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Sorry Story of Her Marriage
Got Out. but Is Ready to
Make Test Case.
Intends to Continue Campaign
to Establish the Right of
Women Teachers
to Marry.
M-? -: ?'i? 'u? rj foi me: ; >
1 ? '?? di u ? r i, name
taya efa< -
? stor> ?>!' her mai -
I . t Just n??w. she ?ranted t..
use it for .-?
lia-S Of th? '
8 ? had ?ntended t-? time
- me ? p tee "i
? ? ghl of
? marry and t '.?r?'
' ..!??? Ill? 'lt..
' bled. IT \? .i? nol Mr? I
nol fair i<>
. . . . ? ?
?tJsi Ro 8 ?? .ml oui
a, and
? ?
Ibs to dit ?lia? it? dman n>i nol
rlae? the v< rt ?
.. maj ha| |h n. if the
??.lard i fgei ind Ih? bj -
a?n part m -- i., rn
- ?
??he'll mak? h ?? -? ?le of II Ml?
man aa t thai ? one
fifth of the
startete) S? rh ?rere married, wlth
thelr man i ?
? I ha? ? i - Ing tint bun?
..,?-..: single
bSI : '- ' 'i I
aSajat a think one?
fifth ar?-. and I wh I ? ? were more
The ?tylae ?? g a Roman I?
.,, tetar? her met moel fail
not M i? i,iiir.??j,
Brhei '? i-1 - ni.ii liage
?gtttul her promotion
? . 11 ....?: :
I ?, . .-???? : ? ?. g right ??ll
??it) ?sar scl ? n ? :??r unltli - l ra m :?
to ellei regarda
ti.??!r suit?, married or sing ? ">?? e are
? | ? stint day?.
rnmarrr?-.?! I? icher? can do a ?great d< ?l
,,, hr? ?. ? ? ? ?? ? il ? imlnatlon
: - i ?nd th? m.<?
tr.arr:? lh? mselve? aome ?? end still
?snt ? ? ' ng.
? I w ? :
-., ? . w | High s? ii""i for i
... g mai rt?td |
?. ? -..-.-?.
? ork."
a dlstlni for i
. -: . . i. -? i. right to mi
' aometi t? ?ach? rs to be mar?
?sl and i hi nal gutdanc?
, -, ? ?' neigh si?- le ver
? her ?i-' m SI ? bad "n a g? ?m
ly tha? ? oi ' 'I ?
-.?i an hour In the
maki,.;.. it waa blue denim, and th?
? id of ? loth ?
?ritt, ? hols in tti ? Told
.,.? T' . ? leert ?* w< ?re on? pi? ? >?
. : t of It
? : - inliiten
nd much on
-.- d Mlsi i:? In i
Gunmen Vote, So Why Not
Women, Asks the Humorist.
r | ..?? I
D?l ? Marcl I J? ?h ?? )-.
. n ho an ?ve?J
? ; t to-da] i" visit his s?->n.-. an?
?seuiltd ll ?i he had been ? ?>i?\?-ri?-?i to
r -.?. mai ? uff re g? Until re?
ino ?I "anU."
\ ndltlon of affaira which would
??en? t.. great sprit- aa the late
hOt Ward low? and to Misa .ir.n.? Ad?
? ' ago, any vol?.
lubiir matten m ?ii*> United Btatea of
asMrlce, while ?giving it without ?pies
h?-lr ful .In. k'
? - '?? V?n k.
Stake, ?-,<? i
The at iwer to thla is always ihm gun?
? : their i.k<- ha*? ? ifl ties In ti-.e
tadsrworM. The eot? to those enslaved
anata ?A?.'i'ii b? ? weepon ol emi
Nurse Testifies Why D Arschot
Became Her Keir.
i r shoe Ing the affea tlon which
?. ? ?i' irachot had :<?r h?-r
1 '?. ml ? lulllaume d'Arschot, s-> ??
Mary la tin- Cabinet "f the King of
^iglum. w;is Ki?<-n y?ssterdaj before Bur?
le? lefl n large
part ?.f her est?t? to the.nt, which
?"?-?r nieces and ;? nephew al ih?- leeta?
hta ar? contesting. They were practical?
ly exci ......i in the will, ?and allege undue
BBMenc? and her mental in.-.-??.;?? ?
Mr?. i-"?i.i*t,i <? Buche, a tralixsd nur-?,
ehe att? nded I i count? - ip to the Urn?
a ha-r death teetli eat? rdaj Dint th??
? Autt - . ? ?i the Belataa official like a
?en. Mr?-. Bueha sr?l?i in r cherge did
not iik? some ol I nephews and i.tee
sasaaai th? ? did not <? bm to ?see her.
?"??e wltrs d that, In hei opinion,
wa rational In bet a* ta Ht??i
"?n???.?. i tlon.
bating Immaterial, Says the
Government in Suit.
-kwton, March If, Bhellee I? food, eon?
? ' - i r ?. .1 St.,?. ?. (,-,,;. : ntn? r.t in ;.
?fat alleg? -i \j..|;,f...? ?.t th? pure i"-?i
kywt sgahiBl ;? Boston companj which
Onpooi sheila? te ;? Kaoaeille (Tepn.)
wanty rwncern. federal oflklala alleged
"?*' the shellac eontalned arsenic
Boetoa ?ton? ? in as
iw? Act of Legislature Gives
Them the Ballot,
I aafca, March H 'i be ?enet?
? ? ?? rdaj II ? lie im Mil granting
Vr,M "? ??on m 'ri.is i- t.?,?- ni n ,,,,,,. ...
??taST*. **** eot a dleecntlag rot? >n
ttouYtxrZV. Th% bU: ??n?PW "omea
??-Ott jury -fluty. ,
Suffrage Parade on April 7, When Congress Meets, To
Be Shorter and Less Elaborate--Medals for Boy
Scouts Who Repressed Crowds.
Washington, Man h r? -Anothi : p
I" this cltj i- i.? Ing pi tnned bj thi ? \
??< utlve committee of the National Ameri?
can Woman's Buffragi \- oriation f??i
April 7. ? hen Ihe exl n of t 'on
gn i convenes, The parade ?will not h?j
bo i??dk or s., elab rate as the one man -?i
??? dlaordei on Man h :
Five hundred ;?n?l Ihlrty-one ?women, In?
eluding repres. ntatlve* from ?.. h ? "on
?istrlcl ?m?! n?mi.late at
' n Re, will man h lo the ? apitol, n h. re
will presi m t?. the memo? of t'oi
gross their arguments and petitions In
favor ? i equal suffrage The pro ? s? ion
aill ?tari Immedlatelj aftei .1 mass meet?
,. ?? ? ?.f the local theatre
\ m appreciation of Ihelt woi g In pro?
the marching women from th.
crowd? "n March :: thi l?oj Bcouti an t??
orat? ?? ? mi mi dais b) the national
sufTrai ? ,iti??i?
. ..?ni nu 1 im '? 0 m? dais v, ,,s award?
. ,1 to-du) Tii? ? >? .'i i" ??! bi unse and
I suiti bed This number t be a om?
j ,n b< lleve n III be ? ??? but the) ?i?
. lare that ? \. 1 . i???> a ho ?set red In the '
1.?: thi wdi a ill be d?*oorati d, en n
u iplli ate order has lo be placed.
The presentation ??l Ihi medals will 1
? |ak< plac? about \ pi il I.
Many Children Eager to Get
Free Bonnets.
F . ? ?hoe n wasn't the same Tl ?
' ?' ? hats, all |
daU ?? ': ? 100 ? .. : little children, Ihe
? '"''?' "''?''??? ? ?f Hi? hats and
'" il Lyi n \i? holla, Ihe most Important i
i" -.-'?n ol all a I were then
faloi s were not :"| . . , ntion !
' ' ? ? ? ? Ulrcti I
" ? K ergartei
look placeas u?
" ? ? -i ? of Mrs I let Burnett, No
st 12th street, but
of Ihe litt)?- Buffalo? - a-er?
?be restless l g that beat ai
Btirnett'i basemen) ... ? ? : t ?
? osa hi ? p? --...n rugs. They
wer? sin the Bull
? ami fron Brook!? n. ha hand, weai
?Ing thi : dilapid?t) d wlntei bon net i and
returned I wit
' newi ipera whlli on th? Ir Mai k ?
were ] -? ' ? est, pink? at, biggi at of
floppen ' thi fternoo yesti
? ? '??i n remnat ? ?.f the on< ?? Jubl?
? ?.? ? : i . ? Tl ? v
"Win ?? e the Bull ??,. .?,..
? ?i
No More Baby Hats.
?tat v. ed ti.?' y?
Buffalo, ' .- i got a young mai
8h< going' 1 ? . ? ? . i : ? . .
?,'t want no baby hat
Sadii noing to be man .? ?i i~
"Well! wi ' wi '
"Ms s< nt me 1 gel ?? hat foi ? hi l*abj." I
? ??in nued ? '? HI want
.. ? . ? ? ??
nf th?? "herd." and hi r ? fal. ation n
? ? . ? ?'.in'.:!', out
? v ?..?.
? ?;?i enough to be married and buy one's
?Cast? .
The i"" i. ? ? ? s who
. ? . . frei ? ?' of
East? i mill ? ei ) . howe? er. ? rowded h lo
Mi s. Bui netl ...
... robbed of I ssoma to i
? ? ? the f arer; little i ats The Bin
hats trimmed bj one contestant wi ? all
? ? , .j ..?. ;, ion| i Ibbon an I h ing at
? ? e walls Tl ? ? htldren were i ?? nnltt?
? ? . ? fingen t tin hat thi j liked
White shape? end brig! 1 fio* ?
wi ?? the favoriti - ?One little girl a
.. i. d wiepii | ot thi fn I
dropping big tears <?n s fashionable
hat trimmed w Ith B ilgai Ian rlbboi
Second Thought Sobering.
"Thi lad) i ed good, ; i ,
... i it ,t old i
woman." si < ? bb<???
? ? I; . Miss 1 'or?
Us W Hlls, ' si 111 e the rest ol ? it? e j
: : - bei Howevet dearli we'll ?
?... . ". ? ? ? ? n
.. i?, and ? ? .? ??
Bo she took the black hat off end i
n whli ? ? llal?
li , ,i it, ;,i .i tro ble wei averti d ai i
t . i bapa ? lest little s ne
Brooklyn to-da Is Mai I ? and Mai i
lias reason Man owna what
fen f. ooklyn girls 'i?> a ISO hat
Ves, IM) And Mai Itle 1 n girl
v. ? .. ? cki ? n "ii Bunday In ?i e
... th? Freo .?*? bool of Italia
m?. Mis Edward N. Breltuni offered tin
hat (from n reel Fifth avi n ie n II In 11 lo
the prise scholar at thi ? I '
Is t summer ?garden i 11
straw, w I.it<- i.'i' e, pink crepe ?i?
pink aatlt rll ? n end pink roses
The VK?.i7i?!i Who b:??l ttinvn? I
hat "?? ' ?'? .-t"?i In the i rt ol
?.- them bj "King1 Jo| ?
? i Jol nt .? s is Ihi fie**! i? y In
lhi school, bo i? anas made king h< the
Iren'i Twelfth Night party, and the j
title i a*-' stuck .iniintii?- It wa ?
,-? ni. ?i ta ? ? esti rday help ?t little
i- Horn? n.. ? '? ntegni, for example, to
? i., i ween a legl oi n ? It v ri d
? poke bonnet v Ith pink oih a a ?
rlbla n Johnnie i? ?a> ? bo mounted
?? pladd? r an?i threw ?down I he l.lg
;-. ?i i onnet lo an Insist? nt ama
anuid have that or none Thi king waa
Miss W lilis ?Ml
' ere a??< ? pi :/??- f??i I lie womi n
had trimmed ihe i??.' ? aln n I ... mai
i ? /. as won ? t:, so ei ei ?body ??? ?? In *n
Rieti t frame . f mili?). Miss Pbrtl i w
Won .?n ??nier fur an ??il painting of hi I
bj Howard Hlldehandl; Mi. ?? l-"i?? ?
.lain?-, a portrait by Malhlea Bandor;
Mrs. Kranres M <;ijis<.n. by ? ; ?>?..? \
Travcr; Mrs Henry Doecher, Altheu I
?'..'.. Miss Marie Hancock, John i: Ba
? -v. Mtai Floren? ? ! iti itond, 11 .i ? ? \
Weiss; Misa Katherine Mover, I, i ?? . a
< rane; Mra < is? hi Bet gsl i om ;.
Mark; Mrs Mandevllle Hall, Alon ,:?
ment, and Mrs. Deniel E. Sickles, Charles
v Be :k Mrs. Jemee Harrlman Dlnwlddle
v. ??n a silver vase an?t Mn ?Samuel 11.
V, andell s corel broo? h
Mrs Georg? Kemp ?>.a^ in chargi ?
, ,,, t, -t. ,-c ? loti i '?? Mi Bli ? ? Mn i.v
? ,i<i \ Breitung, Mi . Klwyn ? '
Mis ? I-. laabeth Bickey, Mrs. M A Bl
John, and Dr. Nleholla treasurer and ? ??
i? sponding m ? ?retar) of ti ? Bundi Kin
dergarten Assot letlon
Justice s Sister to Join Visitation
Order on Monday.
The hai.it of a nun of the Blstera .,f the
Visitation will be taken by Mer) Francea
<?. Chantai Btapleton, Meter of Bupreine
Court Juettce Luke i?. Btapleton, <?f the
Appellate Division, <?n next Monda) al
ttiii.i.in M?as Btapleton, who Is well
Known in Brooklyn, ?in i.m. -., mem?
i,.i <?f the teaching order, bavins a con?
stat v. h'.?.i r??i young woim ?a nt Ba
Tin- i. iiKi" i* ' en monlei stt? ndani on
laklng Ihe ?voers will be held al I III
o'clock in Bey BJdge, trlth Bishop Mi -
j^..nnrii and ether clergy o?cietlng
Workers of the "Cause" P
for Talking Pictures.
' "??? oui for kinetophonlr -?ifft
?"es, the "raus? sen "? anned"
the talking ' un.? lea " and aamples
it .?.. ih? -i ? .
x ,:" ' ''???' r- -.? aim n ????r k? r - t
ilion* gathered
,!:' ' n Bedford Park. :
led in lh<
''?"'' ? eld n i. gulnr suffi age me? ting
?' ??" - ih in?? phonograph i
""?'? and the pl< I
n rm taking tin ' i... ?
It was a ver- ? ?. ? . . ? .
:?i ?.? ? ?.?? ? . . net aere
Vo me ? ?? ;? i ...? . .1 ?.,
n. ? ?' null I?; i he ?? itch
? ''ir man ?? ho ??;?s most unreaeom
foi he told Ih? m n i he si
? Ih to loaik pi? ?.. and
es short
Miss H? et M Mill ?? ? -
of Ih? ? . "' ? ; . . i
m .- ?- Klizal ? reeman. Mm Ii
. Mi s Mai War?
an?! M I I ??-.? ?
??'.,....... i ii
I ? '?? Ida ?'raft. >
I v. ? \\ l i
:>n.I Mm Maule Ftjni man til
... rx lo i
?? . ?.?..??.
While th? -??..-...
? then im? from I ?
\i ? ? . ? in 1
now. n
i : In I
of th? l??ve? ?"
But it wasn't ?? I
pie ? rd for 1
? ? ?
? L- ?
!.'.?? I lu her ??ll ;?-?.
who a bou. g the v?
o f t h e a
?/?il. and
? ? ? ? t .. ? ?.?
: movl
. ..II
Millionaire's Girl Companic
Accuses Lawyer of Plot.
Mix? I 11 ? i?nng s
i . ? . ? ? trust I
. W rhlld ? ?
? ? ?? v ?? Ith m?
n," continued I In I
? . . ?
. ? I ?ll
fa? Of 4
tain ini . lo hi
? ? .
: ' ' ! l.
???la-.I tl
n forma I I I ?
of ? ?i da) m h
ii? ?i- ik m ? lark?. ? r
. . ? ? ? ......
. ope Ml? ; ? r
. -, ? . ? ? -, ... ||e? ?
M i: ? I In putting hii
for the sake of l'hilds'a famll)
l h? n '
i, . o th? ? ? il Itigeth? i '
i .... she ??ni not knoa h? aa? m ??
, led until si ?? hi ?! ha ? n e Ith h n
Il ?1 h? dl
not live I ' with his wlf?
du? ? ?i m to h??r I mill M in land -?
h? r husband
Estimate Made by Leclerlc -
Women Join in Campaign.
The aprlni eitj "clean i| campaign a
i omtnl --i?.).. r l.? d? been terted h
t',. ?.?..n.. n ..i th? ii.. ? lv? l?eagu<
of tin leag i? have agre???
t., diatriliut? :.."?" placarda Instruct Im
storekeepers In the ?Sanit?r) L'od? r?
,, ,,,,m. rit - i?.: ? i? ,iHim? -?? amoni
. ? ? parta ol Ih? ? Ij Kach pie?
?,,-,l will bear the line "The I ?aw I?.
man?is ?'lean Btores," anal nnalern??atli
th? Ha .i.ii ? ? '"?i? 8a> s ttet
i ion u, "ii ?|ualll ( of f.I, B?
,, ,! ;.. ? ii ? K|.ire and B< ctlon 19 ?.i
? leanllnesM ind ?? hoi? iomen??i ?a ill Ix
. '..iiiiiii.??-.?>ii< r l.i'l.rl?? yesterdaj coin
|.?. t? ?I ii.? ? l?mate on i.?I "i th? i ??
? ,! ol Bti - el ? 'leaning pai I ol tin
M?ork ol Ihe r-i?i m- "??lean up" i ampalgi
,u,,i ,.?.?... n.,. ndiil i" < '"iiiiiii--!"!'. i i..i
?...., ,! thai l?< ?? k lb? ?Hoard ol Aid? rm? ?
for an exti a i?|?pr??jn latlon ??! *?_.., i..: ,?
?-u. h . ?utilisent I und aa he ma)
di em i.? ? ?
The ? "ommlseloiiei ol II? allh tie?-1 an i
Ih? ri -.n hand belw??en lO.O? and -
(NX) loads of a? cumul?t il w b il? matt? i I?
,i m addition i" th? dall refu ?
t- at ' om? - In II.Mine ol the Btreel
i i |i aning I '? par|m< r?t
Senate Defeats Bill That Gave
New Ground for Decree.
Albany, March 19 "To weaki n even In
the smalleel particular ??ur r?r. . ni di?
vorce laws ???ml?! In r-ealll i.. . teptow?
nr.i 1? gellsli -? pol) gem: " d? i lered s? no
lor i',,|.?? I?. daj. m opi-ostng the U ??n.i..
bill, \? hlch -????--?it to add in ianlt) to th?
(,,.>. i.i - tatutor? ground foi absolute dl
, .. ,r.-.- m Dili tat? The bill nvai d< f.?..t. ,|
? h? ii" ?>? nat? i" -' ?'??i.- ..f |8 i.? :-j
The W? nde bill pi o Id? ?? I hat a hi r.? one
mi t?. ;.. :? mai rlagi hai been an In mai
: of hu as? lum for ten ) ears ?and, m add
i non h..?- i" ? n d? ? ?I.?"?! incurabl) Insane
? . oth? i part) inn.? ?.????ni-?- ;?ti ibsolutr
I divorce. _ _
Governor of Nevada Vetoes Eight
Hour Measure.
i ? ..IS..II ?'ii?. Sei . March ii Uov?*rtrnor
! . ,,i,|.. ?.? dej ? ? '??? ??! Hi" bill ei tabllehlng
.m eight-hour da) for ??"iKin?; ? ??m? n In
I \? vade.
i The ilovernor s.iM rondltlona \?.re n"t
right ?it this ?time f?! suc!, nettet?,
Fifteen-Year-Old Girl Gets $8,-1
000 increase of Income.
Heli n a i?. \\ nt. daughter <?f ?the lets
William iv i?. um. \?.ii?? has been re?
ceiving ;?n allowanci ?f H2.<*W from tirr I
estate, will hereafter gei an additional
?W.W. ni,?kin.- bei total yearlj ln?come
?'-".'???. ?She la onl) ? tew months more !
lift, ?-?n yean old, bul Is ?seid to be, j
mentall) and p nit ally, I ko a util ol
twent] i?.?is
F?n -? veral a ? eka Ihe application at i
il? !? v l?.. Wut i vn ;??. Josiah n Do '
It'll t, :'??! ;.? ? ... ?i his niece's sllow
anee, has ? sen In the hands ??f Wllb n
Lan renci the refi ree In n??- case I !??
fount) m favor ?>f Ihe girl, and yesterday
S rrogate Fowler approved the referee's I
repoi t and ilgni d sn ot ??? i slloa inn her \
uncle i?? expend 199.000 s y?sar on his nleee |
ind ward
11? en De W Itt Inhei it?-?i an estate ol
; oo '??? n om i. ? fa tin r and moth? i aj'?i
iv.? .m incomi ??' more than $:.'...?>?>? a
? ? in the testlmon) before the ref?
eree, ihe uncle end guardian l?*stlfled thai
his niece'a expenses in helping lo main?
tain .? rit) home end a countr) ?place were
*. with mi additional B.0W foi legal
and administrative f?rea Her total *?**
pens? b, ii?- said, ????? re about 11 Su ? .? month,
and her aprlng clothing expense? would
? . at least *: ??? M Im ?De Witt i*. Raid
i.? Im is tall aa bet mi le and I
? ? | IM po inda
Twelve Fair Women to Carry
B<Tskets for Qontributions
from Spectators.
if 100.000 |.? ople tun ? ? Ihe - if?
fiage parade, and evei
< enta I ? rill tl.Iloi
M i Katbei - I ? i ike . ? la to u??t
ai I? ..-? j .... for lhi ? ? ......
? om the ent
en th? nit) and Ihe
rains of th? ? ?
ip th? iveime In e of a
'Il t II.I?ill
IV?. ' . - f
? ' - . ? g g
pole with a I att K? they
? lia: Ri ? ? ...... H,,.
M ?
chi i will
? ??' ? Hoi ?tes for
tl?- ? ? ? i doesn't, th? ' ?
' ? ' :.... . ' I
Tl ? ri?l?>rs will 1.^ .,
I ertaln districts, from Wi
: ? ?
:?..... I thi
' two ? .. ?uthern
i . ? . ? tw j from the i
lo meet each ?
? ?
. ??
i ? t of them When she ?
'.: ?
hall In
? i?. '
the result
nine m<
,? -.
?I ? I r?
. . ? ..? ?
? r ? ? ? uni) I
? . ? en
? . ?? ? i Riad to
.. . ??
Fire Protection Not Improved
by It. Committee Finds.
? i?.
: ? I and nre i
, , ? . ? ? . .
? ? - the '
t., ? to determlm he ??' . ? ?
n?l what tu*e there wa?
with them H
i.. tlu> proper a rlt ed II
i . . ? * .
. -. .i ondll lona ? I ? li made
..... ? . ?
: v ?Vn investlgatloi
, ? i ||d bowed thai ? ill ? I
i wer? insafe Ihre?
.? m? i sen ? ? italda j
. . ,i . . ..t . :i : i- i , ten
Aboi ? ?']??? ? : i ti ul door which ?
,,i..]. ,i inward ot sen a iructed and
off? n., wai . - ? n more common In
.f th?. exit? \i nul
four! of lb? bill d I ?li do ed
... . ? .u maint? han? ?? t bal ?? '"?
i ... . u ,,i u. Hme In plie ?.f r ih
npei and Inflammable material
In on? . mi ?21 ?iicloi le ? were f?? ind |
In which the i t en ?jdo ? " as
? ?,..,!.! than ihi ? mi i g< ne) ? apa? itv "f \
i 'i i.?.n? ? l non al work on !
. ,. , . progi imme ol r?afe( i f"i faetoi -,
mm, ,,v,i m i i atti mpl i?? obtain ? i ?
for? ? m? m ??f "t"' i fire It glslatlon it h ?h i
Girl Saved Two in Fire ; Accused
of Theft and Arson.
M.?, i:, ni? In, sixteen reara old, ??f No
1 -, \i.ij, i sti ? ?? I, Brookl. n. ? ho was
hall? ?l .? a h? rolm on Ihe nlghl ol March
a?, whi n she savi ?i Ih? two ? bildren of
lo r employer, Ueo ge ii Murray, from ?i
in,, that d? t. hi - home ?on Queen -
Road, n? si i taaigla lia? ? ? '.""? ne, Lotog
Islsnd, was am sti ?i ) i ?-?? r?uy.
~:l, w.,s rharged with steeling %'.>*'
worth of i--wi-ir. aii'i clothing and |M In
. ash ti.ini the houise b? rore Ihe lire I
vt;:r |, ,| The police sa) that ? h? n she i
. .iriin.'ii. .t m u?'- t'hlldn n'a <-"int In
Jamaica lo d i? Ihe) will also rharge i.? ?
t m si itlng lin t?? n?" Murraj house t"
,,,?,, r up in? n i?'?? rj
Hei arrest i* a - brought? about tin ough
the ?i?t- ? live work of Murrs). her i m
ploj. i a h,, i- a atockbrok? r, ? Ith eil? es
In Manhattan
But Paying Teller Had His |
"Fling" After Forging Check,
w illiant 'i'" fry, s ho lived Ilk? .? mill
ionaire tot a fea weeka on * I _????? which
i,,. obtained bj forgery, wa- ?sentenced t?.
ni.i lass then f"vi rears end net more
than seven rears snd sis ?months rester?
<ir,\ i?. Judge Melon? In Oenerel ?Sesstone.
TrefT) pleaded guilty.
Ti efry, n Im ? aa ps ? mu U Ik r In the
si?iIng iini i?!sn? ii ol Ihe ?Royal (..ink of
Canada la Nova s> ..tin. n?->t ihe tt.ttt from
the Neu Vi?rk oSlce ?>f Um bank en a
Cargad cheek '
Law Proposed to Regulate Decollete Gowns
Must Specify from Which Chin Meas?
ure Is To Be Taken, Say Women.
"Not mor? than two inches h? low the
chin shall be uncovered? mused Mrs.
ESIta ? lullfoi d, suffragist. ' Whi.it chin
does he mean? *i*11?-?i s th?> trouble with
ttieee Impulelve male legislator?. They
arc -" careless! Why, ?in? ??'.mrni over
fort) is likely to have two or three chine?
Hti?i I've eeen ? m ? nil maw ??
"Now, If that ? ?hi?? >k*a*islator means two
Inches below the first chin he'd choke
the lii.i? making hei wear ??? tight collai
if he imana two Inchea ?below Hi?- lael
chin, ?iiy, deer me, he might aa well
tin?-.- no hi v?. al ?ill
"Who la going t?> be the ludge ?if when
i- u 'hin nol ;? chin? l'an'1 you bent tii?>
outraged matron protesting thai 'It' Isa t
,x ? lim ' An) inriti ?? h" would aerve .?n
tii.i? rom ml? Ion would have to combine
? ? wisdom of Bolomon with the .irsge
..i rm aviator "
it was m the Woman Suffrage ?Sewing
? i? le ? sterds\ afteinoon thai the con
eraatton ?swung around t" the attempt <?f
? ihl ?Legislature t.. pasa ;? i?ui regu?
latina women's rloth? No more low-cut
i.? k^. no iii??i ?? r? ek ? i. m m -ta, no
more transparent medalllona, no more
open ??"i K ?locklm . no m i ? tight hob
blea I the wise m? i. ol Columbus have
?? i . it aa)
Urs Teress ii"lm?'s waved her ki.rttitiK
beg pardon, hei sewing ??".-k end de?
? lalmed
i ?.. -r, t it make ? oui blood boll to
kii..-.?. ?i <? the tlomen of Oh .???? help*
en m pesa tii.it ;??? and
-. t aa) -i ??" ?i egalnal ll
: . .?? | . ::.?!?? InIstleal, and more
in one i .t work wes ateined with
[red drop? aa 11*?? ? women Jabbed needl?
through i'loth end into lingers, wlehln
the) h.t?i "those men" ?right there.
Th?? sewing circle is .? i->. ent It ? tie
tu bring the women Into "s?.<ini reletlona
with ??.'ii other and t.? smv? money fo
11 ii<? "cauee." featerday they won? h? tr
! minp dusters sgatnst the day when "Th
Party' movea Into its new ?home. Th
?-.uiiit; circle ??ill make curtalna ;?ri?
towela end bannen to s.-ii
?m May l. ni<>\iii?r dey, tin? sewini
circle will transform itself Into s house
cleaning brigade and scrub wlndowa !''?:
? th.? "cause "
(?'it i.? return to Ohio.
"Wouldn't you think thoee men ?couU
1 ??:?' n i ii??ir salai les m aome moi i
,??. a? than b) talking ni..mi women'?
i chins " said Mrs Qullford, "And t ??*? i ?
?v.l.- tii?? Msssachusetts ?Legislatur? im
' n t'?>"i laa about hatpins -? few ii.\s ago)
I? ?h. deal ?r women only had tha vote."
Down r,t the Women's i><>iiti?'Hl Union
Mi?- Harn?.i Htenton Bletch paueed In the
, mi.l.ll.? xxf ,i lettei t" ?? misguided legis?
lator ??ii?. wouldn't ."in?- ?'? ?see tha auf?
frag? parade bifcause his wlf? didn't be?
lieve HI ll.
"Re ill;," she s.u.I, "If th? m? n of ? ?iilo
? .-III? .? tl,'?-. ? Sn'l stau.1 111. -
! "f ;? woman with a low necked gown they
? ertalnly oughl t" be prot? t? 'i b? i..\?
? ?iir N'??.?- fork tii"i? ??!>? made ?>r sterner
stuff I ahOUld say this ??.as rm a.!'!? .i
? ? .-"it for giving rotes to the a?omei
' i ?hi?.. The) .Id tu. n protect the m< ???
t better Men might not pa lawa 1
.?.??n ?-.if.t'. and w?li being -?? ?? M aa
i women, who underetand the latrlca? lea "f
?i ? . - .
Ice Creara Can't Be Warmed Over for Breakfast, but the
Hook of Lett-Overs Tells the Housewife, What
1 o Do If She Has More Than Is Needed.
Man) 'a Ihe .isemothi r wl
t,. thro a ? ? .- . loi ??f pe feel
???' w..... ft over
? -' nda y dlnnei RI lia ?at been
et little Johl Mat eat
i ? h aa they a anted ?
? in.i Its msklng them
? needt ? ? wssted! Bui it
-, . on i i ? . i; ?ok uf I.? " ? ? era
it it ? t thi
ttoi ? ? the Ira
. m t of the freezer can ai d ??' ? pal ??
treat from it :?? aupp? I
In thi ? ' I man)
???-??? - t ma be ma
from th? t-ov? Icing, pl?
Hen 10
Ma gu?rites ?Iron I."ft-? ?v? ? Icing if
i - thai th?
7 .?? t left ... ? r, eel It at one? In ii??t
?.?il.?: ?v. [| arm ?,..i I arden ' 'ul two
tnarsl tl m - ?i imsll pieces ?>? ?i Btlt
? them ?nt?? the wai m Icing Prepare a few
chop?**? i : .? and sdd them, together with
a i-til,? sin-, ii.i. .| , ocoanut. I 'i"P b) ?? a?
M?tines ? sepl r era?
br o w i , ? ? I n t h? vn
i in?K BOOK ? ??I PON
the oil
? ? ? . ? ?: r II I
Oil I ? .,'??'??'???.
Postal Card Departments
All co~inv?nicptior.s (and they ? re welcome! should be made by postal as far
aa it is possible.
Recipes I ested ?incl
Found Good
?i ? '? ippeartne ?n i??? ????! ?mr.? h?\?
i..Mtieni ? ? led soleas stl if
? . . siait te si swat ?n?
? I b) readers .ml
v ;. ? . ? .r tor. Ses York Tribaiae
I ....
, ?? . M| > ? ..,,?!. fr
ii ? not a ? ? 11 tsmpa
I - - . | ? ?? I ? ?1 ?ll|a">
llena i in ??-.?- rtiei '?'? 11 is ea
. ' ? ? -, .i. r i- ???..- ?ama |
.. ? , .., t. it. n
?'.I.!-:.-' ? ' I ? . ? ? r . I
i? si m lia I? n ?l?'- ? delicious fl
ahite or gi ' ? '
M 11
\ KRMi ?XT RIP ill' Pr? par? light
? i ? usual ?a?., and '
? the dough sprinkle II lib?
?? i-i, hrok? ? ? of ms s sugai
,i., t i,,.. h. .?i i. :? . The Hit!?- lumpa
gar melt I ng and i un tl rough .
the dough In streaks
ten guncca r?l fn h butt? r Into a pound i
n .. a helf of flour, and then add half ??
i ..r ? n i.? a i gar, sis ounces of sul? '?
tanas, a ?t iai ???? ??? a po ind of ? ? rants,
? ? of mix? 'I I.I. an mi.'ii?e m
i iking i ' wd< ; hall a pint or milk, an j
i-gg (well I'-rn and milk ?ti????i;Ii 10 ?
t.. ?n sit Into a -??fi dough. Une a cake
im ?? '.ii? butt? r? ?I papei. pout In the
mlxtun and bake t???? i> ira In ?? mod?
erat? oven
Useful Household Tips
iiii? a.?|...im"?at edit pi? f"i h?auseheH upa
If f....' ! .. .. ???la? f..I u- i iri'.iv?' A?lili'?a
"ITsrtful ii? ?.?? ?hold ripa i x i srtrrieat," N>?t
i.?k Trillin.?. No IM NH.fiu attest.
Rl i ; \i:i ?i \?; FISH Many .-"?>
? ore the ? h? ap< r van. n? ? ..t iish. ?bell? ? -
Ina ?h.il Hi? I aro Inf. i lor In quallt) ?
W hile it i iiti.|...ii.i..i:? true thai high ;
i't;??'i kinds ?>f Ash other thlnga ?being
? ? 11 .?i are finer In quallt) then thoee lesej
expenidv? ??i the latter when fresh I
ceughl ere, ai a matter of fact, superloi |
t>. ih? more expensive and so-called liner j
rartetles thai come from a ?listim?'.'. When
iish forms one of the most Important ele*
m? ni? in the diet, as ir- often Ihe case
during i.? ni. it |g ??.?ii t.? confine tii?? ms
Joi.t? >f ??n? ? purchases along this Un? i
to those kinds that are found In nearb) |
waters, Irrespective ??f their standing!
among ??pleurae.
preparing ma.-at?.ni and rheese as ;? plea
de resistance for luncheon, creaf? te sema
limes ueed Inetead "f mili?, thus ?enhene?
Ina the richness .?rni Haver ?>f the ?lish
When c-Mklng tatina In milk for break
i.-i-i chefs frequently a.i.i ? Hne freeh egg.
Lteatlng II In well s., thai it ??ill not
hard? n through it in atrlnga
\ ?PINCH OP M TMK?l - A famous
chef i'1'is a pinch >?f nutmeg to n ?lish ?>f
creamed codfieh,
Till: CARXIVOROl 8 PERK. A aaiall
pie.I m? -?t ?hurled In tha earth around
the ?roots of a large house f??rn will eel
...? f. ri.ii iei and Impart new Ufe ?to it. tt
bee i?? n in??i man? tin,??, orUh eaeeltettl
r?suii if th? in...? ,,f meal la well ?sav?
i?t.?i with earth ih.-r.? ?-.?u ,.,,t Uf th(,
slight? st <?<l')i of dt??\iy.
Daily Bill o? Fare.
RREAKFAST '?? ? n? I rl?*e, po iched
, . ... . .,"..
[jt'Nt'HKON !'???!
-.?.,-? ? ? - - hot era I - ? ?
l ?I N\ EH Red snapper boll? ?1 In ci
Frei ? ?1 potato? i, di --?1
lima beana win? mint, meringu? lemon
A Railway Problem That America
Has Not Yet Been Asked to Solve.
According 10 a T.?-r.<t'?ii pa. of recent I
date "8m?*kers" for women snd the re?
??ir. tien of the existing railway ?smoking
compartments '<> men onl) !*? the latest
?,r???H?*.ii of '"i*.- suffering mankind. The
dty worker if of thi opinion the! the
time lia.? -'in.- when a nun ihould ?be eg?
empted from chivalrous atrap?heng!ng as
long as th-* cemparlmen*f for "Indies
only" remain nSlled
For some reason thai ma) esl >? <*<
plained b) women lhemselv?ss, tin- "ladies
.n!;." eomps tment |tss never gained the
populerlty thai II n*ea expected t?? do.
The average complement ??i* these com?
partmenl i solitary Individual, and
once a corner I i- been taken by a
woman <i'.i<r women ?generally shun that
rompertmenl la tovot ot one containing
two er more men. The equality <?f the
s?x^*> i.as always b?ren recognised ?on the
railway, ?tul no question has evet been
?raised agali ?t m.ve.i travelling m uure?
fifr\?'i ???: i i.i~?'*<, bul non Hi t women
,?re cultivating ?? taste for men's ?smoking
,.,.iiii art mi nta ! ? ? quslltj h is ? ? n u"
-, t
Th? feeling Is not eonfined to the ?u
buri'Hii trafile ??f iii?' metropolis, ISxprei
slona of protest sre common antonr
travellers using th?? North Coast ami.
other ?nve distanoe routes during tii?* sea
eons when ihe third class accommodation I
has rarel) an) margin for uneven dlatri?
button Th? ss protests are now being
rolced m ti"- ?press, snd among Ihe drei
t?. champion the cause .,r m. re man i" th?
rector of Urowhurst, Su>s.?x (the Rev. J,
l? Bacon Philltpel Th.' Rev. Mr Phillips
sa. s that altho ugh ??n nearly every line
"ladles only" ?arrian?'*? are reserved, yet
?, men always mnk?* for the ?smoking ear?
rlages and leave their own special ?oni
pnittm-nt*? unoccupied. He adds Mi.it if a
man Inadvertently ?gets int.? owe of the-e
esrrleges hs i-; promptl) ?given notice to
quit by the guard. The rector ?f Crow?
riur?t contends that smoking carriages
are for "men only?" ami as sueh should
Is ieser\e?l for male lassenRcre.
Interviews with rallwa) ofBdals con?
firm t?? a ?great degree his contention*.
? 'i'hi? solitary woman in th.* corner of a
rellway compertment," a guard ??f many
years' esportones states, "certainly a'
.?nut.? for much of the discomfort arts
lag from uneven distribution. She uncon?
SClOUSly lesei'VSe the ?arrlane, not only
against her own ?**?-x hut agalnel men as
Well. Men arc very cautions to.lay abo.it
?mtPiinR a carriego eeeoplad i?y on.*
?nmnn only. The only ?roaOOU tliat 1 egg
(five for a woman's prefereme for a car?
riage containing men over on?* OOntalnlflg
women is the Kicater opportunity that Is
nfforile.1 for a pleasant pa^ln* of the
lime. The frlgM silence of a 'huh? s only'
rompartment. where the wln.low I? ad
Justed a?*c??rdttig to the scowls of the o<*
cupante, lias no duplicate elsewhere.
the corset that makes
P.'ris look to her huir?is.
Lightest in weight,
most supple ?n boning
authoritative fashion
summed up in one word
,. . . _. Red fern
tonnet where all good
cartel t aie ?old $3.50 'O J 15.00
M ai a? ? Un i ? a
v ? a ti ?'?? i*hl< ago .- m i'?.i .,
The Woman
About Town
Did you wake up with the feeling that
It ?us good t?. le ?ill., ' Thai | . ,.,WUM
;l : ; i ring t ??> you want t?> d? aeri your
?schoolroom or home ir.i ?flt to the
'"?" " lo ?see nature awakening from its
long sleep ? That's i?. ?,? ise It's spring.
i ???? ? your sin look shabb) and ?!?> you
n< ' '1 i new i.i.i ? That'a !?? ? s
S ippose ti ?? blessed i pring nev? '
?;am.. what !"v wi d miss! .-?? be thank?
rul because It's ,? -
Real Good Nature.
Laxal evening ?as s SKVpound woaaga
opened her paper In the subway ?-ar a
I1"''"'? Of H I' il Upon tli? HOOT. As sh?.
leaned over ??? gel it th.- eat gave a Sid
den lurch a.id over she went flat upon
the door. Ker funr.? imp must have
struck, f?.r she i iugh? ?t end he-ha'd
t'll the t? itream i down ti? i cheeks,
?iti?i the puss? n.. . ? .r, in? laughter
Two kind men i"???-, the fall? n ia?i"
bj the hands Thej gave one inc. wii.-n
bump! another lurch, and down the} went.
ri'i car was In an uproar Am tne three
scrambled to their feel ??n<* man hhH,
That'a positively ihr? i.osi ?show I ?-w-r
saw.' and tie chuckled some more.
A Question.
want It known that she had
travelled some, "i ??? (?-i it becauee she waa
following iii*- example ??f ?the Father ot
..." Country thai ?? sed the pretty meid
registering in the visitors' book of the
efons "i the Revol lion aft.?,- she ha?k
written her name and, i.<t**r. her addrese
as "< ountj Cork, Ireland," to add: "Far?
?i??n me, bul m pi ? n nt addt ? - - i*. ???)
iVesI Lath - u? ? i '
The Middle-aged Woman.
?She was dn sed i garments of deepest
? | P m ., ? .-? i ?? I eil that f-wepti
the :-i ? ? up to I be deslq
.n the employment bureau a place tliat^
?ill?'?i all kinda ?? all ktudtw
? ?i people. "Sun - -?? - orna h<*lp.''
? w? nan loo .;. % oi Bui no!
Sin? wanted work, want?-d t desperately
? he do? "N??th
nsw? r? .. ? i coi -i address*
envelopes I write a very ni?'i* hand.'
HI ?? told ? ? brought up in
ii??w her supposedly wealthy hue?
.. her penniless.
? ?h. the pit} of It! The p tj ?>f the middle?
aged w oman w ever don? ? ' -
seeking - ?m< thing t<>
Sive! and Banish Wrinkles.
fou l""i< t?-ii yean ?unger since I
vist .-.i?.? ? - changed
in naked the ? hool t? ?
- .. ..-. whoi I n't seen f?
.-, ,,i months I'm ahead "t mj pocket
book, that a tin inawei List? n! l-.-t
month, u hi hai li I ml his ? ?
??.. :?
. .til i? our ow n. vv. ? . i
ghl ter kl.? w w hat II
For two
ikfast? d ol
.... t, and we? i ? v
..' nth ill w? nt
_ ? to the banl .- ?*? nd? i
? :
.. ? .'
? ','.??? ir j
? moi k >?f ? ' ?
Suffrage Diluted!
Hum ins t In ral
: i women waa approached by a suf?
... - ... n tu
y, v.;. ? but. "Allow n-.' ?"
i with my umbrells ' ?o
., t.oa tor a omen? ?On the
? on mivht ill off ri?
?a Vnd "
nd somi good ,ai KUiuet.tfl *???
., ;!,,. tim? the m ? I her
? v.?.i ; ? ? v eon?
? ; i., , ...i ? ighi - wiv. ... ighl In the
? . ?,.. :- for "th? ? ? -
.??vii < puri ne? s
,..??.'?? thoda
the of equal i ghta.
Seen in the Shops
The n*-v<>.? n' shops wtww articles uaopz
I . . this pag? ??""* Bees taa h? obtains?!
I v ?,.. Una a i ? ?<?? Iressed envel?**"*e
.;, "mnet n tl -i ?? a." N?*u I irk TrttMBe,
???a iri. . reply, tb? ?iate ^f puMKgr
? ;..n si ?.i i In given.
Scotch gingham has long been s tax-or
Ite with m??thera ?i little ?girls, l?'U the
... n bordei ?i fini ihown this sea.?
m to w n her heart complete.
1?. Thej are suitable nol on > for froekg
? ? ?-lisp m^rn
Ini; dresses for the mother. ?One shop Ig
?riling these attractive glnghami for ?
limited ?time al ??*? ? ents s yard
Striped -Uk vesteea the litte anas thsc
slip around the n? ,-k like mulBan an?t
i smart finish f??r th?? nprin?r
. ? at-.- *?) IS each m ene ??i Um shops.
There are blue and green, h>a?-k ami
v. i ite snd ??ii.' r comblnatt? na.
Parasols ?ire beginning to make ?UmIp
?appearance One shop Is showing ?Uric
green silk ones, with dark wood hend?) -,
f? r p. '.?, ? v h.
Pendants of oxidised rilver, Ci,t wtth,
semi precious stones, are >.; ?each. B?hm
heve tWO "i tlir??* st??n>->. an?1 all th?=*
are mot ?? "r I urn Ork ntaL
Candle shades of Japanese hreaa, lin?*?l
with Bne brasa ser en, are ?*' .^iit.-? ?i? k.
Kecktles ??t silk crepe in eharmlng ? fl
?trange Oriental col rings me $1 eeck
Th? r.? ?ir.? i??.th string ties snd how ?ties
A novelt) In ?parasols la the ??ne sjade
of Japanese cotton ci. with it--* fai
clnatlng ?Sower designs, These perne?is
,... v...? each, and some have ? -.rv .-?l
natural-wood handles. There are attrac?
tive little bags of the reticule sun tu
match the pens?la These ?are I.nts
and "?' cents each.
Rtitaurint for Gsntlemsn ? Gentle?o.st *
Breakfast. Luncheon, Aftorooen Yam,
Dinner. Pirptxr. I'lub or s Is Cart?!
Pir.oktng PermHted. Southsrn homa
eo?*ktng by Southern colored cook*.
Private dinln? room for luncheons
sad card parties "1B2 Msd'.son Si
_______ __ CARROLL, 44 W. t?4 ||

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