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New-York tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, March 21, 1913, Image 1

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yot L\\il..N? -M,_?:;_?.
T.?-?i... ralai i? mnTnt. geaerallj
fiii? mid .nliit-i.
t *
TtTtYi^T? ?f*AA7~r* c^t^*^*^* tnClr^ot Sen Yotk..ler?e?l'liy aJiAttohokea,
I l\ll I i U.M'i l li> 1 kisuvhihi: TWO CUTO.
Tentative Limit o? $5.000 Not
Enough to ProvirJe $125,
000.000 Revenue
Rate Likel.y To Be Drastic on
?Swollen" and Dormant
Capital ?rderwood
Tariff Report Nonr
ly Completed.
lurch _0. .Vil
el " mi tax bill
I , ?i levy tribute upon nil In? omr ?
ni,?-,-,?* 13.500, i;.
i . ? m? mix i ' ;' the w aj ? ?*nd M
Con - '?
w) : ti| thai m? asm Into shape. ;
The 1 ?a '?;' i' 11 nuc und? r ih? I ? mo- ;
?run - ? i" tariff p? . i>.. ?
.... ?I. will be so (
?.?? eptirg In? orne t;?x bill th
? .- ? ont? mplati d will
wir.!? Mr. Hm
tau? ?'? ? i? In? "tii" tax ('Hl \\ hi I
V .*,. .tl 111?
1 ? ? ? -\ ... -i 1.
which hi ??? ' aboi r ?been
Afti r .- ibmltting tl
commit t< e Mr i
Rill I
t ? ? ?. ' ? - ?
pt over the v?>l it-nt.
?... . ... |
ft.?Tiding ai long i,? !??. ? ?
und Mean? ? iommltt? ? : t tl m omr
tax bill would ;?;?'! .?? all In?
ibpvi >.'?<'"*'. Ai ' In ? itimat? i of the '
?reren I new tarif!
? | mad?. hoa ever, II I? * ggested
that th? >."?.i"'i? ? x<
i ? thai ?m In? om? .. In
inmf* In excess of ??l
? :>< ?
Must Produce |12M0Q?000<
Tit? im o In? i m? lax I iw aill ? I
... . ,
r,'?T\ ; "?' '
all\ In revenue?
definit" ligure? l> ? ?-.?-?rr-- ol the W ?
and M? ana ' "? >n 11111 t i ? ? as to 1 ? Int
the Treat urj which a ,n ' ?
?titable und? r the i 'nd? re.I tariff,
Mil. it I? now estim?t? d thai th? In ?
tax ni'isi produi ?? ??? '??.-? n ?*?'?-* ?
ard s ]."?? ?.i h hi.? i? ? am.lly.
If f<
; unearned In? dormanl
fi.rtun? s will ?be high, the I ?? mo : I
g that I er drawl
the mo. modesl In om ? should nol
th? san-,?- rate a? the
Oris;ii lly, Mr. Hull. the ii
en;. ? .. . ?ft Of th? HOUSI . ? I ? I
s 1 pei nt tax 01 n ? ?
.?.",,?? ij . irned In? om? -
' ? : ? me? Mr. Hull nig
potii ? 1 I?^ ?per cen? tax, mid ? ?gradu?
ated higher rate on unusually large In?
romrs from l -rp?- r?id ?estate holding?
and "swollen fortunes." Th? exl?
pende? of tariff revision, it n??w ?eem?,
?ill nink? ; esi an income tax <<n
r:? .-? and r? ?? Ipta froi ire? s
ai'ow- the ?tun -.?f $3,500 ann tally.
Th.? Ways and Mean? Committee
I'lans t?> Include the Income tax si ?
rider npon th?- tariff MIL If ? schedule
??>? ?chedule revision is undertaken?
tot this is lik. i> th?- Income tax .?ill
?ill he <*?insid?-r?-d ?sepsrately, i?ut with
r?f?ienc<-, nevertheless, t" the ?
mat?-d amount of ?receipts ami disburse?
nent.s whi?h will be chalked up ?lintx
the period that ?the Underwood tan'f
Mil Is in effe t.
Mr Underwood to-nlgh1 asked thai
the iointry \vtthh(?.'l Judgment on th?
tariff revistos lull until it was pr?s? nted
i" the House.
This Morning's Xcivs.
?Ceapk Robbed in Pars Hold-Up. 1
Writes of Formel Existence. I
Fftetfinann Bids ?Buffereri Wall. 2
lud!? tl lent \'"t? ?i .galm I G W 1 oung 2 ,
Ml. foe v*?'? if.?i? Work. .. 41
I'rr liege ni ?Carras Dull. 5 ]
?rerfun ? ?Planl Burn?. f> '
Tenderloin Graft $125.000 a Month.... 6
May..1 Borr) "Knemj 'Get Mrs. Good? 6 i
McCall .grees to 81 ?est.... ?
?School ?Board A?;.in <-i Itlcl ed. 7
?Csssil ??? 1 i?i>. for liantei. 0 ;
Tea Ne? in?? h..,~? ?Opened.Ml
?ourt I . v,i,.16 I
,;- ' In l.i.?. I Suit. 16 1
?vrs Beton n? Id ?a Admlrsl'i Slayer. 1
" a Tax All In? omea ' ?ver 13.1. 11
Aaasrti Mad? : ?> 1 ?led In ?Pala? ?. l
s,-'-?-r >?|sna Slap ?? Mui phy. 2
'?'?nd'vi Posl ??? ! ?r BllOt. 3
Hastlacton Wilson Bei Igna. 4
?train i', h. on w llson . 4
Hotchkiaa Kcar? goclsllsra. 4 1
KeUogff Tells of Observstloni *\ *. 1 < ?; 1 ? i - 4 |
Maatcaa Likely t?? Hghi. 5
???*??? Horn* Rule Bill f.? "i. 5
?t-'sderaoi Id W ould Boive So isl K* II 6
v IS B? Imii k to '1 leset 1 harm. 6 ,
? Huffrsgtata Quai ?rel. 7
. ?Tgcutsrl. 3
"?. ?
'i" n \ ictimixe '* ?r H? ro'? W Id?i?
Millionaire; 1. chum? ?1. 3
W ?.in? 11 . 7
'.-lit?. 1
. 8
S' '<?" . 9
"lot j.. 1 . 9
******* .10 ..?,.I 11
ithei . 11
"Mppini. 11
1 '";"" lal snd Msrkti .11, 12 and J3
J'?'l I. lull . 14
?Arrn?^ afi?J .Navy.14
Comes in Anonymous Lette
Reward Eeing Unclaimed.
A diamon I n< c It late, i aid to
? ? al f\.?. has ?been myal
i louai? n turned lo Mis ? ;. orge
Roi?iiiM>n, wife <?f ;?n ex-prcbldenl
lh? Union !.? put Club, She lost
i"t Ida) night x? h ? wll h ;< Ihcal
r??M> m Manhattan. ?She liml r..
from ii" show to Re tor's in a taxlrs
? she noticed thai th? diamon
"? ti da; -i ? off? ?red a r?
? ?; >?_?:.?? for ii" return of the nc kla?
imondi ?? ? i ? r ?ut ba< i? Mondi
"??.n l?j h si-?, ial ?i? lit ery Idler. Tl
'-?? re Intact, bul there waa nol
m? lo show ??? i?, pe th? ram?
N.n haa aa j el nppll? d ? ? I h? i
Foreman Lowered to Water
Surface Grabs One and
Offers Leg to Other.
'? ng a pump on i ]
? ? n ex? avatioi f?
th? l'"..i;r;' ?.?.?, .,; \i\\
? i ? i ?Hi
II ? ! Ill|? ". ?
ing t.i m of ? -?ri?? ni?
\ Hent? i?. slipiH ?l and *?
into 1 ? atlon, ?? hi? h i ontaim
ton foil ol ininl'l?. water.
swim, i ' ' Iwi
??i i?? Cali
Of l 111? ?
I lo? ? ? ;
1 ??.-.-?
' i ota, did ma h?
? .. hin
thai he si n i? i
l:?? ' ?
men otn\
? . i; ?
man. pro? ui
and ta?'l m? n l
inri ?f i '>?? wut?
1 ? - hai it ils?? ?i him t
: He offered - ft leg I
? ' iboti
x? h? n the Ial gra ?
lh? thr?
Ifi the | itl r m.
. ?. ? i :? wer
'.. whei
til.- lat? r ? ?? -us t?i
:? M f?.i hi
? ' ring 1 ? ? l>3 i 'i. Mai
th? x s.
Arkansas Doctor Hammers Ou
Homorr-nde Plate.
??graph t
?... M;.:? h ?_'?? J? h
mor? lace, will alwg
I ? ? I x 11 .'- i ?
never he n? ailuhle .is h ? ri?--li . et.
. ?? ? fron! ; arl ?
ovet gged hole i ni h
Inch? ? ? ? ? ;r ?? de.
- .-?.'.li \x.?- crughed In
r?. k thrown '?: .\l\in Roberta. I ??*
w. A. Butts, ?? ho v?.. - ? all? d, had l<
?? ? hing ;?t on? ? I.? ei th?
??! ? ning, ? "rlckmore i? in** in lo
? ? noved t" a citi
hospital and there lielng no tim? :?
"ru- r b siix ? r plat?.
The d-octor did the beal next thing;
he n de one. He t < ?< ? % g all? er loll
and a : ivy hammer and beal it oui
to ir th? hoi?. !(??.???: |? th? ? ,
? i
Evidence Lacking, Says Gov?
ernor of West Virginia.
ton. W. v.l.. March -?' Fif?
teen priaonera ?confined by the military
in th.;?! strike dlatricl ol Kanawha
' ? ? n ? ? xx- iiinl'-r in;?rii;?l law, were
released to-nighl by Governor Hatfleld.
Thg Governor yesterday ? rdered the ?re?
l?ate of ten priaonera. Lack >?f evl?
g\\? n aa 'ii?' ? etiue.
Among th?oae freed to-nlghl wire.
Paul ?/? ?Paulaon and Charlea ?3atley,
r.nti?.i,ni organisera of ii"- Cnited Mine
Work? ra ol Am? rl? e.
John Whit?. i'f aid? ni ? I th? I nit? d
Mine v? ". kera of America, I? fl hi re to
nighl after a 11 ?II of ?se*a ? ?ral da a nv
I ..' i,.,?, .? ;i . ..ni' I? II? r \? :l!l < ?<>? -
.. noi hhum Id > oncernlni tl??- -ink .
Daniels's Negro Butler Wants a
Liberian Post.
i ele, ,.,, f., Tha TTlt.un? I
?Raleigh', N C, March 2D. When .1"
aephut Danlelg waa having in-s boota
black?ed ninl <?th?r tanks done by .1
Richard i ? - > i.?-. a Washington negro
butler, he ?lid n?.t kn??xv tli?? young fel?
loa waa aspirins '" he recretar) to the
I.ii.. i inn lacgatlon
i ?;i\ ir i?. in.? gervan! of I>r. Bterlini
Ruffln, "i v4? aahlngton. The phj at? Ian,
.. nal i of North ? 'nrolm ?. tu n? .i him
over i" th.?? ?Secretary <>i the Navy
Im .ms.- ?.r ins faithfulneaa. Neither
Dr. Ruffln nor Secretar) Uanleli
though) linn more than mi ordin?r
w i,- n Mi I ?anlelf found a letter
written In fault.? ai Kngllsh ii? \x.i-?
urnas? '? i n-, Ruffln knea nothing of
the butler'a s?mil?a It ?|. ? |o|*a th?t
i >;?? ia, unknoa n to hla ? m ployer,
?lull?? ?i ! Howard I mit ? ?mil ?. ?Wash?
ington. <?i"i et Quln 'i .i si?, aklng and
?,? rltini kti"???!? i-? of !? '?? -n? ii < ;? i man
and Bpaniah. He als? la an ? ?perl
..t. nogi aph? i
i ?,? . i- ha th? iiiiii'i-.s? in??ut ?,i ni.
Colored Democratic ?L-?eaguc, ?mad n??\x
appeals ai a native North Carolinian td
lh? atate pi Ide of ftecretarj ?Dani? 1?
Mi ? ?uni? is I? fi here i-'-iiii'iii for
v.. hington. He ha? nul nun. at ?ad
u hat lie ?? ill ?I" xx nli the appllcati?on,
f.x'x pot ?saaa ui t? -,1.?.?. ?.?i??nn.n..i i?oUiea. I
?Advt. '
;JVloxico Editor Asserts Deposed
President Was Shot and
Suarez Strangled Before
Trip in Auto.
i ______
?Colonel Alcalde Assails Am bas
I sador Wilson, Alleging He Not
Only Refused to Intercede,
but Betrayed Him -De
I clares He Has Proofs.
Kan ?Francisco, March '..'". Colonel
Manu ?I Blanche AI side, publisher of
ih? ' \? m Era," a Me tico Cil j nea a
I paper general!) regarded as th? mouth
pi? ? ? .?f the ?late Presid? ni Msdi ro*? ad
ministration, srrived here to-da? aith
ih? assertion thai he was "In ? posi?
| ti??n t<> oro\ >?" thai Mad? ro o .1 ?hol lo
?'? th snd th.it Vice-President Buares
strangled in the National Pal ic<
??ti tl,? night of Pebruar) 22 and ihelr
1 IkhIIci ? ? ' kei to Ih. peni nliarj
in .11 au.vil?
? l he i? ' or?? ?I Basilul." Id ?. I? ? Id?
."? ? ? 1 farcical ?ruse and ???
of II10 pli?t II ihc aiitomo
lircd upon i he ^n.ir,1 m re on I , ?
ins !? ad Intn Iht ?'?? d IkmHi ? : ll
1 '? lenl and \'t?. President, s ho
w? 1 ? ,11 rdcred in th? palat e hour? he?
?'??! I Ide del m? ? ?1 h ms? I
frl? nd ??' Madero Hi?
Ion m II
i.? to < \ ;???*-? the plot s in? '? 1 ? ?? ight
abo t the Dias uprising 1 nd ' h< d? ? Ih?
i o? Madero and
Disguissd as Peasants.
A? 1 ompani? ?l hy ? n f<
1 hii.ii? ti and hii hrothei Joaqu?n, :?ti
.-um- ? h 1 Ide fled I : ? ?n 1 Mi \i??>
Clt) ??n Pebruarj _?":. taking an ob?
; ?route lo Ratina ? 1 em? mb? ? of
the ?par! dtsaj
nnta ? in reaching 1
remain? d It on twelve d
ellevli II ?vould he kllli d
? ? ered I igen I f t ? ? ? ? >? ?
ni' nt. The) ? hart? red a rge to r
\ ipulco, a hen? ? ? I? 1 ? 17
with other refug? ?
? talon? ' ?Vic? Id?
Mad? 1 os fati kaowi ? '?'? ' ng?
mr, before th? oui mum ?i In the olfl
srsl? 11 tl ? -i ? . ? ? 1
? him.
As a ma 1 I Pi
? I Mad? ro and Vlce-Pr< ? l
? . ?- ? ? ::??
o'clock. Mej > Cil lim on t
of Pebr 11 -'.'. Th? 11 ?
from i ? hind and th?
? d hi? 1 .'? 'I
to ?!? ith. H ? . ? ? ? ? : . ? ?
de la Regui 1.?. iw?
lut? r. and then >? ? re flngi r mm ?
, throat. ' had bcei
?from Its f ? nd ih> tongu
? a."
Colonel \\ d? - ? - positiv? in hi*
rtlon ' 1 ?' Mme Mad? 1 ??
?old him there n'ai nn i?<.i?. |.>i
husband, r -? h m i< .?t nn an
. ? ? ? * ; ? 1 alt h v ?? 11 ' 11< in \ 1 1
? ?i IVII "ii ??ti Ihe .,ft? 1 noon ??
ruar: 22.
Wom?n Without Hope.
? Mm.. Madero and Mme. 81 1
went together to the embaa ador
to mii'l"i ?? linn i?? Intw ' ede for
; heir hu? hands' llv? 1," he ? sld "l
.m th? ?11 v* hen Ihej lefl the eml ?
?and the) told me there a/a? no hope.
They ?aid Ambassador w 11 - ? ? r 1 had ex
1 r? tu ?i i" th? m hi? I" liel that ? he
President and VI ??President would be
ex? 'uted, as Ihe Huertlstas regarded
their death? a? necesssrj for the ?"?"l
of the country
"General Aacsrade was in command
of the guard lhat night. 1 was old
1. anoth? '? ??'ii' ? 1 ??: ih. guai ?i that 11
w.? he s ho |i -.-. Madero and '..?;??'."
Bitter m his ci II i? ism of Ami?? ador
Wilson, Colonel AI? side ?i? ? la red the
.vim 1 ?? an diplomat had ?i? ? lin? ?l to In?
1, r? ? de i" sai ? him from arrest and
<i, nth.
? 1 had prole? I? ?J lift? en Am? n? nn
ramilles In mj m h? ol, the Internado
\',-i. i.itiiil. H'hcre 1 commanded ?lifft? sol?
diers." I"' said, "fi?? ding 1 hi Ami 1
?nd housing Ihi m ?1 i?rlng all the right -
Ing ir.'in Februat II In IK After the
Uuerta coup, ft urine srresl snd ? se?
, ..tion, 1 ?- ent t?. lh< smbsssad r und
?appealed for hi? aid In return "01 my
, rotectlon of his people
Alleges Betrayal.
He i"!?1 ru?- si lirai he could do noth?
ing. ?iinallJ. he .1 ked m? to ? it? my
name on ?'? '?'", u,,h thai of m?
brother. *-'"??'? sftcra-srd ? rrlend of
mine rush? d lo me n Ith the informs?
,,,,,, thiii the Am? 11? an Ami sssador
bad ?given ? ' '"'' "" " ,,i<',l "' '' th?
names of ",v l""'," ' ;'"? myself t?.
:-:,., 1.mi y of Intel lor < Iransdos, and the
j.,,., ,? had Imm?diat? I ? Issued ? dl
for am st.
?This friend had ??'? erh? ard 1 .,11 ..1 .1
,,I1X( rsstion i- tween Ihe ambasa idor
?nd Orsnsdos. In ?? hi? h h< sss? n? .1 the
?ambassador had lid thai mj brother
.,,,,) I g , 1 .? Ill I'M' Of ?'I ? I Hi ?II.1,1ns
replied thai we had escaped hi? atten?
tion, i"" h" ?,""1'1 ;'n' ,"1 '" ?ur cs -
ni once? -,'"i ''"' ,"'1' ' "f i,r" ?? ?*?*"?
u i ni? nd h;?.- tened 10 mi, t?i\ ? me
ht- pur? and urged ne i?? tlot 1 1. tt
Mexico ('?<>. disguised sa .. track
|.,,?,.., r ,,1 in ..'? !?? k llisl night. M)
wjf( mid babl? - s.gulsed.
Thanks to a frlendl: train ? onductor,
? ,,11111111. ?I 011 eet-nnorvoKC. ?ctrnlh r.iluinn.
Charged intlrpoisoning her husband; and portrait of the late Admiral Karon.
Young Man and Girl Held Up at
Piste! Point by Two Men.
Who Escape.
Escort Lands Right un Rob
ber'i Jaw When He Throwi
Girl's Br?tlet in
Her Faro.
? I |..|.l,...| ;,
? .? n .r. u ? ,? ., j,,
rentrai ?Park at the i
t near tl Klfth av< I th?
? ??? ? ?j*nt<
The gunin? ? -? ? . j
?? ha In ?- ?.. . ;: ?lorn
' hael M ?? -.
I Weal ? ? treat
i Um
I West Htm ireei
lurpl mi b wer?
? i ? ' hen the i fth
t 1051
?.,. I in th?* distan
?i ?.ii ?
. ?
T ?? f ? : ? .?m.? up .. .; ? t the
Hold up your hand
? ? ti.? ti.
Murpl ? ? ? x? hen i two gun i
i ? i I ' >?,? ol ; h? m? n
' a 'i ? i, m. ..mi
Murph) i
i unn tig ru?? i g no)hing ? ?
"1 ?''ii? . lut m t? r.r (on i?. \i
? : i
'ill? tjit i hail i?. gl? ? :? .1 to ho ?I ip her
n ?i ??? m? n, le? ? Hing
."? ir cd hei
. ?. ,? i ? off il
? i i? lAimpl ? I? ?
I? | dam .? ?i n "' \l : ? l ' i lefl
: and ??ti? "i th? ip men
l'i.ir?i?. ?j it i.-?.?.?.?iif ,i ov? r, the MI?ow,
. ,i h a i ion of ont? nipt, ?said.
ir i .;??...?i ? 'OUldn'l ?r?r n rit? I-.? 1
on it iii n hock ahop "
"Then thru??' it back!" ordered the
othet t? How, and the one with the
bra? ? let On? .? it int.. the girl'a fa????.
The gil i coal i?.??rki I had be? n rill?-?!
..i gom? ? hang? ?? h? n I his a aa go
Ins ?
\\ hen lh? ' ? '?el r ;? II to Mi?* ?pave
m. i ?. ? . ,i ,,, . ir." and
planted .-i II ??n '
i. ;.. ?.-hu bi ? ??? ' : Th?
n fell un ?M I then, and
i h?? nu mai .-ri stiinni rt.
Ml i l ??...:. .i. 11? ? il and the
high? i? mi n ? ?amper? ?I ?*"? ?? th?
?Patrolman smith, .?it Hiiai iWth
"., r ?police ? tathm, " nund bj
Mu? ?i" and MI I mu - i? ' ' indtng
. outside the 106th atreet ? r, mee
Th? i mid him lb? ton ? v ' ?'' ? ;""1
he mad? < ? Me surver neai
mid advised the coup!? t., report lh**
? ,,, the police m ?le Arsenal poli? -
i. i |on m the ?pai h
M ?Doughert) ??"aa I.vereome I?
,:,. further uni? the matt-Mr last night
aas taken horns hy Murphy. To?
,,, ,,?. ,,??,1.. W||| tell ?I?" ci?>t-'tix"s
, ,,? ?,???, ?,?.l station about the Jw?l?l
iii 'Li i?li\ 'a
la \;.|ii.??l rll $7l?.
Family Celebrates for Woman
Hired When She Was 12.
IB, T? ? - ?si i !? Tl ? rl ana I
?Phlladi Iphla, March -'' . " ? lebra?
tion srs h? Id lo-daj al ihe house of
Htm, .1. ?v i.? I? re. Hall. Penn.,
,,, ,,,, , ? ,.?? mim Mottle Brown Ah .
hat '...i' ? mi I.?- "i i" hire. ?????'?? ?' " '?
i .mil? for the laal l?ftj yeurt ?I th?
... , of iv?.-i\ e Misa Broa n was ???
I i. i.? Mrs. n< nrj Holm? i, t?io
moil.f Mrs. Uselere, I. foi
n,,. , hlldn n. H. thsl time HI i
? ?,,,v ,, h..s help? 'i Mrs. Holm? ? to n ar
, ignt . hitdren and man) grandchil?
a? prcaenl i rannoi g? I any <>n?^ to
?arorh tot "?'? ,if,v ????> *? ?*? ',l""'' ??'''>
., ;.,-.- said Mrs, laaselere. ' n \p ?? rj
?n,?,i,i t.. f-gei h? Ip thai e ill itaj and I
i, ,.h -.. ?? hut .1 in ? m? mj mothei ha I
,n M?t- in ??.?. ti. sii" 11 dci "'? i t?. th?
cbiidren and bag ??? i n auch ?? ln-ip v>
im .n man) wa>??."
CHECK FOR $3.250.000 LOS"
French Cleaner Finds It i
Railroad Express.
! :: Marefi 20. \ ?? ?
-.,??? from Paris b ? - thai
??? i i? ?tn> i four : ? ihe ?Sor
? Ex| re? a che?
for I3.CJOO.000 marks .>."..j.*.?"?">??, ?ir.t>\
b] .? ?Bei Un bank on the ?Bank of Ital
;?t Roaae, and ?also ? p ? ?pot I In th
] name of ('omman?i?-r Arrli ? )??
'i t.? ehsek ?ramsli ?? un? Isln ? ?i ft I
In th?* ?hands of tl ? ,
'too many yeLow bills
Detectives Arrest Pan Wh<
Say Chum Shared Hi.-*.
Loot with Thrm.
? i..-i. lives Donnell) B rne? an?
? of Ihe W< il 100th stn el
? ion a ? re ?trolling along ? 'olumbu
b ? night ?,?, hen th? ir
ittra? ted h) .. ^r??i:i? of '?".
around .? doorw? ?/, i. tl.
I?'Iim it? ?-t.
\ the three ?I? nth? appro?? hi ?i in?
: ?ok? 'i Into the il?oorwi their I . I
topped fi "in im ? "'? nl
. : loud an i :??'.'? is pattern
' | .? -in- I !" Ilil) "II till '? I ' . I ?
I tt-u in--tn* nts one v. ould I
??? ? ? t.it handful ol ? lloa ba? ki
[from hi? i?? >? Kot. ...uni them over care?
, I? *?sl'.. .in.l ?shove Hi? in ha? k m hii
nock? ; Thereui ??tt thi ol hi r wouli
raine n cigarette t<? hi? Up? with ?fingen
?ii which glittered ;t half dosen mag?
nificent diamond ?rings.
The detectives ?began to question the
boya The) gol evasive answers and
promptly arr<*St?**d ?the pair. AI the
Weal I- h m ti street station the young
? ; -? said i ? ) were William tit? In
?sevenl en sears old, of N? K71 i'olum
? mi.-. ,:ti?l Joseph *-' ??i?. net ? t:
1? ? n, ol the same addn i a 'l he) tul i
the ?police thai I; ? |.
snd i? wel? it ??ni Jame Rile). anothi r
?seventeen-year-old boy, of No 102
\*< si l??."..i .-ir> et, a ii?? ?got l hi . ? ; h? ?
ftei i.ti m :? house si ."'?" -??'?' w est
Il '.?tii su.? t. The ?poli.i?.tin?il?. .,r
: ted Rib?) ;?ii?i brought ? ni al ?? to
tin station
in . ? um; Rteln' - i?? ? kct i1 ?? ?....ii. i
found ii ? hamois bag, with i he Initial
"B" a ??i ?v? ?i m purple silk. In th?
were is diamond rings, two diamond
in.i es, i s <? pearl brooch? ? and ?? Mm
m ish The (?int- siii.l thai the) spent
i .?in? thins like sum? during the aftet
noon buying clothes, sodas, rigarettee
. ti.i Hov ? re, a iivii the) ?ga* ?? t?> th? Ii
? i? . t gii is " A i? sri pocket knif? n
i he bag bore the name "?Beatles," ?a id
.i : Ing, siso ft'.'iii i he bag, hud
the initial i ' i. i: " Inscribed Inside,
t. h n ni? poll? ?? visit? ?i the W si
h'.'tii slrcel i. the) found n? on
ol the . une ??i" K.-iiti, s. and >\? n told
thai n?? i'.i?i?.-r\ had been ?committed
th?r?'. Rlley, the ?boy from whom Btetn
and Bcotl ?said they *<*t ih??ir i???>t. ?re?
fused to tutu 'i i, ? jewels ?are \ slued
;,1 S.'i.lHIl).
Bride Lcavrs Hassler Forced to Bet;
Tor Food, Her Mothnr Says.
11 l?-??*rrai?li t?. 'I !,.? THbtMM I
N. u Brunswick, \. J.. March 9. Ttrei
I of !.- ' Bvc-yesr honeymoon afoot, started
in \?-\> York ?three weeks ?ago, ?Mabel
Brodle Hassler hss deserted Robert ihiss
1er, who hoped to M-it ever) ?tat? capital
m ih. i nit? ?I si.it.-. The aolli ? i ? to ?re? I
reived -i letter fi??i?i Has ?lei staUrig that
the left linn in ?Pr >\iii? in e, R, i.. and ask-1
?n- them !?? look f??! hi ?
Mrs. H isaler is sev? nl? ? n >?? nrs old snd ?
w., married to Hassler h?ere two ?Jays
i. "ore tit? ii Ip ?tarteil Her iti?>iii<?? a*
ah? a? ?forced t" beg f..r rood, snd thla
1 Ml t<? th.ir separating
High Gods Leave Memory's
Gates Ajar for Harry Trippett.
Town Clerk of M?ntela.r:
Execution of Rcincarnationist
Merely Forced Him to Delay
Love Affair Until His
Next Existence.
M.??it. ?air. N .1. M ir h 20 In ?
atartllng book, the tit!?' of which is
'l he l?""i- ?SI Ithoul a Knob," Harry
Trippett, the town clerk of Montclalr,
r? ordg tii.it ?n n [?.?. uliai dream whi<cn
expert? ;.' ? 'I II wet i? sealed t?> him
thai h? linn ?been on tins earth iwnr
I?? ?? i?- lila i i -? rtl ?'..-???
ii a?* rag ? Mr Ti Ippel
the i?t ? i?' of hli . n the
' i -? ix-i rton i waa hanged for ?i mur?
? i. r tu hl? n I did tu?! "tntiiit. though tin
i ? m ir? e x\ ha all ag? iii-i me."
Mr. Trippett'g ?book hag .?.???aaion? d ?
? lion here, n: he is one ?.f the ?beal
knoa n nu ti m ii" town en ;?t?l? nt
naturalist an<^ in . xpet I In civic affaira.
Ii. ".?:..- held the plai e "f t??xxn .1. rk
: i m tier of years
"Por ?several yeuru past," Mr. Tnp
i" xx in? -. ? i ii??' i.? ?n \ laited by ?
. ble dream, .nul, though I
o i ? ord ??i the date al the time,
.?:!?? .1 tg be r? cum nt .it Inten ala
. ? iilm ' ? months, it a as Impos?
to t mber the detalla ?>t the
" ;i<! alwayg wake \? Itti
' of having kill? ?! gome
though th? !" rsonallt) of ?the one
!. red. With ? -a? h re?
r??n<<> |h' i' ? in.?,' of dread btpuftmc
? i ??. ill ?.. : hi'..?? off, and "ti the
?n m.i In? >l for two ? n
tln? day?, and had II ?conlmn.il much
? i ghould ha?? ?? Ik-? om - u 111 gi h
i.. t f??r y.;i insane asylum, .?s the aul
?i ni i a is ?gripping m< with all
its i'?.??? r. Tlila waa aom? thing over ??
< ? m ago."
i: .v. hi i? .?ni? ?I the detalla "f his
?ii.ritn and the story ?'t' in^ fonner in?
carnal lona, Mr. Trlppetl ih?n narrates.
? ? ? int; t?. .? religious conversion, he
fell the t.i ol ;? prolonged *faat aa a
method for ae? uring information "iiitr
xkIoc i.'li ?aliil i r? ?in mail, thifl llrixitiK
, i: r h< in i hod put ?med b oth**ra.
With the approai h of i. nt, Mr frlp?
pelt niiii-11?" i? ?" abstain from the use
of tobacco, in which he bad Indulged
for thirty-seven years, or >iii' ?? boy
h". d. He a) -
? i passi*d through the fort) days,
hut anxlousl) waited naJdnlghl of th?
last ?da). and when it Anally ? ame, I
unoked for rnr?'1' ;;"ii?i hours, retiring
? i thri. in the morning. Although I
. ? ? tired ?? hen I a ? m t?> b-ad i a ? ke
ni ti?.?. ? ompleti lj i' ir? ghed and with
i vivid memorj <>f th? dream."
This : ivelatlon, a? cording to Mr.
Trippett, - n xV. ? .i that in hla prevknis
existence he waa engaged i?> marry a
?_.,? i ... ho, bj n ? nri.iii - combination of
, ir? ?im-irni? ? ??-. ?xi- murderetL Hi wai
inviirvii ??f th? ? : mi', thron n in Jail,
Bnd m tii" ?earl) morning ??as taken
,,ii? bj g n'.mi". of maaked men and
hang? d
in the n?-v? ln< urnalIon, he s?< -. g
cording t?> ti ?? dr? am, ? ?.lav? who at -
dined Hi" ti???i?'iii offered atan i>> his
mast? i x?h??s.? ila'.iulili r was tlio girl
??r 11??> earlier esistswoa. ?
Held Without Bail After Chei
?si's Examination Disclosei
Evidence of Arsenic in the
Stomach of the Admiral.
Hint That a Commission ND
I Pass on Her Mental Sound
ness and That She May
Never Be Brought
to Trial.
.Widow ind Navy V>tmn Clashed
D-omggtic Affairs and for a Time
Were .Separated- Didn't Know
She Was Married When He
Courted Her. Ho Said.
Plymouth. Mas*., March '.'?? M
'? n ? May ?Baton s .i - loi Ited ?sp
the Plymouth Count j j ?ii ?here ?ate t
di ?? ???ending a hesring on the chsn
thsl ihe murdered h>-r husband, Ri
Admiral Joseph Giles Eaton, by potso
The ?widow eu ?brought here in ;
automobile from Hingham, a d
of thirty-five miles Bh? wasarralgiH
th.-r?- earlier ?n the daj before Jn?U
?Pratt Through counsel, I'. ?;. <;<"??
?he plesded n???. ?guilty, waived tl
?reading of tiip complaint ??n?i ?au? lu
without bonds for examination .
Mardi 28.
".Mr-- ?Eaton if Indignant thai ?t
shoiil?! !??? ? hart;??! with su? h an offen.
?She will make nn statement at tt
present time." said Mr. Qeogua, tf
Eaton family attorney, to-niuht. WhC
! ? west to the Baton hoUM this oxer
in?: he carried with him ?to Mrs. Key.
a note from her mother. .Wither n??r
??thy nor June will visit their mothc
In ? ill, ?the attorney s n,?.
Thai another arrest in the caac "I
?possible" was an admission made thl
evening by State ?Detective s?-??tt.
Mrs. ?Eaton was ?arrested ?it her hon?
st Assbmlppl this morning by ?Depul
sheriff J. T. ?Condon, ?She wai remov?
to the HHirthonot at Hingham, wher
the Inquest trot ?to be have been w
Mimed, ?"?lit the fad ?thai the ws
charged with murder w?* nol mi -<!
known until ?shortly before i.?"-'n. wh?:
District Attorne) r,.irk. r mad? the en
Sanity Commission Suggested.
?Msan?me the inQuest Into th?* tud
den ?it.uh of the ?sdmiral on March '
?ma) 01 may nol be resumed. Il n
ltitmiiti.'l tn-niKht. that Mr.-'. EatOl
might BO| be brought to trial, and th?
possible sppointment of ? ?oommis-iloi
tn ?pan upon the prisoner's sanity ws<
lUggl lt< ?i.
District Attorney Barker wenl t?
Boston thii afternoon and had a
feren ?? with ?Chief Justice Aiken ol
ihe ?Suporior Court it was thoug-v
that his errand ?might be in ?onne? tur
I with th?* convening of a ipocial gran?.
jut> t?. ?consider the .ase.
When Mrs ?Eaton, s ?stoul woman ?-i
forty?five yearn entered the {all M
was ?ins? ?I in the black Hilt that sh?
?rore ?it her husband's fun. tal ami .?
mourning *-<"ii partly hid her fa?*-,
sh?? had been weeping, but generally
maintained th?* composure that ha*
chara? terised h.*r from the tirst.
Admiral Eaton died In his t.,.*.<?; at the
h??ni<- in NorweU where h? lived with
in "-rife, her mother, Mrs. ?ueerge Hai
rison, and nis itepdaughter, Dor?tby
Ainsworth. The death was une_|.ted
and was due, ?the other member? of the
family mid, ?to an attack of Indigestion
which followed s too heart} nasal of
ro.vi pork.
Circumstances I? ?i to sn investiga?
tlon und, ?according to i statement b)
i tiatrl? ; Atlorni Bat '?? r to da), m I?
dence ??f araenk*al poisonlni ?'sa ils?
covered by ?Professor William F. 1Tbit?
n. >. of Harvard M?ed?ical ?School, who
?analysed the contenta of the stomach.
The formal report <?i Professor Whit?
n?> has n??t been made und the Bin -i
was ordered as s result <?t h ve bal
communication ?to the District AMer?
Source of Poison a Mystery.
For t'-n days the ?authorities hi??
known thai the admirai died ?of stmbIhU
poisoning and their efforts h-??.. boon
directed t<? tin.iuiK where ami hj whom
?the poison ?as obtained and i? layui?
Lare ?the hpme Ufe of the Kat??r family.
in Hi?? nr.-t quest the) have not been
successful, the l>istri?i Attorne) said.
Al?n? the s? ? <?n?l lit-.? of in?iuiry a
wraith of evidence h;?s ?been furnhdMtf
b) friends of th?- family and nelghbern
Th?- pk'ture was got an altoguthcr
l'l??-ant one. The admiral and his
?wife, who was twent) year? his junior,
did n"t always agree, it was said, r?j
garding those who should be reeetved
.ii their home.
Both hud been nwrried before. The
Admiral'? tirst wife uas Man Anne
\ ;it ti mu. whom he niairi??i at I?ia g|
m 1871, when in was a lieutenant hi
iii? navy. His body was i?un.d he
-i,|. that of hi> tir.-t ?rife. From his
graduation ut Annapolis until hin re
tirement with th? rank >.l NUT ad?
mira', ni P.H?.-., the life ??' th<- naval
olftcer was tilled nit- honors and h<
a.Millie.1 a fortune.
Been alter bin retirement h?- met
Mis Jennie May Ainsworth, the
daughter of QeOTg? Haintoii, of Alex

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