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Ei OF m IN S?f
Representatives ol the Power
Communicate Their Scheme
to Bulgarian Premier.
Direct Wirelesi Dispatch froi
Adri&nople Shows Th.it the
rrison Has No Inten
tiOB of Surrendering.
i. ind? ? ?VI h -J. The de? elopm ?; ; s ..
? n.?..: i.. ma 1?? t n
Balkan wat h matte
Turkey, i
hau li
t.. th? ko? ?l ofli ??
buve ..?
: ' ?
? I ib,? H
? r ? ?n. l'h? .1 plan Inol itl?
ta which m? still s Hill prob
Th? d? m-. n?J foi Ind? mi n
d .
hostlllti? -s muai ? ? ? ?
n cepted.
... : ? . |u .
|| !.. V .
r.. .? deadl?
lu:.?s bus been
which il ? H Ig? m- pro
ding "'?t .is atrongl]
Uve i ion' a' al? ge, ami ;
from that ?its. r, ?. ?i v? ??
i-..- ? declarea tha
r he Turkish commander haa no ?asoughi
The '???;? I; ?point In th? armor ol Ih?
? ? ? ara almost bj
? . a> T?rke) 's.
i laondon, ?'ho ha?i
foi the ?S?st? r I ? it
tiled, and are In constant on
of th? all talion
j'ii? I? -\ of ti ? outeoms la optimliI
i. in underal.i thai '
of to me? ting of ti" litoropean ?mi
g idorx was to agree "ii the wor?
l'umbined representation! to be made a<
? ? Mont? n-fgrln cai I
.? j ,i? lulscence In lbs s Lshi s al
? atlng dtspafc ti from |he b? ?
? ? ? i fortr aa of Adrtanoph ?re**? Iv? ??
- morning ahowa thai the garrison un
d?*r Bhukrl Pacbs has no Intention ?.i
.nil.?tin?.'. The meaaags a'aa ???
? ? ? t.. . 'onstantlnople an<i
? ?I abroad.
n< m.?" h ... ! a m B
? ? immander i ?rtress
? '? .1 tr?...|.s ;,;. .l.-tcrmr ?
.? ti.? \ have n?.?".
on for ti\? ?nKMitha, and all re?
ports as t?. offen mads by them to sur?
render may t??- dismissed ar- pure Inven
lion? Only starvation can force the ea?
ol i . belteagu? red gat
...i i- .??il regular!) ... -ti ibuted ;??n.?t.^
opu lion by th?? mlUtary suthorl
.. : ? . ar? ? .:-!'?'?? auppllea
? t ..r?!?r- prevails vrithln the city,
? report emanating from Bofla that
bad '?ni? ?red the Greek an?;
?.rmenlan bishops l.? r?- t?? ;.? ?hanged b?t>
they had drawn attention t<? tht
. ? ' mil ? I? - ?.f ti ? population li
; n :: Ti ? tatlvea ol
.' ? is called ??n l'r ?i.i. r ?lu?
separately tbls afternoon and handed him
tb.? following communlcal
'i ? *-ov?*rnm*-nta <?f tha | rat t?<?^''''';
t.ik?; n?-t? with sattsfa-ctlon ..t' the ac-eept
? of their mediation by the allied
snd point out to than thai !?? fora
m of the terms of pea? ? la
in 11 :- i r tha iinwi n t.. formulate
their views ?is t<> tha baaia ??: ii-p.tiati? n
adopt? d.
? l'h.- r_r at pow? ? tb? opinion
- hould b? .
? The frontl? r ol th? ? ?ttoman Bm
. .-? i ball start st if-i.i-. and,
owing th? course of tha Maritas ?River
then that of th? Ergene, ahall end al
m Vil terrltortea -dtuated to the
? ; by Turkey
i?. in. allied states, ??ith ttx? exraptton of
.Ibanla, th? delimitation of which shall
l"? ii\. .1 i y the ?powf/ra
tl The qu< tlon of th? ?\?i gean
|] a si ttl?ed bj th? pow? ra
hall sbandon .. 11 dalm
to i t?
power, cannot favorahl)
the demand for Indemnity, but
will admit th- alllea t?. participate
alona of the Internatloi ?.1
? ??iimilssioii In I'.ins tor ;?ii a?'i litable SSt?
nt ol th? Ir i????t?i'i?,i?!t?":i in the ?>tt<>
in m debt -trial ?n the financial chargea ??f
? ? t?. i> hand? d ovei t.? them?
'i rkej i" i" ?sakad t?. take i rx In
?i thla ' omml - don
'lb. great ?powers declare at ?the aame
. t ...m aa - '?n aa I Ik b um a at a a?
? M? hoatilltl? ?- sbnii . ease.
? ' ? ? o thanked ti"' minis?
..f tas powsrs end int'iriir d them thai
13 igarla would ?have t.? oonaolt with the
?silted ?gov? ram? t its b.-i'.r.? replying.
Attorneys Seek Aid of Supreme
Court Justices.
Wsshlngton Mar? h 21 - .\;<i?-ai after
? al ars aaade unsuccessfully to-day
? ?ions members <?t tn?? Supreme Court
"i the United .?stiiti-s by attorn?-ys for
?!? Bwanson Allan for a writ <?f arras
vi.?\\ his ?'?tn i. tion for taklBg fart
In the Hills? ii!?. v.? . eoortaawniss shoot?
i ? i j-: Th? attot ? ?r? lan th?slr client
r ? "tarira i'.???<-.i In Jeopardy" f??r
ti??- sama- offetiee. In violation ??f the f??i
??rrii constitution.
? m? i Juarttcs White, prealdlns for the
? i ?'iroiiit. I?. Which Virginia is n
? I. lirst ?b?. line?! to (sous the writ.
.i dot? rininaii'in on his part
ib.it no roaaonabls claim to a federal
? wam itivoi'.c.i m tin? caae The Chief
i tics ssprassed himself ss ?perfectly
lag tb.il Hi? attorn? ys Sppl] to ot?r
ui tiees.
.iiisti??? Htjghea waa b? xi a-k??i t?>
runt the wilt 'lb.? attniii.v. declined
to ?sag what aethm Jostle? Hughes had
taken, but after h<? ?had rimahlarnd tha
.,is.- til.-, :-talt?d ?mi? to visit Pthet jtlS
t?? ??*?*.
Amionii????in? nt ??.a- nu,.]. Dial *???. "f
the nll"rii'->.- woiil?; r? inriln in Wasliln?
??. ?.- .ii,..- their appeals in >bebalf ??f
AH n on Moo.ia?-. Thla would give them
.i?i>?.itiiiiii?. i?, appt). ii aeeeasar) to i
each .? ti? n exhausting ever) possible
hops ?if 84rlna t';?? iif.- .,r the convl ted
man. arho in <<?nil<-mii<?? i?? ?iir on March
M in Bkhasona.
Strongly Worded Document, i
Nature of Ultimatum.
Repeats Demands.
? ? ?Mai ?1 e. Th? ?\ustro H u
? ?
s ordi .1 note tu Morit
*a hi h v. as In the natui ? ol an ull
The not? i elt? rs ted evei
efor? ti,,- d? msi i le by tl
Austrian Minister ?it Cettii I? oi Mm
8ft, a hie sri n ss folios
ii ? Th? tree esll fron th? fortrei
??f Scutsii ol ail non-comb I
s? ' ..t.'i : ?Explanations ??i ihe ?t? ath ?
,? ? 'athotic pi lest nan ? d Palie, who ;
?aid to i.?-? ? . ? ? g ? red because h
opposed tii? violent conver Ions ?>f prison
Third Violent convi rslons to c<
Fourth: P*ull satisfaction t?. i.. glv<
for th? violenc? ??: : ?? Montenegrins an?
Servians at Ban Qiovannl <n M<
r1 ? Adriatic cos t. against ihe ? ri a ?.
the Austrian merchant vessel Bkodra.
\\ it!, ., ?i:. w t<? ?hastening th?
ol the 'ii!??sti?.n of Albania tii" Austro
Hungarian government has ?agreed ths
th? town of ,tak?)\<? shall ?be ceded I
?Seni.? ??n condition tl st thi norther
frontier of Albania t..? delimited in ??on
formlty with Austria's wish?
Berlin, March ig Arm.-.i ,.:? ration
against Montenegro may soon be i?? gui
by the Austro?Hungarian squadron, nos
Ii : <?rr the Montenegrin at I v
banian coasts according t?. Inf?rmatloi
whi h reached the German Foreign Oflta
'i i ? official* ??f the Ilerman For? Igi
? ? I ? . '? thai Austria \?til send on?
further note to Montenegro, .??? ai to <\
bau t ? ? poasibllitlei of diplomacy h??
1 racter of the ?> tii Iti of thi
warships changes from s demonstratloi
Into offensive a? lion.
it i- understood here that Russls hsi
counselled the Montenegrins to yield.
Antiques and Paintings Will Be
Sold at Auction.
John ? ' nnlng . colli ctlon ??f
snd painting will i>? *-?v?i al public auc
ti?,n at Silo's Fifth Avenu? Art Galleries,
Fifth avenue and f?th street beslnnini
to-morrow, Since last Thursday t>.i
lection has ?been on eshlbltlon al the gal?
Ii t ? Tl ?? ?sale will last twelve da) i
Beveral pieces ??f rare Chippendale and
Louis with ?furniture, Including tables,
stands and cabinet . sr? listed.
P.i Italian end Dutch woi knuui?
ship ?mil of Hi?' T"'i?'''l Ot Louis XVth will
also i is sold. There are man) othei sp? I?
mens ol old English and sixteenth cen?
tury work
a remarkable roll-action ??t vases, porce?
lains snd crystal, together with Bheffield
plate, Is Included In the ?antiques
Bronaes, marbles, docks of rarkros styles
and periods, rugs, ?tap?wtrles, irlnk? I
Jewelry tr? m all parts "i th? world, with
in.itiy other pieces <>: art. bisarre ??t ;?n
tlaoe, rais<? th? collection t?. 2 :
which will I?? offered f??i sale
There are ats<> ;?.t ?painting Probabl
the ?moat remarkable pleturd In th? <???!
lection Is "Ths Triumph ot ?Christopher
Colunribus," i>> Jean .i*..?--? j?1j Benjamin
< mist,?nt. who received sverj 11 < ? n < ? r that
Francs ?bestosrs on g great artist Ben?
.laiTiih West is represented by one paint*
in?.'. "William the Id .?t the Battle ot the
Boyne," and .?-u Joshus Reynolds, b) g
"Portrait ol ;?. Boy." Sir Henry Rasburn
has two portraits. Portraits <>f Madams
ds Btail, by ?Baron Antoine Jean < !r<?s ;
Nathan Hsle b) ?Rembrandt Peale, ?sad
<?t sir Isaac Newton, hi Sir Godfrey
Kti'll.r, an- listed.
?if ths lands apes two are by Frederick
Watt.?. Others ?are bj Frits Thaulow, ,i<?
s?|.ii Israels, ai.?i ths greatest <?i the
modern Dutch painters, Claude ?Lorrain.
Newark Pastor to Take Charge
of Calvary Church.
The ?Rev. Dr William it. Morgan, ??f
th?. Central ?Church Is N?swark, sill be?
come pastor <>f the Calvary Church m
Manhattan, according t<? an snnouncemsnt
mail.? yesterday at the fourth annual ses?
sion of th.? Newsrk conference of ttic
M?ethodlst Rplscopal < rhurch.
in Morgan is the ?dean ?>f ths Metho?
dist ministers ?>f the Newsrk reference,
having remained In ths one ?pastorate f?>r
?iste.ri yean He was prominently Identl?
Bed with the city's iif?'. snd ths announce?
in? m ??f in? decision t<> .-?.??. ?.t the Man?
hallan l ill CSOM a? a SUrprlSS not only
n. Methodism imt t?> th?- community si |
tie bad dei lined .-? rt rat off? rs n ? ? atiy,
mu? lie- congregation In special session
??i?'ti year had assured him of ? oo-oper?
ail?.n that in made hla church <?n?' of tin j
leading Methodist organisations In Neu
Jersey. The retiring pastor of Calvary
Church Is th?? Rev. ?ChariSS 1- Co???! II
Sulzcr Orders Flans Half
Staffed on Public Buildings.
In It He Refers to Former Gov?
ernor as One True to Be.st
Traditions of State
Albany, March _.' llov?
? i .? proela ms I Ion lo da ? mi.i
the ?i? at h ?? Krank ?S Bla? k, tot m
11,?-. ? rnor of N? w \ ?? i. n
,,t Troj last night r ?
N. \ N . i l. ?
? \ . ? ?
l.i'tiiiti and m? ral po?er. He n '
ognised bj futui ? . l rlat ?
. i nor s v?? sh?.\? ml ii ? ?
quailtlei whlrli eutltl? htm to ranh as ??
niii statesmsn
"In ? ??ib lit*. ; - ? :,.| ont) tho ? ?dl mi
tSg?BS '.?hi? h e,mie fr.'in ths pOSM?l
[an Indomitable ?.il flrmlj set t?> ovci
e everj obstad? In th? I to
; ucee ?, il?- began v. ith the loa
I and climbed t?> ihr inn of th, laddn ???
?.?me .\? .i bO) "'i MS f.il ; ?
bound farm in Main? ?? .? ? nt m
Let*;?'.???. \ ad? n .?. a her? ? ? s i knon n
as an able debater; as .i stud? nt In I
mOUth ? '"lleee. W ' .' Ile M 00 ?? '
.?? ., i ibll ?peak? in editor <
trj w< ekly In Johnston n i ? ?
i v ? ? v
: ? ?.? ??.? . leader In tlie mot emei I
rm; as s iw mis r ol ? ? ?
a hi ?? he t'???k in active i ? It on, aw
one ol N? a '1 ??: k'l commanding i.-??
nors, he showed sMUt) ??f .1 high ordei
"in hli ?l'vitii ?.m ? ? ad tin?
nul he.ti. un?! our counti a patriotic
"In 01 d? t?. appi"v atel) ? spr? -- in
If of 1 .opte r? ? ??? ? t foi : ?
servie? ? KYank s Black, 1. ?Wl
Bulser Qovernoi ol the Btat? of x- ?
Voi k, i? q j? st that the Bag ipon all
public buildings, Includin
? .: . 1 ? ? . , I., ?. ? ?i .?t halfmi il until
'and Including Ihe day of his funeral, ahd
that th.- 1.. L-i.-intn? of th? ?? ind all
?t citlseiis unite In 1 . ii r?
? n- ? t lo lh? i.e.f .. foi mer 1 ?
erne - o ws In* i" the '. 1 tradit
?.f the state."
The ? ;??' ? 1 noi 1 em n i" rsoi ?i mi
mpal ? ??? Mi Bis k ?and In 1
tlon t?? tin proclamation, ?paid this tribute
t?. t ?,. formel ? iovi t not 1
"Frank B Bla? 1.1 1 a ? ?? fi I? nds for
in?.!.- than :? quarter ??' ;? centurj We
.-. i red togethei In ? 'ongn * I admli 1 1
in- ability and his sterling qualifie
ni.-iii ?and h ?.?.zen, standing ;?t all tii ?
for ?ivi? right? ??n ? ?
"in his death our yi^u- 1???"*? one <>f hei
mo ? distinguished duse-ni snd our i?oun?
trj s pstriotl? son
"My hi ai tf< n bj mpeth 1.il n?
his retal res and ?friends 1 1.11 n and
grieve a Ith them "
The e,,,.. ,.| i,,, .m,] oth? 1 stati officials
\? ill attend tb. ?funeral at Troj Tu? ?? ?
afternoon. The ?Senate, aft? 1 .1 bi ? r ?
?ion, sdjourned to-day, out ??i reaped to
the memoi 1 of ths formei <lovernoi \
resolution wsi adopted ?providing f??i the
appointment ?if flve Benators t?? attend
the funeral
Troy, N. v . March 22 'i ho 1 ? 1 n
t,, \ lew the bod] of 1 'rank s 1:1,1,1, wll)
have ?m opportunity to da to Moi :
from noon t?? I o'clock, at the housi In
Pinewoods avenue Thi funeral Tuesds)
will h<- private, in Bccordance ?nth the
rtews of Mra Black and those <>f his
iamily. ti"- body srlll be Incinerated at
ihe Earl cremet? y In Oakwood Cens
A. J. Nugent Passed Away a Few
Hours Before Ex-Governor.
Tray, N. v. March 22 A.est J. Nu?
gent, who was .?t? ??.i'ii accountant In
th?? ?Stats Controller's oflli during lbs
governorship ?if i*Tank B. Black died yes
terday. al his home In this dty, s fen
?sours '?? fors the form r ? h ernor pa ed
a way.
Mi Nugent wss lh? luthoi ??t several I
w?iks ?>ti mathematics and was ?? wail
kaowq magasin? writer. 11 ? was sixty-I
Ave years <?i?i.
Bethlehem, Conn., March 21 Qrace, I
aged Uve years and Rodolpb, aged three,
children of Anton Johnson, ?? former.
were bunted to death late to?daj in .? !
th ? which destroyed hi* stork barn snd
it? contents, Including ten cows The
children hsd gone Into the bam t?> ptaj
and n i.? betteved ??si rfc ?1 mat? b? a ith
i For They Alone Are Spared
Agony of Highest "Art."
'Food Descend.us Stairs."
, Chaperoned by Fallen Waiter.
Attains True Realism.
*..?>..??..? ? ? ?
? . |. t i ? ? .....
of th< ?. I Ka?
il of M "b rn Art a. R#i I
? ? : looh their tattered ?
i,, ti ? ? . ? ? .
d An ? ? * ??
? ne? i
? ?
? ? . ? that eti
The cot ? ? ?
.-. ? Its thlm ?
: inati ? lowing
i t m?..] tormur?" on what M ?? ?
?!..?. tri
. i ? il -.?. ? that ti?? ?
? ? / . ? 'r.? : .? ' ' f
nor pretty ki I
? ?
profound emotion , All are mai If?
. : a hi
i Is des
radal radi 'i'1 ? |
pi? .1?.i t
:? .?? nor to k. but to ex?
.11,?.!!? I to | r ? . ni
? ?i., of il?' ";?
i 11 wa ala
? ? i
., ? . t Palntii ' Pal I
Ing." it you wen a veteran, you l??"k--?i
. ron .m ? ??? ? i !? ill Um anothei i.
. bk.? a man ??.???????. n u.
palm th? ? ' ?' man
Then th? re wai snotlaei painl This
. '? ? '? hi hav?
..;i of
.. ? alth? i ? ' wouldn't
It a i ? ? i : ? ? ? ? t \ \ .- ?
d i i . Folios era ??' Ma '
The ". ??' rev? ?-. nt ??
|cl .i IVi iah araa repr? . ?,i. ?i b)
? >>|t Ol al? \l M I ' loinS ?*:",|" B I" 1*8
II was Ml ICtl) ?'III' . r . , cubo
ool II ....--? ill -
I ,-. ii . ? ?? ? ; I? ?i ? ? _
William i ? m . Harrli tn
I an Ksh IHtlon "f \r I
II ?. i? ?,.,. ? ad ..??? ..r,,'.i. i.. ?i this b)
thro*?? ir.:- .. tube ??i r??.i ?paint .?i ?? i? ? -
et'tl) .i i?ia ? ? ? "'' ' snvaa atari von
ft dens -iiii employed .? aomewhal aiml?]
? lar technique In produ? Ing "Tha < '?? mlc
Spirit," only he Ihren aeveral tubes ??f
different < : and leered i h? m
. .llor?n,i .. little bu more m? thodi? all) intil
? i ?m? thlm that .ked Ilk? i
?i.|k h at had i. -i??i-i..-.i on
Harr) v a Iron reprodu? ?: 1 he timo- !
lion "i .' Lad) "? Bist] on ?Roll? ? Skat ' i
b) ma ..i ... a bunch "f red, yt lloa and
bl i? tt langte . s hile ?Prancb Kea ton
emotions ??ti "V.I Dei rending ? Btalr? I
rae? " m ers i apn ? ed b| in d?nos? d
waiter Mai ?hi hi* back amid the tvreck
. ? .. ii.,-. ?ni ..i m h? ai th? fool of a I
Right of lair More tl sit two hundred !
plcturea will be thrown op? n to the public i
tins ?.?. ? k The purpose la to raise funds
I to pa) the ?nil??."???? debt on the new light?
hous? ?'f Hi- Nea Terh a-? o dation for
ii.? Blind
Through Line from Philadelphia
Soon to Open.
;???-?'..i? to rii- ''ni un-? i
?Philadelphia, Mareta 22, B) sew con? I
atru? lion x ork, tin- elimination of many '
grade crosslngi snd relaying of mat?)
mil's of r-Mdbed, th? re I prosp? n of
high si? ? l through trolle) rar service be?
i-.?'?ii this city and New Fork in the iMar
f ?tin.. With agre-sm? nts betwe? n the
Public ?fetrvtee Rallwa) snd ths Phllad?.
I'liia. Trenton and Hi ist ?i . 'ompan). si -
Vang? ?h? r.i. an to 1?.' made r?>r the
through ? TM? ??. a ? tin? Public s?t? k ?? now
?ontiois all u??? wa) ii"m Trenton to Jer- (
'it' ? ?m? '<f the seriou obstacles to
iJi?' tratlii- plan bas been ti??' bad ?gratis
ci-oaslng ?>r tin? Pennsylvania traca si
Bristol, but the toad la bob elevated
tin-on?.b that town ?and thh ota lacle la re
The Trenton, ?Srlstol ? Philadelphia
Street Hallway Companj and tii<- llolmea
burg, 'i.i.onv g i rankfor.i Passenger
Railroad Company in???? entered Into an
opera tins arrangement by which the ????r
m ? ..iiii'.iiii. .v ?. iii run thioogh front
Prankford to MoirrhnrlUe, Thtp arrange?
m? m ii?...s awaj with ?'i i';i.?"t two changea
whlcta tlirougta paaa??agara bar. hereto*
fora ? ? o ? "mi?? ii?*<i to Butks b??tv?.in
i ' ' Batata.
Says He Will Return to Mexico
as Simnle Citizen.
i:oi .. March ? Th? Trib i
? tprt ing ti,. opinion thai tu? m. -tine
i. t v . ? ? ; ? ? i ? i ? ?
1 .1? nt ?.f M? tl? '? and hli d lw I"
? , Italy, hs political Im?
... i , Intervl?
n uhi.h it un??'?
Inim? dial? ; t am old and ?shall r?
?? , ?
,..,:, ? .?,;,I organisation b t
..,, ., i vi i ii ?il n?.t
In publl? life
?,.?.?? ? cent
. . M? aid. to his
t who were re?
fer I ?? ?
??v, ? d Oeni ral
I. . ,. ... , ,? ? . both t??r
.?; th? i nlted Btat? l do not
knon i .? V'llson
? nlted H
Troops Rushed from San Luis
and Monterey to Aid the
Federal Garrison.
Monterey, March ?2 I.at?' advices from
ebels In
: ? have atl thai ? thou
m. n. undei command of ? leneral
t fro
:.. . hundred n
\. ? . ? . ? i f roi r ' ???.;?? ?
Inforce Ihe governm? ? ? .
\ , ? . ? ;.,\ -
ernoi of <*< hulla, is i epoi ted i,. : ? t.. be
? .? treal f??: ?-? ..-.?
The foi eign oni ul - ha? e be?
by Ui i , ? . ,i ?ample protection
, will ?? afford? i to ihelr nationals m the
event of as tl the rebel un th*?
I ' '?"?'
N, . \? ! . tWO d
r Co onel h <;
Hill routed a federal column commanded
i \i .1 r ?? i . . .?..-? -1 ?? i.-.i
? , ,?
? ? .n
i ? . i. ui?.i.?, Bo
! d flic! a tal ? 11 by Gov ?
? t i..' . the federal
fo r i ? i .i I many wounded 11 ? ? ,?.
t.: Id to have lost o
nd three ?;? ?i
Saco, A -i
troops at i. to-ds began moving In
? ? ' v ? Kollo ?. - . hl
precedent ol lau ?>?? k General Ojcda
at on? lefl the Mexl<?an border town and
? ?' .un t?. m? ? ' th? emj iii? i.i ...?
and th.?
Hueit.i . .mini u der had no more i!. in ?"'??
m? n, ?a in!?? i. ,.' -t;it.
troops ? i ? m? n.
\n? i thi federal advano Ii id ? \
i'hong?d a fes who t s with the state troop*,
OJeda ?ave n?" v., ?,i i . retire luto Na ? ?
lt.- .?n ian ntl- d ? .i?. ? t? ?l to ,?ul | |?
way through the i tat? I.?? lini , but
? ?>? n a ' hoi ? I?- ? <>n ?.i, ol tin n
.- m ? i lor numb? '
ii ?Ps o, T? . Man h ? liai v from
? gts t Sau*e, betw? en
Chihuahua ?'ity und thi bo?rder, ire ths
bodlei ol Mai ino Rodrigues, formerly
l>"li.hlef ol .in.ir? /.. .?nd Rafael Ksquir.
??n aged newspaper vender ol thi two bor?
der l'?v. ns ? in the hat ?I Ol th? ? i iii.iii
b* Bsqulr, s ho >?.i ? redlti d \s.tii re?
IIkIous fsnatldsm, are ?printed the words,
? ?Sot-dado de Ps " ?'"Soldi? i of P?**aei ''?.
Taunting thdr ?? ?? ilms with tiii? motto,
Ismlllsr to resid? nt? ot )?'.) ?Paso and
.in.ires srho patronised the render, federal
troops Is t Wedneedas removed KsQuIr
and ?Rodrigues from the Juares lall,
v. hen- the) had bei v hi M for ' political
An unidenttfled political prisonei si o
was banged, it Is reported
Ti m? City, Mexico Man '???? ti ? lover.ior
Martin l&splnosa ??i the terri tor? of Tepl?*,
..n the sreat coast, liberated all prison? rs
from ihe penltenttarj to-daj and, with
a small ?s.'.iit. tarted t?> loin tbe ?soa?
stltutionallsts' force in Blnaloa.
_______ ?
Suffering from Nervous Breakdown,
He Get;; Year's? Leave.
p itladeli im?. March tl ?Dr Edward
Am;. ?Spltxka, directos ??> the Baugli
Institute '? Anatomj snd profeaaor st
n Medical College, i???s received a
?/?tar's leave ??i absence because .if nervous
breakdown due t?? overwork
i ?r Bpltaka' detailed oboervatlom upon
ti?- .i etrl? death and the anatontl? al n
iihiiciis. etc, ??! criminals have made him
noted n one ?^i ths most emlm nt author!?
lit . in tneiiii ii research In l he > ounl i ?
He performed the tutopsy and examined
tin brain <>f i'solgoss, the sssssatn of
?President McKinley, snd II Is in tils In?
vestlgatlons <?f the human ?brain that lie
hot ?been ?woctalb distinguish-A
Bold Cabaret Singer at Vigilants' Smoker Wan?
dered Among Audience Physically
Illustrating Kissing Song.
The aljtt) members of \ Igllanl li???
Company No, I, of ib.- ?Xireeport, i^?n;
Inland, Volunteet Mr* ?Department, havi
ba.i a loi of explanations to m;?k?> sinea ?
amokei which ?as b>'i?l Thurtalay muh
b? th?"!- oirranization
Tlieii troubles are due to ?the fact tin?
...m. ??i in? m wen biased b) s youni
and prett) girl a'earini wall, S ?ssrec
smile, anyway a'ho waa <>ik' ?.f the "ar
lists' imported from New ?ork for tht
U? ? .i.-ioll
in Preeport th? best r?*eldenta belong t<
the Volunteer Pire Department, mi?i the
Vigilant Compan) ih ronaldcred the most
sated in point of membership In the
whole department it numbera Iota "t
prominent businesa men, an?i not a few
?v... : ? i . auch a? deacons and
? ' Nearly all the m? mbera ??f toe
r-ompun) :iit?,:?!.'i tin amoker, it ia said
In i-'? ??>? ...i t. For there had been a S'hlspei
thai tir" entertainment would be Um
'?real thing," and that there wtsuM be
performers then direct from New Yorks
leading rabarel ihows, Bui from what
rii? Preeport firemen r-ni?l y?*sterday it
would ? ? m thai the amokei was given in
an .?m, ?
' IVh) . I ?V.i- Il Ne ' Tot K ia-r MKllt,"
r.> th? Vigilant? ?Ain-ii :iHk?"i if they
?. i?? at the amoker It wool? aeem a-?
i iiough th? svenlt - train on the i -a?m?r
laland it.ui r?.?u?t must have I ? ? m packed
i?, ib. platforms if each man is to i"%
?? :.? ved.
Then were ?h. i w ordin?r; sets si ths
I amokei after ?lbs pipes Bad b<?,i .it-iitei
and tall foaming glasees were bafcg
paased around, ??n?i s<?ni<' of the Bresass.
laai p unted, were beginning t?i t.'ink tBsy
might aa well have remained at ti*.????? and
?fOBS to I- ?I But tii? n W. I ' I'ln-l),
chairman ??f the si rang? n nta ?oommitts-?,
;?i?,iint??l the platform.
' ? ia-ntl? in? ii- sai.l he, "MISS l."!? will
now favor as "itii ;? fea ?setarttons."
8 Km??n ?Smith, Treasurer of Preap-ai
Village, :a'?l >?-.{? r-iay that the membaii
who had espected ;? real warm < nt-r
tainment ?had Lkmked far ootblns ilk.? it??
renaatlon thai sras sprang when uu
ai.'..?ai-"i ?Sha ?'oiiinirtscsd by staging a
-.?ni; ??bout Ittasttag.
i.oi.-t ?iitnb??l doarn ?from the ?jtag? ai
(he rang, snd ?bestowed ?resountsssj
smacks upon aooM ut the Bremen present
But nu ?some of tbn young btooda -.i?ii,
related, she teemed to hav? s prefiirasas
i..i tb? oi-i iii'-i?. sap? ??ii.? thorn ??*? ittn bsM
? \w yott'te tOO youag, k.l. ??hat It
,..ii think I Baa, a ?'radb' mbb? r? " tall
Lola, to on? armhtik\ youth srao t lot- is
It's said, to ? mocaos bei ?
Most ..f the Breasen were '?n th?'ir f????t
When the sonic; vas finish?'?!, and Lola i
sai.l to have found it rather ?iiftnuU to ?*;?t
ba? k ??i? the atage? eap?eclally as. nom??
aay, the lights strangely weal ""t ju?t
tiren. The Impasted ??rtHt then sann au
Interesting version of "When i <;??t fea
SJone Tn-nif-ht." nnd that to??k the hous?,
by fltonn.
Union College Alumni Plan Fu
of $100,000.
'?: i ? ,?*grasp) tsThe Tribune.I
? .lady, v v , March ft?At
' dinnet of thi Union ?CoDi
? |, hi Id to-nlgbi at the Mobs
'.???. ? hsrles Ali under Rlchmo
i -. ,.;.?: ? announced ?thai deflr,
i ad been taken towsrd a i?lan
? worth? menus lal t?i John Blj
low, a memo? r of thi risse of ?105
and for mans jreai i her old
;i\ ing slumn is
At .? meeting on Thursday sfternooB
:'.,?.: . ; 'I ... ..t.?. in N
arlth Mr ' 'i."ate |n the ?-ivur n
n val?"? ?Garrison Vltlard, editor of "T
, | Post." BS BI ' :? tar; . a . ?.intti
' t???' ws md ti??? follosrlng rei
a i? pted, ui ??n motion
Btntea Senator Eliliu Hoot:
? it la : ? .??..v. .i that t he committee
cure a fund of I10S,?900 f??r ?? memorial
: late John Blgelow al Union Colleg?
"The service of John Blgelow t?> i
? i m the ?lark days of tbe ?CI
War should alwa - !?? gratefuDy ?remet
\v< lie w llllam it. Beward, i
.. tats of Union Coll-igte, o
u igln?! ti '? ?airain ??t the ilepsrtme
? Bl '? Jol v BtgelOV . as Minister
i .,? -, \? a essful In tl
ta.-k of maintaining un:- national er?
? ' .? . ...??.? of Europe
?\\e are confident tha? ti ?s plan ar
? r.. .1 bj many h? a wel? me o
erve at once the dou)
? ? e ,.f itlm .lat?!,.. Irtt of p
trioti m and of doing honor t?> the mei
I ory ??f one whose name - : n lid 'i?? la
mong us In grateful remembrance."
memorial will ?take the f??r
,.f ,. building with clase rooms,
h, used for tii- itudles ?>i" llte/sture, hi
lory snd politics, ?>r f??r the founding
.? prof? orshlp In political science.
Those named on the committee are A:
.!;. '.?. c irnegte, Joseph n ? Ihoate, m 11
Boo .1 Plerponl Morgan, .;. . ? isw.?.?i ?
Vlllard, Henry Palrfleld ?Oeborne, Oeori
Plimptoni John i. Csdwslsder, ?har!?
Evans Hughes, Joseph Ransddl, Ellpbi
lei Sott !?.??;.?: and ?Charles \ Rlchmon?
Conl ' ' : iward the memorial ma
i? ??!,- t? any of thi ??? nlttei
??i ??> Prank Bailey, treasurer of Unlo
? otlege, No 173 Remsen street Elrooklyi
; -?
! Metuchcn Force Incensed a
New Yorker's Appointment.
M< .? '? iv N .1 . Msrch ft ir Md i
:?.??liallj ini|io!te?i metropolitan pa
| ii? ??iian goes ??n dut) all of lh? ' ? ?
un the force have agreed t?> strik'*. -
Mark B Mu? (ha. tWCttt) '.'-als ..n th
v... .. fon ? ol >:t ?satei N? a *> ??rk. wtl
have t.? protcd the whole borough atone
That th.- ?appointment of an out-of?towi
man to the tort??? has aroused i tempes
In ?? teapot la ?putting if mlldl]. ah Me
t u ? ?i a*aa .n ??i sed this sftei n?'??ti wbei
. Neu fork paper arrived In town ?\ 11 ;
headlines announdng that one Murthi
had hei'ii Indicted for collecting graft Ii
Harlem, L*hlef of t'??!??-?' .???in. .i Plahertj
luted thi- " a * th.- ?.'tue Murtha, whlh
? 'ounctlman "Ben" H ? >?? n, pon ior tot
th.- New fork policeman, ?,?i?i he would
not bother t?> gnawer Questions sbout It
Murtha ?ss ti r?> on tbe i??i ??? ia?t Mon?
day, hm i??' has not appeared yd.
Chief !'lah?t't\ was BOtlAod l?y Ils |.o
licem?sn last week that th.-?, would not
erve with Murths, snd It Is believed
Murtha ws? told not to appeal
New Haven Men Will Ask Him
to Settle Wage Issue.
Boat en, March ft The tannest <?f tele??
repliera, lowermen ami m mon agents ?>t
the Ken Vor?, Non lia vu ft Hart i'.?.i
Railroad i ?r a nest schedule ?n' wag< -
ami Working rules will le put up '??
Pi ?m?i. nt Mellen for Anal action.
'ri"' K.i.ii sdjustmenl ?**ommitt?**c ?>:'
th.- Order of ?Railway Telegraphers, which
has hail ronferencee with dlfferenl Non
Haven officials for several months, re?
i ? .I to-da) a proposition mode bj Vnv
iv.siii.nl SVhsley ?>r th.? railroad, ?and
decided t<? g| peal t.. Mr. Mdleti.
Pa ter son Labor Trouble Causes Big
Falling Off in Easter Marriages.
Paterae?, ti. .i . March ft Dut ?Cupid
has been ?given a ?knockout blow hoto by
the silk workers' strike, ?according In
?halles S. ??all. Register of Vital Sta
tisil. s. About a dosen licenses have been
Issusd in tin? btsl few wseks, whOs in
other yeers, ihr register says, six times
as many w . iv u?ually taken out the WSSfc
before Raster gunday,
'iii?- Calling ??ii tins year is bsllsvsd to
be ?Im tu th,, uncertain prospoul** of th?'
.silk w.irk.r?. ?**Wl_f to th?* ?May in brlnK
ltiff about tho strike settlement. ,
Responsible for Blasted Ro
manee and 3 Crests, Police Say
Their !???? ?iii??.'t?.?n for troll ?tared Vir
cmla h^nis tx ?aajd | ?,? tha potkse to he,
.; !?- for .1 Masted roman? a and th?
am ' ' ? st.?r.lay of i '.1..1 U s and Arth ,r
Thorrtewell, of .\<>. Mi Mth itreet, Brook
lyn, and <;.?or?;?? J>?'r.j)--<.ii. of No. M tttk
?street The tnr?'?.? wm? prla<>ner8 in tht
Pourtfa avenus j'u':-" station i??st night,
? :..?? g -i a itii burglarjr.
David ? ..<..k, af No. -.:; Mil Misal
-':?'< rrnt? ir.i??nt of .1 meat raarael at ?Xa
&S7 Third atrenue, ?-??nth >;? - . ..
peatod as ?lhe complainant afslast t.;?
thrse young men. ?s?<BeordJlBg to Geek,
wii?-n !. opened th?? market i'?r I
early y?eeterdai ntorning he ?llseovered Hat
a r. ar .' Indow had been for? ad .?i
? '. M???? hams Btolea. He comniuni<'at?"l
%?rti? ?the ?poiico. aad ?.?'??"?- wan a
algned t" t!io rca -
The ?b t ?? Uves w< ?re atrol ? ; fas 1
TI Ird avenu? near t: ? meal m? rket, tii-y
said, when Arthur Thotrn? ar? II si
s'^ii came atom?, ??n?* of them ? 1 '.?.rr.
ing .1 sulttmsa The ?i- te Uves >>top?>???l
them, and in ti??- ?soli .>?. the? ->i.
fouod a bam. .Johnson then broke ?lowl?
and declared bs aad the Tliornea ?lia ?:.+'.
1 itolen t:.. Iiams, a?-. ?.?..iii._? t ? l pelo
\\'i."i. Arthur, who denied an) part in
j tiv? tlr-ft. vas Baked where bia Mol
taras, be saM bs ?was probabl* st t.?
1 1 "? is <>' hit tiat..?.'?.?. ?n Mkhlagh ?jtraal
He I ad planned t.? marry the 1 I -
The ii ?t? ' t. ? k P
peettt r..? MltMagh st -..
stout l o'clo?-k last night
v ?n walk. .1 <|..\? n the .rtn rt and
t? enter the home of I
hrii ? 'i" e police ha
him und? r arre ; H? d? ni? 1 ad say
part In the buralai .?
! Fraok A. Keency to Extnid Interests
When He Gets Father's Estate.
Prink \ K??.-n. 1*. of No. 221 C
?xlon of the bi
tai.? ??? : sther, t te g R K
? ????..,?? id 1
? ? ? , . .
s, -. ,,;' v? I
HtX-il . .
-. r.? 1 s . 1 . tady. N V . Nee r
? "i I. ?????in am! Ill? ??'. 1 " I An
"1 liave ma ill ? : ? Into tl ?4
the theatrt? al '?nsln??-? ? ? -
- ? -:?!,! Mr. K- .-:.-? "|: ? I .
I ???.;??
? r ? ? -row)
. . 1 . . ? ? .
oine al T : I f
t this b
ami li , < prob ii.:?' I .?? Ill even as
s.??-:. Ulli - '
For 1913
of Valuable Information
Each and every page contains one
or more timely and interesting sub?
jects ot general inter?s?. The vol?
ume contains tens of thousands of
facts, figures and reliable statistics.
There arc over 15,000 separate
items of useful information. select
ed, verified, brought up to date and
tabulated so they can be found and
consulted in an instant.
The Business Man's
Reference Book
In this useful book, which has
been handily indexed for ?-eady ref?
erence, the busy mat: will find
everything he wants to know about
Industry. Commerce. Imports. Ex?
ports, Vital Statistics, Immigra?
tion. Population. Mines. Art, Arbi?
tration. Woman Suffrage. Tariff!.
Taxes. Votes Cast. Politics. Plat?
forms ar.d thousand of other equally
j valuable and interesting subjects
presented accurately and concisely?
The Tribune Almanac
is reliable and authoritative ant
can be depended on in settling any
question that may come up for dis?
Price per Copy, 2ik
By Mail, 35c
In Library Binding, by Mail, 60c

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