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Artist Weds Corinne Baldwi
Young and Pretty Brooklyn
Girl, at Meri:a. Penn.
Finally Contents Himself wit
Justice of Peace?Will Live
Here and Pay First
Wife $4,800 Alimony.
? March .: After ?a eklns
? - vint in b tourii
? the Belle-? im -.-t.?..
' I ? a, P? m .. Everett Bhlnn, ;?r
a rit? r, of New Tor
? orinti? ?BaldS It ol Brookl?
*. ? ? .. l r i
Bhlnn ?before I ?
. s ?. !i kno*n In art circl?
lined .? d? en
?-\ Ith slmon* of M.M
effort ars made bj the. I
: .. -? ??!? ? and ti ??> I? i
? - stford tons ?bel
rast hour. The > remon; >
? ? -, ? it the bom? Of S r. lativ? ?
? Baldwin a1 M< ? aus? th
divorce forbaCe an? other marriai
? Isdh tlMi ol ?**-'? w York, bul n
had i>? ? n made for
.Mr. Shins was th? - I
.?.??i. and h? ordered ?th? ?
? . ? pin the suburb
-, . red ? . !?? ? ?. abod? ol
?lfepy?*eyed ministers routed oui o? bet
II ?politely declined to tak? the ti
lo M'
Tiv found m? relief In Media, wher?
Miss Balda In ? inen.)
The part]. ? hlch ws
?' Mit Kathryn ?Balda In, a h?
? ? of honor; Arthur Hoi
Oory Baldwin, Harold C. Bhlm
Marshall D. Baldwin, Veds Buckland
Wilfred Buckland and Joseph B. _
? .i Kout?ig ?quads In search of i
nil,:..- ? h remained for Miss Buck
rsaade Jostles of the >?? wet i ot
'. lUlamsaa ?to ?go to the house.
Chagrined at Publicity.
*??-?? eren Mr. sad Mi
returned t the ?Bellevito-Stratford an?
ops," maku
and ii their apartments Whei
i i bride and he lefl ben foi
Kew Voik this ?evening Mr. Bhinn did nol
show ? rare al the fact th it th?
aeddii n made publi?
"it eras Jusl s nice, ? osej littli
d, "with th?* ?jusl
ye,, g, and natui alls both ) ?
Bhlnn and myaelf an ?srj hapj
H? th. v mads ai II to eacai ? I
rator, but. recalling the i?r? sen? ?
IS bride. Who is very gn ty: grpi
t ,. . ?... M ? :? ? ' hm ? ??'? ., girl "? dn ?
th?? Interviewer to th? farthesl ?sad <?f a
ind announoed thai b? ws
r. 'I nil.
??*...? kneu " he said, "whan the Aral
Bhlnn had our et Httle difference
nu ? ? ? ? - : piO
very day She ?]??esi?'t
*.*h?> ti sctres Was Bhlnn
I ?eefully at the reminis? en? , and
- ply t.? ,. que* tton said emphat
ii". m? n--,. no! H l
M?*? Baldwin. i?.n know, she Isn't sn
? tr.
nne called up Just
r-?.e ? Willi imsoa ?? little whU?
d, thinking thai ?he a i doing
in? ? ." ? ? . ? I I ? ? : "iE tl D "
the whole affs
? ? but II ' ' ?
estbarrasslng for us. ?and there ar? ?
i.-, : ? ??? ople only too i< ???'> t
mat tied at ail."
Shows His Certificate.
- .? ? the marrtag?
?pied by Williamson und .?II the
row hi !?"? k. L
W m ssked if h' would retafa th?
US Wavsrly Place, Nos ?brk
?,. "W? n. i should ?say ot t.
That t ? ? .'.?.-, nn Is
lb in*.- now. I haves " Uo Is KH
"tu ?af< dlstsnc? from th?
1 i art? ? i tptstmd thai h? had "?
. ? - go tot
t?. an s ???iitt-;i-t arlth _
_agaslne and mid thai h? s ? I
m s few ?laws and ?-oni
i ? ) moon -??-itn bush
After returning to hb bride, Mr. Bhlnn
really don't Know whsthsi ire
?.???? or to the < al skills to
moon, do we boae) "" Mi Bhlnn
rod inHt the Bahars would be In?
. ?ander Um ctrcumst.
., ,r. sing his wife, Bhlnn ?con?
-? ,i i be ? sme "Gertrude," in
: of Cojlnn? The i?ri?i<? wss attired
i m bluu walking suit in which sb?
boaig n brrb d.
ence gcovllle Bhlnn, the illustrator, j
talaod n divorce by ;? decree ol Jus
? e ?Oors Bhinn must ka - ?
x . . ? .,. ,, |0ng
Is found within the Jurisdiction of ?the
College Romance.
The two were married in Philadelphie
Ml after a COUTtship luxnn .it CO ?
Bhlnn rapid)} established a reputation
.?^ a newspaper and magasine illustratot
m? n .1 .1 m..' .?i ii.rator, m i
Bhlm well knovru m art circlet
n-.?m her Hlu itratktns of "Mrs w I
and "Ijovej Mary," ? >: I wai recognised
won .?! of rare talent Bh? was
ala s] - regarded ;'s >* ? * home lo
Mi Bhlnn earned I il prals? lot
decorations m the Belasco Th-eatre, and
paint? ?I the mui
Ahiettiiani? Chambei m ih? Municipal
ling ??f Trenton, N. .1 \ .? side
Issue h?- ? ?K mi? m iv produc?as
burlesques upon thi Ulna melodrat
prod ? oam si
with a Cast ms ' '
of hii gn I? ?-. essei to whlcl .
led nudlenw had bean Invited, was "Luc)
West on; or, More Binned Against than
" an.I ai- ?? ' . ? . ? :; th?
? . ? ?
? -?. an?! I;. ? t ?mad? .? i rofeasional
Th? I" v. Ha
H - ? . *? ? ??
;i??m Bhlnn .- t?.?";. pen.
The fo ?Baldwin i?
about n-,. iv.-i ? i
of bot ?and and 1
aif? Bh< in ? ?l a Ith c
... thet Ino; hei two broth? rn
< >i .iti s .um Marshall Bu ? her ?
. nd father, Marshall 'I'. DavldHon, an
oil man. <?f Wllliamsburg? und hl wife,
..i Na IM st .1 im? i vi?., Brooklyn,
of Miss Balda m ? ? oth? r?
?i.- .?i i:?.? ? ? lot
the last few ds d ? posed ioi
man) of hi
A i r ? -? 11. ? i?; th. Baldwin famll) said
night that bh Ions ??-'" ??? laal
? had
. ? 11 --1 on M
S. After 1 ? '.i ??
iio.it ? ?? Hal m here theit hone] n.n
-... . . ?
Th? brid? fat chant in
Pulton stre? ? ears ago
Dispensation Saves Woman De
tained on Ellis Island.
The Principe ?h Piemonte, <.t the y
Babaudo Lin?. | .
?got Into port
tim?? allotted t<> hei b Cap! Lulg
?Din of No ? ? ? .
The captain ?
?-pe'Sv ;?..-.. gltS
ian woman with an abundan?*? ol
and ? v . .?,
... ?? | .
? .
I.ulgi i'lin au
i ??t m i .?n?'. t ? her.
The youni lold i?
lot thai II .nliil
duty to take her to 1 ? ?
i ? f ?
phon? ?? tlio ship ws
and that as s s .< Itlng lilm.
in i.a itened to th< pi? r in a l
? ompanied by the R?
the ? 'inn? h ?>r ? 'in I.an- ??: Pomp? ? Al?
thougl u fot ??? o
i?, marri dut Ing ?Lent . dl ?vas
granted and the coupl? w< I . ? ??
? . i pien mt< ? I noon,
Hc?f-lution?. Passed Tndorsmr Ex?is?*
Bill Beforr Legislature.
1 of the C? ntrol
'?sderated ' nl '?' I nlghl
t? ?I I moti h.i'l
d a preambl? n ?'?
ling ti .t th? : i'i -i i lav
r< ad In
??[;. lolved, 1 t th?
i nlon of th? ? It) ": N- a v<>. k I ?
Indorso t h? bill ?noa ??? tort lb? '-? gt
lature w hlch purpos? :?.? toe
..? ? ?? Hquoi ?from l <?'? i???'k o, n
.. loch i? m ot undei the
?? striction thai ar< .it present lm|.I
and h. it furthei
"Resolv? ?i. Tl al th? ? en tat be <li
i? ?t.-d i.? mall of I.ition
to th? i loi < ru?.i of thi t?i< w York
and to t: ?? m. mbei - <?f both bran In - ol
le l.egi? .?? _*
3rp Coto Storage
Jfor Jfurs?=
At the Lowest Rates consist?
ent with proper care undei
unsurpassed conditions.
Remodeling and Repairing
at a substantial saving during:
the Summer.
a jefjM$f
_. 71 * 3tVt Wh >WeiuieM9_
J Sinporlini - -Mauf?iOTing
?Be*^?3.Sthiind36tbSt5. TeL 2044 ?Gr?le-y
\ l-CTOR] ?\ DA> i.M'' 'if i
.\ burt buck ?? tel
Foiled by Screams of Intended
Victim and Her Bister,
i ly Teles ;
Sets in .1: w i.'k. S .1 Mai S Wlsi
Rebec .? ? tel r.
ears old, ? ? .. . ?
N??\\ BnitMWl? I? las' ? . ?Hi ?i? ?
-t-?t?-r. i .. v i up in
t he ?.?. ??'- ... i?? ?? f i ?mi
ti??- v..i>t.?n. The ne|
Ih? n. ? ? ' ? f"-' ??"?
t.. d< ei b) ill-- ? ".tu .?"'i
-i? '
The attack '. ; ... ? ..?".?
fr?iin th? '. ntr.?i i|..ta?. the ros
Dmihan Com?
the beginning <
narro? si hon?
at a i". ? ? ? ? ' \ ? ?
un? time s mai prang to
"Narcotic Bullet" Stops All the
Horrors of War.
? . . to T?a : ?.
Pittsburgh, March ti.- -United Btat-as
srmj officials sre experimenting with
an Invention ol AI?Mcander r. Hum
l?hr?'\. a ?pattern tn.? I. ?i. of ttii- city.
thai mai revolutionise warfar . big
game inn.tin?.*, ?policing and every lin?
??t work m t? in' i' bullets play a part
"Narcotic bullet" describes the In?
ventlon in a word.
in ins steep |.iikIii.'iiik mlssll? Hum?
ph**-*") iis??^ a minute ?particle ?>f mor?
phia. The drug Is ? -. ? i" t- i ? ? 1 in tur v.> Ils
m ihe steel Jacket ot the ?r?gulation
army bullet ?Humphrey claims tli a! ?t
in no wis? interfere with th? effective?
of tin miasila
"Th? .Il? i n ' <\\ Ins ;i iUghl (!? sh
.?? r? i from Mi? ?!? ??' bulltet,' ?ii
i Humphrey, "f ? *-r i ? t ^ n.? more thai i
il- . aim!' Rtretche* himsell on tht
? ? i?. Th? m
? ? ? ? . .< s? t i"ii x ound suffei i no
. ..- ti: 11.?.-... t ? ? ft?.in the bulle!
i ,ii.- ..r i..-., i.- til ? ?? it-era ?snd he 11
? r...? i?. pain hetore h< i? nche
ho nu.?!. Tht m.m sii"-? "? ound
mortal let p away 1 ' ? ? houi .
loins llh the mo of th?
? ? ? ??. I? horra*
"Tb? M? ? ng i urg?s r ? ahoi in th?
arm, rum forward ?? ?short distance.
tretch? himself o? y ? id? walk. ?'t"i
..il tr. ? ? man has t?. .?.. i. ?summon
au .um ? ' snd taki him as ..
Ml Betl xHogoa, ol l..v.don, but at
i... at K? I Mount
? rs i "
? ?. ?golY,
? i rom London on F?
i ?'i
6y ClW/TTsK^T
?to Odr^ymo?oarfrop?
JlQv tz/ork'r dainty v)omo?V
6y*storm ^ an ic/oa tAat
if roa/fy n<?W7n t/i?? wor/o
Of^ x_far/iion ^
?Tffac/e of?mfror/ecf
patent lea.tner.-vtt/)rt/k.
aP&rsjdn Jomtc/&?n(/in?>
xoitn?ow c/sarm* mat?riel/
CattalcAie fi Sprinf on<^ Summer
now re-ady, .your name on ?l
postal will brin? it
*Jls?fo ?or?oim t/ip rt?esfticrrp
Stamped on n
Shoe means
Standard f Merit
6th Ave. at 20th St
inMEY ma craze
Truly. Everybody's Doing It at
This Year's Edition of the
Greatest Show.
? Cleopatra, the Glorious. Barely
Dead When All in Sight.
Man and Beast, Beffin
to "Rag It."
"it i Kai . ?Jo r that'i ? ? ? Is," laM '
Bate, the inatronl; etephant ll<??'-u?;^ r, t?> '
! Llsst?. the ral lad- of elephants' How.
' TI li a h?.I? ? rli mi i going mad over
the lurk?) trot, i Irsl thing ? ? Know '?
I oomt ot tii.?-? i..hi. t inri- will be I *
It, ..i-i ;t a ill be ..in fault, too, t" ?setting
tii?'?ii ?such ??:' ? .. 11? "
??That young m.? ?? a-- f'ii1 light 01
? t? ? ? thongl tlgbext xilsnle, "l>n you ?
? i in?- ? ? i eis? " 'i. tht
i ;v. -? bod', wai talkini -?.?' ti ? tur
;!<??? ir??mnK m tli- .i .??!-. which ?i|.??ii?'?l
? lettlt at'i??rn?...ii .,? Ma?l'--...i. ?SqUSTS
: ' lar-J-m. Th? .-!? pliants trotted The
otted. 'I'll- clowni t!??tt? <l. ??The
kangaroo lrott?**d, .??'?i Cl?*>->patra'i i ?ill* t.
performlrtg class!? iteps which tlu maids
,.! ,. .1 .1'?! on lia? liriliks ni' tii?' Nil' n
thousand year* a?,??. which onlj siMs
proof thai tbere i nothing ?sen im?J? r
i tin? aun.
a little touch <?:' trotting makei xhe
Whole wan In Kin liHii'l: OHMllj dltSSSd
? ri gaS-M] w.tn ?tsddett afl'?"'ti"t? UPCO
Piora, the prtghtl) elephant danesr, snd
gox* bei i? snuti aftei the performaace
. ,! of devoting themselves t" l-abe
-, I ? ??, old ?rat of a Hoo< ?growled to
her i"?Igfti ??: th? tlgei cat, that no wea?
'i ,|.,? Bab? did) I appro? i of lui lu ;? tret?
ting! '
It is a shame that them? pettv him
details will erop up to mar the other?
psrfsetly gOrgSOUS and superlatively i
perh greatest show on ? arth. J#ft
?psakool) ?good thing?. ?Cleopatra was
\ ivKlly Kr??fti ami as extravagantly am?
DOS a? Sear. The ballst trained by (
taker Bartlk, main-.- de ballst of t
llstropotttaa Opera Home, goiiaous
?rni'jr. or Boshing Wttb Jewels B
Bowery gsrlnads, ?iatn-ed srlth regular c
cus abandon. Then Cleopatra nxod k
hair, powdered her nosstrtghl sslors de
Anthonj >. eel ill? crows on straight t
hin:, and tiny all Want out t?j ride. T:
en?! is too palnfttl to relate.
Th?- . lephantl ?trod the hoards as; s?x
as was deCent aft-r Cleopatra's body lu
i. removed. Ambling gsyty about the
the] aron all I ??ait.*., but when th?
o;>-ieiJ th.- baseijull season for New Not
t'l.? rapture eras to?, mtieh for handdai
ping. The audience route?! its pay.
"Casej ??t ?the bat! i'iay ball!" ?can
the thrilling <'.iU Th? n New Vor
?'.*... ?i ?Again the reoord breaiunK sen?
?grinding up srtth that spec Iranss rus.
The programme restante) include
man* of tbc oi?i favorite sets ami man
ne? ..ii'-. There were Bpaln's ???rea
gymnastic troupe, the Adas; nea a?-ru
bats and new are tiers.
T.K- clowns distinguished thsmoslvs
about ;? USUaL Thej ha\< s.v..ral SSI
stunts, .? particulart) plea sent one betas
to- blowing up of a bride. The hride k
; at ?at <l?ivii in white satin and lave
I. anlng on the arm of the Mushing an?
perspiring brl'tegroom, she proceeds t?
tue wedding feast, f'?ii<>w.??i by irien.i;
:. ? latiVeS. ? olll?'S a Jealous 10' ?'1 wltl
.. bomb.
?'?;?'iii>; 'iiv" ,\ hoi rifled shriek, and
the bridal balloon boots Into th? rope)
"..- above the rings, where sin* dangles
m -iav until rescu? ?i
The clowns bav? modified their suf?
fragi'tt? parad? In deference to the wishes
of Miss Ma. \% irtii. whose senstbUIUes
?.?err wounded b) the ru.i? way in which
tuse whs handled last ?/ear. There
; im arrest, no i" Ing huddled shrieking
int?. London patrol aragons. it i? -?m to
Washington, we want ?sor ?rights." Ths
rank and til? wear "pilgrim cloaks." Th<
rear bi brought up by a fSshionabte
woman, leading s dog, and a weeplns bus
band, pushing an i mpt) babj carriage.
\s the World'*' :-r.-..t'st a.-rlal artist?:
throw aside tuen r-panglcl cloak.?? t?
mount Into their itiaz?? of traP'-z?'''- a tin;
creature In green |g escort?-*! t?> th. .?.aw
dust by a gallant usher. She ? omet
?ibout ur le his knee. This Is Primea:
pe We??, tli? world's stnalle.st wuiiian
tamnty sesea inches in height. ?BshM
her to\ver> Misa Chatty I?h?. i-? I '.? ?fist
lady, attir??l in pal" pink. The "freak-i'
ha?" tome hack, Itanium & Hail??? o-rt
Just too lonesome without th?-m. "Zip. '
th<? original 'What Is It.'" wa.- With tlir
etresjg m p. T.*s ??v?ti lajr. ?Sixt.-ti???
year- <>l'l he i>? new. an?l owns :? laim
down In Jersey, from which he returned
in-ti- fix? eagerly at tlr?- call ??f th" MUM
At the opening vesterday ufteettPUtt CM
Garden eras gachsd with "mlMrea, ami at
night there wars not a seat to he had
wh'?n the i>|.?*iiiii:r parad? v.a?- ??v.-,
David Dows Tried to Get $50
for Riding Maud. Is Report.
When Maud, the unriddeti OaWh??
pssrsd at iiarnuiu & Ballsy*! drena si
MsillSSII Square ?'arden last nn*ltt. th*
liiiK master offered $.'.?? a minute t<? an?-'
on?- who would sta>- on 1 ? ? -1 ha?k
Whether it Wa." I d???i.>- t" add allothet
! Jjfi to ins prsssM round Utils mmb o'
I lllal? I?. to piave hi?; prn?-,e??s doer- not ri|.
I near, i.ut it was report? ?i t?> tii?- ?streng ??u
thorlties thai ?Davtd i??????-. sf Vo 1?1
i ?Saal TIKli street, who ssstrled Otsendolyi
I H?rden, the ?laughter at Mr. and Mr- f
Tnwitasnd ?.surtsn, ?ssaed from a i???x ?sad
; attsssptad to rid
Aft, r teveral att-?nipts. which resulted
; m a badlj snssssd mil of evening riethM
?Ml. DOWI ?aktCMsd to let Maud lia?..? lie?
Iown M??'??! ??in and retired without th?-$."?"
"Travelled" Over Woman Till Pols
oning Developed.
Sharon. P-iin.. March 8 ? \\ I?, n M"
I vtna Morford was a eMW sin ?stepped ??n
1 a pa?'k?'t of needles and a ?lo/.en ot ni'.i??
I rratersd ?her f'??1
Three years ??P" surgeons begs? takaag
,,i.g ot .?-t?? I fren bsi inusat'ts, ti ?
,?dies haviiui "travail.?.!'? Y-Mtartai II
be.'ani' ne.'.-.-aiN. ??? n.,\. her life, tu g-n
| >utate th<- leg, hi??".i poisoning having i
! veloped. ^^^^^^^^^^
'Ili-tln I...O.U for Ihr ???tin* lt..fir. or th?
M.ccl Ne ed the fountain
??ame Baste Nr LSSB Mone.f I lein BlsSWhSVS.
A City in Itself
_?{>rlK Averwiti
J. B.GREENH?T. Pre*.
l?Mo 19? Str??t
Notable Economies in
Our March Sale of
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The?-:e prices during this sale:
Seamless Tapestry Brussels Rugs
Dcsigi - ? ??;?-r?ii_:- atr excellent; and lhet?e
i | ... - ?? i ?' m the populai small r????ni si ?
I i ??-. R ?? gal? !'? ?
F f,. $i; :" .J12.75
?? ?. . 14 ;ii. IO.TFj
? 106. 12.5(1. ?' ?' '
. 10.75. 8.'
;-v?i. 9.50. , . ?? )
Reversible Smyrna Fugs
? |i ?rearing rug! in l lri< ntal di ligt
t.? ?. ?i-/ Hah ?Prl ?
?? ' ?? .<-_'4 50.$' " " I
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ox9 il. 12.50. 8.50
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7'liexi are ?copies oi Oriental rue?-, m medallion
and other offert?-: many of them -*:' toned 'I lie
Ion prices quoted result from th? fscl thai *i?r ?pal
terns are discontinued ones and th? d< ?gi ii - i
cases ?lightly mismatched Hosrever, thi ? |
ties o? ;li --? raga an unimpaired
si/? Valse Bale Pri ta
?m amed) 9x12ft.. ..$25 50 $18.7 ?
raed) 8\10 ft.... ?23.50 16.75
(Seamless) 9x12ft.... 28.50 -'?- ?"
(Seamless) 9x 9 ft.... 23.50 I 7 ?? >
i ?;i:i:i:.\?i ; i Buildli g. First I
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I ill? v.
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upward ?
The New Semi-made Plaited Skirt
- the season's no> elt) : made a ith
. ii easily removable waistband so
thai n maj be made any length
??: si ??? : in nai j and black st<?iin
-. ? g? . ?, ?pi? ..t imported mi ?dels.
? ? sale m oui 1 H*esi t~ -.,
11? Depai tnicnt. at.,, *W
Japonika and Crepe de Chine Silk
Petticoats ?trimmed with lacea
and ribbons; si. $1.95
Petticoats of Crepe de Chine?
at.$2.95 snd *3.95
Fashionable Silks in Colors
prising ever) ????anted wes
?.\icltli in a full color rsnge
l',,m: Silver-Plated Tableware fern
?iX'' aM<1 dishes, lilted with artificial rrns
? uadruple plat?. piet ced de?*igt
a specimen ol tl ? remarlctbh VI.,, xvhi.c ??_??- ,Jr,
values we mention thi-. item <>i ?tien? (t *?.5U
$1.50 All-SUk Dress Charmeuse
- doubl? width; approved ___. SB-?-"?- Set ot "Rogers'" Al Stiver
color? : a yard. "5c Plated Ware - b dmner-kniv? ?, '?
_ dinner forks, 6 tablespoons, 6 ti a
-l.ii?. 1 sugar shell and 1 buttei
knife; beantiful design; ?ra?. ?or
bricht finish; in moreen
csse a ith drawers : si
"Canatd Food Wcek"--tlio Ii?r
gesl sale of the 'ear in The
World's Greatest ?Grocery.
Scores of demonstrations,
thousands ol specials < Viso
.m associate ?sale of Win-es
and Liquors).
In Our Conservatory?es er> thing
for the garden snd ?window-leua?.
at lowest prices in town, Ai-o
?MiiginK canaries.
A Remarkable Sale of
Furniture, Bedsteads
& Bedding
i ?a<?? specimen ?.alu?-? :
?41, Circassian Walnut Dressers -
colonial design; i??i large drawsrs
and t\M> ?small, oses; $27 50
Si 7.50 Brass Bedstead and Outfit
S-lnch-poel brans bedstead, w 11 ti ?5
ntlins rods; fall ?-?/..- romblnatlon
tuattr.v-H. ten-year guaran? _1 9 Cft
teed link-spring; at. **? OU
s3 95to*20
f Imported OU Paintings IM of thru
in ?S-itioli ?JsaS ?gilt **n?l Kold-bur
n?si|p?i tramas ; ?jia?.;; saS atado?
l?ox; speelal
Siso "Model" ?el rigera tors n mil.? by
the Alaalcs Rsf rlgerator Co Hpeclal
SMST! l14 to $23.50
81.23 ?nflled Muslin Curtains ?ce?
tomorrow, s van. ooc
$1.75 Bonnat and Scrim Cnr- q?
tains toiiiurro\?., a j.alr. ?'??'??
| Spring Sale of Kefrtgerators Beginn
I Tomorrow?mor?.' ttaa i"f? aawaai
"I91u'' mod Sis in this ?'uniiir??li?;ii
I mi\?* display, In wMoh ^e partl?''i
larl> rcaturs "Alaska," "Oibson "
and "ArUagton" makes In \ariou?
lii.,.lp|> Sp.ilal %C ? ??q C|?|
pri.-.'s. toasonoa .. o io - co.OxJ
34-Pioce Plain Blown Ola?? Tablj
ware -connistinS ol ?'? ta'?l? turn?
l?l?*rs. ?i uliisky slaaacM, I gel ?
Khis.s???- and d trine Kla>>??s: $?| afx
?alu?? t-.."???. lumorrow al . . *?*??/
?Additional tombtei- -s toi 19c ?
Please see our large advertisements in today's WORLD, today's AMERICAN?
and to-day's HERALD for complete details of the above
Dotthle ?Ii*)'? Creen Trotting Stamps Before IS o'Goch -Singlo Thereafter ! In New York'? Shopping Center

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