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ploding. If mlaed, bow?Bver, Im
they wer?' Hkely to ex plod? ?k?r*c<
te th' tttuf ' etor these are tht
? henii'als which wer? n.'"d by Kir
Krida?. ?iigi?t when lb* ? sptoekM
furred. H? urai filling ??" fror
r'p?*. about half s foot In l-wigth
the mixture when ?t went riff.
What Klotz w-nt-d with the ?
kale found in hit- r???>m lh? pollc
at a loss t?. lind'-rstati-l. KI<OtS
Captain Prl?ce, who is in charge 0
letocttve for??? it? The Branx, as
is he had been taken to ?y^wdhain
nltal th;?.? he ?was experimenting
?Mkeleai powder. He said he ws
.uaint'd with Mir;.m Maxim
-iowd'r and riiii ? \i" ? I and
-.no-^li-rlC' obtained fr-Mtl Maxim
rndea\i>i Ing to perf?ed ?moh
Not Known to Herreras.
After ?being tak? it to the hospit?
*rlday night, ;.ordlng to Caj
Pri'-e. K-ats, wlMt-se home la w,
Mirer blc??ks <?f tli?1 H?PTTt ra home,
njurod man admitted soqualnt
with the H?-*rrers famllj Tins
'nta-r d?-nl?*d t?: Bernardo IPri
\hon he was qii?-stH'li? ?1 In th?" s
?attan ?Ear and ?Baye Hospital, In
Mth street, wher* h? li still confl
He Is total!) Mind In the left eye
?an but fatally s<? daylight oui ol
ici t eye :,v- ??? result ol th" bomb
>i.?sinn In which his wife ??.?ir- s
He said he did n,?t know Klotz*, an?!
.??ver seen liim. .Miss Asms H*H1
us ?daughter, who since the deatl
her mother ha> made ?her home \
her proopacttve mother??ln??law( I
Pastor, mother <?f Mrs. Kos? Ps
Stokes, at No. l-'.S Clay avenu?*.
Klotz was BOt known to her famll]
to Miss Saiali Kuch?-man. who was
iurf.1 a? a result of the same explos
John Paul Parrel], who has been
tainrd in the Tombs, charged with
making and ?sending ??f all three hon
?aid yost??rday that he had often s
t? man talking to Mrs. Herren
description of this man answered t
ot Klotz. When shown a picture
Klotz Farreli said he was sure Kl
was the man.
While Deputy Police Commi.-sio
Dougherty and Captain Price were
?jo certain yesterday that Farreli v
responsible for all three bomb m
I ries. Dougherty early in the aftcrrr?
??id h?? had never been quit* posit
f the guilt of Farreli. Captain Pr?
owever. said he needed more time
thoroughly investigate the case bef
expressing an opinion. '"There are c
tain things which have developed sh
the explosion on Friday night." he sa
"which lead to the belief that Kl?
may be a crank who has read mu
concerning the other bombs and w
endeavoring to make one of a simi
kind. For the present I Will not ti
orize on the Klotz affair urtil he l
partially recovered from his lnjur
and caw talk for himself."
Not Known by Maxim.
At the Klotz home yesterday afi?
noon a sister of the injured man, w
Is a school teacher, said her brotl
was interested In the handling of ?
plosives, but there was nothing t
?usual in that. She accounted for I
collection of firearms as a fad of 1
bro?**nerV ?"-?he said he often took !
powders and tried them out in I
Hiram Maxim yesterday denied kno
ing young Koltz. The inventor h
never ?seen or had any communloati
??Ith the Bronx Borough employe,
far as lie could recollect.
At Borough Hall in The Bronx a
quaintances of Koltz were surprised
*arn of his interest in explosiv?
S'ont of them could recall that he cv
falked to them about such mixtures.
A number of letters found in Kolt;
rocm arc to be examined by the polic
is weil as the typewriting of the labt
on the vials In which were the cherr
cala. The labels Mill be compared v.']
'he remaining scraps of paper on wh'n
.va.- written the address of Grace Wa
-,? r and also on the wrapper of t]
bomb 5cnt to Judge Hosalsky. Ti
landwrlting will bo compared to tl
tetters written to th? judge come tin
?liter he received the bomb, m whi?.
clemency was aaked for prisoners v.)
am?, before him for sentence.
Montreal Feels Expiring* Gas
of Great Tornado.
Montreal, March 22?The storm whir
raged yoterday in the Houtherr and CfJ
irai states created have last night on 1
pray to the At ..an tic through the 8t. J^tv
Mine Valley.
A wind of fifty miles an hour blew 1
windows, tore up trees and b-vclkd wire
in this city and the vicinity. ?-?ever?
? ?-d?*trial's were Injured.
'torrential raln washed out the tracks r
it' ?anadian Pacific Railroad nea
( hlcago. March ?ti--So severe wa? th
"fTe?*t of the sleet storm on telegraph an
t?*W'Phoi.e wires that It will he SSVSTl
weeks before th?? datnaKe has been re
ralred completely. Telegraphic ?servie
was ferble 8i;d liable to interruption to
?lav. it Is only eighty-.lv?. miles fron
-f.M.'-iig?? to Milwaukee, hut pr??*>s t<-!<
Krams had to travel ?,?W nillts or more
It is estimate*! that the ?damage to wit?;
y II! aggregate r$i\<?.o.000.
rvtroit. March 2t'.?U'lro tmfhv .anno
l'n,r>ab].Y h< ret-tored ihrougli'iut the stat?
before Monday. Pour more d'uths wer?
to-day ?'Ided to the Ilet of fatalities. Twr
Men were drowned in the St. i'!mr Piatr
ahen their duckbo.it ea***tts?d. Two I""??-:
?Itatlng on the ^trajts of Ma-kina?' wan
twt-ft Into SOSa water r?, the winds sad
Indianapolis, March B.?\W.ini WSathOT
t" say lessened the raftering ?nKt-nt many
famille? whose homes ha?l been partly
pert eked by the storm. .\.. muet ?hath.
Were reported to-day.
Mori;?-. .\iu., Matrcb th thippll-ri wen
??urried to dsy to th?- BUTVlVors in l/mir
?"'?H-'litr?*?^ rind with tli. ??i ?ft re sent. l<?ii
slgiinun':; ??f ? uffins. theory store in
i.ower Peaohtras was ?Mown ?down, and
provision?? of e\iiy ?sss?eiiB*U<r?a wert Ot
stro>ed ?>nt report from Lower reach
tree t?a".i> the wind Mew th? clothes off
some of th? bodl. s and Stripped CSSckens
?f their feathers.
Ui-'Ports late this iftern?-""i say two
pernoiir mer. kllleai In th?? ttOWs "l Kii-nzl,
Mlfcc Th"??? aie tt,<? onl*" ??dditl.ui..I
deaths reported.
Wassdngtan, March ...-ti, ? anf-srieaal
it???' (fioss ItlfontMd th?- ?.??.vetnor ?if Mgr
huTTik. to-day that it would r-li. ,,n ;,i?l
possible to tto? ?lifteieit. m u,u sulckeu
Conditions Intolerable and Un?
speakable, He Says, at the
Brooklyn University Club.
Up to Thorn to Remedy Matter.
Prosecutor Asserts- Wishes
He Might Talk Plainly, but
It Is Inadvisable.
Dtatiicl Attorney Whitman, although
ii?.t ?.?! the prograinnns t?> spe,?i<, volun? '
t?< r? d t.? nay a few ?words at the Uni? I
verslty ?'lui?. N'o. 1119 Lafayette avo
nue, ?Brooklyn, last evening. The civic
committee ??f the club had ?senl Invita?
lions t<? various persons t?. attend a
dls?cussion of ?police pr?ii?ienicv Thes?
Included Mr, Whitman, ex-Pollee Com
missioner Th<sc-tkn*e \ Bii gham,
Emory R. Buckner, ?counsel '?? tii?? Cur? ;
ran Investigating committee; ?ex? j
Deputy ?Police Commissioner Woods, ?
th.? Ro\. Dr. Xch. miah ?Boynton and
three hundred members end their I
Although Mr. Whitman refrained
from mentioning names, in* took several
shuts ,?t th?- ? -it v administration, h?'!
s.?id tiiat conditions nosr -referring to |
the city administration?were unspeak
able, and declared with emphasis that?!
he was In s position to know. He
sdded that these ?conditions ?could easily
be rem? died bj the citisena
Mr. Whitman intimated that there I
wore a loi of interesting things he
might say, bul he thought it would be
inadvisable t?? do so at this tima ?Con?
tinning, he said:
"I would like to stay nn.i talk with i
you at length. It would rc.iuiro a ?good
while for DM t" say all I feel Sad all
I know, Wit 1 think it Inexpedient and j
Inadvisable, ami perhaps it might mili?
tate fisainst those Who are trying t?. I
uncover crime in a situation which is |
unspeakable. Th?-rc?fore 1 am not g??lni;
into details.
"I know the things which are dear to
you, dear to every good man and
wemaa of this greater city. You arc
not ko much concerned ns to whether
New York is as good as some other
city, but whether it i- as good as it
ought to be. 1 know \?.e are more deep?
ly concerned with the great?:- proposi?
tion, 'Is New York as good as you an 1
I can make it'" That, after all, is the
only question that concerns us all.
"[ want to say to thOM engaged in I
this struggle?and it is a tstrugKle that j
WS are engaged in?that ttters is no
more important contest for the things
that are wholesome, clean and worth
white and for the things that mak? f<?r
good citizenship, lor the thingfl that
make New York a good place for the
boy and the girl to grow up in.
"It is of small concern what happens
to the individual in the social and po?
litical contest Which OCCUSi every year.
but H makes a good deal of diff?rer* t
what system of government prevails
in our city. It is not so much a ??ues
tion of what the ohVials do ai "hat
the voters and the publi? do
"Conditions now are intolerable and
unspeakable, and I know what I am
talking about, but when wteW ?coud!?
lions arise responsibility does not rest
on those alone who enforce the law , it
rcMs as well on tho.-e who put the.-.
oilicials in power "
People Unpatriotic. Says Bingham.
Mr. Bingham. speaking on "Patri?
otism." said that the trouble was that
the people of this ?country devoted only
a litti.? time to government problema
Ile saiil they BSglected ?political '.iiti'?.
with the result ?thai things <iid not ko
alone; with satisfaction. H? paid a
glowing tribute to the work done by
ex-Deputy Commissioner Woods and
Mr. BlK kner, who, he declared, ha.)
performed their duties under f.T?'?t
Mr. Bingham said the trouble with
Mane existing conditions aras due t?>
the (Set that the people failed t" act
on what they heard Persons r?> here
and there and listen to speeches he
said, hut they forget. He SddSd that
th.- ?people oughi i" read the papers
carefully, etadj ?and ?act.
Mr. Bu?kner confined himself prin?
cipally to the xxoik ..f the ?'i?rr;iti In
vestigsting Committee and Hs conclu?
sions. Mr. Buckn?-!' ?declared 'bat for
th?' lasl twenty years the most vital
thing in the Police Departmenl had
been neglected. This he ssld aras that
the cii'iimissioners failed to pai etrld
attention to the kind of men srho op?
piled for positions on the force.
Coroner Thinks Salcoff Took
Life by Drinking Carbolic Acid.
Aaron galcoff, a ?barter, ?>f No P? 1 on
grase avenue, New Itaven. r? idstere/1 ;,t
th?* (hand I nlon Hotel, I'ark nveti'1? an?l
OS ?tre st, early <?'i o?<?hv evening, it?
?*.? ?ssslgnsd to ?< loom, and .-???k"d the
?clerk not tn t.. disturbed
HP trbthot were followed ??at until yes?
lerdaj afternoon, when t1?? clerk ?r:??i
to obtain an ai?>w?- in repeated knocking
.it th.- .i.ii.i railing o? tiii-?. ii.? m
in?-"?.--.! ti,. hotel detective irho broke
down th?- door and found sapetr |?jing ...1
the ?bed, portly dressed Th? mss wan
dead, and a ?staas, in the bottom of which
ware the dregi ?>? oarbolk seid, was
fourni on a dresser near the I.e.).
Th?* Coroner's <?th? ?? Investigated, ami
i.-it? r gave ? permH for the removal or
tiie body. The man had left ii?> :.ot< t??
explain hit .?? ; bul dtapetchet from N? w
Haves lasl nighl nid lhai Belcolf, who
bad bees in i?? health "?r l?verai month .
w.is ?ipo ?Addicted to th.- UN ,,1 .li-n^-s
Tbk la believed t?-. have been ih? reason
for lalcoff takiim the ?poison
Ran ?Disto. ?CaL, March tt Mi -. Kath
i)ii ?'. lorian, a daughter ?i Peter .*-'.
Qrasscop, forme? United (Mater, rlieuii
1 ?!-? .it Chicago, obtained an Intcrlocu?
ten decree sf divorce her? t?. <i..* from
Isaac If, Jonliiii. h.r illsband, M ?I1.0 ?,?. .-,
of gfSsrtloa. .IndK" Hiotneup tc-btltied to?
day for hie daughter.
on wm m
I ??ntlniii-d from Hr?t put?
awaj bu! ITllner had t?, t..? shown,
the ?iltuatlon became so acute tha
to the v? ry day thai Ullner wai
dieted he nu stll did erlng with
i.i.n? e captain <?v?r the ?-mmey pi
Ised. Then i liner told th? captain
If the (none* wasn't handed over
rerj da: he ?,?.?.ui<) sr?. t?. Whitman,
i.?- this threat brought about ? me?
with the captain In s stock brol
office in lover Broadway.
Paid in Broker's Office.
The captain handed ?aver th. ?no
toe;? ther with the Information the
had !?? ten difficult t?> r:?lse it ?m i
short ?notice, '.?'?t thai it had On
beeti s?ippli??d i??, two Inspectors
drfw on their aca**-ounts In that si
broker* i office for $7.&0?fJ each
whitman's Investigator? ?have
riiniiKii the books of thai office
found that one <?f the Inspectors
.1 bal ince of about 170.00b, ?and
other on? of 160,000, both In a?
?trading accounts. The exact line
connection between these two Insi
tor.?; and the |WO civilinn <itli?ials
Headquarters who put the upper v?
sid. ''.'iptaiti on Dwy?er*a trail has
>?t been fully established, bul t
the captain in his activities In
Ullner and Dwyer phases of the ?it
ti?>ii was servini both the Headqu
ters "ring" and the Inspectors arho t
nlshed the Ullner "getaway" mot
wai plainly evident fp'in ?the rep?
r? i? ivd \ ?est< nia v.
Commlastoner \\";?i?i?? Issued his
planatton ??f the smashing of Dw*"*i
staff in a statement at ?Police Ha
quarters yeatt rday. He denied the bl
had lallen un Dwyer as a r .i
Pwyer's visit to Whitman. 11?
?lacked the me?-, who had ?been tra
ferred without naming ihem. and ci
the ???.?-es of eight of ?the men
Dwyer's ?staff who bad come Into i
i !? .ir-.mt notork ty.
"Men attached to in> i?- t r Dwyt
office have recentl) ?bean th?* suby
of many Kcuaatlons." said the Co
missioner, "on?' has 1.n dismlM
l'n in tin- ?lei arinn r.t ftrr endeavor!
to induce an unfortunate w?.in.in
employ ? laaryer In whom be wai ;
t ?treated."
It was pointed out that this num.
Coime, was ItOl on? Of ?IhS men irai
ferred on Frtday, ea he was dismiss
from the force ? week ??ko.
"Another his h??? n tried for perjui
but ?Bc?tfultt<*?d for lack "f svlden ??
i ontlnuad "Two ?have been ?accused
abuse of power with women sgais
whom they we?re suppose to be opr
atlng. Two have been repeated.] me
tioned in the i ?reas tu conn?sctlon ai
the <;?"-'<!?? scandaL Two mor.? hn
been accused in tli? press by an ASSii
ant Distrn-t Attorney of ?drinking ai
oa**ouslng with well known charactt
ol the uiKierwcrid, whose estabUi
ments they were supposed to be ?
d**avortog to close "
Dwyer Makes Affidavit.
As w.-is expected b? tit? ?: ?- who i?m
followed ih?> COUrtM of events in ti
caaos of other poll <* officials wh<? ha?
publicly aided t Ithei tin Dtatrid a
torney or thr Curran aldermant? con
mittet. Tr.r-T??t?'i l iwyer whs ?
HeadQuarters ytestcrda] to explain. I
aras called upon t>> make an effidavl
exactly a? Lleutensnt ?'??sti^an si
other officials were '.?ii??i upon t'. .1
the present ona In Dwyei**? ?rase ball
to the effect thai ' h? Is not ?guilts ?
any wrongdoing snd knows of r
tvrongdolni on the p;?rt of any men
bers ?if the f'irc?'. ?Mt-members or t" x
...ri ! stta? h? 'I th? r. t?. "
It is believed this affidavit might ?>i
?rate later to prevent Dwyer from b*
? ominK a aritnei agalnsl th? "system
In any phase of ?the ?poll-c? gr.ift lit
qulry, although the suggestion ?/as ali
advanced thai Dwyer would be fust!
fled in making BUCh an atilda vit. pre
vlded he ?ii?i ?not now know <.f an
graft, to th? extant of being aid?* t
provo it lea??|||-.
District Attomej Whitman pul In ai
most th?? whole '!;.? ; < sterday dict?t In
to two ?stenographers, covering th
ground thai he ha? been over In Ih
last week. In pr? paratlon for th
Newell, l?nfi? and Sweeney tnxeot
which ?xre nexl In line In the graf
Apartment House Superintcn
dent and Women Arrested.
1,1? ilteiiHlit " FlOn? t Kin" ' '" tig?I
r;.id'-?i ?m apartraenl house on Wi ? ITll
?-trot ii?;,r K?v?'?ith ;iv??in? la ?it night ?n?
?irr?"-i'-d the superintendent, charged wltl
.-..?l.itii* and maintaining ;? dtsordarti
????us?-, snd f?>nr of the womit? tenanti
Although the apartment house In ?in??.
tinn Is In tin distrl?**! commanded bj In?
spector Dwyer, the Inspector knew noth
inr: ?if the r.'.ld inilll II wa- ..'.?? r. M wa
rr?i?i. ?however, i>- . of th? ratdlni
party? 'tat this i?m?i n<? ******d**ular nx
iiili.'Ht" ' . M th? ? vl'h-nr-?- :ii,',i|nst th?
house was obtained by detective? ??f Dos?
tlgan'i stafl on March if?, before Inipectoi
Daryer h I eld I < bave *mM ?? vir it to I ?l-?
ti i? i Mtorney Whitman ??t bis honi?\
The r;?i?i sttracted s crowd from ?Broad?
??.,.?. Hi.d Seventh avenues News of it
quickly ?spread to th- ?hO-tolS ne.-irhy and
il., patrons joined the Uirongt watching
? the raiding quad.
Coertlgan led hi men into th.- *,oii?r
lan?i ?after srrsaUna Thonia? IVllMnaon.
the supertat?si*-*lent, th? y ivant t.? four
I apartments, where they arreste.l Bstalle
[Ureeley, Estell? Qrant, Ait.? Qtlban? and
I Anita Arnold. ?Det-scttves wen left in
charge of th* spartm* nl
R. L. Becckman Denies Sister's
Reported Engagement.
;n> T, irjrrai?'. te Tb* Tribun? l
N.-w-p'.rt, March ft R T?v-lrigMon
H. .?< kinan. who was h?<-r. t?>-?lay. Was em?
phatic In his denial ?>t th" r??pi?rt printed
in N"a??v York thai Ins "dater, Mlrr- Martha
Kceekin.in. SfaS enR.iK.il to Amos Tu? k
|"i ? mh.
'?The r< i???rt h abaolutaly untrue t can?
n.?t Imagine when such a report <?rig
Inated," ?aid Mr. ?iteeckiaan.
Ar- far sS known her?. Mr. Fr<*nih hai
never been divorced from his present wftfe.
I There has been no application for a dl?
I vorce fil?d In th? Puperlor Court here.
Continued from flr?t p??**.
five, as the prisoner flood to lose ;
lti<-?inie of .t.';T? a month by the m
mirais death, an?l the way th??j u
keeping dp the Investigation makes n
tliink they ;ir?- "shy* on evidence. Uni
the] ?And ?>iit where that p-olson ? sn
from .iod who boughl It, Mrs. Baton
?Imply taking ? vacation al the count
Mrs. Baton spent .? confortai
night She went t<? bed earl] and ; 1*1
all nicht. This morning ehe arase, si
two eggs, with a glass of milk, and at
nounced herself re;t?l\ for th? da:
Tsstsrday she spent must ??f her tin*
writing letters and talking to h? r coui
While state ?ifliver Bcotl and Depui
sheriff Condon were ?*?i?hk over tS
Baton home at Asslnlppl with 1 ?Un?
toothed comb for evidence to tu use
?before th<- ?grand |ury, the drug rton
of Boston iin?i its suburbs were b? Is
searched again.
Making ?public the fad th?t Admin
?Eat?on died from a dose of ?arsenic 1
looked upon i?y all of tin- investlgat? 1
?esxepl ?District Attorney ?Barkeras 1.
essary to ?hiring up the mysterj !ha
sppsrently still surrounds the case,
Th?? deputy ?sheriffs of ?Plymoui
County, who have been serving sura
m on see t.? th??-?- who are to sppear b?
f?ir?? the epeclal grand Jury on Ifondn
h.?\.? nnlshed their work. Among th
situasses ?summoned are .fun.? ?vini
worth Keyes, Dorothy V. Alnswort'
?daughters of Mrs. Baton 1. her 0i
husband; Mrs. Qeorge Harrison, mote?
of Mrs. Baton, and .bun?* Thom,
nurserymaa of Bingham, aith wins
the admiral Quarrelled over sttention
paid to June, now Mrs. Keysa
Thom, who Ii sixty years old, sdmll
h.- quarrelled aith Admiral Bat? n ? ?
bis ?frequent visits t?. the ?Baton hom?
Tti?.m said he kiiu-.?. the admiral ?ii?i no
ilk- to ha\ .? him ? all Hi? i? or to ha?.
him seen with June He said thai r?
?sentroenl led th.- ?admiral to aasaul
bun m th?- Baton home. Mrs. Batoi
1 ..in? 1.1 we? ii th?- admiral ?and Thon
and ask??! the bitter t?? leave the ho ?-?
ths i??it-.-.?;. m.m ?said Later Thom me
Admiral Baton ??t. the 1 ? sd and ?ask? ?
him ii he had .? gun u Ith him.
"if the ?admiral had mad? ? mov?
that ij.i ? I v. mid ha\.? | un. h? d hi
i.?. ?i off." said Thom
Thom ?says that Mrs. Baton told hm
?he once found s t?? 11? t ? antalnlng 1
drug m the admiral's bed and 1
-??..i so afraid II might 1 ? ? oison sin
burned it
Says June Feared Admiral.
H< a; June had ? ause to feat tl ?
sdmirsl and he believes thai
!!,,r.?i ?acted toward her in such s waj
that she ttot lustlned m fearing him
Mr Th.iiu .-alii
"M- ?name hai been mentioned Ii
this csse like msny others, Bui thui
fai no one outside the family ha?
??;?:? ?I ?ait of th? ranks t?> speak ii
the family's behalf. I'm ?gettlni n|
In the sixth i, but I'll looh snj bod;
straight m th<* eye.
"At ?me time Mr*. Baton told me th.?
neighbors r? marked that I aai t"i
m ich in June' - < ompany, 1 tul?! 1.. r 1
liked her '?-- ?? grandfather would like
h? - Jun? r? ii.at? i th.. feeling. Put
if it wai t?- make trouble it must .-? ;?.
Juni whs then flft?r*en or sixteen.
"8he said she feared to eat at hum?*
i?. llevlng th.? ?admiral might ?poison her
I th?- time the ?couple wen epe
rat? 1 ??'??o Mri Baton and June were
II? Ing In W ? mouth, 1 ? ailed ? ti the
latter The admiral had ?nisi left Mrs
?Bat? n ? ? making up th? i?? <i h>- had
slept in.
?-.?-'h.? found a peiiet in the loeddlng as
larK" si ;? small ?pea. Bhe ?said it aras
one f?f Kveral kinds the admiral ? ai?
ra ?1 ?around 0 Ith him. Bhe ?said
was sure it aras poison. 1 suggested
that .?-h? burn it. ami sh< did s?? June
took the sugar ?bowl ami .-?it cellar ?if
th?- table ?ni'i emptied them m the
i?a? k vard. She then Ihren dirt ov?r
th? 11 contenta"
Mr*- Kev< S Bid t?? ?I.r Hi:?' 'he .,,1
mirai' brain 1 hould It ?-. ? ? ? ? ? *
? miv. ?i ni the autops) as w< ]> a th.
content ol hi stomach
?The 1.1.m? <?f Admiral ?Baton would
1 ive 1 h??''. n ??ii a post mot? tent ? ami
t!??n that he ?sras Insane," said Mi
Keyes "Whj didn't thej <!?> thai ?
well ??? ? look i"t ti. ? ..f poisoning*'
p 1?, r n ou trag? the waj we have b?-. n
t r?sated it ? ??? m t?? mc 1' m i ? lu t ?
Important t.? ?uni ?out the 1 tat.? ni the
admiral's mu.?! .? n u ? ? ??> p? 1 ? ? ?m
his famii? Ever ulna the admiral was
stunned ??.? standing I.lose to one ??i
the ?big gum ??n his ship when II was
tu. .1 he l*;??t i.? en ?meet. ? ?
Oan't Bear to Sec City Lac
Equal Suffrage, She Says
irv TVl.^raph t.i Tl " TlHlSSI 1
Beaton, March 22.- Heien Ke
Hi? wooderfui blind and deaf gtoi
Is t.. lecture t,. r,. Monday, espre
decid?sd views ttvda* en the ia<-k "t
terest shown m ?Boston men in aroi
. tiffrage.
"i i- ii? vo in ?aqual suffrage,"
Miss Krii. r, "and ??'??? a ?Sock
through mj love fni- fair dealing
?ii ?seems Incredible that the met
Massachusett . descendants o? s
fighters for liberty as Adams, Hanoi
Siitntn r and ?Phillips, should op|
woman suffrage now. ?And here
women are In the majority. Tear al
war women are turned ?town la
?Legislature and no! chlvahrou
either, Once i.?ist??n promotsd lib?
but it seenu *? > have lost interest
??it is because I love Boston lbs
SCOld h?r I ?un so proud ?'f her I
I cannot hear to baVS her ?lag In
world's mareta toward a better futur?
"When i ?as i little Kin I used
.ail Boston The City ?>f Kind Hear
I atll f" glad ami proud t" speak h?
The ftrsl messsg? i ever Raw t..
,- orld i spell through an Interpr? t? r
Tremonl Temple, tsrenty-flve ye
?ago. N"^ i "hall etand ah?ne i
?speak the heel I ?an."
Uses Mirror to Aim Shotgun /
ter Family Quarrel.
Using -i mirror as a guide, Ht
Cotlauz, a young farmer, blew his h?
?,tt a ith a .-h itgun in his home, Uni
Turnpike, Jamaica, Long Island, y
terdsy ?evening after be had quarrel
with his mother.
Alma t ? ?rostid, Mr*-. Cotlaui told '
police that al sbOUl ?"? O'clock last ? ?, .
ing she was startled ?by a shol ?20ml
fi ??m her ?m'- room. when
reached lus suie he was lying on i
?bed, fail' dressed, \*ith his head i ?
pletely blown off his ?body. He left
him ?of a motive other than the ?m?
i? i w?th ins mother.
Charity and Sanitation Hu
Profession. Says Doctor,
in ?" i ??, ? i read '?? fon the M? diet
' Its regular m?"?tii
)-,? ??i ?? night at I i Hotel Maahatti
I ?? BlllOi H..:" dC laie.I that there w
? ? ? ?? ? dlcal profesi l?on h
i. di taken under the dire
? ? ? m?i the ;??
.: '? 'V
ictlon v ' ' - ;?? b) the ?i"
tors I til ? ? luenc? which hi
itlng In that ?llr. ? tl??ll in n m
? ? i ? Harris very ft ankl) i
th.- tin.it.? :..i sspeci of th.? profession.
ii- stated ?thai many influences had o?,
ted ears to t ?i??wn tl
In '?n.. of th? r? ? ' tltioner. Amon
ihs tl he blamed i ps< Iflcall
?? ere l charitable organisattoi
ettl? nient wmk? rS, i Itln
overcrowding of the profeesioi
the modern scientific treatmenu wbl<
were rapidlj exterminating sil rbronl
ss mi the extensive operations o
? ? ? ni '; ?! end state departments o
? a tti
in ? h'sin* the speaker warned the phy
ridana thai if they did n?" take ?>ogi I
saoc? of th? menace it would won be to
1st? ai ! th? would not be ebb to pre
'. ? ? being t .ken into the state govern
I ? R|| '?'?'? ? ? AbOUi ? h M,?Ire.I phj
i : Rtirgeoni ait?n?i. ?t a dtnne
rv,,i before the etii
New York Couple, Declaring
Lies Caused Trouble. Remarry.
: b* ' tl? arnpt to . ; ?? TrftMae i
Bridgeport. Conn., March 22 Having
come '?? the ?conclusion ?thai their
Idlvorc? ?? .bred several months ago
is? <i on faisehin.il Invented bj ? n
? mi? s. William ?'. Opperman, s Hen
Y-?ru manufacturer, and hu? former
a Ife i alna ? 'h?tenden, i sme her.- to?
da] ?and applied to Town Clerk William
Thomas for a license t?> marry. The?
???? u and lefl th? City Hall to look up
.. ? |? ru- man.
ii? bridegroom ?"???.e hit :i??e ,tv
thirty-four and th ?.? of bis bride ?t*
itwenty-clghl years The f??rm.t Mi .
Opperman was handsomely gowned and
both appeared to be ?verj happj The]
? * p| lined thai thej had bt < n estrang? i
bj lying stories, snd, owing t?? th?
? il? r m? th."i nf n marr] Ing In I "on?
nectl? ui, thej ? sme h< re on an esrly
morning expre i
Com and Crawlling Coals
for HUii iinb lUomcn
Outer (?arments for ?Street Wear, ihr Irani
and the Shore. I he newest English fabrics
in original design from our own workrooms.
Raincoats-Dust Coats
of silk, linen, mohair, et?.
motor fiats?Bonnets?
motoring accessories
ol ?.very Description
yfoMmWsn0ST>9 Ckjplrtnwd of tfT'f^hhtass^
in an unlimited variety from the most
inexpensive to the best?ready to
wear and to order.
Send for tllustrateJ catalog
bole A-rnt? lor ALI RED DUNHILL MOTORITIE.S. London
FIFTH-AT.^ 34^ST. N.Y.
qppoSi.r?SE -THE V?irJDORF a^STORIA..
toril liiiird from Hr?t i?8*<?.
one on 12th street, from whteh It gats
Its address by ? x*tkTies of woo?lan]
?bridgea. Th?* fono of the ?sxptofriop
went toarard th??? sides and rear, demo'.- i
ishlng ?both svalls down to tho third
Mor?, and scattering hri? ks and twi.it-.i
?-rapa of th?; tir?" ?-??-scape for ?several
huntired feet. The back of n?>. i?:>i
i-frtst. nth street, r'.i\?hk the full
f,.?-,?.. ..f the ti> hif-r debris, looked ilk?,? a
w.iii rMdled by artillery, but non?? p&
tho ?people living In the rear apart*
menta was Injun id.
Family in Sorrow.
Jacob Baas, who lives on the trougd
il-m?r of No. 'J31, reached the all??>way
whii?? ?the rains were still falling. He
pulled Applebann out of th? ilebrU
and turned bin over t" Dr, Jamison.
.?f i."ii??vii?- Hospital, a'ho ?responded to
the ambulance call. The other </oung?
?ters ?rare qutcklj dug out, together
with the bod) of Harr) ?f*unnan, which
ara? taken t?. his ?parent-.1 room bj
neighbors. When ?sirs. "Beckie" i-'nr
man, awakeiMd from i nap i>> the ax
plosion, sa* th.' limp form being
brought m ?she went Into hysteric*
i'"??r the real of ih<- ?afteraoon lier
little ri.otTi was crowded with sympa?
thetlc friends, whose ?.?-?'il meant efforts
to quiet h?'i only in? r??as. ?I lier ?ri?!'
intr?'?in??m news from tho hospital
>? ? m?-?i to prophesy thai the net Ident
WOttM Claim both her fou-. The m>
young daughters ??f the household itoe
?round, fh?ir lar??- eyes till? I wg
tears, in ih? next rosss Iks MX
month i-old bob] asa echoing us mofh
er's ? rle.<.
Th?- cause of the ?aplosion -a
thought by Dsputy Chief Martin t.
have been gas from a ie??k ?in tin
fourth floor, une?! by I'?? ru-r & Co. m
a n?? kwear fa-torv. WhsthsV 4 je
left lighted overnight or defcctlso in
sulation in tin? ?sjsctrk lystsm <?f th?
irons set off the mixtur?? f ill ???
known, he said. The last psrsos knowi
t.. have besa la th? ?bullding ?- is ?'
Ifendtesohn, the nlghl ?ratchmas
whom Jacob ?Goodman, ?proprl? i
the cabinet shop n" " ? ' ? ' is
leaving it earij in the morning. Dw
tectlves ?from the Union Merkel via,
tlon e en- put <?n the ? a?se, but i i
\ last nlghl thai ih" damagt 11 i
itoo complete t?> leav? them ? cl? w to
srork on.
| Thene Was a Blaze, but It Was
Not in Garrick Theatre,
a ?are which started In the rear ?" ss
mi??? ? ? ipM store m ?i building st No. I
?Weei ..ih -ar<?t early last even tig r
ris? t>? rt rumor thai the Qarrtch Tl ??
tr??. which is directly opposite, ws
ing. ?Crowds surged in o_ Broadway '??,
such numbers that reserves had to v
.;?ii.?i ?from the West ?Nth street pokes
station to n-iak?? a IgSV '? i\-.e
? Althoimh the BOO?d of tii?*- eticj?ir
b" plainly beard vil th? Stagl ,,
? theatre, arbora a performaa?
Iconaptraey" was ?being rlvta, th? .
ence remained quiel The llamee were
extinguished after ?< I It-hour's work,
i weh small damage
It costs no more to possess Fashions
bearing the Gidding label than it does
to purchase apparel without this abso?
lute assurance of authentic style.
Comparison will readily confirm the truth
of this assertion.
Smart Tailor-made Suits in the newest P-imiu < f
fects, beautifully hand-tailored of most desirable materia!
in the scarcest shades, at such moderate prices a-^?$45 \
$$8 and $0$.
Two and three-piece Costume Suits in ifutusin??
French models, of richest silk and woo! fabrics?at $0^.
$7$ and $Sj. Mints4 Suiti et $js, It?*?, $45 en
Charming Afternoon Gowns for matmcc, ro? ra?
tion and "bridge"?at $431 $55i $05 nn'i $75'
Girls'1 Sebssland Street f)rr.<ir< et $20, $251 xfjoaad >???
Exquisite Even ing Gowns for as little ?is $50 ^??,
??V ? andJ><Sj. Muses' Part\ Gewet at $35, $4^, $<, endup.
Afternoon and Evening II taps in all fashionable
materias and shades ?at $fj. $\? ami S?j. <
Smart Coats for motor, sport and utility wear?at >??>'?
$45 (i,id $55* Mistes* Ceatt el $25,$j0and '
Beautiful Blouses at $15. $i8 and$25,
Mishit li il uses and ff'aists at $S,<0, $10, $!.'.)(> aid s/;.
Chic French Millinery at $18. $22 and$25.
Smart Hats for .1 fisses at $U, p/f and $lS.
Visit this Store de luxe tomorrow, or any day tin?
week when the daily arrivals of lovely new things
are vieing with each other for recognition?h?'
spacious floors devoted exclusively to the display
of Women's and Misses' Smart Outer-apparel
and Millinery?the welcome is as sincere whether
you are merely looking or buying.
TiftD Avenue, m t, 47lb Streets
will ?be returned in tlir Fall fr?te ''"in M.'tlt damage irt'?
??preatlj improved in appearance.
An entire ?building devoted t?> tin- lervice, jrith experi?
enced furrier?, in . liari-e. Telephone Murray Hi'! SS*1*1 I ?!
?_i ? ? a > ? i -, will br ?sent for promptly.
Household Furniture <??" e\<r> ilrscriptkMt also stored m
separate t?rrt?r<>? ?t ?rooms at moderate cost. Electric usa
?enrice. ??xp?eri<enced ?packers Get estimate.
Silverware and Valuables. Security pwanteed daring the
SuintiKT from v?nir door until return, at imall cost.
Rlportant Papers ?.hould be in a bur?lar proo! ,ti?l tir-jprout
I vault. Safes at $5 pet year. Inspection invited.
Lincoln Safe Deposit Co.
I'm! *?trert. 0|ipo?(tr <?r?n?l t enlrsl Trrtnlnul
Most .eiitrnlh l...-;tled. at ? S?il?wny ?BspSSH SUUSB
S-tnil lor |.Hiii|lil?.t.

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