, ? v..rk
team appreciably la picking up ll
?luster of run-. Th.? mlaplaya ?>.r>- made
fur the most liait in throwing t ?? I .
around the (llam?>n<l trying to ?Btop the
\ ?sitintr manera, who Inalated ??ti taking
an extra bag on any and all occaaloiaa,
M'he Wain playera had all kin?is <>f ?
bie hangiiiR oa to th?- ball ?and atopplng
m throws.
The ?li.mts a:ti?-.?i !.???> thla morning
m time t?? se?, th.? st l.?.lis Brown? prao
Uae, while the iati?r came out t<? ac< the
??ame this aft?rn??nn. Harry Hempated,
the own?r ?.f the team, came ? v? r t?> see
the aam?, and met ?Robert E, Hedgea,
the owner of tha Browna
The in? n returned to Marlin late to
nipht t?> ?arlad up the trailing s-.-i.-on at
th?- ??M camping grounda Judging by
their actlona to-da*, th<"r ?aojourn In Texaa
*aaa n"t baea aithout ?beneficia] res?iit.s
The se i ?? follow s
al? r ti p
S-r ' . ?-? ef .11?
Fiel h'r aa 4 1 S :
"?urns. If 4 0 1 I
i?? vie, ?llll
? ?raoeer, > t I | 1 r
Thorp?- lb I ? I I
><??-?<??:. 8?? ?
M-?.r?.. ?? I
"HM tie? . r 1
V ?:.e f -
? '?ar.'lall.p 2
\v.\. ???>
n e ,.l. 1. pe r. ?
0 0 I - - 3b ...i? n J l ?1
r? ? Mi Mahon. aa 4 1 2 ? M'
????.M. Leurln, If t.? o l to
:-0' "A'ohleh'n, lb I " 1 .'? l 2
a 1 d HO Renard, rf 4 ?? i? l t n
I t ?< ??<? ? rl? ' low Cf 4*1 1 M
i I I 111 ?tii ? ?. :.'?>. ..40? :. s n
I i i :? n .--..?-, , (? a
0 ?*? 8 "?' l'?.t. p.... l i. " l l "
1 fi n fi (. ?. ,,?> r? . ?i (? ? ft ft o
r. o .. 11 Platal? i? . ??" ?i 1 0
TMafa HMU?7U1 Toula . IS it 171*71
?Mattel fer J *t m ?he flfh iiinlna.
.v>? Yf?-k . n | ?i | ft n : ", ?*. I
?A-?--?.. : a a a ?. a a i
i^f? <?.-? ba??-s New Torta, I; v. a ... I First
baae ?aa hallo off wilt?-?, i, ?.tr cnn4all, I;
eft .tout. 8. ??IT Ptatake, " niwrti du? By
1V1l??e. .'.. by '?tHn'.'all. ' . ?.? Joat,
ria??k??. i Thn ? 'm - la ? i??. inoii-f?
*T??r.ba>? hita H'r/.????. McMahOD
- lia ??.-< g, Ctaepai I.Me j ???? rrtjabj .-??"i
l'?ia? j Hit b? ptt? hera By Joat .'?'. till
y atske iBurna, Heriotrl HlU I ?? W II ? 4
|n .. ?ruin?;??, ??ff ?'ran?1sll, '? In 4 Ini I *
.'r,.' ? ?n . inninK5 on Platake, T In 4 innlnga.
I'mplre?apeaeei Tlmt i ?'?
At Waahlncton Lafayette, |; Q?aorga ,
to??n. 1
At Waahlngton ("athoite Unlreralty, I;
Pennavlvaala .??late. 4.
At N'ew ? ?rleana-1 ??troit (Amerlr..n
la?agae), fi; New oriean?. (Southern
At Albany,
League?, t;
lacaguei, I
At (*harlotteavllle, Va University of I
A'lrglT'in. 16. Holy < 'tt
At MemohKTenn. Phllad? Iphla I Amer?
ican League?, !?. Memphis i S?irit hern
League?. 4.
Oa St Louis ? National
All an? ? South Atlant C
126-128 Naaaau St. 25 We.' 42d St.
Priei 10 Cents
Joe Wood Almost
Kills Bob Byrne
II,?I spriiiK?. Ark., MRh-h 10. ? Mobbf
Myi-e, Ihlr.l ha?.rmini of Ihe PHtabUfgh
Pintle?, n?. lilt on Ihe lieii.l with a hall
pii.he?i i.? ? ?.mou?- tea Woai lo day.
?ad kaaeked anetaaeelaue. Hi? ?-?.minion
to-night it, regarded a? ?eri'Mi?. I"li.?'?,l
. iatis ?late II mu> l>e ?e\er?l ?!.?>? before
Hie? . an determine whether he 'fill ever
i'ii?? bail agate.
Itvr.ie iraa al bal in Ihe ??won?! ei
hihltloii gara? betueen PlllabUIgh ?n?l
ii.e weeM'a rbaaagle_a ?*.i.?-ii he waa bli?
the bait ?trti.k him high <>?? Ihe heed
anil Ulan. e?l over the -liinil liehioil.
PhyaMana ?ay if H hod atmeb bini an
lin h loner Ihe hi..? pr.ihahl? ?mild BOTS
killed him. lie ?a? liurrieil lo a h<??l>ital
nuil Inter removed lo the hotel.
BaOtoa waa the KHinr I.t h ?rore of
; t.. .'. Ptttobuanh ?<?n ika iir?t ad the
?.erle?. i.n.l ?>-ien more ??I! be placed.
?.Ili-oii'? home run. which ?.?red a
runner iibea.l of htm. K??'?" Hie I'iralt?
Ihelr only run?, lor Maat SO, M?M made
. li?lile run. ?.pt-aker ?Iro.r .nil three
lone hit?, iin.l ?m hi?, foiirlh apiiearaine
at Ihe plaie ?Ire? a ba?e on ball?..
Old Featherweight Champion
Knocks Out Kirk.
Youngster Has Better of Bat?
tle Until Floored in the
Third Round.
I ? ?vtt? ' tie former featherweight
plon of the world, more than made
pond his att?*mpt to "? om.? hack at the
Forty-fourth street Sportlns Hub last
night Confronted by OHIe Kitk. ??f Bl
' ?? ? he made him quit In sis
i m Bt. Lo JCovember,
Attell boxed lik?- his f.?rii:< i aelf and won
, knockout In t hi ???? re inda. There
a ia that a ? it Ihe conte t whl h ci Itlci
did not lik? Kirk's defeat wl e ci
in--, and t?? the crowd decisive, came .?t -i
mom? ni a h? -i h.m? ?i a ell on I Im I -
road lo victory, it wai n?.: i lear
? i v i?.: ? that * ? ised to win In hla
palm> daya That, iiowever la anoth?
?tory, and for once, at least, the old king
t?f ihe vtt''* men proved thai be could re?
t -n t?. the ring ,-iml a In
Fudged i ? i ?? nun ber of pui ? *
? ed In the ? -?. nd round?
de the bett? ?
it. Attel ; ? the gr< 1er fore? Into hit
and s ended with less
frequency, he wi ? ed to th?
He ?a .refty, cool boxer, ?? ? i
urina ' ' ? ' r< b? fore he made It, aivi
ng It wll a certainty that a a
little s!:ort <?f remarkable. ?Ob the de?
tensive, however, he ?vas not quite
man ??.- in ihe days <?t his glory?
Kirk popped his left hand h??tne to the
face hmI law with creat aklll, bul the
Mound Cltj youth did noi seem to throw
1 i power Into Ihe !??-'??is
in i i.e th rd round Kirk leaped ? ..
nut li to it ?? 1? ad ! le hit Alt? II wher?
??n?l when he pleased, and Ihe fana
t. r.-d "ii ..n,! be done. They never ?
hack " in .?'it Hti'i ?around danced k rfc
landing hi? wallop , when lu? aeemed In
, a left on the
i_?".?i him. Attell stepped In ana knocked
? ?? ? I r 1 ? ni?,' nine. iin?i when
Kni. (.-?i up Ajse beet bim until the ref?
. halt.
Will Face "Young" Brown at
the Atlantic Garden Opening.
Through ? mistake it waa announced
terday thai the Atlant!?- ?'arden Ath?
letie ?Club wouli ? hold Ita opening ?bouta
last evening, bul to?nlght's th<- nicht.
Britton, who learned to his so-r"-v
thai "Packey" McFarland is util] a mas
t? ? l???x? r, will fa?-.- "Toung" linnvn in
the main bout of ten rounds, and in the
other two contests Joe White, the Cost?n
middleweight, will cross clove-, with
"Toung ' K .rtz. and ?Patay White, ihe
newsboy champion, win meet Marty
Allen.m"Toung" Hmwn an?i hi- manager,
Hilly Neuman, are lubllanl ever the fact
that at last a match in which Crown is t<?
appear has not fallen through.
.loe P.lvers, the Spanish hoxcr from Lofl
Angelet who recently lulled "Knockout"
Brown t<? Bleep in t?-n rounds, will start
?? ? Ing this aft? in??on for his mat h with
i.?;i?!i Crosa, which will t?e held at the
st Nicholas Athletic Club on April 8
Rivera has engaged training quarters at
Dal Hawkins's place In The l!r??nx. lie
will receive his fri?nd? on Bunday after?
noon, an?i will i???x several rounds with
his various sparring partnere
?'r??ss will begin work at the New p??io
Athletic club this afternoon. Now that
he has defeated Joe Mandol so dedstvely,
he ? ' ? res thai the path t<> the champion?
ship has finally been eleared. if he can
whip Rivera lie will try to force Ritchie
int?? n mat? h <?n .P:ly 4 for the champion?
Bhlp Of the world.
Ad WolgBSl baa asked t<? have his bout
on th.- (ii.-i-t with Tommy Murphy poet?
poned from .\p*ii 12 to April II becauae of
an Injury to his little Anger when a car
: iw fell en it a few ?lays- ago
Charlea Bcheflfer of the Dayton Ath?
letlc ?Club, won the three-and-one-half?
croas country i ia of the Bt. \ In?
Cent FattOt Athletic ?ClUb yesterday.
Peter Donnelly, of the Mlllroae Athletic
Aeaodatlon, was ?second. The eour?sa wna
arotin?! Central I'ark, an?! the ?ntire field
of thirty-nine runners finished.
The summary follow-.
)?? - N ?'?.. .-i?: I i v|. Tim?
1 c. gcheffer, Dayton A C. . J? ??
2 P Do ? . ? M rom \ A?. TM ?.??
:: li Mem r, w ???-? Harlem A. C... . SI M
a y i iiaiirmnni Bl Vincent t-Vrrer 21 u
.-. i. i:II? . n. ? rosa Lj lum . . 21:1S
S?J \ \ . 21:4S
7 i M ? rt - Vincent Ferrer 21 M
a-I.. t ."?? ? \ v i: h s . as m
r. O't Vin ?m yeirer 22 ??.'.
1.? l. !.. ? ? ? I intime a ??. ???_? n
foxing Inspectors to Meet for
Interpretation of Rules.
'RESERVE clause up agaim
Jimmy Archer "Hold Out" Has
Baseball "Fans" of Chicago
by the Ears.
For the purpoee <>f having a complete
understanding as to the Pleas ??f the state
Athletic Commlsatea wltb retord lo ih-rlr
duties, Ihe lnspeetOtrS of hII the Imxiiii;
cluba m th?- stut.? ?ii: he present m Iba
?neat meeting Tin- ?a- de Ided h
i lerda - .<t Ihe weekl) session ??f the rom?
I mission. Recently ihe referees had a
; heart to bear! talk with the powera ih,?t
; i?.- in boxing .
?Other business reaterdej wes largely
: of a routine nature "t'hlcli ' Bernard, as?
sistant manager of the Irving Athletic
?lllh. Bud the .lull- lio? I??: Wei?' <|U?S
tioned wltb regard t?> the contention ??f
young Qradweli that if had ?been fouled
after ?? minute ??! boxing In bis recent
i??'.i ? ?iii .1 mim ii. un 'ni.? pbysl? Ian
declared th.?t bo i?? ?i wa< committed.
hvi a io n Qradweli testified thai he had
i not received his monej the commission
continued Ihe ? ?s? to the next meeting
it was i" Ided that the ?umpire Atb
Club must return Ihe IMU forfeit mone* lo
'loin i,.c manager f.?r "Young" Bhug ue,
?' I:?. felled I'? meet ' Vo'.l g" Hr-W II I"
|?a.*? <?f the ?condition ol his hit hand '
I Bhugrue'a ham) wsa broken and bad
to p.- reaat, according to l?estlmony. it
was -n?,wn in,,! in.? i.? had been ?.?n
?-..?1. hit Hilly Newman, Brown's man?
? ager, ?i?- tared thai as Bhugrue liad prom?
| laed lo ?boa Kr"wn. the HOD f"if-.< money
should stati'i to cover a future nwetlng
?Sam Austin, <?f tins city, and William
\t?t??itt. ?-f Gloversville, were placed on
tne n-t ,,i refer? m
?"I'll- Chicago Evening Post" ?xski tbli
?i ? ition ' W ??r.l the la mo .- res?
rlauae, indei which Charle? IV. Murphy
titi.is it possible '" make anj terma h<
**ants with auch pi.? ?i- a* Jimmy A
r drive th? m oui ol to? gam*, st nd
test m ?.?nit.' '
'i'he .,? t., .- continu? -i m
'fans' believe it would noi , I |h In
the offlolal Ami i in Li ague I.k for 1912
It li declared th;.t th? "n - i ration "i
? : - h.?- i., en i... sed on ??. .? woi i?i
lani" ia '.i ;-i
\ writer aends tin? met agi "If Mur?
p. , ? ? it ? def) Ing ih- pul '?? on th;?
prop? iltlon (refusing lo p.?> Jlmmj
ti stehet, s salai ? of 17, M to i il
foi the ? 'ubi ? "and Ai h? : i ? i ?? ?i
ol lb? ?game, whj not ?-..rry mit case lo
the courts and nd oui
a ?v h i lolat? - ? ? ? i ? lim? nt ol
common ?ens? in the la) mind Is valid In
The ? Uba I? It lam?.a ? ?? ? .i for
J.i? kson? Hie, th? ?Arst st p on i be irney
home list before leaving Chart? Webb
Murpbj wem through th? formant)** of
signing a contract which will establish
the trainniK camp "i tbf ? .i - m that
foi Bve ) ? .?i
i be ? lev? land Napa ? o I ?
let l'en-,m? a. lia , yesterday, ?and moved
I to Mobile, f??r two ? \! II ; on ..-..v ? with
tii? B? uthein )aague teem of thai
While the Atbletlea bavi i ;??i a apecta
i niar and succesBful tr.p in almost bv?
' ?respe? t, there is one thing th..t i- wrr-.
ing ?'??Mi.? Mack more t in anything
. :. >. and that la th? f
Strunk, the fleet?footed outfielder, upon
whom so much depended thla seaaon
Unless all aigm fall, Btt n k has thrown
.??m out, an?! this valuable man win
?be of litt;?- use except as a utility player
oi pmch hitter for th? rest <?f bis ?i ?: i
In the big leag "?
Miller iDicRin??, m?nager of 'he st
Lou la Cardinale, ?hm? s the report that
Rob Harmon, the atar right-handed
pitcher, will be traded to the Chbra?go
Cuba. "There la no chenca of letting
Harmon go for a lot of WomoUt reter?
,?i - ' ?declarea Huggina "I will tr) to
develop my own playera
The manager of th?- Cardinale lias ? ??
cured another young catcher In ?norland
Newit, an Indian, w no played wltb the
Battle ?Creek club, ?>r the ?South Mi? hlgan
League, lust heaaon.
The efforts of the Blue iiium League to
place a t'-am in Covlngton, K)v. agalnal
the will of the Cincinnati club of th. Na?
tional Langue has resulted in Its auspen?
sion from the National Association of
Professional Baseball Leagues
"Dummy" Taylor, one-time ?pitcher of
tiie Glanta, has received an offer t<> play
with Montgomery, of the Southern
1.? aK?ie. and will accept if the aalary is
The thirst erased "fans" wandered en
listlessly through the baeeball desert
Some arara ready le drop, but were
si"iir?*?l on by the Bight ??r an oeetfl
twent) -??ne da) ? awa)
luis Angeies, March IS, "Bud" Ander?
son and "Knockout" Brown, who fought
twenty ?slashing rounds to a draw at v. -
non last ?Saturday, reached nn agreement
to-day for a return natch, it will bi
fought either ?on the afternoon ??f April U
..i the nicht <.f April 15.
if th>- former ?late be ?selected the light?
welghta win make m pounds ?at i o'clock.
j If the nlghl date bB ?hosen th?-> will
wdfh In at 7 p. in.
?Chicago, March IS Berlmmera from the
Chicago Athletic Aaaoclation to-nlghl d?
feated the Princeton Unlveralty team, M
i,, is, 'i'n? cruii.-t proceeded after an
agreement I?. play und it th? Am.itcui
Athlet!?; Cnlon mies had been reached.
4 and6 CYLINDER MODELS MM \ Dll/f f|\[
In all body types, open and closed L\VR?mE\l fl VFl^l
AMOUS on track for epeed and
reliability??s-qually famous in
general uaa for
durable aerrice.
Special exhibi?
tion now of
newest modelt.
Call for o dem
Sli?iNEY B. BOWMAN AUTO CO.fJt ?ffim
225-231 WEST 49TH ST., ????- ? *?f ??"*?* NEW YORK CITY.
Chicago Team Wants a Game
with the New York A. C.
Chicago, May M Tue Chkaga AthloUc
as?--? iati"ti taaued a challenga lire tc
day, through Captain ?Doiand, to the Sew
rorh Athletic Club tor a water i"?i"
"i ??.i-h t.? eballenge the New York
Athletic Club team t?> a match for the
' national title under the ralea which ?aera
in torca whoa are playad our diaputed
game la Mttaburgh," > -1 ? * i Ditraad. "Wi
?rill play New forh la ????v oautral tank
with an? reputable aportlag man they
ma.? name at referee and gtra them a
bandkap ??f Hve ?goata. The lonlng ta?.-?m
, ?? m ;. ?aaked lo pa) all the trarelllng
? ?xpenaea ?.f the nlnnera "
Reg-.iins 18.1 Balkline Title in
One Sided Billiard Match.
I'.u burgh .\i ?i h i- Willi?. Hoppe, the
Il ! balkline < liamploa, defeat? ?i ? Ira
Morningatar, the III balkline billiard
? hampion, lo night b] ? aoore of ?n? i?.
211. Ifopp? '- av< rage a.??- IS 1S-31
Hoppe hri.i little trouble In wiuiun?? the
18.1 rhampionablp Momingatai bad bad
! ?' i? ?'? i' 11 Ina ni? to the si-.ih Inning,
??. hen he made ?a i ua of M After that hli
pla* Ing ?was not up to hla uaaal at) I?
Hoppe >..?.ii pit? 'i up a lead of orei I
poli ?
The ....-?> playing came la the twent)
aeventh Inning, when Morningatar made
?? run of is, and ' a? em? ?t to I"- In a tnir
??:.. ,,t i.r..i. ?titiK lil- nth Hoppe, how.
??????r, live turna later on, made an unfln?
lahed run i't n and ?on the champion?
tf'.tii pla; ? r?- eue. ut..i aenaattonal shots.
HOppe -??? iii.-.t 10 I"- :? (i'?r?t ?.????. ?|'i
In judgment Morningatar al tlmea a ?
in ?r... ?I form, but frequently, ??h?n left
hm.i shi.t.-a t??- Huppe he ?? ta unable to
make good.
i he acora folio we:
Hoppe I, S, 2, 2S, ?), ."??;. o, : ". *-. <' M
? :.,.'.' 7 ?? 11, .',. ft,
?. ? ?. po . t -. a .. rage,
t una, M, 80 and
M.Ina ?. I 9, ? ?'. 10
". 2, .... i i o i ... 9, .'i. ?x is. a
.... H ?point iverage, i
? ?i .i
Brilliant Cornel] Basketball Player to
Lead Team.
Itha N v . March' U Q i Hal?
-t? d, left a ? I of the ? atball
? .. ? llegtat? ham?
tptalt .i
tit at ? n ? ' g of the
. ?
Halated t th? head of th< eag .??
i Inal point* acored
i- March " Willie t?r?r!a, the
? ? ? ? , ? . ? won ti a
. it t?
Wen? h n rcli Mar ? M
The Nu? ? i?..: throua l a ? l the
? -. fon Man) I .
and pram ? ? e at the tina]
Yankees Make Five Hits
But Not a Single Run
! Result, a Defeat, and Skeeter
Score Four Times.
i '
Midkiff Plays Short and Cut
Off Two Runs with Most
Sensational Catch.
IHv COMe t.? The Tribune 1
Hamilton, Bermuda? March II Fron
'haue- put the f"H strength ??f the Van
keen, with the excepitton of Hal ?'has??
la the ?i-i'i thla Bfternooa t?> do bettl
with Ihe Jersey City ?teem ef th<- lnt.r
national League. The result was dises
11??us, even ir not discouraging, as th?
Bkeetera played lik.? world's cbamploni
and applied .? most refreshing cool e
whitewash, ?running <?iY with the game bi
.? B.( 4 1" "
Weak batting nn?i two damaging erroi
tell the . inn -.?t the defeat that was ai
?ii. ahlng us it u.is unexpected Th?
Yankees were ?powerless before Ja? k
i '.?? m h.-r, who pitched la mld-seasoi
form for the Bkeetera, and found Malm
11 most .f big s pussle. The) made |us|
five hits and these wen scattered ovei
Ihe ni'.?- Innings m a way thai made
of no ..p..?.
Prank Chance played Aral hase m ?
waj t?> Indicate thai he will be randy la
give ??f hla best when the season opena,
while ' Pep" foung was al second,
"Count" Mulkiff at short and Hoy Hart?
sell .?t third baa? Midkiff was the star
of the day. Hla play was little short ??f
wonderful In ?the sixth Inning he want
t.. th.? rescue of Warhop by making a
-? v- itional catch ?>f what looked like *
perf. - tly good Teses Leag n r, The baaes
[were full at the time, with seer} ??i,
I running, -?? thai two runa al least were
, .;? Of.
i: .--? i Ford ?pitch? d I ?? Ursl four In
. f-u the Vankeea and <ii?l not show
t he a : te read I face the Red
? . ?vthlel ? 'i he Bke? lei ? ?jcori d
foui i na while he was In th.* box,
Ihr? - of thea.tnlng In I I
An en ?>r by Roy Hartxell and
? ?. lecutive hits wa the ca
m all
Warhop was far more effective than
l"??r.| In tii- l.-?*t five tnniiiif-? He ?vis a
? ? i : ?waver and, a prevtoua
??..,? ?? ? the sixth Inning I m ?
i may not a I nterna
int but I
? Two sis?
i ? playa a la " R vers 1
? ' ' ed a par!
j in keeping the Vans .i from Ihe
i i'h-r than that, not an error
? ? work of
? ? . ?
? ; . t si la from the de?
f Ford >' i '
? Birdie" Cree waa r|? an?up man In
rth ? ' ? ? ".'i the betting Hat, | ist
I I of Frai ... f??\ gwee?
.. ato? ?i sixth 'l ? last nam? ?i m ids
two of the five hits cr?dite?! to the Y a
<*hanee wan In DO way ?lis?-oui aged I
the defeat of the ?rtta^ilara in their iir
j.ini'tice Rame of the aeaaOD. II?1 ??as
little dlaappolntad at the weak hittin
but -?poke in ?high terma "f tin' pit.hii
I of Dooacber. ii<- again titpraaaart con
denca la ins ability t?? play Oral ha
;.ri?i laughingly aald ti??-r.? aroald be a
other Dtory tO tell w ii?n his t'-atn fa? ?
the Bkeetera the aexl time.
'j'he ?acora i?y Innlnga followa:
n 11 i
i. r-. ? city.i o o 11 ft fl " 9 l s
Vankeea .?919."ft 1 a i
Batterien. Jersey Cits Mams. Doeacl
er and L"rlap; New v??ik Koni, Warb?
and ?-??. ene)
Game with Ty Cobbs Team Pu
Off?McMillan, Pere, Talks.
|B) 'i ? ? irai ?? to ". I ?? 1 rll ?aa
Auguata, <;a . March II Rain fell her
?ill ?ii?. and the ?am?, betonten Tj Ctsbb*
all-tl-eorgia team and the Kuperbaa hai
t.? be ? ailed <?rr. ? 'obb ?? III leave to-mor
row f??i Kewberry, s ?*.. where he i
Rcheduled lo pla) .? game. He la mot
than anxloua to play here, however, a^pw
if ii>?. i-s.i t ?. ??ill cancel a game early n?-x
week .-?? thai he i-an pla} the 8ui?erba
In ihis ? it
Tomm) McMillan arriva here thl
morning from Allant.? to play on Cobb'i
te;?m. Hi- father came, t"??. and aal?
thai hi?? aon has a contract with th>
Fankeea that ims one year to nm, an?
that h i- "up i" ?Prank Karrell t" mak?
this I'.ntrn.t K.i" whether he pla? - ?
'\'???v fork or l'???? heater.
Tommy** father is vsiiiini? to pay tht
Rocheater club i s aalary f??r this aeaaoi
I? lltl?0fl to an ?-xtin Jl.Qftft f<?r hrs i???
leaee. aa the Atlante elub, <?f the ?rgouth?
? rn I.eiicn.?, 1?. more than anxious to BO
' m ?? hi i aervlcea,
Wins Opening Baseball Game o?
Southern Training Trip.
Greena N C M ?r?-i? "< ?Princeton
ited North i irol i b? a i.; of
?? t.. : In a aloa game here to-aiay. The
Tigera wen una le lo aolre \? cot k'a
ng to ?-'i ?' avantage, bul ?? ere
quick f" ?setae opp ? ? I - - offered by
?.,:?. ? ? mlapla -
W.i ?? enl i he Brat I ?? nnlnga foi
Pi n< ton, yielding three hita; t-t-odgere,
?. ?? Innlngi ; ? ? Il in ?? men and
yielded three hita for two runs, and
eland in taro Inntnga allowed one hit.
Pendleton, ?Prli ? centra
i a?i a double and two rVtiKi? - in tl ree
- .?> and mad? l ? o hard cal bea
Loa .ngelea, March 19.?Rube Mar?
luard lei t here I for Houatot Tea
?? here he will ?in i e Ola nta i \, a*aa
mpai led by hla a Ife, former ?? Bloa.
.-??in Seeley, the actreaa, .?h..iti he mar?
rled In Ban 1 'ranclaco.
V tri the Marquarda wenl DI k Kin?
? lia, th? icout of the Olanta, i
|Gov. Sulzer Protests Against
Tire Dating Bill.
Popular Syracuse Man Takes
Position of Aleo General
Sales Manager.
Tue manufacturera have mn.i? tt-ii>it
protesta to Governor Bulger regat ling ???
tire-dating bill, which bes ?poseed botl
Senats and AeemMy and is h?r??r.* hitr
? for hla signature. The purpose of the bin
I- to I ompel the dating of all ?titea fl,
with the Uses thai ne "out-of-date" cae
Ings shall tie palmed -it <>n the eon tuner.
Buch ;. measure, however, would werk
hardahlp only <?n tin- dealer, who if p?
i ? ind i imself able to ?fell nnlj^tlrea d ited
,i week or two hoch would decree a hin
-*o k. The man ifa? ti n r, In lui n, i ,m
! .? obliged to slacken produ? tlon In keep?
.? g with orders, s "Wasteful and
unsystematic method. The tire
m. asm ?? i i no new i hing. I '.? t
-. ear jtlSl BbOUt tl is time, ? b< v J ' M.it
lack, ?>f tii" Ajax ? -Ompen?, n irktd
about It:
'it Impoaea an unn? easary restriction
on the trade av?i creat?
ilon In the mlnda of dealers an?i consuin
era The average Hre li i ? ? :t tha
worse off for aix months' or a rear's sea?
soning, and la proba I ? ? better for it,
? i the consumer looking al the detall
i ?? ind to say, T don'I want i : tir?
?.-? me a fresh nen one.' 'lie dealer ?f
he tries to Bay the tire is no v. *;<?o fr,r
heing a few month- old a probably
have his statements put down P. s?lf In?
terest. Some tires at the end of three
lea aing sre the better f - it, hut
j what dealer would ever be able t,? ?y\ \a
:.??', .i cosing dated ill
C Arthur Benjamin, we:: ki iwa le ?few
Forkera aa ?<n able and popular aitomo
blla man. 1 as been appoit ted general
as ? - manager of the Amerl an F."c?->mo
ti'. e ? lompanj 'a a utomob I?
? ding Harry S. Ho t, who
? - ? time ago Mi I; a begs
? lay his i ew ?: it ? -.
. ' time wa t.,ken up in meeting o;?i
friends and answering congest
Mr. Benjera n ??? m< i to tl I irttt
an extensive experiei i ?"n f??r
fo'ir ?yean ?ale- ?
lin Company, two il f
the n.? cock electrl ind lently as
ge dlatrlbutei th? ?
Hudson in B) ra use. H- v.
ph t?- ? barge of the i '
t?.e , ompany, Incl idfni ??
i .
re ci and other ?!? : u im? nt .
with the selling end of th?
? 'oupled with the em i f Mr
v ent "f ?R. i- Ven U i
aates manager. Mi
pnrtmenl of tha A
, lated a ?Jth IN Am? rlcan b
iCompaay i?ir ??? number of yes
^n\m*uS\W t^iGHTTYPEIlcm?l)
r?- n"*itf- W?i? *f-r?i.i*-r
galaaga la ""n F?rarn*
By Its Owners
As a man is fudged by the company
he keeps, so is an automobile? judged by
those who know it?and by their ex?
Judge the Steams-Knight in this
way, as hundreds of others have done.
Judge it by the fact that among its own?
ers arc numbered such men as W. A.
Harriman, Jacob H. Schiff, Charles
G. Gates, Andrew Miller, A. Holland
Forbes, C. O'Donnell Iselin and scores
of others of equal taste and know?
Judge the performance of this car
sine: it was offered to the public a year
and a half ago. Judge it by the per?
fect satisfaction it has given hundreds
of owners here in New York City.
Judge it by the millions of road miles
it has covered in the hands of owners.
Jud?e it by what these owners w?il
gladly tell you.
Then judge this car yourself?its
simplicity, flexibility, silence, reliability
and economy o? maintenance, and above
all judge it by its time-proven quality
of improvement witS use?of becomin?:
more powerful and more flexible instead
of steadily deteriorating as is the case
of even the best poppet valve cars.
May we assist you in determining
the worth of this car? The new Spring
Series models are here?sur demon?
strators are at your disposal.
AU otedrtt equtjxpei irtth UR4T 4 D.4X~l* Ottotttt fitxirtei nod Klrctrt, h'jkt'ri.
The F. B. Steams Co. of New York
Broadway at 57th Street.
If III .'.t't."tTt...f?t?t?t.l?tl1.t?t?tl1?l.tililll.lTl<|.|.t.t.|.|..?.t| |,1 I I -T 1 1? f I I

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