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;\rt? ?ark itribunf.
MONDAT, M \i: ? i ?X ????"
. Trlbsae
: ? itloa; < ?gdea
m i; i Con Hasalta, geeretary;
\?Hr??*i?. Tribune
.v N?? I. 4 Ni V ?rk.
-? ,,i Postage
l .
, ','-'
? monthi. ? ?:' ?
. s -."
i ?,. ' "
. .
i. , ..... ? '?'_?
???? m In th?
Including I ?stag? ?
.*!) 1 I
v ' 'NLT
ll.O'.? I on? ymnt eiz.se
? i?i w i: \TES.
: y \MiM\aw
v Mi ti.-.?.
*? .? .$??.on
| ?4. 58
P logt? ?? al New York a?
in Hplte of the i l-fool ballots of last
.?nul ill?? official warning of the
" ommlssloner ?if Accounts thai only i
ii.i-ii?- change would prerenl then
from being l?O-fbol ballots this y ?ear,
Hi?- hi m??? ratlc bill intended i<? Im?
prove the direct primary law contains
i <? provision for thai change, it is ?t
??iiiii?!?' change, t?oo Under the law sa
ii Manda, each voter's ballot contains
scores ?>r names <>r ?candidates for
placee In party committees which are
meaningless t?> htm. In fa?-;, they com?
ber tin* ?ballot, lumber his mind and
?make snytbing like Independent vo?ng
in ill?? ?party contenta very difficult.
These superfluous aamia eould be
irlped off each balM end the ballots
thortened greatly If the election *__?]
trlci were made the baals of political
?representation In the eoramltteea in
atead of the Assembly district.
All thla would tend t?> emancipate the
party voter somewhat from the party
ma? bine. Thai was the reason it i aa
!i??t ?done when the direct primary law
was passed two years ago against the
????.ill of the l??-?iiiM-rati?? powers thai be.
Thai Mema to be the reason It la ?being
fought now. Y??t thla year, if ever,
with an Important dt$ election ap?
proaching, the voters of Sew York
nii-iu to i,., in position to exercise fully
and freely tbclr right t<> choose candi?
date? for partj place and candidates
for iiiiblio office. The votera' rights
mus? -_'i\?- place to the machine's
.???vil-.-, a [d?mocratie fiPglslature can
_v ibis condition. Unless it does,
otera of this city are very likely t.?
im-nire ih?' Idea that Tammany Hall
n'l waul it ??hanged
1 ? Independ? n ?
: ?? frequent ii d?clarai ?"ii la
rtghl The more the ? '.?>? -
? deel until?ii babil '
r New fork.
1 w orld.
II i - followed by fight, n single
. ration "i Independence la enough.
1 ? ii it i?. followed by a s?-<T<?t ?-??u
? ??? ?? with Murphy. a< our tlovernor
his I ???'?l:irati"ii-. Of
i i- followed by the support ol
Murphy'?* ticket, ?is our neighbor "The
World" sometimes follows its Declara?
lion?? of Independence, why then an?
: i'????laiati'iii becomes Indispensa?
ble a few day? later.
i in- i nii.-ii Ktatea made one Declara
i ?'?ii of Independence ?i?>. it meant
what ii saiii a ?laiiy Declaration of
Independence, In aplte of mir neigh?
bor's Indorsement both In word and
deed, belongs only In ? "war game."
T?_e case of Charles Whaley. who has
)usl been sentenced <>u Long Island to
live years in ging sin;?, m?rita the at?
tention of ?Governor Bulger, The par?
doning power baa been greatlj abused
in ttaAa ?-tat?-, but If the fairts are right
i.v naderatood by the public this is i
titii?' when it may be properly used.
whaley and a rompanlon robbed ?
store in ?Port Washington three years
ago. His partner was arrested and
gol ??ff with one year In Jail Whaley
tied i<. f?reenport, ?turned over a new
leaf and was living an exemplary lif?'.
when a stray pedler ?happened t?? reo
ognlae blm. Without a lawyer i?> n?i
rlao him, be pleaded ?guilty, only to re
c-?\ o i his extreme sentence.
The law must be vindicated even In
the <'as?' <?f reformed i.rYenilers. ?But
the law should not operate t?> undo the
w??rk of ?reform. Rve years In Sing
Sing would probably make a confirmed
criminal of this man. In *-j?it?* of his
manly determination t?? fa?ce the musk
aivi start again ?square with the world.
Tt would h.-ivp a wife and two ?bablea
nncared for. And the punlshmenl Is
??m of proportion to that suffered by
his partner In ?crime.
11 e Demo* ratlc leaders |q Wasbing
t? a don't know whether to submit i
complete tariff i<lii <?r t?> try t?? revise
the different schedules separately. The
President is reported to be in favor <?t
a comprehensive bill which will have
t?> be submit!, ?i ?but ooce to the l>om??
i lat??- caucus. Time might be saved by
doing a ?complete Job, and the Demo?
cratic ?party- r-*rponslbUlty f??r Um
revision accomplished would be the
ni"!-?' definitely established. If it is
desired above all other things t<> make
revision a stri?-i jiitrly matter. | single
atMncluslve bin is the l?gica] proced?
ure. glace it will probably coataln
?enough unpalatable scattered items t<?
line ni? all the various opposition
groups In ?Congress against it.
_ef wiiii such a combination meas?
ure the whole muai be decidedly
weaker ?than any of ?the paita, and the
administration must lone the ?moral
support which would come from ?larger
iuaJoiitl?**s In the ?two lions??--, repre?
senting not only Democratic votera but
volera of many other sbadea of ?Jen
liment Many ?Republicana aided m
passing tin- various Daderwood re
i la ??ii billa w iiii-h the House passed
In the last Congress, in this ?Congress
many Republicans and Progressive*
would probably v??t?> ggaln ?\;ih '??''
l??'iiiu?'r;ils ?,n DXtnl ol the ??. h?'<lule-.
Unis offa<*tling ihe log? ?if dteaff??cted
local ?Protectionist i???i.reta. Bul H
all Hins?* win? bare grievances .1 _r;? in-t
? .ne whedule or even g fear items In
one siiieiiuie are Invited t?> i????<? ] Issu?*?
and oppoee g combination bill the
?Democratic ?party may nol only face a
certain amount of Insurgency within
?is nun ranks bat ??ill bave to heuT
tlio brunt of numerous local Irritations
and revenges.
In pushing ?rates up tbe log-rolling,
one for-all-and-all-for-one method >?
tbe more effective. Bnl In forcing
mies (j, -a ?i ?i |8 tff'ga-. i,, remember
.i:-"|i's fable aboul tbe Btlcks and 11? **?
fagol ll Is frisier tu ?_??! .ill.?ml !'.v un
tying th" fagol and ?breaking ill?' sticks
'I'll?? agreement between one of the
big ?-"?'il Operators m Wesl Virginia
? .'iii.l tbe striking miners i- -;ii?l t" rec
| ognite the rigbl of ti?*- minen to or
: ganixe, Hltb?prto this lias been denied
land organisera representing the labor
! unions have been driven away.
if anywhere In the world workmen
nee.) organization in order to pro |
ici their Interests it Is In tbe w.-t
Virginia coal mining district, where
ih?> strike is. Under ordinary <.li?
rions, where th?. law Is In tirin and fair
. bands, employes require the ???wer and
tbe machinery t?? bargain rollectlvely
: In order t<> s-e-cure their rights In ?!<':?i
mil; with ill?* organtred employers of
today. Bui many time? more la this
i tru?* in places where there is util?1 taw
j an.I where tl.nfor? en eni of it is
. virtually in the hands of the em?
In tin? Weal Virginia coal fields,
? where tbe strike is. tbe mine opera?
tors tire the landlords, ih?? local mei-j
I cbants?for Hi?* miners trrni?? al tbe j
; company stores gnd they are very
much of the l???-ni government so far,
i n?- ?there li any i;i those mountains.
Indeed, they bave always been i targe
i p.irt of tii" stat?? government? too.
Each way tbe miner turns be comes
? up against the employing corporation.
When be rents g house if mttsl bo Bl
tiie company's terms. When ho buy*
food and ?i'ihes be must pay the ?"fu :
pany's prices. And when be geeks ids
legal rights it mus? i><> from author!? '
tit-* thai are likely to be subservient
to ih?? great l-o-eal Industry, it Is a
species ??:' Industrial serfdom to wh ch
in? Is subjected.
it ?s only through organization thai
the workman under conditions id?"
these has any chance to gel ?i ?sonare
deal to Insist upon and obtain ren
?sonable wages and reasonable prices
m the company's stores, proper sani?
tary arrangements aboul 111 ? - ?'"in
pany's nouses and adequate safety an
1 pitances In Ihe works. The r Sir lit t"
1 organize does nol mean the closed
shop, h merely means t?o-operatlou
ami oft'?"tive leadership in an eflfnrl
to better conditions. And such an ef
, f??rt is needed. AH the American In :
stini't for fair play opposes leaving '
I workers as defenceless agalnsi aggres-l
isi'Ui and oppression as these We-t Yir
glnla miner-., unorganised, are.
The recent succensi nl les( of firing b
machine gun from g flying ??eppelin
airship was not the ?first. Ball car?
tridges have been fired from Zeppe
tin ?lirL'iiiies for ill?? las; two years.
The novel feature of tl e tat??* I es
?p?riment was thai Ihe machine ?gun
a a- mounted on the upper deck of tbe
airship, whereas former tests were
made from tbe under side.
Th?? experlmenl ??peal?.- for Itself
I When tli?* Germans can lire 500 rounds
of ammunition from what In tin?, coun
try We siill call g balloon it means thai
the aerial battlesblp baa arrived, if
tbe Germans can mount ?guns on top
<?f their airships they can ?mount them
I other places. And Professor Schuet te
Is, ?ti fa?'t. mounting cannon on the
sides, t"p and bottom of the Schuette
Lanx airship. Tin? next step will be t..
Install artillery In the i???? and stern
? Serin tny takes the aerial battleship
bo seriously that its naval authorities
lav?? decided t?? build ten air-hip sta
tlons It ?s in advance of the ?real of
the world. The German dirigibles and
the ?secrets of their construction ar?>
< rontrolled by the German government.
Thej are tl.nlj BU-rcessfnl militar,?
airships, and their development has re?
quired years of painstaking t-ffori and
millions of dollars.
Hut what Germany has done other
nations will <h>. If tin? ?United States
neglects this field long it will be at ft
decided disadvantage compared with
the oth??r great military ami naval
The ran? wai <?f unrest In tbe Isle <?i
I',n?'- and of -?im?' friction between tbe
Inhabitants of thai municipality and
the ?general government of Cuba sug?
gests tbe strong desirability of having
the political status of the Island con?
clusively determined. There ought
never to have been any uncertain.]
regarding it. and when any .?iroso it
should have lieen disposed Of n
! promptly as possible,
There ?'?m be no doubl that Ibe
Island i- geographically, historically
and in oilier ?respects an Integral par!
of Cuba, it has always been bo re?
garded. It lies BbOUl forty miles IT?.m
j the mainland of Cuba, but it Is a mem?
! lier of a numerous archipelago extend
j Ing with narrow intervals to tbe ?u
i han coast, and the water between II
1 gnd Cuba la go shallow thai droves ol
, ?little ?ire said t?i have l??-en driven
j across ni low iide Under Spanish
rule the Island was one of tbe muni?
palities of th?' Provine?' of Havana.
?nul s., it has remained ander the Cu
. ban Republic. Tbe notion thai II waa
1 reckoned to he one of tb-ose "other
j Islands" in the \\ ??-! Indies M hi'ii
were ?ceded outright t?> this country bj
| Spain is quite untenable, thai phrase
referring beyond question to Vieques,
Culebra and ii.ther Islands adjs
???111 to Polio Ifieo
The "Plan Amendment, ' ?? 11 ? ? * i ? \?a
gdded to tbe Cuban Constitution aa
?\?ii aa embodied In ?i treat? betweeu
? 111?:? and the United Slate-, provided
thai ih?* Isle of ?Pines should i,?* omitted
from the ?proposed ronstituttonal noun
?lari?- of Cuba, "iii?' title thereto ?being
left to futur?? adjustment by ti
That was nearly twelve yeara aa>
jears later a treat] ?was made ci
tog Cuba's t:t!'- to the Isle ?>f Plm
it was not ratified. Surely it i
for the adjustment which was pn
ii 1901 t.? be finally effected,
neither creditable nor profitable t?
I lie status of the Island in doubt
bave title ?to it the fad should
serted. It not. ii should i?e made
|j i-i.ar that the ?Island Is 'taba'i
for trumping up a claim to the isla
the Interesi of speculators and ?"
era. that should be entirely ont ?
que**! ion.
I ???I Professor Carver, of Hai
ever hear ??f the long line ??i Sew
land clergymen win? each ?broug
ten children and sent their lioys t
le-.-?' on .s.^hi ?i year'.' It i~ a long
from I liai era of plain living and
thinking to his Utopia where n<
is iu h?? allowed t?> marry a bo di
earn ??*-"? a ?lay. The ?-??-?i of llvlnj
i ?a? scale of living have advan?ced
thai clergyman waa the type r
than Hi?' exception, tral only yesti
we read of Ih.' railway fireman
broughl mi two children and Bet
son to ?college for (WO a ?month an
vested all I.amed ?beyond that
And there are thousands of se
spectlng men even in the expe
cities who ar?' doing the same l
?m wages far below Professor Car
Ti.conomic man of the ??hl l
??al ?scientist used to lie denounce
an utterly unhumau nbstractioi
vested of most of his natural Instl
Bui thla ?economic man of the
science would outdo him In w?oo
ness. Perhaps ?Professor Carver ii
lecture room can picture n ?sod?**!
well dragooned that ?nobody n
marry on leas than .?-."? a day, l'.u
should like to ?see him enforce su
law or rather we shouldn't; for
more be was able to enforce it
inore complete would be tin' deino
Kation of the community through
diversion of human Instincts from
creation of homes. Higher nmgea
protection to workmen from the ?
petition of Ignorant and under
labor? I'?y all mean- Bui forbid t
In lead natural human lives in "I'd?1
work a "change In the ?complexloi
economics"? He might as well tr
Increase fhe food supply bj forbid?
the peo] ;?. to eat,
< 'urrent ligures exemplify I he i
?i--\ that the most precious thing is
? - l In dollars and cents and
mo-! useless thing la the dearest.
it win not be questioned thai
? profitai le achievement i?- the ?
Ing of human life. It seem, i?. |,?> ;
the leasi expensive i ?o?1 o al Pana
for example, Colonel Uorgas and
aids have effected i wonderful sav
of hum m life by transforming a
was one of the highest deatb rate?
tlie world i?> 01.f the lowest.
actual cost <?f this work Is accural
figured ??'it to i??- oui] ??*_ i.; tor ei
life saved.
< m the other hanil, m modern o
far?- H costa an average of about ?fir?,
I?? kill each man In the Boer wai
?-..?-i H? v plj 110,000, and in i be pn -
Balkan war, w hi? h tas I??-? i
verj economic-all]. ? baa ???? :
more than "fi",?*??', s? eing thai tberi
ii? thing more wasteful than the ?l?-.-ir
i ?<?n <?f human ii? es, it a ouhl i ?? a ? ?
Ij performance tor the world if ii wi
done wii!i??iit expense. At ftn.Ofio
head ?' ?- monstrouslj ? rofllgute.
Su; pose that w hat I?. spent f.?r a?
ally or potentiall] ?destroying ii.?-s wi
Spenl for Saving them ; What ini.
ma h" acconip?Mhed? Actuariel ??
mat.- thai $1/100,000,000 i a ?
live estimate of the economic value
lives which are losl D?eedlessl] ea
vi.-ir in Hi?- i nlted State* alone
turn a part of the war fund t.? the sa
ing of ih???-?- lives at .*?"_' |3 apiece mlg
?be a.I business.
I he raid upon t h?? merit bj stem
Hie ??vil service which Is taeii
|ilanin??l for ?this week In the Xea Ji
-???. ?Legislature nughl lo I.ad?
promptly In dwlsh ?? defeat
< ?ii?- of the billa pi"\ Idea for prefi
??ii?.? in a|i|i"iiii meiii and promotion
ail men a lio ?bave sen ?-?i In "anj wi
of the United Btat?." In the exia
Ing law a certain preference is _iv?
to honorably discharged veterans ?
the Civil War. s?. the federal la
gives preference for original appoin
meiii only i?? men a h" bat e been hoi
????ably discharged from 11?<? armj ?
navy because "i disability resultin
from wounds or sickn>eHs suffered i
th.? line ?>r duty. No thoughtful ma
objecta i?? auch provisions. But
would be a very different thing t?? sa
thai any man who served for even
day in one of our little Indian wan?, <
in the Spanish or Philippine or Boxe
war. without ln?curring any disability
?-in?u?<I have the preference for a]
point men t ?n- promotion over all othe
meta ??ti the eligible list, no mat 1er hoi
low his rating or bow high theirs.
Such a law would create u privilege?
? !.i -- in the public sen lee on a bast
entirely diaregardful of merit or ca
paeity. i ?a the specious pretence o
rewarding military service ?i wouh
Impair and demorallte the ?ivii ser
rice; and the reward which it gavi
for military service would i??? so v?u?
of disciIminatlon In favor of merit ai
to i.ffensive t?> the deserving vet
??ran and acceptable chiefly t<> the mer
canary and tlme-aervlng ?amp fol
low er.
Th-' Qovernor ? omplaina that thi
bualnesa of the ?tate is carried on aftei
the methoda prevailing In tin? sdmlnla.
tratton of Sil,-?.- Wright. What ? Is?
would the reincarnation of Bllas Wrlghi
With the House of ?Representatives
??quipped with i?. m hea like the House
of Commons the tariff revision ??f the
Democrata ma-, look mon than . \<r
like -i: ?t ?.-1 ? m . trade '
it i- a ?sound principle thai ?schools
are ma?!? for ?pupils, not pupils f? r
The Nea Jem ? ?Solon who opp? m i
the anti-fly campaign <?n the ?ground
nun <;?.ii made files as- w-eil as other
things" might well nave amplified bis
Impregnably true "rtatemtMil with ^i""'''
?Scatlons of some of the "ot-ter things."
Por example, eeoee.
Th- alterations of the Bteamahlp
Olympic, now on h?rr way to this p? rt,
have rest $.'.?900,000. If ShS U ?** I ? ?"?' " > "
?mm? antt t the mon? ; i '"?"?" m 1!
If th.urts Anally allow Colltector
Loeb t?. dump bla seised cargo of t-es
Into the harbor can't h? manage to
make an hi-t.?n. al ?pageant of th. ??
slon? ?\ n.? ?Boaton Tea Party would
be (s*""i fun.
Th.? ?President's daught? r p il through
the t.'ii-hour bill for women In D
ware. Perhaps the ?san persuade that
state t?< put through aotrte **orporatlon
laws eo that ?Delaware will not be the
r? fuge of the trusts shut out from ?S< ?
; Jersey by her father.
! The head of tbe ran- p"'?.? M '?' ?"'"'?
I ha? irrst rcxigned ?aftm ta*? ?"'? ' ' ??
vie, it i ti '!.-?? that th? ?teat <
; S'en 1 '..ii: hs i rrer been si le t.? turn
I in? any M. I?epli ? ? ?9 icus? Herald.
Bh! Mayor Oayno--"a "sensitive
young man" might hear you and be
hm i
Been tar? Daniela has appointed ?\
private ? ? i? tary who a 111 al <? be
available as s "publicist" for the Navy
Department t?o d? pai tmenl has
?{renter need of a trained ageni who ,
will give helpful publicity to Its affairs]
i a ml op?rations
Two thousand fourth i laas poi tm -
terg have resigned since March I. Most
j of til?- postras terg In t>*?-?? cut u i n ?
only as ? mattei ot convenience and
Kel little profit oui ol th?ir conn? I
with the government it would be Iro
T?ra< t;?aiile a- well ?as ridiculous to trj
t.. treat tie- fourth ? lai i poiLma lei
ships, now ?"\e,.-.| into the classlfted
servir?-, as party Spoils. IVe ?vel'-'iin?
tbe ?statement of the Postinaat? r ''-? li?
erai that he Intends to keep the fourth
class offices "'rt ??f politics.
In order t?> obtain the bei elite ot wl t
' sm t' riTi.'d pr? v? nttve n belna ?
I the vail" is Impie u I ? ca m**ana
: ;.,-,??,! to pi- ' ? rve health '
and to pr.; ags t ' ? !
,it ? ." -.,; I T Alv.ili II Doty, It?
.m article In "The New v?.rU Telephone I
i:- -, . -.? 'to know the valus ?
: end ??? at?r. proi ' ?' th? m< 11 ?
, th? and work
? p may lie cared fi Th? ubjeci ol
i,- t. .. erticlel ?Ir.1 foi II ? sir,"
I. ays, "n hlcl t neo try to
?if.? "
? ? ?
? ? bos
?..-..?? ?
l.-ii.-i - i'rii yi
? ?
?. I
Ti IK 8/ .nous I
v ? i thai frill? i tbe c?
riter wll paint I rush
; Daubing ??.l\ erll I I I
? r ? ' th? nest s hat.
charm of nectsn sit aba 11 hai ? i
.- ?
? ?
i. ? ? ? ? .
? ?
lb ' ? ? ? .? ?
?A . ?
t.; M ; II.:. .?.
? '
t.T? I t II
i ; . 11 .? ? i.. nut! ha v?
r ? ? re he'll re
i ?
fie ci ...
Lewis Kldder, of Gouldsboro M<
Ih?* oth? ? ?? r ther I ps I?
ni? I
? - ? :. ;i Dd I? "??. ! I ?
along e ith i ii" The ha ? if? ?
: ode fron the pond snd II ???,. hauled to
the pond ??n.i nearl) the whole length of
ti,?- i".'..! on the I? ? . th? nee up s hill
through a lure to I he n? s
.:? ..f aboul .? t...'e i aril
.i mishap ;?i?iJ In I? i i an Iwo he i
f i ??in the r ......
"The laeaIston Jo u i
''Jamas," said Mi .'?..? i
I I'll ? ? \ ? ??? '- ??. : ? .. ? 1(1 ? ...
I . |? l.o?l\ !.. : , ? . ln\
. .n u hai hs i ? | ?"i i" ? a? "ir th?
.l-.-l ??
"Well, Ir.' ?Id the ? haoffeur "I can'l
m who i ? .in !"?. '? ,i er"
*'\V< ?"", : aid Mr Wli ? . ? ? r? ?
"Weil you know thai ?*ai
till?.-?.? n? V. ??? I, -t.H I? I .1 I ?I
i'??. n taking .. Itttl? run on Its own hook,
said Jame . hla 1 ?'??? th? pi ? ire "f
Intioc nee liai per's w .. a
The life ol a pai Ish d ?ci i In Spain Is
n" entlrel) a happy ""??. Svt*?i*<Drdlng t"
"La < 'r-'rii' a M?-.li.-n." x,t V.ii.-ie-i.i. Th?
alumni and the student of the untv?
in thai city have eat? red complaint
! ??Kr.iii t the manner In ??. hi? h the pari ?
doetori are neglected, at t" payment f"i
aervices rendered, bj the communal au?
ti,"Hi;'-. To Illustrate th? point, many
In I ?te ???? are lefei i? ?i t", Ute mo i nota -
ble being thai ??f .1 pari h physician
wli"--?- nominal salary was aboul 1300 .1
j ear, but this sm.iii uni".,m had nol
ii.ii.i. ".n sny part of it." for twents two
reai |
? '?" k ix??-i< here! W hai u ye mt an b
hriiiglng ne- Un.' 7 Ml sli order? d lamb,
nol mutton.
Butcl 'i 1: .? That's all 1 Ight, ? ?? d? ai
prime ? ul o' lai * ?? ai ? la rub! I' m? h
She Is Called Selfish and Unwonnnly.
Among Other Things.
To the ?Sdltoi "f The Tribun.
Bh Oi ii.it |a womanl.1 . tuning i?, ?
Wht re at. .ill th? ge.1- Imp ilsee and
th? mother love thsl are supposed to be
embodl? ?I in s wtrniai ? Art!? les app? si
Ing dining the last few weeks ?m 1. . | ?
marrying hav? led one i?. think thai
these attribut? 1 have lefl us.
Surely, th? t? a? h? 1 who marri?
h, 1 nd, ?? hai is woi -,- greed) if
? 1 unwilling i?? give up fier ?ptialtlon
1 thai ,1 roung? 1 woman, whose parents
??:? waiting f"i her support ma) enter
11 ?? t? aching world Man-, .. parent lias
?paid for Ms daughter's ? dm .?ii-.n only __?
gn .i self -;?' n."'. and t?.? n wb? n the
girl ir- oiii snough to teach she can ab*
trun no position, foi the reaeon that ?some
selfish m..i???,.?.1 tsaeber, arhoae husband
?perhaps is eandng several Ur-tnuandi .1
year, is hanging t?> bet t-.? m,..ri -__ though
<?? Uf? Ot pended upon 11 . ???? tainly. .?
aiarried woman should resign, through
? ??iisi.i??ration ol the rounger teachers
coming up, ev? if she ?Josa not fc")
that si;.? ought t.? for ttioro womanly an?!
motherly reasona
K.ir. whore Is tlio tn??tlipr lOVS of a
roman who win ko? p on teaching other
women's children while hat own ar.? un?
der tin? lupervision ??f an ignorant nurse
firl? i: ?' woman la ao Infatuated with
tea? hing that ah? cannot give it up, aurely
the i???st love thai her husband and chll?
dren deserve is rot being ?given to t?bem.
Kea v?.rk. March -ji. Ifll
A Reader Bases a New Argument on
the Deed of Gift.
To the Editor of the Trlhunt
Sir: Within the past few da* ipu
Interest has been directed t?. the ?pending
lUatlona for snotb? r Inti rnatlonal
yachl race ?between lbs Royal Ulster
?fachl Club ?and the Sew fork facht j
Club, and mm i? comment haa I.n
aroused, moetl) referring to the rlemenl
of aportsmanshlp, ;? : ahown by the l-ocal
. lub m declining the challenge.
We all know h??w Inexorably the courts
and financial Institutions hold trust?es
to ih?- exact eondltlona, as atatsd In the
. of trust, by which they are gov?
erned. The leed of gift I ? Ing In legal
form and language, It la tali to assume
that ?lii the st.it?-?i eondltlona must '"*
complied aiMi by the N?-w v.hK ?facht
? ? ; aa being l?**gally enfo?reeabls without
i a ibatltutlon of any qualifying claims, i
before a mat? h ? m "? srrai gad. In its j
to Mpton'a ? h illenge ws find |
h: 'The |
\..,. : .,?.. Cup held b; a club as trua
troph) u m? ii al vu I: pre ? minent?
??peed, etc., .?n?i therefore t.? i">
a for by tii" ? i tea v? Ml stc "
Sote the atatemenl is ofBclal and Issued
bj the cluh aa a trustee, is there any
warrant In the not ?i of Btfl foi auch a
. lalm"
Consulting the d?ocument, the only defli -
Ing clause reada sa follow?: "The cup ?i
donated, etc., (subjeel to certain eondl
? and thai it sitaii be pressrvsd ss
.1 perpetual challenge cup for friendly
i iompeU?on ?between foreign nations."
There i- not a word In the deed warrant?
ing prf-eminptit si???rii as ?i Qualifying
The nexl claim by the cluh la te the
foUowlng effect: "Your vessel la ?proper?
I lifted to challenge, under the ?leed
? ,- ft, but it is mir ?right, as trust?-*??, to
defend the cup with an) vessel so long
?,- is ..i..-! ilxt? five feet snd not
m,,i. ? ? el feet in ength, etc. We
decline n. ?accede to your "*equ-*ei thai
; ?? limited to a kmgiii ol i?vi nty-flve
Thl : ' - : ?? r'vit the l?angth
? ? tween ulxtj llv? teet and
the only on? In the d? ?-?l
?t which ref? rs to the ?sixes of the
competing ?? ? ? \i??l s,,- Thomas I ?
tot, part . ? ? ? - wltl thla vi? w. ?But if
s ? again ? Kamine ti ?? ?i ed can fully, ?
it , ? . ? ? ?itlon ? omea t?> the
Then ? ? at least two other
ntltled ti ?conatdeia?
ti.ui iii thla "ii<? particular, (1) "Anj or?
.ii ?ii be en?
?-...i \\ ha< : - a
e dlcUoi aay that when
. rtnaldei ed with re? i a i ompetl?
? . event a mat? in equal ? onteal
-.?. hat do? ? I sa He ?
re meet wi I notl
i> the pari
... ? ? f the mat? h
? ?.. ? 1er rule
. ? ? without
boa i for i?"?t.
? .i i indlc ., ? ? nti.-' ui"?ii ii
, ? ite ? i i.?lit) aa sq i
i ?? ?
? ? r creating a ? apon for the
? ? rma, it
? ? ? ?
? !?-,! h i , ?
I . .
? .
the stipulation 1
an < match to the
? .?
Again l t ssys: ' An) orga
? ???..ii.,
1 ? ? word ? ntltled In?
??thing i
right is it : ?
? on '" .?sk if the i"??-al i Ister ?
a ;??? entertained bj a
. ?nut of ; ilnant, 1
.: ? challena " New York
? ? at th.
ent of 11
? ih a Ithoul
'? .. a | Ion of the
eap? PAIR I'l.w.
i Mar h l?S, :
Tbc Stilllai'ists Here Have Escaped
the English Hooliganism
To th? Kdltoi of The Tribun?
?Sil TI ? g? a? ral Indignstlon ?ag iln i the
h . ? to th? ? iffrai ? parad? snd I
prompl order "f ? 'ongre for sn Inq ill j
. mph h the ?hfr? reni a bet* ? -?-n
th? wsy In which women are tr. sted In
\iii?ii'.-t and m England. i'??i- yeara be
foi? Mis. Pankhural adopted her preaenl
tu? ins hoollgani had ??i turb? ?i i.
ige m? etlngs, dam v- d hall ? where
th? j w? r.- held, ??. tied snd ? ndang.I
th? ? i" ih? i . snd gone unpunh hed On
? ?i.?csaton mi., of ?-iiipii'ir? it. ?i hydro
,-.ii were thrown on the platform among
the ladles; on another, .-? Back of rat
open? ?I itui the wons n were nol
tamp di d, Foi mllltanc) of the mild? ? i
ort, .ii aa ssklna a ?quei lion at a i?ui>
llc meeting, Innumerable women have
i".-n brutall) beaten, have been ?flung
downatalrs, kicked and atripped <?f half
ih. Ir clothing; their hair haa ?been d? lib
? rat? I) twl t? ?I and torn oui by hand fula;
man) hav? n? n Injun ?i i'??r life,
? >n "Bla? : FYlda) " (Novemb? r II, iflO)
?and the following Tueeday, merely for
ti Ing to make their wa) to the ?House ..f
Commona and the ?Prime Itlnlater'a office
with s ?petition snd proti t, aev? ral hun?
dred women were mauled by the police
with a aavagerj thai throwa the conduci
of the w ? ivv. i..ii poli,-., utterly int.. the
? i ad? Di ? ? m.?us. ii Moullln, vi.-.?-presi?
d? m of the Royal College of Burg-jon-*,
.?.mi m .-m open letter t" ti"- press:
? The worn-n w.r.? treated with the
greatest brutallt] Thej were pushed
about m .?n dire?itioaa and thrown down
1 Ihe police. 'I'll? h arma were twist.-.1
until thej were almost broken Their
thumbs were fordbl) ben) backhand thej
v.. re t? rtured In othei namelesa wa) that
made one fsel alcfc ,?t tin- eight i was
m? re myself snd ? aa man) of th?
il don? lud i have alnee aeon the
tearful bruises, ahowlng the marka <?f
?Angers, ?caused t.\ n?. violence with which
the women were treated. These things
i ? re ?ion.- by th.? police. There were, In
?addition, ?organised bands ?.r well dressed
roughs, wi.barged backwarda snd for?
ward- through ?the deputation in??- .? foot?
ball team, without ?my attempt ?Seing
made t?. atop them b] the police. Th? >
? ontented th? msstvss with throating ?the
women down sad trampling ou them."
Misa Elisabeth Freeman, sa American
girl, vii?? wan ?press?t, wmt.- i?. i>r. Anna
n gnaw:
?i never aaw auch a ghastly eight in my
Ufa m> blood earned i" brasas, ami ail
that WM alive in m?* was a. ""nig;?-' lump In
my ttiroat. Suddenly a poli?*?'inan grabbed
me by the throat, pushing my ?bend baob
till l thought my back was broken; and
then I ?ram?? to 111?, ?m<l the lump in my
throat disappeared, an?! I liec?im?* a hu?
man Ming, ?let.'rmin?'<l to ?!" my best to
K?t to tbe Hu?s.? of ("inmotis to ?diMUUld
jiif>t|ee f,,r women . . . Policemen
Snatched our banners and broke them
over our becks, i was footballed from ona
polk email to another. I gaw a gray?
haired woman ?Mrs 0obden?8and?arson)
holding or? t.. the railings and ?? policeman
thumping her .m the back. Turning, I
saw u policeman with ins fingers fastened
round Mra, Pankhurat'i throat. I slipped
my tinKerrs In his 'duty* band and held 0*1
t'"i- ?ii I was worth. He let go Of Mrs.
Pankhurst and turned hh undlvtd?**d at?
tention t.? making a corks-crew "f my arm
until he had me on my knees, mid then
he kicked m" ami th. n took tne Into cus?
tody. Then ?m amusing thing happened.
a friend ?has dubbed me 'Lady B? ity from
Aeio-s the Water,' and when she sa
being dragged down the street she eall?ed
out 'Bravo, Ladj Betty!' and so I was
!??'.? ased at 11 ?. - next corner and told tu ?.'??
home. Bnobbery? hut ? ><>>.?? on them, j
... i i ??un? oil with two dl ?located
Utes, .1 badly pralned wrist and throe
sprained lingers, but not g sprained oon
s< i.nee."
Than erg ? verj general belief thai the!
police had acted under Instructions from
the Home Seer? tai y I *\ In i ? rchill) .
More than s hundr? d wit?,, ed to
testify to the outrages, and Mr. Churchill
was urged to order an Investigation He
refused ?Yfter this sort of bi itality had
gone 'in for year'' and noood) had
; unlshed for it. li it ?any won I
?jection of the tjronwn - ?changed I
mild methods f??r viol? al on? ! M
Elisabeth Freeman, In the letter Just
quoted, says that one of the women hurt
In this affair had ?always be-n stro
01 ?i" ? d to milltanc). t.r'.<e mans of the
women, she was handled by the p-o?
lice ti": onl) with great barbarltj but
with scandalous Indecency Miss i-'r-.?man
"This woman ?vas the first t" return to j
Caxton Hall for stones to break wtndoa i|
?<>f ?government olllcaa), saying that "?? a
mother of s woman ?her body was sacred,
und sil?? could not allow heroeM and other
wom?n in be esposad to such treatment
b) ?potleamea und-tr the rontrol of the
Home,. iffli ". Bl ?? t" serving s two month??'
sentence for I reeking s window, showing j
clearly thai a woman's body does ?not ;
count for a much as a pane ,.f glass. ;
Then they tell us to be mothers, to bear
more children; yei when we want thai
symbol which helps us to make laws toi
govern chlldn n, ?snd ?-" to ask for it. that .
body which l- mppo ? d to be for the
Ing of chlldn n Is handled In a gh ?
manner, and some of the women
tie.'ii Injured In s waj that n ?y make ?
Impossible t" I ? ;?r that precious burden."
Opponents of equal rights ?are trying to
over the mob violence i ow
r*cmmltt**d against women lu Bktgland, on
the ?cromi'l that them thing ;??? "rt
prlssJe." lfm such things bad ' ? going
on for | ? ??> f '? >re the woi rri t"
do ?them, it was n?>t the suffragettes wh ?
t tt.? ntai pie <if violence How? ? ? i
much we ma} regret that they
t.riv.' follow? ?i It, lei 'is never fon I I
th.? entt-eufl tnick the tir-1 blow
.1 ,.; ....
? ,- plrll shoe n by the hool ini
? i ? en rampant ?
hooligans in England for s loi ?- time
back, ?irai hai had the connivance "r the
authoi tie In ? cas? r
.?-,-? iii-nt ; while here ev.r\l""!y Impli? I
in the misbehavior at IVaahtngton Is try
Ing to crawl Inte i ?hole and dt iw th?
in after htm
? ;;v? us An? ri.-r.n men, ? ?
; rcl 1er. Mass., Mar? h ?2, 191
A Lon<* Eighternth Century "t" That
Has Survived.
? Rditor ???' The Trl
Sir. Inr . a of
letter from C. II, Riggs In
u hich he In lull et et n< ernin - the orii
id?, name of Dutches? County In this stat?
and suggest, dropping the "I from the
t ? * : t < - T t ? ? ? nty . of the oi
"'l!;ti?'S "f tlie Btate "i N? S "li'l.-. ..r.'l
\?.' f? i n. 'i No\ ? mber I, '???
In "The < iflgtn of Certain I ? x?
? ? ? Unite i ?-t.it? ? ?? innetl
.r s. ? ' s i. ill? ut. N ??. we
find the fot i Ing :
'Dutcheee, < o int) In Sea Yi
tor \i.?ry of Modem.. Duchess ol Vork. I
? ? x t1 ? appearance "f Johnson's
i ? tionar) < i ? the title ol the a Ife of s !
duke was spell ??ith i "t." hence th*?
* ? ?? county ::
March 30 H13
To the I ' rh< Ti ' u ?
Sli. The publl? In N? s ? o? i? d
seem to be Infoimed as t" the nal
the Murtaugh-Patrl? bill This mi?
oua pli ' '? "i I? ululation ? ??'.:?
? ml ly and ? ??m? s up In the Senate i
?mal |..i ?. ? ? Monda) ?
ii id? s f o ta king oui of the taxes
"i the state th? nia i i It) ??i which I
i?. ;.??i by ihl u icess ol
??? <?."??' for the ronsti uctl.; .? hydro
l.-ef|. power plant on the barge
whl? i? i- im i ?i. .1 f"i tu.? i" tient ai i
profil of manufacturers und others In the
di p. ici arotn d .Iban) snd Tro)
\\ ii> cannot these people provid for
their own needs at their own expense, In
itead of taking the funds raised by tax?
ation of property owners In the Cltj ol
NeU Voll..'
Ever) taxpayei should telegraph t?. the
leadei ??< the Senat? demanding Ihelr op
?osltlon t" ih"? specious scheme
i:i:?;i.N \l.i? PELHAM Bt ?LTON
Ne? >"ik. ?March tZ, It
j To the Etiltor of The Ti Ih in?
I sir There appeared la youi valued
papei an article coming from Ban l**ran
? -,.-.-., _ri\ ?r;?4 ??'it the statements of s man
i?> the name ?a . x i ? -.. i. t. -. with m* ?/tears on
tbe death ??f ex?Preeldenl Madero snd ex?
\ i. ? - i'i??stdenl Pino Suai??/
it Is r? verj eurious thing that while
-" man) i?? ?? i? w- -better posted ?keep sllenl
ai ?.m this, there should bow come g man
to viUrt'v end Insult the pr? ? ant govern
.nt. libel your ambaasador with ?the trtl?
eel stuff and have ?the audartty t<? ap?
pear as an authority on the subject
v. Mexican, no matter t.? what p-Mltlcal
party he ma) belo?ng, can be bas.- anough
to trj t.? add Inaull t<? Injury. Ever) one
non ?..?h/,s thai whatever whs the truth
?bout the unfortunate tecetil events La
Mexico, there can be nothing ???? ????t b)
Insulting the present government because
in the end it is Mexico, our country, our
motherland, who is injursd, and "?t is ??.
dirty I'ir.I whl, h befouls its own seat "
i sh.iii aeon be able t.? ?jhoa this man.
Manuel Hauche atesdde, m big true light
Since you published bis statement, ktndl)
publish this humble defence of my poof
"?nitty, which ?asada aU the good win of
?MeM.-an t.? regain all we
every ?I
III???? lout
N.-U V
M.ION s?) i.. JIMEN.CS,
Vice Consul of Mexico
'i I?. March _l, I'll;:.
Simon Ain
Claimant Must Prove Des(
from Field Marshal
von Munnich.
(Copyright Wig, in- th? Draal weed inmi
Must ?>f th?? larx?? fortun?e sdvat
?aa awaiting the rightful osrner turn
to be mytha aft?-r ?having aerved
i?r.?tpxt f??r all aorta of ?Ingsnloua svyi
;?t the expsass of credulous |.11. *_
is, li.j\v??v?-r. a very real snd ?Vim.
fortune, ?amounting to nearly POM
in the iMssesslon of the ?Prusslaa t
ury, awaiting any OM who can fui
proofa that he la ?the ?lenior legltii
d? Icendanl in tlte niai" Uns dira
< '??11111 Burkhard von Munnich, OelJ i
abat and generalissimo of the Rat
army. He wai s native of Oldenburg,
-r? ? .1 with distinction In the ?Si
?and i'r<ii.?h armies before taking hi
? aid? nee In Russia In r? ? ??? ? t?. ti ?
vi?.,ti.ni ?.;' h t. r n The oM Ik Id i
aha I died in I7W
i-'n-'i? rick the Great wai i great
mirer ??f the old field marshal, an
??.a- th? retort quite natural that i
1st? r oi ? ? ?? "-???'.?*rs) on th? aubjec
ome properl u between the
mai il tl'a "rii\ - on. i 'ounl Bimesl
Munnich, snd Empre - i:llsabeth'a
?31 ron, i ?uke of ? louriand,
the Prussian monarch abould ?have I
urg?ed by the Munnlcha to sa
role of arbitrator, l'i???*? ?rich t>?< fjra
award was in favoi of Count Ri
nlch. and 1 1,080 A
he had d? i Id? i .. b< Ing d
i ? uke of Courland ; reap? ? ? ?
lid over to hi? Pi
-i.in ?? ty. for tra Ion te Ci
? -. ? ? - i .
I", edi i Ii k the ' In at, hoa
- -i?"i "f the n;-?! ? ? In ?i lestion,
??lining, on one pretext or ??nr.th. r.
endei II to the counl Thk i
??? i ? i?, --.-i. wai aomea ?hat cl
isti'- "f the Ktr:r Who WM slWSya '?'
?reluctant t?? pai t wti ii, ??x<
where hia si i
A few years ago two men of the ni
of Charlea snd John Munnich, Pr M
ill !? cts, pul forward ?? claim to I
fortune, which had reitoalned in the hai
of ?Frederick the Oreat, confiding thdr
.? . known Berlin law
Gronemann. Pr.dtnga srere laaui
rati I, and In course of time mat
o far 1 t the Prua in i Iros i
that i'r.-.i? :-;. k tiv- ?;.-? al i id ?
? .?.: ? . nan ? ly, ?? -*
i alera, fron Blron, i ? ike of ? 'ourla
vt ! a i.- -i mu? M
? ?? ?had i die I to turn th?? moi
??v??r to the latter, and that be had
th' roof. it. v
.? -.. adn Itted by the Crown that i
money at compound Intereat had read
well over the I ?? ?? fa fa
the r? ; r? ?sentatlv? ? of the Pr u -
even weni bo far as to offer to ? lei i
negotl ? ? enl of the m
to sny one who ?
t?> th? fund, by furnlshli |
tli.it he wai th? aenloi Icgitli
ndant I lh< dlrecl ati?J h
-.: The ciai
ants ?ir? ?: ? th;- t?i t
?'.,? tlon of '
mone* ??
It muet be a
of R ? I III b?
i i. '.i Mar thai vo Mum th t - ?
? ? ? ? ? .
II ? ? i: : .i. Crown
.... ? - .
reprieved at Ihe
..-? r? a
-? . ? ?
to eaca
? ? ' :
? :' the Holy R
Empire i itow? I up
and boi ?....,
by the latt<
The ...
nlch, are well-t? of Ttlsl
und tlm title of ?
nd It
Merrv Del Val Becomes Ambassade
?Spain's new ai the < ;
,,t- __ i. . tlfonao Mi rry ?l
?Val, la, Ilka ins brotl ?
iiiu.ii s? ? ?? ta . ?? Stat? ? of Enl
I and a iln ol
hia v? Ina He wa i
old Marouia, former ambassador
at Vh an ?. waa aen Ing sa s? et ? I
Si anlali Miaslon to the ' !ourt "f *?
- er waa t ? da ight?*r<
i ?on P? dro Zul iota, ?
Torre Dias, and ?>? the lat? i
daughl.i' Brod ? M Wlllcoch
... Parliament for Bouthampi
Marq n- Mei i > del \ al, thai la I
? oth? r "f the Cardinal b* i i
si.,t. ; t r.? i of the ?new ly api.ed ti
of st. J imea ?
v .is t.. ?ru m England, Moreover, ? ?? ?
marquia hlmw 11 had an Irish
s hile the Merr) del \ al famll) ? ' I
. onmitut? s a branch of the old trial
famll) of M? rry, ol ? 'ount) Wat? l'i-'f'1
m. mbcra of s hlch emigrated :
after the battle of th? i'
. : i of the persecution ?to which thej
. ? ? ubjected In ?Erin b) reason of th*"h
nah. r. no t" th? Roman ? 'atl ?' ?
Levi P. Morton's Double an ArcHduk?
I., v. i- Morton i ? ?vere III
i ?. ,.ii the ? (tra ?dlnary ?res? mblsac*
which ??--?? ?l '" exlat aome t< a oi
y? tia ago between this former Vies?
Preaident ??f the Cnlted ?States and ts*
.mbassador In Ft ince t?? the late An >>?
duke Joseph of Austria, father "f t!>"
Duchess "i Orleans The archduke Baal
to i?. amused bj the resemblaaca asi
frequenU) ?referred to t lie tlmsa when Si
i-'i'-ii'-h rscea he ?had lieen t.?k. n I * N'
Morton On th i ? hoi?, Mr Morton asi
ii'-r i??.?ki: | of ihe t.-.v??. snd **
certain!) b id a b? tt. r tailor. Ta? a
i !.. asms ahrewd ?look in the ayes <??' *****
men, \siiii?- In that ? f the archduke tkaw
meriting thai s-ve ?>n?? the liai*?**
Mon tint he waa afraid of betas ?taken -1
in both m? n. t"". there ?\.is a pm-anes*
of s|..-h. ami a slii:|.li. ;t> of tii:in"er
Thus, the arobduk? alaraya inferred '?? is?
consori as "my wito," ?sad not sa t"1*
Archduchess ?Clothilde
Ar ihduke .1 m ph'a title of Palatlaa el
Hungary, or viceroy, ?waa i??i?i? '"'"'
orary, ?and had been ahora by ?the avesM
of IM of ail executive posrsr. It ?"'*'
ever, led the srehduke t.? apead sB ata
exlstaros In Hungary, sav?- whsa ?tfavM"
ling abroad n. usually wtatsrsd ti
Budapest, api nt .? fan areeka ?,n *****
Adriatic .??...-i .it nansa, wbsrs ba h??'1
consM ?rable Industrial Interests, an?i *****
remainder of the Usas Ht Ahanthi Mi
magnlflcent plaee in Hungary. He *v*s
the man of hnslnaaa <>f the Hapataarg Iba*
II) ami greatly ?assarted his eoaaia, tti*
Buyieror, in the maaagsssesa af tbaeetia*
aal family fortune of the reigning bogM
nis wife, Um Ar. iiiiui-iu-ss ClothlMa *
atngularl) hsndsoaas woman, woe *
princesa ?>f the House <*f gaaa Cahnrgi *
granddaughter ??f KinK Louis PMUppa of
Kran?-.- through DSff mother, Ctel-SBtlSa
ami .si-t.r of Kin? i-Yrilttiaiul of HulKi??-*

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