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:Vrtui)iirk ?Iribunr.
- .N'?\V. \I *?R? II -: ISM
- ?
? 1
!:i!"i ?? ?:. , ?
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. V ' " '
g poeta a?
, . 118 ?8
, .?.;,,.. 18.14
? ?
'. ?.Dl ' S RATBS
S M ? ? ?? . \ i -,
I .oo O?
. ?.? ?
Mr. Hill***. Hi?- chairman o? the Be>
i'iiii??-.in National Committee, Is a S.eo
Vorher. Bo'ia Mr. Barneo, the pbalr
man of the advisory committee of the
national committee, 11 therefore fallo
naturally t<? this state t?> lead In the
morement for the reorganization "'
th" R<rpublk*an party. The ?Ural step In
that ?reorganization, a~ ?Senator K"<'>
?has point???. <>ut, ?Is the liaembllng thin
year of s. Republican National Conven
tion f??r th?? purpose ?>f altering tii?*
pr?-><*<?nr Inequitable basis of representa?
tlon In national ?'??iivontlons ?u,?| put?
ting the control of ?the ?party ?machlnerj
iimro dlrortiy !n the bands "r the
KopuhHcnn TOterS.
if Mr. Hllltn and Mr. ?Barnes are
? orioiii-ii to recognlae an opportn
nity for toaderahip when it comes
along they will ?'nil th<> national com?
mittee together to dise?as plans for n
convention next gnmrner or fall. Biz
montha' notic?' Is usually given t?? th?'
elertora, and unless tin- Intermediate
?period K to i??? cut down this year the
iiati??iKii ?committee onghl t?> aasemb ?
?soon Sdoreover, If Mr. Billes ?and Mr.
?Barnes ?io not act promptly. Insurgent
Republican ?leaden like Senators cum
I ? Fo I? tt?? ami Borah ?and Oov?
? Tiior Had!?.? may start r*?<?r?;nnlza
tion plans which *.vil! force the national
? uittee's hand.
ii i- better to lead than to trail
nloni Sew ?foih roted unanimously
in the Republican National Convent ion
S for s change in the ?basis of
"tentation, it will benefit by sueh
h ?'linage more decialvely than any
other slate Its place Is therefore b)
ii.? head ? t the movemeni for party
nal ?"ii and reform.
U M, Combs. Ilk? old dog Tray, >
raltbful. ll<- "ill n??t selfishl** ?de
-?rt th?- Preaivdenl ami those who pro
muted his election to enjoy the gayetles
Paris, ill?' President's generosltj In
; MIL? him :? foreign trip h no1 to be
?in? i.? his ?'?vu generoatty In trtaj
.. m home t<? "'fini any nafdatance'' In
i ?s |niHt?r "thai will contribute to tii?-?
-n?'?'?'?.^ ..f i he i ??'iiKii'iati' administra?
n and the I ?.?tn?""r:itlc part?- "
i- w llson ? an lirirtlly fall t?> appro
? i.in? such devotion even if be ???a a
l?ost-electloii patronage agen! as toc?n
???nit'iit aa be found BU anto-nomlnation
'angel.*' A) tin?? into, tiio laborers In
be rlneyard ?.?in be pleased, Th??
bought of ttr?' one man who ?could ap
?i:?i-*p Thoir Bervlcea and tell tin- flrsf
boor men from tiio eleventh hour men
?-oing oft't.? I'l'.uii??? with all their refer
cniT-r Bum ?have been (?errlble Even It
!i?? ?ainnot redeem ?the eanctpalgn obliga
lionf, at leasl bC has not ?':ns.?(| th??
s 'auk overnlghi and gone off odtb ?the
records, ii bj ?something to have ?the
tuiiiona) chairman working for thorn al
tlioold Ptnini. Mi'. M.-CmIiiIis In stick
inc by them ctooeea the plain if difli
? nit pflth of duty.
TJicn, in??, be leartefl the ?Parli ?Em
?baaey op?-n ?for a qualified diplomat.
Who can laelel lakins the "inepreas
Ible ?conflict'' at its face rattle when
iiovornor Bulger demonstrates in*?
?power ii slat?? leadef by [usitog over
Mr Murpiiy and consnltlng tiio county
organization! In ?Brooklyn and Buffalo
about patronage.
'! hat is real defiance The Brooklyn
organization hi completely obedleal to
Hi?- ?Independent Mr. m??'???.???, and ?the
Buffalo Democrats ?an i??> troatod '??
follow the equally Independent Mr
I'ltapatrlck. The pooaihillty ttiat either
al tin's,- autonomous leaders ?vi.i ?io
?v.Kfly what Mr. M?irphy wants is ?>'
?-?? unthinkable t<> the Governor.
nir Snlaerknows "all about politico'
in ? ?>iii?'ss,?s ?t blmaelf; and in? would
? .??!? bunco himself ?>r i?'t the ii????!?!??
I ?? i.iiiioo.'d ii? any sham battle. ?Like
tii.-.?;..v.?ni?.r. \i.i ......y and ntapattlci.
D h?p i'.?:ii ??nti Tammany men
i ?'.??r ?vas a more ad?
!? iiiiiii.ri!? I'ark I 'oiiiiuisvi,,||,?i
lain.it Ktorer. But be aill trj
? In iwo or three dlrertlons al one
the name tuomenl tsitb eztremelj
,i?i .-. n-.'.|ii??ii? ? - in.ih t.. the public and
r ? ibe I'.'iiks
On the ?one band, Mr. Storer yearns
111 up Central ?"ark wRb skating
riuka stadium??, opers bous?-*, ?bowllm*
nlleys and arl ?_-.?ii?-ti.?^. on th,. other.
i ' wants i?? Bll h up wiih small boys
nil.-' ??* ?r et erj ?ajuare buh.
After a .???; v.,i ? ..i compromising on t )?<?
small boya, -, blade "f grass became ?
rare luxnrj for ubli-b ??n?' <?.ui?i hum
by the li?>ur as |??r a f?.,ir-l??;i|" clover.
Styw, ?aWwever, thing, are cheeiiug
up a little. M'ti-i a year ??i strenuous
igriculture the Sortfa Meadow and the
l?ail ?Seid ha??? r-eaaed i" I??? kitchen ?gar
'l??ris ami rye fields ui'l ;in< one.? ?pore
? itii ti- .?- retobe?? of turf, Bj Jul)
ll..?y ? III bO i? .??';.' f - il?.- public.
Il i- ??, '..? Iki| ' Ilia i Mr. Stover bas
? ' i ? ? ?? We < ordlally n m
"patldze Itb bin ?dt-alri ta giw the
M ?' '
?I ?
?mall boj a i'hani ??. Thai ??. g im: tbe
???arks are for \ prints r) ?rourse In
..iic-ivii -.it. n graiuiunr whool ?^*?i?*i?
V. It ll Mm? i?M i ?It .III?! high M?hool \''.ll
with ill?? complete curricuiuui of Ihe
??reui Amerlim sport should be among
ill?- ri'.|iiii. ?I si ii<lii*- of ererj bo).
Bul i ?reckless use of ibe |?*arks de
reals 'ii>- erj ends ?onghi Pro|?er re
striction??: there must ulwny* In* >?'?' nao
llfi'l.lllt"? ?i??-irii?-ii ..II.
1'oininltiH?ouer Waldo's punishment
??i 111 -;?.*?-1. ? i- i in j er ?has oulj ? !"? I,U1 -
I?-.?. Ii Im i?. warn Hi?? iimi.-i men
in iii<? I'.-'i.?' I>.?;? itrtmeni ibui tbej
\\ ill .ii?i Districi Attomej Wbltuuiii nt
Ibelr peril The i?lty administration's
I ?? ?ti. \ ??r resisting im?? Dtstrici Attor
aey's effort?? i.? ?expose anil punish
graft Is still maintained. I*ul lion If
resolnte II bus Itecoiue!
Inspector Dwyer k.ff easily ror
bis ?offence of aiding Mr Whitman.
merel*? bat in** Ids staff broken up.
Inspe? lor Haj???- nlded Ihe 1 ?istih*1 VI
i torne* and he ?ras dismissed from tin'
department. lieutenant Btanton gave
testlmonj unfavorable lo the Police
?Departmenl liefore the futran eoni
1 iiiiit???? and n?' was dismissed from the
department. One ??r two minor "Hi
i?T?. made the ?nine mistak?1 All ?l
them went I: ?? way of Haj ??*? and
1 St h n ton. Had Inspector Dwyer rlslt-ed
i lh.? Dlstriel Attorney to. ibree
n ontbg ago probably he, loo, would
have r?.iv.?i th?? regular ?penalty for
uh Ing aid t" the enemj "i tl??- "*?> -
, tem." Rut the Gnynor Waldo ?policy
??f "attending to" witnesses ugninst Ihe
i graft?ers grows weak and timid,
rii.? bi.si men on the force wlio
i can :ii?l th?' l ?istrict Attorney .i
i hare no longer any reason in r?*ar
Waldo. The Gaynor-Waldo regime of
| dismissing policemi n who do nol --t?nni
! by lh?' "aystem." of "attending lo" the
Mary ?Goodn lo prevent them from
aiding Hi?' clean up by their Iwtlmouy,
of spying on the ].t-<?*-??< ntor and bound?
Ing his witnesses out of th?* jurlsdlc
; ti? ?n <?f the court??, bag only n fen
months to run Attor the end of this
year tbe honest men In ihe Police
Department will hate to reckon "?ti;
Mr. Whitman, If be Is elected Mayor,
or with men who are In sympathy
with him. When the Police Depart
j ment comes to be r."ganlzed. a? ;
; rarely will ?he nexl year, the men in
t ?t who bare sided tbe District Attor
' ney and n Iw bave com Inced tbe i It*
| that they have had no ?part In the
corruption will have tbe fav?r?rable re
?gard .?r the r?organiser*
Wahl?? la powerless to stop the pro*
resg ol the District Attornej by inj
punishment be i;?n mete oui t?? ?honest
I policemen. The treatment of Dwyer
?serres onlj lo remind the public that
1 the Gaynor administration i- still
? ?loin- its Ineffectual utmost t.? block
i the ???ti'Q'.iiiv ?of tl??- "system
it |g to be hoped thai tbe Gaynor
[Volunteers, organised t<? promote Um
I Mayor's renomination, will n?ii?|it i dis
I tinctive uniform. The* aril 1 need Insig?
nia o? mom son t?> protect themselves
in thi?* world ?if mlshapg and pitfalls.
The navy makes Its Jack tars wear
clothes which everybodj mechanicallj
associa tes ?.\ i f i. g man-of-war's fore?
castle. Jackie Buds it bard to desert
in such togs, : i ? i ? l he can be infalli?
i j Identified even if in the last stage?
of absent-mindedness. The Gaynor
Volunteers ought i?? be similarly safe
guarded. It would be so much easier
ii keep track of such a- maj fall Into
the hands of t 11 ? - Mayor's "enemlei
lh?? world Deeds g fen butts *."in<?
one i' can ki?-k around th?? lot when
wrathful and blame for its own stupid
blunders. And in thi? rapacity the
weather man has done yeoman servies
f??r yean
It make- no difference bow ?good a
I rophet the weather expert Is or ho?
excellent the weatbei he supplies. Half
?the ?world Is always cursing him. If
ii?- offers a fair dsj for picnickers Ihe
? innen yell "Drouth !" if be triei out
.? warm winter the ?Southern resorts
yowl with grief, And no on from one
lll?fated year to another.
The patient and amiable ?\ Ulis
M?i??re ?.????in?; t?? liav?? ?thought that an?
;? th. r ami luckier fat?' was In store for
him. a ?perfectly g??o?i ?Democrat, lie
could not ?aee w_3 g ?Cabinet ?'huir was
mm yawning for him. And now that it
has refused to yawn be resigns.
A ?iu?'?'r ?case of preposterous bo w
Why, promotion t??r g weather man
would lie a< likely m g national monu?
ment for mothers-in-law or g ?pension
system for poets !
The ?love of peace seems t., |???i.Hi
uneasUy upon 11 ? * - blackthorn. Mr.
?Redmond, it n ?true, Is pnahlng bis
Home ?Role bill through Parliament
I with tbe neatness and dispatch of well?
oiled machinery. But the opprobrious
i opinion of that measure which tbe
Clan-na-Gael expresses is matter ol
[record; and now romes the All-for-lre
land League with some remarks wblcu
compel ns to withdraw tot reconsld
elation and ameudmeut our commeni
of tin other ?lav ??n the Irish In Amer
ii a ?being more 11- i?11 i han tbe I risk lu
lam? 1 ?uurai en, foi i'xiimiile a im
was recently In accord with Mr. Red
n ?>i?.I in ?potentially soli Ing tbe It foil
: problem declares that what i Ister
fears i> not Home Rule <?? r ??. but
: nie by i be men w h<> are running tin
Irish Parliamentary part)', w I?. :i r< ?
??in for profit and plundei for tliem
selves." Mi William O'Drieu, too,
m bo once faltered nol at tbe sacrifice
Of hi? m <>-t ??--ilili.il Brticle of ap?
parel r??i Home Rule's sake, descrlltes
Mi. Redmond as tittering "bog waah"
and the pending Home Rule bill as '
"iHtti'ii. Iieggarlj and unworkable,
which. If |Ntss?ed, would give th *m "iu>*
??a ??rattan Parliament but a lio I ?
"M?gulre shebeen bouse." .nd Mr
Timothy Heal* bul we really ran I
repeat o bat be said about I
All of which strongly suggest* that
when tbe Iriah Psrllsuieul Is sel m?
in Dublin there maj be ?lui?-, as well
?a- \\ i^*. ?m (,'ollege Greeu, with <?> ? -1
?-???les which will make ?the doing? <<?' '
??lat?an au.I i'uriau ami PkiOd BW
t'orry seem liki the Ironies of :
?Friends' i wu*e .???u:'.?re?.i?-??.
v Western railroad has begun i
"cheerfulness campaign" among it?
employes, ?enjoining them t.. take bead
to the Vu.?. of th.? laugh ami the
."i*" m tbrtr itaallugs with ?aaefa ?other
nul ihe travelling ?publie. There'?, a
tip there for \l???r?. sh..m? sud lied
i".v ? Oui* ih?\ should begin Ihe ram
imlgii iiinoug their isiseengers.
Those gentlemen have a healthy
sense of humor, else they'd never have
?rdered their subwaj ?employes t?i wear
??-?? summer nniforms of white duck.
\\ ii> nut pa?? it on to the subway com?
mm.?!???'.' t'hronl? ? ?heerfnlness woukl
rob the Worth streel curve of Its perils
for straphaugers. Kweet smiles would
make sunn) the disposition of the
standee lo iir.th street, ? Joke ini?_:iii
? i abate the ardor of the guards a bo
di fj the laws ,,r physics ami test the
ultimate ?compressibility of Ihe human
frame at I Ith street
\ frisky young world Is this planet
ol .mis in the present era of change.
it is never safe t<? mis? a morning's
new?. Almos] _ny ,|ilv (|l:lt v..u wake
up it Is t.? tin.i that a brand new
philosopha has been Invented over?
uigbt. or a new school of puint?rr>
tinned loose, or tbe atomic theory i?
?reduced to atom?. ..r g t n ?_ i ? i t?> the
moon ?commence* week after next, 01
heaven knows what <?i?l disease or old
Immoralit) Is soon t.? 1.(terminated.
\ yeasty, stirring string of years, Iff
1 ever there w ??!??? anj
Perhaps the oddral thing of all 1?
the stanch way we cling to certsin
?..?,d relics of tbe p.ist almost snj
? high school child <?f t<> ?lay can ex?
1 piala 1.1 you how superfluous 1 thing
I religion i- v?'i superfluous or not,
! our churches ?.'<? right <?n us usual, and,
'?after pr??te?tln?j our freedom, moot ol
1 os ?r?. right ?m upholding them rerj
much ?is always Having Ignored
church for certain absorbing years, the
? Qrsi thing we do ;? t" put down n
parental fort with g baug and trot
' our children off to Bnnday ?* i""?1
'liiv occasion for l'hristmas ha? .??i
talnly not grown sharper and ?more
definite 0 ith Ihe years Vet the daj
uiesns as mu? h as ever perhaps more
'And blaster always n confused min?
glingof holiness sad ?pagan rejoicing
? 1? sun ?.m- of the great daj ? \ yew
' w Ithou! it is in?-??n?-fix gble. 11 ??v ? -?
???(?ui?l a spring, a new year, beginn
1 h?- 1 alendar starts in the ran daj ?
?if .I.iiiuaty. But religion, that w i?.?
? ?>i?i mother ol men's hearts, knon ?
?better 1 h? first months arc months
of dedication i< Is In Ihe stirring of s
new world, t world of Buttering cob*
..n.1 warmth and sun. that '!??? ???;? 1
fresh stun i? made and tbe w<>rid ..???
itself again t.? tbe ??:?! yet evei 1 en
task of making things happier. Iietter
I ami pleasanter
?gverybod* Is looking for it In these
expensive ?lav? The Thomas Smith?
move from KMi h street lo 1 orcet*. lile
in ?search of it ?nd theb goods snd
chattels pass on the road the moving
van of the Rolieri Browns, Iravlug Kor
[?est ville i??i- |<03d ?street In exactlj tlie
same hope. Tbe cbeipe*?*! pla?ce lo ii?-?*
a n*sys ?.???ins t.? he the bouse sround
tbe rorner or in the other man'
ton n
Von comes ihe repon off two Aweri?
? an \\?>meii who art? ?aid ??? have found
tbe goal <?f their desires In Ugiers.
Their sole inrotne is the *?-."????? ?rent of
s bouse ??n Madison aveuue If tbej
lined in ti'?- bouse the) might scrimp
along ??n. say, M"-'.? ?o*?' nit bout s car
or g see?.mi man. But !?> renting the
place t?? 11 i'i'???p?i'?i'.s American Ihej
1 re ensbled t?? live lii??- princesses In
! Algiers lion simple !
\\ ?? do not look for am I.m in AI?
cenan t?.wn l??i? howevei as a const*
;.;il.?l.ee of ibis UeWS It Is all M'l'.v
pleasant to knon Jusl where the ?cheap?
??st ?put in the world i? located. Bui
if \<>iir heart and treasure are In
lllroadws*. or Beacon street or Micbl
gun aveuue, lo live three (housand
mile? swaj i? drar ?it any pri?e.
Human ?beings are no! like rats, those
fine Isolated souls, who love any s|??i
provided It Is warm and su) friend?
provided then- mill, is not skimmed
Most off us are rexed with unturas
thai will groa fond of bornes and
neighl u* We are like the cur ?dog
v hi'h prefer*? tbe ki?ls in thealley a here
be ?? hrougbl up to all tbe bribes of
beefsteak from thi.k iti the big
bouse down the rend Go talk lo him
of Ugtera!
So, the search for n ?heap home i?
ai> amusing but liopaleas pastime. Hon
much better to brag of possessing tbe
ni..?! r,.?ti\ ?spot! Buenos Ayres and
si. Petersburg need lo i?e well ?spoken
?,r ?n tin? ?regard. But later advices
[lolni tog spot much nearer .Va?s fork
a? the rer) pinnacle ??! expanse. We
refuse I? spread Its name Man) of
?.m- readers uiaj ?recognise it. however.
smii-i' it t?? sa* that ii ih-s in either
New Jersey, Wrotcbester ?or Ixwg Isi
and and Is not more than forty-fire
iiiiinii?'- from Broadway.
T'vi 1 f01 Bastei Is the ? analstem snd
of a ? rasy a Intel.
An) ????i!? ?man s'ho falls Into th<
i nndi nt ' h? ? nem* " has due nol l? ??
what t?? expi ? 1 fi m his superioi
Kmplo es ??; 1 w ? ?;. 1,. rallr? ad are
.?. elvlng "learn i?? laugh" instruction.
is in,?! .? si bsilti t? for higher aag?es '
Ths aaj ibi Italian 1 an ch aning up
ail their rubbish in thi hops thai ||r,
Morgan will carrj It ?>fi" suggests that
in- ?present*? here might Im hlghl* use
lui ?as an aid in th< ?spring cleaning
11 i<? \ ?m? m
'in.- Sea Jei .-? j iiolltlclanl hat .? de?
. ,,i? ?i after ail t?? 1 ?.-s that jur) bill in
;? i? nn to suit duper ? lovei n? r wnsim.
\ naiie Dior? Ol than tie I ?, ..;
\\'?:!,.. ,t ,. Knob" might bar? beau ?*??
? i? 1 ?1* ihe title for I h< ?book a ritten
1.; m. Town < "i. rk of Montclatr, who
relates that after abstaining from t..
i.aivii foi f? it;, da] 1 ii?' gmoked 1
steadily foi tin?? hours, than had re-'
iv??ai??i in a .ii?am bow bs had previ?
ously lived two lives ,,ti the ?arth. "The
Original Pipe Dream" was ?L ul?tl??-s
ov?-*riookefl t..\ the Town Clerk when be
racked h\? fnresh ?for a title.
Th. .?tibial yaidsti'k ?i Bogland II
twenty-throe otao-mllllontha of an Inch
abort European traw-n? r- ?should re?
in? nib? i tabal and Insist OB K--iting full
iii'iisur?- when thay buy their L?ondon
1 suitinga
<?ii..ia. the Japan? se, "i?" i" ??' d two
pollcemoa undoubtedly will write hU
name I I'Hari In future.
A Uackenaach oA?**lal obje? ts to a Ay
swatting .amiiaifiii on th? ?ground that
'?<;o,i mads Ihsssv" IVouM that sam?
objection apply to a ?campaign against
the Sew Joraoy mooqulto?
Ay Govern? r ?Sulaer entei ? Into th?
. shadov ? ?' Mr. Charles P. Murphy, the
Interestlni question ariaes as to
, wheth? r th.Ilpaa wttl he total ..i
Onl) partial
? ? ?
Misa Sylvia Pankbursi i an* I? led <>?
dlaorderly conduct and "naltelous ?de?
Istructlon of property and >i*ondemned to
x\\x, ?months' Imprisonment, Is released
after live ?reeks, no! be ause she has
be? n ?pardoned or hi r -? ntence has
been -trommut-Hl. or ?because she is snj
less d?saer*.ing ??t puntsbm?**nl than she
?was at the outset, bul simply tte-eause
aha refuses to eat and is thus In danger
.of suicide it would be Intereatlng to
observe what would happen If other
? women prisoners shoplift! rs, child
murderers and whet nob -should folios
her example Would s universal "hun?
ger strike" result In s wholesale Jail
delivery. Have all a'oraeu prle-mers
the ?privilege of ?going free simply
through self-inflicted staf* atlon
IT Ifl i"lNlsiu;i?
. |g FINISHED ' Calvan .
Past the fearful agony.
Man redeem***!, at last Is ft?*?*
"IT is ?FINISHED thus He ried,
"Yielded up tl ? ghcat and died
i ?.? alna v. af ci ucia? d.
; ? IT Id K1XI8I1EI
l?\ ir.? thu - two thlc ?? - ? " ? SB
ii- th? "H< I) Nazi
i r is INI8HED ' oi -- ' -?? still
Ail th? a or Id ? ?? :?
? ? ?L'ait ar? 'a Uli:
', ? IT is KiMSiii.i- front th? i ? ?
ii. the t..?. i. ii ? foi in ?-? ? ?es
IT IS I'IMSIii.l. i?. ...
V. ? ? ? ......
,' 11? s ;? i . th? I '.?'
n is I INISHED lltth i
It? ? II ? ' '? -? ?
?? ? ? : -'.. ir's pies
Ifl i IKISHED He srhu died
- | ? opened a Id?
M Ith I ? '??..i Man -0ori?1led
\i ?;i - L'fl rREADWELL
?. . agree that nform i*
.? .! ?I,a I ? , .
? : ? . : - i . t; ...J??. .- I ?A ..ob- lot Of legiS?
i.iti.'i, t . ? i- Imixui tant to ua practical
I guya -?...-? ..i in? sBMuni ??mi people
- ..i. allling t.. pa) foi the priril-?ge of
D| II ,*? ..-I. r gtOII dl
Pea ?reel like t boss sf lbs land ..
? not all ??' ??ii?- '"!??? fig* *"
\ ording i?. .. i?
,. -r.; tin f the Ses ? ???- k /.???? -.
??;,,. i ? . - - . i red for t fa I , ??
er ware p ira <? eii..??.. ot
. ? ? ? ? .i ..tr.. 11 ra? i ' bed
l*h**ri iv-sr? tu. unuaual number ?along
the summer of ID ? mons
ne? the ???; ?..
?..?.?. rgeat
?ir? ?i i : .- oeget i ? et nt ted befoi ?? a si
fewei IncbM la length The Big
? ll' ? . , ' .-! ?.'Illllll-M ? ? . : ?l,.I
un? -i
...?.???..'e?J on* da and its) ad
..v . -.. -..-?M- l:.c?i?l?. i,. reappear?*?!
vxx'e I.M.k bin? 1. ?
"Ar? il.? \ ! app* '??'??
. ? ? b??'s uni ? ? on ibli ,.i.
ti tie,
"Hoa s., '
? flli? "..,:.? to .???* s a* ?Jur
ii ii tima? Uve esra."?L t "*ourl**i
lo I-...I
Ne?.?, Voi ?? - nea aboya ar?
th? tricks thi ? in . I? to dispose ol
' theli arares It la ? . !...?.
. ,.ii aell i ? ind a of ;??. pe? a h I? bo
..t:.. i ritiea sre wondering when the flrsl
ton ? ? - < ?>?? .?.>? i ' "ti. hut then i a
?lifferenci In boya :?? ??? ahown ??h (?.. .
Roe on Hi? ds) when King ?;??.u^? ..r
?ii?... ?ass laasinated Man) f"i?
thronged I ti? nain? s.. : ,,,., ,.:
?.?.? i? i!i..s?.i ..i..i Instnicted I?) 11.?? man?
\ m i in ?? hi? h ??i ? boy tras disp?Mlng of his
' "e.\tr.,.- ' 'i la ?"? araa aelllni ins papers
aa fast sa he could gel them from und?i
I hfa a ? .. and i ? aecrei ol m^ success la)
I In the limpie fad lhat he underat.i
i human natur? Ilia .?? ? n ??a?? King
?;?..ik ?i?.??!' " the average Sew \ork
? i i. . .?. .i ,i i ?.?- moment onl; one
King ti-MH at and I ? ol lit at ?Britain \
block oi -?? sas) snotnei bo) ?a?? trylni
te iell ?N'as, with little success. H?
.-?o. i Learned the secret, ???i hs cried
?sut: Ki'.t* Qeotgt ol >'.i.... ? ?Masl?
' I...1- -i' '
1 flilllcua .i.?? I. i:..i?i.i.u leents to i..?\.- ..
tin? head for business, bul lis la ao fast
t'ynhrua Tee. he'a ao fast I'm afraid
i he'll n?-.er eet to the front Philadelphie
| R-ecord ^^^^^^^^^
Hexamethylenaniine Is Advocated for
Its Antiseptic Effect.
'i ?? h ? K.iitoi of Ti?. Tribun?
Mi At this saasoit of to* yeai s hen
? ? UII1III..II .?ol?N. grip?, Influensa. bronchitla
an?; tonsllltli ara s.. pre*ralent, esp ?. - i ?-? 11 >
? .h .?-. ???nit ..r i... ?? in.i srhlcli . ittt-ra
the ?luit laden ?.??th dlseaas bearing
?-? h.-, it maj i.. ..r lot? i? -t to th? K? n
' i.ii.ii? t?. ?saos thr.i th<t*ra la s >" n
r?li?l sla-i-.-.sfiful I.H;..I> ll.l ...|.l- ill,III. I,'.,
an?i ..th. ' a? Bt? .tu i hal ??ondltloi
th? tespii loi \ trad I afei t?? heaa
?u-til? li'iiriiiiii?.. a -.ii? snd powerful .?:>*.
reptil ?ii?i ??t.. nui manufai tur? ?i ;i..ni
???.ll tril
Hexamethyleuainlna i- .. condensation
? roduct from forroald hyd? ind ammonia
and I?? *- i??-? ?i k r.???? h for ?everal | ears, but
it?- us. us been large!) limited sa an
?i'?:-? in?- i?.: certain Internal organs
Honvver, it !..?- been recently di?scovt*red
thsl rhen ?taken Internall) h; auflldenl
?'?..-?s. it is ? x? ? ?i?.? b.\ tba- bronchial, pul?
monar) and its si tlssuea, and hr. h i.'??..
autl . |.t'.? . it?, i .., tb. ??? :i- n ... ..s ?\. ii
a- .? .'iiii.siltiitl.il?,,I > ft??'t <>n lbs hi.....I
in regard to coatman eolds ?and other
Inflammations '?t the respirato, trad
.'inn? ml sspoat rea ara ii?nsi.b-i.?.i exdt?
i | eaussa However, ii.? real cause ft
?lu? t.. .'.?itiiii ?-?-..?tiii- ?i.-'i.,.? whkk ar?
?known snd i?-??sgnlsed iumI? i ii??- micro
aetape, in ??.n pesjph llisa? ?germs sn
In th? mucitua membra is at th? nose,
throat ?and teosll, sod -i" ho bann until
tb. citai rasfatanca la lowered through aa?
aoeurs or otharalaa when ???? ?at.-ii ?sold"'
or ?1? vtlop i?ne or the other Infectious
Ilseas? i ? f the rsspirstory traet Quinine,
mal ti.r predu? !? and opiates ????'' "lll>
rellev? symi t ?ma, whereas bexametbyl?
snsmlnt .,'???.?? ?o tu. ?'..?it of tu? matter
.m?! apposas Dm further growth ?,l ****
?erniH. either in ti-,. ?Mood, or loeaUy at
U,. BSSl off tbg disses* Till* ?heniii-.d.
, when taken several Urnes s da) srtth ?
large glaas off ?rater, ?tups the hrrltatlng
Idtschargi from tin ?ye? and noes ? ,!
I ffsvorsbl] afffe? is tii.? gsnsrsl malaise of
| patients luf/ering from Infections off this
i hsvt used hesaraetbylenamlM alth
Slaves? ?,, tle-s.. ??on.litii'V'*. SSI.lall) ;
sceompanled b) citric acid or bsasoati el
' sn.iu. This drag is siso as? ?i foe s
rartet) ?of other germ infections b) over?
?coming their toxic properties In th? Wood.
n."a fork, Maren It, Itli.
Love. Ignorance and Unscrupulous
Man Responsible.
1 To tia i. litor ??f Th? Trll "in
sir i have read v. Ith much interest ihe
a .v ommuntcatlons which have ap
I peered latel) in Tin- Tribune ss t?> "why
girls go arrong." The snswer i? eery Mm?
up -overwhelming temptation. i"t which
nscrupulo an responslbl? The
sham? llei si the door ol these men. and
i ?r -t thai -??i." daj the) s III ha? ? to
er ffo i ??* m ting Inctlncl is -,?. t
? ? ?uv.- m ..j v .?? .t i in man imany
women ?rill den) this, but it Is a f." t
? ? theli i Is ibeon kIous) . In ad?
sromsn'i mon ? i lotlonsl i .it ire
?:?i ??. crave fur Affection ami tu
respond to It t" .?t extent whli i? is al?
tuk't? idvantagi <>f by an unset i
??:?< v..,'
it i? ?:..i t?> conn mplate the fa? t t'..?t
woman's love f?.r man and her trust in
; man. h? i ?i?.i.-. ?. .?. ?. oft) result n? i" r
irance o? th.lal I
..f life ? ......
mai : ris ? y pre t ?t t near-men"
. \? lu? lie In nai' f..r il ?
Sum \ ork Mar v .. IM:
-g m
An Expert Make?. Protest Against
the Word.
To ? ? Bditor .,: The Tribun?
gli i as v ?.t.??.:.i enthusl
?i , :., ?.? ..... ? (,? th? a,? ' plcl ? ?'
dustr \ ? ; I desire to i '..'?>? ?? eai I
% , ? ; . r the obnoxious
. ? I'll. w ??: vul?
i??? end ill? gltlmat? ? ?? ?
i ' all/.? how It ' thi .....*
? ? ? ..: moving 11 ??i?. - m
? leful ? . tbe i
?pen Thi
? . ?
n ? ? . ?
i- .....i i .
de? 'mi'? u
igalnst I ? ... ?,?, ,
? thai i he Ti mnn?* ?.?.ill do
PLARKN - W i:!.'.-*
i: " oi tun s v Mai
A Working Girl Lauds the Mother
and Raps the Suffragist.
! To ' n Bdlt n "? i e Tril .
Wi ?Maj i
! m'- thanks to "Fair Pis i - ttei
? . i Ished oi Msrch I \- .. woi k
in? gnl i r>-s.-rii the Implication rt*a? oui
\ irta. ? ? ?? ? This Is true ol only s
imall j?< i '-nt .. i er ? cni i ? greatei
moni ? ? arorklni ? i > ? ?? ? than in ??
? n u' ? ? ?. Why do I
i they know
i ra? tlcal riotli m shout oui ondttlons
As a girl s from lh?
i.Ks in .? ??ii-Jt?. v ...
twice a student Ii
' . .
g the proba)
? i ? u ?i k
? t ? ? ? pe? -
d ?
'..'... ? ? who .? i", ti
tu foi ' ? thi ballot upo
n. en ,nd i v.? that the
arorklng girl wants just ons thing from
,'.f<? ti.? ; ?v? ??: thi right is Home <?i
us w.?i.t it su n ? ? ? . .*.-.. i i *.
.m,i ? ? ,-, . ations ?f tbe g eai res I
' , '.'. ? w, ,: i !,..-..? -
urd dis Plie | ltu??
more noi mal I ??? than lh?
t?wt leant
, v ? ? ? ?vomai urn
?n. ? . woman s ho known
in? ?.?. hatei ei <?t llfi ? a tin i Ing Is ..t
v HI I.?Ii? '?' W itil nil ?? Ol lit.
'I'll.i - a .mi. are ' -?.i
.\ ? ? I ..,;?. ,.??..
th?? words, attiu m? this fact t?. on? ta? tor
th? ?personal training ??: s -.i moths
At u.-i km ? m I? .?i a? ?i t?? keep oui
clean so that aben love came a-e might
hs.mething Ui k?v> ?. hi? h oui hue
bands would keep .ni?l ?'herlsli li s"tu?
<>r us ? ilatool paaalon .??. ? * ?. II we casi
our i?, ?i i - i ? i.a-ln? ?? ? dl?J not ??? u
i forgi i tii" [real anil - ?? nal truth
that a tru lining ol
lIlill?M Hint SO lis ..? Wt II .1 ?".il? ?
.Ve fee er? on ? Mil? <
? bom Mi Krank P ?? ? ? Krs
?Hall High ?School, I ? lo ??? m i'oor t abj :
Une year Is all Its nfothri wish? lu il?
-...i?? t.? .i ' Ho? ? ? ? llfi thioa ?t?. it
foi >'..i'ii with the ?. i...?i i, ' ? ?. si > :'??.
ut eai ' ?' '"i I ?" m? ? em ml II women .. ? >?
going tu boat ? hlldn ? *?<? reluctant!)
with one ej > .?a i. salar) i :.?J one ??ti thai
I pi I lieg? and duty, mothi rbood '
i er) . knows that concentration is.
the ?? ? i? t off all ?ii???"?h .n ai ' in.?
H\ overdevelopment ol their Intellectual
and commerelal traits there feminista ar?
neglecting the Intuitional, uffectlonal and
worn?? . dd off ii? Ii i ..im ?. and so
da au tu !:? personalltl - and theti | ??
foi g.i. \\ ? .i;?i? ii t?> ?all manl)
i u v not i?? let tii?- ball '? ???? forci ?i on th?
n.?i mai woman. Pi ? will conditions foi
um ?in i.i aggravated .? thousandfold
n all th? ofllce - undei the ???? eminent ai ?
??i?, n..,i tu ?i- Th? de m id always ? i< -
.. ?? is ippl ? 'n' ) . S "in.' n In u? ? '
., n.!?,;? ?aii? i al .at In humanll
,. do .'."t made II thi?n oi four In ii\ ?
w, ?m king gli Is a III Uiku can ol ou
hoiioi ii u . and fragil
?i... ui j .?- -?i mau) .m ki ??ai. Ian
salai v - s ni i?? \. prop i up, No i?i In?
? Ipte is woi ti. hotdln , Il II lot) I ??" '??
d) ing foi .\?? n liav? (l< i ?u il) demon?
strati u this ??n Mi?- imltli n-. i w.? a I ;
? ? monsti ate it In the commei clal Held,
Tl ? ? ? ai s man) man Uln ;t woi te l han
?i? ..m, A *\ ? >itK ? : : tllRL
Brookl) n, March -".'. I i :
f .i.i The .???i IngOs IB? iibllcei
??a?? ?.in i.i ifuni ?Admits Huntington Wilson ?
?.??im na iii> v, iii, -\ p -.,, toan" sftei
u i.ivi sees t?pudlatH n..i oat] i?> \bt tat
?i i. '?m vtrtaell] i,\ ta?- Ne? torfc bank n
u i satspekeal] ?> Th? \??i..ii, Titbua?
The Tilbam a si ogpasttlea gaper, if thers
i- ,,t.? t?. I?,, in t I.. - niiintn I'll
i>..|.iii.?i.t. ,i ii.. President's suttud.? the
i...m i|i;. tion ? ??ni.i v "i.. m. ttrnagrr i
montai than that, h Is apparently. Um tau
.\--.-',iit mmerobtti ??f gtsts sgalasl h vm?-1
kan people. If, n??>?, ti. PiesMsul test? 11
I?.- Ibis l" (l'un' fvnii.il isosgaiilisi v. n>.
? States i;.|.iii?i|. ib? eoaatrj ?ill w ?t iii.
?oi with easeeva] i?iu<ti?aii/ uu,iiiiiii?.u?.
?i yon asi?
Country Places Filled with Gay
House Parties.
Easter, as usual, finds ?oclety xtcattero.]
out ?if town, ;?t oountrj pta?"*?*** along the
Hudson, on ?*?ong Island, over In (few
??Terse) ?and at i?Hk??\?.??"?i. Atlantic ?it?.
Tn\??.j.i Lenos and even Kenrport. Many
of the big ..st.it.?s .in laOni Island are
tilled win? na?, bous? parties ??'i the bc-J
? asi??'. ?>f ttie iiist of .ii?' ssrlss ol drag i
bunts bei<i yesterday by the Msa-dowl
Brook Hunt Club, .?u?l which sr* t?> be
continued taice a reek intll April 23.1
Along the Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Archibald
Rogers, who havs lusi announced Hie
engagement <?f their daughter, Miss Ann.?
Pendl? ton Roa ? ??? -1 Qriswotd Webb
..r.- entert ilnlnt* a week-end i rty, aa ?are
1 Mr. and Mrs. Btuyvesant Pish m Oarri?
ion, and Mr. snd Mr Cleveland H.
tiodge, who returned from Pananas on
Thursday, snd who sre at *h< i-- country
I place al Rlverdale Mr. tnd Mi.-. Michael
M. Van ?Beuren have sa their gueata al
' th? ?i place nt Mew-.t, Mr. and Mrs
I Phillies au. h Clark. Mr. and Mr* Henry
IO. Trevor and Miss Murgar*?t Trevor, Mr.
1 ?:...:.? i, EUvea an : Miss y
>: . lao ar? al N? ?vi oi ; while
I Ali and Mrs. Cortlandt "'??'ii nisi?.?;..
Mrs. John if. ?lexandro, Mr. end Mrs
H el Prothlngham Mrs. John O. Mil
burn snd Mrs. John >".. Mllburt?, Jr., are
at Lenox. Mi. and Mra Roben C. wm
i i ?in, who w?sr? married ?asi month, have
taken poaaeaeton of th??ir ?ccuntr? place
| al Laocust Valley, N. v.
.11 .?r th? partira ui eak up to?
morrow, and ? ??? ??? ? ?ill ."? Itocklnfi
??. the clt) t?> take perl In the many
? m? tita and f?ast i ?- Itlea s hlch tiu
? i!'. .m tb?- programme for the nest few
,.',.- | ? ceS ".?"I'll. .ritrii.?
talnmenta will e
1 ,,i ,? there will be no I in? neons,
I card parti? i, tl tots and dinners to
! U??ei? aOClet) ?... th? ? BOOB .'i"l
,moni th? da nci - of the a eb ai a one
'..ti Tuesdaj evening al ?Sherry'* under
| the manag? ment of Mra ?i Herbe-rl John
' ?ton, Mis. -Edward 9 Knapp, Mrs. It
?i?.i?ii Cblsolm and Mrs Howard H
. H?m : . at which d? : ?' i it - ot this an I
:.? ? ..,?-,,. will be pritsent; a dinner dance
oi Frida) which Mra .1 Plerpont Mor
a III givs ? ' ? ? ". Ko Ol
? t ter. Misa
i ? Mori ? . i? i d ?but ??
? and a dai of I F Ida* Juniors
the aam? ? ? ? Th?
ight .i ith thi M
-. l'util ?Jane? aill be
. . ,, . . .. the
..... i ?
nt of HI '? P. H
-? . the Hetroi olltan i ?an? en ?.?.
'...?? .? Mr. ... Sea
M T "? si St y
? \ ???'.. venu to R
?4 nd M 'f
1 Jam rill 1 early In
\ on l death of Mra
Fred rick R >? it a, i?f if ?t in, s alster ??f
? i ? . ??
ntbera of the
. . ?.? m ? ?. pr,., ? ? mon).
T ie engag? l cotii s ta ?
; lanuai
t? . gpet ??-! tr. .?
?ti for tl enefll ?f th N i ."or* As
. n?. . ?Vstor will < lips ? ?r? brill?
Ian? ts givei In pre
? .
,:.-.: i' . Priva Op? rig of the
,. . ? . .?;?..? i
?.r?- v m be transi
public squa ? typical ?Spanish ?toa n
In Ha .f in? ' d ' -
will app?
?... n ? o lety ??ill I ? a tango
? ? ? rienda ..f Mrs- Winifred
?Ident of I ? ? a bo
recent ? I - ned o ? Panama
: '!..? pris? M. t? heb il.? ' .?i
- pe? Im? ni "f i ndla . ? ittei ?? id ? ?
?a? ia Astee relics from the
? . i .'..
i Anothei intereatlng featu ? will .
, . i, i ii K tins Pi
Through the ? 'enturiei " sn I .:. I m
man) women prominent In ao let? ?'-'?i'
appeal \ .imlttei ??f irtiati will lia' ?
thla pat ' of t ?.? i rogramme
.m.i i...- committee ilaj - - ? tnned the
. .1.tUoni ??i thi ??? William
Laurel Harria la . ? ind aaaociat-fd
with him af? Mra Ben \ : Haggtn, John
? \\ \i? ?.?..? Howard Hart Jo
Hu? .... ?i Hum Roa ?and 11 ?it si.. Ern? n
|?i ... it?? Al midnight h ? "lut l-.?-'' ? ?? th?
; will op?. to ?.?mir th "Bal
: the w ??? ? a.' m ??? hlch a ? of | r?
dam ? i - ?11 ap ,.,?;.
with Mra Roger m Mintori. Mra. Harcld
Turn? ; and the Misses i ?harlot! I ?
i-ian? ?? ? Ward, mise Kruncke, fllbyl
Vouni ' 'oi tiells ? ' imn nn, Prances i le
1 r?. Gwendolyn L\>ndon and Miklr-*d Hai
\ oog the aid? - of the r.n aill he
h....tiis fot the sale ?>i Panama curios,
entra, programmes and refreshnsenta
Among ii"- ?"Hu?s ?aromen who ?ill Lx
t.Iks are lbs Miss ?s
Katharine tilover, l-Vancea Wy-rth,
Riots! T.U...U. Margaret Overton, Julia
? hen? | Olive Nr. boll, Julia Oil ?
i'ii/.ab. th Thompson, Gertrude Damroeoh,
Kathryn Bache Eulalia ?arrlson, Mii.ir???;
tm?ge, ii? ;? ri Hiss, Katherme WTIItner?
ding ami ?Trait?es winaiii The | tnd
mai ihal ??f the f?tte arflll be ?Major Qenersl
Charles V ?Roe. while ,t??-?'i>b Howland
Hum arlll a.t as master of ceremonlea
an.I ?'baths Sf??wui't BUtlOT as .ballman
..f the flo-BT ????in:ni11???- ['.,\?>s i;.,v. .... i.
taken b) Mr. and Mra hath I??-.?.. Mr and
Mra Casa Qllbert, Mra .1 Mubtrnbera
I'.ni.v. Mrs \v. Bourks Coekran, Mr. snd
Mrs I'b.?ma? VV, i.aui..iii. Mrs .lam? s
?Roosevelt, Mra, J?.-s? Hoyt, Mi and Mn
Kdwaid ?9. Harknesa, Miss Amu. Jen?
nings, Joseph s Auerhach, ??'. Us M, -A'ai
In ? .?...I Paul Wat hm I
Th? m?".N ..i the rate will k.? toward
. off lbs $!??>.??>> debt .l??' new
ouse in ?Saat ?sth -ii..?i Box? s ;,i,.i
tickets ma) be obtained f?**ont Mis n. R,
hherw.l rxccutlvi -. ?i. t.i,. \,.. ju
::.i-i ... th atreet,
There baa be? n .? large sale ol tl? k? ta
fut n.? Kaster costume ball la aid ??i the
Jewell ?Day Kursery, to be held to-morro?
nlaht :?t gherry's, Amoog t ?ess who have
tak? n ?oses snd ttckett an Mra, IVIIIiam
m v ibitTiiu.i,. Mrs i>,?iis i., ?Stanton,
Mra. flamuej Bloan, Mra. John Claflla.
Mi- II.lam \\ BIMey, Mra Marshall I
Dodge, Mra Irving rhrokaw, Mis Harris
i aim? ato? k. Mrs Hear) W, Cannon, Mr
Henry ?'. Emimtt, Mra Joel i:. ?Crbardt
Mrs. WaMn.ii Willi.uns anil Mis. If.lwui?!
n Peastae. Tickets al ??"? ?"tack, including
NUPPer, ma? b.? ..bialii.'.l from Mr?. Ai
ihtti Murrai 1"??Ik'. at No, ?Ml ?Pari new
I U?'.
Comp? tun. dai ei i for prias? ??in !???
in? ?'iii.-f fsatura of th? tenc* la the ?baH?
... ?.n <?i the ititz? larlton Tusada) nicht
for ?lbs ?>? Belli of the Itanton snv.?i ?i-iiii,.
.? aettlemenl of young mea end boys an
the lower ilm *Mda Th..?test am i?
<?i>. n to ah ?guest* and priass ?rill i? giren
! for tin h. st ?lancers of Hie WaltB, Tan?,'.?
I umi ?jiie-step. Mis. Ckartss Uaua fJtk?son,
Mrs. PredeHeh Y. DsIsM, Mrs. J. fjor.lofi
Douglas, gtephoa b. ?Hkta* Moneare
Iiubinson and Julian Met'arty Ltttls will
bS the fudgea The priz??* Otto? from Mr?.
W. K VsislSfbilt, Jr., Mrs. James W.
????rani. .Mrs. Robert Uoelet, Mrs. Krncst
1?? lin. Mitt Oifden !.. Mills and Mr?
Qeorgg Hlunienthal. Boxes pttg lie, n
taken by lira winiam a. Hasard, Mr?.
Walter K. Kayaard, Mr.?.. loha T. Pratt
Mrs. laassa Ipsysr, Mra .). Qsaiaa Daaa*
I.i? Mr.?. John II. PrSStleS, Mrs geyswur
!.. CroSSWell, Mrs. Bbsa Wright. Mrs
Alvin II. Kr.?i*li. .Mrs. Walter B. JSSAee
Mrs. Milt?.n S. BaigST ati'l M.?-- Mahs?
? i.te
Tin- children ,,t th.? Laving Bsrvtsi wg?
bold a fulo ??n Tasada) eflaraeea ai tv.
bouse ??f Mrs. Charlas n. Alexander, Na,
4 WOUt ?Nth street. Mis. OeOTge ?; Massai
Mr?-. ?Charlas st.?.le, Mra R. Paltos ?Cat
I thiK. Mrs. Henry m. Tilford and Mis,
; Walter B, James ?re among tin patron?
, . SS?'?.
i'"i ths beneAl ?>f the Darrach Roa*
? for Crippled ? Mldrea g ?dus ? will i*,
given ,it I ?? irnuiii.'u's iai April I andl
auspices ?>f The lowers, si srlsleli \i
Henry B. Maybach is preaMent 'r.
ma) be obtained from Mrs. Frederic w. ?.?
McDonald, treasurer. Ko If West T?th
?ti... i
Another Interesting ?sntertalnmeni off
the a eek alll Im ths Toral F?tti and Thi
i>....-ant on Prldey ?afternoon al tin t: ts
?'. tit??n for the benefit off tii*? ehapel (and
??? the Catholic Calv?**rstty at Washing?
ton. Mrs. Frauds Burrali Hoffman nr,.i
Mi.-s Lear) an in Cha**f*S off tl*.v affair.
Ml<ss Lsary w?i look aft?r ?the Bond Btti
which promises to be g m?>st attractlvi
: ?feature ??t" ths afternoon, Bhs sill i- .,
s'.sted b) Mis*? Msrcadsg ds Acosts Ml
Evelyn Brown, Miss Adelaidi i anbob.
Mint Eug?enle M Ladenburg, Miss irsui.?
Brown, Mlas Prleda Pearson, ?Miss t? ?
Thayer, Mix- Bdlth Logaa Miss fa
Preitung, Must Gwendolyn ?Condo Mh
I Carama! Carroll, Miss Winifred ? -
and Mlas Boulettl Proctoi Besides th.?
fst" there will ii" ?lan? ni'.' I | ptoit?
? ?:?.t.a'.?. Singlag by an artist iron, thi
' Metropotttaa <>i??!a Company awl acorn
: petition off ?dancing by aaaateora
| At gherry'g, Tlnusdaj aftsrnssa sal
, evening, -a danos an?i flower market wfl
1 be held f??r tu? bsoefh of the Vbglaia
I?.; (Cursgry, In addition to c?n?ral
?dan? u.? m the afternoon there will be
'si.;il features (or ohililr?*n. and ;n thi*
i enlng there srlll ?be general dsi
Mr, and Mrs VeTOM CSStlS Will ?Ian?:?*
both afternoon a?i?i evening,
will !??? ?palm ?reading iiv ?Miss Amy Qtai
Mrs Richard Irvtn is presid?
? ?.???. off mansgers of Um nurserj Mrs
, ii. Palrfk :?i ? ??i?"!i. :,:-?? ? - dent;
Mis. R, i:. gchlrmi r, second
lent drs. < ?? m ?gg i ?? I 'crest '?? . I
? esldent; Mrs. ?Prank Bro ?
? ? i ? tar) and Mlsi Laura l ?Dai tr
ui .?t. 'i". ?? patrdneai ? I Mrs
Maybe* Walnwright, Mrs Igar s
?. . - Mrs William ?Men B Itk r
Mi - In hlbald ?Bogare, M
Boss Pits tor, Mi i ? 'bar?es i I
.????n Mrs .] ,?.-s S Bache, Mr- ?Charles
Mrs, Irving Broken Mri
Prai k S. Wltl ? ri"-? Mrs M
r- ? . Mrs I ??-?!? ' '?? Booaevelt m -
Paul D ? ravath, Mrs Hi rl ?
Mrs . Stewart Wing tin :?? I
?' ? ?? Mrs Bnoaden A I i
matinee r?
tia ? ? : ? ? era In?
. itoi st ni.i di ger, s
?fften \. il I st t
Mrs Burnley alll give I
- tlmi ssvi ral n? w groups of i
and song tmong th patrol is
Mrs. Jam? * Bpe)? i Mr-? Btu? ???
i lunlap Hoi kins Mra. Ii '
Mrs Kell Mrs Johi ???
Alesandi r Mra Dalli ? ????
. Roben i. LI ? ngston M
Bliss Mrs Jam? i R McKe?
Ueorg. 'i W
?aritabh entert
will be the
dance at the P?as i ??? M ?
givei \ .\. Iai?? N?? ' lh? i" tieflt
off ? - ? atiente at .??????
There ? ill be s
?i.. plechaae, Hat i ??'??*. ft ? ? i
un animal and ? shows wl ich ral?
. |< i >i las i have beet The
?ckeyi ? ? a.I? s
-?.. plechsse will be J Hori
; \vurt.. Howsrd morton Ni i a ? ?*'?
? v ?Locke, in the trotting ra? ?
Harold ?Stokes Pre* ?rick B Ji i
gigouhtey B. Dine) Prancls ?
Herbert Dodman Th? tart
: ? divei W . ^?t.?;t' and Dum an '? '? ths
mai ?. ?.i off the course Georp Dlkta ths
Judge, ?Pag Ely, and th? tin In ? i"1
o\ Sww h
? ?v. off the features ?will tx .?
? ?ii.?m.,, v. in. Miss Teeeon Thayei n the
leading role IXhc-ra In the casi will m
m - gllsabetb Reed, Harold < ?tl Psgs
El*. HsroM Edwin Btevei i, !'? h
Olne]. - Tl roops M *\ W?
?Sewhall ?and Joseph No .: ??
Another attraction srlll t?? ? i ountr)
.Ian?.?, in chsrge ol Miss Ksl
?'?.m. ?Vmona t?nose ? ?? will tak?* ?part
In it are Mis.? Marlon M ?'.. f - '' ?
Louise ?Clarke, Miss Pamela ?Poor, Mis?
UeraMtne H Oray, Mlai M " ?- '
m.?* \ i mm.. Tow nsend M
: William? John Keir, i: :'
Chaunce) n ? Ian ? i tusl P Moat*
gomery, Qeorg* P Montgo Vi "
Dannant Pi U, PhlUp L) ndon i ?odge sad
I'littnis W Murray, ir
The pualu ;?n renders ?\ I i ? ? ?Ml ? ''"??
oth) Hurry Miss Mary ?I I? Jones ?nJ
MtM '/..>? Ilannali ThS vnIi?? ? ?' ?
aUI i- m charge ol AJdrteh ?Mai
EUaabetl Man. ?Phllbta Ore and ^ i
?Oourd \t the soda water fountain s*_I
i..- Miss Eleanor Hinton, Miss Mabel Hla*
ton, M a loam i tuchlnclosa Miss Doc*
1 ?.th> gallsbui j iv1 M??> R ith u Has?
There ? UI i??- .i shooting gal
Mrs Pete) g Wi ? ?N? Ml s
Townsend, Miss Helen Larkin, Forey I
Weeks, ? harlea Bhertnan Hoyt Janets '?
Knapp, Stephen W Mason and W Dsvls
? '?.mail
The eaei utli ? i ommttt? ? ol th? susla?
ar> consists of Mise Cors Wehr. Mlas *?atr
II) ???>.? Miss Katharine A Cran? Htm
\i.,?> i-: i. Jon? MbH Ina A Kissel
Mi*-? Esther M McCullough, M: farv
111 ? i. Marra). Miss it. i.n R Bio n 'i"!
Miss Air? D Wardwell
I'm tl.. I?. i"vit of tii? lUBkN llUl '1 '?'
, the ? irthop ? di? Hoepttal and ?Dlap? M ui
mi ?entertainment, consisting <?f ?? ?i -
i. Oeorgc Marris and ?Miss ??rets Tai*
! padle, m eighteenth oenturj costume, "i"
' be given on Mareh H ??t ths sous? ??i Uto
L'harles B Alesaader, Mo I West Mt*
In Hi. ballro? m ??I th? Hut I nAtOAt, SB
Tussda) eight, Ai?iii n. a cabaret pap
1 forman? ?? .'.iiu-.i "La Rlffslads da PHa
j temps" will t?< Ki\.>n in aid of St. Mark?
I Hospital. MMa Anna Constable is I'halr
maa off tha ooaualttsg la shargs of t1,e
,?ntertalaasent Aesaritag to the pro
. n,..... ...?? ?... ?<____?? mid
?gramme there will be "daness ?"<?
praaeesi daaosg ? me sad'athsrwiaa an*?
laifi general dancing; Praneh st_aat-V
gendarmes, ?laguera p?srrsta pIsrrettS?
ooiumblass ami dgarettss! ss-sre w
candy, regare and toniattt " it M ik>p?*
that tii? guest? will SPPSSt t? ?ostuine.
but this Im nut obligator*. Among those
who have consented to act as patron?-3SSS

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