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Assistant Says He Is, but Turtl
Germ Discoverer Denies
It Vigorously.
Three Hundred Medical Me
Present at Clinic in Bellevue
?May Arrange to Treat
100 on Thursday.
i?. :-it? reporta th.it Dr. P*rl?edrlch Frai
i'i v dmann bad de? ktod t?. curtail his rti
!?> ?merles and get bach t" Berlin, tl
m discoverer poalttvels ?teni?
day at til?? Anaonla that he ha i an
plans m mind one way or the other.
ii.i.? !.. ? i r? poi ted that i: ?? doctor sro il
go t.. Berlin and return In i fear sreel
to make ins aecond Injectlona In i?a t i? ni
I treated,
Thia atateraenl came from Dr. \i
Sturm, house physician ;?t the Ansimli
,' newl) appointed aaslstsnl t?> the Berll
"Dr. Friedmans has decided to retui
to Berlin." ho aahi "He srlll tak.- m
along to toad; tno his methods. He sri
k in thro.? f.i- four woeka"
T?en mlnutea later, however, Dr. FtieA
maun In liis apartmenta repudiated iv
assistant's statement "i have made n
? r on the BUhJect." ho d<
dared, "i h.?\< n? Ides when I will e
?? k."
Hi?* "ii,-\<-k to ?Berlin" Idea srlll i ol dosn
ho*arever, a* it la known that for som
time Dr. KrMmann haa been anxious i
go if only for a tuno. Ho ; ig ?been r?
live, ander the n etrlcttona p?a? ed upo
Mm by the mSdlcal authorltlea and th
pin;-;, lar.-- of the United States Publl
Health ?sad Marins Hosplta B-enice, us
?irr whose direction the cl?nica in Belk
v b and Mount Binal hospitals have bee
held, l'util th? time arrivea for tlio vor
??n?) Injection! ??: hla cultures tlior?* wl
apparenUy little for Dr. PViedmann t
?lo In thla city.
i ' . 1*1 ?. .hiivnn ?aald Ik? thought tli
?testa in,?lor the ?supervision "f the pov
. nm?**nt physicians w? re practically at a
end, though there might ?be a few mor
pat;- nta treated In Bellevue Hospital. .
? ? ii.-il in th
ward at Mount Sinai, and it wa
aald that operation! there had been in
1] v Btp
May Hold Monster Clinic.
1?: PYledmann ?showed hla Incllnatioi
to conduct clinics only under the supei
v i--;??ii of the fovei nm< nt hj -
when he mad? known yesterday h
; Stil in that the c?sea o
children treated at the Hospital foi l>
formltlea and Joint Dl ? ???? on Thurada?j
v.- In? luded In those to ed bj
t ?? Public H? slth ?9? : si ???? In hla lett?
waa a ?reejuesl that snother clink be hei?
the Hospital for T>"fnrmiti"s ?and Join
Diseases on Thursday, if ?Drs. Andei
??ii and Btlmson consenl to b? pi
Dr. Frauenthal, it was Bald, would ar
rang? foi a "monster" clinic, in which a'
-t a hundred patients nrould !?? treated
Dr. I'rWdriiur.n BaM it was his <l<s!i?
? i treat at the peoposed clinic only ?
?i "visible" tuberculosis, sa the moa
??arable for obsei lation, Th? result
?iitaii??! m tli??as eases v. ;n do much, ir
? itlmatlon, to ? in
- i '? .'?-?v. "Any !''..-:
?-." ht sa:?i. "van t?st the r? Milts b}
in? r.-iv- using hla ? *? ? .-."
At the government cllni?' in Bellevu?
yesterdsy twenty?three ; I eelve?
? ? Friedmans treatment, many helm
vary asvere cases. The clink was public
two or three hundred persona, phj
and Btsdtcal Btodents, watching ?th? .
discoverer at work.
Baby Gets Treatment,
IVhen he decided to inject the ? iltui?
into the Jugular *>?:n oi a tvvo-year-olc
baby, afflicted with a large tubsrculai
sore 00 the face, then: was a feeUng 01
tenseness in tho room. Th? doctor Iren!
about his wo.-k deftly, but the child
skterly, ?and at the ?nal puncture of th<
n? e<i!e ? very one in the room was? r?
A man suffering with lupus was tn-.ite'l
Dr. rileilmaiiii ?anno mood thai signa ol
change In the fa? e, which was M
with hoi?'s, ought to take place in tet;
Eight persona who ?had basa treated bi
DoHsiue last Monday were brought into
the operating room just before yeeterday'i
clinic began, and ? xamintd by In. i ., .
mann. Some saId that the**1 felt im?
proved, but it was (onerally eon ? I?
that there was a lack of enthusiasm in
their statements. All but one, however,
bad gained la Weight,
Dr. Frisdmsnn rsoelrsd yesterday a
message fi-om rrofe??.or Schlei b
lias charge ?of his work in Berlin. Dr
I'liedmann denied i>r. Bcblelch had urged
him to return to Berlin, uh reported, 1?
m.-rely told him of the BUCCessfUl condi?
tions of patient?.
Beats His Way from New Mex?
ico to See Friedmann.
The Bonthera Pacific freighter 1:1 Valle
brought in yesterday ?from Oalveston as
a stowaway Owen Macktn, thirty-one
vtars old, of So. MS Summit av.-nii", .1. .?
sey i.'itv. who is determined t?. be treated
?In' turtl?- serum ??f Dr. lYi?-<iniann.
Ma? kin, who was ?employed a yeai
in tlii- pott ??n the tug William H. Plan?
. told an unusual Story of hla -'
mt here to appeal t<> ?the Gormas sp? . ,i
ist ii?- ? k.?j? th.* brakes" <?i freight and
engei trains ?be aald, fron Port Stan
ton, N M., to QalvestOn, and. ?after mak?
ing ?-(tufts to ?Sign '?n as an sbll M
?.n sevsral frelghtera bound t'??i New
fork, hiiijiims.if in tli?? bold of Bl Valle
Mackla said he was stricken with
t its r< uio-is about a ear ago and was
sent t<? th.- int.-,! Btatoa Marine Hospi?
tal, on Stativ? li-laiiil. As hi-' ?..s.? SbOWed
in. improv? in? til lie was s.-i t to the g??v
ernment aanatorium at Fort Btanton,
N M . maintained for the ?aie ami treat?
ment of tubercular American seamen.
Lawyer Who Dropped Dead Left
Estate to Cousin.
Ooorga C ?'?.tiiii. of No. :.;, ?St Jam.s
l'la?e, Hrooklvn, th?' lawyer, WhO dvdpped
dSSd In a barher h1io?i near hla home on
March ?>. god ?n WhOM OOSt P0Ck?**l "-va
t'ouiKl a lett? i ?l.-uouncing his relatives ',:?
Maiiliattan, I? ft an ?state ?,f several thoii
laad ?bdlars t?. hi- cousin. Helle ?"?.Min
The will Is dated November LI. I'??."..
M ? <"?l?Tin. th?- wi-tovv. an?i two children
? ut off by th' ?i fgtker, live ?it No. 4'?
"Went Bl sti.'t Manliattmi. Mr. ?Coflln
bad llv?'d with his un? le and (ho cousins
?ti Hrooklyn for six years.
The Benham Named by Daugh?
ter of Admiral.
?Philadelphia, March 8 Th? ?arpado
si destroyer Benham, named after i?<-'<r
Admiral Andrew k. k. ?Benham (retired),
iras launched to-day ?it the Cramp ship?
srd, Ti." near vessel was aam?ed by
.Mis.- Edith Wallace Benham. only daugh
: lbs ?"lrnir.il.
Tl ?? contract for the Benham calla foi
."'t.. knots ?ir. hour, Hh.? la equipped srlth
oil?burntng turbines and li i sister ship
? i the Aylwln, the ?Balcfa and the ?P?rki r.
also built on th? i>. lairare Rlv?*r.
To Find Out if South Americans
Can Beat the Texans at
Their Own Game.
_* L W-Mdley, Mayor of Bl
Wheeler County, Tex?, ?sailed for ?9? H
Amerlcs yesterday on tl"' Lamport ?*??
ii"lt liner Veatrls on a strange mission
?i?? Is soins through Brasil, Argentina,
Paraguay, Uruguay hh.i Patagtmis i"
And out how much It coate t" breed,
raise and pul upon th? market a thou
sand?pound steer, auch ?as thej i it up
it. Texas for 106.
.\ir. W-oodley la not slone the chl?
ecutlve "f the loam of Bhamrock, bul I?
?presitlenl of the ?Farmers ??n.l Merchanta'
State Bank. Ft? ?several years, he said,
the i.pie of his state have been Inter?
eated in ii?' agricultural and ?cattle i i -
in?,' possibilities of ?South America.
"We bave r??.?i s ?great ?t.?-*i about Ar?
gentina, Brasil ;iti?i Uruguay." sai.i t?.?? -
Mayor of Shamrock yeaterday, "but we
have never been able to ^??t flrel i aini
inf.?; ?nan??n ??f Uro sort we ?ant I have
i.. go down i" South ?m? i ? ?
?and I ;"i out ??'i aboul ihe soli, rains,
Irrigation, labor, the cosl of harvest?
ing machiner} ami Hi?' stability of Ihe
.mis f"t cattle, it li t ?? --^?j? ? ?.
that ir' my ?reporta can show that farming
In South America li better and mt-*tre
profitable than it is in Texss many of
our farmers an?! cattlemen will pull
stakes an.I 'hike' f.?r the southlands
".My people ??ant me t<. find o il hos
much it costa i" breed s thousand-pound
and put him on, the market. Jual
non In Texai w? get from ISO t'? I7S for
.. s.! ? os - and a i t??er of s thou
p? in.is o? ov? r is arort eight >en ?<
?pound, i am t??i?i thst m Arg? ntina a
uteer of th? i ?weight and qualltj la
on 'i ?? i: m kel foi ? b ?ul hall I ?
Texas prl ??. I am golni t.. ?;.?I i.ff ai
Santo . Brasil, end travel by rail snd
? b ii K ?''??ah a-? i,?! as Patsgonla. I'm
? , to :,'??: miav from the beaten |
mis with the farm? and
r isers in the viral districts.
"I am oi?t f'.r flrsl hand Inf?
and 1 tn ?going to gel it. When I cot
' , i ? ; ? t to b? able t<? t? li the p?
?.f Wheeler Counts sll si out the pi
land, the real pi I he p opli o Bo
Amerlcs ? ave to i .?\ i'<- Inten i
ii rvestei Company for combined har
\ eat? i - and fot ?- rain bindet
?.: land ?and ever? thing
atock ?raising and agi le Itur? i knos
perfect 1> the farming game west of the
M ? Ippi and I'm going to knot?
tliinu about hoa it la don? soul ol th?
Si r."
Mayor of Shamrock up? ika Span
lah and Fren tently, and expects to
have no dtilteulty In getting on wtl
South Ammican nelahbora
Arraigned and Held in $10,000
for Examination.
The four young taxlcab bandit arho
| ?.?. ere r. i r. st? i i.. rly est? moi ning
! after th? y had held p Engel Harta
11.i- Caf? Zeppelin, al Nu 123 ?S?st 9th
stret '. and ??bo ataited a i?-.oh? i oattla
with the police J'i>t before :h?ir car was
wrecked, were taken to H?sadquartera yen
terday sfternoatm, where th??y ?ven? , .
? i i.y the detertlvtea Latei they were
l-;i. ?i before Magistrate Corrigan, in
the Essex Market court, who held them In
100 ball for examination ?".n Monday
- ? nui? l Ooldst? In, ?if No.
I i:.. | th ?street, told t> ?? dete? lives
? did not kii"w sny <>f the three
men who w?-r<- in th?? ?car st 11?*- time of
the arr? st He sal I that th? automobile
belonged t.. hia brother, who bought it
only a few days before, ??.i Friday night,
he t'.ui them without the knowledge of
hia brother, he took the machine t?. one of
th?- cab ??t.?Mi.- in imp?- ?if making s little
? ctrs tnonej While st the stand his tale
nued, be r?<??iv<<i s eall ?from th?
starter, who told him to imirv doam to
"Boob" Walker*! caf?, t??.- ?Lone star Hall,
.-it No. 211 First avenue When he trot
th??!??, i?.- said, he was met by sir?:
young tn?n, who Jumped into his machine
an<i ordered hint it? rather rough volcas
to "get a m"?,.- oi." and "buss" them to
the CaftJ leppella Ithon they h..?i i?.?en
there r? ahorl time they ??n came running
out ordering him to hurrj up and ?luv?
Lawyer Harry Kopp appeared f??t tin?
chauffeur, and asked th? magistrats to
make his client's ball lower than that of
Ithe others, but Magistrate Corrigan re?
; ? <i. saying thai tl?.' chaufftmr hr.?i been
ordered to .?.t??r> by th<? police snd bad
failed t'i <lo so.
. S
Sense of Shame Prompts Him,
Says Slayer's Mother.
?;??? ? graps t? Tl ?? Trll um ]
j ?Pittsburgh, March 22. imllgnant at the
[reports thai th*' criticism of Governor
j Bulxerttby ex-Governoi Horace Bole of
Iowa ??as aetnatsd by t.1,.? .retaining of
the latter as an attorney bj th? Thaw
I family. -Mrw. Mary Copley Thaw, mother
loi Hairy K Tl.nu ISSUSd the following
i statement to-dav.
> ?] wish ii distinctly understood thai ii
K. Thaw and his famll] bave ii'?t te
; tain?-i ?sz-Ootrernor Horace i'?.i?s <?f Iowa
m any shape or form whatever, as has
?bean said In the pubii? prims. This ven?
?rable jnnst has no p-sraonal knowledge
: nor interest In th.? family, He srrltes
what be plisases t?> writ? aimply becaus?
of a sense of ihame and Indignation over
the maladministration in his native st;?'??
of New Fork.
? ? fort finir Bolaa*s stiicturea on the-Qov?
ernor ol Nea fork wars fully it?utl?ud by
the amanar la which Qorernot Bulaer Is
Using his otth ial Capacity t?. pn irenl m.?'
?on from securtng his liberty, Why tn??
l'Tnifi Qovernat of Iowa has t.?k??n SUCb
a groat Intsrsht in my son's case i eannoi
say. i do know, however, that bs ir.'?s.
Iabaslutaly do ?*?*Bcial or personal ?diu??'?*-,
lim. with lbs affairs of my son <>r m>
.i. if. i s.??, city, Mo., March --. The ?Sen?
ats passed s bill to-day making the nina?
hour day apply t?. all women workers Is
iii?- stats except smployes of telephone
?>r tslagrapk noaipaalss The ?MU baa'
passed the Ilona?
Later Importations of High Class Novelty
Cotton and Linen Dress Fabrics
in the most fashionable weaves ;iti<l color effects, ir??tn the Foremost
European manufacturers will be shown to-morrow.
Also a Very Special Offering of
Silk and Cotton Materials,
Jacquard weaves, in an extensive collection of the newest i Cc
designs and color combinations.on white and colored grounds, *
Regular Price 35c ,^ ard
350 Pieces Satin Border Voiles,
4." inches wide, extra fine quality, in a 39c
most attractive line of styles and colorings, ;it
Regular Price ?85c \ ard
12500 Yards French Dress Linens,
36 inches with-, pure flax, superior ?grade, yarn dyed, 35c
in tli?- most Fashionable shades, also black and white, at *-**-*
Regular Price '><>?? Yard
Also mi Monday, a Kt;eent Importation of
Decorative Linens
? At One-Third to One-Half Their Usual Prices
Real Madeira Hand Embroidered
Napkin Pouches, al 60c, 70c, 80c
Tray Cloths, " 48c, 95c, 1.10
Centrepieces, " ?M.75, 2.60, 3.50
Scuts. " 2.50, 3.25, 3.75
Tea Cloths, M 2.95, 4.75, 6.25
Tea Napkins. Do/. 4.25, 4.90, 6.25
I.llliellet.il Sets. ;it 5.25, 6.50, 7.50
Torchon Lace Trimmed
( entrepuces. at 65c, 75c, 95c
Tea Cloths. " 95c, 1.25, 2.25
Scarfs, M 95c, 1.50, 2.25
Cluny Lace Trimmed
Centrepieces, at 5-1.75, 2.50, 4.25
Tea Cloths. " 4.25, 4.90, 8.75
Scarfs, ? 4.75, 5.25, 7.25
West 23d and 22d Streets
! Saved $100 ci His $160
Month and Bought Property.
'Engine Men's Advocate in Arbi
tration Hearing Charges Rail?
road Witnesses with Bias.
B G Wise, ? : tai foreman ?" the Penn
By Irania Railroad, .-?n?! ? tortnor flrrm;u
Burpriaed members of t-ir arMtratlo
?board ?before which he testified ynterio
??s ?i witness f.ir t!i<- (?astern railroad i
their v..'-'- controversy with th.? flramei
by telling hoar he became a "capitalist'
?m th?- comparatively small wagei )f re
Celved as liii-m.i'i ,ili?l ?rinlii'.r 'I'll?? ? it
testlfl< il thai Ihe Bremen on tin
i . ?in.- t-'?.t high ratoa of watt
:it,d wen proficient men r.-vi ? ?
i ? - ? ? ? ? ? . mlnaUon by IV. 1 ? 'at
t?-r, representing the Bremen, th?' wttnen
ed that h? had alwayi been able i?
?upp?ort his wife and two children on th?
wage he received during the ten ytun ht
\?..?^ ;? Braman ??n?l engineer and save ?<>ti
slderable monej i??-? ??i?*.?-. Wife .?-ai?! thai
when ?..- received ii'>> a month m ?m ?m
glnoei he always pul ?SMO of it It? Hi?
hank The firemen ?have contended thai
tiioy could not pa) living expenses ?on Um
Wl : ? y Ihe) i.? ? K ?'
"How much rent do you pay?" Mr I .?r
tar .-? -1 ? ? Wise
"I don't paj an) r?-nt. i ?buy nil m)
own property! ?wd i have got ?..- in
Altoona i t?m out) you know," replied
il?? ?witness,
? v\.- will hat ?? t?> ? i ;>? ? t that u to n ??? ?
have capitalists tiring; but they should
ri?it do compared with other Bremen."
laid Carter.
"i was not ?? capitt ?1st when I started
to lit?', i was'a common ordinary iir??
nian," ?ai?! Wi ?-. "When I started t?. Ore
i started t?? bu) my ?>wi? propertj. i
didn't throw my mdney away 'n rant."
?Carter saked the witness If he did not
thiiik the fir. n,-m had !?? work harder t?>
make ?i- many mil?* as tit? engineer,
which be must do t?< make sa much
mono) if ?both liad the ?ame sise fan
lljr, he wanted i<> know ? the witness
didn't thiiik tlif llri'inati should ?gel a
mich iii??ii? | as Ihe engineer. The wit?
nets said not
"if he has ihe Mme fatnll) t?. support."
saut Wise, "ii ii up !?? the ?Aroman t?< lust
simply do Ilk? ai i other els ? oi m.-n. I.
a-s an asslatanl foreman, would not expect
to Uve like Mr. McCreo (a former praol?
dent .?f ih?- Pennsylvania) <?r Mr. Atter?
bury (representing the rallroadi ?>n th.?
arbitration ?board) ??i ti?" general mana?
ger. if i did t would g?*t In ? hole."
The witness parried ?? k?"??! man) of the
questions asked b) Mr. ?Carter, who tin
ait> made the statement that the mental
?attitude "f ?.?.it"-" ? for the railroads ?was
not lair and ?Trank la answering questions
, He said that all the witnesses called f??r
th.? Bremen liad been ?frank and courteous
in their answers t<> questions by Mr. Loo,
repre entlni the railroads, bul that all ih<
witnesses f??r the railroads bad boon .?j,
par? nil. \?'i y much btaaet ?I.
He ? liai gad that w i-\ ? !avej. super?
?visor ??i i?? omottve operation ??n u??- ?Bal?
on.on- ??. Ohio Railroad, who prooodod
Wise af a wltneas, had been complained
?.f by Hi?' Broman ?<?? u,<- way i?" ?treated
lh? m Mi Carter said that wltaoMoi
WOUld !>?? "i.n|need t?? sh<?\?. ttial tin? rela?
tions between Care) and ti.?' Bremen ?had
been strained for a long tim?*. Su.-i? a wit-1
neat wooM ta likely t<> be Maaaod ?and not i
kir??ii> disposed toward the man agalnat
whom ho was testifying) Carter u*U
Cavey liad testlBed that ?>n toots, midi*r|
Ms directions, Bremen on the heavy
?fraigfat engines bad uovorod tripe in leaa
-. ?\ I'll ?Ii.. -
What de thai r to
Mr !.. ?
"It ! ? ? that
B <J sork II
und Intelligent
and makes I? w? I for I
testified I ? -? .f
? ? i.f ii.<? ?.??.' ?? the
Bremen thai n 01 king ondltlom I ?J
.? - n hardei dui h _ ?
I..i i : ?.: : ? ??mm? n
Mv.it. Mi ?Lee said after th?
1 ? . ? ? ? ? ? expected I.
lete theii . ? r ? The heai -
h .v a . ? ?. m ?. ..t the III aMoi f to? '
? .i m.
Those Who Did Rose Early?
Others Must Wait Till 1931.
l>,?i you I sppen to be not shout th?
ho ? ? terda) moi i
looking a! let th.II ? roll and
? : that ti ? milk n off the
dooi itep ' ???.n .???! i ? i m n. did you
happen to i- In in?; to Bl y? n kej In the
? ole, but onl) sue ?? ?i in n an Ing the
woodwork, while you held joui breath
lei i ) oui a ?!? i ? .?i j nu ? ? ming horn?
ait. r a night with tiend"
h you wen doing an) ol th? ne thing i
perhaps you aw the ??clips? ol th? moon
ti ?? earth began t?. ?i.i .?? al I .? '?? \
ti?.t with the moon al lu ? 13 o'clock,
caatlng Iti ?shadow ovei t.?-.. .. .i .
and stifling its purest raj en I ???
aatronotnlcal ?high jinki '.n?-ii- oui) parti)
visible in persona In the ?astern Mat
?because the m?oon began to set ?won .??!?
it-, chubby f.<???? Im?i nt-in t'iiK?*d by the
earth's shadow. Onl) In the GoldN W? it
?.?- the toil vi. w of the thing to be bad.
Don't ?gnash _...ir teeth and poll ?? .t
your hair, even It you were asleep al the |
time these things were takl - : pi. til
>??ii wait a i?? years until IfSl the sana
thing ?? m happen all >ver again.
Warden Whalen of Essex Market Has
Large Birthday Party.
Michael F. Whak n, warden ??f i: tm \
Market ?prison, gave ? natty .n his ?home?
No. :,:,i Baal Oat atreet, last night t?? cole?
brate the Bfty-slxth anniversary ??f ?ils
wife's Mrth, the tblrty-flfth <>i his son
Charles and the Brat <>f his granddaughter
Vivian, daughter <?f ?Charles, all ??i whom
were born on March 8. There were i?r?- -
??m a large number of reprasentatlves <?f
r<.m- generations ?.i the Whalen family,
among tbem being Mrs Margaret Whalen,
great-*n*andmotber, who came <?n from
bet hum.? in W< steriy, it. i
Michael !?' Whalen era born in the old
Oaahouse dlatrict and has lived there
?since. He is much reapected there. He
was appointed t?? Ihe Departmonl <?f <'?>i
i.-, tii.n in February, ISSS, and not once In
the twenty?eigbt yean since bis appoint?
ment has in? !?? been anything agalnal his
I good record.
Entertained on Liner Forced to Wait
by Low Tide.
PoCaUOS of an unusually low tul. that
prevailed in the ?Baal Hiver, duo largel)
t.. th.- stiff northwester!) wind, the steam?
ship v.stris ?as nut able t" ??i yester?
day al i i? m ? hat scheduled time. sh>
was laden t?> capacity and had t?. wall
until slack high water at l:M p. m Mean?
while, bet three hundred cabin pa amigara
made merry, and al the Invitation <>f the
company entertained their ?friends al
luncheon and ?tintnr aboard.
Among the visitors who gpont ii>?' day
?aboard ii"' VotPtt?t was a party "f men
an<i ?women ? >.?? (..ni oo?m from Bouton
tu ni?! i.i.ii voyage to Mrs Norman Manon,
?im until ?Frida) was Miss Bdltk Barnes,
lyric soprano at the Booten Opon <'?>iu
paay. Mr. and Mm. Mason will .-??.???ii?!
their honeymoon In Argentina and oo
their return to the United Mates will live
In Chicago.
arc ?now showing an unusually large and interesting collection of
Women's Ready-to-Wear Apparel
including many reproductions and adaptations of* the latest foreign models in
Street Dresses, of Eponge, Woolen Canvas, Mistral Voile and Serges.
Afternoon Gowns, of Moire, Charmeuse, Dotted and Figured Crepes.
Plain and Dressy Suits of Silk and Woolen Fabrics.
Three-Piece Gowns of Canton Crepes, Plain and Brocaded Silk Fabrics.
Evening Gowns, in simple and elaborate styles.
Also for To-morrow, Very ?Decided Values in
Women's Tailored Suits,
Six distinctive now models, short coat? and blouse styles,
entirely new -kin?-, of the m<>^t desirable $OA (%fl OQ 7C_ QG_ An
woolen materials, also of moire silk, at ?^ToDvJa tUU.iD. ou.UU
AI tent ion is also directed to their large assortments of Dresses of Cotton Crepes. Voiles, Katint
in brocaded and satin striped effects; Embroidery and Plain Nets, including many elaborate
(?owns trimmed with Bohemian Thread, Lierre, Mechlin and New Mesh Laces,
On Monday and Tuesday will he placed on Sale a Very Advantageous Purchase of
French Hand Embroidered Lingerie
At One-Half Their Actual Values
Chemises .il 59c, 80c, 1.30 to 3.50 Corset Covers, at 85c, 1.15, 1.55 to 3.50
Drawers, M 95c, 1.35, 1.75 ,l 3.45 Combinations, 2.25, 2.75, 3.25 " 5.95
Gowns, " 1.25, 1.50, 1.85 * 5.85 Petticoats, at 2.35, 2.75, 3.25 " 8.150
Princess Slips, at $2.95, 3.50, 4.25, 6.50 to 7.95
Women's Domestic Underwear
Specially selected styles from the regular stock will also be offered
At Reductions of 33!/? Per Cent.
Monday, Continuation Sale of Women's
Boudoir and House Gowns, Negligees and Kimonos
including many exact ropies of imported Models, of Crepe de Chine, Brocades, I hiffon Cloth,
Shadow ?Lace, Dotted and ?Embroidered Swisses.
Actual Values from M9.*50 to 05.00, will be offered from $7.75 to 59.50
?\lso To-morrow, at Greatly Reduced Prices
House Gowns, ' House Gowns,
o? ?Dotted Swiss, t_ en ? Q- ' o? Figured Satin-, in ?to en
Valenciennes lace trimmed, at $3.50. 4."5 large and small floralaesigns, i ^".50
of Mbatross, batiste collar and ? _- _ QC of Crepe de Chine, two models, ace . _.
Valenciennes lace trimmed al 4.75, 7.85 plaited and shadow lace trimmed, 14.75
Kimonos, ' Japanese Mandarin Coats,
ribbon trimmed, at 3.50: embroidered, at $12.50, 18.75, 25.00
West Twenty-third and Twenty-second Streets
Comes from England with Wife
on 1 0 -Day Business Trip.
I Alfred <;. Vi?*!'!?'v.i?. ?i?'?'?iiii'.iiii??i by
I,..- ??.if.-. ?arrived li??i<- yetterdey from
Havre ?m the I .*? n< h liner Pran?-e on .?
??.? fnem trip which ?he mU would lut
for tl n .Ir?'- -.
Th? cot ?'i- lefl Ihelt rii monthe-old I
bab) ?abroad, .? the) feared t?? rir-k hia
ii? alth ??.?ti. :? ? i- ; ? of climate, lira
\ MJ..I? rblll ?-M-iiin? .1 thai wh?wi they
here acaln In July th?? Infant ?.?.?nilil
.. ? r-.;?..;... ? !.. i.? Mr . andel MU n ?a
analoua t?. Lam ii Sir Thomai Upton
?had iii'.'llii?-?! I?U rhallenge for th? Ameri?
ca'? Cup. ii? -.?I'l i.? ??.?> .? m m bell? et
m tu?- ilncerlty of ?Sir Thotnaa, and de?
clared thai anj auggeatlon that he ?chai?
i? H?? .1 chiefly for bualneai adYertUtnf
? . h?? ?ray warrant**-!
<?ii Bund?) when the i'inn.o ?raa r? day
?>ut ??I 11.??!?' ah? ? m ?>uiit??r??l thick
weather, which. Um pa?enger? declared,
ri? her irapl**aaanUy close i-> the
Uranium liner Campanello. which wnt
?teaming ??.?r-t dead ah<ead. The Prance.
II i ?aid, ?va? making twenty kn..i- at
th? time? ??'.'l paaeengera were thrown
from their feel when ?h? ewerved ?ud-1
d? ijl) to i"'H rii" Campanello, it la
?said, ?ii-.. went i" i"?rt, but later v. .mi
I" Sl.111'.I.?Ill
a i < rordlng t<? < 'aptatn Poncelet and th?
ofRcera on th? bridge, th? Campanello >'??i
at leaal a hall mil? away.
I By T< l?mrapti i" Tb? TW .???? 1
Kewport, March 3. Mr. and Mr. ai
fr.'i ?; \ r?ii,i. rhlll arrived to-nlghl to
?pend Easter at Oakland farm, Port?
mouth, coming fr?.m Providence In an
automobile after leaving their private .ay
m iii.it city.
Officers of U. S. Finishing Company
Stand 20 Per Cent Reduction.
I ir. T?il? ptuu i i" The Tritwae I
PaaaalCi N. -I . Match ..' ii wai !?-??? i??-.i
t'.-iia?. thai ??ii th? i.in.'.is ..i ui?? United
State? Plnlahlng Company bore have had
their aatarlea cul M per ronl .???itii,' to 11??
iiiinin'iai trouble? of Hi?' company. This
reduction Include! the $.?'?.M aalarieti of
.1?.-. pi? ii Wright, ii?'- president, and
.1 B. J? mu" . i he ti easurer.
There had i????'ii ?peculation .?- t<> ii"*
iii.ii of ii??' .?n.iiaii aa ?m nt of ii"- ?com?
pany i'ii the estate of Peter Reid, ????i???
I dally ?m in: ba?*tu*Mita of *???; to.??.??? for 111 .
. charitlee of thia city. Thla waa act at
real to*?iay, however, when the Invontorj
i filed wiiii the Buirogate abowtd hta **to?.k
I in Hi?? mill hf founded here t?. i?< tmalL
Court Affirms Breaking of Winfield
Scott's Will.
l ??it Worth, Teat. Maivri ?.".'.-- Tii.? Oottrl
??t* civil Affaira gfllnnod t?>day the break?
Ing of the will of Wlnflald Bc-atl by bJg
daughtera Mrs. Georgia Townaend, of Den?
ver. The conteat waa directed ?gains* tin?
aecond Mra Boot! and bar t*m-yeer?old
Mi?? Tnnnggml will ?sow ?sol IM**?.!
.?ii" Mrs s <?tt $:,iiftii.iiiii?, witli the ie
inuinlng 11,'ii)f>,0?'O t_f>ln_- to the boy.
SAVING OF $7,000,000
Methods of Fifty Years Ago Will
Pass if Inquiry Recommenda?
tions Are Followed, He Says.
\ v v, March s -"if the recant?
m? n dations in the report of the commit
t.f Inquiry are followed ?it by Um
?Legt - ature it will mean that tl ?? tea
payera of the state srlll save mora than
> ?? "??? ?in.t thai the ?tat?' will be put
?m a bus!neos basta "
This was Governor Butler's comment
??n the tina! report <?f his committee ol
Inquiry, which reached him to-day, but
which win not be ?made public until aftei
it is preaented t?> the Leg! latura Mon?
da) nlghi
"The report shows, ? th..? Qovirnor eon
tinu.li. "ttiat ?the -tat?' Ii doing buslnesi
to-day !ust about the same as it ?h.i In
the days of Bllaa Wright There has
been vary litt;?- Improvement made In
the last Bfty yeara.
"it any other large business enterprise
?.is ?being conducted to-?iay ?along the
"t the admlnl trattvs ofllces ?>f the
state that burtness en>terprtas would ?go
Into hatikiuptcy in a very few yeara, no
matter bow much capital II had behind 11
"The report Illustrates the wtadom ?of
the appointment of th?- commltteo. In .?
few weeks they t?:??-?? ?dons nan?' work
along similar lines than the commlaalon
.m .???iitiuiiiy and ? ?flick n? y of the f?deral
government has done In two yeara, and
,?t very little expense to th.? taxpayers."
The ??iiv.rn'.x ?stated that th?- total coat
of ?the Inquiry was "lean than MMN."
Ask..t if th?' halan.-?? ?.f th.? MMN ap?
propriated for iii?- puipoag arould ta? ?.?.?
turn.ii t?> the state treasury, be said:
"The h,liant-?' is :n th.- ?Controller's of?
fice subject t.i? i. a?ccordlng t?> the ?pro?
visions ut the executive law. an.l it won't
[do any ham? to leave it there."
I -?
j Actors and Others Back to Work and
East Side Rejoices.
i ? ii'.i. ?>r.s ..i" th.? unions Involved in tin
strike in Keaaler'o an?! ?the National the?
I atrae, m both of which playa In Yiddish
an? given, announced yesterday that the
strike bad boon settled, it was ordered
?because non-union stags hands won ?'ni
ployed m th?? Mount Morris Theatre, m
Weal llfth street, wbleh i? under tin
?same aaaaagement as the other two in?
volved, although they won thoroughly
The strike was s??tti?'?.i by th?? man?
I agentent agreeing t<> sut.mii the kiic>
ance at the Mount Morris Theatre t??
I arbitration. While it laated it Involved
lectora, musicians, stage ?banda, chqrta
? ton. ushers, Mil poeten, drassers ami
i calcium light openton.
?Half Hour's Battle to Keep Animal
from Her Throat.
Lexington, .Maw?.. March 22. -For more
than half an hour last ?light Mr.s. Ilchn
Murtevant battled with a Mg raooooa
?'??' iv rod m bar benhoooa
The animal tan tin- woman's clothing
a it strove to SOOUn a grip on In?
throat Mi-?. Bturtevanl ?daaao-ahod1 a I
tin pull in the Bghl and then s?i/..?l a |
heavy stick with orhteh sha b?-at the
raccoon to death
Western Line Starts a '?Cheer?
fulness" Campaign.
?'!?:? ag ?. Ma ?i _ 'Leai \
is th.- alog m that ha
through the rai I
the ?Mg Wi item i -, ?
Isoued m ;
? ?
I ?good laugh Ii v ??
I ? am ?bon :.!..- ?,. ?
k? <??,. youi ? .
is tun ?busy t?> ?
trouMea. ?Learn t?? ?
a? (IOS Und? i I I? ..- .ni -mi!. - ,\|
un.- with _ aralk
or woman alwaya taw? ?
?give pleasure "
Reformed Criminal Killed by
Thug He Tried to Convert.
Chicago, March S D
initiativ ?known as ? t?. ad K ' H" that,
tot fort] yean was a M ?t??
f??r the hist six! . I "
e?rangells_e work, died yesterda] ????***
tun of ? thug ho had
He '.as about s? \. ntj
a fen wet ?ka ago Lai i . ?? P'c?'
poeta t home with
had him atari ?i on th
en?! days later the n
three ?thugs and robb? i ?Lai alter rn*
tally Injuring i In
While a criminal Lan? waa ?"i?_l
skilful ,?s .1 ?pickpocket, .? ?? ????n."
aaf? Moan r and burglar, il- a
??i su, h notorious crooka pa W*
[Ouerin, "Baltimore Pat" Damly, "Hit*
' l'arr.'ll, "Ckl?cago Jack" Merrlweathera|
'John Barry and had participated ta ""*
borles thai netted more than $:.? ?? M !
ha.l s. rv. il tiv. j ?r i - ? ? 11 t? i mi
Th? Free Room and Hoard j
Register >?i The ?Tribune ?.<?tit-in?|
g desirable list t*i
The necessary informati?d "
arranged ?n ? concise formt **h_
abling >?m tu tind a suitaN*
ro??m with a iiiiiimuini ?? cltort. i
thereby doing away with pccdwMj
tramptng and ?lonoyancc Copt**
of tli<*
Room and
Board Register
may l?r had free o? ??'''?""&'t??
Advertising Agencies and *?"
Tribune Building. See coupo"
on last page,
New=York Tribune
Want Department
Phone Beekman 3000.

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