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Fifth Avenue Paraders Who Sought to Argue
with the Weather Came Off
Second Best in Tilt.
i tilt? s!; I
?Astei ind pink nos?
. sui ???irii Hi" thermom
lei gen? rslly com? i i benl ?*?'"
??? the ? ! it yesterday on Fifi
nvi nu< Th? ? i '.?i?iM*e in rebu
tal ? f the th? rmoi irge? again
;? ? ?,..? . . . i ? it. th? ihap? ?
?/lilt? ? ' gx mitts, Iscej low-neck?
walsi ? ?? :i. ' o ? h i? ? and Howe
i ? un 11,? ?i straw hat* which thej had pu
,i .. ... i-_, ___?.
Then the other ride lust summed u
? in ;, Cold, ?'"M gale Ol .?i I
i ? iw? et i elentlc i il) up the avenu?
? iN'.h York) spring
s waa "H Bei tibie wome
?'?. i?, their furs, snd tho after chun
ad? established the gratifying f??
thst then li a g?x?dly propon on of sei
i ???il? n, foi M'?r??s of ermine a'
mol? skin and th?
" ? and ' \ ? n long fur ? oal * ? ? i
? . \ |d? ? et
Dressmakers Are Worried.
? naki who lin?rd up on ? h? ? <? =
the sunny Id?
of buildings fror I up lo Mil
-get Id? ? ? -
.. v.?.i rl? 'l I? ok a ? ? '."ii"
? ' ?i it . ."i .ii.i ? '
!?',.-1 fashl sbl?
klrl ; .-?? i s .
? ? ? en >'< I
:??',? | ... ? ....
without fear of ? all tl??
. ould ' -
weri wl couldn't Bui ih?
ny as
li -? ? - .uioi
kind slur that ? ' ? ' ? om ? i
hit t ? Ighboi lual II
. ould
irr?ii?. Idua Vnybod? ?
s ". n wh< waa walkltig toward Bl
of tv ta
? ?
. *? ?
topped tawaj
- ?
? '
? ?.i ; ? .1
the! i
i ire the
tailor mad? or In j
blue, mo ' ?n them; the fsvorit? col?
. to i?. ?grsj Mo ; of the js< kel
were sliort, a Ith .?' bell eff? ? t In H
?back. ? i'.:- of the most attrsctlve girls o
t ' ? .? v ? nue n as .? bi Ighl ej ? ?i ? oui
creature of nineteen or so, who cam
along Land In hand with a gra) hairei
substantial looking man Her little su
was ??f ?dark blue serge, s blue strsv hs
with a saur> feather almost c?overed h?
dark hair, bu al her waist wss s gres
-vi. sti "f ' ? ;??? i m ignlfl ? 'it bun?*h o
orchids, with some lllies-of-the valle]
Tortoise and the Hare.
Ma ? ??? th? . -i who wslk-rd j??-1 ?behind
,.. :> brown silk with a curious f'iii Jacke
gathered Into a band below the hips, Bui
garlar trimmings stuck on wherever tlx-t
?i . ? i v.. and some places ? i?.-r.
:.. re ? isn I, snd ?i huge hai loaded w Itl
led ? lum? v maj ?be she though
t girl ol th? blue suit, bu
lldn't, nol lo th? i that kn< ?
The way a ihelr 1 u s isn'l
onl pi couragins .inlnln?
sense. ?V nol ei a'S I hai whil? lb? sklrti
a? i ? d? nlabl) sh m most of th? m
real bobMi skirts were fea Nos and thei
?-.;.. i.
? in dlsm? lei si the snkl? ?
bul ih ? ?self-? onstltut? ?l ? .? ?. ???''? I
II mlnoril Most ol thi
"ii i'ifti- ? i? rda
would bav? I.i a very t
tart, of ??scaping an angi ?
-..??? ? ? yeeter
? ? nasn't ?????...
\\ ? ii ? ? ? srom
n thickly ? row ?1. ?i 7 foi h il Ih"
wn th? avenu? aft?
? . ? :?',??? .....
?? tri* --. ? ' vornan
. to anothi r woi | ?
??? n,. t,,.i r?|. that I ?? dy aalk* oi
.... ...
how tl ? ? limit,"
..... ? ..,| ,if
II ? ?
tl rriag? om
i got tin ? ? ?"?
? | ih? ??? ? ? mpsu
mattet n Ith th?
-. - Mlsi l ?? -i ?? ? .?? - and ? ?Id
? ? t ?In) it ; loa ? ..n i ?am? '?
? . ? ? ? ? ? e with Mb
i ody? How can U< Spring 1
Old Wlnt? r but
manager? Th?
New Jersey Resort Entertains
130.000 Easter Visitors.
? tf**gisi
\ilantic ntj, Ma?-??'- tl?Eastei m ???
? | dawntfd elear, ??itti .1 ?-i"?! ??.rmi blow
Ins from the southwest, .'in?l even th? |
I develop i.il ?iriy 1st? li
I was, on th? < : oie, th? ?est
ter with wl !? th? reeorl h 1
? ?I .-, iimtx ' of ?
II ? ?.'.? th??r was sppr? ?iat?<l
sUested by tlio lar?:?? t: 1 ? . ? rsons
? ? the ?Boardwalk, it wn crowd?ed with
s multitude of vtsll t et
?ru in the ? and there eer?
;i number from othei countries, accord
lag t?? ?hotel reglstei estim?t? 1
thai i'?"."' visit":-?- ???.? re hen to
Beautifullj dressed women In *-? > ??. us of
t ? a
paraste. 1 me ? ouW not t- Il s ha? the
??t-??-railing sty], was bj watching th?
throng Th? i? ... ide In dress
and every tint <?f the ralnboa adorning
r lie- li' riilir? ? I B ??? Oaf the I
full, oth? 1 . 1 the
ankl? a that th? w< srers 1 able
il* ? wearei 1 took 1 han? ei with t he
chilly winds and sppeared In spring
t-jotlws Others wer? mor? cautloui snd
?limp to their furs and heavy eoata 1 s
:. however, w< of middle
und advanced age. who had rathei display
?l!."'r??tloii 1 han spring styles
Among well known New Yorken
so the Boardwalk were Mr. and lira
John Swing, Mr. snd Mrs. 1. 11 Otley,
Mr. and Mrs John 11 Kast ?.??,<?i, Mr and
Un J'r?d??ri.k ?'. Brown, th? Misses
Shulta. Mr. and Mrs Percival 11 West
hill. Mr. and Mrs. Rufui I. I'ntt?
Urs. rUglnald Ftonalds, Mirn W A Mc?
Laughlin, Thomas Blmpson, Mr. and
Mrs. Clarenee Whitman, Mm F. t Pur
nald, Henry A. Ashby, Mr und Mra
Ip Dyer, Mr. ami Mra Qeorg? M.
? elver, P. 0. Thebaud, ?Paul ami Jules
Tti?iaud. Mr. .?iid Mrs George E Btarr,
M. '.. I Irai'l. ' 'In St? Mai traft. Miss
Mildred Douglass, Miss Bus Duval. Mra
\ Hart-.tr. Miss Mary Qiimore, E W
Hobbard, Joba 8 W?M*_ruff, N, M. Mer?
ri'-k, Mr. ami Mrs. Oeorgs li Ferris.
?Tabot Wlekware, Mi and Mrs. E. N
??. Mr. and Mrs. John Baler, ,1 , ths
Minos Olive and MatJorle Bauer, ?;.
Trowbrldge Hollister, Mrs. Bheppard
Knapp, Mr ami Mrs Bdwaird B Htnaler,
Iflsa Barak E Tucker, I. w. Talbot,
-; llortenss fjte, R MootgonMr] Bcliell,
Mrs. Cyrue M BtnMg, Mlas Mary Van
Sote Hyde, Mis.- Rmmi A ??"?taker, Mrs.
C. D. Cortiilyou. O. O. Davis, Mr. and
Mrs V. II Bachman, Mr. and .Mrs Van
Rensoslser Cogswell and their daugh?
Ian ?Lo?las ami Molly? Mr. and Mr?-. 1.
! Carpenter, Mlas Carpenter, Mr. and
Mra i' 1.?'vis Moore, Marc Klaw, Joseph
Kia??r, Mrs. a !.. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs
??wen H Mnnn?r.-\ Ml rni<l Mrs A *?
(fiii.prt. Mi and Mr?. Leroy m Taylor,
i/nis Drayfoiis, B-Sgar CMlioon Murphy,
Fred (? ?Potter, E H Veh Wyck. M. i'.
Aiiiswortii. A. lt. OHswoM, Mr. ami Mr.?;.
11 W. Ma'-l?i'i,iin. Mi.-s Helen Kern,
Mr?. .1. I:. ?'ainpl>t?:i, Miss ?'ampUl!
."?1rs. J. Cavaaagk and Mlas cavs-sagh.
i.".'idf?ri. March B Just before his ?i?
I'Hitui? for New York on (tic sK'atli? ?
Matin lan?a, Mr Kniest ?BhacfcletOn an
ri??uiici-d that be ?nt?nd?d to Mad a HcWn
t:i>?- sxpedltton t?. ti?. Antarctic
The Man Who Put th?
I Jft>JL tuieori thr Laliclwlirn l.'ivtMg.
__B Th?? Antisrptir Powder for Ten?
Tr-nJeMavra! d?*r Arhin? FteU Sold every
where. 2V-. _____plc VHV.K. Addr-is.
Medicine Owl and His Fellow
Braves Inspect Animals in
the Eronx Menagerie.
Thou and of persons who <il?i not
parad? 01 ?Fiftl avenu? yest?erdsy r>aiH'i
? "i in tee r?ir. s ,,r n,, ,. .\ There ?-".as ??
?J? pai ? i ? from the ? onvi ntlonal
Kastei promenade m Th.- Bronx, foi a
? bai ?? i f Indian - paint? ?i more vi\ Idiy
thai; a ?.-. ? i? ? mark? I si thla timo
? ? ; ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?I hour.- il the
New York Zoological ?Park and om] ete
i ly ei\ :,S' ?I tl ?? k.-- lei sffi ? t?ed by I
paleface sisters and brothers, who were
the bi ': '?? ? - ?.' ? -
' one phi.f 1 r ..ii m
? ;h" psi ks tii- cam? s 11 n ? mile ??f it.
i .?nil ? ? -.? ;? ? v ?:? '. gi ? ? from Ban
? i nil thai si ; ?*? i ? ?I aboul the m< n
? -l Park m the ??n? rnoon
i n Mn M< Hi n? ''-.\i and h? i hus
Mi M? -..??? < ?Owl, who n ? -? con
? posl Impri ssionistlc
i'?i"ilng, did i ? ? hsvi mu? h on ?? d;? k-.
? ? the Wi .-t Bide ol Ihe ? ? y abo
. ? . agerl? ' Cei ?
creation of pui pie
it ?.-. In th? aft? moon thai the d? I? ga?
llon of Ind ? have h? ? n can
??ii a certain ii""i r?.of In tins city, Jour?
neyed to the \'< w York Zoological Park
Th. v had been Invited I - Dr. William
rector The ? idt< ?*? ? l
they created In the subwsy ?-?..i onli
sllghtl) i'-?-- than in the ?park. Plnall
ih<- delegation reached it1- destination.
There were Three ii?-ar". who Ii eighty
yean old; * hi?-' PYed Big Top. Medl n?
??v.l. Mr.--. Medicine Owl, Fish Wolf Hob",
? hlef John White Calf, ?Long Tom Fleet,
I?is ?Boa ?and several others Includli I
?-nial! child
11 ? i ;i ter hate ?Man In tin- Zoological
T'a: k WI r - . <-. s of Intl I*? Bl SVI v
t?. th. squaws In the party, but th?- tight
skirts worn I?, on ? ?! Ihe psl? fa? ?
sisters 'ii'-ii'?i the remark from one
brave lhat he liked 'heap tm<? aquawi tr?
small cloth? I "
?Charlea Bnyder, i .? asslstanl of Raj
t L? Dit mars, curator of tin hark,
took the Indiana i'i tow i?n?l ?began to
show them 11??- animal-- Thousands of
sightseers followed in the wake of the
Indians Wherever they wenl thethronga
followed, until sr.trK- of thr bulldingl
which ti*' ?' entered '??'ame choked up.
The in'iians <ii?j not IUu th<- i nak? -
Bom? one mov?ed s hose on the floor in
ih?? reptile house, ami Mrs. MetHdne Owl
gave n aboul snd jumped thro toot, think?
ing tho hose eras a ?make. Bb< lei It ?"?
known through an Interpreter that ahe
wae terrlMy afraid ?>f anakes. Bnyder
I forthwith ushered the party out of the
hot fie.
The /?Mean animals, especlall) the
lions, w<-rc sources of great Interest to
the Indians, while the elephants cow?
pletely awed them. Three Bears, when
shown the buff'alosa aald he had killed
buffaloes on th?- Western plains with ?bow
?and arrow In hla early i.f?
Joseph P. Day Pays $2.000 for Box
at Lyric Theatre.
An entertainment for the ttsnefll of the
Bydenham Hospital, heM .?t the Lyric
Theatre i??Ht night, netted ?:?..>; Joseph
p. Day, president of the hospital, gave
?,401 for one box, i ?.-ni!? i Guggenheim
gave H.M f"r another and Dr Robert
Kunltaer ?gave MOO for a third
Th<- perform?i s were draarn malnl]
from ?the oompanlea at the Winter nur
?hi:, the i.jrh- and the Casino. Among
th? apoetatora ?ware Mr. aini Mm Daniel
?Guggenheim, their daughter Qladya and
their aleca, Miss Nettie Oerstel; Mr. ?and
Mi Issae Guggenheim Mr. ?snd Mrs.
Adolph pr. Kepler, a. Mosely. Abraham
B. Qllbsrl Snd Mr. ?ml Mrs ?'arltori
Simon and th?lr ?iaushlT Ho???
\i.i. lili NEW
No Lack o? Local Color in
Grand Street's Parade o?
Gay and Giridv Girls.
Patriarchs of Seward Park Ply
Their Various Trades and
Take No Heed of Day
or Its Parades.
i ur .: i ?i i ? al ? - ? . How?
: fruits ?. i? ?I for . ....,;
. . i , . . ? . ? . ? , ? -? . ,
? d"i c\ cry color In the solar i ti urn,
???-.'I aotni thai i ?' ' been cr?ai
those s Ild wsgi
1 ur:??t'- begsn t?? pla | prai Kl will pig
lu juatl? e t?. thr matrom I i
t th? ? lung ratln i ' ? ? ? .
i?, bla? k and blue, but 1
. olor and <"i'i rreatloi I'
? ? ? .i lo a mer? n ? onlj acquainl ?d
of Fifth ?? ? enu? modi te and ai ?
nal troll througl I rpartm?
Btori that thi
? ? i le, a h?-ti i failed to
an> thing on ale to
lariy futu - fi l at down .. nd
n ad? ? '
\.?,'i i ... ? ? .
Ora n?! ? t r?. ?
mail'- ?.:i t Ii?- ? ? ?
Ti?. ?Aral pretty i no tic?
Orand snd ? (reel he wore
.: green ?velvel lailoi made aull
with tint. ii... I in ? Tii.- coal ????
\ haped -i tii<- ba< [ 'i.i- buttoni
epi Inkled sil ?? ? : au? IVor? a ? It?
lamb collai and a muR t<? mat? h MuH
trimm?-?! \?. nil rosebud of pal? pint
?Wore n?? liai
? loming " ?? "? i? offee ?bous? with i,< i
beaUi ii aymphon; In mi?' green ntn
pink. <.'i? ? ? ? . luetalre hai oi
About two ysrda ol pale ?groen ostrlrl
plumes. Bull trimmed with pink velvel
?it ?ollar snd cuff? I'ltik pearl buttoni
?.'...-?i Eldridge street Two happ]
young couples Voung women wearlni
middy suite of ahite and blu? Bvl
'iviitiv slstera ?snd their beans. \'i foui
wearing ten ahoea ?Fura bleached Bl
Bernard. Magenta atrae hats, nimm.?
with canarylike birda with long talla
Blue ribbon ?boa i on hate
Advantages of Wires.
Very pretty girl ?Same pla?ee Will
?beau. EHectri? aeal ?fur coat trimmet
?.?.i'h raccoon Brown and irrem stripe?
skirts. T?-?" gloves Black straw ba
crushed In al t"??, with red cherrl?
bunched on either aide Wide rlbboi
around crown. Ribbon shows green, ,,.,|
yellow, blue, bream atiipe?. Tied In ?
low on right si'i. Bows svldentl:
wired, for they atend mil ? I an angle ??
i;, degreea In -tin wind blowing iron
We ???ill leave ih- not??i awhile aa m
ko down Norfolk atreet and ?.i-lt Bewar
?Park, on?- "i tii?- prettj breathing :!">t
of tin- Basl Bide, win re th.- children o
rich marchanl end poor pedlar fratornta
in tin- playgrounda Here there is no evi
dence of ??aster Sunday Beorea of Ion
bearded ?patriarchs are out ti Ing t
make ;i living aelllng eecond?hand ?-???th?
an?l shoes .-?ri<l hat- Tin hat v< inlet
,-arry them piled one on top ".' snotn?
in front ol them One nay beard wll
a moth-eaten astrachan ?sap hai a atac
ut moro than a doSSn Old 'l.-rlil. s at,
soft ?hate. He laya them on th.- groun
as a customer comes along, hagglea ??.?
tin price and ????n^ one thai i? a Ml la
?big for tii? e? srei .??i i:, cents
An Open Air Shoe Shop.
? me of th'- Old s>i'" m? i? v.,nl Iv. I
wares, sll ahlnlni In tin- white gtan
s|.r?-a?i "ut ?m th.- atepa >?f Public Bcho?
tt A'i old man, siso in arded, slops, an.
agreeing on ??.'. centii sa the prloe for
palr of aboce, freehly half aded, trfc
tin m on on the aldea?Ik. They fil hin
ami ii?- leaves hla old ahoe in the gutt?
ns ?he goes away
\\v po ha? k m? Ba '\ afreet, breathia
oiiors from b?rrela ?>t beirlnga and otb*
salted and pickled tish that etuml M tl
ri ?. ? sri ? tin m the mer
. ,??.? | treet psradei ?I i
? ' ?
I Jew?
Tin latt?
i .,t. trimm?
? ??
I green, i
It I
?,, ? ?? .: ros? lint:;.
* oral, ht
? ? . ? sd the dea
11. ? t?a ti ? breatl
Huge C.ike Is Divided Amoiij
Many Members of New
York s Colony.
On?* i ? ' ? ? ;??
r New T?
? ? '.| II, th
Church of th? Holy Prli
? ? ? i ? .
ir of I 1st? Kin
r ???,,. . ? i
II ? ? r ?i . ? ;??. i
i ? ? .ilei
? ' i '.i i i,?
'?"a ?
... i ? the hist of Klni
? ? ? ? he became Kli
to the tint? ? ? itl
Th. i lyric of lament
i i the i la? ?? >?!? ? It wa
Greek King*! lif sm
...... . ,. .
I ?., ? I? ? !??.?? | . ?
I le said I
? ii.'i popular, snd wai
? i ?.?. Ith mj?-|'|. Ion, but a it i??- .un.
?\ii''it thai he lot I ,;'.snd hat i?????
. more and mor? b< lot ? -i oi
Hi ? .r said !'?? ?-? ? ak? i. t?. i?? ?? ???
? ? . . i ?.
I ? l!v 111 fra.nl Of II* ?ill.11 w.x
i .-' i .... r ,1 v.jtmount? ?i bj .? pj raml?
? h.i|.??i cake if foui ahita fa? ? i wen
covered with designs outlined with beadi
..f a silver colored fonfwtlon The) rep
r- ??? i the Prown "i"' coal of arma ni
ill??!'. The Ureek name for this cake I
colltva it ?il?? mad? ?.f boiled wheal
gralni ilated sugar, cinnamon, al
monda and man) other Ingredlenta Latei
In the du* It was divided Into many pi?*?*?
t.. t.. ., tributed smong m? mbe ? ol th?
Or? eh ? a.iiii.'f.ii ?? in honoi "f the m? mor)
of the late King
Surgeons Life in Peril from
Blood Poisoning.
improvement ??as shown yesterday n
th? condition of Dr. \ T Brli tow, the
surgeon, ??.im is suffering from bl.I
i.nlng rii his home, x?>. ::?i Clinton
street, Brooklyn He Is not j el eonsld
sred ?>nt of danger, but his family sn I
phj Iclam are much encouraged i ?i
Briston pricked s finger while perform
ing sn operation at the ?Long Island Col
leg? Hospital on March IS, The wound
was so . Ugh I that II ? ould i c?rcel) I ???
?seen \ ??.iii.i?' of days aftenrard the
poison made Ita prei en? a knoa n by the
swelling ?.' the immi. and the Inflamms
ii"ii spread up his arm i ?is.. W r.
: if' Inamade, n B Delatour and J. M t sn
| ? '<?! i '? have charge <>f his ? % te
ii. ws ? treated ? Ith the nan Van Cotl
! va? Ine, bol i?is r.litios grew staadll;
I worse until Hal urda) s lien his state
| wa i? i".i l? .i to i. decid?-di, grave
i ?r l'a Istow li one <>r the I.??.-.t kn?>\? n
? urgt one of the . ounti y, 11, i eist*?*?
two year? old snd wai graduated from
1 sie i nlvei sltv with the ? lass of
snd from the r?llese of Physician- and
?Surgeon? ?rlth the .lass of ".'?; n.? li ?n
ex-presldenl of the N'ew \ mk Htate Med
leal Hoclety, sn ???. editor ..r "The New
...il? Medical Journal," s vice-president
<>r the New *iork Academy of Medicine
snd a member of various organisation*
ol physician and surgeons. He is ?'im
1.,-ii professor <?. surgery at the Long
1 lend ?'..ii.,.'. visiting surgeon at th??
laong Island College, Kings County and
HI John's hospitals and consulting phv?
si? .m at the ?Long Island Htate, HwedUn,
< ??n??> Isl?n?! und Hunhwli?k hospitals
Suburban homes
/? mil as you in-?' looking for al en
'prices. Why n?>t live where countrj
delights combine with city ?com
im is. and children _?__*?
really live. Frequent, _ _l?-?i
quick ?rains, moder?
ate conunti tat lo n.
Bend now for sub?
urban booklet No. 1
i,, w < ? Hope, ? ;
p. \ . I |.'l ?Libert] al .
N. V. ' it
Manv Worshippers Arc Turned
Away for Lack of Room in
Biegest Edifices.
'i ?n k
? ? II
i in had ? -
,l ,,i
Slid of
? i th? Hit? iidam
? hurehi i ? .-?! I ? ?
pvei bod who ti;.?1 to
, I ? il. .| . i V ..|, ?
thi dral ol Bt. John I
Si Patrick, Bt Bai thol ' Thorn?
, , old Ti Inll rac? Kpli-ropal,
? '? nti ?i. Brich . vi tl?? Klftli Av? mi?
v.. . ... Ht. SI? liolu nn I the M u ble
? -??ii' .: .?t? ItH.i i ?: ? ; ? wer? not
. .i \. -i. i.i . ..? . ? . t In
11.? m and m.i ti?- ?>t in i ? i" "!?;?
relien of
having man) ervlc? ..' ?
mi? rotenl cbtii-? hea
?f N? ? wl
that w?
. ? ? and 't worked well In
? ? -
lowed a Lent ? . . all Nea
Th? I-Mil I'-'i the
? .
. hurch At the
.II i o
. ?
total al
. ' ras I
.i any pr? l* nt, but
? ?
S'ew York espei wa
? . ?
? ,
A not!?, r ?I? ?
V..i U i?'. 1
i.. ? sni
The cold wea)
do wl t h t hi -
luaic In ?
I-, '. thing
... . .
The Ei
Pomp in St. Patr ?k's.
With fully ti ? ? , nable
I to ? lo 1
lalal? ? ' Bl I m Ii '?? ? ' .iM."lr.?l >? ?
(lay i .
, poi tlilcated
I bratlon of one of the ? ?? IV
... V . ??
it with .ill the pomp
I .
Of I . . ? ! ? ? ??>????
!iii.?i and tin
crowd? ?i ?
of tl n?l the
... -. town
? n? '- in
till- - ? I : I.I ?r.
Mi nnli --, pn ? ? ?
I ? ? fact
that dead ? il but
on? . .-.?. ? u to tel ? - thai
: ? do nol
to talk of oui
to 1
In I oldest ch Bl
n fifth ai
? Rev. Dt M.ii ???!'n i ?Mi I.? -?l
brought ??n ti I'.'.V' i "i the r? urr? ctlon
i le aid Psul did nol .. i i t to
hi wsnt? 'i i" !
power, s bich t ? ?? much moi ? Impoi
i ? thing. Th? re la .? wide d.
i?. t wi i n ivii'iw Ing ?i truth ?and
ti- powei ??i tii.it truth A (.?imer
? ov there I gold I eath his tai m, b it
it ih?. m not make him t Ich until he i
it i know that ale? irk it] ia en? rgetl?.
bul n 'i">-.-' not light m? room until i Ira
pi Ii ?m ll and ? ?. II I lay bellet thai
ther? ' itrength? nlng ?th? acj In tood
trat of ?? bal avail I that uni? I ? u II '
No creed ol an) vli tue until it la lived.
Information la a dead ?thing until ll < ?
? V I
Find-, Conviction for Livuio.
in the Brli k ? 'hurch th? Itev im w
Merrill ga ve a m? I ? ? en and n.
. 11 who wani to know, for aure, 11? < ? then
i - .i i uture lift ' ) ou ?ran knon thai
fact," be aald, "nol by argument, bul b)
practh ? Y??" ran ? t th? ? ??nv Ii tlon of
n. nol i v thinking, bul b) living "
The (:? ? Roland C. Oi msbe?. thi m ??
i-< ctor "f st Margar? t'a i ?plscopal ? !hur? h,
The Bronx, sai?l In ins sermon "Wa i ? it
much aboul gotna ?bai k t?> ? rhrtal it la
nol back t?> Chrisl that we hould r?i
Chrisl la not In th? pa t He la not ?be?
hind n i ?n-- ii ??. ahould t??- 'Foi s ard to
L'hrist!' "
"The world hsd believed In Immortality
b for? ? ini-i i i thi K? r. I ?i ? 'harli ?
I. Blatter) In Qra?ce Church, Broadwa)
and luth atre? I "Ills r? aurrectlon, tin re
ton, ii".-? m?i assure u ... much of the
ia? i of Immortality ai 11 reveals th? kind
of life which the future has in st??r.- for
us "
The i:? v ,i? im Heynes Holmes, In the
? hurch of Ihe Messiah, gi gui .1 the point
whether Immortsllty waa for all men or
Ml) tor those ?-?.ho ?believed In ?Ctirlat.
11<- ?.?i?i Immortality waa aa entlall? a
? I? mocratlc faith or II w .< >. nothing
"Resurrection ?Faith" wa ? the topi? of
Bl hoi' ? ii? ? r. p. ? ?aching In the ? mthedral
of si .lohn the Divine
More than RS.MI wai contributed ?t
ih ? Easter offering In i?. dford Preebj t?
nan ?Church, Nostrsnd avenue and D?an
atraet, Brookl) n. The ? ?tire am?.nut will
be ?i? voted t?? th? redueti? n ?>i the d? M
on ?the in u iilllii.? uh|.-h Wa ? llm-h.'l
Hanks. Ail.. March H Bamuel White,
i?i"i>n? tor "f a it.inks hotel, and a B,
Btevens, af Kannee ?ii>, in.?? guest, quai
ri lied ov? r the emount Btevena ahould pa)
?i"' SCO"mm.'ilall"na an.I 0??h sh??l the
"tinr l?> ioath on tlio etrict h.?r?* >ist??r?
< onllniied fron? flr-t pus?*.
tlonary, ?make no mention of Mr. Miller,
who spent MVertU year? in Sinti Sin?
for In* practices, liitt tin* inOtrtlCttOM
.?.i ftnphasl/,?? the point I hat th?? Man?
hattan Mutual Boolty Company's sort
m' ? odleas chain scheme ta llhely to
make the owners nl those "homo coo
tracts," almost all tiK'n an?l women
earning M to $18 a week, ri?lior oy
14,220 after they have paid In $10.
Assuming that ?no of tho holdotfg of
Hi?.???', "home ?'ont.Tirts" had stopped
payment at the ??nil of the tenth week,
in? i making ten payments <>f $i to
i.iiitnii' Manhattan Mutual loait?.
Company, and th?? near endloM chain
had i>o? ti completed within a year, h"
would have ma-Je 14.22*1 on hi:? Invent
nun: or 42.2M per Cent P???<r old
.\i 111 ?-? ?? never promifed more Hi.m -526
per cent
Scattered Worthless Checks.
I.m ii?-pit? 'II I,niton's si-Pinm,*
.?rii'ii. he h?-i been scnttoring <-h???.'ks
uround town tha, were wotrthtaea, and
M ? ..m.. ..i th.' ?? tii.> holden have
taken action, obtaining Judi-mont
again-*) the Manhattan Mutual Realty
? '"?npair- am h i deputy ? herifl has
? .1 found mi', truce Of th?" Manhattan
company' u lei i, which Llnton, m
glowing language, d"**s**Ttb< ? as beinr,
\?.?rth more than ?j..".?"!"" t?. satisfy
th.'s., claims,
Nor ?an tnen ??(!'? ii.iv?? Judgments
? _? insi tha? Manhattan Mutual Realty
?'??tiipanv tut- material delivered find
anything tangible to petse in l.lnton's
i?t corporation, for he Is president of
ihr??? corporations in all, and ail have
- iti th?? tain?? -Hit?', at No 2?M
Broadway. Any one walking tlirouarh
?'it\ Hall park rn.iy rend In ?big golden
leiten "J. ??' ?Unten Cex," sprend acroea
". twenty-flre feat of lita building.
Two tu? ti who would like to Warn
?some "f tii' ?is ?altoged ???sots of
the Manhattan Mutual Realty Com
; air. ai?- concealed are ?"linriog a.;
Town's, former United states Senator.
.-1 ?r-1 Ms ?Jaw p irtner, Benjamin V ;
Hpellman, They i ct?td as eounad for
I.injon i* "in?' ??ondemnatlon proceed?
Lng They ?preeented their bill,
Llnton, without batting an eyelid?
i a very ?elde-nwake sort?
? ?Senator Towne and Mr Bpelltnnn
tw?> checka, one t"t $fii.*.c?i and the
otinr-r f.ir 1302 70. Thli happened ?Ml
" - i ivi a week later th?? ? he. kr-?
i turned tu S??rritrir Tnwr.?*?
in ir!.. .1 "N <;." ?But S'?n.it"r To
pi ' ii. Si is Mr. Bpellman.
_nd they are ?raiting for ttio ?lay when
they can - ? - ? 11 ? -'- r on their Judgment,
_notl ? man ?'? ho Is ansloui to col- ?
loci from the Manhattan Mutual i? ;
N i : i ? i ?.- ?. ? ?real estate ?l??aler,,
?' ? at No, 102 Elroad? ay. He i
has t???. juii?,"inmts aastgnad to him by
William B. Van Cllef, the big lumber]
? ? ?. ? of Btaten Island, aggregating
i bout V'00
Law Firm Brings Suit.
Then there is the legal firm of Maor?
ie, Darlui ?'?? Maerkle, of Mo. Ifl
Broadway, arho ar?- suins the Manhat?
tan Mutual f'?r $??*:_, which one et thoir
clients <?? ntrlbuted to the Manhattan
Mutual Bealty Company. They would
like t" discover its aaaeta, for in their
ult ?rhl? h ts pending In the City
Court, the] charge the corporation
" having false!) and fraudulent!
represent I to their client one Peter
?Hulpritt, of No. M Button ?street
Brooklyn thai they owned two loi .
minutely described in the contract ami
which th? - agreed t.. soll Hulpritt.
Hulpritt. according t<? the iworn
after ?.'i*.Ing up ?*?i- of hi?
h ird ? m r.? ?! mom y, l-eai ned thai t1 ?
ittan Mutual Beall
? own the i"t: and ? ? m?ct not de?
liver title. Hu* ?h'? pit?' t'lis. I.lnt'.n.
; real lent of '.in? corporation. ?*oi
i?,?i- i |4l 13 Iron Hulpritt an tax. ?
?.ii th?? property.
\ f.?*,?.? more somearhat ?ImMa** eaaei
? ?',.? as an llluatratlon of how hun
dreds In the dty ?pound their ?loiiru?
int'? l.inton'f? tweketa. ?\rthur ?1.
Moran and hta hrothar, of Mo. 4*..t Ctar
moi t ?.venue, Brooklyn, turned oree
the better part of betreraJ your'?, "?av
IngS, atttUt %000, t<? ?Llnton ?.mi they
are still u.iitin-; for the promised ?land,
John ?Slefante, ? merohant tailor, of
No IS! \V."t -?th street, M.inliattaii.
gave up Ji"". bul enough of theae ?Let
us go bach i?? tha chief ?itoek In trade
ixt th" . in I d'ou***t r ? of Ltnton's art. ?the
home contract. '
Theae COntTOi-ta, ?srhlch took Itke |
I'nlted Btatoa bond, charmlngl) lltho
hed and engraved In ral?? grata
ami deep brown, ar?' couched In rar.?
full) selected legal language, and bin?!
the holder to ?pay ?51 ? ????-k until ?$100
ii.is ?been pnld In, when tin* Manhattan
Mutual ?Realt* Company agroeo to gg.
. ma ? suitable tocatlon foe a hone lor
tin? holder, i?> pr?'in?r?> pinna and n
build s houae not i?> ?ixceed $3,-000 in
c-oet which laal mentioned Hum. ,.t- any
? It m thm tiicr ?<?!'. is to be paid in month?
ly Inatabnent! of $8 IS i??r snch $1,000.
(Tine. Bui tln??r ?-till ar?- th.? twenty
?.pona attached t.. the "Home ?'ou?
tra? t." Now Mr. Llnton preelrtenl and
brains of tin? company, prorelaes und r
his signature t<> kRo the punhaaoi ..*
the "Hiitin? ?'nntra.'t," and pilil hagai Ig
Mr. Unton's own word, $1 for every
poraon who is Induced to buy ? ?"ti
I tract ami who makcM MM Of taOtrg pa\
I menta m the result of the dlatrfbuttan
lof tha twent) roupgng. and, to Quota
? ITOn tlM "HtMM ? '?intract":
"I'arai'iaph '_' Kift-, (;,?i, ,?, ,l!M ,,..,,.tl
i..r all paraona shnHarly ?yroeured h?
th.? paraona m'?nti??npii in pnragraph
numbered di win? make tal..' flrat pay?
iiii-nt. ?Paragraph :; i'ifty {fs.ata
auch ??'i' ail paraona similarly procurad
by the ?paraona m?tntlonad m pnr?grnph
numbered (2) ??h?, nahe lita iiiini pay.
ment "
Il will BO h. < n il.-ii ?n th?? iir-Mt
taranty the proud poaoeaeer et geht
"Hum?? ?'?mlract" in rhlicr l>? (S-Jn, |,V
th,? Mcond aarlan, ?>* 30 tim?'-? ?_??, or
UN?, lio In rh h.r t.v .t'Jtli?. l,v th,? tMini
s, n.M. of 90 times |4 M ?. or S.IH???, |?. \B
richer ra.,m,. $4,000 meare, tanMng in all
$4>?B0 ?>n un iiuiHlnmiit ?>f $1(1. Who
OroUld '??> a plkor ?
But there is more. He patient. lioa?.
Ine one of I.inton'H Mlver-throS
agents is holding you by the coat ?3
and felling um all about It And Im
us quote from a booklet which Mr
I.inton told a reporter for The Tribun*
aa ho handed it to lilrn ?no ho ,|?] no,"
know he was a reportar) that it po,,
him $1,400 for 11MHH) ?.f tii,.m. ? <jZ'..
wont on Mr. Llnton, who is a tin
talker, "they cost me II MnU each,*1
Also Mr. I.inton conflded to t|!f> T??
porter that he saw th" man who sol?,
the Brooklyn Bridge for ?'c?"?":> t?> g p0nr
"Dn you know him'."' lio a as asked,
"oh. no. T just had him point? ?i gag
to me in the Criminal Court- i: $__*
He wan n. allck looking person."
Then Hint?n turned to a n
was with him and said: "I think I'll
sell some ?one the Blngi r Bu
the Wooiv,?irtli Building."
I.inton laughed at his ?ttlc |<-.
big little audience iaoghed arlth hint
"Provision ?or the Future."
"The primary deolgn <f thla coa?
pany and plenos remember all this la
from the Manhattan IfUtUal
Company'.?? own Imokli-t and ?-?
v. real eat Importance is t?> land Id te
men who dedre to nee ?Ihelr Ii ??ins
to pr?vido definitely for the future.
"The Manhattan Mutual ?Realtj Com?
pany is incorporated under the laura of
tho Statp of New York. The organisa?
tion is preotded over l\v men ?who are?
. . . willing and anzloaa to d?
and falrlj with their cliente, sei --??-.
unfair advantage?, bul pn >
equities of all.
"The company is- ampb able to /
out all its contracts t>? ths letter, gad
It; rosponsihility i.s UttQUe I Mil ?i.
"We invite vour moot
tion to the 'free deed1 feature of our
contfnet, After yon 11 pevf
initial 'home,' instalm? i t ?.? ?? v. ?11 glv?,
you u froe ?deed to the hOBSO" in the
event ?<f death, provided the paymeaH
have not been at any ?time more than,
thirty days in arreara, and r
you are not o\er lift-. * .?_?.. gnj
in goo?i health I I
i osaeeaton of your home."
No?-,-. h"W do gome who have d?*-\.t
with i.in'rin regard hli home ? **itra<*-t_?
Here are a couple of opinions:
"Any one could see tl roi gh H mM
Mrs. William 0. Aunar, of No. ? ~.
Chaoncej ?street, Brooklyn, "and r
made my huel ind give II i if! r he
?paid In *)"? Untoa ti I bag t_g
"I dldn f t^ee tl rottgl it until 1 I Id
paid in $43," ?aid Mr Mini
of N<>. 11"-- ?La
lyn. "and i ? an i I
But i.inton hides behind
rhums on ih?? ??round thai '
i rovtdeg thai the pui f It i
paj m flOO '??* fore ?
comee binding.
In n typewrittei
in LJnton'e <-:,; rofli
Manhattan Mutual Ri 11
?are given as ?**,'?T OOfl ??
Hut where It w.-nt to, I
made this sum. noon?
times has h?? been 1er
8?-8.s n?*tlres by his landloi
only three emeha ego thai
lived in at Qlen Mon -
was bought In by William S R
who held g mortg -?
under forecloeure pn
This house and many otl I |
in th?* H-eent ?bookll I 18 1
built by the Mann ttan M
Company were never ' otn
pany, ar?'ordln?s- to tnl
t?. a ?reporter for The Tr bm tbeM
who ?ire In s position to know.
Naturell]. tl.? quest i
is I.inton ?
The biisln? -
n?>t know of him until I
age, when he bi
th?? country n II h
?lune, lb- a!-??
?beauties of Cuba, ai
fattens Then he I ?
r. al ??stat-- PI ?".' I
niff foi < ttv
branched <
$55 via West Shore
*58 via N. Y. Central
To Pacific Coast
British Columbia
California, Mexico
and other Western Pointe
Tickets an tes* datty? Mai
14th to April Mtii. inclusiva.
CeeoaK ticket egoati lof
partiouUrs. er ?a.lrei*
(?eneral Bastera Pd. A.-*o?
.;i? BfaaCwai S'? Y???-?
Phon*. New York ??310 M?d.?o?
T*M_-j BrookUn Ib/M?.?
Why Travel Afar for Health,
Recreation or a Home
When ? '
hi ,.i \\ ?
||.... || Ml ??' ' "'
?',?:. *
?nd un ,
II !??'.., i
Tbs community nr?- ? w
,..vi. ,n.." .i InmlKiii..
U|l to I.i ? ir I
? I . ,. I ''
?. v I
We Want You 1? !?
Ihe ^estchester Count} l\hiW
? ?
Tra\cl Shoa. (irand Central Palace.
March 20 in 2<> ?nJu?.i.f.
I ndrr Ihr iii?|?i< .- of Ih?
WeHtcheKter Chamber of Comrwrcf
IVriiiiinrni Inf???' ? ?? ? ' ? '
7 Last 424 St. New York

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