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Withdraw from Negotiations
with Six-Power Group Be?
cause of the Attitude of
the Administration.
j. P. Morgan & Co.. Kuhn. Loeb
? Co rind First National
and National City Banks
Reach Decision in an
All Day Conference.
Aa th? -?-?' of Ihe an it tide ot th^
W - ? mil -tr.-iti..n In repudiating
the i - ? Tafi admlniatratlon in
- ? ropoecd six? power loan
,., si_?;,??????.M. ;,, china, an announce?
mPnt araa made late laal evening >,v
.1 P Mi ?- ? Co ;n ?behalf ?>f the
Uaer king ?gro ip ? ho were to
take is-' - loan. that, in deference
la President Wilson's view, this group
had "?? ? " "? trom anj further
aejetli .? matter, and had ?>??
advised ?? ?European 7imi Japai ? u
tanking gr? ? n
Th.? stal - ? ? ? ho Anur: an
pi ?
The Aim | ? *? si ? | ?<' l i*
" . ?:? i Kuhi ?? ft Co. the
? ? v.- Bank and Ihe Nat
Cgjr Ban! ' - ' lied It th? - ?
<. ? i eased del he De?
??art ? - - . ' ? Inanctal group
be ors ti ; e part ; atlon
to wale . '? ? tal vas entitled
;n th? H iku ing U ?7 ? ? .?..n agre? enl
thai - ' v ?.-. ih? Bi Itlah,
French nai An? 11
fMa gr ...... ?..??..yt.'d In
CMaesa '? mattera nol primarily tor
.:? tart ; >ut for i urp ?aea Indi? aled
to- President Taft and Secretary Knoa
.\a ?grate I t Taft'a message to
'.*nB'--- "tv t?*"t?. th*"??? pur?
? ? ? ? ?... d or the co-operation
nf Um I u indlajx nsabl*- i; -
< hlch ; he Amei lean gov
tble It '?? ' arrj oui
. :?.?i application of iba
tan? do ? ?
The Department of State coneidered
that American co-operation with the
banking groups of the several great
D0we?-s enab'ed the United States to
exercise a practica! voice in China'?
atfa rs and constituted the best guar?
antee fcr the preservation of China's
Forming the Six-Power Group.
? ?. : if i e ; ?.ii,--- ?;.. advocated
Um a ? - ? ??? lha administra
? ? - ? entered Into an agi.
the British, ?French h'*?I <;?r
mar. gi ' he purpose of ren? ring
taso? . I Ina. In Febru
.1 groupa ..t the re
? ? r ?-si ??? tlv* governmenta
Huent <>r t he ? 'hi?ese iio\ -
?rnniei t, adipttted Rusa n ai ' la aneas
? A- ? it? the negotiation
the it on loan th la onstll |
akal since ?been known aa tti?- si\
Follomre th?* i- a.-. : I? ?-, te th?
e new repub- I
. ? ? : .. )? ? ; I'-.l. ?h? ;
l nore firmly 1 m . iiithoi :tv ,
t?-? ndtt i through?
V't v .
there a<i been In negotia? I
I of moni ha a !
?} at ? ' In Its gi neral
'. ?. at mont meet the
pdx g? ''?'??7 nments, ? ' I h?-n
_? . a and th? ' hi?ese govern?
? ? -.??(% f.?i signal : ??
Ti ~c t?-rma ?a/ere Intended lo eovei two
tt. Th? ? ' waa i?? ei ibla the Chi?
??<?? s ? rnment to r<?.r?:at!lz? Its sd?
an effective model n I
to.paj fl '- '?argi outstanding debts and
. credit Th? sccoi d a aa
ntei eats ( f 1 m< rlcai and
ktaropeai nvest?
For such projection, in the ludgment
o?1 the governments and the groups.
th? on'y method waa to insure, despite i
?iv possible recurrence of pol?tica' un- j
**?lt In Chins, the proper expenditure
of the funds loaned to China and to
lafeguard the handling of the revenuee
pledged for pnnoipal and mte-est of
the bonos.
Out of the Group.
Aa anno-.r.-???"! In th* Statement KH'ri to
On neo? yesterday, the prenant n'lmln
MfetJ ?i a'" W;i*?ti!n?totw with a d**Rr? t??
bs of assistai ? lo chins and to promote
Amert'-a?? kntereats In th? I***i East, ha?
?"?K-i-'pfi that tb?-iM- purposes may ?bettei
r? ,?rv?ij by th* adoption of a different
tne) Independent t
Aa the Amerioan group had been
ftpdy to aerve the administration in
th? past, irrespective of the heavy
riika involved, ao it was disposed to
Mrve the prese.it administration if ao
requested. But, deferring to the policy
now dnclai-ed, the group has withdrawn
entirely from the Chinese loan negotia?
tions and hae so advised the European
and Japanese banking groups.
Rei>ref*<-*it;it;\ ? i of the American
hankT* had an Hll-dav confer? HOC '??*?
"Ma ii. iv Daelaoa, of J. p. Mor?
Kan ?fr Ct.. who was UMble to -itf-id
f"*f'.Ttg to indtepoattJo-. wn?* k<--pt in
toijr-h with developments over th<- .els
phon?, rvi th?* atatenseat Kiv*?n out
tatst was r?aad carefully by him at hi.?
Mr. Davlson, With the nSf?lstani*e of
?V.llaM T? Straight, wan th** principal
tot ? talnlng a share in th?- '?an,
and all al?>ii<< haa ?l>een considered the
! I( adi r in the negotiations.
China's Pressing Needs.
Th?. preaaing feature for China right
now, dlplomata polni out, ] i the I u I
that ahe is more than one year ?behind
In payment of ?Boxer Indemnities i?
the eztenl of ?t-W.'OOiM?'?*'? With nn
army clamoring for ?bach pay, many
i provin? jai loan? coming ?i??" arfd mon ?
n?f?i.?,i t,, continue the operation of the
provisional government, yuan Shlh-kal
la placed In the position of attemptlug
to secure an extension of time rr.?in
creditors who have failed to make a
loan, or aucceed in borrowing mom y
j from Inde] ? ndenl bankers, as ??,,<; done
; In the ??.-<?.iii.?,i rri?t,i transaction ? few
! ni"iitiis ago.
I; i? Intimated thai aotmt Amerl an
; banker? other than those heretofore
?concerned In th.? loan are figuring on
taking pari m su. h a tranaactlon, bu*
ii la i'ointe.1 oui thai President Wil?
ton's atat?m. m made if i lear ill it
I while the Chinese government would
, hr,\, th.? s> mpathetlc i ipi 011 ol the
1 nited stai.s. under no circumstances
wo lid : his take iii,- form ,,f a ?guara 1
tee i., ?a " dd? be in?, estotra In Chinese
' .???? urlties.
?Not Likely to Decide Definitely
Until After Numerous Con?
ferences with His Cabinet.
Washington March If Prealdenl Wll?
??"i Ii git mi,- ?.??? . h conald? ration ? ?
I the
Chines? Republl Hi? ? !t- mem -. ?
?-?I "'i th? 11 |u? ation ? ontah ed no
- ? ?'? r? ?. rem p recoj . ugh
? fl ila h< re tho ighl ? bina 1 0 ild
And In .1 ? un foi 1 and hope of ? .?? .
?Snoa I? || of I ei nee aoven m? nt
Preald? 1 apparent)] haa not aettled
the queatton ol r?K*?agnltion. nn?!
it ??as ?believed to-alghl thai s?-?<-;r,i ron?
ferencea on the aubjeei and man) m-?-t
m?s "f the Cabinet would he necesaar*
before the administration? attitude ????
The 1 ti ? Staler, haa dealt ? Ith
?'Inn-??? Republic for man) month? onl.?
?1 I If? fa?to go? ??! nui. in. and f..i mal
argel) a matt
ia ?'? en an Km? 1 ? ? M
'?' ? 'hin.? a iea< klln<?tei In
W aahington, a ho hare . ad praci
all the ,"?????-. 11.???- ?.' ould ha? ? .I
if i-?-?.?;i.it;..n had ? .-i given
r? ? ? conference* pre ?? ?d ?.? tl I ? ? -
. L - ? ? ? .. ? ? ? . n g
loan, th*? Chinea? M !-??
1 ? the 1 - ? ?.r ,u..i s? 1 t? '. ? Bryan,
? It .?;!!?>an 1 '. 1... haa ? l m? >
- hat th? l nri.-'l Statt - the greateal
. ? ahould .ti a? ? he lateat add!?
?. republican ra
?Presiden! B Ison'a advlsei 1 ;?.? ??
ennn thla Blep foi ?several reasoi -
the) believe, would lei ;??>?.
ti???i ?" ? a 11 Itatlon? if
id 1 - ?'?? ial appro? ni of h< 1 new
government from a greal powei
feeling of frienda ted ?State?
??0 . ?i :.- in '?..ae? a It It lercl?
vantage to 11 - itioi
H?,-?i"ir. m 1 ?? 19 tpproval of Pi? ?
dent Wilson'1 attitude on the sls-powei
. ..? to China ???;?? expreesed by th? I I
: . ? gua ?? telegrsm ad
..?.?.-,.i -. ? ? .? Preaidi nl '?? ?Kl ? h A Wln
aecretary of thi !a?:?.?.-u<-. toda) la
r ? ?aid
<*bngratulatloi . ? ignlflcenl
BtSatwment ?given oui <?? you con?
the CI es? 11 the first practical ate**
In ?he wa) o1 fulfilling the 1 ? ??? -
?on ha?l promulgate*! and toward I ?
realoratlon ?.f the moral world Infiuei ?
?>f the United Blatte?. lmp?Blrt?d as ?;??? el
?Inc? th? wai ?"111 B
Had No Intimation of American
Change in Attitude.
!.?>r.?it'ii. March Id, Th.? announce?
ment uf ?Presldenl WHaon lha< hla ad?
ministration ha?i ?i?-*? I n?-?i t.. requ?*st
th? Ameri? ;ni tx nkera of th? c'x 1
groij? to continue their negotlationa In
connection with the $l??,t?00,OUi) I? in
t?. ? 'hint came at a < omplete aui ?
to the British government. ??ti!;, jres?
terday sir ?Edward Grey, British P*or?
sign ?Secretary, In a written reply :o a
queatton in the House <>f Commons,
?a<?i?i the ii-iiiis <?r the i<;?t? bad he
unanimous approval "f the als ?powers
Interested Thla nepl) W?JS ?hardly in
print when the nasra came ?.t th?-- de?
? i?!?,r) ?if the American governmeni
There haa ?been conelderable dlas.ttls?
faction In ?London with ?h?- loan i?jgo?
nation.? for exactly th>? ?same raa?*MMis
that Presldenl Wilson ?gtv.es f?.r the
irithtlrawal ??f the auppori of the ?Unite 1
States, Publicists ?and papers which
ha\f 1 ??'ii opposing <".ra-.it Btitain'a
P'?i?i.<?ti of the group tak?? ?ronsiderable
?atlsfactloo In the American ;* ? ? ? ?. 1 ?.
and pitnliirt that with the withdrawal
,,f the Amarteaa ?bankera the whole
.?. heme will fall through. The) (joint
?1,it tliui Jnl'dn ami Ruasia have 11?
ni(?n?*> i?> lend ?'"d that German) .it
ptresanl has nothing to spare for China.
They Fear Effect of Withdrawal
of American Group.
?Berlin, March 19 The retlremenl of tha
American bankera fr?.m participation in
the ('hl],??.s?- load I..?? caused ?.?nst? Mil?
lion amona tha ?teadetra >.r tha Interested
uroi.p of German bankers end it m <??!
dent t"-'h?' ii"?? Ibe) ?i-sai the fata <>f the
v h??ie operation will t>?- eaTected.
it la aseerted thai th? Germana will
coritinii?? the ii?-K"tlHtioi??? m ?pit? of tb?
retirement <?f tha American i,aiik??rv. <?i
??h"tn tha??- wer?- ta a ?certain estent th?
natural aillas la ?i??- project une- terri?
t.,-ial ?i issttona, Il ?s ?pointed out, ?i?? n'?'
?.hi?- th?> asme role ??nil them as the) du
?nil the oth?-j ?power?
The Qatman bankera bad 1.Ived no
intimation that the American ?group c..n
templated wlthdrawnl from the n?-K<?ti?
titui?*, ami n is ?said In in,.?n. ?ui int? ;?*.?
bere thai they feel hurt beeausa th??y
i?;?rn?'i only thr?BUgli the atatement laaued
p. rresblanl Wll-son thai the ?United
stau-?- wt-HiM fot i? represented *>ttcially
ai,. ?Song? i" the n? K'ttiiiil"!,?
At Celebration of Mass Outside
for First Time Since Illness.
Rome, March ?Il ?l'ope ?Plu? waa to-eni
?-,,r the firal time alnee hla lirdlapoaltlon
;,.,!,. to be preaent at th? celebration of
the maaa outside of his bedromn. ills sts
torn ?and nl?aoa siso attend**?] tin?.. r??mony.
Among the numer-oua masasgea i..?.i?.e,i
by th<- ?Pops In ? worn elk ?a with hi?, name
Ago t??-?lav ? ? ra- many from the I nit''I
state*. Including t?rtegrams fr??m ? ardl*
ii^iH Qtbbona, Fsrle) ant! O'Coanell snd
ohm man? from the Vm??riesn eplaeopste,
all of Whkh v*"? g'a^g gmianiaUd
Chemist at Southampton Wl
Examined Organs Reports.
IB) ' il le I rheTiil on? |
i.?.mi??n. M.ii? h '_'?> .\ chemist
.Southampton has examined ?iKht
Hi?, lital organs ??f Miss ?Frances I.?
lit. the Amerli an actress who di? ?i su
denlj ??n ?board Ihe ?Oceanic last wet
! w ithout ?iis?-.i? ? ring any ir u ??
poison. The bod* Is i" ing embalm
, and '?? ill i"- si nt i?? New fork.
, __.
? Talk of Giving Cl?mence;
? Cabinet Place to Keep Him
Out of Doing Harm.
By? ?hi? ; i i be 1 ? I ai
Pat s, Manh 10. No matter \\ hat I
; ?sol itlon of the Cabinet ? rials is,
seems certain that the i.isk ?>f forml
a n? a minlatrj will not be Intrusted
any statesman who 11 ;? < the slight?
hesitation about the necessitj
establishing s three years^militar; m
The ?Senate b* Its opposition
electoral reform la at a deadlock wi
ihe Chamber of ?Deputies, and aa pop
lar feeling throughout the ?count
favora proportional repreaentation t
dissolution of the ?Chamber an?i u ??*
i ral ??:?- lion w??mi?i n??t Improve t
sit ?nation.
m Clemenceau, who favors a thi
. ? ara' .-? i l< ?. la already ><i???k?-n ??f aa
possible Iflnlater of War In th? n.
minlatr)'. on the ?ground lhal tii>- m
tional demollaher ??f cabinets cou
cause less harm within the mlnlatt
than if he ?remained outside of it.
The defeal of the French governmei
In the Senate yeaterday and thi suba
quent resignation ??f ?Premier Brlai
ami all th>- members of his Cabin
! at v ? ? roused an Immena? sensatli
thro ighoul ?France Almoat the entli
press of the countrj expresaea prs se ?
Aristide Briand's work at ?the bead ?
? the Cabinet
Presiden! Poincarf was occupied f>
i he greater ?pari of the ?i ? ?? In ? oi
tloi ? ? ith the presidents of II
- ? ?? and thi ? 'haml?er <?f I ?? i itii
nul u -, the influent ial mem en ?
both houses of Parliament. The qtatei
. ? m< ? tuentl mentioned ;
; llkel* i?? I** Baked to form a nen mil
. u ? i ugene Rth nni. M Inlnta i ?
! Um Jean Bai tho i, Mlnlstei of .1
-. ? and Louis L Klotx, Ministet ?
' Finan? e.
honor for Livingstone
Archbishop of Canterbury Pre
sides at English Meeting.
? IV . ? ?
I . niton Man h :'" )' waa nul lit
from Blantyt ? red th
and the hi aria <?f lit
? ?. ? ? ? men .
I Ht irai ted to ? ? Ha
Ial th? Living ton? ? ?
? n ol a ld< il '.'"I "i ; " ?
. ? - In th? ? ii i 1 aa? the Areh
1 hiahop ?>f Cantei b iry, and an
I were group? ? I non? ??m
Il. 1.? :
in ? ? ,.-.,'.
! thing? " hi? h. ear. HI
Han Johnalon vanled 1 1 1 h
1 ; .? ? . : 1 ? - 1 1 ? I ? ? :
hi ?i ii?- ?? ired
w ho lia.I Been id It thi
valuabl? ' ? ? ?er?
?nteres tig that ? il et 1
ut del ii- name What but
ould 11 ?-? ? n ? itlon!
tu?, gravi ?? ? i ?? ?.\ Ingat? m haul
1 ..*.t* |n w ?estn nsl? r Ab memot 11
-, , -, ?? toui h ng n Its mpll Ity. ? ?
held -. estei d n rnlng i?i
m m flooi ??? hi
1 ci.f lili**?* and ? ' ? il - '
,.'...' I ? ? ' -? ' ?!,? ' ' I
? ? '.t Man n
?Il !.. . . ' on. of t SI?
I ? ??
M? * Wilson ; - th. uni? survlvau u
the m.*-- ?? ai - ' l?ildn
Sir Rufus Isaacs in "Le Matin
Libel Suit Tells of Selling
Shares Paris Paper Loses.
!:'',?.:. ...
I.?.n?l.?tv Man d '_?" Thi t??iai hi aring
?.f the ll?bel suit i.i?? tghl b) Att?.1 n? ??
1 ? ;? ti.iai Sir Rufua is.1.u - and Poet
; maater ? ieneral Herbert Ran ?
lagalnet the newspaper i.? Matin,"
?,l Paria det el.I the fa? l that
1 ?a , i?l Lloj ?I < ;? ??i k?v ? 'ham < Iloi of
the Exc-hequei waa a holdei ol ato? i< in
Ihe American Mai on I Compan Sir
Rufua testified thai he bought IO.0MMI
abare? ol American Marconi ato k in
April, lull.', ??n Information from hit
brother Godfrey, who had Just returned
from Am? n? ?i
Sw Rufua declared Ibat he afterward
a?l\is?-?l Mi ?Lloyd ?????in? and Ihe Man
I tei of Ellbnnk, n?.w Lord Murray, who
I were hi*-' greal ?personal friends, 1?, hu>
I American Marconi, and sold them l.?????
I abares each He afterward *v?.ii other
abares at s proflt ?so ss to ?/educe his
1 dings t?> <"?. ?Mm shares He said that
I at the I'l'.-'ii? price <?f American Mar
1 . ig in- would loee **''? '**' on the srhol.
: trunaaction if i??' sold the Kt<??k he still
held, and thai Mr. Llo; ?1 George and
? Lord M?.ira-. w??'!?! each loae a f-\s
! ). ndred 1.nds If thej s-.l.i non
\ ludgment with 1 oats was Kn ?.,,
I against "Le Matin," which airead) ha?
. ubllshed s full apology The article
la Le Matin" eccu**?ed Mr. Bamuela,
Sir Rufus Isaacs and Godfrey is.,a? a
?with buying English Marconi shares at
r,n francs and selling thi m at -<*' fran? *,
',,,, the advance Information that the
English government would make ,? ? on
tract with 'i" Mar? ??ni Company.
?Both Sir Rufus and Mr ?amuela denied
ever poaaeaalng ?> share ??( English Mar?
? mu stock_
ir,.,in The '?u'?!??'' Burea ?
Waahtngton Mur? h IS Tin Greek
charg? d'affaires called .'?t lln Departmenl
of state t"-?ii'v and formallj ?announced
ihe death of long G-torge of Greece The
Acting .-??;? i.11'? of Stat.v AI " \ \>l>?
conveyed ?throigh lb< American Legation
at Athena to ihe Greek government and
??hflliili? i" ? ? ii'l? i'ti? ? *? "?? th? part at th?
United State? aovernmi ni
President Wilson sent tin following
piasesga t?? ?her majesty Ib? 'jm-eu Mother:
?i am Inexpwisslblj iho ked t?? hear <>f
Hi ? terriMa erlm? which has resulted In
Di., death of the King, and 1 offer t?? >??ur
majesty, to Ihe royal famllj and t?? tti?
Oreclan nation tin ?tlncer? ixmdolsnces ef
ih<? government and pcoph of lh< United
BtAti and the exprtpelon of tti *j?" iotp
| Schinas Once Driven from Pa
ace?Tells Police That He
Wanted to Redeem Life.
;once: university tuto
Constantine Takes Oath Tc
morrow-Queen Olga, Over?
come, Starts for
Bal?n!? a, lian h Ift Aleko s? h'ns
th?? aaasasln ?>f Kitm ?;???.r???? ?of Or.
i? sun held In close ?conflnemenL
vartoua p4*r1oda throughout the nignt I
i?'i- forced i.. nn?ia?rK<- nn examin?t In
bu! without eliciting any facts i?> aho
?hut other persona wars Implicated
the ? time.
ft? hm.i.s i- iii.i n madman, bul ??;
pat? tul? (s w?-iikniiiii|??fl 1),? live?! I
begging, and three weeka ago came I
?Balonl?.? bj ira) ?<f Athena H
?topped for n few ttajn m ?Vol?, The
.?ai? s'here he delivered harangUM I
which I"' declared thai In .? short tin
he would lucoeed In ?establishing ?"?in.;
it?, thai there would i,e no i<?iik?
either rii h ?>r p??.r und that w-x.rk Whl?
w??s now sccompllshed in one hot
would t?e aproad "'it ovar tu?,
InterrtDgatod as i" why he ass*e*
nateii ?the KmK. Bobinas ?replied:
had to die somehow, ?as i aulfer fr?i
neuraathenla, and th?r,f..r? ?arished I
?redeem m? life." H?- appears t?. "iav
led a wreta he.i eslstenca, aubsistlng al
most entirely on milk. His familj ha
long ^risf* to ackttOWtalge hu??.
?S? hi?as f??r ?i time ?.?(??? an Instruct?*
I m th?? m.-diia! departmenl .?f ?the i?jij
Iveralt) of Athens If.? ri?fun.?s t?? git
an explsnatlVon f??r the rrlme la yon
I th.? fact that ?two years ?ago he applle
! for aaaistan? ?? ?i the pola? ? and wa
di ?i, an?i? b) .m side de ? amp.
I The prein.-?iitiiii..n of the regU Ide ..;
;?? -i- i" ? ? estab Ished b) the fa? t tha
?"*' bina ? . irked In hiding. H?' i u"*he
? : ??? hen his ?royal ?. Ictlm had r? ?? It?
? ?? ? ? ol I ? ill .1 . ? i .
I l?"ini blank into the l?a< k ??' th? Kin*i
. ?' ho . * ih?.n , ? few >., ?d
Ii"tn Pi lei Id id , ? ?: r. i -.
Wh? g i? -t i?, ., h tha polic
!.?' i ? Im ileni replied
? ?? . ha..i i ? la ni sp? ,i
I ? i. ? ? . s r ha
f.. .ti?.- ..r h: - ? im< he re
? in rhe ?poll? a- Ktatlon a
. I ?nail not i?..? '? ? ai m<
: ? . ther?
i ? nu the | a ?tall?n 11
? ? e and a '??'?' parti? ulai
? Kins ? ; ?"19? ? a a ?i?
i., m. .| t..-.!.,?. .at ? ? n. - -.1 from th?
i n th?* pa ?
i?..i ne I -i? e **.!?'??
.?., ?i p ind (?ihei auperl? i ??"
?:.? ? ,i ? ? ,. .II ii.
i the pala ? militai ha ?nul ? ?? ? r? n-n
. , m. "...i - then ? ????? i ??'
? ? . .n . !,., nii.a-r, i he ? fi ????>?
?. ?i i . .??, ?ftere | pra ???
. i? n .mu mil '??i ?? ? n" orillea Ble I pasi
In it. " ? ? tors burst int.
? ,. , t -
\? . ?:- ??lai ' ''? King ?'??!?-?? i ? ?
lak? tl?< ?" ' Klna of th??
11. enea I Ii II? a-HI arrive In
Athen? I i morr? ? The hope la ???.
. . , i- th? King all i? pro
.,.[,,, ,i ., ......?..i.- ? ? XII, the laal
? ne l-'.inp? i-i '-?' Ini i.n Con?
tin? ni
The ChamtxM ??f I ? i
. immonfd lo mor? ???? I?? lak? the .... ? h
,.r fealt) '" the ne? Kins ifter ?which
it,?? mlnlatt a III r? algn
M? ?sag? ? of ? ondolen? ?? and ?j m
path? for Ihe royal family, the Ureeh
->a ?i nm< ni and Ihe i lr?e>ek nation
pour*ed Into the ? apltal all day. The
flrat meaaage fr?i?m Ihe head of a n ?
; ion i? ? ; "I b? 'l ??? ?n ? dgs ? ame fi"in
Presiden) ?Alison
i, . , n ? na;.i u-i> too proatrsted li ? the
newa of the fate of het husband to sa I
for Balonl? ?? laal night, bul ihe ?I??
! ;i, -,,i i n i]a w hen h? r sons, Prln ??
?;,,,,?,;,? and Prince ?ndre, commu'il
. .,!.?,i the new? of the traged) t.? her
?,1,.. fell fainting In their arms, snd onlj
i,?.... ered lo ?-??""ii ?again. Thla n :??
?? ,.,..? -??? ? ral tlmee, until Ihe physl
ciana were able ??> sooths het lo i ne
extent All ihe ?princes snd princes*??
,,?? ihe i"\ si famll) a-jrompan) th? If
moth? '? '" Balonl? a b) wa) "f th.? [?or?
of rhalcla,
State mourning baa been ordered for
?. period of ala months snd ?ourl
mourning for a r*ar. The whole Orot 1?
capital is draped with mourning. On
piibli? and other bulldinga ?the national
?log met ai half maal ?and la draped
with crape. The bella of ail the
fhui-i-hea in Ihe ; It) have toll? 'i all da
fand minut.* guns have been Bred
the forts.
King Addresses Army.
F-'K.ni the fortress of Janlna, a
h> io,, mi?, captured from the Ti
Km? Conatantine addressed hi*?
meaaage to the Greek arm;, to-ds
Uk- following o ordi
?The Impious outrage on th?? sa
I person of King ?'..-??rK.- deprives ui
j ?if our leader at s moment very cri
I f?or th.? whole Hellenic nation, i
( now ? ailed bj Prot idence t.? suo
my never-to-be-forgotten father on
throne on which ho tot ???> long i
lustre and honor,
"I l?rlnx this up? s i?, ihi? knOWk
<f mx army, to which i have devi
my whoh life and with whi? b um
resaful and ?raeceaaful wars ?have In
solubly bound me i declara to it I
marching always al Its head I
never caaaa to devota my whole so
tn.lf? to my land end s*r forii?s, wl
glorious exploita i?av<- ?brought ?gn
ness anil renown t?> nur fatherland."
| By ?'Hi?'.'? to Ttif Tribun.
London, March 20 -Miller details
th?- terrible crime m ?Sal?nica hi
now i?o?*n received here, it ?*< sts
in a long dispat.-h n? ' Th.* Dally T<
.pram." from Ath?-ns, that latterly K
I George's attendants had be? tame i
??asy, as in? ?refuaed t?> take any i?rt-<*i
liions fur his own safety, and rii'T
I replied t<? the remonstrances made
i him by shrugging bis ?shoulders
in ?>r?l?-r t<? relieve somewhat
monotonous regularitj of lif" in ;
i?nica hin majesty sras accustomed
ink.* a long walk in Ihe afternoon wh<
ever the weather ?permitted. Pollowl
i his habit, h?* left bis reeldenoe abi
1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, att?-n?i
only bj his aide-de-camp, ? *?l ?i ? ? ?
Krangoudii \s be ?returned from I
promenade, it was Just before
reached th?* residence that a man
[..???r appearance and shabbily dreaa
emerged from around 'he corner ??f
aide street, and pointtag a r?-\?>i\?*r
ti,. King. Bred ????[" atedl]
??n hearing the frst ihol the aide ?
, ami. pulled " .' his revolver i>nt ?v
, too late a? two bullet? had airen
1 atru? k lb? King. The assassin h
mpted t?. tire on the aide ??!??-' an
i. .? ht. ret olver missed Are Two -??
I il.?? mes. u h?? ??? ? r? fol on m; . ?
t ,n ? al on? ?- : .i-:'? ?? -r ' 'v -?
th.- aeiaansin. Tb? I*. Dg fell .?n '??
??. ?:,. ~ ,,? dina " ?i-??!?- a ?hop, and ?
I ?hopk?eeper, rushing out, lifted him l
I-.. .. Bojdiera attracted h? 11.? no)
then raised Ihe King's ' ? i and ? i
? . ,| hin :ii th? ;r SI n to 'iv nt ??"?
' ' pliai.
fru? e N't? hola I Ihii I son of tl
I arhen be
ri \ ? ?I
? v ., I. ttered no ???ni and ?
? ? ? ? ' ? ?? ? ? n. - ; '?.n at ? ? ?
i,. m The ahn tinx new? ? :
time ?pi ? ad .?''i ? roe ?I "! "??? '
. ? .?? da aaset I In the hoaplta
l'i .n? ?? Slcholas Im ilng from thi i ?'
, han er, ai in a broken ? ol?
? | . -,\ a of I ? i fathi
. ;iri,? . ? ?e present to land I
1 ' ? ? ' i ? thi ? ? ? '???.; '
i ? i . ! | .
lit? ?? and i II the foreig
g ai d at th? Hospl
Premier Much Overcoo'e.
? ti l m bei . r I ?. i .' .? - in.-' ?.??-;. r
.t.. m?.!nlng wltl ill th?* ?!? ?
it? sent, and M \ ? i ? ? ? los 'h. Prun
M,n ster, and all the other n i
. ter? ??I in ??? ? i? mom nlng Afte
I . ? \i Venen .??*
:? am ? -i lb* terrlbl event
''ti" Preml? i. w ho Is a fine n ? r *. i a. ???.?!
t??r. ara? ao deeplj i.?I that he ? ?? tl?
- trust ?..m-. |( i?. ??peak ? \ i?"vi"?' ?'
? .?n?l had been uhllg? ?i to e-rite <? il ti
apea ? h and i? ad It. The lead? i.- oi tin
I ? >p|M>alttoi] fol ??'.?? pd II \ i n? :?-.. I?. . m
! all, In vpi? e? broki n I fei ing, pra i -??
the great *?? i \ Ices i rndered to the n i
; ion bj the del srti i -?? el eign d Ini
the nfi* wars of his ?reign. The prsal?
denl then t roposed the < rectlon ? t i
national monumeni to the memorj ol
King ? '?< >rg< m.i u,.? i lepul ?
'.talal'.l f. !.. CI I'!? ?I thi t'l OpOMl h ac?
c la mat ion and hailed Ihe accession ol
? 'iiiuatanl ii'"
The British ? ?.?n ? ? ill p.. into full
mourning for three weeks and into
I half i.imlng toi anothei ?? ???!..
? Greeks of This City Say Schinas
Was Anarchist.
i- ..m Qreeka in this city is waa learned
eaterday 11 ? ?a * Aleko ?Schinas, it?, assai
*-in of Kim- George, was probably the son
lof a rich merchant of ?Seres, a < il ? near
Ralonlca "Nick" I'arsa, ? young em?
' ploye In ths bookshop ??i .latm Rompapas,
nt N?> ?'?'? Mad,?on street, remembered
m.?ting m Athena several years ago i
?elf-confessed anarchist named Bchlnai
'who balled from the Macedonian ?in
i Th? in.m Paras knee aras about thin
y-?*ars ?>i?t he ?aid, the mm ?if n tottacco
ami aplce dealei ol ?Seres named Nicholas
gchlnaa \s nearl) .?.s Caraa could re?
! m. ii 11..-?. the ypuni fellow'a Ural name
!?;!? Aleko, though he ?could nol Im smc ,.r
?ills ?Schlnaa arai stl adinfl th? unlver?
j mi i a i the tinte.
There aa? h persistent tumor current
^"Z^T^-? FOUNDED 133b Ii, ?" ? M
All quiet clothes do not necessarily re?
flect gentility?
But our conservative models and colors
arc powers on the topics of refined style.
You will find our.ample showing of Spring
Suits and Overcoats most interesting.
Astor Place &i Fourth Avenue
i " . ~n-e~
| .^?M(^iMMtMtia^. ' ' ?-?-~ .?J
in shipping lies in the
opportunity to forward
?oods economically and
swiftly from factory to
destination. We offer
such perfection to the
tenants of our Model
Loft Buildings. Where
are they located? Ina
place in New York City
where the pier's bulk?
head abuts the railroad
yard; where the cars
run direct to the loft:
where warehouses are
within a stone's throw
of fireproof factory
Vor information uddret* Dept.*A.
100 Broad Street, N. Y. C.
sloni Ifadieon atreel ?in?! Sixth a ?renne I
thai the nasaesln bsd been to ? hi? country j
ni...m ? year ago? Consul General Botaaol '
s;,i.| that he had absolutely no Inform;?-i
ihm t?> thlra ?sffosl Hn?l h:ir<lly ?Mteved II '?
IMsalMe, but Ifr. Itompapas, whn ?eilt [
rteemehlp tleketa ??s srell ?a books,'
Ihougbl that he recalled ???. Ai?-k?? I? binas
l" arnom he ?i?"l aold ;? pr?*:????????,?? to Oreec?
la it ? >' tober ?>r thar?*a\bouta
-After ?Schlnaa'a ttseapads at in?- Ati?.?
lu.in imlveralt) i? appeara thai ..? wenl
t?. v..i... ., ?;r??.?k dty ?not far ?a.ntii ..f the
liaeedonlaa bortter, and opened as an
archlatie SI h?."! Thin Information tvin
giren yttsterda: to Mr Botsssi b) a Oreeh
from \'?'i" who did r???t csra t?? ,iis?!?i??m
hi^ name. Hir-1 ator) coincided ??ith that
??f L'araa, In ?thsl be described ?Bchlnsa aa
;? 'iiiiv. rsK>? ?graduate.
According t?. m? Informant," sn.,i the
? ... ri ? i. . "8chlnaa tvaa ?? man of much
? ?'?! intellectual powri tvr.?ti I? Indi
rated by the n?*w?a dlMpatch?-? Hla ????hr.,,1
m \',.i.i whs ?-?> antagonlatic t.. id?? s;or?
? ? : m? m ?hat h ??.i- ?? um ?! aft? i a f? ar
montha, N??i long arterwar*. th? man si -
?...un. '??I hlmaeif ?a .? candidate for the I
tii.f i ?.(.?it? from \ ..i<> anil w;i< oser? \
??. n.-luiiniil' <l?i?:?i-'l II la eaa) ;?? *??>?
?.? h) h?? nui -' 'i ?? ?xi udge against
.. . g
Th? nal.I "f ahk'h Bchlnaa v..?- th*
? ... mat i- ? ??>? i. ??- i he ' i 'enti ?? f??r ?
Witrkmen," II ?.?;??- aafd r.t th.naulat? I
'j-u.. ? ?ioctoi and a lau - ?
nett thrown into priaon when It was
-.I b) the government, imt Bchlnaa
- .--, ? ?.. lea? ? - b? lili 'i <l?'<''i- j
? lolentl? denounced th?" !
.? at 'I hla **4V(*rnm? m i
Say They Drove Bulgarians
from Trenches and Held
Constantinople, March IS a vtctery **
..fti? ?ally elahnod for th?? Turkish f?,r? 108
after .? very sharp battis which last?*?!
throughout '??sfentay al?n?; tin? fionf at
the Tchataldjs linea defending tins, ett*
The ottoman troops took the offon-lve.
Opening the attack by an advance ?if the:r
riKht win*. Which proceed??d as far as.
?Blvaskeut, Kallfakeul nn?i Akalan
?Large forces of ?Bulgarians arers aa?
?*fiiin|.?r?-?l at tti??-?* ihr?-?1 places an.) tWr*
ilthtiiiK BOOn spread alon? the wl.o?<*
fr.mt. The Tura?ah troops ?iio\.* th? Bul?
garians from their trenches and i<*??k pas?
session of the positions they had hoen
The Turkish ?'?-ntre th*?ri advanced ami
sivrni?*?! the heights in their front from
which they ?routed tha Bulgartaaa a? the
potnt of the bas oast.
Other COl nuns of Turkish troops nporat
int* m ? ?mjimctlon in the ?general advaaea
captured several height* hei?i hy Bulga?
rians to tha south of the Turkish Haas
An arrangement ha.? been algned with
the ?Dratsche Bank by tti? Minister of
Finance, prolonging f??r four months va
limis advances te the amount of MMH -
?">" ina?i>? by ihn syndicate hea?ie?i by ins
tuink. The legal ?rale of later?el in Qer?
many wiii t,<- charged.
?Sega, March lg Bulgarian reports ef
th? lighting m Ti hataldja giv?- a esnMWha^
different account than that issued -it I'on
atantinople. According to th?> Hulear?an?,
tli*- Turks ? ?ti Turada y leet es?av?d a for-,
want movement, t it tli<* ?attempt, which.
caused th?=?m a considerable lose, waa n*
?complete failure,
Cologne, Germany, March It,?The P"?u
ropeen ?Powers ?cont?mplala demanding
from tli? Balkan allies a ?peed y termina
tloii of the hostilities in European Turkey,,
a-cording t?. an inspired ??spatch iron**
Berlin to "The Cologne Cazette."
?London, hlarch Ml?A Vienna dispatchi
-, ? that three battleships, an armor??*}
cruiser and uo ?torpedo ?srutoan )eto
}?<,la, th?- chief A istrian naval ?tatlon?.
??ariy this morning, ?steaming in a aeotlM
erly direction it Is understood. Um d'.???
?patch adds, thai their sudden d?parrjrd(
was ?i ie i" the bombardment of the ?SuroJ
pean quarter of ??tartar!, th? searching "*?
an a ?trian ?steamer at San <;iovanni ?1 ht
Medua and the threatening of At.s'rHrr
sail"!-*- by th* Montenegrin?
S. Altman Se ?k
The Women's Knit Underwear
is displaying an attractive selection of
Women's Silk Underwear, including
Knicker Skirts and Bloomers oil Jersey
Silk, designed! especially to conform to
the present style o? dress.
Also Women's Sweaters in Silk, Si?k
and-Wool, Ancona and Australian
Wool: Woo? Slumber S-ips for Women;
and Women's, Misses' and Children's
Shetland Wool Sweaters and ?Jackets
in single and reversible styles.
IB. Altmatt $c (?a. have on the
premises well-equipped rooms
for the storage of Furs and Fur
'Garments, Rugs, Portieres and
Lace Curtains.
Facilities for the expert cleaning
and renovating of iRugs and Lace
Curtains and the altering of Por?
tieres; also for the remodeling
and repairing of Furs and Fur
Lace Curtains will be stored,
after cleaning, free of additional
i ?f?O?j Awiuif, 34?f w? 35tlj Btxtt?sx, Km -Jurlu

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