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Indicted Lawyer Pleads wi
Whitman for Two Hours
in Endeavor to Escape
Tells Sipp s Counsel Evideni
to Help Clinch Case Againsl
Harlem Police ' Ring*'
Must Be Given Hart
igan in Quandary.
i im ard J N? vt ? II, the I? " ;
trial la lo i?? gin on Th n <?? * ?
111? ti. ." S. ;;|..;.. . I , I ,
?Vttorne! Whitman foi n or? I
hours yesterday afternoon in a va
Immunitj from
hIni; ii M'
?V-ewell Is Indi? <? ?I ,'.--? i
<>f ihe i?, nal Iht . -. hich 1
feloi to tamp? r ? Ith a pro I
altnes? In s judicial pro? e? ding, ai
th?? charge is thai Newell handed 01
1700 lo ?-.??"is? \ Sipp 1" ill'- < ?oi
Hotel In N 1 an ei
? from Hpp?
n nit- - 1 ?ugenc
i"v Csptal 1 Wa _?
Former Judge W . M. K ? ilcott, N< ??
ell's attorn? : on Mr Whltina
it ?* ? - hot ? nboul ? lock j
afternoon He talk? d over I
the Diet 1 t
and 0 aa told thai notl ng
done until ?Si ??< !l offen d to pi? ?
guill ..
awa*. and returi ed an h r la1
Newel ? - - The 1
an?) his attorne*, wi ni
again with Mr. w hitman, ta
two hours and a hnll for theli
enee, and Onnlly ?made ari
meet th? District Mtorne) ?
Unsatisfactory to Newell.
1 \, \? ,11 - ?
.... h\]0 1,
?offered to plead ?guilty If I
ktt?orn?83 would ?guarant? ?? him a sus
pended b? nt? m ?. Whitman nt< fin
??n th?> propositl
? -?-? nothing < a?cepl thai I
th<- tx ? aid for Ni '
??nil .' ft? r N'c\?. ?1 had ? :
and provldi d the evident
offfrs to ? Hi '.b tho connection o1 th?
n. rl< m ?police "i Ing" with
"sllenct fund" is- ? ftei
v estlgai Ion.
When Mr. Whin
t ard wh? ther Sew - ed, h?
?aid: "Newell and hia attorney, Judg?
. ??li.'tt, called ?'ii me 1 ?-day and con
I ferred as to terms on which 1
?deal with ?N?sweU. They will see m
again to-morrow, an?! unies* the situa?
tion changea Newell ??? II ?? pul 01
trial on Thura
Tii.? 1 ilati let ?Vttorne;
thai th?- > vid? 'if- he liai In
al?n srlll convict Newell, and In view
et that he could 1 ? <? no r. .?-???. v
-ho'iid treat Newel] any differently
" he treat? ? ' In a
similar position tl
fon ed i-- pi? ad 1
menta ?against I
would deal with th?
Newell at first wanl nmunity
?bath asa grand Jut witness, bul whet
he found that wan out of th?? qu<
?receded from thai demand ?
ready to pl<
that he will get 1
? ?
Th?*? Indicted la ?? : er ? an, if
? ordlng t.. |he Ix lief of the D
?\ttorne). h-'*- ? cvidenc? which
put form? r Ii
mmli langer <>r Indictment m ?
der Section v-? 10 ol thi pei
undei whirl Si I himself -
? 1.,
Rween? ?'-?? ?? tir.-t Indict? ?I v .
ection he for ihr ? ,.\x r K, ,,i t ?
? ? ' were filed ugulnst him.
'i " nom knov '
v Ited iiv ? in Bi ???
the night 1 for? the |s{'.?? t., bribe ^!
I in i.?? i' oui ??i Ihe jurisdiction *
? i'??\ ?!" I isi ligan n- ?
? ii and llu>- ? > m? t for a co
? at SU b? 'n r? staurant, No. ?
1 ? ? ' ??" ibe night o? i ?? ?
?i rangetn? i
ror tin B pp -ii-iiv- fund" a ? re tn *
-..?'. form? r Harlem -
.? most afraid of *
? ha i n ?il ? vid? n? ? a tu? h the) km
.ni a in? h later did f?
Ih? I? hum.in .it Sipp
"Silence Fund" Actually Raised.
Th? District ?Uterae) knowa il
that the Hipp "silence fund" wna a
raised and d?litei"ed lo i ??? I
morning of ?December 30, and that '
?lid hi; i ..t t in ' timing II a\ er lo i
. i m along to N< a
for delivery to Sipp
It ?a evident from Mr W hltmai
iiiiii,?,. aii?r the Newell confi r? n
thai Ihe lndlct?*d lawy?
while seeking fot an) ?possible wa) ?
! for himself, area still to Ing lo shle
-,i the oth? '? ?police officia
u h., p irtlrlpaied In ihe "silence fund
. hile id? ?Dtstri? I Attornej won
. the ? ?pense and time n?
ry to put N?ewell on trial, he I ? ??*
' ?ni. tu . nough of Ihe ? > Idence he hoi?
? \. well t., be in a position I
? thai Hi?- lawyei make a ?'????
? . ?- his knowledg? of Ihe brlbei
l,j po] . . ???? tale ?before he und? rtaki
. ,, N? well m in- ? fforl to ?: it
: !? Ill? ll' > .
\. wi :- an : ? ?icotl wer? a Ith Ihe I ?Il
? ? ?n??m. j and did nol finish thi
? ii nearl) s o ?ck. Nom
: ? ii did n"i show any ill effects, and i
1 fad seemed to lie fresh? r than eltht
own lawyer, n ?pit
wee] h? 11. i - - - ; ed at H
Sew? ding to th? ? Indict
? ' ?m. n will ?be i??? ?ll?-?
i about a niott
en a Ith pleural pni umonl
i ..'i-i .-i:? i the iinii? tin? m- a ?
Even on the duti
ne. last week hia Ian
th a d toi ertitical
ndefinlt? thai Just!
pen mptoi ? order fo
? ? m?-.- th. following da;
. - lor v. "-?I?) m<Hke an afflda*. i
would endangi r his life, it wa<
: ? pona? to that order ih.i
\ew< ? ? red for pi?
bei n said ?at eral tim?
I - Indictment, w Ithoul ?i? m.i
, fr??iii Judg? ? ?l? ??it, thai I - .?i torne;
rged Newell to plead gulH to tl
ment and throw himself r?n thi
of the ' "'.ut rath? i than ^<> u|
com letton, am
believ? i thai .Iu<1k?- < Hcotl urge?
? i ? bu Kaes t ion u pon h it client
Professional Career ?n Danger,
? : tion, ii he finally de?
to flghl th? ?? ins confes?
ii he pleada ?guilt y, can*) with
'. an?
? ; .n.?. that ) ?? might ?be able t?
beat th? case and sim- ins professional
? er irotii uti??r wreck was believed U
one of the mothea ??f hi initia] at
tempi to have th? Indictment againsl
dropped b) agreeing to go befon
; : ? grand lur? aa a wltneaa
Hia preaenl attitude, ho* ? ? ?
pi? ?d guilt). pro*? Ided
? ; teed a suspended sentence,
ii I -n with Buspicion by the
i? trlct Attorney'? office Even If the
District Vttorne) uggested und urg?sd
.m?, agreement upon the court,
guarantee would hav? to
New? 11 would th?-n be in s
on to ? ? fuss t<> give eviden? e
nsi th? i' lie? pfficlala who are ii ?
i ith him m the briber: ol
. d the pro ? ?? utor i office would
othl g to Bhow in return for th?
favor to Newi II.
It wa- ai ?parent after Newell
?d?-?n ???t? ? . i ? irl? t Attorney that
n ?n Mi Whit?
part i" nii-?t Newell that fai,
thai liutsmu? ii a- whitman holds
? ey to the un.?!Ion Newell mu !
- ' to ti i t him and ti II hi
< "ii : ? '? ' - Or else I 'and trial ? ? .?
? - ta po Bible ten
Ir. V. hitman I? I ? ?
decid? t" ao ? pi th?
I tr-riv of j ditional sui r< i d? i
?fat* ?' ? "' '* "
An Easy Store to Roach
An llasy Shoe to Wear
t minute!? walk irepfi Liberty St. Penyli minntm walk from BarclajSi Imr
8aMnntmwalkfromCortlandtSt.Perrj|3minutmwalkfromCbambersSl Fen v
?s minutes walk t? ?mi llu'!?.??n Terminal 15 minutes walli from Brooklj n Bridge
."> minutes ?a ;?ik iiom Sul??-..???
Uaiga;Subwajs*el ofl at Brooklyn Bridge
Using Third Are. "L"gel offal Brooklyn Bridg?
?Using Sixth Ar?? L"gel offal Chambers ?il
i'iinp Ninth . i * " I. " gel offal Warren >i . '<?' ?. o*r_k
I'sing Bftrndwa* and West Side Surface t iget offal ?' ?'-arres Bi
I ?i*.<_ llii'ls'.n Terminal ^ei oil at Pulton Street
Uighi Un i id iu f?s ?ti tine IsOewtioa
Devotrii ftxcltteiweiy to the Bate of Cowat*i Vootwaat
JAMES S. COWARD, 264-274 Greenwich St., N. Y.
? s i a I ?a ? ? i i ? - i ji . j
M?ll Order? Idled SOLD NOW HEKIi I LSB Send lor catalog.?
^=? $30,000,000 l=f
is ihr approximate ag
gregate wraith of tin*
tenants of our Model
?.oft Buildings. Think
of it ? $30,000,000 ?
iim1 not a small part of
this wealth due to
"Hush Methods," eeon
omies, actual savings
and el i m in a tio n of
waste effort.
R a p /' if shipping, no
trucking of rail ship?
ments, low insurance
rates the results of our
equipment, at your dis?
posal without one cent
added to your rental.
Writt for information '?? fkrpt. l.
100 Broad Street, \. V. C.
and it Newell'i evidence i- corrobor?t?
. .,i, h? will ip| rovi Newi ll'i plea for
ri. m? ne)
John -i. Hai iIgan, ih* former confl?
dentlal messenger for Inspector Bwi
ney, who was convicted of perjur) In
Iswearing that he ?lid nol can*) ? part
? ?t tin Blpp ".-ii.?ii?-?. fund ' from Btpt ?
ney t?? Walsh, will have hla last chuti ???
t>? talk t?> Mr. Whitman to-dsy, Hartl?
:.'m is scheduled t?? be arraigned for
sentence before Justice ?Seabury to
morron morning, bul it Is espect??d
thai he w ?ii confess before that timo
rather than accept a long prison term
for ili?? sak<- of shielding h "system*1
tii.it lias failed lo help him In hli tru I?
'Prisoners Taken in Milwaukee
May Be Wanted Here.
' t. ... ? . ; .
k? liai TI M ket
pol?n ? Bptun ?i f .. m.11] h iturday,
following nMntght raid
- "? - r .- ..' th? n??t? I i ter th?
1 ? i rive hotel In th? \ ? -thw? -t
i ild was . ? .i ? .. ? ..i\..,
shots .- .? ih? >???? indlng ??f ????? ? ih?
" ? ith? ?
? ? tus? "> ?ulk
?? ?"ll Ih? III. ll in- ;. ? .,, r.--l |. :? :. . ...,
telegrai with the
lo i-? Hi . ? ti ,.t ii... \. * \ ... :
? ??;-.. on which th?
rests i.
" ? '? pollc? w? ?? notified
' ' ?ll'i'?rr |he 1 ? Who hid
tik. n r..,,!nv ;,( K,,. j-.v ,,. , ...
? ? ? the i
?ortl y detect!?..? . -? ?:... ,,|
t the hot? nd as ?? .
i. ? . detect I v . ?
? m ?person, kno. keO it tl
' ? ' roorn lrv t.?i -Iv D .-r. v,.,. , ..?
king 1
h waving ta ? ? - ? , ?
i for the grand si
- distant, ; ?i ma
? ? ? ....
he mad? whll? r? -: -i Ii _ ?i n ?
? i- t?? ?Ustr.i. i t'.. offl? ST! from ||
tu,, fugitives. At 1Mb mom? nt, boi
the ?Jetaethrai h. (an artlrit] with theli
?? -."iv.-rs. ;?-??l though the otl pr it
c iped ? ? ? ? ...
Th?- wounded man Baturda) r?.r,-ri..r?
\ Islt.-.I f!,f rout . ... isked
?" ?be ?direct? ?I t<? t; ? ,n- -, ;
" ? o aro laed th<? mi
'??"'? . ? w? _lr?
n? Dr. A i . ? n, th?
titled and h< -,
? ? I? ? d the docl
? ?' ?
McAdoo Departs Without Nam
ing New Port Collector.
M? Adoo of th? i ? i?
partment returned ?
t Ighl with l having pi k< I out a
for Collet ? ? ? Port, the mosl
portant oil ? ? ? here. Th?
both him .-,i d pr?
Wilson con ild? rabl . .
Loeb is am ? t the earllesl
possible m-.iv vi to uke the plai ?
tad with th? .
? ?'".<? Um?
. ''ndl.-. F ? : Maloi beei iloua to
Ret the i ? f rollertoi but II
i '????<'? -? ? ? i td< ? ? . ?... . ?
B man of v or? ? p? ? I? ? ?. i>,, |h? . ?
' ? ? ' ? who hav? I ?
? '? : ? i ' doe h,iv. not ?
? ' laW?i to th? otl ? . v.i thati
i< ph .,- ...|
???'??' M< Adoo Baa or, itoi ? ? Ooi
man before h? left foi Waahlngt
tood they ha I a 1 g tall
il candidat? I the < ill? I
i of Julian iv.in , formerl
? ' ?Borough pr? ?!. ... -.; ?. ? . . , _na
nos Superintendent of ?Public Building!?
?' '' inppll? . i i- ' Bugge ted I ; nam?
f<n th?- plan Mr Reatt) mnu ? ??
foi Qrovet Cleveland and aft? rward foi
!?'? Idenl w ii- '??? ah? ?? he ?.->?. hi ? I m
1 ' ' Ion i ? - - It t?i ad i?>? r, und? r
ri.' lhal Mi Reatt! wsnted to I Coi
- oner ??f i.;, i ?...
'' '?' l* ,; Ti .... lawyer,
" ii 'i? lai "f the '?'?!!... M? ?
W llson [??ague, hai bean geni
of i"1" hoi i" ? harg? "f eustomi work
M msj be thsl h? win be placed In the
office of th? United : late? tttorney.
Chinese Carpenter Accused of
Attacking Steamer's Officer.
' I ? I ?O?? er Uall, of th? Standard O I
' ,;.an: la dj Ing In th.? Ba:
" ' ' "oepltal as il e result ol an il
? ? k made upon him on board the ship
'? lard ? morning He hai ,. long
? '' '" '"?' head a hleh was ??nada bj an
??? wield-ad I?? one of hla i ,, p
'" ??'" '?"'"? hospital ami. oil a col
',;" ,,v ,s Uag . Chung, ??arpenter,
" ! '? "' on the Romany. L*hung la
IT? ring from expoaure caui ? d b; hla
i ?ii uiK -terboard to , -..,,?. .,,,, ,
?'hung la a prisoner, and if hli .||
tlon permits he will ba arraigned befon
Recorded Mara In the 'u, ..?. . ,?,?..?
I"""'1 |,|l;' ?nornlng chargad with ati ?
"""> aaaaull upon ?;,,,i Chun- Ul|l
" ,u; "????????nt concerning the attach
"" ,h" chM "".- end aa yel ,?.. ,.,,,,
'Htlon of ti,, ,.,?.,.,.,? MI;II| )ims (ii|
?hai the poll-,M ,?? ,,??,,,?? h|
The Roman) la Had up al the Htandart
' " ,J'"k- ??yonne Chung .,-,?.. ,,,, offl
cen much ?troubla on the trip over ,.
""',|""; '" "'" .tea ?n. i--,,,,.,, he'wm
urrested wande/rlng aboul the atrests ??f
Bayonne, ih- u..u ?arralgn-sd i?, rore u.?
corder Mara and w.,y tlnai <:? He aas
Ih? n taken bach lo the ?'??ami r
' i??ai hla arrival al th ship n i? aald
hi h??-am? abusiva and Iih.i t., i,, placed
fi ahaeklea Ha f??-?i himself from th?
irons. Then a Oghl followed, during
whh-h Chief ?Oflteer Oall was woii,,?]^.
Austria Demands Suspension
Hostilities Around Scutari
Pending Total Withdrawal
of Civil Population.
j Little Power Replies She Ca
not Allow Great Neighbor
to Exercise Sovereign
Rights in Territory
She Occupies.
It- Cable? r ' . r tha? ?
i."'i?l"ti. March 2. Austrls ?/eat? rd
delivered ?-?i Cettlnje ?i note to the i
r- ci thai if the civil population of h\
tari ?rere ? ? ? ? f allowed to I? ei ?? the el
th.? ?Dual Monarch] would take coerc?
m. ?aaurea to obtain thai result.
I tal] h,?r- i??i<??ii ?-mu?,n- action In I ???
"f the non combatants m B? utarl, h
\? ithoul ? Kpr?*ss1ng an? threat, ?i
Russia, ii'?? ii lend ol Mont? negro, h
niviaad ii"? governmenl at CettlnJ?
.i'. ? de to auatria's demand.
\uatrts Is sending ?? at? imer '" An
vari, tin? ti..;ir?-?i ?port i" ?Scutari, i i
dentl) expecting ?thai this, her s<" "t
i.? |ue ii for ll ' i.i? !.-.? of ti." ? i? Ills
uiii n"i be refused, .un? has also ms
? '. ar *>*? hal she n quirt m > "im.. 11
??nil the other Incidents ??' the ?iisi>n
i'?'t?\?' n tti" t?.??. countrl? -
News from Montenegrin headqtia
I? ra Indi? atea that King NIchoL i I
lleves Hint til.? f;i!l ?.)' S.-':ir?fi I?. I?
min? ni He la In .'?'nun.'"?! of 11.?
I'iu'-.l ?Servian and Montenegrin um
numbering _2,0(M), i'i om the name sour
?r ? m port? 'i ''int the ? rt\ has air? a?
I .. ? ,i ? ? . ? . ? ? | id n??? lit
building? I ? ? lai iged i?'.? ?
?n. prevails, and ii Is report? d ill
.uatilans and Italia*
in ??-. m? an ?im. ? ? ??;.?. ni ii'.\
,.f || . ; ? . ? I ?' I
?ir? b?a) submitting to Ihegovernmen
,xt ih? -?'M- ? ?? iggeal -? ?*"n
? for pea?*? te ho *
,-t t . presented to Tu
lo r
? |th ?regard to the I I
? " . public and pr? - of tl
t ,t. ?a .i.? not i* cell ? Ih? ? I
. ?? ? . March '-'?"? M I? ? r"
sni ? ?.?ti
Itimal ' Moni
to-day i ndlng a nslon of tl
...... ... ? .?
? i . . ? l loi
? M '
i? n? ?if".
in n i r<". tout note, wl ha
in threatening terms ?usti
. : tbal sll Cs'.."'? ? .?? 'I Mah??n
?..,.' ? . ? xtvei
the Mont? negrit
ted to rel ? I Ihelr foi mer faith.
With a vtew 1 Ing that tl
. catloi
? ? ? . ?
., . p, ?polnI
? a the Mol
grin memo? ?
1'in ? ntal ? ? ? '
a ? . ....
t th? ,?-????? tat?
thai ahe could nol How th?
righl of ' ? ? ; m ???
... ..: Montei
Austl ? ? ?It?? ri' ? ? i't ih' ..n v.
ii.. ?j-ro .ini thai l*i
word 11 . ? inly, in i
m? nt ? ?r. les I ' ' ? v
\ ? ?. ? ? .| r?"t ?.ti nc
, ".mi "? i1 . form ol ?
. . e of Ita conten?
The ' ? H?lela 1 Joui nal |
In a hi? h it I tat?
.?? ? -atholic and Mai etai ul
: ?. ? || ? ? a i?? ?
i ? ihodoi < ?hun h but w? n
. ?. .| i.?, ih?- Mont? <? ? -? In .-. h?
.i.|\ is. .| th. in t. ? ?I ll li' . . I h
ni"?, einen) spread, howcv? | be r o?
pi.- \?. re unabl? t" und? n land \? !i ?
lould nol r? lui n i" the old faith,
of ?? hi' h the) had pn sarv? ?I the
Wh< r i'?* ' r? i" itad M" ? ?
mand i In Ir ? I h a a k' ant? ?i
Th? prie i Palle, t!,?? commu ? in
explains, was arrested for Inciting the
Albanians against Montenegro lie
a/a ?being taken to Ipek foi trial, whan
he ritt? mpted lo ? acape ??"?l a ?? hu
\ i. iih.i. M.??? h '-'?? Austii,? la send?
ing ih.? \r. ? ? 'onsul al Prlsn nd .". i
the ? 'ath?li? Ir? bblshop "i I ? kup ??<
jakovs i" investigate the killing -?f
a t? ami i a III leav? j i let le al .'ii
earlj date with provlslona and blankets
for th? needy among lb? civil popula?
tion of ?Bcutarl.
Constantine Meets Mother,
Queen Olga, in Death Chamber.
ialoi :? .i Man h 3 King ? "ii lantln?
m 11\ ? ??! hers i" 'in? m i? i ??.i.?- ??'?? i.? i n 1.11 by
ti?? populac? The foreign arai hips flrtsd
i sluts of twenty-one gun? Ths King
: how? ?i ^r? .?i ,-i 1.1, and tin- me? tin?: be
tween htm snd hla mothei Queen Olga
m ths death chambei ???;?** rn<>s< affecting,
both burstiag Into leai
The Imi'Iv ??f iti? i,it?- King ?-?-'il Ile m
?tat? '" moi m??, .m?! th?? i. ?i.!, m ,,r
?Balonlf-a arlll I? sllowed t'i pa? befor?
th? '"Ihn
Seasoned Troops, Well Fed and
Clad, Man Tchataldja Lines
I I? ? "I r ,,, ?i .. |,?i...,? |
i."i??l"ii. March 24 Two su ? "i
i ? ? i*ondenta Wim have i" ? n m' n? ?i i?i
'"in ih. neadojuur.? ra "f the Turki h
army al Tchatatdja send long dis
Datchas about ths r?organis?t!?.i the
Ottonau army. Order, It would ap?
pear, has i..??n evolved ??m "f chaos
There am n??\s- il*??.?????? ?*-eaaon?Bd it"??i?>
atong Hur iiiiff?. iiseleas and superanu
sted Mii'inii.s have bean weeded oat,
supply trains have been ?***wfianlgsd.
and the Turkish ?soldi? r is nom w.n (ad
Iwr'H Clad .'?IHl Will ll'.USP?.!. Ms I"
??overdue pay has evidently ',r*>n test
? omlng, ?ind the full n suit i-s ? ???
morale ;?ini an excellenl degi i e
?/.z' i Pacha, it is asserted, to-di
commanda ;? tust class lighting force
ii calibre vaetl) superior to thai of I
famished divisions which bore tl
brunt ?'i tin Bulgarian onslaught
ILule Burgas ??nd on the Thracfa
I I'lHIl'S
! Aeroplane He Says Landed i
Fiatbush Can't Be Found.
i;nui. .i i.', rmwallght, Harrj m Jon?
I Hia "parcel post aviator,"* ?aya h?' i?
Mamarone h m 11:16 o'ctocfc Batiirdi
night, ?fid ifti i i?, in--- shifted and turn?
!.' Hi. win.I in \..'i"H i|ir.?tl"n -, liniil
landed ;it Utlcs and "Jlatbui h avenues, ??
'?ii ?ii? i,..in- after he had encended
his Burgt-ss-Wrighl machine, Jonea ba
made four trlea to ?r? I oft the earth aril
hia m<*chanlcian, Roj Aahley, but failli
m tii'- h? ?i?. Ided t" h. i.? tii?- Hlghi hin
-.ir. ? ...?. .i i.'.i ' Island ?as a her? I
orl| H'.ill: Intended t" land
At ih, mu. Jon? lefl ti.? ??round writ
It h "'inn.' there era pra? tlcatl) 1111 ? ? ? ?
?i. aind, ;"'.'i with thos? condlttona hetii
u,red In making Governor's Island in
tel I bort i'?ri"'i. But Ins <;il?iil?itl??ii
went amis? Hi had gone about ?i mil
aftei ii' ;iiowe "i th? ?? Ir a hen he srs
? uighl in ,i srlnd blowing about fiftec
mite? an hour. Bven that ?li'i not i "?*'
to bother him, and he llgured he ""i1
?h? Island i'l-i the hum
Bui ii? i.? reached Harlem the nrl?
:?i. m i"ii? mile an h? in at? had ?-??'
? ? .?i narros ? a ? pe I om I" Ing tbr? s
..?it of h Ii inri' hi?e
Then ii?. maohlne head?*d for Platbueh
Por ?.? than twentj minute? Jones ken
looking around, until he i ?? ??'?? d
"i ii..i nish After ? I i ling thi
i .,-1 ? ? .]?
... ni i ? ' ? ? ? w. ? ? i., i r m .' tel?
phon? h? Ina commun!? at? <i ?? "h in
l'i.iii, .i.in..- then atai '? d back t?
.... m . i .. ,,. men ?? h?
V . ..... -
then ws? ?in as] luin i ear b
Mthoug ? ? ? ? ? ITort had ?? ? n mad? l?
in,.i ii . ? a/her? Jont-i ?aid h<
I ..i i.uni.'.i. in. : night d?
. '.. t? th? ?ver? unabli to <i" ?o, hoi
I ? ? -, (in.I ?m? In tt'.it \
, mi . . . ...
ICI ? ?I' ..? ?
?Stroii?- Arm Squad Men Get
Beating and a Prisoner.
I '. I- Uvi .1. ? ? I Hulli? ?in
Thorn? : ? ???.???; ?i?, ? ..-.
? '"lit; ,i*m ?!'. "i. w? r< s ?
? ? , . .. ...,,?.
? ? ? ? ? : i ?. i? man,
i msell I ? ?
? ' f. .
II . .
Thi I? ?? ? thinking I the mai
then? to ?
...m lie I? ?! them, rdlng
? |
"f -, ? ?
? ? ? ?.mn
four went I .. .v.u.
II befo
" ? . their badi
\\ i . h i . .? | t-. land 'ir,
? ? ' ?? III ?A 111? h liolll |a?
I taking I
. Ireel Thi
a.?! him .i ? ? princli si
em east in 28th
* ? ? ?? n the
tree) I tweei Sixth
? ? ' ' . i
? ?
t i.i upon hi .fter ?? - l ??
? o oil
i ? ( ? West |
But Only Technical Questions
Stand in Way of Final
Strike Settlement.
Philadelphia, Mai. h g final aettle
m- ni or the questions al Issue between
the Paint Creek Colll?frles C?omp_ai av?i
the minera who have be? n <?n Btrtk? at the
company's W? t Virginia propertlea f??1'
about ?ten months awaits thr r.?turn or
W. U Connell, president ??f the out?
l?;nr, who i-: . \|i?-i t..| home from I'una
ina ??n April "
.lohn P. White, International president
of the United Mine \\ orkera ...f im? I
asserted to*nlghl h< ?it?l n??i expect any
difficult) in effecting ? aaitlemenl <>n Ihe
hasi which he arran?r??d yaatsrday with
T. i. Koater, a dlrect?w of the ?*ompnny.
Mr. White will leave here to-morrow flor
Weal Virginia, when he ?.??ill confer with
th<- mili. r?. and advise as to legal action.
Which, ll? says. \?!ll he cariloil to tin- Sll
pi m.- Court of the United stat.?s to ob?
tain for the miners ti??- ?right to organise,
According to Mr White, Mr Poetar
conceded Beml monthly pay, check weigh?
men ?payment on the baala of a ton of
-..'.M noun??i and th?- ?right t?. organise.
The questlom awaiting Mr Connetl'a ?i?
termination are of a technical nature
t'h,?ii. (.ton. W. \n , Mareh -?'? <;?iv.r
?1..I- Hatfleld wenl to Mucklow, one of
the storm centres of the strike, yea
terday. He had twenty-four prlaonera
broughl before him, twenty of whom had
been d?fendants in t?v recent triai b^tor?
a military ?ourt ??liarRrrl with conspira?!
to commit murder and incite riot, lie in.
formed the prisonsrs that he d?-vir?a
panes In preference t<? scnt'-ncttii; th?; mes
to th.. penitentiary.
Although they had br??n found K'lilty
by Ih? militar) ?onrl. ha said he wonln
release ?then under ?usp? mied ?aenteneaa
. ubji ?t t?> arrest If they failed to coodaet
themselves peacefully. All p'rot-teed to
I maintain the laws of th? atata and i..(i
ti?. <n?-ti,? t
j Champion Wing Shot of World
Seventeen Years.
Springfield, III.. March 3 Captant v y
Bogsrdus, for ?seventeen ?-??ars the v..m
pion ?in? shot of th.? world, died t?. nuht
.it vi home in l.ini'oln, III.
Captain Bogsrdua won the champion.
?ship ?of America m 1171 and went '?? ?sag
land in ?IRS. There he met all <"iii??rs.
;? essfull) defending tii?? champions ?;
until i?7\ when h?- returned to America
H.? held tii'- distinction ?.r ?being th?-- ?>niv
l>rrs'?ti who ever kitted .<?> lis?? lords With
100 consecutl v? Bhota Thla (snl araa as?
compHshed In .iui>, IMI, at Dextei I irl
Chlcsgo. in ?MWi a' M.i'lisoti Iquar? Oar?
ih'ii. New \??rk, ho brake ?UM K'ass hall*
n. seven honra aineteea minutes an?i tare
In Is??-'! and t*?S4 Captain Boirard M '.va- a
one-third owner In the Buffalo BUI Wild
Went Hhow if- WU-. horn al Darn, Alben)
County, N. v., on September 17, is.;.;.
I. ?limtm Se (ta.
will commence this day (Monday)
an Exceptional Sale o? American
Wool Art Rugs
at 65c. to $27.50 each
Heretofore $1.75 to 57.00
Other Special Sales for this day
(Monday) will consist of
Women's Trimmed Hats and
Silk Petticoats, Black Brocaded
Silks, White Cotton Fabrics and
Lace Curtains.
To-morrow (Tuesday) Special
Sales will be held of Women's
Summer Dresses and Women's
Jtfih. AtJfnur. 3411} anil 35th $tnrtB, 3?riii *Jorh.
......'? , .1 1., I ?- P ?^.^ M.J ?J^OJJ I ? g
?SE ^____r~^ *arteaaau.jL ?> ' ??/" - ' ""^v-^ ' v - -?'--''"->-<' *<%cZfsi2&? **??> v **?_*>
Three-fifths of a Mile of
Hotel Gas Ranges
THAT'S equivalent to twelve of our city blocks if
these ranges were placed end to end. During last
year-1912 ?that number of lineal feet of Hotel
Gas Ranges was installed in Hotel, Restaurant
and Club Kitchens in this city.
No better testimonial of the value of gas for cooking
purposes could be had, for New York boasts of having the
best chefs in the world. They know that gas is labor
saving; that it gives an easily controlled heat, and that
where it is used there are no atoms of coal and ash dust
to undo the chef's best cooking efforts. Most of our public
and quasi-public institutions now have "gas-kitchens"
because they are more cleanly and healthful.
Such ranges after installation are kept under con
extant inspection without expense to the consumer.
" The Right Way is the Gas Way"
Consolidated Gas Company of New York
CEO. B. CORTELYOU. President

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