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flif M? LAW
vjgvv York Motorists Under
Espfona?je at Ferry Houses.
yW?tin-fi Without Drivers' Li
^jjgl ?1 Charge?Tour?
ing term Also Checked.
barged wll
???i on
1 cai numbei
. ?
? ?' Vni ker i- the firsl
the ma
?patrol placed j
? ? ?? tween
I ? inoaquito
? ?served ?n i old up
-..t? ?.r
Is |
. ?m the
tro Is under the su?
rsi Aekennan, ol
th? n? a .1. ?>?
.Motor , ' rr.? tit. and ho Is
??utior.' * ? V-7?set Shore ferry at
rout? s hlch is
? ha automobile tourlata
:. into Sex ??? m
Thai in: ? ?ck?
? b] th? fac?
pteked up ninety vio- |
last fa???,' weeks ?
up to ai ralin-? Friday night. Most j
r.* the vr. .tors wore Jeraeymen, bow
of the offon"cs have ba?n
. ? ? ?vltliout a driver's
? ?roparly >squlpp>**d with
I Uta ' mimbfr for 1013.
B aseai rant with the beginning
if the sut? mobile year in New Jersey.
Ukkh "? r?rnnry x. tdat there
?rfre rr who wars operating
cars ?rlth ut drivers' licenses, a? tha
fat autan
ral nethods for round
man. undo' In-trm-tinns
- - -?-??? sr Job H. Lis, ht?
? - the ferry to op? r
as boon outlined.
? . ?
do r.? the toi 8Kb? r, as
? tlio
I ' M e
the funds al the timo or
i . - ? and these s
? i ?
? ?
n . tbetr
? ? ? ad to have
and ha?i I
. ?
bul ;?s thore
lo 1 ? ' ' r
? ? enfoi "1. nor
wen also chalked
? ?
s? law mill was
thing in the
tomol ? : gialatlon
There Is llttlo
the bills th?
?trill ? ' ? I oorn
shtrald th' -. th? re i
-.-....'? through
? , ? : laes the)
? ? ? gantlet of * ? ????
th? - tomobilista i'.ok
? "i? pr?Btty good friond
? jraars of th?
. Mr H?ldcr,
waj always with th?*
: ? tbelr rsdproclty
.I " te up.
M ? paay,
Uner an und?t*n
n i- ? ? ad the sai
' .? ? ?? t--r r;ij? ????'?'? Of
? ? ,?.--i M-. I>ustm is wall
(j m 1 orl iiutoinobll-a?
Cted tor ?"?mo Mm?: -a IM?
. - ? :
New ?and Used
A directory of reliable offerings
by automobile dealers and owners.
Tribune readers have the means
to buy automobiles.
Tcl??ph3ne MOOO Br-ekman.
id -?? ? ? r '?? ? r-r ?gut* UaSI -?ne
Issarl .?',??; three tniertloB? la ene
?SSI . -.-? ore ea laadaga S0t.';ii?!ven
??i?, %l 05.
? "HUDSON" ?
" ! i n. .ni; tats
I mii.ii.in?. I Si'-'
im : ii in
i paaaei gt ISM.Ofl
? ? ? i?-11 ? ? , r i
I in. .n-ina- SK00.00
M il"l?.
I ? H Ulli? ?, I " I "?I'l ltra?Hll?irt?
I'ROTI ? I lOl lt-1 I I
I ?. having ??
11 wll
- I
? ? '. ? i ? ? O I ,
" . V ? ?
? i ? SA M l.l:
.__ - . ''oluml.ui _
' l.'.M'. N '
- . II ? - ? ?
. i-; \iti.I.
I'l lIllpMbura. N ?i
son -kii. Kiii'inn
n-ilhar !,?. ?
? I? "tf'l'L-JMAN, I'"''
?-__?i__^^^ ? . . N I_
. ??. ?, . ..m
p . tl? ... m .? ?-.Ik. ??'
.ired?, mil leetlf] t?i
llli-l !?.? I. .?? Im.a- ."iiii'l? ti
? nlni/, claw? s
.' ? ?... i . - . , ?.n?. ?-ni
. aamaaa wva.wva- i . ? ;, , Hr...
'?uaae-1 ou lloiKMt) " "i'rimjiei-ioii SUMt "
Motor Governing Body
tu Move to Washington
Thus the A. A. A. Hopes to End
Trouble in California.
Remainder of Force Will Follow
?"Motorist" To Be Printed
in Capital.
The American Automobil?- A
the governing bodj in national motoring,
tr* ?i'.itoinoblle radng and t?
?kinds, Which, ever -.Awe II
about ten years ?ago ?has had Its ;
???ii?rK-rs i: N". v. To n v.: 1 Within ..
time remove from thi It]
Tir.s- fa -t s,-?:- med?
kt tin dvance guard of the :
Uon, a <?' Batcheldsr, chairman ?
? ?? ?? and u.? practical
head of ?th? organbtstlon, e ? mid?
: the pr?sent week pi
inpto;. and open >n? bead tart ol the
federal prood roads movement l*n .. that
? ?Bal ?>,?-,..-.-r will divide his time
;.- tween Washington and Heu Tort until
such Urns as ths entln ofl ? movei th?ers,
There i?, a twofold object in I
?although now only that of the food n
movement Ii given Thi other Is the need
for a mor?-' ?central location of hesdq
move coi I? ? i.sut
i?f th? recent agitation for ;? n? ? auto-no
goven g bodj for th? v.'? : ;. a hlcl
?. iv: in the t?. Lion of ia*s At.
?v- ? promoters and rsdng men ?irav.
Ing away from the American Automobil
The gn ?? . en whli h the '?' i U
troubli started weis that they were n?
. ?fOV?srned iiroperly by a body Ll
?.. v? v |.. whlcl ?????? sssertnd. i
far a**.ay from them that it ? '?ul?! not ap
. ?. ? ? ?
btreah eras shown In another tishi
wee] ?? Bhlmpf, ol
test Arm ? i .n
left New Tort
tot Angel? ' v.
merican Aui 1
well tied up with th? !?
i th?
the seht
^"-??5? might
act t?\ orsbl on th? ? ? ? ? i it it
I wl opei i new Un? ?
: ? of tin
? n get ' thi
? ? utlve d-I'ar": - ' I
- w Ith thi ?
the ofl
?The Ai
i ' " B0
Much Money Expended on Ro?
That Are Unsuitable.
If'"'"-'ri:/l"?r tl"? fael MiUt r\,rxir in ? ?? l
Mon if ii??e<l'-?j in deterninli | I
' BBStl vi Uon ffr any pr ' ? ? t
of road, thr national good roadi ?board
tl ? Amarltsaa Automobil?
convlncsd t?iat ?steps should t" tak??r.
? m tas Union to gather it
..- arlll show tin*? nunhar, charac
and approximate weights ol vehl i
tag orai tu? prla?elpal r?
Tlif failure Of many r? ads to '
traffic i" due nol ai
auppoae, 1" Inferior martel *.d Tim
manshlp, but to Hi?? ];i'-k ?.f prelimim
tntortnation an to t):r tr,,frl<- tha road v.
?expected to stand Coi ? roa
ira\c i'ff?n bull? whieh wat
for \ . ..' I uboV i ??thf r tr. v. I
no*?. tln?y me mm:-, due to Mi??. el
data ?s? hi-h the >snglneer.ni prof?
an! ''Mut bratrMi ol Ihrtl work ??' 01
have oonsMared ssaantlal On thli ?
leet "Tii?- Eanglnearlng Hei-ord" of liai
Ifi ?-aya:
"Wltl.out lUWarlag tbS v.?.?r a road h.
thrrc Is ubsolutf'ly BO way of Mir
Whether It is ?rood or l.a'i. Oui]
traffic Moans ?'an il'-M-riiim?- th] '
too f-istiy iiavr bean oonattructad In soi
I'lit'-f?: In ntliM plaCSS road.?-. UnSUlted
the ?traille haws been tnalll In ties
t hi? -wall ?knoara ?fael it h evident thai
trafli ?mums U an sasentlal lo ? ?onoti
in naai ly all road btiUdlng, Imag
?bridge designer ?making ?plan foi .i strr.
ura without anythiiiR more than .? roui
gu? - whether it was to he u*?-'! >
railways or trolley . ?an and w? have ?
idfa Of tlr?? absill'dltv of PfOCOed
?road building v.itiiont traft.? da?;.."
In ISM tha Htatt of Illinois caussd '
re rrri'-iTiit'-'-J M ' tri\?l OVSt tl? real
at a t? v.' bnpertanl pointa ?Only a fe
days ago Highway Bngtnasr John*
%?"?? "I nm : ui c v. i IKBV?
kctrd any data on which If?
i ?san i'l;?''? ?.T-patrr reliability than "?;
trafli'' eansua?aata. it baa been, allthlni
.?.n?i,i?r-r.j. ti,< moat aatlsfsftftry Inveal
gSktUm thai ate have attempted."
Massachusetts tried taking u traille oet
: uk in INS, mil ?vein int?? th? ."? i a
a larKT ?seal? in 15?]-. Mi A'?.
0<ctaber, VOX cuanta wan nad? .??
stations at different i??>ititr. in the stat?
ra?*li c<i\?t in?; a full Xroek ?'? him?. ;<'?
I twelve to aightaew be/m ?? day, acrordlm
i i" laeatton. Tha ruaolti have enebled th
i Highway Gonnlsatoa to mal?,.- plana fe
ti?.t ?mi?, carrylns the i?r?---.-?.? travel, bu
I itiso to pto*/tda t??r tha Is reasa thai i
li.'iii ! t" .?"in??
...nsiiia red, m \i? u .if Mi.? rapli
changes in tra-fl.? and trafli? condition!
i.. n ^ rapidly niiri conatantlj made, thai
;? n n: is ? ho iid in ?pro? i'i? m .?i least f?t*ut
times a **?sar, for al leaal ,i week ?.
i??i'"'i. and Should cover th? prtneipal
roads sntarlnfl avary ?im m i state. Te
tie ut ?-?-ai \h1ii? m.? ?. n ma abould i <>n
Unue f??r a ssHss ??i >?arH, ?n order t"
?ssaaWMh a i?r<>i?.?r Itnosrladg? ?>f the ratlu
..i Increase. After a r? ??. ?.-ar- ami the
astahhahmtml of practical atatularda from
I which sotlnatea could i" and? o groat
I frequency of ?-omit would n-.t i.. -a
i sary.
l'rovis|."?ns for Uafllc cenaui in most
? r.ii"?; would rOQUlre tli? ? ii,?'?im.nt of
special laws and Pi??*'iai appropriations.
Comparad srttli ? i ? *- savin?; ?whllib would
? i it. i t. .i in in.ni construction, the as
?...-lit-?' Would I" trivial. Tin? ngarOS, ??Inn
mail? and ptaparlj .??ii?-? t?-i?, irould !???
?he basis on srhlch ??n hlghwaj planning
v. ?mid il
Leadvillc Is Not a Motorist's
Paradise. Owing to Hills.
? . ? ol ?? .-ii
"l b' M \ Nicholson, a prm. i
? . ? ? ' ' ? , lie, Co
. ? ? ? of 1 ? ? oney mark? t responstl te
for tl motorl tlon. as I<< ad**11t<
hua*-' more i . ?
The fault
t the
piled ? ? Imet I
and around roll muni Ipal t
? In ironi mod
? m m. thod
the ? ni/.< ns knew <
?? thout
? -..i. these f< Intrepid
d Lead ville from futun
i ...
pmni i?? .? i? . h ..i ??? int? rest I
biles, and th?* N ,?? ? toi m
. aiici ma ? ' ? Ing up ol tin
;i mai I.? t fur ?
Aim ' ? ? ??
! i.i .?v. ? ? Honed th?
I fool atn " ih' 'i and th? I ?? m< ndous
. ?iniV. . t eoui "?!' ?i n t ' vi Ing thi
Al th? great altitud? In which thi ?town t
it? ?i water 1 I to 30 il? gr? ?
i?,'.\. r tempera! . ? Thui i
... per-1
? ultl? il? m th?
'??if ?? ? I
Inadequate in I dm altitud
twice v |
Mr. Nl? hob. nde
i tall tank to th?
upper portl ul thi ? .? i i adlatoi h?
reetalled the greatest HI ult] nu I I I
In ? limbing th? long hllh In th? gn stlj
? ?.
: ,- i . ?mi iii ii i hat ??? gallon of
water, but It] ? ? a safety j
, .- ,m?i pn ? ? ? i, i..,
The dash control ol
?also mad? thtni ? foi Hi
.iv i,. i- . n;,i,i, ri to tn< i th changes of
atma-sphere sithout ?slighting trom ?th? j
eai ??: even bringing It to a stop *
Left Hand Steering and Centre
Control Arc Now Standard.
? me of th? t- ' me moat ?fri oju-ratly ?used
describing the design snd construction
.. ?.various mechanical untti <?f automo
' i.iifh ii that ol "? ?tendard " Th? un .?n
Imi Ib ?i i ? tandard 11 natructlon Ii
that n follows th? prs lice of a
..? manufacturera. Bach rear, however,
.. ing ? hangi i In i tandard ? ora traction
| in that a larg? r numb? r ol makers adopt
. !.. : ?? tures which ??en Introdw ? i
' i,\ a few, "i ? i en bj . manufa? tun r
i v.,, uaslni i ' i subjset, Rene P< ?lard, th?
I rioii'-i motor csr ?designer, who u- nos
I at ths ?head of the designing department
j ,,f me Mit h? Il t? ? b ? iii)i|i.?iv ' -
"Take, for esampk the i. adlng I
features <?t thi n< ? Mitchell modi i.. i
.-m?h an el? trie lighting and Starting
long atrohe motor, centre control and
left-hand ste? In ItH onlj 1 r?<?r ?sent
mei lean ?can ?hsd the left-hand * U ?si |
w i.S II i'- 10 !"? tiniii'l ?ni M pgf
, .-??i. i: tii? same tilt}? centre control
has Inrcreaaed from S to t-> pw cmt: Last
...,! |0 ?i.i cent won equipped witl
.?m electri? : .'"iin- system, whlli nom
there are t.. i- i vein."
May 14-15 Selected for First
Auto Contest of Season.
Four-Day Reliability Run Is
Also on Boards Under Motor
Dealers' Auspices.
t niik? last year, tvhi'?** wan devoid ef
sn) touring contesta In th? East so iar
;i ths metropolitan section waa oon
ei than la premiss of a number or
tour?? being run thi- season Bsnctlon
hai .ii?- SShSd for the promotion
"f th? West llinlM'in an?l ?Catskttl Beenl?
: Ii ?addition to being i? l" I
?it- Mint uiii 1 e a- . ? : -., ?
hill ?limb ati?i fuel economj tos?
i . e ,,?- two ? ition.
Mas i' and Ii
I .. ' V || ..? ,?. .. j ;,f,fl
te, s . . . i? . ..... ?f
th.- ? ? i Uful tri ': mtry,
i' being map] by Rol rt Bruce,
t ? ? .i taso .?ii":
rent? s I rend ted 1
**?*. J Morgan, ?ho proposed th"
. ?<. th?*
?.. - It was found im
obtsln entri? ? nough b as?
.Mr Morgan calle th- West-Hud
lest I . rewell conti I
as It win I ? ? e to be conducted
.i lual promote! Hi Ii
. . ? , ,
? i . * -
? ? . ,
? . ? ? t. ? .. ?
? ? M - M
on th? t coast everal
? ? i- - blstoi
Ing foi that sand the
fastest cow
\(. ?.?
? i ? . ? ?
h to the i "
p ? i- m which sutomo?
.? : ? ? Th?
\ the it " **<*ll
nterrsl th?
? ? ? ? kn?.*A n t?. thi 'n
and whl?
thai n- ?
lire test I Bright and
. . ? | tire test ever
the ITnlted Sta
? ?? ? earing I board e
well ? ? t Mi .?Aiii underts ?
lOtlni " ?? st for thi
Motor i ? . ? ;onl I \ rxiatlot ? :
M i ., i ? ?
? ' ?. ? ? ? ttc?
..sn formed s Hoi
now i four ? ntercti el .<
... etwe? 1
Bo ton >?n?i Set York ti I lilil? d< Iphla.
to I" rui. ?. m Juni i
Benzolized Alcohol May Offer
Relief from High Prices.
Potatoes and Maize Furnish
Principal Ingredient, Which
Is Then Denatured.
The humble potato may come to th?*
I rese?a oi English motorists la th? fl?tu
Iagainst tho InterSSta which have steadily
utiscd thr prlea Of gasolene until it bM
reaebSd a pom' Where a prohibitive prtee
for that t>pe of fur) |a in 8|ffht. Since
the offer of a prise of JlO.uOO a few month.?
ago for the ?ilesorary of a fuel that would
rend'-r motorist? independent of the firlt
Isfa oil trust. Whatever It.? name, much
research in thla dir^nlon has been con
I ducted
Ti?> man whs holds o.it hop? of letlel
to tin autofhobUlat la l?r. \\. }\. ur
mand] ii" declarea that th* av?*nu>* ot
? ..,?' trota th.- ?gasolene ?'omhine Uea in
thr u-f of ?alcohol, Which can be produ<:eU
?Cheaply from potatoes or maize, and
Which, in combination with benzol. Will
j afford a satisfactory substitute. Benzol
| was OOS Of the typos of fuel suggested
a.- a Substitute for gSSOlSns. but it of?
fer?*'! little hopo of relief, since Its pro?
duction could not ho made largo enough
to begin Siting a market that demands
? util] more than NtHMN gallons ot
-.1 olene
I ordlng to Dr. Onnaady. the proper
mixture ?lor bensoUssd alcohol is w per
?ent alcohol and ? per c?*nt of benzol.
He ssfhnatSS that the production of ben?
zol can be brought up to 10.000.000 Ballons
a year, while alcohol can be produced In
BOT QUaSttt** demande'. The mixture,
he says, would be ae satisfactory as
heavy-grarie gasolene, but not quite so
economical, weight for weight. It would
call tor no alteration tn engine design
and no special form of carburetor.
The possible drawback In producing al?
cohol cheaply from potato?*? would he the
price of th* latter, but it ?an be produced
??ven more cheaply from maize in the
British colonies at half the price?It !??
assarted. The suggestion is made that
the government recognise the addition of
bensol ?to aleohol aa a form of denaturing,
?rendering the mixture subject to a
Ina duty, or Impose a low special tuei
r..\ n.1er ?to assist th? motoring m?>-????
ment Is Qreat Britain it i? believed the
a'ltho.-tti?a a ;ii accspl the ?suggestion,
since oil fuel for army and aa**y purpeasa
is almost Wholly sea-borne, and the bub
?-tl 1111 Ion of a denttt'ired alcohol for gSS
-.;. ne, even in part, would rsBJdsr less
like';, n ?Jhortaga to time of extreme
?Oermaa industrial alcohol, produce?!
tstoes. I*- ?old arouti?! -?"? conta a
m, ion below cost, it '.s as?:-"rt<"i? this
twins the outcome of the oer?
policy Of fi'itering tlie
Utilisation n' all available land n> a.?-' to
mall ?tain as iarn? . populatloo as pos
the land. The losa an industrial
?iic,,i.ni i- compensated for bv the prottt
... that sold bj the same distillers tur'
human constunptiea
Reports rsarhsd thla country ?om? time
.?i;., ol thi resulti obtatoei from the use
Of denatured Sl?COhOl as an automobile
I ?ei on can In the Emperor's atrtng. un?*
0( thi driven In the ?royal garag" report
? " tally, that the fuel proved fair?
?, -.- ?>,<ept (.?r high ?deposita
?arbon, ?hich rendered Imperative a
, ? the c llndi ra at th? end et
? ? ei thoui and mlb a
Long List of Contests Arranged
for Current Season.
i,, t .. March b illetln of the T oi t
l ?and Automobile i'?uIj appears a list of
,,. u ? terenty contesta a?ui tour? which
- during i-??- Th?era b about
rune number of trophies for disposal
\ -. vjarlt) ot thi fixtures win be <?o ?ided
m h inda: and holidays, when thegreai
,-.. i ,, imbei "? members ?an particip?t
lo? ti"* Fourth of July an<i the ta a
tiring the contest committee baa
- .-: ?, trip through the Herh: h'r.
[_>noi and Weattleld, for tho ji.rd^r.
tropl l'util May B lo June i, over m?*
mora Day. ?? r"n baa been arrango.) to
| Mi Fraaeo'i ??amp It thi Adirondack"?
No Car Can Be Better
Than the 1913 lnter=State.
Quality Is Built Into It
Sou ludf-r the Mill of an> car h> the (JLAUTV built into it
?Viid cat quality mean! Endurance, Power, ?Comfort, ?Econ
.?tin . Simplicity m operation, Beauty ol ?Deaqm ?and finish,
and all the refinements thai distinguish the higtvcl?ass car.
In no cars made al anywhere near their price is this
,],.._,,,, 0i quality mon fully demonstrated tlian in the
Four Cylinder Six cylinder
The Inter Stati I oui -?tul Six Cylinder Cat?? arc triumphs
of car building. Built to meet the ertenshre demand for
.1 ear of high-cla - selling at 1 prier ih.'it insures the finest
??trades of materials and workmanship and designing.
iirjlil? efficient motor, constructed <?n line-? of prcat strength,
?oiple an.' dependable ?n operration, rjomplete in appointments.
Electrically Started and Lighted
I nur Cylinder, 5 passenger, $2-400
S i x Cylinder. ?S passenger, 2750
S i x Cylinder, 7 passenger, 2?S00
We 'how our confidence in Interstate
tears by selling every car cm ?this ba?is:
Free Repairs for One Year
D?monstration of Inter-Statc cars NOW
I8o0 Broadway, N. Y.
Some good Dealers' Teritory open in Metropolitan District.
Automobile Club Still on
Hunt for Fifth Avenue Home
Big Alterations Planned i?
New Social Quarters Can
Be Secured.
Thus far :i" ?SUCCW I.as met the ef
forts of th?*- comriutt"?- appointed by the
Automobil?" <'!tih of An,, rli ,. to .|Ulre,
hy purchase or lea^c, Quartan ?m l'i ft Ii
STSatlS to which UN s???laI H'ti\iti??s of
th" organization maj t>? transferred.
Th.? aU Whitney rr-.Ki.-th?,. ?.? Fifth a\?
tiu? an?l 57 th street, araa consider??-, a
pOSSlSUIIjf. but it was fourni tti.it i? rxMlld
not i??? tteeure? Ti??? pref**rsa?c? of Um
members is for a placa north ?.t ,VH'i
m? r? ???. b*it nothing *Mttsfa?**tory IMS ?U
11' th?? so. iai ?sad of th?? Club is taken
t<? Fifth STsnua it will penal. Um utili?
zation ??f a lar"?'' Section ?if Mi" ;,4th
Btrei-t building lor hnslnssi "MSI At pres?
ent thSfU are approximately ?331 can
HtorefJ in th?? ble; building, and with this
numhei theie Is- much congestion. Tl." in
t?*ntton is to turn over for Storage pur
po:-e?a th?- fires,-tit offlce "Il th? second
floor of the lie??' buiMlliK if the club
?luurters can 1?.? ma?ie aTaUablt for the
a?r?'onimoiiation of the clerical force. It
is estlmatej that by this change the ca?
pacity could be increased to an even
eight hundred cars, ami appli?atlons are
so numerous that the additional room
would be. taken up in short order.
t'nder this arrangement the gorgeous
assembly hall, an exact reproduction of
the huge hall it? a famou- Italian castM,
ami .?aid to be one of tin? tin? st roOBM ni
any New York building, nnni.1 be trans?
formed for th'? use c.f Mi?- ofll<CS !'?>???? Ii.
any case, tli.? hall is destined to experi?
ence a drop in prestlg?', and better tins
than It should become a storage r..<nn
for motor cars.
That the moving of the BOOlal depart?
ment of the club to the neighborhood of j
the entrance to Central Park would be |
wise is generally admitted. West Mth
street has become a hive of automobil??
g.'iraKcs and showrooms, and because of
the bnmsastty ?>f the club's storage fs
dlltles there is generally a jam of motor
veMdeSi ren?leritig the street unattractive
to those who would otherwise enjoy the
<?f late years, ?specially since the
?recent ansucoaaajM hght against a
Changs In the constitution of the organi?
sation, the club ?luarters have been
?praetteally deserted. Some of the et
tOftdaata are still to be fourni, but their
employuioul Is almost the equivalent of
solitary confinement.
Good Roads Are Assured on
This Fifty-Mile Jaunt.
It often occurs at this .season of the
year that the motorist Is at a loss to
know Just where to go to find roads that
make It possible to enjoy a motor trip
At the close of the winter the roads, at
v general rule, are not expected to be in
ti oonditloa any too good for touring, and
many leae har?ly automobile owners p"
f??r contlning t_S_MS**t*SS to city limits
until the touring season Is safely open,
tint caring to vnture far out of the city
with th? prospect of an uncomfortable
trip owing to the heavy going.
The touring department of the A. C. A
suggests a pleasant trip of a little more
than fifty miles over roads that will pro?
vide good going The route selected leads
from New York City down through
Stiiten island, through Htapleton. Grant
?'ity and New Dorp to Tottenvlllo. then
across the Island through New Dorp and
i.ratiltovlli?. to Port Richmond. Here the
Kill van Kull t? crossed by ferry to Mat
gen Point; then a sixteen-mile run up the
Hudson County Boulevard through Ba>
onn?* and Jersey City, returning over
Hudson County Boulevard east, runnlns
iilong the Jersey cliff? and overlooking
the Hudson. The road is followed to Wee
hawken. wher? the ferry Is boarded
YOU KNOW this car is fast, strong and
of graceful lines.
DO YOU KNOW also that it is very eco?
nomical and one of the easiest riding cars built.
Let us give you a demonstration.
No-Rim-Cut Tires
10% Oversize
No Petty Saving
No petty savings have made Goodyear
tires outsell every other.
Rim-cut ruin, which we save, wrecks 23
per cent of all old-type tires.
10 per cent oversize, under average con?
ditions, adds 25 per cent to the tire mileage,
?And those are but part of the savings.
Remember This
A few year?- ag*->. titrer <->th?-r
lires ? combined outsold the
Goody ears by 70 times over.
From that point ?lO'.'lyears
haue quickly jumped to ?the top?
most place in Tiredoin.
And last year's sales bv fat
exceeded our previous 12 years
put together.
This lias heen ?l??ne in this
ftay of odometers, when tuen
keep track of tire mileage.
\n<l today's position conies
?Alien men have used two mil?
lion Goodyear tires.
Can't yon see that \o-Rini
Cut tires in -oui?? way, must
give amazing mileage '?
Not Our Claims
All tires claim
superiority, but
the leader.
Hundreds of
thousands of
actual users
reiterate our
claims. That
must be so,
else Goodyear
tires roii'd never bave made
this ?record.
?\ on know that. Vou must
???-o know that your experience
will be like the rest.
Start Right
^?a unxU AK WON. ?M-ll'-l
No-Rim-Cut Taires
With or Without
Non-Skid Trisada
Star* this new season ri?2l?*.
Test out \o-Rim-l ut tires. >ee
it they save you what they nave
It will make a big difference
on the season's tire cost.
Start judging tires hy the cost
rer mile. Then you will p?e
why Xo-Rini-Cut tires arc the
wanted tires today.
Don't buy ?-kimpy (ires this
sea-on. Don't buy tires that
rim-cut. Those are wastes
which we avoid. You can see
this at a glance.
And the only
satisfactory way
to end rim-cut?
ting is under
our control.
Write for the
Goodyear Tire
Booh ? 14th.
year edition. It
tails all known
ways to <k?m*k>.
mua on tiras.
This < ???iipnny tun no ronnertlon whin-ra???- with ?n? other
rubber ?oii.ei u ?. hi? li uava-t? the (?uodrear name
New York Hrssch. 1172 Broadway.
Brooklyn Branch. 1172 Bedford Ave.
Newark Branch. 2? Halse? St.
Phones Col. 7493740I 7492 7403 7404-7405
Phones Bedford 7.->*?0-7.S?? 1.
Phones Market 7,-k?t> 7.-V07

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