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Factionalism So Pronounced
That President Will Be Asked
to Straighten Kinks.
?jciTiocr.ats Also at Odds on De?
tails of Income Tax, with
Prospects That a Gradu?
ated Levy Will Win.
' : ' ? I' .."? .
on, March 23. factions in
? ? lion with tariff to
? pi. ?.?-tient in fu?? Ho ??
. d. ... .- ed ' i .?i i'i ?? i itdent wiisi'ii
? n ;,. called on to straighten oui the
kinks In the bill and to check the insur?
ntted memben
lit! _ - not officially admitted, II
i ?m the Pr? ?Idem
giroo?y ht ? -' draft of
thai eomli i i ?? i ? ncrei
?t th?? White Houae will bring forth ea?
?-ontia' ' ItlOffl m? is .-?
?(??. , which trading is <?."n ig on
to indicated i? the manipulation! of rat?
?getting *> ducts.
?ave forced the pla? in>? ?>f
. - .n the free list, v hi ?? ?i i rotecti? e
? en left on ? R< presenta
Texas, known as a .na? -
Ifrtj. : ?is tal? I" 1 ,??->'
: mvred things In th? IVayi
y\._n:is ? tt?ee so adroitly that
il j ? ? elves full protec- '
,..r,. g ? | ? ?ai has lean tret lifted.
? ? ? as been a halt, on th" ?
? plan to pul ? ? ??!>?
-?.???? ?n tha fr? e H.st.
o? ? ? u ? \\. st. ;T
DOKTiats has ?been so strong that mem
j-?rs et tl Ways an?l Means Commit t ?se
nin ,:,?v . ttk pr"!??? lion here and
?hTe f?-r th?- sgii<*ulturlsta, hoping t?>
Yrir~ a?"' ? faction Into line when the
i?arty cs ? n It bead,
Lemons To Be Free.
? to reliable report!, Rej ? -eu; -
ithre PYanrlf ir?,- on Ha ? n, of Nea
York. I i *i .hi to remove the duty
frote lemons. The rates on other citrus
* nhnnt 50 I ? " I ' Mr
" ? ?comes from ;? ? I i *=t ri?-t
lare*?-?!? ?populated by Greek an?! Italian
n tended ; nt
nter duty fre? Mei
? ? ?????'ii tiir states growing
?*itrus fruits ia\e heard dli ? ? news
frcm ll ? ????? Room and ar? oi
g j irj ?
Utl - tentati? ? Irai I th?
tariff Mil has been ? ?mpletee?
rlar"?1 that log-rolling com? i arc
? gre active than eve* ;?:.-i 'f.?t rates
any be changed at the eleventh h<.\r to
If fon ?sil Ion In ' a
T?tere ?s i'i he n systei .. an 1 lake
? . interest of ] ' armon; .
Pn-ddenl believing " I: better to thrash
? ? !?? fore tl e bill :;?" S int.,
the Tl
f"1" Wg.?) Means Committee
met on Tuesda; to ? tt th? report of
regardln* th? ? itlmate*d
? the propos? d
te?-. The ? ? r ? i per?
ff-r't ?
L IT revision bill.
? opinlo now
tl - i gardlna th? ?'
? in? ome tax Th? ona ar?
? ght tax. and th? :
I all t'n?' way fro
pei t tas ?'n Iikm ibov? |1,< 00 to
I .-... .???.>,,. ?
? ! . itra ght . i>? r ' ?
:. ... | ..
Tax Probably Graduated.
The proapi I thai th?
???ill | tu lining at 1
pat (?? ? ? the ex? ?. pi,?'?.] at
?Jim ? "? ??? r of the \\'.i>
a???i M.h is ? "on mitt? I i ? ' that
he had taken an Informal poll "f th?'
I'emo' rattc ? ? if the House now In
?Washington and that the rank and fli<
pr?fen uated tax.
As x'i ? thne for the convenlag of the
*xtM ... ;?? ? t la apparent
that th?- ?Msslon will not ?" devoted en
tlrely to th? tariff If Oth? I itters ?an
ke taken up with? I l?srf< with tariff
- an. I'r'irn ??our? ea chxse to l
Ment ft li learned thai he ? nol bent ?
MaMag trie ?.?."ik of the s< ision to tarif!
????visro:., '?. t Im regard) thli as the
' -i tien of ti ? ?.??? .-;":i and a 111 nol tec
orn*n??ii'l th? ? ? era! on of othei eg i
In Only One Case, Apparently, Has the Pres?
ident's Choice Accepted?Sacrifice
Too Great for Most Men.
Washington, Man h .... Pr? aioent UT.
son reluctantl) assent ?i i?. nicht to the
di termination ol Chairman II? C ?moa ol
tin* National Democratic Committee to
decline th? ?ambassadorship 10 France. In
s statement sxpressing his high ?regard
?oi Mi. McComba the ?Presldsnt declared
the diplomatic ?servi ??? of th? United
st.u.s waa unnecessarily hsmpered bj
ib? fac? thai only men ?**? 11 ? ? ha I lime ?and
m? a:is !.. leave their business found them?
selvee sbla t?> aerve the government
sbrond. Th? President'a rtatemenl foi
:??\\ i
"I am rerj aorry, Indeed, thai m m -
? '"tiiiis cannol accept th? iippointmenl u>
I'aiiii-.v I was particularly anxious that
Ii?? ahould. II) ?admiration for hla sbili?
ties my knowledge <?i '?is singular ? .??
pacity foi grasping complex situations,
my confidence in his ta?-t and resourceful?
sa well aa my affection for him, and
the Intimate relationa that, ol course,
??\ist li.fu, . n ?? t" lldIM' lll>
disappointment verj '-'??'? Indeed. Bui I,
of i-o'ii >? -. appreciate th? iorce of the
ressom he ?gives. He would have sccept?
??I ??t anv ?reasonable aacriflcc, snd l
could nol further press the offer upon him
'It is a grr.it pity that the country has
to .-.sk such sacrifices of those v\ho are
Invited to serve it abroad?a service which
' every year hpcon.es more exacting and
, more Important. The sacrifice of time, of
means and of opportunity at home Is very
serious for any but mer of large means
and leisure, and the diplomatic service is
unnecessarily hampered."
?gecr? tsi ?? ol ?State Brj sn ia du? In
Washington from hla Western trip on
w ...,! esd u Th? Pi ? aid? ni la ? up? ? t? d to
he ready to lake up with him the ap?
pointmcnl >?f men to at i?ast nv. diplo?
matic posts which Washington observers
i as of the most ?pressing Impor?
tance. Ambasssdori t" England, Mexico,
Japan and Russia snd a minister 10 ?'lun.i
irobably will be named within a abort
. time.
Th? ?London and Mexican embaas!? s hat
i?, in look, ?i on as those which ahould b?
tilled tiisi. because of tin- Panama fre
tolls question nith Great Britain and th<
tro i Ned ? onditlon ??i Mexk o The sn
lounced ?poli? ol Ihe idmlnlstration toa
ard ?'iiina and its intention to k--? i. clos?
watch ??n tin? open door m that repuUi?
have brought th? qu?estion <f appoiti'men
oi an ambassadoi t?? Toki?> ?and a minia
t?-? to Peking t?? the fore. Th? unsettle?
Russian i*?assporl question liaa mad? th?
selection of m i prtsentativ? to thi Csar'i
?out? much iiaiiiii than it might ordi'
naril] ha? ?? ?proved to bi
For none ol these posti ex< ? pi thai M
M< ;?". apparently, baa the administra?
non in ?-n ?.ble in decide on a man smi
iiavt its Invitation a?? ? pt?ed. Many nsmei
hav? i"i i mentioned in connection with
several of these places, snd in two in?
stalles England and Chins dehnlte of?
fers have i???ii ?made, bui d?clin?tioni
hat'? i"'io\.?-ii .?i. ?
George w < ; ithri?. form? rly Msyo ol
Pittsburgh, meets President Wllson'a sp?
proval for ih. Mexican Ambassadorship,
inn m the -> if ?ral ??i eusslon that will
Folios Mr. Brysn'i return there msj ?be
a shift thai would result in the offer lo
? im of snothei pos).
John i: Mott, of m mt< lali N i ???
Toung Men Christisn Ass?ocistion
lesder, thoroughly fsmlllsr with China,
aignifled hi-- unwllllngnraa t" ?become
Minister to ?"vina, snd apparently the
Pn ?i.i? ? i I ? still aeeklng f??r a aultable
repr? aentatlv? there.
John E ?Osborne, ex-Governor ?>r
Wyoming, waa mentioned to-da) sa th?
probable su?*cessor to Huntington Wilson
as first assistant .*?'??' i? tary >?f Btste
?Governor Osborne i? said to be ? cloee
friend ??f ?Secretary Bryan and is Demo
cratlc national commltteeman from ill?
lam n t?. the embarrassment "f ?tariff
i Ion if other matt? is, auch a e
? ? ?reform, can be expedltlou
handled without interference with the
tariff programme, tiio ?President hs
-."ii. and bellevea In getting thin
?i.t the earll?esi possible momenl
This attitude I ? made plain
i. i ?? have ..- k? ?i ??? the Wn
House regarding th?? reputed Intention
ihe Preaidenl to frown on everything ?
I cepl tariff revit Ion si the approach!
I eea l?on
I Are Feted by Porto Ricans an
Get Some New Tariff Ideas.
?\fter being entertained bj th? Poi
Ricanx for on? a'cck al a cool of ?i."
? i ongresamen a ho wenl ?to he Islsi
a fea weeks ago returned yesterday froi
s.in Juan on the Mallor) llnei Braso
'i I..--. W? V Philip I' ? ;. ii?'.??. I!. oi ?Pittl
? - ? \v. lv Baldwin, ??i M oui
Whit?. of Mai I? tta, ? ?hlo '
?y, ;. in . of V? rtmn, Tex., and Edwar
T. Taylor, of Glenw.l Sprint ? Col.
The ? ? . ? n hald yest? rday tha
there s 11 on th? Island thai th? ? dl
and ? h?-re*. i thej ???? nt tl
tered a strong aentlmenl against th
. ? ..n the ir?-. list.
VI ? Bo*, il. a lo mei hau' w Ith In
In I'?, to Rico, aid yest??i I
? ? u-.ir crop "t th? Island mlgl
not i-? ??T? i-? the standard this year, ti
tuba? -? ? at ?I - ??''?' ' r?i|ta will l"- Ih
I kj4< ? in th? ...-????? ol th? island
Says Wilson Will Draw College
Men Into Politics.
Omaha. Mar? h 23.?William J Bryan
Seer? ? ? - State, and Mra Bryan wer?
the gu? ? honoi last night at a din?
ni given bj the University Club ol
! a Mi Bryan talked aboul th?
President, who, he aaid, uns an sdvoo te
of univers ce, and the effect that
in? election would have on the college
life of tin? nation. He aaid mor?' ?adu?
lated men had supported Mr. Wilson
anj previoui ?emocratl? randldate,
; nd predicted I n-1 the elei stlon o? n
so thoroughl.? Identified with col?
1. l;>- iif<- would tend to .haw othei col?
ege men Into political activity and thus
bring ?..lui. s t.. a higher plane
Mr Bryan declared Preaidenl Wilson
wished i?? v? '? world-wide pesce, thai hi
I.. ? on: clenl loua man a nd 1 hai hia
eympathiea were with th<- common ?peo?
From announcements in Sunday and Monday's
i\nv-_)ork ______________? ?rili une
__r__s ?3 ::,:,r::?;^?;' gfi A :';.-:-?=:?
to?man ? tntpt. i{??i?ni f?i". Trlaaae Bi-uMug._
-I.TMAN. ?_, a? <<?.. :? " ave Mtk ??nd ?th
Ml -. .-: ,f 11.?- i.ttr.i? i lona i.
trimm? ?!
luu : ? and irhlt? ? ottos
tot.- ?. . ,.? ? ii.?
?OW*iKi>. .|\Ml.? ?*.. thi-'-"? Oreanwlek si
i" x ? ex ' ru"1'
ROGER! I'KK.l t'OMPAKY, Ihre? Broad wi
SVai . ? 13th . nd Mis sts
'.-.?.?. v.i boys ?? - i ii? si- stoi ???.
??loil . Ini hats and spot ting
\\ Ai.poi t. BROfl,,
10 dhy and I istli g ? i roua I.i i bs ? ??? h
?III i. ? ? .. ,! Ml? ..( i...ii.IK? i? bl? fS
ff am _, mu? a, mites s- b*
nx s,;,.' lai i nrg-atn? la mi?
m? on dre-Mi ? sad ?? ? um
?JIKKM 4 von
I ?prln? mllltn? i ?owni uruya.
. _w?ar, lac? atad Infanta and
"i ? _nd Barm
-taux, i*., a <<>.. ????-? ??*? "*",i "".''
Will ha ? ?' m ?? "f women?
? - j
??--.. ., ... . ... ?... n'a ??"???"
Otkt-r ??.-???i_i_ at tul.?? Ht"i
? ? u .ii.ii.k1 hat . petti? oat?,
...,.. . i loct ' sitatas.
"'?'HiMiM.iiMi- M ava aad HHk ?
*.?> ?. , ,,r ??owna, i.iona?-?.
?aleta an?] lt?< ?"*' ?''*?" "',
? an?mi..n te .'? i""f disalaf ""
niant? anal bult-u
*RH.I. HKOs.. "i | M.
'hii ?A'i-k in !n?'i-|."?"f hiMlarj foi in*".
?oiii? n ?,i?.l , hKiln B
r''MMK*,t.K. ?it h ave. aad "tOtk Si N"*
l'Un,ps fer \?.?iin??ii ?III I"- pl!?<"'l ?al? nal?-.
"?vmiiiki a t ?>.. . i a ?i Mtk ?t
?inou?e?: u ?al?- ni ???iiriiiK :-'"l ?'?'?'
?.ii ?? f? i ?,.? i aad i osa? s.
??.ll-.l?, MMi... s,, i; w. at Mtk *?' I?
ia ? apaelal off?erina tkla week Is
?*?'??? ?.ului,.? _i,,i pempauloara
??iniiiNo, j. M A ?o.. fttk ;n?. ?Jdtfc ?""?
?" |U In', i"? ?II? ni.'.n i" ?? mil? "'
mada hui?:? ?'??"?"? aftenwes saa
? ? ? ins v. iap? and mllllnei ?
I? ,. isii Bnd r.'iii ?t- -'??? "? m ?
.. . ?aromen ? dr? ??? ?
i ,,, , . ? ,,. ? omen ? shot * and
I mil ?
IIWI1 \M> A I D-. N? M Baal S?h Bl
, ,:. - ,. eitles to ? ? dtllna ?:iti? In
I, , onset, do? ba bi i r???"' ? I :""'
i..ii?i.i gl ?as
hi\i:n ii?.- - tteei sl (tl s Amona
, j,.' | ,,| ,, ^ (OOdS to i ? sold will I ?
ol Bilks, ??omen's suits.
... ash dr? ?? f.ii.i i. ? aad mtlll
.... -,,., i.?! ? bIu? i ?rill Im i,if'-i?-?i In
.:- pillow?, 'iiitain?. ruga petticoat?
umj warn? v al ? sees
i\M khf.. A.. * I O? No Itt ? i
Have i On. ? old stores? t?? lake ca? i
0f f,, : . ., i.... Bonabla ratas t b< also
do rainod? Ulna "'???' rapa Irina
1 siii?, i< H.. i ? <??? "? nli Rqaar?
Oowns blouae? ostrich plumea trunks
.,',,! Kfiya linens suits and coats toi
m'iM<? ?prlna ""-?? goods iiii-i iininK
BBt,lni are some of the attractions hi
lansed ??.?
????? BROM., Weal 33d and 22d
ll?'?- Biransed ? nmta of cotton and
linen 'I" ?s '?',,', :' ??' ".*'? *' Hnena,
|.-,',.?, i, Ii.itki .-N.l.r.ii.l'T. ,i lin,<rrl*>.
women's underwear, bouse Kewns, see
i,-,.,.,.? ,,.i.i klmonea
I n,,- :i an?1 !?a *?**'*' :'?'-''1 sl Calls al
?. nil..a o? Us furniture specially miai?t'ii
| fei . "nun v boos? ?
1 ?luminar? ni lli?- *|i?-i ial ?ifl*-riiig?> ?>f Wj
**""il m nuil ?|..n?l_? in llu? \-M?-*???rk Tribune
II,,- IrmlinK *?'
?inclt-i I"?'
.rr? ?ill kS piil>ll?.lir?l e\rry
_'..???? ll'MllilUJ.
Trade Returns for 1912 Show
Big Increase in Figures.
Imports in Year Reach $61,
667,951, and Output Goes
to $54,784,738.
u sshington, Msi h : Proaperil
t: e l*hillppli ? und? r th< on ol
the Unit? ?l st.it? la ? mphaais? ?i in I ?
trade i? turna for 191 I ? aunt*? 'l bj
the Bureau of Insular Iffaln of th? w i
i ?? partmet t Thi Imt orl and
values v.l.- f.u in . \.. - ,,?- those of in!
prevji . , ?
"11 ? nil..: I?. l6l.6CT.9St,"
: ? bui >? ?H. "and wer? ?i ?
??r the ?flguri - ? v 191 I, ahile I ?
t total of $54." - ?wsi 110.1
iiT more than In tii<- previous rear. The
ted Mat? et ? ?ut? d ?
:.:? p i cent, of all Imp?t I
i" the valu? of $1 IS pel
'.i.i of the total, found an V merles n msr?
!?;. t In the larger trade f? ear a
1911 pui ? has? - from th?
? d State? li rreas? d < ? i ? ? 023, m hite
i.. t : ? i Ited .-'.?'? -.??i?
"Th? pur has? - ??' Imerican
cloths continue i. amounting to
| ? ?. - i ? . t..t.-?i "f $..
? 51 per cen? m I'm i in
Hi- calender yeui record ??f rotton rloth
shipments from the United States H ??
Philippin?i ??i" ti ? leading bujrei
Maximum Records Renched
"In . .; orta .-?il ?of th? k sdlng produ? i of
ithe Islsutds, witii the exception of ?sugar,
? | o* v. real ? d quantities, and ma o
mum i'-? ordi of r.'i t ?.ni were established In
in-ill!., copra and unmanufactured tob?cea
"The leading feature In the export Ira I?
un?, tin recovery In tii<- hemp market fro .
the depression thai bai prevailed for aev?
? ml ? ?-a i s past I r? ? res led demand, ?coupled
with .?i. anticipated shortage In auppl! n
aulted m mi upward moveroenl in i
throughoul tii>- ?rear thai toward hk- close
assumed unusual proportlona The jreai
opened with ,i monthl) average of $ioi
.i ton, ? l"?-?- to which privet had ranged foi
three years, but i>> Jui> the price ever?
sge had reached Si'.':', while the vear
11?, . -i with a !>??? ? mbei prl.I |17l
??in tin- augai trade exporta fell allgbtly
i ?low the high n cord of i .?i i and amount?
<?l t?. 192,962 ii'iiK tona, with the lowest
average price aine? 11 ? ?- passage of limited
free trade. Bhlpnteata t?. the United
Btates of 121,761 lont tons were conaider?
alii-, undei those "i the prevloui rear.
"Exporta of clgara greatly Increased
over those of 1911, due t.. the steadily
growing American demand, and amounted
?,, 190 11", in?? of s iii? li .?H wer?
shipped to the United Btatea Unmanu?
factured tobacco exports for ii" fust tim.?
?cseeeded 30,900,.I ?pounds Exports of
!? .a ?tobacco t?? Hi?- United Btates for Um
..i were 8i.6li pounda under the tariff
conceaslon tiiai givea a fi*ee marfcel to
i 300,001 i ounda of ?Philippine tobacco
"?Copra ?exports Increased i<> onlj a
nominal extent snd sroounted i?. 140,621
I Iouk tona bul prices continued uniformly
high from month to month, end resulted In
;. new high nt <>?" a erage ??r 1101 n ton
Exports to Hi?- United Btstea conUi.i to
?how the Incresse ??t prtvloua rears, snd,
?with .-? t?etal of 10,169 long lona In 1912
i .-Km i?. assume Importsnc? m tin> trad?
Meets This Week to Form Larger
Body Authorized.
Th? eoinmlttee of twenty chosen ?i a
meetlni lasl week to select i rltlxens mu
nlclpal committee to .- ?- ? ? ? i .? noavpartlaan
;o.i i-'i'.uiiiiian) ii u.i for ?h.- fail catn
psdgn, -vs.ill m?-?! ?m Thursday or Krldaj to
form tti? larger committee authorized at
thai msetlng. Th? i?*?^? i committee win
i,,- .-ouipoeed "f i??-tw?-?ii aeventj snd on??
hundred cltlsena boifle favos tin- amaller
number, er?Ik otbera bellev? the commit?
i,. oMbuM be al least as larg? sa waa Um
fusion committee four yean ??k??
\t ii.?? meeting tins week the committee
of t v. *? i ? t >- will form a provisions! organ?
Isatlon snd tin n k? t ?i"wn in th? sstectlon
Of 111?? la?*??SI ? I'lniii.tt'? Which iiimn lak.
some tima There vmii be no ofllcers of
an) "i" the r?gulai political erganlsetlone
on Um committee.
Intended Hold-Up of Committee
Appointments Also Making
Trouble in the Ranks.
Their Open Door Policy Embar?
rassing to Leaders Who Want
to Frame Their Tariff
Bill in the Dark.
Washington. March ?3 Two groups i?l
Insurgent ?D-*tn?x?rata an fomenting troubl?
In til? Mini i. following Hie .-lliliiiilll?'? ':.' ril
tiini the -caucus ?m the tariff ?.?ill be
ecret, as is usual, and that the commit?
tee aaslgnm? ta ???in nol be made until
t.'i 111 I?-i-1 ition i.?- "'it "f th. way. N'en
members ?if the li"'. ? i i ??'. ?. ??
? i ii' ??\ .?i ?it lu r proposition, and murmura
? ?; discontent are h? ard on all sld?
i ?? n ocral a begin to arriva for the ? xtra
??" "Alfalfa Bill" Hurray, irom
' ?Kl??' ? ng the | ilnst
the w ayi and Hmm Commit*.?*-!. which I
i- the ? '"11:111111. u mi ? lommitt? ? .and de. j
mandlng a nea deal I
?'"i.-hIi r.ii'i? . nttment . d? ? i l?-*pi '
" ? M"M ? against \ ? ? n.'.? 'n au? !
Ihoi n y m the \'. aya and If? an ? 'otnmlt
!????. ?in?l there ???ill be ;? ren?twal "f (he
tight t.. ?..im. ?i sep?rate CommlttM "n '
i "r: ;i it .
i'i? lidenl w i!. u lien ?Joven i
S ??? i : -?. a .1 ..'i?.?. ,1 i,, Btar chamber
ru I" ' oun? ii ? and the .-'. cretai ?. "t .
W .1 Brj an, I than on? ? d
nounced the net t ca ucui of 11? ? ? ? D i
i i : ? young I ?? n ??? there! i
? r ? apport of the two leading
BgUI ' ? ??.?. a?lmln * *.-. 11? >n Iti n
move t" thro? th? ? .re ua 'i.- "i" i? t"
the public.
Embarrassed by Prorjressives.
Th?? announ? ? ir*< ? I bj I he l?rogr<
menili?rs of th?' House lhat their part;
? onf?. * I be op? n t.. the pr?
? ? ? ? g tl ? i ?? ri ? r..i I? h. i . a ho
? '? going *,. ' ;i tarif] bill ;
? : ?.? 'I ? ' ? ? ? ?' ? "I
? ? eli Ing aharp i i Iticli m both w 11 ??? :,
\ 'Ithoui th? i ???'?' ? ? nd
op? n door pol of tl R ? ? l I
inspli ed tl ' ?? mocratic li ? to go
uh< .el ?? ? ?? ? king
Mitre I on? red IT?
"? ? mi i" ? ? man* hai ? d? eld? '
?ron? i? tloi on th? t of I I
: ubll ? ? ? ':
th? fa? t lhat tl. 11< ?
ar? to be lela ? ?
? ' I ? la to force th
? ? ?? II of the "
Meai .?
ont? nt. ri' ?I !??? i]iii ? t be met
the II ? ? ? it I ? ? ? ? ; th?
? ? :"!!
Democrats exprei
"ft1 ,lll.I |" !
. ?
? ' ? ?
... ?
Und-rwood Opt-mi-.'
? ?
? ?
tl,?? tariff
of A
? .1 thai tariff r?
?'."trf I
: ? ? i a i
; . ? ? |l
. d the
.? tub! thai
?. i.um take up th? ' ? ? \
? ?
to go right Inl lion. A
many othel ihe
extra session sh<
.,,??,. ... -
to ret ? ? ' ? ??? ? Ich 1 I i
n ??
tftrlfr, ' ?routine i i i
natura i ?me ip "
Yonkers Married Couple Ar?
rested Twice for Crime.
N',,1 .??. ,-n oi their wedding u
ma] ,fon I Toni i \eu w th?*ir af
?. i. .?. by ? ? ? 1.1, oth? r
m the -tr? eta Ta Ice hav? Mi and Mi
?Rob? m McAleese ? I No Ches!
-tr?.? t. found thl out Althoug i tbej
, ;,. i, ghoul f"ri\ .five :?? ara old, th? > ""
not forget ? ntlment, ? i?? ci illj on
?. rsaties They ?? t ?? b? fore -i id| ? B? ill
?. ; da ? "n a ? hai g< ? : causl i ? dli
turbance In Main atreei on Batunlaj night.
Ml niel Mr I Ah Ah? I WON nnlir-ii ?Hi
?it tti? i. airiM. u wai ?the twenty-firs!
anniversary ol theli wedding day, they
ti, and I ? roeretj kl - ?! ? a? h other In
in,,,,,i ,,t u,,- ." ? aaion Th? Ir rjoculatoi ?.
demonstration wai so ardent, ?Patrolman
Keebaa said, thai Ihej attracted i.wd
, nd he arrest? ?i th? m fe* dit oi*dei ly '???n
ii'nt. Judge ?Beall released them under
.. ?i- pended sent? net
i ?n their twentl? th anniv? rsarj ? ?''?11
ngo, mi. ? 0 ipl? were am ded i"i hugging
each other ??!? IVarburton avenue. They
were lal ??'? la rourt that time also
They Don't Want Early Consti?
tutional Convention.
litten] Al.? i ? h 13 'I lie proposal ??' the
1 ? . ,:,.., 1.it- to ? ill s spe? lal ? I? ctloti in
June i" determine whether there aball be
un eari) constitutional convention la meet?
ing ?mu? opposition f.'ini the Progressive!
a favorable vote In June would mean tha
.-!,. ? ion ol d< l**gat< 1 to the 1 onv<**ntl?-*n at
tin coming fall ele? tlon The ? ont ? ntlon
would ne ? t m April, 1 ''i ? The ?Dertno?
?irai?- hin and other bk u irea on theaub?
j?. 1 imii.ilu? ?'I by Republicans ??ml i'r?>
, . dves w in be dla inked .it 1 h? ai ir c aa
u. dneadaj before th? .seemMj Judiciary
? 'ommlttee
C<oacerntng the atUtude of the Pragraa.
. part* toward the Democratic ptaa
? \ s.?,., 1 ?>i Pratt? 11? i? m 1 M?? i.i"'it, chair?
in.m ??i the Progressive L<aglatatlv? ?*??ni
mittee, in 1 atatemeart U>-daj aald
?\\ apsrtal elacUmi in Sumu, artth r"?rti
aan ilalagatfi <honen In Soremhm, ?and ?1
"Snap' ? oriventi'i'i i.tli?. next \'.ir. will
not .?nut the Progieaalvea at hu. Special
J eleetlotlS III'' I'Otll ?X |?etl.??l I ?' atl'l tt"Ul>l??
? m,,p.? JntM i?- .in uii.-aiiitahl?' time for thr
voten of the r<t.iie if Tammany bj thii?
attempting to disrupt non-partisan nltl?
gjoem (.?i i' ?!??ti"iis tins fall In New
York, Etotfalo and other ?anatctpalltlas i?y
mjscting lato the N?**r?Habar ?i??ti"ii the
chotee of conatttutkMial eanvaatlan dala?
gates aa ;? strictly partisan baala Urn
Tammany lent will In the end be lar
great? than the gain. The rail f'?i Um
coastltutional ccnventlaa a likely t?) be
THERE are not so very many
bad titles In New York
but if you suddenly find that
yours is one of them, the re?
sults are disastrous to you.
i he title policy costs no
more than competent title ex?
amination and it covers the
risks that no title examination
can cover. Ti*e forgeries-the
unexpected family relations
the undiscovered Wills.
Capital . . $ 5,000,00C
SurplusUll earned) 11,000,000
176 B'way, N. Y. 175 Remsen St.. B'klyn.
?SO Fulton St.. Jamaica.
repudiated by the people, and the move?
menl toward state-wide union <?f all ko<>?1
? iti/'-ns against Tammany will !>?? greatly
.??i? lersted.
"The people ??f the siat.- wish sn earlj
constitutional convention, bul there la no
nisdom In haste foi machine ??avantage.
iv i. .?-luiiiiii i.?- ti" parttssn ??invention
,,i ail. Existing political parties should
??.i b? permitted i" have anything to ?!"
und th" matter. The delegate? abould
i.f. for snd bj the people, nomlnstsd
only bj petition, ?and ? boeen ?>u ;< eon?
partlaan ?basis, Adequate provision aim?Id
I." ma.I' for tin- representation of minor
it) as well sa iiiajoi Ity s leara
"The dignified snd patriotic way ?would
,? to h iv< ti,. p. ople vote thla fall iii"?ri
whether a i*onv?entlon ihould i?- ti? i?l snd!
then eleel Ihe delegstea on ? non-partisan
m 121 I."
Theodore Roosevell cxpecti t?> sddreaa
? meetini of ?the Progressive .-'tat.- <'??m
mltt?ec In A Iban j on Friday.
Marked Fluctuations in Tem?
perature Also Will Prevail.
Ington, March 22 Abnormal storm
? i- .-??..i marked fluctuations in tent?
I ??i rature will prevail the country tret
during I h.mtng week, according io the
u . ,?iii. r Rureau espei l
\ '"i m ? ? ntrsl Suii'ia i ovi r the
Rocky Mountain region." the bureau'a
? eekl) bulletin says, "srlll move rapidly
: oiHi,-a?i, ac(?ompanled bj shifting g?les;
m ?? ni ht pi ? ? ? ded by rains snd much
v.- a m. i temperature at th? beginning of
. h in the ??ast? -u snd BoulI sri
? .? attended by anowa In th?
N'oi thw? i along the Morth
? : n ?ord? i. n ?li! be followed bj d?e
. id dl) coldei westher Monds] snd Toss?
'.. ? th? ?ii Idl? tXeel and the ?Sooth?
.-.. ? ml Tuesdsj snd Wednesday gen?
. ral ?.? i of the Mlssl aippl River.
\-i. h? i '?i?? irl.?? ?? d? spread In?
will <i- ? ? lop m the Fat \v???--t
? .?. ' .in. .-?lav or Th it ida] ? rosa the
tral i ?sil? | on Thursday or )'?)?
? ? i . Eastern ?tat? I ?Friday <>r
??aturda: \ .-? ? '.': eh v. - t.. . onsid?
i er t? mi" t.it re win ptrecede
? bam ? "
Delegation Representing State Com?
mittee to Attend Funeral.
,... ..,-, ,.? m ?;?-.? - B .. k ?will
I,... in vriv.ii? |0-molTOW,
m? nt have been made to hav?
n and ? o ? lo k
. .., Rai-n? ? of tin Reoubl
Told Detective Admiral Oftei
Pricked Her While Asleep
with Needle.
Those on His Ship Died Lik<
Rats, She Asserted?Case
Goes Before Grand
Jury To-day.
[Bj Tetegrssa to The THbuai |
Boston, March _L?llui i m _ S'ord?
etrom, assistant rnanager ??f s local ?i?
teetlvs ?bureau, who has i.n called b)
the grand Jui*j as g wltnesa In the Batei
death mystery, made a atatement to?day
in which lu- told how he ?eras consulted ??>
Mrs. Jennie Maj Baton not I ? ig ego an?
Informed by her ?thai Rear admiral Jo?
aeph Oil? ?Baton was trying t?. po?lsoc
tin? whole family, snd that while the a?i
mlral was at tlie ?Panams Canal the men
ou lus ship ilinl ilk?- rats m a trap, :u.?i It
vas i'..r ?belief that her husband bad i??>
aon?ed them.
Mrs. Baton toi?) the I? tectlve tii?? a?i
miral hn?i broufhl home a ? h? n of pol?
son?? from iniiia thai he i 'anted hk.- a
"The admiral is a reri ?.?-u edu?*ated
mail,'' Nordstrom asya Mrs. ?Baton to.?i
him. "I fear be la trying to potoon me
snd, in fact, the whole family, i ahouldn't
?be aurpriscd t?> find my daughter Doroth)
dead when i get homo.
"Several \?>.ir.s ano the adnill U went t>>
th. i',u ?Bast ?>n a cruise with his aquad?
?ron. Among tin? countii ?s no vlstted s is
India. It's a terrible and mysterious land
i have alaraye thought, and so it has
l'iov?d for us.
"While In Indis ihr admiral heard of
many pseuliar poisons ii?? had studied
medicine, snd he became very much In?
terested iti these ?trange eoncoctlona
from a strannc land.
"Ho liad a whole ?host of polsOna from
India. He keepa the cheei la an attic
room on the top Boor ot the ?henee at
Aaalnlppi. It'a an <<i?i ?sea chest, snd ii*
suarda it i?i<?- a watchman gtiarig a ?bank
vault. The admiral has a lo< k snd u< >
on the chest. Hi ais-? baa a ?key to the
little attic room. He keepa both kiwked
S?d has the keys with him day and nipht.
Poison with His Supper,
"Hi hsa a yellow bottl? of poison Often
he brings that bottle down to the supper
?.?hie and put.- a hit of the poison ??n his
f.i. it makes me ahudder to think of it.
i m in feai of mj ?if?- and the lives of
my two daughters, i want \<>u t<> put ?
detective In th<? henee te ersteh the ad?
mlral. I want yon te see if too ?au ?-?'?
evidence against him for sttempted pois?
oning, and, Incidentally, I want the detw -
ties to ?protect us from ?being made the
victima of in? experimenta.
??.\ian\ a night I have been awaken*!
In bed by Mr. Baton to find blood ti I? u
img down my aim The admiral bad
tricked me with a needle The n.edlu
contained poison.
?' \nd that la IMt all II'- toM HM Si
i trip to the Panama Canal He ?told me
how the men down there died like rats
?a a trap, it waa while the admiral ? ?
there, snd ? believe he -v.?- those men
? ?--i ''
Nordstrom ?>.'?> si tin- polnl Mrs
Baton paused tooh .? handkerchlel ?from
h?-r handbag ?snd dried th.- perapirstton
on her forehesd Then, the detective
sa\s. slie Went ?Ml
"Another thing I mus? tell \ou about
the admiral, snd thst la ?? h vsrj fond
of women. Bometlmea I'm almost
. ii amed t.. go ?itii him mt?> a atreetcsr.
When v\.? entera ear h? will slwaya look
about to tee It there la ?? woman, and lf|
IlieiP I- on?- h?. will ???i up aii'l ?it riom
beallS her ,',n?l mak?' ?im.iii'?? to h??l
Vni must look aft??r him mi th?- nom?
?Mg "f the casa-, ton "
"?'.in ?oil fell tm lli'?re ,il??i'.' ?
strange petaaaa fiom iii'ii;, mat are I
in?- atn ? h? ??f m yems ?attic laetn?" Heed
-trun -.?\ I h.- a*k?.l
'So. i i .imiiii i dare nui ge nag
thaw, aad boaMoa it venid he Impossible
for the H'lniiral. as I paid ?before, kef'
ti.i hiiiii? ii in the garret, under doubt
loch Hii'i hey, ' aha n piled
"\\ . !l." I ??.?i.I "the l>. St thhlg f"l H H
<i" is t?> put a woman operative la tat
Never Renewed Tende?".
Nordstram MM he waated ?? retainei <?'
MM and m.ni?- au engagement i<> sseet
Mra Eaton at soene futura tima, whea
th? mini? > win,?ii be paM evm, i?ut ii?
never b< ard froa Im r again
"I turned the matt? i OVef in m?. muai
while waiting ?la hear from Mra. Eaton.
s.mi the lift?,?tlve, "and It eeii ilni)
UlOked |,ke a big I'tilpOSltKlll. Wh'iha-I
there was iKdaoa ta the iMNiae ??r nat if
there was pole*?- polaon from India It
I?.?.!''! bad lor the .??iinir??*. And if there
waaa't any potaoa it w_??.i!'i rl o?? hat
Mra. Baton was i a ? ? ? ?>r sound mind '
determined to no at the raac with g will
"White waiting i hired g num to *<? ???
th. iiii'is.? and t"li. one "!' H] m? n to DC
ready at a moment ? none?* lO st?i? into
tile .as?-.''
Evidence In the ease ?if Mi- ?Satan will
h?.- pr?-s?'nte?i before the grand Jury, which
WUI meet in speeial s? sslon here to-tn"i
row. i'he i.din?-* Will ?"?in at !??
?j'eloek and ??ill I).' Secret, a. ? oidlli?, "??
law. The Jury will deteitnlne whethei
th?' widow <>f the admiral shall be in?li??:? <i
? ?ri accoonl ol her husband's death "> el
lowed her liberty, A -rand jury ladint?
ment would bring the caae automatically
before the Soperloi Court.
Lunacy Commission Possible.
As intimated ?,t th.? tim- of the arr. -?
of Mra ?fat?.i, soma "f Iteaa conraf ini
with th>> caae hallara thai g lunacy cam?
mleetofl ma' be appointed to esaaMae a? r
ragardlag h?er sanity. Distri?-t Attorn?
Barker, ??f Broirhtna, who has been em
ducting the iii\estttsation in the eaaa for
the ?COUnty, la said to ha*"? ?oiif?rre?l wiln
Chief Juetko Aiken ??f th.? gupertor Conrt
regarding tha- appototaaent "f anch g eom?
While the ,1'ithoritier? wer?- pre?.;ii lag
their ?Snag t" he pr?sentt"i I ? t ? 'I ?? th
?_:rafi?l Jury Mrs. Baton pa.-s? ?1 tl.? d.?
?; iletlj at the Plymouth eounty jail. ?She
?lui not receive en> visitors, aid
part "i" the das i*a?alng iiisgaalnsa a:
though she was not preasad at Um ?Sentar
religious ser? i??? in the jell, she heard ?
einging ?and hymn-, and naw what took
pince from her cell in the arosnaa'a i?
pertinent Bhe continued apparently can
free and in ?."" I health
Search was continued t" *i? fat the
seiir?.' of the aremlc allitged t?> h..?'
Mr. Morse, who was ? urn.-.l for th" I'?
Clarence V. t. Rlcheaoa m t. i fama
i.itiiM-ll murder ?.?s.? in ?Boeton tu?. ?
ago, baa entered the Eaton can ai lead
mg counael f??r th?* defmce.
Sulzer to Enlighten Editors on
Solution of Problem.
Alban* m i n _.: Qovemor i I ?
announc?m? nt that he Intendi to
?something to aay at tie dinner of th?
?Denwcratlc State Editorial Aas-jciatk*
Albany on Tut-ada; evening roncernlng
???"imtv autonomy .?s a solution ol tl ?
nonage problem hes aroui i 1 ? -, . t?
Reporta thai th.- ? en? i mm md ?
i'. Murphy. ??!' Tamman i ? ?
o? ?-r appolntmenta hav? been ill
legislative circke and ? ?> otn.ee eeehera f"
weeka. and the belfc f that the ? ?
may make dear ..is attitude toward th?
Tammany organlaatloti its - ? t. ? ? ? i
Importance to his prom a?fd ta r
editora. ?Lieutenant Governor Otjrnn, He
?it M ?SVagner, majority liad??- "I ti?
s?-n.?t?\ end Ipraker Alfred if imltk
th.? a-.-? mtdy a' " ar? espn tad to ??
the editors
A Letter
New York, March llth, 1913
Mr. W. C Hope, General Passenger Agent,
New Jersey Central R.R.
Dear Sir:
1 had read the advertisements of the New Jersey
Central Hourly Philadelphia Service for years with in?
terest, but had not acquired the habit of going that way.
Being down town recently, I was called on the 'phone at
11.45 and advised that 1 must be at the office of a client in
Philadelphia by 2 o'clock.
I then remembered thatmy'Svatch was my timetable"
and that an hour and fifty minute train left at 12 o'clock. I
just caught the boat from Liberty Street and was soon com?
fortably seated in a Pullman and speeding smoothly on
my way.
In the dining car, en route, I had one of the best
luncheons I ever ate, and, incidentally, witnessed a delight?
ful cycloramic spectacle. 1 had no idea the countryside
traversed by Jersey Central trains was so beautiful.
At 1.47?three minutes ahead of time?we rolled into
the Reading Terminal, giving me ample time to reach my
client's office by 2 o'clock. I caught the 5 o'clock train back,
enjoyed to the utmost the splendid dollar table d'hote
dinner served in the diner, and reached New York in
ample time to dress and attend the theatre.
I am a convert to your splendid service and con?
gratulate you on the uniform courtesy of your employees
?and the wonderful roadbed that makes it possible for
the trains to run so smoothly?
Yours very ?truly,
tblgnatut? en ?*Qt-Mt.>

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