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V? I.XX1I..V- 24.235. t^JS^U^'AST^,.U.NEW-YORK, MON DAY. MARCH 24. 1913.-FO?RTEEN PAGES. ? ? ?'HICK ONE CENT
In ( il> of New York. JsSSS? ' '
anil H.iimkea.
Ijller's Scheme. Promising 520
Per Cent. Overshadowed by
One Offering 42.200
Pw Cent.
|Uny Others in Net of Man- !
hattan Mutual Realty Com?
pany Hoping to Harvest
54.2 20 from a
Ten Spot."
V new N ? Bnanc?
und r a bush? i for
ii.iic !
1 Tribu?
Is Jc-hn 1 ? the Man?
? mpany, ?if No.
, ir . . v . ._., I,,. '
Pittaiuirg ? man,
? -,
night In ib--1
Tomb? H ? next moi n- (
- _ ? ?-. i h' ,
ng i app . .
? ?? ? ...
irl us a rief? n
nmplalnt In- ?
Bible profil ?
'-'--? ihos?
wh" nvesi ? h? lome Con? l
Manhattan Mul
' ' ? onlj thing require?] '
? ot >:: - profit,
? ? -1 . t '.
- " ? Th? n. !
ng. ami the near
leted in a
l\fs g4.*J. f Lin?
of I, nton's
? ?
? %i ? I Realty C
an<"-k '
? '"a. li'.n." i1. t this
In n< fai lion, and Its ,?;r<. I r.
? ? i of
R hmond Co
? . p i, ; District
'??' i.ks ..-"?:??, impany and
and form? r ? m
. ? . ? ni persona "ti
? had dculings
aith Linton or hie Maahattan Mutual
Do'tir] L.ir.H Office Business.
..?i Staten Island
When Itaactlvii ere bi ought i
f District Attorney
] ' heat ?
? ,i a bat? h ?
.? . n Saturd
Mutual Realty '?
? ? ? . "a 'irk of ?
?? i land. !
agent w or king dallj In |
New J '-? Manhattan and Brooklyn.!
induced |
i 'inc.1 ? ? ostly \vrk ' g
ni' n ? ? ing girls to part with
tfc'-ir moi .Kb th< se "h"in.n
on w< '??? all ,
sm< ot ? re all trained,
, ??'! with a copy of
Union. One of thesi
I ? Is In 'Ii" bunds "f
Fach h ghoa a the
? ? to paint glowing plctui is"
?he' cannot fall to bring home the
Pros] toi an told j
ko? eating $1 a week until 1100 :
I ! . Mutual Heal;;.
to |ld a home for them af- !
1.1 : ' di iwn b: th? ' ompan) and
h -. h '.. .i b; il '-m.
Not oi ? ? t the agent talk,
uh> r ? ? ??? Int? 'i Hi-itu? tlons,
the ?cheme ns having all the
a w? althj i. al ?
a life Insur?
und furth? i, that It has
:..'.i : ...',... leg of Frank?
lin s notorl? tj b-*at? n ?" a
. in one hundred difieren! ws
? . . these luatru? t lone, beauti?
fully i ? Ion ? beat sta
? mil. nu.. I ,,n f..e,Hi pace, ?'?111 i'.'iimii.
This Mornings News,
? I'outi.l.
East? --i .
Shlp't .-? ird Killed In I*ight .
?''"""? ? .
I mmuni tj.
1 in..i.? ? 'burche
on East Bide. ? ?
N'es , mplifled Bpelllng.
? i loppei.
-. hool Pensions.
: fJIrl Travellers.
Hi K-e Kills Called i ault).
. ,,t Circus
?Saj R? I.i I '. ! Pi te f'l'lte.
de Panic.
ann J ?efends Bei ira.
i il,.;,II.i
i ailed Ka ton Poleonei
Up te W iihoii.
I'eiii... r., i: i .j... i. > i on Sent Caucus
Wilson i lan't t Ind I ?Iplomats.
tin?- . 3
v\ i "h 'i i Ii - A not bei Church.14
? .i,, ". Montenegro 2
land . "
, . , ? o i ? Mob .9
1 'i loi i . . .6
. 7
. ?
,..? o Marke) .10 and II
IVi ,, . 11
A . 11
heal Sauts .12
. 1
. i
. 3
. 4
, 7
Steward Killed in Struggle with
Captain, Which Is Watched
by Crew of the
Victim a Bulgarian Who Had
Become Enraged Over Jokes
Flung at Him During
Voyage ? Police
Doubt Story.
? usual s?,..,'., evening
Es t Riv? r "..t. rfronl rtb?ui
i -?!?'?? Brooklyn, waa ?uddi
? night, about ?; ?? ? lot k, i>.
? I " t.i n'a voice? raised in
n?*< ' '? '.? ron tn sea lingo
' m thi Bar? i Line stoa
Istli s. .111-1 m from fu. no lyres, an '
m.? il i ? Pi? N'o. .".,
Th? ho irse ri< ul ?pa fa ring m< i.
H nail? suce? i ded bj the sei i
?l eel am laboi ii breathing, i
m? n in '?..-I'll' . >mbat Then lh< * ?
?? tu i reded bj th? sharp r<
|?ori of a r. ,..'v . r '..||'.\' ..,, bj th? ?
?. ? bod) and h long alien? ?.
'?? ? hi rl p. i ? ? ne along ihe t- em
It u Motsnm and let sa m ..f deep -? ?
? ? l h ? thai ai. t-.'ii ol !'??
:? i ti-'iip
Knit?? m De.-H Man's Hand.
\VI> n till : ?' . '??'??;.
tip- steumi r thi .sign i-l
human lifi .'t flr :. ti?. t.. going i ??
w ard toward tl n's bridgi
encountered a ?humbles Lying on tl
bridge, blood trl? kling from a ;
wound in the back i?f in- hi ud, i. ?
St? fan Mute less, i he ati ward ..;' ill
boat, ,i | Bulgarian, A
hladed knife was still In Ihe i
hai .; and a n '.nu, r :,.. ? ?,. ?
had fallen at hi feet, The mai
tlx- bullet in lu h-....! h
ended his life almost instantly,
>' the oth? r > nd "(' th.. Iiridg?
' ai t. m Tomionobie, ins face whit?
-> ' and li'- ej es rio ? ?1. He B ..
? "ti^' lous, Lut sun breathing snd an
ambulant e i all wag s? nl i., i h? M
"?list Kplsi opa i Hospital.
'I'll" ' aptaln, who had n di ep
-v ound in hia back, was hurried t.> th
|hospital, when II was f..um] his wound
s i not serious enough to wai r mi
keeping h'tn In th.. Institution. HI*
wound? wer? dr< m d bj Dr. 0
II" was th. n tiik. n t.. tip
11. milton a venue poll. ?? station, ? i.
he is a priaoacr, i ha? g? d a Ith h >m
. Ide.
By the aid <?! an Intel pretei i h
ll< ?? gathen >i the Ihreadi of the s? ;i
i rag? dy pleci bj pit ? ?? \\" '. ? n l 'aptaln
Tomionobie s/ai cross-questioned hi
? lied th- missing details, and i
result >'f his story hi was mad? a i ?
mi. r.
At . ording to the i ommand? i ol
li una. Muti lei and th? real >>f the
. res. had been Invoh ed In am nj rgu
m? nts since leaving South America re?
gardlng the war In the Balkans
Made Butt of Jokes.
Ilutciess, Bulgarian as he was, wag
made the butt of the Jokes that t n
livened life aboard the vessel. The
man soured un.hr this treatment and
grew surly. Upon several occasions he
became Involved In physical arguments
with the other men. After that he kept
much to himself, although everj read:
to flare up when taunted bj the lus?
tl Inns Snd Italians.
When the Istina do? k".i on Saturday
MutciesB, still sullen, went !<? th-- cap?
tain and demanded his release. This
was refused, and Mutcless ?rent below
decks, gradually working hlmsell Into
a wild rage
.\i>..ut t? o'clock last evening, while
ih" en e was lolling snout on the deck,
th?- Bulgarian crept up the companion
way leading ip.ru the saloon and made
his way toward the captain's bridge.
In .a ? hand he beides knife and In the
othei a rei olver. The . rew <liv In? d his
purpose and made way for him M? n
? ul the sea, fhej were i ontent io see
the steward snd thi captain uuht out
th. ir ...v n battle ni their o? n way.
rhyslcally the m.re i v'"1'
map bed, snd the nv n knee the i sp
i,,;,,, , burl; Kustrlan, was capable ol
taking care ol himself. When Mutclei
began mounting the steps to the bridge
Captain Tomionobie sas I. coming.
?The look In the steward's eyes, even
I ?| ?ol the weapons he h? Id. tesd the
, gptain a battle ioi llf? was ImmlnenL
n, had no weapon himself, but he did
not fljni b.
With s spring Hub lei i leaped si We
'.apiain. trying lo use ins knife st ? low
,,IS Tomionobie grasped the dag
|fe, hand i'D'i thrust It upward, snd
then Hub isss tried lo use his revolver.
rp and down the length of the bridge
the men strut*** neither having sn
Bj s supi'-ni" efforl Mut. less man
.,K,.,i to io..s"ii his knife band foi the
fraction ol sn Inswnl He plunged Un
' blade Into ths small of the captain's
hack and tried t.. repeat the thrust, but
' now th. ? apiain was despei a t-, seeing
.path WSJ ClOSS 10 hill)
Exerting sll ?>ls strength, Tomlon>
i ?. ;...,,., ceded In twisting the steward's ,
I rn ??,,, thc knife clattered It) ' h
; ridge. Then he began t>. twist back
i ihe man's right hand, which held th<.'
revolver. Just srhsn Hutcless's band
i ?,,* m back of his head ths revolvsr
' wenl o? ;"'.i the steward dropped to i
; the floor of ths brWta The captain
i h ni won in ; battle.
The poll? <? ?'"' not satisfied nnh i Jap
tain TomlorfObts 'g story snd srlll muks
|a mor.mpl?t<- iiPcyiiKali'.n iv-dn..
i rovvd trying lo enter St. Thomas's Church yesterday morning.
? murder mm
Investigation in Jersey Fire.
Which Four Die. Reveals
Domestic Tragedy.
Wl -. ? N .1 Mai
i 'hai red Im
of I o men
old girl i re fi
i mold? rlnj ih? home ?1 i .
Wl i i.,n , ? Ilrool
H lit, h v ?; ?
bj a in., ol myt I? rlm tu I? In
,, i lo. '? | hi m lint- That i I
i.t the victima did i I m?'et death friw
burning n lb? fael thai I
had received a gui ot a ound thro ig
the heart and h id died la fore the fii
began. Th? othei ImkIIi .Imdl
, hai red b th? flam? - that I >r. V L I
St nit/.. ? 'orom r ol l llou? cstei ? "ounl
M Im Inv? i 11gat? il th? 'i ' a aa ui
able !?? determin? to-night wheth?
the? siso had di? d fi om the r? lit ?
bulb t wound oi |ierl hed In th? blaa
that destro? ed ih? dwelling
TI i ?? h?i ellhei wer? hu.
t., death are Leo Wharton, hi wlf?
Mai j . th? ii ilaught? i. LUI an ^ m;h
old : 'i Johm n Hi ni|ihlll, a fai
emplo ? ' 'I "f ? tjeai bj farm Th b?Ml
lei ??' v. hartoi i ? II? i i ?? ? hlld wei
f.iuin! - ih? reliai ni th? hou e, M hll
t hat '?' I !? mpblll ?-. ai I Ing fa?'< do? n
m ,-n .1 in a ; ? i? 11., ,i a i ? kitchen attache?
t,, the da i Hing. In tUV ccllai snd onl
,i |. ? . ? ? i rom i he spol ? h? r? Whai
tun K'aa found Coronet SI till
, red ?i ' ' gauge doubl? bai n n <i ^h"i
gun contalnli ?., .rapt ?? enrti Idg?
Those s ii examined the ? mptj shel
declare thai II had been ? sploded ..t>i\
,, ,, hours befor? ind Coro pi Stull
\g of th? oplt on lhat i he m i
ih.in ,p - iiiun a f< m Inches ol
11. mphill's bi ' aal ? b? n II M i tired.
?j!,, |, are neveml theorl? Ii r?rg?
? ,, i he traged i . that M hart?n
kUle i n, mphill, i ??"??' be belli
i?. ion ti lendl Ii h hli v If?. and Ihi u
M.| ?n,- to ib?- hou ' \.',tli. r la lhat
Hemphill felled Whartoi el tire to
ih,. houi ' and I h< n 11 mmil I? d
sun a third has 11 i ha? H? mphill wh
allied hi a flghi to gain possession >?!
iln- shotgun, and thai the fire r< suit d
m,m an esplo ion In i chick? ?
batbr that ?a Ii * h? kit? h? n oi the
home. ? 'oil? - llveli thej pr? s-ii t th?
i., ,. i ih.it < 'oroner Btults and
i -,,. i.i. i'r -? utoi Bummerlll an ii -
tempting to unravel.
The ..?ii. lala I? ?i ned to?da) that
Hemphill and \i 11 Whai ton have b? ?
,,,! n leadl lernt foi l?verai months
.,,;,! thai th? | ?tt? ni'ed a mot Ing plcl ?
,,,,. theatre In WIIHamstown lasl night
Xhcj left Wllllamatown together late
in the evening an'l e ere i "t ? en again
until th? n ' hai i ?? I bodlei n i re due "\ -
,,,.,i ii,: m i ilng While in Williams
,,,u n. ii aai leal n d, Hemphill pur
i-hased ? do? n b?ittl< ? ol i, . r nnd toid
? e\ .?, il ..i his ii'- id that lie intend? d
ushering In Easter morning arta a
?bi?' parti. ' '
Harvard Head Will Not Be Am
bastabor to England.
M M i h '_'?", l"
u Kllol ??, to nlghl 'i ?
? ?' t h? ' ad d? i Un? I the |
, ;? t Britain Whll
not i ? ; i ? ns f?ir de
? lining, he Mild It wi not til
i,r his age, i he i ondll Ion o hl healt
Ii it bu
I " . Kllot' tter regrettlt
bility it> ser?e was : enl to Pr? den
? two .i.i'. ago.
-a ?
Filled with Gas They Rende
Capture of Fugitive Easy.
Parla, Man ), '-?'< A \( ' h pon for th?
dring ol aaph ? i is ? ing I om] ?. d< vise?
ufter the i ? ' enl siege ol the automobil?
bandits in Iheli strongholds, was us.,
?i ih? in i i line i" da) In the rapl ur<
of h negro s ho, I.ming Biidd?*nl)
m,1.1. ran am i< I In i he Aul? nil i|Unrt? i
ihr? atoning ? cry ? a with a loaded re
iolv< I.
i 'ti,. 11 vea i'haaed Ihe man from room
lu i oom In n h? use a h? i ? he had Ink? n
i. , -, Dring gai bomba us thej went
The fugil lv< a as flnallj ? ?\ nered on
i ,. i ,.,,i of Ihe how '? in a stale of
. ml-ai ph) station He a as quite
liow< rlei -, snd wsa Iran ferred to a
Excitement on Fifth Avenue
Follows Accident.
Ti,. ?. ? as t v it. m. til ? ?.. l III h avenut
...n |) im morning leai i ?? In?? i d ii
Sa. ns- ? atauranti ? hi n n
? ... i,.to a ix .i aulo ti ui k ai I ?Hi
In l Th? ' ah ?as pi u t.. sil) demol?
ished and i?" "i Hi" 'in - "< ? upanta
a>n ? .i snd hi tikwd Hoi h i hs (ft ui i
. M B|M ,, S Ule"il mini
The Injured men were i u ih .1 In en am?
bulai - - b) I ?i ? 'i letell lo Ploa i Hospi?
tal Thej were John '?'? ' 'i ? ghton, nf
i.-, i pi espsi I a i en ic, t .i <?? ?i?t\ n, and
Charles AM? re ol Wo HI 17th stre?.,
Brooklyn Cralghton was the rnor?
ii..u.<!\ injured The other paaaengei In
I hi i.,\i. sk told ti"- poll? ? !"? wss Will?
lam .1 Dslton, "f N" K?? Pit ?ps t si
,, . I ii ookl) n.
Ths auto truck was crossing Mth street
whil? ths lasara h aas be ind so itk on
Fifth avenue. Terence McaiUr?, of Me
::?. uni treet, Brooklyn, chauffeur "f the
taxlcati Jumped ?Then he sea ,i collision
wai Inevitable The tab aas ewned b)
the S'.'iiii Brooklyn Thalcab Company, of
\,, M rah -ti.-. i. Hi loklj n The ti tick '
Ii ,,,t n. .1 i.v the Palmei Expresa and Van
Company, of No Sal West Mtk street ul
?..s ?...t damaged.
Harvard Sophomore Took Over
dose of Bleeping Powder.
I'ambi Idgi M M in h 'J.'. Will
?.??n r. n. ? ii Howell, u ..t' Minne
r H.'i\ rd sophomore, wsi
found .!? "l m hii t""in at Hampdei
llaii t..-.la'., Ph ns i p.l .1. at h wai
|du< p. an overdoai ??:' sleeping powder
v . ordlng t" Hallow? ll'a friends, h
ha.i been troubled with Insomnia, sm
probably t....k th. overdose without i"
iHllzing th" danger Th" young mst
, h.1.1 i.". n <!? ad t"t gei eral hours w hei
? 1 i body ? dlscovi red.
Rivalry with Barytone Culmi
natei in Real Duel.
Madrid, March 23 ? The stag? ol thi
lutl" theatre at trgamaallla de Albs
??i th. i'r..\ -,. . ? ??? ? 'iudad Ri ai. wai
thi ? ? m of a luel p. th.- death laal
??ii 'I'ii. opera wai "i 'armen." Th.
I .. pv tone, Padro, took Ih" part <>f I hi
toreador, .'tul th" tenor, Martines, rilled
ih. role '?;' Don Jos'.
Between ih-s.- ;.-... singers there wai
Inten ?? i : v alt \ mv .-r a love affair and
thi p ?oh i .1 p. ettli th. Ir dlfferenc? i
v Uh th" word Th- y decid? 'I. how?
. ver, '?> d? ' r '. ? combat until th.- end
>.? th Si a-.m.
Tli los?*d with "t'a rmen" last ei en?
m-, and Ihe ?? ?? nee ? is hoi i Ifled
u hi n a real ?in. I " as Interpolati .1 m
ih.- ihn.i net 'i'h' men foughl saiage
iv ami Marlines received a sword
tin ust t" ? huh he i|ulckl> succumbed.
"Nude Descending Staircase"
Also "Gets His Goat."
. in ago, M irch ; Aaaembled n
plea m futurist, cubist, post-impresslon|al
m.i ..ih. i school] ol weird ami awful srt,
together wllh an .. Bortmenl "i painting*
?t th.- established schools, sent here from
Net* Vors. im exhibit, were dragged from
their . asea j > si. r.iay afti rnoon
i ' ? ..i i he t. .v sdmltti .1 i" elew ths
. thtbil bei. tin "i" nlng .v.i? Ms roi
Harrison When th" Msyoi reappeared
.?a the Btreet ha v. . ? ask? d, ' 11 is vv ,-i ??
.. i nuil eased
The Mayor gulped, an.i apoks bIowIj
i w.s imi'i'i ised," he answered "That's
all Impressed, ? Ith no ?ulvsi bs
He was ssked whal he thought el "A
Sude Descending i Btslrcsse," whleh la
about the lasl word in futurist art.
?That got up goat,' Mayor Harrison
? aid, v,. aril) "If that'a m t. I'm not sn
m t:st i Bupt oas .n. Ides la up. nd? rl, h |
what thej era trying to .1" I'm surs i
don't know. Posslbt) It one should gather
iiitns.it ground s msgnum at ehampsgni
he would be In a frame >.f muni for Inter?
preting Certslnl; the) ere not Indecent,
for If it i a in t i? en for Ihe sanies i
v.Mu t h iv. been sbts t?> figure titeas
cut." '
Paraders on Fifth Avenue
Cease Shivering as She
Passes Rapidly.
Keen Winds Thin Ranks and
Make Procession of Gowns
and Millinery Hit a
Fast Pace.
it a .s .1 , oolleh East? r. Every one
will agre? tothat. That Is an obeerva
| lion thej all made. Bui who remarked
Ihe young lady In bright vermilion.
with Una of a vivid purple, who talked
i ' '
pxcitedl) f hide her shivering as *he
passed Bt. Patrick*! Cathedral? That
i., .m observation fear made, and prV.u
blj not two <>f thai few at the ?
' m. and from the ?same tngl?
ft'a -" much pa dei to talk aboi I th?
weather on every occasion, e\on on
Easter; everj one knoa a about it ;
ever) one agrees ahoul it Bui 10
to 1 ihe first man a-hoee sttentlon you
mighl hsve attracted to the passing
young person In vermilion would have
[whistled a slow, slow note, exclaim?
ilng, "There's a warm baby f?>r youf
or something "f thai sort, utterly i*ls?
agreeing with your own conclusions
Then there uns the fsl ^irl strug?
j Rl'tu; with the hobble skirt of g eull of
!sk\ blue silk, sin- wore a new spring
hai "f yellow straw, light yellow straw
one noticed ih" color by contrast.
Some there wire who smiled when ihe
passed her In the throng, smiled In en
Indulgent, superior way aa ?f sin* were
an untutored child who must have her
fling and later be content with more
'siiiier expression. Bui others here la
; ihe Inevitable disagreement sgain
! pltl .1 her ?' little, for they caught h
glimpse of her face sa well as of her
I clothes, snd her face, though it shone
with health and youth, tii.i nol shine
with happiness, sin- didn't seem ;,t
relish her self-consciousness as much
? .is she had hoped she might.
Calar on Sunny Side.
n lyas eas) i" < hooee sides on th <
? at enue j esterdsj. ? in one side the
west si the height "t* the parade,
around noon the sun shone with an
apparent desire t<> encourage the bud?
ding spring bonne! and such persevcr?
mi; blossoms .is the maids In veranil?
i.m anil blue. The latter both walk d
,,n the sunnj s-iile. you maj be ture.
? i\ er tin t.ild be found ,ilni"si all
the . olor In the procession, <?u the
?asi side walk there was as much room
as tin an ordin?r) week day, and here
the pedestriani hurried along ss if "ti
I business bant. The March wind per?
! mltted no loitering.
Probably because Easter came early
| tins year, the customer) Barter blues
and pinks ami yellows seemed less In I
evidence, Must of ths wornen wore I
spring h;its, of course, bat compromised
when It came tu gowns,.and wore fuis
besides. The hats are all little pat
'hats inn disrespect intended) ihi.s year,
aparsel) decorated with s slngrte feather
Sticking up like a spiki' nr with a bOW
m two "f ribbon, Th.re were si^hs far
that more exciting Easter when Chan?
tlcleer ruli.1 th'1 mllllaery ahoea.
As a matter "I fact, the whole par.ui
lacked something of the appeal it has
made to residents gad liattors alike m
former Mars. At na timo tlid the COO?
gestlon in the avenue approach bygone
records. Even the itosaTaatrattoa on the
.sunny sidewalk tailed in make thai ini
passabte, while it left tin- other side?
walk almost deserted. I'aptaln Cor
I'eataSaed ?in third pas?. flrat lolunm.
Nebraska. Kansas. Iowa and
Indiana Heaviest Sufferers?
Twenty Reported Dead
and 100 Injured.
Mayor Dahlman Fears Looting
There?Already Demoralized
Telegraph Service Practi?
cally Wrecked-Property
Loss Again Heavy.
Chicago Mar, h ?_?;: .\ terrifli wind?
storm causing widespread destruciiog
and !<>-^ -.f lit", and prai ticallj w reck?
ing the airead) demoralised telegrapk
-.?iv |.... raged ot i r the Central ?V? it
and Middle states Ists to-day, Reports
from Nebraska, Kansas, lows snd In
?liana indieati heuvj damage, but <>w
iriK to tin- wrecking ol ihe telegrapk
lin?*s the reports ere fragmentar) and
la? kinK m detail.
' 'm?h.i. Bei lin, Ash land and Tut'in,
Veb. the latter towns neai ''maria -
Marshalltown, Ackl y, W.Iblnei end
? 'arroll, lows. Ten ?? i1 ? ite, Ind., and
.\t>il"ii... Kan. places from wlilt'h
scattering messages rarrajng the news
of 2iav.- di ; ru? I Ion ha re been re
. "iv...!. The death list at futan ? SS
pine? .1 at I.". und ; he In I iresj SI ?"?'?.
Por more i han four hours no s or I
w.i^ received from th" stricken eitj <>f
Omaha. Lat? bulletins report thai half
th- . itv uas SV.....I by a tornado, \"
wires w- i??? don n, and B? rlln, a n igl
boring ton n, * as ssld to be In flam
Th? meesags was received over a single
telephone n in . s hlch work? <l si in
; rvals
I- h i reporta fi om S bi asks s era
that ih-- tow n*. v pu. .1 i., the storm had
been Mined oui and that the wreckage
In Trains load? .1 s 1th. r< s.?
ind i'lp bIi lana m ere
ti ggllng toward Ih? scene, I ? \n?
compelled lo feel their u,n m it hou i
ninnli ?- orders, ? ? ing lo Ihe paral] sis
of th ' ? ? ??. i h ? ? i \ i. '.
The loss o ... ; i..-i t - in lows
nas I. SB levere, s? ordl ?: t.. rnesi igi
: from the s* ept district I >.i-t ttoi ms
I rsfn, hall and in mendous elect rteal
disturbs.prevailed over K usa- and
N'hta'i-.i the greater part .a thi .?.pv.
Where railroad service ivaa linpo *ibli
motor tars were pressed into ?? I -
and - and supplies wen rushed
lo til.- wrecked towns si the best - ?? d
imsalbli .over the washed oui roads;
Sever i persons were reported killed
snd nag ij injured si Qslesbiirg, in t..
nlght, BCi ordlng to reports to th?>
Ai lerli an T? h phone and T< k gr ph
Company here. The storm aras raglnsj
through t'entrai llltnobi before mid
Lin< oln, Xeb., Man h 33, \ Inrnsdo.
forming near Greenwood to-day. swept
over the eastern part ?< the state, re
Bultlng in the death of at Last twenty
persons, while ten more nr.' missing
and i v ? -t' s hundred sre Injured.
Mayor Dahlman of Oniahs has askoi
the Governor t.. call out nii?tia to prs
i \ .'in looting.
Terre Haut.-. Ind . Msn h i'::. Loss ..f
in'., and seven? property damage won?
mused i>\ & tornado which s'iped out
the southern psrl >.f Terre Haut" at 10
"'. lock t.. night.
At 1- o'clock seven bodies had h?'?n
recovered. Scores were Injured, and
the propert) damage will reach Into
th.> hundreds of thousands of dollars.
All wins were blown down iti ths
district affected. This prevented res?
cue work, although every svailablefln
man and policeman was rtiahed t.. the
sin. u. n district
It is . \p. cted th? d? sth list s ill be
111. n- than i .1
With no warning 'the terrihV gale
swept down on the ?listii. t Parts ,.f
the Root Glasi Company's plsnl wcr*
flattened. The end of the foundry roosg
..r the Gsrtlsnd fsctory, s solid brick
wall, eighteen Im hes thick, was., sd
in. Brick and si n? stru? lui es suf?
fi red alike.
Lightning set fin .? many Bottajss,
Men, v..un. n ami children were crushsd
j.. death m bed Borne escaped i>> the
cellars. Whole structures wars blows
.,?? ?. by the force of the s lad. Ths
maimed were i ushed to ii ssj Itals s -
last as th? v a ? t. ? \ti i. ated.
Difficult) was experienced in Obtain?
ing dot ton, an.i ill.' tit- 111" II WCfS IM
,,i,i,. to -"i"' s ?th the Hanses s hlch
swept ths district. The haavj dosrgj
pour of rain Is all that prevented scorns
of injured from b< Ing burned In the
debris of their homes
Bloux City, Iowa, March it Bis por?
tions were killed, bouses were unroofed
ami man) thousand dollars <>f Human''
was done st Wt odblne, Iowa, by the
Btorm which swept thai ssctlon to
night, according t>> sn un?onfUTS*sd r*i
port. Several persons sre rapssrtsg]
killed ?it Craig, Nsb.
Bar Harbor, He., Map h ??The las]
excluding sutomoMles ftoni Bar Harboi
has sses repssled bj the Maine Legis?
latura and the streets <r the Mount Dss*
,ii resort wen? (in.-.i with ears to-slay,
Manj garages sre being batlt, and r>> th?
opening of the summer season n is r>e
liewd the l*orss, srhleh hsj had ?selusive
?wnj hers, will have vanish*!. The se
ti.in of ih.? Leglsteture followed s long
ii^ht snd i? a defeat for th.- sasasssf
colonists, who sought t.. have ?uitoinobiiee
Mured front Bar Harbor.

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