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IvTct?-Hark _j_ff__ ?Iribnnr
V* IAXn.-N* 24 ?.."?". Z.::?;az?A. NEW-YORK. SATURDAY. MARCH 22." l'Ji:i.-Sl.\TI?:i-:x l*A<;l*. ? *. I'HK'K ONK ('Kyr'?n''^r.^^y;,VV^r^
Employe of Borough President's
Office in The Bronx, NeaF
Death, Confesses He
Was Experimenting.
Was Ramming Explosive Into
Gas Pipe, When Friction Set
It Off, He Admits?First
Said It Was Box He
Found in Park.
Henr* Klota, u draftsman employed
in th' topographt.-;?i ?bureau at i:<>i??uuh I
Hall. The ?Bronx, was s? I'iniish Injured
ln-*T night when a Imml. which Ii?' was '
staking expkided In h\> home, No :.j:.j
Fulton Hvpinn?, The Bronx
Kluti first dec larad hi had ta
ihr homh In Crotona ?Pnrk, and that u
M?tn up when h< removed the wrapper,
hut Inter ha omfeoaed t<? Acting Cap?
?nlii Samuel F'ri..?. In charge of the
rJet?*M ti\ ??s SSSlgned i,, tr.? .-? thai ;
h?- ?> is experimenting wltl ?gun? .
?i rammed ?? ir? s i ? i i ?*- ?? ? t * j ;
bichlorld? <>i rt-otasaiufn. ?Prirt'on
.s. .i and th?' bom h i? ? m off
Detective?, t--n minute* before could
(.. wen In th?? roon, measuring H from
all angles an?i makfm notes <>r all the
damage, etc . that bad ta en caused
C?ptala Pri?? tleclared that the ?po-j
had f"tin?l twelve ?ans of gunpow?
rJei and ?jt I?? ? samples, some sulphur
air.i bichloride of . otaaalum In th?
? and ihai Klota had been made
? ?prisoner at the hospital.
Mi ?refutwd to ?say what ?liar??.- had
been made agalnal him, bul thai th?->
????? mlademeanora. Whenaake?)
whether th?- ctmrgtM were having
weapons ami explosives In his poaaea?
gJ*M whl ii. however, ar?? felonies
Captain ?Price ?refused ta answer
?'ii tain ?Price said ?thai he \ laite?!
k:. u at th.? h<*epital and ?asked hlir
t<? tell the true .-. i? and save furth ???
trouble This waa aftei Coroner
H< had goi s i ant? moi tern I I
Bien) Iron Kl??iz Klota told him, ?said
Price, thai ha is ctwinected with the
I?i?ilir an?! Band ?Powdei Company, of
i>nil m a Dr. Hudaon la alao a ro?
i'? :. ??. Pi ice aven : hat it..
esa p..???i. r ?-i to?dato la aol ? ? -
';?! as he thought it mtgtll ??.?
>in?i t?ir aome lim? h? has .n experi?
menting fOf ?.?;..( ...,.?
I ?.??. !? !
Pri?? said thai Klota ?stated *??>?i he
? quantlt) <?f blank ?powflar, ?some
ataokeleaa powfler and some *?i?'hlerltle
? i.im tytd pla<*ed the mixture in
un old Iron tdba that ?had ?teen l?ft
i?> a plumber ip ?he basement of Um
hauts - : ? tima ago He rammed it
?i????n and then th<? explosion occurred.
;.. i ordiag to the >t??r>
Me .iddo'i. a.?<?.?riling to Pri?-?'. that
he xtgg vets aoiTj he i??-??"! ?cauaed m
mu?, h trouble.
Pi-riturtus wars i??tn ?fram the walla
an?! furriitur?? ?vas demolished, and
when Mrs Mai y Klota, his mother.
rushed int?- thf tooth he ???as um on
!?? i??u9. Dr. M ut h t.x.k him t<? Pord
ham Hospital Th?- h.?ml? ha.I been
Ule*, with ?MU "i nails, screws and
small ntf-ei shigs. \?hnli bulled th.tn
peenm in Kknts'a ?lace, hands, cheal and
/hdngtaq. ?
Cr.rr.ner Heal? t?>ok a post-mortem
atatemeni from Klota last <7l i *.-: 111. in
whkh be declared that h* ha?l picked
lip the t?ox mat th?- Kasi IT 1st stie. t
entrame u? <'r<?t<?na Park There was
bo writing on th?* paper In? loslng th?'
i-.omb, ht- ?aid
I B> T>l?-?rraph la Th? Trll.un? I
Vewburg. ?March *?'].- All Htldaoa Hiver
? ??.-.m?r? wer" h?ld up DJ* fog last alghl
and this morrilna: Th.- Morse landed h-r
ia?f??njrers her?? ami t.?nt them to their
r.??tlnatlone hi l?ele
This Mornings News.
local page
a ?-' 'Thirteen as "Murdai Truet".. 1
Arm?-Navy Gam?- M?-r?-, Per hat"? 1
Mowa t"p r>\ Mis ?iwti ?3o*Jih.... 1
?System" Warns Whitman's Prienda. 3
H<>? g-eouts shni-k Then Paator. 4
Lederl? t.. War ?.n Mosquitoes.., ... 5
Olrl Wed t?, l?od?*<- S< i>o..l. 6
Mrs ?ntahagfe Praed; Is Rrarregtsd. s
Will i??-!ii??tisiiaie "simii ?Sense 16
Mi a Hhol foi Stopping Bxpreaa.16
Plrtmen'a Work Baaler, Wltneaa ?Says 16
loiir?? Reserves foi One Jap ....? 16
Hunriro'l Kill??! in Storm. 1
Wrotr Hnak-and W<*t*aM Kill Her. l
Two ?Drowned Cnd-w Auto.???? 2
Wllaon i'an't Plnd Diplomats . 4
.?!?' '.mis I???, lit?.s Mission. 4
?"?tin.. In ?Stalssi Mom?- Kill?- 5
Oo\eimiiHiit \\at<hitii{ Krledmann.... 5
MU.tar? Trials Upheld. 5
Novel liinner for Mis Wilson .... 6
Ex-Oo\?rnor lila? k Dead . 9
Ar? t>?-ai?-rs i??-si?-?'? Morgan. i
Asetrla Mena-cea Montenegro. 3
Maw Pran? h MInlatrj. 3
iylvta Paskhural Liberated. 3
Mi a Bernatein pi.??. 9
i'i' M'lt-nt Hor.illii I ?ies. 'J
?Hi Sri !?.- \\ iirr.iri . 6
Kast?? i'huKh Services . 7
K?.itori;il . 8
.*?'<)? >ty . 8
Muai? . 9
OMtuary . 9
Llterau n???s and Criticism. 10 ami il
? ir.an in! uml Market*.11
Ss--?rta .Mandil
"??'?at h er . 10
Shipping .13
?""fe?) Kaute.M
Ain,. ;iruj Xavjf.?M
Even Private Persons Join in Rush to Sell
Valueless Odds and Ends, Only To Be
Repulsed?Financier Still Ailing.
; B] Cable to Th? Trtkuaa |
?London, Man Ii 22. A ?Horn? dla?
patch t?? "Th.* Dally Mall" m: ? that
the Grand Hotel, where .). Pl<irpont
Morgan is staying, ma* !"? compai-d
i?? ;i cloaely bealeged fortress "The
Dail* Mall" says there is not un art
?i?-.ii'i- or antlquari m Rome who is
ii??! makini deaperate effort*1 to ap?
proach i!h- financier >?itii .in <>ff?i <?f
s?>mo ? xtraordinary bargain.
au s,.it- .?i odda Hii.i .-ri.is. ?valueless
.?I'l picture?, China lace and ihe iik<?.
are unearthed from drawers und cup?
1 ??. vis bj private persons, wlw fondly
believt ihej ?can ?rail on Mr. Morgan,
ciisi?.?*-. .?r their Ko?"i~ aii?l ?return home
?iih .. bundle of banknotes Thesi*
amati ur .?i 'i d< slers, mosl ?>i " hom
carrj mysterious bundles, swoop down
? ?ii the hot? i m "in ?? i Ij morning till
? if- al nifcht an?! art repulsed with the
regularity of Um ?surf on the ?beach.
Hundreds ?>f l?-tt. rs. th<* ?majority
containing i>h?'toirrH|*hn ?if pictures
and statuas, arrive by every i-?.st fr.?m
ill parts ?if Italy and art dealt with
by a special staff of Sfcratarlea, who.
after glancing al the openiiiK iin?-s,
thron ihem into huK?* wastopapav
basketa "The Dally Mail'- corraopond?
?m >;iw the hundred loiters deotroyod
.-ii.? morntni;
Meantime, Hi?- ??l>jt.-t <?f so many
hopes keeps mootls t.? his room.
Dyspepsie and gaatro-lntes^lnal trou?
I?If still cause him RCUtO dlSCOOBfOI t.
but his condition is not such a.s to give
rise i?? the slightest appr?hension, s?i
Pr fessor Bastianolli assures the cor?
respondant. After a fortnight's >t.i\
,ii ROOM Mr. M?n Kan will proceed I??
?Florence, Alx?lea?Balni and Cans.
Woman'I Hip Hurt So Much1
She Took Poison.
Del ?? ? M in h '.'i During the ?torm '
.Mi*- i" hi.I. (Smith was blown li??in the I
"??i ch v h.i da ellln*- si Mount ? ' ? n
ens i"-ila\. Belle*? ing hi r hip was
brok? n I.? the fall, she ?It igg I hi rself
int" the house and drank poison 8h< I
pi obably s ill die
Her hip was not fract ured ?She h id
..i ?"in i hi nina! ism ai.?i ,
i h? . Kgra*< a!? ?I the ?..nu.
Six Captured After Holding Up
East Side Saloon.
Pooi steeramanship caused sis i
charged ? ith robbei ? to fall Into th?
hands "i the : ?lice earlj Mus moi ; Inn
Th? m? i. m a tazicab drove ui? In
fron! "f the Caf? Zopplln, No. i'_'-':
Easl ?th street, at 12 ?'>" this ?morning.
Fiv.- -f th?? nan with revolvers In
their liarais, entered I hi saloon, f?>r? ?*?l .
ih<- bartender from ?behind the bar and
robbed the cash i gister of g-W They
then j?il?"i ??ui Into the taxi
Engel ?Hartwich, the ?proprtetoi ol ih?
ran i?? i h?- si i ? el and his -1 les
? ted the attention ??! i?? lici m< n,
\?-11.> fired at the men In the taxlcab
as they started north n ?.venue a
Th? returned thi tire, twenl I shots ?
m all being tired
Th?- taxi? ai? ?went north to i 7th streel
when it crashed Into a build
wrecking the cah and throwim: the
men to ih?- strei I Poll? em? i ?rar up
and arrested the men.
Surgeons Declare New Orleans
Doctor's Discovery Marvellous
Scientific Achievement.
By T.-i?eraph lo t be TiUmhm i
New Orleans, ?March 21, a disco*/? I
erj f"i the prevention of neuralgia i
was reported to-?ia\ al t?a- opening
ession of the twentieth annual mee!
Ing of the Society ??f ?Clinical Burgcry,I
Which is t??-li*K li.-l?! m Naa tirU-an
The discovery is ? method f??t the In?
(action '?t alcoh?ol In the nerve ?gang?
lion!? m the baee ??f th?. skull The
dlscov?srer Is i?r Rudolph Mataa, a
Sow Oriaaas surgeon a datnonstrs?
lion of the method was msde to-day
at th?- clinic, in th?- laboratorj ?>f ?p-i
eratlve surgery iri Tulans Medh-ai Col?
i??k?-. ?and wet prono?ncsd by lea ?ting 1
American surgeons to i??- a marvellous
scientific achievement
The method win. it is said, do away
with the major operation of removing j
the ganglion from the brain centres af? |
factad by the neuralgia, snd stop pain
In th<- I'.-iti'ut for approximate); two
ears, Burgeons who witnessed the
demonstration said thai the ?lis overy
would be one <?f the ?.:r?at<-!-t sgents for
the alleviation ol [??.in in the history
of medical practk s
The flemonstratloa )>*? Dr. Mans to?
daj is his firnt before ? ?racognlsed sur?
gkal body,
Woman Waiting to Testify in
Case of Husband.
Vernon, Ala., Mar? h 21 While lu a
aitnesa ?room waiting t?? testify it' the
fourth 'rial for murder ?if her husband
hors to-daj. Mrs. i i> Whldde1,
droppi ?I iitad Hoar! I rouble ?a as
?given as th? < Huse.
Whtdden is charged with murder In
.?Lim. -1i.?n with ih?? killing of sid Bar?
fl??i?i two years ago, after an allegad at?
Itack I'.v Harri.I?l upon Harti.-ld's ?rife.
! Two Juries dUsgreed, ? third convicted
?mil th.- Supreme Couri remandad the
I . as?- for retrial.
"God Made Flics and Was Satisfied."
Says Hackensack Official.
Ha. k? nv.ilk. N. .1 . March ? U'lu.'i in.
Humphrey, ??! the Hackenssch Board of
| II? .?I'h i. I'M? ?I 10 Hi.- fact thai Il\ tin?.
? omina snd that pr? psratlom ??.
msde i" "swat' them, Richard Tearance,
?, in.-mii.-i ??f Ha- Health Board, re?
liialk- ?I
"God made til?'- a u.-.i gg other things,
und h. was satisfied thai there will be
fii?-s i.? the end -?f time, n<. mattai h?..*.
much the) bs "watted.' There are i>??>
?Mit) ii'iiiM asi'al and fool .-r-ltiian-> m In
I Hackensach noa and thc> an driving
' iiv people oui of tosa."
Westcheste- Officials Say Pris?
oners Were in Gang That
Killed Employes of John
D. Rockefeller.
Killing of the Mano Brothers,
Oarida and Giallorenzo Traced
to Secret Society Organ
ized to Exploit Crime
for Money.
Thirteen Italiat - i?. ||< ?.- ,i t,, hn\e
bt en the ?senti of s Black Hand *???? lety ,
'" ?'' leaai n ilosen murders and a|
numlM i ol othi r ? ?rimes In \? ash hester
County, aer? srrested bj ?Sheriff i?
1 'I?" ' I' . ? M ?im ? ..| \\ hn.? !
Plslns, snd several deput) sharlffa, m
W hit? i lali - i ishklll, Port Ctu ?star
h' ?i ??iti? i loa ni ? ? aten?as
The Black ?Hand outrages have asen
1.1 "ii f if ta " ";u?< The) In? lud? d
? ? ? ??i ?several employes ?>f John i>
?Rockefeller si Pocantlco Hlli and the
robber) of ? dosen Rockefelles em :
ploya kl pistol point. Th?- workmen
became as frightened th.it for weeks]
Mr Rockefeller employed twenty
?guards -?H his grounds to protect them
Along the Cataklll a.(.hid bow
: constructed through Westcbsstei
County, a here thousands of men have
been employed, the la-ads ??f the "mur?
dei trust i? iped ?i harvesl Bli ol the
met nos "i the White Plslns |all ur?
a!].>'.-i -.. i?.- a? ?? ? *as ?i h s to th? murdei
"f ?Flllpo > iinii.i at White Plains r? b
map 51 i'?--t
The ai real ol i he men i ei es '? i 'lia'
there h id been s feud I ? I ? ? en the
? 'alabrlai i ?? nd othei Italians * ho )?? ??
in West? ii'-st? i. Three murders In
?Vi hite Plains ? ere Irai ?-?i to this feud,
and the men undei srreal are believed
i., have bean ?connected arlth th.
?rim?-*?. The prisoners al Whits ?Plains
an- Raphael Bovs, Charles Rumbera
Boceo Pelegrlno and ?PYanoesco Cal?
i,ai??, ?i Whits 1*1? i ii?*. ?nd Peppo Rosso
and ?Ranta ?ostra, of Port "hester
sh'-riff ii".i?- Isarned that they srsrs
\?.?n organised snd bsd signs, ?grips ami
Three w?*eks ago "Tony** Marro was
assassinated In dayllghl In n Htrc??i in
Whits Plains and pietro Relpucct, who
was arrested b) Detective l-'rittiti, was
positive!) Identified 0? the .-layer
Previous to the murder ??f Marro his
brothei hsd bean poisoned by one ?>f
the members ??f the "murder trust "
Father to Avenge Sons.
Balvatore llarro, father ?t Ihs two
murdered men, swore to avenge in*
deaths Of his SOUS, and it is feSTSd 1h.
feud will ?spread ?with isrloui results
it develops thai in.'st <?f the murders
followed the dynamiting of the home ?>f
Mai> Ki'i'-ii?' m Rroni street, whi-r?*
Bova, one of the ?prisoners, boarded.
Then came ?the murder ?>f ?'anda.
whose ?body was thrown Into th? Rro?i
Valley sewer.
a sh??rt time sftsr Carlda's death,
?Felipe Felice, ?seventeen years ??ih. who
wu? said to ?have corns from Port ?Ches?
t.t. sttempted ? ?? k'11 Tony" Murr?, on
Bsllrosd Avenue earl) one Baturda)
night Marro was wounded In the Jaw
ami ?recovered PeHcs ?us convict??.
und is m *<"' ?';imir;' K'-format-Mv.
?Harro I.:?'?"? ;| rlctlm of the vsndstta
later on
Qlovannl Oiallorenso, of Port Chsstsr,
?ras murdered on Ihs niKht of January
."? last, after 1 -' had bSSO lured t?? S
benlMMise on the property of Frank
Itowler. This murder is siso laid fo
,1,,. ?i?...i ?>f Hi- ?gang I" ? partial con?
fession mads b) 6ns of th.- prisoner?,
?Then cams Ihs murdsr "f ? Ton "
Man?? i'? Rank street, us he i?-?t ths
Kt-ls??) Smith mill. Whsra In- whs <m
ployed. un Ki-iTunty 27 last, h?* was
.?h??t fr??m ainl'iish. I..'?s! Ft i'lay nliiht
an attempt WSS mads lo l.urn ths
building <"1 Mnrtlns avenus, where
BOVS had ?? meat market, and this hSs
nsvef ?"??ll ' M-l?1""''1
RelPPUCCi asserts that NogtTS SIR?
l?l??.v?-?l him to kill "Tony" Ma.t?.
Friends of Marro also sa) that KH|>
puccl was ?-?nt to White ?Pialas for ?he
express purposs at Killing 'Tony."
\\ In. were ?|ucsti<?ne<l by -tale ??Sciais SS to their knowledge O? the ?lome-tic lile o? the Eltons.
Wife Called Admiral Maniac and
Said. "I Have No Way of
Escane," in Letter to
Attorney in 1911.
Asks for "a Woman Who Is a
Sherlock Holmes in Criminal
Insanity" to Help in
Proving Her Husband
Was Crazy.
?-hr. ii.-'. March 21. Incldenta bear
m?.- ipon their relstlona between ?Rest
Admiral Joseph ?. ?Saton and bla ??ii?'.
. barged arlth kiiim?* him I y >polaoi*f.
came lo unlit bsra ht-Oeg n a letter
??ri"?n b) Mrs fa 1 ail un Mar? h 18
1911, *<> Marahall B. ? ???ilion. ? uxei
?."??in. ?. who acted f"r li'-r in h?r ??'
..r. ?? i'i..'?Iitiif?? affatbal tur tirst hua? '
i and Daniel Hem I aht-ewtortli, In llkOl
Tha* ]???t.-r. erlitten ?r??m AsslnliH?..]
Masa i?f.'itin?T lo the admiral, lay?
Til. . ondltlon ??i ihta i.r man la
dr< .1'if h? i* so nu?? h arorse, and I !
? ,.,? i., ata? h- ra ?lui? \? Inter. M v
leaving him alone ?arlth mi m..itVr
while l ??a.? m i'lii?'?K<) iir.i'l?? bin ?ill
ir i h,,,i ?i doub! ot in?? Inssnlty, ??h?, h
i never bsd, II srouM he removed
qui ki.?. i?- h? i? ??'? m'" h ?> orse, and
?? ii,?! am i '?' do?
H.? |g ,, il? k, bel pi? ea ?ni -???I ??Id ?
I man, and H ?goea '*? mj heai i Ma re
' p.-s on me entlrel* i ?mbtaeyea i?r...n
i,,,,,! ufe, and atlll him ran l ?' ? ?? h? ???
alone ?>n?i lei blm kifi me and i .??-i lit?
i ;.. nu,..? ?m I ??.roil,v. and he ?? III do 't
.urn iii. n wonder arh? r? n< are. Ha i??
the mosl dsngerous, aubtle maniac, and
still I ii.i??? no w?i? of ? ?-' ??i"-?
Dreaded Public Opinion.
I'ul.li. o|?innin, Iiih rank, hi? ?age and
?h.- n.ivy i?r?? ?ill iiKrtin??? m?-. ?Ml doc?
tora ara too dlplotaantlc hh?i afraid to
attempt to deal with him as ha nho??id ?
i??* dealt with, and II ?sill cos? ma ?inn- !
dreda ??f dotlara to gel avlden? ?? apd
take >? yeer, al least, to ?sel II Is ahaps.!
;?n?l tii'ii I i?i'"i?i?i'i> will be outwlttadI
i.y ?lentimenl and pity.
?H,. |f i||, m?i ' dangeroua man yon
(?(.iii.i ni??! an; ;
**pie?ae h? i m< Whal ahall l ?Jo?
What 'i" you . ?,i? lbs ?i?"'t '
practical? Aft? ? i ; la] I shnll ba
nere ni?.n- arlth im ' la tl niee. Ha
is ao aubtle "'?I My. W o ild ou ret r.
. ommon, i heap t??oman. |uai to hrn/a
lome one arlth me? Of ? ourse, auch ??
jiersoi? fftHitd n"' be able lo detect bli
trouble onl) ? l?eraon drill? i to nrain
trouble or ftamillar with Inaanlt*
"if ha in m tenf? roua as i ht l?eva l
muai protect m) Ufe, -s" limi oM
irhcther \.aan ?iel ma a tvoman who1
is ?? ?Btbsrloch Hoibnm In crtmlnnl in? |
?sanity ??n?i ??f bls^tresl nsorml ctenct-jr
and high atmadlng ndtb doctora and
sllsnlats. <?ti?' arboaa arord w??ui?i k??
if aba ?*;ii'i ba was Insana they woui.i
?i?. m? mart ?Please s?*?- what yon can
do for ni?* ?nil ad? Is? l"? ?"
iiockiriii-i. M.''"s ? ntereh O The eon? j
rsrastbm between i?'*?r Admiral Joseph
?j K.iton and hla famllj pby?tetan, l?r
j-wepfa n ?"???? ? "vv ?"""'" h?tete the
a.imnai aied. ??iii hex* as Important
bearing. M la a*?dersts-id, In the nirtbsr
' investigation at ""? wme What passed
Ijetweea the ???j ?*? ?ssiefUlly gttorded.
Mn Baton la a*"cuaed at having ad?
mlntatarsd e****enle ?" the adnriml ue
Mm. m i "n tl*? atWiiooa <?r that day
! |?r Kram?', who bad l?'?'i? i ailed le the
1 i,,,,,s.? to attend Mr* Bet-nTa iii-.th.-r.
\1,?. Qimia Harrison. BlSO ?xamlii?-?! tin?
?.dmlral? The totte* Sled durint tha ninn?
Report Poetponed Embalming.
It is atetad that I" l-'iain?' .ia?v tin*
?dmlral ?sal? eeee. b? ettm hM ?death
,ni,.i.- a i?i??t is ?M???!??' ?Saanalner Os>
K,?..l whi?'h laSUltad In ?in ?.nier IIihI UM
body' ahould Sol ba embalmed antll a i???-?
inori.-iii hsd i." made
It I? IsllmatSd thai UM ?ihym.'lan was
fnOueateoi net only t>> Iba ?<.n'iiii?>n <>t
hi? patient but hy arhst h?* ha.i told <?t
his Illni-a?
In a formal StStsmenl ??? 'lay. ?District
attenM ? Mr?rk??r takes n??ti<:?* of ? harapa
thai t>' I'lnni'' ?l??lH???l makln?: known
(<>nllnn?<J un fourll? pa??, flflh roluma.
Observation, Concentration
Analyzation, He Says.
Albany, Man h IM -i",,,\.<-.rn<?r S
told .? deiagatlon <?f students fron*
Wslton High s? hool "h?. ? ? i? ?i on
(..-ii i> th?- way t" "real greatness.'
"Real greatness," ssld th?- -;..\..?i
?-? ?r. ih<- ?po?ssesston snd
velopmenl of three faculties obsc
i.??? by which you acquire knowie
concentration. by which you **t??i
away, and analyzation, i-v which
atlllss it. an) Individus] wh?.
??.???..?-. s, well developed, these l
Kl ? .1 ? faeull las is a e? nlus."
Racing Craft of Limit Size (
dered from Herreshoffs ?v
Ex-Commodore Tod.
Rohan F. T?"l. formet ? ommo
"f til' Atliinii. Y . ht ?'Int.. and a m?
ii.r "f th.- Nea fork and other v<<
? lube, has ordered fr?-r.-i the Herresh
ii-u scho.)n?-r yacht, that i- t..
m enlarged Westward The ?-..
?.?in massure 113 'cet -?fi th.* wi
line, II icet longer than the Westwi
Pommodon Tod** 'avt yschl wss
tin.-. -in,ist,?i schooner Karlna,
\? hielt he cruised m K'ir<>i ?mi ral
last s. i^.iii The ties yacht Is ;??
i pad) ??i. April i. '..-xi \ est
s 'oramodore To i is a ell knot n
amateur nat igatoi In ItOS he ??
i.wnei ;?n?l iiavigatot ??i the *?? liooi
Th.- tli during the ra< ?? fot the ? lerm
i-;iiii>? i ?>i s i 'up, m vs lii.ii ??!?". en ?? ?? I
-tarted from ?Sandy U??<?k
Tachtsmen who heard yesterday
Commodore Tod's detsrmlnstlon
build a racing yn? hi ??f the lin
length mentioned In ths dssd ??f n>f'
th?- ?America's ?Cup, hinted that
might have ths defence of the trop
m miiai in case ?i 'hiii.?nice for ? ra
with ichoonsrs should arriva, in si
event some dm tared, it was mors tin
klkel) that S..II1'- other i a? htsmi
would i'ii t M . yschl "t -?nula: dime
?tons i?? m?-ei the Tod a boon? i In th?
s atari
Rowdy Fractures Skull of Bo
Who Wouldn't Steal.
The iif?- of John W Bettei lj. twel.
yearn old, >f Mo 415 Piral avenue, hun
m the balance ?earn this morning whl
in Russell, of Relleyue Hoaplta
..(.??rat. ?I "i Ins skull. fra?tiii'?'.l b)
i.ri? It hurled by ? rsw*ly f??i whom, s<
rording t.. his mother, the boy refuse
I., st.-al
Mrs Tisress Rattsrly told th<- "Jolie
she ha.i bean forced to send the law
..ui ?a the ??it*, becauss of s prsvlou
attack, and that sines his return hi
.*.. h?.. U?ates had tried t?> g.-t him t>
Steal, and punlshsd hin refusal Wltl
bes tlt?gs
Paris "Picks Up" Arlington b}
Radio Waves.
Washington. March -1. -a ?saNs di*:
jiatch from I'uris to-day announce.
that th?- Klff?*l Tower "got" Arlingtot
last night In th.? first phase of the ex
?perlmsnts to determine i? radio 1rs ????
the dtffsrsnce in latitud* bstwsatt
.Washington and Paris. The tssti are
bstag ..inducted by Kren? h naval ??!!!
ears oo*opsratlng wiin the united
states Raral Obosrvnlors ofllosrs nstc.
Owl?g to adverso statte conditions of
th?? Htm??s(>h?'r? the sign?is, th Wlgh
travelling easily from west to east.
?ould not return hy the sain?' nui' ?,
henee the Arlington observers bsd boon
unaware of thshr |>hrtiul sin cess. M? r -
lofor?' Arlington has "picked gp" Paris,
hut hag heen iinahle tn work the o-thsr
A 1"my li'sss-.f ANGOSTURA BITTERS
-before retiring for Insomnia.?A?lvt. '
mm mm\
Representatives of West Point
and Annapolis Inspect
the Polo Grounds.
Secretary of Giants Points Out
Room for 45,000 Persons,
n Most Tempting
N'm v.i.u maj ??? ' ih? Army Navy
fOOttl II ?game next fall; will tr?*t it. in
fact, if th?- N'aval Academy authitrktiea
.?n ba ? <m\ in? ??i that the tranaporta
Ition problem of ?setting iv? two bat?
, tii.ons of tniiishi|.meii to and tren An?
[napolia in one ?In? <;m be ?soIv-h! to
t their satisfa? ti??n.
This happy pit.r' ttewa to tba many
, ?persona In this ? it? tteeply Interested in
I foi?tl..ill in general, and the Armv ?irnl
: Na? i in ?particular, leaked ??m yaster?
day, whenrepraaentatlvaa ?>f the rni??ii
sin'.- Militar) A.'.uiem.v, at Went
Point, and the i nited stat?-s Maval
A....??m? ;?i Annapolis?, rame here to
uis|...? i the Polo <;r?? .mis mi.i t.. confer
with John h Poeter, th.? new aecreterj
,.t ill?? ? liants
No un.'i derialon was i-eache-d, bul
from whai could be learned tbe chancea
arc ??i; m f.?\<-r of tins mom apectacn?
lar of .?II football games being trans?
ferred from ?Franklin Held, I'lnia.i-i
phta, r?? ?h?- Polo i.ioiinds here. Tha
Inaiatenl and growing demand for more
.i.iii . an i??- auppllsd in Philadel?
1 phi i opened the way for negottetloae,
;:?n?i ihe Kew fork club mads a pr?p<>
I alt ion for tbe uae ??f th?? big stadium
. i the i.f CtDOgan ? Blufl which
I could not help but i?r? >\ ?? attractive to
the repreeentatlvea of tbe two acnd?
i em lea.
Mr. Poatet ? ?xplained thai Ibera ?? rj
aeats al Ihe Polo Qrounda f??i .'IT.?-*??''
| persona r?ini thai tha club would be
! ?ii.i'i t?> build temporary atanda, If noc?
canary, ao thai ac?commo??totlona .oriid
b? |,i..\ i.:..i for 4."?.???? ?persons. The
?eating cspacltj al Praaldln Ki?-i?l.
?Philadelphia, ?a bardl) more than -l.
tjta) ?n the most, so .hat almost doubla
the number ? ould watch the battle ? I
bruina and ?rawi? If tha Kam.- ?>.?.???
! played in 11. ?m ?city.
i Big Demand lor Tickets.
The in??i'i?'ni of aupplylng the demand
r??r tickets baa aver been a ?HtuVuit ?>ir.?
'at ?Wist Point and Annapolis. Many
! officers who applied f??r s??ats ?.vr??
torced t<? aeoepi dlaappoiatment, a.s
under tha arrangement In ?PlUlsilelphls
each academy received one-third of the
tickets ?and ?PennsylvanM the other
I third Onlj Uta tlcksta sllotted lo
Pennsylvania tsern ?Id, aa the othora
Iwere dlatrtbutad free, arlth those who
I ?contributed to tbi atbJetle aaasdatlvna
'??i w.st l'oint and AnnapoHa getting
! th?* preference.
?Pennsylvania has not made it a ? om?
Imsrctal enterprise, ?s the money re
lOSlved for Its u?ar?- of the ??eats ??as
turned o??r t" ai?l s??ieti?s ??I 111?? ?inn.'
I and naVJ after expensen had l?een ?I -
' illiet?'?!. The ? htef purpose of th?'
! quakers in ?lemandin?; a certain pro?
portion of the seals was to satis!?? tha
demands of th????- who do so much t?
?support foot.mll In Philadelphia. Under
the ?iiiumstanc.'S the X?rw York ? ml?
is ;,i,i.? i?? naaka ?? tor better proposition
! as to ?he ullotment <?t' seuls, ?iml. il?
I an) ?ase. r?lm<??-t ?l?>'ll?le the numb ?T "f
tickets will go to each academ]
There are otaher resaona and -??"l
ones Why the K?me should i>.? played ?n
thin * ? i t v Chtef et iheea in better hotel
?iccomni'iilations Man? <.Mi? ? i m who
travel miles to see the Rame have
? untlnuril ??n fourth pag?. third column.
Cyclonic Storm from Northern
Texas Swings Up Mississippi
Acrcss Ohio Into Great
Lake Region.
Alabama Worst Sufferer. Forty
Having Been Killed in That
State Alone?One of
Its Towns Is
Wiped Out.
Chicago Cut Off from Ea?t foi Hour?
-Ccld Wave Trails Blow,
Tomreratiire Dropping 30
Degrees at Many
Washington. Mardi 21.?The big
storm is centered to-night in the St.
Lawrence Valley, but its backbons
is broken.
New records for wind velocity
were established m Buffalo, Toledo
and Cleveland, where the guages
registered eighty-eight miles ?n
Colder weather and brisk winds
will follow the disturbance, but by
Sunday the temperature will rise
again, it is expected.
Mote than six!-- person?? are re?
ported ki!1-.1 and hund? <*,]<=. injure?'.,
l?verai mortally, by a storm of tornado
intensity which ?raced yeotefdap ?-inns
? course ??f 1,200 miles ?or mor??, over
<'fhtrai Western, Southern and pans
"f Bastero st?i-s. Property afcamgi
will run far int?- ?the mi!li?>ns.
Definite advices a? count for at \e.\-t
forty persons dead Reports fr?-m
points ?lemporartl) cu ?off from ?un
communication Indicate Ihe list will i? ?
kvnteAy swelled.
The loos ??f life was beavtee* in ?via?
haam, ?where it ts defln|tel* known
lth.it I? snt) -eiglu hu;> i>.?en killed
! Additional fatHllt?:.*? ?have been ?-??; ?rted
| o?it n?-t conflnnod. Th?- t-?un "f Lower
Peachtre* v-as practically wiped nul
Two ar- dead in Indiana, two In T-n
iipssf??. two in ?ihi.?. two in N??w York,
>ne in Michigan and <?ne in Louisiana.
?Vccoonpaaylng the death Hats are >*?
thnatea of injured ?totalling more than
tea, with additions coming in s< briol
With Advent of Spring.
?Coming oui of the south weal ??
i on Prtdaj morning. |ual as sprlni
ushered In, the storm ?wept dlag?on
Iacross the ??ouiitr*, srtth startling - i ?
?denness from Northern Texas i.? \\ ? it
, ?-ru Pennaylvania snd Ken York, bi?
?se? ling the Mlaalaslppi Valley ami mov?
ing northeeetward acroas tin- Ohio into
the G-raal ?Lain ragkm.
shift,UK" winds of (real violence, .??
?companied In various sections by siu-w.
?tool and hall, ? baracterlaed th. storm.
the moal destructivs .?i the >ear and
rarely equalled n> ths ext.-nt -?
sweep and damage Buildings toppled
in nearly a doMO states and ?hath .ay
in the wak.? of th.- storm.
The ?property loss was h?.iv all along
the track of the disturbance ?Besides
demolishing ot unroofing buildings and
felling ir. SB, UM high winds, ram. h??ii
and sleel did serious il**?yg** to sari)
crops, according ?to reports from some
'of th?- affected aectlona Ealhaatas of
?loss b) damage to ?property ?>f all sorts
?from Indiana an?i Michigan alone total
>?-iHHi.niKi abouf avenlj divided be?
I tween the two state?. Early report?
,.?' ?-.^s. s ?ranging from g25.?iun to ?fftlft.?
HIM? ,,;? more from various ? Itles s id
sections a attared over the sto?rm n gi m
' Indicated that the si m ?total wo iM
reach large tlg'ir?>.
Wires Down on All Sides.
\\'ii-.-s tell m all ?in?- ti-'iis before
?11m ?blow. Not m manj years baa
there t?e?.?n su? ii prootration ?of tale?
graph and ?telephone ssrvice Chlcaga
was ?.-ut off for hours from communloa*
j lion with points aast Only ??> devious
! routes was ?connection Snail) eetab?
Leal alghl conditions bad Improved
materially, bul II aill i??- several dajK*
lief??re normal service is restored ?Rail?
i r..ad trartii- was ssrtOual) delayed la
many ?listn?-is. tvhare wire communica?
! !j?.i! was crippled and washouts ?c?
1 . iiri.-il
Ths wimi which wiped ??ut m mu.-h
Iproperts and coal so mag) lives eu
? talned record ?velocities el some pointa.
i Detroit reported alghty-elghl miles an
(hour, the weather bureau high record
i in that city a velocity of slghty?fouf
miles was recorded at Toledo and tin
?rind was blowing alghty-elghl milai
an hour at Buffalo at H o'clock last
night. Memphis reported sl_ty?four
? niii?-.- and Louievllle tifty-tw?. miu-s
?'??Id weath?-r a.?ompanied (he d?
| structlva bi.os. in main placea the itna?
' p.?tature dropping ."?t? degr? ?>s. The
Storm s?-?-ms i<> have spent its tort?
I ami t" ??<' taking the accustomed rout!
Of such diaturbanees OUI the St. Law?
rence Valle>.
Batremss In temperatura appeared
to tie a corollary ?if the st?>rm. In Mua?

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