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M:\V-V(?|{K. SUNDAY, MARCH 23. 1913.
The Purpose of the Institution Most Commonly Understood
is That of Affording Pleasure to the Eye?It Has
Others, However, Including the Offering of Aid
and Suggestion to the Craftsman, the Dec?
orator, the Milliner or Dressmaker
and the Instruction of Pup?s in
.???alters Artistic.
IN a world ahaki 11 b
... .... .lL.
tat"?? ?!> M? t?opailta M m tun <
Art star, ! ? rrn -i : 11.
great ? oui artistl ?tan?
gpgs it i?. u ' ' "i the
Influeii' ? ??? ;..',...
neata ight to I? ? n, the lump i ? I
?htaya i1 ? i ?. an inspi
iort'i' in . t .? Bth? ii' cnttun. and so I
woulf! sr-m hard I) nec-eeaarj
very after of what it ?offers to t?i? ate
?lcnti- and art lover? _;????????-?? 11 ? "f tlii
city an ; rr [_ ??. ..I the ? hm? ''iiinrl r>
Otm i;. knows where ti.?? mua
?ml what I? ?ta mi- t'.r. But these thing
thai ever* ??. knoa are, after all. |ua
tin- thing! to tail: about once In a whlh
??I Uteri ip-ecial reaai n f
return.? mom**n1 t?i th<
hatttutl ntral Purl TI ai
? ?
MtlV? ? ? ; I?
Bool ? t .?v. I.??, n publl
fui? ? ot hltl ??' have w? ha?tl
? t quite ?comparable l?
Mi-?- ' ? i E. How? \ ' HI toi "i ' ?
?atropo Muae/um <?r Art ' ?? band
aorae Illustrated volume ?bearitig the im
print ? . m? museum Itaelf. In tbla, fi"i?
ttkd? et '?? ? ? i ' ? !?? '
aboui on? ol m? ex-txa-ordlnar) develop
ment o1 id. kind In Am- ti< ..i, anual:, i
M tt.? n <'vl ' >: 11 -.ini 'In..?: J ?if tha-iii all
Not much mor?- tlian i?>rtv yenrt "K"
*lien i ' ? found? n were lookli -
tiicm for funds, th? ?? though! thi
??oui?? enable them acct??-fully *?
out tli? ir plant?. Over a year had
i>for. they had iai.???l ?1'",."?" T<?-?l...?.
wiiii collectloni ? intold \ alue hoi oe?
in at. enormous building, whl h i- nev?sr
tic ? ... ?tti) enlarged, the mu
?euni i.i an endowment <?f mor?
?i? which i?? purchase nen
teem We make no pretence oi fa?
miiiain?. Mith tn< i.i"i?;.ts ?.i th.- greal
Kur?'!',,:: ??aller!??.-. hut we venture t<
aflirm offhai ' thai th?tri la m.i ooc ?'t
'i:"i?ial oitn.iti?n? at all
?-omi.ara. ,? to thai ?>f the MctropollUn.
" taaa tin thai the trastees earoaed th?
r baa been accompli h> <i b)
'?'? ? ? ?*.? . nd II . to h?
M> lort 11 i.| . v.? ma) ?>'!'!. Ilk?- ai
fairy ?
Th.? i,,ii. .,.,,, WM , ,t|;...| || . , |? .,??_ M || _
???inpaiaiis? 'y nttle preliminar) . fr ?.. i
??ml thin n v.,,,. created oui of hand. ???>
,0 tu\. it inhf-rlted tovhlnj trota th?
**???- ai t ? same lime M la Interest?
'??*> to note thai the museum Idea had .?
Pa?t m Sew v?.'k. Oddly, too IU .n?.-.
pft embrai ? ?? Tamman*. ?<f all oi gai Is
???s m the world II appeal - thai thai
haternit? of patriots" when it oonae?
weind it-?;: -,., "the lnd<**pendai*-oe, tin
iH,i>uiatr ?b? r. and th? led-nral union <?f
????? eoonti s ao had (oi ?t- ??'?." cl "the
aeaut ot charity, the chain of friendahlp
a"<i ti.. iiam. ni iih-rty." PenatM) H
**?? with an eye t?? these fumttp ?things
Jh*t in I7M the Tainjnan) brav? eotab
|'8h?<i a muaeum In the old CM: Hall hi
, **??' etreet, on the ?site ??f the preaenl
?*ub-Tr..asu:>. The Uuateet had the ?sur?
botti of ???II?? tint? and i>t ? ?Korvlnn ?vor?
*Jng relating i?. the insi ?r?. of hmertcu,
"" *'??' everj AriMsrlcan prodo? turn <?i
ftatnri? ?r ar, ?? atlli ,?,?., |,?,n,((| a ,?,1,, .
??* i" i?'ift?< in qualm oontrasi t?. thai tun
"???ariiy followed ??i ?"?' own tlm??
aver-rtbing, and from whattev-n* chaw.
?JJl be aoeeptable." runa the legttntt Old
y1" John \\. Francis, quoted b) Ml?
*>*>+*. ?flagerlbsg aaena gf the wnlaata
?? 'hat iit'dt mu?-.?um. They lar haded mi"
*n ''l'<K. tomahawks, i???ad?-, ??kiris, etc.
xsptt .am., n ?H t.? uc prt-sumgd, i.m
?**?** h. any treat nuinh-is, and ?.?ni?' iVS
??""am lat'-r the high Kod? ?.f Taa*M*aan)
*ran?_|\ i,f.-atov?.?i the whole a-Tair upon
'?? custodian, one Qardlncr Baker, only
Pre, |,?;,... , ,,,-,, , ,i|( , , , ...
t that ?i i.m??
the in"iiih. i- ol the sottet ? It I
famllies, simuiii alw i?...- n.
admittance." Thui ? ar ?!.?! th? k< nlu
- aft i land!) uplift Ita h ?i.a ?
?'?? Ibij . But tu
the chi
In the hJstor* ui Kmt l? an mi
s'-unis. for v u.i^ vtiii ?, young mai
! ? hen Im dl? ?. ??t ?/ell ?a fe\ ei In ?Boston
Tammany's museum waa sold, and th
r it sens? | i rale, ??
It ? ahlbite drift) ?I Int ? ". '!'. Bui num .
famous ' mu? eun i ?I ?? ?? m!?
i low? t? cord? some s,\ Ii Utu
tlom i?f art ??atabHohed here In the nine?
t? ? ? th ??? 111 ? i ? > i.? t?. ? the founding ol th?
M< trop ?litai ?lu etttn Tu? re wa* tin
? i. ?Vcadern] of thi t 'in? -% ? ??-? pro
ri m i?-1: h. < 'han?' Ihn );?? ? ? i;
Livingston, whoii lie waa Amba nudoi t?
i - ? ? Kapoleon b) I la a a
? of ita honorarj memben it waa useful
( t?? artlata ?and It s? i ved th? publli thi
? Interesting exMMtlona, one ol which pra
scnted Davtd'a celebrated "Coronation ol
; th? i;ui|..ii.i Napole?n." This, ??f course,
; ma?de a aenaatlon Th? rise of the ptet
nn is Thi riquara f?sot." is one ol th?
alluring sentonoea In th? nottoe print??!
lb) "Tin Rventng ?Poet" at the time. UM
The Academ) i 11 upon evil dayi It suf?
I i-'iii t?> (Ire m task, wheat, ?.rig other
things, u lost Ihe sel ol Piran? sTi prlnl
ented b) Bonaparte, and '?*? imi ?
ha?l conclusively disappeared. The New
York Historical ?Societ] established In
1 M; the National Academ) ol ?Design, or?
ganised In 1835, and Cooper Union, which
datea from I860, an alive ?and proaperoua
I to this- day, but th? Apollo Association
?and iv Neu Ifork Qaller) of the I'm?
; ,rta !?av<- gan? down il?? wind. Howevei
? "throe apt ol tttx" I? a prett) i.I
! ?.id. ?pointing t?? the fac? that Men y?ork
! long ago had It* pubHc for the 11
loi the mind. Boon-?! oi later it arai ?bound
? 1" demand BUOh an al.l t.. it.? cl ? 111?B t i??n
as th<- Metropolitan Museum. Oui artista
1 p.iraist? ?i in th. ii labora ? v? n und?" ??"
: shot k ??i Hi? ' i\ ?i War, and h> the time
I w? had pul the ?gnat com?at behind as
I tin- ?it> waa ripe for ih? ilgbt ventura.
This t?a?l Its Origin at a Knurl h .if Jtll)'
dlnnei In I'mi- 10 ita??;. at which John
I .lay and sntnc utli??r Ajnerican p? nth in? n
appeal to have talked the Meg over. Mi
Is uggeated In n gpeech that 'it was
, Um?- fer the American i>???i?i? i<? lav the
? foundation <>r s Naflaaa 1 Institution snd
Ualien .?i ah and amen h< came horn?
n. and ? i hors met at th<- Union ?League
?Club and -?t ghoul the tangible promotion
?>f their enlightened sehere? ?Miss ttuw.
relatee ?h unis too num?*? mis to !?? re?pro
duced Ik'I'- It IS KilfH? i? lit In Hat? that I
In IMS ? lai ???? nuinbei ??> nid ol light
uni leading, artistii and mercliante, ??nt
d bankei , had ?? fai ?.- i ?
programme and liad so roused local en?
IhUSlai m that OB laini.c )
IK? ? ??' th? Metropolitan Mu ? um
? -i A it n ii elect? ?i ?and th?
opened !??i tin adoption <t a permanent
????ii.-iituti.iii John Taylor Johnston waa
made president an i?l??ai mad foi tue
of?c< abounding In sj muath) foi art ??
gem ; oui i fiend 11 (Mint? ? and ulptoi a,
v v?! a g.i cltlxen eagri ??. ? rve the in?
;. u ati ??! hi '? ih.v.i it. end all thi
founder? we ? aa energi tic a ; h< | wen
devoted, and from the out Me I taking large
views -?i m- ii'-iiriH-.-iit i'anipalRn upon
whloh ih'> were ? mbark??d did theti i?? i
t.. inaii? n?? museum s?? far as pssslbli .?
municipal sffaii .m mg oth? r thing??
thei got up a i??-1 i 11?>t. ?lgned bj ownen
uf mor? than one-hall of ???- real estati
.if Neu York City, raquesting the Legta
latura to authorise the ertt) to tea its-n
!<>i one-half ?? million of doll fo mu?
? eu m bulldinga to ta i?in?? ?i in a u irh
It la .nun Ing to note i,?i? the re?u.
i.f Tammany, thi* time in a poeltlon to
block <?? assist ? nobk enterprl M
How? quotei Hi? following remlrtlacenei
from Professor ? ?mfoi t.
i. representing Ihh mus?um, ?. .1 ??!
reaentatlve of th. Mu?., mu ..i Natural
i!isi..i> took the ?petition to Albany,
Tweed and s???-ii? > wer? m powei th.-n
w< arrived there about noon, and about
half-?past " we were told t?> ?see Mi 1
ami Mr. Sw? ? nej , and Um other
u? pa and to la]
oui papi-r
VW ai ri' wen |i|av? :
beliii be sal al
.1 i.??? ? und h? mid arhai
i h? v s '-. ??' '?? 1 ?' ? ut us t"
da).' and Ui.-i? th? ? ? ? ?. snd a g1
hand? th? papei look? tl al n i
ts ta n 11 y,
th that eel? rit) "t u? ta.n i??i which Im
i tool ?m, and ^ ai.l
? "? ou i III ? ? ? Mr sv.? ? ? Ii? win t.ik?
. Ii ?h- n Mr Bweene) took
in? | i ?skipped th? h? vin
? i . t t * - ,i win v he si a
th? ? v ?-,-..... i? then he turned
i the head knd sa i
. not the quivei
? n mUMclea, but
he turned quickl*. ind i aid: "Pk ?aae In?
?.?1 m 11- that w? are the
, op This I New Fork
\'< w ? nd pieus? Inform
i h- m -uni - . that th? :? ? an ????? oa on
i wo ??i i hr< ? ileta - ??' th? matt? r, and
thi ugh."
w ? '-v ? . i ?t >.. i t?. N? ??. York and iv?
'" 11 ?. ? geutl? m? n i arm up, md Mi.
s\?. ? n? ? .m.? and (?aid 'This i - fuel
our line- iv im. with oui ideas ??f
m N? s v ork ? !ll v. We are the
jgpp ? ntatlvea <i?' the
. be gtvert
? mus? uni to i" built on cltj property.
\.-u .? .?f the ?its, w.
mus? control thai I tid aa quirk
turned and con?
? ? ?I? ?l thai pol waa
-? d, and w I mm? ne? ?l thi ? ??
.vit;, v. :tti th? iu
Th. h th* park w:? not to ? orne
? in the
of th?- muai - wen .?? l In the 1 tod
worth Building, ??t No 611 fifth avenue,
? i .. ith atrai ts, and a ?ben.
[In It i It was to the
i ?ottj-fa-i i.I boro? kne?*wn aa tin I ?wag
lia- mansion. In West I ltd -tr. .1. tt-StWoea
Sixth and Be* 1 h Then the
si.iv.lv ?STOWing ? ?":!? ' ?li.'lir- ?. n>a in??l Until
th.- tiist building m t'entrai Pnrh was
read) foi th? opening, on March '?'". ISM
? When the trustee? at lasi found thetn
? se lUed in that n?.i vary beautiful, but,
as H ?-???ih-.i th?'ti. p?rodfgt?juaty ?oinmodi
oua and convenl?mt edlflce, they ?'ould
?scarce.) trust their eyeu. "? "at. yoa bi
ii??\? it"' ?m? of them ;-; reported t.? have
ad of >another, alapplng hun on th?'
back, "''.m you realise that the thine
really axtstai*' The bappy man.? nagae 1
not giv*m. We wunde? if be still ivas
la still ?? 11 ust? ?? If so be must nil?
1 !- eyes barder than ever turf be must
I??? Impressed not onlj b) Um contraal i?e
t\\..?ii the flguroa rpioted at the beginning
of this article, but b; the Immenaw ?liffer
'. ni?? betweea th?? fuii'tions of the museum
j nf forty ?????? ago and thum of the tee.
1 of r.'if. Than the galleries, well
j supplied as the) wire with Interesting
.??.?.iks at art, embodied on the whole but
?a inoihst luxury. Now they have ?>?
. ?? ne-cesait) in that the) bave bo?
coms part and parcel dt um fahrte of
national education. If it is w<wtb while
: t.. dwell upon tins great inetltutloa it i*
h-caiis? it has ImiUglll art mi?, the pra? -
I ti.ai hf? of the peopl?
Th?? p.aaa has boas si?".?. i.ut mut, and
in very recent yeara it has been amaz
? ? bed. Thi ??oik s?? long em -
1 !I...I on by General ?'?-noin. then taken
. ov?m by Bli ?'aspar Purdog Clark? gad at
preaent resting In the capable basais of
Mr ?Bdnrard >SoUnaon, has little by Uttte
been raised t?> a standard of ?Actency
which aright well be envied, gg the gra?
s.-tini s tin.iii'-i.ii reoourcea are envi*?d. i>
the beada of Hmllar Inatttutlona in Europa
Th.- Immense building, with tta vast miifj
Ut rare and beautiful artistic material, h
in-id ??s n were m trust foi the American
;.?i|i?-. and m its uaefutneoa to them lis?
t?n- kaymHe of its administration. Its
purpoaa ?n large pan ..- to inlnlMet to th?
delight of th?r> eye, t<? ghre the public ?hoe1
i pleasure, inn it i- also ?then to teach, and
? ??ti?? ??in gcareeiy reallas without cxhaus
jti\?' fxpioriitioTi or the gattertea and
[minute study of what ???.?? on in them
I how wide is the m ope ?>t tins edtoggal edu
?rational engin?', on it.s grrhsiologlrgl Pld>
It inltiat??s ns int" in?. st?-ri?'S <>f ?the re?
met?- past which have n?i hearing What?
gvgr upon our modern life, and in othe?
departments it Offen aid and suggestion
to the artiaan and ?raftsman win. have t"
morrow to .!.. some place of work for an
exacting client it is a eouree Ut knowi
'??I?;?? and n is ? source of tagte in both
respects--?and this Is Where the practical
constructive aim of the trustees coomb hi
? the museum is managed from da) t"
day mi the sound principle that Us atmos
pbere must I?? k?r?t lnterc-tins and vitai
iz?-' One iiiii'"rta!it tnovi t?, thia md g i
the introduction not bmg "go of a system
of what ?\<? .nu only describe sa stimulat?
ing companionship to the visitor.
supi?ose the latter, bring new ta the
siihject and having n?> specially instruct?
ed friend, want?- to survey tin collections
in g really intelligent ?ray, so that he
may gel more pleasure and profit out of
them than by aimless wandering:?, lie
tntO make an appointment, and for a
modest fee ohtain the company of a
tra?ne?! util lal who v. il! take him with
fair sw iiin.ss. hut without any waste <?f
1 tune, through the vast labyrinth of useful
I knowledge. Th?? innovation was ?ried on
! the principle thai "? person l.s a more In?
I spiring guide than a hook <>i a label."
ami th? ??.\p?'i'ituciit. Hist made in ISMS,
I has splendidly demonstrated the truth of
this axiom. Take, for example, such a
?Mtter ??s the renoval from B mummy of
those tenements n which it was wrapped
for burial thousands of ;?ears ago. Th?'
casual ohsi-rver might gaie hewilderrd
at this grisly relic of antiquity, noting
?vit!? ciiiiosit?. thai 11 still lias hair 011
it? head, hut remaining in the dark a*
to th?' whale qaoatkM <?f that meth?>d by
Which the hodv ha?? been preserved. Th??
friend!) guide kaowo .?n atout it, and
will t?ll ITOU in th? w??rds of 11, 1 ...lotus
how tin? nnrteitaken in the ?g**g of th??
Pharaohs eshtMtod models ?>f ggggaeg
made in WOUd ami asked v\heth?-r a first.
second, or third ?'lass funeral was de?
sired Ti?< Kg) pitan preparing tor the
huri.il ot lus .had had to explain, nay. If
he wished the -?kull rinsed with drugs
and the whole >>?jdy rmgygted and
Watoed with palm win?, to pe then Mgd
with the purest hriis .1 myrrh, placed in
iiatiuni for seventy dnyg, and finally
wrapped with bandage?, o? line linen

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