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Dr. T. N. Carver, of Harvard
University. Offers Plan to End j
Oversupply of Labor.
They Are Working-man's Worst
Enemies, Economist Tells
Members of the Re?
publican Club.
"!.? t th? ? I" a lnv. to stop
i'!.i,t? in?, until ?v commands .? minimum
? .?f. r-;i>. |6 xi <l;i>. rili'l ? ":? ??'ill See
.-1 * -it chana? In ?he complexion of
.. onomn a."
This m??iii?"i ??! r..i?r In, h bit aril) tb?
<.f labor aai advo st?-d yesterday
I.? |>rof-*MK>l 'I ' N ? ?
? ..f .. unomlnc ??' Harvard i >?:? ? i sity.
?ni.- for th? ' ? i complain? ?i ol
It- ?-.?? ir.hst -. The remark wax* matle In
,? ?ympoalum on "Socialism" followini
Sat?inia) luncheon of the Republican <'lui>.
i?- Carrer d-eclared th..? ?tociallsti
? favoi ..? ?:? -.f their po
?Xunn nt i" the puhll? . ?mi
II thai the : ? opl? u - octal?
lam better than eeonoml<*s. Kor thai
he >ald, th? ? I know 1
.,i i<l stride? in lnv? ntlon ha ?
ible t of < apital, ?
... ? ,i?,i toda, ? lallst 1
fat ? ?. et di the i
"Enem es of Workinqmnn."
"You - ?
I.? ?
. t.,r ol "Th ? "all ' and
? .ik? !
at the tabl? el I .
? -? \ ??'. are I?
*,\??i ! ? a ???. r- I?.?-.' thlni
? '
?:? '
? er who I? trying to 1
? ? button "f human t..:? i laub?
I ? ?
? ? i ?
? to Will I" ? -
?. i ?y 111
. way I
i ?
? ? ?
t the t
? ? u lil ...
Would Restrict M..ir?acje.
? ? ?
' ? o ? - ??ith
? ? ?]|?.,!1 !?!.? ' I.. I il,. ?
rs ? minimum ?a?. <?i aay. IS u
? the <*oi economic*.'
f ..?'
? .'
i ?.. pvolcnt
? ? work?
itlros ? ?
that tl il ? mand
?.?????? I, but
at more n<
r -*?p ?? ? ' ????
H ? ? ? in? ?.m'' ??f t ? kin?
\m? ri .? wei
that ea in
... ....
the Income 1
Mr. \\',. ag thought
aatls1a?**d thst t
light direct He ?;;?i?i if the ir????.-? . ?
? .? i? - - ? rtlon it
??. nxi'ii] .?- .nu n s? ' non-prop?
am - ??-..:-. poaertx ?? d ? i
t rol of Indnr- tr -tin tl.? ir
, | i.,-.,.
Df. ! M?\ ri r?; S Bk I Th? l"li?
?pei ?!? nt . *.?: Di I ?5V? Ble Hilt,
i'? >acs
]'ix- urn
*'Tlir Grip or Influenza is epi
?deniic in t he city. The disease
has ?been gaining rapidly in the
last six ?reeks, according to in
formation obtained yesterdai .it
the ?Department ol I lealth. It is
?belwved by the health authori?
ties, ?however, thai it will in no
tvisc be as far-reaching or as se?
vere SS m 1-890 '''1."--Tribune.
"Seventy-seven" i- the remedy
for (i r i p. Influenza, ? ?atarrh,
pains and ?soreness in the Head
.?ti?l ( heat, ? ough, Sore Throat,
Aching ?Bones and General
I aUeit carl y. cuts it >ln>rt
Taken during it*, prevalence,
preoccupies the system and
prevents it?? invasion. At your
i ??TUggist, 25c. nr mailed.
lliimplir?'.? ?' ji.ni... Mcdtcia? ? " i'??!
S? .3 Blend Coffee?
? i hl/n i'i IJ .... rill? .">!.. Hi i i,xx II? i|u? ?I
L. J. ( \LI..\N.\>. 11 ..i?.i U "???*?*' M. 1
Wife of Croatian Financier Offers This as Evidence of
$20,000 Income and Ability to Pay $50 Weekly
?Names Auburn Haired Corespondent.
\!r- I',?:.!,:?? /.?.r:. ? h?, i- ?Ming '-'
'?Ott) for i' ?liv.il-? ?? haa ?api II? '1 '?'?
- . ? me t "vi't for allmonj i" ndlni
trial of h? r - vt ?She aaked *? " ? w?eek,
?.-it ?because of ti?.nfltc?nf RtatemenU
?,f huaband and wife ai to ?proporty
and Inccome Justice Davla decided ?^ 1er?
day lo rand 11.*- application to a refere?
/...ni la .? Croatian ?banker. He failed In
- when ootna of hla rountr) men ?com?
plained that he had fatl?*d to forward
iii?ii.??y that they had Intimated to him
Mr-, z-.tti raid in her ai pli? at i
monj thai although her huaband failed
for 17s ??? he now haa an In? ome of '.
to | ??."-? o ?????i TI e wlf? ? that her
huaband left hi r f?>ui- yean ago and
had ?been compelled to auppor. heraell
i?> :i mal) order buali ?
M?. s!ottl raid her huaband had .?" la
, w. eh from a Croat an
paper tl I he publleh-ed. II
_X\on ,,f ;1 t*omlc ?
... The v? wp, - - ?*?"?? tTOtn
, , ?| ... oka ai d IG08 ? month bj
rraklnn t? ..nsi.it??n?--.
Zottl Bnioke: -'"? and I ? s;u'1
i hla wife, and maintains tji.respondent
il ment In West Uni -tr???-t. In I
r-?i? i ??ii ti ?? apartntent, ? he kid Zottl and
? .??.- a oman arlth auburn '???ir w< n
A Itghl follow-?d the
ind Zottl was taken t<> ?? ?police -ta
, Zottl aakl in answer thai hi? aife l*fl
i ?m after he ? id bought her ?fl. worth
..f fui- ..? d ? ."?? worth of Jewelry?
? ?he took with h-er. He .??ai?* he w?as
?pennih aa .?ft? i hit financial troubles fo ir
y.;?rs ai;?? and haa been working for a sal*
;,ry ni iy."i n month He ?bad to I ?TO?
. recently from a friend Zottl
i? ?. the apartmi ni which his wlf<
told about ws not hla bul ws
? is cousin.
Mrs. Zottl, in s ? ?rosa affldatit, aaW Ib?
atatement of h? r husband about in* ?cousin
being the ?>? ? ipanl of he apart!? i I
an Insull to the Int? gene? I the
B .i that when hei hus?
band's cousin arrlvi ?i here i.? Burn* e
[and waa taken to Billa Island h? had
!,,,,?, no m In*- possession The ?cousin
??, oak for ht r huaband, raid
I Mi Zottl.
Minister Saw a Larger Field i
Manual Labor.
Utile i .?H-?. X. V Mar I
. i,.. n h? ard to-daj at II? rl
: trial of Philip I*
with Inciting t?? i lot i
? ill, i-oun adjourned t?> Moi It It
... irly n?
s ? . h
Kvti? rl \ Baki mi.m. foi mer!) s ? l< rg
a ,? t??i em in i I work
?Schene? tad), waa lh? wltw Us test
mon) brought '??it i ?? nea point
lh? inlnlsti >. i
aald he believed h? o ild do m< ?
worklngn g mai ual ?Jab
? - ?
show th it prisoners wer? ibbed afti
? ? mill, bi
? ? -.-...ii :?... i m.
Not Too Badly Damaged t
Make Trip.
March _ n
Su VH in ? 'It
S..UII.I ad? ring I
Metropolit?? ' tri Ighti
s Whltn? Injun ?
? ? . ;.....
' th? ?llin.i
to the Clt '
??.?i\ to patch < tempoi
. : ? 'in.? '.:
Alleged Abductor and Victiri
Held for 'Frisco Police.
..v It.?Ii..? :??? v. ' o
. ... .1 Mi Sa
? ? ? .
? , ?
?... i?. :.
g th? ? ??
! ? 'V
la at tu?, wi ??!.- \ ??' il . n ? I
'II'!:. the assist
? ?
taterooi t; ? ?.. fldent I
,..., V, -. . :
ticket I'??-?..
i . ? ?
R? gan took m ?? I
'i ? - ou ai i ? sa 'said Re?
gan to t With?
the) ?? ?v
. ? .?'.,- warranted ai I
takeji to
Headq lai tera In Brookl) n Thert : : ?
Imitted tt.< h Identlt 1
that ? husband s
that i/iiK'i was kind and spent money ??n
her and ? ii* lovi ?i him ai i
to iiim The) were ?arraign? i
? .-i polk??? court ?and
i . . to await th?? hi ?
rival of exti.?'?it,<.h pa??? i?
| Gets Bullet from Angry Shopper
for Refusal to Cut Prices.
An it.i?.iii ratend the ?bas?
of Mi BSsthar Bternberg, at \?. ??o
Bowery*, yestorday sfternoon and a ked
to '"?K at some underwear, When he
was t??i?i ti./, price he became abusive,
suddenly drew a revolvei and opened lire,
lin st. m ?berg fell screaming i?. the floor
a Itti i bullei in her should? r and tin
? ? .? ? gi r ran oui Into the sti ??? t
.loiin li.irt. who works In .? real
above the stor?. hi ard thi repoi t ol th?
revolver and th<- woman's cries f??r help
He called Patrolman Culler of the Clinton
?i?-?? -Villon and summoned an ambu?
lance innn ?Gouverneur H? pltal, Mr .
Bternberg could ?ji\>- i.nt ?. mragre de
Bcrlptlon of her assailant. The woman is
in the hospital In ? serioui condition, i>m
win probabl) Uv<
? ? i.
?Branch Established in Italian Capital
?Pearl specialties.
The Teds ?Compait] ?baa established ?
branth In Rome, thai Mi ? ? "f the trav?
elling public. Those who have ?seen the
marble and bronse fronts which charac
t?n/. ti,, shops of this rum in Sem v??ik.
?Parts Nice London. ?Berlin, Vienna and
? lae?ii?.? will w? Icotm i' ? familiar
I.V....I. non ?< \,, i 11 ?Corso Umberto,
'i i.? coatpan] pollc) Ii t?? a alnti I ??
??aim atandard in all ??f tl?? rarhnii
branches, it \\<>n).i ?be difficult ti flnd ?
aiore ? ?.in|.i. t. collection ,r b-eautiful art!?
? l...s of a?l"iiini.nt I hau that displayed at
the <?i?? nlng ??i the Rome shop .\ feature
thai \Mii speclall) appeal t<? those ?who
y-i*' i la ti.? :i produ? ii??:i of pi i? ? i? sa peai I
i ??ihn- No longei m ? ?i the famllj hell '
loom* ? d o long lourneys as the
Tecls duplli at - an pra? ttcally Indlstln?
gulshable from the ortglnab t.. Is i?? aria
grg a]-?, employed tl, |..|,?th?ii real BSOk?
lacea and to enlarge th<- cratrsa.
Centrais New Vice-President
Began Career as Errand Boy.
d il St.:t?? \? i . ra ? entl? ap?
pointed aenlor \ i. ? - rid
; . ? Sew York
? 'entrai. career ai a
s?. ithet ti at i >? ' ? land i I i
wot '.? ?i li th? pur? misil ?; . ' ""i' ??
i???- ;i Inn?- .m I
' .ig??d In tli.
id? ind re?:onatt ctl??n ol th? I?
Hhoi e weat ? 1 ? ? a H? x 01 ke? ' ;
? man and
general forpman
?. ?.: - m ..i.? auperin- j
lent of the 1
--,???. wan mad?
-i ? .? \i .i
n ,:- : he ?na u
. ? r. ...
? ?
? . . . nt.
in ;:??.: he wa ? ?
? ?n
preald? nt :
with jurladictioi nten
N'ew . Central ay at
H ?
?i Bul
Mr. Smll
? .?ii !
? .
Alleged Swindler Comes to
Griei When Girl Loses Angora.
? "hi rgi ' '
,,-\\.-,- Home I
th? consent o ?I i
? ? ...
i '
. ?
htm " ... i
. . .
? ?
oi ?
died ? ? ?
... - .
... . of
? ?
II ? home Mil Uoets wall
iinlm Sloan??. II?
? . ? ? i :
firat arrai a with
.. i id? tin
w h?
..-i.? .i ? ? ? . ? eated
I proteat nocei ' ' ? ? .
look? :.
? i? i? .i a .?? to a i ell, ??.. It I het
el f to pa ? ? tei wl fhout an ?\ i
The Wyoming Sets a Mark of
22.14 Knots in Trial.
l:?.? kland M? la ? ? Tl ? battle
ahip W yomlt ?-. x> hleh ? lalma the -1- ? ?i
d fot ? mei ..n dre idnougl ix ?? -
ci ? d? d mall margin on h? - ftnal
...?? eptan? ? ti ?>l to-tla th?
made on I ? i build? r"a sec? ptance trial.
Th? fast? i ' mil? to-ds ?.,. t ti.?? rate of
22.14 knot? an hour, .?- sgslnsl het pre
? loua t li ii mai I "i knoti sn hour.
'The averag? ??i her i??i? speed nina was
.. bout f-i 7 ki;..ts .m hour
Much Jubilation waa expn "raed i?> ?
(?n i.?-?;ii.i a hen unofll? tl -,r-t ?.-i?,, n
..nt iii?li.-..t. -i thai the bis fight? had
brok? n h? i : ? ?? .?i?I b? n? :.i ??? two knota
?Later. rorr-?ct?*d figures weiej glret.t
that " du? ? ?i h? r r<M-ord b) inore than ?
Ameritan Type Founders Directors
Use This Method to Retire Notes.
i ... the purpose ol re lu? Ing Iti n???? -
i .,?. abl? th? din ? tot - of th?? Amet lean
Xj pe i '"" d< i" ' ' '.ompuny lire.. \,,i?..i t.,
ttuthoi ? ie .?r? m? rease In ths prt i? 11 ?ad
? t... i. r? ???ii | :..,i, t?. | ?.,. < ?,,(.
? un.??? of ti." stockholders i? ? iiu* pro
posai win !"? asksd g\ ??< m-saUng to be ?held
m .1? ?.-. f * ''t> on \i"ii ::. I Un t?tot ?
plain thai .?*-? naw Issue ??til enable tham
?.i i'i.ii.i. a? th. . ompani i ??'? paj abi? b)
thai amounl
Siii.m i ii-ti?.n lights to the nea ?stock will
i, off? red to th? ? omraon dock holdera ;??
pai In propot lion to theli r< -|.. Ptl* ? ? hold?
The: s 'ii also ret el? ? a dl? Idend In
.?-??ni?, to ?' limitad i ? n?? ntage, which will
I..? taken In pnti payment of the ?subs? rip
tu.n to tl-? in*?? ? '"? k. tli? i? in.iiu.l.-r i.c
lng p.? ' sbl? m cs
Chl-a*agO, M ri.ii a A ?-.I?.?-? . ..I;, I
\? i ? ughl t!"in a n..??.??- n.' '...\ ?.?. m ..n i
ii?. a-1 '?* of Adrienne Augard?. the Kng? j
llah actn ? ??? o : ass i r? mat? i
h? !?? r? t? i'i.?' i i.? ? ;..-?.. i. consigned t ?
Mrs. Hat ???? Us Augardf. ins aetn
mother, was Mail-ad to-.in.. t?. ?Eogaasad.
Buckner Tells City Club This Is
One of the Troubles with
She Advocates Morals Commis?
sion, with Power to Act?
J. P. Cotton. Jr., Also
Favors Plan.
The ?ii*?.-ii? ilon at the Saturday lun heon
??i the ? :i\ ? 'lull yest? rda ? waa In thi
i ature ..f .? debat? bt ta ? ? advoc ites of
the h ?nal.? commission plan i"i ?remedy?
ing police ?condition) in N? n York .??? ?i
ii."-?' opposed i?> ?i ' ? m favor
of th.- plan wi n lei b) Jom ph P.
? 'otton, i? . and .Mi i'hartes H Isra?
cltls v Which ?rcMighl
tiv plan i??i w.u.I. >?. hile i ?m? | R Bucli
tier, < ounm i t., th. aid? i man e polk ? In?
vestigating ?commit '? ? was in? chief
speaker against IL
Mr. Buckn? r said tl I when I -?-.??
In?? work ?in the Inv? ???-.iti.'ti hi --tart? ?i
the ii.\? ?i i.v ? t thi wer ??i
n should i?. tak? n s rom th.*
? Hurt.-- m . .,-. - ,,i _lni ' .i .?? y. th?
P..?ni ?Department, but that ha waa now
need thai power aboukl b? left I
disturb? .1
Anoth? i Idea he I; . : ;,; H it, M B
lid, ws thai tin Mayor i hould b?
? - resj.Ibl? for appolntinj and n
n ?>. Ipg t:... poll?. ? ??.:???: -?i ? i without
I?? Ins .?ti?"?eral ? I one But on this
de? Ian ?i. h?- had chat
? Ii i i.? Ing i ??'?. of the opl
? -
th.- Ma) ??r m '
.. : ?:. i ? i?.i ?.?.; Ic tearing
"Cop's" Viev of W.ilclo.
' ? ?ne .?i' tin fundami nta -, with
t' ? i ?In . r?. pai lr:,. nt
the c? ... . ,,,,,,,.?,ni,i
th.- respect ??t ti??- mi n i nd? i him i:?
led I
tee pollc? en refer? II ;
?i 'rop
er of the I
Ihe) I! ??
? ?
? ? it
i m.i
pa of I
? ? ?
? ?
' '
C.il's for Thoa'ind Job?.
? ?
n flu i
nged to
N ?. . .
it these
the rl ? .
? oit? ....
-, ? Ile sa
? .. .-.ii.
|?, .? . .?, i ? den
? ? ?
"to rid?
Ive ii:. pnil
Mi l ..i ill ted from Mi bu? k
? ? '.upon ei ? ?l
tlgati ? have
. ? ? | -
I w ha t wi
non i*? t?. have ?-. hat ? ?? ? \ ?
, .i n .ir.-i.ii..! into actloi .- ?
?...?.,. .....???.'. : reatlon ol .?
? omn I Ion ? Ith powct to art
Two NtgrOM Take Frencb Leave by
Way of Third Story Window.
?i ..,?,.,. . . ped fi "n i hi i louse sl
Detei tlon No ? ?? Mulbt i tn si
t. ni.,s aft? rnoon, b ? llmbli i out <>
? indo? on the third H? or, making
th? h ara) along a ; Ici si fen ? to ? ten**
m< nl hnii.-? .? .
The n?agi. Charles White ?and Qeorgs
i .,! \v. '. i Beventh avi nue, wer?
i-ltni aea In Ihe robber) nt lh?
. . i ?; w l\ Egal
i ,. , ?' month ago i ?? ?? ol
ti,, bursts ? ? pi am? ?i i homp
?,,n. . , i. . .i, v. i., i. p? ?, w i.?i?' and
i ?.- ? ? ? en ? ?'?) ?
Thi |i the third ? ;.< ipe from Ihe pise?
rlthli ? esr fuir ilmi n Ri ?van ? ?'
Meint) re wi re In chars? ? ?? rday K<
i .m ws n ? ! i? i ge all " *hi n tv ?? m? n
, ..)., ,i last < ?? toi ? i Hi waa broui bt
up ?m chargea but exom rah d
' Widow of Patrolman Killed by His
Chauffeur Starts Action.
r. ii\ Isman, theati.? ?i mai ag? i ind
i, ,i . tat? operator, ? bi m- sued In the
Buprem? Court for ??"."?? i?> Mr- ?Ellen
Kltzsimons, nidos of James Fltasimoi i
patrolman, who was killed i> Ismsn'a
automobil? In Ontral i'.?rk on November
.i i - nan >??.I In thi cat al the
time ?? the a? rident, ? dich happ? n? .| m
ii..- earl] morning.
Uni" 11 t: thetn had thi a itoi ob I? out
t,.i ,i i,,-, iiii?. it waa ?said it t"??k ? ?
? ral ??.. ? ka t.. im?-, th. .-.?r iii.it kad i un
down th.? policeman, and then Rothein
admitted 'hat it wai im- i ai -i hla ? m
ployer thai caused the death. Mrs. Fits?
: I mom hi foui children
Topeka, K.-m , March 2S The urj in
the case <?i D ? th \ w L Bt ?
Methodist minister, charged with killing
.. |fa b* forcing in i false teeth don n
her throat, reported a dlsagrssmi m thi*.
ait. lin.?.n ami m a.*, discharged.
Westchester County Plans Sim?
plified Collection System.
<aV?Bstchastsr Count*/ is ?"i"*' ??> ,i;*v'* a
?Ms tag ii?. irhich win snaWe the
wealthy reaidenta to pay ell 'i""'1 tHX<>i!
it ene pince an.i to ons nun'- ?>mtead at
hunting n|? a ?L./rti .?..Ili-'turM. as iiti'l'*1'
lbs |T?s?rit Luv. TI?? BOW la?v Srlll SlSO
make delinquent ta\p:?v??rs come to time
???ithin a yent pr their property srW ht
Ths ?set, '.?r ich sms lnt?rod*J?"?ed i" ,,IC
1? .-!..';?< ;..?. S'tiat.T lloalpy. cams UP
for ?i hearing before ths ?JV?estchester
.itj > oard of rope**vlsors at \\'iiitr
?Plains yesterday and area approved Tbs
act praettftea lot a general r?'<irm in 'l1*,
?tax mal ,-?? ti;.? county, as ?.?.??n a?
for n simple way of i*ollecUi*k. At the
presenl c??. tbere la ? separate ?t*oUea**tor
f?or school, town, rillags and *-'???'? taxes!
i?i iiina-t??.?!! towns in tli?? ?county
'ni? nes las ?also ?pr??TMss for a las
? sp in ?each toam ami a single saaeesor
.. .1 ? . ? ? ollecttx foi r.!1 taxes in a-;??'!'
township. 'i'ii.? t..\\ii- a ill also have the
? wer ??i ?-?-ii pp'pfrtv for unpaid lexet
after on? eat I cleat title will titan
;;?.?! r,. the p'iri-IrnS'T. InatStSd "' '
las li ?? ? ?r ninety ?nine years, sa now
In i>'Ogue.
Say They Found It Hidden in
Police Station Wall.
Pietr ? Muli'?.. ?Dtrni? ni? ?. ?Sarlllarl an?! ?
Vlncenso ?Sabino were srraigfMd yttster
daj before John \ Shields, ?United ?States!
('ommlsaloner, charged with having ?.'??.??n j
? ? nterfell if-'? bills t.? trade-amen in New
Roch? n-.
The m? ;. bare tx en ? mploy? ?! m >. ? i ?.. r
. r in th? n con tructlon of tl"' old i"?
tation in Sea Rochslle. They ;?<)
mitt?'i r.i.rii:.' pn- "1 th? BpUl "iOUS mot'.?'? .
i.?n laid th? y ht ?! found the Mils In ?
:.. ! h a ?all <?f th? celia whi-li they
Th? tor lid not sp ? ar In? rt-dll II
Hi?? bl .? ?!? ntlfl**d r. phot
??ri? its tsade by Joseph Fernandex,
n im ?.?.. . ? i ted at \? s i'???' ? II? In I90t
, ; ? ' . ounl rf.ii money In l
'.--.. ?:? i a . taken ftom
beton ,? vai put In s ?-"il. his ? om?
? ornai s is ti"' ?-?.it'ii?'?). and
the Beci tU tdmltt? ?i ?
b* had hldd??n the
The i ' ? ? mei srere held fot ? ?xamlt s
Mi inwhlle. t Be? rei s? rvl? ?? men t
??Hi endeavor to learn wh? th? r the part |
i fron ??? il h the men aid
t the i .?ii??\ wa- that which I ? Id
e wi man corap mloi ol ''? r
Mrs. Bisch Says That Brooklyn
Attorney Defrauded Her.
'. : ? i ? ? ! Biacl ??' Ilv? wltl
Dt '.? - y. Bis? i. al ?So TOt Wet\
igalnsl i
ii Hurst, a laa yer with offleas at
n?..eel i?? ? ? . i ? barging
?. ? it
The action groa out of the et iploj ment
of II n ? ' Mi ? Blsch, m IM
.?tioii.i ) fot ths i ' : <???? of ? ? tain prop
<-rt\ m Pulaskl -??-? ('???i.'klyn. ;..i *? "
.... ,\ t ... ?. .[, . ., -. ; || ??. Ml I
i; ch ?i.i- ? s i to assign s mort?
I..?? '.??;.i aga nat ons I?.?? :<i
?Vft? s had aasigm d thla t
w. thai Hursl ?- rt? d It
?\ thout her consent? mak?
?? ?. : ? .. i ?i ii.? interest and
i.:,. ipal ..i n Alt? r Inserting this
? ;.?? ?? ? ? M) he <l?ll??*r??il tl???
meni to t ?. r ? - ? - other persona, who re*
rently I l tlon In Kings ? founty
? ?. . ? sad ?named her
\! that ihs ?iu?-t- ? *.
Mural ? and thai h* told her
not ?* ' ?i i rspom 11 le. ??t d
lidet ? thai in? ? n
to s '?? r sttorno) in
g ber re?
? reap it II lilt! Mi :
Hural i- rmltte-d and all ?w? ?l |udg
to be given a?;.?? H
sdjudslng thai 11 ? dat ? ?
als of the mortgaged
'. pp..? ? t.. the fraud del '
? inserted b) ths de?
ment ol the mort?
The pis .? ?? -??' ?dan
Court Relieves Zucker-Kandel
of Brilliant Appendage.
?.brati . / ... ? ?\ , .? ?; i : \. lit 8 if
tree) ? ? <i permission frota Jtt
? ? ? ; restent :?. discsi ?? th? latter
/n. ... r-Kandel is nt I ? I | it doa n
t"?n branch of the K.m.1 Bchool. Hla
? famll r i: : : ,ii. but the nam ? Is < let -
man -. Lcei (let tan for t ugar and
kandel me*ana ?candle In ti?- sams Un
Ths father ??i ? ii?? petl lonei long
...?i discarded ths brighter ?part ??' his
n.uiia?. and tiins made it lightet t?. bear,
though "i- might Men iparadoxlcal, bj
i.??.'..ii.i! | ??....n "/.n. ker."
Th? aon, too has I ??? n knoa u by thai
cognom? n t'"i t..? ist eist an j ????? ?. al?
gh h< never had It legs I I abed.
\. at? i?i.? in' dsclded that, of ths
troubla 11 ? ? ? doubts name mads t??r iiim
? ig hli acquaintances, he would ant?
putats th?' latter part of It.
S'lrrogytc Allows $'J0(J Burial Plot
Will Leaves %ll'l for Funeral.
Bui ? ?- it? Kowlei de? .?i ?i j ? aterdaj thai
iffl? i? ?.i . apendlt ir.? i'..f the
?i pi.it ??i .i man whose estate was
n olvenl ni iii.? Urns of iiir. d< ath. The
a a .n th? ? atab ?>f Arthur \\.
??auger, ?.?ii?? ?.?..ir? iii.? ?p*"oprf<*rtor of Um
Martha Washington Hotel. The approval
ol thi Surrogat? wai mughl for the pay
m.nt of ? largei amount for the plot.
The srlll <>( UlUan Oump ??'n<> <ii"ii on
h IS, IMt, \?r?- filed fot probate in
the ?Surrogate's Court yesterday. The
.... .!? HI '.It mi .?-t.it.- . T Ja?'. Tl..- ?111?. C?
lion i- mads in tbe document that nm
mors than ?ti"f* r-hnil .spendttd on h??r
nm. ral
i Hold Up Man Admitted Guilt Wlien
Polite Saw Tattooed Cross on Arm.
\ ? i .? .n?. tan......i ..n ins right arm led
J??hn Ronsell, ..t \.. L','.', i:r....!n.- street,
r?. onf? sa n belog one of two men who
? Id up and i.?i.i.??.i lome* \ itn aell, h
rtuprenu fourt atenographer, ii\tn?. .?t
lv!u. -"f VV? i :?itii mi.?? i. sari) yestt-rda)
m? mini tl Thlnl avenue snd T11 ? straeT?
R ?I1 '???s r. li?-v ?-?I of S K'?l?l Watch an.I
i < ash,
it'iis. n ?. ,,s ;.ii.-.i..i ..n Btispiclon ami
taken to I'..ll..? H?>adquart<WS Afi?*r hi*.
hna? r pi n.is had i?.. n taken tin? H?-n
i.i.niii In i-hargc asked ?Bonsell to r..ll up
' v?.n .. ant ?.. ?-..? the tal t.-?i ci nelfix.
d??n'l )"o?i?" i:..i?s.?ii Inquired The tattoo
?ABH ni-pia .i-.i snd th-en th?? prisoner
1 rok? loo n an.i . onfesssd. ll?- would i?"t
?.ay wi'.n th? oth**r man \?as.
?I ? i'ii. Corrigan, In ?Ssw \ Markei
court, before whom Bonsell ?.?.??? later ar
ralant-d, held him In $:i,uo?i l.all for eg?
ianunatloa to-uiuno??"..
Receiver Finds They Got $80,
000 in Diamonds on Credit.
Attachment Issued Against
$40,000 Worth of Property
Which Family Abandoned.
Em P Prentice, receiver for .A Musical
A Son, said yesterday he bad learned that '
iho Mosteas, two or three weeks beforeI
th?*y mad? their abortive flash f?.r Hon
?iiiras. seal mil circulars announcing that
the) ha?! become dealers in fHarmnrrtlg. As
su?*ii ti: ?. obtained diamonds from other
dealers mi credit its understood, vatusd
.?t M .??"i m so. gome of these st??ti??.s, it
in said, th.- Hin us detectives, win? ar??
combing the town for Musics assets?, bavo
discovered fi. pawnshlpa, pledged, in all,
for ah..m |t,0M in ?ash The rest they
took arltta them, it is sui inis???j.
The dlscoverj of tl ? contents ?>f a little
I.?? \ lying ??n \ntniii?? Musi, as ,i,.Hk en
cited th? u.ss??t hunters for a hat space
yesterday. The box. which had ?been sent
n. the father by mall from ? Incinnatl.
contained what appeared t?> i?. a ?lesen
..r fourteen fair sised ;??;?i is. .\ii expert
appralssl ?.;' thsii value, bowi v t-, placed
it at about 13 ???tits apt? et
?in Philip MUSICS'! ?i?-sk. at N? . ?,T Kr?nt
-n et, h?\ a treatlsSi ?dated IMS. on the
International la? ??t extrsdltion. it ?**on?
talned information t.? the ?Affect thai H?.n
.I'ltas offered an amasingl) Convenient
refuge, ?bul it opened most readll) ?to the
page dealing *a :tt? Italy. This peg?
well worn.
it w n Brown, n ??elver f?or the ?United
Btati flair ?Company, had eighl morn
rases ol thi com era s hair opened y< let
lay, onl) to discover thai they, ?too, ?.?m
talned worthies "sweeping H?- said
? .? hmi found, In sil, s?, far, a: out three
hundred pounds of reall) valuable hair,
worth about 1 ? pound He still hopes
to And a ?good deal mor.? ?before I ? la
througl Th? two recelvera, the imm for
the Importing Arm, anil the other for the
hair corporation, are working it complete
harmony t?? turn up all the M?sica asset
then .-,'. The) were somewhat heartened
b) the anno u cemi nt thai B n ne"s m? n
had found . ? of mai aroi I ? onslgm ?i
to a Musics on Pier -?. North turar.
PhlHp'B Baltta, of No. '-'*? Broadway.
retained by the Musicsi t?? represent
them here, said t?tere wi - ?? raMe
m - .., propert) lying about Besides ?the
..,-. ? ,.f hair and the real ??tat.* in Ba)
Ridge i ?? mentioned Italian products In
bond which he estlmsted to he worth ?be?
tween J.TO.'J?O and 14",<i00. The nherlff ha?
issued an attachment .mains! these.
Mr Saltta ?bscilbe?! Antonio Music?,
the fsther, as something of an invalid
who ha.l spent most of the last few vean?
abroafl, leaving his bUMBSSi on thi? sti*e.
to the care of Ills ?on. Philip. Th.? father's
ill health datad from th?? conviction of hi?
?m ami his own trial on a gfegffffg of
cheese smuggling, be thought. Mr. Santa
has represented Antonio M?sica before.
? [ can'i ?behove," mH be. "from what t
know of Antonio M?sica, that In* planned
a deliberate fsaad. T?tere aast Im ?mm
explanation which will OOBM out in due
.\nt?jnio M?sica ?a*? originally a barba)
m tfaplea. it was isarned He i??n h? ?pm
with .1 ??irl w!io Insisted that he bSSSSM
.? merchant before She marry him. II
??migrated t?? M?sw fork goto? tldrtj ysan
a??? and opeOSd a bsrbsr shop in Han?
over gCfUara, bUl iltSlt in macaroni on
tin? side, ami gradual!) worked <>ut <?t th.
tonsorlal trade. II was his knowledge ot
hair, ?however, whisk eveatually led bhs
int.. its Importation.
it ?s not improbable that before th.*
M?sica Investigations are aver some rapt
atable ?firms in this lown win ''<? a-k.-<i
1,, expiais their business dsaHnp ett?
th?- fugitive Import? r?
\ew ? ?r!.?.?,n -. Marsh d:?Money sn?i
other property, tak-n from ant?ale
Musics and msmbsrs <?f i ? i ?-= family h??r..
Wednesday when th??v w?sre arrestad on
?wlndllng chafraes, wsrg to-day ordered
turned over t?. ?Kara P. Plan?? of Ksi
Vork. who "as naassd temporary re
eerrer of *!|" Musics company*? ttujet
i,v the f.?dersJ eouri In that .it>.
Application f?-r a wrli of babees esrpM
for the M?sicas was Net bora to-day fc
win be arguA Moaday.
MORGAN ESTATE $2.080.083
Property of J. P- Morgan's
Brother-in-Law Appraised.
The ?hranafsr tax appraisal of t..? ?--?
t,)t. ol <;.ge Kale Morgan, - retire!
?banker, v.ho was a cousin and broth r
liflsa of J. i'i'ipot 1 ?Mori thai
in the luirogatee" Court ye? bt
Ing a gross estate ol WB ?*'? Mr. Man
-.,;. whose hrst wife was Mn hnl
?Spencer Morgan, ? Mstsr of J PlcrssM
Morgan, died on April ?* ???-*? ;i* ': tese?
try hon.? , Wl vtw^rth Mall, lato? I "
HI, ,irs. v : died, and ? married Mrs
?Saille Learned Morgan, wl ? ?
the estats Is S'?"."" outrlgl ? ?sad i ."?
Interest In l.??"?''' W.'h Hw excepdsa Sf
H9 -... in public ? ?
W?. ,ii? ided among ?embers ot the fam
\r the Ume of his death Mr. Morsen
inting to ff :f..
and hi effect? >?? i^are, Jew
(:,. pointings, books tuti f?t er persons'
proper! ' ? ' ? '? ?' :' '' ?"' ?*? ?"' ?*?"'
? 1 Mi Morgan w? re apprslssl
'at wn.iit.
The W. T. Evans Collection
"The Most Important Collection of Representative
American Paintings ever offered at Public Sale."
American Art Galleries
Madison Square South, New York
The Notable Collection
American Paintings
Formed by the widely known Amateur
William T. Evans, Esq.
Which includes Important Groups
by the following
?American Masters:
George Inness <7) Winslow Homer <6) J.H. rwachtman(14)
Homer Martin l8) Alexander Wyanti20) D. W. Tryon (3)
H.W. Ranger (8) John LaFarge (3) H.O.Walker (2)
J. F. Murphy (6) R. C. Minor (5) T.Robinson (3)
A.P.Ryder (2) Robert Re?d (5) Walter Shirlaw (3)
F.Ballard Williams???) F. J. Waugh (.5) T. W. Dewing to)
Childe Hassam (5) R. W. Blakelock (14) C. M. Dewey (4)
W. Gedney Bunce (5) F. S. Church <6) !.. P. Dessar ?3)
J. A. Weir (2) Hugo Ballin (2) B. R. Fitz (2)
and many other
Representative Works of Distinctive Character
To be sold at In restricted Public Sale
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings
March 31st and April 1st and 2nd
Beginning: each evening at S-.l'S o'clock.
In the Grand Ball Room of The Plaza
Fifth Avenue, 58th to 59th St
? \<inii??.inu t?? f?rii to bs tm?t tto* ?>f n??' SMMMSjtn '
"i Illustrated Catalofpie mailed on reet i$\2
J ? The Sale will be conducted by
?? Ba-ri 184 m.. Mttiii.i.n Irssavs laattst? hem \?>ru.
Valuable Prints
mostly by the
Great Modern Masters
Forming the Private Collection
William T. Evans, Esq.
To be sold at I'nrestricted Public Sale
On Thursday Evening, April 3rd, at 8:15 o'clock
At the American Art Galleries
Madison Square South. New York
? atalogtie compiled by Cleveland ?Palmei
'<>? Fred<**rick Keppel & Co.) t*-ur.?led on rexeipt o? Fifty i tnts.
The Sale will be conducted by
Mr. THOMAS H. KlkBY. of
?i l-.u.l 'Mil Mrfi'l, Haussa >i|. Itatfc, Nc?>. Volt?

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