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precedent Broken When Under?
wood Confers with Members
of Finance Committee.
jevision Measure. Approved by
president, Not Likely to Split
Majority in Congress?
Short Session Wanted.
-. i '-? Tribune Burea? 1
ggdrtngi ? ?March II Breaking ?u?
n'htr \'e ' '? fo,;r asembera of the I
t,r,4tt ?Finance Committee held a f.|
. . fgp i ? ?tariff bill to?day, ? lib ;
chairman I'nderwood, ot the Hoti Wa: -
aM Means C?. -? therebj tel i -? I ?
, | fn ?h >':? -' lent Wlls? ?? thai he j
?anted ?fa-operation between the two
branches in the ? lion of ret I
prior t" the conference ?Sens
?eM rhr" . ; ? ? . i -, mmit - |
i??, was In com i. Presi?
Hat 1 ' *' ' .....
run Cadeiwood saw m* W)
, ?f... that ? ? I-Tes d< nl will take an
active hard In tariff ?revision, and thai the
ir?i?ure rei I " H
Wars sad Means Committee wUI have
? ???- lila conference with the Chief I x
, ? v. Mr I'lHlerwood expressed
?.y is- ? ? ??? , ?
. , ? . meen the two maca i ? con?
n of the tariff."
jye tout " i mowa of the 8ci ? ' ? t
mailttee wl o were io-di ? ?
with the detalla of th<- bill prepared by
. o t>. .i - Meens < t?c aie Ben?
??or? s ? ? ? - Hugh?
H<*ke !?r-:tv Ai i Senator 8li
.... t KX ?' Il M Im wi
\ ? ' ? - . ?? . . ? e was
? ? his 1 . Wit
, airman of ih? Wnj i ai d Mi I
? ; . f ? - . i dlectisaed tlie
Heuaa tariff bl I for an I r moi
Aims to Push Revision.
prei dea vt ? ? ? I with the
Irltin*:? n ? ?' plan v i t era ol
t>,e y ? ? .... know In s
v.-r.?' - ? ? entlal ?leta1 i ol ' ? pro
.... Phi ...
? ? arason . was designed to exp? lite the
han?' : > ' ? ? a at extra
It 1? bos ? ? : ?ted that the 8ei
r ??? ?* begin Immediate consldei itton of
th> ?House bill, i
reaches ths upper chamber members of
IV Fu anee Comnnltte. a it ave i i
i derision regai lu? i ?
majority may deem Mcessarj
?7or? erli I ? ?part the Pres?
ident la now playing in the general
Ktasae ot tariff reels ptloi
g Jastifled tl t tir two bousei wl ; ?not
have radical differences <?ti thi ? ? I
lOTtofore Senators have confe ?red in?
forma;:.'.- with a sml ?ers of the ]]<? ise d r?
lr.g the pi ogress o* t;ir.fT I? . The
aafsrence to-day, however, wea unusual. I
Tti? Ways ?and Means Commltte?
only yesterday ea the ?tentative draft of
ih?* tar.r bill. Within twenty-four ho -
Ittks reported suggestion fromthi W
House, a formal ?conference was In prog-i
resi between members of the tariff mak- i
ir.g eeoamttteoe of the two branc as of
fejrtgtess. an?l the bill which will come
'rom the Ways arvi Means Committee
*.! b? i .r.stantiai y a bill on which the
haden bava agreed.
Fer t. ?? t."-; t v i a t.-.- Iff bill elng
frarr- ? - eff< ' bj a ?Bei ate and ?
eomniitt-?? working in ?conjunction ;?n>i
with altimate harmony In vtow. <?? I ?
process Is the dominating nfluei ?? ??f
the President, wh<_ ?apparent j Is to take
a more active part In tariff ?revision than
any of h.s predeeeseora. The Underwood
tariff M . vihen ?reported, win actually
Ig the Wllaoo-Underwood M I, foi II Is
: a geni ally accepted thai the ?Preal?
d?r.t la to he ?behind t h.-tt meat re
It ia sen t, ? I e .,, i? i of House I lem ?
Short Session Loo'-ed For.
it la ti.? <i?^:r?' of the admlnlatrat on
tr.at the extra ?session be i.?>t prolonged.
A short session. :t Is art?'.'?! may be BS
?'ired by a working ?(.'!>"' enl ?between
tn? Ways and Means Committee and ti?<
Haanca ? .ommitti ?
It la practically assured that the ||? \mp
*ill pot the duty on raw wo?il at l?? pel
cent ad valorem ari'l that Other duties
BJ Schedule K. tue m<?st vital ??f a!'.
NhedulOS, wl.l be ahovt the earne h*?
those carried !n the UndOTWOOd Wool bill
' ? a ?ast sssslen. The Senat.* is not
aspeeted to insist on sweeping cbani
in this s? he'iule
Tie House Is expected to Stand foi fre.?
?'jgar, an?l It has a chenca of approval
In the genate. Indications ar.-, howevi
that fr., k?k? r will be used foi trading
jarpoai - 11 I is Houaa and thai a com?
promise win he ranched, 'i I ?? Ho ise free
?ir-t Win also ?unbrace, according t<? pi?-?
sal pie- : naher, shoes and a vai atj
M agrlcti ' irai Implements and farm
prodt; ?
The !r.? <?n,e tax bill Will he included as
a rider ?ii?oti the tariff bill, and the ratea
of the hueaaa tax will depend largely
op^n th<? forthc?,tiiin*< report of the ex?
i>?rta r,f the Ways and M?. na Committee,
*ho are noa .ftimatln? the loos ??f rev?
enue ?Ahirh ??ii re*"iit from Deasocratk
tarff revlsloi
kepteoentatlvc Payne, of New York,
laaklag R*pubIloen <?f ii a Ways and
Means Committee, said ?to-day that, while
'.nere would be a minority report on th<
'"?'Iff l:| ?,y the H<i?iihlliari m.-nih.i<? of
IM esmmlttee, theri would be no time
'?? arasent a ?Republican tariff measure.
** the Republicans WlU no? he railed into
???I esmmlttee t?. \??t<- on the Democratic
'*" I U: til thai mea-iire Is le.-dy to h<: r<
Psrle4 le the House.
Shot Himself Because of Worry Over
Long Illness.
? ' gj Tetograph t.. -i a? Trtl . ?
f'^intieid. x. .j., ?March It, Bdwln P
wsedwtn, aae.i sixty-four -.?ai-, n retired
*,'>ri< broker, comasltled suicida at hli
hs-aa, No. ir,-, Roekvlew avenue, North
PMinfleM, thi- morning. Aftei breakinsl
n? retired te hi*? bedroom, where be sh?.t
^tnaeit i? um ho?it? rhl. ,??lv WM fo||Dd
b> Mr?. ?iood-Ain and her deugtiter, Mrs
^'Ullarn |{. Murray Worry due to long
?l?n?**? cause?! the deed, Ma f.-.miiv be?
Mr. QaadWltt'S son-in-law, William R
*,,Jr"'ay, took his llf*. the -.?m? ttuy tout
>ears ago Mr. Goodwin Was g nativo of
Bflstol, ?ohm, h,k| had ll\eri |a North
'^ainfleid sin?e retiring f...... business in
i?"i. He u.-,. ;, memhM ..f Holy Cross
i-ne-opai Church, the PlalnfleM Cenntry
( '">' and the Royal Arcanum.
British Post Likely To Be Of?
fered to Harvard Ex-President,
(Kr'.in The ?'??:. .:.? I! r?
Waahlngton, March 14 Charlea w
Eliot, preeld?rnt emerltua of Harvard Uni
xey ilty. ?may .??.?.-, rec? Ive from the P
d? m the offer ol the Ambassadorship t?>
,;"'??? Britain. Altl o igh II ????- ?said al
'?re White il.? iae to-day that i ?? rormal
??rr? r ??r th.- ,,?;,,,. i M i,...,, made t,, him,
- '"???i? known for -tome time thai the
denl tins D, ?Sliot'a name under
? onalderatlon.
The posaibillty ?.f Dr. Eliot's appoint?
ment became atronger to-da) with the ??? j
!"?!' from a semi-official sour. . thai ? -r I
had been receive i r.t the White Ho -??
I'm' Hi.? former Harvard pre Idenl would
ac epi Mi.? potd if \\ ?.?,,.?,. ,.tT<-r.-.i to him ?
Il * am ateo leam??d seml-offlcl ill) 111 K
Pr? sld? ni Wi?s..ti probabl) would ael? et !
l'"il : el George W. Qocthala to be Qov*
? ' nor ?;? ri? ral ol the Canal /."? ? The
? '?"lit Is s,,.,,. uha, 0f ? ... ., |,,| ,
? fir? lency, and II i-? hla repo t? ?i pui ?poae
not t.. ?,?t ?pol?tica Interfere ??uii the com
pletlon <?f th. . ranal Mr. Tafl Intended
?o ??i.r..m? Colonel Ooethals Governor i
General of the ?'anil Zone, but withheld
in?-- name when the Democrats started lo
.Inject politic) Into Hi.? appointment.
lMi.il? j ????..;,| Malone had anoth? r con? ;
f? r? i"-?- ??uii Hi?? !??. ?i lenl thla after- i
noon, .,t,.?. v. r ?.? he de?*llni ?i to -.<? an)
thlna ;ii?"?;i u. u is und? i atood thai the
?Pn aid? i.i off? r ??<; him an ?1 ; than
that ??: a-- . ?vttorney Geni ral,
Mr. M.?!. ?said he had called t?? see the
lenl ??u other bu ?Inesa I i. in placa
ng, because he ??..s not looking for
any Job. I :? haa had a n im ?
i ? '."rni ?i partnership In N? ? ?ork, and
n .1? ?i ? r ? ? . m.
The Illinois G ? ora?
te? an ? ?i ? ? ? to-da and made an
appoint menl wltl ih? l*r< lenl for Bat
Seize Paris Green Given to Em?
ploye by Admiral.
Korwell, Masa., March II X? ? wil
mmoned lo- ? i : a -.- to p ? ?
?? w hen 11.? it.?! lest ii
Admiral Jos? ph G hla ton, 1 s N
? ? ? ? ? ? - :,? .1 In 1 ? gl
Plymo ' ? im, lo
? ? nil ? ..i l' . in r.i
nelgl i ??? - ?? the ?Sat? ??? n
Include '?? ? .
et i
i II? has d< ne ? ores
e fan I icve
?pr? ' ? ?
???1 i, ?a home ? i""i? :.?? ? ? ?i
intll paria gre?
In a ? Ii ? r |]i
- Iven Mm two ) in
i.? Reai a ' i ?? .? .- I
to take It as : a<l?l?
'ih- suicida theory haa practica ? be?
eliminated, according i<> mi oil il a
tins bet : ?went at all th? aesslons of the 1
?Ina wort Ii the ?
??f Admiral Baton's two - i
thai within Bin m ?ntha h? r atepi
had " her of a s rh
her slatei i ? ? ? iri?
? ? ? ? ?i l : "in ;?
ti"n with the . ?.
.?ti.?.: i ? . ?? II, . which bei ? ? ? ? ? I ? ? i
CUl ?ifT.
. *?. P. 1 ? ? I 1 ? ?'
? ??n attempt was being made :?? go
.I. ??j er Into the history of the l-:-?t'?n
? .
Mi i ?Eat. ? ?'? lo-day that she wa
anxlo ' pear Ii
t before the ] nd tha
the ad vie? inael I ?? ?
'rained from dlacusi ng the alt latlon
Assembly Kills Habeas Corpus'
Measure as Too Broad.
i ?any, March 19. Becaua? ol
fuaal i" a cepl r.n amendment, the bill
,.r Aaaemblyman J. D. Kelly to amend]
the ?habeas ? oi p ??- law to meel the
ixr Harry K. Thaw wai defeat??! in the
Aaaembly to-day, reeelvlng only forty-live
-,.,!. s. Tha ?nteaaure, which was mir..
??: ai th<* requeal of Attorn?
<'iiriiio.lv. provided thai ??? final ord?
? i la |. I i i -i
- evidence on ? hearlni ???
procf*?>*dlng, In vol? llig the de?
of th? ame pe? ?son, ont) naa ? ? I?
, .,, . to be Introduced.
?I shall oppoaa ?inu bill." Mid Aaron .i.
Levy, the majority leader, "?becauae it
affecta not onlj criminal Inaane caaes,
bul all ' riminal caa? ?? I Iharefon bellas ?
that It Is unionflit'itlonal."
Mr. I.a-vy snld li?? W?Mlld fav??r th? mea
?m? if it were amentled ao .?? to app
only to ?ri?-;? i if criminals, Mr. Kelly
would not ?heaf ol any amendment, In
- ? ?ng ..n n rota being ?taken on thi i.iii
?aa it itood.
?The bill could undoubtedly have ?be? n
;., ?.,j it it had been amended i?? meel
?i of iii?- ?majority leader.
Great To Be a Plain American
Again, Says Ex-Speaker.
Dam ?if". Ill . Ma* ii It. "Tell tha '
American people thai i ti.ruk it great to
i.?? a plain American citizen again." m???i ?
"Uncle Joe" Cannon aa he emerged rrom
hi?? home abort 1 y before noon to-day
nit?! a refreshing Bleep The ex?8paa*?
r-r, travel-worn and alone, arrived from
VYaahlngton laal night ?*? n?). niii!i<<? ins
return In formel yet t, when ha wna
aacorted by al leaal half the population,
??.?m to Mi in.ni*- unattended Till? wan
'?in?? t?> in?- uncertainty <>f iiis arrival. *
i .Mr ?'.?nnon, greeted bj frlenda and
nelghbora on every aide, was more than
an hour ?going from iii?. home ??? tha
bank <>f which h>? is principal owner.
After ?<r ?? *lni tha bank employee in* re?
tired ?<? iii? private "fti?-?- ?.??Hi rria-mis
Afta-r forty ? ?.-?? s of ?service "Uncle
.i.,?-." for ? aecond lime lsi ? private cltl
aen The cltiaena ?>f ?Danville are plan*
nlng a dinner in ins honor
Boston Broker Was Convicted of Min
ing Stock Conversion.
Boatos, Mareta M Stephen It ?Dow, the
stock r?i?K.r reeentlj convl lee <>i the
eonvei?alan ut ?fund? ?f ?mining trompanlei
,.* whl n ii' wee pretddent, ?a.?s aentenced
to-ilay l<? i? l'im Of ?lulit I?, twelv? ???ais
'm state prtaon, Judge Brown ?granted ?
?ain> ?>f ex?acuU?a4i
Dow, ?who Ii ? Mi t>-two ?,-ars old. began
a pgOt?trinrlrir DUUnlM ?are??r aa a clerk
i,, a brekerage ?tetUM Aft?T a fan yeara
i,,. ?purcnaaed a s??Ht on the Boitan stork
Kv bange ??"?i formed the firm <,r Btephan
I? I low \- COii whl'li later ?gained .ontiol !
?f fo.ir Mtchlaaji mining preperllea, the
Algomah, in<H?n.*. ?PVanklln and N?.riiij
\?,ke. ?Laal October the firm went ?m?
bankruptej :.?.d ?Dow wh* IndlettM f??t th?
iuishs? <?f ti<- funoa ?<f tha ?mining ?ernn
Navy Officers Will Try to Obtain
Action by Congress.
Differences of Opinion in Ser?
vice Help Kill Chances of Any
Comprehensive Measure,
I From The Tribune Ban
Wt>*.?to". March ? Cndnunted by
k> i? failures, those ?t... have charge
' : II ?? projet i. ?i i. delation (,,,? the n.
I:,r of naval ?personnel rondltioni purpose
? ? ' the ii.:nt for an amemlmenl "t
'?? existing law. The new Secretary of!
'i ? .V, \ j ha* not had tune ?., |ak. UD !
" - i ect, in which all navel of- !
Beers lake thi . lest Interest h Is ? i ?
!'? ? ted. boa ? ? ? ? that D?cr?tai : I ?enl? Is's
attt ntlon a .11 soon ? dire? t? .1 t?> the mat?
''*?'? I '? ' "aptaln R <? Dunn, ? ho ha? 1 ed
mosi i" do with puahlng the meai re he
ni ? : ? ommil lees ??f ? 'oner? a*.
Consldi 1.?; le anxlet.. is felt n?? to the
attll tde ??? ' v. admlni ti at loi in s??ni?- '
marten l ? w... ? d ih il Mr. Danli l
vv :| app ove of ? 11 ??? ?ding i? gialatton, \
**) ? ?? ortnii it.,.1 .1 h i g ti,, -i .tit admin
? 1 ?..- amended In Important
1 ai ticulai - in : he laai four yeai
? ?thi i naval offlci r* ?be ?? \ e Ihe ?pending
bill 1*? def<. lit ??. and Ihe ? a ?? exi rted
' ?. .,1 the ?'..; ii..I ;?? preven! Ita
?rab? ?,.- - ,i. 1. iio.i.
With t ? -? conflli tins views ??
naval I) ? ? doubtful that an) thing 1
??.-in ; ? .?..',? 1 ; tied h thi ? ' ? "ii '
? ? ? M - believed thai ??? hatcvei : ? 1
latlon I foi ih?- 1
?I !??? In fi agmentai \ form ?? I
: ? is ha
ded I ?h? d? pa 1 iment, ? ?
????iiiii.i- d the a; tl com
m ,n 1 he . ? . j
Sa val oil it thi
1 ?. ?i ? .,- . . -
draati? ?...?;?? ??. leai
,. on the : ? * ? .i list, tit
11 the 1 ? .? retired 1
..... ?atead of ri
- . a nl ihr. e- |uart? rs of (
act \f paj Mai ? ci tl< - of ill
; . . ' . ! ?. , , .
? ? B * ?il the al!? ".:,?? notabl :
? ..vu light. Ii would ? pris
? ? ' : ? I I. |l B general I ? - 1
Of I .. ' ..... .
... ri-duce 1 ? ? <?-t ? f 11a? l
It'll auch appreh? nava
oftl? ? re, many belie vi et listel
....;?.?? 1 it Ion !
the 'i' ision ??f ? hi* t' might ?
le and lid 1 rabie an :
h ?? la ?v
;'.'??< ? ' '
? . .. ? r
? ? 1 . ... . ' 1
live and Senator th< I two
Man Who Was Expelled from
Kings Moose Asks $25.000.
Rdward T. Cm
da f? '?? '" ? ?? ?? ' 'i Imothy .
1, \\ .... I- .::. the ? ? " ? '
t one) I't'i ? -? ? part: ol Kinga Coui
ty, for lib? Th? ? ..1 a thi ri
; . . Mr. V "."?i It aeveral
? go m
from ti. rounl ? noimltt? e of th? I
.. pai t) ?Several ot I
. ., . e started t< ? foi
ng $10 ?
,|. , ? as been : depi ?? ? ?? nl
Demo, rai n thi Progn
pa t) ?'aa foi mi d he took an activo 1
, /. : m and waa ? ? ? ?? d
.,!,.] vice-pri ?.?ii ol the Klnga Co
committee II waa smooth Hailing foi
- until a M.OOO |ob .n
. . ?, 1 . .? ? 1 oflli ?? became * a
s. .. . ? for thi d|B< ? ?
11, pul ' < 'ommln f It?
wa - the plum d I ....
Un, .ii?!?? a ' ed ..1 ; 1e field, ? 'un an
.,.,,? ,,f them ? ?n ti??- sfti moon ol
Januai s -i al ?? meeting ol tbe ? ?ec t
committee In the lient ??i an argument
he cnlled If r. Woodruff to ordei In nn un?
parliamentary wajr. Curran offered at?
explanation at the meeting ??f ?the ?coun?
tj committee ii the evening. Ur, Wood
r ,fr. after llatenlng ?<? his explanation,
rend a speech In which he charged Mr,
Curran ?with circulating an unauthorised
petition urglni Curran's aelectloa as Dep
ut) Commissioner ?>f Recorda He said I
other unkind ?things, sccordlng ?to Curran, ;
w hi h uni form the ?? ils of Ihe several
l n ,1 si;?t? ment whi? h he I aued \ estei
da; ? '??? ran said "Ha? ln? ?been the .-i?-ti\.?
agent In btinglm and ?persuading thou?
aanda t?? Join the Pr? r? Ive party In
Klnga Count) and flnall) harina been
. on In? ? ? lhat IU organisation In Bi
hu has 1.me a treat ?pocket machine
ii\i.-.i?i b) Timothy i< ?Woodruff, ?1 i? ill
boss, 1 Bslt the a whom 1 Induced t?> Join]
tu fr.t ?-? ?\ ? ? m? M - onl) excuse in that 1 I
?i,! not Know Mi. Woixif ?fr The part)
in Klnga County la ?bul a piece of a ?bois?
ridden Inder? ni h) pocrls)
Venezuelan and Mylius Mustl
Respond in Upper Court.
Washington, Man h '" United Btates !
Attorney Wise was Instructed by the !>?? |
partmenl <?f Justice to-day i?> tak" ?to ?the
Circuit Courl of App a 1 ihe question <?f
the right ??f Clprlnno Castro, ex-President
of Venesuela, and Bdward F, Mylius. I
English Journalist, t?. ? ntei ami ?reaaaln In
the 1 'nlted Btates n? ?is! on
? astro was ordered deported b) ex?8ec
retary Nagel bacanes he ?refused t?> ?an?
huit certain questions of 11 a Immigr?t) m
authorities, and Mylius because he had
been ?convicted In London of liheiniig
King George. At Hrsi Ihe ?government
intended taking the cases directl) to ihe
?Supreme > 'ourt
Book Dealer. It Is Alleged, Sold Un-1
printable Obscene Literature.
Jacob ?Deutshberger, l book ?denier or'
\-,,. tai Fourth avenue, wa.- arraigned IsaI
Jefferson Mnrkel court, ?before Meglstrate]
(?Yescbl. reaterdaj afternoon, charged I
with selling Obscene b'>"ks, and wa?? h.?l.l i
In |(04 '?ail f??r trial. Deotechberger waa
arrested on a warrant sworn oat bjrl
Anthony Cometock, of the Bociet) f??r tin
Suppression of Viet
At?? ordlni te lha ?affldat ?t <?f Mr < Join?
iitocli ,l"' book dealer aoM ?books that were
unprintable. They were written out in
longhand end ?sold at ?prices ranging from
*, to W?
\X/E handle a lar&e number
" * of trust estates and
many questions are easy to us
that would be expensive legal
problems to an individual
We make a strong point of
two things economy In ad
ministration and the highest
safe return for invested funds.
Our trust officers are glad to
discuss with you our acting as
your executor and trustee.
Capital . . $ 5,000,000
Surplui(all earned ? 11,000,000
I 76 Broadway, New York
ITB Bliara It. 196 Montagu-Sl..B*Myn.
350 Fulton St., Jamaica. *
Jersey House Tacks Referen?
dum Clause to Jury Bill.
President's Efforts to Have
Measure Passed in Its
Original Form Fail.
|r .:.???.?,; ? !.?..,,?
T":"" ? N J Mar? ; ? i-,, iidenl !
u !~''' I a se?.?? . k .,; ?
!l- hands of the S? a Jei
''' ; ' ' irgent telegram .1 ng the |
fen da; ??? 1 ?.-,?. .- :
? 1 . . rtn bill, ?
""? Houaa adopted to la Davis
" ? '? . Hi
'?'??? i"...m amei dm? nl
'I he l-r. ?aid? nt will 1 ? .
lo take inor? ? . ,
se? mi pti f. -,,, : ;
tvlthii ?
i.? mi ? nd "
' ? ? ? mpa
? . h the won of I*r?
?VII?? '????? .1 1 ?
? ?-? I the Davla bill
'? ? lm? 1 ? : ?
f..' the naming
'.? e law tp a
.9* ?. II?
">i 1 M irtln 1 ? adr?
from 1 ? i,ti ? .
emaaculatli \ to
give th?
? ?
? . "fera 1
1 I ?
n at the re- ? to-da
? ? ? -.,? ? ?
, 11 ? ? ?
.. ,,. 1
'?'. I ??!. 1 . ? .1 t pail
l ????s a
; r ? ? ' 1 ?
Mr. ...
WIIboi '. and Mayor Ott?
VVlttpa-nn. -i.il
i? r ? ? In th? ? ?' ? -
Mai ? ?. ? ?
Hud a ? l?n ?I
the peo| i : ? 1 . ? 1 11
r. foi tn schem? a
?,,nl?..1 y law at ? ??i ? -'? i? Fti
.. ?next ? ?*?*?*? I wit
II? baa threat*
l^..-.. ? .:. ; .-.i the purifl? ?i bill, and
? ?
,,,,, -,?,., j,,, Jon I l be warm I
11. ., ' ? nfl
but 1 t
Ja yol me out fia?
root? ?i In favoi of the l ??.? i I I
.?,. ... ..: ... i -.- Id? nl >'. II ? ? - mi
ai 1 ? ' ?
? T?. ti??* H"'i \?..-"'ii ??? w llaon, W : ?
11?. iae, v- -' ihlngton, 1) ?
??i ?agree with >'ou and will do whal 1
,,,,, for tii. 1 ?a la bill. M) d? mand foi an
boneat wfe"*eoduia on the Jury Mil was In
ia<??,.r?i ?Aith your i"^t d?Bclaratlon on the
. ?jbjeet 1 am, howev? 1 commit t< ?i l?
jury ?reform, ?and will aid In the paa 14
i.f tli?? I'ill ?? i'I"'" ? '*?'? rendum 1 I ?
ravored th? Klag? n bill from the bi
nlng, ?believing onl) thai II abould not
adopted wh? ?re nol wanted
M :,. itlon <?i? lin*' m' nure baa ?'.
v .-,-, I,,.-,, ? . ;.: . ni.?l * It h ) OU, 1
, . i? ?mughl Hi- full? I ?r? aaure nf home
rule. ?Senator Ki-'.?i? i 'a elfofl ??? ?iir? ?t the
right i"i j'"? reform hai cauaed confu?
rion, until your t**legram a iirec? ed, f..r
,i,,. i,.-,-,,?, thai he ?pul Hi a?? ept<**d the
p. nu? loin Martin r? tort nduni and ?.?
thai hi expected lo ilgn luch ? use*
On the othei band? '"' puetlhm art
f,-iv??r ?.r an boneal referendum and eh*
ilutel] "i'i.' te " ? htkrlln referon?
dt m "
The beginning of the end <>f the admin
i-ir;i?i<?ii eonatltutlonal conv? ntlon Mil, In?
;r.?i'i??'l m the Htmaa bj aieemblymea
Henneaay. of Bergen, ?came thta after?
noon, wi?.-n it wi?-- paaaed by tin ii?.m-.
??.i s.ni ..h t.? i>" ?" tele, where II
pnnn-.t slaut hter fa confidently eapeeted
There wai little <.r no irooMe eut ????int? -r? ?l
t.? tii?- Mil in the ?He*gae, tin- vote for III
adoption having b-*ea M i" IT. The rap?
?-ni.-tiiv.?? <.r nil the small s?.utii Jersey
ro'itni.s w. t.? inv.i MiUdly agalnal ll
Aaaemblyman rtlcharda led th.?ealtlon.
11 roan 1 be i '? Iboae Banal I
Waahlngt<m, March If Word wai re?
ceived ;.t iii?- White H?*****ae t??-?l.?y thai
the Jury ?refonn bill had pawed the ?en
Jersey a ?a. iiii.i?- ?M'ti a mach milder
mu. i?.lm.?m than originally propoaad This
,ii,i i,,,t m?. t ??in? the approval of ?the
I'M -i?i<-nt? who II ??s flgoroua a*? ever In
his d.?ninii?l f'?r the original I'UI. with.,m
any kin?! <?i an amendment
Mayor H Otto IVIttptmn i?>"k the ?Proal?
dent'a telegram yemettlni retry much to
heart end ellmbed Into the "band
wagon" m greel haate. He toid Mr. ?WH?
MM, ?,|| nl.I il llil- eft? iii????n In .? n ?
v.,??.? which waa ?received al ti" Whlti
'i h?? ?rotea ?if the Wlttpenn men in the
Assoini'iy ttiis afternoon sii..??.??-.i that he
l.ad ?1?-liver? ?1 the |.la," but h?- must
li.lp n llltl?? in?.i<-, f'?r Hi?? I'l.'M.ni ?rill
nut appro??? any kimi ?if ? referendum .-?t
tached to Ihe uu aaure.
1|. ?i. date ?.?.v.-tn?.r Fielder aeemi ??.
hn\f Hi-? upper band In Ihe opera bouffe I
wrir for tiif ?Prealdant'i Mipporf as the
Democratic nominee for Governor. Hat
tt.t K"i Wiiir-nti In line f??r il.rainal
MIL II hi believed Mr. Kleider will be ai.i.?
eventuell) t?> jam it through th? Houaa
Houses Unsanitary and Ov<
crowded: Wages Inad?quat!
Labor Department Reports.
Investigation of Wages a:
Cost of Living Among
Mohawk Valley Textile
Workers Urged.
Albany, March 19 ? The n..,.,? ,,?? n th?
ough Investigation <?f wages .?vi <ost
living among th? textile workers of i
Mohawk Valle) ?s the conclusion rea?-i
j by th.? siat.? Labor Department, whl
has been Investigating the stnke ?,f t
textile workers at Little Palla
?Vinoni other ? on? lusloi ? reached a*
re* nil ??f the Laboi ?Department's invr*.?
getfom .it Little F_Ul?a ?are;
'iiv' mo?i <>r tbe houses m ?-hi.-h t
work? re live hi, old ..nd almost all i
? .1 lioui n odern rom enien? i s
Thal bathroom?* are entire!) nh???nt.
Thai In man) cases f.I supplies a
ki i?i i?i - :? ? pint-- r.i,k
'i ? ventilation In '.;?.Ins nuaitera a
I sleeping .?'?.?m* la slwaya bed, either ?i
t<> th.? Ignorance ?>? th.- occupants i?r
? ?i hei ca u ?
Thai overcrowding la thi rtite
Thai ih. averagi.k arage I
nearl) SO ?per <?? m of Ihe mi n workers Jn
pi ??i i?. the n Ike amount? ?l to ??*'? ??r I?
and thai i ? .n !? .." i.m ?.t iii?. ?...in
?vorkera during thi aame pertod recelv
'??? ?" i- i v.? ek ??i .
Thai in ih?- ???iii'iii? nt ..f the ?iii
er? - ? ton ?i i.? Hi? i? ?. el t>efo
.me inci eaa
foi pit ..,? - in ihe adjustment
i.ui Dial th. fin .1 aettli menl mai
III. ? tng. from condttloi
.-.-- in wagca
"Th?- <? ? gtlon la at Rlcient," as
the 1 ? i ? partment'a ?report, "to mal
??ii?* ronuluslon Inescapable, nam< . lb
exlatlng condition? . a probb
vu I ? |l|l
lei -i- f?nther Ii ? I
i:? ? ; - - ? ... and 1
? trlk? -:? ?i fro
?nuai ?. ?'. i ' ?? ? '
Ih. eport irea
'i . ?? : or De| riment Inv< gated coi
re por t sa
; he work?
v i reduction i
"...i.-, i ???;?? airead) i<>
? i . ? . ; ? .. ?m Ii s iha
i were bl oui I I ?*
? '
? i i ? m M l
thi n ? ??f n?
ill*, and eape? ial!
? ,\
\ ? . n born, nor eve
Blowly at 1
? ? . . ? ? .
? ? itallai
; i. the rilan, an?
, . entatlvet
are f?
? . ' . -, ....... !,?... itOf
Some of ' ' ? ?-? are 1?
.t..'. while othei
.f the ri\? i thi
,? . ii Roe - thru .kn th
each occuple
In man
??: '
-, while en
? id wlnda o
? ?
i ? .: argety ui
of l.ll'l
to n lot
-? i.pie, fo
' ' ' ;
lively high a mornlg."
Woman Badly Bitten in Pro
tecting Small Nephew.
.? to anve thnl I
? ... ion! ? 'i m phew, i
? -, . K\ est I -d slre.-t
the path <?i an In
had lea| ? <l at Ihi
erelved sevi re lac? rations ol
., ute nervoui attack
? homi -n at the Lebanon Ho?
? m th.? . it. ?!- of thi
. : ountei The > hlld ? - api ?l without ?
The attack of the dog i ime when Ml -
,-.,n, with her sister, Mr.? Thoouu
! Clark, ??t So. ' '? * Brook ?tre* t. ai d thi
tatter's amall ?son, returned to the Clerk
apartment sftet an absence and fount!
, ?trange ? i ? ? tr insldi I'pon opening ti"
o..??r th.* sntmal sprang at Mrs ?Clark
.?. im i,. id ' he bel ? In bei ai ma, a bile mi-'
Thompson struck the anlmnl s large ?ter?
rier knocking him to ihe ?ground
The <!"*: sprang a i eond time, catching
1 hon pson on the left band and
einking hi ? tei tu t?> the bone ? f one tin
;. i m,- Thompson succeeded In freeing
.nui closing the ?i. a Ith the
dog In ..i? . a hile Patrolman Thlel, of the
Morrl un.? station, waa called Mrs.
I Clark ?.i*- unable to a?-- mini for lha
preei n? ?? ??f the ?i"K la th? ?flat
Publisher Disclaims Candidacy
for Minister There.
? i ? mn ? a Trll vi- n n.aii '
w - blngton, M?nn h il?, -it ws <
learned here t??-?ia. thai awnng lbs
I names that hi \ ?* boon suggested foe
the i?"vt ?>f Minister Rcaldent gad Con?
sul General to Liberta tro? that <?f ?9a?
.?..?hi ?;. viiiai?i. .i New fork rub?
I Mr Yiii.ir.i denied last muht that the
post ??t" Minister t?> Liberia h.??i been of?
fered to him,
"i ?it?! not know," he unid, "that any
m <? had proposed my name f??r ihe list ??f
<-iii;iiii? i, and i have beard n?> rumors to
that affect i have not been In Weaning?
ton nor have i ?talked srlth President WH?
?.??n since tti?- night after his elw tloa
? i would not accept ?? mlnlatry t<> any
country, i snail remain in Near York."
Lane Names Composer to Teach
It in Tribal Schools.
Washington, ?March Ik To pr?serve ?and
devi lop the wendet ful muai of the Aaaei -
lean Indian Ihe ?Secretar) <?' the Interior
lu da) appointed Oeoffre) ?? il.ira. a com?
id.*. r. as an Instructor In music under
Ihe Hur. au <>f (pdloti AfTalra
It ?ill be Mr i? tiara's duly to record
native Indian music ami arrange i1 ?"?
?, . ?i the Indian schools i?<- is to live
on ii"* reeervetlona.
in ms letter directing the appointment
of Mi ? l il.n?. ?Secretar) ?Lene Mid.
i think thai it is the cart of wisdom
i?, di relop n? t?.< ) oung Indiana an In?
creased respeci for all th?s?? things of
l>eaut) whieh their fath ra produced. Our
.n.m si.iii i?? i?? make Ima generation
proud of their ancestor! and t<> k.*e|. -tine
In I hem the mentor) of their wholesome
legends and th?-ir aboriginal arm."
uThe Top Notch of Scotch
AGE, Q J \ ? TV
FRANCIS DRAZ & CO.. Sole Agents. United States
New Uptown Freight
Pier 70, East River
To meet the demand of the merchants for an np
town Freight Terminal, convenient t?> the ?lry ?goods,
silk, cotton and woolen goods districts,
The New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Co.
have established at Pier 70. ?East River, fool of -LM
Street, a new station, when* freight will ?be received for
and delivered from all ?points in New England, etc.
The New York, New Haven & Hartford R.R. Co.
Tel. Gramercy 1175
C. C. TURNER, Agent.
Magazine Section
xt Th.
Sunday Tribune
? if course you know that the x\cw McCutchcon serial story
i- being read and talked about 1>\ .-ill fiction lovers, and j?*ou are
feeling sorrv for those unfortunate persons who did not .begin
with the first instalment last Sunday. But it is not too late t"
catch up, for s synopsis ?goes with the next instalment. 01
vet more interest, however, is the fact that
A Double-Page Drawing
will 1??" a feature. The drawing will be reproduced in colors, and
will be worth framing. I? depicts one of the most dramatic
scenes ?n the ?great romance, "A Fool ?nd His Money." The
picturesque setting "i the talc, a castle on the Danube, makes
an ideal theme for the famous artist.
FAUL WEST contributes on? of his clever short stories. "The
Se?ora's Diamonds" is a tale of tense situations and unexpected
de*? lopments about beautiful women, and jewels, and detectives,
and New Y >rk hotelkjeepers.
written another thrilling talc aboul life saving on tin- Jersey coast.
There i* i u?>"'l romance in "Slipped Cables."
SHERMAN MONTROSE CRAIGER, who writes of charitable and
."?ii-. i?,- affair? a- an expert, offers another authoritative
. ?.' "Getting Rid of the Tramp" discusses :!:? farm col
, .- blishe ' 'n \C?v . ?>r!< State and m foreign countries.
physician ol tin* Matteawan Stau* Hospital :"r ?':? Criminal Insane,
writes understanding^ and sympathetically of "The People of the
Walled City."
Then there :< an entertaining little tale called "THE PREACHERS
DOCTOR BILLS," by George ?M. A. Cam,
Magazine Section
of The
Sunday Tribune
Buffalo Gets Sixty Days to
Reach an Agreement.
Washington, March II At the eon?
? iiision of a hearing to?dey the Secretary
of War gave repreeentatlves ?>f Buffalo.?
ihe international Perry Company and the
International Bridge Company slaty ?days
in which to reach an agreement on the
terms ?>f conveyance <>f the Bird Inland
pier property i?v ?tie fed? ral government t<?
the municipality. ?Secretary Garrison will
make no ruling 'intu he again hears th,*
interest? ?1 parties. The maint, nance and
operation of the bridge ?between Bird Iel?i
end i?ier ami Buffalo, which the govern?
ment gram asseeses ?against Buffalo, also
will be decided al the emi ?<f sixty days.
Those who ?spoke at the hearing ?before i
Mr Qsrrlaon were ii. <;. Anderson, i?r?*st
?lenf of the ?greet Bide Husiness Men's
Association nt Buffalo; Oeorge s. Burd,
president of the Buffalo Business Men's
?Vasoclatlon ; VTIIIIam C Marcy, repre?
nentlng ?the International Bridge Com?
pany, an.i ?'ret ,i Weber, representing the
International Perry Company.
Three heavy revolvers and two rifVs.
with several hundred rounds of ammuni?
tion, were Introduced In evidence before
Magistrats McQuade, la the Combs ?polios
i ourt. yeeterdey againat Las Bmg, ?>f No
it Mut Htre^t, charged arhh rlolatlng the
Sullivan law. Detective Klernan. of the
Elizabeth street statten, sat?i in- iia.i found
the arsenal in the room of the Chinaman
laut Sunday, Th?* ?room, he said, was the
headquarters of the On i.e??tin Tong. T_o|
.-a*" was adjourned until t<>-?!;?>. nail of
|:',?inr*Uing continue?!
Will Go to Capitol Often When
Tariff Bill Is Up.
U'.ishmcton, M;nvh It, ?PreeMeM \\ I
p.?11 win cont?t treeiatutsy with aaemhort
of the HotlM and senate In tin? I'uel
?i??iu'? r.?um in tii?? 1'npiini during the
extra s.-sslon of ?".?imrrrav. Thai ???is an
in. .ti.-c.l ;?t Hi.? WhltC H?9UM t?> ?In?. The
Ti? s'u.'iil ??ill inak?- MlUCeW as UOOUt
as poeelble i" ni??tiii"-is .?f >'etngruet en
Ums?' ?Jays ??li?-ii tariff l???islati??n will
i ii.iva? reached n?-- most imp?t tant ?i??-. I ?
neat. n<- found, ??.hiu? Quxmeue ?>f New
'.i.inej. thai i??i-imti?>?? ??.-is often cape?
! ?liipil by his ri??s?? i-'iiiiiiiiinl' atioi? with the
?N'.-w Jene) l?egWature, il?-* ma?i?? it a
practice t?? i??? in bis <>??n uSOcu xrhewurnr
th.? Lcclelatiirs wae In seeelea, ?lay or
tu?;lit, an.I Ka?.? pr.-? .?.|.?n. ?? in Ilia 011
gagenenta t?i tir?? legtetaton.
The PieeMeni wHI ?go t<? ?the ?'..pit ?i. it
was M?d, in a spirit of rrlcniil?. .-?.-op.??a
li'.n, i?? consult with D?mocrate an?t lt??
P'lbli'.ins aJikt? on the progress ?>f li'aji?
i;?ii?m.? Me bellevee, however, that l.e
?hotttd ko als.? as parly leader. H? lia??
?lareys said tii?* PneMcal of th?? United
| Status was ih?> ?lo.ii.l leader of hi* party
I ami was charged hv th.- propia? a 11. i
tin? eanytag eat <?f tii?? party ptoOwae,
| Mr. \Yilmin helioves the tariff hill ahoulil
Im treated m a party pmamsee
Chief MaKi.sti.il*> M<A?I<.?> directed Ma>
lei dey thai to pemtt Mis eeee-oleAca to
attend the fanerai of MaKistrat?? K*??ran
j (i?',.iiii.'r ail Hi?? masietrateo1 ???art?*
would reun?a eleeed from ptme till >
a'ctoek t?>-nH>rr???v afu-rnum*.

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