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fCopyright, 1013. by The Tribun?? Angoclatlon ]
V"1 [aXXn. Na 24?234. *????,?.**-?.*****?!** ~??W?YORK. SUNDAY. MARCH 2?."." lill.i-ITVK I'AHTS-SLVfY-SIX PAGES. ' 1'WICK FIVE CE.VTft
Inspector Was Stirring Up
Trouble, So Captain Was
Told to Have Him
Officials Representing "Sys
tem"" Met Him at Broker's
Office?Waldo Issues
Statement Defend?
ing: His Transfers.
Dlatrlct Att.ini.'v whitman received
lniori"iti"ii yeatenlay which ottera the
? d< tall? <i nplanatkm et tii?? ?-radd-sn
? .n [napecta r lu? yer, which wag
b5" ?'??miiiissioner WaMo's Of?
mating thai offlctar? ?staff.
I ort? fut mil In t<? Whitman
ahow that w 11 i l o Dwyer*?
? ;?? the District Attorn.?\ Mas the
I broke th.? camel'a be.? k. the
? "i;" had i" ? n \\ <?i k'iic ?.ver
um?' for a mont)] or mon? in a ?i?-h
? ?fforl t" ? rh-gekmate \ho Inajpnctor
?as stiri in? nil trouble tor gome
of t'- moal ?powerful grattera in the
"sr.l bj th- Pislri't Attnr
nveet Igatora, Mi<? ?ton ? entra?
? .i .-i -captain whoae ?hoadqtiarter?
n Dwyer'? dlatrlct, Tlila captain is
???i w ltfi tK-*|ng th.? i<pr?sentati\ ??
Ire tapping graft?****? ;?t i*??i?..?
r . 11. was apprtaed by the
ring;" that Dwyer wtu
' ? I.? gull th? 'Tin?;" in aiding
W\ man. and .1 waa ?BUggeated t<? hitn
?i ,i couple of men t"
on th- in>i" t"r.
Put on Dwyer's Trail.
men ?shadowtjd Dwy*?r on Tinea?
? _ ? l.isi. when the inspector
would have mel tin' ?Dlatrlct Attorney
Hiat Whitman Wa?
g pet birthtlay dina? ?
night their vigilant*? was r< -
hen tiit-y ti ail? ?1 Dwyer t"
home. Their reporl win ;??
? d ??'???is by htm foruanleil
?,L*-' at H<B**dqua*u**a%ra, ?and Um
i . ? - ^t.i tT ivas sh< t t"
? angle to the situa.ion,
aeia Ith the other si?i? ?of
? which, as th?- story came ??it;
was t?> the effect thai the
i>.- ? Attorney'? investigators have
trailing an'! .?.hadowing th- polira
?aptall. ri-afi-rr???) to above lor si.vv.il
- ' ?-t.
?in ins riini found that this <a.p
i ?apt? loualy active ?rhen
? | her ??.\-j/ritr"lin,?n bus- I
uuttd, ? Dllo? r, xrere Oral m n
? a-r.itt inquiry g weck ??r
?aro ago They found that this cap- ?
tnen ware ghnd?owlng Ullner, ap-!
fearing that the former :>a
raa g-otaig to tloubl? -cr-aaa the
When Ullner i? !? t?>!?.ri? ?i to Whitman
tli.it be an?l Ins wife would corn?' .?s
before ?the grand jury if they
v ?., .? d from prosecution f"T
k ing mid maintaining a dis?.rd??iiy
h'.ii-?. tins vary active captain throw
OH to the winds ami went to see
? himaelf. He want?od t<> ?know
uiiai riin?*r meant by ?ticb an offer t<?
1 ? 'man. and received the ?'X]'lanati?.?i
thai ii wag the only way Ullner ?md
,r? | . " lid gave thern?-?lvt s.
Jle nu vised .'liner to "take a trip Of
a voyage,** and ?after some negotiatmns
a-ph nxii high* r up In the "system"
than himself, made un offer of Sl&UiJ'O
for ,'e\p?tnaeg" Of euch a voyage.
Aa ?h' gtory was brought to Mr.
?ttrhlttman yeeUtr4h\j, Annie Grey was
with the "offer" and aUxted
t t.nlinnril on ?r< <>n?l imi?, third column.
This Morning's News.
Killed it t H;? 11 C?ame. 1
i ..ii.-?- "Ring** ?Long oa Dwyer*? Trail, i
I. ?n. Prop Klotz (fa.se. 1
Whitman Rap? City Administration.. 2
Clrcua ?Opens In Blaaa of Olory. 3
Now Clew In Mttatr-a ?swindles. 4
N Apai tmi-iit lor I ?i. We!.h. ?
I?, a I ?ay InoonM or No Marriage. 6
uier Dlacuaae? Police. 6
Mra Zottl Asks Alimony. 6
? ? ??? ns lien ObJ?ect to Drink Ban.... 7
Defend Fleaner ?Serum. 7
.i Klaalng Sour .10
-ts Outdone at Blind Benefit....It
dmann N'??t i3olng to ?Berlin.18
r TunU * 'apltalist.18
.r.r-.-l lo light Sanity Test.. 1
t sini.ti w?-<is .f?gala. 3
Engineer Dare? Death te Bave others. 4
Inger'a Nam? Brgaed. 4
Policy Toward (Thing. 4
War hit? lists President. 7
Mourning for Prank s itia?k.10
' ' M?"i'.atloll.10
? '. aty Ifsurred - Pan 4.... a
llework the New Craa? Part 4... a
..* Um I"? ?is Part 4. a
?i London Town Houses?Part 4. . . . S
Van Alen Trear-'.il >'S Sold ? Part 4.... 3
I? i.oruion Ttaeatrn? Part 4. a
?hliif?.- View as to Loan Part 4 ... 3
Pi.iti <,u ?'??i.iriet lleviewed -- Part 4... 3
Kalaer Wrtfag Own Life?Part 4. 3
Kuropi an War S.-are Aggig Part 4.3
?Surope'i Blgget Aimi<-s Part 4... .. 3
.-??i.s Winatis Money - Part 4. . 3
Hxtyl lltri's Vom ?Diet Part 4... 3
?Kditorial . 8
t?J .g and 9
1 I? . 9
Obituary . 9
U?a?liei .11
?Shipping .11
Army and Navy.11
st""~.ia, 13, 14 and 15
H?-:jI Ksti.i? I'.nf 4...4, 6, 6, 7 and 4
I .iia.iit.ittl and Markets?Part 4. ?
Victim Says Men Fled in Ca
After Taking His Money.
Fr?<] Brine, of No. .".II K?st 14V?
street, reported to the Alexander a ?
nue police station last night that h
liad been held up by tin??.? m.-n wit
revolver! at 14 1th Strset ami Park a\.
nu?> and robbed of $*MX
The men. he said, got out of an autu
nnihile. stopped him and I.?ft in th.? mi?
Chine after they had robbed him.
He said In? mad?? no outcry, but wren
straight t.. the police ?station sfter th
men disappeared.
Moderately Cool in New York
with Light Winds and
Cloudless Sky.
Washington. Mareta 22.??The weatbe
furecaster relent-*?) to-night and sen
to American aronurahood- ?suffragist
and antl-suffraglsts united in the com
mon ?.?.?M? ?,r ?beautiful <'i<?th<-s -the i??>
fui tidings <?f a fait- ?Bast?* day in mos
sections of th.? ?United Btatei
a tolden sun undlmmed in .? cloud
les.?-- ?sky win shin?, h?- promises, upoi
tli?- blush and bl?*?.ti* of Ib?' Ivas!?]
?parade in th.? greater pari -?f the ?-?11111
try In the Middle West and Rock]
Mountain country th.? weather will 1
not only fair but warmer, accc-rdlng i?
the W ??allier Bureau.
There are some dismal s|.?<ts in th?
prediction, however. While the ravag?
ing storm ..f the last feu dayi ha?
gone ??in "f th?- countrj. it is ennoun? ? ?I
that another s<??nis to ?be forming ??i
the I'.?? itii Coaal and maj mar Eastet
Easter bonnets, buds and bloom
probably ail! 1? given a touch ??i frosl
? >n the Atlantic seaboard, ?>v?r whlcli
ib?- rece?? storm has I? ft Its after?
math ??f coldness Badl) and timidl)
?does ib?' for-ecaoter Intimate the proba?
bility of rain in the <;nir Btatea
While the <ia\ will ???- r.iii In ?nusl
?ectlona the weather man warns thai
the Easter display should ?end with lb?
setting of the sun f??i unsettled condi?
tion! ti.hI probabl?, ?rain will opt id
ii"iis and probabl) ram will spr? ?
ib?- Middle Weal and Bast, sl nlghtfa]
The niiiti srho Mirveyi Ne? York fron
the Weather Bureau lower In Whitehall
street last sight m.i?)?- tin*? forcea : foi
lo-ds) :
"i-'.i 1 .nd moderatel) oool all day. ? l
11 ?: 111. VSliabll will?!'. "
COuM snythtng bsttei be ?-k- ?? for th?
Easter paradsl By "moderatelj cool"
weather, ihr forecastei insana the th. 1
mometer win hover sround IS >i. 1,1 ???-.?.
Woman, 64, Lost Chestnut
Locks After Accident.
Although sixty-four years oil, Mrs.
Alosandsc ?Purst? living ??t Booth and
Henry streets? Jamah a, L<>ng Island,
had an abundance of chsstnol hair up
?to yesterday morning, when it turned
gray overnight Wonry over the Cacl
that her daughter and son-in-law bad ?
narrow ?ascaps from ?asphyxiation
caused th<- hair to change. Mrs Purst
On Thursday evening Gladys Arnold
and Kdwin F? lix, her husband, a? tors,
returned to tl home Of Mr? F?rst
?after o theatrical engagement In
turning OUt the light in their room th?y
accidentally turned th?- pas Jel <?n
Shortly aft'-r they bad retired Mrs.
F?rst was startled by a thump on th?
floor, quickly followed by another. Hb.
hurried upstairs to Und hot daughter
and her son-in-law unconscious. In.
Helm, of the Jamaba Hospital, was
called, and brought the victims to after
an hour's work.
Legislators Pass Ten-Hour Bill
After Hearing Her.
[ lly TeMRfSpe to Th'- Trltunf ]
Wilmington, Del, March -'-.-The
?fact that Delaware has a ten-hour
workday law for women is due to Miss
Jessie Woodrow Wilson, daughter ?>f
the Preeident AS ?the result primarily
of an address delivered by lor at a
meeting her?? under the auspi.es of the
Consumers' League on February '_'_. th*
Legislature passi-d the hill, several
members of the ('?neral Assembly hav?
ing heard her address and being im?
press.?d. To-day (Jovernor Miller
signed ?the measure.
Miss Wilson's vigorous support
robbed the opponents <.f the measure
of their principal arguments. The
House passed the bill this week after
nullifying amendments ha?l been ?lim
The first person informed by Miss
Margare! shearman, leader ?of th*? tin
hour movement, was Miss Wilson.
U. S. Asks for Isles and Penin?
sulas in Oatun Lake Area.
Panama. March 22.?The Isthmian
Canal Commission has request?-?! the
1'anaman government to rOCOgUlM
officially, under the treaty, the right of
the Fnited States to use, occupy and
control ?-ertain Wands and peninsulas
in the (latun Lake area, outside tin
zone limits.
Under the ?treaty with Panama the
United States has the rlubt to ae<iuli?- bv
purchase or by the saerdsi of the rieht
of ? min? yt domain any land?, buildings.
water rights or other properties neces?
sary for the constru? tion, maintenant??.
operatkm, sanitation sad prot?-ctioii of
th?- canal, and it ear. therefore, at any
time acquire the lands within the zone
boundaries whhh a;? owned by privat??
persona SBMBWUBg t?i about ^'?venty
three moar? miles. It is also provided
that the Inlted Statts Bill control the
,11.?a tu b?- covered by GatUfl I_ik.-. which
extend? beyond the limit? of the Canal
One Lad Killed. One Fatally
Hurt bv Rain of Wreck?
age from Building.
Leaking Gas or Defective In?
sulation Believed by Tirc
men To Be Canse of
East Side Accident.
a ?game of ?ball, put] ad ?betw? ? n lh? I
tenement houses of ? ?trtrowded ?Eartj
Bide Lin' k. over fn rond .wenn?- B, i ?ad?
ed in th.' death of two boys, brothers,
and Um more or lea? aerloue hurt ut
tine?? (?tlur Iri'ls y.-st? r?lriv ;ift??rn???m.
when an exploaton blew oui the ?rail?
f.f ;<n nnooraptod l<? ri building abov?
The building ara? In th? rear of No. ?'???*? i
them. Tile building irai In the rear 61 J
N... ?838 ?Baal 12th ?tre? t.
The dead lad? art re Harry ?Parman.
lea yeura old, of Na 631 ?Sasl llth
street, and bi? I rother Abram, sis j
?, ears <?l?i.
The Injuned were Mag Apph ?hauia,
twelve years old, of X". ht\0 ?Saal ni i.
Street; A !?'\afi'l? !' I'l i"!inali. ? lei ' II
years f.i.i. of X" 881 ?Baal lltb ?tr? et;
Abraham ?F'urmi d, rix years old of Um
game addreas, and Joseph Bachs, ?six
y.?an "i'i. of lh? same addreaa.
Played in Death's Shadow.
Lured by the coming spring the iadi :
w, ni im?? th" narrow paaaagc ?back of
tin- six story teneiiifiii bouses on the
mirth si.ii ?>f ?Sasl lltb street, known j
locall] an "''"? alley," to start s game
?,f bail, while other Inhabitants of the
?jecuon celebrated the Jewlsb bolMay
i,v ?resting In ??"??' rooms or took ?d
r/aatage of the An? weather to stroll
through tii?* ?n.w.i.-.i streeta For an
hour or more they playsd there, tuwu?
,,?? ??.us .?f the danger gathering above
Suddenly, ac<*ord.ng to an eyewit?
ness, sitting m his wiado* In the rear
,,? No. 883 F",sl UlU Street, the ett
?Ana ?darkened with flying bricks and
niortur. Tii- ttptottoh WtM DOi loudi
it was hardly ?board ? block away. But
tb? crash <-f several tons of building
mateiial? falling1 Into the alle, ami on
Um roof of the low -?table sitongaloT?
br?-*ught hundreds <>f fdamerlag p>ea ??n.i i
vM.iiicii t?J UM :??eii?.
I'atn.iniaii Boemsn, of the Union
Market SUUOtt, WM ani?n?? the tirsi '.?
?arrive. H?-* ahvrm l??roughl n????k .?i?.i
Uidticr Na il <??"' tl1" tweetreu ?>f tii?;
,,'reriiHt. bea-tled by Captain Burn?
while the police drove back the frantic
ero\v?ls DepUtj Chief Martin led bis
men t?> th? tottrih nnd flfth floors <?r the
wr,-,*u.'?i tmUdlng. where fln was be?
ginning lo kindle The -tteputy chleTs
rir.??t tii??iii^iit \?as of the ?gas mala*
whidi li<- iniin?'?iiat.*ly < los? ?1. Quick
work was mude ef tii?- flamee.
The ?building Is ???nu??:??i ?.-.iiii th?
Continued on ?et'ond P"?*". ?'*>??" coluins.
District Attorney's Visit to
Justice Brinqs Partial Admis?
sion That State Will Ask
Lunacy Commission.
Widow Found One Where Ad?
miral Slept and, Fearing It
Might Be Poison, Burned It,
Says a Man Who Quar?
relled with Dead Officer.
11-.\ T??!?'??..-i?.; i?? 1 b?J THtaUM.]
?Boston. Mar? h 22 Ths rumored In
t. m:.m .?i ih?- ?stats officials to have i
lunac) ? ommlsston examine Mrs. j. n
nls .May Baton, charged aiUrthe mur?
der ??i her husband, ?Rear admiral .1"
s.?i?h Ollet Baton, with ths riew of
proving hi r a p iranolac. received par?
tial conflrmatton to-day by Uw Irlp ?>f
District Attorn?) Hark? r of Brockton
to this city.
Membera ot lb? ??*-*??* td that offlcial
practically sdmltted thai ths visit of
Mr. Barker to ?Boston wss In part ??>
eonsull win? ?Chief Justice .\ik??n. ths
?Superior Court, In ?regard to lunacy pro?
l ? .?llllKS.
judg? Kelley, ?counsel f-or Mrs. Baton,
la slready making plans u> iinht any
attempt t?? ?toot h,'r *??"??>'? ?Statements
??i Mr. Barker that be though! the pris?
oner imntally unsound has.- aroused
ths attorney, and OVOB before it bi
,;,m.- known to-day that the District
Attorney might bs working tor ?
lunacy eoBM-lasto? ?he was laying his
plans t?> Mock ,,lls ?"'""" ?**? ?iue?
ii,,n of Mrs. Baton's mnlty Involvei
property rights.
Poison Source a Myttery.
sin??- the arrest of ?-*?? Baton ths
polies have ?been engaged in s vigorous
search for evidence. This ?im-st. which
bus resulted in the ransacking of tin
Baton house, ploughing up th.* Baton
land and grilling ?t msmbsrs of the
Eaton family, together with, the iphlnx
liki- altitud?' assumed by District At?
torney I'ark.r, has reused the ImpTOS?
sion to go abroad that, while the police
have tin- person of Mrs. Eaton, they
have \< 17 little else
rids opinion was voiced to-day by *
man ?jmnn-scted with the ?use. '-It
looks t.i me," atld this ofBclal, -.i* it
thi? is ?going I" hi ? mttti case to preve
unlem thej ?gel more svtdcn-ce.
Sa far as we know there was no mo
(?ntluurU on ?nuod i>*?e, fourth column.
Her Royal Highness of Genoa
Saved from Death by Maid.
Home. March 22.?The DuehSM of
O ?anon had s narrow sscaps from being
burned to death to-day. While anoint?
ing her arms and neck with a prepara?
tion for rheumatism she approached
too closely to a spirit lamp and the
preparation ignited.
The duch?*ss was save?! by her maid,
who ?mothered the flames.
Laundress Left Estate, Which
Second Husband Gets.
Mrs. Matilda Wynn, a negro woman,
formerly residing in Olea Cove, Long
Island, mad.? end saved 980,000 by
w<?rk as a washerwoman it ?became
known yesterday, when her husband.
John Wynn, received ;l favorable ?I??
ctston in the contest be instituted to
prevent the probats of her will.
Mr?. Wynn's tirst husband was Henry
I Hopkins, who died years ago. During
her Widowhood She took in washing f?ir
Glen Cove families. ?She executed a
w ill several years ago. leaving h??r es
I t?te, valued at flO,000 in real ?rid $_<>.
MUX? in personal property, to inphews
?and niee.s. Then she marrie?! Wynn.
i twenty years In-r junior. She died las;
February, and Wynn objected to the
i will. Surrogate Graham decided that
i h?r marriage invalidated ths will, and
' Wynn gets ths entire estate.
i _,_
Alienist's Health Has Been Fail
ing for Some Time?Wife
Takes Room Near Him.
m- Allan McLane ?Hamilton, th?
alienist; i-; s patiaut al ?Presbyteriai
Hospital, where be has been confine?
sine?? March ?? Although his condlttoi
has been ???irions, the hospital authorl?
?ties ?reported last tight h?> had showat!
nil'? Improvement yetrterday. Th?
nature of tin- dlaease ?thai has attack??
?Dr, Hamilton eras not ?divulged l'y i??>
hospital staff.
'lh. alienist's health has been fall?
ing i??!' ?some time, but his removal t?
a hospital ?li'i ii"' become public until
\? terd ly, He kepi ?it*? ofl.<**c at l?a
:;?; ?Baal lOth stre-M until th.- flrst "i
this month, Mrs. Hamilton, who xrgg
.Mrs. M.H ?'opeland Tomllnaon, and
her daughtaW, Mi.??-; Madeline Torallu?
.-?.ii, have tak?'ii i room at the ?Presby?
terian in order to I??? near 1 >r. Ham?
?Dr Hamilton is In Ins sixty-sixth
year. Aside from hi."? distinguished
ancestry, being the grandeon of ai?*x
aii?i? i ?Hamilton, ho iin?^ tanked as one
of tii?' foremost .specialists ??f nervous
rtlscasrs in the oountry- He has ai>
peared as an expert la man? murder
cases, Inclndlng thai of Chartas Gui?
teaU, ttii? assassin of President lliit
tii-iii, and lator ?i the trials ?>f Car*
lyk W, Harris. Mari?' ?Barber! and
?HaiT) K. Thaw ll was on th?' teetl?
inoiiy of l>r. Hamilton that Thaw was
declared huons Dr. Hamiit.?n also
mtoreated himself in th?' ease of Al?
t', tt T. T'atrnU, rmu did mu? ti 10 ?bring
ahoill Patrick's lvl.asc from SiliK Sill?*.
Doesn't Want Women to Dis?
play Them in His Church.
IBS Trlfuruiil? io Tii.? TiilMin-?. |
Austin. T.?.v. Mareh ?.':'.?The Rev. R.
H. Shulcr, pastor of the I'niversity
M-thotlist Church lierf. has placad ?
han on ?Bastar hats andjither di.?iplays.
In a public stat.'in. in to-day he said:
"I hop?? the women whg are deter
rnlntd to attend church Sumiay for the
?purpose of ?competing with their sisters
In the matter ??f their liats and gOWtlS
?ill go elsewhere. Th?- church is the |
Wrong phi??' f.?r a millinery display.
"I hup?- tilos? who attend our moin
|ng services ??ill ,lr?'ss in the simplest
manner posaihle md ?wear their ???d
hats. I shall ask all women to remove
their hati Sunday morning."
Such Is German View of Wilson
President, and Bryan, Sec?
retary of State.
[By ?Sabla t.*. Tho Tribes?.]
?Berlin, ?March '-"-'. The "Deutsch
Zeltung" pays a hixh tribute to BeCTS
tary Bryan In s long editorial c??m
mentlng ?on the so-called paradox of th
"Notoriously most materialistic nattoi
in the world, tinder the guidance o
?ths two most notable Idealists of th?
tin??Wilson and ?Bryan." It believe:
that th?? appointment of Mr, Bryan t<
the ?Secretaryship of state promise;
closer ?b-rnian-.\ineni-.-?.n relations.
"Mr Kran," says the paper,' "is S
man of the highest nobility of mmc
?m?! a ?Democrat in ?the flneel senas ?>i
th.* word. He is tin? ?i with the spirit
of Washington, Bancroft and Lincoln
but lives In a time of moral anil
economic slavery under feudal lordi
and trust magnates. It will ?be one ol
the ni??*t Interesting studlss of modera
tim?'s t.? watch the contest ?.f material?
ism and idealism in the Ml world."
Phrenologist Told Him He
Would Be a Diplomat.
[Prssi ni- Tribes? ?Baises.]
Washington, Mardi Ii-'. -That W. F.
M?Combs has missed his vocation In
life by finally declining the embassy to
Paris Is the conviction of some of the
Democratic National Chairman's "Mi?
lage fri??n?ls
it appears that whan McCombs aras a
freshman at Princeton, nineteen years
ago, he consult?'.1 a phrenologist whOSS
CUStom It was to read the bumps of
th?- ''['r?silies" at ."HI i-ents a head. Th?
"profe.-sor" dlSOOVSred a remarkable
assortment on the head of the future
political leader, and actually predicted
that he would enter the diploma tic
corps an?l STOUld be Ambassador In
Mr. McCOmbS did not take the pre
dlition very seriously and even sus?
pected that some of hi? remarkable
iranial developments might bs due to
i he last ?ame ?>f football In which he
lOOh part, but he admitted to-day that
probably the old man knew what he
was talking about.
"Well, I fooled the old phrenologist.
anyway," ?vas Mr. McCombs's com?
ment .shortly alter ho had definitely
announced his rtOfllBBtlon of the
French post, "but It was mighty close."
Police Compare Papers Found
in Secret Arsenal with
Scraps from Missiles
That Killed Two.
Hiram Maxim Denies He Aided
Bronx Draftsman in Experi?
menting with Smokeless
Powder?Not Known
to Herrera Family.
?Bfforta of ths police officials Investi*
gating the ?ritemlcal ectlrittee of Henry
Klotz. were concentrated yesterdai on
endeayors to ?connect him elth the
bombs sen! i?. .Ju?ige otto ITusslshy.
?Grace Walker and'Bernardo Herrera,
which nere fatal in two cassa. They
doubt hi> ?storj that he was expert?
menttng wit>i ?imokelem powder when
the ?-\piosion occurred that seriously
?rounded him In hie home, at No. 1*333
Fulton avenue, Friday night
is lots was in m? condition to be gase?
Honed by (he ?police yesterday. They
are anxtout i?> question hhn about the
arsenal Of weapons, ammunition ami
explosive chemical? In bis room and
?algo regarding pieces ?of cardboard
?boxes and snapping paper, win?h cor*
respond to those used by the maker
of the Walker, Herrers and I ".<.???? inky
'i be place m >v hieb the deadl) ? et
lectton iras found la ? email bedioom
in the horns of his parents, it nevgr
?eras entered by an; other membet^ff
the tamil*, an?! won guarded by an elec?
tric arrangement, bj which Klotz < ?ndd
detect II had ?been entered during ids
absence fT? m it.
Klotz mads hit own I ?. - ? I and ?leaned
his ?room himself. He wv?< employed in
the ?topographical bureau of ?the Bronx
?Borough Hall. His leisure tune be spent
in his room, ? xperlmentlng, be told
the poli? e.
Arsenal in Room.
More ?ban Bftj ?gum of various 1 pel
all ful'.j loaded, ?rere hung on the
wails. Th? y included l-"r? 'i?h and Anxr
Ican rillet and i o4v?rrs of the kateat
automatic modela
The ammunition fou ?i by Inspector
?Sagan. ?>i the Bureau of Combuatlblssy
in? hided:
Twelve vials of Shot and imokslSgl
black powder, one package of ?Arrow
loaded i tspt v Shells, two can? partly
full ??i rifle smokolem powder, one can
lof smokeless ?powder, roar cans partly
I?full <?i Lafttn ?S: Kami smokeless pow?
der, two cans partly full of ride Du
IPont s'il.?k? ?ess powder, ons small ? :
of .30 calibre rifle sntokeless powder,
[three ?boxes of .44 calibre bail cart?
:?,U:,.-. on? ?box of Ranlngton cart?
ridges, one box .> cent? Are ?, M ?'.
????.. four boxes of .41 calibre U, ?fL C.
Co. cartridges, live ?boxes of .44 calibre
I (fifty in each ?box) Winchester cart?
ridges, "Tie bos .32 Calibre automatic
Colt centre lire. ??'" -'- calibre ion??
tit'.? cartridges, eight boxes soft point
bullets T. B. Army rltb\ ?leven bOXSS
.r? calibre (fifty In each box), ?me half
? box ot nitro prim. .-s. ?>ne box .S?, ?salt?
?bre B. .*v- W. cartridges, ons box as?
sorted rifle cartridges and one box of
gun i.H a
Chemicals in Room.
Th? chemicals found were in vials
which contained chlorate hydrata, ai
m nous oxide, borax, cyanide of bmt?
cury, ?calomel, bl-chlorlde of potash,
sulphur, mercfsry, ?black antimony and
permanganate of potash.
According to lnsp" tor ?Bagan, many
electric wlrca, ?iry ?battsrtss, atutt an*
st.ei ?capped buu.ts. ?-??rk and ?woodl
win? ?ir-**?*gt,******** :i '"!1>' ?QhiPP*-? tone?
trica1 ?kitt.t ?vete siso la ths room au,
Eagan saya, correeportB to ths parts
used in the construction of the bomb
>.-nt t,. .inline ituaslshy, ?which sxplodag
in his horns in the Hendrtch Hadsea
apartmenl bourn on ?March M of ut-.-.t
year, and to the bomb vrhlch killed
Qrace Walker al N". ",:> West i'7-..i
?street on February :; of ths same year,
The remnants ?of the bomb ?which kill? i
?Madeline Herrera, practically bHnd?ai
ber husband and resulted in th. con?
Bnemenl In K?>r?ih.un Hoapltal, In wh, i
?es Bolts, of Miss Barah rachsman, a
boarder al the Herrera home, arc idm
ti?a!. ?Bagan smerts.
The parts "f pasteboard boxes ??.il
paper (bund in lhe room ussd by Blots
are also Of ?the kind us. ?I by a grocery
?Inn in the ?rrapplng of it* chocolates,
which figured prominently In the Wal?
ker cas?-. The box used in ths making
of the bomb sent to Judge Itosalsky
was similar to that used by the ?um?:
Eagan's Prophcy Recalled.
?Inspector Elegan also laid stress on
the fact that the bomb \shich kilied
??race Walker and that sent to Judge
Rooalsky wsro both ?sent <?n a Batur?
day. The Herrera bomb was found on
a iundsy ?night Kagan was injured .n
handling the missile sent to Judge Ro?
A remark made by Inspector F'agan
on the night of the explosion in the Ro
salsky hams! lhat the maker of the
bomb would not be caught until he
himself ?Aas either blown up or in?
jured by an explosion while he was
making the bomb, was recalled last
night. At the time ?Bagan gave as his
theory that the explosive used was a
combination of sulphur, black anti?
mony and chlorate of potash. While
talking last night Bagan canted In hi?
pocket the three vials which contained
the chemicals found In Klotz.'? room.
He explained that when handled mtpm
rately there was no danger of them ex

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